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Our mission is to inspire you through the turn of every page inside this magazine. Once again we bring you: 1. Interviews with some of the very best designers in the world 2. Inspiring projects 3. The best news from the world’s hottest events 4. Inspiration&ideas to get the look of these projects 5. Reviews on Interior Design Books we love 6. A tour through the world’s best hotels and restaurants. Whether you are an Interior Designer, a Design Lover or just want to get inspired to revamp your home, this issue of CovetED Magazine was created especially for you, since it gives you a unique insight into the World of Design. Over the past two months, our team packed their bags and went on another Design journey, this time in Europe. Our first stop was in London and … oh! That city never ceases to inspire us. By the way, you can get your own copy of CovetED Magazine at Chelsea Harbour Design Center’s Bookstore, and very soon also in your nearest newsstand. Besides being distributed amongst professionals, the world’s top hotels, restaurants, Design Events and Design Centers, the World’s top collector’s Luxury and Design Magazine will go one step further and will be within the general public reach in 2017. In London we interviewed well-known and upcoming designers, such as Fionna Barrat, Staffan Tollgard, Zaha Hadid Architects, Peter Staunton, Eliska Sapera, Charu Gandhi, David Angell, Maria Vafiadis, Beata Heuman, who opened up about their work and new projects, giving our team the great opportunity to learn a lot from them. Then we went to Germany and Austria, where we met with our friends Arzu kartal, Elke Altenberger and Drechsler Interiors. Our next stop was in Italy, where we toured the country’s most amazing hotels and restaurants. Finally, we stopped in Russia for a quick catch up with our friend Yana Molodykh. We offer a bonus with a sneak peak at the world of Design’s latest news, our favourite books and a mood board with our favourite Designer modern chairs. Be my guest and enjoy CovetED’s latest issue. I’m sure you’ll be inspired!





Janet Morais Founder of Koket

Coveted gets up close and personal with the most sultry furniture brand in the world along with Founder & CEO

2016 marked the year in which KOKET unveiled a new design

wasn’t long before KOKET was becoming noticed and known in

aesthetic, unleashing not only a new tempting set of pieces but

the international luxury furniture market and earning projects

a new direction for the brand. The most seductive furniture

with Saks Fifth Ave and Bergdorf Goodman, Universal studios,

brand will remain as sultry as before, however there is a new

Paramount Pictures, and numerous luxury hospitality projects

mature essence that surrounds the brand’s aesthetic. This new

across the world. From the brands’ inception Janet’s vision for

direction follows in the footsteps of Founder Janet Morais, who

KOKET was a daring design aesthetic, high impact shows, lavish

has successfully grown the brand since its start in 2010. Now

presentations and risque ad campaigns which all proved to have

seven years later, KOKET and Janet have made a statement

tremendous success, this vision gathered attention and conveyed

with the brand’s highly desirable, empowering pieces, and are

the brand’s mission of creating highly desirable, empowering

beginning a new chapter into timeless design. KOKET began

statement pieces. It wasn’t just the seductive marketing and

with a simple design sketch over cocktails in a New York City

imagery that had people craving KOKET, but the handmade

lounge. From that simple sketch of the Mandy stool, the Guilty

construction and high quality materials that composed these

Pleasures collection developed into a decadent luxury brand of

alluring pieces. Magical mineral medlies, luxurious metallics,

case goods, upholstery, lighting and soft goods that had a touch

vibrant jewel tones and exotic peacock feathers entice and charm

of unseen feminine flair such as table legs shaped like a woman’s

unlike any piece of furniture has before. It was this love and

hip bone and upholstery mimicking the curves of a modern

passion for exotic and provocative materials that provided the

woman. With this unique and womanly approach to design, it

next step in KOKETs growth: the KOKET Textiles collection.

TREND FILE// This lavish collection full of glamorous leathers, creamy suedes,

CM: Why have you revamped KOKETs look?

a rainbow of plush velvets, silky sheers and more, allowed clients

JM: After about 7 years of success, I felt KOKET needed

to purchase the coveted materials that compose the furniture

something to keep the brand allure and momentum growing.

pieces in KOKETs collection. From there, the next step was to

It became time to raise the bar within not only the collection,

continue to grow KOKET as a brand by introducing a slew of

but the company, encompassing all aspects of the brand. We

new pieces. Janet Morais could have unveiled the new daring

have gained a lot of success with our daring and extravagant

designs with the usual KOKET attention-grabbing style, but

designs, but now I feel it is time for a more eternal and cultivated

instead considered the future of the brand and retaining its


establishment within the luxury design world. Drawing inspiration from Art Deco, Mid-century modern and Oriental design, Morais and the KOKET designers worked tirelessly perfecting countless designs until they captured the alluring yet sophisticated new spirit of the brand. Janet Morais sat down with Coveted to talk about her journey at the helm of this irresistible brand and the future it holds.

CM: What inspirations did you draw on for this new look? JM: A lot of my inspirations are the same, especially the influence

of Art Deco and oriental design. I looked through a lot of vintage design archives, pulling designs from different eras then adding the opulent KOKET touch. The sultriness of the 70s era was a focal point for me. I was drawn to their experimentation with playful embellishments and free forms.

Coveted Magazine: Tell us about the KOKET brand in your

own words.

CM: What is different and what is similar about these new pieces

Janet Morais: KOKET is more than a luxury furniture brand,

compared to the previous pieces?

but a representation of empowerment and desire. A catered

JM: This new collection differs in that the pieces are not as

experience of fulfillment, attention to needs and a journey into

inventive and elaborate as the icons of the Guilty Pleasures

a reliable world of design. My mission with KOKET has always

collection. Instead of large, ornamental details I chose to focus on

been to empower and seduce with daring design, all while giving

the timelessness of the design while still applying the seductive

women the ability to express their true style. I have always

KOKET touch. You’ll still see lavish accents but they are more

thought of KOKET has a glimpse into my personal world and

subtle, like the Nahema chair hand details. I believe we have

what moves me, and the growth of the brand is tied to my

become established enough as a brand to apply a more mature

growth as well.

approach to design.

Opium Cabinet by Koket

Naomi Chair by Koket

Tears Coffee table by Koket


Not just creating a piece of furniture, but an experience.

Kasehsiah Chandelier by Koket

Luna Bench by Koket

Bolvardi Stool by Koket

Mandy Sofa by Koket

CM: You chose to unveil new pieces that embody KOKET’s new

CM: KOKET is known for their use of exotic and quality materials.

direction in Europe, Why? Especially when KOKET is the New

Were any new materials or design styles used on the new pieces and

York City darling.

if so what/which?

JM: The European design scene is edgy and receptive to confidence.

JM: : This collection shows traces of mid-century modern design that

My new collection carries an air of confidence that wasn’t there

is not commonly used in the KOKET aesthetic. The Sofia sofa for

in the beginning. Paris is the perfect place to unleash this new

example, is a glamorous version of a mid-century modern two-seat

assurance. Also, it is not enough to unveil a piece of furniture or a

sofa. We also played with tempered glass, seen in the Amaretto sconce

collection, people want to experience it. The European design scene

and chandelier, which was a new material for us but turned out

provided the perfect venue for guests to get up close and personal

stunning. The way the light plays on the texture is truly remarkable.

with the new collection. Our new pieces unleash a realm of new questions and our Brand Ambassadors are traveling across Europe

CM: What is your favorite part of the design process?

meeting with top Interior Designers and elite showrooms delivering

JM: Not just creating a piece of furniture, but an experience. I aim

the full brand experience through our elaborate presentations.

to cultivate desire within my clients with each piece I make, aspiring them to explore their individual sense of style. I want them to not

CM: Tell us the inspiration behind Metal Rage.

only like their piece of furniture, but absolutely adore it!

JM: Metal Rage was inspired by the resurgence of punk chic and

shimmering sultry quality of metallics. I wanted to capture the

CM: What can we expect from KOKET in the future?

exotic beauty of rebellion via interior design. Or perhaps it was a

JM: KOKET is taking a mature approach to the future, in design

walk through my closet post fashion week.

and audience. The brand will continue to designing pieces for the

CM: What is your favorite new piece and why? JM: My overall favorite piece of the collection is the Bolvardi

bench. The sultry curves with the black and gold bring out an irresistible erotic vibe. But out of the new pieces I would have to say the Luna bench. Her design is simply radiant, with the bold curved arms, and shimmering metallic reptile leather is to die for! It is a leather that has been in the KOKET collection for a while, starting with the Drapesse chair, and now it is available in the KOKET textiles collection.

modern, confident women, that will make a statement while fulfilling the client’s needs. And of course KOKETs signature black and gold combination is here to stay. Already making headlines with the empowering statement pieces from the Guilty Pleasures collection, KOKET recently revamped our lavish textile collection to include metallic embossed leathers, colorful sheer prints, striking patterns and show-stopping iridescent feather wallcoverings. This luxurious curated collection is an intoxicating blend of alluring materials waiting to cover your home.


Revê mirror, Nahéma dining chair, Intuition dining table, Flora sconce and Tiger feathers by Koket

Textiles by Koket

Reptilia floor lamp by Koket

Iridescent Peacock wallpaper by Koket

Nahema chair by Koket

Divine Armoire by Koket




Even death could not stop Zaha Hadid as one of her final artworks

Ginza is launching a new limited edition camera, Leica

was shown at Maison et Objet, a homeware collection featuring

M-P Titanium. This phenomenal device features an

candles, vases, tableware, coasters, and amongst others.

M-P (Typ 240) digital functionality camera and two

This assemblage is represented through Hadid’s fluid signature style

impressive lenses. It is 90 grams lighter and more

by showcasing materiality, parametric design, technique, usage of

appealing than the original. The company finishes

colour, and craftsmanship. Entitled Collection 2016, it was developed

off with an opulent, full grain leather trim adding

by Hadid earlier this year before her sudden death.

aesthetic appeal and purpose.

For celebrating ten years of existence, Leica Store

Accompanied by a matching leather carrying strap, this enthralling camera will be available in the United Kingdom any minute now.


Showcasing the most exquisite contemporary and

Known for its glamour and sophistication, Chanel is a brand that

Design Fair took place in London in mid-September.

is automatically correlated to perfection. Chanel created a new pop

Amongst the top exhibitors were: Koket with highly

up Parisian apartment at Bergdorf Goodman’s in New York with an

empowering and lavish designs; Paul Montgomery

outstanding interior. It features a phenomenal Yves Klein cocktail

Studio, which provided excellent artwork, murals and

table, a striking white fireplace, a perfectly fashioned bookcase, elegant

wallpapers; Boca do Lobo (pictured below), that presented

chandeliers, and one can always count with Chanel fine jewellery.

the mesmerizing Metamorphosis dining table; Dering

luxury furniture designs, the Decorex 2016 International

Hall, exhibiting exclusive furnishings and accessories; and finally, Brabbu, reflecting the urban lifestyle and the world through the use of unique textures and materials.


LOUIS VUITTON’S ROLLING LUGGAGE COLLECTION Designed by Marc Newson, Louis Vuitton will launch an exquisite collection of rolling luggage. These sophisticated cases are characterized by their lightness and variety of colours and sizes. They feature more packing space due to the relocating of an expandable cane onto the outside of the luggage, a side device is built for carrying the trunk, and a special lock system is implemented in order to reduce the weight.

DOLCE & GABBANA’S FLAGSHIP STORE IN TOKYO Tokyo will be the newest home to a Dolce & Gabbana’s luxurious flagship store. Its conceptual theme was created by Gwenael Nicolas, owner of Curiosity Studio, and lies in a dichotomy between luminosity and obscurity, and was made to resemble Aladdin’s cave of treasures. From a few exceptions, the interior is essentially cloaked in Arabescato marble; centred in the room one can find a golden staircase that leads to a second level. Ultimately, Nicolas creates an interior world of theatrics by using the chiaroscuro technique.

PRESENTING THE IPHONE 7 During a press event in San Francisco, Apple has finally launched the new IPhone 7. This phenomenal new design is resistant to water and has a force-sensitive home button. The larger model will feature two camera lenses. Tim Cook, CEO of the company went on to say that this was the most advanced smartphone they have ever created. Its appearance is more aesthetically appealing, and it is available in two finishes, glossy black or jet black.

GORENJE COLLECTION BY PHILIPPE STARCK Starck will be designing a kitchen appliances collection for Gorenje, including a dishwasher, an oven, and a refrigerator with mirrored panels. This superb design epitomizes high-end technological performance and energy sufficiency. His vision was not to design traditional devices but instead create something that could be shared as a family and would bring balance and harmony to one’s home.



Patch of Sky by Fabrica

Christopher Shulz’s chrome shark


Slash Lamp by Ubikubi

Monstera Deliciosa by Porky Hefer

O+ ring by Malin Henningsson

Spring is coming and all design lovers are anxious to discover the new design trends. Despite the importance of the new trends, everyone wants (now more than ever) to stand out amongst the crowd, so CovetED Magazine prepared a selection of the most curated pieces with a unique design. All these design pieces could be a rare artwork piece with an intriguing and special story behind their forms. For all those who have a more dashing taste, this is the Baroque Rubber Seating Nynke Koster

most luxury design selection.



Oki Sato

“Sato was always very passionate about reading manga, an artistic expression composed by a series of lines leveled by flatness and abstraction, deeply rooted in Japanese culture. �


Oki Sato founder of Nendo

50 Manga Chairs

Oki Sato, the founder of Nendo, was always very passionate about reading manga, an artistic expression composed of a series of lines levelled by flatness and abstraction and deeply rooted in Japanese culture. When he was younger, his parents disapproved of his preference as they believed that visiting museums or galleries would be more beneficial. However, the idea of combining both art forms always lingered in Sato’s thoughts. He started researching about manga comics and discovered that he could, as a matter of fact, transform techniques used in manga into objects and furniture. From this elaborate investigation emerged the one of a kind design, 50 Manga Chairs, which was created for Friedman Benda Gallery in New York, and was also installed in a marvellous historic palazzo in Milan.

50 Manga Chairs

In the middle of the exhibition, a single chair with no characterization or emotions whatsoever is exposed and then it is intensely besieged by various chairs beautified in different designs. For example, one peculiar chair has abrasive blast material in the rear which transforms it into a quite heavy piece but rather unique. These chairs are made of stainless steel and were hand polished in Japan which is a lengthy process. Sato also fashioned divergence by using white to cover the inside flooring and carpeted black to swathe the outskirts. Out of curiosity, the founder of Nendo was named the designer of the year 2016 by Maison et Object wherein he featured a remarkable design of chocolates describing the Japanese onomatopoeic words for texture. Presently, Sato has 400 projects in development.



Tom Dixon



Using Caesarstone as a material, the British designer, Tom Dixon

and fascination for the material even before an idea materializes

created an exceptional series of kitchens and dining halls that

into your consciousness. He also believes in the functionality of

represent the four different elements: fire, earth, air, and water.

design, so in this case, he is celebrating cooking techniques by

This masterpiece inhabits Rotonda della Besana church in Milan,

turning it into something where individuals can actually satisfy

a building from the 17th century.

their desires and most importantly their needs.

The intention behind his design was to create a space where people

Ultimately, Tom Dixon becomes more enthusiastic about design

could slow down and reflect. At the same time, instead of being a

when it is about commemorating other variety of traits about

traditional restaurant, the purpose lies in encouraging customers to

the world.

explore and discover new experiences, whether that is in regards to gastronomy, to meeting different people or even to interact with the interiors. By adding so many elements to his restaurant, Dixon exterminates the monotonous factor that is extremely conforming in our society. To Dixon, materiality is an essential notion in a designer’s work. Nowadays, with the advancements in manufacturing and technology is quite effortless to change materials while in production but for the designer, it is all about the departure point, the excitement

Ultimately, Tom Dixon becomes more enthusiastic about design when it is about commemorating other variety of traits about the world.

Fire Kitchen by Tom Dixon

Air Kitchen by Tom Dixon

Series of Kitchens by Tom Dixon

Series of Kitchens by Tom Dixon


FORT LAUDERDALE INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW 2016 The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is an annual event

The overall space was amplified in order to fully lustre the spotlight

that promotes the most impressive display of marine products and

of the excellent cruising and yachting services in America.

accessories. Owned by Marine Industries Association of South

The popular Catamaran Cove, which was quite successful in last

Florida and managed by Show Management, it is the largest in-

year’s edition, returned with a diverse variety of sail and power

water boat show ever produced. The exhibition spaced for the

vessels from the leading builders of the industry, including

57th edition had more than 3 million square feet and took place

the Hudson, the Gunboat, the Horizon, and the Leopard. All

in seven locations, including the Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Hotel

catamarans were held at the Pier 66 Marina. The charter yacht

Beach & Yachting Center and the Hall of Fame Marina.

Lady Lola from Oceanco was once again featured. This 62 meter

The spectacular event occurred from 3 to 7 of November 2016.

beauty is mostly known for its tremendously poignant interior

The greatest concept about the outstanding Boat Show is that it

designed by Zuretti. Other famed yachts celebrated in the event

can be appreciated by the whole family as they can do entertaining

were the Galactica Super Nova by Heesen, which is one of the

activities, such as water sports demonstrations and participating

fastest yachts ever built; Codecasa showcased Apogee, a 62 metres

in specialised seminars and workshops about fishing and boating,

elegant and spacious design; the contemporary high-tech Just J’s

among countless others. The event presented over hundreds

developed by Hakvoort Shipyards was likewise emblazoned; and

and thousands of products from mesmerising yachts to fishing

lastly, the electrifying Solandge which was created by Lurssen,

boats of all sizes, to marine art, to jewellery and even exotic

and revered for its timeless exterior and bespoke interior. Fort

cars, along with numerous others.

Lauderdale is the best location for a boat show due to the city’s

It also counted with the presence of exhibitors and guests

recourses and based companies that provide the best services and

from all around the world. Manifold exhibition spaces were

support. It is also considered to be the yachting capital of the

redesigned or renamed, for instance, the Yachting Tent is now

world, and for this reason, it is one of the finest places, on a

entitled Superyacht Pavillion.

worldwide scale, to manage all aspects concerning maintenance and provisioning. In addition, the weather is phenomenal.




In a celebration of commerce and culture, the leading venue Design Miami/ situated at the Miami Beach Convention Center, commemorated once again the best achievements in design from all around the world. The influential marketplace delivered the best international convention amongst designers, curators, collectors, gallerists, and critics. The fair was organised with a wide variety of exhibitions between open to limited editions. Interpreting the authentic platform for design enthusiasts, the event is a place of discussion, creativity, and investment in the latest artistic productions, such as mid-century and contemporary furniture, lighting, and art accessories or renderings. Owing to this, the forum is constantly being enhanced in order to provide the idyllic point of reference in design. The 2016 edition of Design Miami/ occurred from the 29th of November to the 4th of December. This year’s entryway was presented with the largest 3-D printed installation and public plaza conceived by the unforgettable SHoP Architects, who were actually chosen to be the recipients of the Panerai Design Miami visionary award. Among the main events was the collaboration between New York gourmet purveyors, Dean & DeLuca and German architect, Ole Scheeren.

NEWS & TRENDS // By combining authority with creativity, they developed STAGE, a successful and one-of-a-kind food retail concept. Furthermore, ICE, a piece from Arik Levy’s Genesis collection highlighted the use of quartz and marble in a product of architecture and design. Developed by Tabanlıoğlu Architects, the Flamingo Lounge displayed an abstract yet playful scene, majorly inspired by the flamboyance of John Waters, the minimalism of Mies van der Rohe, and the colourfulness of Gaetano Pesce in a reflection of pink resin. Design Miami/ also counted with the participation of famous brands, such as Fendi and Louis Vuitton. Design Curio, one of the events newest platforms, promoted many designers’ work by spotlighting aesthetic cabinets of curiosity, where various spaces were suffused with detailed and decorated pieces. These appealing and curated exhibitions dazzled the overall ambiance of the fair. The culturally dynamic Design Miami/ also hosted its customary but invigorating galleries, satellites, and talks. Beyond any doubts, the event brought numerous people together to celebrate the grandness of design.

