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A Lucky Craft Spinnerbait Series

• 1/4-ounce Colorado/Willow - $13.99 ($14.99 for Classic Shad and MS American Shad) • 3/8-ounce Colorado/Willow - $14.99 ($15.99 for Classic Shad and MS American Shad) • 1/2-ounce Colorado/Willow - $14.99 ($15.99 for Classic Shad and MS American Shad) • 3/8-ounce Double Willow - $14.99 ($15.99 for Classic Shad and MS American Shad) • 1/2-ounce Double Willow - $14.99 ($15.99 for Classic Shad and MS American Shad)

Skeet Reese, 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion,

won the title with the help of a Lucky Craft Redemption spinnerbait. Now anglers will get a chance to fish a larger version (Reese used the 3/8-ounce at the Classic) and use the actual color Reese was fishing at the Classic, now known as Classic Shad. Classic Shad has an MS American Shad head and a white skirt. The other new colors are Sexy Chartreuse Shad, Gun Metal Shad, Crack and Skeet’s Magic. Sexy Chartreuse Shad is similar to the popular Chartreuse Shad in Lucky Craft’s arsenal, but with subtle, yet important, differences such as the addition of green flakes and a gray back. The original Redemption spinnerbaits were only available in 3/8-ounce and 1/4-ounce versions, and all had Colorado willow blade combinations. This year, however, in addition to the 1/2-ounce double willow Redemption, Lucky Craft will also release 1/2-ounce Colorado willow and 3/8-ounce double willow versions.

Keys to Redemption Series:

• High-performance internal tungsten components • Sleek body design features Lucky Craft’s realistic colors • Spinnerbait bodies that mirror the most popular Lucky Craft crankbaits • Versions with rattles located inside the body for added noise and vibration

Retail 65XD - $13.99 ($14.99 MS American Shad) 78XD - $14.99 ($15.99 MS American Shad)

The Pointer 65 and 78 XD are extra-deep diving jerkbaits. With the same look

and design as the ever-popular Lucky Craft Pointer, these new baits dive deeper than ever before. While the original Lucky Craft Pointers reach depths of around 3- to 4-feet and the Pointer DDs can dive to nearly 7 feet, the Pointer 65XD and the Pointer 78XD will easily reach depths of 8 feet or more. Most of the earlier Pointers, including the DD, have to be worked more slowly as they dive. The Pointer XD baits can reach depths of 8 feet while still being fished fast, which is a great advantage. This allows anglers to cover more water, check more spots and keep the bait in the strike zone longer. As it dives deeper, the Pointer XD baits will not lose the wobble or erratic action. The Pointer 65 and 78 XD are great cold water baits. When the fish get lethargic and inactive, it is important to take the bait to them; not expect them to come and get it. That’s exactly what Lucky Craft has enabled anglers to do with these two new baits. As do all Lucky Craft baits, the Pointer XD jerkbaits run true straight out of the package. Often, many long-billed jerkbaits lose the ability to run true and stay precise. However, Lucky Craft has found a way to elongate the bills while keeping the baits true straight out of the package. The Pointer 65XD weighs 3/16 ounce and measures 2-1/2 inches in length. The Pointer 78XD weighs 3/8 ounce and is 3 inches long. The 65 will retail for $13.99 ($14.99 for MS American Shad color) and the 78 will retail for $14.99 ($15.99 for MS American Shad). The Pointer XDs are available in 8 colors.

Retail $14.99 ($15.99 MS American Shad)

