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Our  “recipe”  for  High  Performance,   Forced-­‐Air    Industrial  Composting  

ACT Recipe  for  Industrial  Composting;   One  Step  First:    Your  site! A  prerequisite  is  to  select  and  build  out  a   bin  configuration  to  meet  your  waste   management  volume  requirements.     ACT  engineers  and  designs  a  bin  unit   that  is  10’  wide  x  12’  long  x  6’  tall  to  house   the  Forced-­‐Air  system  and  composting   system  elements.    This  “bin”  becomes   the  Management  Unit    for  the  actual     composting  process,    and  to  hold  the   waste  being  processed.      There  are  many   site  design  options  shown  throughout   the  website.  

It is  this  Simple!   Put  in  Sawdust  Filter  on  Bin  Floor   2.  Start  Loading  waste,  from  back  to   front.  Turn  on  Forced-­‐Air  system   3.  Cover  waste  with  C:N  mix   1. 

4.  Add Leachate  moisture  if  necessary   5.  Begin  monitoring  of  temperature  

and record  bin  stats  daily  

6.  Continue to  fill  bin  as  necessary  

with daily  influx  of  waste,  covering   with  mix    for  each  addition  

7.  Finish filling  bin  to  capacity,  then  

cap bin  with  sawdust  

8.  Continue to  monitor  temp  &  

moisture content.  

9.  15-­‐45 days  later:    Clean,  odor  free  

Compost will  be  ready  !  

1. Put  in  Sawdust  Filter  on  Bin  Floor     2.  Start  Loading  Feedstock,  back  to  front.  Start  Forced-­‐Air  system  

Loading Rate Flexible: 0- 10,000 lbs per day Load from back to front

1 foot sawdust on floor

  Turnkey Solutions:  ACT  handles  everything  from  

initial consultation,  permitting,    custom  construction,   and  fully  integrated,  industrial  duty  installation.     Perfect  for  large  to  moderate    size  applications.         Turnkey  (Container)  Solutions:    Same  design-­‐to-­‐ finish    engagement  as  our  custom  construction,  but   using  metal  container  bins  for  moderate  size   applications.     Industrial  “Kit”  Option:  All  the  ACT  components   and  engineering  packaged  for  customer  installation   into  a  site  prepared  and  built  by  the  customer.  

Tell me  more….     We    would  sure  like  to  hear  from  you   to  better  understand  your  waste   management  challenges  and  discuss   even  more  ways    the  Advanced   Composting  Technology  systems   could  provide  even  more  benefits  for   your  specific  application.     Be  sure  to  send  us  a  message  from  any   of  the  action  links  at  our  website,  or   just  give  us  a  call  at    828-­‐665-­‐8600  

Advanced Composting - How it Works  

The process and solution by ACT

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