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”The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved---loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” Victor Hugo






The Newsletter of Covenant Evangelical Free Church

Work It Backwards, Pay It Forward

JANUARY 2013 ISSUE NUMBER 12 MICA (P) 133/10/2012



Caroline Sin investigates the ban on all Christmas festivities at Covenant’s Christmas Outreach—Blackout.


avish red Christmas banners sprawled with celebratory gold font, but marred by long streaks of black over many of the words which created a jarring and darkly ominous effect. Why was the vital information on Christmas so conspicuously censored? Did it bode

the cessation of festivities? The theme of this year’s musical, Christmas Blackout, left many with raised eyebrows and in deep suspense. True to its title, Christmas Blackout was a dramatic envisioning of the end of Christmas — the story starts off with the General of an imaginary state placing a ban on all festivities while he mourns

Ps Ivan Ho

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Work It Backwards Pay It Forward Christ, Deleting Sin Since, For-Like-Ever What Is Love? Of Songs And Stars A Record-Breaking Attendance!

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God At Work

Reaching The Unreached



Christmas Outreach 2013

the loss of his beloved son, Peter, who had left home in a fit of prideful rage. Through dizzying flashbacks and poignant songs sung with great gusto and emotion, the audience was brought on an undulating journey that explored Peter’s psyche, witnessing his dalliances and heartbreaks whilst experiencing his stone-hard defiance and deep-seated remorse. The most striking parallel of the musical was the biblical narrative of the prodigal son — a theme many Christians are familiar with. Like the prodigal son in the Bible who returned home to a delighted father, Peter too returned home to a father who is all too happy to see him and adorns him with a new set of garments, symbolising newness and restoration. Yet the deeper parallel becomes apparent when we, the audience, identify ourselves with the prodigal son, having gone through similar wilderness journeys, only to return to the Father with a deepened sense of belonging and love — a redemptive turn of events that only God can orchestrate. Benjamin Tan, the lead actor who played the role of Peter, recounts how he shed real tears during the reconciliation scene CONNECT JANUARY 2013 • 2

on the final night, after he began to experience emotionally what it means to be a recipient of the Father’s love. “I wish everyone else could be in my position — having our shoes put on by the Father himself. It is then that our hearts resonate with the knowledge that He truly is a prodigal Father.” This was a sentiment echoed by Artistic Director, Mike Wong who, in his artistic vision for the musical, wanted to strip the festivities of Christmas down to its core—a journey of the Father searching for His lost sons. Dr Andrew Goh, founding elder of RiverLife Church and guest speaker of the evening, did a remarkable job of distilling the musical’s central message and bringing the gospel to life in an animated and accessible manner. He reminded the audience of the incredible foresight and love of God through the slogan, “Work it backwards, pay it forward.” Not only does it take incalculable foresight to anticipate our missteps in our earthly journey and redeem us, it also takes a God of extraordinary love to pay the price to bring us back to Him. When we come to join God’s family, the clothes that He adorns us with symbolise a new spiritual

Dr Andrew Goh delivering the evangelistic message

CLOCKWISE FROM RIGHT: Peter haunted by characters from his past; Guests with their goody bags, waiting for the doors to be opened; The General (Peter’s father) and Mr Zerbug, his nemesis

The love and Christ-likeness embodied by the entire team was itself an extraordinary sight to behold.”

covering and the sealing of our new identity as His child. For the cast and crew of Blackout, the musical would not have been possible without a collective effort that spelt tireless perseverance and sacrifice. In the words of Benjamin, the entire musical was built on the efforts of every actor, singer, dancer, stage manager who was willing to give his or her five loaves to God without complaining. “Such attitudes reflect a posture that can only come from having received the Father’s love,” he adds in his reflection. Li Meiyi, who was in charge of the wardrobe of the actors, attests to the atmosphere

of mutual affirmation backstage. She describes the cast and crew members who were incredibly talented, yet unbelievably humble people who gave these all for the audience of One. The love and Christ-likeness embodied by the entire team was itself an extraordinary sight to behold. As a result of their efforts, Blackout, saw 33 people receiving Christ and four re-dedications over the span of three nights. Yet, one remains profoundly humbled by the fact that while it is man who presents the gospel, it is ultimately the

Holy Spirit who convicts and moves us to receive God’s love. As 1 Corinthians 3:7 states, “Neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.” As we faithfully give of our five loaves and two fishes, we can only stand back in awe as we witness God’s deep and mysterious work in the hearts of men.

“Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe.” Augustine


Children’s Christmas Outreach

Christ, Deleting Sin Since, For-Like-Ever Ruth Fong Li-Ling takes a peek into the Children’s Christmas Outreach that ran simultaneously with the adult Christmas Blackout.


here was a blackout not just where the adults were, but where the children were, too. CTRL-ALT-DEL, written by a group of young adults from VOICES together with Ps Matthew Lo, was set in a literal, dark, alternate reality controlled by Snake. In this gaming world, not too different from the spiritual reality we live in, Snake and his followers sought to “delete” the children. The only way for the children to be rescued from Snake was to offer up an “alternative”. In this case, the alternative comes in the form of someone known as the Messiah, the only one able to set the children free from the claws of Snake. I liked the story being a savvy analogy of how Christ is the one who sets us free from the things we allow ourselves to fall prey to; the darkness that the evil one captures us to. The premise of the story made use of computer game concepts like alternate realities that this


generation’s children are probably more familiar with than I am. To add to the multi-visual experience, the production made full use of the entire chapel space, where Snake’s followers ran around chasing the three protagonists

It was a special moment, seeing little hands raised in indication that they wanted to receive Jesus into their lives.”

with frisbees, a bicycle and NERF guns. And to create just that bit of light in Snake’s dark world, there were laser beams, ultraviolet lights and glow-in-thedark tape on the perimeters of the floor and on the characters’ costumes. This creative, well-designed set created the enveloping atmosphere. The children were captivated. Even the message interweaved illusory tricks to illustrate inherent sin in our lives and the need for Christ to save us. Darius, a children’s ministry volunteer for 17 years, used his expertise to good effect; the children were attentive as he led them to respond to God. It was a special moment, seeing little hands raised in indication that they wanted to receive Jesus into their lives. Over the three days of CTRL-ALTDEL, 351 children attended the play, 90 received Christ and 37 re-dedicated their lives to God. I sure hope, too, that these children will remember this story when playing their computer games!

Youth Christmas Outreach The team that made it happen

Exploring love through song

What Is Love? Covenant’s creative and energetic youths staged a concert — LOVE IS — to help pre-believing youths explore what true love really is. By Silas Wee and Charlene Chai.


ove is, a concert by the youth for youths, started off with teasers and video clips, all designed to get the youths thinking about what love really is. Love was then depicted as a colourful expression of a myriad of emotions through a feast of rhythmic dance moves accompanied by strong vocals on the latest pop hits. During the concert, the audience was jolted by a flash mob and entertained by an outdoor band under the night lights. Amidst the custom-made drinks from the Fishbone Café and tons of sweets, snacks and hot piping hotdogs, the night was one of merry-making and celebration. LOVE IS journeyed the audience through love in the form of romance, friendship, separation and finally, sacrifice, with Pallister Wong, 16, sharing what his father had done for the family before his sudden passing away. Ps Matthew Lo then tied everything together by injecting his personal sharing and bringing the audience back to what true love is — the love of God — as expressed in John 3:16.

The evening ended with a beautiful song, “A Beautiful Exchange” which nicely summed up the meaning and power of the Father’s love. Love was not just an idea to be explored during the concert, but something to be experienced as well. Love had a face and a body, hands and legs, in the form of the youths who gave generously and tirelessly of their time and talents. Love was expressed and experienced in their welcoming and joyful smiles. Love was also expressed in the hands and feet of the singers, dancers, ushers, befrienders and everyone who came together to serve, to show a small part of Christ’s all-encompassing love to those who do not know Jesus. It is our prayer that seeds of love and truth have been planted in the hearts of the pre-believing and believing youths alike, and that they will germinate and bear much fruit one day.

... to show a small part of Christ’s all-encompassing love to those who do not know Jesus.”


Mandarin Outreach

Of Songs And Stars Randy Choo reports on Covenant’s Mandarin Christmas Outreach, which takes place in the form of a XinYao Gospel concert this year.


