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Calvary  Press   September  2013  


Pastor: The  Rev.  Hiromi  Yoneda   Pastor  Emeritus:  The  Rev.  Saburo  Masada   2343  Country  Club  Blvd.,  Stockton,  CA  95204       Office:  (209)  466-­‐0221  Fax:  (209)  466-­‐1839       Website:  

September 2013  

“Paul,  a  servant  of  Christ  Jesus,  called  to  be  an  apostle  and  set  apart   for  the  Gospel  of  God…”  (Romans  1:1)   As   I   read   these   words   of   how   Paul   felt   a   call   by   God   to   be   an   apostle   and   be   set   apart  for  the   Gospel,  it  makes   me  ponder   my   own   sense   of   calling.     It’s   now  been   nearly   thirty   years   since  I  was  ordained  as  a  Presbyterian  minister.    The  call  began  in  high  school,  when  I  gave  my  life  to   Jesus  and  asked  Him  to  come  into  my  heart.  My  only  request  from  Him  was  that  He  would  not  send   me  to  Africa  as  a  missionary!  So  far,  He’s  lived  up  to  His  promise,  or  may  be  that  just  wasn’t  a  part  of   my   call.   During   those   formative   years,   my   faith   was   cultivated   in   church   life,   youth   groups,   and   weekly  Bible  studies.         It  was  my  senior  year  of  college  when  I  felt  a  “nudge”  to  go  to  seminary.    After  graduating  with  a  B.  S.   degree   in   Business   Administration,   I   applied   and   was   accepted   to   Bethel   Theological   Seminary,   St.   Paul,   MN.   My   second   year   of   seminary   was   in   Chicago   where   I   completed   an   internship   requirement   as  a  chaplain  at  the  Jonquil  Hotel,  a  hotel  for  transients,.  It  was  an  interesting  year  on  many  counts,   but   the   most   memorable   was   being   mugged   at   gunpoint.     After   that,   I   traded   Chicago   for   a   more   peaceful   environment   at   a   Mennonite   Seminary   in   Elkhart,   IN.   As   I   was   contemplating   spending   a   semester  in  Israel,  I  received  a  call  to  come  home  as  my  mother  was  ill  with  cancer.    To  complete  my   Masters  of  Divinity  degree,  I  enrolled  at  San  Francisco  Theological  Seminary  and  quickly  started  the   ordination  process  in  the  Presbyterian  Church  USA.         Now  thirty  years  later,  God’s  call  in  my  life  has  guided  me  both  in  work  and  in  marriage.    (I  mention   marriage,  because  I  believe  that  Marsha  and  I  are  partners  in  ministry.  He  called  us  to  be  together.)   The  things  I  enjoy  about  His  call  are  studying  the  Scriptures,  being  a  pastor,  loving  people,  and  most   of  all  loving  Jesus.  Or  should  I  say  being  loved  by  Him?     How   about   you,   for   you   too,   have   been   called   and   set   part   for   the   Gospel.   What   will   you   allow   Jesus   to  do  with  your  life?  Remember…    “You  did  not  choose  me,  but  I  chose  you  and  appointed  you  to  go  and  bear  fruit  —  fruit  that  will   last”  (John  15:16).    “But  in  your  hearts  set  apart  Christ  as  Lord.  Always  be  prepared  to  give  an  answer  to  everyone   who   asks   you   to   give   the   reason   for   the   hope   that   you   have.   But   do   this   with   gentleness   and   respect…”  (1Pet.  3:15)    “To  this  you  were  called,  because  Christ  suffered  for  you,  leaving  you  an  example,  that  you  should   follow  in  His  steps”  (1Pet.  2:21)    “But  you  are  a  chosen  people,  a  royal  priesthood,  a  holy  nation,  a  people  belonging  to  God,  that   you  may  declare  the  praises  of  Him  who  called  you  out  of  darkness  into  His  wonderful  light”  (1Pet.   2:9).   But  just  as  He  who  called  you  is  holy,  so  be  holy  in  all  you  do…”  (1Pet.  1:15)      

