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The Presidents of Seaside High: Meet Emma Bergin and Roni Darling

Fall 2012

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Seagull Pride Fall 2012 • 3

Welcome to Fall Seagull Pride! We first began discussing our plans for Fall Seagull Pride almost as soon as we’d finished the graduation edition of Seagull Pride a couple months ago. In past years Seagull Pride has been very sports-centric and has served mostly as a preview of the upcoming season for the Seaside High School sports. However, from the start this year our concept is much bigger than that. Yes, we are all proud of the dedication, team spirit and hard work put in by our sports teams, but the high school experience is about so much more than just sports. Band, choir, drama, student government and so much require just as much commitment and hard work as playing a sport, and we want to recognize those things too. After all, shouldn’t we be proud of what all the SHS students are accomplishing, on the field, in the classroom and in all extracurricular activities? We know that even with this expanded coverage there are still many great things happening at Seaside High this year that are not being covered, so we’d like to end by telling you to bring us your ideas about what we should be covering. Our email addresses are listed below, and we encourage you to get in touch with us about what you think should be featured in the next Seagull Pride. The staff of the Seaside Signal and the Cannon Beach Gazette wish you the best this year! Sincerely, Anthony Rimel Editor, Cannon Beach Gazette

Jeremy C. Ruark Editor and Publisher, Seaside Signal

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Q&A with student body co-presidents Roni Darling and Emma Bergin This year, as has become the tradition and at Seaside High School, there are two co-presidents rather than a single Associated Student

Body (ASB) president as there are at other schools. This year’s Presidents are Roni Darling and Emma Bergin, who’ve been friends since childhood.

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We sat down to ask them a few questions about next school year.

What are your goals for this year?

EB: Being ASB President I want to make sure we have a lot of fun in our school, but still keep it educational. We want to incorporate the assemblies, and we’re in charge of Homecoming Week. We want to make sure there are lots of fun activities throughout that whole week, and make sure the students are able to talk to us if they have any issues in school, and if they feel like there’s anything missing, that they can come talk to us.

What are you looking forward to this year?

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RD: For ASB I’m excited to plan everything, I’ve always like to plan stuff. With ASB all this work goes into it, and then seeing the finished product is always a nice feeling. I’m looking forward to working with out ASB officers. We’re not all the closest friends, and they’re not people we’d normally talk to, so it’s going to be cool to get to know them better. Overall for this year, it is senior year and we’ve been looking forward to this since… EB: Kindergarten. RD: (laughs) Kindergarten yeah. Mainly being involved and doing anything fun. I’m even excited for the busyness of it.

Why did you want to be co-president?

EB: I’ve always tried to be

involved with student body, so this year I just wanted to go all out, and make sure I was trying my hardest to be involved with school. It’s my senior year, and I’m gonna be done with high school, and by the time I get into college I’m probably not going to have time for school politics. I’ve always loved politics, and with my dad (Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin) being in politics, it’s been kinda fun. Also, being involved at the school you get to know new people. When you’re a senior you don’t get to know the underclassmen as much. I remember when I was an underclassmen and looking at the upperclassmen and being scared out of my mind. I definitely want to make it less of a scary transition for them.

How do you go about making those things happen?

EB: For Homecoming Week we have a lot of meetings with all the other ASB members. We just start planning things with our ASB adviser. We have advisers, who are on staff who are there to guide us along, so we’re not doing it completely by ourselves. We have meetings with all the ASB members, and we make sure that we get all of our stuff planned. We know what we need to do; we’ve just got to get it going.

What’s it like working with new freshmen? RD: It’s really fun. When you

are in high school, it’s all about the experience. We live in a small town, so it’s nice to meet those new people before school starts. That makes them more comfortable with you too. We want to get to know them just as much as they want to get to know us.

What else would you like to say?

RD: I want them [underclassmen] to feel comfortable around us. If they are scared to say something we’re not going to know what to improve on, and it’s really important to know what other people’s opinions are. Like Emma said, when we were freshmen I remember who the presidents were and who was in ASB and we looked up to them. I want people to do the same with us.

What are your goals for after high school?

EB: I definitely want to go to college and study nursing and live a simple life. I want to study labor and delivery nursing. I’m looking over in eastern Oregon, Blue Mountain Community College and Eastern Oregon University. Small town, cowboy style. RD: I’m not positive on what I want to study yet, but I definitely want to work closely with people, I’ve always been a people person. I’m really considering the San Diego Area. My dad grew up there and was a police officer for 20 years there. It would be a nice climate change.

