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Fall 2012

10 • Home Improvement Guide Fall 2012

Getting the building permits you need By LeeAnn Neal The next time you find yourself waiting in line at your local building permit counter, take comfort in the fact that human beings have been adhering to building codes since roughly 1700 B.C. The earliest known laws addressing building construction were included in the Code of Hammurabi, king of the Babylonian Empire. That code called for severe penalties – death in some cases for violators, particularly when shoddy construction caused injury or death to an occupant. Today’s building codes, and associated permits, are also designed to protect building occupants. “Building codes have saved lives and

are one of the main reasons for a drastic reduction in fires, structural failures and loss of life in America over the past 40 years,” wrote City of Astoria building official Jack Applegate in a recent column published in Coast River Business Journal. In Oregon, building codes are implemented by the state Building Codes Division. However, counties and cities enforce the codes. In Tillamook County, building permits are issued by the Department of Community Development’s Building Department at the Tillamook County Courthouse. “We try and make the processes as friendly and simple as possible but permitting is a legal process that insurance companies and mortgage lenders

expect us to do a thorough job handling,” said Craig Wakefield, Tillamook County building official. Not all remodeling projects require permits. Exceptions can include painting, tiling, carpeting, gutters and downspouts, door and window replacements, papering, cabinets, counter tops, floor or ceiling covering, re-roofing and interior wall work. However, opting not to apply for a permit when one is needed can result in expensive fines, said Wakefield, noting that a homeowner can face penalties of up to $1,000 per day “for every day the violation exists.” He added, if someone has had remodeling work done without a permit, then finds out he or she should have obtained a per-

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square foot) and a state Building Codes Division surcharge of 12 percent. “Detailed information is critical in giving a true cost,” he said. A residential project valued at $10,000 (construction and materials) requiring a residential permit generally costs $343, “which includes, land use review and approval, sanitation review and approval, public works review and approval, structural and building code review and approval plus all the inspections that get you to an occupancy approval,” he said. In many cases, if your project is relatively simple, you can draw up plans yourself. As long as plans are clear and detailed enough to indicate how the project will be built, you don’t need the help of a professional. However, if plans call for more complex work, such as new beams, you will need an engineer’s or architect’s assistance. In Tillamook County engineered plans are required for alterations or repairs to the

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mit, all is not lost. “If the work can be accessed for inspection the work will not have to be removed unless it is unsafe.” Still, working without a necessary permit is expensive. “Permit fees are doubled when work is performed without approval and a permit,” he said. Having a permit and subsequent inspection on record can actually benefit a homeowner hoping to sell or refinance his or her home in that they offer proof of renovations that comply with local codes, to prospective buyers or lending institutions. In Oregon, building permit fees are set by the state Building Codes Division and based on the cost of construction and materials of the work to be done in addition to a plan review. Non-building permits such as electrical, plumbing and heating and cooling, are usually priced per number and by the type of installation. According to Wakefield, permit costs can also include a school excise tax ($1 per









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structural portions of buildings with a footprint of 4,000 square feet or more, that are more than 20 feet tall and those which have an occupancy classification requiring a fire and life safety review. If your project is beyond your own skills, be sure to hire a licensed, bonded contractor who is familiar with local codes for your remodeling project. Work that does not meet code must be redone, which is not only costly but can delay refinancing or the sale of your home. “Some permits can be issued over the counter,” said Wakefield. However, “most permits have multiple disciplines involved. For instance, you may need land use approval or sign off from city officials. There may be sanitation concerns. The site may be located in a geological hazard area or a ‘special flood hazard area. It may be subject to state (land use) goals, like farm and forest lands.” It takes about two weeks to receive a basic permit for residential remodeling projects not subject to the above concerns once the county receives a complete application, said Wakefield. Be sure to wait until you receive your permit to begin work on your project. Post the permit at the job site for the building inspector. Inspections, the cost of which are included in permit fees, are required at various stages throughout a project to ensure work is following approved plans and codes. You can apply for a building permit online at, or by calling, writing or visiting the Tillamook County Department of Community Development at 201 Laurel Ave., Tillamook, OR 97141, (503) 842-3408.

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Bathroom remodels that look like a million bucks The average cost of a bathroom remodel tops $16,500, according to Remodeling Magazine's Cost vs. Value report. But you don't have to spend the average to achieve above-average results when it comes to updating a bathroom. Generally, people renovate or remodel bathrooms for two main reasons: to boost their home's resale value, and to enhance their own enjoyment of the room. A bathroom renovation yields a 62 percent return on investment at the time of resale, Remodeling Magazine's report indicates. How much more will you enjoy that ROI - and the improved livability of your bath - if your initial investment was just $1,000, rather than tens of thousands? Fortunately, the bathroom is one room in the house where you can accomplish a lot with $1,000. Here are four updates and upgrades that cost less than 10 Ben

