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Come See KGT!

Join the Leadership Institute for a night of charity and performance at the annual Kean's Got Talent Show. Brandon Gervais Staff Writer


osted by the Leadership Institute, Kean's Got Talent is an event produced by the leaders of the Silver Leadership Program to promote charity and the talented students at Kean University. Kean's Got Talent will take place Thursday, April 5 from 7 to 10 p.m. All proceeds will be going toward the Children's Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, New Jersey. Kean's Got Talent is an annual talent show that gives students at Kean the opportunity to showcase their talents and compete for prizes. There will be three categories: singing, dancing and freestyle. The freestyle category is for all talents that do not fall under the singing or dancing categories. The grand finale of the Kean's Got Talent show is the lip sync battle! There are four teams with one Kean student and one Kean staff member, each looking for donations toward the Children's Specialized Hospital of Mountainside. The team that receives the most donations will do a lip sync performance at the end of the Kean's Got Talent event! The Leadership Institute is a four-year program that offers leadership certification to a select group of students who apply. The program works in levels from T2K Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Silver Leadership Program is the second level of the Leadership Institute. The goal of the Silver Leadership Program is to increase a student's ability to succeed and contribute to the Kean University student community as leaders. It focuses on group values as well as collaboration, common purpose and controversy with civility. Kean's Got Talent is also still looking for performers! If you are interested in showing your talents to the Kean community, contact the Leadership Institute! For more information on Kean's Got Talent, contact the Leadership Institute by visiting the Miron Student Center, Room 215 or by emailing leadershipinstitute@


TUESDAY | MARCH 20 | 2018

Celebrating Diversity

Kean holds CultureFest, an event showcasing diversity Abigail Anne Rafael


Staff Writer

n Tuesday, March 6, Kean held its CultureFest at Downs Hall.

The walls were decorated with every country's flag and lit with blue lights. Tables were decorated with table cloths of all different colors, tri-folds of fun facts for different countries, and vases of marbles and fairy lights. There was also an astounding amount of food from different cultural vendors that filled up two tables extending the full length of the room. It was an admirable effort on the behalf of the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS), Miron Student Center Operations and Event Management, Office of Student Government and Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs which was recompensed with the fact that the event sold out. When the doors opened at 7 p.m., students came flooding in. CLS's Manny Cervantes was the host for the night and began the event by energizing the audience with his opening and welcome. Alison Lopez and David Lopez were the first performers of the night. They danced a traditional Peruvian dance called the Marinera. The Marinera is danced by a man and a woman and is a dance of courtship. Women usually wear long, layered skirts and ruffled tops with flowers in their hair while men wear suits and sombreros. The dance was begun with the Lopezes circling around one another. The brother-sister duo were all smiles as Alison waved her skirt around and twirled around the stage while David rhythmically tapped his feet, spun around, and waved his sombrero. This dance tells the story of a boy and a girl's flirtatious courtship. The boy chases after the girl and wants her to be his girlfriend. Although the girl wants to be in a

relationship with the boy, she continues to tease and act otherwise. David explained how this was particularly exemplified by the use of handkerchiefs. As the boy offers a handkerchief, the girl will look away despite having her own to share too. The next performance was by Clarence Causing. He sang a song called "Saan ka man naroroon," which is a Filipino song which translates from Tagalog to mean, "Wherever you are." Causing explained how the song has personal significance to him. It is a song he always sings to his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents when he visits his home in the Philippines. "Whenever we are far apart, I am always thinking of them," Causing said. To Causing, the song is his own celebration and reminder of home. Following Causing was Alison Lopez again with a solo dance. She danced a Peruvian dance called the Valicha which originates in La Sierra—a cold,

mountainous region in Peru. Lopez explained that the traditional wear is longer sleeves and skirts because of the cold temperatures. Furthermore, llama fur would be incorporated into the dance as llamas are native to Peru. Although she danced alone, the dance is usually comprised of many girls. The Valicha is the name of a popular song as well as a dance. The song tells the tale of a tragic love story between Valerina


Welcoming New Student Trustee Kristen Failla Kristen Failla was sworn in on March 5 as a new student trustee Petruce Jean-Charles

In this committee, they share insight into the topics the committee is covering at that time.

ean University is an educational system that values student involvement and engagement. It allows students rewarding leadership roles that gives them the right to help build Kean University and its community.

Additionally, student trustees have the ability to communicate announcements and information from the board when they are released at various points in the year.


