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President’s Message

Message de la Présidente

Summer is here and the pastures are lush even after a late arrival to spring. It’s always nice to get the cows out on grass and get a break from feeding for a few months. On the business-front it’s been a very quiet spring so there’s not a lot to write about in this edition of the newsletter.

L’été est là et les pâturages sont luxuriants même après une arrivée tardive du printemps. Il est toujours agréable d’amener les vaches à l’herbe et de pas être obligé de les nourrir pendant quelques mois. Sur le front affaires, ça été un printemps très calme, donc il n’y a pas grand chose à écrire dans cette édition.

This year’s national is going back to Victoriaville, Quebec so it should make for a great time. It will be on the Thanksgiving weekend in October. Get out your show combs and drag along a few of your fellow breeders for a road trip weekend. Also, get ready to pick out some entries for the Cream of the Crop sale which will be at the end of October back in Campbellford, Ontario. The last few sales have been strong so this year should be no different. The SNP conversion project is still ongoing and is progressing slowly but should be completed soon. If you have any concerns or questions be sure to contact a board member so it can be addressed. Blonde bull sales appear to be average for the year and most of the bulls for sale have been sold. We did have a fair number of inquiries early in the season so there is interest if the bulls for sale are the right type. In closing for this edition of my message I want to say that I hope all of our breeder members are doing well and are excited about their calf crops. Hope to see you all this fall.

Nous retournons à Victoriaville, au Québec, pour la Nationale cette année ce qui devrait donner à du bon temps. C’est durant la fin de semaine de l’Action de Grâce en octobre. Sortez vos peignes de spectacle et traînez quelques-uns de vos confrères d’élevage pour une fin de semaine de voyage. Aussi, préparezvous à choisir quelques animaux pour la vente ‘’Cream of the Crop’’ qui sera à la fin du mois d’octobre à Campbellford, en Ontario. Les dernières ventes ont été bonnes, cette année ne devrait pas être différente. La conversion SNP est toujours en cours et progresse lentement mais devrait être terminé bientôt. Si vous avez des inquiétudes ou des questions, n’hésitez pas à contacter un membre du conseil afin qu’ils puissent être traitées. Les ventes de taureaux blondes semblent être moyennes cette l’année et la plupart des taureaux à vendre ont été vendus. Nous avons eu un bon nombre de demandes au début de la saison, donc il y a un intérêt si les taureaux à vendre sont le bon type. En terminant pour cette édition de mon message, je souhaite dire que j’espère que tous nos éleveurs se portent bien et sont heureux de leur production de veau de l’année. En espérant vous voir tous cet automne. Traduction : Maureen Landry

David Kamelchuk

Cover: Photo courtesy of Willow Springs Stock Farm. The Canadian Blonde d’Aquitaine Association is not responsible for any claims made in an advertisement appearing in this magazine.

David Kamelchuk

To access the Members Only Section on the website, please contact a Board member for the password. This page features current and archived Board minutes, as well as AGM minutes and committee reports since 2005.



2016-17 CBDA Board of Directors - clockwise starting top left - Ryland Cleary (QC), Reed Rigney (AB), Shellie Wolfe (BC), Nicholas Boyd (ON), Dave Kamelchuk (AB), Paul Ferguson (ON), Paul Fee (ON) - missing Ashley McNevan (ON), Bill Van Bakel (ON)

SNP conversions - They are nearing completion, and most AI sires are done as well. You can check individual animals status by looking in the “other information” box just above the line that says Owner History. For a list of all animals completed as of June 1, 2017 please contact Reed Rigney. Also a reminder to those who have been asked for physical samples to forward those to Reed Rigney.

Do you have any great photos of your Blondes? Do you enjoy taking photos? This is your chance to grab your camera and capture that perfect pose. Canadian Blonde d’Aquitaine Association is hoping to build a library of pictures that can be used on the website and in upcoming newsletters. What a great way to expose our Blonde cattle to the world! Each month one eligible winning photograph will be selected, and the winner will receive a $25 credit towards their next fullblood or purebred registration.


• Include a complete shot of animal in photo (including feet, tail and full head if possible) • Limit of five pictures submitted per operation per calendar month • All photos submitted become the property of the Canadian Blonde d’Aquitaine Association and the Association will be able to use them accordingly (photo credit will be provided when possible) • The decision of the judge is final. The Canadian Blonde d’Aquitaine Board reserves the right to not have a winner if it is deemed no picture is eligible in a particular month. • Remember, for a chance to win a $25.00 registration credit and see your photo on the Blonde website, take your camera the next time you go to check on the fences!