Seagull Pride Fall 2012 • 5

Curtain about to rise for another great year of Seaside Drama Lenore Morrisson, who has been the director/producer of the Seaside High School drama program since 2005, is looking forward to another fun filled year. “I am still pursing scripts for our fall play, but it will definitely be either a comedy or a farce,” said Morrisson. “We are known for our ‘fun’ plays!” However, it’s not all fun and games. Being a part of the play requires students to work hard but it pays off in the end. “It is an arduous process,” said Morrisson. “The students have to be willing to work hard and memorize lines, movements and how to present themselves on stage.” She expresses her main challenges are the same from year to year; recruiting students, finding a script that works well with everyone and will maintain the cast throughout the long rehearsals. However, Morrisson expresses that funding for the productions are one her main challenges. “The musical is definitely the most challenging,” said Morrisson. “Another challenge is raising enough funds to carry us through from year to year. Drama is

Fast Facts

15 plays directed by Lenore 2 plays a year 200+ students through drama program self-sustaining so we really count on community support to attend the productions.” With challenges, come rewards and one of Morrisson’s favorite rewards is working with the students and seeing them grow as individuals. “I look forward to working with students and watching them develop and gain confidence as they work through the creative process,” said Morrison. “Then, of course, it is very satisfying once we reach production and the students shine on the stage to a very appreciative audience!” The drama program has attracted many cast members, normally ranging from 10 to 20, from cast to stage and technical crew, but there have been as many as 30 cast members, according to Morrisson. “Throughout the last several years, we have more guys coming out for the

The 2011 cast of the fall production of Altar Egos by Pat Cook. plays in their senior year, especially the musical,” said Morrisson. “They wind up loving it and lament that

they wish they had done it sooner so that is very rewarding.” By the end of the drama

productions, the cast alongside Morrisson begin to feel like a large family. “We spend so much time

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together throughout the rehearsal process that we wind up feeling like family,” said Morrisson.

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2012 Gulls football program comes with a new attitude, new approach Schedule

9/14 Fri Estacada 7 p.m. 9/21 Fri Knappa 7 p.m. 9/28 Fri Tillamook (Homecoming) 7 p.m. 10/5 Fri Banks 7 p.m. 10/11 Thurs. Astoria 7 p.m. 10/19 Fri Scappoose 7 p.m. 10/26 Fri Yamhill-Carlton 7 p.m. Home Games in Bold

By Jeremy C. Ruark and Kelsey Nuttall Zack Hofmann is a returning player with the Seaside High School football program hoping his team will have a better season this fall. “I think we are a lot more organized this season,” said SHS senior Zack Hofman who also turned out this season as a quarterback for the Gulls. “We have a lot more people and more running backs who can carry the ball.” Hofman said the challenge for his teammates this season will be to stay focused all season. “I like the unity of our team,” Hofmann said. “It is like a brotherhood.” The Seaside High School football team ended their

2011 season at 0-9, after an undoubtedly tough and frustrating year. That’s where Jeff Roberts comes in. As the head football coach he is promoting a change in outlook for the players. Roberts is hoping this season, the boys will learn commitment and to just have fun. Roberts is teaching his players a new philosophy called M.O.C. or Making of a Champion. “M.O.C. focuses on three things: men of character, men of class and men of commitment,” Roberts said. “That’s what we are preaching.” With an average of 41 players at practice so far, he is expecting, and is hopeful, for a turnout of 55 boys for the season. “We will absolutely not be cutting, so that any kid that wants to play, is going to be able to,” he said. Roberts’s new philosophy includes engaging his players by commitment. “Football wins come with doing all the little things right,” Roberts said. That means being committed to

each other and family and working together towards a common goal.” Though winning is important, it is not Roberts main concern; he wants his players to understand dedication and most importantly, to have fun. “If they aren’t having fun, they shouldn’t be out here,” he said. Roberts replaced Stubby Lyons who has retired. Lyons was head coach from 1980-1999 and again, after a short hiatus, from 2010 until his retirement in 2012. Lyons led the team to a state title in 1994. After 11 ½ years as head coach at SHS, Lyons is confident in passing along his reigns to Roberts. “He will do a great job; he’s very organized and has had a lot of experience” and has a good set of young athletes playing for him,” Lyons said. However, Lyons won’t be giving up on football so easily and will continue to be on the sidelines because the kids are “very important to me. I want to be there for them because I know they are there for me.”

