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Mission Statement To assist the Christian family by providing an education marked by a biblical worldview, academic excellence, and affordability, so that students are equipped to be salt and light for God’s glory.

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Vision Statement Covenant Day School is committed to becoming an exceptional, Christ-centered, college-preparatory school. We will create an environment which develops lifelong learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers who will be actively engaged in the world as ambassadors for Christ. Our appraised, innovative academic courses and comprehensive extra-curricular offerings will be taught through the lens of truth found in the historic Christian faith by godly faculty and staff who are skilled educators and dedicated mentors. Graduates will be prepared for matriculation into leading colleges and universities in order to live out their callings on the global stage. Our distinctive sense of family, with a diverse community of students, families, friends, donors and alumni, will undergird these efforts necessary to bring excellence to every aspect of Covenant Day School, a ministry of Christ Covenant Church, for God’s glory.

Core Values Christlikeness

A reflection of the work of Christ, loving in thought and deed, serving God and others


A pursuit of biblical truth so as to develop the knowledge and discernment that guides our judgment and decisions in all areas of life


An insistence on biblical principles that develop character, integrity, and moral excellence

Covenant Day Basketball finishes one of its strongest seasons yet (read more on page 17).

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Designed by Kaitlyn Salter (4th grade), the cover artwork will be used to promote Youth Art Month (YAM).

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Dear CDS Community, There is much buzz around the campus as Legacy construction continues to progress toward a summer completion date. This means an exciting move to new classroom spaces for nearly half our lower school students and teachers and our entire middle school and high school. We are planning on moving this summer in preparation for the new school year. As a relatively young school, with 26 years of history dating back to our lower school beginnings in 1989 and our first graduating class in 2006, we are thankful to the Lord for His providential care of our school and for Christ Covenant Church for faithfully supporting us as one of its ministries. Decades of praying, planning, seeking to be obedient to the precepts of God’s Word, and living faithfully in Christian community has been a blessing to the students and parents with whom we partner in bringing excellent academics and co-curricular programs integrated with a Christ-centered worldview. The Covenant Day School Board of Trustees is leading our school with eager anticipation as the board measures its steps according to our established mission and vision. They partner with our administration to ensure we remain faithful in assisting our families by providing them with an education marked by a biblical worldview and academic excellence. The board has also made budgeting efforts to provide need-based financial aid in an effort to help make a Covenant Day education affordable. It is our ongoing prayer that our students will be equipped to be salt and light in this world, for God’s glory. May the Lord bless each of you and may you find His mercies new to you and yours each and every day. Sincerely,

Mark Davis Head of School







The Covenant Day School community is made up of thousands of students, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff. As the school has grown over the years, an emphasis on community and tradition has remained strong.

Mark Jones, CDS Athletic Director

We had fun cheering at the powderpuff football game! Ben Henderson, 9th Grade

I enjoyed dressing up as and learning about Jackie Robinson for Biography Day!

Gavin Lindsay, 4th Grade

My favorite tradition is Super Science Day! I remember as a student learning from Mr. Helmer, my physical science teacher, about God’s wonderful world. Later, as a teacher I was able to lead students in a Super Science Day myself. It was incredible to see students learning in the same way I had so many years earlier.


Wade Tapp, CDS High School Assistant Principal

Both of my boys really loved being knights at the Fairy Tale Ball in kindergarten. Ethan enjoyed the dancing and Isaac liked serving me yummy food.


Elizabeth Chen, CDS Parent


Alumni Night is one of my favorite traditions because that is when most alumni come back to visit. It is also one of the largest crowds for basketball season.





“THEY COME OUT OF THE HALLWAY WITH THE BIGGEST SMILES ON THEIR FACES, SO EXCITED TO SEE US.” Often some of life’s most impactful learning experiences take place outside of the classroom. Students gain perspective as they engage in culture, love others, and humbly serve their community. More than two dozen high school students head to Matthews Elementary School and Crestdale Middle School once a week to serve during study hall and lunch. Our high school students have become consistent faces to children at these local schools through mentoring, tutoring, and simply being an encouragement to them. “They come out of the hallway with the biggest smiles on their faces, so excited to see us,” senior Erica Van Dusen said. “It’s fun to catch up with them before we start reading.” Students serving at Crestdale Middle School are involved in the North Start Reading Program, an initiative that helps each student become a stronger, more confident reader. Covenant Day students are paired with a seventh grade buddy. They spend time each week encouraging their buddies and reading with them.



