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Calvary Press   February  2013  

  Pastor:  The  Rev.  Hiromi  Yoneda   Parish  Associate:  The  Rev.  Dallas  Landrum   Pastor  Emeritus:  The  Rev.  Saburo  Masada   2343  Country  Club  Blvd.,  Stockton,  CA  95204       Office:  (209)  466-­‐0221  Fax:  (209)  466-­‐1839       Website:  

“A Pain  in  the  Neck”   Just  recently,  I  finished  building  an  8x8x14  foot  fence  extension  to  the  back  yard.    It’s  a   project  that  started  three  months  ago  with  the  digging  of  three  post-­‐holes  and  a  few   unexpected  complications.  Three  weeks  ago,  I  finally  set  the  posts,  and  as  I  waited  for   the   cement   to   cure,   I   gathered   the   other   supplies:   the   pressure   treated   rails,   screws,   and   cedar   and   redwood  boards.    Everything  came  together  without  a  hitch,  but  while  working  I  noticed  a  gradual  irritating   pain   in   my   neck.     The   pain   became   progressively   worse   towards   the   final   finishing   hours.   There   might   have   a   been   a   point   when   I   should   have   stopped   or   rested,   but   I   was   so   close   to   finishing   and   I   had   been   waiting   so  long,  that  I  decided  to  plow  ahead.    Whether  it's  mending  a  fence  or  any  another  project,  maybe  you  can   relate.  The  end  is  in  sight  and  you  head  for  that  finish  line!   Well,   the   final   outcome   for   the   fence   was   great.   It’s   sturdy   and   will   serve   us   for   many   years.   However,   I   am   experiencing   a   real   “pain   in   the   neck”!   You’ve   probably   had   pain   of   one   sort   or   another   in   your   life.   The   origin   of   your   pain   doesn’t   matter.   It’s   the   body’s   way   of   getting   your   attention   saying:   “Pay   special   attention  here.  If  you  ignore  me,  you’ll  regret  it.”     When  the  pain  is  small,  it’s  manageable  and  therefore  easy  to  ignore.  If  it  gets  worse,  we  can  go  to  CVS  and   purchase  a  neck  brace  and  rest,  like  I  did.  If  we  need  further  care,  we  may  seek  professional  help.  But  what   do   we   do   when   the   pain   is   psychological,   emotional   or   spiritual?   Possibly   we   seek   professional   care,   except   that   we   usually   attempt   to   manage   things   by   ourselves   for   a   much   longer   period   of   time   and   often   stop   there.  Why?  Because  the  former  is  more  tangible,  curable  and  acceptable,  while  the  latter  we  can  put  off   indefinitely   and   just   keep   ourselves   busy.   If   we   are   fortunate,   however,   we   are   blessed   with   close   and   wise   friends.        “A   man   of   many   companions   may   come   to   ruin,   but   there   is   a   friend   who   sticks   closer   than   a   brother.”  (Proverbs  18:24)   Our  propensity  to  manage  our  lives  often  leads  us  to  neglect  the  Word  of  God.    God’s  Word  is  medicine  for   the  soul.  And  just  as  we  don’t  speak  to  our  friends  only  when  we  need  them,  daily  doses  of  Scripture  help   remind  us  that  our  spiritual  healing  can  put  the  rest  of  life  into  perspective.  And  the  sooner  we  start,  the   likelier  our  healing  and  comfort  will  be  deeper  and  lasting.  Below  are  a  couple  of  my  “go  to  passages”.    “Therefore  we  do  not  lose  heart.  Though  outwardly  we  are  wasting  away,  yet  inwardly  we  are  being   renewed  day  by  day.  For  our  light  and  momentary  troubles  are  achieving  for  us  an  eternal  glory  that   far  outweighs  them  all.”  (2  Corinthians  4:16  -­‐17)   I  love  the  LORD,  for  He  heard  my  voice;  He  heard  my  cry  for  mercy.  Because  He  turned  His  ear  to  me,   I  will  call  on  Him  as  long  as  I  live.  The  cords  of  death  entangled  me,  the  anguish  of  the  grave  came   upon  me;  I  was  overcome  by  trouble  and  sorrow.  Then  I  called  on  the  name  of  the  LORD:  “O  LORD,   save   me!”   The   LORD   is   gracious   and   righteous;   our   God   is   full   of   compassion.   The   LORD   protects   the   simple-­‐hearted;   when   I   was   in   great   need,   He   saved   me.   Be   at   rest   once   more,   O   my   soul,   for   the   LORD   has   been   good   to   you.   For   you,   O   LORD,   have   delivered   my   soul   from   death,   my   eyes   from   tears,  my  feet  from  stumbling,  that  I  may  walk  before  the  LORD  in  the  land  of  the  living.”  (Psalms   116:1-­‐9)   Hmmmm…My  neck  is  feeling  better  already.          