n 15th December, I attended my first ever XinYao Gospel Concert held in Woodlands Centre. It was to start at 7pm but at 6:30pm, the volunteers in white tops and black slacks were all ready to receive guests. It was heartwarming to see no fewer than 40 of them, many of whom were in their fifties and sixties. After Pastor Patrick Chiow welcomed the audience, Andrew Lau, who had been involved with XinYao since 1986, took to the stage. He sang several familiar XinYao songs and kept the audience entertained with his witty jokes for a good half an hour. By the time Andrew introduced Pan Ying, the audience had swelled to more than 600. Pan Ying was immensely popular during the XinYao era. That evening, she sang beautifully and also shared her testimony. At one point in her teenage days, she fell CONNECT JANUARY 2013 • 6

into depression but her friends’ prayers and care lifted her and enabled her to continue with her education. The third and final artiste was Huang Xiu Ling, a charming lady who used to read the news on Channel 8. She also happens to be the younger sister of Pan Ying. In between songs, she testified of how God had directed her life. From the time she represented Yishun Junior College and won a national XinYao competition to the time she gained prominence as a newscaster with MediaCorp, God had gradually led her to her current ministry. She also shared about how her father, after years of prayer, received Christ just before his 80th birthday. Pastor Zhang Yi Ming came on stage next to give a word of exhortation. With his humorous candour, he connected well with the audience. When he finally invited pre-believers to receive Christ,

many did. Together with their friends and relatives, they boldly stepped forward. It was a sight to behold as there were easily 50 people streaming to the front. As I departed from the concert, I felt truly grateful for the work that God is doing through Andrew, Pan Ying and Xiu Ling, individuals who have faithfully and obediently used their talents for His glory.

Together with their friends and relatives, they boldly stepped forward.”

Hokkien Outreach

A Record-Breaking Attendance! Covenant’s annual Hokkien Christmas celebration saw more than 1,000 attendees, the largest attendance of all Hokkien outreaches in 2012. By Corrie Lim and Chan Sue Ming.


esiring to reach out to the Hokkienspeaking in Bukit Panjang, Woodlands and beyond, the Hokkien Ministry organised an evangelistic Christmas celebration. 1,345 people turned up, of which more than 500 were pre-believers. The Main Sanctuary overflowed, resulting in a packed Grace Sanctuary! Popular award-winning MediaCorp artiste Li Nanxing, widely known as the “King of Caldecott Hill”, graced the event and shared his compelling testimony. Li Nanxing shot to fame when he starred in the drama series “The Unbeatables I”, a movie where he played the role of an adept gambler. Unbeknownst to him then, he, like his onscreen character, would one day gamble too in real life. The only difference was that it would lead him down a road of darkness and destruction. Cool and suave, he oozed charisma as he shared with the audience how he

Li Nanxing sharing his testimony

Rev Oh Beng Khee

1,345 people turned up, of which more than 500 were pre-believers.”

started travelling down this dark alley, and how Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, saved him from his sins and gave him new life. It all started after several failed businesses, when he turned to gambling to try and recoup his losses. This landed him in greater debt with the ah longs and he fell into a deep depression, drinking heavily. Soon, his career went downhill. After a near-death experience in Thailand, he

embarked on a journey to seek God, leading him to receive Christ. Then, slowly but surely, he got out of debt and his acting career revived. The audience was then treated to a trailer of his latest movie, “The Ultimate Winner”, a tribute to Almighty God who delivered him from bondage to victory. This was followed by Rev Oh Beng Khee who preached a simple but

powerful evangelistic message, based on the well-known Bible verse— John 3:16. The altar call saw 21 persons praying to receive Christ! The evening ended with Li Nanxing mingling with the guests, sportingly posing for photographs. As the event ended, we rejoiced with those who received the gift of new life, and the many who heard the Good News. 7 • CONNECT JANUARY 2013


CYAN Bonding Day

Celebrating CYAN’s first birthday and our October birthday bubs

The art of levitation — a young adult super power!

Checking out one of the best lor mee stalls in Singapore

d the event

The brains behin


CYAN Mentor, Margaret Samuel, leading with style Who says no good can come out of having fun?

Formulating strateg ies!

“Monkeying” around?

1ST CYAN Bonding Day. 26 October 2012. 61 young

adults. 15 mentors. An island-wide amazing race.

Given a series of tasks with varying difficulties, eight teams travelled to different parts of Singapore in a bid to accumulate the most points! A game of STRATEGY—Which route to take when the final destination is unknown? A game of APPETITE—How much do you know about where the best food in Singapore? A game of WIT—What’s the best use of points in the mystery auction?

Can you spot the Kung Fu Panda characters?

The young adults had so much fun they were swept off their feet!


