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Steve Ford and the Fuji Xerox Vision for Asia, reset for growth.

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Steve Ford, general manager of graphic communications services for Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

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HP installs first PageWide T400S in Asia


MGI Receives 2017 Gold Ink Award


Pharmaceutical label printing? This is how it’s done


Heng Yuan installs ORIS Flex Pack // Web


Guangzhou Hongda installs second Xeikon 3500


New grades launched for shopping

bags of the future


Koenig & Bauer continues jubilee celebrations

in China


Artron, the story of success


New Color Printing Technique Inspired by Butterflies


Major press relocation of Goss Universal 75 press


Asian Print and the Asian Packaging Awards

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Issue 12 2017


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Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


DIGITAL SPOTLIGHT – Fuji Xerox Company Overview & Profile Company: Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Headquarters: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan Countries served: Asia Pacific Region including Australia and New Zealand

Print Innovation Asia spoke with Steve Ford, General Manager of graphic communications services for Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, to get insight on the company’s outlook on digital print in Asia Pacific. Ford brings with him 27 years of experience in the graphic communications industry across multicultural markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific region. GROWTH STRATEGIES IN ASIA PACIFIC 1. Please update us on the company’s position in the industry. Fuji Xerox is widely accepted as the market share leader in the industry, with the widest installation base across the graphic communications sector with over 50% of production equipment installs. We are confident about the service and technology portfolio that we’re bringing to market this year and into 2018, it’s proven in the past to help our customers adopt the right solution for their business model and we’re looking to further cement this position. 2. How has it been for the company over the last year? I think most vendors in our industry would say that 2017 has been a challenging year, and some repositioning midflight has enabled us to power towards a strong finish. Looking ahead into 2018, the tide appears to be turning as we set our strategy on some tremendous new innovations that we are bringing to market. We have one of the broadest product offerings in the market and we’ll be focusing on our production colour and digital packaging – whether flexible packaging or folding cartons.

It’s an exciting line-up for the year ahead and early feedback on some key new technology that we’re readying for launch has everyone excited. Moving forward, we’ll be talking to our commercial print and packaging partners closely about their technology adoption and how to maximize their investments with us. 3. What is the company’s position on practicing sustainability? Sustainability management is integral to our business growth and success

to create better communications. The way we manage sustainable business is underpinned by our corporate values and culture, and how we understand a circular value chain management, growing with local communities and protecting our environment by seeing natural resources as precious materials not to be wasted. Fuji Xerox is committed to reducing its carbon footprint across its value chain by 30% by 2020, and to providing a leadership role for customers, partners and vendors on sustainability issues.

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Xerox, Xerox and Design, Fuji Xerox and Design, as well as Iridesse are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xerox Corporation in Japan and/or other countries.

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Xeikon PX3000

To provide safe and environmentallyfriendly products to our customers, we have been developing technologies such as bio-based plastic materials to enable the efficient reuse of parts and the recycling of materials, energysaving technologies such mercury-free white LED, and technologies to enable Fuji Xerox products to conform to international environmental standards, by considering the entire life cycle of products from when we purchase the materials and parts until customers no longer use the products. The paper we use adheres to international certifications such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We have also invested in operating a worldclass integrated recycling system, with a recycling rate of at least 99.5% across our business footprint.

Fuji Xerox is one of the 43 nominated UN Global Compact LEAD Company since 2010. The company has been recognised for its award-winning zero landfill achievements and was recently named Green Company of the Year by Channel News Asia Luminary Awards and one of top 50 companies in Asia at the inaugural Asian Correspondent 2017 CSR 50 Index for its leadership and commitment to sustainable business practices.

On October 22nd 1938, Chester Carlson created the first xerographic image and ever since we’ve been refining and defining the boundaries of imaging technology. Our business model works for our customers, the old paths of quality checking and colour manipulation have been succeeded by enhanced automation of these areas, further limiting the need to touch the page. That’s crucial for commercial success.

4. What sets the company apart from the competition?

To support our customers, I think we have a superb team of professionals focused on delivering the right business solution for our customers. That solution is enabled with the right workflow to handle the new challenges of printing more and more jobs, and that ultimately flows to great technology that delivers.

I would say we deliver on technology - in terms of commercial returns, in technological advancements, benchmark imaging and pure automation of processes.

5. What are the company’s recent achievements in the digital print arena? Fuji Xerox Australia have just received their first order for the Durst Tau 330 UV inkjet label press. This follows the first Durst Tau placement to the region in Thailand, earlier in the year. We considered it to be one of the better presses in the marketplace, with a 720x1260 dpi native resolution, low migration inks, and as a seven-colour Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Opens Integrated Customer Experience Center in Thailand

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


The new Iridesse Production Press

machine, which covers 90% of the Pantone gamut. Speed was also a factor for us; our current machine runs 15 metres per minute, but this runs at 48 metres per minute. It allows us to grow with our clients, some of which have grown from 2,000-3,000 metre jobs to 10,000 metre jobs. 6. What are the company’s recent activities in Asia Pacific, and what can we look forward to? We’re about to bring technology to market that has never been seen before. It is expected to drive new capability in colour and print embellishment on commercial print and packaging applications. First to come will be the New Iridesse™ Production Press, our new six-colour, single pass press, announced on 1st November. We’ll be launching regionally this month with first deliveries already being discussed; we’ve had tremendous pre-launch interest. It’s a huge product for us and the industry, with massive colour, media, and post print processing flexibility and it is looking likely to be a powerhouse for us and our partners. Following this we have new iGen® technology coming with white ink adding to the gamut extending colours of Orange, Green and Blue. The white and clear inks will be available with our packaging technology, enabling 610 micron boards to be printed on the same press that runs your commercial digital work.

Increasing the profile of our inkjet label and packaging range throughout the region is also a major focus for us. With digital label print workshops, thought leadership events and industry association involvement throughout the region, Fuji Xerox has been successful in promoting our partnership with the Durst brand. The Tau series of UV inkjet presses is hugely successful throughout Europe, and recognized as a market leader in digital label printing technology, and it is now rapidly gaining momentum in the Asia Pacific region. The range has recently been expanded to include the Tau 330 RSC model. Released at LabelExpo 2017 in Europe, the Tau 330 RSC brings leading-edge UV inkjet printing technology with a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi for unbeatable print quality and printing speeds of 78 linear metres per minute for unmatched productivity. It also has 8 UV inkjet colour stations (W-OVGCMYK) for full colour gamut reproduction. Due for release to the region in the new year, the press will be

available as stand-alone configuration, as hybrid press or with in-line laser finishing. Digital Print Industry 1. Why is digital printing growing? The game has changed and the demand agents are wanting more specific content rather than generic “mud” to throw at the wall. The result is lowering print volumes, increased frequency of demand plus integration of data driven products that therefore, are causing a long slow decline in traditional print volumes. We’re talking trillions of printed pages globally that are migrating over, so even that small percentage is causing a rapid up-take in digital volumes – think colour. These trends, coupled with quality that can now be better than conventional technologies, is driving the growth in new technology adoption.

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017

8 Tau 330

7. Asia Pacific, while progressive in terms of technology, is still very much price-sensitive. Costing plays a big part in the final decision. What are your thoughts on this? I think we’re unexceptional regionally, in that we bring tremendous scrutiny to our investments and our expectations of return on those purchases.