Sarah Myerscough Gallery, Design Miami 2016

Cristina Celestino furniture pieces for Fendi’s room

Southern Guild, Design Miami 2016

The Future Perfect, Design Miami 2016


Nina Yashar‘s Nilufar Gallery Nina Yashar

NILUFAR GALLERY Seeking the best ancient carpets from Persia to China, to all around

table design which was exhibited in Milan amid the Salone del

the globe, Nina Yashar’s Nilufar Gallery was developed in 1979. At

Mobile. The machine used to print the table corresponds to those

such a young age, Yashar already wanted to challenge the work of

used to construct a house or a building.

her father by selling carpets. Everything was awfully instinctive to

In regards to new projects, Nina Yashar mentions that she is

her, and after a couple of years, her focus became abundantly clear,

currently working on an amazing apartment in Mayfair, Lon-

to sell her products only to a very selective audience.

don. Thereupon, she will be exhibiting her work on Design Basel

Yashar adopts an extremely eclectic style by mixing contempo-

in Miami, The Salon of Art + Design in New York, and count-

rary pieces with vintage material. Her curative preference is ex-

less others. Yashar is a restless designer always eager to discover

emplary in the revolutionary and exciting Locatelli’s 3D printed

unique ventures.




Passerini showroom in London, Guilt mirror by Koket

Chelsea Harbour Design Centre’s new showroom Passerini, is the

where people can truly enjoy design in its full meaning. In this

first physical space of the shop which opened due to the success

sense, the store takes a divergent path, unlike the conventional

that of online marketplace The online store had its

retail or trade shop. So this sort of environment constitutes a very

inception about three years ago and mostly values a fusion of be-

specific and active relationship.

spoke designs, craftsmanship, and heritage from Europe.

They do not discard the possibility of opening other showrooms,

The showroom will feature the exquisite Portuguese brand, Koket,

especially if the current one is successful. According to Sophia Pas-

developed by Janet Morais.

serini, the managing director, the centre is even considering work-

To emphasise the showroom, the Sophia Passerini has gathered

ing outside Europe for their next ventures.

some of the best luxurious and handmade products in high-end

The showroom will exhibit seductive pieces from Koket, such as

furniture, lighting, and accessories but also features renowned dé-

the refined Geisha Armchair and the majestic Guilt Mirror.

cor brands to share their vision. As they became more established,

Products of the brands can be exhibited in the showroom or on-

more clients approached them to view products, whether if it was

line, depending on the brand’s philosophy. As a result, the centre

virtually or physically, and to ultimately purchase them.

envisions creating a multichannel which is quite the achievement

Passerini was conveyed as a place to converse or assist designers

for a design association.

and clients, but at the same time to showcase astounding pieces


Passerini Showroom in London, Chandra dining chairs and Intuition dining table by Koket



Joachim Drechsler

Drechsler Interiors creates a world of magic and fantasy. If you ever visit Nuremberg take the tour up to the Unterlangenstadt, where this wonderful showroom is based. It is not an ordinary shop. You will find yourself visiting the home of good lighting concepts and harmonious interior architecture.

CM: How would you describe your style? Do you have a

signature touch in the showroom? DI: I love clear modern room designs, mixed with some

highlights. This could be, for example, a special way I style a wall, or maybe great unique lamps or furniture pieces, together with a good, atmospheric lighting concept. Our showroom has a signature touch, as it is not like common showrooms, but in an

Coveted Magazine: How have you decided to embrace your

old stable, which I renovated, to bring in my personal note (as


described before) ... also to surprise clients, when they come to

Drechsler Interiors: As a kid I loved drawing and recast my

our little village and don’t have too many expectations.

room several times, also designing/building my own bed and racks ... so it was obvious to move into this direction.

CM: Where do you draw your inspiration from when advising clients? DI: To me, it always depends on what the clients’ want, so I need

CM: What do you love about your work?

to talk to them first, to find it out, concerning style, materials,

DI: Being creative and trying to find exactly the right solution

etc. And of course, how much money they are willing to spend.

for every client.

The inspiration has got to subordinate then.

CM: Where did you grow up? Do you think the places we live in

CM: What is your philosophy on work and life?

have influence in our lives somehow?

DI: Just be yourself ... and try to enjoy both.

DI: I grew up just a few kilometres from where I live now. For

sure do, the places we live in have influence in our lives.

CM: What do you love to do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?

For example, where I grew up, there wasn’t much traffic, but a

DI: I nearly have no spare time, but I love to listen to music and

lot of nature and quietness.

the good thing about my job is, that I can listen to music nearly

When I was working in Dortmund and Nuremberg, very soon

most of the day.

it was clear to me, that this is not the way I want to live the rest of my life, as there were far too much traffic and too less

CM: What’s the hit song in your iPod/radio?

nature. I’m glad, to live in this area again and never want to live

DI: I don’t have an iPod and don’t listen to the radio at all, as there’s

in a bigger city, even if it would surely be much better for my

nothing interesting to hear for me ... I’m still listening to good old Vinyl-

profession, but home is where your heart is!

LP’s and CD’s ... and hit songs, I’m afraid, I got too far to mention.

SHOWROOMS WE COVET // CM: What’s your favourite book? DI: As I don’t have spare time, I’m only able to read a book

when I’m on vacation ... which is not too often. I like to read biographies of interesting people then. CM: If you could be an object, which one would you be? DI: Oops, I got no idea ... maybe an object of art? CM: Do you prefer mountain or beach? DI: Both are interesting to me, but if concerning vacation, then

beach. CM: In your opinion, what is the perfect place to relax and get

inspired? DI: In nature, when walking with my dogs, or on my couch,

while the fireplace is burning ... and with some good music in

Drechsler Interiors

the background. CM: How important is your TV-watching chair? DI: That one is much more interesting for my wife, as I’m on

the couch. CM: Do you work better under pressure or with time to plan and

organise? DI: I have no problem with both variations. CM: Describe yourself in three words. DI: Typical German Bastard (means: reliable, on time, ordinary,

busy, effective, creative, beer drinking, etc. ...

Drechsler Interiors

but hopefully not humourless). CM: Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the

moment that you can tell us about?

CM: What do you hate in a room?

Do you have any new projects?

DI: The exact opposite: bad lighting, unsuitable furniture,

DI: Not exciting enough to mention here, but the best job is

colours and materials.

always yet to come. CM: Which major international events do you attend/follow to CM: Can you talk about one of your favourite projects that you

get all the latest novelties?

have developed?

DI: The furniture fairs in Milano and Köln, the Light + Building

DI: Maybe the “First International Flaconglass Museum” in

in Frankfurt, sometimes also smaller fairs like the 100% in

Kleintettau. It wasn’t easy to develop at all, as it had to be in

London, etc.

former small office rooms, corridors and storage spaces that were distributed on different floors, even in different parts of

CM: Which professionals do you admire, in the design and

buildings. I had to bring it all together in its entity, to have one

architecture world?

cohesive museum in the end.

DI: I like for example the work of Zaha Hadid.

CM: What do you love in a room?

CM: Which brands do you love?

DI: Good lighting concept and harmonious interior architecture.

DI: Edra, Boca do Lobo, Brand van Egmond, Catellani&Smith.



Credit photos to: stephan maria helmig |

Gathering an outstanding composition of design furniture pieces

This mixture of high-design signatures breathes brilliance and so-

from the most renowned brands of the World Design furniture, AR-

phistication, which results in a glamorous and exclusive cosmo-

TEIOS concept store shines like a star on the streets of Baden-Baden.

politan style. While some would describe the place as an “elusive

The store officially opened its golden doors during its inauguration

reality”, others would perceive it as “heaven” for design lovers.

on 26th August 2006. Since then, it has blown many minds away

The store will also have a freshly created internet page, in which

by receiving several architects and designers from all around the

you can find pictures of the concept, all events settled in this

world, willing to be inspired by the immersion in this glimmering

place, as well as an overview and description of each brand that

atmosphere and having a concrete idea of the statement, magic, and

displays its fabulous pieces.

strength that each piece can bring to an interior set.

At the foot of the Black Forest, ARTEIOS concept store is located

Serge Weimann and Marie Thomas are the owners of this proj-

in the well-known Sophienstraße 17 in Baden-Baden, Germany.

ect. They are passionate people, both in love with functional

A fascinating town with a thousand faces and a series of events

design and sophisticated creativity. They are carefully selecting

that will undoubtedly make you smile. With its special charm

luxurious pieces and refined design from distinctive brands, re-

and unique lifestyle, Baden-Baden is recognised internationally

nowned for their high-quality materials used in a cutting-edge

as an artistic and cultural international metropolis. The elegant

conception and their outstanding signature. Among them you

city is a paradise for those who appreciate the pleasures of life

can find: Boca do Lobo, Koket, Brabbu, DelightFULL, Vanessa

and the opportunity to rest and recharge their batteries in a mag-

Mitrani, Chiara Provasi, Coleccion Alexandra, Richard Gino-

nificent atmosphere.

ri1735, Anhalter, Carthusia, Baobab Collection, Blue Leaves, Ligne Pure, SKULTUNA, and countless others.

Credit photos to: stephan maria helmig |


Credit photos to: stephan maria helmig |

Sika 2 seat sofa and saki pendant by Brabbu

Temptation console by Koket, Malay chair by Brabbu and Pixel cabibet by Boca do Lobo


BRABBU’S GUIDE TO SPRUCE UP YOUR HOME DECOR THIS SPRING The change of season calls for an update to your interiors. To celebrate Spring and embrace the season of new beginnings, Pan-tone has selected the most gorgeous colours that will say goodbye to the Winter chill, and give life and warmth to your day. Always attentive to trends, BRABBU has used these rich, vibrant hues to create a unique set of mood boards. By mixing colours - that are both stylish and remarkable, with different textures, patterns and landscapes -, our desire is to inspire your next home decor project. These hues will help you create a luxurious, stylish and welcoming ambience, not only this Spring but also when Summer rolls around.

Pink Yarrow is a vibrant and whimsical pink that will steal anyone’s attention. In this beautiful colour, BRABBU presents you NAJ Bar Chair, a strong design piece full of attitude with straight lines that will fit in every interior. NAMIB Armchair brings Nature inside in an intriguingly elegant way, while BEGONIA Armchair takes inspiration from a bold, tropical flower.


Lapis Blue is an intense blue shade that will add energy to any room. This shade is present on INCA Armchair, a mid-century modern furniture piece that invites you to travel through history and live the greatness of a remarkable civilisation. Inspired by one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, DUKONO Armchair incorporates an unpredictable strength while MAREE Sofa will bring cosiness and elegance to any set.

Primrose Yellow evokes sparkles of heat and vitality, perfect to add warmth and a good cheer to any space. The Namib Desert was the inspiration for NAMIB Armchair, a strong contemporary piece full of attitude while OKA Armchair pays tribute to the dialogues of the Bakaya pigmy tribe. MAYA Sofa has the sensual and delicate forms of the feminine being and the strength of a tree of life, looking stunning paired with MANUKA Centre Table, an exquisite piece that resembles a glorious beehive.


Flame is a vibrant red-based orange that will add personality to any space. As SIKA Armchair, which blends strength and ele-gance, DUKONO Armchair, a piece with a strong attitude that will make a statement in any modern home decor that em-braces it, and NAMIB Armchair, the master creation of powerful forces, SYRAD Wall Light is a conversation starter inspired by one of the noblest grapes.

Hazelnut is a key neutral that is both elegant and timeless. Above all, it is a transitional colour that will effortlessly connect the different seasons. Surrounded by this shade are HERMES Sofa, a cosy modern contemporary furniture piece, INCA Armchair, inspired by the legend of the Inca Empire, and OKA Armchair, which pays tribute to the Bakaya pigmy tribe. KANSAS Counter Stool takes inspiration from the cowboys while SEQUOIA Centre Table is a true nature force.


KALE is a foliage-based green which makes anyone connect to Nature. Dressed in this welcoming colour, WALES Sofa took inspiration from Wales, often called the “Land of Castles”. Nº20 Counter Stool is a symbol of knowledge and rebirth while AN-DES Armchair owes its name and shape to the Andes Mountains.




Harbury CountryHouse by Peter Staunton

Peter Staunton

create all similar designs, at the end, you don’t know who did what. When I design a space, I try to create something that is different, that has an edge, a soul, a little of rock and roll, something iconic and I al-

uring a visit to Covet London, CovetED Magazine has the

ways try to bring some fearless to it, rather than design something

opportunity to meet the person behind Peter Staunton In-

that you know that would work. So, the point of my projects is to

terior Design. One decade after start working as interior

create something that people can look and know “yeah, it’s him”.

designer, Peter Staunton is already known by its own style, in which is possible to feel the rock n’ roll vibe since the first look!

CM: Do you consider you have a signature, something that defines

Very casual and always with a smile, the British interior designer

your projects?

told us more about his work career, his inspirations and the life-

PS: Yes, it’s basically to have a slight edge on rock and roll. It’s kind of

style he sells to his clients.

different. Because we work with so many different clients and they all have different styles, I have to be flexible to work with all of them and

CM: How long do you work as interior designer?

I always try to bring something into their interiors, that is part of me.

Peter Staunton: : Ten years. I came into this career because it was a

And for me that is the rock and roll: I use a lot of black, different metals

family business. Ten years ago I moved back home from London and

and refine materials, and then I mix them with lovely velvet and sleek

I’ve been doing it for full time, for ten years.

blacks with the golds and I think that is the right mix that gives such little bit of edge and a little bit of rock and rock.

CM: And how did you embrace this family business? PS: With a completely open mind, always wanting to learn. I’m pret-

CM: What do you think that is essential in a home?

ty sure that I will never know it all, and that I can find endless design

PS: : A soul! And that’s what I look for when I work with clients. It’s to

inspiration in the unlikeliest places and people. I also always try to

find the balance between what they want and what I believe, my style.

keep pushing creative boundaries and not stand still, as people say;

We have to respect them because it’s their home but also try to explain

you are always as good as your last design.

them that they came to me for a reason and I want to give them a little of what I think that will work. The trick is the balance between these

CM: What you look for when you create a space?

two. We want people to walk around the house freely and it’s not like

PS: I always try to create something different, something with an

a showroom because it’s very easy to do that. So I always try to create

edge. I think that are a lot of interior designers out there and lots of

interiors where people feel comfortable and relaxed with friends and

them look very similar, there are a lot of interior designers and they

family, a space where people walk in and really feel welcome.


Harbury CountryHouse by Peter Staunton

Mandy stool by Koket

CM: Do you think the rock and roll vibe is what

makes your clients choose you? PS: I hope so! I think that part of what I do is try to live

it, and I don’t mean walk around on drugs and drinking and all that. That was a long time ago! (Laughs) But I mean in terms of what I wear and how I look, what I do. It’s my way of saying that it’s my lifestyle; this is what I believe in. So I believe that if people come to me ,it’s because they want a little bit of that look, of that edge, whatever it is. I like to think that it is part of all package, and that is what I believe, how I live, and how I look. CM: Do you prefer to design residential or hospital-

ity projects? PS: Residential, because it’s much nicer to work with

people that are looking for my services because it’s their home and they love it. If you work in a lot of commercial and hospitality projects, you deal with boards and directors. They don’t really care, and it’s purely about the money. It’s purely about getting the profit margins and stuff like that, and I am not interested in that. I want to work with clients, I want to work with them because they want to transform their home, because they want to live there with their family and friends, and I think that is much nicer. I would like to do some commercial works like some bars or hotel entrances, but on the boutique side, in which it gets more personal. The work on people residential and homes is so much more personal.

Harbury CountryHouse by Peter Staunton


Harbury CountryHouse by Peter Staunton

CM: As an Interior Designer, what would be your dream project?

are a lot of interior designers in London, for example, but I just

PS: When clients say to me “do whatever you want”! (Laughs)

think that some of them are all the same.

One project that the clients come to me and say “I want your

You can put all their works in one apartment and, in the end,

style, this is my house, just do what you think it will be right”.

you couldn’t tell the difference between them.

CM: I must say that I was expecting you to answer that it is design

CM: What do you think are the major interior design trends for

Keith Richards’ home.

this year?

PS:(Laughs) That would be nice! But there are a lot of people, you

PS: I think it’s the within design and the mixing of metals, golds,

know, people like Lenny Kravitz who has his own design compa-

and silvers. The goal is to provide spaces in which people can go

ny, and the thing is to see that work as a compromise with the

back in the seventies, eighties, it was all about gold, and then it

client, in which you chop and change the things a little, because

was all about silver, in fact, people used to think that everything

the client allows that and you will try to direct for what you think

had to be gold or silver. So, if two handles are gold, everything

will work and if something doesn’t work, you will tell them. You

else has to be gold. And I think people realize now that they can

could be honest with them, but the dream is to have the budget

mix the metals and achieve a great finish and there are no restric-

and someone says “do what would be your ideal house”.

tions, so you can constantly evolve over time. So, if you are thinking about changing your home in the next

CM: Still about your inspirations.

five or ten years, maybe you should consider to use mixed metal

Do you have any favorite interior designers?

furnishes, which will give you more flexibility and freedom and

PS: Lenny Kravitz, because he crosses over music, rock and roll

that’s what I think is great. I think people are realizing that this

and design. He has his own design company and his designs of

combination creates a very interesting space by giving it soul.

houses and flats are amazing, moreover, he also collaborates as a furniture designer and with a lot of design projects.

CM: And, to finish, tell us what you love about your work!

Peter Marino, the architect is someone who lives his own, and

PS: I really love the fact that I have the opportunity to truly

he really does: “this is who I am; you come to me for this all

transform the feeling, soul, and character of a space, in a positive

package”. I really like Kelly Wearstler, I love the fact that she has

way, and it influences the way people live. What surrounds us

her own signature and all Californian vibes. Those few designers

can hugely influence the way we feel and how we interact with

have their own look and their own lifestyle. Like I’ve said there

those around us, and I really want to create this perfect atmosphere in which people feel comfortable and welcome.


Harbury CountryHouse by Peter Staunton




Vellum wall and suspension lamp, Inca armchair, Maasai 2 seat sofa and Koi screen by Brabbu

Sara Lança is the face behind BRABBU Design Forces, a highend contemporary furniture brand that provides a modern twist on mid-century aesthetics. With an intense way of living - the philosophy followed by the BRABBU - Sara was kind enough to have a chat and guide us through her journey as a designer and her dreams for the exciting future ahead.

“Design is a way of life. It is about making ideas real and to make a difference. I also believe in the power of being fierce.”


Coveted Magazine: How, when and why did you get into the design

industry? Sara Lança: My design journey began in Bolzano where I

studied at the Libera Università. After Italy, my next stop was London, where I’ve studied and worked as an Assistant Teacher at Kingston University. My passion for product design took me back to Portugal, where I did the doctorate in Industrial Design at ESAD Leiria. Since 2011, I’ve been working as a designer at Menina Design Group, which is the owner of brands like Boca do Lobo and DelightFULL. Through hard work, my dedication was noticed and I became BRABBU’s brand manager. CM: Where do you draw inspiration from? SL: I like to see BRABBU as a storyteller of the world. Every

single piece of our collection has a unique story behind it, inspired by some of the most interesting cultures and places around the world, from Europe to Asia. Inspiration can come from everywhere so I try to use my five senses to absorb the world around me.

Saki pendant, Mecca centre table, Maya armchair and Cuzco rug by Brabbu


Cypres floor lamp, Maya 2 seat sofa, Sequoia center table and Gobi rug by Brabbu

CM: Where does your creative process begin?

CM: How do you keep a good balance between needs dictated by the

SL: At BRABBU we believe that design is the result of a long process

marketplace and things that you just want to create?

that involves joining forces between the designers and the craftsmen.

SL: Although we are a brand with a well-defined style and the

That is why we always refer to “BRABBU Design Studio” instead of

inspiration behind it, we know that satisfy our customers’ needs is

mentioning a single designer in a particular piece. Everything starts

an important part of our job. And it’s not just about the final piece,

with an idea and ends in a design piece.

we always try to ensure the product is well packaged with clear instructions that make it easier to assemble and our customers love

CM: How would you describe your signature style?

it. With the focus on offering integrated design solutions, we try to

SL: Our signature style is being a storyteller through design. That

keep a good balance between these two.

story has Nature as its main character and it is written by the materials, textures, and colours of some of the most interesting

CM: What are some of your most popular designs?

places and cultures around the world. Each piece will arouse your

SL: The most popular design pieces are Sequoia Centre Table, Earth

five senses, from its design to its texture and even its scent.

Armchair, Maya Armchair and Vellum Wall Light.