• Don’t cut off the head, feet, butt, nose! Don’t crop your photo -- let your ad designer or webmaster crop the picture to give the best possible design for each individual situation. • When you think you have the picture just right, take two steps back. Give your designer lots to work with. • Remember to identify your photographer or include a brief description of the shot. • You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure you take those pictures at a high enough resolution so your printer doesn’t have any trouble getting them ready for your next brochure or magazine ad. Remember, for a chance to win a $25 registration credit and see your photo in a Blonde publication or on the Blonde website, take your camera the next time you go to check on the fences!


Canadian Blonde d’Aquitaine Newsletter Editor – Jana Keeley blondenews@coyotepub.com

r e c B A l o y n t d r e o s F Here’s looking forward to a great summer!


to all previous buyers and Hello to all future buyers.

Don Mehler & Pat Filz P.O. Box 418, Lampman, SK S0C 1N0 306-634-2174 • Cell 306-421-6987 FortyAcreBlondes@sasktel.net

WSS Celebration 2C

2016 National Champion & Farmfair Champion Bull Thanks to Crystal Farms for purchasing this exciting Polled Fullblood sire. Watch for him at Eastern shows.

WSS Cranberry 12C

Polled Fullblood - Sells bred to Guide R7 at the 2017 Cream of the Crop Sale with her heifer calf sired by Grand R2 . Charlotte, her full sister, was 2016 Peoples Choice Winner.

Reed & Michelle Rigney Westlock, Alberta (780) 348-5308 rigney@clearwave.ca Breeding Stock, Semen and Embryos available.


of the



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The award will be presented annually at the CBDA “National” event Nominations will open on July 1st, and must be received by August 1st each year. Nominations may be submitted by letter post or email. The award year will run from August 1st to July 31st. Nominator and nominee must be paid CBDA members in good standing for the years in question. Members may not nominate themselves, family members or those that they share memberships/breeding programs with. An individual or an entire farm operation may be nominated. The nominator will be responsible for making the case for the nominee, must present well written thoughts and a list of facts detailing the nominees activities and accomplishments in service of the Blonde breed. Emphasis will be put on the 12 month period in question, however past accomplishments and involvement will not be overlooked. Activities may include, but are not limited to: current year registrations, service on Blonde Boards, service at Trade Shows, participation in CBDA and provincial events, participation and success in the show ring, buying and selling of animals at Association sales, volunteer positions on behalf of the blondes (ie CLRC, fair boards, beef committees, etc), participation in the BIO program, performance testing, new breeders they have introduced to the breed, advertising of their animals in Association and outside publications, contributions to the 4H program. Nominees will be assessed by a non-biased individual with in-direct ties to the breed, knowledge of purebred beef cattle operations and Associations. Nominators/Nominees will remain anonymous, with the exception of the winning nominee. The nominator of the winning nominee may also stay anonymous if they so choose, however the information they provide for the nomination may be used in articles/speeches recognizing the winner. The Breeder of the Year will receive an individual award, a short congratulations in the December newsletter and a full story on their operation in following years “Blonde Connection”.

(À noter que le genre masculin est utilisé dans le but d’alléger la lecture du texte, et ce, sans discrimination pour le genre féminin).

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Submissions should be sent to: Kathleen Windsor By Email: office@windsorgraphics.ca By Mail: R R 2, Site 7, Box 50 Didsbury, Alberta T0M 0W0

