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FALL 2016

Sand Dune Duvet Cover + Sham Carmel Washable Cotton + Wool Blanket Sateen Sheets Woven Rope Pillow

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SINCE OUR FOUNDING IN 1991 we have been committed to using only organic cotton and natural fibers, transforming homes into unique and personal sanctuaries. We believe that knowing where your linens come from and how they are made brings peace of mind. Our fall collection does just this, celebrating 25 years of organic cotton and minimally processed fibers for the intentional, thoughtfully designed home.

Sand Dune Duvet Cover Sateen Sheets

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Relaxed Linen Sheets

Relaxed Linen Sheets

4  COYUCHI  |  FALL 16

THE BOTANICAL LINEN COLLECTION A delicate earth-tone pattern cascades diagonally down our white duvet cover. It’s printed on eco-friendly European linen that’s garment washed for softness and backed in organic cotton percale, so you can sleep without a top sheet. Pair it with our Relaxed Linen sheets for luxurious, breathable comfort year round.

Botanical Linen Collection

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OUR INCOMPARABLE CLOUD BRUSHED FLANNEL™ Cloud Brushed Flannel™ is woven from 100% organic cotton spun into exceptionally thick yarns. Crafted by a family-owned mill founded in 1948 in the Ave River Valley of Portugal, where the textile tradition stretches back centuries, the fabric is brushed multiple times for a luscious, velvety nap. This proprietary brushing process also prevents pilling without the use of chemicals, ensuring that our flannel will look and feel wonderful wash after wash.

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Cloud Brushed Flannel Duvet Cover + Sham



Alpine White

Forest Print

Pale Gray Heather

Cloud Brushed Flannel™ Duvet Cover, Sham + Sheets Larkspur Linen Throw + Pillow

Blue Heather

Woven Rope Pillow

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Twilight Quilt

Twilight Quilt + Sham Larkspur Linen Throw Relaxed Linen Sheets Pebble Knit Alpaca Pillow

8  COYUCHI  |  FALL 16

Karamiori Pillow

THE TWILIGHT QUILT COLLECTION: ORGANIC INSIDE & OUT The Twilight collection is made from our beloved organic cotton sateen, filled with fluffy organic cotton batting. The result is a pure, healthy, washable layer of comfort that’s perfect on its own for lightweight warmth or paired with a duvet or blanket for chillier nights. We made it in four colors, each hand stitched with a starburst design, then washed for a soft, relaxed hand and extra loft.

COYUCHI  |  FALL 16  9

RIPPLED STRIPE: NOW IN GRAY CHAMBRAY WITH SAPPHIRE Textural, dobby-woven stripes traverse soft organic cotton to create a duvet cover that’s vibrant yet versatile. Made in our partner factory that recycles 90% of its wastewater, it’s available in original Ivory with Black or new Gray Chambray with Sapphire.

Rippled Stripe Duvet Cover + Sham Cascade Coverlet + Sham 300 Percale Sheets Pebble Knit Alpaca Pillow

10  COYUCHI  |  FALL 16

Cascade Coverlet

Rippled Stripe Duvet Cover + Sham

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Asawa Printed Sheets

Lattice Sheets Cozy Cotton Blanket

12  COYUCHI  |  FALL 16

OUR NEW ASAWA ORGANIC COTTON SHEETS Artful patterns on smooth, organic 200-thread-count percale have made our printed sheets a customer favorite. Our latest collection features undulating lines and nested shapes inspired by the wire sculptures of Ruth Asawa, printed in pale, serene hues.

Asawa Printed Sheets Honeycomb Blanket

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DRY OFF WITH ORGANIC COTTON Lightweight, absorbent organic cotton towels designed and crafted for your lifestyle.

THE AIR WEIGHT™ COLLECTION Durable, colorful and thirsty — an excellent everyday towel.

THE MEDITERRANEAN COLLECTION A soft, dobby-woven towel that’s lightweight, highly absorbent and quick drying.

14  COYUCHI  |  FALL 16

THE CLOUD LOOM COLLECTION Extra-long loops make these towels thick and plush, but not heavy.

THE SUTRO STRIPE COLLECTION Backed in terry for extra absorbency, a towel rooted in Turkish tradition.

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CLOUD BRUSHED FLANNEL™ SLEEPWEAR Our six-ounce organic cotton flannel is brushed multiple times to give it a velvety nap and superior pill resistance, so it feels wonderful wash after wash.

Women’s Cloud Brushed Flannel™ Sleepshirt

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Unisex Cloud Brushed Flannel™ Robe

Women’s Cloud Brushed Flannel™ PJ Set

Men’s Jersey Short-Sleeve Tee Men’s Plaid PJ Pants

COYUCHI  |  FALL 16  17

Women’s Solstice Robe

18  COYUCHI  |  FALL 16

INTRODUCING THE SOLSTICE COLLECTION Organic cotton jersey, peached for sublime softness, makes these pajamas pure, breathable and irresistibly comfortable. We designed the collection based on our customers’ request for sleepwear that offers comfort and coverage in equal measure. The knit fabric is thick enough to be opaque and durable, yet not too heavy for warm weather (or warm sleepers).