CM: What is your philosophy on design and life? SL: Design is a way of life. It is about turning one idea into reality

and make a difference. I also believe in the power of being fierce. Fierceness is required to make a statement and to make things happen, whether in design or in life. CM: What are your design dreams/goals? SL: My goal is to expand my knowledge and grow as a designer. I

also want to see our next big project, BRABBU Contract, succeed and become a reference amongst hoteliers and contractors across the world. It’s something we’ve been working very hard for the last few months and we have high expectations. CM: As a designer, what do you want to be remembered for? SL: I hope my work as a designer speaks for myself.

Earth armchair and Lallan centre table by Brabbu




Office in Hamburg by Arzu Kartal

Arzu Kartal

rzu Kartal is a specialised architect with over 15 years of experience in Interior Design projects. Born in Istanbul and now based in Hamburg, Germany, she describes her style as a mix of European modernity with Ottoman touch: “My style is a blend of colour and shape, which sends out happiness and good vibrations�. Inspired by the big names of the Interior Design such as Kelly Wearstler and Marcel Wanders, she is also looking for news and good ideas from her many trips around the world and in the international trade fairs. Better than describing, is reading her own words about her work and personality.

Privat Villa Hamburg by Arzu Kartal


Office in Hamburg by Arzu Kartal

Office in Hamburg by Arzu Kartal

Office in Hamburg by Arzu Kartal


CovetED Magazine: Be in love with our work is always the key

to achieve better results. Are you in love with this job? What do you love most about being an interior designer? Arzu Kartaz: I absolutely love my job. It’s my call! Understand-

ing my customers’ ideas, wishes and personalities, implementing them and finally realising those expressions in their own cribs, fulfils me with such happiness and joy. It’s important to me that my customers know they’re in good hands and that they feel comfortable! CM: Do you have a favorite project or a favourite story about one

of your projects? AK: My favourite projects are generally those, in which custom-

ers have no limited budgets. They are more open and receptive for new shapes, colours and designs. CM: How important is a perfect chemistry between you and

your clients to achieve the best results? AK: I strongly believe in Energy Frequencies. I’m absolutely con-

vinced that those customers, approaching me, share the same chemistry and are on the same level as me. This is the foundation for a positive outcome. Privat Villa Hamburg by Arzu Kartal

CM: Do you think working with teams in interior design is better

or worse than working alone? Why? AK: I’m a born team player! When creative heads work together

on a project, it flourishes. Nevertheless, one of them must take the lead to avoid distractions and to not get bogged down (in details). CM: Keeping up to date on all the trends is essential for anyone

who wants to conquer this market. In what ways do you keep current with new trends? AK: I get inspired, especially when I’m on travel, at exhibitions,

but mainly through international trade press. CM: How would you describe your work style? Do you have any

kind “signatures” that help to identify your projects? AK: My style is a blend of colour and shape which sends out

happiness and good vibrations. The image of luxury given by my designs conveys the ultimate feeling of comfort and well-being. CM: All artists need some inspiration to work, and interior de-

signer are artists too. So, what or who really inspires you? AK: Kelly Wearstler inspires me a lot! Although, the American style

doesn’t meet the European way of living. Marcel Wanders impresses me with his dainty and frisky designs, as well as Tom Dixon and Paula Navone who influence me with their distinctive zeitgeist.

Privat Villa Hamburg by Arzu Kartal


Privat Villa Hamburg by Arzu Kartal

CM: If you had to pick one project around the world that you

wish it had been made by you, which would it be? AK: Hotel Altapura – France, in the mountains. I generally like

all hotels in the Alps. CM: Choosing the best pieces to compose a project can be the se-

cret to getting the best overall result. Although it seems easy, this is a delicate task and needs full attention on time to execute it. Do you have some tips for those who do not know well how to start a challenge like this? AK: When beginning a project, I always recommend working

with a mood board. I collect images that inspire me from magazines to the internet, which is also an important source. After that, I sort out all collected images and choose those which convince me and are more suitable for the project. CM: What are your favourite brands, those that can never miss

in one of your projects? AK: As I’m always searching for new and innovative designs,

the outcome is, therefore, a collection of different producers and manufacturers. “DelightFULL” definitely counts to one of my favourites! Yet, making my own designs fulfils me with endless happiness and joy.

Privat Villa Hamburg by Arzu Kartal




Elke Altenberger Interiors

Elke Altenberger

lke Altenberger is a 20 years’ experienced Interior Designer from Vienna, Austria. Quality is one of the keywords of her projects. Working mainly in Europe market, Elke is now able to state that her style is 80% supported by “my customers’ identification” and “5% are experimental, in which I try new elements, surfaces, technique, etc.” CovetED was with Elke in Vienna and now Elke is also on CovetED. See what this incredible woman and professional has to say about herself. CovetED Magazine: Being in love with our work is always the

key to achieving better results. Are you in love with this job? What do you love most about being an interior designer? Elke Altenberger: In short: I feel addicted to what I’m doing.

It’s just what I am. In fact identifying a priority within the variety of my business is not easy. Maybe the transfer of the salient criterion of my clients – always different and individual – is what I love most. CM: Do you have a favourite project or a favourite story about

one of your projects? EA: Not really. Each and every project has its own story of devel-

opment and translation. The handling of coincidences and daily problems makes the real stories.

Elke Altenberger Interiors, Guilt mirror by Koket


CM: How important is a perfect chemistry between you and

your clients to achieve the best results? EA: This is key – from the beginning to the end of our mutual story . CM: Do you think working with teams in interior design is bet-

ter or worse than working alone? Why? EA: The core team I am cooperating with is an indispensable

part of a successful project. This goes mainly for crafts and suppliers and their capability to adapt to key elements of a project fast and effective. I need to be extremely well organised and feel grateful for the perfect support I receive. Since my business is tailored, to me small inner teams are much more effective and economical than bigger ones. CM: Keeping up to date on all the trends is essential for anyone

who wants to conquer this market. In what ways do you keep current with new trends? EA: a) daily recherché

b) be in the influence of the market of your target group c) close relation to your suppliers, crafts d) fairs – at least 2 per year (I love London – it is my place to be Elke Altenberger Interiors, Guilt mirror by Koket

for interior design) e) Art exhibitions as much as possible if my time allows CM: How would you describe your work style? Do you have

“signatures” that help to identify your projects? EA: 80% of my work supports my customers’ identification. 15%

are dedicated to a highly individual and incomparable uniqueness of my clients’ style realisation. This already reaches a certain border of acceptance and creates something new. 5% then are experimental in which I try new elements, surfaces, technique etc.. CM: All artists need some inspiration to work, and interior de-

signers are artists too. So, what or who really inspires you? EA: I think it is mainly the subject as such and my clients’ con-

fidence in my work and reputation. Art inspires me, quality in general, uniqueness and some people of course. CM: If you had to pick one project around the world that you

wish it had been made by you, which would it be? EA: I am working on it right now and hope to finish it in time

by end of the year.


CM: Choosing the best pieces to compose a project can be the

secret to getting the best overall result. Although it seems easy, this is a delicate task and needs full attention on time to execute it. Do you have some tips for those who do not know how to start a challenge like this? EA: Oh – this is a good question! You are right – with me, it is

mostly one piece only which stands in the centre of the total composition. Once I inhale a project I feel like being inside a different world. Then I search and behave in it, realising places and tastes of this world. It is like being somebody else. And then colours, patterns, functions, objects appear – and all of a sudden it reflects what it needs. (I hope this does not sound too pathological…) CM: What are your favourite brands, those that can never miss

in one of your projects? EA:There aren’t many of the leading brands I buy in Austria –

unfortunately. My market is Europe. England, France, Italy, Belgium mainly. There is a wider variety of brands I prefer in the different segments and materials. I love Portugal. The people, the mentality, the country, and peacefulness. In the last decade, the Portuguese furniture has dynamically developed and really brought up remarkable innovation. Most of these companies have established successfully and created wonderful quality. Brabbu for me belongs to the leaders of these aspects.

Elke Altenberger Interiors, Mandy stool by Koket and Trinity console by Boca do Lobo

Elke Altenberger Interiors, Duke floor lamp by Delightfull, Eden side table by Boca do Lobo





West End Apartment; Conservatory by Eliska Sapera

Eliska Sapera

uriosity and similarities are two facilitators for the interconnecting of several artistic activities. They are also great intermediates for travelling and discovery which are fundamentals in the world of design. This can easily occur if one truly comprehends not only the environment of the creative industry but also their personal liberty. An ideal example of such notion is the New Zealander designer, Eliská who is an experienced adventurer of many layers when it comes to her craft. Currently, she has a successful design practice and a boutique shop in the United Kingdom. Subsequent to becoming a mother, Eliská was unable to travel as much; for that reason, she started designing fabrics and textiles which lead her to room sets and in due course to interiors. So emerged in a fashion background, Eliská is known for her eclectic style which entails mixing antique pieces with very contemporary looks that create a lighter interior, in her own words, “I’ve always been very curious about different times, fashion, and interiors. That is why I like mixing.” At the present time, she has a lot of projects in development on a worldwide scale to just around the corner affairs.

Private Members Club, London; by Eliska Sapera

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW // But most importantly, she is collecting ideas for a house in Lahore thus she is looking for different textures and finishes to give the most suitable look to this very old house. According to Eliská, the most wonderful thing about design is having a rapport with clients, to gain their trust and to be able to form something that will exceed the original expectations. In regards to inspiration, the designer states that travelling, museums, and galleries truly enhance the elaborate process of designing. She also gazes into the past, and visualizes the future, and tries to combine said essentials. As a source of her motivation, Eliská loves warm climates and nature; she loves to visit India, China, and the wide spaces of Africa, and to fully scrutinize every moment of her travels. West End Apartment; Drawing Room looking into Conservatory

She frequently attends tradeshows. She admires Maison et Objet the most, but she also loves Milan. In addition, she focuses on fairs in London. Nonetheless, her main purpose is to meet talented people and to witness the amazing creations of such individuals. Eliská becomes aware of everyone from established brands to small artisans who do bespoke pieces, joinery, ceramics, and amongst others. On a philosophical approach, Eliská envisions her designs as timeless, seeking for contemporary pieces that will satisfy her clients through the years to come. On a personal note, she also desires to practice as long as humanly possible. When asked to describe herself, Eliská says that “my passion is design so that’s one thing, detail, I am absolutely driven by detail, and I enjoy the response from my clients immensely.” Lastly, she advises newcomers to get the best education in design, to

West End Apartment; Guest Bedroom

play to their strengths, and not to be afraid of making mistakes because that is the only way to learn.

Connaught Square; Drawing Room




ovetED Magazine: Being in love with our work is al-

Yana Molodykh

ways the key to achieve better results. Are you in love with your job? What do you love the most about being

CM: How important is a good chemistry between you and your

an interior designer?

clients to achieve better results?

Yana Molodykh: - Of course I am in love with my work and I al-

YM: Without a mutual understanding between the client and the

ways invest a part of my soul, otherwise, it would be impossible

designer, it would not be possible to create a space with such a beau-

to get a decent result: beautiful interior and happy customers.

tiful story. The harmonious interior is always a result of collabora-

CM: Do you have a favorite project or a favorite story behind one

of your projects? YM: -

My latest project belongs to the most beloved ones – it’s a

beautiful love story between two cosmopolitans. The interior was

tion between the designer and the customer. Both must always row in the same direction and be able to understand each other by all means. It is always a partnership based on respect and trust.

friend residing in New York. They are united by Kyiv because they

CM: How would you describe your style? Do you have any personal “signature”? YM: I am working in different styles and areas - everything de-

were both born here and that’s where they decided to buy their first

pends on the client’s wishes and my own vision. But I guess my

common property. The interior turned out to be so cosmopolitan -

“signature” is always recognisable in my projects by specific char-

not strapped to any particular place – that the noise behind the win-

acteristics, such as sophisticated and “airy” interiors, delicate

dows could recall the sounds from New York or Moscow streets.

work with colours, textiles, and details.

created for the girl, who lives and works in Moscow and her boy-


CM: Choosing the right piece for a design set might seem an easy

task. However, it takes a lot of time and attention to find the perfect match. Which advice you have for those who do not know how to start a challenge like this? YM: I usually draw a picture of the interior and design objects,

and then I do a collage on my phone, using the application Layout. With these simple tools, you can immediately see whether a certain item is suitable to your interior or not. I also advise you to trust your intuition more. The objects, that are selected intuitively, are often perfectly compatible with the rest of the decoration. You should not be afraid to mix things and put some colour in the interior. Try to look at the process of interior transformation as a game, and you ’ll then see how beautiful the result can be.

“Try to look at the process of interior transformation as a game, and you ’ll then see how beautiful the result can be.”

CM: Why did you choose DelightFULL lamps to be featured in last project? YM: The Floor lamp Stanley by DelightFULL in my recent project

was the necessary key element, which linked the whole interior stylistically. He added an American feeling to the interior and due to its geometric shape, it emphasised the space in the apartment.




High Impact Choice by Charu Gandhi Charu Gandhi

esign is a global art form, passionately driven by those who want to make a difference in the world; it’s a profession that is constantly evolving. Charu Gandhi realized her passion for the design from a tender age, as she had an attachment for construction like interests, such as Legos and origami; it was only natural that when her parents bought a land in India and decided to design it, she was mesmerized by the whole visionary process. As a result, she seized a dedicated approach and went to architecture school. Gandhi’s studio, Elicyon, is of extreme global economy and international design aesthetics. For having such a diverse clientele, she best describes its style as a very diverse range aesthetic connected to be specially tailored and precise. Her focus is bringing the materials and fabrics beautifully together in order to represent a cultural and personal environment. She takes the clients brief and directs it into a holistic living art form. At the moment, Elicyon is producing numerous projects. They are working on an exquisite large state in Wentworth that is the ideal liveable lux home. They are also collaborating with a developer on the most expensive apartment in Dubai, and they also have several projects in London, for example, they are doing a nursery for a client in One Hyde Park which is quite an emotional and exciting project for all included. High Impact Choice by Charu Gandhi


High Impact Choice by Charu Gandhi

High Impact Choice by Charu Gandhi

High Impact Choice by Charu Gandhi

High Impact Choice by Charu Gandhi

The aspect she loves the most about design is working with beau-

Concerning tradeshows, she usually goes to Maison et Objet in

tiful pieces and getting to meet incredibly interesting people. As

Paris; she attends Salone del Mobile in Milan, the Masterpiece in

reported by Charu Gandhi, she learns different philosophies of liv-

London, and the Architectural Digest Show in New York. One

ing and unique facts every day, but she views herself as an ar-

peculiar reality about Charu Gandhi is that she does not value a

chitect first and foremost, as she discloses, “I just had a baby five

brand as much as the unknown artisan makers.

months ago, and I came back to the business, my baby was over

Her philosophy in life, and even in design, is not to compare her-

three months, and someone asked: How could you go back?, and

self to others or follow trends, as she gracefully explains, “Gen-

I said, I am Charu, the architect. I have no other identity really.

erally, the race is long, sometimes you are ahead, sometimes you

I am also known the mommy, but for me being the architect de-

are behind, but in the end, it is all newer to yourself. So it’s about

fines me. It’s all I have known, my whole life. So I actually don’t

setting your own ambitions and your milestones.”

really know any other way to be. It’s not even a passion; it’s a

Ultimately, she advises young designers to be bold and work hard.

state of being.” To keep herself inspired, she often notices other

She entails that she hires people that will cohesively create some-

designers’ projects, particularly in parts of the world like France

thing special as a unit, independently of how talented one is. Cha-

or Stockholm, among others, but normally it’s the everyday hap-

ru Gandhi also feels that the designer must always be driven to

penings or even historical objects.

offer the best to the client.




Staffan Tollgard project

Staffan Tollgard

rtists have one universal quality: the ability to tell a story. They meticulously conceive and renovate the most beautifully crafted features to an audience that appreciates the true meaning of art. Staffan Tollgard is no exception to this concept, as each of his pieces has the purpose of telling a characteristic yet functional narrative. The Swedish designer began his career in the film and television industry; however, he didn’t feel like he was being as creative as he possibly could. The opportunity for a change arose when Tollgard and his wife, Monique, bought an old house and employed an architect to design it. As the latter failed to complete the visions of the couple, Tollgard became immensely involved in the project, and he was completely bewitched by design, and since then he never looked back.

Staffan Tollgard project


Staffan Tollgard project

Staffan Tollgard project


Staffan Tollgard project

According to Tollgard, for someone to be successful, one must work

eral space in Knightsbridge in London, a chalet in Switzerland, and

hard and be passionate about what they do. He was quickly listed

also have an amazing project in Amman.

in the House & Garden Top 100 which was his first boost toward

Clients are for Tollgard the biggest inspiration, as he explains, “As

international recognition; his openings in showrooms and work

a designer, you are like a director of a narrative. You find a story

abroad were also additions to his renowned status.

within your clients who are like the characters of a movie and the

His style is characterized by two principles: finding the read thread

interior has to suit them.” He goes on to say that, “it is our responsi-

and creating the functional sculpture. The former represents the es-

bility as designers to understand who they are and therefore design

sence of the project, a sort of returning point; the latter expresses

the most appropriate.”

the uniqueness and practicality of a certain piece.

His philosophy is to be humble, to respect the client, the buildings,

He started a showroom due to the fact that he wanted to repre-

and your peers. By being humble there is a less probability of de-

sent wonderful pieces that were non-existent or misrepresented and

stroying certain matters, such as interiors, architecture or even rela-

personalized them in agreement with the Staffan Tollgard Design

tionships. He comprehends that if a building is listed it is for a rea-

Group’s style. Exhibited in the showroom are some Scandinavian

son, he believes that “maybe we shouldn’t head down cornices that

design classics, pieces from famed Italian brands, small brands from

are two hundred years old, maybe we need to keep staircases that

Holland, and brands from Portugal and Asia as well. The distin-

have been there for centuries, and I think that is understanding that

guished designer values honest products and not so much mass

you are not above all of this, you can’t just come in and tear things

produced art.

down.” He views designers as generalists instead of specialists. As a

In regards to favourites, Tollgard clarifies that it is impossible to

whole, Tollgard advises new designers to work with their heart, “I

have one because it is something that is constantly varying. Among

don’t think there are any shortcuts, you can be lucky, but in order

many projects, the design group is currently finishing a unique lat-

to be lucky I still think you need to work hard.”


Staffan Tollgard project

Staffan Tollgard project




Palace Gate, Fiona Barratt Interiors

Surrounded by dedication and experience, Fiona Barratt has always been connected to the design industry from a Fiona Barrat

very young age. Her grandfather, Sir Lawrie Barratt was the founder of Barratt Homes, one of the largest house builders in the United Kingdom. It is no wonder that the award-winning artist found her voice in design. She graduated from the Art Foundation and specialized in interior design. She also studied at the Chelsea College of Art in London, and the Parsons School of Design in New York. Since 2006, she has owned a successful design studio, Fiona Barratt Interiors. She best describes her style as a modern luxury, a very cosy and comfortable yet luxurious design. She tends to use a cluster of different textures, whether they are natural or manmade, and she adds antiques to modern pieces in order to give it character. Her passion for design is denoted in her exquisite creations and she loves working and meeting the people behind this revolutionary

Savoy presidential suite, Fiona Barratt Interiors

industry. As a result, she endears every opportunity to travel and discover new cultures, environments, and techniques.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW // Furthermore, Barratt doesn’t view design as a source of

Fiona Barratt Interiors is currently developing 14 projects

employment but rather as an everlasting devotion, her fondness

which are predominantly high-end residential, they are doing

comes from how transformative it can actually be in someone’s

a commercial penthouse in Hong Kong on the waterfront that

life. Ultimately, it is an omnipresent art form.

will be launched in 2017, and they also have multiple residential

When it comes to inspiration, Barratt regards everything and

projects in Beirut, Moscow, and London.

anything as a way to create new material. She can even find

The modern designer reveals that her philosophy in life and in

insight on a piece of garbage or crumpled paper, and it truly goes

design is to find a balance between being a working mother with

to show that an idea can appear at any given time as long as one

three children under the age of five and running two businesses.

is susceptible to their surroundings. In the end, this perfectly

Before she had children, she used to worry about deadlines and

emphasizes the beauty of creativity.

precision, but now she has become more philosophic by learning

To Fiona Barratt, it is not about imitating some other designer’s

to accept the challenges of the world. One peculiar perspective

style but developing your own sense of self and style as a person

about the designer is that she runs her studio like a family, it is

and designer, as she explains, “I think it is important to look at

important to her that the creative environment is nurtured, and

what is out there, but I think that at the end of the day, when

not pressured, so as to have the absolute best performances.

you’re a true creative you need to develop your own style.”