Astro & Odie

Franklins, but can leave you feeling like a million bucks when you step into your new bath. Redo walls and floors The key to bringing this job in under $1,000 is to do the work yourself. The actual materials - paint for the walls and tile, stone or vinyl for the floor - can be purchased for a relatively low cost. By doing the work yourself, you avoid high labor charges. Most bathrooms require only a gallon or two of paint, so you can easily stay on budget even if you purchase a highend brand. It's also possible to find plenty of cost-effective flooring options, from luxury materials like marble to more economical ones such as ceramic tile or vinyl. After the materials, your second biggest investment for this project will be the time it takes to learn how to do the job right. Fortunately, you'll find plenty of educational material online and many

home improvement stores even offer free classes in how to lay new floors. Switch out the shower door After the walls and floor, the shower door is probably the third largest surface - and design element - in your bathroom. Unless your home was custom-built, chances are your shower door is bland and basic, albeit functional. Replacing a plain shower door with one that features a design, pattern or frosting can add personal flair to a bathroom. Manufacturers like Sterling offer a variety of shower doors that are both beautiful and functional, including patterned shower doors. In addition, Sterling's frameless doors feature the company's trademarked ClearCoat technology, which creates a barrier between the water and glass to keep the door looking pristine and new. Prices vary depending on the style of door you

Go Natural

can replace it with a shower enclosure.

Swap out the shower enclosure Cracked, chipped ceramic tile or an old, stained shower enclosure can make your bathroom look tired, dated and dirty. Replacing the shower enclosure can give the room a whole new look. Plus, if you only have a tub and would like to add a shower, an enclosure is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to achieve your goal. Or if a tub doesn't suit your design and lifestyle needs, you

Products like Sterling Ensemble Curve shower enclosures are sized to fit standard 5-foot bath alcove spaces, and installation doesn't require you to move the drain location. Replacing a tub with an enclosure makes for a spacious, luxurious showering experience. The Sterling products start for less than $700. Update fixtures Few bathroom upgrades have a greater impact on effi-

Virtually any upgrade you make in a bathroom can enhance the value - and your enjoyment - of the space. Fortunately, with some do-ityourself savvy and the right products, you can make your bathroom look and feel like a million dollars without spending a bundle.


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 MARMOLEUM  Natural sheet flooring made of linseed oils & jute


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choose, but you'll find many budget-friendly options.

ciency and beauty the way changing fixtures can. Whether you opt for a lowflow showerhead or a highefficiency toilet that requires less water to flush, replacing older fixtures can update the look of a bathroom and yield long-term savings on utility bills. With abundant color, shape and design options in everything from commodes to sinks, faucets to shower controls, it's possible to find fixtures that suit every design taste - and price point. Smart shoppers can find budgetfriendly options that will allow them to replace more than one item, giving a bathroom a fresh look and feel.

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12 • Home Improvement Guide Fall 2012


Because hand nailing is superior for the following reasons: 1. We use a high-quality hot dip galvanized nail. 2. These nails will hold stronger into the roof decking than steel nails. 3. The galvanized roof nails will not rust like the steel nails that are used in a nail gun. If a steel nail is exposed to water it will begin to rust, causing water to penetrate through the roof decking. 4. The head of the galvanized nail is slightly bigger than those of the nails used in nail guns. Bigger is better for holding down shingles in high winds. 5. Every nail we use is driven by hand using a hand hammer or roofing hatchet. We ensure each nail is applied correctly; straight and flush with each shingle.

Here are three of the main hand gun nail problems we find:

Winterize your home in a weekend (ARA) - Preparing for Jack Frost's arrival can send a shiver down any homeowner's spine. A long to-do list for getting your home ready can feel overwhelming, leaving you wondering where you'll find the time and resources. But, with some optimism, easy tips and access to a few rental tools, you can winterize your home in just one weekend, leaving plenty of time to enjoy autumn's splendor. Prepare your lawn and landscaping Cold temperatures cause grass and other plants in your landscape to go dormant. Spend a few hours preparing your lawn for beautiful greenery next year. Start by aerating. Renting an aerator is a cost-effective and efficient way to reduce thatch and provide extra space in the soil for water and oxygen to reach the roots. Find a local American Rental Association (ARA) member store near you by visiting After aerating, spread a quality winter fertilizer to give your grass

rives. Start by renting a pressure washer at your local ARA member rental store. The trained rental associate will give you guidance on safe and efficient operation of the pressure washer. After you clean your deck, let it dry completely and then apply paint or sealant.

the nutrients it needs to grow strong. If you live in an area with harsh winters, remember to cover roses and delicate perennials so that they are protected. Winterize your deck The harsh winter elements can take a major toll on decking, so it's important to protect it. With a little time and effort, your deck will make it through winter unscathed and ready for outdoor fun in spring. To keep the structure's integrity intact and wood looking beautiful, clean and seal your deck before winter ar-

You can go home again ... Let Farmers® help.

Flood problems?

At Farmers®, we know that you insure your home to get things back to normal if something unexpected happens. That’s why you’ll love the friendly, thorough service you get from a Farmers agent. Call us and get a quote on the insurance that helps get you back where you belong.

