Crab Orchard Review Vol 22 Double Issue 2018

Page 268

Allison Pitinii Davis

The Neighborhood Girls Watch the New WKBN Meteorologist The Dairy Queen is dead. We adjust our visors and eye the TV above a table. And now we bring you the local forecast. That was the last time we changed the channel. That was the last time we refilled napkins. Would you believe the heat we’re having?—not for the tinsel moonlit above the car lot. Not for the old man demanding sprinkles. He wraps a fist around a pattern forming outside of Ashtabula, and boom, it’s broken with our boyfriends. We make Blizzards for an entire dance class, the construction crew comes in for Coneys. This time of year, the heat’s a killer. Their orange vests align in orbit. You’re watching WKBN First News, 11. He runs a palm down downtown Youngstown. One of us sweeps up the back. One of us turns out the lights. We steal our raise in Raisinettes because we sense the system shifting: his radar picks us up as warnings.

Crab Orchard Review