2. What are your observations on the digital printing industry in Asia Pacific? We’ve come through a tremendous period of global flux. The Great Recessions across Europe and the United States has global impact, with only few areas being unchanged during this time. However, I think that the Asia Pacific region has gained in stability with growth rates normalizing across many countries, and should maintain healthy growth. I think we will see digital printing in the region following suit, especially with our large manufacturing bases and as the need for more versioning of products increases. 3. What industry trends are gaining traction now in Asia? I think we’re at pivotal points on the chart with packaging, whether it’s folding cartons or flexible packaging and labels. According to industry sources, we’re coming into a huge period of growth where we will see the market almost double in the next five years. For me, this looks like the same wave of growth the commercial print market experienced 12 years ago. Our predictions then were similar, however we did prove ourselves wrong as we outstripped our own estimations of growth by a large margin. 4. What challenges do digital print adopters in Asia face? I think one of the core challenges is to understand their costs well and charging for the products and services accordingly. It’s common to find in emerging markets an underestimation

of costs, mostly due to wrong information or misinformation, and therefore, there exists a depletion of value across the business. Digital production carries a certain value due to its ability to serve our customers better than ever before and understanding that value will help accelerate the success for any digital adopter. 5. How can printers make the easier transition into digital print? First of all, look at what you are producing, the volume and processes and then consider how digital could produce it. There is generally a short run volume in any traditional printing company volume that is very low in margins and time consuming in comparison. I would say that considering these volumes will usually lead to a digital solution that can take care of this business, and provide more margins and opportunity for new products and services. This way the risk can be minimized with the right business model. We have consultants across the region that can discuss how to achieve the right model for our customer’s business. 6. What is the single most important feature that print service providers should keep in mind when making digital print purchases? Perhaps I just answered this one; my advice would be to make sure you have the right business model, and let us have the right technology. Together we can be a huge success.

The cost of investment for any company must be translated into business and customer benefit, therefore bringing the ability to invest in the right technology for your business. For example, we have entry level technology at a price point that is much more affordable than our full production technology. For many businesses this is easily justifiable on price, however the technology could be underpowered for larger print providers with greater volume and time pressures. When examining price, we must look at the ambitions of the business and then ensure that we are buying accordingly, Fuji Xerox is focused on ensuring that we have products at every step to help our PSPs create an advantage in the digital printing market. 8. What is the one thing that the digital print industry should do more of, or perhaps should do better in? We should do more to enable the transition from conventional to digital for the commercial print and packaging industry. Helping our customers understand the paths of transition and clearly defined opportunities. The industry does a lot of work in this area, but I think there is room for improvement that can come from more collaboration, to remove the myths and fears that come with moving into new business areas and being early adopters of technology. Any last messages? The industry has advanced at an awesome pace over the last five years and will continue to do so throughout Asia Pacific. It’s a truly exciting time in digital printing and we’re positioned to lead in that growth.

Step Into The Future Of Book Publishing With Fuji Xerox Books-On-Demand Printing

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017




*Monochrome model is available

Kindly visit our website at for more information Xerox, Xerox and Design, as well as Fuji Xerox and Design are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xerox Corporation in Japan and/or other countries.

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


HP installs first Page South Korea’s Sejoong Industry will be the pioneer customer in Asia to use the digital press to produce high quality rice and pet food bags and packaging. Sha Jumari reports. The first HP PageWide T400S packaging press in Asia is up and running at Sejoong Industry in South Korea. The high-speed rollto-roll digital press will transform the production of paper packaging for Sejoong. With the reliable productivity and print quality of HP’s large format

inkjet solution, Sejoong is enhancing their existing flexo and gravure paper packaging capabilities. The purchase was finalised during drupa 2016, with installation, training and ramp-up happening during the last few months of 2017.

On 27 September, HP Inc. and Sejoong Industry hosted 64 participants from the Asia Pacific region at an Open House at Sejoong’s facilities in South Korea. The visitors represented 29 companies from South Korea, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, all serving the packaging industry. The Open House activities comprised of packaging market and product updates, site tour, business meetings and live demonstrations of the HP PageWide T400S press. The event also featured application zones, which showcased many of the innovative products and ideas being created by Sejoong and enabled by HP digital presses. Earlier in the week, HP also hosted more than 200 partners and customers from 15 countries across Asia Pacific and Japan at the 2017 HP Indigo VIP Inspiration Summit in Goyang, South Korea. Themed “New Ways to Win”, HP demonstrated its full end-to-end digital printing solutions capabilities, showcased innovative new applications while participants shared their experiences and best practices.

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


eWide T400S in Asia Leveraging on the T400S Press Designed for high-speed print production, the T400S is part of HP’s digital packaging pre-print solutions. The digital press is capable at printing 183 metres per minute and accommodate flexible run lengths with variable graphics and versions. SeJoong will also satisfy lead-time requirements for its customers with faster turnaround of jobs. With a 1.06 meter print width, the T400S press is able to print on paper liner to produce multiple applications including bags, corrugated packaging and folding cartons. The elimination of flexo plates, gravure cylinders, processing and chemistry from the

process will also help Sejoong gain new efficiencies, reduce waste and set-up costs, and increase production, ultimately leading to more costeffective and efficient production. According to Smithers Pira, corrugated board packaging market is expected to hit $269 billion in 2021. The report projected that Asia will account for more than half of the global market by 2021. HP embarked into the corrugated packaging market in 2014, when it announced its first web press offering for this market: the HP PageWide T400S Press. The HP PageWide T1100S joined HP’s packaging offerings in late 2015 with an even wider 2.8m web width.

Together with the HP PageWide T400S Press, the HP PageWide T1100S Press, HP Scitex 17000 Corrugated Press, and HP Scitex 15500 Corrugated Press are designed to help HP customers quickly turn around jobs and keep up with market demands, while delivering more versatility. HP also announced during Interpack 2017 that the HP PageWide C500 Press will be commercially available in 2018. The single-pass, digital post-print solution is designed to print high-quality graphic boxes, on coated and uncoated papers, without need for lamination, all in offset-replaceable quality.

(left) Nick Price, Regional Business Manager for HP PageWide Industrial, Asia Pacific & Japan

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


MGI Receives 2017 Gold Ink Award MGI received a “Gold Award” for a unique cover ‘tip card’ affixed to the outside of a limited edition of PostPress Magazine. PostPress Magazine is a US-based publication of the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) and the Binding Industries of America (BIA) group of the Printing Industries of America (PIA). A special edition of the quarterly journal featured a multi-textured, digitally embossed metallic cover card printed on the MGI Meteor 8700XL+ digital press and embellished with the MGI JETvarnish 3D digital enhancement press. According to the company, no screens, plates or dies were used. The card was produced with Mohawk “Everyday Digital” paper, KDX “Silky Matte” lamination film and accented with metallic gold foil. MGI also received three “Honorable Mention” Pewter Awards in the Brochure, Book Cover and Packaging Award categories. One of which is a special luxury Japanese Wine Box folding carton, produced with the MGI Meteor Unlimited Colors digital

printing & foiling press and global partner, Konica Minolta. The accolade was part of the prestigious Gold Ink Awards program produced by Printing Impressions Magazine, which aims to judge, recognise and honour the best print applications in the industry. “The Gold Ink Awards represent the highest level of achievement in our industry. We’re very thankful to be the

recipient of one of this year’s top honors. Printing Impressions Magazine is a leading voice for American printers and we truly appreciate this commendation by our peers and colleagues in the business. We’re especially proud that the original project with the FSEA and BIA blended our JETvarnish 3D digital print enhancement technology with the official magazine of the foremost experts and craftspeople in the finishing sector,” said Kevin Abergel, MGI vice president of marketing & sales.