Le prix sera remis chaque année lors de la “Nationale” du CBDA Les candidatures débuteront le 1er juillet et doivent être reçues avant le 1er août de chaque année. Les candidatures peuvent être soumises par la poste ou par courriel. L’année d’attribution sera du 1er août au 31 juillet. La personne proposant ou la personne proposée doivent être des membres en règle du CBDA pour les années en question. Les membres ne peuvent pas présenter leur propre candidature, les membres de leur propre famille ou ceux qu’ils partagent l’adhésion ou programme d’élevage. Un particulier ou une exploitation agricole entière peut être proposé Le proposant devra présenter la mise en candidature du proposé, il devra préparer un texte bien écrit et détaillé des activités et des réalisations que la personne proposée a accompli pour la race Blonde. L’accent sera mis sur la période de 12 mois en question, mais les réalisations et les participations passées ne seront pas ignorées. Les activités peuvent comprendre mais sans s’y limiter à: l’enregistrement d’animaux de l’année courante, la participation sur des conseils d’administration de la Blonde, la participation aux expositions, la participation à des évènements organisés par le CBDA ou l’association provinciale, la participation et le succès dans l’arène, l’achat et la vente d’animaux à des ventes organisées par l’association, être bénévole au nom des Blondes, (par exemple: SCEA, un organisme d’expositions, des comités de bœuf, etc.), la participation au programme BIO, la participation aux épreuves de performance, introduire des nouveaux éleveurs à la race, la publicité de leurs animaux dans les publications de l’association ou autres, leur contribution au programme 4H Les candidats seront évalués par une personne impartiale avec des liens indirects à la race, la connaissance d’exploitations de bovins de race pure et d’associations Les proposants et les proposés demeureront anonymes à l’exception du candidat gagnant À sa demande,nla personne proposant le candidat gagnant pourra demeurer anonyme, mais les informations qu’il fournit, pour la nomination, peut être utilisé dans des articles / discours reconnaissant le gagnant L’Éleveur de l’Année recevra un prix, une courte citation dans le Newsletter du mois de décembre et un article complet sur leur exploitation dans la prochaine publication de la Blonde Connection.

Canadian Blonde d’Aquitaine Association

National Meeting, Show & Sale OCTOBER / OCTOBRE 5 to 8 Victoriavilla, Quebec In conjunction with / dans le cadre de l’Expo-Beouf, Victoriaville 2017

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES ARE AVAILABLE! Contact for Sponsorships / Pour Commandites: Maureen Landry





des Activités



8:00AM to 8:00PM Arrival & stalling of cattle

8:00AM to 8:00PM Arrivée des animaux

8:00PM Hospitality / Hotel Victorin

8:00PM Accueil / Hotel Victorin



6:00PM to 8:00PM Expo Boeuf Banquet 8:00PM Hospitality / Hotel Victorin

8:00PM Accueil / Hotel Victorin

6:00PM to 8:00PM Expo Boeuf Banquet

SATURDAY / October 7 8:00AM National Blonde d’Aquitaine Show 1:00PM National Blonde d’Aquitaine AGM (Hotel Victorin) 7:00PM Banquet & Silent Auction (Hotel Victorin)

SAMEDI / octobRE 7 8:00AM National Blonde d’Aquitaine Jugement 1:00PM National Blonde d’Aquitaine AGA (Hotel Victorin) 7:00PM Banquet et Encan Silencieux (Hotel Victorin)

DIMANCHE / october 8

SUNDAY / october 8 6:00PM Release of cattle / must be out of barns by Monday 10:00AM

Information on entries: Entry and further Schedule infor-

6:00PM Départ des animaux par Monday 10:00AM

Pour plus d’informations: www.ccrbq.ca Date limite des

mation will be available at www.ccrbq.ca - entry deadline is September 8

inscriptions est le 8 septembre.

Accomodations: A block of rooms is available for $120 +

+ taxes/par nuit à l’hôtel Victorin jusqu’au 1er septembre. Pour réservations 1 877 845-5344 au nom de l’Association Blonde d’Aquitaine du Québec

taxes/night at Hotel Victorin until September 1st. Call for reservations 1 877 845-5344 or check their website

Accomodations: Un bloc de chambres a été réservé à 119 $

CONTACTS Maureen Landry Show & Sale (819)336-3966 maureen.landry@cgocable.ca

Dave Kamelchuk CBDA - National Meeting (780) 675-1227 littlecreekagroforestry@gmail.com

Notice of Annual General Meeting Avis de convocation d’Assemblée générale annuelle

TAKE NOTICE that the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Members of the Canadian Blonde d’Aquitaine Association will be held at Victoriaville, Quebec on Saturday October 7, 2017. Registration at 12:30 p.m. at the Hotel Victorin (Host Hotel). Call to Order at 1:00 p.m. For the purpose of receiving: • Reports of the Officers and the Financial Statements of the Association for 2016 • For the appointment of Accountants • For the election of Directors • For the transaction of such other business as may come before the Meeting


