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Advanced Composting Technologies (ACT) has developed an industrial duty, high performance system to allow composting to resolve some of the most difficult organic waste problems with an effective and environmentally sound management solution. Our systems are proven across many industrial applications with the ability to handle huge spikes in waste to be processed; to process this waste quickly, and with significant environmental advantages over most alternative methods of organic waste management. While our systems are amazingly simple to operate, there are some technical details and operational features outlined in this booklet that will help you better understand our technology and our systems ability to accommodate virtually any level of organic waste management need. I encourage you to investigate carefully all of the benefits listed on the following pages and compare these to any other waste management options you may be evaluating. Additionally, I recommend you visit our website for more detailed examples of industry specific solutions and customer success reports from ACT installed systems. Our whole team at ACT looks forward to helping you solve your composting and waste management needs.

Keith Warren, President

TAKING COMPOSTING TO THE NEXT LEVEL Founded in 1998, Advanced Composting Technologies has become a leader in the field of composting by developing a simple, natural and environmentally sensitive composting solution. In 2008, Advanced Composting Technologies received a “Business Innovation” award for its development of improved processes for industrial waste management. Environmental stewardship is not just our mission, it is our responsibility.

WE KNOW THE SCIENCE OF COMPOSTING We’ve spent years learning the science of composting so that you don’t have to. Our years of optimizing the composting process with enhanced system construction and design engineering, exclusive air-flow systems, sound environmental controls, and our “recipe” for carbon/nitrogen ratios insures that your composting system is the best in the industry.

LISTEN. RESPOND. TRAIN. SERVE. You drive our research and development therefore you can expect an easy-to-operate, well-engineered facility that optimizes each variable of the composting process. Our systems are driven by your needs—because we listen!

BETTER DESIGN FOR LOWER COSTS Our time-tested design delivers high performance and ensures the lowest operating costs. With our optimum composting environment, processing costs go down, environmental issues go away, cycle times are decreased and raw materials are minimized. The proof is in the performance!

FLEXIBLE TO MEET YOUR BUDGETS ACT now has more options than ever to meet any budget or system processing requirements. We offer both Turnkey and Kit based installation options that allow for us to provide each customer with a custom designed, industrial duty system that meets your budgetary requirements.



PROVEN PROCESS, PROVEN COMPANY: ACT has been building high performance, commercial composting systems for over 10 years. Our numerous installations across a variety of industrial applications such as food service waste processing, animal mortality management at poultry, fish, and swine farms, applications for animal road kill processing, etc. provide the proof of design, construction, and after the sale service so important for high production installations. Our complete process, from design, construction, innovation in technology, and operational guidelines provide the foundation for a successful installation of a composting waste management solution. From our entry level “kits” to our turnkey industrial solution, you get the full benefit of our deep applications experience with each configuration.



Our Forced Air Delivery System is responsible for turbo-charging waste decomposition with such efficiency that huge amounts of organic matter can be converted in DAYS to clean, odor free compost. Systems are engineered for industrial duty waste management applications capable of processing either large organic matter such as large animals, or millions of pounds of commercial waste into clean, odor free compost in an environmentally safe process.




Our Forced Air and Closed Loop Leachate Control systems, combined with ACT’s recipe for daily operation make for a clean, low odor installation. Many customers report that this is one part of their ACT solution that is a pleasant surprise as they did not expect a system of this type, handling the volume of waste being processed, to be so odor free, especially as compared to other waste solutions they have experienced.


A huge benefit to the ACT composting solution is the ability to have virtually unlimited (limited only by the total size of your installation) flexibility of daily feedstock loading rates. Many user applications for our commercial composting solutions often report having huge variances in the pounds of feedstock that require processing on a daily basis, and our systems offer complete user option to the system loading. This is a most significant advantage over many other waste management options.