In reference to new designers, Barratt advises one to just focus on

Viewing the subjectivity of each project, Barratt is incapable of

themselves and to be prepared to face many obstacles and turn

choosing a favorite because everything plays a factor in the process,

negatives into positives. She encourages new artists by revealing

whether it is the client, the climate, or the parameters for a certain

that “this will make you stronger, you have to be driven and

piece. She also discloses that not every day is easy, and as a matter

passionate, if you don’t love what you do, don’t do it.”

of fact, she spends must of her time problem solving, however, it is her passion for design that makes it all worth it.

Palace Gate, Fiona Barratt Interiors

Palace Gate, Fiona Barratt Interiors




Collins Room, Robert Angell Design International Project

Robert Angell

Collins Room, Robert Angell Design International Project

ound to introduce experiences and memories, design is a

studio is currently working on a project in Russia and they are also

ceaseless source of enjoyment and perseverance. It is a con-

working with a fantastic luxury brand.

tinuous interaction between individuals and surroundings.

More recently, Design International won a global award for best

The designer from Dorset, Robert Angell is exemplary of this concept

restaurant, for their work in Aqua Nueva. They were inspired by

due to his timeless minimalism approach. He has been passionate

Spanish culture, gastronomy, influences, and even colors. Their

about design since infancy and is enthralled by the idea of creating and

major intent was to “just look back in terms of these interiors that

building. He is the founder of Robert Angell Design International and

people feel good in and really want to have a good time in. It is a nice

has designed some of the most prestigious residential and commercial

vibe, it goes into that kind of dinner, after dinner longevity, and it

projects around the world.

gets a slight club atmosphere.”

To Angell, it is important to create an environment that translates

Angell believes that tradeshows are an absolute must for inspiration,

the standards of living, not only for the present but also for the future.

and function as a sort of network for collections and designers, such

There has to be a sort of fluidity and practicality in the process of de-

as Maison et Objet or Miami Basel. In terms of brands, his favourites

veloping an interior, to think about the functionality of each room and

are Ekar and 1stdibs.

meet the expectations and needs of those who will interact with these

His philosophy in design is to have a unique approach because all

interiors. This posture can be quite visible in his hotel designs.

clients, spaces, and briefs are different, as well as in life, considering

His design company in conjunction with Sir Richard Rogers created

that the communal goal is to seize every moment of this marvellous

the new Berkley Chelsea suite; they designed the entrance lobby,

world and thus creating a better future. He advises starting students

a new Collins room, and redesigned the original blue bar. Angell’s

to be adaptable and to absorb everything that happens in the industry.


Room, Robert Angell Design International Project

Room, Robert Angell Design International Project

Room, Robert Angell Design International Project




Beata Heuman by Simon Brown

Beata Heuman

ot having gone to any design schools, it was under the employment of Nicky Haslam that Beata Heuman learned the most practical and professional techniques about the design world. The young designer has developed her own design firm, based in London, in a short amount of time through hard work and a unique vision. Heuman’s signature style is mainly residential. To the Swedish designer, her approach on design can vary, depending on the house or client, but it has an overall feel of colourfulness and naturalism, as well as a sense of humour and elegance. One of her main focus is to always accommodate a certain design to the client’s personality and vision. What attracts her most toward design is its versatile predisposition, that is to say, it’s a multi-layered industry. Heuman acknowledges that everything can be a source of inspiration if one is open-minded. Meanwhile, she is also delighted by meeting talented individuals whose preeminent focus is to create and build alluring products. She often does bespoke furniture and her company also designs Beata Heuman by Simon Brown

their own fabrics.


Beata Heuman by Simon Brown

Beata Heuman by Simon Brown

Beata Heuman by Graham Atkins-Hughes


Beata Heuman by Graham Atkins-Hughes

Beata Heuman by Graham Atkins-Hughes

Beata Heuman is enthused about art exhibitions, reading, and trav-

Beata Heuman Ltd. is currently working on a country side project.

eling. In reality, it was in one of her travels to California that she un-

They are also doing some exciting offices. Moreover, they designed

expectedly found a preference. She thought it was a very unspoiled

the interiors of Farm Girl Café in Portobello Road, right in the heart

place imbued with a historical sense, evident by a large number of

of Notting Hill. Overall, the firm has a lot of smaller residential

mid-century designs. In regards to references, Heuman is quite exhil-

projects, and they are adding to their fabrics and lighting collection

arated by the work of departed American decorator, Elise de Wolfe

as well. In relation to tradeshows, Heuman mentions that Decorex

and also by current and Londoner designer, Ilse Crawford.

and Focus are her favoured events, but as a whole, she finds them

She is absolutely fascinated by the 30s and 40s.

compelling because it is quite advantageous and an efficient place

Even though each project has its own set of characteristics, Heuman

to find new suppliers and everything is gathered together.

treasures one, in particular, a design she recently did for a dauntless

Her philosophy is to be adventitious by leaving certain situations

and youthful couple, as she describes, “I think it is quite rare that you

up to chance, as a way not to be too controlling. Living by these

meet someone who is sort of fearless and they don’t care what people

standards, Heuman feels quite free and open-minded and is not

think. They just wanted something original and unique, and not at

afraid of trying new things. She advises newcomers to follow a sim-

all afraid of trying new things. I love doing things like that. So that

ilar path and to create a profile in social media, such as Instagram,

was a great creative process.”

in order to organically see people’s response to their products and to just believe in them.


Beata Heuman by Graham Atkins-Hughes




Anazoe Spa Promenade, MKV Studio, credit photographer Robert Miller

Maria Vafiadis

ducated in Milan, Vafiadis views this astounding metropolis as a second home, but it was in London that she made her certified entrance in design due to the massive presence of hospitality design. She saw an opportunity that she simply could not resist. Her style is best described for its uniqueness. MKV studio has worked on a variety of projects expressing themselves through divergent ways. As a whole, these fundamentals envision their philosophy, to craft exceptional projects that provide the best sorts of experiences to their guests. They always keep in mind the locality while designing a specific piece, Maria Vafiadis says that, “as part of our authenticity and uniqueness whenever we go to any country, we always try to find what it is available there, and we will try to use it in our projects just to give it the extra flair, the extra layer of locality.�Costa Navarino Resort in Greece is referred to by the designer as one of her favourite projects owing to its complexity and also for creating a new destination. In addition, she cherishes a small boutique hotel in Vienna which is positioned in a classical environment. In relation to exciting new projects, the group has been finishing the Sheraton Park Lane in London, in a couple of months, they will be opening the Grand Hyatt in Abu Dhabi, and they also have some developments in Tenerife and the Greek Islands.

Style Hotel, Vienna, Guestroom, MKV Studio

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW // An inspiration derives from everywhere, as stated by Vafiadis, “inspiration is everywhere, in nature, in a shop front, in a fashion show, in an artist’s work, and you just have to look at it.” Over and above, she admires Frank Lloyd Wright and the modernist movement. As an architect, she views her peers as tremendously individual beings who have an extensive academic background and an unambiguous way of thinking that perpetually seek correctness, creativity, and individuality. According to the designer, she constantly struggles to find the balance between the correctness of architecture and the frivolousness of interior design; nevertheless, she believes their amalgamation is quite significant. For young interior architects, Vafiadis advises working hard, not to be demoralized, to keep their creativity alive, and to find balance and guidance amongst those who already possess the expe-

“As an architect, she views her peers as tremendously individual beings who have an extensive academic background, and an unambiguous way of thinking that perpetually seeks correctness, creativity and individuality. ”

rience and knowledge to triumph.

MKV Studio, Credit photographer Niall Clutton




Zaha Hadid Gallery in London Patrick Schumacher & Kar-Hwa Ho

he London-based firm, Zaha Hadid Architects is a dy-

Schumacher elucidates that Zaha Hadid Architects grew gradu-

namic and complex representation of current design. It

ally, but it was in the late 90’s that it became an established firm

is known for creating mesmerizing products on an ur-

with multiple projects. Developing as partners, Patrik and Zaha

ban, architectural, and interior scale, as well as furnishings. Two of

created a professional organization that at the present counts

its most renowned names, Patrik Schumacher and Kar-Hwa Ho,

with 400 endowed individuals. What attracted Patrik the most

have an impressive academic and professional background, having

to the work was Zaha’s very shocking yet liberating approach

studied in some of the most prestigious schools around the world,

towards architecture, however he explains that, “It took a long

such as the University of Klagenfurt and the Harvard University’s

time to develop that freshness and magic into a reality through

Graduate School of Design, respectively, and having also worked

many competitions and going with small buildings, exhibitions,

on internationally acclaimed projects. They will always carry on

installations, furniture, and into medium size buildings, so that

Zaha’s spirit through organic and ambitious designs.

was something that matured over twenty years.”

Kar-Hwa Ho was a student of Zaha Hadid at the Architectural

Patrik describes the Maxxi Museum in Rome as the firm’s finest

Association in London. Their work together commenced in 1985.

breakthrough. Subsequently, he refers to the Guangzhou Opera

In the early 2000’s, Kar left the company for a while, and in 2014,

House, the Heydar Aliyev centre in Baku, and the Dongdaemun

returned as head of interiors. Patrik Schumacher was a student in

Design in Seoul as other astonishing achievements. In order to

London, and he first encountered Hadid in a Tate conference on

create these buildings’ interiors, Kar believes that “it is just this

deconstructivism, and he joined the firm twenty-eight years ago.

whole idea of research, pushing these boundaries, and there is no

Kar viewed Hadid’s educational method as an analogy to a stu-

divide between the inside and the outside because quite often the

dio environment. She didn’t create a barrier between being the

geometry of one informs the other and the space of the outside

teacher, the friend or the mentor. According to the designer, she

flows into the inside. It is like one immersive space.”

taught in a collaborative sort of way.


Zaha Hadid Gallery in London

Zaha Hadid Gallery in London

Zaha Hadid Gallery in London

Zaha Hadid Gallery in London

The partners’ biggest philosophy is not to distinguish architecture and interior design. They resist to this typecast, and even opened an interior architecture department to demonstrate that this sort of proficiency is authentic, and with a bit of research and investment, it is possible to coherently unite the exterior and the interior. It was imperative that their most recent homeware product line pushed en route for an idea of space, quality, and crystallize small objects, for instance, by being able to hold a piece, one can create a more effective emotional attachment. On a side note, the collection is available in the Harrods, various brand partners, such as Lane Crawford, and more importantly, you can easily locate it online. Zaha Hadid Architects has many ongoing ventures. They submitted for an extension of a national gallery in Berlin. They usually engage in major cultural projects, they are developing an airport in Beijing, and also several residential projects in South Africa and Australia. In a final statement, Schumacher adds, “It is this spirit of fluidity, adaptiveness to context, to situations, but always with a sense of beauty and perfection. I think that Zaha’s vision is our vision to make the world more beautiful.”

Zaha Hadid Gallery in London



Austrian Palace by Denis Košutić

Denis Košutić’s work can be seen as an anti-traditional perception of the role of architecture in the modern world. For this interior designer and architect, architecture is a subject of consumptions, instead of a monument for eternity. According to this, Denis redesigned a baroque Austrian Palace, giving it a modern approach. Boca do Lobo was part of the project, providing this interior designer, luxury furniture and sculptural pieces that served as an independent and strong character in the theatre play. This project was partly adopted and partly modified, according to functional details. “The real challenge was to integrate the existing collection of art, antique furniture and oriental carpets and to give them a completely new role in the composition”, said the designer. The baroque history of the space was treated as a fact and a kind of a past imagination but the detailed research of it was not the issue of interest during the design process. There is a kind of baroque spirit in the air that was mixed with strong contemporary influence. The rooms thereby created have been meticulously dealt with separately, according to the principle “everything is allowed.” The various moods and sources of inspiration translated into the design of the individual rooms are always independent of each other and yet familiar.

Austrian Palace by Denis Košutić, Newton dining table and Pixel cabinet by Boca do Lobo


Austrian Palace by Denis Košutić, Eden centre table and Pixel cabinet by Boca do Lobo


An intentional renouncement of clear definitions along with a casual play with the material resulted in an eccentric “mix and match“ of shapes, surfaces, colours and ornaments. An enormous quantity of ornaments on wallpapers, fabrics and carpets in compositions that appear randomly but are precisely attuned, have a warm and familiar, but at the same time surprising and unexpected effect. An abundance of antique, restored and newly designed furniture from all epochs have been brought into a dialogue with contemporary design and art objects, at times in dignified, at times in ironic compositions. The boundaries between “old“ and “new“ thereby totally disappear, creating a new, inherently consistent composition. Most of these one-of-a-kind pieces were specially customized for the project, in terms of form and language, in order to create atmospheric tensions and emphasize the surreal mise-en-scène.

Austrian Palace by Denis Košutić, 2 and E Graphic lamps by Delightfull


Austrian Palace by Denis Košutić

Austrian Palace by Denis Košutić, Namib 2 seat sofa by Brabbu



The Langham ClubLounge Fireplace


Langham Hotel London is a milestone in the British capital

time to celebrate the 150th anniversary and the well-known Da-

history, social life, design, food, and tea time. It dates from 1865

vid Collins Studio. And Richmond International had the oppor-

when, on 10th June, the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII)

tunity to paint a little bit of Langham history for this celebratory

opened the first European “Grand Hotel”, the epitome of the

time. This celebration began with David Collins Studio, which,

Victorian chic. This centenary hotel is extremely well located on

back in 2008, was in charge for the renovation of the famous

the top of Regent Street, one of the busiest streets of London,

and award-winning Artesian Bar. As the studio explains, the

where you can find stores such as Karl Lagerfeld, Liberty or Apple.

motivation for this renovation was an eclectic inspiration from

Since day one, Langham Hotel has received several famous

the Victorian cabinets of curiosities featuring hidden textures,

people, such as members of the royal family or writers like Oscar

details, and references including a jewelled mirror, jewelled pan-

Wilde. It was even the setting for several Sherlock Holmes stories

elling, blue and purple crocodile leather tiles, bespoke lacquers

and, more recently, for movies like 007 GoldenEye.

(a reference to la chasse aux papillons) and a pagoda bar. Three oversized hand-crafted chandeliers add a story, exploring the em-

Langham’s Interior Design History

pire and the far east, to the scheme.

Powerful names from the interior design industry are also in-

Artesian has been considered, for four consecutive years, the best of

volved in the history of this hotel, like Jason Wilson of RPW De-

the best in the World’s 50 Best Bars list, organised by Drinks Inter-

sign, who developed the Infinity Suite to celebrate the Langham

national Magazine. One of the reasons for these awards is its spe-

Hotel London’s 140th anniversary in 2005. The Infinity suite

ciality in exclusive rum creations, and, obviously, because it is the

was one of London’s largest spaces - by the time - with sublime

source for indulgence inside this unique Langham world.

technology, two bedrooms, and a dream bath. More than a suite,

Later on, but not for the first time on the hotel’s timeline, Richmond

it is a place, where you can feel as if you were in your own apart-

International took over the Langham torch and designed the Ster-

ment, with cosy and bespoke furniture and stylish sculptures.

ling Suite (the largest in London) and the executive Club Lounge.

The name lifts you up to space. Ten years later, 2015 was the

The Sterling Suite is an authentic penthouse with 450 square


The Sterling Suite Drawing Room

metres and the capacity to accommodate twelve people. The hotel describes it as a way to exceed every notion of luxury and space and being a destination. It has its own butler, a private media lounge and much more. In the Club Lounge, you will immediately feel that the classic townhouse reflects the Richmond International mood board to recall a new contemporary design edge. You will find this sense from the mix of fabrics and patterns in the small isolated corners, where you can have a good quality time with the company of a nice book or simply read the daily news. The Club Lounge covers two floors and it redefines the club concept with exclusivity, modern conveniences and attentive service. Join Langham World

The magic relies on the fact that this unique hotel does not stop, and the more we dig, we find out the most distinctive details. Langham is for sure the “Grand Hotel� and also a Grand British history book of the last 151 years. Where you can feel at home when you are away, or where you can dream about the last centuries with your eyes open, without the need of a time machine. The Sterling Suite Master Bedroom



Idol Hotel, Paris Botti Floor Lamp by Delightfull

Located on rue d’Edimbourg, near the Grands Magasins district, just a (Rolling) stone’s away from the Opera Garnier, the grooviest hotel in the City of Lights celebrates this historically music-oriented neighborhood. In the very same street is also located the Conservatoire Municipal de Paris and the Conservatoire National was also located there for a long time. Therefore, many musical instruments makers have settled down in this street and in its surroundings, where you can find guitars, violins, double basses… A commemorative plaque even reminds us that famous music critic and eminent expert on Berlioz’s work Adolphe Boschot lived there. Glamorous and fresh, Idol Hotel’s decoration gives in to playfulness and sensuality. All elements are texturized (velvet, vinyl…) and they arise a desire to touch everything, to caress the walls and furniture. The decoration designed by Julie Gauthron is melodious: it is as Idol Hotel, Paris Lobby, featuring Botti Floor Lamp and Botti Chandelier byDelightfull

charming as the colourful records you might find on a Sunday morning bargain hunt.


Idol Hotel, Paris Simone Wall Lamp by Delightfull


Idol Hotel, Paris Coltrane Wall Lamp, Brubeck Wall Lamp and Simone Suspension Lamp by Delightfull

Idol Hotel, Paris Simone Wall Lamp by Delightfull

In the “musical” lobby, above the piles of vinyl records, the collection

With a theme behind its 32 rooms and suites, the hotel presents a

of sculptural “Clark” ceiling lights by DelightFULL,

variety of inspirational options adorned like the colorful album cov-

A bright neon light sculpted by artist Julie Gauthron and entitled

ers of famous labels Stax Records or Motown. Along with that in-

“The Sound of the Trumpet” illuminates the lounge area.

spiration and in order to give something more to their clients, all the

In the corridors, you can also admire the magnificent Coltrane lamps

rooms feature spherical speakers that can be connected to a smart-

in the shape of a trumpet handle, also designed by DelightFULL. Be-

phone via Bluetooth. The golden list of albums that have inspired the

sides the amazing welcomed rooms, the hotel also features a small

rooms is as long as the playlist of a DJ: George Clinton, Snoop Dog,

patio with honeysuckle and jasmine, which is perfect to enjoy a mo-

Leroy Hutson, Sly Stone, James Brown, George Benson of course,

ment of relaxation.

but also the iconic disco band Earth Wind & Fire.


Idol Hotel gives a little of the 50’s, a bit of the 70’s, and a touch of the 80’s. All to make the clients go back in time and appreciate great quality design and good music.

Idol Hotel will give you the ultimate dream bedrooms! There is a room for everybody’s taste and mood. If you fancy a more vibrant

Adress: 16 Rue d’Edimbourg, 75008 Paris, France

vibe you can stay in the ‘Light my Fire’ or the ‘Jungle Fever’. Other-

To book, call: +33 1 45 22 14 31

wise, if you’re looking for a more relaxed time you can opt for the

or go to

‘Moon Blue’ or the ‘Lady Soul’.

Photo Credits: Idol Hotel Interior Designer: Julie Gauthron



Cococo restaunrant, St. Petersburg

It’s been a long time since restaurants are only about food and drinks. The experience we bring from a restaurant also includes the comfort and interior design. That’s why a good interior design can do as much for a cafe, restaurant or bar as good food and drinks can. The scene, the socialising, and the sense of a special event are equally important. When done right, a restaurant’s design enhances all of these elements. A simple meal seems much more appetising when combined with appealing furniture, luxurious finishes, and alluring lighting. It’s with this in mind and with the constant focus on her clients’ needs that the designer Ekaterina Shebunina comes to her outstanding projects. Her true love for her job is also the main ingredient in the recipe of her successful creations. With a new notion on Russian cuisine, a sophisticated menu and a magnificent atmosphere at W Hotel, COCOCO restaurant in St. Petersburg is one of her greatest interior design creations. Cococo restaunrant, St. Petersburg, Marie Antoinette mirror by Boca do Lobo, Nº20 dining chair by Brabbu

PROJECTS // Coveted Magazine: Being in love with our work is always the key to

achieve better results. Are you in love with your job? What do you love the most about being an interior designer? EKATERINA SHEBUNINA: Personally, I like the process of cre-

ation. It is interesting to watch how from abstract thoughts and images, impressions, drawings, lines- as a result, you create distinctive space. Living environment is a small universe. Also, I like to see the final result as well as a process of creation itself. CM: How important is a good chemistry between you and your cli-

ents to achieve better results ES: The most important is to HEAR the customer. I try to be very

attentive. In general, people broadcast their mentality. The world is diverse, and interpretation of suitable interior too. Mostly, I work for private customers, it is highly important that the client approves the project. The best results are achieved when the client is also integrated into the process of interior project creation. People feel more

Cococo restaunrant, St. Petersburg Nanook bar chair by Brabbu

comfortable sharing their ideas if they feel, that they are heard. My clients are smart and interesting people who have achieved a lot, I do not get tired to learn from their life experience and life values. CM: To conquer such a demanding audience, is truly important to be

informed about the latest trends on the field. How do you do this? ES: I try to make time to visit the interior shows in Milan, Paris and

New York. Regularly I use invitations to visit the production in the field of design. I have a large library of books about art, architecture and interior design. You cannot get stuck on your visions and ideas, as the world is moving forward and you need to follow it. And it is necessary to feel trends and new technologies as a necessity for success. CM: How would you describe your style?