Kidz Camp Coming back to the heart of worship

KidzCamp at Woodlands Centre

Learning From The Little Ones Sunbeam Ministry Staff Jade Wong reports on the wonderful work the Lord is doing in and through our annual KidzCamp.


ow in its fourth year running, KidzCamp 2012 saw a total of 258 children participants, aged 6–12 years, at both the Woodlands and Bukit Panjang Centres. Eighty per cent of the kids were from the community, and the remaining 20 per cent were kids from our Sunbeam ministry, who were each asked to bring along a prebelieving friend. They also boldly blitzed the Bukit Panjang and Woodlands neighbourhoods in their “broken” Mandarin, inviting other kids to the camp. Based on the story of Paul in the Bible, the theme of the camp—The Ultimate Race— focused on the adventures and


sufferings Paul encountered when he chose to follow Jesus. The children were challenged through the morning devotions and lessons to overcome obstacles and discouragement to become character champions. Part of the experiential learning was creating a persecution scene where the children were kept in a dark and stuffy room. Then suddenly, “soldiers” dressed in military gear burst in and commanded them to choose the “Christian” or “non-Christian” side, where all Christians would be punished. To my surprise, 80 per cent of the kids chose to acknowledge themselves as followers of Jesus Christ! They also started singing loudly the theme song “Fight of Faith” and ended declaring “We love Jesus!” with so much conviction!

It began to dawn on me that if I were to be faced with such a situation one day, will I declare my faith so boldly? As one of our volunteers, Cheng Soon Thiam, puts it, “These children have taught me about faith. Christians have always been heard encouraging one another to ‘have faith’, but these children were actually showing it!” And I finally understood my Lord Jesus’ words in Matthew 19:14 when He said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” From lessons on Apostle Paul, to making a “flyable” craft and an afternoon of “Olympic games”, there were impressionable lessons learnt. As one of the children rightly put it in her testimony, “During yesterday’s Ultimate Race, I learnt about being patient, the importance of unity and how to work as a team. Although I lost in the games, it is still okay because we are playing as one team.” This girl learned that it is not about winning but doing one’s very best. KidzCamp 2012 culminated with a family concert which was well-attended by parents. The highlight of the concert was the Cheer Competition and as the children sang the theme song one final time as a time of reflection; Gerald Ng, one of our volunteers, shared that he saw a hyperactive seven-year-old boy “raise his hands towards heaven, singing from his heart. Nothing around him mattered—not his friends, nor fellow campers, just God.” He adds, “As I stood there watching him, he was the image of pure, unadulterated worship and total surrender that God wants me to have as I come before Him.” At the end of the camp, 142 children prayed to receive Christ, while 56 children re-dedicated their lives back to God. One of the camper’s parent also

Our faithful volunteers

“Here’s our ‘aeroplane’!”

Worshipping Jesus with their hearts and bodies

As we answer the call to serve, our lives are instead being transformed through the simple faith of these little ones at our doorstep.” prayed to receive Christ. We praise God for this bountiful harvest and are thankful for the 90 volunteers from both Centres who selflessly served the children. We, at Sunbeam, are grateful to the Lord for using us at such a time as this. As we answer the call to serve, our lives are instead being transformed through the simple faith of these little ones at our doorstep. It is indeed a disciple-making journey of “a certain kind”! 11 • CONNECT JANUARY 2013

ETC Reflections Singers belting out Chinese New Year songs

My relatives were not in favour of me joining ETC as they worried over who would meet my financial needs. The year has sped by and the Lord has met all my needs. I was also comforted by the assurance that God will bring to completion what He has begun in us. Lily Sadasivan

Ps Patrick Chiow

I had always seen missions as something reserved for the specially called. I never thought that it was something I should care much about. However, my view on missions started changing on Missions Sunday, in my mission trip preparation and in Nepal. I now realise that missions is for every believer. Paul Liew

Reflections ON ETC

On 18 November 2012, eight persons graduated from Covenant’s Evangelical Training Centre (ETC) programme. Six of them share the precious lessons they have learnt. Compiled by Alvina Ng.

I experienced the love of God, growth in my inner life and healing through our community life. I also learnt to build my inner reserves and gained practical skills in helping and speaking, things that will lay a good foundation for what is ahead. For all that we have tasted these 12 months, I thank God and give Him the glory. Alvina Ng

and His ways.

I have learnt that God does not always exempt us from our everyday trials. Instead, it is through these trials that our faith is perfected. In my journey, God worked in ways to renew, rekindle and re-direct my life for His service.

I have encountered the God of the Word as I was often moved to tears through His Word in class and during my personal devotion. I am reminded I have a BIG GOD, totally sovereign and sometimes puzzling.

Susan Lee-Yeung

Henry Samuel

Lee Siow Yee

This past year showed

me the need to minister from the inside out and how shallow my walk is. I am challenged to

be a woman of depth, anchored in God


GDC 2013

The Heart of GDC 2013 Our beloved Ps Ed (Rev Edmund Chan), founder of the Global Alliance of Intentional DiscipleMaking Churches, shares his heart for the Global Discipleship Congress 2013.


et’s get back to basics. In Mark 3:14: Jesus appointed twelve to be with Him that He might send them forth to preach. This is the key strategy of Jesus Christ for world evangelisation—intentional disciple-making and a call to the radical New Testament discipleship to Jesus as Lord of all. It has been said that the world is in trouble and the church is in need. Sure, we have said the world is in trouble. Look at the financial meltdown, global warming and the rise of terrorism. And we look at the church. We say that the church is in need. The church is in need for more manpower, more missionaries, more pastors, more money, more buildings. But we got it all reversed. The world is in need and the church is in trouble. Superficiality, immaturity, and mediocrity, has characterised the church. Carnality and compromise has robbed the church of its spiritual power and its spiritual authority to make a difference in this world. There is a need for us to come back to the ancient paths. There is a need for us to come back to the Holy Scriptures. A need to understand the biblical call to disciple-making. Today, God is on the move. We are hearing a fresh call. We are hearing God’s call from on high—a call to intentional disciple-making, a call to

authentic discipleship—a call to make Jesus Christ Lord of all. The Global Congress of Discipleship (GDC) 2013 is issuing that call. We aim to bring together 10,000 disciple-making leaders and disciples from all over the world, to champion the call to disciple-making, to return the church to her disciple-making roots!

There is a compelling call, a compelling vision to go make disciples, to revitalise the church so that once again it can make a difference.”

We can make a difference! The church is in serious trouble, but God is restoring the church. There is a compelling call, a compelling vision to go make disciples, to revitalise the church so that once again it can make a difference. So that once again, there is a transformational power in the life of the church to turn the world the right-sideup for Jesus! This is at the heart of the GDC 2013. It is not only issuing a call; it is also giving a model. It is championing the vision and the strategy necessary to return the church to her disciple-making roots. Let us champion this call. You and I are part of history in the making! We pray the world will come together and see what God’s strategy is as we join our hearts in GDC 2013, in May 22–25, Manila, Philippines. See you there! 13 • CONNECT JANUARY 2013

Close Up In Bali with his family Ps Ivan with his Covenant cell group

A Learner Of God’s Word Humble, self-effacing and unassuming, Ps Ivan Ho shares his life journey with Chan Sue Ming.


he younger of two children, Ps Ivan describes himself as “playful, naughty and bad-tempered” when he was young, though one can hardly imagine him to be that! “I only learnt to behave myself after becoming a Christian,” he adds. He received Christ when he was in Secondary Two at AngloChinese School during a typical Monday morning chapel service. He met his wife, Lit Cheng, when they were in National Junior College (NJC). Both went on to study law in university— Lit Cheng at the National University of Singapore, and Ps Ivan at the University of Nottingham in UK. During his time in UK, he developed a love for good expository preaching from his pastor, Rev Peter Lewis, who was a great student and preacher of the Word. “I caught a glimpse of God’s glory when he preached,” reflects Ps Ivan. “God was also forming my understanding of His Word and the need to respond to His Word in obedience.” With a strong conviction for good expository preaching, it was this factor that led him to choose Covenant as his home church. When he first heard Ps CONNECT JANUARY 2013 • 14

Edmund Chan preach, it “approximates to the expository preaching I’ve come to love, enjoy and appreciate. I didn’t look anywhere else after that!” Indeed he didn’t, as he became a regular worshipper after completing his studies in the UK in 1996, and became a member one year later. He went for Covenant’s church camp in June 1998, and it was there, he fondly recalls, that God called him to full-time vocational Christian ministry. He had been seeking God during his pupillage at a law firm, asking God what He wanted him to do with his life. He somehow knew that practicing law was not something God wanted him to do all his life, and so earnestly sought God over several weeks, asking two specific questions—“How long do You want me in legal practice?” and “What’s next?” While reading the Book of Daniel during his personal devotion, God met him personally and answered his two questions. “I was reading chapter one, verse one, then verse two, verse three, verse four, and then boom! verse 5 hit me like a lightning bolt,” he shares excitedly. (Verse 5 of Chapter 1 NIV reads, “They were to be trained for three years, and

Did You Know?


Ultimately, I just want to be a good and faithful servant to God, and a good and faithful husband and father in my lifetime.”

after that they were to enter the king’s service.”) Though not in its original context, he knew his time in legal practice was to be three years, and to him, entering the “king’s service” clearly meant serving the Lord in full-time vocational Christian ministry. Without hesitation and while shedding tears of joy, he said “Yes, Lord!” “I was very moved by God’s love when He answered my questions so specifically,” he shares Prior to the camp, he had just been accepted to the Singapore bar. He went on to practise law (in the area of construction litigation) in two firms for three-and-a-half years, before joining Covenant’s ETC internship programme in 2002. He was a Ministry Intern in 2003 and subsequently a Ministry Staff in 2004. Pastor Ivan was primarily involved in the assimilation and follow-up ministry. He was also involved in evangelism and pastoral ministry, serving as an Assistant Covenant Group Leader, and steadily progressing to become a Zone Mentor. Together with Ps Matthew Lo, he spent two years in Singapore Bible College, and graduated with a Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies in May 2009. Thereafter, he was installed as a pastor in August 2009.

Ps Ivan is currently serving in the Equipping Ministry, overseeing the Intentional Discipleship Training (IDT). He is also the District Mentor of the Woodlands Centre’s Lighthouse District (formerly known as the Southeast District), where he oversees 19 Covenant Groups, together with his six Zone Mentors. He counts himself very blessed to be able to do the things he loves — teaching and shepherding. Ps Ivan’s greatest sense of fulfillment in ministry comes from teaching God’s Word, especially when people respond to it and live by it, thereby growing and being equipped to be a blessing to others. He shares that there is still a lot for him to learn, especially in the area of leadership, as it is not his primary gifting. “I’m on a journey to see and think like a leader, and to care for people as a loving and faithful shepherd. Ultimately, I just want to be a good and faithful servant to God, and a good and faithful husband and father in my lifetime.” Indeed, may God who is faithful grant Ps Ivan the desires of his heart, and use his love for the Word to touch the lives of many!

2 3 4 5

Ps Ivan’s Chinese name—Xianliang—and his children’s Chinese names—all have to do with light. Shiny’s Chinese name was inspired by Psalm 37:6, and Timmy’s by Proverbs 4:18. It is Ps Ivan’s and Lit Cheng’s desire that their family “shine the light of Christ to people around”. Ps Tony Yeo solemnised Ps Ivan’s and Lit Cheng’s wedding in Oct 1999. They got married after a courtship of eight years. He enjoys reading, especially books on the Bible, theology, discipleship and spiritual formation. His favourite author is John Stott. His favourite singersongwriters are Bob Fitts, Michael Card, Stuart Townend, and Keith and Kristyn Getty, and he likes the Celtic band, Eden’s Bridge. He enjoys racquet games such as badminton and tennis, but seldom has time to play them nowadays due to his commitments and busy schedule.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” Corrie Ten Boom 15 • CONNECT JANUARY 2013

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God At Work

By Ong Chee Seng

Reaching The Unreached


n 23 November 2012, I went to Pekanbaru, Indonesia with 20 others from the Hokkien Ministry. The team included Ps Gilbert Sng, who was our team leader as well as Rev Oh Beng Kee and his wife. We spent a total of four days there, supporting the Holy Word Christian Church’s Hokkien outreach. On that evening, the church had an outreach conducted in Hokkien with Bahasa Indonesia translation which was attended by more than 600 people. There were gospel songs presentation, a children’s dance performance and a drama based on the parable of the prodigal son. We helped by leading worship, giving a dance presentation and sharing our testimonies while Rev Oh preached a simple evangelistic message. At the end of the service, 92 persons responded to the altar call


and prayed to receive Christ! The following day, our team held an ad-hoc Hokkien service. We rejoiced to know that 34 of those who prayed to receive Christ the day before, attended this service and were affirmed of their newfound faith by Rev Oh. On that Sunday, Rev Oh also preached at the combined service, calling all to serve actively in the local church. Many responded during the altar call in joyful obedience. The warm hospitality of the Indonesian church was simply amazing; it truly reflects how it feels to be in the family of Christ. But what impressed me most was their pastor Ps Noch’s passion for Christ and his love for lost souls. Even though there was never a Hokkien ministry in the church, yet Ps Noch boldly led his team to reach out to the Hokkien-speaking people amongst the Chinese community. God is indeed on the move!

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