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Pharmaceutical label printing? This is how it’s done By Filip Weymans, VP Global Marketing

Not one label is the same, and different applications require a different digital printing technology. Whether it is for pharma, wine & spirits, durables, health & beauty, industrial chemicals or beverages, every label comes with its own aesthetic and functional requirements. Pharmaceutical labels include drug and medical labels, among others. These differ from any other label type in that they are often subject to counterfeiting. To protect brands from bad practices, label converters have to invest in additional brand protection measures, such as micro text and raised images. Apart from that, pharmaceutical labels require fine details and are often printed on certified substrates. Image quality of pharmaceutical labels Above anything else, pharmaceutical labels need to be clearly legible for the end user, even the smallest letters and number. For the label converter this means an investment in high-resolution printing technology. For this, digital presses equipped with dry toner are

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


RUN top speed of 30m/min or 98 ft/min substrate widths up to 330 mm or 13 inches full rotary printing, variable repeat true 1200 dpi FDA food-safe toners

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Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


your best choice, as they can achieve a print resolution of 1200 dpi and give consistent results. In other words, every label will look exactly the same - which is simply unattainable with UV inkjet, where variation is almost unavoidable. Any malfunction of the nozzle has a direct impact on print quality. Other technologies (liquid toner and UV inkjet) have a lower resolution of 800360 dpi.

ONE. FOR ALL. The world‘s leading system for packaging proofs and dummies. Contract proof quality, with native screening. On every stock: film, cardboard, sheet metal, aluminum, sleeves, IML and much more.

Including finishing effects: Spot varnish, embossing, cold foil, foil blocking, drip-off, soft-touch and much more.

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Brand protection In order to outsmart counterfeiters label converters and brand owners have a couple of options. Build counterfeit deterrence, product authentication and brand protection technologies into the design of the label or package from the very beginning is a first possibility. Another option is to combine technologies to provide the most effective overall brand protection

solution, and change the solutions on a frequent basis in order to keep ahead of the counterfeiter. Lastly, making each individual package or label unique is another anti-ounterfeiting option. In other words, it’s all about being unique, being able to distinguish the genuine product from the fake one. Certified substrates The substrates used



pharmaceutical industry are in many cases certified by the brand owner. Altering the composition can lead to requalification, which is highly undesirable both for the printer and the brand owner. Dry toner provides the ability to print on all standard materials without any primer or pretreatment.

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Heng Yuan installs ORIS Flex Pack // Web Guangzhou Heng Yuan Color Printing purchased the ORIS Flex Pack // Web to meet fast turnaround times and boost productivity at the prepress stage. By Sha Jumari. Established since 1993, Guangzhou Heng Yuan Color Printing Co Ltd (Heng Yuan) is a commercial publishing printer and packaging printing enterprise that combines innovation, design and production into one facility. As one of the top 100 printing companies in China, the Guangzhoubased Heng Yuan reported a revenue of 462 million RMB in 2016. Heng Yuan specialises in packaging for food, daily chemical products and electronics. As quick turnarounds and multiple SKUs are becoming the norm within the industries, Heng Yuan found itself with new challenges. The Need for Speed “We looked into purchasing a new solution to solve our issue of on-press proofing, as design changes adversely affect productivity,” said Liao Wen, technical director of Guangzhou Heng Yuan Color Printing Co Ltd.

The company had a proofing system, however it had its limitations: “The UV inkjet printer was unable to satisfy our customers’ demand for printed effect and spot colour rendition. Our previous printer was also unable to meet the speed requirement for new product development,” added Liao. In early 2017, Heng Yuan purchased the ORIS Flex Pack // Web system. The company took about six months to search for a system that fits their needs. “Heng Yuan needed a digital proofing solution that can best meet their increased demand for quicker turnaround times, especially in the realm of packaging,” said Arthur Kwok, sales director for the Greater China area, CGS. “The Flex Pack // Web system is a unique packaging digital proofing and mockup solution that combines the simultaneous ability to proof on the mass printing substrate and reproduce brand colors precisely.”

The system consists of the Roland VersaCAMM VS-300i printer, powered by ORIS Flex Pack // Web software. Utilising CGS’ patented four-dimensional iterative colour management software, the solution, combined with a specially-designed custom interface for the Roland inkjet printer, can provide web-based hard copy and soft proofing in one package. The ORIS Flex Pack // Web system has firmly established itself in the market when it comes to producing highly accurate packaging proofs and mock-ups. The unique solution leverages on specially developed XG inks, a broad media portfolio and the ability to print on almost any printing substrate, to produce even the most demanding packaging proofing needs. Colour and Brand Reinforcement With a fleet of Heidelberg and KBA press in their facilities, the company needed a proofing solution that can

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Liao Wen, technical director of Guangzhou Heng Yuan Color Printing Co Ltd.

best match with their offset machines. Flex Pack // Web allows the same colour precision for mock-ups and proofs. “ORIS Flex Pack//Web possesses the quality we can expect from offset, with the wide gamut to simulate most brand colours. We are armed to better serve our clients in terms of product development and prepress design, effectively reducing on-press proofing and remaking of plates upon changes,” said Liao. “We considered another UV printing solution with the Roland Versa LEC330. We settled with the VSi300 in the Flex Pack // Web system because it gave us proofs that more closely simulate the offset printed sheet, and the brand colours are accurate,” added Liao. The company decided on the Flex Pack // Web over other solutions in the market due to CGS transfer film and inks being comparatively lower in costs. On top of that, the ORIS transfer media can be printed upon and then transferred to any substrate common in packaging, including metal. The Roland system can also print directly onto media without coating, and there is availability of post-print finishing effects, such as deep-drawn and molded. With the addition of the Flex Pack // Web system, Heng Yuan experienced a boost in standing: “We’re now able to meet with fast turnaround time, which immediately places us at a stronger position to assist clients in creating new designs and shortening time to market.” Moving forward, the company plans to add digital facilities that create post-

print effects to complement the current VSi solvent solution. “ORIS Flex Pack//Web is stable and reliable. It is a rare offer in the market today that is capable of high precision digital proofing for printers to better serve brand clients in the areas of new product development, while at the bottom-line costs and time are reduced. On top of that, the team from CGS is always professional and passionate about their high quality products,” Liao concluded.

printing companies in Guangdong. The 800-strong company has garnered plenty of awards under its belt, including the silver medal in the the 5th China Printing Contest and Star of Guangdong Design Graphic Arts Golden Award in 2014. “In 2016, we became a country-level, Hi-New-Tech Enterprise and the best employer of the printing industry. In 2017, we were invited to be part of the China Printing Standard Committee for two parameters,” added Liao.