1. At the   August   Session   meeting,   it   was   reported   that   the   church   is   now   on   a   different  rate  schedule  with  PG&E  and  will  save  approximately  $3,000  per  year.  Also,   the   new   copy   machine   should   save   about   $1,000   per   year.   We   give   thanks   for   the   efforts  of  good  stewardship!   2. The  Session  approved  the  new  Calvary  tri-­‐fold.  Copies  will  be  available  soon.   3. Marcy   Wong   and   Mary   Nakamura   are   the   new   Sunday   School   superintendents.   Dave   Furukawa   will   teach   the   primary   grades.   Ron   Kuwahara   and   Brian   Kaneko   will   co-­‐teach  the  middle/high  school.  Many  thanks  for  taking  on  this  very  important  ministry!   4. Approximately  100  people  enjoyed  the  delicious  food  and  fellowship  at  this  year’s  Calvaryfest.  


CalvaryFest   5. A   special   offering   was   taken   for   the   Rev.   Akiko   Miyake-­‐Stoner,   pastor   at   United   Japanese   Congregational   Church   of   Clovis,   who   suffered   the   loss   of   all   her   possessions   in   a   fire   in   her   apartment   building.   Thanks   to   the   generousity   of   the   congregation,  $1,071  was  sent  to  Rev.  Akiko.   6. During  worship  on  September  15th,  some  of  those  who  attended  this  year’s  Global  Leadership  Summit   will   share   what   they   learned   to   promote   additional   attendance   next   year.   The   deadline   for   early   registration  for  2014    is  October  29th.   7. The   Organic   Outreach   Conference   will   be   November   7th-­‐9th   @   Shoreline   Community   Church   in   Monterey.   Registration   is   $129,   plus   hotel   and   meals.   If   you   are   interested   in   attending,   please   let   Pastor  Hiromi  know.   Myra  Fong,  Clerk  of  Session         July  2013  YTD  

Income Expenses   Total  

$127,431.43 $115,290.40   +  $12,141.03  

Deacon’s Corner   Please  mark  your  calendar  for  these  upcoming  dates  to  remember:       September  28th  -­‐  Love  Stockton   This  is  a  faith-­‐based  community  project.    This  year,  as  Deacons,  a  few  of  us   plan  to  attend  and  observe  to  see  if  this  is  an  event  that  Calvary  might   consider  participating  in  the  future  with  our  own  table.   October  5th  –  Fall  Rummage  Sale  from  8:30  am-­‐11:30  am     ~  Sept.  8,  15,  22,  29  –  Rummage  Sale  Drop-­‐off  at  11:30  am     ~  Oct.  1st  –  Set-­‐up  at  6:00  pm  (salad  &  pizza  provided)     ~  Oct.3rd  –  Set-­‐up  at  7:00  pm     ~  Oct.  5th  –  Volunteers  to  arrive  by  7:30  am   Homemade  goodies  are  very  popular.    Your  baked  contributions  are  very   much  appreciated!  Potluck  luncheon  will  be  provided  for  all  volunteers.       Oct.  19th    -­‐  3rd  Quarter  Outreach  Projects   Below  are  possible  ideas,  with  more  details  and  sign-­‐up  sheets  to  be  established   ~  Gospel  Center  Rescue  Mission  or  Habitat  for  Humanity  –  lead  Brian  Dwyer   ~  Mary  Graham  Children’s  Shelter  –  lead  Dave  Furukawa   ~  St.  Mary’s  Interfaith  Dining  Hall  –  lead  Karen  Nakamura   ~  Helping  Hands  –  Ilene  Kuwahara   Encourage  family  and  friends  to  participate.    Helping  those  in  need  is  a  rewarding  experience.    

  Our  thoughts  and  prayers  are  with  Charise  Masada  and  Janice  Chan  as  they  recuperate  from  surgery.  We  pray   for  God’s  healing  hand  upon  Marsha  Hoff  as  she  faces  possible  cataract  surgery  and  for  all  others  in  need  of   God’s  loving  care.      

Congratulations to   Steve   &   Barbara   Takemoto   on   the   birth   of   their   first   grandchild,   Emily   Frances   Moyer.   Emily  was  born  on  July  30  to  Tim  &  Stephanie  Moyer  of  Wichita,  Kansas.       The  Deacons  extend  a  big  “Thank  You!”  to  Shayna  Fong  for  all  her  assistance  as  interim  church  secretary.  We   wish  her  all  the  best  with  her  new  job.    Our  prayers  are  with  her  as  God’s  plan  for  her  life  is  unfolding.  

