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Show dates: 16-20 October 2016, Dubai World Trade Centre | AT GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK | Exhibition hours: 10am -7pm

RES showcases ONE suite and Mindware partnership

Husni Hammoud, RES

RES has recently forayed into the Middle East market through partnership with Midis Group, one of the largest regional IT organisations. At its maiden participation at GITEX 2016, the company is showcasing its latest RES ONE suite for automated workspace delivery and people-centric security, and focusing on its new

partnership with regional value-added distributor, Mindware. Husni Hammoud, General Manager, RES, says, “GITEX is the biggest event in this territor y and we are excited to debut our offerings on this platform. It is a great opportunity for us to announce our entr y into the 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

Mimecast addresses targeted attacks

Brandon Bekker, Mimecast

Mimecast, an email and data security company, is exhibiting its full range of products and

services to showcase how it can protect customers against targeted email threats like spear-phishing and whaling attacks. Participating at GITEX along with its distribution partner, Bulwark Technologies, Mimecast is putting the spotlight on the criticality of email security. Brandon Bekker, Managing Director, Mimecast, Middle East and Africa, said, “We want to highlight our security

suite of products. Our Targeted Threat Protection offering is a comprehensive email security protection against spear-phishing attacks with malicious links and weaponised attachments. We have introduced this to the market to help organisations reduce the risk, complexity and costs traditionally associated with protecting email.” Bekker highlighted 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

WHAT’S INSIDE Investors and startups create unique partnerships at GITEX Global Startup Movement

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior hosts workshops highlighting digital initiatives

GITEX 2016 highlights

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RES... region and showcase our pioneering solutions such as the RES ONE suite.” While RES solutions are renowned globally, the company now aims to focus on developing the GCC market. “RES solutions are essential and required in many areas across industry verticals. As organisations are moving towards digital transformation of operations, processes and workforce, our solutions can be a key differentiator,” says Hammoud. According to the GM, the company can help in ensuring

RES solutions are essential and required in many areas across industry verticals. As organisations are moving towards digital transformation of operations, processes and workforce, our solutions can be a key differentiator.” enterprises are utilising existing resources efficiently to offer premium quality to end-users. He adds, “We can help in guaranteeing organisations have the right investments to

enhance customer satisfaction and gain better profitability.” Going forward, we will see the company working on creating and enhancing its ecosystem of newly recruited partners.

The company will introduce all RES ONE solutions including RES ONE Security, RES ONE Workspace, RES ONE Service Store and RES ONE Automation to the Middle East market at the ICT trade show.

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• Public Sector 8000 357 02729 @InforMiddleEast Copyright ©2016 Infor. All rights reserved.


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Exclusive Networks hosts Breakfast Club for GITEX visitors Regional value-added distributor, Exclusive Networks ME organised a ‘Breakfast Club’ session for its SME partners yesterday at The Ibis Central Hotel, Dubai. The prime focus of this short networking session was to highlight the distributor’s Cyber Attacks Mitigation and Remediation (CARM) portfolio. Under this umbrella, Exclusive Networks carries world-class security brands along with new technologies as part of their comprehensive value-added offerings. According to the company, the session was all about “educating partners and customers on the disruptive technologies it is launching this year as part of the CARM portfolio.” One of their new vendors, Gemalto, who specialises in data encryption, has also participated in this session. Attendees gained insights on security best practices. For further details, visit Exclusive Networks at their stand D1-20, Hall No 1.



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Investors and startups create unique partnerships at GITEX Global Startup Movement

The GITEX Global Startup Movement is one of the largest global weeklong startup event in 2016, with more than 410 startups from 60 countries and 1,200 tech founders. Investors have had unique opportunities to get in on the ground floor of innovations, while startups have the opportunity to gain from mentor experience and reach new markets. Investors leveraged space at the Blah Blah Lounge, where they met one-on-one with leading startups across industry verticals such as education, fintech, healthcare, IoT, and retail. “The opportunity to meet with startup teams from around the world and from different industries

in one place face-to-face is very valuable and highly effective,” said Erich Sieber, Partner and SVP of Inventages venture capital. Raed Hafez, Founder of Dubai grocery delivery app startup el Grocer, praised the volume of opportunities at GITEX Global Startup Movement: “In a span of three days, we met with ten investors. In the one-on-one meetings, we were able to meet a number of key investors who showed significant interest in our next funding round.” International investors gained stronger insights on the Middle East’s potential and deeper understanding of the opportunities and strengths of local startups.

“The startup ecosystem in the region has a great potential. The founders have great ideas and energy. Being the first edition, the result is just great,” said Carlos Valderrama, Managing Director, Mjolnir Ventures in Spain. Mustafa Shams ElDin, General Manager - Saudi Arabia and Yemen, PepsiCo, added, “Meeting these talented young entrepreneurial men and women from the region is my ultimate source of optimism in the future of our countries.” “We are proud to have created life-changing opportunities for young entrepreneurs to both access funding and sell their products to tens of thousands of new customers. The GITEX Global Startup Movement has facilitated more than 300 hundred bespoke face-to-face meetings over the last two days between investors and startups, 40 to 50 percent of which have resulted in the foundation of new, mutually beneficial relationships that will be on-going long after the event closes,” said Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Event Management, Dubai World Trade Centre.