Ongoing operation of the ACT Composting systems requires no fossil fuels, chemicals, and very limited power consumption. Systems are built with compatibility to standard farm or industrial equipment, and for operation by existing staff personnel. On-going variable operational costs are very minimal.




The ACT composting systems operate in a contained bin with a Closed Loop Leachate Control System that keeps the entire composting environment sealed from runoff and groundwater contamination. As a 100% natural process with no added chemicals or requirements for fossil fuels, the ACT system contributes significantly to Environmental Stewardship, and in fact produces clean, re-useable compost that is nutrient rich and stable for post processing applications such as landscaping, soil enrichment, erosion control, etc.



The Forced Air ACT system produces consistent operational temperatures above 150° F for at least 15 consecutive days. These high temperatures are only possible in the continuously aerobic environment created in our proprietary forced air systems, and produce increased microbial activity which leads to complete pathogen kill, and clean disease free system output. Our systems have been operationally approved by many Federal, State, and Local agencies for compliance to environmental and regulatory processing standards.



As a customer you don’t have to buy a fixed unit size or configuration, as systems are individually sized to meet the requirements of each customer’s need. Our systems can even start small and expand with add-on capacity easily adapted to any installation with additional site build-out. ACT has entry level systems of single bin “kit” installations up to custom built, turnkey commercial systems processing over 2.2 million pounds of waste per year!



ACT systems are super easy to operate, with configurations sized for use with common farm or industrial equipment, bin doors that fully retract for cleaning and daily operations, unattended daily operations mode, no hazardous fuels or chemicals to process, and a short operators recipe guidebook. The systems operate in all climates: cold, hot, dry, and humid. For an industrial process, it can’t get much easier!


For farm and agricultural applications where Department of Agriculture, NRCS, or other regulated approvals are required, you will find ACT systems already confirmed and approved for design, process, and environmental conformity. This means that if there are “Cost Share” funding opportunities available for your location and industry, that it is most likely that the ACT Forced Air Composting solutions have been approved and accepted for participation into this program. This could therefore provide significant funding to defer up-front expense of a waste system installation, and also provide the confidence in knowing the systems have been fully reviewed and approved for use under strict governmental guidelines.




Follow ACT Recipe for Proper C:N Ratio

Bin ready to begin

Mix sawdust (carbon) and litter (nitrogen)

Use mix for daily cover


2. LOADING BINS Terrace from rear to front

Advanced Composting optimum composting structure, process and o includes proprietar custom engineered bin leachate, customize controls. We put th

Loading poultry on sawdust filter

Loading bin by hand


3. TURN ON ACT FORCED-AIR SYSTEM Composting begins!

Turn on the air


Inside control panel

Forced Air Engineering

Forced Air Floor Delivery

4. FIRST STAGE COMPOSTING (Typically 15-45 days) Fill bin, add moisture and cap

OSTING IS A CAL PROCESS Optimum temperatures


Adding leachate


g Technologies developed the g system which includes the operation. This simple system ry aeration, industrial duty ns, roofed structure, controlled ed recipes and automated he system together right.

5. SECOND STAGE COMPOSTING (Typically 15-30 days) Unload, mix, add moisture, and reload

Steam rises as bin unloaded


Clean, odor-free compost

6. CLEAN, ODOR-FREE FINISHED PRODUCT Clean, ready for many uses

Safe, pathogen-free compost

Apply at agronomic rates


For detailed insight into our industry specific solutions for these markets and to learn more about our ACT User Success Reports listed below: 1. Swine Grower Mortality Management 2. Food Service Waste Management 3. DoT Roadkill Waste Mangement 4. Poultry Grower Mortality Management






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Advanced Composting Technologies, LLC. Tel: 828-665-8600 Fax: 828-665-8607

P.O. Box 2440 Candler, NC 28715 USA


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Advanced Composting - Corporate Brochure  

ACT - new main corporate brochure. August 2012

Advanced Composting - Corporate Brochure  

ACT - new main corporate brochure. August 2012

Profile for coxgroup