“Not only is it exciting to see my buddy improve, it is also great to see my peers interacting with their buddies,” senior Hannah Ertel said. “Week after week, the middle school students are excited to see us, and they seem more relaxed and ready to read each week.” At Matthews Elementary School, our students, dubbed “sidekicks,” spend their time mentoring young students. Instead of focusing on tutoring, the sidekicks provide a positive influence by showing the young students the importance of respect and diligence through their own actions. Covenant Day partners with Christ Covenant Church to give our high school students the opportunity to serve each week at these schools. Pastor Andy Schuster, Pastor Stewart Neely, Michelle Robinson, and Becky Valkenburg of Christ Covenant Church Student Ministries spend time investing in our students and setting an example of servant leadership. Through these weekly visits, our high school students have learned not only the importance of mentoring and encouraging younger students, but also that they don’t have to travel far to make a difference.


a lifestyle of



Fifth grade students collect recyclables each week to encourage sustainability on campus.


Every lower school classroom “adopts” a resident at Carrington Place and visits him/her and sends flowers and cards on birthdays and holidays.


Middle school students spend a half day in the community volunteering at various nonprofits during their fall and spring Doulos Days.


The high school Beta Club is broken into several teams and encourages student leadership through a variety of projects each year. This year, the Beta Club volunteered at the Joni and Friends Southeast Disability Ministry Summit that was held at Christ Covenant. In response to the devastating flood in Columbia, SC, students collected over 50 cases of water and 15 gallon bottles of hand sanitizer. Students in the Beta Club have also volunteered at the Myers Park Methodist Church’s Preschool Carnival for the past three years. Additionally, the different teams create and lead other projects throughout the year where they can serve together and make an impact in the community.






Covenant Day embraces the challenge to care for God’s world through educational activities that seek to restore and sustain God’s peace in nature and society. Through the Monarch Butterfly Project, ContainIt, and aquaponics, students have the opportunity to cultivate their unique talents to promote restoration and sustainability in God’s Kingdom.

CONTAINIT ContainIt’s first transformed shipping container was delivered to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in December. A team of students and faculty traveled to the reservation to welcome the container to its new home. The renovated container will serve as dormitory space, providing a refuge for three teens on the reservation.


AQUAPONICS The Covenant Day Sustainability Greenhouse is designed to provide redemptive STEM opportunities for our high school students along with students at MOHI School (Grand-Goâve, Haiti) and Philips Academy (Charlotte, NC). The synergistic and collaborative efforts within these three organizations gives students innovative opportunities to participate in the process of using STEM to bring about Christ-centered restoration. In addition to researching the possibility of building a large community aquaponics system in Haiti, Covenant Day has begun piloting educational greenhouse field trips and activities with students from Philips Academy. Last fall, Covenant Day received a Green Thumb Challenge Grant from the Green Education Foundation which will provide the resources needed to acquire a professional soil testing kit and essential greenhouse supplies.







(Completed September 2015)


(Completed October 2015)

It is hard to believe it has been a year since we broke ground on the new high school. In the past year we have relocated and expanded the butterfly garden, created a new playground for our lower school students, opened a new 2,200 square foot fitness center and are on our way to completing our 56,000 square foot academic high school building so that all of our students can transition to their new buildings at the start of the 2016-2017 school year. Thank you to everyone in our community who has made financial commitments to Legacy. Without your support, none of what we have accomplished would have been possible! We are grateful to all who have fulfilled and continue to fulfill their financial pledges to Legacy. We are also grateful for the new gifts and pledges to Legacy that we have received this school year. The generosity of our community has raised a total of $5,918,645 in cash and pledges as of January 31, 2016. Our goal is to be at $6,000,000 in cash and pledges by May 31, 2016. This extra funding would allow us to complete construction on our deferred projects by August 22, 2016. Thank you in advance to those in our community who will help us reach this goal. We invite you to save the date of August 21, 2016 for the dedication and ribbon cutting of the new high school. In the months ahead, we look forward to sharing with you details about this very special day in our school’s history. WWW.COVENANTDAY.ORG



& auction

11.12.16 / Le MĂŠridien Charlotte, North Carolina




Blessed are the Peacemakers It is evident that we are living in a world of conflict from daily interactions such as getting along with siblings or classmates to global conflict like war and racial division. So how do we as Christians respond to conflict biblically?


