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CBTPAA Count Basie Theatre

ACADEMY Note From the Director, Yvonne Lamb Scudiery A New Year, a New You! A new year will bring positive changes and a new outlook on life and how we approach our well-being. There are many new things to look forward to here at the Basie including some great plans for the Academy. I am pleased that the Count Basie Theatre and Foundation have hired a new CEO to oversee the entire operation of the Basie and I could not be more thrilled with the choice of Adam Philipson. Not only does Adam have an extensive background in theatre management and development, but he also was a childhood actor (including Broadway) and is a vocal advocate for the value of arts in education. It is excited to have him at the helm and look forward to the future developments he will bring to the theatre and the Academy. In looking back at most of my musings over the years I’ve noticed that I usually address a topic that is primarily directed to the younger members of our Academy audience, and don’t often speak to our adult population, current or potential. A great deal of my reading material of late, is centered on the human brain and how best to create the optimal learning experiences. The outcome of this reading is that I’ve developed an entirely new perspective on how we learn and the Yvonne Lamb Scudiery Education Director importance of continuing to challenge ourselves with new learning experiences as we mature. Couple this with the relatively recent discoveries that aerobic exercise has a profound impact on mental health and cognitive abilities no matter what age you are, and you have some fascinating facts to ponder. The old adage “use it or lose it” certainly applies in this case. The more we challenge our brain and body, the greater the ultimate rewards. As I process all of this new found information, and begin to understand the workings of the brain and the body, I’ve come to the realization that while our Performing Arts Academy offers multiple opportunities for growth to our younger students, one could say that our classes are the ultimate panacea for adults as well. A recent study showed that frequent dancing was one of the best activities to offer protection against dementia; with far better results than doing daily crossword puzzles or reading. Exercise also strengthens the cardiovascular system, boosts your immunity, elevates your stress threshold, reduces obesity, fortifies your bones, and enhances your mood. Challenging yourself to memorize a script, learning to speak with a Cockney accent, or struggling to find the best lyrics for your first song, are activities that keep our minds active while challenging the brain to create and strengthen neural connections. We are learning that all of these activities have the potential to offset dementia. So, for me it is no longer a matter of warding off the “winter blues” or “trying something you’ve always wanted to do”… ..I now realize that our bodies and our minds need to be constantly challenged and stimulated. My advice is that you run, yes, run don’t walk, to enroll in a Tango, or Zumba, or Cardio class and on your way to class work on learning to speak Swahili! See you in class! If you have any questions or would like to discuss this at greater length please feel free to contact me at or 732-224-8778 x 106. Photos inside courtesy of: Brian Stratton, Glen DiCrocco, and Count Basie Theatre


John Paul Alfonso John attended the University of the Arts, and studied Music Theory with Carlo Vinci, LeRoy Whitehead and Sean Diebler. John is an actor/singer/musician/musical director/educator.

Dan Cooley Dan is a director/actor from Monmouth County and has performed in theatres in NYC/ NJ as well as appearing in independent and student films. Dan is the Resident Director for New Mystics Theatre Co., a traveling teen company that performs socially relevant pieces and fights for social justice. Dan is also a teacher at Actor’s Playground and Arts Middle School.

Marjorie Enerson Marjorie received her B.F.A. in Theatre Arts from Montclair State University and also studied abroad for six months at Middlesex Polytechnic in England. She created and implemented the Performing Arts curriculum for Monmouth Academy (formerly known as Lakewood Prep) from 2004 to 2011.

Diane Fox Diane holds a B.M. in Voice from Kent State. Diane is an internationally acclaimed vocalist, who has won over critics worldwide with her compelling performances in the dramatic Mezzo-Soprano repertoire. She is an active member of Equity and AGMA. Her unparalleled expertise as a teacher and coach has enabled her students to garner apprenticeships at professional opera companies and to win countless awards.

Bruce Gallipani Bruce is a seasoned drum pro having performed in the U.S. and abroad with several rock-n-roll touring outfits since the late seventies. He is the founder and director of Rockit, a dedicated liveperformance program for kids ages 8-18.

Samantha Giustiniani Samantha holds a B.F.A. in Theatre Performance from Kean University. She currently teaches for The Learning Experience, Charlie Choo Choo Enrichment Programs with a specialty in creating early childhood theatre and music programs.

Kate Havel Kate holds a B.A. in Art Education from Kean University and an M.A. in Dance Movement from Wesleyan. She is a dancer/ actress/singer (Sugar and Zorba off-Broadway) and has many dinner theatre, nightclub, summer stock and children’s theatre roles to her credit. A former member of Actor’s Equity, SAG, and AFTRA, Kate studied at HB Studio, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and The Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in NYC.

Joan Kilcommons Joan holds a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Speech and Theatre Arts. She currently teaches Reader’s Theatre, Creative Theatre and Musical Theatre to the students in the Red Bank Borough Schools as part of our Educational Outreach Program.