Anyone who wishes to propose any changes to the Bylaws must do so before August 20, 2017. Before any proposed change can be considered, it must be sent out by the Association with the official call for the Annual Meeting at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting. Please submit proposals for enactment, amendments or repeal of bylaws to the Canadian Blonde d’Aquitaine Association c/o Box 5959, Westlock, AB, T7P 2P7 with the signatures of two members before August 20, 2017. The membership will consider proposed changes at the Annual Meeting. Any additions or changes need a 2/3 majority to pass. If you have any questions or need help in wording please contact: Reed Rigney 780-348-5308 or rigney@clearwave.ca


At the Annual Meeting this year there will be three (3) director’s positions up for nomination. The terms of Nicholas Boyd, Paul Ferguson and Bill Van Bakel are up. You may nominate someone before August 20, 2017 by contacting Bill Van Bakel 519-345-2518 or vbb@ezlink. ca. Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the AGM. If you are nominating someone, it is wise to talk to that person to confirm that he/she is a paid-up member of the Canadian Blonde d’Aquitaine Association and if that person would be willing to allow his/her name to stand. These three positions will be for three year terms.

VEUILLEZ NOTER que la Assemblée annuelle générale de la Société Canadienne Blonde d’Aquitaine aura lieu à Vicotriaville, Quebec, le Samedi, 7 Octobre 2016. Inscription à 12h30 au I’ hôtel Victorin. I’AGA débutera d 13h00. Pour le but de recevoir: • Les rapports des directeurs et les états financiers de la Société pour 2016 • Pour la nomination des comptes • Pour I’élection des directeurs • Pour la transaction de toutes autres affaires qui seront présentées à l’AGA


Toute personne voulant porter des changements à la Constitution doit le faire avant le 20 Août 2017. Avant de pouvoir considerer tout changement, il doit être distribute par la Société avec l’avis de convocation de I’AGA, et ce, au moins 30 jours avant la date de I’AGA. Veuillez s’il vous plait soumettre vos propositions de changements d la Constitution d la Société Canadienne Blonde d’Aquitaine a/s Box 5959, Westlock, AB, T7P 2P7. Toute proposition doit comprendre la signature de deux membres en rdgle et doit être soumis avant le 20 Août 2015. Les propositions soumises seront considérées par le members lors de I’AGA. Toute addition ou tout changment nécessite une majorité de 2/3 afin d’être approuvé. Si vous avez des questions ou avez besoin de I’aide dans la rédaction de votre proposition, veuillez communiquer avec: Reed Rigney 780-348-5308 ou rigney@clearwave.ca


À l’assemblée annuelle de cette année, il y aura trois (3) postes de directeur jusqu’à la nomination. Les mandats de Nicholas Boyd, Paul Ferguson et Bill Van Bakel prennent fin cette anne. Vous pouvez soumettre le nom de quelqu’un en communicant avec Bill Van Bakel 519-345-2518 ou vbb@ezlink.ca, avant le 20 Août 2017. Si vous soumettez le nom de quelqu’un, veuillez s’il vous plait vous assurer que cette personne veut vraiement se presenter et que cette personne est member en règle de la Société canadienne Blonde d’Aquitaine. Ces trois postes seront pour une durée de trois ans.



We had a late spring in Alberta this year with siginificant snowfall into late Arpil along with cooler temperatures. Many farmers still had crops out from last fall due to the very wet weather, and the late spring didn’t help things. However May brought much warmer weather with lower than normal rainfall, combining resumed (in some cases burning) and seeding is well under way. The grass looks great at least in the area North of Edmonton and we hope for a good year of grazing.

Hello out there to all our Blonde Breeders and friends. It has been a challenging year with extremes in all areas. Let’s start with a great topic-the weather. Mixed together was the fact that it has bypassed normal and is into the “O MY” range going from no snow to 14 foot banks around here. Then the rain/no rain. Some parts of the prairies were so wet last fall that they are combining this spring before seeding. On the other hand, some were so dry that they had no or little water left in dugouts for the cattle. Either way it adds to the stress levels.