Throughout the year our students have been discussing ways to be peacemakers inside the classroom, at home, and in the world. “Our teachers have been using the Peacemaker Ministries curriculum to spark conversation and encourage action about how to respond to conflict in a biblical way,” CDS Curriculum Director Mary Lou Capan said. Our middle school and high school students have been reading through the student edition of The Peacemaker and our lower school students have been using The Young Peacemaker. Each school division has found unique ways to foster a healthy response to conflict. Our high school students use the curriculum once a month during their advisory period and hear from speakers during their chapel time. “Our high school students are talking about how they often are frustrated with how they respond to conflict with either anger or withdrawal,” CDS teacher Becky Makla said. “They can’t solve the problems in Syria or with racial conflict, but they are seeing how sin nature rears its ugly head with their parents in the car ride to school or during conversations at lunch.” Students are learning their part in reconciliation and true repentance. They are learning that true repentance is not an “I’m sorry, but you said…” It is “I am sorry.” Period. Middle school students tend to focus on some of the big ideas such as whom they should address when in conflict (avoid gossip), learning to overlook certain offenses (don’t make mountains out of mole hills), remembering to also look at themselves (take the plank out of your own eye), and accepting responsibility for their part in the conflict.

Conflict is a slippery slope. Conflict starts in the heart. Choices have consequences. Wise-way choices are better than my-way choices. The blame game makes conflict worse. Conflict is an opportunity. The 5 A’s can resolve conflict. admit, apologize, accept, ask, alter

Our youngest children are also seeing peacemaking in action. Teachers teach from the curriculum one or two times a week, but also look for ways to integrate peacemaker concepts when they discuss conflict in the classroom or on the playground. “Whenever I see someone responding to conflict using peacemaker concepts, I try to point it out to the class, even if the child is not aware that he or she is using the concepts,” fifth grade teacher Jo Batson said. “When a student noticed someone drew on his desk, he mentioned it but decided to overlook it and just clean it off himself. Overlooking a minor offense is a peacemaker strategy.” The students have enjoyed the peacemaker lessons. They receive a booklet that goes home after each lesson, which parents have used for discussion at dinner and to share with their younger children as well. The peacemaker concepts students are learning today go far beyond the classroom. Students are becoming equipped to respond to and prevent conflict in a biblical way whether at a sporting event, a friend’s house, their job, church, or in their own homes. 10


Forgiveness is a choice. It’s never too late to start doing what’s right. Think before you speak. Respectful communication is more likely to be heard. A respectful appeal can prevent conflict. Principles are taken from The Young Peacemaker. For more information, visit



Through the use of iPads, the middle school is enhancing the learning process not only in core subjects, but in numerous ways in other class and project settings. The middle school currently has 85 iPads for teachers to use to enrich their lessons. The iPads have been an instrumental tool in enhancing current and conventional learning methods. Students can take what they read in a book and make their learning come alive through different apps. “Those apps can help the student create a keynote presentation about a character in a book or the student can create a comic or graphical representation of a scene from a book,” CDS math teacher and iPad coordinator Ryan Fuderer said. “In addition to this, through the program iMovie, the student can make a movie trailer based on the book.” Students have also used iPads in their math classes for collecting data. They are able to measure the degree of elevation of an object to calculate its height or track the movement of an object to calculate its speed. There are numerous apps that “gameify” basic mathematical skills. The students love the competition and they are strengthening essential skills at the same time.

The iPads also allow students to collaborate and create even though they may be on separate devices. With the iPad’s bluetooth capabilities, students can modify the same document while being on different devices. They can work in groups on a project and share their work with other students by using AirDrop to send their content from one device to the other. Along with the use of the iPads, the middle school has also implemented the use of Apple TV in several classrooms. Apple TV enables the teacher to mirror, in real time, what is on their iPad screen through a projector or on a flat screen TV. This allows the teacher to roam the classroom and not be tethered to the front of the room by wires or simply having to write on a white board. The teacher is able to be free to move and give notes, give a presentation, or show video clips from anywhere in the classroom. The student iPads can also mirror through the Apple TV to show their work or to present their findings to the class. The transition is seamless and extremely easy to use. The iPads have been instrumental in giving students opportunities for creating, researching, and collaborating. “The goal is that middle school students are fluent in using both Apple and PC products as they enter high school,” Mr. Fuderer said. “The belief is that if the students are comfortable with either platform, they will be better at transitioning in the future as technology continues to evolve and develop.” Our goal is to continue to grow in the use of technology and take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.