David E. Leidholdt David has 25 years of teaching experience in such established institutions as the Professional Performing Arts School and The Actors Institute in New York City, Stagedoor Manor. He is presently the Artistic Director for American Family Theatre in Philadelphia and was a founding producer for The New York Musical Theatre Festive, and ReVision Theatre in Asbury Park NJ.

He has been involved in several new musicals including: Intervention (NYMF/ winner Moss Hart Award), The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (MITF), Wuthering Heights (Mint Theatre) Time and the Sea (Theatre 3). Original plays including Circle based on La Ronde and Twin Studies (winner Off-off Broadway Review Award). David is a proud member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society.

Jacqueline Mazza Jacqueline holds a B.A. in Art Education. She is the choreographer and assistant technical director at Middletown HS South. She is proficient in a number of tap dancing styles. As a professional dancer, she has appeared in numerous OffBroadway, community theatre and regional theatre productions.

Bradley Mott Bradley Mott has been working in Theatre, Television, Film, and commercials for over 30 years. His film and television work includes: The Accidental Tourist, The Applegates, Stranger than Fiction, Mildred Pierce for HBO, Roseanne, A Different World and ER. He recently finished filming on the new Cohen Brothers picture Inside Llewyn Davis. Bradley has taught for over 30 years at Columbia College, Northwestern University in Chicago, Monmouth University and NYC’s prestigious CAP21.

Michael O’Keeffe Michael has been performing improv comedy professionally for the past 20 years. One of his first gigs was


with the Sak Theatre Comedy Lab in Orlando, Florida with troupe mates Wayne Brady (Who’s Line Is It Anyway?) Jonathan Magnum (Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza), and Aaron Shure (producer/writer-Everybody Loves Raymond). Michael holds a B.A. in Education from Villanova; M.A. in Education from Monmouth University and as his “day job” is a reading specialist in the Wall Township School System.

Robin Oddo Robin holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Monmouth University and has numerous stage and television acting credits. Her passion for acting has led to the development of the Black Box performance space and the New Perspectives Acting Troupe. She loves teaching and inspiring her students through improvisation, script performance and character development.

Yvonne Lamb Scudiery Yvonne is the Director of Education for the Count Basie Theatre. She is an accomplished choreographer for ballet, musical theatre, opera, a registered teacher with the RAD, London and an adjunct teacher at Brookdale Community College. Yvonne has taught for over 35 years, combining her knowledge of dance and acting techniques with her superior coaching skills. This has enabled many of her students to advance to successful professional careers.

Thomas Stanton Tom’s impressive career as a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher makes him a valuable addition to our staff. From ballet to hip-hop, swing dance to tap, television to Broadway... his passion and enthusiasm abound.

Melanie Taylor Melanie has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of theatre, and for the past 15 years has shared her knowledge as a drama teacher, director, and advisor at Raritan High School. She is an accomplished and award winning director, stage manager, and makeup artist. Melanie is the Vice-President of the New Jersey Drama and Forensics League, and is the Artistic Director/Co-Founder of the St. John’s Community Playhouse in Hazlet; celebrating six successful seasons.

Christopher Tomaino Chris is a local actor and educator. He holds a B.A. in Speech/Communications/ Theatre from Monmouth University and an M.F.A. in Acting from Indiana University. He has been an adjunct instructor at Brookdale Community College for the past 10 years as well as being the Musical Theatre Coordinator for the Somerset County Performing Arts Program for six years, creating and running the first curricular Musical Theatre program in the state of NJ.

Meredith Wehr Meredith holds a B.A. in Dance from Slippery Rock University and an M.F.A. in Choreography/Education from Arizona State University. She has extensive experience in arts education outreach and is a certified Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer and Kick Boxing instructor.


Winter Curriculum, January 14 – March 16 THE FOLLOWING CLASSES ARE OFFERED ONCE A WEEK:

MONDAY JANUARY 14, 21, 28 FEBRUARY 4, 11, 18, 25 MARCH 4, 11 MONDAY BROADWAY BOUND 4-5PM AGES: 4-5 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: MARJORIE ENERSON Theatre games, singing, movement and basic acting techniques round out this introductory class. Under the guidance of Ms. Enerson, students will have an opportunity to explore the wonders of their imagination while gaining confidence and having a whole lot of fun in the process. MONDAY JUNIOR ROCK VOCALS 4-5PM AGES: 7-10 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: JOHN PAUL ALFONSO Find your inner rock star and get a chance to express it! Using some of your favorite rock/pop songs, students will learn how to embrace the characteristics of their favorite artists and create their own individual vocal identity. Class includes work on proper breathing, performance skills and lyric breakdown. An informal classroom demonstration will be held at the end of the session.

