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Board of Trustees, 2012-2013 Jody Billiard, Chairman Larry Kirkman, Vice Chairman Jim Norris, Treasurer Beth McKnight, Secretary Don Moseley Beth Glover Greg Love Melissa Roper Mike Ross Rennie Faulkner Carolyn Airing Roger Wilkerson Danny Church Head of School Mark R. Davis Editor/Designer, Classic Megan Holt Contributing Writers Jody Billiard, Greg Bartos, Mark R. Davis, Sheldon Roper, Brittany Stout Photographers Thank you to the faculty, staff, parents, alumni, students, and friends who shared their photos for this publication. Special Thanks to: The entire CDS community who contributed to this publication Submit Story Ideas to: Megan Holt, Upload Your Photos at: Send Class Notes to: Linda Glass,

Mission Statement To assist the Christian family by providing an education marked by a biblical worldview, academic excellence, and affordability, so that students are equipped to be salt and light for God’s glory.

Vision Statement Covenant Day School is committed to becoming an exceptional, Christ-centered, college-preparatory school. We will create an environment which develops lifelong learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers who will be actively engaged in the world as ambassadors for Christ. Our appraised, innovative academic courses and comprehensive extra-curricular offerings will be taught through the lens of truth found in the historic Christian faith by godly faculty and staff who are skilled educators and dedicated mentors. Graduates will be prepared for matriculation into leading colleges and universities in order to live out their callings on the global stage. Our distinctive sense of family, with a diverse community of students, families, friends, donors and alumni, will undergird these efforts necessary to bring excellence to every aspect of Covenant Day School, a ministry of Christ Covenant Church, for God’s glory.

CDS High School Students at Windy Gap

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“Lifer” Reflects on 13 Years at CDS From Haiti to the Queen City Students Learn and Give Back Through Hands-On Engagement Senior Combines Passion for Serving with Photography CDS Junior Makes an Impact on the Field and in the Community Alumna Brings Her Passion for Music to 14 Indiana University Alumnus Lives Out “Salt and Light” as a 14 Young Professional Each Gift Makes an Impact 16

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FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL Dear Friend of Covenant Day, It is with a strong sense of gladness that I write this inception letter for the first edition of The Covenant Classic, Covenant Day’s new magazine. I like the sound of the words covenant and classic. There is a great ring to words which speak of both promise and enduring significance. We hope that you find our first edition to be filled with stories of God’s faithful and lasting promises for His people here at CDS. We also trust that you will find our layout to be simple, elegant, and harmonious as we seek to give you a look into the life of our school, your school, the Lord’s school.

n CDS Head of School, Mark Davis, with his family at his daughter’s wedding in Mexico in December 2012

I have observed with amazement over my first nine months at CDS an outstanding group of people, our teachers. Stemming from the core of a CDS teacher is a passion for skillfully presenting lessons, woven with the fabric of a biblical worldview, to and for our students. From our godly, professional teachers, I have witnessed time and again their keen intuition and interest in meeting students’ needs on all levels. Whether praying with a student, advising our young men and women, or presenting exceptional lessons, our teachers are uncommonly good at their craft. This story would be incomplete without acknowledging the exceptional learning community at CDS, one in which Christian parents entrust their children to our faculty and staff. I am confident the CDS environment engenders a culture for developing lifelong learners who are able to think critically about the plethora of issues which exist in the world around them. Our students are encouraged on all levels to be their best academically, in the arts, and athletically. Stewarding God’s gifts to each of us is our privilege, and therefore mediocrity is not acceptable. As you peruse this, the inaugural edition of the Classic, I hope you gain a sense of joy from the stories surrounding our students, families, friends, and alumni. We hope you catch the vision of our quest for reaching God’s calling in each of our lives: to love our great God and engage on the path of life in which we are enjoying Him forever. While it has only been a few short months in which I have been Head of School at CDS, I have found this story, of our teachers and community, to be a story which I look forward to keep telling. After all, it is a story of God caring for his people, calling us to learn well, and charging us to grow in our love for learning about Him, about His world, and about His people. Sincerely,

Mark R. Davis Head of School 2




“Covenant Day School has a critical place in the fabric of our community and influence beyond just the city limits of Matthews.”