Do you have any personal “signature”? ES: I’m interested in working in different stylistic directions. But

the majority of clients requires the interiors with classical tones and

Cococo restaunrant, St. Petersburg, Marie Antoinette mirror by Boca do Lobo

with a strong connection to historic roots. To create such interiors it is necessary to do a lot of research work. I like to have this kind of challenges. I would like to think about interiors as about high-style projects, try to work on it and the basis of the architectural university and constant self-education helps me a lot. Internal discipline and stability, combined with everyday creative searches - my credo. I’ve been working for a long time, but I do not feel tired. There is a proverb in Russian, which can be translated as: “Find the work to match your soul and you will never work.”-This is also about me.

Cococo restaunrant, St. Petersburg, Nanook dining chair by Brabbu


Cococo restaunrant, St. Petersburg,

CM: Where did the work with the project begin? The restaurant

and designers highlight this brand from many; there is no something

already had a name and a concept. How did the transformation pro-

similar. I think this is a very modern interpretation of the classic

cess happen and which details played an important role?

design techniques. The internal energy of objects laid by authors is

ES: This restaurant already exists for 3 years, and because of the in-

inspiring. Working with them is a pleasure. Surprisingly noticeable

creasing popularity, it has ceased to fit in the same room. Of course,

things, when integrated into interior, gain emotionality. Please note,

the bright individuality kitchen concept was decisive for the inte-

that the pathos of these things, in alliance with the irony of the au-

rior. Kokoko - one of the first restaurants in Russia working with

thors, is close to us. Brabbu-unfamiliar agents of the Regions have

so-called “new Russian cuisine.” The gastronomic cuisine is based

contacted me as the author of the project -with the question where

on the use of seasonal products from the farmers of the Leningrad

we have found such luxury chairs. Amazing posture lines and nobili-

region and modern culinary techniques. Reflecting on recycling and

ty of these items is the peak of craftsmanship. This is the furniture of

re-work old recipes, chef Igor Grishechkin creates conceptually dif-

extraordinary comfort and extravagance. Bravo-Brabbu!

ferent dishes, where the familiar tastes are opened in the original textures, forms and combinations. Each new dish of Kokoko is a

CM: Boca do Lobo always seeks to reinvent the past through con-

small personal story, told on the plate. The restaurant is located in

temporary design using traditional furniture making techniques. Af-

a five-star W-Hotel-furnished in modern high-quality style. It was

ter visiting our factory, would you like to describe the feeling of using

necessary to organically fit the interior of Kokoko in the already ex-

handmade pieces in your project?

isted environment. The objective of the request was very high, and

ES: Visit of any production is very revealing. I have gained confi-

the implementation period was just half a months. We could not

dence in the reliability of Boca do Lobo and Brabbu.

take the risk, and offer questionable decision “on trial”. We needed

Starting my visit from the office, where it was possible to observe

guaranteed result of 100% and a reliable supplier.

the dynamics of the work of designers, which is displayed on the monitors. Following by the production workshops where the mir-

CM: What’s special about Boca do Lobo, Brabbu pieces and why did

acle is born. There were several similar pieces, at different stages of

you feature it in your project?

preparation, which proves the demand for the products. But it is sur-

ES: The extraordinary originality of Boca do Lobo products are based

prising to see how differently the same items appear in the finished

on the bordered between furniture and art. My colleagues’ architects

form, this is the results of the use of different unique finishes.

PROJECTS // CM: Choosing the right piece for a design set might seem an easy

task. However, it takes a lot of time and attention to find the perfect match. Which advices you have for those who do not know how to start a challenge like this? ES: I can give a very simple piece of advice: consult an expert. But be-

hind this statement there lays life experience: the best decision is born in debates. Maybe even in the initial presentation of the request, you will be able to define for yourself the main thing. And sometimes it is one word enough in order to start the search process. The task may be extremely difficult and huge, everything starts from small steps, just share your ideas and do not be scared of being misunderstood. CM: How would you describe the final result and the concept of the

restaurant? ES: The concept of urban Russian style in the interior can be traced

in almost all the nuances: a decorative frieze encircling the curtains and walls of all three rooms, screens, panels with wild animals, colorful tiles chest with strolling through a meadow hens, extravagant mirrors from Boca do Lobo, lamps tenderly spread out over tables their black plumage, gold tables, stumps black velvet baroque chairs, combining “glamorous chic” with “a true Russian spirit.” Refinement and elegance of the restaurant are supported in the interior solutions. Therefore, the appearance and atmosphere of KoKoKo turned out to be so bright, original, ironic and certainly Russian, without any clichés offering an updated look at Russian style; St. Petersburg is the city where luxury combines with decadence, marginality and elitism and high classical art.

Cococo restaunrant, St. Petersburg, Nº20 dining chair and Zulu dining chair by Brabbu

Cococo restaunrant, St. Petersburg, Nanook and Nº20 bar chairs by Brabbu


Canal House in Amsterdam



Imagine strolling along Amsterdam’s picturesque streets; old bridg-

For the interior designer, the special ‘indoor garden’ kitchen and the

es create pathways through canal waters lined with charming row

bedroom are the two most exceptional rooms. Both with complete

houses. It is in one of these attractive row houses where Robin

distinctive designs and feels. The edgy kitchen room portrays a

Toetenel and Ingrid Steyrer, the design duo forming Ethnic Chic, re-

funkier vintage Hollywood vibe with faux bamboo chairs and

vamped an empty house into a warm and sophisticated space while

tropical banana leaf, hand printed wallpaper.

incorporating some statement pieces into the design. The result is a

On the other hand, the bedroom’s darker touches and rich fin-

truly stunning canal house, full of custom furniture, lavish fabrics

ishes scream vintage Hollywood boudoir. For Toetenel, “the bed-

and finishes and, quality craftsmanship.

room had a complete tone-on-tone feel with luxurious fabrics.

Ethnic Chic was originally opened in 2004 as a boutique in the heart

In the bedroom there is a stunning Koket chaise and chandelier,

of Amsterdam, selling unique and compelling home décor. After

which I love both”. Above the bed, a Vivre 2-Ring chandelier

many requests for interior design projects, Toetenel and his first

casts a sultry glow, with the light shining behind 19 genuine ag-

business partner began dabbling in interior design, and thus a de-

ate slices. The living room shape has grand ceilings and large win-

signer was born.

dows which the designers used to their advantage. Decorated in

The canal house project was worked on day and night to be com-

tones of aubergine, the fully upholstered armchairs and large sofa

pleted within the 3-week timeframe. Custom furniture was flown

certainly gives to the environment a classic and cozy touch. For

in from all over the world to add cultural soul and character to the

the twist, the designers placed two matching Burlesque consoles

space, challenging the designers to find new products and brands.

on either side of the living room’s exquisite marble fireplace.

The Amsterdam team explains “our projects are all determined by

The luxury console table’s acrobatic polished brass hoops of the

custom design, custom made furniture and the love for fabrics, sort

base are paired with exotic reptile embossed velvet, added the

furnishings and craftsmanship”, emphasizing that “without crafts-

spice the designers were looking for. The décor is simple, yet chic

manship, there’s no soul”.

with its gold details.


“The décor is simple, yet chic with its gold details.”

Canal House in Amsterdam,Vivre Chandelier by Koket


“The living room with a grandeur high ceilings and view on the canals, there could not be a better twist than the two crazy Koket consoles we proposed for this project,” said Toetenel. “It really turned the whole living room around from being a beautiful setting to a place with character. I like that in specific pieces to have that kind of feeling. To add a bit of spice while playing it on the edge. It certainly worked for this project!” With the short timeline, Ethnic Chic managed to pull off the challenge of meeting the client’s needs while designing a remarkably cohesive space, which is something they pride themselves on. With another noteworthy project under their belt, the designers of Ethnic Chic have already moved onto the next challenge, where they are sure to rise to the occasion, and, of course, looking for new and interesting designs. “Many brands are open to fun and different requests which makes it possible for us to come up with new design solutions every time again”, said Toetenel, remembering last year episode, when they used one of his favourite sofas by Donghia. The house was surrounded by stunning views of the garden and private forests, and he felt like creating a corner sofa specially to contemplate the beautiful outdoors. “I called Donghia and asked them if they could produce my favourite sofa but completely round… It was silence at first, and then they said “Well, duh yes of course… why not?!”’. At the end, the designer shares what motivates him nowadays, “One of the key parts of our job is to challenge ourselves every day again. Come up with different solutions and designs for our clients. I love this part of the job! Never a dull moment.”

Canal House in Amsterdam

Canal House in Amsterdam, Envy chaisy by Koket


Canal House in Amsterdam

Canal House in Amsterdam

Canal House in Amsterdam, Burlesque console by Koket

Canal House in Amsterdam, Vellum wall lamp by Brabbu


THE RESTORATION OF THE GEORGIAN RESTAURANT BY CHRISTOPHER GUY Established in 1901, Harrod’s Georgian Restaurant occupies its 4th floor and is one of the finest attractions of the department store. Having an experienced background in bespoke materials and craftsmanship, and a personal admiration for the restaurant, Cristopher Guy Harrison, the founder and CEO of his self-entitled luxury furnishings company, was the ideal choice to restore this emblematic and unique setting. The British designer wound up creating over 500 pieces of furniture. Heavily influenced in the sophistication and glamour of the 20s and 30s, this space creates a modern and classic atmosphere for its guests. With the renewal of the restaurant, a cluster of innovative pieces was displayed, such as carved wood silver leafed panels, a copper statue of a Georgian aristocrat, and mosaic features that cover a myriad of individual pieces. This new appearance was an investment of £250 million by Qatar Holdings, the official owners of the building since 2010. Martin Illingworth who is the director of store development declared that “this room is pure elegance and is everything Harrods stands for.” The Georgian restaurant is a breath of fresh air and escapes from the tumultuousness of Knightsbridge. It is the ultimate apotheosis for cosmopolitan lifestyle and eternal beauty.

Christopher Guy


Georgian Restaurant by Christopher Guy

Georgian Restaurant by Christopher Guy

“...this room is pure elegance and is everything Harrods stands for.”

Georgian Restaurant by Christopher Guy


AYKON NINE ELMS INTERIORS BY VERSACE In a massive collaborating, leading luxury real estate developers Dico UK property Ltd and DAMAC launched on the 20th of July the first private fashion-branded residence. Bordered by Battersea, the residence is situated in Nine Elms, London. The building has 50-stories and is entitled AYKON Nine Elms. Versace Home decorated the interiors and lobby of the residence. Versace also designed the art gymnasium, the children’s play area, the roof garden, the cinema, the indoor swimming pool, the spa, and the lounge. Correspondingly, the haute couture brand was immensely involved in the conception of this highend residential project. Characterized by a mixture of premium penthouses with one to three bedrooms, AYkON Nine Elms provides the most phenomenal views and landscapes, as one is able to gaze over River Thames, the Palace of Westminster, and the London Eye. According to the CEO of Versace, Gian Giacomo Ferraris “Versace is synonymous with fashion and luxury and its participation in the real estate business provides the opportunity to fully experience the Versace lifestyle. In recent years, the private residential projects have become a strategic part of the Versace world. Today, thanks to the collaboration with DICO UK Property Holdings Ltd and DAMAC - a developer who we have worked with for many years and who shares our vision for the highest standards - we bring the ultimate expression of Versace’s lifestyle to the very heart of London.”


London is not only beheld as a dominant presence in design but also as a sustainable supremacy in the real estate world, all around the globe. In the forthcoming years, the residence’s price inflation is slated to be around 5% to 7%. London is an extraordinary place for business and investments due to its inclusiveness and demand of customers, as disclosed by Chairman of DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani, “AYKON Nine Elms presents an unrivaled opportunity for them to access the stable and established London market. AYKON Nine Elms, with Versace-branded living, is a truly unique concept and a fantastic addition to the residential market in this amazing cultural and vibrant city.” This project also counted with the participation of multiple distinguished companies, such as Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, Turner & Townsend, Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, and Welding Structure and Piping, S.A.



by Piet Boon Studio A new title from a well-known and successful team has arrived and Piet Boon Studio is always worthy of worldwide attention for its prestigious projects around the globe. This inspiration book is a long-awaited publication, in which every design lover can find exciting and unique international concept design gems, as well as Piet Boon Collection furniture and Piet Boon Kitchen concepts. The impressive publication shows us new international projects, including a Metropolitan Penthouse in the heart of New York, always with the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics, and individuality of Piet Boon and his studio. Studio Piet Boon is an internationally acclaimed design studio recognised for its collaborative and versatile design services, as it is shown in the acclaimed restaurant The Jane in Antwerp, Belgium, in the Aruba resort, in the Swiss chalets or in the Amsterdam villa. Boon is one of the most celebrated designers in the Netherlands and internationally. His name becomes a brand that we immediately associate with luxury. Piet Boon started his career as a carpenter and now the international Studio Piet Boon team is specialised in architecture, interiors, styling, and product design. They operate in private and corporate environments around the world, from the Dutch headquarters, as well as from offices in New York, Milan, and Hong Kong.




by TASCHEN New New York Interiors is a new release created by TASCHEN,

Schnabel, musician Rufus Wainwright, porn diva Vanessa del Rio,

after the great success of the original New York Interiors released

and actress Julianne Moore, among many others, you can have an

ten years ago. Much has changed in the Big Apple since then,

idea of the myriad and marvellous ways New Yorkers love to live.

the city is still bristling with an exciting and eclectic mix of cut-

Angelika Taschen studied art history and German literature

ting-edge movers, and it’s something that you can see in its interi-

in Heidelberg, obtaining her doctorate in 1986. Working for

ors. New York lives an extraordinary inflow of graphic designers,

TASCHEN from 1987 to 2010, she has published numerous titles

interior designers, artists, gallerists, and collectors. Since Septem-

on art, architecture, photography, design, travel, and lifestyle.

ber 11, the city has become less money-driven and more creative.

The texts were written by Peter Webster, a freelance editor and

All the interiors that you’ll find in this new book were hand-

writer specialized in design, architecture, culture, and travel, who

picked by editor and author Angelika Taschen. It’s a spanking

has contributed to Interior Design and Travel + Leisure. He is a

new collection of interiors that explores an array of homes as diz-

former editor for Departures, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, and,

zying as diverse like New Yorkers, themselves. Take a peek into

most recently, editor-in-chief of Absolute magazine. He was born

the apartments of artist Terence Koh, artist and director Julian

in New Zealand, but now he lives in Brooklyn, New York.


“It’s a spanking new collection of interiors that explores an array of homes as dizzying as diverse like New Yorkers, themselves.”



The trendsetter blog Modern Chairs has created has created the most incredible free e-book about top 100 luxury modern chairs that will blow your mind. These incredible chairs were designed by top interior designers, luxury furniture brands and luxury fashion designers following the most recent design furniture and decorating trends. In this article you will find 25 of those amazing chairs. To download the full e-book go to













[1]. Design project by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio [2 & 3]. Boca do Lobo dining room chairs, A sense of fun and frivolity pervades in this chair from Boca do Lobo, but this exclusive

piece also manages to be sophisticated, thought-provoking and (above all) finely handcrafted. [4]. Maya upholstered chairs from Brabbu.| [5]. Ibis are beautiful birds, known for their long slim legs. The IBIS dining chairs

from Brabbu were inspired by this natural elegance, with all the refinement of velvet in a unique upholstery piece. [6]. Alberto Pinto low living room chairs.| [7]. Carver armchair from Essential Home. [8]. Modern white armchairs by Yabu Pushelberg. | [9]. David Collins Studio. [10]. Kelly swivel bar chair from Essential Home. | [11]. Nate Berkus upholstered chairs. | [12]. Sika armchair by Brabbu.











[1]. Goldfinger chair by Jonathan Adler. | [2]. Alberto Pinto leather upholstered chair. | [3]. Tellus armchair by Brabbu. [4]. Peter Marino astonishing living room chairs | [5]. Jonathan Adler chair collection. | [6]. Namib armchair by Brabbu. [7]. Malay velvet armchair from Brabbu | [8]. Dining room by Victoria Hagan with upholstered chairs.| [9]. Stola armchair by Brabbu.



Nº20 from Brabbu distinguishes itself for it’s attitude represented in tis fabric, a beautiful and standing out velvet, and its structure that embraces us with strength and determination, like Mother Nature.


Ibis are beautiful birds, known for their

Modern pieces of furniture that give a nod

The succulent lines of the lips have

long slim legs. The IBIS dining chairs

to the past – this is at the core of Greg

sensuously captivated cultures for ages.

from Brabbu were inspired by this

Natale’s collection for Worlds Away.

Besame’s soft, plump curves will have

natural elegance, with all the refinement

you lusting for a moment of passion.

of velvet in a unique upholstery piece.

Enchanted dining chair from Koket has a modern design with great comfort. This luxury chair brings elegance to your dining room.


Design gallerist Rare & Unique Products

MODERNIST &ART MIX There is a new modernist aesthetic in the twenty-first century that mixes art with technology. It promotes a new concept between modern and vintage designs with an unexpected fusion of materials.This time, Design Gallerist made a selection of timeless artistic and a whit of modern twists.



ECLIPSE Rose Gold Edition

Decadence Bookcase by Koket

This special Rose Gold edition (without the SuperLumiNova) combines the unique Eclipse design with the gorgeous Rose Gold which is flattering for all skin tones and perfect for many occasions. Built with quality in mind, the Eclipse Metallic is constructed using 316L stainless steel casing and Milanese strap.

Indulge in the opulent essence of Art Deco design with the Decadence Bookcase. Two ornate metal semi-circles are joined in a glamorous union by sleek glass shelves and her backless design allows for the perfect canvas to store your simple pleasures.

Metamorphosis Dining Table by Boca do Lobo Metamorphosis Dining Table’s surface is made of walnut root veneer and includes special textured details that represent a fossil. This piece also embodies high polished brass details to fill the stately base.


HAUMEA Gallotti&Radice design by Massimo Castagna Coffee table in 10 mm transparent extra-light tempered glass. Black (mod. Layer) open pore or rust lacquered wooden base. Bright brass, hand burnished brass, coppered brass or black chromed metal parts.

Lounger For BD The contrasts and sophistication which lend personality to Jaime Hayons work are represented in the Showtime collection which ranges from vases to chairs. Now it is completed with a new piece that will also satisfy those who have more classical tastes: The Lounger. An elegant and comfortable wing chair. With optional footrest.

Dandy Sideboard By Essential Home Like the vintage radios, this console would make you look twice. No, it’s not a giant radio but a rare wood & gold sideboard. The sleek outline of this unique mid-century modern piece makes you surrender to the Scandinavian design every time that you look at it. Solid walnut and golden plated brass are the exquisite materials that form this rare sideboard which could be perfect for your living room, dressing room or any room. It would make your retro home complete.


IT ONEoff chair IT ONEoff Chair, is a handmade chair, from carbon fiber covered with natural leather. It fits perfectly indoor and outdoor. Only 100 pieces of this beautiful modern chair are on sale, so you have to hurry up and make a request.

COMO Armchair by Brabbu

Turner Wall by Delightfull Turner Wall is an instant eye-catcher for your next project. Tina Turner’s dance moves inspired the rotating arcs for you to create your favourite composition and give your wall a new vibe. It is a classy choice with a mid-century design. The large arcs are in Brass with the shade in aluminium and you can customize the finishes.

