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you have to keep watering the tree! — Camper

DEAR PARENTS, With a vision of Creating Space for Life Change, our entire staff looks forward to welcoming your camper this summer!    Camp is a safe place for your child to enjoy a break from the fast-paced normal routine of life and unplug from distractions. Our programs are intentionally designed to enable each camper to learn invaluable life skills and to grow in faith and understanding of God’s love. Campers discover how much fun life can be without the distractions of technology.    While at camp, campers build confidence as they make lasting friendships and overcome fears in a supportive environment. They learn how to encourage others as they spend time in cabin groups discussing what they learn in the worship times and through the Bible program.    Our summer staff is prayerfully and carefully chosen to Love Kids and Share Jesus. They undergo extensive screening before they are hired and complete detailed training before summer begins. Staff guide campers through growing in their faith, understanding God’s love, and what it means to have a relationship with Jesus.    As we embark on our 73rd summer of ministry, staff are excited to provide a life-changing week of camp for all campers!   Ray Warren  Executive Director 

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Kishwauketoe Grades 2-4 Partial Week: p.10 Full Week: p.11

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Grades 4-6: p.14 Grades 5-7: p.15 Grades 7-9: p.16

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Day campers love Covenant Harbor. From the moment they jump out of the car, day campers are enthusiastically welcomed into new experiences, relationships, fun, and growth. They throw their backpacks on a hook and start the day on the playground or at a carpetball table with friends.

They can’t wait to hear the big idea in the session and sing their favorite songs with the worship leader. Day campers love to go to the camp store. Kids meet new friends, soak up some waterfront time, learn something new at electives,and before they know it, it’s the end of the day. They’re back on the playground, waiting to get picked up to do it all again tomorrow.

Every week of day camp welcomes campers entering 1st-7th grade, and each week is purposefully programmed to be different from the last. We provide the best experience for every camper, and offer age-appropriate activities and lessons. Campers thrive in our exciting daily structure. Every day is a little unique at Day Camp. While campers are trying out a new activity, talking with their counselor, winning a carpetball tournament, or eating lunch with their friends, they’re learning about themselves, each other, and God. Whether your camper comes to one week or many, they’re sure to learn, grow, and have a blast!



since winter! — Camper


I look forward to



Campers entering 1st-7th grades can enjoy the chance to come to Day Camp every week of the summer! We want to offer the best possible experience for every camper, so we intentionally structure age-specific programming throughout each day. We’re really looking forward to new electives, unique daily schedules, dynamic Bible teaching, 4th7th grade overnights and so much more! We create teams of campers entering 1st-3rd grades and 4th-7th grades, but there are plenty of times where everybody is together, making it a great opportunity for siblings, neighbors, and friends to be at camp together! Visit our website for more Day Camp details.

Day Camp June 15-19: $209 June 22-26: $209 June 29-July 2: $169* $209

July 6-10:

July 13-17: $209* July 20-24: $209 July 27-31: $209 $209


Aug.10-12: $139 *Optional Overnight for Grades 4-7: $39 July 1-2 / July 16-17



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ENCORE Day Campers have an exciting opportunity to stay at camp later with Encore. This extends the day at camp until 6p.m. for just $10 a day!



Kishwauketoe (Kish-wah-KEY-toe - or “Kish” for short) is the best overnight camp for kids entering 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade. Here are a few reasons why:

talking about. Campers get to be outside a lot as they enjoy time on the waterfront, trying out adventure activities, classic campfires (and s’mores!), the tree swing, carpetball, Kish is a great way to start overnight big games, gaga ball, arts and crafts, and so much more! Kish kids camps. Whether it’s their first time or love getting to know their cabin mates third, and whether they come for part of the week or a whole week, campers and counselors, going to evening sessions in their PJs, and choosing are warmly welcomed into camp their favorite activity during free time. life at Kishwauketoe. We keep Kish intentionally small with just 48 campers It really is a spectacular way for kids to spend their time during the summer. at a time. Kish has its own space, so kids can navigate their cabin, new friendships, and new experiences It’s more than fun. Kids grow a ton at more easily. Our staff walks through Kishwauketoe. Every activity, session, this experience with campers, building and interaction helps kids learn relationships with each camper, and more about themselves, others, and customizing their time with extra Jesus. Kids get to try things at camp activities for the really energetic group that they don’t get to do anywhere or slowing down for those who need a else, while our staff help guide their bit more time. experience. Our schedule and Bible program are designed to be ageKids LOVE Kish. Kish is packed appropriate and engaging, so kids with things that kids can’t stop learn while having fun!