Dear Covenant Day Family, Thank you for allowing Covenant Day to be an integral part of your family’s life! The Board of Trustees has been hard at work during this school year crafting a vision statement which we intend to use as a filter for strategic planning purposes. I am grateful for the many long hours our volunteer Trustees have sacrificed in crafting a vision that will focus our future efforts in support of our mission. I hope you will be as excited about this vision as I am. As a strategic ministry of Christ Covenant Church, Covenant Day School has a critical place in the fabric of our community and influence beyond just the city limits of Matthews. We look forward to continuing to serve this family and thank you for your support of our mission: To assist the Christian family by providing an education marked by a biblical worldview, academic excellence, and affordability so that students are equipped to be salt and light for God’s glory. Sincerely,

William J. “Jody” Billiard Chairman, Board of Trustees WWW.COVENANTDAY.ORG




CDS “Lifer” Reflects on Her 13 Years at Covenant Day BY BRITTANY STOUT ’13

As I excitedly crawled through the castle door pulling my metallic, silver cape behind me, I knew that I had stepped into the Middle Ages. I stood up and gazed upon a market full of eager merchants, all ready to convince me that their handmade goods were just what I needed. Before I could decide which booth to explore first, I was caught off guard as a beautiful queen bent down to welcome me with a big smile and an invitation to experience the wonderful shopping square. In reality, I had simply crossed from one side of the gym to the other by crawling through a pop-up, pink castle. The enchanting queen had only been Mrs. Mosteller dressed in a long skirt and pointy hat, and the marketplace booths were tables holding trinkets that my classmates and I had labored over for the previous two days. But that was not how I saw it. History had come alive during a typical day in kindergarten and had planted in me a passion to discover worlds of the past. As I await my high school graduation that is only weeks away and prepare for a new phase of life, I find myself looking back with nostalgia on the 13 years I have spent at Covenant Day School. I can’t even begin to describe what a huge impact this school has had on my personal growth, my worldview, and my academic development. In Dr. Womack’s fifth grade class, I learned that I do have the voice to speak up and be heard. In Mrs. Makla’s ninth grade world his-

tory class, I learned that history can be understood through an entirely new and refreshing perspective. Instead of becoming tedious facts to memorize; ancient time periods, current events, and the indigenous people groups of Australia became real and exciting subjects to learn about through cleverly invented obstacle courses, Maklapedia, and even debates involving a giant, silver spoon! As a junior in Mr. Hicks’ AP language class, I was able to further develop my writing skills through a rigorous curriculum of journal response assignments, literature analyses, and grammar exercises, which would occasionally be supplemented by one of Mr. Hicks’ various and interesting side-stories. While all of these teachers taught different subjects through varying teaching styles, every single one of them desired to instill in me a love for learning, and most of all, a love for Christ. Covenant Day School has not only prepared me for an excellent academic future, but it has also prepared me to live a life centered on Christ. Here, faith in Christ has always been integrated into academics, training me to remember that Christ is over all things. While I am sad to soon leave the community that has helped shape me into the person I am today, I am excited to see how God will use every single thing I have learned here to impact lives for His kingdom in the future!

n CDS “Lifers” from the Class of 2013




From Haiti to the Queen City BY SHELDON ROPER ’13

Before coming to Covenant Day, Odlin Elneus did not have an easy life. He was born in 1995 and was the youngest of eight children. After his father died a year after his birth, Odlin was passed back and forth between relatives without a place to call home. When he was 12, Odlin was taken to an orphanage in Cambry, Haiti, where he faced many challenges. The children were given two meager meals a day, and their hours were spent doing chores and going to school, if their teachers showed up. For Odlin, church was the highlight of his week. While living in Cambry, Odlin and his best friend, Jerry, decided to learn English. They borrowed textbooks from the older boys and whenever an American team would come to serve, Odlin and Jerry would remain within earshot of them to pick up what words and phrases they could. Little did Odlin know, learning English was preparation for his future in America. God’s hand was on these two boys and they were both eventually granted visas to live with families in America.

ODLIN’S JOURNEY TO AMERICA BEGAN AND PERSEVERED WITH PRAYER. When talk arose of the orphanage shutting down, Odlin and his friend, Guichard, prayed together every night that God would send people to help them. One year later, Odlin’s prayers were answered.