CDS NEWS Coach Mills Named Volleyball Coach of the Year (1) Congratulations to Covenant Day Varsity Volleyball Coach Heather Mills for being named the Charlotte Observer Volleyball Coach of the Year! Despite losing nine players from her 2014 team, Coach Mills led her team to its third straight NCISAA 3A state championship match, finishing as state runners-up.

Students Visit Matthews Rotary Club (2) Covenant Day students Renner Murphy and Rich Wachowski, along with CDS teacher Clifford Chin, visited the Matthews Rotary Club to share with local community leaders the vision of ContainIt, their trip to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, and how their project will impact the Matthews community and Pine Ridge Reservation.

1 CDS Varsity Volleyball Coach Heather Mills was named the Charlotte Observer Volleyball Coach of the Year.

LEGO Robotics Team Takes Home First Place (3) The seventh grade LEGO robotics team participated in the regional qualifying tournament in Greensboro, NC and brought home a first place trophy in the Core Values category. They have been working on the “Trash Trek Challenge” since the beginning of the school year preparing a project and presentation, and developing ways to overcome various challenges with the robot.

New Website: Coming Summer 2016! Covenant Day School is excited to announce the launch of its new website in summer 2016. The website will feature password-protected portals where you can access directories, calendars, announcements, documents, forms, and more. The portals will serve as a one-stop shop for parents, students, and alumni. You will receive additional details with login information this summer.

2 ContainIt team members Rich Wachowski and Renner Murphy visited the Matthews Rotary Club in January to share the vision of ContainIt.

Senior Boys Initiate Bible Study (4)

Taking personal initiative, seniors Tice Wilkerson, Pearce Burrows, Tom Crouch, and Scott Hiller lead a Bible study for 5th grade boys every other Friday morning before school at Chick-fil-A. They are going through a book called A Boy After God’s Own Heart. “It is a huge blessing to start the morning with the boys and we love the fun and exciting conversations we are able to have,” senior Tice Wilkerson said. “The boys teach me just as much if not more than I teach them.”

3 The seventh grade LEGO robotics team claimed first place in the Core Values category at the regional qualifying tournament.

Students Claim Record Number of Gold Key Awards

Twelve students claimed 14 awards at this year’s Regional Mid-Atlantic Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. More than 2,300 pieces of art were submitted from the region. Students Will Knight, Ryan Ricketson, David Billiard, Libby Bertelsen, Savannah Lueck, Dylan Gentner, and senior David Krein all received Gold Key awards. Silver Key award winners were Grace Wilson, Libby Bertelsen, and Elizabeth Gulley. Receiving the Honorable Mention awards were Sara Carter, Katie Boatwright, Eli Kibler, and freshman Dylan Gentner. Gold Key Art was exhibited during the month of February in Knight Gallery Spirit Square and Silver Key Art was displayed at Mint Museum Uptown. 12


4 Over Christmas break, the senior/5th grade boys Bible study group went bowling.


CDS Faculty Gather for Professional Development Week (5)

During Professional Development Week, our faculty gathered to hear from Dean Auriemma (Silver Strong and Associates), an expert trainer on teacher effectiveness in the classroom. The ultimate goal of the framework that Dean presented was to create common language for talking about high-quality teaching and how classroom practices can be enhanced. Our faculty ended the week refreshed and challenged to apply new principles that will have a great impact on student learning.

CDS Hosts Youth Art Month in Charlotte

The month of March is dedicated by the National Art Education Association as Youth Art Month in celebration of the visual arts created and produced by young artists in the United States. To honor the tradition of excellence of art education in the independent schools of the Charlotte Metro region, Covenant Day sponsored this year’s 11th Annual Independent School Youth Art Month Exhibit for K- 5th grade students at Mint Museum Uptown.