This summer, Kishwauketoe campers will be the very first to stay in the brand new, rebuilt Kishwauketoe Village. We look forward to welcoming your campers into these fresh spaces!


I learned about

God BE brave and how to

and try new things! — Camper




Kish Partial Weeks are crafted for campers entering 2nd-4th grade who are interested in trying an overnight camp experience for the first time or who are looking for a shorter overnight camp experience. Campers are introduced to some of the best parts of camp, like staying in a cabin with friends, an amazing counselor, trying out the banana boat, singing new songs, and learning about God. With three or four night options, you can choose a partial week that best fits your camper and your schedule.

Kish Partial Week June 21-24: $399 June 24-27: $399 $419

July 26-29

July 29-Aug.1: $419 Aug. 9-13: $489



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Kish Full Weeks are tailored for campers entering 2nd-4th grade who are ready for a longer stay at overnight camp. The five or six-night experience is full of new games, time at the waterfront, adventure activities, Biblecentered cabin discussions and much more. All of the fun of a full week at camp takes place in the charming setting of Kishwauketoe.

Kish FULL Week June 14-20: $549 June 28-July 3: $509* July 12-18:


July 19-25:


Aug. 2-8:


*5-night experience



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Classic Adventures. Campers can’t wait for summer at Pier 30. They are so ready for the engaging experiences each year holds. They dream of joining in their favorite camp activities like swimming, banana boating, rock climbing, arts and crafts or carpetball. They can’t wait to belt out some campfire songs while roasting marshmallows with their cabin, or to pie their counselor with shaving cream during a messy game. Many campers also try to guess what new adventures await -– maybe a new big game, new lunch menu, new lip sync battle or something completely unheard of -– created just for summer 2020. There may even be special options only available for this age group of campers! Each year brings new

memories that make Pier 30 the best option for this summer. Big Impact. Pier 30 is more than fun and games. Pier 30 grows with campers entering 4th-9th grade. The schedule offers many opportunities for campers to learn about themselves, others, and Jesus. Daily worship sessions engage campers of this age through crazy games, worship music, and relevant, life-changing Bible teaching. Cabin groups allow campers to learn with their peers and their incredible counselors. The activity options invite campers to challenge themselves and to grow in skills, independence and confidence. Whether campers notice right away or not, their holistic experience at camp impacts them for a lifetime.


I want to come back next year because this is the closest

to God I have been all my life! — Camper



Our 4th-6th grade camp is a four night overnight program. It’s the perfect choice for campers to try out Pier 30. Just like a full-week camp, all the best activities — including swimming, banana boating, giant swing, skate park and arts and crafts — fill the schedule along with Bible teaching and learning more about God.


Aug. 9-13: $509



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Our 5th-7th grade camp is a five or six night option to introduce campers to the large-group camp experience. The week is filled with the best activities like swimming, high ropes, double tubing, low ropes and more. Alongside dynamic Bible teaching, big games and cabin hangout time, campers experience full, fun days.

PIER 30 $599

June 14-20:

June 28-July 3: $579* July 5-11:


July 19-25:


*See page 17

for information on this date of Pier 30!



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Our 7th-9th grade camp is filled with all the camp favorites: lake activities like double tubing, adventure activities like rock climbing, classic camp activities like arts and crafts, and even new activities invented just for this summer! Campfires, small group discussion time, relevant Bible teaching from our speaker of the week and so much more come together for one unforgettable week. In addition, 7th-9th grade campers get the chance to customize their camp experience with our Skills program. See our full list of Skills on the next page!