Odlin was constantly helping out not only our team, but also the other children - giving up his food for the younger ones and assisting them with their chores. Odlin was perhaps the only one who didn’t beg or ask for a single thing. My sisters and I grew close to him over the course of the week, and when it was time to return home it was hard to part from him. After returning home, my parents entertained the idea of adopting a child from the orphanage. The children in Cambry had left quite an impact on our entire family. As they tossed a few of the children’s names around, my mom knew that the Lord had planted Odlin in her heart. A Haitian child cannot be adopted once he turns 16, and the odds of getting a student visa for a child that age are very low. However, after months of completing many documents, extended stays in Haitian hotels, and doors being opened by the Lord, my parents finally finished the process of getting a visa for Odlin. In July 2012, our family added its sixth member, and Odlin was officially enrolled as a Covenant Day student. Odlin has had to work very hard as a student at Covenant Day. He has the same curriculum as a CDS seventh grader, yet he only recently learned English! He spends a lot of time on homework, yet still branches out to play soccer and basketball, go to birthday parties and movies, and play video games like many of his classmates. Odlin and our entire family are so thankful that the Covenant Day family has been so loving and supportive!

My family met Odlin on a mission trip to Cambry in October 2011. Because of his gentle spirit and ability to speak some English, he immediately stood out to us. WWW.COVENANTDAY.ORG




A Remarkable Year (1) LS Honors Chorus Students Perform at Conference

Four lower school students performed at the N.C. State Music Educators’ Conference in Winston-Salem in January as members of the North Carolina Elementary Honors Chorus. Fourth graders Jonathan Townsend, Sarah Kate Stricker, Catherine Grace Jarvie, and fifth grader Wyatt Kennedy were among a select few North Carolina students chosen for this prestigious choral opportunity.


(2) National Merit Recognizes Four Covenant Day Seniors Four Covenant Day seniors have been recognized for their academic achievements by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Amanda Brumwell, Peter Saunders, and James Yardley were all named National Merit Finalists. Since 2006, CDS has had 12 National Merit Finalists. Additionally, senior KJ Fon-Ndikum became the first CDS student to be named a finalist for the National Achievement Scholarship Program.

n (L-R) Jonathan Townsend, Sarah Kate Stricker, Mary Ann Foltz, Catherine Grace Jarvie, and Wyatt Kennedy


(3) Middle School Students Enjoy Giving Back

Doulos Service Day is a favorite among our middle school students! During the fall, students volunteered with Samaritan’s Purse, Samaritan’s Feet, and at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department’s (CMPD) Christmas Program. During Penny Wars, the middle school raised more than $3,500, which benefited the CMPD Christmas Program. In the spring, students volunteered at more than 20 sites throughout the Charlotte metropolitan area.

n (L-R) Peter Saunders, Amanda Brumwell, CDS Head of School Mark Davis, James Yardley, and KJ Fon-Ndikum


(4) Young Artists Receive Recognition for Exceptional Work

Six students received recognition for their artwork at the Mid-Carolina Regional Scholastic Art Awards. At the high school level, senior Carly Starnes received five Gold Key awards for her photography and art portfolios, and senior Lauren Andersen received an honorable mention for her photography. At the middle school level, Michael Bose (7th) received two Gold Key awards for his paintings, and Ben Airing (7th) received the Silver Key award for his design work. Eighth grade students Matthew Blong and Kristen Seibert each received an honorable mention for their drawings.

n (L-R) Parker Lawson and Davis Harrelson

(5) Middle School Students Win Innovative Solution Award Covenant Day School’s Middle School Robotics Club received the Innovative Solution Award at the 2012 SENIOR SOLUTIONS Challenge FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) Regional Qualifier in December. Students Aaron Harabedian (team lead), Anna Claborn (project lead), Caleb Beckstein, Matthew Lueck, Connor Westover, and Mark Gulley were coached by CDS math teacher, Ms. Debra Morris. Their invention? A dog leash designed especially for seniors! 6


(4) n (L-R) Carly Starnes, Lauren Andersen, Michael Bose, Ben Airing, Matthew Blong, and Kristen Seibert


(6) CDS Hosts Annual McKnight Oratory Contest

Senior Peter Saunders won the 8th Annual H. Brent McKnight Justice and Mercy Oratory Contest on February 4, 2013. After given a prompt, the eight contestants were required to write and deliver a speech on how justice and mercy are borne out in a current issue. This annual contest is in memory of the Honorable H. Brent McKnight, a federal judge who served in North Carolina and was a part of our CDS family.