5 Covenant Day School faculty experienced PE in action, led by Caroline Orsillo, during Professional Development Week.

Senior Writes Book for Girl Scouts Gold Award Project (6)

For her Girl Scouts Gold Award Project, senior Charlotte Sanders adapted the play Chameleon’s Journey into a book for children who are dealing with the death of a loved one. Charlotte has watched the play every summer since 2006 at the Chameleon’s Journey camp. The camp, sponsored by Hospice and Palliative Care Charlotte Region, is for grieving children. Charlotte first went to the camp after the death of her brother. She and her mother, Laurie Sanders, donated 70 books to this year’s camp.

6 Senior Charlotte Sanders writes a children’s book for her Girl Scouts Gold Award Project.

Senior Summits Mount Kilimanjaro (7)

CDS senior Alyssa Walker went backpacking the summer before her freshman year, and she has loved it ever since. This past summer Alyssa hiked to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Her goal is to climb all Seven Summits by her 27th birthday.



CDS senior hikes to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

High School Students Perform Fiddler on the Roof


Congratulations to the cast of this year’s high school musical Fiddler on the Roof! The production showcased the students’ talents and Garrett Moseley, Sarah McCarthy, Cami Waters, Harrison Chase, and Elizabeth Bryan were chosen by the Blumey Award judges to be scored for the individual acting categories this year. The Blumey Awards are on May 22 at Blumenthal Theatre. COVENANT CLASSIC | 2016



Designing for Good Start with a purpose driven, creative student. Combine with technical design projects and reflective life coaching. Cover with prayer for the student’s interior condition and you begin to get a picture of interior design at Covenant Day. “The overarching goal is to prepare and inspire students to use their talents to be salt and light today,” interior design teacher Jackie Weigel said. Guest designers and showroom field trips are woven between lectures, discussions, and studio sessions. These help to bring the design field to life. Naturally the elements and principles of art are underscored as is the history of furnishings and design. “Give a student designer an eye to predict future trends and they can have an edge in their industry,” Mrs. Weigel said. Rewiring old light fixtures to fashion new ones was just one facet of what the students encountered during Habitat for Humanity’s InNovate ReNovate: ReStore Design Challenge. Students used repurposed items to design a beautiful kitchen, while grasping the importance of environmental responsibility within the industry. “Interior design is an extremely purposeful class. I’ve learned many skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life,” senior Meg Osowski said. “Like an internship, Habitat’s project gave our students on-the-job training and then they won! Trophies are nice but time spent helping others for God’s glory is gold in heaven. When a student discovers joy in service by doing what they love to do, I am ecstatic,” Mrs. Weigel said. Grace Hostak, a junior and second year interior design student, also helped the CDS ContainIt team. The team recently repurposed a 20-foot shipping container into dormitory space to provide a refuge for teens on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Grace was able to supply the space and electrical plans, paint schedule, and window treatments. “I think interior design is the perfect mix between life, business, design, and faith,” Grace said. “We learn how to cope with curve balls that life throws us personally and professionally. We have been taught how to interact and communicate within and outside of the classroom and how to integrate design, business, and our faith into our everyday lives.” “God’s creation surpasses all our mind can take in,” Mrs. Weigel said. “Yet He supplied detailed construction plans for man to build the ark as well as His temple. He then sent His Son to live life as our blueprint to model. I am delighted and awed knowing that He calls believers to help Him build His Kingdom. But I can hardly wait to see what it’s going to look like in His house when we’re together with Him on the other side!” 14



Student Art Gallery 2 1




Student Artists (1) David Billiard / 8th (2) Lexi Hunkler / 12th (3) Rachael Boyce / 9th (4) Porter Collins / 1st (5) Carlee Pierce / 11th (6) Grace Wilson / 8th (7) Lane Donathan / 7th






Beloved Athletic Director Retires After 19 Years Written by Kelly Keesling, CDS Website Coordinator

In August of 1997, Mark Jones was hired as the second athletic director in Covenant Day School’s history. Over the last nineteen years, Mark has worn many different hats as the school has continued to grow. He has coached many of the Covenant Day athletic teams – basketball (middle school girls, middle school boys, varsity girls, varsity boys), soccer (middle school girls), and softball (middle school and varsity). He has also taught fourth grade PE. At the conference level, Mark has served as the secretary for the MAC and CISAA conferences. When listening to Mark talk about his time at Covenant Day School, you can hear the love and appreciation. Originally, when he first came to Covenant Day, he anticipated that he would work at the high school level for a short time before moving on to coach at the college level. He enjoyed his time at CDS so much that he never left. Mark has countless memories from his time at Covenant Day. “Being here nineteen years is my favorite memory,” he said. He quickly added that “seeing the excitement and joy on the faces of the students after winning a state championship would rank right up there.” Mark has spent nearly two decades at Covenant Day because it is truly a place that “walks the talk” when it comes to being a Christian school. “It is important for a Christian school to promote Christ in every area of the school, including athletics. Covenant Day does that,” Mark said. “And I am confident that it will continue to do that.”






CDS Basketball Enters New Era Written by Mary Melton ’10, CDS Athletic Trainer

The Covenant Day basketball program entered a new era in 2015 when Kameron Law was named head coach of the varsity boys basketball team. Coach Law was able to build upon the passion and camaraderie instilled in the players by former Head Coach Wade Tapp, and provide high level training and leadership skills that translated into a winning season for the Lions. CDS Athletic Director Mark Jones has watched the basketball program develop through the decades. Upon naming Law as head varsity coach, Jones said, “Coach Law joins the CDS team with a reputation of possessing a high degree of basketball knowledge, a competitive spirit, exceptional loyalty to players and institutions, dependability, leadership skills, and an underlying humble faith in God which is exemplified before his players.” Jones followed up his statement in the post season by saying, “Law brought a new kind of intensity to the program that the kids have bought into.” Law played basketball at West Virginia State University and West Liberty State University. He then spent a year and a half as a student assistant at West Virginia University under legendary coach Bob Huggins. During his time at WVU, the Mountaineers won the Big East Championship and made an NCAA Final Four appearance in 2010. Coach Law moved to Charlotte in September of 2014 to continue building upon his 12-year career of personal basketball training. He accepted the CDS coaching position in May of 2015 and immediately began off-season training. WWW.COVENANTDAY.ORG

Coach Law came to CDS with seasonal goals and cast a vision for the program. “Coming to CDS, my goal was to have a winning season every year, building a state contending team, and eventually a nationally contending team,” Law said. “The current basketball program is on a good track and there are a lot of great young men that I have the opportunity to work with. It is a great school with a great community and I look forward to building a strong basketball program for years to come.” Coach Law was able to achieve his goal of a winning season, as the Lions finished 12-11 during the 20152016 season. Aside from basketball training, one of the most admirable qualities of Coach Law is his passion for developing each student as a whole, not just a basketball player. He often translates basketball plays and drills into life lessons during practice. Senior captain Noah Biggerstaff has been part of the CDS basketball program since middle school. He stated, “Coach Law has a way of motivating our team to play up to our full potential. He taught us that everything really matters in life, and that life won’t be handed to you. He reminded us that going through the motions is no way to truly live life.”

The CDS Lions had an unprecedented year on the basketball court. Referring to Law, Covenant Day Head of School Mark Davis said, “We look forward to partnering with him as we continue to develop our boys basketball program.”

athletic ACCOLADES (2015-2016)

CISAA All-Conference • Cross Country: Libby Rau, Susanna Schoeck, Chris Hardin, Sam Mitchell, Jonathan Vines • Soccer: Julius Klohr • Tennis: Anna Daniels, McKinley Riley, Madison Wall • Volleyball: Sarah Billiard, Charissa Coleman, Kristen Seibert • Girls Basketball: Sarah Billiard, Erica VanDusen • Boys Basketball: Chase Dixon • Swimming: Sophie Lindner NCISAA 3A All-State Honors • Sarah Billiard: Volleyball & Basketball • Charissa Coleman: Volleyball • Anna Daniels, Tennis • McKinley Riley, Tennis • Jonathan Vines, Cross Country NCISAA 3A State Competition • Varsity Volleyball: State Runners-Up • Girls Tennis: 2nd Round • Girls Basketball: 2nd Round • Swimming: 11th overall COVENANT CLASSIC | 2016








class of ‘06 10-YEAR REUNION 6.25.16 REUNION PICNIC / 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM





Come back to campus for a light lunch as you reconnect with your teachers and friends (children are welcome to join and play on our new playground).




Reconnect with classmates at Vivace in Uptown Charlotte.





5-YEAR REUNION Saturday, July 23


6:00toPM 8:00 PM

Covenant Day had its largest turnout at the 4th Annual Alumni Parent Dinner on January 21. Hunter and Katherine Pugh, Stephen and Joy Groves, and Steve and Robin Weaver served as the evening’s host couples. Parents from every class were represented at the dinner. Student a cappella groups Chordially Yours and No Strings Attached provided the evening’s entertainment. Mark Jones was honored for his 19 years of service as athletic director. Next January we will hold the Annual Alumni Parent Dinner in the new high school!

Visit for details! 19





Natalie Wier and Duncan Palmer will marry on June 18. There are seven CDS alumni in the wedding party.

Lisa (Baldwin) Edgar and her husband Adam had their first child, Eleanor Mae Edgar, on June 19. She is a happy, healthy baby girl!

Lindsay Holden is engaged to Alex Herrington and is planning a November wedding in Charleston, SC.


Alison Johnston is engaged to Zach Reid. They are getting married in April. The wedding party includes five CDS alumni.

Bethany (Lesh) Woolfolk moved to Myrtle Beach and is working at Beach Urgent Care as an RN.


Bryan Funderburg is marrying Amanda Hudgins on May 28.

Caroline Farish Pickens and her husband welcomed their first baby boy, Bowman Graham, on November 11. Alexa (Smith) Reynoso married Jose Reynoso on August 8. They are expecting their first baby in May. Jose is an active-duty sergeant in the army and Alexa works as a regional manager for an experiential marketing agency.


Stacey Robison recently returned from living in Mexico for three years and is now working as a bilingual social media manager for NASCAR.


Julia Cauthen is engaged to Hampton Williams. The wedding will be next spring.

Kveta Kleven is engaged to Mark Fomin and they are planning a November wedding.




Julia Kempf was initiated as a member of Tau Beta Pi, an engineering honor society that recognizes distinguished scholarship and exemplary character. She is also currently serving as the president of the Gamma Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon, the professional engineering sorority at NC State. Melody Goforth is an intern for the Walt Disney College Program. She is working in attractions at Pirates of the Caribbean. Sheldon Roper studied abroad in Italy during the fall of 2015.

Joey Glass works for Clemson Football’s Recruiting Department, helping write the curriculum for a new life skills program for student-athletes called the Paw Journey. Hunter Rowan graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy with a B.S. in Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management, a U.S. Coast Guard License in Marine Engineering, and a commission as an ensign in the United States Navy Reserve.


Anna Barcley is engaged to Danny Knight. They will be getting married in June 2016.


Grace Foltz is studying abroad in Greystones, Ireland for this semester. She will return to work at Walt Disney World this upcoming summer.


Evan Bertram was cast as “Meg March” in James Madison University’s Studio Theatre production of Little Women. Garrett Ford played the clarinet for the Orange Bowl as well as the National Championship as part of the Clemson Tiger Band.

Brent McKnight is engaged to Ashley Henson and will be married on June 4.


Artwork by Sydney Robinson (12th)

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New High School Orientation Back to School Expo 1st-8th Grade Orientation HS Windy Gap First Day of Classes for 1st-8th TK/K Begins MS Windy Gap First Day of Classes for High School Back to School Picnic Convocation LS Back to School Night New Parent Breakfast Labor Day, No School MS Back to School Night HS Back to School Night Community Heroes Chapel HS Veritas Forum MS Fall Social MS Mother/Daughter Breakfast Homecoming TK-12 Admissions Open House

October 21 Teacher Work Day, No School October 24 Lion’s Cup Tennis Tournament October 26-29 MS Musical November 4-5 TK-12 Admissions Open House November 9-11 ERB’s - Half Days for LS/MS November 10-11 HS Parent/Teacher Conferences November 11 HS Students Only: No School November 12 Gala November 16 MS Father/Son Breakfast November 18 PA Holiday Market November 22 Alumni Night November 23 Half Day - Thanksgiving November 24-28 Thanksgiving Holiday, No School December 9 MS/HS Band/Choir Concert December 15 LS Christmas Concert December 16 Half Day - Christmas Dec. 19-Jan. 2 Christmas Holiday, No School For a complete list of CDS events for the 2016-2017 school year, visit Please note that all events are subject to change.



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Classic Magazine - Spring 2016  
Classic Magazine - Spring 2016