PIER 30 June 21-27:


June 28-July 3: $579* $689

July 12-18:

July 26-Aug.1: $689 $689

Aug.2-8: *See page 17

for information on this date of Pier 30!



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Pier 30 campers entering 7th-9th grades choose one Skill to customize their camp experience. Skills happen during a portion of the morning for four days during the week. The Skills program still allows campers to participate in all other activities Covenant Harbor has to offer. Campers can choose to try something new or further develop a favorite activity. See our website for a full description of each Skill. • Art & Crafts - $10 • Sailing* - $20 • Challenge Course • Competitive Basketball • Cooking - $30 • Extreme Sports • Fishing

June 28 - July 3 We are excited to offer programs for both 5th-7th grade and 7th-9th grade campers at the same time. This unique five night experience of distinct programs also includes intentional crossover at some sessions, meals and large group activities. Campers still register for and participate in separate programs. See our website for more information on this date!

• Lawn Sports

• Skills Sampler • Target Sports • Tarzan Swing and Climb - $35 • Volleyball • Wakeboard/ Waterski* $125

• Wilderness Skills • Paddling Water Sports* - $70 • X-Treme Adventure - $45 • Photography • Recreational Water Sports* $90 * Paddling Water Sports, Recreational Water Sports, Sailing, and Wakeboard/Waterski campers must pass the Covenant Harbor deep end swim challenge to participate in these specific skills.






High school campers have a six night program intentionally designed and crafted just for them. BaseCamp is distinct. With deep teaching, unique challenges, and more independence, our oldest campers are able to experience camp in a whole new way.High school students are in a time of personal growth and change, so the week is focused on learning about who they are and God’s plan for their future. Special BaseCamp activities, unique speakers and meaningful discussions provide a healthy balance of challenge and

encouragement and help students through their unique journeys.

BaseCamp goes beyond fun. The week is fun and exciting with access to all the classic camp activities: waterfront, campfires, arts and crafts, high ropes, low ropes, boating and more. But what really makes BaseCamp memorable are the relationships — with peers, with staff, and with Christ. Campers take time out of their busy summer and slow down, meet people who could become lifelong friends, learn about themselves, what they are capable of and who God has created them to be.

BASECAMP July 5-11: $649



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I learned that

God attention. wants my full — Camper



GRADES 10-13/AGE 15+

The Alpha program is a two-week experience focused on discipleship and daily service. Alpha is hard work. Alpha campers make camp happen, serving the ministry of Covenant Harbor in areas such as maintenance and food service. Campers sweat, get sore, learn a lot and build meaningful relationships with their peers and our staff. Every Alpha camper receives a letter certifying they have served 60 community service hours upon completion of their session. Alpha campers are still campers. Of course, there’s also time to play! All of our camp activities are open at different times throughout the session.

The Alpha team also has access to Alpha-only activities. Alpha campers have a ton of time to hang out with each other and our staff, with more freedom in their schedule than other campers. You’ll want to come back. Many Alpha campers return year after year because they love the experience, but also because of the relationships they build and the growth they experience. Our collegiate Alpha staff work alongside campers while guiding them through intentional times of learning, relevant Bible teaching and deep discipleship. Due to the work component of the Alpha experience, Alpha campers are required to be at least 15 years old.

ALPHA June 14-27: $549 June 28-July 11: $549 July 12-25:


July 26-Aug.8: $549


God forgiven. and that I am — Camper


I learned about the forgiveness of



1. Register online at covenantharbor.org. 2. Paper registration forms are available to those who are without an internet connection or who must pay deposit by check or cash. Call our office at 262.248.3600 to request one. 3. We do not accept phone registrations. 4. To complete your online registration, either pay a deposit or pay in full with Visa or MasterCard. 5. Your balance is due on or before May 15 and may be paid by check or credit card. 6. If registering after May 15, full payment is required. 7. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. We don’t want anyone to miss out on camp because of financial need. Contact our office to apply for a scholarship. Grades are based on what campers are entering in the 2020-2021 school year.