(7) High School Musical Nominated for Blumey Awards Three Covenant Day students were selected to be student critics for The Blumey Awards Student Critic Program. Lauren Andersen (12th), Charlie Bedell (11th), and Lindsey Fisher (11th) were among the 11 student critics selected. Blumenthal Performing Arts hosts The Blumey Awards, an awards program that recognizes the best in high school musical theater in the Charlotte region. Covenant Day was chosen to participate in the 2013 Blumey Awards for its high school musical, Beauty and the Beast.

n McKnight Oratory Contest Winner, Peter Saunders (middle), with Head of School Mark Davis (left) and Beth McKnight (right)


(8) CDS Welcomes Guests for Annual Missions Week

CDS welcomed missionaries from all over the world including China, Nigeria, Ghana, Burma, India, Thailand, Israel, the Philippines, and Egypt for Missions Week. Missionaries spoke with students throughout the week during class. This year also marked the high school’s first Missions Day. High school students had the opportunity to meet and interact with more than 10 missionaries throughout the day. Elementary students learned from missionaries who work with Tribal people, Hindus, “Unreligious,” Muslims, and Buddhists (THUMB).

(9) CDS Students Shine at Local Art Show

Four Covenant Day students received awards at the 2012 Pineville Fall Festival Art Show. Michael Bose (7th) received Best in Show for his acrylic painting and won a $200 award. Haywood Ferguson (7th) took third place in the sixth through eighth grade division, Joe Yardley (10th) finished first in the high school division, and Eli Kibler (5th) received an honorable mention in the third through fifth grade category.

(10) Seniors Commit to Play at the Collegiate Level

The 2012-2013 school year has been a great year for CDS student-athletes. Shelby Nassar (volleyball) and Hannah Holbrook (Track & Field) have signed with Wingate University. Kate Carter will continue her swimming career at Davidson College, while Taylor Stewart and Garrett Vaughn have committed to play baseball at Lenoir-Rhyne. Ben Hawks will continue his basketball career at Columbia International University and Will Roberson will play tennis at Queens University of Charlotte. Additionally, Madi Rowan has signed to swim at Florida Southern College. WWW.COVENANTDAY.ORG

n (L-R) Eli Kibler, Joe Yardley, Michael Bose, and Haywood Ferguson


Mark your calendar to join us for this year’s Homecoming festivities on Friday, September 27! There will be something fun for everyone. Students will kick off the afternoon at an all-school Pep Rally. Other events include tailgating, a Varsity Soccer Game, an Alumni BBQ, and more! Alumni from the Classes of ’08, ’07, and ’06 are also invited to attend their combined high school reunion on Saturday, September 28.



Students Learn and Give Back Through Hands-On Engagement This Green Fish Week, held in October, was a great kick off for Covenant Day’s aquaponics program. You may have noticed Covenant Day’s newest facility on campus: a greenhouse. This greenhouse is home to This Green Fish, a program that utilizes aquaponics technology to respond to growing hunger needs in our community and abroad. This program has garnered local and national media attention and has received two competitive grants. Covenant Day has completed the aquaponics prototype on campus and will be taking this technology to Haiti in April 2013. CDS students have been instrumental in helping This Green Fish get off the ground. Students played a key role in building and maintaining the greenhouse, designing the website, fundraising, translating the instruction manual into French, and more. Since 2007, Covenant Day has sent six teams of faculty and students to Haiti. Two additional trips are scheduled for 2013. For more information about This Green Fish and plans for the upcoming mission trips, visit