Seagull Pride Fall 2012 • 7

The football team opened the 2012 season with a 50-0 home win over Warrenton, the first win for the team since Oct. 2011.

D LUCK THIS YEA O R! GO 2012-2013

Seaside Public

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New coach, new program, new season for Seaside volleyball Schedule

9/13 Thurs. N. Marion Endowment Game 9/20 Thurs. Astoria 9/22 Sat. Sisters Invitational 9/25 Tues. Tillamook 9/27 Thurs. Scappoose 10/2 Tues. Banks 10/4 Thurs. Yamhill-Carlton 10/8 Mon. Astoria 10/10 Wed. Tillamook 10/13 Sat. Seaside Invitational 10/16 Tues. Scappoose 10/18 Thurs. Banks 10/20 Sat. Philomath Inivitational 10/22 Mon. Yamhill-Carlton 10/27 Sat. Playoffs Home Games in Bold

6 p.m. 7 p.m. 8 a.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 a.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 8:30 a.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 8:30 a.m. 7 p.m. TBA

By: Anthony Rimel

On the third day of preseason practice new Seaside High School coach Annie Forman was positive. “For past three days watching the improvements has been awesome,” she said. “We’re only gonna get better. Forman said that since she is a new coach the players will have to get used to her. “It’s a new program, a new season, a new group of varsity girls,” she said. “I’m looking forward to building a

new program together.” Forman said her goal for the season is to have the team to work together. “My goal with these girls is to get them to focus on

working as a team, and to accomplish something as a team instead of as an individual.” According to Forman, the complicated movements in volleyball require a lot of

Rep. Deborah Boone

wishes the students of Seaside High School a great year!

coordination, so much of her focus has been on building the players’ relationships both on and off the court. The team has gone on hikes and campouts together to build their relationships. “My focus is making sure they have fun, learn to get along with each other and find friendship,” she said. “That will lead to victory in the end.” Forman said that the volleyball athletes will learn cooperation and teamwork that will carry onto other aspects of their lives. “I’m really looking forward to seeing them grow,” she said. Alex Habecker, a senior on the team who has played since she was in the sixth grade, said she got into playing a lot because her dad is a volleyball coach at the middle school. She said she likes the competitiveness and teamwork involved. Habecker said last year the team had issues with bonding, so they could be more competitive if they come together. She said the seniors on the team need to “say the things nobody wants to say” and take leaderships roles. “It’s gonna be tough but we’ve got to do it,” she said. Although she’s a new

transfer to the school, senior Danielle Fitts said she’d also like to take a leadership role on the team. “I’m really excited for the season,” she said. Fitts, who played for three years at her last school, said the team is a good group of hardworking girls. Her goals for this season

are simple: “I want to improve as a volleyball player and be a team leader,” she said. Fitts said she loves Seaside so far, and added the colder weather here actually has advantages for atheletes. “It’s nice to train in the colder weather,” she said, laughing.

Seagull Pride Fall 2012 • 9

The Seaside High School Cheerleaders helped motivate the crowd during the Gulls first game this season at Broadway Field.

Give a cheer for the Seaside High School cheerleaders! By J eremy C. Ruark SEASIDE –The Seaside High School Cheer Leading Club is back this year full of energy and Gull spirit. SHS junior Angelique Colley is a team veteran and while she loves to cheer, she acknowledges that it is not an easy job. “It is hard because we have to memorize the cheers and we also dance and do stunts,� she said. “So we have to stay in shape. There is a lot of discipline in cheer leading.� Colley said to be effective, cheerleaders have to “go all out.� “The more excited that we are helps to get the audience excited,� she said. “If we are really into it, then it will show.� This is the first year on the squad for SHS freshman Dana Ottem. “I have been in dance and I have done a junior cheer, so I have a little bit of experience,� said Ottem. “That helps me get used to what I have to do.� There is one part of the cheering that appeals to Ottem. “I am a tumbler, so my

favorite part is the stunting and tumbling,� she said. “I also love to dance. So just getting out there and being a part of the school is fun for me.� Ottem and Colley agreed that teamwork is essential for the club. “We all get along really well,� said Colley. “We are like a family. We do team bonding and hang out a lot together.� Danele Sweet, SHS cheer leading head coach began the program five years ago. “I started the cheer leader club after I went to a Seaside High School football game and noticed there were no cheerleaders on the sidelines,� Sweet said. “I decided that there needed to be cheerleaders.� Sweet believes the squad plays an important role at Seaside High School. “It is important for the whole high school experience for these kids,� she said. “I like to see school spirit and kids having fun with the high school experience. Having the girls on the sidelines having fun makes it fun for the entire student body.�

To motivate the new cheerleaders, Sweet teams them up with the experienced squad members. “It works out great that way because they encourage each other during practice and when we are performing,� she said. Sweet said the cheer leading club is an excel-

lent way for the members to learn self-confidence and to become school leaders. “Their job is to be role models,� said Sweet. “They help get the student body more involved in the football program.� For now, the SHS cheerleaders are only per-

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forming at the high school football games as a fall club. Sweet will also lead the SHS dance team this year as the new head coach following Nancy Taylor’s retirement. “I am also looking forward to that role,� she said.

The SHS 2012-2013 Cheerleader Club Members

Courtney Klemp Angelique Colley Bri Nofield Whitney Anderson Victoria Lopez Shana Hullender Dana Ottem Ryen Buys Hannah Garhofer Lainey McMinn

Kaia Spiliotes Savanah Cozart Chyanne Hinsley Hannah Tryon

Coach: Denele Sweet Assistant Coaches: Kimmbrly Mount, Tiana Carpenter

10 • Seagull Pride Fall 2012

Choir warms up for great year of song By Jeremy C. Ruark

Good Luck To

All Fall

Teams! We love our Gulls! At the North end of Hemlock! • 256 N Hemlock, Cannon Beach Open Every Day 10am–5pm • 503.436.2641 Online store at: Now in the Seaside Factory Outlet Mall too! 1111 N Roosevelt Suite 320, Seaside • Open Mall hours G01928

“It is a sense of belonging. If you are in choir you have a friend. No one is alone.” Phil White, SHS Choir director

So far 37 students make up the Seaside High School choir. 45 sang last year. “We lost 13 seniors to graduation this past year, said Seaside High School choir director Phil White. “The assignment for the kids this year is to really to grow and mature as a choir, as a unit and as individual musicians. The returning members will take the new kids under their wings.” White said he has an edge in making the important connection with his students to help them achieve their class and individual goals. “The majority of the kids that I get in choir I’ve had in choir since middle school, so by the time they get to high school we have a rapport, we have a rhythm and they know more or less what to expect, but I try to change that up once in a while so that nobody goes on automatic pilot.”

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White believes that rapport is one of the rewards of teaching. “You get to know the kids over the years,” he said. “You get to watch them go from little children to human beings.” According to White, students in choir take on a sense of community. “It is a sense of belonging,” White said. “If you are in choir you have a friend. No one is alone. You know that everyone is equal. Everyone contributes equally. You are no less important then the person sitting next to you or the person singing the loudest.” Choir is part of the school curriculum, said White, and the class gives students the opportunity to develop many life-skills. “There is tons of research that shows what music does for the brain,” he said. “Studying music also helps you in the study of math and the study of science because you are manipulating a symbol system. It helps in the study of foreign languages because you using a different language. “There is a power in music in and of itself is worthwhile and important for people to have in their lives, “White said. “Beyond that there is the working together, the team effort that is required, and the commitment that each person has to have.” White said he and his students are fortunate to receive support from the community and school district for the music program. “They believe that the arts are important and are not going to go away,” said White.

Seagull Pride Fall 2012 • 11

Seaside band program starts new school year on a high note Seaside High School band director

Preparation for a new school year in the Seaside band program is a process that begins almost as soon as the previous school year ends, with the search for music for the next school year. Choosing music is probably the most important decision I make because it is the blueprint for what the students are going to learn during the coming year. The balancing act comes in trying to select pieces that the students will enjoy playing while also improving their techniques and learning new skills. I also have to balance each band’s skill level with the music’s level of difficulty and the amount of time we have to learn the music. The goal is to find pieces that are challenging, but not too hard, packed with learning opportunities, fun for the students to play, and enjoyable for the audience. We start the year by sight reading lots of music to get back in shape. Then I assign playing tests, which are specific scales and excerpts from the music that each student has to record for me as an assignment. I also have an extensive music theory worksheet plan that I use throughout the year at Broadway to help the kids learn to read and write music as they progress through the music we’re playing. The more the kids understand how music is put together, the better all around musicians they will become. Once the year gets rolling, I have to determine on a daily basis what skills we need to work on to accomplish learning a particular piece. Each year, as part of our curriculum, the band performs at district contest and league contest. The primary goal is not to compete with other schools, but rather to perform the music at the highest level of proficiency