1. Nails that do not go far enough in through the shingle: These nails will wear a leak hole through the shingle they are under. 2. Nails that go too far into the shingle. These nails cause a greater risk for wind damage and a greater risk of water penetration if wind-driven rain is blown under the shingle. 3. Nails that are driven in at an angle: These nail heads will cut through one side where the nail hits the shingle. The reason for this kind of work is unknown– perhaps the roofer may be tired or moving the gun at too fast a pace. Once again we want you to know we hand nail every nail straight and flush 100% of the time. We care about the quality of your roof!

Gets you back where you belong.

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Trim your trees Weak trees and dead branches can break and fall during winter, possibly damaging your home, your car, a utility line, or worse. Be a responsible homeowner and cut weak or dead branches in the fall so you don't have to worry. A chainsaw is the easiest way to deal with dead branches and will take much less time than hand sawing. You can rent a chainsaw to cut the wood into small logs or pieces for disposing of properly. Chippers can also be rented for grinding up the wood and using it for mulch in the spring. Seal windows and doors When temperatures drop, the small leaks in windows and doors become apparent. Avoid a chilly house and high energy bills by caulking your windows and weather stripping doors. Weather stripping is cheap and easy. Apply the adhesive strip between the door and frame for a tight seal that limits the amount of air that enters or exits when the door is closed. Caulking windows is a simple process as well when you have a caulk gun. If you need a tall ladder to reach second story windows, consider renting it since you'll likely use it infrequently. While you have the ladder, clean your gutters of leaves and other debris that can cause backups and ice dams. All you need is one weekend to prepare your home and yard for the cold weather ahead. Plus you'll get to enjoy the crisp autumn air while you get these quick and easy chores done.

Home Improvement Guide Fall 2012 • 13

Manzanita Les Schwab: ‘It’s people helping people’ Lumber Company: A family owned & operated business Forty-nine years ago, Frank Stephens bought the Manzanita Lumber Co. At that time it was a small two man operation serving north Tillamook County. 20 years later, his son Dave and family moved from Alaska back “Home” and soon after, bought in to the business. Riding the economy through several ups & downs, the Stephens’ have managed to grow their business by relying on customer loyalty,

the latest in products, increasing inventory levels, and keeping customer service their #1 goal. Manzanita Lumber is and will continue to be your place to shop for any Home Improvement or new construction needs. Frank, Dave, and the crew want to thank you for your business all these years, and ask that you step in to say hello.

4 quick tips 1. Test your garage door opener monthly to ensure that it reverses when it hits an obstruction or when its sensor beam is interrupted. 2. Vacuum the clothes dryer's exhaust duct at least once a year. If the duct is plastic, replace it (it's a fire hazard). Rigid sheet-metal ducting is best.

3. Replace furnace filters quarterly, or as recommended by the furnace manufacturer. 4. Test all GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets monthly. Press the test button and use a voltage tester to make sure the power goes off.

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Treat people as you would want to be treated, and you will succeed. It’s an old cliche, but it works. “If you treat your customers like they are No. 1, they will come back,” said Mike St. Clair, manager of the Les Schwab Tire Center in Tillamook. “Our customers are the reason we are in business.” The Tillamook Les Schwab has been helping those customers since 1987. What does St. Clair love about his work? “The camaraderie, the people, whether it’s the customers or the employees, it’s just a really positive place to work,” he said. The 15 employees at Les Schwab – many of them natives to the area – area a key piece to the store’s success. “If you treat your employees like they are the best, they will work hard to make you successful,” St. Clair said. Les Schwab has been in business for almost 60 years, and keeps many of its workers long-term. “It’s a good company, good benefits, a good program for the guys,” said St. Clair, who’s been with the Tillamook location for

the past 13 years. “It’s about people, that’s what its about.” And, it’s also about community. Les Schwab gives back to local organizations whenever it can. School groups will sometimes tour the store and mechanic shop – it gives older kids a chance to consider career options, and younger kids a chance to understand what adults do in the community. Additionally, “We’re involved heavily in the county fair, 4-H, the high school sports, and school activities, not just sports, as much as we can possibly afford,” St. Clair said. Why? “That’s our customers,” he said. “That’s who buys our products and comes in to see us for whatever they need. It’s people helping people. You can buy a product anywhere, but it’s the people who make the difference.” With fall upon us, St. Clair recommends drivers get their cars winterized: make sure you have plenty of trend on your tires, check the air pressure and your battery life. Les Schwab offers a free six-point inspection to help you spot any problems.

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Clark’s Plumbing: Clark’s Plumbing has been serving residents of Tillamook County since Marlin Clark started the business in 1983. After Marlin retired, his nephew, Brian Clark began operating Clark’s Plumbing and then in 2009 long time employee, Russell “Rusty” Robertson and his wife, Shara, purchased the business from Brian. Rusty grew up in Tillamook County and began working as a logger right out of high school. He was involved in a logging accident and was unable to return to his job. Thankfully Rusty found employment as a laborer for Clark’s Plumbing and later was accepted into the plumbing apprenticeship program. Rusty completed the apprenticeship program by completing the required class and work hours and passed the journeyman plumbing exam to become a licensed journeyman plumber. Shara was a Tillamook High School graduate and now works full time at the High School during the school year. She enjoys working with Rusty to operate the busi-

ness as time permits. Rusty and Shara’s daughter, Paige, is helping out in the office by answering phones and scheduling appointments. Rusty and Shara, and Paige, live in Tillamook and enjoy being part of community. They know the importance of giving back to those who support local businesses. Clark’s Plumbing supports many organizations including the June Dairy Festival, the Kiwanis Club, Tillamook High School athletics and Tillamook Co-Ed softball. Clark’s Plumbing’s focus is to provide residents of Tillamook County with fast and friendly service as well as high quality plumbing repairs and parts. They travel countywide to reach customers with no additional fuel charges. You can count on the same great service that Clark’s Plumbing has been providing to Tillamook County for 29 years. Whether you need a new water heater, your sink is leaking, your sewer line is plugged, or you just need to locate a line, Clark’s Plumbing can get the job done.