Lake Como, in Italy, is known for its dramatic scenery. Inspired in its typical water lilies, COMO Armchair, totally made in cotton velvet, is a tribute to natural beauty.

Credenza by Patricia Urquiola and Federico Pepe

Diamond is no doubt the poshest chair of the Zuiver family with its shiny copper-plated cantilever frame and rich fabric. It is so chic that one just does not want to sit down but compose oneself on it.

Credenza – characterized by contemporary patterns, colours, and materials – is produced in Italy by artisans skilled in the thousand years old manual technique of stained glass, generally used for the architecture and the decoration of churches. Besides its functionality, the elements of the collection designed by Patricia Urquiola and Federico Pepe (cupboards, screens, and low tables) get in touch with the space and also the light passes through each element.

Diamond chair by Zuiver



Mike Fuchs is the Executive Assistant Manager at the Munich leading luxury hotel, Mandarin Oriental. Ideally located in the heart of the old town, the hotel is surrounded by museums, the State Opera, the famous Hofbraeuhaus and the exclusive Maximilian shopping street. Some of the finest restaurants, boulevard cafés, art galleries and traditional gourmet markets are just a stone’s throw away. Within this lively, cultural and enticing environment, Mandarin Oriental Munich marks a symbiosis of the classic style of Neo-Renaissance and traditional Bavarian elegance, combined with contemporary luxury. Coveted Magazine visited Mandarin in September and had the great honour to talk with Mr. Mike Fuchs. Coveted Magazine: How do you like to introduce yourself and what to say about Mr. Mike Fuchs? Mike Fuchs: I am a very passionate person in terms of hospitality. After ten years abroad, my family and I have returned to Germany and have settled down in Munich. It was so great and a big honor to be part of Mandarin Oriental Munich’s refurbishment project, within we have opened Germany’s first Celebrity Chef concept with Matsuhisa, Munich. CM: Being in love with our work is always the key to achieve better results. Are you in love with your job? What do you love the most about being Executive Assistant Manager at Mandarin Oriental Munich? MF: I am definitely in love with my job and in my opinion that’s the only way you can be really successful – being full of love and passion for this exciting industry. Each day is different and you

never know for sure what will happen. Mandarin Oriental, Munich is 100 per cent owned and managed by the group, which means there is a special focus on our hotel by our parent company. CM: In your opinion what makes Mandarin Oriental Munich different from the other hotels in Germany? MF: We don’t only say “The guest is king”, but we live it. With 73 rooms and suites and more than 180 employees, we are able to provide guests with a unique personal and individual service – what is impossible in most of the other five star hotels. We know and remember every single preference of our hotel guests to show them during their next stay that we understand their needs and wishes. CM: What is the hotel concept and history? MF: Originally built as Johann Kilian Stützel’s Ballhaus (Ball-

room house), the building of Mandarin Oriental, Munich was planned as a glittering focal point of Munich’s social scene. In 1945 the building was renovated, changing hands several times before its transformation into the Antique Haus, the dream of artist financier Manfred Rubesam. Rubesam hoped that the conversaion into an antique shopping complex would recall the glory of former times, but neither he nor his successor Erich Kaufmann was able to establish a sound financial base for the project. In 1987 the building was purchased by George Rafael. After a two-year renovation process the hotel experienced its glamorous opening in spring 1990 as Rafael Hotel. In May 2000 the hotel was purchased by Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Today, Mandarin Oriental, Munich combines traditional and modern luxury - offering an unique hotel experience to each single guest in the very city center of Munich.


CM: What makes you more proud in what you are doing and what are your dreams for Mandarin in the upcoming years? MF: It makes me very proud to receive that many positive guest feedback, talking about the friendliness of our staff. You can teach hard skills but soft skills are given and I am so happy to get that feedback from our guests which are all frequent travelers. For the upcoming years, my wish is that we will successfully integrate our new hotel complex (to be finished and opened in 2020/ 21) into the existing hotel. CM: Would you like to tell us some funny stories that happened

in the hotel or maybe some important moments or important guests who stayed here? MF: That’s another thing I love about my job. Every day there are funny thing happening in a hotel. We have such different people, VIPs, politicians, artists, etc. The secret why they come to us is, that they can be themselves, being sure that we don’t talk about anything that happens during their stay. CM: If you have to describe Mandarin Oriental Munich in a word and in a brand which one would it be? MF: In one word, Mandarin Oriental, Munich is “unrivalled”. For that reason we don’t want to compare us with another brand – as we are an alone standing brand.


HOTELS WE COVET HILTON BANKSIDE HOTEL “A Hilton like no other Hilton” is how the Bankside Hotel describes itself and Coveted Magazine couldn’t agree more. From the design of the space to the customer service, Hilton London Bankside provides the perfect luxury experience for a trip to London.”

Bankside hotel opened its doors in October 2015, six years after the latest opening hotel of the prestigious Hilton chain. It could be just another Hilton hotel in London, but the entire atmosphere created by the interior design of the space makes sure that the difference is noticed. Stepping inside this new Hilton is like entering the heart of Bankside and discovering all its secrets. Even in the facade, it’s possible to see how the city was an inspiration to create the architecture and design of the space. The building is layered of stone, brick, bronze metal cladding and glass, which make it easily framed in the industrial area that surrounds it. Since the outside, it’s very clear how the art is present in every single room of the hotel – in areas reserved for taxis, there are two graffiti panels that can easily represent the way that area is becoming modern yet keeping its traditional industrial style. The entire hotel is a project of Dexter Moren Associates & Twenty2Degrees. The two companies worked

incorporated the details of the area in the decor. The

together to create this space filled with delightful

floor is a reference to the neighbouring Tate Modern,

surprises. It’s important to understand that Hilton

evoking the famous Turbine Hall.

Bankside is the nearest five-star hotel of Tate Modern

Small sculptures of foxes are placed all over the hotel,

and this touristic point had a huge influence on the

which represent another way of incorporating the

design of the space, not only because of the materials

spirit of the area inside the hotel.

used but also due to the large art pieces that are dis-

The location is another thing that makes this new

played in the entire area.

Hilton a star in the city guide of London. Five min-

From the reception to every single area of this proj-

utes’ walk and you are at some of the most iconic and

ect, Dexter Moren Associates & Twenty2Degrees,

cultural places of the city: The Globe, Tate Modern

the responsible for the architecture and design of the

and The Shard.

hotel, created an industrial space where you can feel

Another thing to enjoy in the Bankside Hilton is the

the real sense of the city, but, at the same time, you

OXBO Restaurant. With a delicious menu created us-

feel comfortable and homely.

ing fresh British ingredients from local markets, this is

Let’s talk about the decoration of the space: it’s quite

the perfect place to have dinner.

clear all the inspiration that the designers’ team took

The restaurant keeps the industrial design of the en-

from the area. Very industrial and brutalist, Hilton

tire hotel with a very modern vibe. In the middle of

Bankside reflects the urban living off that part of the

the space, there are decorative perforated steel screens,

city. Right at the lobby, it’s possible to feel the indus-

creating privacy and strategically positioned to allow

trial inspiration of the design and how designers had

guests to be grouped into smaller areas.



On the floor, black and white tiles create a modern pattern, providing a more contemporary look to the restaurant. The decoration of the space blends in well with the overall decor. On the walls, there are animals’ sculptures in papier-mâché, an artwork by David Farrer. Looking at the ceiling, we can see a bespoke lighting created by the British company Northern Lights and the Danish Fransden Project, especially for the Hilton Bankside. After dinner, the Distillery Bar is the best place to go. The name of the bar is a reference to the antique distillery that occupied the space during the 80’s. With a large selection of gins from all around the world, which is always increasing, the Distillery is the perfect place to enjoy some cocktails. On the left wall, 16,800 pennies create a very traditional decoration, maintaining the industrial style. Hilton Bankside Hotel provides a full London experience, always with the luxury and comfort that the hotel chain already accustomed us, as well as the opportunity to involve yourself with the spirit of the area.




“Set in a space of iconic beauty, ESPA Life at Corinthia London is quite simply the Next Generation Spa.” ESPA Life at Corinthia Hotel London is a spa designed for those seeking an exclusive heaven dedicated to relaxation, health and fitness. Spread over four floors and covering 3,300 square metres in the heart of London, ESPA Life at Corinthia offers revolutionary lifestyle programmes, incorporating complementary and alternative medicine, targeted fitness and rehabilitation services that focus on sports training, detox, sleep, weight loss, and general vitality. It offers many signature treatments designed especially for them, such as the Sleep Ritual, Bamboo Joint Release Experience, Dosha Specific Ritual, and the Active Abdominal Detox. The Life aspect of their name, ESPA Life, is what makes this space so unique in London and sets it apart from other ESPA spas around the world. Set in a space of iconic beauty, ESPA Life at Corinthia London is quite simply the Next Generation Spa. A pioneering new concept, ESPA Life excels at offering a fully integrated approach to your wellbeing, bringing together a team of the world’s top experts to offer an unrivalled choice of spa, complimentary alternative therapies, fitness, beauty and Daniel Galvin Hair Studio. All of them are under one roof.


With a unique interior design concept managed by GA Design and an architecture planned by Sigma Architects, this Spa makes you feel in heaven. Every detail of the spa has been thoughtfully incorporated to raise the bar on spa excellence. The Light will welcome guests to the spa, slowly descending into rich and opulent darkness. The strongly curved walls and the soft contours enhance the energy flow and create individual pods, separating spaces of peace and comfort from the warmth of the ambient fireplaces and atmospheric mood lighting. The sophisticated use of Calacatta and black Italian marble, rich black and champagne lacquer panels, dark stained oak, textured leather, polished chrome and pewter artwork create a luxurious and tranquil environment. Sue Harmsworth, Founder and Chairperson of ESPA, was also incredibly involved in the design process. The Thermal Floor, for example, was her vision. Loved by all, this relaxing and deeply effective ESPA experience delivers triple results by focussing on three key areas – the back, the face and the scalp – making it the ideal treatment for anyone. Includes: Back exfoliation – back massage with hot stones – Personalised Facial – Scalp massage Your treatment will last for approximately 120 minutes. (Price per person - £250) The Thermal Floor is one of the most popular spaces of ESPA Life and it can be found on the lowest floor of the spa. All guests of Corinthia London are able to use the thermal floor, all clients can experience treatments that last 2 hours or longer. The dramatic Thermal Floor consists of an Amphitheatre Sauna, Steam Room, Feature Showers, Ice Fountain, Pool, and Vitality Pool with various air and water massage jets, marble heated lounges and relaxation bays. It is very easy to lose track of time in ESPA Life. They often have guests who end up staying much longer than they had originally planned. That is a testament to the superb facilities and how it is the most relaxing and calming environment– you would never know that you are in the heart of the hustle and bustle of London. At ESPA Life they have a strong focus on people and constantly provide educational workshops to engage grow and develop their people, leading to a natural opportunity for promotion and a general sense of fulfilment for the team. They have a lot of high-profile clients who love to use the spa due to its privacy and the emphasis they place on guests’ discretion.


Chicado’s Trump Towers hotel


Just like nature, our skin changes with the rhythms of the seasons. Face the start of spring with a pampering Day Spa designed to leave your skin refreshed, radiant and revitalised. Recharge and nourish your skin with an invigorating Salt & Oil Scrub before a comforting, luxurious and indulgent body treatment entirely personalised to meet your needs. Calm and hydrate your complexion with its technically advanced facial procedure, before a delicious and healthy lunch complemented with a glass of Champagne or freshly squeezed juice in the Spa Lounge.End your day willing away the hours on the extensive thermal floor at ESPA Life at Corinthia and take home a selection of ESPA products that will take you through the season seamlessly.

Chicado’s Trump Towers hotel




The Wellesley is a combination of sophisticated luxury with exquisite opulence. While in London, Coveted Magazine took some time to visit this splendorous boutique hotel and know more about the experiences it has to offer.

The Wellesley is one of the best boutique hotels in London. Right in the heart of the city, this hotel with 36 rooms can offer an outstanding service in one of the most prestigious locations, Knightsbridge, overlooking The Royal Hyde Park. This could be just another luxury hotel in London, but the entire atmosphere created by the stunning design was able to make our team fall in love with it. Since the first step in, we get the feeling that we are in a different era. Fox Linton Associates was the interior design company responsible for the project and they used the building’s decadent jazz musical legacy to create a luxury ambiance with a modern art deco interpretation. The building, created by the architect Lesley Green, was the former home of the iconic jazz, Pizza on the Park. The doors of The Wellesley open to a glamorous hall in which you can feel the crazy 20’s vibe. Crystal chandeliers cover the ceiling of the whole space, illuminating a splendorous space full of exquisite architectural details. The doors, with geometrical patterns in gold, give access to some of the most characteristic rooms of the hotel: The Crystal Bar, the Oval Restaurant, and the Cigar Lounge. Let’s start from the last one. The Wellesley provides the opportunity to see the UK’s largest cigar collection sold on a stick by stick basis, with a value around the £1.5 million. The Lounge, with a very masculine design, is the perfect place to enjoy a drink after a cigar on the private terrace. Another aspect that stands out in this boutique hotel is the UK’s largest bespoke humidor. But before a cigar, it’s always important to enjoy a delicious meal. On the Oval Restaurant, you can taste delicious Italian food surrounded by the most exquisite and glamorous ambiance. The entire room is designed in white and soft pink with some gold details, which will provide you a feeling of luxury.

“ The Art Deco in the Heart of London. “


Chicado’s Trump Towers hotel Intuition dining table by Koket


After dinner, nothing better than a visit to the Crystal bar, where you can enjoy incredible live jazz performances on Friday and Saturday nights. The Wellesley was created to offer the total comfort for an entire evening without one ever having to leave the hotel – a home away from home. On the boutique hotel, there are 14 one-bedroom suites named after famous personalities of the decade of 20. You can spend a night in Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Charlie Chaplin or even in the Churchill Suite! During their stay, the guests can count with several services to make it as comfortable as possible. The Wellesley provides guests with a complimentary Rolls-Royce drop off service and complimentary Sky Movies.




The Rib Restaurant, Porto

The Rib Restaurant, Porto


The Rib Restaurant, Porto

Meatlovers’ Heaven In The Heart Of Porto What do you have coming in mind when speaking about

the chief Rui Martins. We are recommending you to try the

Portuguese cuisine? Some seafood, is that correct? And a fine

famous Tomahawk Irish Black Angus – the award winning

glass of wine of course. You are surely right about the wine, but

unique cut steak, or sophisticated, sort and juicy Rib Eye steak,

you should also know that Portugal is quite renowned for meat

both accompanied by a nice glass of Portuguese red wine. There

as well. You can easily prove it by visiting the Rib Beef & Wine

are also several food solutions for those who do not fancy meat

Restaurant in Porto, in the north of the country.

as well as some vegetarian dishes in the menu.

Located in the historical heart of the city, in Pestana Vintage

However, the design of the restaurant is not the only remarkable

Porto Hotel & World Heritage Site, the Rib is definitely offering

design work in the place. The hotel, hosting 103 rooms, occupies

the best selection of Portuguese and international meat in town

six ancient traditional buildings dating back to sixteen, seventeen

as well as a friendly atmosphere with a note of Portuguese

and eighteen century, offering a breathtaking view over Douro

charm. The hotel is harmonically integrated in a set of ancient

river and Ribeira – the historical riverbank and the very heart

traditional Portuguese houses whose colourful facades have

of the city. The design is inspired in the atmosphere of the city

been a symbol of Porto for a good dozen of years; they are also

itself – the rooms and common areas embrace its vintage charm

considered and preserved as World Heritage by UNESCO.

and contemporary comfort.

Ever since the opening, the restaurant is gaining many credits for

The original stonewalls were restored in the rooms. Combined

both the design and the food. The cosy and elegant design was

with vivid wall coverings, they are promoting the thirst of

developed by Cristina Matos, a Lisbon-based designer for whom

travelling and getting involved into great adventures. The

the restaurant was not the first Pestana collaboration.

modern design of luminous spacy rooms will make you feel like

A smooth, fun and elegant mid-century ambience with palm

home , helping you to enjoy your journey to the Invicta City- full

trees wallpaper covering the inner walls, lots of wood and comfy

of ancient mysteries and great discoveries.

blue chairs is perfect to enjoy the author food menu signed by



Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester offers a contemporary French fine dining experience, within one of the most beautiful hotels in London. The whole experience is brought together with a seamless and elegantly informal service and run by a young, industry-leading team including Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Blondet, Restaurant Director Damien Pepin and Head Sommelier Christopher Bothwell. Each restaurant in the group tells a different story, providing a sense of place or different taste experience. The restaurant Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester is a refuge away from the buzz of London; its interiors are influenced by the magical greenery of Hyde Park which neighbours the restaurant, with wrap around windows of the view. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester is a taste of the finest French cuisine in London, it is the whole fine-dining experience, with a modern and relaxed attitude, headed up by an extremely talented team full of energy and passion. A modern, light and elegantly informal setting complements the restaurant’s forward thinking approach to haute cuisine and its focus on seasonality. The duo Jouin - Manku was responsible for the interior décor of the restaurant. Their designs are often inspired by nature and they have included ingenious and beautiful references to Hyde Park, which the restaurant overlooks. These touches include sprays of silk buttons covering the walls and the stunningly unique Table Lumière, a table that seats six, located in the centre of the restaurant and framed by more than 4,500 fibre optic lights. It is so difficult to choose – the menus change regularly and are continually innovating. A signature dish to always choose is the ‘Sauté gourmand’ of Lobster and truffled chicken quenelles – which is beautifully fragrant and delicate. The Rum Baba has not left the menu at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester since the opening in 2007 and is always a firm favourite with their customers. The original Baba was introduced

into France in the 18th century via Alsace and Lorraine by the exiled King of Poland and the current Rum Baba on the menu has developed from the version Alain Ducasse created for Le Louis XV-Alain Ducasse restaurant in Monaco. Pastry Chef Angelo Ercolano serves his version with a choice of five different rums. Diners tell him they forget the time and place and get completely caught up in the moment, which is wonderful to hear. The restaurant is warm and inviting, whilst the service is as skilled as you would expect from a three Michelin stars restaurant. We hope you will leave the restaurant having tasted flavours that have surprised and delighted you. “I am always learning!” – says Alain, with the restaurants operated by such experienced and talented chefs in their own right, new recipes are developed in a collaborative way. It is important to him that his Executive and Head chefs experiment and develop their own unique vision and interpretation of his cuisine. It is important to keep moving forward and Alain embraces innovation and new ideas. He meets with his teams in each restaurant at least once a month, and corresponds with the executive chefs sometimes several times a day – so there is a constant flow of communication. When a recipe is decided upon, before it is included on the menu, the management team of the restaurant trials it, and collaboratively decide on the wine pairing and any serving suggestions. Alain Ducasse team is highly motivated because they are all extremely passionate and committed about what they do. The restaurants operate successfully from having a close-knit team, most of whom have been with Alain Ducasse Enterprise for a good many years. “I am very conscious of ensuring that the next generation of chefs and front of house feel the same excitement and sense of adventure that there was in the industry when I started. Inspiration and training are so important; once you have the skills, you have the tools to make anything happen.” – says Alain.

WORLD’S FINEST RESTAURANTS // The Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester menu constantly evolves with the seasons. Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Blondet approaches the menu with a modern, innovative and refined approach, consistently championing and enhancing current seasonal produce. Alain Ducasse opened in September the restaurant Ore in the Versailles Palace. During the day, the menu will feature French cuisine classics, light dishes for smaller appetites or delicious pastries. At nightfall, after visiting hours, the place can

be privatised, thus becoming the stage for grand dinners, as it was at the time of the Sun King. Versailles is a dream that impassions and fascinates. It is a privilege to him to bring forth his modest contribution to the contemporary history of the Palace. It’s an amazing discovery and each visit to this Restaurant is a surprise! The biggest promise is always of a new and even more luxurious experience.



by Steidl “Fendi is my Italian version of creativity. It’s Italian to its core. It’s not only Italian, it’s Roman,” says Karl Lagerfeld about his position as Creative Director. This set celebrates his astounding 50th-year tenure with the label – the longest collaboration ever between a designer and a luxury fashion house. Beautifully presented in a custom-made wooden case modelled in the box of oil pastels on Lagerfeld’s work desk, it is a compilation of exclusive interviews, recorded conversations, personal sketches, and DVDs of his short films, in which we discover some of his earliest and fondest memories of the past five decades. The Fendi house was launched in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi, as a fur and leather shop in Via del Plebiscito, Rome. Since 1946, the five sisters of the second generation (Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla, and Alda) started to be involved in the company and brought with them a new wave of enthusiasm. Karl Lagerfeld joined Fendi in 1965 and became the Creative Director for Fur and also for Women’s Ready-to-Wear (launched in 1977). Silvia Venturini Fendi, daughter of Anna, joined in 1994 and is the Creative Director for Accessories and Men’s lines. Since 2001, Fendi became a multinational


Fendi is my Italian version of creativity. It’s Italian to its core. It’s not only Italian, it’s Roman.





