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9-11 NOVEMBER 2011




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VENUE ASTA Cinema // Cinemateket // Gothersgade 55 - CPH K DATES 9-11 November 2011 CPH:FORUM 2011 Festival Director - Tine Fischer Head of Industry - Daniella Eversby Creative Consultant - Helle Ulsteen Forum Coordinator – Michelle Sculze Forum Assistant - Anaisa Noemi Schønberg Catalogue Editor - Rebecca Bro Visual Identity – Line Gry Hørup & Rasmus Fly Graphic Design - Line Gry Hørup CPH:DOX is part of the Copenhagen Film Festivals Foundation CPH:FORUM is supported by MEDIA, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, The Branding Denmark Fund, Det Obelske Familie Fond, The Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen City Council & Danish Ministry of Culture CO-PRODUCTION DAY is supported by the Austrian, Belgian, Danish, French and Swiss MEDIA DESKS ART:FILM SYMPOSIUM is supported by LUX and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts cph:forum supported by: THE BRANDING


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WELCOME TO CPH:forum It is with great pleasure that we are welcoming all of you here in Copenhagen to this year's edition of CPH:FORUM, CPH:DOX' financing and co-production event. 3 days of project presentations, pre-arranged one-on-one meetings, seminars, informel networking, dinners and good old fun. This year, an exclusive selection of 27 outstanding projects have been selected for presentation and we are extremely proud of the line-up. Reflecting CPH:DOX’ overall interest in strong cinematic films, crossing boundaries between non-fiction, fiction and visual art, we wish to explore new, untested ways of breaking down conventional notions of genre. The 27 selected projects will be presented in three sections: The FICTIONONFICTION category representing challenging works in the ever-growing hybrid landscape between fiction and non-fiction. The CINEMA category for high-end theatrical films, and the ART category for feature film projects conceptualized to be screened both within the institution of cinema and that of visual arts. The film projects will be presented to an excellent line-up of major international funds, sales agents, buyers, distributors, broadcasters, online platforms, festivals, museums and other film and art institutions. We hope, with this years CPH:FORUM, to once again create an exclusive meeting and networking place where leading European and international professionals will develop strong working relations across fiction, documentary and the arts. We cross our fingers and hope to see lots of unexpected alliances. This year the FORUM has 2 new additions to its set-up: We are pleased to be adding an exclusive, by invitation only, Co-production day to our set-up, targeted specifically at European producers, organised in collaboration with the Austrian, Belgian, Danish, French and Swiss MEDIA DESKS with the aim of strengthening relations across borders, encouraging co-productions, strong working relations and new partnerships. And, secondly we are arranging a two-day ART:FILM Symposium in collaboration with LUX. The symposium is a new international platform which we are launching alongside this year's festival which will focus on the production of feature lenght works in the borderland between visual art and film. The idea is to connect artists, professional filmmakers and institutions from two different worlds to exchange knowledge, ideas and contacts, and to highlight new collaboration methods to support filmmakers and artists working in both areas. So, in short, a very warm welcome to all of you – and the best of luck to the filmmaking teams. We hope you will have an enjoyable, fun and successful festival.

festival director // tine fischer cph:forum / welcome / 4

head of industry // daniella eversby

strategic consultant // helle ulsteen

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On the following pages you will find the schedule for CPH:FORUM, information on the project presentations, an overview of all the industry professionals attending, along with information on the Co-production day, the ART:FILM Symposium and seminars. In the back of the program you will find our contact details along and a map containing all relevant locations. The official CPH:FORUM program runs from Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th November. The main part of CPH:FORUM will take place in ASTA cinema at Cinemateket / The Danish Film Institute. Whenever the schedule allows it, feel free to make use of all the great films and events in this year’s edition of CPH:DOX. And don't forget to visit CPH:MARKET, our curated digital screening market offering you easy access to an extensive line-up of recent documentaries in cosy surroundings. The market is located on the 4th floor of Cinemateket and this year's edition includes 4 specially curated series by The Rencontres Internationales, Filmkontakt Nord, Kickstarter & LUX. PROJECT PRESENTATIONS The selected projects will be presented in four sessions to an attending audience of financiers, distributors, sales agents, funds, industry professionals, producers and directors. Each presentation team has 7 minutes to present their project. Clips and/or trailers can be screened during the presentation. After the presentation, there will be a 7 minute feedback session from the panel. The project presentations are moderated by Karolina Lidin (Nordic Film & TV Fund ), Ingrid Kopp (Shooting People) and Simon Field (Illuminations Films). Project presentations start ON time at 09.30 and 11.45. Please arrive at Asta Cinema no later than 5 minutes before the start of each session. PRACTICALITIES All networking / social events are listed in the time schedule. BREAKFAST For the guests staying at Hotel 27, the breakfast buffet is available every morning between 06:30 and 09:30 in weekdays and between 07:30 and 09:30 on weekends. LUNCH Lunch will be served on the 9th and 10th of November in SULT at Cinemateket. DINNER If nothing else is announced in the program, dinner will be available at Hotel 27 where the buffet is open every night between 18:00 and 20:00. Please note this is only for the guests staying at Hotel 27.

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forum host: KAROLINA LIDIN

forum host: ingrid kopp

ART HOST: Simon Field


shooting people // EDITOR-INCHIEF US OFFICE


KAROLINA LIDIN Karolina Lidin is a documentary consultant with 20+ years of experience on the international documentary scene, primarily engaged at Nordisk Film & TV Fond as film commissioner and at Sheffield Doc/Fest as MeetMarket Executive Producer. She has also worked as creative producer for Holland House Productions, as commissioning editor and later as Head of Shorts and Documentaries at the Danish Film Institute and as CEO of Filmkontakt Nord. Karolina Lidin has been moderating the IDFA FORUM since 1997, the Toronto Documentary Forum since its launch in 2000 and in addition to this, numerous other co-financing events.

INGRID KOPP Ingrid Kopp is the director of Shooting People in the US. She began her career in the Documentaries department at Channel 4 Television in the UK and moved to New York in 2004 to work as a producer for a number of independent production companies before taking her current post at Shooting People. She writes about film, social media and technology for various publications and teaches Digital Bootcamp workshops for filmmakers, focusing on audience engagement and interactive storytelling. She is also the New Media Consultant for the TFI New Media Fund at the Tribeca Film Institute.

NORDISK FILM & TV FUND Established in 1990, the Fund’s primary purpose is to promote film and TV productions of high quality in the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), by providing support for top-up financing of feature films, TV-fiction and creative documentaries with sufficient Nordic audience potential. Nordisk Film & TV Fond’s special focus remains supporting and furthering high-quality Nordic filmmaking, giving priority to extraordinary, ambitious projects that strengthen, enrich and challenge the Nordic tradition - with the potential to engage audiences across the Nordic borders and beyond. cph:forum / forum hosts / 6

Shooting People Founded by filmmakers Jess Search and Cath Le Couteur, Shooting People started in the belief that the best way to get independent films made and out into the world was to learn from others doing it themselves. Now, with 38,000 members and over 100 new crew and cast joining every week, this core principal remains the same and as important as ever. Independent filmmaking can be a pretty tough business. But it’s also a pretty exciting business. And Shooters are doing great things.

Simon Field Simon Field worked for many years as a free lance writer, lecturer on cinema and curator before becoming Director of Cinema at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts in 1988. From 1996 until 2004 he was Director of the International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He is currently a director, along with Keith Griffiths, of the London production company Illuminations Films. He is also a consultant to the Dubai International Film Festival. Illuminations Films Illuminations Films were executive producers of the New Crowned Hope film series, which included films by Bahman Ghobadi, Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, Garin Nugroho, Tsai Ming-Liang and Apichatpong Weerasethakul. They were the producers, with Kick the Machine Films, of Apichatpong’s multi-platform PRIMITIVE project, combining a major installation, two short films and the feature UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES which in 2010 won the Palme d’Or in Cannes. Among their current projects is Simon Pummell’s multi-platform SHOCK HEAD, which includes the feature SHOCK HEAD SOUL, the installation THE SPUTNIK EFFECT and a website.



13.15 LUNCH 14.00 - 16.00 ONE-ON-ONE MEETINGS CO-PRODUCTION DAY 14.00 -18.00 Co-Production Day at Gl. Strand




13.15 LUNCH 14.00 -16.00 ONE-ON-ONE MEETINGS








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RANIA ATTIEH & DANIEL GARCIA 9 / fictiononfiction / cph:forum

presentation of team // SWEDEN

Director // Fia-Stina Sandlund Born in 1973. Fia-Stina Sandlund s a Swedish artist and director based in Stockholm and New York, working at the intersection of journalism, social activism and “re-enaction” as a form of history writing. She was educated at the Academy of Photography and Film in Gothenburg and Konstfack in Stockholm. She’s currently working on a film trilogy based on August Strindberg’s famous play MISS JULIE.

she's wild again tonight Running time: 90 min Production Status: In development Expected release: Spring 2013 Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

SFI, Suzanne Glansborg, development support BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

16.500 583.500 600.000

Director // Fia-Stina Sandlund


producer // TOBIAS JANSON

Producer // Tobias Janson Tobias Janson is producer and CEO at Story. He has worked with documentaries in various formats, including several international feature length films: Facing Genocide - Khieu Samphan and Pol Pot (David Aronowitsch and Staffan Lindberg 2010), Love During Wartime (Gabriella Bier 2010), Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (Göran Olsson 2011), At Night I Fly (Michel Wenzer 2011). Before Tobias started at Story he had the production company Skogen Produktion and worked as a film teacher at the Nordic Documentary Film School, Biskops-Arnö. STORY Story, founded in 1998, produces creative documentaries for cinema, television and the web. It is founded and run by directors. In 1999, we started and produced the TV-series Ikon for short creative documentaries at SVT. Story’s films include pioneering animated documentaries Hidden (Best Short, Hot Docs 2004) and Slaves (Best Short, IDFA 2008). Black Power Mixtape started off at Sundance 2011 (Best Editing Award) and is currently being released worldwide. Goals at CPH:FORUM She’s Wild Again Tonight is in early development. We are looking for co-production partners as well as interest from Film Institutes, Funds and Broadcasters. Our aim is to start shooting in the fall of 2012, and before that have a € 600.000 budget funded.

cph:forum / fictiononfiction / 10



Director // Fia-Stina Sandlund

SHE’S WILD AGAIN TONIGHT is number three in a trilogi based on August Strindberg’s play MISS JULIE. It’s a full length feature using documentary methods. It’s midsummer’s eve in Brooklyn, New York. A bubble of hot and humid air is sitting over the neighborhood. Alexandra Dahlström, a young actress, and musician Jens Lekman are both invited by director Fia-Stina Sandlund to play the lead roles in her new, radical screen adaptation of August Strindberg’s play Miss Julie. They are supposed to meet in Fia-Stina’s studio. Jens is on time. Alexandra is delayed. She missed her flight from LA where she’s been auditioning for an action series. Just like in Strindberg’s original drama the count/the director is only represented by a pair of boots. Fia-Stina, herself is missing. Alexandra and Jens begin to get acquainted with each other and the situation. They have a lot in common, they’re assertive yet vulnerable. They have both been labeled as wonder kids but they have mixed feelings about being in the spot light. Alexandra had

her big break through as a tough teenager who preferred other girls in Lukas Moodysson’s SHOW ME LOVE, and Jens is performing with a female band and sings about how he pretends to be his lesbian friends boyfriend. They are in many ways the image of a modern young woman and man as two independent, innovative and gender conscious citizens of the world. But they both struggle with not falling into stereotypical patterns or games that has to do with dominance and submission, power and sexuality. After an argument about feminism and the director’s intentions with trying to save Julie from the obligatory suicide, Jens suddenly reveals that he’s nervous, since becoming an actor is his biggest dream. He even tried to add some stand up comedy to his concerts but with bad results – the audience hated it. Alexandra softens up and admits that she knows how people talk about her behind her back. They say she’s not professionally trained and that her voice is too weak.

After getting closer to each other, they end up drifting around in the city while waiting for Fia-Stina. By chance they end up at the Swedish Midsummer’s event in Battery park where they’re recognized by a group of drunken Swedes demanding autographs and singing. After a while the midsummer guests become aggressive and Alexandra and Jens are forced to escape. In the taxi back to Brooklyn Jens makes a confession, that he’s been secretly in love with Alexandra as a teenager. The evening ends with them having sex and a radical shift takes place. Acting against better knowledge, they both fall into the same roles as in the original drama, they become Jean and Julie. What started as a play full romance between two young people turns into a cruel, sadomasochistic game of power. The question is: Will they be able to change the outcome of the tragical, classical drama?

11 / fictiononfiction / cph:forum

presentation of team // CROATIA

Director // Aleš Suk Aleš Suk (born 1977 in Vrchlabí, Czech Republic) studied at FAMU Prague, Department of animation and multimedia. Teaches at FAMU, Department of film editing at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka (Croatia) at the Department of new media and animation. He researches found footage phenomenon and the definition of its potentials and limits between cinema and visual arts.

the end of the light Running time: Approx. 70 min. Production Status: In production, Prepro-

duction phase over. Expected release: Dec 2012 Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

Croatian Audiovisual Centre City of Rijeka, Culture department BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

23.000,00 54.402,00 77.402,00

Director // Aleš Suk


producer // Željka Suková

PRODUCER // Željka Suková Zeljka studied Graphic Arts at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and New Media at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Marija’s Own (2010) was her docu-fiction- feature film debut. It had its world premiere at Hot Docs, Toronto and European premiere at Karlovy Vary IFF where it was awarded the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean Award. EXECUTIVE Producer // Valentina Orešic Valentina Orešic (born 1987 in Zagreb, Croatia) studied at Zagreb Academy of Drama Art, department of film production. Since 2009 she has been the line producer of 25 FPS International experimental film and video festival in Zagreb. She has been working for Udruga UKUS since 2011. Her interests are hybrid cross genre films, production and distribution.

UKUS UKUS Association was founded in Rijeka 2009 with the purpose of creating original authors’ work concerning film and new media. It focuses on a distinctive aesthetic and progressive, independent expression. It manages production and promotion of distinctive works. Goals at CPH:FORUM Funding, distrubution.

EXECUTIVE producer // Valentina Orešic cph:forum / fictiononfiction / 12

The End of Light


Director // Aleš Suk

"The End of Light“ is exploring the potential of unfulfilled wishes and dreams of people who are already half way through life. The screenplay for “The End of Light“ is inspired by the motives of the poem “Journey to the end of the route" (literally “A way to the end of the way“ by Josip Sever, which talks abstractly about the importance of the path as a goal. Mives were used as inspiration for the plot of this hybrid film. We have taken 7 individuals and we are determined to give them a chance of fulfilling their dreams, whether they want to be orchestra conductors, playmates, stage actors, poets or whether fulfilling their dreams means going back in time or going where the sun hides at night ... We want to give them a chance to be what they always wanted to be, even if it is just for one day.

The main protagonists are common people; Our neighbours and friends. Situations are not planned, neither for protagonists, nor for authors as they come from unfulfilled wishes and dreams.

And why is this important? People's wishes and their courage to fulfill them is an extremely important subject and it is the root of many important questions, when living a life in modern times.

The film is set in the unlimited time and space of a stranded oversized ship, which plays a city of decomposed interiors, woods, playgrounds, cemeteries... Those visualizations are partly made with set design or they are made in front of green-screen with motion tracking or other animations. Everything is based on authentic autobiographic elements.

Why are we praised when we serve others and not ourselves? The answer maybe clear: we would be too strong individuals for a society, which gets the strength from manipulation of the masses.

All though it may seem that the plot is set in imaginary time and space, it is much more real then is seems at first look. This is an allegory of modern times, existential black comedy in a fairytale coat.

Freedom, civilization repression and manipulation - and unfulfilled dreams - are the main focus of this crossover mixture of a feature film, an animation and a documentary shot in the beautiful landscapes of the former political prison Goli Otok Island and in the city of Rijeka.

13 / fictiononfiction / cph:forum

presentation of team // SWEDEN & DENMARK

K.R.E.V?! Running time: 90 min Production Status:

In Pre-Production and Finance. Expected release: Winter 2012 Contact: executive producer / co-producer:

Helena Danielsson Confirmed financial sources:

Development funding from SFI, Film I Sk책ne, Galleries and the citizens of KREV and private equity.

Director // Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten

Producer // Helle Ulsteen Creative Producer Helle Ulsteen, MA in Film, TV and Communication, has produced a variety of award winning films for the international market and film world for TV and Cinema - all with a strong festival record from the most prestigious festivals. Like films on Dogme95 amongst others. Worked with internationally acclaimed artist, e.g. Peter Greenaway, Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg. 2008 EAVE-Graduate. 2011 ACE-Producer. Founder & CEO of Kamoli Films.

BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

Director // Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten, Screenwriter and Director of K.R.E.V?! Her background is in journalism, music videos, script development, film and drama for TV. Marietta works as a script consultant for Binger Film Lab, Script and Pitch, Torino Film Lab and she has worked for various companies such as Irish Film Board, Swedish Film Insititute, B3, Talent Campus Berlin/Sarajevo, Film pool Nord, Rutger Hauer Masterclass and the Baltic International Film Academy in Tallinn. CEO of AUTOMAT AB.

50.213 399.842 450.055



Kamoli Films & hepp film Kamoli Films & Hepp Film are Scandinavian production companies of Films, TV, New Media aiming at innovative business models and joint Ventures. Run by the producers Helle Ulsteen & Helena Danielsson. Their latest: The Swedish candidate for the Oscars Beyond by Pernilla August starring Noomi Rapace. The Cinema for Peace nominated Lady of No Fear. The multi-awarded 2010 Oscar Academy Nominated Burma VJ. A Rational solution by Jens Jonsson & Jorgen Bergmark, winner of Arte France Cinema Award. The 2007 Emmy nominated Smiling in A War Zone. And 2008 European Academy nominated Shadow of the Holy Book amongst others. Goals at cph:forum To attract Funding, Sales Agents and find Co- and New Media partners. Looking for Co-partners from: UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Malta, Iceland, Russia, Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Canada, US, Australia, Norway, India, Brasil amongst others.

cph:forum / fictiononfiction / 14



Director // Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten

What used to be No Mans Land is now KREV! According to the UN you need the three following things to build a new nation: - Physical territory - Citizens - A constitution that does not violate human rights. So back in 1992 two Swedish artists proclaimed the area formerly known as No Man’s Land – that is all borders between all countries – to be their physical, national territory. A constitution is created, citizens are gathered and the two kings travel to the UN in NY to formally place an application for ‘The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland’ aka the state of KREV. Proclaiming: ”We are all born equal to this planet and have the right to grow and prosper in reciprocal care, and become those holy individuals we are meant to be. The main goal for KREV is to abolish all borders

down to the single individual. And to break down global political criminality and economical centralisation by propaganda, infiltration and idealism.” Beside the physical territory, KREV also occupies mental and perceptive borderline territories, such as: -The hypnagogue condition -The escapist territory (such as hypnosis, telepathy, speaking in tongues, hard disc crashes, computer viruses, orgasm, near death experience) -The digital virtual room since 1994 (parts of the WWW)

nation) itself. It is conceptual yet concrete. It is defined, yet limitless. It is art, yet it is a state(ment). It is humorous, yet it takes it all seriously - especially its critique against the contemporary national state. It is abstract yet tangible. It is secret yet visible. It is free yet occupying borders". The film is an invitation to an odyssey of reflection and discovery of an unknown world as the discovery of ‘the world we live in' regarding identity and nationality. And you will find the concept of ‘No Borders’ to be far more relevant to absolutely every human being!

“I, Marietta, am a citizen and minister of persuasion (since 1996). For now we have around 900 citizens and 100 ministers and at least 40 embassies around the world. KREV is constantly transforming and is a world within our world. The KREV?! Film project is built on participation, just as KREV (the 15 / fictiononfiction / cph:forum

presentation of team // FRANCE

Director // Theo Solnik Theo Solnik was born in Brazil in 1981 and, on the search for a little happiness, moved alone to Norway 17 years later, where he studied Philosophy and Social Sciences in Oslo. After graduating, he worked as journalist and photographer and was admitted in 2006 to the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb). His documentary “Anna Pavlova lives in Berlin” received the “Preis für junge Filmkunst der Nationalgalerie und Deutsche Filmakademie 2011”, being screened for three months daily at the Museum Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin.

Anticipated Memories Running time: 90 min Production Status: Research, Financing Expected release: 2013 Contact: BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

350.000 350.000

Director // Theo Solnik


cph:forum / fictiononfiction / 16

Goals at cph:forum The main goal is to introduce this project to the market and to start a dialogue with potential producers, tv channels and financers.

Anticipated Memories


Director // Theo Solnik

The Dutch scholar Jeroen Nawijn recently published a study about the way vacation trips affects people’s happiness. Surprisingly enough, most of the people who participated in the study seemed to be much happier while planning the trip than during or after it. Further, the study shows that two weeks after coming back from a vacation trip, there are no differences of the happiness level of people who traveled and people who did not. Without being able to investigate the scientific validity of this study, specially what concerns the measurement of „people’s happiness“, I was nonetheless fascinated by the idea that people could get much happier thinking about an event which is supposed to make them very happy than experiencing this very event. That made me think about happiness in general and I came across the theory that everybody has a certain permanent level of happiness, which can sometimes get higher or lower for a short periods of time, depending of what we experience, but that always has the tendency to remain

the same. Don’t we all try constantly to do things that will make us more satisfied with our lives? What if everything is in vain? Is the struggle for happiness just there to serve as a motor that keeps us moving but that will never lead us to our goal? I thought of Eldorado, the village somewhere in South America where you can find a river full of gold. It doesn’t matter where you are; you always have to walk a little bit further to get there. Is it the allegory which best describes our struggle for happiness? An imaginary Eldorado will be constructed in images and sounds and the people attracted to it will be interviewed. Not just their longings about the future will be the main topic, but also their memories. After all, what can we use to evaluate how happy we are besides everything we have experienced and what is saved in our memory? The psychologist Daniel Kahneman goes further and says that our struggle for happiness actually is a struggle for new memories. For him, our

future consists of anticipated memories. The present moment cannot be grasped. When we try to think of it, it has already gone and we are left alone with the memory of it. He proposes a thought experiment: Would you go on a vacation trip if you knew that after it all your memory of the trip would be erased? Do we really want to experience everything just to have the memory of it? Not having the goal of being a journalistic research project but rather a lyrical investigation in images of our struggle for happiness, this film will avoid a conventional realistic documentary narrative trying to get as near as possible to the imaginary world of the travelers that become so happy when they plan their possible future happiness. The images of this film won’t be sober. They will be like the images we imagine, dream of and long for, so that the people who will watch it, will also be able to make their trip and see if they find a little happiness before, after or during the film. 17 / fictiononfiction / cph:forum

presentation of team // FRANCE & ISRAEL

Director // Michale Boganim Michale Boganim was born in Israel and studied at the national film school and television of London. She has directed several award winning documentaries among them Odessa‌ Odessa, which was selected for the Berlin film festival, Sundance, Rotterdam and more than 50 festivals around the world. She has released films in theaters in US, France, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Ukraine, Israel.

THE YIDDISH COLLECTOR Running time: 90 min Production Status: Pre-production Expected release: Winter 2011 Contact:, Confirmed financial sources:

ARTE Market Partners

ARTE, LE pacte, Distribution. BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

300 000 400.000 700 000

Director & PRODUCER // Michale Boganim

ZADIG films ZADIG films is based in Paris. They have produced over 50 documenteries, both for television and cinema and they also produce fiction films for both television and cinema. They mostly work with author directors. Amongst them are: Cyrill Menghun, Ruth Zylbermann and Sebastien Lifshitz.



cph:forum / fictiononfiction / 18

Producer // Michale Boganim & Bruno Nahon Co produced by Michale Boganim. Michale has coproduced all of her documentaries with Bruno Nahon, Zadig films.

Goals at CPH:FORUM Meeting partners for a coproduction with France, for both theatrical release and slots in Televison who are interested in documentaries, that are using a cinematic language.

The Yiddish collector


Director // Michale Boganim

For several years, Dovid Katz has been working on compiling the world’s most comprehensive Yiddish dictionary. An ardent, almost obsessive collector of words, he scours the Lithuanian countryside and its villages in search of those who still speak the dialect. In his dilapidated old van, he crisscrosses the land, which still bears the traces of this lost world. During his ritualistic journeys, Dovid Katz records these voices with great care. He’s a hunter of words. We open on images of the countryside shrouded in dawn mist. We’re in an old van rattling along at full tilt. Dovid Katz is at the wheel. He’s heading for the “shtetls”. “This is the natural heartland of Yiddish territories, I don’t teach Yiddish as a subject. We are in Yiddish, inside it”. The van stops; we have arrived at a village. Dovid Katz is clearly on familiar ground here. He heads off to

meet some old Jews. They are simple people who live fairly isolated lives. For them, this visit is welcoming. Equipped with his ageing tape machine, he records the voices and conversations in Yiddish as the old folk talk about their daily lives and the war as well. It’s also an occasion to share a little drink, and sometimes the old timers break into a little Yiddish song. "The old folks still speak authentic Yiddish. Their memories and what they can tell us about their way of life is a real treasure. You couldn’t find people like this anywhere but here in Lithuania. Their language is frozen in time. It hasn’t undergone any outside influences. For me as a linguist, it’s a unique source for study,” he tells us. He moves on to other villages. The first part of the film is structured like this, rather like a road movie as we follow the meanderings of the protag-

onist as he gathers words in the Lithuanian countryside. In the second part of the film, we come back to Vilnius, where Dovid Katz teaches. The Yiddish Institute is located in an old building not far from the city center. He listens attentively to the cassettes that he has painstakingly recorded and puts the words down on paper to add to his dictionary. Then we follow Dovid Katz during one of his classes. “We are trying to teach this language so that it doesn’t completely disappear,” he tells us. “We are trying to train people so they can become the teachers of tomorrow. We have no illusions, but we have a certain mission to keep alive the few outposts where people still speak Yiddish, in Lithuania and elsewhere.”

19 / fictiononfiction / cph:forum

presentation of team // GERMANY & SWEDEN

Director // Margx Margx’s debut feature music documentary, Gogol Bordello Non-Stop, won several awards including Special Mention at CPH:DOX. Following its premiere at the Gothenburg Film Festival it toured over 30 international film festivals. In North America it is distributed by Kino-Lorber International, and in Russia by Maywin Films. Margx has participated in Werner Herzog’s Rogue film school, and the Berlinale Talent Campus.