Call Clark’s Plumbing, Inc.!

Turn great art into great home decor (ARA) - From the moment the first cave dweller marked the wall of his home with a bit of charcoal, art has been a home decor must that has stood the test of time. Whether it's the vibrant colors of a van Gogh, the almostmystical perfection of a da Vinci or the dreamily diffused light of a Monet, great art speaks to the soul. The works of master artists have inspired home decor for centuries, and technological advances have made it easier than ever to incorporate their genius into your own home. It's no longer necessary to visit the Louvre in Paris to view the Mona Lisa or to travel to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City to savor van Gogh's Starry Night. You can easily incorporate great artwork into your home decor. Reproductions are the most obvious - and accessible - way to enjoy great masterpieces in your home. Fortunately, you have a variety of options when looking for a quality reproduction. From simple paper prints purchased at your local home decor store to actual paintings

digitally reproduced with the aid of a computer program, you can find reproductions for virtually every price point. You can use your reproduction to enhance your home decor in a number of ways. A small print tucked into a discrete spot on the wall can add a pleasant, surprising pop of color in a room. Or, a larger reproduction can be a focal point for a room's decor, and even provide color inspiration for the rest of the room, from walls to upholstery and accessories. Another versatile option that can be bold and striking is a wall mural. When you think of inspiring murals, does Michaelangelo's famous work from the Sistine Chapel come to mind? With easy-to-install wallpaper murals, you can recreate the world's most-recognizable ceiling in your own home. A mural can fit into the decor in virtually every room of your home. Imagine the whimsical delight of Katsushika Hokusai's The Great Wave of Kanagawa as an accent in your master bath. Or, van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night can impart a distinctive

Old World flavor to the decor in your breakfast nook. You can even incorporate a masterpiece mural in your outdoor design. Website offers wallpaper murals in SmartStick, a peel-and-stick material that can be used indoors or out and adheres to most smooth wall surfaces (including glass) and is easily removable and repositionable. No paste is needed and you can use the mural over and over again. Your foray into great art doesn't have to be limited to paintings, however. While reproductions of renowned sculptures are easy to come by, and an obvious choice, you can also find a variety of accessories and even furniture that draw their inspiration from famous works of art. Looking for something thought-provoking and edgy for your home decor? Consider items - from wall clocks to furniture - inspired by the work of Salvador Dali. Is modern and abstract more to your taste? Fabrics that draw on the colors and design of Picasso's works may fit your vision.

Butch Olson Garage Doors: Kay Olson is celebrating 31 years in business, as she remembers her late husband, Butch Olson’s, death in 1999. Since 1981, Butch Olson Garage Doors has taken pride in providing people and businesses in Tillamook County with garage doors made to last on the Oregon Coast. “Many people focus on price; our focus is on quality,” said Kay Olson. Butch Olson Garage Doors comes to

you; it is important they go onsite to see the location for the door, as there is not a standard garage door size. “We bring everything to you, and measure your door, bringing a selection of samples,” Kay said. Looking for new doors or repair? Call Kay at Butch Olson Garage Doors today at 503-377-2847. “I always return calls personally and usually the same day.”


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Roby’s Furniture & Appliance:

Big Box not necessarily Furnish your home with top-rated brands (but without the top prices) best bet

Roby’s Furniture & Appliance is ready to help you with your home improvement project! Roby’s offers the latest in energy efficient home appliances, as well as a complete line of home furnishings for every room—from sofas and recliners to dining and bedroom furniture. We try to sell products that are made in the USA whenever possible, including all major appliance brands—Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Maytag, GE and many more. Additionally, Roby’s offers televisions from top-rated brands like LG, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp and Samsung. The big news at Roby’s in 2012 is that George has decided to get back into the appliance service business. We’ve hired Nathan to help with the workload and the two of them are working together to keep our customers’ appliances working their best. Don’t worry if you didn’t buy your appliance from Roby’s, we’ll still be happy to work on it for you. Another new product at Roby’s is the GE Hybrid Electric Water Heater, one of the most efficient water heaters on the market. These units qualify for a $300 federal income tax credit, an Oregon tax credit of up to $400, and through October 2012 they also qualify for a $200 Tillamook PUD utility credit. The Oregon tax credit is set to expire at the end of 2012. Major appliances continue to be more and more efficient every year. The Energy Star program was started by the US Government in the early 1990s and has since been adopted by a variety of other nations around the world. The goal of the program was to reduce energy consumption, and when it comes to home appliances energy consumption has decreased dramatically over the last twenty years. For example, a typical refrigerator from the early 1990s might have an operating cost of