After much research, Lucky Craft determined many

anglers, in certain situations, prefer quiet jerkbaits, and the Pointer 95 Silent was born. Lucky Craft has taken a great bait and made it even better. This jerkbait, just a little smaller than the Pointer 100, will reach depths of about 5 to 6 feet and is completely silent; a key element for many jerkbait fishing enthusiasts and tournament anglers. When fishing in cold or clear water, fish often refuse baits with rattling sounds. These baits become very artificial in clear water. When a fish can see the bait from a mile away, the rattle isn’t needed. And in cold water, anglers have repetitively seen fish follow the bait but never take it. Rattles can hurt anglers in these specific situations, so the Pointer 95 Silent is sure to have instant fans. To make this bait completely silent, Lucky Craft also removed the weight transfer system from the body of the lure. To compensate for the change, Lucky Craft changed the angle of the lip to make it more aerodynamic. This allows for almost the same exact casting ability as the original Pointers. The lip angle also allows for a tighter wobble, while still retaining the erratic action, making the bait appear more natural in clear water conditions. Wide wobbles are good 90 percent of the time, but in clear water conditions and when fish are finicky, a tighter wobble adds a lot to a presentation. Lastly, the Pointer 95 Silent will also reach deeper depths faster than its rattling counterparts. This is also a great advantage in clear water because the bait reaches the strike zones faster. It dives slightly deeper than the Pointer 100, and can be worked with the same speed in depths around 4 1/2 to 5 feet. The Pointer 95 Silent is available in 14 colors and will retail for $14.99 ($15.99 for MS American Shad).

Retail $15.99 ($16.99 Crack, Gunmetal Shad, MS American Shad)

This new SKT isn’t just a size upgrade, but it’s a

completely new bait. Serious fisherman will need both in their tackle box because they stand out in very different conditions. The SKT MR and DR are faster, can cover a lot more water and still have the great deflection capabilities of the original mini versions. The original SKT Mini MR and DR are great summertime baits when fishing after the spawn. However, Lucky Craft did not have a coldwater version of the SKT … until now. Lucky Craft needed a bigger profile bait for those cold-water crankbait fish. The new SKT MR and DR are great crankbaits for cold water and muddy conditions. The SKT MR and DR do not have rattles. Lucky Craft used an internal weighting system on these crankbaits, and they have great balance. They have already been compared to wooden or balsa baits, which are normally very expensive, and it’s hard to find two that will run the same out of the package. The SKT MR and DR have the same action and wobble as a balsa bait, but they are a lot more reliable, consistent and durable. The SKT MR is a great medium running crankbait and is very versatile. The front lip is wide and brings the bait quickly to its desired depth, which can range from a few inches to 5 or 6 feet. Many medium running crankbaits have the tendency to roll or turn when fished fast, but not the SKT MR. With flat sides, a tight wobble and a lot of vibration, the MR offers fish a defined target, even in muddy water. With a longer lip, reaching depths between 8 and 10 feet, the SKT DR also runs great in cold-water conditions. Making long casts to fish stumps and wood is key, and this bait allows an angler to cover a lot of water quickly. It has the same features as the MR but runs a bit deeper. The SKT MR and DR retail for $14.99 ($15.99 MS American Shad) and are available in nine colors.

Retail $15.99 ($16.99 MS MJ American Shad)

The RC 2 is a new addition to the already popular Rick Clunn Series

of baits available at Bass Pro Shops. Before the creation of the RC 2, the series featured the RC 0.5, RC 1.5, RC 2.5 and RC 3.5. Now anglers have another size option with the RC 2. Lucky Craft has worked with legendary bass pro Rick Clunn for several years, producing some of the finest crankbaits on the market. Clunn’s square-billed crankbaits have the Lucky Craft design and durability with the wobble and buoyancy of wood. The RC 2 weighs 5/8 ounce and will be available exclusively at Bass Pros Shops in 15 colors: Sexy Chartreuse Shad, White Shad, Purple Shad, Copper Green Shad, Copper Perch, Chartreuse Perch, Purple Perch, Blue Bream, Bull Bream, MS MJ American Shad, Pearl Green Shad, MJ Ghost Minnow, BP MJ Chrome Golden Shiner, BP Tomato Shad, BP Ghost Chartreuse Perch.