“As we grow and expand our reach in Asia, we also understand better what customers need. CGS constantly work hand-in-hand with our customers to develop products that fit with industry growth,” said Christoph Thommessen, senior sales director for Asia Pacific, CGS.

The company has a variety of certifications under its belt, including WCA, Idealliance G7, Masrer, FSC, Green Printing and SA 8000. On top of that, the company has accumulated ISO certifications including ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 9001:2008.

Award Winners The installation of the ORIS Flex Pack // Web has allowed Heng Yuan to remain one of the most competitive

Listed by the Chinese government as a model enterprise for printing, Heng Yuan is the practical campus of universities such as South China Polytechnic, Beijing Printing Institute and Wuhan University. “We place strong emphasis in education. We are always keeping up with scientific development and constantly participate in domestic and international knowledge exchanges,” said Liao. “Besides CGS, we also work closely together with experts from Heidelberg, Bobst, MK, Esko, Fujifilm, Kurz, Merck, Terra to present to the students.”

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Guangzhou Hongda installs second Xeikon 3500 Xeikon digital production solution enable expansion beyond toys market to other heat transfer labeling segments Chinese company Guangzhou Hongda, a leading provider of heat transfer labels in the Chinese market, is adding a second Xeikon 3500 digital press to accommodate growth in the digital portion of its business. The company has more than 20 years of experience in gravure printed transfer labels primarily serving the large toys market in China. It was seeking a solution that would enable cost-effective production of shorter runs as well as provide an opportunity to expand into heat transfer segment through a newly created webportal / network of printing partners. “We did stringent testing of various digital printing solutions available in the market,” explained Jiongda Chen, CEO of Guangzhou Hongda, “and determined that the Xeikon 3500 was the best choice for our business. Following our successful experience with the first press installed earlier this year, we are now in the process of adding a second Xeikon 3500, with plans to expand even more during 2018. We work closely with Xeikon’s team in

China and their commitment, service and support played an important role in the successful implementation of our digital production capabilities.” Chen points out that key considerations in this decision included the high quality heat transfer labels the Xeikon 3500 press delivers and the FDA compliant dry toner, highly important for the toys market. “We also appreciated the 50cm print width that allows for multiple up

production, supported with Xeikon’s VariLane which makes it possible to create digital imposition templates for heat transfer labels with different SKUs and different sizes within the same print job. Xeikon’s high quality white ink is also important as this is critical for high quality heat transfer applications.” Xeikon VariLane is an imposition software plug-in to the Xeikon X-800 digital front-end, specifically designed to allow label printers greater flexibility in the production of labels and increased profit opportunities. “Guangzhou Hongda has leveraged Xeikon’s print-on-demand capability for heat transfer labels by building a network of heat transfer converters who can order digitally printed heat transfer labels via a web portal,” said Bent Serritslev, Managing Director Asia Pacific at Xeikon. “This has been successful in growing volume, as evidenced by the company’s acquisition of a second press. It is a pleasure to work with a company that is innovative and growing, and we look forward to our continuing relationship in 2018 and beyond.”

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


New grades launched for shopping bags of the future No stranger to setting trends, Sappi’s latest specialty paper portfolio development sees it unveiling a new collection for the fashion-forward shopper. Driven by consumer preference for sustainability, Sappi has designed a family of shopping bag grades that present a unique ‘one stop shop’ marketing solution using recyclable and renewable paper-based products.

grades are ISEGA certified for direct food contact and DIN EN71 certified for toy safety. Also included in the shopping bag portfolio are Algro® Baress, Algro® Fin, Fusion® Topliner and Algro Design® specialty papers to support unique brand communication across multiple industries, such as clothes, perfume, cosmetics and confectionary. The FSC® and PEFC™ certified options also deliver outstanding offset and flexo printing results, excellent colour reproduction, consistent premium quality and flexible reel and sheet availability in large and small volumes. “This shopping bag portfolio has been hand-picked to provide brands with a way to overcome regulations banning the use of plastic, while recognizing consumer desire for more environmentally-friendly packaging,” stated Michael Bethge, Productgroup Manager Flexible Packaging and Label Papers at Sappi. “This array of options provides an important part of a uniform brand communication through the high-quality look and feel of paper combined with environmental considerations and sustainability.” Sappi’s mills are located in the centre of Europe ensuring all the grades offer short European delivery times. About Sappi

New grades launched by Sappi for its innovative shopping bag portfolio are Fashion® White and Fashion® White OF that feature high whiteness with natural and good printing surface in a wide range of virgin fibre grades and grammages between 70gsm and 130gsm. Fashion White is a premium white MF Bleached Kraft and Fashion White OF is a premium white MF Bleached Kraft without added OBA. Both uncoated, machine finished

Sappi Europe SA is the leading European producer of coated fine paper used in premium magazines, catalogues, books and high-end print advertising. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, Sappi Europe is recognised for innovation and quality. Its graphic paper brands include Magno™, Quatro™, Vantage™, Royal, Galerie™ and GalerieArt™ ranges. Algro®, Leine®, Parade® and Fusion® are the brands for innovative solutions of speciality papers and boards. Sappi

papers are produced in mills accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification and EMAS registration for all our mills in the EU. Sappi European mills hold chain-ofcustody certification under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and/or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™) schemes. Sappi Europe SA is a division of Sappi Limited (JSE), a global company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, with 12,800 employees and manufacturing operations on three continents in seven countries, sales offices in 50 countries, and customers in over 100 countries around the world. It was seeking a solution that would enable cost-effective production of shorter runs as well as provide an opportunity to expand into heat transfer segment through a newly created webportal / network of printing partners. “We did stringent testing of various digital printing solutions available in the market,” explained Jiongda Chen, CEO of Guangzhou Hongda, “and determined that the Xeikon 3500 was the best choice for our business. Following our successful experience

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


WE EMBODY PRINT At Agfa Graphics, print is part of our DNA. We live and breathe it. Relying on 150 years of experience, we not only develop sustainable solutions for both offset and inkjet printing, we also open doors to new print markets and applications, including smart packaging, security and industrial printing. The ultimate aim? Creating value for you! Agfa (ASEAN) Sdn Bhd No. 18, Jalan Sepadu 25/123A, Seksyen 25, 40400 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia T +603 5525 5300 | +603 5525 3515 (Order desk hotline) F +603 5525 2779

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Koenig & Bauer con celebrations in Chin On 8th November, some 200 Chinese print professionals from all parts of the country, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, met in Wuxi, China to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Koenig & Bauer. This latest highlight for the Chinese print branch came just a few weeks after the official festivities at the Koenig & Bauer group headquarters in WĂźrzburg. Dietmar Heyduck, Senior Vice -President Sales from KBA-Sheetfed, and Walter Zehner, CEO of Koenig & Bauer Greater China, gave welcoming addresses in which they emphasised

that authenticity remains a guiding principle for Koenig & Bauer as it enters the third century of its company history, and that the company will continue to pursue innovations geared