2013 TRIPS TO HAITI April 13-20 & June 1-8 8


n Photograph by Carly Starnes



Faculty Makes Impact on Education Fifth grade teacher Donna McKenzie currently serves as a Staff Development for Educators Feature Presenter. Her most popular presentations include “Singapore Math: The Model Drawing Approach,” “Preparing for a Singapore Math Adoption,” “Creating Lesson Plans,” and “Getting Teachers on Board and Accepting Change.” Ms. McKenzie has led school and district level professional development programs in more than five states. HS history teachers Jeff Foltz and Brian Jameson serve as AP Exam Readers every summer. In June, AP teachers and college faculty members from around the world join together to evaluate and score the free-response sections of the AP Exams. Mr. Foltz is a reader for AP U.S. History and Mr. Jameson is a reader for AP European History. HS Latin teacher and author Caroline Kelly’s presentation was selected as one of the 2012 Top Ten Sessions of the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina (FLANC). Her presentation, “Divide and Conquer: A Reading Strategy to Promote Confidence and Understanding,” was awarded fifth place. HS Bible teacher Clifford Chin received a $2,000 ING grant for This Green Fish, a program that utilizes aquaponics technology to respond to hunger needs in the community and abroad. The program has received local, national, and international attention from a variety of media outlets and organizations. This Green Fish also received a $5,000 matching grant from The Blumenthal Foundation (see page 8).

n Clifford Chin (left) with Jean Milou Pierre from El Shaddai Ministries in Haiti


getting to know


It’s been nearly a year since Covenant Day Art Teacher, Katie Spata, packed her bags and left China to return to the United States. Although life was “much simpler” in China, Mrs. Spata has enjoyed her transition back to the United States and, more specifically, to Covenant Day School. Whether it is attending basketball games, watching her young daughters hang out with CDS students, lip-syncing during the Spirit Week Pep Rally, or enjoying the amazing Beauty and the Beast production, she believes that Covenant Day was “the perfect place for us to land and transition.”

Mrs. Spata and her husband moved to China just two weeks after they got married. “The Lord opened up jobs for both of us at the same school in Chendu, Sichuan, China,” she said. “We literally went to China not even knowing how to say ‘hello’ in Chinese.” She taught K-12 art in a classroom the size of a closet, while her husband taught PE classes in the hallway. However, during their time in China the city and school grew dramatically. In China, Mrs. Spata and her family walked or rode their scooter or motorcycle everywhere they went. In fact, her entire family would all pile onto one motorcycle! They spent a lot of time in God’s creation, riding horses through the mountains and sleeping outside. The people she came in contact with were friendly and helpful. “The culture is so different than ours,” she said. “We learned a lot about humbling ourselves and looking at things from a very different perspective.” After living in China for more than seven years, Mr. and Mrs. Spata decided to return to their home country to be closer to their families. “The Lord has been so gracious to us in so many ways this year as we have moved back to the States and to the South,” Mrs. Spata said. “I cannot imagine working anywhere else as we have made this transition.” COVENANT CLASSIC | 2013



Students Take the Stage The stage. It’s a place where many students come alive and express themselves with enthusiasm. It is also a place where they can develop their God-given talents and thrive. Each year, the Covenant Day School Theater Department produces two musical performances. For months, students, staff, and parent volunteers pour in hours after school to memorize lines, design costumes, build sets, and rehearse. The fruit of their labor proved especially sweet in this year’s productions. Covenant Day Middle School did an outstanding job performing Mulan Jr. The performance included 37 cast members and 10 crew members, who spent two months practicing for the annual musical. The intricate costumes and ornate sets transported audiences back to ancient China. The middle school musical was a crowd pleaser, selling out all three shows. The high school also went above and beyond this year with its performance of Beauty and the Beast. The musical was the biggest musical production Covenant Day has ever attempted. The 27 cast members and 10 crew members devoted countless hours after school for three months prior to opening night. The stage featured huge, elaborate sets and talented actors dressed in beautifully designed costumes. All of the hard work paid off with an outstanding performance of this Disney favorite! Charlene Thomas, CDS Theater Director, was pleased with the outcome of this year’s musicals. “We have wonderfully gifted and talented students, parents, and faculty,” she said. “Everyone has worked very hard on both productions. I am really proud of the students and grateful for the support of so many people.” n (Left) Senior Chris Chase as the Beast and senior Melody Goforth as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, (Right) 8th grader Mackenzie Deans as Mulan in Mulan Jr.

Visit to check out photos of the Mulan Jr. and Beauty and the Beast cast.