Game Night Saturday, October  26th      5:30  pm  

                Everyone     is  welcome!   Starting  Friday,  September  6,  6:30pm  

FUN &  FELLOWSHIP!   Soup  •  Salad  •  Pizza  •  Drinks  -­‐$4     Bring  a  snack  or  dessert  to  share!  

Come join  the  fun  and  fellowship!  Help  create   warm  hats,  scarves,  blankets  and  more.   If  you  don’t  know  how  to  knit     or  crochet,  that's  okay…come  learn!  

    Our camping trip was cancelled, but we’re going Hiking to Big Trees on September 7th Call Chris MacDannald for information      

29th Annual  Calvary  Presbyterian  Church  Golf  Tournament   Saturday,  September  21,  2013   Oakmoore  Golf  Course    •    3777  N.  Wilson  Way,  Stockton  

Tee Time:  10:00  AM   Divisions: Men’s, Women’s 9:00-9:45 Putting Contest • 10:00 Shotgun Start 4-Person Scramble, 18 Holes • Closest to the Pin

Tri Tip  Lunch  following  event    •    $65  Entry  Fee   If you would like to donate a prize for the tournament, please contact Gary Low (209) 477-8604 or Willie Low (209) 952-3530


Our Internet  Visitors  From  Japan  

  In   July,   Kazuo   &   Kazuko   Kondo,   residents   of   Kobe,   Japan,   were   traveling   through   Northern   California   on   vacation   and   wanted   to   find   a   Japanese   worship   service   to   attend.   They   are   members   of   the   Reformed   Church  of  Japan.  In  this  age  of  the  internet,  it  was  easy  for  Mr.  Kondo  to  look  for  a  church  with  a  Japanese   pastor  and  find  Pastor  Hiromi  Yoneda  (a  nice  Japanese  name!)  and  Calvary  Presbyterian  Church  in  Stockton.   We  welcomed  the  Kondos  on  July  28th  and  enjoyed  warm  fellowship  as  we  got  to  know  our  internet  friends   from   Japan!   We   praise   the   Lord   for   blessing   us   with   ways   to   reach   out   and   make   friends   with   other   believers   from  all  over  the  world     SPECIAL  OFFERINGS     Birthday  Fund   Laura  Sun   Harold  &  Aiko  Aoyama   Steve  &  Barbara  Takemoto   Charise  Masada   Compassion  Child   Tom  &  Tsuru  Miyasaki   Judy  Takemoto   Sam  &  Kinuyo  Tanaka   Jerry  &  Karen  Nakamura   Deacons  Fund   In  Memory  of  Tom  &  Kay  Hatanaka   Mieko  Furukawa   Endow-­‐Hatanaka  Family   Chris  MacDannald   In  Honor  of  the  Birth  of  Emiko  Frances  Moyer   In  Honor  of  Elaine  Low’s  90th  Birthday   Allen  &  Myra  Fong   Stan  &  Nancy  Kaneko   Steve  &  Barbara  Takemoto   Lyndon  Low   In  Memory  of  Hito  &  Ivy  Nishi   Alan  &  Judith  Marchick   Anthony  &  Susan  Stevens  

In Memory  of  Alice  Tsunekawa   Jim  &  Sally  Tsunekawa   Assistance  for  Rev.  Akiko  Stoner   Harold  &  Aiko  Aoyama   Michael  &  Janice  Chan   Allen  &  Myra  Fong   Gary  &  Janice  Ishimaru   Kathryn  Komure   Gary  &  Susan  Low   Willard  &  Anna  Low   Maudellen  Lowe   Chris  MacDannald    

Jerry &  Karen  Nakamura   Kazumi  Nishioka   Fred  Peoples   Bill  Shima   Tim  &  Hisako  Smith   Judy  Takemoto   Steve  &  Barbara  Takemoto   Jim  &  Sally  Tsunekawa   Rev.  Hiromi  &  Marsha  Yoneda   Roy  &  Sumi  Yonemoto  

09 september cp 2013 web  
09 september cp 2013 web