Dietmar Heyduck, Senior Vice-President Sales from KBA-Sheetfed

to a prosperous future for the print industry. In addition, Heyduck presented the new brand image of Koenig & Bauer, which conveys the strength of a tradition-steeped brand to both new and existing customers through a modern corporate and product design. Lu Chang An, vice president of the Chinese printing industry association PEIAC, wished Koenig & Bauer all the best on its company anniversary and presented a special gift to the hosts. An event highlight is a panel discussion that included seven users of Koenig & Bauer technology with Heyduck and Zehner. The panel discussed their partnerships with the manufacturer and to explore the trends which they expected to shape the future of the print industry in China. The users were unanimous in their assessment that innovations from Koenig & Bauer were enabling their companies to implement new business models. That applies especially to the fields of environment protection, Industry 4.0, networking and digitisation, not least in market segments such as large format, web offset, flexo, personalised packaging and others which are contributing to further growth of the Chinese print industry. China has been the highest-volume market in the world for sheetfed offset presses from Koenig & Bauer for a number of years now. Against the background of increasing labour and material costs, the topics of productivity

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017

ntinues jubilee na History-wall

and automation are becoming foremost priorities in China. This is reflected in recent deliveries of highly automated presses from

the Rapida 106 series, some of which implement highly specialised configurations, e.g. further printing units after coating. China is set to remain one of Koenig & Bauer’s most

important single markets for sheetfed business in the future. The panel discussion


Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017

More difference, more profit


Make every job different cost-effectively, with HP digital solutions for Corrugated packaging and displays

HP PageWide T400S Press

HP Scitex 17000 Corrugated Press

HP PageWide T1100S Press

HP has reinvented the versatility, productivity and quality of Corrugated printing so that you can stay ahead of your competitors. From basic corrugated to high value boxes, reduce delivery times on long and short runs while providing offset-substitutable quality. Always with end-to-end support from HP. The HP PageWide T400S Press gives you preprint and digital in one. The HP Scitex 17000 Corrugated Press ensures high-quality results delivered cost-effectively. Meanwhile, the HP PageWide T1100S Press with Multi-lane Printing Architecture cost-effectively prints multiple short runs with variable box sizes on one roll. As with all HP PageWide Presses, you can take advantage of HP PrintOS, an open and secure cloud-based print production operating system to help you get more out of your HP presses and printers, simplify and automate your production process and enable new forms of collaboration. Find out more:, and Š 2017 HP Development Company, L.P.

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


The new Color 1000i Press

Gold & Silver give you infinite creative possibilities Fuji Xerox’s new Color 1000i Press is the industry’s first to offer gold and silver dry ink in a single pass. Built on the market leading Color 1000 Press platform but now with stunning metallic effects that can deliver increased profitability to your business.

To find out more go to: The Color 1000i Press

Xerox, Xerox and Design, as well as Fuji Xerox and Design and Color 1000i Press are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xerox Corporation in Japan and/or other countries.

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


World leader in providing process automation Baldwin Technology Company Inc.—a world leader in providing process automation solutions, consumables and services for the print, packaging, textile and corrugated industries—has acquired QuadTech, Inc., from its parent company, Quad/Graphics. With this acquisition, Baldwin adds all of QuadTech’s highly regarded technology and strategic locations across the Americas, Europe, China, Japan and India. QuadTech is a global leader in the design and manufacture of control systems that help commercial, newspaper, packaging and publication gravure printers improve their performance and productivity. Headquartered in Sussex, Wisconsin (USA), QuadTech maintains a worldwide network of sales and service operations, and sells automated systems in more than 100 countries. Baldwin will strategically unite QuadTech with two of its existing divisions—Web Printing Controls and PC Industries—creating a global platform that will operate as Baldwin Vision Systems. The resulting combination of businesses and technology will represent the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio available

for print process automation, inspection and related services. Karl Fritchen, current QuadTech President, will lead the new Baldwin segment, which brings together the best and brightest global talent and capabilities in the industry. Product technologies will span closedloop automation for registration, inking, color management, web handling and 100 percent inspection for the commercial, newspaper, labels, packaging, converting and publication gravure industries. “The combination of products and expertise held within both companies will enable us to reach areas of the market we were unable to reach individually,” commented Fritchen. “From an international operations and market perspective, each party’s strengths are highly complementary. This is definitely a situation where we can accomplish much more together than we could have as independent companies.”

Pictured left to right: John Woolley, Business Leader, PC Industries; Herman Gnuechtel, Business Leader, Web Printing Controls; Brent Becker, President & CEO, Baldwin; and Karl Fritchen, President, QuadTech.

“QuadTech will serve as a catalyst for the formation of our new Baldwin Vision Systems segment, which will greatly enhance Baldwin’s ability to provide an even more comprehensive automation portfolio for our customers around the world,” said Brent Becker, President and CEO of Baldwin. “Together, we provide our customers an unmatched portfolio in commercial and newspaper automation, and I am very excited about the additional capabilities we will gain in the packaging markets. The work QuadTech has done recently on color within the packaging market clearly places us as the industry leader, and we have aggressive plans to build upon that position. I fully expect that our combined global presence, coupled with a new tiered product offering, will position the company to further satisfy our customers’ needs in an even larger geographical area.” QuadTech is Baldwin’s fifth acquisition since joining the BW Forsyth Partners family of companies in 2012, and the fourth completed in 2017. “We are thrilled to partner with the QuadTech team, as this investment underscores our continued commitment to a strategy that blends organic and acquisition growth to enhance our global footprint, advance the technology and service we can deliver to our customers, and cultivate our unique culture of care and collaboration,” said Kyle Chapman, Founder and Managing Director of BW Forsyth Partners. “We will continue to support Baldwin’s strategy execution, as the team seeks opportunities to expand the company’s reach into new industries and new geographic markets, increasing solutions for customers.”

KBA Sheetfed Offset Technology Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017

Why KBA?

When every sheet counts... then choose KBA KBA’s new generation Rapida presses feature the fastest production speeds, the quickest makeready times sidelay-free sheet feeding, failsafe on-press quality assurance regimes simultaneous plate changing and process changeovers and much, much more.


All this from a financially stable – profit-making – manufacturer, the innovation leader in our industry.

KBA Asia Pacific (Singapore Branch) Tel: +65 6562 8582, KBA Koenig & Bauer AG, Sdn. Bhd. (Asia Pacific) Tel: +60 3 788 588-60,,


Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


Major press relocation of its Goss Universal 75 press Goss Universal 75 press back in production at new site Goss offers relocation and reconfiguration options for all Goss press models People’s Daily, the largest newspaper group in China, has completed a major press relocation of its Goss Universal 75 press to a new, state-of-the-art printing facility in Beijing. Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Tibetan, Kazakh, Uyghur, Zhuang, Mongolian, and Korean. The Universal 75 consists of six towers, two folders and six reel splicers and will continue to be used to produce highquality newspaper products for the Chinese market. As well as the relocation, the Goss Universal press has been upgraded with a blanket wash system and Goss will provide control system integration.

People’s Daily, the largest newspaper group in China, has completed a major press relocation of its Goss Universal 75 press to a new, state-of-the-art printing facility in Beijing.

cost-effective solution for the company.

Goss were selected by People’s Daily as the original manufacturer of the Universal 75 press model to project manage the entire job, which took twelve weeks to complete.

Ian Buckley, General Manager at Goss UK, comments: “Goss has a long relationship with People’s Daily. We listened to what they wanted and put together an economical solution using Goss’ knowledge and engineers to supervise the technical aspects of the move and ensure a smooth transition for the company.”