The Empty Bowls Project is an international grassroots effort to help end hunger. Every other year, the Covenant Day Visual Arts Department sponsors this project. This year, more than $5,000 was raised for Empty Bowls. All proceeds went to Matthews Help Center’s BounceBack Backpack Program. All art students created and glazed a ceramic bowl in art class. Funds were raised through the purchase of student bowls, a VIP Silent Auction of faculty bowls, and a Panera Bread soup lunch held on March 15. n (Right) Fourth graders Philip Abner and Katherine Ashley create their bowls during art class.




Senior Combines Passion for Serving with Photography Photography is a form of expression that highlights a piece of our world. “It captures a moment in time and lets you study its detail,” said CDS senior Carly Starnes. The camera acts as a finger pointing out something special, perhaps something that we may have otherwise overlooked. And therein lies the intersection of Carly Starnes’ career and passion. Just as she has used her camera to highlight the beauty all around us, Carly desires that her photography would highlight and heighten awareness of Haiti. The first time Carly heard about the situation in Haiti was during middle school chapels. The stories and information shared during those times fueled an interest. By the time Carly entered her junior year of high school, she was ready and excited to embark on Covenant Day’s mission trip to Haiti. While in Haiti, Carly had the opportunity to serve at an orphanage, develop lasting relationships with the children, and reflect the love of Christ for those who have been neglected. One of her most notable relationships that flourished was with a 5-year-old boy named Entoine, who would become the star of one of Carly’s most famous and favorite pictures, “Entoine’s Feet.” “He’s a skinny, small 5-year-old boy who doesn’t really speak, but he lets you love him and hold him, and that’s all you can really do in that moment. The picture of his feet speaks plain and simple how alone and in pain Entoine is, and how he clearly needs help.”

It became clear that Haiti, and the wonderful people who reside there, would always have a place in Carly’s heart. Through the encouragement of teachers like Mr. Clifford Chin and the team that traveled to Haiti with Carly, she has been able to use her photography skills and philanthropic inclination to develop new ways of helping Haiti from home. Recently, she organized a citywide shoe drive to protect the feet of children just like Entoine. “It touches my heart endlessly every single time someone donates shoes, and the reaction I’ve gotten from my loving community makes me cry,” she said. “Thank you, everyone who donated.” Though dedicated to her missions work, Carly’s academic responsibilities and career aspirations have not diminished. She plans on attending Savannah College of Art and Design next year to study photography. Passion is one of the most vital attributes an artist can have, and we are confident that Carly will see many blessings and successes come from her career as a photographer and her life as a missionary. n (Top) Carly Starnes with a young girl in Haiti, (Middle) Carly was named a finalist in the Drexel Photography High School Contest for this photograph, (Bottom) Carly’s photograph “Entoine’s Feet”





Covenant Day Volleyball Celebrates a Winning Season It was an exciting and historic season for Covenant Day volleyball. Finishing the best regular season in school history, Covenant Day won its first regular season Metrolina Athletic Conference Championship, completing conference play with an unblemished 14-0 record. The team also claimed its second MAC tournament championship title and earned a No. 4 seed in the NCISAA 3A state tournament. Comprising the talented team is a group of very energetic student-athletes. Although the team will be graduating four seniors, it has a lot of young talent returning. Four players made the 2012 All-Conference Team: senior Shelby Nassar and sopho- CDS VOLLEYBALL MAKES mores Megan Embry, Christina Goforth, and Hannah Billiard. SCHOOL HISTORY WITH Eighth grader Sarah Billiard REGULAR SEASON TITLE. and freshman Charissa Coleman also received local attention as young talent to watch. Shelby was named to the NCISAA All-State 3A Volleyball Team, as well as Player of the Year by the Matthews-Mint Hill Weekly. Shelby will continue her volleyball career at Wingate University in the fall. n (Top) CDS Volleyball at the Serve for the Cure Tournament, (Bottom) Senior Shelby Nassar

CDS Basketball Wins Golden Corral Christmas Classic With 30 teams, the competition was strong. Middle school students from throughout the Charlotte Metro area were competing for their chance to be the champions of the annual Golden Corral Christmas Classic. In its ninth year, the basketball tournament was more competitive than ever, and Covenant Day showed up ready to play. The girls made it to the quarterfinals and finished 3-1. For the first time in school history, the boys team claimed the championship title, defeating Providence Day in the finals. Covenant Day’s Christian VanDeVelde, Chase Dixon, Carlee Pierce, and Alexis Klohr were named to the All-Tournament Teams. 12



