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PSA Continues to Stand Firm on Salaried Agreement

The PSA is standing firm on insisting that strong job security protections are maintained in any new salaried enterprise agreement.

And PSA members are strongly backing the PSA’s negotiating position in the salaried enterprise agreement negotiations.

Members have been meeting across all agencies to consider the current status of negotiations and have overwhelmingly supported this motion:

"This meeting confirms our commitment to pursuing our objectives for a new salaried enterprise agreement.

We reaffirm that our priorities for a new agreement are:

•  Job protection

•  Maintaining our effective redeployment systems and processes

•  Protection from, and processes to deal with, unreasonable workloads

•  Maintaining all current conditions of employment

• A fair and reasonable wage outcome.

We commit to supporting each other and standing together to pursue these priorities.

We confirm that protecting our job security, retaining our RRR provisions, and protecting our current conditions, are our highest priorities at this time.

We support the PSA standing firm in EB negotiations in pursuit of achieving our priorities.

The government just wants to make it easy to sack people – and reduce other important conditions.

It takes strength to maintain a firm position in the face of such an ideological obsession with cutting public services, slashing public sector jobs, and reducing public sector working conditions. The easy thing to do would be to acquiesce to the government’s agenda and collaborate with them to implement it.

The government just wants to make it easy to sack people – and reduce other important conditions.

This is something members clearly don’t want and the PSA leadership will not tolerate.

Meanwhile the PSA is continuing to negotiate and finalise enterprise agreements with a number of organisations. Negotiations with the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust have resulted in a proposal for a new agreement which retains all existing conditions, some improvements, and a modest pay rise.

Lifeblood (Red Cross Blood Service) have also put forward a proposal which retains all existing conditions and includes improvements proposed by PSA members. West Beach Trust and Forestry SA negotiations are progressing towards proposals that would retain all conditions and modest pay rises. SA Water have concluded an agreement which retains all conditions and a modest pay outcome.