Goss engineers project managed and supervised the relocation of the six-tower Universal 75 and worked together with People’s Daily employees and local teams to provide the most

The People’s Daily is the leading newspaper in China and is published worldwide with a print circulation of three million. As well as Chinese, editions are published in English,

Goss’ OEM expertise enables them to undertake complex reconfiguration and relocation projects including additions to existing equipment with minimal disruption, which often make the most sense in the fast-changing market of print. Goss can also enhance and upgrade equipment at the same time, ensuring press or post-press equipment performs reliably and at highest possible quality.

Limitless Possibilities Be free to grow with the endless applications of the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press

HP Indigo has reinvented versatility so that you can create unique solutions for your brand customers, to set them and yourself apart from the competition. The HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press thrives in the most demanding converting environments to deliver the highest quality for the world’s leading brands. And with Pack Ready, you can deliver high performance applications with immediate time to market. As with all HP Indigo Digital Presses, you can take advantage of HP PrintOS, an open and secure cloud-based print production operating system to help you get more out of your HP presses and printers, simplify and automate your production process and enable new forms of collaboration. Reinvent your ability to be unique, with the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press. Find out more: and Š 2017 HP Development Company, L.P.



Free Entry Form - Collect Your Best Work Today See inside for BOTH competition details




CANON SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. 1 Fusionopolis Place #15-10 Galaxis Singapore 138522 Tel: +65-6799 8888 | Fax: +65-6799 8882 | |



WELCOME 13TH ASIAN PRINT AWARDS 2018 - THE ONLY REGIONAL AWARDS OF ITS KIND IN ASIA The annual Asian Print Awards was founded to recognise outstanding achievement in the print and packaging industries across Asia. With more than half the world’s population represented in this fast growing area, communication in the form of printed matter links Asia’s diverse cultures. It is imperative that such print achievements do not go unrecognised, especially among the population base that Asia enjoys. The Awards are judged on a wholly quality-oriented set of criteria to ensure that fair play is enacted at all times. The Independent Judging Panel comprises highly qualified personnel from within Asia and around the world. The independent judging panel has no knowledge of the actual entrants details. ALL ENTRIES ARE NUMBER-CODED. Entries must be commercially produced work. The Asian Print Awards is the only regional print quality competition of its kind in Asia. Supported by leading industry-supply companies, any progressive quality print house should enter and prove that they are the best - by winning the Gold, Silver or Bronze award. Proving pride in quality awareness is what customers love to see. It’s not just empty words, you can prove it.

Entrie Submission close on 16th March 2018 at 5pm. Categories 1-7 : Offset Printing Only

9. Posters, Showcards & Point-of-sale material

1. Calendars – any format

Categories 11-15: Specialty Categories

2. Sheetfed magazines – 4 or more colours 3. Book printing – 4 or more colours 4. Limited Editions & Artwork reproductions (under 2000 print run) 5. Web Offset – Coated stock 70gsm and above 6. Web Offset –LWC (light weight coated) 65gsm or less

Categories 8 - 10: Digital Printing Only Will be Judged on – Quality – Production – Appropriate use of technology & Visual impact Provide name of press utilised in “Other technical details” of section B on the entry form 7. Book Printing – 4 or more colours 8. Calendars & personalised photo books – any format.

10. Multi–piece productions and Campaigns – Any substrate or print process: Multi–piece Production must be 3 or more items such as folder, leaflets, ringbinders, inserts, envelopes including their contents. Campaigns must be 3 or more items with a consistent theme produced during the year by the same printer for the same client. 11. Embellishment - any substrate – any combination for example: embossing –diecutting – foil stamping – laminating, coating. 12. Innovation / Specialty Printing – the entry must exhibit any innovative and/ special application of machinery, process, substrate or finishing. A short description must be provided for the judges, detailing reasons for entry into this category. 13. Self Promotion – any item printed to promote a product or company involved in the graphic arts industry. Self promotion cannot be entered into any other Category.

If your company wins an award, a representative(s) from your company MUST be present in Bangkok to receive the award on stage, we will not send any awards to you if you are absent!


Entries submission close on 16th March 2018 at 5pm.

Paper & Board Packaging

Flexible Packaging Narrow Web

Folding Carton

F1 - Flexo F2 - Gravure F3 - Digital

P1- Offset P2- Flexo / Gravure P3 - Digital

Mid Web

Corrugated P5 - Post-Print

F4 - Flexo F5 - Gravure F6 - Digital

Specialty & Others

Wide Web

P4 - Pre-print

P6 - Metalized Paper P7 - Printed Bag P8 - Embellishments BEST IN CLASS!

F7 - Flexo F8- Gravure F9 - Digital

Specialty & Others


F10 - Embellishments BEST IN CLASS! +US$2000.00

Labels All Labels

L1 - Offset L2 - Flexo L3 - Letterpress L4 - Gravure L5 - Digital

Specialty & Others L6 - Special Substrate L7 - Embellishments


NEW Catergories N1- Combination Printing N2 - Mock-up / Sample (<50 produced) N3 - Structural Design N4 - Concept/Graphic Design

BEST IN CLASS! +US$2000.00

All Narrow Web, Mid Web, Wide Web, Beverage Carton and Cups and Pre-Print for Corrugated entries, MUST BE submitted with a minimum of five (5) full cylinder print repeats, at full printed web width and wound onto a 75mm (3�) cardboard core.All Narrow Web, Mid Web and Wide Web entries MUST NOT be printed onto a pressure sensitive web substrate



Asian Label Association

Epson - Spengler AG - Esko - Daetwyler - Swedev - QuadTech - K Walter - Stripsteel Glunz & Jensen - Degra - Flexowash


Deadline for Entries Submission: 16th March 2018, 5pm Remember to submit 2 copies of each job! Why? - Just in case one is damaged.

SECTION A (This will not be shown to judges). Entered by (company name): ______________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Person: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: _______________ Country_____________________



Title of entry (description): ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Printed by (company name): ________________________________________________________________________________________ Client name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Designer Pre Press House: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Brand of Printing Machine used: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Stock supplied by (Merchant’s name): ______________________________________________________________________________ Brand name of stocks Coated Uncoated: ____________________________________________________________________________ Category entered __________________________________________________________________________________________________ By signing here you accept the rules and conditions of the Asian Print Awards

Signature over printed name_____________________________ Name_____________________________________________________

SECTION B Production information to be shown to judges

( tape this to the back of your entries)

Category entered (Same as above): __________________________________ Entry number (Administrative use only] ____________ Print method: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Number of ink colours Embellishments: _______________________________________________________________________________ Number of press passes Quantity produced (Print run copies): _________________________________________________________ Other technical details (finishing processes etc)_______________________________________________________________________

13th Asian Print Awards 2018 ENTRIES SUBMISSION CLOSES 16 March 2018, 5pm Send all entries to: APAM Pte Ltd, 39 Robinson Road,

Robinson Point #11-01, Suite 25A - Singapore 068911 Tel 65-6733 5342

Fax +65 6733 3586 Email us:

Additional entry forms can be downloaded at Please note that entries are non-returnable unless a self addressed courier pack is supplied.