them. Because the variety of choices available in the market can be overwhelming that the increasing threats in and organisations need the ICT landscape calls for someone to help them better organisations to re-think some understand exactly what they of their security strategies. “I need to improve whether it be think organisations are now the network, endpoints and becoming far more in tune so on. They should look for when it comes to protecting solutions providers that have their systems. Five years ago a broad range of products most of businesses don’t so they don’t have too many have CSOs or CISOs but now niche relationships.” we can see that they are However, Bekker warned investing in talent to address that having multiple vendors their security needs,” he and/or solutions providers said. “But I do think that it present risks for businesses will be ideal for enterprises as well. “Having two or three to ensure that they have vendors that can give you trusted advisor partner to exactly the right products and advise them on which solution a solutions provider that can or product01817_Pure_Astronaut_190x145_Advert.pdf works best for bring you the1 consultancy 19/09/2016 18:18

Because the variety of choices available in the market can be overwhelming and organisations need someone to help them better understand exactly what they need to improve whether it be the network, endpoints and so on.” you need is much more ideal than trying to deploy over 25 products that will just bring complexity to your operations. So it is imperative to focus on quality instead of quantity,” he said. Mimecast is also performing live hacks three times each day on its stand C1-20 in Hall 1

to promote its Email Security offering. The company also hosted a ‘Human Firewall’ breakfast event today to shed light on the latest threat trends and showcase how users can prepare their email defences and the newest solutions available to prevent these attack.









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Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior hosts workshops highlighting digital initiatives

Engineer Mohammed Al Aseeri, Saudi Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at GITEX Technology Week 2016 hosted a series of workshops, seminars and discussions aimed at highlighting new digital initiatives and projects undertaken by its sectors. Engineer Mohammed Al Aseeri, Official Spokesperson of the National Information Centre from the Saudi Ministry of Interior said, “The workshops

and discussions held at the Ministry of Interior stand aim at maximising the value of our participation at GITEX Technology Week through the exchange of views and expertise in the field of digital transformation from the Kingdom and GCC governments. These workshops also aid in the discussions within the Ministry of new initiatives and programmes and align our strategies and plans. We believe these relevant

Huawei and Infocomm partner to showcase IoT-based smart parking solutions

Huawei has announced a global alliance with Infocomm, a smart parking solutions and services provider, which will see both parties collaborating on advanced smart parking solutions based on advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Announcing the alliance at GITEX 2016, the two ‘smart’ innovation

StarLink_Strip Ads_AW.pdf

leaders stressed the importance of building an open IoT platform and ecosystem in the Middle East to improve collaboration between ICT companies while accelerating ‘smart’ technology deployment and usability. The leading ICT solutions provider also participated at GSMA and 7


7:53 PM

stressed the need for IoT ecosystem building in the Middle East region. “By 2025,100 billion things will be connected around the world and IoT will go verticals,” said Jiang Wangcheng, Vice President, Marketing and Solutions, Huawei Technologies. “An advanced, open ICT architecture is needed to cope with the enormous amounts of data being processed and to ensure that governments and businesses are able to accelerate development and deployment of advanced smart services. By creating an open IoT ecosystem in the Middle East, governments and businesses will be able to leap-frog into the digital era with the help of IoT innovation and deploy smart cities that can continue




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discussions of expertise sharing and learning enrich the experience of the audience attending the event.” The first workshop was titled “Digital Transformation Strategy of the National Information Centre 2020” presented by Engineer Magid Al-Hussein, where he highlighted the centre’s strategic plan for digital transformation by 2020, 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 7 building

to support population growth and society as a whole”. The collaboration between Huawei and Infocomm will see Infocomm providing smart parking service based on Huawei IoT platform (OceanConnect). “Infocomm delivers technology that can provide an important contribution to resolving real-world issues,” said Karim Rahemtulla, Managing Director, Infocomm Group. “By partnering with Huawei, we are able to integrate advanced IoT-based technologies into our smart parking solutions and offer customers with innovation that adds value to their real-world needs. IoT is clearly going to transform the way devices are going to communicate with each other and with people, and our goal is to help organizations take advantage of this technology to increase efficiency and benefit all societies.”

up to the Saudi Vision 2030. The developments in the centre’s services, including cloud infrastructure, presents the opportunity for the Ministry to effectively build a knowledgebased economy with additional new smart services for the customer. Other workshops at the MoI pavilion include “The Road to Smart Government” by one of the consultancies working with the National Information Centre, “The Special Vehicle to Monitor Hazardous Materials” by Captain Yaser Al-Shahrany, “The

The workshops and discussions held at the Ministry of Interior stand aim at maximising the value of our participation at GITEX Technology Week through the exchange of views and expertise in the field of digital transformation from the Kingdom and GCC governments.” Development of Leaders in the Security Sector” by Captain Mohammed Al-Shlowy, “The

Role of Cloud Computing in Security Service” by Lieutenant Commander Azzam Al-Syhany,

as well as a presentation on “The Mobile Unit for Civil Affairs Services” by Engineer Turki Al-Eyaid. The Electronic Identity Card Project at the Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia stand at GITEX Technology Week 2016, witnessed wide interest from visitors due to its positive implications for all citizens and residents in the Kingdom. The project is a national initiative for the issuance and management of digital identities for citizens and residents, and it targets more than 60 million users.


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