CDS Junior Leaves a Mark on Warner Park Junior Spencer Hutchinson has clocked hundreds of hours at Warner Park, but it hasn’t all been spent on the baseball field. Last year, Spencer built a keystone retaining wall at Warner Park for his Eagle Scout project. The wall is not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to the park, but it helps improve drainage and prevent erosion around the baseball field. Spencer completed his Eagle Scout project as a sophomore, earning the highest Boy Scout Honor. Spencer’s older brother and CDS graduate, Travis Hutchinson, became an Eagle Scout just eight months prior. “Watching him go through the process of getting an Eagle Scout while doing school projects and college admissions inspired me to do it earlier,” Spencer said. “I knew if I wanted to get this done and still enjoy my junior and senior years, I needed to do it now.” Spencer is a member of the Christ Covenant Church-based Troop 413. The church suggested and funded the project, and Spencer was quick to make a game plan. He created a 17-page document outlining the Eagle Scout project and recruited several friends and fellow Scouts for help. Four Saturdays and more than 100 man-hours later, the project was completed. Spencer still finds himself spending a lot of time at Warner Park as Covenant Day’s starting center fielder and leadoff hitter. A great asset to the team, he displays outstanding leadership and unbelievable speed. As a junior, he has already garnered attention from colleges for his talent. “His work ethic has allowed him to develop as a talented baseball player very quickly,” Head Baseball Coach David Houseton said. “He is also a model student off the field and is committed to serving not only the Covenant Day community, but the town of Matthews as well.” Spencer’s favorite moment as a CDS baseball player was claiming the MAC Tournament Title last year. “We worked hard for that, especially the seniors,” Spencer said. “Winning the conference championship for the first time in school history was huge.”

athletic ACCOLADES (2012-2013)

Conference Champions (Regular Season) > Volleyball > Girls Tennis Conference Champions (Tournament) > Volleyball > Girls Tennis > Boys Soccer > Girls Cross Country All-State Honors > Shelby Nassar (Volleyball) > Cameron Church (Soccer) Future College Athletes 8 CDS students will go on to play at the college level (as of March 2013, see page 7).

In addition to his responsibilities as an Eagle Scout and to the CDS Baseball Team, Spencer is a dedicated student taking multiple Honors and AP courses. So how does he manage all of his time? “I always say it is God, then family, then school, then sports, then friends, and Scouts weaves its way into that as a Christian organization,” he said. “My commitments have taught me the importance of hard work, time management, and chasing my dreams. And my family and friends have been there along the way to encourage me.” WWW.COVENANTDAY.ORG




Alumna Brings Her Passion for Music to Indiana University She held her first harp at the age of three. More than 15 years later, Katelyn continues to create beautiful music, which affords her countless opportunities all over the world. CDS graduate, Katelyn Mullins (’12), is in her first year at Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. She was named a Jacobs Scholar (a merit-based award that includes a full-tuition scholarship), and received three additional competitive scholarships. While at Covenant Day, Katelyn had the opportunity to travel all over the world getting to do what she loves. She competed in harp competitions in the Netherlands, Wales, Ireland, California, and Texas. Katelyn has had the opportunity to continue her career at Indiana University. Taking advantage of the AP courses offered at Covenant Day, Katelyn entered college with 30 credits already under her belt, giving her the opportunity to focus on music-related classes during her first year at IU. “My experiences in performing new pieces in small supportive masterclasses, playing staple selections from orchestral repertoire in the school orchestras, and performing the Aranjuez Con- n Katelyn Mullins performs at a competition at IU cierto by Rodrigo as a soloist has helped me grow as a musician and a student,” she said. Katelyn has already made a name for herself at IU, claiming first place at three competitive competitions as a freshman. With her first summer as a college student approaching, Katelyn has her schedule full! She will compete in international and national competitions before traveling to France through the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). Katelyn will work on a farm in Southern France in exchange for room and board. “I am excited to improve my French conversational skills, while also learning about organic farming,” she said. Even with her busy schedule, Katelyn has still found time to enjoy her college experience. “IU is situated in the lovely little town of Bloomington, which I have come to love,” she said. “I enjoy hanging out with friends at the local coffee houses, going to IU basketball games, and experiencing international cultures in my Global Village dorm.” For Katelyn, her experiences at CDS have helped her transition into college life at IU. “I am thankful for the biblical worldview I received at Covenant Day, which strengthened my faith. This has helped me as I have encountered many different kinds of situations and people.”