Section A

(This will not be shown to judges)





Entered by (Company name): Contact: Address: Telephone:




Title of entry (description): Printed by (company name): Prepress House: Category entered (See page before): By signing here you accept the rules and conditions of the Asian Flexo, Gravure and Labeling Excellence Awards Name:

Section B


Production information to be shown to judges ( tape this to the back of your entries)

Category entered (Same as above):

Entry number (Administrative use only]:

Print method: Number of ink colours:

Ink Manufacturer:

Quantity produced (Print run):

Brand of Printing Machine:

Substrate Type: Web Width: mm Substrate Thickness: microns Substrate Grammage: gsm Other technical details (finishing processes etc) (Attach a separate sheet if necessary)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION A company can enter a maximum of ten (10) jobs per printing category. All entries must be from a commercial print production run: Sheetfed entries must be full sheets untrimmed and supplied in a tube or flat between 2 sheets of cardboard to avoid creasing. All production details must be provided in all sections of the entry form and in English. (Otherwise, an entry will not be deemed eligible). Please note that all entries are non-returnable, unless a self addressed courier pack is supplied with an entry. All entries must be printed within the Asian Region between 21st March 2017 and 16th March 2018

Send all entries to: Asian Packaging Excellence Awards 39 Robinson Road, Robinson Point #11-01, Suite 25A - Singapore 068911 Entries submission closes on March 16th 2018

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017


We hope to see you on stage in Bangkok - May 2018

LABELS & PACKAGING INNOVATION CONFERENCE : 2018 We will be sending out soon the details for the 16th Annual Packaging Conference in Bangkok Thailand on 2 May 2018 till 4th May As the Packaging Industry continues to grow, its more imoportant than ever that you KEEP AHEAD of trends, technology and more than ever your competition. We have the best line up of speakers from around the world that will show you over two days all that you need to be one step ahead. You cannot afford to miss this event. Look out and reserve your seat soon.


Asian Label Association

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017

45 metallic with a single pass. It can house up to two additional specialty dry inks of gold, silver, clear and white, in addition to the common cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK).

Fuji Xerox announces customer installs of the new Iridesse press

event, ‘Be Local, Think Global’ on 21 November.

Singapore companies, Khoo Sun Printing and iSuccess becomes the first customers for the recently launched Iridesse Production Press. Sha Jumari reports.

“Until recently, brands, creatives and print service providers have been limited by printing technology – often having to compromise between colours, print quality, material types or print finishes,” said Bruce Murphy, graphics communication senior manager, Fuji Xerox Singapore.

At the official Iridesse Production Press launch event for the Singapore market, Fuji Xerox announced companies that have already purchased the new machine. This included Singaporean companies, Khoo Sun Printing (KSP) and iSuccess. Fuji Xerox expects installation to complete within the next few months. The Iridesse Production Press was first launched in Japan on 5th October, followed by sequential release in the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, including China on 1st November. The installation announcement took place at Fuji Xerox’s wider industry

“With Fuji Xerox’s latest Iridesse Production Press, customers can now enjoy prints with richer and deeper colours, while achieving highly desirable Pantone metallic colours. We’re excited to share the possibilities that Iridesse unlocks, and are pleased to share that our customers can simply walk into our local showroom to take a peek into what the press can offer.” The new production printer with a six-colour print engine is able to print different specialty colours including

Customers are primarily interested in the Iridesse Production Press due to its ability to print attractive metallic pantone colours, as a result of its underprint and overprint capability. A first for Fuji Xerox and the industry, Specialty Dry Ink can be printed under CMYK Dry Ink. Underlay printing gold or silver dry ink with CMYK inks can produce highly reflective metallic colours. Prior to this, such metallic shades can only be achieved via conventional methods like offset and foil stamping. Beyond CMYK “Digital Print Enhancement will soon become an in-house mainstream process. There is a massive opportunity for digital print enhancement within promotional printing applications that has barely been penetrated,” said Timothy Howard, senior market development manager, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Operations. InfoTrends projects that digital print enhancement volume will grow at a 27% CAGR from 2015 to 2020, reaching 25 billion pages by 2020. The ability to add a spot colour, coating, or special effect to a printed piece brings added value beyond the process colours. Asia Pacific provides a different opportunity than the markets of North America and Europe. This region represents the growth of the largest middle class in the world, who are willing to spend money on retail and luxury items; products that require premiumisation. Konica Minolta installs first MGI in Asia Pacific Singapore company Asiawide Print Holdings is the first customer for the MGI Meteor Unlimited Colors Se+ in the region. Sha Jumari reports. Konica Minolta celebrates the first install of the MGI Meteor Unlimited

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017

46 make-ready setup times and waste. With its innovative technology, it can produce print output with purportedly an unlimited number of colours, including a rainbow spectrum of hues with metallic, glitter and holographic effects and stamping as well. "We are grateful for this partnership with Konica Minolta, which has enabled Asiawide to work faster and smarter- helping us to drive costs down. With the new digital press, we can now cater to the needs of customers with smaller job volume and serve a larger audience with multiple finishing options. We are excited about future opportunities to transform the landscape of the print industry in the region." said Terrence Hong, CEO, Asiawide Print Holdings. Asiawide began as a supplier of raw materials and papers for the printing industry. It has since evolved its business to provide pre-press, on-press and post-press printing services to its large clientele. The company is a keen adopter of digital technology and believes in providing quality and high value-added services. According to Hong, the MGI innovation first arrived at its facilities last month. Since then, the company has worked closely with Konica Minolta to explore a range of quality applications that can be produced for its clients. With the new machine, Asiawide can now add digital enhancements and produce metallic colours in a more cost-effective manner. The machine will also support Asiawide to meet the trend of ‘CMYK + Bling’, in which CMYK print is given an attractive foiled metallic finish in one pass. Some of the applications include personalised packaging and collateral for luxury and limited edition items.

Colors Se+ in the Asia Pacific region to Singapore commercial printer Asiawide Print Holdings. With the new install, Asiawide will now be able to add value to the print industry and enable creative and graphic professionals to explore exciting applications.

The METEOR Unlimited Colors Se+ consists of the MGI METEOR DP8700 Se+ digital press integrated with MGI’s iFOIL module to create inline printing and hot foiling solution. This unique printing press and postpress foiling system eliminates the need for die-making and traditional

At the celebratory event on 8 December, co-hosted by Konica Minolta at Asiawide Print Holdings on 8 December, Jonathan Yeo, general manager, Konica Minolta Business Solution Asia said: "At Konica Minolta, we are continually looking at delivering value to the industrial printing industry by leveraging on digital technologies to meet the evolving needs. We are proud to be part of Asiawide's digital









• Speeds up to 100 prints per min • Deliver vibrant image quality even on textured media • 2,400 x 2,400 dpi print resolution • Multi Density Adjustment Technology • “Right-first-time” output