MONDAY SENIOR ROCK VOCALS 5-6PM AGES: 11-15 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: JOHN PAUL ALFONSO Whether you are on the path to a professional career as a singer or just wish to learn how to deliver a song, this class is perfect for you! Students will learn to increase their vocal range and adjust to a variety of vocal styles. Class includes warm ups, proper breathing, lyric interpretation, group harmonies as well as solo performance techniques. Mr. Alfonso is both motivating and inspiring. An informal classroom demonstration will be held at the end of the session. MONDAY BEGINNER ACTING 5-6PM AGES: 9-11 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: MELANIE TAYLOR In this introductory level class, young thespians will learn the basic elements of acting for the stage. Class will teach how to incorporate the use of body, voice and mind to create believable characters. Curriculum will also focus on script analysis and interpretation. An informal classroom demonstration will be held at the end of the session. MONDAY BEGINNER I/II ACTING FOR TEENS 6-7:30PM AGES: 12-17 FEE: $265 INSTRUCTOR: MELANIE TAYLOR This class provides the perfect environment to challenge your creative energy and to see if you have what it takes to become an actor. Students will learn the importance of projection, articulation and rhythm in speaking dialogue. They will also begin to understand and incorporate energy, flexibility and commitment to their actions and movements. Class will also focus on using creativity and imagination to develop dynamic characters. An informal classroom demonstration will be held at the end of the session. 2

MONDAY 4-WEEK ADULT PUBLIC SPEAKING AND INTERVIEW SAVVY JAN. 14, 21, 28 & FEB. 4, 7:30-8:30PM AGES: ADULT FEE: $60 INSTRUCTOR: MELANIE TAYLOR Join in the journey to improve your diction and presentation skills. Work on your approach to speaking and create a captive audience of your boss, co-workers, or potential employers. This 4-week intensive focuses on structuring you to be a better and self- assured comfortable speaker in front of any size audience or group.


Winter Curriculum, January 14 – March 16 MONDAY 4-WEEK VOICE-OVER MINI LAB FEB. 11, 18, 25 & MAR. 4, 7:30-9PM AGES: 16-ADULT FEE: $75 INSTRUCTOR: BRADLEY MOTT Learn the skills required to succeed in the voice-over business. This 4-Session Mini Course will cover such topics as audition skills, copy interpretation, finding your character voice, using a microphone, breath control and voice placement. Find out if you’ve got what it takes to succeed in any of the multiple industries that are seeking expressive and creative voice-over actors. Each session promises to be informative and great fun!

TUESDAY JANUARY 15, 22, 29 FEBRUARY 5, 12, 19, 26 MARCH 5, 12 TUESDAY INTRO TO THEATRE 4-5PM AGE: 4-5 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: MARJORIE ENERSON This class builds confidence through language development, movement and creative theatre games. Ms. Enerson’s positive approach to teaching creates an atmosphere of camaraderie while exploring the magical world of live theatre. A simple demonstration for

parents and friends will be held in the classroom at the end of the 9-week session.

TUESDAY ACTING FOR KIDS 5-6PM AGES: 6-8 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: MARJORIE ENERSON This the perfect class for novice actors wishing to hone their craft. Class builds confidence while developing the skills required of a good actor. Students will be introduced to theatrical vocabulary, stage techniques, voice projection and diction. Basic script and improvisation will also be incorporated. A simple demonstration for parents and friends will be held in the classroom at the end of the 9-week session. TUESDAY SONG AND DANCE 4-5PM AGES: 4-5 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: SAMANTHA GIUSTINIANI A joyous tribute to the music of Broadway is the main focus of this program for our youngest musical theatre lovers. Theatre games, singing, movement and basic acting techniques round out this introductory class. A demonstration for parents and friends will be held in the classroom at the end of the 9-week session.


TUESDAY MUSICAL THEATRE 6-7:30PM AGES: 9-13 FEE: $265 INSTRUCTOR: SAMANTHA GIUSTINIANI Class focus is on creating well-rounded musical theatre performers. The class incorporates all aspects of developing strong vocal skills: breathing, posture, diction, and lyric interpretation. Script work and simple blocking will round out the theatrical experience. An informal classroom demonstration will be held at the end of the session. TUESDAY 4-WEEK IMPROVE AND ENHANCE YOUR VOICE Discover the Benefits of Developing a Dynamic Voice JAN. 29 & FEB 5, 12, 19, 6-7:30PM AGES: 16-ADULT FEE: $75 INSTRUCTOR: BRADLEY MOTT Did you know that the muscles in the human larynx have more nerves than almost every other muscle in the human body? Each can produce a different balance of forces in the larynx, generating a different pulse wave and sound quality. You might say they are our vocal palette: it is through them that our voice can produce a vast number of qualities and produce an even greater number of emotions. In this 4-Session Course, Mr. Mott will teach you how to preserve, develop and strengthen your voice. Participants will learn how to speak clearly and distinctly, develop dynamic and persuasive public speaking techniques; gain an understanding of vocal preservation, whether you are a singer, actor or public speaker.