Women’s Solstice PJ Set

Women’s Solstice Tank + Shorts Set Women’s Solstice Short-Sleeve Nightshirt

COYUCHI  |  FALL 16  19

Unisex Cloud Brushed Flannel™ Robe Women’s Solstice Short-Sleeve Nightshirt

20  COYUCHI  |  FALL 16

INTRODUCING OUR HANDWOVEN ORGANIC COTTON SCARF Our silky, translucent organic cotton scarf is hand loomed in India, providing income for artisans and helping to preserve ancient weaving techniques. Unfurled, it rests lightly across the shoulders. Gathered and wrapped, it’s the perfect chill-chaser for those first brisk days of fall.

Handwoven Stripe Scarf

COYUCHI  |  FALL 16  21

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Cozy Cotton Blanket

Twilight Quilt + Sham Cirrus Stripe Throw Jersey Sheets

22  COYUCHI  |  FALL 16

Cascade Sham

A collection of bedding, bath linens and clothing for babies and kids, crafted from organic cotton and other natural fibers, safely produced with low-impact dyes and finishes. Creating a pure and healthy environment for little ones from day one.

COYUCHI  |  FALL 16  23


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification means that a product meets the very highest environmental standards from the field to the factory to your home. Coyuchi is proud to use certifications such as GOTS, the toughest organic-textile standard in the world. To obtain the GOTS "organic" label, a product: • Must contain at least 95% organic fiber. • Must not be treated with bleach, formaldehyde or any other toxic substances. • Must be colored with nontoxic dyes. • Must be produced in mills that enforce strict social and environmental standards, treating their employees and the earth with deep respect.

24  COYUCHI  |  FALL 16


FAIR TRADE USA works with farms and factories around the world to improve wages, benefits and working conditions. We pay a bit more for Fair Trade Certified™ items, and that premium goes into an account that farmers and workers control and use as they choose. It’s intended to close the gap between their wage and what’s calculated to be the living wage in their area. By choosing Fair Trade Certified™ products from Coyuchi, you'll help to reduce poverty, increase opportunity and improve the quality of life for farmers, workers and their families. We currently offer the following Fair Trade Certified™ collections: 300 Percale, Honeycomb and Air Weight™

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AT COYUCHI, we talk a lot about our products being earth friendly. But what does that really mean? It means the cotton we use is grown according to the strictest organic standards. But what happens when those fibers leave the farm? At the factory level, an equally stringent set of standards guides processing and production. We partner with fabric mills and facilities that share our reverence for the environment, and we're proud of the effort and ingenuity that goes into ensuring that the products we create make the lowest impact possible. In the southern region of India, for instance, the factory that creates many of our most popular duvet covers and table linens has created one of the few "zero-discharge" textile processing units in the country. The plant recycles 100% of the water generated by the dyeing process, using limestone to filter out the residual pigment (a process called reverse osmosis) and diverting sediment to solar beds where it’s dried. Then it is used as a raw material to make cement down the road. Not one liter of wastewater leaves the plant, and all the well water that comes in is carefully monitored by electric flow meters. All in all, the factory recycles and uses 98% of the wastewater in the form of fresh water and salt solution, and approximately 1% is lost to natural evaporation and 1% is mechanically evaporated. Beyond water conservation and recycling, they’re also actively working to decrease the factory's energy consumption each year and to increase the percentage of products they create using organic and recycled fibers. We're inspired by their commitment to ecologically sound practices, and we love knowing that our products are truly earth friendly from the farm to the factory to the store shelf to your home.

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A smooth, crisp medium-weight cotton fabric that’s great for warm sleepers and warm seasons. Not only does percale feel cool when you slip into bed, its firmness causes it to stand a bit off the skin, allowing air to circulate all night. A great percale uses single-ply yarns so the surface is smooth, without the tiny ridges you’d find in fabrics woven with plied yarns. That and its matte finish make it the perfect medium for printed pattern.

Often described as buttery, sateen is warmer to the touch than percale, and because it drapes against the skin, it has a cozier feel. These qualities make it a good choice for cold seasons or for people who tend to get chilly at night. We also love sateen for its ability to hold brilliant and beautiful colors and to resist wrinkling.

Slightly heavier weight than our 220 and 300 Percale, our Chambray Sheets have a smooth, soft hand. Because of their durable nature, they look wonderful wash after wash and are an excellent choice for year-round coziness and breathability.




Think of your favorite T–shirt: slightly stretchy, supersoft and easy to care for. That’s jersey. It’s a knit fabric, which is why it’s able to stretch without added fibers like spandex and why it drapes so effortlessly. Knit from pure combed cotton, our jersey sheets feel cozy on cold nights, yet breathe beautifully to keep you comfortable on warm nights, too. They’re the perfect weight for year-round use, and we’ve engineered them to resist pilling and shrinking, so they launder beautifully.

Flannel is a medium-weight, plain-weave fabric that’s brushed — or “napped” — on both sides to create a supple, fuzzy surface and an extremely soft feel. Our flannel is pure cotton, tightly woven from thick yarns and brushed multiple times to create ultra-cozy sheets that resist pilling. At a substantial 6 ounces, it’s great for cold nights or nights when you want to sleep with just a sheet that has enough weight and warmth to keep you snuggled in.

Woven from the fibers of the flax plant, linen is strong yet supple, with subtle natural texture and soft drape. It can absorb many times its weight in moisture without feeling damp, drawing that moisture away from your skin and letting it evaporate. That amazing breathability keeps you cooler on warm nights and warmer on cool nights, too. Linen is static-free, nonallergenic and naturally antibacterial. And because it’s so durable, it just gets better with use and laundering.

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Back Cover: Sutro Stripe Towel Unisex Cloud Loom Robe Front Cover: Twilight Collection

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Fall 2016 Look Book  

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