The Alberta Blonde Bull Test was completed April 2nd. Final results had a polled Purebred son of Forty Acre Troy out of Liahn Poll Cat dam from Sprucevale Blondes leading the test gain at 4.48 lbs/day, followed by a polled Purebred Hanover Special son from Upper Cache Blondes at 4.18 lbs/day. A Fullblood son of NAJ Galante by a Winstons Northern Image dam consigned by Willow Springs Stock Farm follwed up in thrid place at 3.89 lbs/day. The WPDA category was lead start to finish by a Sundance Zephyr son out of an Igha dam at 3.70 lbs/day while two NAJ Galante sons were second and third - all three bulls consigned by Willow Springs Stock Farm. Some of the bulls are still available for sale by private treaty; please contact individual contributors if interested. Full results with contact information are available on the Alberta & Canadian Blonde websites. by Reed Rigney

Cattle prices have jumped around a lot as well. The whole farming industry seems to be in a flux as we produce way too much, then not enough. Cattle prices last fall were down a bit but came up a lot this spring. The price of meat in the stores did not reflect this at all. Grain is another commodity that jumps around. Last statistic that came out was saying there is such an over abundance of grain that prices will be poor in the fall, yet still there are no changes) in grocery prices. Grain as a supplement this fall may be easier and cheaper to obtain, though. Combine that with a lower Canadian dollar and abundance of feed grains, cattle prices should stay steady for the year. The Man/Sask Association is still active with each member passing on buyers when they cannot meet/fill their needs. We have a good, tight knit group that is willing to go the extra mile to get you the animal you need. Our yearly meeting is in Brandon with four attendees. There has been no change in positions and there is being offered a gratuity for 4-H youths who show a Blonde or Blonde cross animal. The Man-Sask Association will also contribute to the National.

from the

With us, each year becomes more of a challenge as our age progresses and the need to slow down becomes a necessity. The Blonde, as a breed, have a great reputation of being easy calvers, but there is always the odd mal-presentation that come along and needs assistance. By this time of year, all the calves are being born or already on the ground. It is the most wonderful time of the year. Keep your chin up and your muck boots high and all will be well. by Pat Filz

ONTARIO Another great turnout for our AGM in March at Bobby C’s! It was great to see everyone and share some time together over dinner and our usual entertaining mini auction. Nicholas took on the role of auctioneer, auctioning off the donated items and raising over $1300 for the association. Thanks to all who contributed to the mini auction! Fantastic job Nicholas, you even sold me a fork that didn’t exist! As for changes to the Board of Director’s, Paul Ferguson has joined Eric Doran, Kirk McGee, Nicholas Boyd, Paul Fee and Dave Payne. Paul Ferguson will be looking after the Performance Program. We must say THANKS to Jeremy DeWeerd for your time and energy spent in your 2yr term as Director. I am back once again as your President, thanks to Dave Payne for the nomination! Don’t hesitate to contact me or a board member if you have ideas or issues that need to be addressed. Mark your calendars! The OBdAA Annual Picnic has been set for Saturday August 5th at 1:00pm in Jerseyville, Ont. Thanks to John & Debbie Plas along with Harry & Elizabeth Bouwmeester for offering to host this year’s picnic. Hope to see everyone there! The 17th Annual Cream of the Crop has been booked at Hoards Station for Saturday Oct. 28th at 4:00pm. Entries need to be in by August 15th to Eric Doran who has taken on

provinces the task of creating our Sales Catalogue again this year. Thank You Eric! Make sure you have your tickets for the Raffle draw which will precede the sale again this year. If you want tickets for yourself or are willing to sell tickets, please contact a board member and we’ll get those sent out to you. Every little bit helps! Dave Payne is working on some new promotional items for this year. There are several travel mugs, belt buckles and limited shirts still available. Contact Dave if you are interested in any of these items. The Board has decided not to set up a booth at this years IPM due to little interest from our members. With only 1 member volunteering the board felt due to distance and being the same weekend as Lindsay Ex. there wasn’t enough manpower to cover the show. If more members step forward to volunteer a booth could still be possible. Hasting Plowing Match will have a Blonde display set up, contact Eric Doran if you have some spare time to help man the booth. Ontario along with the other provincial associations have placed an ad in the American Blonde Newsletter. We included information on all our yearly events listing all major shows or events from across the Country. An invite to The Canadian National hosted by the Quebec Blonde d’Aquitaine Association and our Cream of the Sale as well! Maybe our American cousins, if planning on vacationing in Canada could find a Blonde show or event to take in during their travels. (Thanks Kirk!) Lastly, with the show season quickly approaching, it’s great to see all the photo’s (photo challenge Thanks Paul Fee!) and videos of the 4H projects underway on Facebook! Keep them coming! Hopefully, there’ll be a few extra sets of eyes in the stands admiring and taking note of our Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle! I wish everyone great success with your show animals and breeding programs for 2017.

Cheers Steven J. Acres

QUEBEC Nouvelles de l’Association Blonde d’Aquitaine du Québec

pas au rendez-vous mais pour le moment le risque d’incendie de forêt est très bas... Les animaux ont cependant accès à des pâturages luxuriants et une récolte de foin abondante est très probable. Pour plus d’information sur votre association, vous pouvez toujours visiter le site Internet de l’association au : http://www.blondaquitaineqc.com Maureen Landry, secrétaire

News from the Québec Blonded’Aquitaine Association

Le 29 avril 2017 nous avons eu l’assemblée annuelle des membres, Gilbert Gauthier a été réélu président, Clémence Landry vice-présidente et les directeurs sont L. Pierre Léger, Dominic Ager, Laurent Desrosiers et Ryland Cleary ont acceptés de représenter les membres/éleveurs de cette association pour l’année 2017. Nous souhaitons la bienvenue à Madame Ager et la remercions pour son désir d’implication.

On April 29th 2017 we held the Québec annual general meeting, Gilbert Gauthier was reelected President, Clémence Landry Vice-President and the directors are Dominic Ager, Ryland Cleary, Laurent Desrosiers and L. Pierre Léger who accepted to represent the members / breeders of this Association for the year 2017. We would like to welcome Mrs. Ager and thank her for her interest in the Québec Breeders Association.



• Expo St-Hyacinthe | 27 juillet au 5 août • Expo Ayer’s Cliff Fair | 24 au 27 août • Expo de Brome | 1 au 4 septembre • Expo Richmond | 7 au 11 septembre • Expo Lindsay, Ontario | 20 au 24 septembre • Expo-Bœuf (Victoriaville) | 6 au 8 octobre

• St-Hyacinthe Fair | July 27th thru August 5th • Ayer’s Cliff Fair | August 24th thru 27th • Brome Fair | September 1st thru 4th • Richmond Fair | September 7th thru 11th • Expo Lindsay, Ontario | September 20th thru 24th • Expo-Bœuf (Victoriaville) | October 6th thru 8th

Incluant l’Assemblée Générale Annuelle des Membres de l’Association Canadienne Vous êtes intéressé à exposer des animaux et de participer aux jugements, veuillez contacter Clémence Landry au 819 336-5503. Les membres du conseil d’administration espèrent toujours voir de nouveaux éleveurs aux différentes expositions. Un petit rappel que l’Association Canadienne Blonde d’Aquitaine tiendra son Assemblée Générale Annuelle des Membres durant les activités de l’Expo Bœuf 2017 de Victoriaville, nous aurons la visite de Blondes d’Aquitaine Ontariennes et Albertaines à cette exposition d’envergure. Venez en grand nombre pour les accueillir et amener vos Blondes d’Aquitaine Québécoises. Sur une petite note de la température au Québec: Eh bien, cette année on ne peut pas dire que ¨Mère Nature est de Notre Bord¨. Il y a eu des retards pour les semences, d’importantes inondations et les beaux jours ne sont toujours

Members of the Board hope to see new breeders showing their best subjects at the 2017 exhibitions. For more information, please contact Maureen Landry at 819 336-3966. Reminding you that the Canadian Blond d’Aquitaine Association will be holding it’s Annual General Meeting during the Expo Boeuf 2017 Fair in Victoriaville, there will be Ontarian and Albertan Blond d’Aquitaine visiting this great Fair, hoping that there will be several Québec Blond d’Aquitaine present to welcome them. Talking Québec weather: Well, this year we cannot say that ¨Mother Nature is on Our Side¨. Sowing season has been delayed, heavy flooding and sunny days are still not here but for the moment the risk of forest fires is very low ... Animals, however, have access to lush pastures and an abundant harvest of hay is very likely. For more information, don’t hesitate to visit our website at: www.blondaquitaineqc.com Maureen Landry, secretary


Want guaranteed polled Blonde Calves? Order your homozygous polled fullblood semen from:

• West Winds Rainer 11R • West Winds Workman 94W • West Winds Admiral 47A • West Winds Atlas 233A • West Winds Beau 9B • West Winds Breaker 36B BLONDE D’AQUITAINE CATTLE | MYRNA FLESCH westwind@cciwireless.ca | Box 334, Stavely, AB T0L 1Z0 | 403-549-2371 | www.westwindblondes.ca