we can. So whether we are preparing for contest, playing at a football game, performing at a jazz festival, or learning to blow a note on the flute for the very first time, I stress that it is important that we always perform to the best of our ability. Band is not an individual endeavor, but rather a group activity, and band offers each member the opportunity to be a part of something larger than any one person could accomplish on their own. There is room for everyone in band, and each member, regardless of their individual skill level, has something positive to bring to the group. Teaching students to be dedicated to the pursuit of excellence at every level of the process is one of my goals, and one of the reasons that I believe so strongly in the importance of teaching music in our schools. Once this

dedication to excellence has been learned and appreciated, it can be applied to all other areas of a student’s education. From there they can experience success. In addition to the quality of our performance, we also focus on learning persistence in working through problems, cooperation, discipline, dedication, working together as a group and acceptance of and respect for their fellow musicians. These are many of the same skills that they will need to be successful in life. As their director, if I can help facilitate acquiring these qualities, then my time has been well spent.


By Terry Dahlgren


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SHS boy soccer: young but aggressive “We will have to work hard every day, every practice and make sure we listen to our coaches and have a good work ethic.” Taylor Garhofer, senior

After a tough but successful year placing third in the COWAPA league, the Seaside High school boys soccer launched the new season with fewer seniors but eager freshmen, sophomores and juniors. “We lost nine seniors due to graduation,” said head coach Matt Johnson. “That’s over half the varsity team. The challenge will be finding the JV players that will be able to step up and play on the varsity team.” SHS senior, Taylor Garhofer, agrees with Johnson that the challenge for the new team is its experience. “We have a lot of young guys this year,” said Garhofer. “We only have three seniors. I am one of them, so we have to be role models for the team.” Garhofer says his chal-

9/13 9/18 9/24 9/26 10/1 10/3 10/10 10/15 10/17 10/22 10/24 10/30 11/3


Thurs. Molalla 6 p.m. Tues. Estacada 6 p.m. Mon. Tillamook 7 p.m. Tues. Scappoose 7 p.m. Mon. Banks 7 p.m. Wed. Yamhill-Carlton 4:15 p.m. Wed. Astoria Endowment Game 7 p.m. Mon. Tillamook 7 p.m. Wed. Scappoose 4:15 p.m. Mon. Banks 4:15 p.m. Wed. Yamhill-Carlton 7 p.m. Tues. Astoria Endowment Game 5:15 p.m. Sat. Playoffs TBA Home Games in Bold

lenge will be to help motivate his teammates. “We will have to work hard every day, every practice and make sure we listen to our coaches and have a good work ethic,” said Garhofer. Garhofer and his teammates expect to work hard but also to enjoy the sport. Even Johnson takes a passion for the sport with each opponent that his team faces. “I coach because I love

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the game,” said Johnson. “I hope that the kids I work with develop a love for the game; it’s a game you can play for years and years.”

Johnson says he will work everyday to connect with his players. “I hope my players work hard and grow individually


with the

2525 HIGHWAY 101 N. SEASIDE, OR 97138

503-738-RENT (7368)

and as a team,” said Johnson. “I hope I can connect them with something deep inside of themselves; meeting challenges, asking the most of themselves, personal goals and developments, and teach achievement.”

Johnson acknowledges that this season will be challenging and he says the tough teams to beat are Tillamook and Astoria, but he isn’t taking any of the league teams for granted.


By Kelsey Nutall


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Seagull Pride Fall 2012 • 13

SHS girl’s soccer team eyes league title Schedule

9/13 Thurs. Molalla 7 p.m. 9/19 Wed. Estacada 7 p.m. 9/25 Tues. Tillamook 7 p.m. 9/27 Thurs. Scappoose 4:15 p.m. 10/2 Tues. Banks 4:15 p.m. 10/4 Thurs. Yamhill-Carlton 7 p.m. 10/10 Wed. Astoria 5:15 p.m. Endowment Game 10/16 Tues. Tillamook 7 p.m. 10/18 Thurs. Scappoose 7 p.m. 10/23 Tues. Banks 8 a.m. 10/25 Thurs. Yamhill-Carlton 4:15 p.m. 10/30 Tues. Astoria Endowment Game 7 p.m. 11/3 Sat. Playoffs TBA Home Games in Bold