1. The Session  approved  disbursing  the  balance  of  Income  Received  for  2012,     $11,737.93,  as  follows:     a. $5,000  to  the  Mortgage  Fund  to  pay  down  the  principal.   b.   Add  the  remaining  balance  of  $6,737.93  to  the  $14,000  from  the  Building     Repair  Fund  and  place  it  into  a  Money  Market  account.   2. Sally  Tsunakawa  will  send  a  copy  of  the  2013  Calendar  to  all  of  the  ministries.   3. First  Aid  kits  will  be  placed  in  the  church  kitchen  and  gym.   4. Thanks  to  Jerry  Nakamura  for  unlocking  the  accidently  locked  Deacon’s  Room  door.   If  anyone  knows  where  the  key  is  located,  please  let  Shayna  know.   5. The  Annual  Congregational  Meeting  will  be  held  on  January  27th.   6. 2013  Elder/Deacon  Leadership  Breakfast  at  the  Yoneda’s  will  be  held  on  February  2nd.   7. The  Service  of  Ordination  and  Installation  of  Church  Officers  will  take  place  during  the  worship  service  on   February  3rd.   8. A  Leadershift  Live  seminar  with  Don  Cousins  will  take  place  at  Quail  Lakes  Baptist  Church  on  February   23rd.  If  you  are  interested  in  attending,  please  let  Pastor  Hiromi  know.   Myra  Fong,  Clerk  of  Session   December  2012  YTD   FROM THE

Income Expenses   Total    

$219,360.99 $207,623.06   +    $11,737.93  

Deacon’s Corner   The  Deacons  are  looking  forward  to  2013  with  caring  and  giving  hearts!   Our  1st  Quarter  Outreach  Projects  will  be  on  Saturday,  March  16:   1. Mary  Graham  Children’s  Center  –  Lead:  Dave  Furukawa  (12  volunteers)   2. Helping  Hands  Ministries  –  “It’s  not  a  hand  out,  it’s  a  hand  up.”   Two  ministries  of  Lakeview  Assembly  –  Lead:  Ilene  Kuwahara   a.   A  food  warehouse  that  involves  filling  hundreds  of  grocery  bags  with     donated   food   items.  The   bags   are   distributed   to   families   in   need   throughout  the  Stockton  community  each  Saturday.  (10  volunteers)   b.   A  thrift  store  that  involves  sorting  and  displaying  gently  used  items  at  the     store  site.  Donated  items  are  given  to  individuals  in  need  at  no  charge.  (5   volunteers)   (Helping   Hands   food   warehouse   &   thrift   store   are   both   located   at   429   E.   March  Ln.)   3.   Lunch  Crew  at  the  church  –  Lead:  To  Be  Determined   Outreach  participants  can  return  to  church  for  lunch,  time  of  sharing,  and  fellowship.  (5  volunteers)   Sign-­‐up  sheets  and  more  details  will  be  available  soon  in  the  Social  Hall.   Also,  please  mark  your  calendar  for  our  Spring  Rummage  Sale  –  APRIL  6.   In  December  2012,  we  remember  and  extend  our  deepest  sympathy  to  the  family  of  Ivy  Nishi.   We  send  our  best  wishes  to  Linsey  Komure  &  Brandon  McMinn  on  their  marriage  December  29,  2012.   Congratulations  to  Don  &  Cyndy  Shiromizu  on  becoming  new  grandparents.   We  continue  to  pray  for  God’s  healing  hands  on  Pastor  Dallas  Landrum   and  all  others  in  need  of  His  comfort   and  care.   Until  next  month…  

Mochitsuki 2012   You   may   have   heard   this   before   about   four   people   named   Everybody,   Somebody,  Anybody,  and  Nobody.   There   was   a   job   to   finish   the   mochi   project.   Everybody   was   asked   to   do   it.   Everybody   was   sure   Somebody   could   do   it.   Anybody   could   have   done   it,   but   Nobody  did  it.  Somebody  got  angry  about   it   because   it   was   Everybody’s   job.   Everybody   thought   Anybody   could   do   it,   but   Nobody   realized   Everybody   wouldn’t   do  it.  It  ended  up  that  Everybody  blamed   Somebody   when   Nobody   did   what  

Anybody could  have  done.  