Setting New Standards in Image Quality & Productivity

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017

48 transformation journey. The new installation will equip them with valueadded capabilities and boost their business." Working with Meccanotecnica is a privilege Screen Europe and Meccanotecnica today announce a collaboration which will bring together Screen’s EQUIOS Book Solution package with Universe Sewing from Meccanotecnica. Designed as a single interface to automate job management, EQUIOS supports roll to book impositions required for high quality book finishing solutions. This latest development includes a special page order needed for Meccanotecnica’s Universe Sewing. It also includes a variable data processing function for the dynamic barcodes required to identify signatures and book blocks for sewing. “To ensure that the finished book is both excellent quality and good value for money, it’s essential that accuracy and consistency is maintained throughout the production process,” comments Stefano Formentini, Marketing Manager, Meccanotecnica. “This is especially true at the finishing stage where elements such as sewing quality and page ordering are crucial to the finished product. With Screen’s 75 years of prepress experience, EQUIOS digital workflow solution ensures reliability and productivity throughout the whole workflow.” “Working with Meccanotecnica is a privilege, the brand is renowned for reliability and performance in the book-finishing sector and serves a huge customer base worldwide,” says Bui Burke, Senior Vice President Sales at Screen Europe. “Screen is enabling technological innovation and collaboration that improves quality, reliability and output – not just in our own products but across the whole press line. Alongside Meccanotecnica’s Universe Sewing, our high-speed inkjet solutions and EQUIOS workflow software are designed to deliver market-leading quality and productivity.” Meccanotecnica launched the new Universe Sewing Web-fed in February

value books – is maintained, whilst printing is also possible on a wide range of non-coated papers, including standard and specialised inkjet types.

this year. The automatic book folding and sewing machine was designed to produce high quality lay flat books directly from the pre-printed roll. Universe Sewing performs several processes all-in-one, including: unwinding, cutting, scoring and folding, collating, and sewing. Ideal for web digital printers who have the need to manage short to long runs efficiently, the system avoids nonproductive steps such as: plating, folding, palletizing and gathering, especially for high signature-count books. The new Screen EQUIOS features will be available in January 2018 for the Screen Truepress Jet520HD press. Designed to support today’s book printing market, the high-speed inkjet web press features 1,200 dpi true resolution and precise droplet size control in order to deliver flexo-quality colours, textures, details and solid ink areas expected for high-end publication work. With the introduction of Truepress SC Inks exclusively for use with Screen’s TPJ520HD, customers’ choice of stock also dramatically increases, with standard coated stocks for offset printing now an option. The integral texture and feel of coated paper – including glossy papers used for high


Software solutions for the professional signmaking, wideformat digital printing and CAD/ CAM SA International (SAi), the leading provider of software solutions for the professional signmaking, wideformat digital printing and CAD/ CAM for CNC machining industries, has announced a worldwide agreement with cutting technology giant, Graphtec, to supply three newlycreated cutting software packages with the company’s entire range of large format vinyl cutters. Driven by SAi’s market-leading Flexi software, the feature-rich cutting solutions – Cutting Master 4, Graphtec Pro Studio and Graphtec Pro Studio Plus – have been designed to meet the varied requirements of print service providers and sign & display companies. The new three-tier offering replaces Graphtec’s previous software solution, also named Graphtec Pro Studio, and provides users with access to the specific design and cutting tools to suit their respective needs. Commenting on the agreement Hiroyuki Takahata, Senior Managing Director at Graphtec, said: “Our goal is to provide our customers with full access to a complete workflow to ensure that they can maximum the


Make Offset Your Choice

The Goss Thallo printing system offers significant advantages for the profitability and environmental requirements of your business. Integrating web offset with flexo, gravure or digital into hybrid configurations means: • • • • • •

Sustainable printing, no solvents (VOC free), environmentally friendly Cost-effective plates and sleeve system Fast make-readies EB cured High print quality on a wide range of substrates Combined inherent advantages from each technology

To find out more, please contact: Goss International Singapore Pte Ltd Tel: +65 6462 4833 Email:

Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017

50 potential of our cutters. With the enhanced design and editing functions, the new SAi software solutions work in conjunction with our cutters to deliver greater productivity and incredible output. This partnership brings with it fantastic opportunities to expand application offerings and improve business operations for users.” As a world leader in cutting technology, Graphtec’s portfolio includes flatbed, roll- and sheet-fed cutters, which deliver cutting widths of up to 162 cm / 64 in. The new software packages comprise: Graphtec Pro Studio Plus Driven by FlexiSIGN, Graphtec Pro Studio Plus offers users the most comprehensive offering with a haul of new tools including smart nesting for designs that are larger than the substrate. Graphtec Pro Studio Plus will automatically nest the sections of the design that exceed the material into available vacant space. This ability to maximise material usage ensures that print service providers and sign & display companies can enjoy greater capital saving. The Animated Cut Viewer tool allows users to view and analyse the cutting order and amend

this ahead of the cutting process for optimum productivity. This solution is available as a payable upgrade from Graphtec. Graphtec Pro Studio Graphtec Pro Studio offers a vast catalogue of options when creating original designs. It includes enhanced functions such as auto-shapes. This enables faster and easier output of sign and display applications and crucially, reduces the time-consuming barriers of designing from scratch. Using the new Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System (ARMS), users can easily achieve highly accurate results. Graphtec Pro Studio is included with all Graphtec cutters.

“We are proud to join forces with Graphtec and add it to a roster of leading strategic partnerships. With almost 70 years’ experience, Graphtec has built a reputation as the number one for pioneering cutters which is complemented by our industryacclaimed Flexi-driven bundles. This collaboration provides Graphtec customers the opportunity to enhance their business performance by increasing throughput and achieving premium quality applications.” Available now, Graphtec Pro Studio and Graphtec Pro Studio Plus are compatible with Windows, and Cutting Master 4 is accessible on both Windows and Mac platforms.

Cutting Master 4 Designed as a Graphtec plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Cutting Master 4 enables users to drive the cutter with minimum input. New capabilities enable simple creation of registration marks to locate the design, which improves accuracy and allows users to enjoy greater production efficiency. This tool is included with all Graphtec cutters. Mark Blundell, CEO at SAi concludes,

SAi has partnered with Graphtec to bundle Flexi-based software on Graphtec’s entire range of vinyl cutters. Picture shows: Mark Blundell, CEO of SAi (left) and Hiroyuki Takahata, Senior Managing Director at Graphtec (right)

We wish of our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to again being your source for industry news and happenings in 2018

The market is changing









With hybrid offset, cost of production needn’t spiral If image changes, shorter runs and quicker turnarounds are becoming your new reality, it’s time to consider Goss Vpak™ hybrid web offset. Goss International Singapore Pte Ltd 2 Toh Tuck Link, #05-01, Singapore 596225 PHONE: +65-6462 4833

PACKAGING CONFERENCE Printing Innovation Asia Issue 12 2017








The 16th Annual Labels and Packaging Innovation Asia Conference returns in May 2nd-3rd to Bangkok, Thailand. This year we have speakers from Europe, USA, Australia and Asia, presenting topics that cover every area of Packaging Production. Combined with the Asian Packaging Excellence Awards you must come and find out first hand the latest information to help your business grow in the coming years. Asia has been tipped to lead the packaging industry growth until 2020. Are you and your company ready?

DATE: 2nd-3rd MAY 2018 BANGKOK THAILAND MARRIOTT MARQUIS HOTEL 10am-5pm - 2nd & 3rd 16th Annual Awards Gala Dinner on the 3rd May from 6.30pm

The 2018 Conference and Awards is supported by these companies that support our industry


Asian Label Association

Daetwyler - Swedev - QuadTech - K Walter - Stripsteel - Glunz & Jensen - Degra - Flexowash