Retail $19.99 ($20.99 MS MJ Herring, MS American Shad)

Unlike a normal swimbait, the Pointer 125 has a lip

that allows for more possibilities and actions when working the bait. The Pointer 125 has three segments, which allow for realistic swimming action in the water. The bait also comes standard with large treble hooks, #3 on the front and #4 hooks on the back. Some swimbaits have great action but less sturdy hook, but the Pointer 125 allows anglers to experience both characteristics at the same time. With natural, lifelike action and strong trebles, the Pointer 125 is sure to be a new favorite among anglers. The Pointer 125 can be fished like a swimbait or jerked like a regular Pointer jerkbait. With the lip in addition to the joints, you have the best of both worlds. When the big, but finicky, slow fish are following the bait but just not willing to commit, anglers have the option to switch from a swimbait action to a jerking, twitching action to entice the large bass. The Pointer 125 also has a heavier body weight, which allows for longer casts. The bait, like its smaller Pointer counterparts, has a good profile, cuts through the air very well and casts like a rock. It can be cranked fast just under the water’s surface, or jerked to reach depths around 3 feet. With the multiple actions of the Pointer 125, the time of year to throw the new bait is much more broad. It’s the perfect bait for the winter months when swimbaits don’t work as well. Fishing long points in the winter, with a jerkbait action, will attract more fish. It’s also a great bait for smallmouth. The Lucky Craft Pointer 125 will be available in eight colors and retails for $19.99 ($20.99 for MS American Shad and MS MJ Herring).

Retail $14.99 ($15.99 MS Black, MS American Shad)

The new Lucky Craft T-Splash 70 is a combination of the G-Splash

and the Wake Tail, and is great when a little extra noise and action is needed when fishing for schooling fish. It is also great when fishing around shallow docks because of the extra noise created with the prop. This bait will bring fish up from deeper water. The T-Splash 70 has the ability to be worked a little faster. The T-Splash 70 can also be more stationary when fished on stumps or logs. When fishing regular poppers, the baits don’t stay in the strike zone for long, making catching fish difficult. The prop on the T-Splash 70 allows for drag and holds the bait in the strike zone longer. The T-Splash 70 retails for $14.99 ($15.99 MS American Shad and MS Black) and is available in seven colors.

Retail $17.99 ($18.99 MS American Shad, MS Black)

The new Lucky Craft Prop LVR 80 is very versatile and gives anglers more than one action in the bait. It can be twitched, slow rolled or fished over bream beds much like the Kelly J. When twitched, the prop makes noise and creates a bubble trail in the water, which attracts fish because of its realistic and natural appeal.

It’s a great topwater in the summertime, fishing shallow or over bream beds. In the winter, open water is a great place for the Prop LVR 80, especially off big points when the shad are schooling. You can also put the rod tip down and fish the Prop LVR much like a jerkbait, with twitching action, or continue to fish like a topwater with the added sound and splash from the prop. The treble hooks are close together because it’s a short, compact bait, which allows for better hook up percentages. The treble hooks are big and strong, which is great for catching big fish on lakes such as Falcon and Amistad. The Prop LVR 80 will attract and catch big fish despite its compact size. Also, because of the position of the prop, which is almost under the bait, the nose of the bait goes down and the prop goes up when twitched. This will create a thrashing noise in the water and will allow anglers to use the bait in conditions with a slight breeze. The Prop LVR 80 retails for $17.99 ($18.99 MS American Shad) and is available in seven colors.

After many years of research, Lucky Craft developed their first collection

of rods, the TLC Collection, in 2008. The collection has grown during the last year, and now includes six new rods – Fat Mini Magic, Long Cast SP, Jig/Spinnerbait, Carolina Rig, Big Bait Special and Light Drop Shot. These rods are not only sensitive, but they offer good castability and provide the strength needed to bring in the big fish. Retail price for the new rods ranges from $149.99 to $199.99.