When buying anything from furniture to electronics, consumers are often inclined to turn to a big box store as a first stop in comparison shopping. But they may not be the best option for consumers trying to stay on budget or close to it. Good Things Come in Smaller Packages Millions of people turn to big box retailers thinking they will get the best prices, but a little research can yield other findings. According to University of Utah assistant marketing professors Arul and Himanshu Mishra, it’s common to find similar pricing on most items in many big box stores. Therefore, these retailers use big-ticket items to attract customers, who then just stay in the store to get the remaining higher-margin items and accessories on their lists. Roby’s Furniture & Appliance belongs to a regional furniture buying group and a national appliance buying group which offers competitive prices with box stores.

Roby’s co-owner George Lewis with Nathan Bentham, service technician. $150/year, while a new Energy Star refrigerator could easily cost less than $50/year to operate. Today, nearly every appliance qualifies for an Energy Star rating. As a result, the state of Oregon ended their residential energy tax credit program for household appliances at the end of 2011. The Tillamook PUD still offers utility credits on Energy Star appliances, but beginning November 1, 2012 that program will be scaled back significantly. No matter what room you’re trying to freshen up, Roby’s has what you need to help you get the job done. Roby’s offers a full line

of home furnishings, featuring a variety of American manufacturers. From La-Z-Boy and Lane recliners to Made in Oregon sofas, love seats, sleepers and recliners from Stanton, Roby’s has American made products for every room in you home. Roby’s also has a full line of mattresses from Simmons and Tempurpedic. If you aren’t waking up well rested every morning, stop by Roby’s and try out a few mattresses. The new Simmons Tru-Energy line offers the best of both worlds – individually pocketed coil springs for support and motion separation and memory foam for

maximum comfort. Wake up every day feeling re-energized and ready to face the world with a new mattress from Roby’s! Don’t be fooled into thinking you can find a better deal by shopping out of town. Roby’s everyday prices are competitive with anything you’ll find in Portland or Salem, and sometimes we’ll surprise even ourselves with pricing that beats the big box stores. If you do manage to find a better deal somewhere else, Roby’s will meet that price if at all possible. Don’t hesitate to shop around; just don’t buy until you check Roby’s Furniture & Appliance!

Smaller Crowds, Fewer Hassles Another advantage to shopping smaller retailers is that shoppers don’t have to drive long distances, fight crowds, endure long lines, or hunt for parking spots, making for a stress-free shopping experience that’s also smart from an environmental standpoint. Because of a more specialized selection, dedicated product specialists also may be more knowledgeable about the stock and functionality of certain items. Local Gives More Back A September 2009 study in Civic Economics titled “Thinking Outside the Box: A Report on Independent Merchants and the Local Economy,” reviewed financial data from 15 locally owned businesses in New Orleans and compared these stores’ impact on the local economy to that of an average SuperTarget store. The study found that only 16 percent of the money spent at a SuperTarget stays in the local economy. In contrast, the local retailers returned more than 32 percent of their revenue to the local economy.

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valued at up to $3,848 with purchase of select products*






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*Offer Valid July 1–December 31, 2012. See store for complete details and qualified models. Only valid at participating Jenn-Air Brand retailers. Customer will receive an instant credit at the register for the retail price of the free appliance model(s) when qualified product is purchased. Dishwasher upgrade available on select models. Consumer pays the difference between the retail price of the free dishwasher model and the upgraded dishwasher model. All products must be purchased on a single order/receipt. Offer only valid in the U.S.A. No substitutions allowed. ARV of dishwasher, $1,274. ARV of ventilation system, $1,796. ARV of under counter refrigeration appliance, $1,784. ARV is approximate retail value. Retailer alone determines actual retail and advertised prices. ®/™ ©2012 Jenn-Air. All rights reserved. To learn more about the entire Jenn-Air Brand line, please visit NCP-13381

Furniture • Appliances • Accessories ASTORIA • 1535 COMMERCIAL STREET • (503) 325-1535 TILLAMOOK • 1126 MAIN AVE • (503) 842-7111 L C • 6255 S.W. H . 101 • (541) 996-2177 RETAIL HERE RE TAIL IINFORMATION NFORM R A T IO N H EREH . • (541) 265-9520 N • 5111 N. C INCOLN




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Ace Royal Interior Flat $23.99 Sale! $21.99 Eggshell $26.99 Sale! $24.99 Satin $26.99 Sale! $24.99 Semi Gloss $27.99 Sale! $25.99

Ace Royal Exterior Flat $25.99 Sale! $23.99 Satin $27.99 Sale! $25.99 Semi Gloss $28.99 Sale! $26.99

Ace Cabinet, Door & Trim Semi Gloss $29.99 Sale! $27.99 While supplies last. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Sale price is per gallon.

Paint Sale Now through October 11th! Rosenberg’s is your place to get Ace brand stains, paints and specialty paint products. From now through October 11th our prices are unbelievable on our favorite Ace Paint products to complete any size of project.

