Crab Orchard Review Vol 23 No 2 October 2018

Page 40

José Angel Araguz

St. Peter to Joseph St. Peter to the painter Joseph: Make an image of our Lord so that others upon seeing may believe. And later: Make an image of me so others can say this is the one who preached His word. I imagine Joseph before his materials, a uselessness felt keenly in his hands. Not knowing much about faith, only how to follow through in the way of all such stories that mix up acts of creation with the slight, airy fortune of creatures, I hear him ask inside himself how to proceed, ask, as I’ve asked, and, hearing no answer, have to ask again, until questions begin to blur as heat at the far end of a road makes the horizon appear water, water one would drink, pooled and shifting the closer one gets – ask and remain only able to take what he has into himself.

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