By Kelsey Nuttall After placing second in their Cowapa League last year, the Seaside High School girl’s soccer team has their sights on the league championship this season. “Last season was extremely successful,” said SHS girls soccer head coach, Dave Rouse. “The team did really well considering how young they were.” Last year, only two seniors played consistently for the team, but Rouse said the team was able to stay motivated and produced a great season. Rouse is confident that his players will be motivated. “The girls have the desire to do better this year,” said

Rouse. “We have some good leadership, and we are hoping we will be a stronger team this year.” This season, Rouse is focusing on attacking in the game, and encourages his players to be more sophisticated with their methods and techniques. “I like how aggressive the game is, and how we can work as a team,” said fresh-

Good Luck Gulls! from

“I like how aggressive the game is, and how we can work as a team.” Sophia Trevino, freshman

man Sophia Trevino. “I think the aggressive parts and scoring are my favorite things.” Returning sophomore, Giselle Pincetich, has fun on

the field and enjoys balancing the high intensity of the sport with the teamwork of her players. “I just love how intense the

GO GULLS 2012-2013

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game is,” said Pincetich. “You bond with your team and it’s a really great sport.” But Pincetich acknowledges that she becomes nervous during the games. “Usually when we are in a really high-end intense game, I get anxiety attacks and I have a hard time breathing because I get so excited,” said Pincetich. “But I always want to win.”

Rouse hopes each team member learns more about soccer, how to be an active team member, but more importantly, learn about themselves. “The experience here should be another step in growth; both in soccer and in life,” said Rouse. “I like to hope that all the girls will be stronger individually, not just in sports but overall in life.”







14 • Seagull Pride Fall 2012

Cross country off to a running start Although the team returns two runners who went to state last year, the Seaside High School Cross Country team is still looking for new runners. “The first challenge for us is we want more people on the team,” said Coach Neil Branson. Branson said cross country is a difficult sport to recruit for because many people don’t understand it. He said getting people to


9/22 Sat. 3 Course Challenge 10 a.m. at Camp Rilea 10/4 Thurs. Trojan Relays 4 p.m. Trojan Rec. Park 10/6 Sat. Mizuno Harrier Classic 9:30 a.m. at Bryant Park Albany 10/13 Sat. Concordia Classic 10 a.m. Fernhill Park 10/25 Thurs. District Championship 11:30 a.m. 11/3 Sat. State Championships at 11:25 a.m. Lane Community College Home Event in Bold

come out is their biggest priority. Branson said the team has some good experience for the boys, but they need girls particularly.

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“Anybody can contribute to cross country, and everybody counts,” said Branson. “We’ve got a really good core,” he said. Two members

of the team, Brett Willyard and Jefferson Farmer went to state last year. According to Branson, track and cross country are

Seaside Aquarium 200 00 N P Prom, rom, Sea Seaside asid s de 50 503.738.6211 03.73 38.6211 ww w.seasid deaq quarium m.ccom m


By Anthony Rimel

valuable sports because running can be a lifetime sport. “You can do it forever,” he said. He said he’s met many former students that are still running for fun, and running is a personal victory. “You win every day. Every kid wins, every day. It’s a personal victory, and that’s what running delivers, and that’s why we want to get people involved now.” Cirilo Harold, one of the seniors whose been on the team four years, said the team is warm and welcoming. “They make it feel like we are family,” he said. He said in cross country, even his competitors, who he has met repeatedly in races during his four years with the team, have become his friends. He describes running as a “rush” and said he thinks he’ll be a lifetime runner. This year, Harold said his goal is to get to state. Garrett Brown, another senior with four years on the team, said the running

culture is what has made him stick with the team for four years. “It’s one of the only sports where we can race against teams from anywhere else and then sit down and enjoy a meal with them, which we’ve done several times. Brown said he’s been “perfect in getting better” during his four years with the team. For Brown, the biggest challenge of cross country is the early morning practices. Senior Ashley Gassner is in her first year on the team, although she said she’d wanted to join the team for a while. Gassner said practice has gone well for her and the team has been very welcoming. She said she’s not really that competitive, but she is getting better, and enjoys running. “I love to run,” she said. “I feel like I can go and nothing else really matters. It’s a way to be free.”

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In South Clatsop County, there are two #1’s Seaside High School Students & Duane Johnson Real Estate #1 in sales and listings in Cannon Beach & Arch Cape since 1990. We offer more choices than anyone else!


2012 Fall Seagul Pride  

seagul, pride

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