2 N. Main Tillamook, OR (503) 842-4434 CCB #171850


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Rosenberg Builders Supply: Lumber supplier has deep roots... and just about anything for your next project By Lauren Foss For the Headlight Herald

he story of Tillamook County began on August 14, 1788 when Captain Robert Grey, an American sailing the sloop “Lady Washington,” anchored in Tillamook Bay thinking he had found the “great river of the West.” This was the first landing on the Oregon coast. In its early years, the town of Tillamook, the first community to be settled in the county, bore the names Lincoln and Hoquarten, the latter believed to be an Indian name meaning “the landing.” Its name was eventually changed to Tillamook, an Indian word meaning “land of many waters.” Rosenberg Builders Supply was once A. F. Coats Lumber Company. Coats Mill had a seven and a half mile logging railroad on the Tillamook River. Coats Lumber Mill employed more than 75 employees, and daily manufactured 80,000 shingles and produced anywhere from 1,400 to 2,000 board feet. Coats Mill, built in 1907, has constantly been altered. Back then it was meant to accommodate all the lumber and equipment for Coats. After many remodels, additions and face lifts, the building today barely resembles what was built in 1907, and changes are still underway. That was just the start of what the employees all know now as home. Rosenberg’s has been an established company in Tillamook County for many years. Coats was purchased in 1962 by Glenn and Verna Rosenberg. Their son, Doug Rosenberg, started working at the family store at a young age. In 1969, Doug took over the family store. Originally, Rosenberg’s only sold wood products, but that soon changed as community needs were much greater. As those needs grew, Rosenberg’s decided to partner with ACE Hardware. The current owner of Rosenberg’s is


Loten Hooley; he closed Loten Hooley Construction to take up a new dream of owning a lumber store. Year after year, he continues to support our local schools and community projects. He takes great pride in his community, family and friends. Rosenberg Builders Supply has won most of the ACE Hardware awards available, including the best lumberyard in the West. It also placed in the top 100 ACE stores nationwide on several occasions. The store’s paint division has also been recognized among the top 100 ACE stores nationwide. Rosenberg’s offers the highest quality of paint, carrying Pittsburgh Brand, the ACE Royal line and, coming soon, the new Clark and Kensington paint and primer in one. Whatever project you’re ready to tackle, Rosenberg’s can help. The store offers a wide variety of services; rescreening, custom sheds, glass/plexi-glass cutting, and tool repair and tool rentals. The store also offers laminate, tile, cabinet and storm door installation. Plus, they have one of the best mechanics in town who will do anything from trimmers, trailers and everything in between. Their contractor sales division can supply everything needed to build your house. Another service offers license and bonded electrical work by Angus Electric. From big to small, Angus does it all. Rosenberg’s has been a part of the community since 1962. The employees have always taken pride in having the highest quality products at affordable pricing. The store has everything you need for all your building projects – including advice, whether it’s questions regarding tools, plumbing, electrical, painting, floor covering, hardware, or lawn and garden. A new item added to the store’s offerings is bottled gases, available in private or rental tanks. And don’t forget to check out Rosenburg’s new line of welding supplies. There’s also a wide selection on lumber.

Rosenberg Building Supply is open seven days a week, 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Visit them online at, or call 503-842-4434.

(Above) The original A. F. Coats Lumber Company. (Left) Rosenberg Builders Supply today.

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P&L Heating & Sheet Metal; P&L Roofing: This family of experts can help advise, install and fabricate what you need Talk about saving money. Matt Zerngast, owner of P&L Heating & Sheet Metal and P&L Roofing, said that surprisingly often, customers will call thinking their current heating system has gone belly up, only to find that the service crew at P&L can simply service the system to get it up and running. That’s one of the reasons Zerngast recommends regular maintenance on all types of heating equipment. Zerngast said oil, gas and electric furnaces should be serviced once a year. Part of this work – like keeping clean filters in the system – can be done by the homeowner. But, he said, the P&L service team can make certain the system is working at peak efficiency. Although heat pump manufacturers suggest service once a year, “I actually think that’s excessive. I like to see (service) every three to five years, unless something comes up,” Zerngast said. Another important service, as

far as heating system efficiency is concerned, is pressure testing the ductwork that carries heat from the furnace to the various parts of the home. P&L Heating and Sheet Metal is set up to perform this test and then to repair any leaks in the system the test discovers. Once the system is repaired and retested, homeowners may be eligible for rebates from the Tillamook People’s Utility District (PUD) and for tax credits of up to $250, Zerngast said. As far as new heating or cooling equipment is concerned, Zerngast said his recommendation is based on information he gleans from his customers. “I try to get all the information I can from the people,” he said. An important factor, particularly in a resort area such as Tillamook County, is whether the customers are going to live in the home full-time. He said P&L installs a lot of heat pumps in new homes. A heat pump in a full-