Big Bait Special: Extra Heavy, Extra Fast Long Cast SP: Heavy, Extra Fast Jig/Spinnerbait: Heavy, Extra Fast Carolina Rig: Heavy, Extra Fast Light Drop Shot: Medium, Extra Fast Fat Mini Magic: Medium, Fast

Retail 170 – $19.99 ($20.99 MS MJ Herring) 180 – $19.99 ($20.99 MS MJ Herring)

Retail $19.99 (20.99 MS MJ Herring)

Retail $16.99

The Gunfish, a popular topwater lure from Lucky Craft,

The Gunfish, a popular topwater lure from Lucky Craft, is now available in the saltwater lineup. With the same great action as the freshwater version, the Gunfish 95 and 115 are already popular choices for many saltwater anglers. When fishing in saltwater, fishing the Gunfish slowly is key. Working the flats and walking the topwater over dark spots and grass pods will be most effective. The spitting action and sound of the Gunfish is still very important for attracting those saltwater fish. The topwater will work best with a 7-foot rod and braided line, for bringing in those big Redfish and Stripers. The Gunfish 95 weighs 3/8 ounce and the Gunfish 115 weighs 3/5 ounce. Both topwater baits are available in all six saltwater ISG colors.

Retail $14.99 – $17.99

Two popular freshwater baits in Lucky Craft’s arsenal are the

Sammy and the G-Splash, and Lucky Craft has created new saltwater versions of the topwater lures. Needing no alterations, the action of both the SW G-Splash and the SW Sammy are comparable to their freshwater counterparts, but the new lures come in a variety of saltwater colors. While the SW Sammy has a rounded body shape and a smooth “walking” action to draw persnickety fish to the top, the SW G-Splash produces the large splash needed to land those big fish near the surface. The SW Sammy comes in two sizes, the 85 and 100, and the SW G-Splash is available in the 65 and 80. All come standard with larger, stronger o-rings and saltwater hooks.

Retail $14.99 – $17.99

No other Lucky Craft bait has been as widely accepted or become as

popular as the Pointer. Now available in saltwater colors, the SW Pointer has become a favorite of many saltwater anglers across the country. With its lively, side-to-side action, the Pointers have excellent castability and strong drawing power. The SW Pointers have saltwater hooks and stronger o-rings than the original freshwater versions.

Retail $17.99

Lucky Craft introduces the Fat CB SSR crankbait

In addition to the topwater lures, Lucky Craft is also introducing the small, Fat CB SSR crankbait to the saltwater market. With Lucky Craft’s stellar crankbait technology, and the enticing look and action of the Fat CB SSR, saltwater anglers are sure to have this one in their tackle boxes before long. The Fat CB SSR weighs 3/4 ounce and is also available in all six saltwater colors.

Retail $14.99 – $17.99

Lucky Craft’s crankbaits are unrivaled in the bass-fishing world,

and now the California-based company is breaking into the saltwater market with the new Fat Mini series. The SW Fat Mini series consists of three sizes and much like its freshwater counterpart, was designed to accurately cast to desired locations. The Fat Mini SR hovers at the sub-surface level, the Fat Mini D-5 can easily be fished around structure and the Fat Mini D-7, while retaining the features of the D-5, swims at impressive depths. The SW Fat Mini series is a formidable family of system crankbaits that allows an angler to strategically change lures based on the conditions. The new saltwater crankbaits are available in various, newly designed saltwater colors and like the other saltwater lures, have stronger, larger o-rings and saltwater hooks.

Retail $189.99 – $219.99

Lucky Craft has designed a rod lineup like never before.

The new saltwater rods, created with the help of Lucky Craft pros Bryan and Greg Watts, are as technically advanced as they come. When most rods fall into four categories, the new saltwater rods from Lucky Craft could easily fit into 10 plus. These rods allow an angler to work a lure exactly as it was designed. While some lures are meant to swim, others pull hard, while still others need to be finessed. A rod’s action makes all the difference when it comes to maximizing a lure’s capability. No matter the species of fish or the type of lure, there will be a rod in this lineup for any fishing category. These rods give anglers the ability to fish with precision.

According to Bryan Watts, this new lineup isn’t full of your average, everyday rods. The castability is second to none; they are precise, feel great in your hands and look appealing, too. Any hobby fisherman will realize these rods are worth their weight in gold, and tournament anglers across the country will appreciate the technical approach Lucky Craft has taken. These rods will help tournament anglers further their career and catch more fish, while recreational fisherman will feel like a pro when throwing them.


hese rods are wonderful. They have unique action, they’re bullet proof and aesthetically pleasing. No other company varies its rod action like Lucky Craft.” ••Greg Watts

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