So here’s   the   “Seasoned   Dobody”   with   the   final   Mochi   Project   report.   Thank   you   Everybody   for   volunteering  to  make  the  Mochi  Project  a  successful  and  fun  event.   We   are   grateful   for   the   many   monetary   donations,   those   keeping   good   account   of   ordering   and   selling   the  packages,  the  non-­‐monetary  donations  of  supplies   (trays,   covers,   sugar,   beans,   mochiko,   propane),   and   the  prior  preparation  to  the  event.   The   labor   was   worth   all   the   work   when   we   can   help   each   other.   What   a   terrific   Calvary   Presbyterian   family!   Gross  income:   $2,447.20   Expense:   $400.00   Net  Income:   $2,047.20       Submitted  by  Katy  Komure  

Three church   members  will   be  participating  in  the  San  Joaquin  County   Honors   Concert   on   March  9th  at  6:30  p.m.  Collin  Dwyer,  Matthew  Nakamura,  and  Gavin  Wong  were  among   those  selected  to  represent  Sierra  Middle  School  at  the  concert.   The   Honors   Concert   is   an   annual   event   featuring   the   county’s   most   gifted   and   talented   middle   school   band,   string   orchestra,   and   choir   students.   It   is   co-­‐sponsored   by   the   San   Joaquin   County   Office   of   Education,   Delta  Community  College,   and  the  San  Joaquin  County  M usic  Educators’  Association   (SJCMEA).   Participation   is   open   to   all   middle   school   band,   strings,   and   choir   directors   and   their   students   in   San   Joaquin  County.   The   concert   is   held   at   the   Delta   Center   for   the   Arts,   Warren   Atherton   Auditorium,   San   Joaquin   Delta   College.  This  concert  is  graced   b y  a  list  of  distinguished  guest  conductors  representing  the  very  best  high   school  music  educators  from  San  Joaquin  County.   The   concert,   an  annual  event,  attracts  an   audience   from   throughout  San  Joaquin  County   and  is   open  to   the   public   free   of   charge.   Tickets   are   not   required.   Please   attend   the   concert   and   support   our   budding   musicians!    

SPECIAL OFFERINGS     Birthday  Fund     Henry  &  Grace  Arata   Michael  &  Janice  Chan   Gary  &  Janice  Ishimaru   Mary  Lam   Mieko  Shimakawa   Jim  &  Sally  Tsunekawa   Building  Fund     Judie  Higashi   Alfred  Ishida   Calvary  Press     Debra  Hatanaka   Tets  &  Jeannie  Matsumoto   Ruth  Yoneshige   Compassion  Child     Judy  Takemoto   Deacons  Fund     Harold  &  Aiko  Aoyama   Henry  &  Grace  Arata   Daisy  Chew   Allen  &  Myra  Fong   Ben  &  Susie  Hamamoto   Gary    &  Janice  Ishimaru   Betty  Joseph   Katy  Komure   Mary  Lam   Charise  Masada   Amy  Matsumoto   Joan  Matsune   Tom  &  Tsuru  Miyasaki   Jerry  &  Karen  Nakamura   John  &  Ruth  Oda   Mieko  Shimakawa   Ted  &  Sue  Yoneda   For  the  Ministry  of  Charise   Masada     Rev.  Saburo  &  Marion  Masada   In  Honor  of  Grandma’s  90th   Birthday     Peter  &  Mark  Nishimura   In  Memory  of  Senator  Daniel  K.   Inouye     Ted  &  Sue  Yoneda   In  Memory  of  Marie  Nakade  &   Keyo  Higashiyama     Shirley  Bertoni      

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