Alumnus Lives Out “Salt and Light” as a Young Professional “What if?” This question prompted CDS alumnus, Ryan Misenheimer (’06), to take a path quite different from his fellow classmates. He asked himself, “What if I took a year off after graduating and served in the mission field?” Ryan courageously decided to explore this question. To satisfy his desire to change pace, help others, and gain exposure to other cultures Ryan spent a year in Quito, Ecuador before attending Grove City College.

n Ryan with his family in Ecuador


“While my responsibilities varied, I mainly worked with a traveling medical ministry and with a youth program in the city. I was an active member of a local church, and was mentored regularly by an Argentinean youth leader along the way.”



The time Ryan spent in Ecuador proved to be “satisfying and meaningful.” He was able to focus his attention on helping others and sharing the love of Christ while experiencing the amazing grace of God in an unfamiliar setting. Also, living and working in a destitute environment “put quality of life in perspective” for him.


Ryan encourages high school students to continue serving others after graduation. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to give to others while learning more about the world, yourself, and God.”

Ana Moorefield will marry Zach Owens in June 2013 and is working as a high school teacher.

While attending college, Ryan served as a Resident Assistant and invested much of his energy in helping other students. Ryan graduated with a degree in accounting and is currently working for a public accounting firm in Pittsburgh. He has found many opportunities to maximize the use of his personal strengths for the improvement of his community. He also joined a small church plant and has participated in everything from working in a food pantry to hosting a Bible study. Ryan’s professional experience has also given him the expertise to help people develop their business ideas. “As a young professional working with midsized businesses, I get excited thinking about the potential impact of good people launching meaningful businesses within the community.” Missions and service not only enriches the lives of others, but it also enriches us. May we use Ryan’s story as an encouragement to serve others and strive to love our neighbor as ourselves.


SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2013

You’re invited to a weekend of Homecoming activities! Check out the Alumni BBQ, cheer on your Lions during the Homecoming soccer game, and more! Alumni from the Classes of ’08, ’07, and ’06 are also invited to attend their combined high school reunion!

NOVEMBER 26-27, 2013

Catch up with your friends during our Alumni Night on November 26! On November 27, you’re invited to attend an Alumni Breakfast and College Forum!



Scott Schindler is engaged to marry Naomi Belz in June 2013. He currently is working as an Admissions Representative for Covenant College.


Bill Hawks is engaged to be married to Jordan Rouse in June 2013. He currently works as the Director of Marketing for Stalwart. Lori Baldwin lived in Spain for a year after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, where she volunteered on organic farms and ran her own breakfast micro-business. She is pursing her Master’s in International Performance Research through a program in the Netherlands, UL, and Serbia that spans over 16 months


Cameron deBrun is engaged to Moriah King and is currently attending Charlotte School of Law on a full scholarship. Mary Frances Roberts is on track to becoming a Certified Child Life Specialist in a children’s hospital.


John Kempf is a four-year letterman on the Gardner-Webb Men’s Swim Team and earned a spot on the CCSA’s All-Academic Team. Sarah (Peterson) Walton and her husband are expecting a baby in May 2013. Ella Ott will be moving to Boston in June to begin working at TJX in its Corporate Merchandise Training Program. Katie Weigel transferred to Western Carolina to play soccer and was nominated for SOCON Player of the Week in the Fall of 2012.


Jordan Dunn qualified for the Clemson Rangers Club through the AFROTC Program at Clemson and received a full AFROTC scholarship. He plans to serve in the Air Force after he graduates. COVENANT CLASSIC | 2013




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The Covenant Classic  

The very first issue of Covenant Day's magazine, The Covenant Classic.

The Covenant Classic  

The very first issue of Covenant Day's magazine, The Covenant Classic.