ODE TO THE ORG Running time: 70-90 min Production Status: Development CO-PRODUCTION PARTNERS: Edda Baumann-

Von Broen Contact: BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

10,000 450,000 460,000

Director // Margx



PRODUCER // anna byvald Anna Byvald is the founder and producer since 2005. Her feature length documentary “Maggie in Wonderland” was awarded with the national film award “Guldbagge” for best Swedish documentary in 2008 and the Doc Alliance Selection award 2009. Recently Silverosa co-produced “Aranda” directed by Anu Kuivalainen and ”Petey & Ginger”, a documentary directed by Ada Bligaard Söby, amongst other projects. CO-PRODUCER // Edda Baumann-Von Broen Edda Baumann-Von Broen is a German Emmy “Grimmepreis Spezial” award winner for producing the innovative documentary series “Into the Night with...” which has been running continuously on ARTE since its launch in 2002. Edda has been producing films for 20 years ranging from classical music films “The 12 Cellists” and “Hilary Hahn” to features on robot artists and the dubbing industry. MAJIMAFIA & AVANTI MEDIA MAJIMAFIA is a new independent Swedish production company formed to debut Ode To The Org. Avant Media is an independent German film production company specializing in high-quality documentaries and cultural programs for the national and international markets. Founded in 1995 by Edda Baumann-von Broen and Cordula KablitzPost.

CO-producer // Edda Baumann-Von Broen cph:forum / fictiononfiction / 20

Goals at CPH:FORUM To introduce Ode To The Org to potential European co-producers with a focus in France, Poland, and the Nordic countries, to create partnerships to raise funds. We are also interested in meeting talent, sales agents, and anybody with a passion for both art and pipe organ music.



Director // Margx

ODE TO THE ORG is a hybrid fiction/documentary following Peter Bjorn’s journey from living an affluent artist life to becoming a pipe organist assistant in a remote austere religious environment. After his reputation is destroyed by humiliating reviews including one by his very good friend the art critic Hans U, Peter Bjorn, in his 30’s, an established artist, living in Berlin, starts questioning his art career. He is forced to get a job in a less elevated environment, and opts for a night shift as a telephone operator at a hotel. But he doesn’t last long at his new job.

The music uplifts him so much that he stops to write down the name of the composition. At a gas station he realizes he is close to the Polish border, reads about a pipe organ recital there, and drives through the border. He arrives at a small town and goes to church to attend the recital. While listening to the music he weeps. After the recital the priest invites everyone to a reception. Peter B. reluctantly goes in, but meets Candido, in his 40’s, a mysterious organist, who tells him the church is looking for an organ and music department assistant. Peter B. meets with Father Mateusz, in her 50’s, to fill the position, they make a deal on the spot. And thus

When Peter B. meets with his friend/lover, renowned Mexican conceptual artist Mary Very, also in her 30’s, slightly hunched but a powerful and manipulating woman, he finds out that she has been backstabbing him. They have a horrible fight, and Peter B. drives out of town without direction; he turns the radio on to soothing pipe organ music.

Peter B. lands a job as organ assistant. As he explores his new environment, he learns to play difficult sacred pieces and starts composing his own pipe organ music. Late at night he plays non-stop until dawn. Peter B.’s isolation is broken when he falls in love with Alicia, one of the last young nuns in this world. She is simple, yet her sparkling

singing energizes him. Peter B. finally feels at home when Candido invites him to spend Christmas with his Polish punk family. At the same time the art world has been talking about the disappearance of Peter Bjorn, his artwork is sought out by collectors, and even by the MOMA in New York. When he gets an email from a collector he decides to sell his artwork, and returns to his studio in Berlin. Mary Very is crazier than ever, she has vandalized and broken into his studio, and taken the artwork to sell it in the black market at high prizes. Peter B. reunites and makes peace with Hans U. In the meantime Alicia the Nun is waving goodbye to the nuns before heading to reunite with Peter B. at a museum where he has been invited to play an organ concerto. Alicia & Peter Bjorn perform a beautiful sacred tune. The majority of the art crowd is appalled and role their eyes. Peter B. & Alicia, ignoring this, smile at each other.

21 / fictiononfiction / cph:forum

presentation of team // LEBANON & USA

THINGS LESS ROUND Running time: 120 min Production Status: In Development Expected release: 2013 Contact: BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

95,495 408,934 504,429



producer // Kellen QuinN

Directors // RANIA ATTIEH & daniel garcia Rania Attieh is from Tripoli, Lebanon. She is an MFA graduate in Media Art Production as a writer/director of Fiction from the City College of New York. Daniel Garcia is from South Texas, USA. He holds an MFA in film from New York University, Tisch Graduate School of the Arts. Recently, they were named as one of the 25 faces of independent Film by Filmmaker Magazine in 2011, and their first feature ‘Ok, Enough, Goodbye’ is currently touring festivals around the world, recently playing at the MoMA in NYC. Producer // Kellen Quinn AND Alice Kharoubi Kellen Quinn. After a short stint making documentaries, Kellen entered the world of film festivals, working for three years at Tribeca Film Festival in New York before joining the Abu Dhabi Film Festival as deputy director. Alice Kharoubi. Having worked for several years as a short film programmer at many festivals around the world including Abu Dhabi and Cannes, Alice also manages the Short Film Corner in Cannes. ‘Things Less Round’ will be Alice and Kellen’s first Feature film. EN PASSANT EN PASSANT is a New York based production company founded in 2001 by Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia. The films that they have produced and directed have ranged from Short narratives to Art Video pieces. They have produced more then 11 short films and screened in many festivals around the world as well as Art Institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), the MOMA (NYC) and the Anthology film Archives.

producer // Alice Kharoubi

cph:forum / fictiononfiction / 22

Goals at CPH:FORUM To meet funding partners, find Co-production opportunities and sales agents.

Things less round



A portrait of New York City told trough five stories in each of the five boroughs that highlights the absurdity in everyday life, set against the backdrop of the biggest outbreak of bed bugs New York has ever seen. In Manhattan, a man with OCD tries to form new relationships in the midst of crashing into different obstacles in his life, including not being able to find an apartment, financial troubles, and bouts of loneliness and depression. In a vicious cycle, the stress created by daily life causes his OCD to become more accentuated, which, in turn, causes him more stress. He eventually begins to find personal solace in the comfort of a complete stranger, participating in a Marina Abramovic performance art project at the MoMA. A young woman in Brooklyn searches for meaning in her otherwise directionless life, as she bounces around from casual relationship to casual relationship. She wants to leave New York City, but can’t. She is yet another in the slew of people who come to NYC looking for a way to make their lives important, to mean something, but without the

slightest clue how to go about making this happen. A family in Queens who recently emigrated from Lebanon to NYC for the husband’s thriving plastic surgery practice struggles to cope with shifting identity issues as well as the stress of integrating into a new society. The children of the family seem to want to shed their Lebanese roots, and only speak English to their parents (who speak Arabic). Meanwhile, the early teenage daughter is swiftly moving into exploring her sexuality, her younger brother always keeps a mask on his face, and the mother fears she might be pregnant again. An 18 year-old boy in the Bronx spends his time goofing around with his friends and coasting his way through life. He occasionally goes to auditions for acting roles but somehow does not seem entirely devoted to taking it all that seriously. His mother is a teacher in NYC who is on probation in a facility called ‘the rubber room,’ where she is required to report to every day and, literally, do nothing. Soon it is learned that it is actu-

ally the mother’s dream for the son to be an actor, and that she is the one pushing him in this direction. An obese couple on Staten Island spends most days making the trek (via the ferry) to lower Manhattan where they work as street vendors selling 9/11 memorabilia. They own a small dog that the wife is obsessed with and treats almost like a child (she dresses it, tends to its every need, buys it Evian water). The husband, however, dislikes the dog. He has also begun an attempt to lose some weight, so as to get better at the Nintendo Wii video game “Dance Dance Revolution,” for which there is an upcoming competition that he has entered in, and in which the winner gets a brand new flat screen TV. Meanwhile, scattered throughout the story, we see documentary interludes from a high school student following an Entomologist specializing in bed bugs, and are offered insights into the strange and bizarre lives of the little creatures.

23 / fictiononfiction / cph:forum

cph:forum / art / 24






CARLYLE'S HANDS emily wardill




presentation of team // UK

Director // John Akomfrah The child of radical political activists who was born in Accra (Ghana) in 1957, John Akomfrah is one of the influential figures of the 80s black British cultural scene. As an artist, lecturer, writer, critic and film director, his twenty-year body of work is considered among the most distinctive and innovative to be produced incontemporary Britain. From 2001 to 2007, John Akomfrah was a Governor of the British Film Institute. And he is currently a Governor of film organization, Film London. He is Visiting Professor In Film at the University Of Westminster.

NUMINA Running time: 95 min Production Status: Pre production Expected release: July 2012 Contact: Confirmed financial sources: Autograph (Association of Black Photographers)

Arts Council of England BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

170.000 230.000 400.000

Director // John Akomfrah

Producer // David Lawson David Lawson and Lina Gopaul are a film producing team. Together they have produced and worked together on over 30 award winning productions. They worked together in the seminal cine- cultural group the Black Audio Film Collective, launching their groundbreaking films Handsworth Songs, which went onto win 7 awards at international film festivals. Their most recent production, The Nine Muses premiered at the Venice Biennale in 2010 and has gone on to screen in official selection at many film international festivals.


PRODUCER // David Lawson

Smoking Dogs Films Smoking Dogs Films is the film and television production company founded in London ,1998, by three members of the acclaimed British cinecultural group Black Audio Film Collective. The founders of the company are film director John Akomfrah and producers Lina Gopaul and David Lawson. From its inception, Smoking Dogs Films has sought to produce challenging work on a variety of media, expanding upon the narrative possibilities of creative documentary, feature films, music videos and art based films. Goals at cph:forum To meet co- production partners.

cph:forum / art / 26



Director // john akomfrah

Numina: - (esp. in ancient Roman religion) a deity or spirit presiding over a thing or place - a guiding principle, force, or spirit The Narrative Construction Of Reality (1983): this was an essay based on a television interview Stuart Hall gave to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. In many ways, that essay will be our starting point and will ultimately be what this project is about. Numina will be “a narrative construction” of the multiple realities of one of Britain’s most eminent thinkers – a thinker who is both a product of Europe and the Caribbean; a thinker whose interests and concerns straddle across a range of disciplines and areas. These include Marxism, Nuclear Disarmament, Culture, Race, Television, Cultural Politics, Diasporic Identities. Numina will be about revisiting these multiple lives, about creating a series of lived wholes out of the sum of these discreet parts.

Numina will be an exercise in what Jacques Derrida calls Hauntology, an exercise in ‘spectrapoetics’ in which a life is examined in the search for ghosts and phantoms that haunt it. Constructed as a set of moving image pieces and functioning somewhere between a history of post war Britain and a biography of Hall, between a film essay and a gallery installation, Numina will be about reconfiguring these interests and lives in a gallery setting. And this narrative approach, will be propelled by a set of interlocking themes culled from the worlds of the social sciences, photography, literature, cinema, critical theory, black Atlantic histories and philosophy. Numina will be the second part of the trilogy that started with Mnemosyne (The Nine Muses), and many of our new archeological moves will involve the insights, ideas, memories, and recollections of and by Stuart Hall, many developed and taught during his

time formulating the faculty and the course at the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. A set of courses that imagined a whole new way of looking at the world. The presence of Stuart Hall will straddle the imagined, factual and invented worlds of Numina. Hall’s ideas, voice, memories, recollections, inventions and insights will be our key narrative spur in a work structured by two final oppositions – between the imagination and the unimaginable. 2012 will see the 80th birthday of Stuart Hall and Numina will be part of a tribute and celebration to one of the most influential thinkers alive in Britain today. For John Akomfrah and Smoking Dogs Films, Numina is a project that should be made about one of the most highly respected intellectual figures of our time, and one whose range of work covers every aspect of today’s modern society.

27 / art / cph:forum

presentation of team // GERMANY & NORWAY

Director // Knut Åsdam For several decades Norwegian artist Knut Åsdam has worked independently and uncompromisingly with his artistic projects, and he is today considered one of the central contemporary practitioners of film and video art. An in-depth book on his video and film-works, “The long gaze, the short gaze”, with Essays by Philippe Pirotte, Simon Sheikh, Kaja Silverman, was published in 2011 by Sternberg Press. Åsdam is currently part of the Norwegian Film Institutes' project “Nye veier til dokumentarfilm”.

Murmansk Kirkenes Running time: 90 min Production Status: development Expected release: Winter 2014 Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

Pikene på Broen (Kirkenes) BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

10.000 590.000 600.000

Director // Knut Åsdam


PRODUCER // Leif Magne Tangen

Producer // Leif Magne Tangen Leif Magne Tangen has been working with contemporary art and experimental film for the last decade. During this time he has established and run several institutions and galleries. Together with Sarah Schipschack he programs Reihe Experimentalfilm, runs Filmgalerie Alpha60 and since 2011 Vitakuben, a film and contemporary art production platform. Vitakuben Vitakuben mainly works with younger film makers and contemporary artists that work with the film medium, have an understanding from both the history and the current movements in contemporary art and film, that are developing on one of their first feature length films. Their praxis with film has to be cross media, functioning both in an exhibition context as well as a cinema context. They have to have an independent, non-film production as contemporary artists as well. Goals at cph:forum Attending CPH:FORUM could be essential for this project as we are still in the formative part of our production- and curatorial team. We are searching for both norwegian and russian producers as well as crew. But just as important, we are looking for co-producers from european institutions as well.

cph:forum / art / 28

Murmansk Kirkenes


Director // Knut Åsdam

The film engages parallel stories in Kirkenes (Norway) and Murmansk (Russia)—the small modern Norwegian town and large new-rich industrial Russian city that form key points in an old region which formerly had no borders.The story spans the two places - which are so close and have been so throughout history. The story also intimately involves the complicated bureaucratic structures of the EU, in a contemporary "so far away so close" scenario, where people find creative ways of living their lives around the rules. The film focuses on a group of 5 people in the Murmansk-Kirkenes region. “A” lives in Kirkenes (NO) and Murmansk (RUS), works part time in Kirkenes and is constantly crossing the border. She is in her late 20s and in a faze of trying out possibilities in her life. She is in a way a mediator, but also someone who is unrooted. “O” and “B” are residents in Murmansk and quite settled there, involved in the new contemporary life of Murmansk in stark contrast to the older history of the city, but also with the politics and family life.

“K” and “R” Norwegian and Russian citizens residing in Kirkenes, but none of them from there, they are very remote from their histories. Both are between 30 and 40. While “A” lives between the two cities, she lacks the roots that the people that stay behind have. The film is primarily about “A”, and uses her as a metaphor of the migrant population in today’s Europe – both nationally and internationally. Kirkenes- Murmansk exemplifies the EU/Schengen issues albeit in a different cloak than we are used to seeing because it represents a different kind of mulitculturalism than we see further south in western Europe.

rounding it. The nature surrounding it is left in its own sci-fi like state of narrating a wildlife that does not exist many other places in the world.

This is also a film about urban fringe areas far away from the world’s attention, but where people still live and try to orient themselves from whatever possibilities they have and without much hope for entering the world’s focus in any other way than economic (oil, fish, military).

The audio will be built up from the sounds of the actual sites, found sounds, with as little manipulation as possible, and using the possibilities and tensions in that. For sections I plan to collaborate with the group Next Life, a Norwegian experimental hardcore punk group.

The film plays specifically on the urban density of Murmansk, its cold war based infrastructure and the stark remoteness sur-

The languages of the film span English, Russian and Norwegian to the effect of dealing with everyday communication and translation that occurs in the every day life of that region. Photographically we will pay alot of attention to the material details of the characters lives and also the presence of the urban environment and its fringes, where it ends, the ”last cramps” of Europe before the north pole.

29 / art / cph:forum

presentation of team // NORWAY

Director & PRODUCER // Thomas Østbye Thomas Østbye (1979), born and based in Oslo, works with film and installations. He’s known to combine artistic reflections on the documentary genre with contemporary political dilemmas. Østbye has received a working grant for artists, a number of awards and is bought by the Arts Counsil Norway. Østbye will screen his latest film “Imagining Emanuel” (premiered at Hotdocs) at CPH:DOX and participates in the CPH:LAB.

THINGS IN TIME Running time: Aprox 50 min Production Status: Script & Pre production Expected release: End of 2011 Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

Norwegian Film Institute, Tone Johnsen BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

8.000 190.000 200.000 Director // Thomas Østbye


CREATIVE CONSULTANT // KAJA LEIJON Artist Kaja Leijon is creative consultant. Leijon received her education from the Art Academy in Oslo, CalArts US and Prague Filmschool. She directs and produces art films screened in cinema and galleries. Cinematographer // Øystein Mamen Øystein Mamen is filmatic consultant. In addition to the National Film school he holds a master in film theory from Copenhagen University. Mamen received several awards for his work, among “cinematographer of the year” by Kodak.

PRODUCER // PLYMSERAFIN has (co-)produced all Østbyes films. Amongst them “In your dreams”, “6 conceptions of freedom” and “Human” receiving “The Golden Chair”, “the Film critics award” and “Cinematography award” at the National shortfilm festival. “Prix franqais” at the National art exhibition, The “Goldener Schlussel” in Kassel dokfest, “best short” at Biff, and twice nominated for “Governments Human rights award”, the “Amanda” Film Awards, the “Gullruten” Tv awards, the “Nordic Panorama” etc. Goals at CPH:FORUM Distribution and exhibition collaborations/opportunities/ideas, co-financers. Creative discussions.

cph:forum / art / 30

Things in Time


Director // Thomas Ă˜stbye

Things in Time is an attempt to approach the world without emptying it, or filling it up with ideas and purposes. At certain moments, I experience the world as magic; as something bigger; something infinitely complex but paradoxically simple; filled with a particular presence. This recognizable feeling happened more often to me as a child, now it happens only on special occasions. In a way this is not an experience, but rather a way of being. I was there as a child, later on a boat in the Arctic, in love, on lsd, and at certain times while making a movie. I think what these situations have in common is that existence was regarded without specified ideas, purpose or aims, but still was experienced as meaningful. Things in Time will attempt to be a documentary without superstructure. No theme or ideas in front, rather a concrete film that may generate a situation for the audience in which the world is approached, instead of

used, controlled or shaded by my ideas. I believe that elements that are not determined by purpose, do not necessarily lead to meaninglessness, but could evoke a different level of meaning. This is relevant in personal life, but also in regards to society and its relation to nature. The camera aims at objects, whereas some objects relate to the area between the cultural and natural, and others relates to time and permanence, I cannot predict the selection up front. I am searching for a way to relate to the world, I am not searching for fantastic or fascinating things to record, or make aesthetics of. For this project, I believe the documentary genre has a special potential to create the situation I’m searching for; because movies give the audiences strong expectations of dramaturgy, purpose and timing in all elements, it gives strong tools to provoke experiences that deals with the difference

between the composed purposeful, or the meaningful. The main filmic elements will be timing and point of view. Film tools that usually go unnoticed, and narrows interpretation and emotion. I think these tools can be turned around. This requires that the film form is still tied to what we perceive as film, and I think it is important to establish a form with no effects and no creative use of time. The film team behind this project has worked with similar moments in earlier works, among Human, Imagining Emanuel and Change Mummified, but these films have a framework and that stands out in front. This new film is an attempt to do without framework. This is a simple attempt, which may disclose more complexity in actual experience.

31 / art / cph:forum

presentation of team // GERMANY & UK

Director // Emily Wardill Emily Wardill is a young british contemporary artist and film maker. Her films have been shown at the Venice Biennale, London Film Festival and she is part of the Tate collection. In 2010 she won the Derek Jarman Award.

CARLYLE'S HANDS Running time: 90 min Production Status: Development Expected release: 2013 Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

5.000 355.000 360.000 Director // Emily Wardill


PRODUCER // Sarah Schipschack

Producer // Sarah Schipschack Sarah Schipschack is a film curator based in Leipzig, Germany. In 2003 she initiated Filmgalerie Alpha60, the only art house videorental and film archive in Leipzig. In 2007 she initiated the Reihe Exerimentalfilm for D21 Kunstraum Leipzig. She still progams both these projects. In 2011 she founded Vitakuben, the first german film and contemporary art production company focussing on feature films on the boarder between art, film and experimental cinema. Vitakuben Vitakuben’s main focus is younger film makers and contemporary artists who work in film and have an understanding of both the history and the contemporary movements in art and film. Their praxis with film has to be cross media, functioning both in an exhibition context as well as a cinema context. They have to have an independent, non-film production as contemporary artists as well. Goals at cph:forum To participate at CPH:FORUM is an important step for us because its the first presentation of the project to a professional audience. We are interested in speaking with any possible co producers. Of special interest are curators, possible co-producers and organizations that can help us realize Carlyle's Hands.

cph:forum / art / 32



Director // Emily Wardill

A neuroscientist meets a woman on the Internet and falls in love. He begins to question the way he sees himself through this relationship. Carlyle’s Hands is an artist’s film set within the conventions of a thriller and using this structure to work through ideas around self awareness and the relationship between scientific study of consciousness and internet dating. The story is of a man, Eitienne, who is a neuroscientist. His work deals with proprioception and he opens his lectures talking about a case study he calls ‘The Marathon Man’ – a man who cannot move his body unless he is looking at it, so if you turn out the lights in a room, he falls over. Eitienne’s long working hours means that he has neglected his love life and so he is encouraged by his best friend to begin online dating. His interest in computer representations of human consciousness is peaked by the way in which profiles are worded on these websites. He starts to go on dates. After a number of unsuccessful encounters,

eventually Eitienne meets Georgia. She is intelligent, sensitive, daring and he falls in love with her. Things are going incredibly well for them – Georgia tells Eitienne that he has changed her life. One day Eitienne realizes that he has never met Georgia’s family or friends and so he finds the aid agency he knows she works for, and drives there to see what it looks like. The address corresponding to the name that she has given him leads him to a house, there are children’s toys outside but there are no other signs of life. Confronting Georgia with his findings she disappears into an adjacent room and is on the telephone for an hour. Eventually re-emerging to an angry and confused Eitienne, she tells him that she is a spy and that she has had to shield this information from him for his own safety. Eitienne doesn’t believe this story but it seems too outlandish to be a lie. Georgia is away a lot, but it is so wonderful when she returns. Her independence just

makes her even more attractive to Eitienne. She is sent on a mission abroad. Returning a month later - fragile, thin and beaten. She tells Eitienne that she cannot take it any more and she is going to give up her work in espionage and get a normal job. He is relieved and supportive. He sells his house so that they might have some security whilst Georgia is looking for work. A month later, the police come round to arrest Georgia for bigamy. They are calling her by another name. Eitienne cannot tell them the truth – he has to protect her, and she is taken away. It is the extremity of the situation with the police that is his wake up call. Over and above everything, he is a good father and he makes the decision to leave Georgia for Walker’s sake. One day, whilst he is at home with Walker, Eitienne receives a phone call from another man. He asks the question “Did she tell you she was a spy?” We end on an image of the Marathon Man, falling down in a room when the lights are turned out. 33 / art / cph:forum

presentation of team // PORTUGAL

white donkey Running time: 100 min Production Status: Development Expected release: Cannes Film Festival 2013 Contact: Confirmed financial sources: Culturguarda; Junta de Castilla y Léon Market Partners RTP (Portugal Public Television) Anna Sanders Film Executive producer / co-producer: Charles de Meaux BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget: notes:

15.000,00 94.000,00 109.000,00

Director //João Trabulo

Director & producer // João Trabulo Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. João Trabulo's resumé includes several works, such as the documentary During the End, about the work of the Portuguese sculptor Rui Chafes – recently released in national theaters. His most recent feature film, No Company, was awarded at its world premiere at IndieLisboa'10 and after its international premiere at the Torino Film Festival with a ‘Cult Award’ nomination it was in the international competition at Cinema du Réel and at the Montevideu. Started with the producer Paulo Branco in Gemini (Paris) and Madragoa (Lisbon) working with the directors Manoel de Oliveira, João César Monteiro, Robert Kramer and Pedro Costa. Was selected by ICA to represent Portugal on the EFP’s Producers on the Move 2011 initiative at the Cannes International Film Festival. Later, was Jury of the National Competition at FIDMARSEILLE International Film Festival. Founded the Cinecoa International Film Festival, in Foz Côa, Portugal, which premiered this year with a great response from the audience. Periferia Filmes Periferia Filmes is a film production company established in 2004 in Lisbon. Working as a creative platform for cinema, develops and produces projects from Portuguese and International director’s, whose ambition is not to give in to self-satisfaction and to conformism, but to permanently reinvent cinema. The allegiance with some, already consecrated, Portuguese directors and the desire to welcome new directors is still our best creative bet. Working right now on co-production projects by Apichatpong Weerasethaku and Albert Serra.

Goals at CPH:FORUM We are looking forward to getting new co-producers, world sales agent and also TV sales and other partners who might also be interested in this project. cph:forum / art / 34

white donkey


Director // Jo達o Trabulo

A white donkey observes a battlefield far away. It is the only spectator. The tone of the drums is martial, rhythmic, increasingly strong. We imagine the eminence of a great event. Now we follow very closely the march of the military on the vast plain. We are with them, as if we own part of the military corps. We become aware because of the uniforms and the flag that they rod that belong to the French imperial army. Three men on horses, dressed up and with hats, remind us of Napoleon. They are certainly officials. Zigzagging on horseback in front of the soldiers who continue the march at the sound of the drums, giving instructions that are barely audible. We do not even realize if they speak French or any other language.

The column of soldiers is weird. They are men of several generations. Fat, thin, tall, short. Some seem to have the retirement age. There are even women and children between them. Even so the column progresses, determined, crossing the vast plains. We are reflecting now in the details of uniforms, the eye and the face of soldiers marching synchronized. It seems we are in an action film, a historical fiction of Hollywood. The gestures are harmonious, firm and elegant postures. We hear several shots. Some bodies tumble along the column that continues to move forward. Not one drop of blood. The fallen bodies rise again with the help of a fellow. There are smiles, grimaces, cries of a pretend war.

The narration begins. Some of the sighted soldiers in battle are presented in a fixed plan, staring towards the camera. The image opens and we now see the battle in all its extension. The people are, dressed in the actual clothes, observing cars, modern houses, bridges and roads included in the landscape. After all where are we? What do we see? To which season, in which country, were we suddenly teleported? In the end the white donkey moves away, crossing the border into Spain, watched by vultures in flight.

35 / art / cph:forum

presentation of team // ITALY

Director // Michelangelo Frammartino Michelangelo Frammartino (1968) studied architecture at the Milan Polytechnic School. He has started working with film images through some video interactive closed-circuit installations. He made his internationally acclaimed debut with Il dono in 2003. Le quattro volte, his second long feature film was premiered at Cannes' Directors Fortnight, being awarded the Europa Cinema Label. Since then it has been travelling around all the most prestigious festivals worldwide, receiving countless awards.