An awarded actress who fell in love with a prince from a foreign land, and after the marriage became herself a princess. That could be a character from the script of a romantic movie, but no; that’s Grace Kelly.

Adored by many around the world, and also known as Alfred Hitchcock’s muse, Grace Kelly has been the inspiration behind Mika’s song, Valentino’s wedding gowns and Hermès’ formerly known sac à dépêches, which was redesigned and now goes by the name of Kelly bag. Her talent, kindness, and beauty made her an icon of style worldwide. And even after her death, Kelly’s legacy as a fashion icon lived on. Born in Philadelphia in 1929, Grace desired to become an actress since an early age. Her parents did not approve of her pursuing that dream, but still, after graduating from high school in 1947, she headed to the city where she believed dreams came true: New York.

Her blue eyes, red lips and skin like poured cream did not go unnoticed and so she started working as a model. Grace’s debut on Broadway was in 1949. However, she was not fully content with the work in New York and moved to Southern California searching for a more prestigious part of acting - motion pictures. After a few roles, her work with director Alfred Hitchcock, which began with Dial M for Murder (1954) made her a star. From that moment on, and because the director loved the contrast between cold charm and intense sensuality that Grace Kelly radiated, she became Hitchcock’s muse during two more films: Rear Window (1954) and To Catch a Thief (1955). Her acting career was at the height of glory and on March 30, 1955, at The 27th Annual Academy Awards, Grace Kelly won the Best Actress Oscar for The Country Girl (1954). It was not only her talent in acting that allowed her to win the hearts of millions of fans, though. Grace Kelly had a polite posture and a smiling face. Her trademark was her calm, cool and collected demeanor. Her beauty was undeniable and her

blond hair, often coiffed in a bun, became a symbol of her style. Grace had all the qualities of an iconic star: a naïve stance sustained by her white gloves, an elegant attitude, and a passionate charisma. In April 1955, during the Cannes Film Festival, Grace Kelly was invited to participate in a photo shoot at the Palace of Monaco with Prince Rainier III, the sovereign of the principality, and the man who would eventually steal her heart. Coincidentally, after returning to America, she began to work on her next movie, The Swan, in which she would portray a princess. At the age of 26, Grace Kelly was one of Hollywood’s golden girls and an elegant style icon who was invited by brands to feature their exceptional pearl and diamond jewelry, as well as haute couture clothing. Renowned Hollywood costume designers like Helen Rose and Edith Head were captivated by Grace’s rare beauty and had her featuring their dresses. Grace’s stunning self-possession propelled her onto the Best-Dressed List and she even was inaugurated into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1960. During her marriage, Grace Kelly could not continue her acting career. Instead, she decided to perform her daily duties as princess and became involved in philanthropic work. Despite her separation from the movie industry, she was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6329 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on February 8, 1960. On September 14, 1982, Princess Grace Kelly died after a tragic car crash as she was driving from her country home to the Palace of Monaco. But even after her death, Grace’s legacy as a fashion icon lived on. Modern designers, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Zac Posen, have admitted looking up to the princess and find in her fashion inspiration. Grace Kelly was known for introducing the “fresh faced” look, one that involved bright skin and natural beauty with little makeup and that is the image we all keep from her: an elegant, simple beautiful woman.




Powder Rose Sandal

Ivory Nude Pump

Midnight Black Sandal Artic Mint Pump

You might not know this, but the world sexiest shoe industry

willing to take, but I guess I wasn’t aware of how demanding the

is the Portuguese. If you need more answers, look at your shoes,

challenge would become. Being a young designer with new ideas,

feel the touch of the real leather and run your fingers through all

in an industry of man and traditions was a tough challenge.

the intrinsic details. Today, Portugal has a shoe industry larger

And overcoming that clash of generations was even tougher.

than life, innovate and groundbreaking. The story of GUAVA, an

The more negative responses I got the more I wanted to make

avant-garde brand that has dealt with major issues in this indus-

this a reality, and the more I wanted to make this possible in

try and against all odds was able to surpass them. It is an indus-

Portugal, my home country. As of now, I can proudly say that

try that despite the positive prospect is still filled with resistance

it is possible.

to change and fear of doing something truly original. Since the

I had to shift many mentalities and gain the trust of shoemakers

very beginning of GUAVA that architecture and geometry made

who had years and years of experience. I was a young kid with

sense to me. The new wave in art, design, and architecture with

the strangest ideas, like the one of having a diamond shape heel

Modernism and the Bauhaus was an overall inspiration. I was

on every female shoe. After five years of breaking a few barriers,

truly devoted to the beauty of this transformative Era. I was al-

we can 100% produce our heels in Portugal from scratch. The

ways intrigued by changes, society and the reinvention of arts.

technology that was necessary, that we now have, and the need

For me, that is what Design is all about, Reinvention.

to involve enthusiastic people full of energy to overcome those

By evolving with new ideas is where the industry suffers the

barriers, made an almost impossible dream to actually come true.

most and that challenge to overpass this clash is a truly demand-

Not only for Guava but for all other young designers, new brands

ing experience. It is like “declaring war” on a routine of what

and new ideas that come just after, this is an open door to a new

is already established. For me bringing the idea of architectural

generation. Saying that Guava came as a new wave for Portu-

heels into the Portuguese shoe industry was a challenge I was

guese new trends & design makes us tremendously proud.


Welcome to Paris! The City of Light, La Ville Lumière, the city of Love and also the city of Fashion and Design. Paris is a true inspiration for those in any creative industry by simply gazing down the ancient streets or relaxing in the charming street side cafes. In Paris, all the senses are uplifted and enhanced in such magnitude that it’s impossible to describe. Whether you are professional in the world of design or simply love design, Deco Off is the event in Paris you won’t want to miss. Deco Off is a free event for the general public and the «rendez-vous» of international interior designers and decoration editors. This amazing event involves 120 participants in a festive environment to present the world their outstanding fabric collections. Since each of the 120 participants is a must-visit showroom, I have prepared the perfect tour guide for you to visit them all.


4Spaces is a Swiss-based textile label, which manufactures its own exclusive textile collections for interiors and limited edition designs, with Swiss or European origin. address: Galerie Puy baudet 42 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris website:

The brand Alhambra was founded in Alicante, Spain, in 1977 and is a reference in textiles of high quality and design. By mixing textiles, textures and colours, they create a universe of textiles that draw our soul and fill our life with well-being. address: Galerie Dépendances 6 bis rue de l’Abbaye - 75006 Paris website:

With more than 50 years of history, the fabrics, wallpapers and rugs manufactured by AGENA® for highclass decoration reflect a daily luxury featured mainly by their innovative creativity and certified quality totally made in Italy. address: Atelier Visconti 4 rue Visconti - 75006 Paris website:

Arte is a passionate designer and manufacturer of sophisticated wallcoverings, working since 1981, to adorn the walls of both residential homes and project interiors in over 80 countries worldwide. address: 6 bis rue de l’Abbaye - 75006 Paris website:

Alcantara is Italian product of excellence, unique, resistant, embodying a perfect balance of technology and tradition, entirely made in Italy. address: Galerie Art Cube 9 place Furstenberg - 75006 Paris website:

With more than 150 years of experience, Jean Pinton weaves exceptional carpets and majestic wallhand tapestries using antique techniques. address: 71 rue du Cherche-Midi - 75006 Paris website:

Inspired by the world’s heritage and cultures, Aldeco Interior Fabrics is a dynamic and creative Portuguese brand specialised in high-end interior fabrics. Their stunning collections are a result of the passion devoted by their Design Department, combined with innovation and in tune with the latest fashion and design trends. Aldeco’s concept is represented by their highend fabrics with the best quality, elegance and functionality. With headquarters and showrooms strategically located in Portugal (Oporto Lisbon and Algarve), France (Paris) and Spain (Madrid), they offer a wide range of fabrics: silks, velvets, linens, chenille, organzas, printed cotton, taffetas and blackouts. They also provide technical fabrics, such as TREVIRA CS, Fire Retardant, Teflon (waterproof) and Anti-Stain. Aldeco has become a strong international reference on interior design textiles to architects, designers and decorators, whether it’s new projects, renovations or simply decoration projects. Their high-end textiles have several applications for domestic or contract projects (hotels

Created for the luxury interiors, Black Edition by Romo blends sophisticated textures, innovative weaving techniques and artisan effects with a visionary colour palette. address: A2Z Art Gallery 24 rue de l’Echaudé - 75006 Paris website:

Brochier creates and produces top of the range interior decoration fabrics, well-known all over the world for their sophistication, elegance and the quality of their yarns. address: Galerie de l’Europe 55 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris website:

C&C Milano offers custom-made and innovative textile designs and the exclusivity of unique handmade items. Countless possibilities can be designed by combining the various fabrics, patterns and colours. address: Galerie Eberwein 22 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website:

and restaurants), such as draperies, upholstered sofas, chairs and headboards, linens, pillows. Their great experience stands in producing blackouts, jacquards, plain fabrics, velvets, transparencies, nets, which, in their majority, are 280cm wide and ready to ship. It’s also important to highlight that Aldeco’s professionals are ready to provide a quick response to prices and delivery times. They are also able to develop fire retardant treatment in every other fabric, with the Class Level requested by their clients. They believe that the secret is being global without forgetting their own identity, creativity and professionalism and the truth is that they have been supplying fabrics to the best hotels and tourism companies around the world, having already conquered 52 countries with the best service and wide range of unique products. address: Showroom Aldeco 23 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:


The French editor Camengo shares its inspirations to make your interiors alive and unique. address: Camengo Rive Droite - Showroom Casamance - 13 rue du mail - 75002 Paris Camengo Rive Gauche -Galerie Agnès Monplaisir 8 bis rue Jacques Callot - 75006 Paris website:

CASADECO, editor of wallpaper and upholstery fabrics, is well-known for its innovative, luminous and high-quality products, aiming to create a modern, vibrant atmosphere with its range of products for walls and windows. address: Galerie Document 15 15 rue de l’Echaudé - 75006 Paris website:

Specialist in custom carpets and rugs, The Codimat House apprehends the future under the sign of development. address: 63-65 rue du Cherche Midi - 75006 Paris website:

Chase Erwin work with skilled European artisan mills to develop new collections every year, complementing existing collections and selling creative and innovative fabrics to work as inspiration. address: Galerie Eugénie Prax 19 rue de l’Echaudé - 75006 Paris website:

Marianne Oudin’s (C M O) weave fabrics made of ramie, abaca, water hyacinth, straw, hemp, bamboo, vetiver root, pineapple. These fabrics can be used for shades, blinds, upholstery or even partition panels. address: 5 rue Chabanais - 75002 Paris website:

Chivasso BV is an interior fabrics and wallpaper editor with showrooms all over the world. address: Showroom JAB Antoetz 25-27 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:

Regarding a more international context, CASAL revamps the Luciano Marcato brand, synonym for luxury and creativity made in Italy. address: 52 rue Croix des Petits-Champs - 75001 Paris website:

His hometown Dieppe, his fascination for the sea and the alabaster coast are the unquestionable basis to his love for the light, strong clean lines, transparency and the essence of things. Graduated by the l’Ecole nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d’art, Bruno Moinard began his career in 1980 with several prestigious collaborations, particularly within the agency Ecart International founded by Andrée Putman. In 1995 Moinard founded his own agency 4BI, which is today renowned for its diverse and varied interior architecture, as well as furniture created by the best craftsmanship. Warm minimalism, simplicity without austerity, elegance and timelessness with an approach to luxury are the expressions that define the work of Bruno Moinard. Whether they are creating new spaces or recreating others, 4BI’s projects reinterpret the references to the past while remaining contemporary, bringing warmth to the barest interiors, and cultivating the art of simplicity. Far from being ascetic, Bruno Moinard’s concept carries with it a dreamlike quality. For his apartments and private homes, hotels, luxury boutiques, public spaces, scenographies and cultural spaces, Bruno Moinard dedicates the most of his passion into his work with light, being the key when choosing the noble materials, such as glass, marble, velvet, bronze. This also applies to the furniture he has designed for the Interna and Promemoria as for Ecart International and his new collection produced under the name of Bruno Moinard Editions, available at his Parisian gallery, open since January 2014. Since the beginning, his agency 4BI has been more than just an interior design studio. It has worked as a style laboratory, which has kept the focus on the original philosophy, reinterpreting places maintaining their souls, creating surprises, and always being original. address: Galerie Bruno Moinard Editions 31 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website:


Coordonné is a family run company based in Barcelona, with over 35 years of experience in the creation of high-quality wall covering and fabric collections, based on the need to decorate one entire space in just one step. address: Galerie Pièce Unique Variations 4 rue Jacques Callot - 75006 Paris website:

French editor born in 2000, Casamance was born from a desire for a certain type of luxury, to make time for time, in a world where everything is accelerating. Casamance takes its inspiration from the love of beauty: the modernity of the exclusive designs is enhanced by the colours. With classic designs, renewed to attain the height of design, the brand creates unexpected affinities, endlessly reinventing sophistication. The brand wants to offer a setting to priceless moments, such as eating with family, having a drink with friends, reading a book, visiting an exhibition. The colourists and stylists work the smallest details to create perfect artistic, unique, exceptional and, above all, everlasting emotions. This is basically the definition and the essence of what art means in time and what Casamance pretends to be: timeless art. Casamance’s contemporary designs, exquisite colours and variety of materials create an easily recognisable signature style. Their signature style is featured by the visually stunning Casamance wallpaper collections that are nourished by many inspirations and each wallpaper design, texture and colour are the basis for a beautiful journey. Casamance launched its first collection for upholstery in 2000. With its new stripes, beautifully designed colours and beautiful taffetas, Casamance is well tuned to the needs of its customers and has something for everyone. The brand is proudly distributed throughout the entire world. address: Casamance Rive Droite 13 Rue Du Mail - 75002 Paris Casamance Rive Gauche Galerie Agnès Monplaisir 8 Bis Rue Jacques Callot - 75006 Paris website:

The fabric solutions from Création Baumann contribute to improving well-being in public and private spaces. address: CRÉATION BAUMANN RIVE DROITE 15 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris CRÉATION BAUMANN RIVE GAUCHE Galerie de l’Europe 55 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris website:

Colony, today found in the most beautiful homes in the world, is specialised in lampas, velvets, brocades and silk fabrics. address: Showroom Cleo C 30 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website: Based in rural Cheshire, Clarke & Clarke releases vibrant, fashion-led fabrics and wall coverings throughout the year, ensuring that their collections are always on trend in both design and colour. address: 25 rue de l’Echaudé - 75006 Paris website:

Cole & Son current collections reflect their long and distinguished history as well as their continuing passion for new and exciting wallpapers. address: Galerie Rauchfeld 22 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris website:


For nearly two centuries, Christian Fischbacher has been at the heart of the textile industry. A family-owned company with headquarters in St. Gallen Switzerland, it is a centre for the textile industry since the 13th century. Their products are created with great attention to detail, a deep-rooted passion for quality materials and a constant drive for creative innovation. Christian Fischbacher interior fabrics, carpets, bedding and home accessories collections are made for luxurious interiors with personality. Unfortunately, nowadays, it is unusual for a company to insist on the highest production standards for all of its products, but at Christian Fischbacher, this is actually their motto. In their unrelenting quest for quality, they have been collaborating successfully with their partners and suppliers, in some cases for over 100 years. With offices in Germany, Japan, France, the Netherlands and Italy, this global company is truly proud and never forgets its Swiss roots. Christian Fischbacher’s products are inspired by their close involvement with the countries in which they are already present and reflect their interest in cultural trends. Innovation and continuous development, combined with their tradition and know-how have been passing down through the centuries and are mentioned as being the key to their success. address: Showroom Christian Fischbacher 20 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:

Hermès International S.A., Hermes of Paris, or simply Hermès is a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837, today specialising in leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewellery, watches and ready-to-wear. Hermes is no stranger to expansion. Illustrator, colourist and storyteller on silk since the creation of his first scarf in 1937, Hermès reveals the first collection of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers drawing inspiration from cherished themes: horse, travel and fantasy. They collaborate with artists, put on exhibitions, venture into tech projects, and now their collection of wall coverings and home fabrics through the Dedar showrooms. As you can tell, this first release features many of the equestrian, nautical, tropical, and exotic themes already present on their scarves and other accessories. While bold patterns may not be everyone’s favourite decorating option, pairing them with minimal furniture and other subtle accents can turn into timeless results. address: 20 rue Bonaparte - 75006 Paris website:

De Gournay helps realise our dreams of a perfect interior. Their preference is for vibrant, balanced and contrasting colours that create an aura of happiness, allowing us to relax surrounded by beauty after a difficult day. address: 15 rue des Saints-Pères - 75006 Paris website: The excellence of Decobel is known and used by the most famous interior designers, architects and decorators, to carry out projects that blend value, aesthetics and functionality. address: Showroom Edmond Petit 23 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:

De Le Cuona is famous for being the first for developing exquisite fabric collections harnessing the colour and beauty produced by the best International master weavers. address: Galerie Nicolas Deman 12 rue Jacques Callot - 75006 Paris website:


Ever since the creation of the couture house in 1987, Christian Lacroix style is unique, exuberant, colourful and baroque. The Hispanic and “Arlésiennes” inspirations, colours, innovative forms borrowed from theatrical make a sensation and are a breath of freshness in the fashion circles. From their inception, Christian Lacroix’s creations have been coveted and embraced by many great international fashion editors and stars. Mr Lacroix has given the Couture House 25 years of incomparable creations. Today, the House of Christian Lacroix conserves a heritage of supreme richness. With creativity and innovations, the Studio of the House is reinventing the signature themes of the Lacroix House in order to reach out to a new public. The House is evolving under a new creative direction with Sacha Walckhoff, Mr Lacroix’s design assistant from 1992 to 2009, and creative director of multiple successful lines in the House. The Christian Lacroix fashion brand is sold worldwide, from menswear collections to fashion accessories such as leather goods, scarves, jewellery, and fragrances. Christian Lacroix has also successfully launched lifestyle collections for home decoration with furnishing, wallpapers, porcelain tableware, stationery and mobile accessories. The Christian Lacroix brand subsists through timeless values. The result is a fabulous and richly entwined universe, which can be continually reinterpreted, re-mixed and illuminated. The Christian Lacroix brand subsists through timeless values and is fundamentally contemporary and dynamic, celebrating its 30 anniversary in 2017. address: Showroom Designers Guild 4 Rue Vide Gousset - 75002 Paris website:

Declercq Passementiers has always made trimmings of the highest quality. The company has preserved the ancestral techniques while constantly innovating its methods and designs. address: 15 rue Etienne Marcel - 75001 Paris website:

Founded in 1976 by Nicola Fabrizio, Dedar is an acronym formed from Design D’Arredamento and has been passing through years as a family passion. It started with just 12 people and today, 15 years later, it’s an International team of 100 people and in constant expansion. Dedar operates directly in Italy, France, Russia, Germany, UK, US and Dubai and, across a select network of distributors, retailers and agents, it serves 70 other Countries. Dedar Collection is composed of over 300 articles and 3000 colourways. Free-roaming inspiration, elegance, a force of expression, the desire to experiment, a passion for precious qualities and extensive colour ranges constitute the essence of Dedar’s creative spirit. Creation is a process of development that demands time to allow for experimentation and errors, so that the resulting product may become a future classic. The Dedar headquarters is located close to Como, in the heart of a manufacturing district that has specialised for centuries in the production of precious fabrics, particularly silks. Such a location offers the possibility to experiment, innovate and attain product perfection through an ongoing dialogue with those craftsmen and textile specialists who are most familiar with the techniques employed in the production of excellent fabrics. Fabrics of the Dedar Collection, as well as special fabrics, have been created in collaboration with interior designers to adorn such prestigious venues as the hotel Costes in Paris, the Skygardens in Dubai and the Robuchon in Las Vegas. address: Showroom Dedar 20 rue Bonaparte - 75006 Paris DEDAR - SHOWROOM ÉPHÉMÈRE Sparts Gallery 41 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris website:

Innovation combined with passion and respect for tradition is the mission of Decortex today. address: Ollivary Gallery 1 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website:

Diurne is a celebration of the now and present, aiming to bring back to the light a great craftsmanship, threaten in the 80’s by mass-production, through the manufacturing of one-of-a-kind objects. address: 45 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris DIURNE - 2ÈME SHOWROOM 50 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website:


Designers Guild is an international home and lifestyle company jointly owned by Tricia Guild, founder and Creative director, and her brother Simon Jeffreys, Chief Executive. Turnover has grown rapidly over the past 20 years selling to interior designers, department stores, retailers and the hotel and contract market. There are Designers Guild showrooms in London, Paris, Munich and New York with further Designers Guild areas in over 60 showrooms across the world including all of Europe to New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Sydney. Designers Guild also has an online shop in UK and United States, offering bed linen and a selection of home accessories, cushions, blankets, throws and rugs. Designers Guild collections offer a broad and vast range of luxury furnishing fabrics and wall coverings including Designers Guild Kids and ‘Essentials’; a massive library of plain fabrics, for both domestic and contract sectors. The range of luxury products, as well as furnishing fabrics and wall coverings, includes furniture, bed and bath, home fragrance and accessories. The studio, headed by Tricia Guild, has produced designs with such diverse inspiration as Eastern decorative art, Italian architecture and classical documents. In addition to the Designers Guild collections the company designs and manufactures under license William Yeoward Fabrics and Paper and is also the European and Middle East distributor for Ralph Lauren Fabric and Wallpaper. In 2011, Designers Guild launched a further license for the iconic international luxury brand, Christian Lacroix. address: 4 Rue Vide Gousset - 75002 Paris website:

Farrow & Ball is famous for its edited palette of 132 eco-friendly paint colours, each with its own unique story and name - from Dead Salmon to Elephant’s Breath there’s a colour for everyone. address: Farrow & Ball Rive Droite Showroom GP & J Baker 8 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris Farrow & Ball Rive Gauche Galerie Siki de Somalie 30 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website:

All Ecart International products preserve a handmade and artisanal production to ensure customers receive the finest quality. address: 18 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website:

Edmond Petit fabrics go through time and trends. Trendy or traditional, authentic and exclusive, they are timeless. address: 23 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:

Élitis is a French author and editor of cutting edge interior design products: wallpapers, wallcoverings, fabrics, accessories and furniture. address: 35 rue de Bellechasse - 75007 Paris Elitis - Showroom Éphémère address: Galerie Guislain 35 rue Guénégaud - 75006 Paris website:

Evitavonni offers a luxurious collection of soft furnishing fabrics, classic bed linen, home accessories and a complete design service. address: Galerie Bacquart 27 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris website:

In her life and in all her creations Dominique Picquier blends tradition and avant-garde. The care taken in the fabrication is reassuring, but it’s only to bring out the richness of the printed patterns. address: 10 rue Charlot - 75003 Paris website:

Typical of the company’s design legacy, Duralee features the progressive cultivation of new and emerging design talent and ideas. address: Galerie Triode 28 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website:

Fabricut is a quality driven company providing home furnishing fabrics and accessories of exceptional design and value to the interior design industry. address: 45 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website:

FADINI BORGHI is a French maison de luxe – a luxury design house, an inspirational, family-owned business with a proud tradition which looks towards the future. address: Fadini Borghi - Rive Droite 27 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris Fadini Borghi - Rive Gauche 1 & 2 rue de Furstenberg - 75006 Paris website:


Gancedo represents exclusive distributors of fabrics, wallpapers and carpets of the most prestigious firms of the international scene. address: Galerie Landrot 6 rue Jacques Callot - 75006 Paris website:

Gastón y Daniela is more than a brand. They are a line of high-end quality decoration textiles, thanks to their spirit, that has been around since the first shop was established in 1876. First and foremost they remain open to the new aesthetic trends and harmonising of the use of innovative technologies all whilst sticking to the basics of our historical archive. Gastón y Daniela is a pride of their quality and pays close attention to detail that they bring together through the professionals that they work with for each individual project. They never cease to move forward. Gastón y Daniela design, fulfil and manage interior design projects, either all-in-one design or a part of it, in private buildings (residences or business premises) and public spaces (embassies, museums, theatres, palaces, headquarters of public organisations...) They can deliver any project that may require high technical qualification and fine aesthetic approach. Their main goal is to help clients find the style that meets their individual requirements, offering a wide experience and expertise in the field of decoration, as well as a deep knowledge of current trends in the world of interior design. To meet this goal, a team of highly qualified professionals will develop each project from the very beginning with special attention to quality control. In order to turn a project into a unique space, Gastón y Daniela provides advice on the selection of materials, furniture and accessories during all stages of the project development. address: Galerie Aborigène 46 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris website:

Fine is featured by the high customer and service orientation, first-class marketing documentation and professional sales. address: Galerie Laurence Esnol 22 rue Bonaparte - 75006 Paris website:

Founded in 1976, Glant textiles are highly prized for their exceptional quality and spectacular range of contemporary and high-tech constructions. address: Showroom Cleo C 30 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website:

Today, GP & J Baker continues to grow its reputation as one of the world’s innovators of fabric design. address: 8 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:

For more than 20 years, Grupo Lamadrid has been one of the most prestigious textile editors in Europe, and its brands are an essential reference in luxury decoration in Spain and Europe. address: Galerie Géraldine Banier 54 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website:

Harlequin is the premier destination for inspirational designs, innovative textures and delicious colours. address: 19 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:

Editor of interior fabrics for upholstery and drapery, Designs of the Time stands for a casual and natural look. address: Ollivary Gallery - 1 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website:

J.D. Staron is a boutique, decorative studio specialised in the development of new and unique products. address: Galerie Laurence Esnol 22 rue Bonaparte - 75006 Paris website:

Jab Anstoetz has been enlarging its competence in the field of sophisticated interior design and repeatedly sets new trends with exclusive products worldwide. address: Showroom Jab 25-27 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:


Holland & Sherry takes inspiration from our traditional apparel fabrics, to create a line of textiles suited for upholstery, drapery, and home accessories. address: 17 rue de l’Echaudé - 75006 Paris website:

Created in 1928 by his grandfather, Houlès is now managed with passion and enthusiasm by Philippe, its President: he’s the first ambassador of the modern and innovative artistic heritage of the company. address: Showroom 13 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:

Jakob Schlaepfer has been enriching the world with fabrics for more than 100 years. Each collection starts with textile visions for fashion and architecture. address: Galerie Claudine Legrand 49 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris website:

Specialists in fine fabrics for Home Furnishings, Fashion and Bridalwear since 1865, James Hare is home to the very best in furnishing and fashion fabrics. address: Galerie Séverin Maly 3 rue Jacques Callot - 75006 Paris website:

“The fascination of what we do, is what drives us to develop our creations,” says James Malone Fabrics, textile editor. address: Galerie Renaud Vanuxem 52 Rue Mazarine - 75006 Paris website:

Lelièvre and Jean Paul Gaultier have combined their expertise in a new licence for the world of home accessories and fabrics licences. address: Jean Paul Gaultier - Rive Droite 13 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris Jean Paul Gaultier - Rive Gauche 4 rue de Furstenberg - 75006 Paris website:

Since 1976 KOBE has continued to be a successful Dutch editor of soft furnishing fabrics and wall-coverings for the domestic and contract interior markets. address: Galerie Espace des femmes 35 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris website:

Kravet Inc., established in 1918, is the industry leader in the trade home furnishings industry. This fifth generation family business distributes fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, trimmings, carpets and accessories. The family’s commitment to innovation has helped the company transform from a small fabric house to a global leader, representing brands and designers from all over the world. Kravet Inc. owns Kravet, Lee Jofa, Groundworks and GP & J Baker, all high-end fabric houses that specialise in style, luxury and exceptional design. In 2011, Kravet Inc. acquired Brunschwig & Fils, a prestigious decorative house founded in 1900 that shares Kravet and Lee Jofa’s legacy of international design, commitment to quality, attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. With locations in North America and worldwide, Kravet Inc. offers the highest level of customer service, quality products and web technology for today’s design professional. address: 8 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:

For over half a century, Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company has been known as the legendary manufacturer of Thai silk. address: 2 rue de Furstenberg - 75006 Paris Jim Thompson Ephémère Arty Dandy 1 rue de Furstenberg - 75006 Paris website:

KriskaDECOR is a company that makes highly original metal curtains and partitions. address: Galerie Landrot 5 rue Jacques Callot - 75006 Paris website:

Coming from the world of haute couture, Karin Sajo revolutionises textile - Issue du monde de la haute couture, Karin Sajo révolutionne le textile. address: Showroom Ephémère 9 rue de l’Echaudé - 75006 Paris website:


Osborne & Little is one of the world’s leading names in fabric and wallpaper design. Cherishing its reputation for innovation and quality, it has grown into one of the great British brands, globally renowned and respected. Started in the London of the Swinging Sixties, Osborne & Little’s very first award-winning collection of exciting hand-printed wallpaper broadened design horizons and brought instant success. Since then it has developed into a dynamic international company. Fundamental to the success is Osborne & Little’s imaginative approach, which explores diverse sources of inspiration to produce designs that embrace both classic and contemporary styles. For nearly half a century its distinctive and appealing designs, across printed fabrics, weaves and trimmings have been at the heart of interior trends. Many designs are now housed in

Now in its third decade, Phillip Jeffries has emerged as the industry leader in natural textured and speciality wallcoverings. address: Galerie l’Eau des Pierres 6 rue Cardinale - 75006 Paris website:

Pierre Frey is a French “maison de luxe” – a luxury design house and an inspirational, family-owned business with a proud tradition which looks towards the future. address: Pierre Frey - Rive Droite 27 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris Pierre Frey - Rive Gauche 1 & 2 rue de Furstenberg - 75006 Paris website:

At Porta Romana, they value two concepts above all others: design and craftsmanship. They work with the most special Makers to turn their designs into reality. address: Galerie Catherine et André Hug 2 rue de l’Echaudé - 75006 Paris website:

Wrought iron craftsmen and creators of art, the Pouenat workshops combine excellence and rare expertise to offer upmarket services and creations. address: 22 bis passage Dauphine - 75006 Paris website:

The firm Rubelli, founded in 1858, produces handmade fabrics using traditional techniques as well as highly sophisticated textiles. address: 11-13 rue de l’Abbaye - 75006 Paris Rubelli - 2Ème Showroom 10 rue de l’Abbaye - 75006 Paris website:

Ressource offers the widest and most sophisticated range of colours on the market, to which new collections of full colours and paintwork finishes are constantly added. address: Galerie 3 Cerises sur une Etagère 48 rue Mazarine - 75006 Paris website:

museum collections such as the Victoria & Albert in London, the Cooper-Hewitt in New York and the Chicago Institute of Art. Osborne & Little cherishes its reputation for innovation and quality and is as inspired and energetic today as ever, creating a constant stream of new collections that push forward boundaries. Osborne & Little is proud to be the distributor of two distinguished brands; the furnishing collections of internationally celebrated interior designer Nina Campbell, and the British fashion designer, Matthew Williamson. Nina Campbell has been working with O&L since 1989, and Matthew Williamson since 2013. Together with Osborne & Little, they make a formidable partnership. address: Hôtel Bel Ami 7-11 rue Saint-Benoît - 75006 Paris website:

Sahco stands for exclusivity and perfect style. As one of the premium textile merchants, we are the first choice for interior decorators and architects. address: 17 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:

Sandberg adds beauty to our home by designing wallpaper with timeless and unique expressions. Made with love in their factory in Ulricehamn, Sweden. address: Atelier Visconti 4 rue Visconti - 75006 Paris website:

Founded by Arthur Sanderson in 1860, Sanderson is an internationally renowned brand in the field of interior design and decorating. address: 19 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:


Ralph Lauren; born Ralph Lifshitz; October 14, 1939, is an American fashion designer, philanthropist, and business executive, best known for the Ralph Lauren Corporation, a global multibillion-dollar enterprise. It all began 40 years ago with a collection of ties. For all these years, it has grown into an entire world, redefining American style. Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in their dream. They brought innovation into lifestyle advertisements that tell a story and were the first to create stores that encourage customers to participate in that lifestyle. Striking a balance between “timeless” and “modern,” Ralph Lauren creates collections that express a unique sense of personal style inspired by the rich visual imagery around him: the rustic beauty of the American West, the golden age of Hollywood glamour, the sleek innovation of automotive design or an authentic equestrian heritage. Over forty years ago, Ralph Lauren launched the Polo brand from one innovative tie design; since then, he has officially been recognised as a true Fashion Legend. From internationally heralded collections that grace the runway to impeccably crafted sportswear at the forefront of fashion, Ralph Lauren apparel and accessories offer the gift of iconic, enduring style. Ralph Lauren fabrics and Ralph Lauren wallpapers feature traditional designs updated for modern living. Timeless and classic, Ralph Lauren fabric and wallpaper will enhance any home. address: Showroom Designers Guild 4 Rue Vide Gousset - 75002 Paris website:

With Studioart, leather goes beyond the frontiers of the fashion world to become the protagonist of interior design: custom-made leather wall coverings for a refined elegance made in Italy. address: Boucherie Polmard 2 rue de l’Abbaye - 75006 Paris website:

Tassinari & Chatel employs traditional silk-weavers at « La Croix Rousse » which groups together a collection of traditional hand looms. address: Tassinari & Chatel - Rive Droite 13 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris Tassinari & Chatel - Rive Gauche 4 rue de Furstenberg - 75006 Paris website:

Sette is a Spanish company founded in 2010 in Madrid. Its philosophy is to combine simplicity of natural fabrics and sophistication to achieve refinement with a rustic touch. address: Galerie Arcturus 65 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris website:

thesign fabrics are high-tech products. With their innovative look, they set the trends and underline their own individual charisma. address: Galerie Au fond de la cours 49 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris website:

It is amongst the hours spent by the designers to polish Toulemonde Bochart creations in order to express their vision of the present, and in the days of weavers’ work endlessly renewing their ancestral gestures in the respect of the tradition. address: 10 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:

Sheila Coombes creates collections of fabrics for interior decoration from her studio which overlooks her idyllic garden near the English Lakes. address: Galerie Arcturus 65 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris

Since 1908 the Maison Thevenon has cultivated the art of textile creation thanks to outstanding printed and woven fabrics based on four generations of French textile tradition. address: 1 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris website:

Tres Tintas Barcelona is a new vision of interior design decoration, which features exclusive collections of wallpaper and fabrics designed by different artists. address: Galerie Pièce Unique Variations 4 rue Jacques Callot - 75006 Paris website:


Zinc presents a luxe, versatile fabric and wallcovering range with unexpected elements that ensure the collections are refreshingly different. address: A2Z Art Gallery 24 rue de l’Echaudé - 75006 Paris website:

After an intense tour around Paris as the city of design, I suggest you now some excellent restaurants for you to have a delicious meal and recharge energies.

La Petite Maison de Nicole is a bar and restaurant of the Fouquet’s Barriere hotel, a perfect place for late dinners. An elegant and intimate restaurant & bar perfectly located. address: 46 av George V 75008 Paris website:

Verel de Belval is a creator of outstanding soft furnishings and has been maintaining the prestigious tradition of the Lyons silk trade for the past hundred years. address: Showroom Créations Métaphores 5 rue de Furstenberg - 75006 Paris website:

Zoffany new collections make reference to the past whilst using contemporary techniques and treatments to take the company forward as a purveyor of timeless and distinctive furnishings. address: Galerie Les Yeux Fertiles 27 rue de Seine - 75006 Paris website:

Le Petite Pergolèse is a trendy contemporary restaurant with the ambience of an art gallery. address: 38 rue Pergolese 75116 Paris website:

Founded by the De Zutter family in 1954, Wind is an international reference in high-quality textile creation and design. address: Galerie Clé 23 rue de l’Echaudé - 75006 Paris website:

ZE.. conzeta try to reflect our taste for natural fabrics, creating a set of current, versatile and adaptable to any decor tissues. address: Galerie Renaud Vanuxem 52 Rue Mazarine - 75006 Paris website:

Family-run for four generations, Zimmer + Rohde is one of the leading textile manufacturers in Europe and stands for quality, innovation and high-class textiles. address: Zimmer + Rohde - Rive Droite 202 rue Saint-Honoré - 75001 Paris Zimmer + Rohde - Rive Gauche La Galerie 26 rue Bonaparte - 75006 Paris website:

La Maison Blanche is an elegant restaurant with a pure and humble contemporary design and decoration. address: 15 av Montaigne 75008 Paris website:


L’Avenue, an extravagant eatery, has a traditional brasserie menu with trendy flair which begins with a morning breakfast menu of egg, pastry and smoked fish specialities. address: 41 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris website:

Located in a former hotel in the 6th district, Ralph’s combines typical American character with the spirit of the Rive Gauche. address: 173 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris website:

Beef Club is a steakhouse with white tiling and a Manhattan cocktail lounge ambience. address: 58 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris website:

With the interior designed by star designer Christian Liaigre, La Société is fabulously located in the heart of Saint-Germain. address: 4 Place Saint-Germain des Prés, 75006 Paris website:

Monsieur Bleu is very well-known for its unique location, the outside terrace and the outstanding architecture and decoration. address: 20 av de New York 75116, Paris website:

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, the most starred chef in the world, offers you tastes throughout the seasons, an exceptional cuisine in a friendly and refined atmosphere all in black and red. address: Hôtel du Pont Royal (Corner of rue du Bac) - 5, rue de Montalembert - 75007 Paris website:

Peninsula Hotel is perfect for its unique rooftop terrace with an amazing view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. address: 19 av Kleber 75016 Paris website: At Le Quinzième, you’ll be able to try a modern version of traditional French gastronomy by Cyril Lignac. address: 14 Rue Cauchy, 75015 Paris website:

After a long day around the world of design and after a delicious meal, you now need the best place to sleep. Take a look at our suggestions:

With a sophisticated decoration and historical atmosphere, Four Seasons George V is a reference amongst Parisian palaces. address: 31 av George V 75008 Paris website:

La Reserve Paris Hotel & Spa is also an excellent suggestion for its original ambience between classical and contemporary, and, also, for its awesome SPA. address: 42 av Gabriel 75008 Paris website:


Plaza Athénée Hotel is known for its exquisite classical Art Déco atmosphere, luxurious and sophisticated decoration, and is also one of the greatest restaurants in Paris under the direction of chef Alain Ducasse. address: 25 av Montaigne 75008 Paris website:

A luxury Hotel Les Bains in Paris is simultaneously a meeting point for Impressionist painters and a hedonistic nightclub. Ready to party? address: 7 Rue du Bourg l’Abbé, 75003 Paris website:

Hotel Ritz with its grand décor and intimate salons welcome guests to rediscover a unique atmosphere and the inimitable French art de vivre. address: 15 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris website:

The prestigious Hotel de Ville, located in central Paris, is a Neo-Renaissance building housing the city hall, with regular exhibitions & tours by appointment. address: Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris website:

Hotel Providence Paris is a sumptuous retreat neighbouring Canal Saint Martin and the hip Haut Marais. A true Bijou of a Place in Haute Marais. address: 90 rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris website:

Hotel Ralph Lauren Saint-Germain is situated in the known neighbourhood Saint-Germain-desPrés, which has become one of the most representative fashion areas in Paris. address: 173 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris website:

Set in a 19th-century building in the Latin Quarter, Hotel André Latin is a 7-minute walk from the Panthéon and a 9-minute walk from the Jardin du Luxembourg. address: 50 Rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 Paris website:

Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris is the epitome of Parisian vibrancy and elegance. address: 37 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris website:

Discover Le Cinq Codet Paris, a hotel in the atmosphere and industrial loft spirit at the heart of the very chic 7th arrondissement. Best price guarantee! address: 5 Rue Louis Codet, 75007 Paris website:

I really hope you enjoy your time around Paris and have the most unforgettable experience in the City of Design. Have a nice trip!

Consider yourself to be lucky if you eventually gain access to the star-studded interior of the restaurant at Hotel Costes. address: 239-241 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris website:

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