Winter Curriculum, January 14 – March 16 incorporated into the class structure. An informal classroom demonstration will be held at the end of the session. WEDNESDAY DANCE FUNDAMENTALS I/II 4-5PM AGES: 9-12 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: KATE HAVEL Learn the basic foundations of good dance technique while working on posture, flexibility, strength and endurance. Curriculum covers a wide variety of dance styles and attitudes. This is an important aspect to becoming a musical theatre performer that is often overlooked. (See special discount combo class)

WEDNESDAY JANURAY 16, 23, 30 FEBRUARY 6, 13, 20, 27 MARCH 6, 13 WEDNESDAY MUSIC, MOVEMENT, AND MIME 1:00-1:45PM AGES: 3-4 FEE: $130 INSTRUCTOR: MEREDITH WEHR One of our community outreach instructors, Ms. Wehr brings her passion for teaching and creativity to all of her classes. This 9-week program focuses on movement with intent and as a means to telling a story or interpreting a poem or song. Innovative and high energy, this is a great program for active youngsters with boundless energy. WEDNESDAY VOCAL ENSEMBLE 4-5PM AGES: 9-12 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: DIANE FOX Vocal warm-ups, diction exercises, proper breathing and posture are some of the most important skills one needs to become a good singer. Ms. Fox’s techniques class will help each student to strengthen and develop tone, range and pitch accuracy. Performance skills and lyric interpretation are also

WEDNESDAY DANCE AND ACT COMBO 4-6PM AGES: 9-12 FEE: $300 (You save $50) INSTRUCTORS: KATE HAVEL & ROBIN ODDO This combo class includes Wednesday Dance Fundamentals I/II (4-5PM) and Wednesday Acting Techniques II/III (5-6PM) and offers students a special discounted rate. Two fabulous instructors who teach with passion, expertise and a love for the theatre. Sign up for both and save $50.


WEDNESDAY VOICE AND ACT COMBO 4-6PM AGES: 9-12 FEE: $300 (You save $50) INSTRUCTORS: DIANE FOX & ROBIN ODDO This combo class includes Wednesday Vocal Ensemble (4-5PM) and Wednesday Acting Techniques II/III (5-6PM) and offers students a special discounted rate. Two fabulous instructors, who teach with passion, expertise and a love for the theatre. Sign up for both and save $50. WEDNESDAY KIDS ON CAMERA 5-6PM AGES: 6-8 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: DAN COOLEY This class is an excellent introduction to the world of television and film. Students will overcome shyness and gain confidence while learning the basics of acting in front of the camera. Class focuses on helping students to develop a natural and spontaneous line delivery. On camera work will be evaluated and used to improve performance quality. WEDNESDAY ACTING TECHNIQUES II/III 5-6PM AGES: 9-12 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: ROBIN ODDO Expand your acting prowess in this techniques class. All exercises are designed to give young actors the opportunity to improve their level of expertise and to gain an understanding of character analysis and scene study. As students’ acting skills broaden, they are able to layer their performances with believability and a strong dynamic. An informal classroom presentation will be held at the end of the session.


Winter Curriculum, January 14 – March 16 WEDNESDAY ACTING FOR THE CAMERA 6-7PM AGES: 9-12 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: DAN COOLEY This class includes a variety of exercises using actual scripts from commercials and film. One of the goals in this class is to instill a strong sense of self-confidence, self-expression and crisp, clear diction in each student. Students will work on camera and have the opportunity to self-critique.

will learn the basic tools for commercial success. This dynamic instructor offers a challenging and motivating environment that affords students the opportunity for growth. Students will work on camera and be given the opportunity to self-critique.

THURSDAY BROADWAY PERFORMANCE III/IV 5-6:30PM AGES: 11-15 FEE: $265 INSTRUCTOR: SAMANTHA GIUSTINIANI For those students who already have a strong understanding of musical theatre techniques and performance skills. This 9-week course will concentrate on putting together a musical revue for parents and friends to be presented at the end of the session. A great opportunity to hone those performance skills.

THURSDAY JANURAY 17, 24, 31 FEBRUARY 7, 14, 21, 28 MARCH 7, 14

WEDNESDAY DIALECTS 7-8PM AGES: 13-ADULT FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: DAN COOLEY Learn dialects and diction used in musical theatre, stage and film work. An important skill in every actor’s arsenal of tricks is his ability to sound “believable” in a variety of character roles. For those non-performers who wish to develop better, crisper and more understandable speech this is also a great place to start. WEDNESDAY ACTING FOR TV AND FILM 8-9:30PM AGES: 15-ADULT FEE: $265 INSTRUCTOR: BRADLEY MOTT A look into the fascinating world of acting for film. Students will work on auditioning techniques, the do’s and don’ts of commercial acting, and how it differs from acting for the stage. From cold readings, using cue cards and developing interview savvy, students

THURSDAY TRIPLE THREAT 4-5PM AGES: 4-5 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: SAMANTHA GIUSTINIANI Drama, dancing and singing are all incorporated into this class. Young theatre lovers learn the basics of performing on the stage. Class will incorporate a variety of theatre games, familiar songs from Broadway, and an introduction to basic theatre vocabulary. This class is a great first step to becoming a confident and well rounded actor while learning to focus and work as a team player. THURSDAY BEGINNER TAP 4-5PM AGES: 7-10 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: JACQUELINE MAZZA Tap dancing is the perfect way to build aerobic fitness as well as muscle control. Ms. Mazza’s classes have proven to be very popular with our students. In this 9-week session, students will begin to develop correct tap technique and to expand their tap vocabulary. 5

THURSDAY TAP II/III 5-6PM AGES: 11-13 FEE: $175 INSTRUCTOR: JACQUELINE MAZZA Shuffle Off to Buffalo in this fast paced tap techniques class. Class format promises to challenge and motivate. From warm-ups to simple combinations to complete tap routines, Ms. Mazza’s classes are a must for every musical theatre buff.


Winter Curriculum, January 14 – March 16 sleep, more energy, and a more recent finding that cardio workouts actually increase the brain’s ability to learn and to remember. Join us for this fabulous workout and change your life!

THURSDAY 4-CLASS TAP DANCE CRASH COURSE SESSION ONE: JANUARY 17, 24, 31 & FEBRUARY 7 SESSION TWO: FEBRUARY 14, 21, 28 & MARCH 7 6-7PM AGES: TEEN/ADULT FEE: $75 (4-week session) INSTRUCTOR: JACQUELINE MAZZA So many of our most loved musicals require performers to have a working knowledge of tap dancing. Ms. Mazza’s classes are challenging, so be sure to bring a positive attitude and be ready to work. Warm-ups, tap vocabulary, combinations and fully choreographed dance sequences will all be incorporated to get you tapping in a few short classes. Gain the necessary skills to be able to pick up the combinations at your next audition.

FRIDAY JANUARY 18, 25 FEBRUARY 1, 8, 15, 22 MARCH 1, 8, 15 FRIDAY CARDIO BLAST 5:30-6:30PM AGE: TEEN/ADULT FEE: $150 INSTRUCTOR: MEREDITH WEHR The perfect way to kick start your weekend! Join Ms. Wehr, a dancer, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga and Kick Boxing instructor for the ultimate workout. The benefits to be derived are countless - reduced stress, stronger heart, relief from depression and anxiety, better

SATURDAY JANUARY 19, 26 FEBRUARY 2, 9, 16, 23 MARCH 2, 16, 23 (No Class March 9)


(No Class March 9 - Last Class will be March 23)

INSTRUCTOR: MARJORIE ENERSON Class is designed to help each student develop a comprehensive set of acting tools. Students will begin to understand how to approach a script and to develop believable characters. As acting techniques develop, student also acquire self-confidence, self-awareness, and a fearless sense of creativity. This is the perfect first step to mastering the craft of acting. An informal classroom demonstration will be held at the end of the session. 6


(No Class March 9 - Last Class will be March 23)

INSTRUCTOR: DIANE FOX Do you love the music of Broadway? Then this is the class for you! Vocal exercises, theatre games and blocking a musical number are all incorporated into this class. Learn what it takes to perform a musical number with flare and expertise in this very popular class taught by multi-talented actress/vocalist, Diane Fox. An informal classroom demonstration will be held at the end of the session.

SATURDAY THEATRE COMBO CLASS 9:30-12:30PM AGES: 9-14 FEE: $450 (You save $80)

(No Class March 9 - Last Class will be March 23)

INSTRUCTORS: DIANE FOX & MARJORIE ENERSON This combo class includes both Saturday Acting Techniques I/II (9:30-11AM) and the Saturday Broadway Bound (11-12:30PM) and offers students a special discounted rate. Study with two great instructors who offer a challenging and motivating experience. An informal classroom demonstration will be held at the end of the session.


Winter Curriculum, January 14 – March 16 SATURDAY BEGINNER ACTING 11AM-12PM AGES: 6-8 FEE: $175

(No Class March 9 - Last Class will be March 23)

INSTRUCTOR: MARJORIE ENERSON Learn the basics of what it takes to become a believable and confident actor. Class will focus on stage techniques, voice projection and diction and provides the perfect atmosphere to get those creative juices flowing. An informal classroom demonstration will be held at the end of the session. Above: Peter Fox (center) with Kurt Schiffler and Inside Track alumni Michael Taffuri of Oceanport, on pitch day at Paramount Pictures.

SATURDAY WORKSHOPS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16 SHAKESPEARE’S MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM DEMYSTIFIED 1-3PM AGES: TEEN/ADULT FEE: $20 INSTRUCTOR: BRADLEY MOTT Whether you are a die hard fan of the Bard, a fledgling Shakespearean actor, or just curious about one of the greatest playwrights of all time, this workshop will give you a greater understanding and appreciation for this classic comic tale. Learn the who’s the what’s and the why’s of each character as you gain a greater appreciation for the ultimate punster. The perfect class to challenge and motivate creative thought.

ADVANCED STORY AND CINEMATIC STRUCTURE WORKSHOP WITH PETER FOX SATURDAY JANUARY 5, 12, 19 12:30-4PM AGES: ADULT FEE: $349 Advanced screenwriting techniques will be covered in this intensive edition of The Inside Track Workshops for Story and Cinematic Structure with Peter Fox. This workshop is designed for the writer who has identified their story and covers: • Advanced Cinematic Structure • Classic, Epic, Three Act, Five Sequence and Anti-Structure Formats • Advanced Character Development • Developing Multiple Plots Within the Same Structure • Advanced Transitional Techniques Each writer’s work will be thoroughly examined in this intensive. Praise and accolades have been high from past participants of Mr. Fox’s workshops.


DISNEY ON BROADWAY… A Musical Theatre Experience (4-DAY SESSION) SATURDAY, MARCH 16 1-3PM MONDAY-WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18-20, 5-7:30PM PERFORMANCE: WEDNESDAY MARCH 20, 8PM AGES: 8-12 FEE: $140 INSTRUCTOR: DAVID LEIDHOLDT Mr. Leidholt, from Stage Door Manor, and The Actor’s Institute in NYC, brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to this musical theatre experience. In this unique program participants will create a musical revue, based on selections from Disney musicals, to be presented in our intimate performance space. Working with this multi-talented director/ choreographer, students will learn the ins and outs of creating a musical production; from casting and rehearsals to staging, blocking and performance. This nine and one half hour workshop not only affords young actors the opportunity to broaden their performance skills, but also enhances their understanding of the process of creating live theatre. David E. Leidholdt – David holds a B.F.A.

from the University of Detroit. He has 25 years of teaching experience in such established institutions as the Professional Performing Arts School and The Actors Institute in New York City, Stagedoor Manor. He is presently the Artistic Director for American Family Theatre in Philadelphia and was a founding producer for The New York Musical Theatre Festive, and ReVision Theatre in Asbury Park NJ. He has been involved in several new musicals including: Intervention (NYMF/winner Moss Hart Award), The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (MITF), Wuthering Heights (Mint Theatre) Time and the Sea (Theatre 3). Original plays including Circle based on La Ronde and Twin Studies (winner Off-off Broadway Review Award).David is a proud member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society.



Working towards their dreams and learning valuable life lessons in the process! Twenty-four young actors were just accepted into our year-long Intensive Conservatory Style programs geared toward motivated career-minded students. Meeting once a week with instructors Diane Fox, Bradley Mott, Robin Oddo, Yvonne Lamb Scudiery and Christopher Tomaino, students have been building on the progression of their skills through a layering of techniques that focus on their evolution as an actor.

WHAT OUR FACULTY IS SAYING... Instructor Robin Oddo (pictured), says it best as she explains her philosophy on the study of acting: “I think kids become more compassionate of others through their character study; they learn respect and tolerance working as an ensemble; they learn humility by truly challenging themselves; and they become disciplined while developing the necessary skills to grow as an actor. So the benefits are organically a result of the process.”

WHAT OUR STUDENTS ARE SAYING... “My dream is to be accepted into Julliard. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, and I know this program will help me reach my dream.” “I’m looking for other kids who share the same musical interests.” “Acting, singing and dancing make me feel like I can do anything. I like performing because it gives me a good way to express my feelings in a different way.”



With careful guidance from top professionals in the field, students discover the importance and rewards of discipline and success in the pursuit of forever-heightened goals. Together they learn about jazz as they forge lifelong skills.


ABOUT OUR FACULTY: Bruce Williams, a powerful alto saxophonist has performed, toured, and recorded with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, the Count Basie Orchestra, The World Saxophone Quartet, the Roy Hargrove Big Band, RH Factor, and the Red Bank Jazz Orchestra to name a few. His music is filled with spirit, soul, intellect, groove, and freedom. A noted jazz educator and mentor to young jazz musicians, Bruce has served at the New School, Princeton University, and William Paterson University as well as Ohio State, Bard College, the Paris Conservatory and the NJPAC Jazz for Teens Program.

10 weeks (January 13 – March 17) CLASSES: Sundays 4 – 6PM or 5:30 – 7:30PM Scheduling based on placement, to be determined on January 13, 4PM FEE: $335 (plus $10 registration fee) – includes course materials, study guides and sheet music. Needs-based tuition assistance and scholarship programs are available.

Peter Laurance (Education Associate) is an accomplished saxophonist and educator. He is a graduate of Rutgers University where he studied saxophone with Ralph Bowen and composition with Conrad Herwig. Peter has performed with Paquito D’Rivera, Tom “Bones” Malone, and Mike Smith.

LEARN TO IMPROVISE! Gain valuable experience in Jazz Combos and Big Bands! Learn all about the jazz greats from the past… including Count Basie! Guest clinicians specializing in each instrument!

Joe Muccioli (Education Program Director) is an internationally known conductor, producer, orchestrator and musicologist. Muccioli is co-founder and artistic director of Jazz Arts Project, Inc. and its flagship ensemble the Red Bank Jazz Orchestra. He is conductor and music director for actor/entertainer Joe Piscopo, and has conducted major symphonies and jazz orchestras throughout the world, including the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, the Chicago Jazz Ensemble, and the BBC Big Band. Joe has worked with hundreds of musical artists and entertainers and has himself been featured on TV and radio.

THE JAZZ ARTS ACADEMY is a comprehensive jazz studies program offering performing ensembles, improvisation, jazz history and general musicianship. The program will provide students with a “centralized jazz scene;” a place where they can supplement their school music program, meet new players from all over New Jersey, and gain valuable skills and experience in a fun and professional atmosphere.

Call to register: 732-224-8778 x 125 For more information visit: or contact:

YOUR SUPPORT OF THE JAZZ ARTS ACADEMY CAN CHANGE A CHILD’S LIFE The Jazz Arts Academy is dedicated to providing high quality educational opportunities for all with a focus on underserved and at-risk students. We offer needs-based scholarships to those who are unable to afford the program. Please consider a tax-deductable donation towards a full or partial tuition fee for one or more talented students!

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Are you looking to dust off your old instrument and start rocking again? Maybe you want to start a band! Or are you just interested in jamming with people of the same mind set? The Rocker Revival program offers quality band rehearsal classes to all levels of musicians. You will collaborate with other musicians like yourself and gear up for a unique performance of your favorite classic rock n’ roll and pop songs. Learn how to improve your chops, work in a bandsetting, and play the classics under the guidance of seasoned professionals and working musicians. Musicians will work in a small-group setting where they will be given personal attention by the instructors throughout each rehearsal. Bands will rehearse for six weeks and then perform a showcase of songs at a local venue for family, friends and fans. Novice to experienced musicians are welcome.

A program discount of $25 is available for parents of students registered for the current Rockit program. AGES: 18 AND UP FEES: $250 (plus $10 registration fee) Due upon acceptance into the program. SCHEDULED PROGRAM DATES ARE: MUSICIAN PLACEMENT AUDITION: Saturday, January 12, 2013, 2PM ORIENTATION: Saturday, January 26, 2013, 1PM (for all musicians) THE REHEARSAL SCHEDULE DATES FOR THIS SESSION ARE AS FOLLOWS: (MUSICIANS WILL BE ASSIGNED TO ONE WEEKLY 90 MINUTE TIME SLOT ON A WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY)

WEDNESDAY: February 6,13, 20, 27; March 6,13 at 8:30PM* or THURSDAY: February 7,14,21,28; March 7,14 at 8:30PM* *A 10PM class will be added if necessary on one or both days TENTATIVE PERFORMANCE DATE: Sunday, March 17, 7:30PM Location: Jamian’s, Red Bank For more information, please go to or contact the Count Basie Theatre at 732-224-8778 x 125

INSTRUCTORS: BRUCE GALLIPANI: Musician / Educator, Mr. Gallipani is the founder of Rockit, the premiere Rock’n’ Roll experience for young musicians ages 8 to 18. This successful program has been a part of the CBT’s Performing Arts Academy since 2007. He was a member of the band X Davis who recorded and toured extensively in the 1980’s with numerous bands including Stray Cats, Squeeze and Culture Club MICHAEL ZDEB: Mike holds a B.M. in Music Education and Jazz Studies from Rowan University. He is a guitarist, piano instructor, and arranger who has been studying music since he was eight years old. His blues and jazz influence emerge from studies with local Red Bank guitar hero, Matt O’Ree. Zdeb currently performs with New Jersey-based band, Quincy Mumford. ZAC SILVA: Zac holds a B.S. in Music from Berklee College of Music. He is a guitarist, arranger, and writer. DAN RICKER: Dan attended Brown University as a Modern Culture and Media concentrator, with a specialization in theater. He has been playing music for fifteen years and playing in bands for ten. He hopes to use his experience as a musician and as a theater director/actor to teach the nuances of musical performance.



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Rockit gives young musicians an instant opportunity to play rock-n-roll with their peers, bringing them to perform live as a band and experience the dynamics of working together to achieve a common goal. Vocalists, Drummers, Guitarists, Bass Guitarists, Keyboardists, Brass and String players are encouraged to complement their private studies with our live program. After the initial audition (and orientation class) the musicians will be divided into bands and rehearse for the next six weeks. On Sunday, March 17, a rock concert will be held on-stage at the Count Basie Theatre. All band classes are 90-minutes long and taught by qualified instructors. Space is limited. Come experience and see why Rockit is the premiere rock band showcase for young musicians! AUDITION REQUIREMENTS AND PROCEDURE: AGES: 8-18

You may also drop off the completed form at the Count Basie Theatre offices (no later than 4PM on Friday, January 4). A confirmation email from will be sent to confirm receipt of the audition form and the audition timeslot for your child.

• All students must be currently studying with an instructor or a self taught master of music. • Students must perform a TWO-minute selection that best represents their style and ability. Vocalists may audition with a karaoke CD, musical accompaniment or sing a capella. Singing along with a prerecorded CD with vocals is not permitted. Karaoke is suggested. • All other musicians may audition with live or CD accompaniment, or solo. • Students are expected to bring their own guitars, straps, drum sticks, brass and string instruments. All other equipment is provided, including a full pedal board for guitarists. • All students must attend all rehearsals unless extenuating circumstances should occur and must also perform in the end-of-semester concert. • SUGGESTIONS: Instruments audition with a CD track or accompaniment. Guitarists need two minutes to get through a verse, chorus and solo. Soloing is not a requirement but helpful in band placement. If vocalists decide to audition a capella, please ask us for a starting note or bring a pitch pipe. Vocalists tend to go out of pitch without this. No medleys please.

FEES: PROGRAM FEE (FOR ACCEPTED STUDENTS): $345 (includes $10 registration fee) due upon acceptance into the program (made payable to Count Basie Theatre). All students must comply with these guidelines and entrance to the program is based on their audition performance. Participation in past Rockit programs does not guarantee placement. The previously-noted requirements are necessary to insure that each child enrolled in the program has a positive learning experience. Each band will be assigned a specific time and day for their 90-minute rehearsal class. SCHEDULED PROGRAM DATES ARE: AUDITION: Saturday, January 5, 10AM-8PM assigned. ORIENTATION: Saturday, January 26, 3PM (for new students only) REHEARSALS: Each accepted student will be assigned to one 90-minute rehearsal time slot on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. THE REHEARSAL SCHEDULE DATES FOR THIS SESSION ARE AS FOLLOWS: WEDNESDAYS: February 6, 13, 20, 27; March 6, 13 THURSDAYS: : February 7, 14, 21, 28; March 7, 14 FRIDAYS: February 8, 15, 22; March 1, 8, 15 SATURDAYS: February 9, 16, 23; March 2, 9, 16 CONCERT: Sunday, March 17, 3PM on the stage of the Count Basie Theatre

If your child meets the requirements, please download the audition form online at:, complete, and mail along with a $10 audition fee made payable to Rockit!: Rockit! P.O. Box 4237 Middletown, NJ 07748

For more information, please go to or email the Rockit program directly at



s a leader in Arts Education, our goal is to continue offering programs that challenge, inspire and provide each student with professional quality training. The implementation of our syllabus and assessment program in the Fall of 2011 has proven to be helpful in refining our curriculum to ensure that each student is given ample opportunity to grow, mature and excel in his chosen genre of theatre arts. e have designed Two* Tier Levels of Curriculum. The theatre arts areas of concentration are: 1. Vocal 2. Dramatics 3. Musical Theatre 4. TV/Film *Tiers Three and Four will be implemented in the Spring of 2013 For more detailed information on the Count Basie Theatre Performing Arts Academy Tier System, please visit: If you have any questions or would like to discuss this at greater length please contact the Performing Arts Academy at: or 732-224-8778 x 125



PERFORMING ARTS ACADEMY - WINTER 2013 Name ______________________________________________ D.O.B. ____ Gender M ___ F ___ Phone _______________________ E-mail ___________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________________ City ________________________________________________ State ________ Zip _________ #1 Course Name _______________________________________ Start Date __________ Time _________ #2 Course Name _______________________________________ Start Date __________ Time _________ #3 Course Name _______________________________________ Start Date __________ Time _________ #4 Course Name _______________________________________ Start Date __________ Time _________ #5 Course Name _______________________________________ Start Date __________ Time _________

$_________ COURSE TOTAL


MAKE A DONATION TO THE COUNT BASIE THEATRE PERFORMING ARTS ACADEMY All levels of donation are needed and appreciated. No amount is too small! Your donation helps to underwrite the cost of scholarships, outreach into schools, and our Professional Devlopment program.

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$_________ TOTAL

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Registration may be either faxed (732-842-9323), dropped off at the Count Basie Theatre

Address _____________________________________________________________

Administrative Office between 9AM & 5PM, M-F or returned by mail to:

City __________________________ State ______ Zip ________

Count Basie Theatre, 99 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701 732 224 8778 x 106

REFUND POLICY: NO REFUNDS AFTER START OF CLASS. If a student withdraws or cancels registration the following will apply. Course cost refunds are granted up to three (3) weeks prior to start of class. Refund minus 10% is granted up to two (2) weeks prior to start of class. Refund minus 25% is granted up to one (1) week prior to start of class. Refund minus 50% is granted if less than seven (7) days prior to start of class. NO refunds after start of class. Pro-rated refunds given at any time during the session for medical reasons when accompanied by doctor’s note.

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PAST SUPPORTERS HAVE INCLUDED… • PNC Foundation • William T. Morris

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To support the Performing Arts Academy, contact Ann Ciabattoni at or call 732-224-8778 x 114. 13

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Performing Arts Academy Winter 2013 Brochure  

Performing Arts Academy Winter 2013 Brochure

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