(503) 842-7765 WE SERVICE ALL MAKES OF: • Electric • Heat Pumps • Gas/Propane, Oil Licensed - Bonded - Insured CCB#144376 2711 Third Street, Tillamook, OR 97141

time residence “can pay for itself (in energy savings) in about seven years.” But, in part-time or vacation homes, this changes dramatically. That’s why he works so hard to learn how the home will be used. “Then I can make a recommendation,” he said. Zerngast said he works together closely with Tillamook PUD, which has separate programs offering a variety of rebates. Tillamook PUD may also have financing plans available to help with some home weatherization programs. Zerngast credits foreman Sean O’Farrell with the current success of the P&L Roofing part of his business. O’Farrell “demands a high quality of work,” Zerngast said. “He does a bang-up job.” He said that nearly all types of roofing materials have improved in recent years. Composition roofing (particularly at the upper end of quality) and metal roofing

have improved considerably. “We use better materials,” Zerngast said, emphasizing that O’Farrell’s crew used nails, not staples, and better flashing. He added that at P&L, roofers can custom make flashing to fit any job in their sheet metal shop. On most roofs, Zerngast said, quotations will be offered for both the new, higher quality composition roofing or metal. Again, he said, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of roofing. Generally speaking, metal roofing is more expensive than composition. A home’s proximity to the beach is a major consideration for roofing as well. “Metal is better in the wind,” Zerngast said. But, he added, the warranty on metal roofs is usually voided if the home is within 1,000 feet of the beach. He added that copper roofing carries a 50-year warranty no matter where it is located. When using composition roof-

ing near the beach, the P&L crew will advise the use of stainless steel nails and flashings. That way, Zerngast said, “nails don’t dictate the life of the roof, the shingles do.” P&L Roofing’s crew also installs wood shingle roofs. Wood shingles have lost some of their popularity due to concerns about fire, but Zerngast added, “nothing can look like a shake.” The shop at P&L can fabricate chimney caps, water heater pans, dishwasher pans and just about anything else made from sheet metal. Customers are free to drop by the offices of P&L Heating and Sheet Metal and P&L Roofing at 2711 Third St., Tillamook, with questions. The office is across from Goodspeed Park, just east of the TP Freight office. For specific heating and sheet metal questions, call 503-842-7765. For specific requests in roofing, call 503-842-7087.

(503) 842-7087 SERVICE AND SALES OF: • Composition, Metal, Torch Down (Flat Roof) • Cedar shake/shingles Licensed - Bonded - Insured - CCB#159294 PO Box 717, Tillamook, OR 97141


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Ductless Heat Pumps Bring Efficiency and Comfort to NW Homes Fall is here, and along with it cooler temperatures. Now that summer is behind us you may be remembering your home’s inefficient or uncomfortable heating system. Northwest homeowners now have an energy efficient solution that both heats and cools their homes and provides comfort all year long – a ductless heat pump. Also known as mini-splits or zonal heat pumps, ductless heat pumps were developed over 30 years ago to efficiently serve the Japanese housing market. The technology has since evolved and is being embraced today by Northwest homeowners looking to upgrade or replace their electric baseboard heaters. “We love the technology so much that we retrofitted our 100-year old house with a ductless heat pump,” said Sarah Moscatello, of The Heat Pump Store. “My home is pleasant to be in all winter and summer, and with the added bonus of built-in air filters, I don’t have to worry about exposing my children to unnecessary allergens.” Traditional heating ducts waste 20 to 30 percent energy on average from air leakage and also host dirt, dust, allergens and mold. Ductless heat pumps are clean, energy efficient and comfortable. Internal filtration systems trap odors and pollutants while increasing air quality. “With a combination of utility incentives and tax rebates, homeowners have a unique opportunity of greatly reducing out of pocket expenses,” said Sarah Moscatello. “When combined with lower energy consumption, a ductless heat pump is a great way to save money.” For more information on installing a ductless heat pump, visit or call (877)-509-2961.

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Local contractor writes book geared to do-it-yourselfers By Dave Fisher Ever dreamed of building your own home? Maybe, even, acting as your own general contractor to save a few a few bucks in the construction process? Certainly, you are not alone, and it's the main reason Manzanita homebuilder George Hinkhouse has written a book, Home Building Guide - Easy Steps to Build Your Own Home. Hinkhouse, who has been building homes (over 180) in the Manzanita area since 1990, thinks the time is right for such a book and had actually been thinking of writing

it for quite some time. With new home starts languishing and extra time on his hands, he finally sat down and, over the course of six months, wrote and illustrated his book, a 70-page guide that takes a prospective home builder from the permit process and site preparation to the finishing touches and final inspection. "This is something I've had in the back of my mind for a long time" said Hinkhouse, "but I never had time before." The reason, he says, is the economic slowdown and its impact on real estate and new home construction. Not long ago, Hinkhouse Homes,

Inc. had upwards of a dozen projects in the works simultaneously, but things have slowed to a crawl. People nowadays are paying more attention to how they spend their money and if they can save a few thousand dollars on the cost of a new home so much the better. Hinkhouse doesn't recommend the inexperienced doing any of the physical work. "Construction of a home is dangerous work," he says. "It should be done by trained professionals. There is no way you can match their expertise in their trades." So, in addition to his home-building guide,