The Next Step

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details. If you do not receive confirmation within three weeks, please contact our office.


Overnight camp begins in the afternoon of the first day of camp and ends by 10 a.m. on the last day. Specific details will be communicated after registering. Day Camp drop-off is 8:30-9 a.m. Pick-up is 4-4:30 p.m., or choose Encore, our late pick-up option, that extends pickup to 6 p.m. for an extra cost.

OVERNIGHT CAMP DISCOUNTS Bring-A-Friend (five or six night camps only) Bring a friend who has never been to a Covenant Harbor summer camp program and you each save $50. You must both attend the same week of camp and register on the same day. Early Registration (Does not apply to Alpha campers) Save $35 when you register and pay in full by March 15. You may use this discount in addition to the Bring-A-Friend discount. Please note: Meeting the early registration discount does not guarantee camp availability.

DAY CAMP DISCOUNTS* Early Registration Day Camp: Save $10 per session when you register and pay in full by March 15. Triple Play Day Camp: Save $15 per session when you register for three or more Day Camp programs. The same camper must attend all three sessions. YMCA Geneva Lakes YMCA members save $10 per Day Camp session. Child attending must be part of the membership. Membership number must be entered to qualify for this discount. *Day Camp discounts only apply to 5-day sessions.


Grade Groups Register for summer camp using the grade your camper will be entering in the 2020-2021 school year. Please be honest about your child’s age and grade. If you misrepresent your camper’s age and/or grade level, we reserve the right to remove your child from a program. Cabin Mates Cabin mates must request one another. Only two cabin mate choices are allowed. If more than three children request each other, they will be separated. Groups of four or more that loop themselves together will be separated. Cancellation Policy If you must cancel, we must receive a written notification via email (camp@ covenantharbor.org) or by mail. Refunds are given based on when we receive written notice of cancellation: • More than 30 days before the first day of camp: Full refund except nonrefundable deposit ($100 for overnight camps, $25 for day camps). • 7 to 30 days before the first day of camp: All but $150 of payments will be refunded for overnight campers; all but $50 of payments will be refunded for day campers. • Less than 7 days before the first day of camp: No refund. • Medical cancellations: If we receive a doctor’s written verification prior to the start of camp, you will receive a full refund minus a $25 processing fee. • Overnight campers: Cancellations (except for medical reasons) involving the Bring-A-Friend discount will cause the friend to lose that discount.







Grades 1–7 June 15–19 June 22–26 June 29–July 2 July 6–10 July 13–17 July 20–24 July 27–31 Aug. 3–7 Aug. 10–12

Grades 2–4 Partial Week June 21–24 June 24–27 July 26–29 July 29–Aug.1 Aug. 9–13 Grades 2–4 Full Week June 14–20 June 28–July 3 July 12–18 July 19–25 Aug. 2–8

Grades 4–6 Aug. 9–13 Grades 5–7 June 14–20 June 28–July 3 July 5–11 July 19-25 Grades 7–9 June 21–27 June 28–July 3 July 12–18 July 26–Aug.1 Aug. 2–8

Grades 10–13 July 5–11


2020-2021 school year

ALPHA Grades 10–13 and Age 15+ June 14–27 June 28–July 11 July 12–25 July 26–Aug. 8

The ideal choice for summer camp, Covenant Harbor is located on beautiful Geneva Lake in southeastern Wisconsin. Day Camps and Overnight Camps offer the perfect option for every camper to grow in faith. Experiences are filled with age-appropriate activities like swimming and boating, arts and crafts, archery, climbing tower, zipline and much more. There is something for every camper! 1724 W Main Street • Lake Geneva, WI 53147 • 262.248.3600

Profile for Harbor Point Ministries

Summer Camp 2020 at Covenant Harbor  

Covenant Harbor provides christian summer camps in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin!

Summer Camp 2020 at Covenant Harbor  

Covenant Harbor provides christian summer camps in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin!