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It’s ALL About

WOMEN... It’s ALL About


Ayaka Toya

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Publisher’s Prattle The hot days of summer are here! There’s just nothing like the sultry, sunny days of July and August. We look forward to them in February and wish them away by the end of August. But, that’s the beauty of Kentucky – we always have a season to look forward to! It seems like we celebrate July 4th and immediately start talking about “x” number of days until school starts. Our lives are hectic and the days fly by. We need to remind ourselves to slow down and “stop to smell the roses.” I lost my sister on May 9th. I “stop” frequently to think about her. I treasure every day that we had together and every memory is priceless. I also “stop” to think about a wedding. My daughter is getting married July 19th to a wonderful guy. I look forward to making memories at that event and I am excited about the new path her life is taking. FLAIR celebrates life by featuring people you know (or would like to know), by sharing inspiring stories, and just talking about the regular fun stuff! Belinda Saltzman, Publisher

Summer and back- to- school articles fill this issue. Thank you for being a FLAIR reader! —Belinda Saltzman

M ake yourring as beautifulas yourlove 1881


morrisjewelrybg.com 408 E. Main Street 2 • Flair • 2013 • July/August/September

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www.countrypeddlerbg.com Special Publication

— Publisher —

Page 3


July/August/September 2013

Belinda Saltzman — Editorial — Jim Browning Editorial Director

Mary Anne Andrews


WKU Intern

— Production —

14 The Poet’s Moon

Tricia Crawford Design Director

16 Something Old

Lisa Frye

featured women 5 A Peek into Paradise Sebrina Erskine


— Advertising —

18 Summer Skin Care

Lana Hendricks Advertising Sales Director

Tonya Kirby

24 Beach Blanket Classics

Tackles Dyslexia

Meredith Thessen Advertising Sales

Pam McGuffey

22 First Comes Love...

Business Card Gallery Sales

— Contributing Photographer —

Leona Morelock

in every issue 2

Publisher’s Prattle



Flair makes every attempt to ensure the material contained herein is not copyrighted elsewhere. Flair is not responsible for unintentional copyright infringement

For advertising or article submissions please contact Country Peddler office 270-842-3314 or contact us thru our website www.countrypeddlerbg.com

28 Sassy Celebrity Marilyn Monroe

Dr. Eric Kelley

Tricia Crawford Flair is published 4 times per year and is distributed free to 25,000 homes in Bowling Green/Warren County.

Beverly Oliver

20 Bonnie Nicks

Advertising Sales

— Contributing Writers — Jim Browning Michele Hinton Barbara Johnson Pam McGuffey Leona Morelock Belinda Saltzman Casandra Spears Patty Sue Sutherland

12 the essence of

8 Shout Out To Sheila 10 1/2 Full of... 26 Wine-0-1-1 30 Word Buzz When You’re Stressed

Cover Design by Ayaka Toya Ayaka Toya, a graduate of Greenwood High School, designed the cover for this issue. Ayaka was a senior in Beverly Oliver’s art class. She was awarded the Gold Key Award - Scholastic Art Competition. Ayaka was a first place winner in the Bowling Green Woman’s Club Art Show. She will be attending an Art College in Japan where she will aspire to become a professional artist.

Flair Magazine BG KY Flair • 2013 • July/August/September • 3

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Need a new

Heat Pump?

If you are a Warren RECC member, you may qualify to participate in the Heat Pump Loan Program. • There is no down payment. • Repaying the loan is also convenient. The monthly payment is simply added to your Warren RECC electric bill. The Heat Pump Loan Program is available only for existing site-built homes.

Loan applications are available at any Warren RECC office:


e l y t S

Bowling Green Franklin 842-6541 586-3443 Morgantown Leitchfield 526-3384 259-3161

Some are born with it others know WHERE to get it!

Visit Our Remodeled Showroom Designed for YOUR Convenience


Quality & Design at Competitive Prices 4 • Flair • 2013 • July/August/September

• Area Rugs • Carpet In-Stock Rolls Available • Hardwood • Laminate • Luxury Vinyl Tile Largest Selection of Oriental Rugs in Southern Kentucky!

Red Carpet Shop Over 100 Years of Flooring Experience

1115 LOVERS LANE • 781-2829

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A Peek into Paradise

— By Belinda Saltzman

Some days are just really special. The day I interviewed Sebrina Erskine was one of those. I drove to the interview feeling overwhelmed with life. I pulled into the parking lot, glanced at the cheerful purple building and the bright neon sign, Paradise Point, and a big smile happened to my face! The next hour of talking with Sebrina was the high point of what had been a rough couple of weeks for me. Sebrina wants Paradise Point to be a fun distraction from the everyday details of life. It works! Ok, let’s back up now and see how a businesswoman whose college degree is in Medical Records ended up in Paradise. Sebrina attended WKU 1978-1981. During her freshman year, she went on a blind date with John Erskine, fell in love that night, and married him in 1981. When John opened his chiropractic practice in 1983, Sebrina managed the business office for 8 years. Sebrina also managed to teach women’s Bible study groups and has been involved in women’s ministry her entire adult life. Sebrina and John both are people who “think outside the box.” Following that path led them in 1991 to start Gasper River Retreat, a corporate training and outdoor team building facility on Gasper River. Sebrina was the director and training guide. In 2000 they sold the retreat, and Sebrina needed an outlet for her creative side and her abundance of energy. She has always loved what she fondly calls junking. Her husband says, “The difference between a hoarder and a junker is a SHOP!” So, they opened their own little treasure trove of junk, The Boomerang. However, as happens in life, duty called and Sebrina was needed in John’s office on a full time basis. They sold the Boomerang and resumed their routine family and business life. Like an itch that needs scratching, the Erskines are always searching for ways to combine work and fun — so in 2005 John happened upon a warehouse building at Barren River Lake, a perfect location to display their junking finds and have a little weekend hot dog stand, thus Paradise Point opened for business. So Sebrina worked at running John’s office, taught 2 Bible studies, was raising 2 children, and going to “Paradise” for her weekend fun. Life threw a curve ball at the Erskines when Sebrina was diagnosed in October 2010 with Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disease. That condition led to an enlarged thymus gland, which ended up being cancerous. Sebrina has had surgery and undergone radiation treatment for the cancer but still deals with all the ups and downs of the autoimmune disease. She says that this health situation was a pivotal point in her family’s life. They decided that they wanted a simpler lifestyle, they wanted to live at the lake, and they wanted to focus on the FUN part of their life, Paradise Point. Sebrina says, “I also learned 3 important lessons: 1. It’s ok NOT to do EVERYTHING; 2. It’s ok to ASK for HELP; 3. We need to REST.” Paradise Point has evolved into a unique modern day “general store.” It’s a weekend gathering place with delicious home cooked breakfast, quality antiques and funky junk, Barren River Lake memorabilia, cool gift items, and music that makes you tap your foot or sing along! The Erskines have followed many paths in their lives and in Sebrina’s words, “all roads lead to home.” A visit to Paradise Point will transport you to “happyville” or at the very least put a smile on your face!

The Erskine’s “Ultra Hip Oasis for Lakeside Shopping and Good Eats”

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D r.Eric K elley

We have a celebrity in our midst! Dr. Eric Kelley, a successful family dentist, is also a nationally acclaimed water skier. Eric grew up with a river in his backyard, the Little Miami River, close to Dayton Ohio. Boating and water skiing were on the family activity agenda as soon as weather allowed. Eric started water skiing at the age of 6 and by the time he was in high school, he was competing in and winning ski tournaments regularly. His water ski competition was put “on hold” when Eric entered Centre College, Danville, KY. and played offensive guard on the football team. He had the honor of serving as captain of the team and was an “all conference” player all 4 years of his college career. After graduating from Centre in 1988, Eric attended and graduated from University of Louisville Dental School then did his residency in surgical and hospital dentistry at University of Kentucky. After completing his residency in 1994, Dr. Kelley acquired the Bowling Green dental practice of retiring Dr. Charles “Buddy” Carter. As soon as time allowed, Eric resumed his avid passion for water skiing and started competing again in national tournaments. He has won multiple state championships, especially in the slalom event. He currently holds the KY. State record in the slalom event for his age division. Eric has competed in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and California. He was very excited in 2012 to place 4th in the 35 and older age division national competition in Vancouver, Canada. The event was open to any skier 35 and older so there were several professional skiers who competed in that division. Dr. Kelley keeps his skills honed by practicing 4 or 5 evenings a week during warm months at a watershed lake in Lewisburg, KY. Luckily he has a practice partner. His son Josh is a fierce competitor who won the national slalom championship at age 10 in Bakersfield, California. Josh is ranked near the top in Nationals, 18 and under division. The Kelley family tradition of water skiing thrives! Flair salutes our local dentist and National Water Skiing Champion!

©2009 Wadsworth Photography

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A Gentle Spiritual Retreat for Recovery from Alcoholism & Other Addictive Diseases



QUESTHOUSE is a voluntary retreat for spiritual recovery, uniquely committed to the long-term healing of its guests. Our caring focuses on the whole person—body mind, and spirit—not just surface symptoms. QUESTHOUSE is a secret place apart from the everyday world to entertain silence in the heart, to listen to the inner voice—a place for the addicted person to discover his or her own recovery. QUESTHOUSE’s sole purpose is to promote healing. Our staff is bound together by a passionate belief in the innate dignity of every human person. Guests are cared for in a gentle, respectful manner and are provided a safe place for the healing process to begin. Guests address their specific issues, whatever they may be: denial, frozen feelings, past abuses, post acute withdrawal, spirituality, unresolved grief, interpersonal relationships, grandiosity, sexuality, family of origin, daily living skills, and relapse avoidance. Family members and friends are included through the Family/Friend Guest Program so they may understand the behaviors associated with addiction. They too will learn how to solve problems, improve communications, care for themselves, and resolve the confusion and conflict of the past through weekly meetings led by our staff. 

QUESTHOUSE IS A PREMIER RECOVERY PROVIDER Many of QUESTHOUSE’s alumni were formerly in treatment at some very prestigious facilities, including Betty Ford, Hazelden, Cumberland Heights, Sierra Tucson, The Meadows, Caron, Talbott Recovery Campus, Bradford, The Pines, and MARR. After relapsing and coming to QUESTHOUSE, these guests, without exception, have stated that QUESTHOUSE is a superior program; not our words but the consumers.


270-781-3387 Questhouse.com

May the rest of your life be the BEST of your life!


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Get Framed

Robin Gentry, Owner and Claude

842-3801 • 955 Fields Drive, Suite 104 Mon.-Fri. 9-5 • Sat. 9-noon

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Off Campbell Lane

Shout Out




Dear Sheila: My daughter wants to get another Master’s degree. She already has a B.S. and a Master’s. How long should I keep footing the bill for her to go to school? ---Worried Mom Dear Mom: The question is, what is this Master’s in? If it’s some field like law or medicine which will help you, then maybe you should continue to help her out. If you find that her degrees are something irreverent to your life, and this new Master’s is in something like Folk Dancing, snap that pocketbook shut!

Dear Sheila: The guy my best friend has a crush on just asked me out. I really want to go, but I don’t want to betray my friend. What should I do? ---Torn Dear Torn: Which friendship do you think you’d value most? Is this a long-time girlfriend, or a mere acquaintance? Is the guy marriage or long-term material, or just a brief fling? Lastly, how mean and vindictive is this girlfriend?

Dear Sheila: I’m starting college this fall, and want to live in the co-ed dorm. My parents want me to live in the all girls dorm. What do you think I should do? ---Susie Co-ed Dear Susie: If you live in the co-ed dorm, you will see guys at the height of their grossness, and you’ll never want to marry. Besides, you’d miss bonding with your forever girlfriends over pizza and gin in mouthwash bottles!

Dear Sheila: I’m 15 years old, and want to car date. My parents don’t want me to ride with a boy until I’m 17. Should I be able to go now? ---Anxious Annie Dear Annie: I personally was conceived in an Oldsmobile, so I agree with your parents.

8 • Flair • 2013 • July/August/September

Want to ask Sheila a question? Write her at Shout Out To Sheila at P. O. Box 492, Bowling Green, KY 42102.

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Flair • 2013 • July/August/September • 9

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Full of...

by Patty Sue Sutherland

When I was a child, I played like a child. Now that I’m a woman, I STILL play like a child! Ride bikes, play in dirt, shoot squirt guns. Well, you get the picture! Now let me ask you this...for those of you that fish, why is it that when you are fishing from the shore, they tell you to cast that puppy as far away from the shore as you can....BUT when you are in a BOAT, they tell you to cast that puppy toward the SHORE?? I believe you can see how THAT would be VERY confusing to me - which is not that hard to do! Then once you catch that baby, you throw it back saying, “I’ll see you next week!” Perhaps if I was better at it, I would understand. Can’t imagine a deer hunter shooting a deer then saying, “Oh go on, I’ll see you next time!” Terrific Summer wishes peeps. Do what you like and like what you do! 1/2 full of rods, reels and this big lure called life!

Walk-in Appointments available for Established Patients Tues.-Fri. Noon-6PM • PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS

10 • Flair • 2013 • July/August/September

Patty Sue Sutherland was born in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, grew up in Lexington, attended and graduated from Western Kentucky University and lives on Barren River Lake. She loves sports, especially college & pro football, college basketball and golf. She loves the great outdoors and experiences many adventures while working in the yard. She is grateful for her family and friends and has been blessed with a wonderful life that keeps her glass 1/2 full.

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Page 11

Helen Borders

F AIR Spotlight on

H elen B orders is a C u stom er Service R epresentative at L ehm an A venu e branch. She started her banking career at Sou th C entral B ank in 2003 as a teller. H elen g radu ated from B ow ling G reen H ig h School and attended W estern K entu cky U niversity. She also attended K B A B anking School at G eorg etow n C olleg e.

Customer Service Representative

H elen is an active m em ber of B ale-O ’B ryan Su ccessor B oard, H ardin C ou nty B oard, D 1 C lu b and Indian H ills C ou ntry C lu b. She has a dau g hter, A ddison B ale R ife. H elen is ju st one of the m any friendly faces that g reet you at Sou th C entralB ank.

(270) 782-9696 • www.southcentralbank.com

Coordinated Colors without the Guesswork Say Hello to HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Simple Painting Solutions for Those Who DIY

The designers and experts at HGTV Home and Sherwin-Williams have teamed up to take the guesswork out of great design and ensure foolproof color flow throughout your entire home. We offer In-Home Color Consultation, as well as Do-It-Yourself Interior & How To Clinics*... Exterior Available in ALL Sheens • Decorating/ Coordinating with Color • Faux Painting • Concrete/Deck Care *

Call store for information on Dates & Times

Kym DeWitt Manager Amber Smith Assistant Manager


Hours: M-F 7-7 • Sat 8-6 Sun 10-6

1689 Campbell Lane • 270-793- 0176 By Jimmy Johns/Five Guys - across from TJ Maxx

Now 2 Bowling Green locations to serve you! Flair • 2013 • July/August/September • 11

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the essence of

Page 12

Beverly Peterson Oliver

My family: • Son - Russ • Dachshunds - Gidget & Chelsea • Sister - Donna & family • Parents - Dottie & Curry My work: Art Teacher at Greenwood High

I wish I drove a: B ugatti Bugatti The best thing invented (for me) was: A back yard with flowers

If I had not become a teacher, I would be: An architect or oceanographer My friends say I am: ve Spontaneous & creati creative If I wrote a book about my life, the title would be: “Flybutters and Hoppergrasses” - Life is Good!

If I were an animal, I’d be: Someone’s spoiled rotten canine My natural hair color is: I did not know that hair had a “natural” color! The best thing that ever happened to me: There are so many “best” things... Family & good friends are on to top p of my list! 12 • Flair • 2013 • July/August/September

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Page 13


A Lively Mix of Shopping and Entertainment

Furniture Shopping Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Make your rings as beautiful as your love

Mike, Pat & Sam

Celebrating 67 Years of Service with a Smile!

Our prices remain competitively low through volume buying and low overhead. Our in-store financing allows you to take home your favorite piece the same day.

To better serve our valued customers, we offer delivery and in-home set-up. morrisjewelrybg.com 408 E. Main Street

ay l! D 30 E Tria FRE


270-843-6101 UnitedFurnitureAppliance.com

YOU’LL LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR Better Hearing Starts Today!

No-Obligation Consultation

Let The Bistro Make It Memorable

FREE Hearing Test


Latest in Digital Hearing Aid Technology Call Us Today! 270.843.3192 Serving You Since 1967 800.264.1749 Garry Hammer Hearing Instrument 829 Bowling Green, KY 42101 829Street State •Street • Bowling Green, KY 42101 Specialist State

Classically European, Comfortably American David Kimbel BC-HIS

1129 COLLEGE STREET • 781-9646

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The Poet’s Moon — By Michele L. Hinton

I sit upon the shore bathed in the light of the poet’s moon. The quiet of the evening is broken by the whispering of the tide. A zephyr carried upon the waves caresses my cheek as a lover’s touch. I close my eyes and listen to the symphony of the sea. The quiet of the evening is broken by the whispering of the tide. A prelude to a concert performed by the rhythmic rolling of the waves; Then a mighty roar comes to my ears, as the sea crashes against the rocks, Tantalizing my senses with its majestic beauty and humbling power. A zephyr carried upon the waves caresses my cheek as a lover’s touch. The sea gulls sing their songs, as the dolphins dance beneath the poet’s moon. The sea grass sways upon the shore applauding the performance. My poet’s soul is cleansed and inspired as nature’s harmonies give praise to God’s glory. I close my eyes and listen to the symphony of the sea. Can a poet’s pen capture the essence of such splendor? The evening is alive with sounds carried upon a breeze, As I sit upon the shore bathed in the light of the poet’s moon. 14 • Flair • 2013 • July/August/September

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Get Noticed Everytime You Smile

Fine Home Furnishings & Consignments


We’re Here For All Your Dental Needs Botox • Cosmetic Dentistry Preventive Care • Implants Root Canal Therapy • Oral Surgery Oral and IV Sedation • Dr. Andrew M. Burt • Dr. William Funk • Dr. Leslie Campbell • Dr. Meghan Thomas • Dr. Thomas Birkenhauer





Call To Schedule Your Appointment Today!

546 Park • Bowling Green • 781-6161 • www.bgohc.com Offices also in Morgantown 526-3346 and Smiths Grove 451-0059


1116 Broadway Avenue • 270.781.5550 • www.lulushomefurnishings.com

Writing is her passion... Michele L. (Rees) Hinton is a local author and a retired Taekwon-Do instructor. She has several books to her credit and award winning poetry. Her poem, The Poet’s Moon, was published in Mid-Continent University’s Review magazine in 2012. Michele will have 3 other poems published in their review magazine in 2013.

Newest Releases from Michele:

A vailable in paperback or ebook

Visit Michele’s website at www.theseashellbooks.com Other Titles by Michele L. Hinton: High Seas: The Cabin Boy High Seas: A Matter of Blood Tales with a Twist & Tales Totally Twisted Michael Smith Other Titles by the Seashell Books: Secrets of Asian Women - Crystal Tai; Beauregard Blue - Betty J. Rees; The Masks We Wear - Stacie Cooper; Jack’s Monster - Jim Westcott; Bring Me a Bluebird - Brian Durski; A Field Where Memories Grow II - Joyce Lawhorn; The Four Year Hitch - Roy Reichelt, Jr; The Confidence Box - Roy Reichelt III; Poetry for the Mind - Debra Stephenson; Dontay’s Alphabet Book of Color - Evelyn D. Hall

Princess Courtney and the Magic Suit

The Sin Eater’s Daughter Gators and Witches and Lies....Oh my! Twin girls are born in the town of Black Water. One lives - one dies at birth. Or did she? Rescued from the grave, Hattie is raised in the swamp. When things go wrong in this superstitious town, the blame is placed on The Sin-Eater’s Daughter. See the book trailer on YouTube

A must have book for your child’s library! Princess Courtney loves elephants! Sometimes she wishes she was one. When she gets her wish, she quickly learns the meaning of “Be careful what you wish for!” This beautifully illustrated book is a treasure that encourages children to be themselves and the value of listing to their parents. Order these new releases from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or www.theseashellbooks.com ~ Available Locally at Chaney’s Dairy Barn~ Flair • 2013 • July/August/September • 15

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Gail sighed when she announced to the Class-y Mates that her granddaughter, Kelsi Glass, had become engaged to John Kelly. “How will I put together a spring wedding in Kentucky when I’m in Florida for the winter?” The date was set for April 27 2013. Gail took care of the details that could be handled by phone and email. The Lyric On Main in Scottsville was selected as the venue. Through social networking, Gail found a dedicated photographer, Stephani Jeaux DeVine, who immediately bonded with the By Pam McGuffey Class-y Mates. She traveled to Lexington to shoot the engagement session; she joined us at our sleepover/planning session at “our” cottage at the lake; she recommended hair and nail salons, and she even helped us decorate! Networking also led to a DJ, DJ Johnny Lightning, to provide entertainment – and, he happens to be authorized to perform weddings - a perfect solution for the couple who preferred a secular ceremony. Now, what about decorations? Kelsi wanted to use shades of purple and vintage, shabbychic décor. Oh, this would be easy! We could assemble quite a collection of our grandmothers’ crocheted pieces, lacy tablecloths, vases, candlesticks, etc. We raided chests, drawers, shelves, and closets. We scoured thrift stores, consignment shops, and yard sales. What about flowers? No worries! Blooming flowers are plentiful in south-central Kentucky in April – Iris, dogwood, lilac, forsythia, and wisteria. Each of the Class-y Mates has flowers, or generous neighbors with flowers. Perfect! The Class-y Mates gathered at The Lyric the day before the wedding to decorate. It was amazing to see what we had accumulated! We unpacked boxes and bags, piling the treasures onto a central worktable – “ooh”-ing and “ahh”-ing all the while. The Class-y Mates set about decorating the fifteen tables, taking frequent breaks to assess our work. “What about this?” and “Is this OK?” Every table was unique and every one was gorgeous. On the morning of the wedding, the Class-y Mates met to prepare food for the reception. Overnight, Eric, owner of The Lyric, had arranged the seating and tidied up for the ceremony. Chaos had been transformed into serenity. We were quite impressed with ourselves, but there was little time to bask in our glory. The flowers had to be arranged. There were melons and fruit to be cut into chunks for skewering, ham and cheese to roll up, and shrimp to boil. The morning was punctuated with lastminute concerns: “Don’t forget the lavender punch!” and “What time will the tuxes be delivered?” and “It’s raining!” As usual, everything turned out fine. The guests and the bridal party had no idea how many laughs, hugs, and tears went into making the day. Kelsi and John are on their way to “happily ever after” – with a little help from “something old” – the Class-y Mates.

S omething Old …

“The Class-y Mates” is a group of seven women who have been friends for more than fifty years. Each chose a different life path, but they meander in and out of each other’s lives from time to time.

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Page 17

T HA N K Y O U !!!

D93 is celebrating the 1stst Anniversary of our LOCAL morning show

h t i w p U e Wak

W a d n o R ’ n i Ro c k

Thank you Bowling Green and beyond for bringing us into your homes every weekday morning!

Rockin’ Ronda, BIG MOUTH ? Maybe. BIG HEART ? Definitely!  Nominated for the past 9 years - Bowling Green’s Best DJ  Nominated for the BG Human Rights Commission - Woman of the Year  Recognized by Toys for Tots for her dedication and generosity  With your help, has raised -

• Hundreds of rolls of toilet paper for the elderly in need thru the Housing Authority • Hundreds of backpacks for kids in foster care • Hundreds of coats for kids with Bowling Green Jr. Woman’s Club • Helped provide Christmas for hundreds of Angels on the Salvation Army Angel Tree

Join Rockin’ Ronda weekday mornings 6-9am on D93, Bowling Green’s Classic Rock. Laugh with her or laugh at her... a great way to start your day! Flair • 2013 • July/August/September • 17

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1:51 PM

Page 18

SUMMER SKIN CARE Hit a Home Run with These 10 Tips — By Barbara Johnson

It’s summer. Slip on your favorite T-shirt. Look in the mirror. What do you see? Dry flaky arms and legs. Pale skin tone and a blemish beginning to form in an oily spot on your face. Don’t panic. With the right care, your skin can go from sorry to show stopping with only a few changes. Skin care is a broad term that refers to everything from hygiene to anti-aging regimens. Summer skin care refers to all skin from your forehead to your toes from mid-March to mid-September.  Sunscreen is Your BFF. UVA rays will prematurely age your skin and UVB rays will burn your skin. When the UV index is high, your skin burns in as little as 10-15 minutes. On a cloudy day, your skin can be exposed to up to 40 percent of the sun’s UV rays. Choose a sunscreen with SPF of at least 15. Lighter, fair skin, use SPF 30. Apply your sunscreen 20-30 minutes before going outside.  Face Cream with Spot Corrector of SPF 30. Get rid of dark spots and freckles. Vitamins and botanicals fade spots by interrupting melanin production. In the morning, wear brighteners that are antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and soy. At night, use products with an alpha hydroxy acid or retinoid.  Extra Exfoliation. You sweat more in the summer, so dirt and oils are trapped and close your pores. Pores look obvious in hot, humid weather so adding one extra exfoliation session per week reduces the size of the pores and you look fresher.  Find the Right Moisturizer. Look for moisturizers labeled noncomedogenic - does not clog pores. Clean, clear pores will ensure fewer breakouts. People with dry skin need a cream-base. Those with oily skin need a liquid, waterbased moisturizer.  Don’t Scrub too Hard. Your skin produces oil to help seal in moisture and keep the skin hydrated. Scrubbing oily patches, and using alcohol-based cleansers stimulates oil glands. Less oil production to start with means less oil on the skin.  Don’t Wash too Frequently. Washing your face twice a day is enough to remove dirt and oil buildup. In the summer, you also might consider using a cleanser with salicylic acid at night. These cleaners remove dead skin cells that may clog.  Don’t Touch Your Face. Hands transfer oil and dirt. Hair is oily too, so pull it back to keep it from making your skin greasy.  Take Cool Showers. Taking cooler, shorter showers will amp up skin’s natural oil attributes.  Use Fragrance Free Soaps. Trade in rich, foamy soaps for milder, fragrance-free ones.  Take It Easy with the Towel. Leave skin slightly damp, and when you apply moisturizer, you will help seal in the extra moisture left on your skin. Summer can throw you a curve ball, but with a few simple changes to your daily routine, you’ll hit a home run. Healthy glowing summer skin attracts attention. Clear, hydrated skin can be yours by using sunscreen, exfoliation, and moisturizer.

Barbara Johnson is an Executive Cadillac Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics and lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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Page 19

Wigs • Cosmetics • Jew elry Handbags • Lingerie Pageant Wear • Hair Su pplies

& y t u a e B Beyond

takes a Photography of time, moment out y holding altering life, b it still forever

OPEN TO THE Mon-Thurs 8am-7pm PUBLIC... • Fri & Sat 8am-8pm


162 1203 Broadway • Bowling5 Green, KY 42101

Have a pa inting Private classe s available

otog De Vine Ph

raphy, LLC





Clothing for Newborn-20, Juniors & Maternity

27 0-646-2957


The Purple Building

. 31-W ByPa ss

I t ’ s Yo u r L ife, Shelter It


304 E. 11th S - Agent Ave, Ste 3 Bowling Gre en


h id e , m e th in g to lp w it h so ve a h u e h If yo ca n e s. u p e xp e rt s o u r co ve r- s a n d o ve r 2 0 0 sh a d ve r. o la u ke a rm M fo ss 5 1 re r a fr e e E xp C o m e in fo



etics, Norman Cosm ©2012 Merle


The Right Tools for Every Meal JERI L. MA RSH Independen t Director

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111 Oak Pointe C Bus 270-783-8 ourt • Bowling Green 002 • Cell 615 -310-2264



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Insurance fo r your... Auto • Hom e • Life Farm • Bus iness • Moto rcycle Let me help y ou plan for li fe’s changes and u nexpected even ts



270-618-9 37 years teaching747 art

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Arts on Sterling

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by Jennifer

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LINDA RON Keeping IN-HOMEE’S Bowling Green QUILTING S in Stitches TUDIO since 1998! Machine Qu Quilts • Bab ilting for... yB Throws • Co lankets mforters — Small, M edium, Larg


Meandering Open or C — Some free-m losed Pantograms otion meand erin design in it. No detail qu g with a ilting. 1201

7 CEMET 615-809-584ERY ROAD 1 (Cell)

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Bonnie Nicks: A Mother and Speech Therapist Tackles DYSLEXIA — By Belinda Saltzman

Bonnie Nicks recognized a problem and has dedicated her new career to helping those with dyslexia. Bonnie shares how she became involved with a dyslexia learning center: “Dyslexia is common in my family. My husband and two of my three children are dyslexic, as well as my mom and one of my sisters. As a Speech Therapist, I knew my son was very intelligent but struggling with academics related to memorizing, reading, writing and spelling as early as his preschool years. I started looking for answers. The process was tedious and often frustrating. Finally, when my son was in high school, I attended my first training on dyslexia and came home telling my husband that I wanted to train in this because it was an area of desperate need everywhere, but especially here in Bowling Green.” After extensive training in screening and diagnosing dyslexia and advanced training in a tutoring methodology, Bonnie opened The Learning Center in August of 2007. In order to meet the individual needs of a wide variety of struggling students, Bonnie expanded her initial training by becoming a certified Barton Reading Tutor, dyslexia testing specialist, and a certified provider of processing and cognitive enhancement therapy. The Learning Center has a very appropriate acronym, TLC. The Center is focused on providing specialized tutoring for students with dyslexia, academic coaching for students with executive function weaknesses such as planning, organization of A te thoughts, organization of ac materials, working memory, hom h e r s e n e wi initiation, etc., and th a t t h e f o l l specialized programming six-y o w i n g for students with auditory, earold b n o t e visual, and/or linguistic oy: processing issues. Tha Bonnie’s reward is t bo watching her y wa S s ome students’ self esteem o time f the soar when they h A l b e ave b m o s t b ee discover that they rt ri Tho Einstein n knownlliant mi CAN learn to read, nd to Ben m a s E , A l e x jami ande have ds of our diso write, and spell n n ysle r ,W Fra Gr W using methods Johnolfgang nklin, L inston C aham B xia: L e n n Amad eonar h u r c e l l , that are hi d e on, t specialized to o meus Moz o Da Vinll, a ci, n r t, tion their needs. “I love to o n l y and a few watch them come to recognize . their gifts in relation to their dyslexia and other special gifts they have.” The Learning Center continues to grow and continually looks for ways to expand their efforts to meet the needs of dyslexic children and their families. The Center provides development training to teachers and educator groups across the state. For more information about The Learning Center visit http://www.tutoringroom.com One determined mother is making a difference in hundreds of families in our community. Flair salutes you, Bonnie Nicks!


is to to le o stup id arn. Tho ” mas A. E diso n.

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BUSINESS CARD BUZZ • Ap pa re l • Ac ce sso rie s • Gi fts

It’s Always a Great Day at

Liz Ber nar d, Pro pri eto r

27 0.9 04 .24 42

42 6 E. Ma in Av e.

Bo wli ng Gre en, KY 42 10

sho pzin gar ella @h otm ail. com

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/em ail

Jerri Romans

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Date Night & Romantic Ge taways CAR FRIENDLY! Exceptional Accommodations for Both Gue

sts & Auto Prepare to be Pampere d Clint & Juan nie Kronenberger, Inn

keepers www.spongieacresbedandb rea 610 MATLOCK RD • BOWL kfast.com ING GREEN

Celebrate the Seasons of ove Riverview at Hobson Gr



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With Unique Gifts from the Museum Shop

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11 00 We st M a in 8 43 -5 56 5 nday 1-4 • Su

d@ gm ail hy pn os isu nl im ite

Thursday-Saturday10-4 th nniversa Happy 6 A



est Bowling Green’s Fin ment ish bl ta Es ing m Pet Groo


8 d , S u it e 1 0 R le il v s tt o Sc re e n , K Y B o w li n g G 61

2 7 0 .8 4 3 .3 3

Got Water?

pet salon  All Breeds, All Sizes  Personal Attention ice-Great Customer Serv

Chemical-free cleaning for home and personal use Products, demos & free business opportunity available

Thanks, sting Us Bowling Green, for Tru Pets With Your Precious for 4 Years!

pointment Hours: Tues-Sat by Ap C om bs r • W hi tn ey Te re sa Ta bo ie Vin ce nt te rs on • Ja m it h H ea th er P at er • P au la Sm tn So ny a G ar • e be ar B C arol yn

101 Nellums Avenue



219-324-2839 www.nancyrobinson.norwex.biz Flair • 2013 • July/August/September • 21

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First Comes Love...Then Comes Marriage...

Then Comes BABY in a Baby Carriage from the Playground song “K-I-S-S-I-N-G”

— By Leona Morelock My infant son sits in my lap as I type this and I’m so very grateful. Grateful for the 7 years that my husband and I spent trying to get him here. He has already been worth every appointment, shot, failed pregnancy test, surgery, medical procedure, and now, diaper! In 2000 love came...in 2001 marriage came...and everyone including us was waiting for the baby carriage. After 4 years of marriage we were ready to start our family. Months turned into years of taking different medications, and 2010 came with our 5 years of unsuccessful fertility. While this was emotional, I didn’t want to be one of those couples who only think about becoming parents. I always thought in the back of my mind that when God was ready for us to become parents we would. I had 7 IUI’s, which are the step before IVF, a lot less costly as well as less emotional. I also had 2 surgeries. My months would go like this: 1 week of fertility medicine and a shot, 1 week would be IUI, 1 week I would go back for blood work and the next week we would wait. And then it all started over again. There was something every week. Three times out of the month I would sit in the lobby at my OB watching women who belonged to the “pregnancy club” and I was an outsider. 2011 was a respite year. We were both tired of prematurely buying pregnancy tests and seeing negative results. In November we went for an appointment with the Fertility Clinic in Nashville and came up with our plan. February 2012 we tried one last IUI. That came and unsuccessfully went, and in March we started the IVF procedure. After 2 months of daily shots, crazy hormone induced moods, emotional days and weeks, more shots, weekly blood work + ultrasounds, a retrieval of 20 eggs, a transfer of 2 embryos, May 7 was the date that we long awaited. We were both anxious and couldn’t wait to call to hear the voicemail that had been left for us. The message would have so many words that would explain blood levels, hormone levels, etc., but the tone of the first word was all I needed. “Congratulations…” was all I heard. It worked, it really worked! As my husband said later that night, “This is how God wanted us to get pregnant.” I could now sit and wait in my OB’s office and belong to “the club.” Bronson Reid Morelock arrived early on December 31, 2012 — now the schoolyard rhyme is complete.

Leona Morelock is the owner of Lasting Impressions, a wedding and event design and planning company. You can find out more on LastingImpressionsByLeona.com. She also is the author of a local blog OurDailyCoffee.com where you can read more about her journey with IVF and the many hats women wear like being a mom, wife and business owner.

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Ta ke Controlof

H a ir Loss

You can have beautifulhair w ithout wearing a w ig or we ave

Play. Eat. See the sights.

Then relax in a SMOKY MOUNTAIN ET CABIN OR rdeCnsHReAL t sor Ga in Lau rel Pig eon Forge, TN

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Fu lly fu rn ish ed sta rti ng at $

75 - $85 per night

Open 7 days a week

All ethnicities welcome

Martenna’s Hair Replac ement at Flynn’s Hair Consultant, Martenna

782-2459 • 237-0584 • 10 Flynn’s Building, Behind


57 Pedigo Way

Spongie’s Whimsicals

ying Around Old-Fashioned M onke nkeys Sock Mo One-of-a-kind handmadet include your tha fits out tom cus and o designs. favorite sports and retr


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1133 Nutwood Ave. (Just around the corner from LuLu’s)

P 270.904.0270


Dentistry for Children, Teenagers and People with Special Needs ley Dr. Mandy Ash MS

Pier 1 Imports

“The Way Life Used To Be”

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- Sm al l A ni m al Sw ap M ee t 3 rd Sa tu rd ay Ev er y Mo nt h • 8A M- 1P M

IDS Toll Free 855-SKY-K wling Green, KY Bo • 1 0 1 ite Su • 727 US 31-W Bypass



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Flea Market • Guns • Produce Knives • Saddlery • Leather Crafts

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Rain or Shine 15 97 Sq u ir e Ly le s R oa d Sc ot ts vi lle , 27 0- 77 9- 23 00 K Y 42 16 4


ww w. Ti m an dS us• 27 0- 99 1- 75 28 ie He nH ou se .co m

PROFESSIO kelleydentistry.com

843-9950 Flair • 2013 • July/August/September • 23

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Beach Blanket Classics If you’re looking for a good beach read to enjoy on your summer vacation this year, why not take a cue from your teenager’s high school summer reading list and enjoy one of the many classics you may have read only obligatorily or missed entirely as a teen yourself? Now as an adult — with the advantage of time and maturity — you just might find yourself enjoying one (or more) of these essential titles which you may have first dreaded reading or avoided altogether when you were in high school. Who knows? With a little luck, an opportunity might then arise for you to have a real-life, in-depth discussion with your teen — and maybe a few of his or her friends, too — about a subject more substantial than cell phones or celebrity scandal. Teach your teen a valuable lesson about learning and literature by setting a positive example through reading (or re-reading) one or more of these classic novels this summer. It’s never too late to fall in love (for the first time or all over again) with a great book, and just think how intelligent you’ll look lying on your beach towel immersed in such a timeless tome!

by Jim Browning, Flair Editorial Director

TOP 10 BOOKS FROM HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER READING LISTS How many have you read, and how many have you yet to read? 1. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is set in Alabama in the 1930s and told from a child’s viewpoint. The story deals with race, outcasts, and growing up. 2. Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston is an important telling of the AfricanAmerican experience and a story of love and strength. 3. 1984 by George Orwell is a gripping, terrifying, and suspenseful novel that is as relevant today as when it was first written. 4. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley paints a picture of what the future may hold and is funny and clever. 5. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a short book about the American Dream with great characters and descriptions of life of the wealthy in the 1920s. 6. Dracula by Bram Stoker has inspired countless other books, movies, and TV shows. It is written through letters and diary entries. 7. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo is a must-read story of love, redemption, and revolution. 8. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck is the story of a family during the Great Depression, but the descriptions and symbolic imagery tell a much bigger tale. 9. The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien is a collection of short stories about the Vietnam War and how it affected a group of soldiers. 10. A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving is a great work of contemporary literature. You will not be sorry if you add it to your summer reading list.

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Forever Communications • 270-843-3333 1919 Scottsville Road, Bowling Green, KY Flair • 2013 • July/August/September • 25

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The Wine-0-1-1

The 411 on Wine brought to You by Shenanigans Wine & Spirits

By Casandra Spears Yes, you can drink rosé and still be a bad ass! At least according to Charles and Charles Winery that is! This summer while you are grilling out on your patios and the weather is hot, you wine lovers out there want something light, refreshing, and fruity to help cool you off. Well, I have just the wine for you! Charles and Charles Rosé is a collaboration wine by Charles Smith and Charles Bieler from the Walla Walla Valley in Washington State. Charles Smith grew up in Sacramento, California and had an urge to travel like no other at a very young age. He eventually moved to Denmark for a hot lady friend, where he managed rock bands and concert tours in Scandinavia. His passion for wine was the result of all the wining and dining while on the road, and in 1999 he got his first juice. Charles Bieler lives in Harlem, New York and is an innovative rosé wine enthusiast who makes and promotes rosé like no other! According to Bieler’s website, at a time when rosé was considered gauche, he travelled the U.S. in a pink Cadillac to promote the Routas rosé and helped light a fire under what is now a highly respected category. The collaboration between these two characters is exquisite! They certainly have brought rosé into the limelight with their 2011 collaboration receiving 90 points from the Wine Spectator. These guys know their rosé, and how to be bad ass at wine making for sure! Charles and Charles Rosé is not only a great tasting wine with aromas such as wild strawberry, rose, cherry, subtle hibiscus and a touch of citrus, but it also has a great presentation with a patriotic label, in pink might I add, of the American flag. This label was designed not so far from us in Nashville, TN by the Hatch Show Print shop. This makes this a perfect summer wine and great for the Fourth of July celebrations coming up next month. So, while Mother Nature brings the heat with a vengeance this summer, bring out your inner bad ass and drink some Charles and Charles Rosé; I know I will be drinking my fair share! 26 • Flair • 2013 • July/August/September


Charles & Charles Rosé The aromas pop with wild strawberry, rose, cherry, subtle hibiscus and a touch of citrus, with underlying dried herb, crushed gravel and mineral tones. Great with grilled salmon, pan-seared scallops with a cherry compote.

Casandra Spears, owner of Shenanigans Wine & Spirits, has a marketing degree from Western Kentucky University and is very educated in drinking wine with eight years of experience doing so. Casandra is also available at both Shenanigans locations in Bowling Green and Lexington, KY. If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact her at 270-780-9420.

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Yes, You Can Drink Rosé and Still Be Bad Ass TRY A BOTTLE TODAY!


99 99



T hinking ofbuying or s elling a hom e,fa rm ,or com m ercia lproperty?

E N I W S G N I T TA S Fridayy

T hink ofm e!

y r da r e Ev Satu m p & 8 m 4p

Perry Thessen, Your Friend in the Neighborhood.

Perry Thessen R E A LTO R ®



955 FIELDS DRIVE 780.9420



1053A Lover s Lane Bowling Gr een, KY Cell 270-796-7550 Of fice 270-745-9900

The Hunt Group “Independently Owned & Operated”

Picture This

The latest state-of-the-art diagnostic tool

D IRECT D IGITAL R ADIOGRAPHY S YSTEM Our new x-ray tool benefits your pet by: • Providing improved diagnostic capacity with better imaging • Enlargement capabilities • Computer enhancements for measurements and notations • Fast - renders images in 6 seconds, allowing a Board Certified Radiologist to view images quicker

Your Image Is Our Business

Healthy Pets = Happy Pet Owners

Bowling Green’s Premier Veterinary Hospital 843-1558 1650 Campbell Lane

GREYSTONE Pet Hospital

“Where Pets are Family”

Mon-Fri 7-6 • Sat 8-12 • Sun - Pickup/Dropoff 4-5 Emergency phone calls answered 24/7

Dr. Matt Paxton Dr. Betty Stephenson • Dr. Amanda Gray Dr. Adrienne Price

www.GreystonePetHospital.com Flair • 2013 • July/August/September • 27

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s ’ e o r n o M




“Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a lady.”

b ons mots

“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.”

“What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5 of course!” “I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it.”

“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.”

“A wise girl knows her limits. A smart girl knows that she has none.”

Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) Iconic American actress whose life inspired NBC’s current musical drama hit series Smash

28 • Flair • 2013 • July/August/September

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C om e in out of the H eat

F AI R free. is

r Issue Premie

F lkfkda kjldlfa kjldlfalkfk da lkfkda lkfkdakjld lfa kjldlfa kjldlfalkfk da lkfkda v kjldlfa

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out It’s ALMLENAb. . WO out It’s ALTITL UDAb E! AT

From Art Deco to Vintage — we believe we have something for everyone!

Stay cool while browsing through over 200 booths of vintage and antique jewelry, clothing, glass, lamps, kitchenware, textiles, collectibles and more!



bout LL A N. . It’s AWOME L About E! L D It’s AATTITU


sue ier Is Prem




ette City

• Ample Parking • Courteous Friendly Staff


778 Interstate Drive

(Behind Jerry’s at Exit 28)

Hrs: Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat-Sun 9-6

• 270-393-9500

How Can We Help You? Allergy Solutions


Health & Beauty

Kids & Baby We Are Your

...and so much more!


 Like delivery in our newly expanded delivery area - the Bowling Green city limits for only $1  Medical Equipment  Prescription Compounding and Flavoring

Independent Pharmacy

CDS #10 Pharmacy Professional Care & Fast Service Since 1974

Monday-Friday 8:30am-6pm Saturday 8:30am-1pm

270.781.5661 • www.cds10.com 1308 Ashley Circle • Bowling Green, KY

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When you’re stressed, you eat ice cream, chocolate, and sweets.

YOU KNOW WHY? Because “stressed” spelled backwards is “Desserts.”

30 • Flair • 2013 • July/August/September

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and Cremation Services

When the time comes, will you be ready? Do you know the cost of a funeral? Do you have funeral insurance? For answers to these questions without obligation, please give us a call We offer dignified, yet affordable Funeral Services, Cremation and Monuments

1510 Campbell Lane Bowling Green, KY 42104


Jan & Kenneth Cone

-Veteran Owned Company-


Tasteful Beauty that Stands the Test of Time Let Our Expert Craftsmen Create the Perfect Outdoor Environment Just for You... • Outdoor Kitchens • Paver Patios & Driveways • Curbing • Stone Work • Segmental Retaining Walls • Architectural Design • Virtual Imaging

AVIATION HERITAGE PARK Three Springs Road Bowling Green, KY

Only with Viz Terra can 3D DESIGN SOFTWARE you have total control! Transforms a flat 2D site plan into a real time 3D tour - all with the click of a button


www.Unique-Hardscapes.com Daniel Meador 270-776-3568

Mark Meador 270-792-1674

Schedule Now So You Can Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Sooner! Flair • 2013 • July/August/September • 31

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Fishing is a serious disease. Perhaps now she’ll accept there is no cure.

GOLD • DIAMONDS • GEMSTONES New & Estate Jewelry • Jewelry Design & Repair

2910 Scottsville Road • 781-1194

We are the leading buyer of scrap and broken gold, old coins, estate and fine jewelry.

Profile for Country Peddler

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