North Coast Door: North Coast Door Company has served Tillamook County for over 28 years. Family Owned and operated by Steve & Paulette Wynia since 1989, they offer a wide variety of makes & models of Garage Doors & Openers with installation, as well as service & repair, and a beautiful selection of Custom wood, fiberglass & steel swinging doors to fit your every need. They also offer locksets, stair parts and a great selection of f inish lumber for all of your home projects. Stop by North Coast Door Company, 1303 Front Street in Tillamook, call 503-842-5300, email or visit our website at There is always someone there to help you. — Paulette

North Coast Door Co. Let us help you open the Doorway to Quality Genie Garage Door Openers Sales, Installation and Service Work Garage Doors: • Commercial & Residential • Sales, Installation & Service

Garage Door Models Available: • Premium Vinyl • Windsor • Wayne Dalton • NW Door Company Swinging Doors: • Therma -Tru • Rogue Valley • Simpson • Masonite

Come By and Check Out the Great Styles of Our All Aluminum Infinity Classic Garage Door or Our Premium Vinyl, Wood and Steel Models!

Steve Wynia - Owner 1303 Front St., Tillamook


CCB# 59642


Hinkhouse is promoting his services as a consultant to those who wish to act as their own contractor, helping to keep costs down and hire qualified, experienced subcontractors. He estimates that, as a consultant, he can help a person save about 20 percent or $40,000 on a $200,000 home. Most important, he says, "I can help people avoid making mistakes." Now available online through eBooks, Hinkhouse's building guide is available for $24.95. To learn more about acting as your own contractor and Hinkhouse's consulting service, visit Available at the site is a free two-page report and a link to order the book. As far as finishing the book


George Hinkhouse surveys his website touting his new book and consulting service for those looking to build their own home, acting as their own general contractor. in a matter of six months, "It seemed like forever," said Hinkhouse, but now it is

done and available to those looking to build a new home and save money.

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ARE YOU SHOPPING FOR NEW APPLIANCES OR A WATER HEATER? Think “Energy Efficiency” as you begin shopping. Read labels, comparing energy use information and operating costs of similar models. Be sure to purchase ENERGY STAR® qualifying appliances. Marathon water heaters are the most durable water heaters made, with a warranty to match. Contact our Energy Services office to learn about our rebate program.

50 gallon....$150

75 gallon....$175 85 gallon....$185 105 gallon..$200 PTCS DUCT SEALING PROGRAM Leaky ducts can make your home uncomfortable, unhealthy and increase your heating bills. Studies have found that up to 50% of homes tested can have significant duct leakage. If you heat your home with an electric furnace or heat pump, increase your comfort and save energy by enlisting the help of a Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS) certified duct sealing contractor. Trained technicians use a variety of instruments to measure temperature, airflow and air pressures.

By choosing ENERGY STAR® windows, you can reduce heating and cooling costs and make your home more comfortable at the same time. Windows must have a U-value of .30 or less to qualify for the PUD rebate program.

To qualify for a rebate or low-interest weatherization loan, Tillamook PUD must perform an energy audit of your home PRIOR to any work being done.

DOES YOUR HOME NEED INSULATION? A large portion of your heat can be lost through your ceiling, walls and floors. That means you’re paying for something you’re not keeping. Proper insulation will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Creating an energy efficient home helps reduce monthly usage by 10 to 50% and improves the comfort of your home. H12900

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Energy Efficiency Saves Money

Tillamook PUD is your Energy Advantage. We are committed to energy efficiency and saving you money—and, with the rising cost of power, it is more important than ever. That is why we offer a variety of incentive programs to help you save. Whether it is time to replace an old appliance or you are looking to remodel, incorporating energy efficiency can be easy, and makes sense for everyone. When you purchase and install an energy-saving Energy Star clothes washer, dishwasher, refrigerator or freezer, you will not only save energy and money, you could be eligible for additional rebates from Tillamook PUD. Water Heaters Are you in the market for a new water heater? The energy-efficient Marathon water heater may be the ticket. Tillamook PUD offers rebates on whater heaters that meet specific efficency factors.

Residential Weatherization If your home has existing electric heat, you may qualify for weatherization rebates when you upgrade your insulation or windows. Insulation is the single most costeffective measure you can take when your goal is to reduce your energy bill, and make your home more quiet and comfortable. Residential Heat Pumps Energy-efficient heat pumps can greatly reduce energy use and improve the comfort of your home. Your investment will pay for itself in no time at all. A ductless heat pump is a new option for existing homes with baseboard or wall heaters. PTCS Duct Sealing Leaky heating ducts can make your home uncomfortable, unhealthy and increase your heating

bills. If you heat your home with a heat pump or electric furnace, increase your comfort and save energy by having the ductwork tested and sealed by a Performance Tested Comfort System-certified contractor. Call us today. Tillamook PUD will perform a free energy audit on your residence to determine eligible measures for your home. In addition to rebates, we offer five-year, 5percent interest loans on approved credit for qualifying measures. For rebate applications and more information on these energy saving programs, call our energy services experts at 503.842.2535 or 800.422.2535, or visit us online at Rules and restrictions apply so be sure to get all of the facts before you begin any project. A Tillamook PUD home energy audit is required prior to beginning the project.

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