Alberi Running time: 30 min Production Status: In development Expected release: June 2012 Contact: co-producer: Susanne Marian (Essential

Filmproduktion DE) BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

23.998,00 75.000,00 98.998,00

Director // Michelangelo Frammartino


producer // Arianna Rossini

cph:forum / art / 36

Producer // Arianna Rossini Arianna Rossini (1980) studied Performance Arts and Sciences at Rome's University. She started working in cinema as assistant to director Marco Bellocchio. Since 2006 she has been working as production coordinator on Vivo film's main projects, such as Il mio paese by Daniele Vicari, Le quattro volte by Michelangelo Frammartino. She is currently working on the development of the company's feature projects: Via Castellana Bandiera by Emma Dante and Beirut, I love you by Zena El Kahlil and Gigi Roccati. VIVO FILM Vivo film, established at the beginning of 2004 by Gregorio Paonessa and Marta Donzelli, is an independent production company for art-house films. Vivo film productions include Works by G. Chiesa, J.-L. Comolli, M. Frammartino, C. Malta, P. Mezzapesa, S. Nicchiarelli, N. Risi, C. Salani, D. Vicari. Vivo film production has been selected and awarded by some of the leading international festivals. After the Cannes premiere, Frammartino's Le Quattro volte has been sold in more than 40 countries. Goals at CPH:FORUM Our aim is to involve international institutions. In view of Alberi's potential audience we have a double target: art galleries and museums on one side, being it conceived as a loop installation; art house cinema, and documentary broadcasters and distributors on the other for its powerful cinematic call.



Director // Michelangelo Frammartino

The impenetrability of the forest is invaded by a mass of men. They cover their bodies with ivy, until they are transformed into treemen. Slowly they set out towards the village and enter the main square. It is an explosion of green. It’s dark again. Utter darkness: a forest immersed in the dark of the night. It is a darkness which swallows up the projection space and its occupants. Audience, screen and room are all merged together as one in the single substance – the darkness itself. The sounds of nature are carried through the night, giving it depth. The creaking of the trees moving in the wind, the crunch of branches trampled on the ground by some invisible creature, the chirp of the crickets and the intermittent call of an owl, the rustling of the leaves blown by a sudden gust of wind... The night is wild and primitive. Dawn comes. Slowly

the room and the audience re-emerge from the darkness. At the centre of the screen is an old town which sits right in the middle of the woods; the first light of day reveals the central square where a large group of men stand amidst rucksacks and kit bags, waiting to set off on a journey. Carnival is being celebrated through the costumed figure of the “romito” (tree-men). Lines of men run rapidly through the streets, leaving the town and disappearing into the dense vegetation of the surrounding forest. There, they set to work ripping off branches of ivy from where it grows in abundance at the feet of the oak trees. They cover themselves in the ivy until they take on the appearance of tree-men: the “romiti”. In groups, the romiti set off on the road home and slowly re-enter the town, which in the meantime has awoken and is dressed for the carnival. The central square, now lit by daylight, welcomes the crowd of

romiti. As the romiti fill up the square, the crowd becomes more and more dense. The space between the romiti reduces until there is none. Finally, the mass of tree-men is transformed into a dense forest which emerges in place of the square. This central site of civilization has been changed into a scene of wild nature, as if by a magical spell of reversal. The camera at the centre of the square is engulfed by the tree-men who huddle around it, once again plunging it into the original darkness. The room and the audience disappear once again into the night and its sounds. The dawn comes, an old town of medieval origin stands in the woods... the video begins again... “Alberi” tell of a never-ending cycle of metamorphosis and transformation, of man’s sense of belonging to nature and to the world.

37 / art / cph:forum

cph:forum / cinema / 38



TULSA: LARRY CLARK tiffany limos

LUCHA VAVOOM! marie losier

THE WIND CATCHERS amir escandari




alma har'el 39 / cinema / cph:forum

presentation of team // DENMARK

Director // Daniel Dencik Daniel Dencik graduated as film editor from The National Film School of Denmark in 1999 and has written and edited numerous award-winning films, including The Five Obstructions, Happy Now, Dark Horse, Into Eternity, Danish Dynamite and Labrador.

EXPEDITION TO THE END OF THE WORLD Running time: 80 min Production Status: 90% of shootings is done. Expected release: Autumn 2012 Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

Danish Film Institute, Denmarks Radio, NFTF Market Partners: Against Gravity (PL) co-production partners: BeoFilm Director // daniel dencik

BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

254.753 497.847 752.600

Producer // Michael Haslund-Christensen Michael Haslund-Christensen graduated as a producer from The National Film School of Denmark in 1993. He has directed and produced The Track (1988) and The Wild East (2002), and co-produced “Ich hiss Sabina Spielrein� (FIPRESCI Prize, 2003), produced Afghan Muscles (Documentary Award AFI, 2007,) and The Prize of the Pole (Amnesty Award Cph:Dox, 2006). As film consultant at the Danish Film Institute from 2005-2010 Haslund was commissioning editor of more than 40 documentary films.


Director // janus metz

producer // michael haslund-christensen

cph:forum / cinema / 40

Director // Janus Metz Janus Metz had his international breakthrough with his documentary Armadillo which was awarded the Grand Prix de la Semaine de la Critique in Cannes in 2010, and selected for IDFA Amsterdam's Reflecting Images. The film has since been shown at over 50 film festivals winning numerous awards.

Haslund Film Haslund Film is an independent Production Company launched in 1996 to create documentaries that connect creative talent to international funding and co-production. Haslund Film produces creative documentaries and develops feature films, as well as providing coaching and consultancy primarily for Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam and web-based story telling consultancy and project evaluation for major Danish foundations. As CEO of Haslund Film, Michael Haslund-Christensen sometimes acts as a member of documentary festival juries. Goals at cph:forum This production is hybrid by nature, but at CPH:FORUM our primary goal is to introduce the film to the market and raise the financing to start postproduction by February 2012. We are looking for partnerships with Exec. producers, co-producers, sales agent and television presales.



Directors // Daniel Dencik & Janus Metz

An arctic schooner with a heavy arsenal of arts and science bound for the most spectacular nature at the end of the world. Manmade speed and efficiency meet the powerful unpredictability of ice. In the summer of 2011 the wooden threemast schooner Activ, penetrated the far inlets of Northeast Greenland: One of the last unexplored places on earth – buried by permafrost since the Ice Age. Now the melting Arctic has opened it to passage, part of the climate change many believe will end life on earth – as we know it. On board the ship were some of our most gifted scientists and acclaimed artists. Constantly threatened by rough seas, treacherous icebergs and increasingly desperate polar bears, they embarked on a journey of fascination, scientific investigation and possible answers to the question of who we are or maybe who we were - when time and global warming have ended human existence. Our ship was heavily armed, moving an arsenal of highly advanced culture into

the heart of the most breath-taking nature. Manmade speed and efficiency grappled with the mystifying, evasive, seductive landscape. A perilous journey, where the everpresent threat of the sea, the cold, icebergs and polar bears represent the darkness and struggle of entering new territory – physically and mentally. Arts and science provide a framework for understanding what is at stake in the relationship between humans and nature. This is the film’s privileged point of departure for exploring how we can understand our presence on planet earth. Everyone on board is an expert in their respective field of plate tectonics, geology, marine biology, pale anthropology, visual art, literature or architecture. They all create images of the world, explain specific phenomena - and face new questions. Amidst the stunning scenery of the Arctic, we share the expedition team’s thoughts on the world we inhabit. But it is neither this expert knowledge nor the characters that

emerge that are primary. Instead, the film focuses on their human reactions to the nature surrounding them - and the journey into the unknown that is their destination. As the Schooner sails into the mystical and mythical Arctic landscape, we zoom in on Homo sapiens – simultaneously part of and alienated from nature. We see artists and scientists measuring the world and recreating it - putting themselves in the picture. They experience humility and a sense of conquest, but also despair as they observe, interpret, create images - and observe anew. All in the spirit of curiosity and creativity that has always been part of the human enterprise - and which may have brought us to the brink of destruction. Again and again cracks into the eternally inexplicable open before us. Nature becomes culture, which generates new questions about our nature: Why are we here? Where did we come from? Can we influence our own survival or extinction? And what will happen once we’re gone? 41 / cinema / cph:forum

presentation of team // BELGIUM

Director // Tiffany Limos Tiffany Limos was born in 1980, in Dallas, Texas. She developed very early her interest for the arts and especially for the cinema. In 1999 Tiffany Limos met Larry Clark in a book shop. In 2001 she played in “Teenage Caveman” and played the leading lady in “Ken Park” in 2002 and has shared Larry’s life during many years. She is still his muse and she collaborates with him on the writing of new projects. For several years Tiffany has immersed herself in the photographical work of Larry Clark.

Tulsa: larry clark Running time: 80 min Production Status: Development Expected release: TBC Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

PMP Morgane Market Partners: in progress Co-production partners: in progress Executive producer / co-producer: Catherine Rouault

Director // Tiffany Limos

BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

88.000 605.000 693.000


producer // Pierre Paul Puljiz

Producer // Pierre Paul Puljiz Pierre Paul Puljiz produced documentary portraits about Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Patti Smith, John Waters, Jonas Mekas, Jonathan Caouette, Bryan Ferry, Marianne Faithfull, Paul Morrissey… as well as documentary series about new architecture and interior design. Recently, with Morgane and Agnès b, he produced « Walk Away Renée », the new Jonathan Caouette film, and he directed the documentary series « Conversations » filmed in super 8 mm, in New York, Mexico, Buenos Aires etc… Morgane Morgane was established in 1992. Originally Morgane devoted its efforts to producing cultural documentaries and recording live shows. Since then Morgane has expanded its range of activities both through internal growth and by establishing new companies, and more recently by acquisition. The Morgane Group covers all activities associated with the production of audiovisual content: Magazines, entertainment, documentaries, youth, short features, full-length features, videos, derivative products. GOALS AT CPH:FORUM To raise financing, meet with co-producers and find distribution partners

cph:forum / cinema / 42



Director // Tiffany Limos

TULSA is a documentary about art, photography and sociology, dedicated to one of the pioneer of the American photography Larry Clark. Larry Clark has accepted to tell his story and to speak about his « Tulsa years ». In 1971 when Larry Clark published his book TULSA, it was a real artistic shock and a scandal. Nobody had seen that before: these pictures, that kind of young people and that life! Featuring sex, drugs and violence. It was not supposed to be shown! Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1943, Clark was enlisted in the family business of photography from the tender age of thirteen. While his imagination was sparked behind the lens, this sleepy and idle town filled with disillusion, afforded little opportunity. Clark and his friends rampantly began shooting amphetamines; with a needle in one hand,

Clark always had a camera in the other. He produced vividly intimate and utterly authentic pictures of his drug-shooting coterie from 1963 to 1971. These breathtaking photos with their remarkable low-light and restrained editorial stride, announced an extraordinary new style of subjective documentation. TULSA explore the challenges faced by young males- TULSA set the standard for his related themes: the destructiveness of dysfunctional family relationships, masculinity and the roots of violence, the links between mass imagery and social behaviors, and the construction of identity in adolescence. When Tiffany Limos two years ago found one hour of lost and unseen 16 mm footage filmed by Clark himself during the sixties in Tulsa, he was hard to convince to come

back for the first time on his « Tulsa years ». But he finally accepted to tell his story and to speak about his friends, his pictures and his films. Larry Clark’s TULSA book has a big influence on numerous artists who have accepted to speak in the TULSA documentary film. Amongst others Martin Scorcese, John Waters, Bruce Weber, Calvin Klein, Lou Reed, Gus Van Sant, Richard Prince…and many others. TULSA opens with this succinct narrative: “I was born in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1943. When I was sixteen I started shooting amphetamine. I shot with my friends everyday for three years and then left town but I’ve gone back through the years. Once the needle goes in it never comes out. L.C.” 43 / cinema / cph:forum

presentation of team // USA

Lucha VaVOOM! (working title) Running time: 90 min Production Status: In development Contact: BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

500,000 500,000

Director // Marie Losier


Director // Marie Losier Marie Losier, born in France in 1972, is a filmmaker and curator working in New York City. She has shown her films and videos at museums, galleries, biennials and festivals. She studied literature at the University of Nanterre (France) and Fine Art in New York City. She has made a number of film portraits on avant-garde directors, musicians and composers such as Mike and George Kuchar, Guy Maddin, Richard Foreman, Tony Conrad and Genesis P-Orridge. Whimsical, poetic, dreamlike and unconventional, her films explore the life and work of these artists. Producer // Martin Marquet // M Link Martin Marquet is the founder and managing director of M Link, an international publicity, project management and production company. Previously the communications managing director at Bill Pohlad and Bob Berney’s Apparition through 2010 and a former publicist at Paramount Vantage and DDA PR, Marquet has represented hundreds of films for press campaigns as well as at the top festivals and venues around the globe.

Key clients include Wild Bunch, Elle Driver, ARTE, and indie producers Chris Hanley, Jane producer // Martin Marquet Scott, James Flynn to name a few. Some of the titles he has represented include Steven Soderbergh's Che, Jacques Audiard's A Prophet, Gaspar Noe's Enter the Void, Michael Winterbottom's The Killer Inside Me, The Coen Brother's No Country for Old Men, Bruce Beresford's Mao's Last Dancer and documentary films such as James March's Man on Wire, Gonzalo Arijon's Stranded and Werner Herzog's most recent Caves of Forgotten Dreams. Majoring in art history in Paris and having started his career as the lead promotor for the Jacques Tati's restored film catalogue, Marquet has most recently taken a strategic producer's role on festival favorite and award winning doc The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, directed by Marie Losier and is currently developing 3 projects. Goals at CPH:forum Meet with potential European production partners. Meet with broadcasters. Present the project to European film festival programmers. Find initial development funds. Goals at DOX:FORUM: The primary goal is to introduce the project to the marketplace in order to raise the remaining finance required through a partnership with a European co-producer or co-producers, sales agent involvement or television presales. cph:forum / cinema / 44

Lucha VaVOOM! (working title)


Director // Marie Losier

Lucha VaVOOM is the world's only big-bang smash of authentic Lucha Libre, classic burlesque, and comedy. Everyone loves Lucha VaVOOM. With this highly original concept, Rita D’Albert and Liz Faribairn brought lucha libre to an ever-widening audience from all walks of life. From hipsters to Hispanics, tastemakers and artists to show-biz types, wrestling fans and comedy fans; people over twenty one and ready for fun come to Lucha VaVOOM. The fans plan their schedule around Lucha’s shows; entire flight crews from Australia make sure they are in Los Angeles every time they play. Office workers request the next day off well in advance so they might sleep in. Every performance has been a winner. From Los Angeles to Amsterdam, Lucha VaVOOM has wowed critics and fans. Journalists follow them from city to city to get a little of that Lucha VaVOOM magic - they can't help it, they just get hooked on the energy. Over the years, Lucha VaVOOM has added famous fans and new cities to it's history; Jack Black, Drew Carey, Danny McBride, David

Arquette, Paul Ruebens, Tim Burton, Garry Shandling, Quentin Tarantino, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Cheech Marin, Sandra Oh, Robin Williams, Paula Abdul, Flight of the Conchords, Viktor & Rolf, Billy Corgan... the list goes on and on. After nine years, Lucha VaVOOM is not only going strong, but getting stronger. The shows continue to draw new and old fans, the shows just keep getting tighter, faster and if possible, even more visual. The show continues to be an inspiration for filmmakers, writers, top photographers, designers, graphic artists and other performers. The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jay’s award winning filmmaker Marie Losier and producer Martin Marquet are currently developing - in collaboration with Lucha VaVOOM creators Rita D’Albert and Liz Fairbairn - a documentary film project that will be a portrait of this time of two intensely creative partners (Rita and Liz) who are at the cutting edge of a true culture of independent entertainment.

The film will be shot with a hand held camera on 16mm, giving total freedom to the choreography of the lucha libre and to the filmmaking process, privileging the dance and energy of a strange theatrical fighting performance. Like in all of Marie Losier’s films, she will be behind the camera as well as directing a small crew allowing herself to be more personal with the subjects when behind the scenes. Sequences will include moments of daily, private and performing life as well as staging some scenes as a “tableaux vivants”, and include some moments orchestrated by musical and live animation. The overall envelope of the film will be very contemporary. To render the life of the theatrical sensuality of lucha libre, the filming process and visual approach will deliver a rich moving and joyful portrait of a wonderful art and culture. The film will be mixing fiction elements with and real life elements, and it will be very important for this film to explore the very inspirational and blurriness between imagination and reality. 45 / cinema / cph:forum

presentation of team // FINLAND

Director //Amir Escandari (1979) was born in Tehran. His family had to leave Iran because of the Iran-Iraq War. The family ended up in Finland in 1990 after years in a refugee camp in Yugoslavia. Amir’s father bought him a High-8 camera to keep him out of trouble. Amir started making short films in different languages, some violent, some with slapstick comedy. Later his films have become more serious dealing with social alienation and identity. Amir studied directing in at the University of Wales.

the wind catchers Running time: 52/90 min Production Status: In development Expected release: 2013 Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

Finnish Film Foundation, The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture Confirmed financial sources:

YLE Director // Amir Escandari

BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

125 000 195 000 320 000


producer // Miia Haavisto

Producer // Miia Haavisto is a documentary producer/film maker and the Executive vice president at Helsinki-filmi. In 2004-2010 Miia worked as a Film Commissioner for the Finnish Film Foundation for documentaries, shorts and animated films. During that time she commissioned altogether more than 200 films. In addition to her studies in documentary film directing, she also holds a law degree. Miia has participated in EURODOC in 2007 and EURODOC Executive in 2009. Helsinki-filmi Helsinki-filmi has produced 11 feature films and numerous TV productions since it was founded in 2002. Its latest feature, Lapland Odyssey, was the national box office hit of 2010 with more than 380 000 admissions in cinemas. Helsinki-filmi is a subsidiary of Yellow Film & TV, the biggest independent production house in Finland. Helsinki-filmi has participated in several European co-productions including the documentary films Disco and Atomic War by Jaak Kilmi and Mr Governor by Måns Månsson. Goals at CPH:FORUM We are seeking additional international funding for the project. Furthermore, we are looking for distributors and a sales agent who sees the potential in The Wind Catchers. We are also open to finding a Nordic co-producer who might bring Nordic talent to the project.

cph:forum / cinema / 46

The Wind Catchers


Director // Amir Escandari

A group of young men risk death to make their mark on the world. The Wind Catchers follows a gang of pixadores, who paint their work as high as possible to express their discontent and to show that they exist, too. The Wind Catchers is about a group of friends in the favelas of São Paolo. They are all pixadores. The police are alert and the people living in the buildings being painted on sometimes react violently to the pixadores. Occasionally some fall to their death. The Wind Catchers is a story about four of them: William, Ricardo, Rafael and Little William.

vitation for three of them to attend the Berlin Biennale in April 2014. William, Rafael and Ricardo have never been outside Sao Paolo and don’t speak a word of English. They definitely don’t consider themselves artists. Will their protest now be recognized and make the pixação movement visible to the world? What will happen? They are getting ready to go. What will happen when they come back to their lives?

These men also go to work and some have children, girlfriends or grandparents to look after. When they want to take a break from it all they trainsurf; standing on top of a moving train, trying to avoid getting hit by bridges, trees and wires or falling off. They feel alive and alert when trainsurfing and also in total control of their existence.

William, 21, has never been to school. He is illiterate and has lived on the streets since he was a child. The only writing he knows is the pixaçao. William’s recent work on a public building said: ’I am alone, God is not with me’. He has spent time in prison, but after having become a father to his son Hugo, he is trying to straighten up, working a 15 hour shift at a wholesale fruit market. Now there is another baby, but with a different woman. The only dream that he has is for his son to do pixação and to go trainsurfing with him one day.

After generations of poverty, these young men don’t have many expectations for the future. But then, out of the blue, came an in-

Ricardo, 20, lives in the favela with his grandmother. He paints houses in the daytime and steals copper at night. The risk of

an electric shock is always there. He rarely manages to keep a job, as he oversleeps, is late or is stoned. Ricardo is the clown of the gang. The police regularly pour his pixação paint on him to humiliate him. Rafael was in prison for manslaughter as a young man. He applied to university and was admitted. When the tuition fees went up he organized a protest targeting the university with pixação and was kicked out for good. He is the one doing the planning for the attacks. Now, he is becoming more radical wanting not to have lived unnoticed. The only place where Rafael feels free is on top of a moving train. The Wind Catchers deals with social alienation of young men from society. This film focuses on the energy that these men have and on their will to express themselves, even if the means to do it are harsh, illegal and dangerous for them.

47 / cinema / cph:forum

presentation of team // UK

Director // Ross adam & rob cannan Rob’s debut ‘Three Miles North of Molkom’, premiered in competition at IDFA. It won the Audience Award at Gothenburg and was nominated for Best Documentary at the British Independent Film Awards. IFC/Sundance are distributing the film in the US and it has been released theatrically in numerous territories to broad critical acclaim. Rob is now co-producing a BFI supported fiction remake of the film. Ross has directed and edited music videos, art installations and commercials and is a gifted photographer.

The Lovers and the Despot Running time: 90 min Production Status: Development Expected release: Winter 2013 Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

Screen South (UK) BBC Storyville Seoul Film Commission BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

6000 568000 574000

Director // Ross adam


Director // rob cannan

Producer // Sandra Whipham Sandra Whipham executive produced the Grierson nominated Enemies of the People, which won Best Documentary at the British Independent Film Awards, Special Jury Prize at Sundance 2010, and was shortlisted for the Best Documentary Academy Award. She most recently produced Despicable Dick and Righteous Richard for BBC Storyville, which premiered in competition at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. Previously, Sandra was Editor, More 4 and oversaw True Stories documentary strand. HELLFLOWER FILMS Hellflower Film is a joint venture between Ross Adam and Rob Cannan’s company, Escapade Film, and London Fields Pictures, which was founded by Sandra Whipham. Goals at CPH:FORUM We want to find the right partners to take this project into production. We are interested in forming relationships with broadcasters, film funds and distributors, and would like to explore co-production opportunities in Scandinavia.

producer // SANDRA WHIPHAM

cph:forum / cinema / 48

The Lovers and the Despot


Directors // Ross Adam & Rob Cannan

The Lovers and the Despot tells the bizarre and thrilling true story of two remarkable characters and their tumultuous love affair. It features movie-world glamour, kidnappings, secret agents, cold-war intrigue, and the world’s favourite villain. An exploration into the nature of truth and memory, the power of propaganda and the magic of storytelling, the film will also be an exciting, emotive and overtly cinematic experience. In the aftermath of the Korean War, ambitious young film director Shin Sang-ok and actress Choi Eun-hee enter into a glamorous romance. They rise to the top of the South Korean film industry and are drawn into the inner circle of dictatorial President Park. Their groundbreaking films become instant sensations. But their movie-world idyll is shattered after Shin has a scandalous affair with another actress and confronts the President over censorship, who retaliates by shutting down his studio. Unable to reconcile, Choi and Shin divorce.

Then their lives take a bizarre turn. Choi is lured to Hong-Kong by the promise of work, but is bundled onto a boat and sedated. After a grueling sea voyage to North Korea she is welcomed ashore by whimsical dictator's son and movie-obsessive, Kim Jong-il, who imprisons her in his summerhouse. Desperate to win Choi back, Shin searches for her in Hong Kong, but is kidnapped himself. Thrown into a brutal North Korean concentration camp, he must learn to endure punishment and ideological brainwashing if he ever wishes to reach Choi again. After five arduous years of indoctrination, Kim reunites the pair at a banquet…they are to be Kim's own puppet propaganda filmmakers and must act their parts on fear of death. This they do to surreally extravagant lengths, all at the whim of the dictator’s spoilt son. They soon have more movie-making resources than they could ever have imagined and the whole of North Korea clambering

to see them on the silver screen. Yet all the while they remain prisoners of the state – working under duress. The couple’s love for each other is rekindled, but they yearn for freedom. Knowing that direct escape from North Korea is impossible, they must find another way out. By raising the international profile of North Korean cinema over the years of their imprisonment, they gain enough trust with Kim that he lets them travel to the far fringes of the Iron Curtain for their productions, albeit highly chaperoned by North Korean agents. After years of preparation, they form a daring and sophisticated escape plan involving film critics, secret tape recordings, the Berlin Film Festival, a Viennese taxi driver and the American Embassy. Any mistake will mean certain death – but their films are their ticket to freedom and Hollywood beckons.

49 / cinema / cph:forum

presentation of team // ARGENTINA

Director // Alejo Moguillansky Filmmaker and editor; in 2005 he directed The prisoner (Berlinale Forum ’06), Castro (Locarno ’09), which has been awarded as BAFICI 09’s Best Film and by FIPRESCI at IndieLisboa ’10, apart of being presented at many festivals around the globe. He has also edited films from Albertina Carri and Mariano Llinás, amongst others. Alejo is part of the 2012’s DOX:LAB line-up with swedish artist Fia-Stina Sandlund, while he’s finishing an experimental doc about argentine ballets. He also worked in theatre direction.

the submarine war Running time: 100 min Production Status: Financing Expected release: Spring 2013 (Europe) Contact:

Confirmed financial sources:

Buenos Aires City Government (ARG), Universidad del Cine (ARG), FIDMarseille (FR) Co-production partners:

Laura Citarella, El Pampero Cine, Argentina & Iván Granovsky, Film Valiente, Argentina Antoine Segovia, Atopic Films, France.

Director // Alejo Moguillansky

BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

105.000 195.000 300.000

Producer // Iván Granovsky Producer and filmmaker, in 2009 he produced Matías Piñeiro’s They all lie (Locarno ’09) and, in 2010, Matías Piñeiro’s Rosalind, from the prestigious Jeonju Digital Project (Locarno ’10). Last year, Granovsky was in charge of production of the DOX:LAB film Glorious Accidents by Mauro Andrizzi & Marcus Lindeen, awarded at Venice ’11. While he produces The Submarine War, with his production company Film Valiente, he is developing a project in the brazilian northeast, as part of his first feature film The Terror.


producer // Iván Granovsky

cph:forum / fictiononfiction / 50

EL PAMPERO CINE Founded in 2002 by Llinás, Moguillansky, Mendilaharzu and Citarella as a group of people willing to experiment and renew the procedures and practices of Argentina’s filmmaking. The productions of EPC are one of the most original and celebrated along the past ten years, like Historias Extraordinarias (Mariano Llinás, 2008). The influence of EPC appears not only at the aesthetic level: the revolution achieved has primarily been through modes of production and exhibition. Now shooting Llinás’ last film, The Flower. Goals at CPH:FORUM Having experienced great reception at BAL and FIDMarseille (Lab 1st Prize), and after many years of taking risks In film production, it is time to know the unknown and look for nordic partners and other new players to join our already developed project, which is anxious to be shot

The submarine war


Director // Alejo Moguillansky

Doc on the small Argentine Army, the Submarine Force and Marine Corps, in mock battles interrupts a civil war fiction: a lonely patrol on their way to a battle in the Río de la Plata estuary. Doc and fiction combine themselves in a huge simulation of war.

siege in the hands of The Coalition. On the other side, a militarized Resistance comes up from the provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe, dominating a long stretch of the Paraná: “The Resistant Paraná”. Two sides then: The Coalition and The Resistance.

The submarine war is a war fantasy, mixing documentary rushes on the Argentinian Army, and a fiction: A troop during a Civil War in our days. The film imagines a submarine war, and locates it in Paraná river, main scenario of the battles during the 19th Century Argentine Secession Wars: Civil War, Argentina. The Government has lost control over the Paraná and Uruguay Rivers bank. The City of Buenos Aires suffers a naval and land

The film follows Miss Chomet’s troop (as in a Civil War, man and women take part in it), all along the riverside, walking down the Paraná river until their final combat in Río de la Plata. Many characters compound this quixotic war fantasy, sometimes turned into a sentimental comedy, or a kind of absurd comedy of errors. Once and again, fiction is interrupted by documentary rushes of the ancient Argentinian Army training for

a non existing war: Mock combats, military parades, marine corp's interviewed. Submarines U-209 bought by Perón to Germany, shooting torpedos against a destroyer ship. Marines jumping from an amphibian tank and landing in a deserted beach in the south Patagonia. The moon reflected in the Paraná River, lighting a scene between two of our characters. A love song whispered secretly during a military speech. A fiction about a war. A documentary about the Argentinian Army. War, history, present, mock combats. Where’s fiction?

51 / fictiononfiction / cph:forum

presentation of team // ISRAEL

I WUV YOU (working title) Production Status: Development Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

Irish Film Board BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

20.000 930.000 950.000

Director & PRODUCER // Alma Har’el


Director & PRODUCER // Alma Har’el “Alma Har’el stunningly shot, formally audacious, Bob Dylan and Beirut-scored doc Bombay Beach, which won the grand prize in the international documentary competition. The Israeli-born music-video director and cinematographer’s feature debut premiered in Berlin’s Panorama section before making its North American Premiere at Tribeca. Recalling the work of Harmony Korine, Larry Clark, Lynne Ramsay, David Gordon Green, Charles Burnett and Gus Van Sant (just to name a few), it announces a major new directorial talent in Har’el.”FILMMAKER MAGAZINE. April 28th, 2011. Alma Har’el began her work as a photographer and a video artist. Her live video-art performances with musicians led her to directing music videos and her frequent collaborations with singer Zach Condon of the band Beirut. The video for Beirut’s “Elephant Gun” was chosen as one of the best videos of the decade in 2010 by several publications. Bombay Beach is her first film and after winning best documentary feature at the Tribeca film festival she was chosen by filmmaker magazine as one of the 25 new faces of independent cinema. Production Company // Bombay Beach Films LLC Alma Har'el and her husband, writer / director Boaz Yaken founded the company Bombay Beach Films LLC, which is currently producing I WUV YOU Goals at CPH:FORUM Meeting like minded people who want to finance or produce good films.

cph:forum / fictiononfiction / 52

I WUV YOU (working Title)


Directors // Alma Har’el

Following“BombayBeach”(bombaybeachfi Tribeca winner Alma Har’el will continue to push the doumentary genre into new realms. Her new film will follow real people alongside their imaginary young and older selves (portrayed by actors), in the midst of a love story that shapes their lives. The result is an exploration of our past and future through re-enactments of our inner dialogues. The actors that will portray the young OR older selves of the documentary’s protagonists, will come in an out of scenes and slowly blur the line between Fiction and Non-Fiction. The subject of IMPOSSIBLE LOVE will be examined through 3 real life stories, each fascinating and challenging in a different way. While each one of us encounters questions regarding our love life and the choices we make, we all carry an inner dialogue. We try to understand our motives and find parts in ourselves that we can trust. This journey never stops and even when a relationship is

formed, life keeps knocking on our hearts. There is a certain secret wish to have our young selve’s romantic wishes come true while securing the sanity and the health of our older selves. For many of us in the middle, in the present moment - stands a confused and vulnerable self that’s never sure what is right. How do we make decisions? Is there such a thing as true love? Is it more important to live with our choices or to make the right ones? Why do we ask the same questions our whole lives? Would we make different choices if we knew the future or could go back in time? We will follow 3 real stories: 1. Jamie (26) and Johnny (36) both left their marriages so they can be together and move to Hawaii. One day while Jamie is in her 8 month of pregnancy from Johnny, 18 children show up in their lives. Johnny who was a broke student years ago and donated sperm at the Berkeley university agreed to

be located by his children when they are 18. And 18 they are in age and in number. 2. Maria (30) who is a daughter of an alcoholic has lived her entire YOUNG life trying to avoid alcoholic men and the same destiny her mother had, but with no success. She ended up marrying an alcoholic man who she has a volatile relationship with. Recently her husband Chris (28) got sober after 5 years of drinking. They are both struggling to find a new path together that will allow them to avoid the mistakes of the past. 3. Danny (50) and Rita (48) have been together for 20 years. They never had a very passionate relationship but were always good friends and cared for each other. They worked together, traveled together and had 2 children. Now when they are 50 they suddenly are both having a relationship outside their marriage. They are both feeling like something is missing in their relationship and are looking for it elsewere. 53 / fictiononfiction / cph:forum

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aleksi salmenper채






55 / cinema / cph:forum

presentation of team // DENMARK

Director // Michael Madsen Michael Madsen is an independent documentary filmmaker with a background in sound-art and conceptual arts. He is primarily focused on philosophical issues and abstract thinking, which of course are not easy to film. Nevertheless, he successfully made this his special trait by developing a very original and innovative visual approach to his subjects. His most recent film, Into Eternity, has received over 15 international awards and been theatrically released in 8 countries.

THE VISIT - A Cosmic Documentary Comedy Running time: Approx. 85 min Production Status: Development Expected release: 2013 Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

The Danish Film Institute Finnish Film Foundation (LOI) Media Slate Funding Market Partners:

Interest yes – confirmations no

Director // Michael Madsen

co-producer partners:

Sami Jahnukainen, Mouka Filmi Austrian co-producer in negotiation BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

131.500 837.800 969.300


producer // Lise Lense-Møller

Producer // Lise Lense-Møller Lise Lense-Møller is the owner, CEO, and lead producer of Magic Hour Films. She has been a film professional for more than 30 years, and has produced a wealth of award winning films and international co-productions. Her most recent release is Into Eternity by Michael Madsen, and before that Burma VJ, which received 50 awards, an Oscar Nomination, and the PUMA Impact Award. Besides her work as a film producer, she is active in professional training both nationally and internationally. Magic Hour Films Magic Hour Films is an independent film production company, based in Denmark, specialized in creative documentaries. It has produced some 50 films, fiction and docs, many of which are award-winning. The company chooses its projects based on artistic integrity, importance of subject, originality of the approach, distribution potential, and commercial sustainability. The company has a very extensive international network, and a reputation of conducting business with integrity. Goals at cph:forum Get feed-back on content and form, secure additional development funding, identify potential future partners, and secure LOI’s for production finance.

cph:forum / cinema / 56

THE VISIT - A Cosmic Documentary Comedy


Director // Michael Madsen

A philosophical doc-comedy and a concrete and scientific investigation of the scenario of an Alien visit with the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs in Vienna as the starting point. Do Aliens have human rights? What would we tell THEM about US? How? ”The best proof that there is intelligent life in outer space is the fact that it hasn’t come here” - Quote from ”Are We Alone?” The Stanley Kubrick Extraterrestrial-Intelligence Interviews for 2001: A Space Odyssey

THE VISIT will investigate - on a concrete and scientific level - the scenario of an Alien visit to Earth focussing on our likely reactions, the ultimate confrontation of our fear of strangers, as well as the consequences and implications that would be the inevitable result of an Alien encounter. It would confront us with fundamental questions about ourselves: Are we underdeveloped compared to them? Will they conquer and enslave us? Or save us?

Even if the core of the film is philosophical, we are extremely interested in the purely practical matters involved in a potential Alien visit: How would we receive them, treat them, feed them? What essential information would we give Them about ourselves? How would we try to communicate such vital information? Do Aliens have human rights? Do humans have Alien rights? The film will start with the imagined but essential phone call to the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs: ‘They have arrived… erh, or something has’. Whereas this may sound as pure speculation, the fact is, that the office is real and located in Vienna, and we have their full co-operation. The first step following the phone call, OOSA says, would be an emergency meeting, where it is discussed what to do and who to involve. Then the office will start contacting all the obvious experts and authorities. They may start with astrobiologists to establish a ”description” of the nature of the alien and this then leads to the

next set of experts – be it doctors, security experts, semiologists etc. - thus mapping out all our human interests and precautions. The scientific responses will form the backbone of the film and set us off on a journey through assumptions and consequences, thus building up the imagined reality of the alien in the mind of the audience and raising questions of such a profound nature that we cannot disregard them. Of course we do not know if an encounter with Alien intelligent life will ever take place. Nevertheless, the mere speculation of a potential existence of Aliens and our reactions to it is sufficiently overwhelming and stimulating. Without dreams Columbus would never have set sail. Without some probability and our actual travel to space, UN would never have created an office of outer space affairs and a Space Law, and the Secretary General would never have recorded a message and sent it into space.

57 / cinema / cph:forum

presentation of team // USA

Director // Lucy Walker Lucy Walker has directed four award-winning feature documentaries: DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND (premiered Sundance 2002), BLINDSIGHT (premiered Toronto 2006), WASTE LAND and COUNTDOWN TO ZERO (which both premiered Sundance 2010). In 2011 Lucy was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary for directing WASTE LAND, the story of artist Vik Muniz’s transformational project with recyclable materials pickers in the largest landfill in the world in Rio.

I RIDE 4 KEVIN Running time: 90 min Production Status: Financing, and early

pre production Expected release: 2012/2013 Contact: Confirmed financial sources: N/A Market Partners (Distributors, Broadcasters): n/a Co-production partners: n/a BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

5,000.00 575,000.00 580,000.00

Director // Lucy Walker


PRODUCER // Julian Cautherley

cph:forum / cinema / 58

Producer // Julian Cautherley Julian is an award-winning director and producer whose projects have participated at festivals such as Sundance, Deauville, and Hot Docs. Julian recently wrapped principle photography on the feature CROSSTOWN in which the promise of a better life is shattered when two families are confronted with the brutal reality of raising their children in Los Angeles. Julian is also in postproduction on THE BEAUTIFUL GAME a documentary about the power of soccer to transform lives in Africa. Goals at cph:forum Through the forum we want to introduce the project to the documentary community seeking financing, pre-sales and co-production opportunities. We are also interested in developing relationships with broadcasters, sales agents, brand sponsors, NGO and social media partners.



Director // Lucy Walker

This film tells the extraordinarily dramatic and profoundly inspiring story of 23-yearold snowboarding legend Kevin Pearce who worked tirelessly to get to the top of his sport. Then on December 31st, 2009 he landed on his head and suffered severe traumatic brain injury. Initially feared dead, he was in a coma for weeks. But thanks to his extraordinary courage, hard work, loving family, and “friends” whose “I Ride 4 Kevin” campaign went viral, his recovery has been miraculous. Kevin's story is about what it takes for an athlete to reach the top - which, for him, is the same stuff that brought him back from his life-threatening injury. The drive that brought Kevin athletic success also saved his life, enabled him to make a joyful return home, and ... he hopes ... will help him get back on a snowboard this upcoming season. But if he gets back on the mountain, Kevin

risks Second Impact Syndrome, in which even mild concussion would be fatal. As a top snowboarder, he was a professional risk-taker, but as a brain injury survivor, his skills are impaired. Can he make good decisions for himself when his brain is injured? What will happen if he rides, despite currently suffering from impaired vision, poor balance and memory problems – not to mention out-of-control urges for pesto? For all those pushing the limits of human ability, how much risk is too much? Through the journey of the film audiences will fall in love with Kevin and the whole Pearce family.

the snowboarding community as it deals with the repercussions of Kevin’s injury and safety in sports.

Like HOOP DREAMS for basketball and DOGTOWN & Z-BOYS for skateboarding, I RIDE 4 KEVIN will be a touchstone film for snowboarding. Through exclusive footage of his recovery all the way to his first ride on the mountain, this film digs deep into the journey of a brain trauma victim’s recovery and shines a light on the camaraderie within

We look at the science of the brain and brain injury. Kevin’s story is fascinating for what it reveals about how all of our brains function, as well as the specific challenges of brain injury. This is not an add-on but at the heart of the movie.

We have everything on film. Kevin’s training, his winning, his crash, his coma, his rehab, and now – when he wants to get back on the mountain this winter. He is currently fighting his family. This present tense drama is riveting and will be caught with intimate verité footage throughout the 2011-2012 season. The film digs deep into the journey of a brain trauma victim’s recovery and a young man being forced to reinvent himself.

59 / cinema / cph:forum

presentation of team // FINLAND

Director // Aleksi Salmenperä Aleksi Salmenperä is one of the most acclaimed and distinctive Finnish film makers. Starting from the short film Ferry Go Round (2001), which was selected into the Cannes film festival, Salmenperä's films have received many film industry awards. His films A Man's Job and Producing Adults were selected as official Oscar entrys for Finland. In 2008 he was invited to become a member of EFA. His latest film, Bad Family (2010), was selected for the Berlinale Film Festival's Panorama section.

ALCAN HIGHWAY Running time: 80 min Production Status: In production Expected release: Autumn 2012 Contact: co-producer: Sigrid Hoerner Confirmed financial sources:

Finnish Film Foundation, YLE, MJÖLK Market Partners: YLE Co-production partners: Moneypenny BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

90.000 225.350 315.350

Director // Aleksi Salmenperä

Producer // Ulla Simonen Ulla Simonen has over 15 years of experience in producing documentaries and her filmography includes over 40 titles. Besides her work for MADE, she also works as a producer for Klaffi Productions and as a documentary script advisor for SOURCES 2. Her other activities include lecturing and training in events such as the EDN workshops and the Berlinale Talent Campus' Doc Station. She has also worked as financier for AVEK and has been a member of EFA since 2001.


PRODUCER // Ulla Simonen

MADE MADE is a recently founded production company focusing on films on the borderline between documentary and fiction that aim to challenge their genres. The objective is also to create an inventive collaboration between filmmakers of different projects. MADE works closely together with Blind Spot Pictures, one of MADE's parent companies, that has made ground breaking work in the field of crowd sourcing, -financing and -marketing and is bringing that knowledge now also to the world of documentaries. Goals at cph:forum To present a new production company with a new project, to tie up the financing of Alcan Highway and to find distribution and sales partners both for now and for the future.

cph:forum / cinema / 60

Alcan highway


Director // Aleksi Salmenperä

ALCAN HIGHWAY is a road movie about a mobile man with mobile plans. Hese is a homeless, 44 year-old man who is torn between wanting to be constantly on the move and searching for a home where he can settle down. He believes he will find his solution in Alaska. With determination Hese has built up his life based on the idea of being constantly on the move. Already at the age of sixteen he bought his first car and started sleeping in it, because it felt liberating and natural. Nowadays he sleeps everywhere where there's a bed available for free. But Hese is getting older and the rough beds and cold winters of Finland are making it increasingly difficult to maintain the alternative life-style he has chosen. Instead of a pension insurance he has bought a sixty year-old truck from Alaska. This 500 dollar wreck, CMC Cannonball, will become his home. He wants to fix up the truck, build a shack on it and drive it 4000 km from Alaska down to Vancouver Island. He has visited the place once and it felt like

home. Hese went to check his future home in the fall of 2010. The truck was in terrible shape and Hese started to doubt his plan. By accident he met a man in his late fifties called Bennett Durgeloh. Bennett and his wife run a truck salvage in Wasilla. Bennet got exited about Hese's project and offered his help. The plan started to seem possible again. ”Do you think we are going to die?”, asked Hese's best friend Jon Ayres, when Hese asked him to join the adventure. Many years ago Hese and Jon were travelling together. Now Jon has settled down in Halifax. He has a decent job and an educated girlfriend. The two men had already agreed to do one major road trip together before it would be too late. ”Of course we are going to die!”, Hese answered and Jon promised to show up in Alaska the following May. In May 2011 Wasilla, Alaska is the cast: Hese, a man with a dream. Reese, a good mechanic, but very impatient. Where Hese would like to recheck and ponder, Reese would use a hammer. Jon, the mild mediator

in between, takes up chain smoking, again. Bennett, a father figure and a man who comes up with solutions that works, with a glass of whisky in his hand. During the very disorganized and physically rough construction phase the characters of the men are revealed. Hese´s dream seems to be turning into a nightmare, taken over by schedules and aggressions. The final adjustments are made by Hese and Bennett alone. Jon and Reese have had enough. Finally, the mobile home is ready to go. Bennett's wife gives Hese a small potted tree to plant outside his home once he reaches his destination. The journey is cursed with trouble, from the unreliable condition of the truck to bears and the highway patrol. After some time on the road, the reality hits; Jon and Reese indeed have a life, work and fixed homes and they need to go back there. Hese is left alone, halfway from his destination. Hese's journey continues without schedules and even the destination is not all that important anymore. Now he feels free. 61 / cinema / cph:forum

presentation of team // DENMARK

Director // Mikala Krogh Mikala Krogh’s style of filmmaking is distinct and original and her topics often serious. Krogh is never afraid of making films that matter, working with topics such as child cancer, pollution and overpopulation, nazi guilt and forgiveness, prostitution and drug dealing. Her extensive filmography already counts a number of national and international hits, including Cities on Speed: Cairo/Garbage (2009), Everything is Relative (2008), Beth's Diary (2006) and My Grandfather's Murderer (2004).

a normal life Running time: 58/75 min Production Status: In production Expected release: July 2012 Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

DFI, DR and MEDIA development BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

341.532 40.698 382.230

Director // Mikala Krogh

Producer // Sigrid Dyekjær Sigrid Dyekjær is the producer of many documentary films, a short selection is: “Love Addict” – Dir. Pernille Rose Grønkjær (2011), “The Good Life” – Dir. Eva Mulvad (2010), “The Home Front” – Dir. Phie Ambo (2010), ”Cities on Speed – Cairo / Garbage” – Dir. Mikala Krogh (2009), ”Mechanical Love” – Dir. Phie Ambo (2007), ”The Monastery” – Dir. Pernille Rose Grønkjær (2006) and ”Gambler” – Dir. Phie Ambo (2005).


producer // Sigrid Dyekjær

Danish Documentary Danish Documentary is founded by four celebrated Danish documentary directors, Phie Ambo, Pernille Rose Grønkjær, Eva Mulvad and Mikala Krogh, together with internationally acclaimed producer Sigrid Dyekjær. All four directors are famous for their cinematic take on reality, and their films have won numerous prestigious prizes amongst many others IDFA’s Joris Ivens Award, Sundance and CPH:DOX. Goals at cph:forum To raise the last part of the finance and find outreach potential.

cph:forum / cinema / 62



Director // Mikala Krogh

Stine’s biggest dream is a normal life for her family, where death has no power. But one of her twin daughters has had cancer for 9 years. Her last chance is a bone marrow transplantation and the family is going trough a year full of hope, fear and isolation. The film examines how a single mother keeps herself and her family going even though everything around her is an almost unbearable chaos with a seriously ill child. How she tries to displace the brutal realities, because she so much wants to live a normal life with her three girls. Her greatest fear is that if she starts crying everything around her will collapse. But Stine, 37, keeps herself afloat by not talking about the one issue that is at stake here: The death of her 11year old daughter, Cecilie. Stine is a determined fighter and fights hard for the survival of her daughter, just as she fights hard to maintain the illusion of a normal family life with Cecilie’s single-edged twin Katrine and their five year old little sister Frederikke.

Despite Cecilie’s cancer, Stine will not accept that time, attention, and love cannot be divided equally among her children. But how do you live a normal life, when you never know if there will be a tomorrow? Stine is divorced from the girl’s father, and they try to do their best to cooperate about Cecilie’s illness and the everyday life for the two other girls. Whereas Katrine is a real pre-teenager, getting her period, wanting to dye her hair, and shopping with friends, Cecilie has been fighting the cancer that struck her, when she was just two years old. She has lost her hair and lives a lot of her life in the hospital or isolated at home. Having a few friends stopping by, but mostly just waiting for her sister to come home and be with her.

the hospital. She wants to treat her children and her family in the trust and hope that Cecilie one day will get well, and then the family must be a “normal” family with children, who haven’t been spoilt rotten, because one child has suffered from a serious illness for many years. Stine wants to distribute her love and care equally among her girls, but suffers from living in a constant state of emergency. She does not allow her own deep fear of loss to hold down the lust for life and the values of a “normal” family. This film is about how you carry a big burden and how you live under those circumstances. Stine does it with dignity and pride, humor and treasuring family values. She does it by living one day at a time.

Stine tries to hold on to family values, teaching her children manners, household duties and treating them as equal members of the family, even though Cecilie is in and out of 63 / cinema / cph:forum

presentation of team // SWEDEN

Director //Lina Mannheimer Lina Mannheimer has a degree in Art, Film & Culture from the Universidad de Nebrija in Madrid. She has worked closely with the French director Gilles Bourdos (Afterwards) and at the New York-based independent production company Salty Features. In 2009, Mannheimer began developing a documentary about French writer Catherine Robbe-Grillet. The Contract is her debut and also the first part of the project The Ceremony.

THE CEREMONY Running time: 60-90 min Production Status: Pre Production Expected release: November 2012 Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

The Swedish Film Institute Film i V채st SVT Market Partners: SVT co-production partners: Film i V채st

Director // Lina Mannheimer

BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

94.212 427.746 521.958


PRUDUCER // Kim Buisson

cph:forum / cinema / 64

Producer // Kim Buisson Kim Buisson has a background as a project manager for different tv productions at Meter Film & TV. In 2008 she started working with Acne Film where she produced the documentary Broder Daniel Forever. Since then she has worked as an producer at Folke Film a production company that focuses on commercial films and music videos. Goals at cph:FORUM The ceremony rages from fiction, to art, to documentary. Meeting and sharing our film with people across the filmmaking industry is of invaluable importance. We hope that our film will fascinate financiers, production companies and distribution channels and form new alliances and friendships.



Director // Lina Mannheimer

Catherine is an 81 year old mistress of sadomasochist ceremonies. She used to be a perfect wife. For five years she has had a contract with a woman, which gives her the right to decide everything in her life. On Wednesday 14th of November 2007, a studio program called ”Les tabous du plaisir féminin”, ”Taboos around female pleasure” was broadcasted on Channel 3 in France. In a silky soft voice, one of the guests tells a story about whipping a young, black, half naked man who is chained by the quay on the river Seine. The scene is lit by the river boats that pass regularly. The woman is author Catherine RobbeGrillet and she is depicting a personal erotic experience from her new book "Le petit carnet perdu", "The lost little notebook". Robbe-Grillet is at the time 77 years old. She is wearing a simple black suit, a white shirt and has her hair tied in a knot at the neck. She is razor sharp, eloquent and very elegant. The discussion continues and after a while she reveals that she holds a contract

with a young woman where she has been given the right to decide everything in that woman’s life. The woman is, as Robbe-Grillet puts it, her ”slave”. I cannot stop thinking about Robbe-Grillet. The contrast is intriguing between her little, sweet looking persona and the stories she told. I bring home a few of her books and discover an equally fascinating as alien world. Catherine Robbe-Grillet has been part of France's intellectual elite for most of her life. She was married to famous writer Alain Robbe-Grillet for over fifty years, with whom she had an “open relationship” until his death in 2008. In her life she played the role of the perfect muse and wife, as well as publishing several works under the pseudonyms Jean and Jeanne de Berg. Her first novel, The Image (Jean de Berg) was first published in 1956 and shocked Paris to the extent that it was publicly burned. Her work is often of erotic nature and mostly inspired by her own life. Catherine Robbe-Grillet organizes sadomasochist ceremonies. Her

book ”Cérémonies de femmes” focuses entirely on this work. These ceremonies are like private theatre pieces where RobbeGrillet carefully plans out every single detail, like a director. We are in the midst of an era where the auto-fiction and the obscene exposure of our private lives through Facebook, Twitter etc has become a natural part of many peoples lives. This constant exposure is an important issue for our time. The risk to get lost is overwhelming and I have the feeling that few people are able to make sens of this new reality. Catherine Robbe-Grillet, alongside artists like Catherine Millet and Cindy Sherman, has managed to make art of the permanent exposure truly intimate. (Even though Robbe-Grillet still refuses to become a member on FB.) I am particularly fascinated by how the limit between personal life and art is always moving, one side constantly nurturing the other, and how that affects the artist’s choices.

65 / cinema / cph:forum

presentation of team // GERMANY & ITALY

Director //Carlo Zoratti Born in 1982, he graduated in interaction design at the Turin University before moving to Fabrica, Benetton’s research center on communication founded by Oliviero Toscani. He worked there for two years before becoming a freelance filmmaker and director. He directed several music videos, short movies, the live show of the Italian Pop Star Jovanotti and funded the Italian webtv Pronti Al Peggio. His experience varies from fiction to documentary. The Special Need is his first feature film.

the special need Running time: 82 min executive producer / co-producer:

Henning Kamm Production Status: In development Expected release: November 2012 Contact: Confirmed financial sources:

MEDIA Market Partners: RAI 3 co-production partners:

Lorenzo Zambelli Hosmer

Director // Carlo Zoratti

BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget:

43.940 216.060 260.000


PRUDUCER // Henning Kamm

Producer // Henning Kamm Henning Kamm majored in Cultural Studies. The L' Atelier Masterclass program at La Fémis in Paris prepared him for an international career. In 2007 he founded DETAiLFILM together with Fabian Gasmia. The first successes were winning the LOLA - the German Oscar, the Crystal Globe at Karlovy Vary and the Robert Bosch Coproduction Prize. The films were shown at festivals like Berlinale, Sundance, Karlovy Vary, Venice and museums like the MoMA/ New York. DETAiLFILM Original, moving stories are what it‘s about at DETAiLFILM. Stories that reach people, win over audiences and convince juries. From all over the world, for everyone to enjoy. Our films have been shown at more than 250 festivals (Berlinale, Sundance, Karlovy Vary, IDFA, Hampton‘s International Film Festival...) and have been awarded over 50 awards like the Crystal Globe in Karlovy Vary, The Black Pearl Award at MEIFF Abu Dhabi and the German female Oscar, the LOLA. Goals at CPH:FORUM Get a market feel for the film. Find a second, even third broadcast partner. Connect to world sales & distribution companies. Exchange views, ideas and experiences with the other participants. Ideally getting the film into the position to finalize financing via public funds in the next 8 months.

cph:forum / cinema / 66



Director // Carlo Zoratti

THE SPECIAL NEED is a coming of age story of a special kind - Enea is a 28 year old autistic boy on a tour through Europe looking for sex, eventually finding love, ultimately finding independence. Enea is 28. He has blue eyes and loves trucks, especially those driving on ice. There is only one thing that Enea loves more than trucks. And that thing is: girls. He hasn’t found the right one yet. Still he has never stopped looking for her. One more thing about Enea: he is autistic. Enea often gets into trouble for giving too much attention to women. One day, after taking a photo of a girl on the bus, he is pushed to the ground by her boyfriend. Carla, Enea’s therapist, convinces his mom that the time has come for the man to cope with

his sexual desires. Carla and Enea retreat in a location by the sea where Enea is given the basics of sexual education. Meanwhile Alex, a thirty years old social worker trapped in a never ending puberty, is asked by Carla to carry out a research aimed at finding a way for Enea to have sex in a safe and legal environment. Alex soon realises how difficult it is to find a solution like this in a country like Italy, where prostitution is illegal and most of the people with learning difficulties are considered like eternal children. In the meanwhile, polemics start spreading in Alex’s association. Why should a person with learning disability be introduced to sex? Is it admissible to take an autistic guy to see a prostitute?

seems to be stuck in a dead end, Alex is tipped off about a brothel in Austria where prostitutes work with disabled people. The journey is planned and in a couple of days the two leave on Alex’s old Vokswagen van. From Bolzano to Linz, Zurich and Hamburg, Alex and Enea embark upon a journey that will take them far beyond what they initially imagined. More people will join the mission and a series of unexpected events will divert the van from the initial destination towards new paths. What started as an expedition aimed at having sex soon becomes a journey into Enea’s most intimate feelings and a way for the two friends to explore their own conception of love, friendship and freedom.

How will it be possible to control his desires once he’s been initiated? When his research 67 / cinema / cph:forum

The Dream project Director // james marsh // UK

Director // James Marsh James Marsh began his career directing documentaries for the BBC’s Arena strand. His 1999 documentary ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’ won many awards, including a BAFTA for Cinematography and RTS award for Best Documentary. In 2005 Marsh directed his first feature film ‘The King’. In 2008 he directed ‘Man on Wire’, which has won several awards at festivals across Europe and America, including the Jury Prize for best film at Sundance Film Festival. His most recent documentary 'Project Nim' is screening at this years CPH:DOX.

The Dream project Running time: : TBD. 80 min or more. Production Status: Script stage. Interviews and sequences with the dreamer have been shot in Toronto, Canada. Expected release: To be determined. producer: Jonathan Hewes executive producer / co-producer: Katherine Butler, Film4 Market Partners: Film4 PRODUCTION COMPANY: Wall to Wall co-production partners: British Film Institute Confirmed financial sources: British Film Institute, Film4, Wall to Wall BUDGET in euro:

Confirmed amount: Required amount: Total budget: notes:

800,000 650,000 1.450.000

Director // JAMES MArSH

The Dream project will be an unusual hybrid of documentary testimony and visual imagery based on real dreams. The source material of film is a real dream diary made episodically by a man living in Toronto, roughly between the period 1950-1990. The man donated the diary to researchers at the University of Santa Cruz, California who verified its authenticity and archived it in their ‘dream bank’ for ongoing research and analysis. The man agreed for the diary to be made public, providing he remained anonymous. The diary is unique in the annals of dream research because it is rigorously selective and thematic – the dreamer only transcribed dreams that featured ‘Mary’, a woman whom he was obsessed with all his life. He eventually married Mary and they had three children. The relationship was tempestuous and Mary herself died tragically and young. His dreams of Mary continued long after her death. Each dream or fragment of a dream is a subconscious dramatisation of their relationship and the constantly shifting fears and desires of the dreamer are laid bare in the bizarre imagery and narratives of his dreams. In the film the dreams will be sequenced to follow the chronology of their relationship and life together. Essentially, the film will unfold as a passionate and doomed love story, rendered in unconventional imagery and dream episodes, but its emotional progression should quickly feel familiar and true. The dream diary entries will be heard in the film as an intimate, confessional voice over. Visually, the scenes in the film will be directly inspired by the dreams themselves. The dreams are quite precisely described in the diary – the dreamer is specific about time of day, colours, sounds, objects and locations – many of which recur over the course of the diary. Usually he gives us a clear point of view (virtually a camera angle) for the action in the dreams. In some dreams, he is a voyeur or a witness to his own actions. Others unfold directly

cph:forum / cinema / 68


from his point of view. Some are not quite in focus; others flicker with random images and disintegrate into nothing. The film will reproduce these as precisely as possible with camera moves and loose focus. The dreams also have unexpected ‘edits’ or sudden changes of scenery that again will be respected by the film. These edits are infrequent so we anticipate shooting many of the dreams as long, unbroken takes so we feel the weight of real time. Many of the dreams will be filmed at dawn or twilight so that the light and mood can be consistently eerie and beautiful. And the nightmares will be just that – uncanny, confusing, disorientating and horrifying – where the dreamer is often paralyzed, unable to talk or move. There are 2 main characters in the film – ‘Mary’ and the dreamer, known as ‘Ed’. There are other recurring bit players, some of whom are unstable – that is, the couple’s children morph into each other and sometimes change so that the dreamer doesn’t recognize them. Likewise, another woman who begins to haunt the dreams, as Ed reveals an extra-marital affair. Another recurring character is the comedian Jerry Seinfeld who makes several cameo appearances in Ed’s dreams. There will be a whole other dimension to the film. A powerful layer of real life, documentary testimony will underpin and frame the bizarre and fanciful stories in the dreams. The author of the dream diary is

still alive and has given an extensive on-camera interview to the director. Other observational scenes and images have also been shot with the real life dreamer. The dreamer is actually an elderly Jewish man living in Toronto, Canada. ‘Mary’, dead since 1984, was his wife of 15 years. He was a social worker for much of his professional life and now lives in a retirement home. He is an intelligent, cultured and lucid old man who becomes very emotional when talking about ‘Mary’, particularly the circumstances of her illness and death. All of the biographical elements glimpsed in his dreams are true – his lifelong infatuation with Mary, their marital difficulties, Mary’s illness and death. He recorded his dreams by simply having a pencil and paper by his bedside each night for more than 40 years, even though his actual dreams of Mary were relatively infrequent. In sequences interspersed throughout the film, we will meet the dreamer and allow him to authenticate the biographical details embedded in his dreams and sketch out the real life love story that the dreams evoke, through both interview testimony and home movies and photos. The resulting film should prove to be an original and unprecedented attempt to translate the language of dreams into a coherent and emotionally accessible film narrative. It will also be an enquiry into male desire and love as revealed by the subconscious mind.

69 / cinema / cph:forum

cph:forum / industry professionals / 70

INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS Against Gravity // Angel Scandinavia // Anna Lena Films // Anna Sanders Films // Autlook Filmsales // BBC Storyville // Bergen International Flm Festival // KFOFO // Bonniers Konsthall // Casa Kafka Pictures // Cat & Docs // Centre Pompidou // Channel4 // Channel 4 Britdoc Foundation // Chicken & Egg Pictures // Cinereach // Cine.regio // Cinestyria filmcommission & fonds // Cinetic Rights Management // Coproduction office // DFI-The Danish Film Institute // Distrify // Distribber // Doc Alliance Films // Dogwoof // DOX:BIO // DR International Sales // DR- Danish Broadcasting Corporation // Eurimages // Festivalscope // Fid laB // Film i Skåne // Film London // Filmkontakt Nord // First Hand Films // Fortuna Films // Göteborg International Film Festival // Hot Docs // IFCIC // Impact Partners // Illuminations Films // Indie gogo // International Film Festival Rotterdam // Irish Film Board // Jeonju International Film Festival // Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival // Kunsthal Charlottenborg // Film Society of Lincoln Center // LUX // M Link // MEDIA Desk France // Medienboard – Berlin Brandenburg // MOMA // Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica // National Gallery of Denmark // NDS -New Danish Screen // Netherlands Film Fund // NFI //NORDISK FILM OG TV FOND // Pro Helvetia // Ripping Reality // SFI -Swedish Fim Institute // Sheffield Doc/Fest Shooting people // Shooting people // Soda Pictures // SVT -Swedish // Television // Tate Modern // Torino Film Festival // Tribeca Film Festiva // TV2 Denmark // Uplink // VPRO // Wide managent // Wildbunch // Women Make Movies // YLE // ZDF / ARTE

71 / industry professionals / cph:forum

against gravity Artur Liebhart // ceo

Against Gravity Local Films distributor and festival organiser in Poland dedicated to feature length documentary films and art house features. Theatrical&DVD releases, VOD, sales to 12 TV channels in Poland. Looking for Innovative in form and emotionally engaged cinema documentary films. recent commitments Whore’s Glory // Alps // Khodorkovsky // My Joy // Cave of forgotten dreams FAVOURITE FILMS Dogtooth // Stranded // Sounds of Insects GETTING INVOLVED;

Angel films scandinavia A/S Peter Sølvsten Thomsen // Acq. & Sales manager Angel Films scandinavia A/S Angel Films has been handling feature film acquisition, distribution and production (als short films and TV) in Scandinavia since 1987. Also involved in international co-productions. Full Studio and post production facilities. Dvd authoring and digitalization and encoding in all formats and to all platforms. Recent commitments Lapland Odyssey // Mia & Migoo // Take this Waltz FAVOURITE FILMS Many, many, many GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 72

Anna Lena // Founder Anna Lena Films Anna Lena Films Anna Lena Vaney is a film producer, an art work publisher and a key supportive figure of the international visual arts. Her company Anna Lena Films, founded with Victorien Vaney in 2001, brings life to artists’ intense creative vision within the fields of art and cinema. Zidane, A 21st Century Portrait enjoyed a worldwide, resounding critic and audience approval. Also being a film installation, it is part of the permanent collections of museums, such as the Guggenheim New York. Presented at the Venice Biennale, and prestigious venues all around the world, the series No Ghost Just A Shell is now part of the permanent collection of the Tate Modern, London. Anna Lena Films most recent productions are: 1968 directed by Philippe Parreno (DP Darius Khondji) - The Host and the Cloud, a film by Pierre Huyghe, (Berlin Film Festival 2010) - the documentary on Il Tempo del Postino featuring artists such as Douglas Gordon or Mathew Barney among others, and This Nameless Spectacle by Jesper Just. Anna Lena Films is currently in post production of the feature Punk, by Jean-Stephane Sauvaire. Other projects in production include the adaptation of best seller In The Crowd by Laurent Mauvignier, and the feature Invisible Boy by Philippe Parreno (DP Darius Khondji). GETTING INVOLVED

Anna Sanders Films charles de meaux Anna Sanders Films Charles de Meaux is one of those artists for whom the cinema represents one of the pillars of contemporary art, a realm of experimentation that makes it possible to extend the potential of this field of cretivity and reinvest in the questions of pop fiction and imagination that it conveys. In 1997, he founded the production company Anna Sanders Films with Pierre Huygues, Philippe Parreno and Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, inventing a fictitious character, a ghost that symbolizes the space in between cinema and art, a way of freeing the constraining economic circuits of the ”seventh art”. Getting involved

73 / industry professionals / cph:forum

Autlook Peter Jäger // Autlook Filmsales Autlook Autlook is a full-service sales agent, handling festivals, TV-, theatrical-, educational-, DVDand digital sales worldwide. We select around 25 TV- documentaries a year and up to 6 docs with worldwide theatrical potential. Autlook attends all importanttheatrical markets like: Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Pusan, Locarno, Sundance, Hong Kong, Rotterdam, etc. and all Doc mar kets like: IDFA, Hot Docs, Sheffield, Leipzig, Visions du Reel, MIPTV, MIPCOM, etc). Looking for daring and powerful documentaries. Feature and one hour length crossmedia projects are very welcome. RECENT COMMITMENTS At Night They Dance // El Bulli // The Substance // Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest FAVORITE FILMS Comic-Con // Into Eternity GETTING INVOLVED

BBC Storyville Shanida Scotland // Acting Strand Executive BBC Storyville Shanida has worked for Storyville, the BBC’s international documentary strand since 2006. Now, alongside the Editorial team, Shanida helps to commission and develop documentaries for the strand. 2009-10 titles include: The New Kings of Nigeria; Men of the City; The Time of Their Lives and the Oscar nominated The Most Dangerous Man in America. Getting involved

cph:forum / industry professionals / 74

BBC Storyville Nick Fraser // Commissioning Editor BBC Storyville BBC Storyville has developed an enviable reputation since its inception more than a decade ago. Our aim is to try to bring the most interesting character-based stories from around the world to the screen. That gives us amazing scope to commission across a huge range of genres and subjects. The strand looks for ambitious, narrative, contemporary films to commission in co-production with other funders, to pre-buy or acquire. Screening over 340 films, from some 70 different countries, we are looking for Strong Narrative, Cosmopolitan themes, reportage, brilliant, ground-breaking films. No turkeys, no worthiness and no dullness. RECENT COMMITMENTS Acquisitions: Tabloid, Inside Job // The World Against Apartheid Commissions: The Interrupters // Marathon Boy // Law of the Dragon FAVOURITE FILMS A Prophet // The Rules of the Game // The Sorrow and the Pity GETTING INVOLVED,

Bergen International Film Festival Tor Fosse // Festival Director & EINER SLEIRE // PROJECT LEADER Bergen International Film Festival BIFF is one of the leading film festivals in Norway, presenting about 120 films from all over the world. The programme consists of both sneak premieres of films in theatrical distribution as well as new discoveries within both fiction and documentaries. GETTING INVOLVED

75 / industry professionals / cph:forum

Film Society Lincoln Center Rose Kuo // Executive Director Film Society Lincoln Center America’s pre-eminent film presentation organization, The Film Society of Lincoln Center was founded in 1969 to celebrate American and international cinema, to recognize and support new filmmakers, and to enhance awareness, accessibility and understanding of the art among a broad and diverse film going audience. As an independent constituent of the world’s foremost performing arts center, the Film Society of Lincoln Center presents a 363-day season that includes premieres of new films from an international roster of established and emerging directors; major retrospectives; in-depth symposia and high profile events Well versed in both international and American cinema, Kuo has worked on several independent films. She possesses an extensive background as a filmmaker, having started as an assistant to Oscarwinning editor Thelma Schoonmaker and as a camera assistant to famed cinematographer Haskell Wexler. Among a myriad of feature film credits spanning over twenty years, Kuo has also worked with such top directors as Michael Mann, Paul Schrader, Ed Zwick and Martin Scorsese. GETTING INVOLVED

Bonniers Konsthall Camilla Larsson // curator Bonniers Konsthall Bonniers Konsthall is mounting temporary exhibitions with Swedish and international contemporary artists. It is an arena for experimentation and new forms of expression. While offering a venue for young artists, Bonniers Konsthall is at the same time a platform for established artists giving them the opportunity to create and exhibit new work. Bonniers Konsthall with Moderna Museet in Stockholm are planning a film and art project called Before and After Cinema (spring 2012). My visit to Copenhagen is to research for this specific project. In Before and After Cinema these aspects of the moving image in art will be discussed through the work of contemporary artists as well as important predecessors such as Bruce Nauman and Joan Jonas. FAVORITE FILMS Douglas Gordon´s appropriation of Alfred Hitchcock’s enigmatic and paradigmatic films GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 76

Casa Kafka Pictures Isabelle MOLHANT // Chief Executive Officer Casa Kafka Pictures Casa Kafka Pictures is an intermediate company active in Belgian Tax Shelter. Tax Shelter is a mechanism that allows a Belgian company wishing to invest by providing financial backing for audiovisual productions to benefit from exception of any retained taxable profits worth up to 150% of the sums invested. Casa Kafka Pictures co-finances between 30 and 40 projects / year. The company is active on Belgian productions and co-productions. Casa Kafka Pictures is a subsidiary company of Belgian public broadcaster RTBF. Looking for strong Belgian and international projects eligible for Belgian Tax Shelter investments, i.e. being coproduced with a Belgian producer (French and Flemish). RECENT COMMITMENTS The Congress // Les Adorés // Les Magasin des Suicides // Waiting for the Sea FAVORITE FILMS Max Mon Amour // Spirited Away // Exit through the Gift Shop... and many others. GETTING INVOLVED Website under construction

CAT&Docs Catherine Le Clef // president CAT&Docs CAT&Docs’ focus is on promoting and distributing all types of documentaries in all media around the world. CAT&Docs is looking for pertinent and impertinent docs on topical questions and timeless subjects; Docs that are carefully researched; Docs that rigorously explore the subject matter, that are audacious, open to the diversity of the world and that have their place on the international scene; Docs that question the world and propose new ways of looking at it; Docs that must tell a story that everyone in the world can relate to. Docs that keep us from closing our eyes! Recent acquisitions The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye; Love Always, Carolyn; Better this World; Empire of Dust; Phnom Penh Lullaby; The Price of Sex, FAVOURITE FILMS The Staircase // The Beautiful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl Getting involved

77 / industry professionals / cph:forum

Centre Pompidou Charlène Dinhut // curator Centre Pompidou Charlène Dinhut is part of the curatorial team of Hors Pistes, at the Centre Pompidou, in Paris. The event explores the hybridity and the liberty operating in contemporary film and video, and presents screenings as well as performances. Charlene Dinhut is also a PhD candidate in aesthethics at university la Sorbonne in Paris. Her researches are about the notion of place in films and videos. As independent curator and teacher, she has been working for several events, festivals and distribution structures. She also studied and worked in the field of French contemporary poetry. Getting involved

Channel 4 Tabitha Jackson, Commissioning Editor Arts Channel 4 Channel 4 is a commercial, public service broadcaster regulated by Ofcom. Channel 4 is built around four core values: nurture talent, inspire change, champion alternative views & perspectives, challenge people to see the world differently. Uniquely, it commissions all of its originated content from the UK indie sector. We are currently looking for: An output that creatively expresses Us Now. Art stunts and spectacle with a purpose. Popular potentially returnable series on arts and culture. RECENT COMMITMENTS The Arbor // Cave of Forgotten Dreams // The Perverts Guide to Ideology // Dreams of a Life FAVORITE FILMS Grey Gardens // West Side Story // Into Eternity // Nostalgia for the Light //Armadillo GETTING INVOLVED (Assistant)

cph:forum / industry professionals / 78

Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation Maxyne Franklin // Director Director, Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation The Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation brings new thinking to public service delivery in the UK and beyond. The Foundation exists to nurture talent and work with new approaches to documentary filmmaking and funding. In addition to film funding the Foundation also runs the Puma.Creative Impact Awards, celebrating the documentary film that has created most significant social impact and the international Good Pitch event in partnership with the Sundance Institute Documentary Program.  The Good Pitch matchmakes filmmakers with NGOs, foundations and other partners to forge coalitions and campaigns that are good for the films and good for society. Recent Committments Dragonslayer // Hell & Back Again // Bengali Detective // Erasing David Favourite films The Arbor // Thin Blue Line // Devil and Daniel Johnson // Devils Miner // How’s Your News Getting involved // maxyne

Chicken & Egg Pictures Wendy Ettinger // Co-Founder Chicken&Egg Pictures Chicken & Egg Pictures is a hybrid film fund and non-profit production company dedicated to supporting women filmmakers who are as passionate about the craft of storytelling as they are about the social justice, environmental and human rights issues they’re embracing, translating and exploring on film. We match strategically timed financial support with rigorous, respectful and dynamic mentorship, creative collaboration and community-building to nurture women filmmakers. We are looking for films that deal with the critical social issues of our time. We currently have two dedicated funds, Which Came / environmental and The Mother Wit Fund/ Human Rights. RECENT COMMITMENTS A Small Act // Call me Kuchu // Our School // Unstable Elements FAVORITE FILMS Harlan county U.S.A // Salesman // Start Up // Thin blue Line // Don’t look back GETTING INVOLVED

79 / industry professionals / cph:forum

Cinereach Leah Giblin // Grants Associate Cinereach Cinereach, a not-for-profit film production company and foundation based in New York, supports fiction and nonfiction films from around the world. Since 2006, we have disbursed over $4.5 million in grant funds to more than 90 projects at the intersection of engaging storytelling, visual artistry and vital subject matter. We champion films that favor story over message, character over agenda, and complexity over duality. We seek out projects that use cinematic artistry to explore emergent topics, themes or ideas, depict underrepresented perspectives, spark dialogue and challenge preconception and bias. RECENT COMMITMENTS Cutie and the Boxer // In the Last Days of the City // Teenage // Charge // Ok, Enough, Goodbye FAVORITE FILMS Midnight Cowboy // Gimme Shelter // Small Change // Streetwise // US Go Home GETTING INVOLVED

Cine-Regio Charlotte Appelgren // General-Secretary Cine-Regio Cine-Regio is a pan-European association of 36 regional film funds in Europe. We act as a network and lobby for our members. The members represent a total capital of 148 million euros per year. The members exhibit a range of funding schemes which aim to support film culture, encourage social cohesion and build regional film infrastructure. Funding criteria differs from fund to fund. Application to be send directly to each fund.  GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 80

Cinestyria Filmcommission & Fonds Enrico Jakob // General Secretary Cinestyria Filmcommission & Fonds CINESTYRIA Filmcommission and Fonds officiates as a central contact point for all Film- and TV affairs of the Styrian provence of Austria. We focus on the touristic relevancy of the presented applications. Our function is divided in two sections. One section contains the film sponsorship and the other covers the service and support zone. The primary goal is the presentation of the “Green heart” of Austria to an international TV and cinema audience. Since January 2007 the CINESTYRIA has been integrated in the Styrian Tourism board which offers us a great variety of synergies which could be perfectly used to reach our target. Looking for films to be produced in Styria / Austria: Documentaries and fiction. RECENT COMMITMENTS: Die unabsichtliche Entführung der Frau Elfriede Ott // Das Glück dieser Erde // Int. Berg & Abenteuer Filmfestival Graz // Aufgetischt in der Heimat der Lipizzaner FAVORITE FILMS Bullets over Broadway // The Matrix // Rear Window GETTING INVOLVED,

Cinetic Rights Management / FilmBuff Rebecca Sosa // Programming Manager Cinetic Rights Management / FilmBuff Cinetic Rights Management (FilmBuff) curates the best in original content for online audiences. FilmBuff scours the earth in search of compelling stories and ensures that content is available for viewers regardless of their viewing platforms. As one of the largest and most successful suppliers of digital entertainment content, FilmBuff delivers to international platforms through its partnerships with cable, satellite and telco companies, game consoles, online retailers and wireless platforms. We are looking for Fiction and Non-fiction films, 30’ to 120’. RECENT COMMITMENTS The Big Uneasy // For Lovers Only // Presspauseplay // The Antics Roadshow FAVORITE FILMS Labyrinth // Reservoir Dogs //The Usual Suspects // Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind // Gone with the Wind GETTING INVOLVED

81 / industry professionals / cph:forum

Coproduction Office Philippe Bober // Producer & Manager Coproduction Office In 1987, Philippe Bober created Coproduction Office, a sales and production label of bold, innovative and ultimately often award winning auteur films driven by strong personal visions. As a producer, Philippe Bober was involved in the early films by - amongst many others Lars von Trier, Nanni Moretti, Ulrich Seidl, Roy Andersson, Wolfgang Becker and last year’s DOX:AWARD winner Michelangelo Frammartino. The company has a strong reputation for discovering and nurturing new talent. GETTING INVOLVED

DFI - DANISH FILM INSTITUTE Helle Hansen // Film Commissioner DFI - DANISH FILM INSTITUTE The Danish Film Institute is the government body responsible for implementing public policy regarding Danish films and cinema culture. DFI operations extend from participation in the development and production of feature films, short and documentary films, over distribution and marketing, to managing the national film archive and the cinematheque. DFI has about 5 million Euros per year for documentary and short films. The funding for international coproductions depend greatly on the creative Danish spend. Recent titles supported by DFI are, Armadillo, Burma VJ, The Good Life, Into Eternity. RECENT COMMITMENTS: Started the job in September 2011 and is now responsible for a number of productions supported by former Film Commissioners. is at the moment preparing the first two grants regarding the titles: “Gang Warriors” and “City Slang Redux” (Danish music documentary). GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 82

DFI - Danish Film Institute Klara Grunning-Harris // Commissioning Editor, Documentary and Short Film DFI - Danish Film Institute The DFI is the national agency responsible for supporting and encouraging film and cinema culture. The institute’s operations extend from participation in the development and production of feature films, short films and documentaries, over distribution and marketing, to managing the national film archive and a public cinema. For the year 2011 we expect to subsidize 30 shorts- and documentaries. The budget for production and distribution of shorts- and documentaries for 2010 amounts to a total of approx. EURO 5.000.000. A minimum of 25 % of this budget is allocated to films aimed for a young audience. Recent commitments The Good Life // Armadillo // Free The Mind//Law of the Jungle // Love Addict FAVOURITE FILMS Darwin’s Nightmare // The New Americans // Please Vote for Me // A Lion in the House GETTING INVOLVED

DFI - The Danish Film Institute Malene Flindt Pedersen // Head of development , Short- and documentary DFI - The Danish Film Institute The Danish Film Institute is the national agency responsible for supporting and encouraging film and cinema-culture. For the year 2011 we expect to subsidize 35 shorts- and documentaries. The budget for production and distribution of shorts- and documentaries for 2011 amounts to a total of approx. EURO 6.500.000. A minimum of 25 % of this budget is allocated to films especially for children and young people. The Danish Film Institute can support coproductions. As a minimum a Danish production company must be involved and it is a priority that a substantial Danish input is engaged in the creative team. The next co-production deadline is February 27th 2012. Recent commitments Pushwagner // At night I fly // Bananas FAVOURITE FILMS Armadillo // The Regretters // Into Eternity GETTING INVOLVED

83 / industry professionals / cph:forum

DFI - Danish Film Institute Søren Tarp // Producer, Shorts and Documentaries DFI - Danish Film Institute Film production and film development are the Danish Film Institute’s (DFI) main subsidy areas. We strive to promote diversity and risk-willingness in the industry by offering a variety of gateways to production support, by highlighting talent development, by keeping a sharp eye on new digital platforms, and by encouraging international coproduction partnerships. We also have a longstanding tradition for supporting children and youth films, an area to which 25% of all subsidies are allocated. Only Danish producers can apply for production support as partners in international coproductions. RECENT COMMITMENTS A large number of films. See the DFI website FAVORITE FILMS Artistic and daring documentaries with an important subject and strong characters. GETTING INVOLVED

DFI - danish film institute Kim Leona // Film Commissioner - feature films DFI - danish film institute The Danish Film Institute department for Production & Development is in charge of processing applications for subsidies for Danish feature films and short & documentary films. The process includes an artistic evaluation. Allocations of subsidies are for screenplay development, project development and production development. The unit also processes and evaluates projects involving Danish producers participating in international co-productions. Recent commitments Kapringen // Only God Forgives // IRL (new danish Screen) Side om Side // Dr.Nakamats // The Devilles (documentaries) Getting involved

cph:forum / industry professionals / 84

DFI - Danish Film Institute Steen Bille // Film commissioner feature films DFI - Danish Film Institute The Danish Film Institute department for Production & Development and the unit New Danish Screen provides development and production funding for short fiction, documentary and feature films. I am looking for films combining documentary and fictional elements. RECENT COMMITMENTS Balladen om Marie // The man who saved the world // Jagten GETTING INVOLVED

DFI - Danish Film Institute Noemi Ferrer Schwenk // International producer DFI - Danish Film Institute The Danish Film Institute's department for Production & Development and the unit New Danish Screen provides development and production funding for short fiction, documentary and feature films. I am looking for films combining documentary and fictional elements. RECENT COMMITMENTS Noemi started her career at the Danish Film Institute this summer. GETTING INVOLVED

85 / industry professionals / cph:forum

Distrify Peter Gerard // Managing Director Distrify Have you tried selling online? Distrify is the leading option for film distributors and producers who want to sell directly online, turning the familiar film-trailer into a point-of-sale for VOD, downloads, DVDs and screenings. Distrify’s unique toolset helps you engage with your audience and incentivise legal sharing, turning your audience into a global salesforce for your film. We are looking for any film where you can identify your audience and are able to actively engage with your audience Online. You’ll need to reserve your digital rights (or at least keep them non-exclusive) when doing other distribution deals so you can self-distribute online using Distrify’s amazing toolset. RECENT COMMITMENTS We are a service provider, not a rights-holder. We are working on providing online direct-toaudience sales platforms for Dogwoof, BFI, Danish Documentary and many more. FAVORITE FILMS Some docs I loved: The Monastery // Thin Blue Line // Petropolis // Last Train Home GETTING INVOLVED

Doc Alliance Films Diana Tabakov // Acquisitions Doc Alliance Films is a Video on Demand platform focused on documentary and experimental films. The selective catalogue consists of over 600 films, with an emphasis on European cinema, available worldwide for a small fee for stream or download. Every month DocAllianceFilms. com expands its catalog with the addition of up to 20 new titles chosen by the five partner festivals involved in Doc Alliance; CPH:DOX Copenhagen, DOK Leipzig, IDFF Jihlava, Planete Doc Review Warsaw and Visions du Réel Nyon. We are looking for new creative documentaries and production companies, open to online premieres, retrospectives of remarkable directors or other topical online events. RECENT COMMITMENTS Burma VJ // Space Tourists // Switzerland. // The Sound of Insects FAVORITE FILMS The Sound of Insects // The Castle // A letter from Germany GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 86

DOXBIO Josephine Michau // co-founder & Co-CEO Marlene S. Rasmussen // co-founder & co-CEO DOXBIO DOXBIO was founded in 2010 by Josephine Michau and Marlene Schiött Rasmussen as a distribution concept characterized by linking audience across the country in one-off events and live debates - followed by a regular theatrical release. DOXBIO has in very short time created a strong brand for documentary and a network of more than 40 cinemas across Denmark has committed to a yearly catalogue of 6 feature documentaries selected for DOXBIO each year. DOXBIO works both independently as distributor, or collaborates with other national or international distributors. 2-4 international titles will be selected each year. Each film premieres with a big release-event across 40 cinemas commited to the DOXBIO network. Our best selling film in 2011 was “SVEND” which went into 95 cinemas across the country. RECENT COMMITMENTS The Ambassador // Svend // Waste Land // Food, INC. // The Good Life FAVOURITE FILMS - the same as above Getting involved

87 / industry professionals / cph:forum

Dogwoof Vesna Cudic // Broadcast Sales and Acquisitions Executive Dogwoof Dogwoof is a leading UK film distributor of social issue films and documentaries. We have released around a hundred award winning films such as Black Gold, Food Inc, Burma VJ, Restrepo. We release films in the UK and Ireland, through theatrical, TV, DVD, Mobile and Online platforms, backing the releases with major marketing campaigns. Dogwoof Global Sales is a subsidiary of Dogwoof, a service designed to help filmmakers promote and sell their films internationally. We are looking for compelling documentaries with theatrical potential, strong narrative-driven stories, stories about exceptional people, and specialist subject documentaries with a clear niche. RECENT ACQUISITONS Tabloid // Bombay Beach // Girl Model // How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster? FAVORITE FILMS Bombay Beach // Tabloid GETTING INVOLVED,,

DR international Sales Kim Christiansen // Co-production Manager DR international Sales DR international Sales is the sales arm of Danish Broadcasting Corporation. It is Scandinavia’s largest international TV-distributor, present at all major television markets and festivals. DR International Sales distribute and sell films, television programmes and archive footage produced by DR as well as independent companies. We specialise in Documentaries, Kids Programming and TV-Drama. We also handle film projects in production for international co-productions and pre-sales. We are looking for new engaging projects on contemporary stories. Laughter and cry are always good selling points. RECENT COMMITMENTS Putin’s Kiss // Ballroom Dancer // Armadillo FAVOURITE FILMS Putin’s Kiss // Ballroom Dancer // Toy Story 3 7 // Freaks(1932) GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 88

DR International Sales helene aurø // Head of Sales DR International Sales DR international Sales, the sales department of DR, the Danish Broadcasting Corp., is Scandinavia’s largest international TV-distributor, present at all major television markets and festivals. We specialize in documentaries, children’s programming and TV-drama. We are looking for new engaging projects on contemporary stories, preferable stories unheard of. Social issues, current affairs and strong author driven narratives for an international audience. Ambitious storytelling and an interesting approach. RECENT COMMITMENTS: The Red Chapel // Armadillo // The Good Life // My Cousin – The Pirate FAVOURITE FILMS Ask me! GETTING INVOLVED

DR International Sales Charlotte Gry Madsen // Project Manager DR International Sales DR International Sales, the sales department of DR (the Danish Broadcasting Corp.), is Scandinavia’s largest international TV-distributor. We distribute and sell films and TV programmes produced by DR and by independent production companies around the world. Our focus is on great stories in all genres, but we specialise in documentaries and also handle projects in production for international co-productions and pre-sales. We are looking for new engaging projects on contemporary stories; Unique stories and strong narratives for an international audience. RECENT COMMITMENTS Breathing // Law of the Jungle // Putin’s Kiss // Armadillo // The Good Life FAVOURITE FILMS The Arbor // Grey Gardens // Drinking for England GETTING INVOLVED

89 / industry professionals / cph:forum

DR – Danish Broadcasting Corporation Mette Hoffmann Meyer //Head of Documentaries DR – Danish Broadcasting Corporation Mette is responsible for acquiring non Danish documentaries and factual programming for four DR-channels showing some 900 hours per year. She commissions both international and Danish productions for DR2. She is a board member of Steps International and spearheaded ‘Why Democracy?’ Mette has supported many award winning films from the Oscar-winning ‘Taxi to the Dark Side’ to the Chinese ‘Please Vote for Me’. She is on many advisory boards and was this year a Sundance Jury member. She is looking for strong human interest stories, current affairs, natural history, factual series and feature length documentaries. RECENT COMMITMENTS The Cove // Inside Job, Cairo’s ½ Revolution // Senna // To Hell and Back // The red Chapel// and is spearheading Why Poverty – a new global multimedia event to take place last week of November 2012.. FAVOURITE FILMS Komura // Murder on a Sunday Morning // Capturing the Friedmans GETTING INVOLVED

DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation documentaries/factual, DR2 Anders Bruus // Acquisition Executive

DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation – documentaries/factual, DR2 DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) is a five channel public broadcaster showing a wide range of documentaries and factual programming. Dokumania is a weekly feature length doc strand showing the world’s best documentaries. They may be award winning or simply great films telling great stories in an engaging and entertaining way. We are also looking for one hour late night social/political/current affairs/human interest documentaries. RECENT COMMITMENTS Too many to mention FAVOURITE FILMS Too many to mention GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 90

Eurimages Anton Calleja // Project ManageR Eurimages Eurimages is the Council of Europe fund for the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinematographic works. Set up in 1988 as a Partial Agreement it currently has 35 Member States. Eurimages aims to promote the European film industry by encouraging the production and distribution of films and fostering co-operation between professionals. We are looking for feature length documentaries for theatrical release. RECENT COMMITMENTS Cheek to Cheek // Kinshasa // More than Honey FAVOURITE FILMS Workingman’s death // Burma VJ // La Ciudad De Los Fotografos (City of Photographers) GETTING INVOLVED

Festivalscope Lucie Kalmar Festivalscope For the past two years Lucie Kalmar (1978) has been developing Festival Scope with Alessandro Raja from the initial concept. Before that, Lucie Kalmar worked for Wild Bunch from 2002 to 2009. She was in charge of festivals and markets, and worked closely on over 200 films with programmers from major film festivals, producers and filmmakers. Before Wild Bunch, she worked at the Toronto International Film Festival. She created a production company called MÔMERADE in 2005, which is based in Paris and within which she produced two short films and offered post-production services to producers as well as consulting to the European Film Market (Berlin) and the Marché du Film (Cannes). Getting involved

91 / industry professionals / cph:forum

FIDLab Co-ordinator Fabienne Moris // Director of FIDLab Rebecca De Pas // FIDLab Coordinator FIDLab FIDlab offers a rendez-vous to discuss film projects selected within an international call, in order to offer their directors and authors an opportunity for useful meetings and networking with producers, distributors, international sales agents, fund raisers, and broadcasters. Each year FIDLab select 10 international projects, chosen with no particular requirements regarding format, length, and subject matter, and including both fiction and documentary films whether they are at the writing stage, in production, or post-production. In a diverse, international context, FIDLab wants to reinforce projects chosen not only for their artistic and creative qualities, in link with the FIDMarseille’s editorial programme, but also for their international potential and market access. GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 92

Film i Skåne Joakim Strand // Commissioning Editor, Short and Documentary Film i Skåne Film i Skåne is a regional resource- and film production centre with the task of promoting all aspects of films. We take an overall view, where the development of the audience, film makers and the media industry is a tool for developing the film environment in Skåne. Through the coproduction of short, documentary and feature films Film I Skåne attract capital that is spent in the region on services, facilities and labor that help develop the audio-visual infrastructure in Skåne. We are looking for creative documentaries with strong characters and stories. The production must have a co-producer in Skåne. recent commitments Harbor of Hope // I´m My Own Dolly Parton // In Between Favorite films At Night I Fly // The Guerilla Son // Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys GETTING INVOLVED

Film London Rose Cupit // Manager, Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN) Film London Film London, as the capital’s film and media agency, aims to ensure London has a thriving film sector that enriches the city’s businesses and its people. Film London, with funding from Arts Council England (ACE), is a major supporter of artists’ film-making, through the Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN). FLAMIN was launched by Film London in 2005 as a one-stop resource to provide London-based artists working in the moving image with access to funding, guidance and development opportunities. Looking for single screen artists’ moving image projects. RECENT COMMITMENTS The fund supports mid-career artists who have some experience in making moving image work. New works have been supported through this scheme since 2009 by artists Ben Rivers // Elizabeth Price // Anja Kirschner & David Panos // Charlotte Ginsborg // Phil Coy // Emily Wardill // Laure Prouvost // Ursula Mayer // Hilary Koob-Sassen // Grace Schwindt. GETTING INVOLVED

93 / industry professionals / cph:forum

Film London Maggie Ellis // Head of Production and Talent Development Film London Film London, as the capital’s film and media agency, aims to ensure London has a thriving film sector that enriches the city’s businesses and its people. The agency works with all the screen industries to sustain, promote and develop London as a major international production and film cultural capital, and it supports the development of the city’s new and emerging film-making talent. FLAMIN Productions, part of the already well established and successful Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN), offers a major funding opportunity for London’s artists working with the moving image. Getting involved

Filmkontakt Nord Katrine Kiilgaard // Managing Director Filmkontakt Nord Filmkontakt Nord has since its establishment in 1991 by the independent Nordic short & documentary film community been dedicated to the promotion of Nordic short films and documentaries internationally in addition to the advancement of Nordic-international professional networks. FkN’s main function is to serve as a common Nordic platform for a stronger production and distribution network within the Nordic countries and a visible united exposure internationally, joining a strong cultural profile with a driven and future-oriented industrial perspective. We are looking for all Nordic documentaries.

FAVOURITE FILMS Grey Gardens // Darwin’s Nightmare // Some Kind of Monster GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 94

First Hand Films Esther van Messel // CEO First Hand Films Some think that all Esther does is traveling a lot, playing with the computer and talking on the phone (mostly these thoughts are harbored by rather youngish people living in her household. They don’t pay any rent but insist on being fed regularly). Some other people know that Esther owns and runs a distribution company for documentaries, fiction films and TV series since 1998. First Hand Films works out of Zurich and Berlin and offers the best films available, impeccable service, and true dedication to authenticity, relevance and fun. First Hand Films have competed at all major festivals and have won most awards available, including the OscarŠ for Best Documentary Feature. Getting involved

Fortuna Films Ilse Hughan // Managing director Fortuna Films Fortuna Films is based in Amsterdam and Buenos Aires. It was initially founded in 1992 as a sales agency for feature length documentaries. In 2002 the company has moved into production and so far (co) produced: Hamaca Paraguaya/Paz Encina (PAR), Los muertos, Fantasma, Liverpool/Lisandro Alonso (AR). Getting involved

95 / industry professionals / cph:forum

Göteborg International Film Festival Marit Kapla, Artistic Director Göteborg International Film Festival Scandinavia and its Nordic Film Market is the main window for new Nordic films. During 11 intense days each winter the festival has more than 130 000 admissions over 700 screenings. The festival hosts two feature film competitions: Dragon AwBest Nordic Film and The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award. It also has an extensive international selection of documentaries. The 35th edition of GIFF will take place Jan 27 – Feb 6, 2012. Looking for Feature length documentaries from all over the world. GETTING INVOLVED

hotdocs Charlotte Cook // Director of Programming hotdocs Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is North America’s largest documentary festival, conference and market. Each year, the Festival presents a selection of more than 150 cutting-edge documentaries from Canada and around the globe. Through its industry programs, Hot Docs also provides a full range of professional development, market and networking opportunities for documentary professionals. With its lively mix of public and professional events, Hot Docs is the ideal North American market and meeting place for the documentary industry. Last year, the festival attracted over 2000 delegates, including documentary filmmakers, buyers, programmers, distributors and commissioning editors from around the world Getting involved

cph:forum / industry professionals / 96

IFCIC Valentine Cottinet // analyst IFCIC IFCIC is a specialized private credit institution entrusted with a public service mission. Since 1983, it has been contributing to the development of cultural industries in France by helping them to gain access to bank financing. RECENT COMMITMENTS In 2011, IFCIC - with the financial support of the MEDIA Programme - launched the MPGF (Media Production Guarantee Fund): a new guarantee fund specifically aimed at independent European film producers with the objective to facilitate the financing of the cash flow of their productions. This 4Mâ‚Ź fund allows IFCIC to offer a risk participation to banks, covering 55% of the amount of the loans they grant for the financing of the production of European films. GETTING INVOLVED

Impact Partners Jenny Raskin // Head of Development Impact Partners Impact Partners is a film fund and advisory service committed to financing independent cinema that addresses pressing social issues. We bring together financiers and filmmakers so that,together, they can create great films that entertain audiences, enrich lives, and ignite social change. Looking for documentaries addressing pressing social issues GETTING INVOLVED info@

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IndieGoGo Erica Labovitz // Director of Marketing IndieGoGo Erica is the Director of Marketing for IndieGoGo. Prior to joining IndieGoGo, Erica was a Brand Manager at Kraft Foods, Inc where she managed over ten different businesses within the portfolio, including roles on both base business marketing and product innovation. IndieGoGo is the world’s leading self-serve open-funding platform. Anyone can create a funding campaign, for anything, from anywhere. Since its founding in 2008, the site has distributed millions of dollars to over 40,000 campaigns in over 200 countries. Anyone in the world with a dream to make their idea a reality can easily create a campaign to raise money, offer perks and maintain 100% ownership. The company has been featured on ”Oprah,” ABC’s ”Good Morning America,” and the BBC, as well as in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and TechCrunch. IndieGoGo is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. GETTING INVOLVED

INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ROTTERDAM Gertjan Zuilhof // Programmer International Film Festival Rotterdam The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) offers a quality selection of independent, innovative and experimental cinema, video and media art. During twelve festival days, hu dreds of filmmakers and other artists present their work to a large audience (2011: 340,000 admissions) and 2,500 film professionals in 25 screening rooms on 8 festival venues. The 41st edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam takes place from Wednesday Janary 25 up to and including Sunday February 5, 2012. Gertjan coordinates the ‘Spectrum’ section, selects films from North and Southeast Asia (excluding China and Korea), Central and Soutern Africa and for the Tiger Awards Competition. He is also part of the selection commitee of the Hubert Bals Fund. GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 98

Irish Film Board Alan Maher // Production Executive Irish Film Board The Irish Film Board (IFB) is Ireland’s national film agency. Our role sees us directly involved in the creative process of films from script to screen. We provide investment for the development, production and release of feature films, animation, feature documentaries, short films and some television. We are looking for Co-Productions with cinema potential. RECENT COMMITMENTS Knuckle// Dreams of a Life // The Pipe // His & Hers FAVOURITE FILMS Hoop Dreams // Dog day afternoon GETTING INVOLVED

Jeonju International Film Festival Ji Hoon Jo // Programmer Jeonju International Film Festival Jeonju International Film Festival(JIFF) is one of the most important film festival in South Korea. Every year, about 190 films are screened and about 200 international guests and about 70,000 audiences visit in JIFF. Also, JIFF anually makea three short films referred to as Jeonju Digital Project and Short! Short! Short!. Getting involved

99 / industry professionals / cph:forum

Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival

MAREK HOVORKA // Festival Director of Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival Marek has always been interested in current cultural issues. In 1996 and 1997 he organized and hosted discussions with various representatives of Czech cultural landscape. In 1997 he founded Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, which is the biggest festival of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, accompanying with the East Silver market for documentaries from East European region. The main festival motto is “Thinking through film!”. JIDFF is a member of Doc Alliance - partnership of five key European documentary film festivals. Marek is also a member of the advisory board of documentary films called “do” and monthly magazine “dok.revue”. He was invited to several international juries at different festivals (e.g. Visions du Réel Nyon, Doku fest Munich or Cracow IFF). His filmography includes 5 shorts and middle-length films. Getting involved:

Kunsthal Charlottenborg Mark Sladen // Director Kunsthal Charlottenborg Kunsthal Charlottenborg is Copenhagen’s leading space for new art, and one of the largest and most beautiful spaces for contemporary art in Europe, presenting an ambitious programme of exhibitions and events with a strong international focus. Charlottenborg mounts three seasons per year, each of which contains a large retrospective or survey exhibition, a mid-size solo exhibition, and a range of other events – including talks, performances and screenings. Commissioning is an important part of Charlottenborg’s activities, and we would like to extend this activity into the field of film and video – an area of programming in which we are already active. RECENT COMMITMENTS In the last year we have mounted gallery-based film projects with artists such as Clemens von Wedemeyer, Simon Starling and (as part of the current CPH:DOX programme) Charles Atlas. FAVORITE FILMS Syndromes and a Century GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 100

KFOFO Eduardo Raccah // Acquisitions and Sales André Jenchen / /Acquisitions and Festivals Kfofo Films Kfofo Films is a sales agency based in Berlin, specialized in finding promising talents and their special movies around the world. We are focused on films that strongly flirt with the new! We are determined to bring our movies to the broadest number of viewers on all medias. We are looking for fiction or documentaries that flirts with the fine arts. Projects with a strong concept and a proposal for the new. RECENT COMMITMENTS: Hu Enigma// The Residents FAVORITE FILMS Anna Pavlova Lebt in Berlin // Crulic // HU Enigma GETTING INVOLVED +49 (0) 177 320 3677 +49 177 520 5363

M LINK Martin Marquet // Founder & Managing Director M LINK Martin Marquet is the founder and managing director of M Link, a Los Angeles based international publicity, project management and productioncompany. Marquet has represented hundreds of films for press campaigns as well as at the top festivals and venues around the globe. Key clients include Wild Bunch, Elle Driver and ARTE. Some of the documentary titles he has represented include James March’s "Man on Wire", Gonzalo Arijon’s "Stranded" and Werner Herzog’s most recent "Caves of Forgotten Dreams". Looking for documentary and fictional filmmakers who are in development, production or post-production and needing help to reach their goals to deliver a finished film and start to strategize their festival submissions, sales and international launch. My work is also to advise and promote the Wild Bunch films in North America, and the Chris Hanley & Jordan Gertner productions international PR launch campaigns. RECENT COMMITMENTS The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye // Stones in Exil, Scott Walker: 30th Century Man // Stranded FAVORITE FILMS I have so many of favorites …The Law of Desire // Blue Velvet // Celluloid Closet GETTING INVOLVED

101 / industry professionals / cph:forum

LUX Benjamin Cook // Director LUX Founded in 2002, LUX is an agency for the support and promotion of artists working with the moving image. LUX represents one of Europe’s largest collections of artists’ film and video and its main activities include distribution, exhibition, commissioning, publishing, research and education. We are looking for international artists’ moving image productions. recent commitments Commissions: Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright // This Quality // Pulmo Marina Acquisitions: Get Out of the Car // Flag Mountain // Monolog // Travelling Fields FAVOURITE FILMS Ningen Johatsu // Journal d’un cure de campagne // A Canterbury Tale GETTING INVOLVED

LUX Mike Sperlinger // Assistant Director LUX Founded in 2002, LUX is an agency for the support and promotion of artists working with the moving image. LUX represents one of Europe’s largest collections of artists’ film and video and its main activities include distribution, exhibition, commissioning, publishing, research and education. We are looking for international artists’ moving image productions. recent commitments Commissions: Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright // This Quality //Pulmo Marina // The Coat Recent acquisitions Get Out of the Car // Flag Mountain // Monolog // Travelling Fields GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 102

MEDIA Desk Belgium – Flemish Community Bert Lesaffer // Assistant MEDIA Desk Belgium – Flemish Community MEDIA Desk is the local representative of MEDIA, the subsidy programme from the European Commission for the audiovisual sector. The objectives of the current MEDIA 2007 programme are: - to preserve and enhance European cultural diversity and its cinematographic and audiovisual heritage, guarantee accessibility to this for Europeans and promote intercultural dialogue; to increase the circulation of European audiovisual works inside and outside the European Union. MEDIA supports the development of fiction, documentary and animation projects, and the development of interactive works. There is also support for access to financing, tv-production, distribution, promotion, festivals, new technologies, trainings and exhibitors. RECENT COMMITMENTS Bullhead // The Devil’s Double,Swooni // Hasta La Vista // No Comment // Epilogue // State of Play FAVORITE FILMS Funny Games (all-time favourite) // Magnolia // The Dark Knight // Burma VJ (and a hundred more) GETTING INVOLVED

MEDIA Desk Denmark Ene Katrine Rasmussen // Head of MEDIA Desk Denmark MEDIA Desk Denmark The main focus of MEDIA Desk Denmark is to advise and inform the professionals in the film, tv and cross media sector about the audiovisual policies and funding possibilities within the MEDIA Programme. MEDIA 2007 is a programme of the EU that strengthens the competitiveness of the European film, TV and cross media industries. The current MEDIA programme has a budget of 755 million euro. Independent European production companies can apply for development or production funding in the form of grants. Production funding is only for projects intended for TV. Eligible projects are: fiction (min. 50’), creative documentaries (min. 25’) and animated films (min. 24’). MEDIA also supports the development of interactive content. RECENT COMMITMENTS Love Addiction // Those Who Kill // Blood in the Mobile // The Revenge// The Ambassador// Room 304 FAVOURITE FILMS The White Ribbon // Idiots // Armadillo// Jane Eyre GETTING INVOLVED

103 / industry professionals / cph:forum

MEDIA Desk Denmark Ditte Cohn // Assistant Manager MEDIA Desk Denmark MEDIA is a support programme of the European Union to strengthen the competitiveness of the European film, TV and new media industries and to increase the international circulation of European audiovisual product. Independent production and distribution companies can apply for development or distribution funding in the form of non-repayable grants. Financial assistance is available for training providers and organizers of markets and festivals. Individuals may also benefit from subsidized places on training courses and international markets. For the development and TV-Broadcast scheme the programme is looking for fiction with a min. length of 50 min., animation projects min. 24 min. and creative documentaries of a min. of 25 min. RECENT COMMITMENTS The Ambassador // Love Addiction // Angel // Melancholia // Room 304 FAVORITE FILMS Drive // Reconstruction // Armadillo //Exit Through the Gift Shop GETTING INVOLVED

MEDIA Desk France Christine Mazereau – Head of Information & Communication MEDIA Desk France Christine Mazereau is the head of Information & Communication, MEDIA Desk France. She is a former Producer (1990/1993), journalist (1990/1998), responsible for different support at the French CNC (1994-1999) – now (since 2000) in charge of the information and communication of the MEDIA Program for the French professionals. GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 104

MEDIENBOARD BERLIN - BRANDENBURG Daniel Saltzwedel // funding consultent fiction and documentaries Medienboard Berlin - Brandenburg Berlin-Brandenburg is Germany’s film metropolis, the Medienboard its regional fund. We support films and film-related projects in the categories of script development, project development, package promotion, production, distribution and sales, and other activities. At the Medienboard, funding decisions are at the discretion of the managing director. Fundingconsultants participate in the decision making process and handle all client relations. Recent commitments Our overall annual investment, across the range of projects, is approximately 28 million Euros annually, including various national and international documentary projects. Getting involved

MOMA Chi-hui Yang // Film Programmer MOMA Chi-huy Yang is a film programmer, lecturer and writer based in New York. As a guest curator, Yang has presented film and video series with MOMA Documentary Fortnight, UnionDocs, Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, Washington D.C. International Film Festival and Barcelona Asian Film Festival. From 2000-2010 he was the Director and Programmer of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, the largest showcase of its kind in the US. Yang is also the programmer of Cinema Asian America, a new On-Demand service offered by US cable company Comcast and currently a Visiting Scholar at New York University’s Asian/ Pacific/American Institute. MOMA MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight is its annual two week festival of new international nonfiction film and video. Getting involved

105 / industry professionals / cph:forum

Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica (Venice Film Festival) Paolo Moretti // Program advisor Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica (Venice Film Festival) Founded in 1932, the Venice Film Festival, also known as the ”Mostra”, is the most ancient film festival in the world. The festival takes place every year in late August or early September in Venice. All films are presented in world premiere. Getting involved

National Gallery of Denmark Marianne Torp // senior research curator National Gallery of Denmark The National Gallery in Copenhagen has been running a large project space for which the museum commissions new works by international artists – these including film and video based works. It is of great importance for the museum to acquire contemporary works for the collection, and during the past decade the museum has included a significant number of video and film in the collection. Thereby acknowledging the importance this media holds within contemporary art practices. Looking for films by visual artists intelligently reflecting their subject as well as their use of the media. The projects must involve an idea of the way the film should be installed in a space. RECENT COMMITMENTS Lindsay Seers: It has to be this way 2 // Henrik Plenge Jakobsen: Littorina, 2011 //FOS & Jacobi: A MILLION TIMES, 2011 // Emily Wardill: New project, 2012 Recent acquisitions: Jesper Just: Sirens of Chrome, 2010 // Sofie Thorsen: The Achromatic Island, 2010 GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 106

NDS - New Danish Screen JAKOB KIRSTEIN HĂ˜GEL // ARTISTIC DIRECTOR NDS - New Danish Screen New Danish Screen is a talent development scheme granting development and production support to documentaries, fiction and video games. NDS has recently supported films such as R (90 min fiction, 2010, Best Film in Gothenburg), Applause (90 min fiction, 2009, Karlovy Vary, Toronto, Mumbai FF), Out of Love (30 min doc, 2010, prizes in Rotterdam, Berlin FF) and Dr. Nakamats (52 min doc, 2009, IDFA) and games such as Max and the Magic Marker and Limbo (both awarded at the Independent Games Awards 2010) Looking for Any type of film, distinct talent and Danish connections. RECENT COMMITMENTS See above FAVOURITE FILMS Too many... GETTING INVOLVED

Netherlands Film Fund Niek Koppen // Head of Documentary Film Netherlands Film Fund The Netherlands Film Fund is the national agency responsible for supporting film production and cinema in the Netherlands. It focuses on the quality and diversity of feature films, documentaries, shorts, animation and experimental films. The Fund’s operations cover participation in development, production, distribution and marketing. It is also responsible for promoting a good climate for the national film industry. Looking for potential coproduction partners for Scandinavian-Dutch documentaries. RECENT COMMITMENTS Vivan Las Antipodes! FAVORITE FILMS The 3 Rooms of Melancholia // The Woman With the 5 Elephants GETTING INVOLVED

107 / industry professionals / cph:forum

NFI - Norwegian Film Institute Stig Andersen // Commisioning editor for documentaries NFI - Norwegian Film Institute Norwegian Film Institute has 2 commissioning editors for documentaries with the total amount of Euro 5.000.000, supporting documentaries for cinema, TV (one offs and series) and festivales. Application for one offs for TV is 3 times a year. For the other categories application can be sent anytime. It can be any kind of documentaries from investigating journalism to more artistic approaches, but it is important that the projects have a full cinematic approach. Norwegian Film Institute is open for international co-productions under more specific conditions.The Norwegian Film Institute is funded by the Norwegian government. RECENT COMMITMENTS Death in Camp Delta (Guantanamo) // The great Climate Lie // Cocaine // Braveheart FAVOURITE FILMS I don’t have any static perception on films. GETTING INVOLVED

NFI - Norwegian Film Institute Thomas Robsahm // consultant for feature films NFI - Norwegian Film Institute NFI operates under the authority of the Ministry of Church and Cultural Affairs. The objectives in the area of film policy, adopted by Parliament, govern the Norwegian Film Institute’s activities. The objectives of the Norwegian Film Institute are to support the production, promotion and distribution of quality films, as well as to represent Norwegian film internationally, and to highlight film as an expression of art and culture. The Norwegian Film Institute invites colleagues, partners and other stakeholders to dialogue and collaboration. RECENT COMMITMENTS Oslo, August 31st // Baby Call // Sons of Norway // Totally True Love // The Mountain // The Liverpool Goalie // Home For Christmas FAVOURITE FILMS Amarcord // Der Freie Wille // Sagolandet GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 108

Pro Helvetia - The Swiss Arts Council Jelena Delic // Specialist in Visual Arts Pro Helvetia - The Swiss Arts Council The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia is a foundation under public law, entirely funded by the federal government. The Council is mandated by the Swiss Confederation to promote artistic creation, foster artistic outreach and facilitate cultural exchange in Switzerland and all around the world. Pro Helvetia supports projects on four levels: on the basis of applications, via its network of cultural centers and liaison offices abroad, within the framework of its own programmes and through information and promotional materials. Pro Helvetia supports exhibitions, installations and performances by Swiss artists which are organised by established arts institutions in Switzerland and abroad. RECENT COMMITMENTS Support of many exhibitions of Swiss artists in Switzerland and abroad. Production of series of first monographs of young Swiss artists called Cahiers d’Artistes. Various projects within our special focus, like the Exchange with China or the Curators platform with the Western Balkan. GETTING INVOLVED

Ripping Reality Sean Farnel, Proprietor Ripping Reality Ripping Reality provides acquisitions, project management, festival representation and curatorial services to the documentary industry. We are looking for feature-length and short creative nonfiction films, or films somehow between fiction and nonfiction. RECENT COMMITMENTS TBA FAVORITE FILMS The Arbor // The Interrupters //Senna //Hell and Back Again // Dragonslayer GETTING INVOLVED

109 / industry professionals / cph:forum

SFI - SWEDISH FILM INSTITUTE Cecilia Lidin // Documentary Film Commissioner SFI - SWEDISH FILM INSTITUTE We support a broad variety of documentary films, long, shorts, traditional, creative, animation and experimental films. The projects should have a Swedish artistic participation. The Swedish Film institute may only finance International co-productions through a Swedish co-producer provided that the film has distribution in Sweden. I am looking for films with a strong artistic and cinematic ambition and I wish to support fillmmakers with an eye for strong stories, both important political stories as well as stories from everyday life. Stories that move and disturb. The Documentary Film Commissioner has around 15 million SEK (1.5 million Euro) per year for the financing of documentaries. RECENT COMMITMENTS Shes Blonde Like Me //Guerilla Son // Harbour of Hope // Love Always // Carolyn Co-productions: Punk Syndrome // Wireless World GETTING INVOLVED

SFI - The Swedish Film Institute Jenny Ă–rnborn // Production Controller SFI - The Swedish Film Institute We support a broad variety of documentary films, long, shorts, traditional, creative, animation and experimental films. The projects should have a Swedish artistic participation. The Swedish Film institute may only finance International co-productions through a Swedish coproducer provided that the film has distribution in Sweden. Film commissioner Cecilia Lidin is looking for films with a strong artistic and cinematic ambition and wish to support fillmmakers with an eye for strong stories, both important political stories as well as stories from everyday life. Stories that move and disturb.

RECENT COMMITMENTS Shes Blonde Like Me // Guerilla Son // Harbour of Hope // Love Always // Carolyn Co-productions: Punk Syndrome // Wireless World GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 110

SFI - Swedish Film Institute Lars G Lindström // Film Commissioner - feature film SFI - Swedish Film Institute The Swedish Film Institute support a broad variety of documentary films, long, shorts, traditional, animation and experimental films. Projects that apply for co-production funding should have an established Swedish producer/production company attached and artistic participation from Sweden. As feature film commissioner, I am looking for feature length projects presenting stories that affect us on a deeper level, challenging our existing beliefs and stimulate intellectual debate. Films that have the ambition to go beyond just updating your data and involve you in the life of the participants/characters and story. RECENT COMMITMENTS Call Girl // Happy End // Kon Tiki // Black Power Mix Tape GETTING INVOLVED

Sheffield Doc/Fest Charlie Phillips // Marketplace Director Sheffield Doc/Fest Sheffield Doc/Fest produces one of the world’s major factual film festivals and conferences, including MeetMarket, which generates investment of over £20m for attendees. The festival, market and conference covers media in film, television, visual art, radio, online, live art and interactive. We’re looking for any brilliant finished film for the film programme and any project in concept, production, post-production, distribution, exhibition or any other stage for MeetMarket and the marketplace. Plus we’re looking for great ideas to discuss in our conference programme. If you’re doing something brilliant, we’re probably going to love you. We’re very interested in interactive and cross-platform as well as documentary. RECENT COMMITMENTS Not Applicable FAVORITE FILMS Gallivant // The Moon and The Sledgehammer // Marwencol // Position Amongst the Stars GETTING INVOLVED 111 / industry professionals / cph:forum

Soda Pictures Edward Fletcher // Managing Director Soda Pictures Soda Pictures is a UK based film distribution company formed in 2002, with a library of over 150 titles ranging across World Cinema, Documentary, American and British Independents. 2011 releases include Armadillo, The Black Powers Mixtape 1967 - 1975 , Olso, August 31st, Norwegian Wood, Meek's Cutloff. Looking for documentaries for the UK market. International partners for Patience (After Sebald). RECENT COMMITMENTS Releases/acquisitions: The Black Powers Mixtape 1967 - 1975, Patience (After Sebald) // Gerhard Ritcher Painting International sales: Patience (After Sebald) // Relics & Roses // No Greater Love FAVORITE FILMS Olso, August 31st // The Black Powers Mixtape 1967 - 1975 // Norwegian Wood GETTING INVOLVED

svt - sWEDISH television Axel Arnö // Commissioning editor svt - sveriges television SVT is Sweden’s public service broadcaster. It runs three major broadcast channels (SVT1, SVT2 and Barnkanalen) and a host of other platforms including the very succesfull SVT Play. SVT Documentary department has a number of weekly slots, notably Søndagsdokumentaren (domestic one-offs), Dokument utifrån (international current affairs) and Dox (international creative). We are looking for international current affairs and creative films that have the potential of creating a buzz. recent commitments Armadillo // Russia and the West // Steam of life // The Cove FAVOuRITE FILMS All the films that have been selected for Dox (our slot, that is) GETTING INVOLVED

cph:forum / industry professionals / 112

SVT - Swedish Television Christian Wikander // HEAD OF DRAMA SVT - Swedish Television SVT has 27 offices all over Sweden and approx. 2.100 employees SVT channels are SVT1, SVT2, SVTB (a childrens' channel), Kun­skapskanalen (Knowledge), SVT24 and (international) SVT World. Other platforms are including SVT Play, SVT HD, and SVT Text & Web (teletext) SVT is financed by a compulsory fee (2.076 Skr in 2011) SVT is regulated by the Charter, The Radio and Television Act and the Freedom of Speech Act. SVT is owned by a foundation: Förvaltningsstiftelsen för Sveriges Radio AB, Sveriges Television AB och Sveriges Utbildningsradio AB. We are looking for drama 10x60 & 3-4x60, 2x90, multimediadrama (Participationdrama) and transmedial projects. GETTING INVOLVED

Tate Modern Kathy Noble // Curator Tate Modern Kathy Noble is Curator (Interdisciplinary Projects) at Tate Modern, London. She co-curates Tate Modern Live, recently staging new commissions with Michael Clark, Keren Cytter and Katerina Seda and is currently co-curating the programme for the museum’s new Oil Tanks spaces, opening in summer 2012, focusing on film, video, performance and cross-disciplinary work. She writes regularly for Frieze, Art Monthly and other publications and co-directs ‘Performance and Performativity’, a collaborative research group at Tate. Getting involved

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Torino Film Festival Francesco Giai Via // Programmer Torino Film Festival One of Europe's most important cinematographic event. The Festival purpose is to constitute a meeting point for contemporary International cinema and to provide the opportunity for a discussion on all its perspectives and artistic trends. Particular attention is paid to emerging cinemas and filmmakers. The 29th Torino Film Festival will be held from November 25th to December 3rd, 2011. Looking for documentaries with an experimental attitude. GETTING INVOLVED

Tribeca Film Festival Cara Cusumano // Programmer Tribeca Film Festival Cara is a programmer at the Tribeca Film Festival. Prior to Tribeca, she programmed for the Hamptons International Film Festival for five years, including curating HIFF’s signature Conflict & Resolution sidebar and Oscar-qualifying shorts program. She has led film festival strategy workshops for organizations such as Cinereach and NYC’s School of Visual Arts, and has worked with film organizations including the Brooklyn International Film Festival, European Film Promotion, POV, and the Gold Coast International Film Festival. Cusumano holds a degree in English Literature, Film, and Art History from Columbia University’s Barnard College, and a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Getting involved

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Tribeca Film Institute Ryan Harrington // Director of Documentary Programming Tribeca Film Institute The Tribeca Film Institute is a year-round nonprofit arts organization founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff in the wake of September 11, 2001. TFI empowers filmmakers through over $1.2 million in annual grants and professional development, and is a resource for and supporter of individual artists in the field. TFI’s documentary granting programs include: Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund; TFI Documentary Fund; Latin America Media Arts Fund; Tribeca All Access; an TFI New Media Fund. Recent grants Recent grantees include: Justice For Sale // Democrats // Teenage // Of Monsters and Men // African Deep // If A Tree Falls // Marathon Boy // Donor Unknown // The World Before Her // The Genius of Marian. GETTING INVOLVED

TV2 Denmark Irene Strøyer // Commissioning Editor TV2 Denmark TV2 is Denmarks largest tv station. It is a commercial station with public service obligations. Our target audience is 21-50 years old. We are looking for stories that appeal to a wide tv audience. Focus is on strong identification for the danish audience, eye-opening stories and big characters. RECENT COMMITMENTS Armadillo // The Good Life’ // Min smukke datter


115 / industry professionals / cph:forum

TV2 // Programme Department Heidi Kim Andersen // Commissioning Editor TV2 // Programme Department TV2 is Denmarks largest tv station. It is a commercial station with public service obligations. Our target audience is 21-50 years old. We are looking for stories that appeal to a wide tv audience. We are looking for documentaries with a Danish Perspective. RECENT COMMITMENTS Armadillo // The Good Life // Min Smukke Datter GETTING INVOLVED

Uplink Takashi Asai // Independent film & DVD distributor Uplink Takashi Asai is a Japanese movie producer. He is currently the president of Uplink and he controls the day to day operations of the company while still maintaining his involvement in the production of its individual releases. UPLINK Co, was founded by ASAI Takashi in 1987. It started out as a film distribution company,distributing films of the English director, Derek Jarman, in Japan. UPLINK has since co-produced 4 films of Derek Jarman until his death. UPLINK has also been focusing on art and independent films and has released films by Francois Girard, Rose Troche, Susanne Ofteringer, Sergei Bodrov, Spike Lee, Darren Arnofsky, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Stephanie Black, Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, and Joel Bakan and Sandrine Bonnaire. Looking for any genre on the earth but good or market potentialfilm in Japan. RECENT COMMITMENTS Into Eternaty // Exit Through the Gift Shop // Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould // Her Name Is Sabine // Soul Power // Stones In Exile // Anpo // Scott Walker: 30 Century Man // Seven The Voice of Children // Blue Gold // Anvil! The Story of Anvil GETTING INVOLVED

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Urban Distribution International Frédéric Corvez // Managing Director and Founder Urban Distribution International presents international arthouse films by promising young filmmakers and renowned directors whose films distinguish themselves through innovation and originality and the policy is to build a reciprocal and long lasting relationship with both directors and producers from all over the world. Since its creation in 2004 by Frédéric Corvez has always been driven by the same goal: bring quality cinema to the largest audience possible on every continents. Urban Dsitribution acquire a maximum of seven new films a year. Frédéric Corvez started his career at Equinoxe (Sony Pictures Intl and Canal +) where he was in charge of the international development. Then, he joined successively MK2 and Celluloid Dreams where he directed and developed the TV department. He founded UMEDIA/UDI in 2004. In 2006, he created GOMEDIA, a post-production company specialized, editing, sound editing, mixing, dubbing and subtitling. In 2011, Frederic has launched URBAN FACTORY to produce and co-produce international feature films. RECENT COMMITMENTS Saya Zamurai // Las Acacias // My Little Princess // El Premio GETTING INVOLVED +33 1 48 70 73 07

VPRO Barbara Truyen // Commissioning editor VPRO The VPRO operates in various media, producing radio and television programmes, filling digital theme channels, operating an innovative website, publishing a programme guide and organizing cultural activities for members. The website is progressive in terms of technology and more in depth in terms of content, and it is updated daily. We are looking for documentaries only: inspiring univeral contemporary experiences. Character led films that look and feel current, with a clear dramatic development and narrative urgency that inspire people. RECENT COMMITMENTS Armadillo // This is my pictures from when I was dead // The Kids Grow Up // Why Poverty Project 2012 GETTING INVOLVED

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WIDE HOUSE Anais Clanet // Manager

WIDE HOUSE WIDE HOUSE is the documentary branch of WIDE MANAGEMENT funded in 2010. Our purpose is promoting and distributing internationally cross-cultural, social, creative and innovative titles for all rights and all Media. We handle 5 to 10 new feature length documentaries per year and a wide range of TV programs. WIDE HOUSE has the know-how to launch and increase the commercial value of the films with the right festival strategy, We have also built a strong network by attending every Cinema and TV market. Looking for feature length and creative documentaries, 52’ titles, TV series. recent commitments This is not a Film // In My Mother’s Arms // The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 FAVOuRITE FILMS Jackie Brown // Rosemary’s baby GETTING INVOLVED Mobile: +33 6 83 22 18 06

WIDE MANAGEMENT Coralie Faucheur // Festivals, Docs, Sales and Servicing WIDE MANAGEMENT Founded in 1997, Wide Management is a leading independent worldwide sales company, currently representing more than 15 new feature films every year, and a library of more than 300 fiction titles and 200 documentary movies. Our catalogue contains an impressive variety of content from internationally acclaimed directors and actors, festival favorites and cult movies. Wide Management recently opened a documentary branch, WIDE HOUSE (please see under Anais Clanet in this catalogues for more info on WIDE HOUSE ). We are looking for feature lengh & TV format documentaries, all subjects. RECENT COMMITMENTS In my mother’s arms // This is not a film // Crulic – the path beyond The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 // The Mill and The Cross GETTING INVOLVED (under construction)

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Wild Bunch Rita Dagher // Head of Acquisitions Wild Bunch Rita Dagher is Head of Acquisitions for the international sales arm of Wild Bunch. She is also a producer of feature films. Her credits include: My Enemy’s Enemy, a feature documentary directed by Kevin Macdonald; The Terror’s Advocate, directed by Barbet Schroeder; and, Mamarosh, a dramatic comedy, which is a Franco-German-Serb co-production directed by Momcilo Mrdakovic, and is in production now. Getting involved

Women Make Movies Debra Zimmerman//Executive Director Women Make Movies Established in 1972 to address the under representation and misrepresentation of women in the media industry, Women Make Movies is a multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women. The organization provides services to both users and makers of film and video programs, with a special emphasis on supporting work by women of color. Debra Zimmerman has been the Executive Director of Women Make Movies, the largest distributor of films by and about women in the world, since 1983. Getting involved

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YLE Jenny Westergard // Commissioning Editor YLE YLE, is the national public service broadcasting company in Finland with duties laid down by law. YLE operates 4 national television channels, 6 radio channels, and growing internet service. YLE ranks first in television viewing in the country. YLE is the main purveyor and producer of domestic culture, and 48% of its television programs are made in Finland. YLE is a limited company mainly owned by the Finnish state and principally financed through television fee revenues. YLE is a media company free from commercial and political affiliations, and its programs carry no advertising. YLE was established in 1926 and joined EBU, the European Broadcasting Union at the very beginning in 1950. Looking for Human Interest Documentaries. Recent commitments The Guerilla Son // Harbour of Hope // Putin’s Kiss // Skydancer Getting involved

YLE Erkki Astala // Executive Producer, Co-Productions YLE YLE is Finland’s public service broadcaster. Four national television channels. YLE TV1: The leading news, current affairs, factual journalism channel. Several weekly documentary strands, main slot Monday prime time, one hour with open end option. YLE TV2: Service and lifestyle programmes, children’s programmes and sport. YLE Teema: Culture, science and education, documentaries from various fields, and theme evenings. YLE FST: Full service swedish-language channel. Three weekly slots for documentaries. With regards to co-productions, we are looking for personal, cinematic creative documentaries with a strong human interest, dealing with social and political issues.

RECENT COMMITMENTS Blood in the Mobile // The Presidency // SvinalaÅNngorna // Happy End GETTING INVOLVED

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ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel Lucas Schmidt // Commissioning Editor ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel Das kleine Fernsehspiel offers authors, directors, editors, actors and producers a chance to make their first films. As broadcasters of innovative film and young artists’ work, we offer a weekly slot on Mondays around midnight. In addition we broadcast two second primetime series of young films. Every year we commission 23 new productions covering fiction, documentaries, essays, experimental pieces and hybrid forms. Most are shown at international film festivals. We encourage low budget films of any duration, with a minimum of 40 min. RECENT COMMITMENTS Snabba Cash // Ajami // Gravity // Ceasefire // Forgetting Dad // Login2Life  FAVOURITE FILMS There will be blood GETTING INVOLVED

ZDF/ARTE Sabine Bubeck-Paaz // Commissioning Editor ZDF/ARTE ARTE was founded in 1991 and operates as a German-French joint venture, financed by television licence fees. ZDF is a participator with 25% of the shares. ARTE aims to address viewers of every generation with high-quality, sophisticated and emotionally relevant documentaries. The themes are closely connected to the great scientific, cultural and historical events and discoveries of human history, which are presented in an accessible fashion. Sabine Bubeck-Paaz deals with mostly international coproductions, commissions and cross platform projects. She has been regularly tutoring at International pitching forums and training workshops for documentary and cross-media projects, organised by ESoDoc (European Social Documentary), EDN (European Documentary Network), Documentary Campus Masterschool, or Prague’s IDF (Institute of Documentary Film). GETTING INVOLVED

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CO-PRODUCTION DAY The Co-production day will take place on Nov 9th from 14.00 - 18.00 at Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand - Gammel Strand 48, Copenhagen K. This is an exclusive event by invitation only.

As part of this years CPH:FORUM, we are very pleased to be adding a full Co-production meeting and networking day to our set-up - arranged in collaboration with the MEDIA desks from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France and Switzerland. The aim and intension is to match financiers and producers from the respective regions to meet in order to strengthen relations across borders, encourage co-productions, strong working relations and new partnerships. The co-production day is dedicated to help facilitate informal networking and friendly meetings in a place where it is easy for participants to get to know each other on a one-to-one basis. By inviting film professionals from the respective regions we hope to strengthen the development of strong working relations in documentary production but also in the growing hybrid landscape between fiction and non-fiction. The invited producer and production companies all work with these new formats. We wish to create an environment that will help the participants acquaint themselves with financial opportunities and possible co-productions. The setting of the day will be dialogue based round table discussions between producers from the respective regions. The tables will be country specific and hosted by the attending financiers from each territory. The day will end with an informal networking drinks reception for all international guests, hosted by MEDIA DESK DENMARK and MEDIA DESK FRANCE at Hotel 27 from 18.00-20.00.

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Arash T. Riahi // PRODUCER Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices AUSTRIA

Arash T. Riahi Born 1972 in Iran, and has been living in Vienna, Austria since 1982. Writer, director & producer. Studied Film and the Arts and founded the film production company ”Golden Girls Filmproduktion” in 1998. His films ”The Souvenirs of Mr. X”, “Exile Family Movie”, ”Mississippi” and ”For a moment, freedom” ( received more than 50 international awards. ”For a moment freedom” was the Austrian candidate for the Academy Awards 2010. Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices A group of film-directors and producers, working in the fields of documentaries, shorts, feature films as well as commercials, corporate videos and music videos. We provide filmservices like 2K-realtime postproduction, colorgrading, 35mm blowup & digital cinema playout. The principle involves providing equal treatment for form and content, and exploring the frontiers of media opportunities independently of dogma and regulations in order to achieve filmic and emotional intensity. GETTING INVOLVED

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Ebba Sinzinger // director, scriptwriter, producer & dramaturgist WILDart FILM austria Ebba Sinzinger Studied at Allegheny College, Meadville, PA. and at the University of the Applied Arts, Vienna. MA. Before she made her own films, she worked as a curator & organiser of film & video festivals and has written about film. She trained as AC in New York and Rome (MOMO in cinecitt ) and as AD when peeping into the rehearsals of Straub-Huillet’s "Der Tod Des Empedokles". Since 1991 she has made documentary films. In 2004 she joined WILDart FILM as head of development and producer. She is a EURODOC and SOURCES graduate, member of EAVE, ACE, European Film Academy, Austrian Film Academy, EDN and founding member of WILDart FILM WILDart FILM concentrates on the development and production of art-house fiction and high quality creative documentaries for cinema & television that appeal to an international audience. Most of our films are realized as coproductions. We are interested in crossovers of film cultures and formats and offer space for young talent. PROJECTS AT CPH:DOX Films in development: Green, Green, Green - Michaela Kirst The Music is Fake - Werner Boote Xeroxed Villages - Michaela Kist GETTING INVOLVED

Marie Tappero // producer KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production // Films de Force Majeure AUSTRIA Marie Tappero Marie Tappero was born in 1980 in France. After studying sociology and cultural management, she joined Amour Fou Filmproduktion (Austria) in 2006. Since 2007, she has been working with Gabriele Kranzelbinder for KGP (Austria) as junior producer on films by directors such as Gustav Deutsch, Kornél Mundruczó, Thomas Woschitz, Olivier Assayas.... In 2010, she got involved with Films de Force Majeure (France), as one of the producers. KGP KGP (ex Amour Fou Filmproduktion) is a film production company based in Vienna focused on the production of high quality and author-driven feature, TV and documentary films for the international market. KGP looks back on long-term experience in international coproduction and executive production. FILMS DE FORCE MAJEURE FILMS DE FORCE MAJEURE develops and produces short and feature films, with all types of contents or formats. FFM stands up for independence, aims for accuracy, and is committed to follow authors with energy, dedication and determination until they fulfil their ambitions.

Benoit Roland // Producer Entre Chien et Loup BELGIUM Benoit Roland Benoit Roland joined Entre Chien et Loup in 2006 as financial director. From 2010, he is the third producer of the company, together with Diana Elbaum and Sebastien Delloye. He is currently producing feature films and documentaries (“Democracy Year Zero”). Expert in international coproductions and Belgian taxshelter, he is very interested in discovering challenging projects from around the world, and exploring new collaborations. Entre Chien et Loup Entre Chien et Loup’s production policy focuses on high quality content. In both feature and documentary film, our production philosophy is firmly committed to this principle. Since our creation in 1989, Entre Chien et Loup remains faithful to its basic intention: making films that combine a committed style of direction, of authorship and of topic, a strong sense of cinematography, and the appropriate production that allows for their fullest ambition to be expressed. GETTING INVOLVED


125 / co-production day / cph:forum

Emmy Oost // Producer Cassette for timescapes & Zapomatik BELGIUM Emmy Oost Under the labels Zapomatik and Cassette for timescapes, Emmy Oost produces the films of innovative Belgian directors that travel the festival and museum circuit. She studied Germanic Literature and Linguistics and has previously worked for several years as production manager and line producer in Belgium. She is part of the EAVE, Eurodoc & ACE Producers Networks. Cassette for timescapes & Zapomatik. Emmy Oost produced Johan Grimonprez’s awardwinning docufiction Double Take (Berlinale ’09 & Sundance ’10). This coproduction with Nikovantastic, Volya Films, Arte, YLE, was sold by Umedia to the USA, UK, Benelux, France a.o. Not waving but drowning by Elias Grootaers, an artistic reflection on the container refugees in Belgium, premiered at IFFR ’10, while Tim De Keersmaecker’s Aperture premiered at IDFA ’10. In development: J. Grimonprez’s How to Rewind Your Dog, T. De Keersmaecker’s The other side & E. Grootaers’s Inside the distance. PROJECTS AT CPH:DOX Films in development: Inside the distance // Elias Grootaers The other side // Tim De Keersmaecker Shadow world // Johan Grimonprez (coproducer) GETTING INVOLVED cph:forum / co-production day / 126

Frederik Nicolai // producer Off World BELGIUM Frederik Nicolai Frederik Nicolai started his career by executive producing fiction series, feature and short films in Belgium and the Netherlands. Then he completely dedicated himself to author documentaries and collaborated with broadcasters like VRT, NPS, VPRO,... Some successful films from that period were: 4 Elements (Jiska Rickels, opening film of the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam 2006), Filming without boundaries (about George Sluizer, by Hans Heijen), Panna (Nordin Iasfar),... After years of commuting between Bruxelles and Amsterdam, Frederik chose Brussels as his home. Ever since, he has been working with Eric Goossens to expand the record and international network of Off World. Besides being a producer Frederik is also a direction coach for young filmmakers. GETTING INVOLVED

Gérard Lacroix & Pierre Paul Puljiz // Producers Morgane production BELGIUM Gérard Lacroix & Pierre Paul Puljiz Pierre Paul Puljiz produced documentary portraits about Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Patti Smith, Jonas Mekas, Jonathan Caouette, Marianne Faithfull, Paul Morrissey… as well as documentary series about new architecture and interior design. Recently, with Morgane and Agnès b, he produced « Walk Away Renée », the new Jonathan. Caouette film, and he directed the documentary series « Conversations » filmed in super 8 mm, in New York, Mexico, Buenos Aires. Morgane production Morgane was established in 1992. Originally Morgane devoted its efforts to producing cultural documentaries and recording live shows. Since then Morgane has expanded its range of activities both through internal growth and by establishing new companies, and more recently by acquisition. The Morgane Group covers all activities associated with the production of audiovisual content: Magazines, entertainment, documentaries, youth, short features, full-length features, videos and derivative products. PROJECTS AT CPH:DOX Tulsa - Tiffany Limos GETTING INVOLVED

Helle Ulsteen Producer // CEO Kamoli Films DENMARK Helle Ulsteen Producer Producer Helle Ulsteen, MA in Film, Television and Communication CPH University, has produced a variety of award winning films - all with a strong festival record from the most prestigious festivals. Like the 2007 Emmy Nominated Smiling in a War Zone and films on Dogme95 and Lars Von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg and others. And highly innovative interactive art projects with internationally acclaimed artist, e.g. Peter Greenaway and Lars von Trier and his living installation Psychomobile#1. Founder and CEO of Kamoli Films 2007. Part of designing and creating the CPH:DOX brand new Finance forum 2010 & 2011. Kamoli Films KAMOLI FILMS is an indie company run by award-winning producer Helle Ulsteen aiming at international Co-productions, Joint Ventures and innovative business models in the Film & New Media Bizz. Kamoli Films has close partners in all of Scandinavia, throughout Europe and USA and conducts business in close collaboration with attorney at law Christian Husum/ Optic Nordic. Latest Films: The award winning BEYOND (Co-producer) The feature directorial debut of Palme d´Or winning actress Pernilla August, starring Noomi Rapace. PROJECTS AT CPH:DOX K.R.E.V.?! - Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten Madagascar coup d'etat - Lotte Mik-Meyer My Father the Dictator - Anna Neye, Jens Jonsson and Hella Joof GETTING INVOLVED and/or 127 / co-production day / cph:forum

Katja Adomeit // Producer

Peter Engel // Producer

Twolittleghosts DENMARK

Zentropa Real ApS DENMARK

Katja Adomeit After studying Media communication in Hamburg, Katja lived and worked in New Zealand, Germany and Denmark. She is now based in Copenhagen and has produced the short films LARS & PETER, selected for Cannes official Competition, and BERIK, which won the Grand Prix Award in Cannes Semaine De La Critique and is nominated for a European Film Award. Katja has worked at Lars Von Triers production company ZENTROPA for the last 6 years, and now works as a freelance producer.

Peter Engel Peter Engel is a versatile Danish journalist, who has produced a series of award-winning, international documentary films and TVseries. He has worked for the national TV broadcasters; national radio; The Danish Film Institute; and for some of the greatest TV & film production companies in Denmark. Engel has amongst others produced the feature-length documentaries The Ambassador and The Red Chapel (winner at Nordisk Panorama 2009 & Sundance 2010).

Twolittleghosts Twolittleghosts is the company owned by director Daniel Joseph Borgman and producer Katja Adomeit. Twolittleghosts produced the short film Lars and Peter, official competition Cannes Film Festival 2009 in co-production with Zentropa. In co-production with Zentropa, Twolittleghosts is producing Daniel’s feature film THE WEIGHT OF ELEPHANTS, which will commence shooting in February 2012. Katja works on projects with documentary filmmaker Anna Eborn and award winning fiction directors Morten Hartz Kaplers and Behrouz Bigdeli.

Zentropa Real ApS Zentropa is founded by director Lars von Trier and producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen. It is one of the largest production companies in Europe, having established a platform for young filmmakers and veteran directors alike and is greatly acknowledged for having reinvigorated the industry with Dogme95. Zentropa Real is a subsidiary to Zentropa. The catalogue includes The Five Obstructions (2003) and Trier’s Dogumentary Code (2002), equivalent to Dogme95. Release 2011: The Ambassador by Mads Brügger.

PROJECTS AT CPH:DOX Greenland - Daniel Joseph Borgman Frugtavlerens datter - Morten Hartz Kaplers Slottet - Morten Hartz Kaplers The Weight of Elephants - Daniel Joseph Borgman Real Men Hunt Backs - Behrouz Bigdeli Pine Ridge - Anna Eborn Indian Summer - Anna Eborn


GETTING INVOLVED cph:forum / co-production day / 128

Signe Byrge Sørensen // Producer Final Cut for Real ApS DENMARK Signe Byrge Sørensen A producer for 13 years, she has produced films in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Thailand, Argentina, Colombia and Indonesia besides Denmark. She co-directed with Janus Billeskov Jansen Voices of the World (2005) and The Importance of Being Mlabri (2007). She produced fx Letters from Denmark (2006) by 10 Danish directors, The Perfect Muslim (2009) by Fenar Ahmad, “Football is God” by Ole Bendtzen, “The Kid and the Clown” by Ida Grøn and “Returned” by Marianne Hougen- Moraga”. Final Cut for Real Final Cut for Real is focused on creative documentaries. We are currently produce 2 feature-lengths film: “Freemen” by Joshua Oppenheimer & Christine Cynn and the fiction/doc film “Travelling with Mr. T” by Andreas Dalsgaard & Simon L. Wilmont. We are coproducing “Gulabi Gang” with Piraya Film, “The Pirate Bay – AFK” with NonamiAB and “Char – the island within” with Son et Lumiere in India and Stefilm in Italy. The producers at Final Cut for Real are: Signe Byrge, Anne Köhncke and Monica Hellström. PROJECTS AT CPH:DOX Returned - Marianne Hougen-Moraga Verdens bedste kok /The World’s Finest Chef // Rasmus Dinesen

Sigrid Dyekjær // producer Danish Documentary Production DENMARK Sigrid Dyekjær Sigrid Dyekjær is the producer of many documentary films, a short selection is: “Love Addict” – Dir. Pernille Rose Grønkjær (2011), “The Good Life” – Dir. Eva Mulvad (2010), “The Home Front” – Dir. Phie Ambo (2010), ”Cities on Speed – Cairo / Garbage” – Dir. Mikala Krogh (2009),”Mechanical Love” – Dir. Phie Ambo (2007), ”The Monastery” – Dir. Pernille Rose Grønkjær (2006) and ”Gambler” – Dir. Phie Ambo (2005). Danish Documentary Production Danish Documentary is founded by four celebrated Danish documentary directors, Phie Ambo, Pernille Rose Grønkjær, Eva Mulvad and Mikala Krogh, together with internationally acclaimed producer Sigrid Dyekjær. All four directors are famous for their cinematic take on reality, and their films have won numerous prestigious prizes amongst many others IDFA’s Joris Ivens Award, Sundance and CPH:DOX. PROJECTS AT CPH:DOX A Normal Life - Mikala Krogh The Good Life - Eva Mulvad GETTING INVOLVED

GETTING INVOLVED 129 / co-production day / cph:forum


Nadia Turincev // Producer



EMILIE BLEZAT EMILIE BLEZAT graduated from the High Business School of Paris (ESCP) and obtained a Master (MBA) in Entrepreneurship, She started her carrier in the cinema industry in 1996 at MK2 (international sales). In 2003 she created the company Sciapode to produce works of European artists. Emilie Blézat is part of the ACE network (Ateliers du Cinéma Européen, ACE 15). She is also a member of the European Film Academy since July 2007 and trained at Power to the Pixel (Lab 2010).

Nadia Turincev Nadia Turincev was born in Moscow in 1970. Grew up in Paris. Cinema: Because of the Konchalovsky – Mikhalkov brothers, she worked on her first film at the age of 16 – Nikita Mikhalkov’s « Dark eyes » with Marcello Mastroianni!. Then many jobs on many international coproductions and as a producer. Europe: She worked for ACE, Europa Cinemas and the European Producers Club. Since 2001 she is also an expert for EU programme Media Development. Festivals: Selection committee of Cannes’ Directors Fortnight in the ephemeral team of François Da Silva, and for two yeard artistic director of the Moscow IFF.

SCIAPODE Emilie Blézat founded SCIAPODE in 2003 to produce films and works by European artists: Sophie Fiennes, Wim Vandekeybus, David Dusa, Andrew Kötting, Florent de La Tullaye & Barret, Jan Lauwers, Wayn Traub... Some of them developed a huge work in other media (visual arts, choreography, theatre, Internet…) to bring to the cinema new skills in dramaturgy, narrative and visual story telling, with a strong point of view on the world. Sciapode’s productions are born from strong collaborations; amongst them with Birdy Nam Nam, Yamakasi, Grace Jones... PROJECTS AT CPH:DOX The Revolution Will Not Be Treated - David Dusa Grace Jones, The Musical of My Life - Sophie Fiennes Dead Deer Don't Dance - Jan Lauwers Rain - Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Olivia Rochette, Gerard-Jan Claes GETTING INVOLVED cph:forum / co-production day / 130

Rouge International Rouge International is a production company founded in July 2007 by Julie Gayet and Nadia Turincev producing full length feature and documentary films such as *8 Times Up by Xabi Molia - San Sebastian 2009 *Fix ME by Raed Andoni - Sundance 2010 * Bonsai by Cristian Jimenez –Cannes 2011 PROJECTS AT CPH:DOX A Spell to ward off the darkness - Ben Russell and Ben Rivers GETTING INVOLVED

Patrice Nezan // producer les films du présent FRANCE Patrice Nezan Patrice Nezan founded Heure d’été productions in 1994 to create short films and creative documentaries linked to music, dance & contemporary art. Confronted with a different artistic grammar, convinced of its ability to nourish original and innovative cinematographic propositions, this editorial line led him to creative partnerships with filmmakers such as Claudio Pazienza, Claude Mourieras, Thierry Knauf, Benoit Dervaux & Olivier Mégaton.Ten years later, building on this experience, he created Les films du présent.

Joëlle Rubli // producer Akka Films Switzerland Joëlle Rubli Working in the cinema production since her university studies (art history and cinema history and esthetic), Joëlle Rubli has specialized herself in documentaries. Discovering the society differently by looking at films, working with directors with their own glance on subjects, their own sensibility and helping projects to come true makes her happy.

les films du présent Since 2004, les films du présent have been producing creative documentaries and author- driven feature documentaries and fiction films with an international dimension; films that endeavour to question the world that surrounds us, in all its complexity. They support filmmakers from diverse fields (such as contemporary art, urban studies, anthropology and literature) who give aesthetics a place at the heart of their creations.

Akka Films AKKA Films dedicates itself mainly to documentaries and feature films. Films anchored in debates of society which reflect and question stakes of today’s world, by exploring peculiar and original broadcasting and film expressions. The opening of on the world and the discovery of the other one urged AKKA Films to coproduce a number of its movies and to encourage their widest distribution in festivals and on broadcasting. Most of the features have been released in cinema’s all over Europe and were awarded in international film festivals.


PROJECTS AT CPH:DOX Rouge Parole - Elyes Baccar After the games - Samuel Chalard GETTING INVOLVED

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Max Karli // Producer Rita Productions switzerland Max Karli Max Karli studied Far Eastern Languages before attending the New York University Film School in 1998. He was appointed as the co-manager of the former European Film Market of Barcelona and between 1999 and 2004 he worked as an editor, assistant director, and in the co-coordination of the Geneva Film Festival and the Swiss Film Market. In 2003, Max created Rita Productions together with Pauline Gygax and has, since then, worked as a producer. Rita Productions Based in Geneva and founded by Pauline Gygax and Max Karli in 2003, RITA Productions focuses on fiction and documentaries for both cinema and television, with the purpose of conveying an intense or original interpretation of our times. RITA has produced over ten fictions and documentaries. In 2009, RITA was granted several prices for the TV film Unleashed and in 2010, the TV series Life Uncorked! Has been nominated 4 times at the Monte Carlo festival and at the BANFF Festival. PROJECTS AT CPH:DOX Dirty Gold War - Daniel Schweizer GETTING INVOLVED

Saskia Vischer // CEO & Producer Saskia vischer productions SWITZERLAND Saskia Vischer Saskia Vischer is a Swiss-Australian entrepreneur based in Europe. Since 2003 she has worked in leadership roles on more than 60 projects in the creative industries, including fiction, documentary, TV commercials, corporate, music videos, photography, publishing, music festivals and artists’ exhibitions. Her education includes an MBA in finance and strategy, and a BA in Pure Mathematics, Philosophy and Literature. Saskia vischer productions Located in the centre of Europe, SVP is an independent production company that collaborates with talent to create innovative and daring feature-length fiction for audiences worldwide. Founded in 2004, SVP combines international business skills and artistic sensitivities to efficiently transform authors and directors’ visions into market reality, collaborating with partners in Europe and beyond. International networks include EAVE, IFP, Rotterdam Lab, Cannes Producers Network. PROJECTS AT CPH:DOX Fish Out Of Water - Olpama (Olivier Pictet, Pablo Martín Torrado & Marc Recuenco) Pikey Wedding - Anthony Levene Radio Caroline - Kara Kidman GETTING INVOLVED

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ART:FILM SYMPOSIUM CPH:DOX, the British art film organization LUX and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts is hosting a two-day symposium during CPH:DOX 2011. The symposium is a new international platform which is being launched alongside this year's festival and the overall idea is to focus on the production of feature lenght film in the borderland between film and visual arts. What is currently happening in the ever growing borderland between film and visual arts? Which films are being produced, who ownes them, where do they appear, how are they developed and financed? How does the production context and not least how does the institutional context influence the creative process? What is the future of art cinema? Does it lie in the hands of the film industry or in the hands of the art world – or in between? The idea is to connect artists, professional filmmakers and institutions from the film and art world to exchange knowledge, ideas and contacts, and to highlight new ways of cooperation. We have invited a carefully selected group of international producers, broadcasters, funders and museums for a discussion on the current state of the international scene of art cinema and the processes by which it can be developed and supported in the future. Moderator: Simon Field Please e-mail no later than November 1st to register for this event.

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Panels - Day 1 Thursday 10th November 2011

10.30 -12.30 1 - Producing Artists’ Moving Image. What can artists’ moving image production learn from more traditional film production? Through the presentation of relevant case studies, a panel of film producers with specific experience from working with projects in between film and visual art will discuss and compare the two fields. We have invited a carefully selected group of producers which includes Simon Field, who has produced, amongst many other, the Palme D’Or winning Cannes film ‘Uncle Bonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives’ by Apichatpong Weerasethakul. We have also invited the Norwegian curator and producer Leif Magne Tangen, who is currently working with Norwegian artist Knut Åsdam and British artist Emily Wardill on their first feature projects. We have also invited Anna Lena Vaney who produced the film ‘Zidane, a 21st Century Portrait’ by Douglas Gordon and Philippe Pareno, and last but not least artist and producer Charles de Meaux, founder of the remarkable Anna Sanders Films, a production company characterised for being involved in borderline projects between cinema and art – working with artists such as Philippe Parreno, Pierre Huyghe, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Lawrence Weiner and others. 12-30-13-30 LUNCH 13.30 -15.00 2 - Artists’ Film Funding, Sales and Distribution How are artists’ films funded and distributed, what are the limits of existing structures? Could projects commissioned in the art world learn from existing film financing and film distribution models and vice versa? With the classic art cinema market drastically diminishing, what could a new distribution model for art cinema look like? Is the museum the new venue and partner? We have invited a group of commissioners & museums who in various ways have been involved in the development, production & exhibition of art films: Channel 4 Arts, LUX and Film London who will talk about what kind of work they support and how the funding structures works. On the exhibition and distribution side we have invited the American producer and distribution consultant Martin Marquet, The Belgian producer Emmy Oost who will talk about the distribution of the Grimonpez film, as well as leading Scandinavian art representative, curator Camilla Larsson from Bonniers Kunsthall in Stockholm.

Panels - Day Two Friday 11th November 2011

10.30 – 11.30 MEET THE INSTITUTIONS We have invited a line-up of curators, programmers and museum institutions involved in commissioning and exhibiting art film projects for an informal talk about new possibilities. What is the (new) role of the museum in terms of developing, producing and exhibiting art films? Meet representatives from MOMA and Charlène Dinhut / Centre Pompidou,Kathy Noble /T ate Modern, Camilla Larsson / Bonniers Kunsthall, Marianne Torp / Statens Museum for Kunst and Rose Cupit & Maggie Ellis from Film London and hear them talk about their different initiatives and thoughts about new approaches in the field. 12.00 -13.30 MASTERCLASS: BEN RIVERS & BEN RUSSEL Meet two of the most visionary artists in art cinema / contemporary art in a master class exploring the projects they are currently working on and the ways in which they have navigated the world of the art world and that of cinema. Both of them have gone from producing short experimental films to feature length cinematic films and both of them are producing films that will be screened / exhibited both within the institution of cinema and that of visual art. They are currently working on their first common feature film project ‘A Spell to Ward of the Darkness’ and they have curated a special program for this year’s CPH:DOX with the same title. There will be pre-arranged one-on-one meetings between producers/ funders and artists both days. For more information and to register please contact Michelle Schulze: Deadline: 1st November 2011

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DO’S AND DON’TS by Barbara Truyen In this very practical seminar, Barbara Truyen will take you through the do’s and don’ts of co-production from the point of view of a commissioning editor. Barbara is from the National broadcasting channel of the Netherlands, VPRO, and she will talk about the fine art of pitching, explain how to create initial interest if you don’t know the financier yet and answer questions like: how to find my natural partners and how to turn a no into a yes. But also, how to fullfil each partner’s requirements, what to do if you don’t agree and how much input in the editing room to expect. In a few words, she will give you her top hot suggestions on how to get the best cooperation with International partners. Running time: 50 min. Cinemateket: Wednesday 9/11 16:00 HRS

Philippe Bober: International co-produktion In 1987, Philippe Bober created Coproduction Office, a sales and production label of bold, innovative and ultimately often award winning auteur films driven by strong personal visions. Since then, Philippe Bober has produced films by - among many others - Lars von Trier, Nanni Moretti, Ulrich Seidl, Roy Andersson, Wolfgang Becker and last year’s DOX:AWARD winner Michelangelo Frammartino. Philippe Bober guests this seminar in the form of a coproduction case study, where he will share his experiences with co-production and international sales with the audience. Running time: 60 min. Cinemateket: Thursday 10/11 16:00 HRS

Meet the Funds Who knows what will happen with the film market? Come to an inspiring meeting with some of the great players within film funding, gain a quick and clear idea of who is a ‘must-know’ and which new institutions are about to embark on film financing. This year, CPH:DOX has invited the Hubert Bals Fund, TFI New Media Fund, Cinereach and Chicken & Egg pictures to Copenhagen - all of them have money in their pockets for production and development. This inspiring and sharp panel will give you a brief and effective look at what the landscape for funding looks like right now, and what financing methods are at play. Running time: 60 min. Cinemateket: Friday 11/11 10:30 HRS cph:forum / talks and seminars / 140

PINA: marketing, distribution and 3D The 3D producer of ‘Pina’, Erwin M. Schmidt, will at this moderated case story talk about the distribution and marketing of art house 3D content and, more specifically, the marketing of ‘Pina’. ‘Pina’ is Wim Wenders’s feature-length dance film in 3D with the ensemble of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, featuring the unique and inspiring art of the great German choreographer. ‘Pina’ screens at this year’s CPH:DOX. Erwin M. Schmidt was in charge of the 3D aspect (team, equipment, workflows, postproduction, deliveries, etc.) linking the creative, technical and financial aspects of the film. Erwin Schmidt also produced Wim Wenders’s 3D video installation ‘If Buildings Could Talk’ from 2010. Running time: 60 min. Cinemateket: Friday 11/11 12:00 HRS

New alternative platforms: The Economist Film Project, Distrify & IndieGogo Several experimental distribution platforms are developed in the industry, and currently so much is going on that it can be difficult to keep track of it all. Therefore, we present three exclusive offers on the recent activity within alternative and web distribution. We have invited Gideon Lichfield, Editing Director at The Economist Film Project, an online collaboration with the PBS news hour sharing international documentary directors work’s with a global audience. Next up: London-based Distrify and co-founder, Peter Gerard, whose platform is the big thing for online films. And last but certainly not least: Erica Labovitz from American Distribber and its innovative cutting edge distribution strategies. Running time: 70 min. Cinemateket: Friday 11/11 13:30 HRS

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CINEMAS + Alternative venues 1. Bremen Nyropsgade 39-41 Tel. 70 26 32 67 2. Charlottenborg Kunsthal Charlottenborg Nyhavn 2 3. Cinemateket The Danish Film Institute Gothersgade 55 Tel. 33 74 34 12 4. CPH Skatepark Enghavevej 80 6. Dagmar Teatret Jernbanegade 2 Tel. 70 13 12 11 7. Den Sorte Diamant Det Kongelige Bibliotek Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1 Tel. 33 47 47 47 8. DOX:CLUB Teater Grob Nørrebrogade 37 Tel. 35 30 05 00

9. Empire Bio Guldbergsgade 29F Tel. 35 36 00 36

17. Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst Overgaden Ned. Vandet 17 Tel. 32 57 72 73

10. Flæsketorvet 60 1711 København V

18. Palads Axeltorv 9 Tel. 33 14 76 06

11. Gloria Biograf Rådhuspladsen 59 Tel. 33 12 42 92 12. Grand Teatret Mikkel Bryggersgade 8 Tel. 33 15 16 11 13. Husets Biograf Rådhusstræde 13 Tel. 33 69 32 00 14. Imperial Ved Vesterport 4 Tel 70 13 12 11 15. Koncerthuset i DR Byen Emil Holms Kanal 20

19. Statens Museum for Kunst Sølvgade 48-50 20. Stengade Stengade 30 21. VEGA Enghavevej 40 Tel. 33 25 70 11 22. Vester Vov Vov Absalonsgade 5 Tel. 33 24 42 00

16. Loppen Sydområdet 4B 1440 København Tel. 32 57 84 22

CPH:FORUM STAFF Tine Fischer / Festival Director +45 31 31 10 37 /


Daniella Eversby / Head of Industry +45 28366848 /

23. Stilleben Niels Hennigsens Gade 3 Tel. 33 91 11 31

28. Din Nye Ven Skt. Peders Stræde 34 Tel. 33 32 85 15

32. Kaffeplantagen Sankt Hans Torv 3 Tel. 35 36 22 32

24. 42Raw Pilestræde 32 Tel. 32 12 32 10

29. Gefährlich Fælledvej 7 Tel. 35 24 13 24

33. Holberg no. 19 Holbergsgade 19 Tel. 33 14 01 90

25. Europa 1989 Amagertorv 1 Tel. 33 14 28 89

30. SoupaNatural Skt. Peders Stræde 31 Tel. 32 15 27 35

34. Hotel Admiral Toldbodgade 24-28 Tel. 33 74 14 14

26. Dansk Design Center HC Andersens Boulevard 27 Tel. 33 69 33 69

31. Villa Vino Mikkel Bryggers Gade 11 Tel. 33 32 17 33

35. 1st. Hotel Twentyseven Løngangsstræde 27 Tel. 70 27 56 27

27. Laundromat Café Elmegade 15 Tel. 35 35 26 72


Helle Ulsteen / Strategic Consultant +45 21 43 52 38 /

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CPH:DOX 2011 - CPH:FORUM Catalogue  

CPH:DOX 2011 - CPH:FORUM Catalogue

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