Staff Writer

A student is eligible if they meet the following requirements:

One of these opportunities include becoming a student trustee. A student trustee's role is to represent the student voice to the Board of Trustees, where they are able to interact with the campus community and listen to student concerns.

■ Full-time matriculated student ■ No student conduct violations ■ 18 years old and a citizen of the United States

In 1986, New Jersey became one of the first states in the nation to enact legislation giving student representatives voting rights on state college and university boards of trustees. The voting and alternate Student Trustees are appointed to membership on the Board of Trustees Student and University Affairs Committee and the Kean University Student Leadership Council.

■ Minimum GPA of 2.75 ■ 30 degree credits

The Student Trustee then takes the ideas and feedback from students to the board, where the student trustee is a full voting member of the board and serves on the board’s Student Life Committee.

Brandon Gervais, freshman English education double major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

Make Sure To Get Your Copy

Pass by The Cougar's Byte table for a picture and a copy

A Leadership and Service Publication for the Kean University Student Community

With all that being said, Kristen Failla, a junior studying sociology and psychology was sworn as a voting student trustee on March 5. Failla understands that as the new student trustee



TUESDAY | MARCH 20 | 2018



Campaigning for Love

PRSSA campaigns for self love and love for others Petruce Jean-Charles Miron Student Center, room 215 1000 Morris Avenue • Union, NJ 07083 P: 908-737-5179 • F: 908-737-5175 • The Cougar’s Byte is a leadership and service newsletter where you will find up-to-theminute information on all things related to student life at Kean University. A student news publication that features University events and student activities and accomplishments, The Cougar’s Byte strengthens the overall experience of students by immersing them in the complete college culture. By increasing awareness of all aspects of campus life, students can utilize everything Kean has to offer, while networking and paving the path for their academic and social development. Published every other Tuesday during the regular academic year, The Cougar’s Byte can be viewed both online, at, and in print, distributed biweekly to over 15 campus locations on the Union and Ocean campuses of Kean University. The Cougar’s Byte welcomes Letters to the Editor, calendar events, event news and information, articles, story ideas, artwork and digital photo submissions. To learn more about our publishing policy visit

Caleb Lopez

Senior Editor

Lucas Hernandez

Staff Writer


ow can one express love for themselves and others? Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) created the Share the Love campaign to bring awareness to self-love and love for others. As an organization, it seeks to build campaigns that have a positive effect on the Kean community and others as well. On Feb. 13, PRSSA chapter members walked throughout campus and shared goodie bags, inspirational cards, acts of kindness, and free hugs. This was a way to share acts of kindness, to promote self love and spread awareness about sharing the love. “It was an awesome feeling, just sharing love and giving a hug to people. I felt like Olaf, but I was glad to share the love,” said Chris Carrillo, a new member of the PRSSA Kean Chapter. Sharing the love is one way to reduce everyday stress and falls in line with Valentine’s Day. Share the Love is a campaign run by the organization to produce a non-perishable food drive located in CAS 402. The donated items will be donated to the New Jersey Food Bank in March. For students seeking experience in public relations, PRSSA serves as a source of knowledge, career advancement, networking and leadership development. It is also a professional development organization that is centered around public relations. Kean University PRSSA Chapter, created in 2004, is an organization for students of Kean University who have an interest or passion in public relations. The parent organization of PRSSA, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), was founded in 1968, and there are over 350 active PRSSA chapters at colleges/universities across the country. ■ Benefits for this organization include:

Michael Carfagno

■ Partnering with other organizations

Staff Writer

■ Participating in workshops

Abigail Anne Rafael Staff Writer

Marcus Van Diver Staff Writer

Omar Inca

Graphic Design Specialist

Danielle Thomas

Graphic Design Specialist

Christopher Del Prete Creative Media Specialist

Noah Dobson

Creative Media Specialist

Mary Linen

Creative Media Specialist

Martin Alonso

Graduate Assistant, The Cougar's Byte

Scott K. Snowden Jr.

Director, Center for Leadership and Service

■ Building professional careers For students interested in becoming a member of Kean PRSSA, membership fees are $65 for one year. This fee provides access to the PRSA organization and aids in the funding of events and fundraisers for the chapter. Meetings are held Tuesdays for Kean University students in CAS building, room 453. For more information, please contact Whitney Edwards at .

Petruce Jean-Charles, junior communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.

A Commuter's Resource Center

How the Commuter Resource Center seeks to be an outlet for Kean commuters

Petruce Jean-Charles Staff Writer

■ Informational sessions

■ Professional headshot photos ■ Business cards

Brandon Gervais

PRSSA wants the Kean community to share the love!

■ Networking opportunities

Graphic Design & Marketing Manager Creative Media Manager

Petruce Jean-Charles| The Cougars Byte

Petruce Jean-Charles


Staff writer

ttention all commuters of Kean University. How many students would know about the Commuter Resource Center (CRC) if asked? The CRC serves as a welcoming environment seeking to engage commuters for a more successful college experience. The CRC office is located in Hutchinson Hall, Room 130 in order to be accessible to all students since it is located by the main parking lot. The CRC's goal is to engage and involve commuter students in campus life through various programs to help become comfortable with their lifestyle here at Kean. They also seek to be a support system for Kean commuters by providing essential resources and assisting them in making their lives simpler. Just like many resources provided at Kean University, the Office of Student Government added this addition under the division of Student Affairs. The Office of Student Government realized that most of Kean's students are commuters and that it is important to have a space where they can learn, study, relax and meet new people. The Office of Student Government's goal is to provide quality service that will benefit a commuter student's life on campus. Ultimately, they strive to achieve the

needs of the student body. They believe that providing diverse student-led programming can enrich student lives and create meaningful moments out of the classroom learning experiences. Damion Wilson, president of Student Organization, expressed the importance of the CRC, explaining that it allows commuter students to have their own space and not feel singled out. "The commuter resource center is important because it allows our commuter students to not only have a space of their own, but a comfortable place to work, sit and relax when waiting for their classes," said Wilson. "Within the Commuter Resource Center we have computers, printers, and programs that our students take part in. This center has developed tremendously over the semester that it has been established bringing in more and more students to use the facilities we have provided for them. Even though it was only started Fall 2017, we see great potential for the years to come." The CRC is equipped with a microwave, mini fridge, water cooler, computer workstations and color printer. In addition to those perks, students are also able to sign out lockers, located in the Townsend Hall. For those students who like a quiet place to study and to finish homework, a quiet study area and multifunction room is conveniently located across the office between classes.

■ Monday: noon to 8 p.m. ■ Tuesday: noon to 8 p.m. ■ Wednesday: noon to 8 p.m. ■ Thursday: noon to 8 p.m. ■ Friday: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. ■ The hours for the CRC lounges are as follows: ■ Monday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ■ Tuesday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ■ Wednesday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ■ Thursday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ■ Friday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The events offered by the CRC are implemented to bring the commuter student population together and to offer beneficial services. Students can view the CRC link for more on-campus information, events and services. Students can also be informed through CougarLink.

The CRC provides the services and resources designed to be valuable assets for commuters. The hours for the CRC office are as follows:


Petruce Jean-Charles, junior communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.

TUESDAY | MARCH 20 | 2018


Meet Stephanie Cardenas!

Executive board member of the Greek Senate, Cardenas, has goals that exceed far beyond the books Marcus Van Diver


Greek organization since the spring of 2015 when she joined in her Freshman year. She proclaims that her loving and supportive sisters gave her the confidence to apply for the executive obligation.

Staff Writer

he last semester for college students can be a fruitful experience, as final classes, graduation pictures, cap-and-gown buying and plan-making for their big commencement ceremony all occur. This can also be a bittersweet and stressful time for students finishing up their undergraduate careers, with the pressures of finding a job after graduation and the need for the payment of student expenses just being some of the worries that seniors have before and after they get their degrees. For Stephanie Cardenas, a senior majoring in general biology with a minor in health sciences, her path to graduation does not just continue through the many books and multitudinous classrooms. Actively serving as the vice president of Multicultural Affairs and Community Service for the Greek Senate at Kean University, the senior's work is rarely ever done.

"When first nominated for this position, my sisters believed that I was a good fit. I previously was the community service chair for two years and had made significant changes within my own sorority. I wrote a speech on how my experiences in my own organization made me ready for a position this important," Cardenas stated. "Being chosen for the 2017 and 2018 vice president of Community Service & Multicultural Affairs has inspired me to join in on so many Kean Dance Marathon (KDM) committees, serve a multitude of philanthropies, and participate in service projects like canning that made me feel committed and resourceful for the students who wanted to make that same difference."

Through the countless discussions, meetings, programs and opportunities presented to Cardenas through being on Stephanie Cardenas, a senior majoring in the Greek Senate executive board, the general biology with a minor in health sciences, senior general biology major and health Cardenas has served in the role of vice is the current Vice President of Multicultural minor appreciates the experiences she president of Multicultural Affairs for Affairs on the Greek Senate at Kean University. has had at Kean University. Whether the entirety of the school year, and they were on the e-board or within her has embraced the responsibilities that sorority, her responsibilities have given her lessons about negotiation have come with it. Cardenas' duties are to engage in as many service and teamwork, and memories that may last a lifetime. projects on and off campus as possible. Marcus Van Diver | The Cougar's Byte

"Promoting the idea of service is necessary for various groups that do monthly community projects. I do office hours with the rest of my executive board members and attend weekly meetings to discuss the programs we have planned for the months to come," Cardenas said.

"In this position, the board and I are able to see what works and what does not. I enjoy seeing my friends from all clubs, organizations, and societies join in on the projects we promote because they are willing to support," Cardenas said.

These duties also range from collaborating with the rest of her executive board members and attending weekly meetings to discuss future programs planned by herself and the Greek Senate for the student body to enjoy.

Greek life has greatly contributed to her successes as a student and person as well. Moreover, her positions at Kean have mentally propelled her to excel in anything she wants to do in life. "Omega Sigma Psi Local Sorority made me into the leader I am today. Throughout my entire life before college, I was part of multiple traveling teams for soccer. Being part of a team and being captain taught me to successfully lead a team of girls to victory," Cardenas said. "When coming to this university, I was unsure how to make those first steps of getting involved and Omega gave me that opportunity. They were friends ready to invite me in and lead me to that same victory."

As she too is tasked with the responsibilities that come with being the vice president of Community Service for the Greek Senate, she has meetings with representatives of every organization during Greek Senate meetings, where problems are discussed about the facets within Greek life that they want to improve. "When introducing my ideas, I immediately look to my fellow Greeks for support," Cardenas mentioned. "They are the groups that promote the idea of service, leadership, and opportunity. As a member of my local sorority Omega Sigma Psi, I have learned those three words for myself."

Through her extensive work as an active member of the e-board for the Greek Senate and the fundraising chair for her sorority, Cardenas takes her studies seriously. Wishing to finish her degree and attend either medical school or nursing school after she graduates, the senior has gained the self-confidence necessary to succeed in whatever she desires to complete. Currently, Cardenas stands as a nominee for an internship at The University of Alabama's Neuroscience program to study the cognitive effects of Parkinson's disease. This wouldn't have been possible without the references and networking that she obtained by being involved on campus.

As a senior member of her organization, Cardenas has largely contributed to the success of her sorority. She has held countless positions within her organization, ranging from community service chair and Greek Senate representative, to secretary, sisterhood chair, vice president and, currently, fundraiser chair. "The idea of leadership is more than just a role. It is a motivation inside of you to want to achieve a betterment for the people around you. One change can make a difference. It benefits all the students that join in on our campus involvement," Cardenas said.

"As a biology major, I am truly dedicated to my studies. Research presentations are essential, and understanding the concepts are critical," Cardenas mentioned. "Being the vice president, I am pushed for understanding the concept of community engagement as well as speaking to an audience to receive feedback of what the students like. The professionalism is rewarding because it has helped me with research presentations and internships."

Obtaining the executive job was a difficult task, but not one that Cardenas could not handle, thanks to her being a member of her

Hailing from Hawthorne, New Jersey, the senior was part of a graduating class of 150 students at Hawthore High School in 2014. Her road to Kean was a rocky one, as she applied to the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) her senior year of high school due to financial issues. She was able to be selected into the summer program where her dormitory and meal plan were accounted for while also obtaining nine credits after graduating from high school. She attended workshops of different career opportunities, professionalism and service work. In her last semester, the EOF program is considering her for a scholarship to finish her final classes here at Kean. After May, however, Cardenas will be the first woman in her family to attend and graduate college with a degree in her desired field. For someone as focused as Cardenas, the sky is the limit. Her role as a vice president on the Greek Senate, her position in her own Greek organization, her preparations for graduation and her lengthy studies all guarantee one thing: Cardenas knows how to keep herself busy. They are all motivating tools, and Cardenas does not only want to use tools as a means to get ready for the life ahead of her, but as an influence to underclassmen who look up to her. "If I had any advice for younger students, [it would be to] go join something that you care about. Do your research diligently and take your time. Go to programs around campus by using Cougar Link and see what you like," Cardenas said. "When you find what you are passionate about, the leader inside of you will shine through. You will feel comfortable and ready to make changes in your own way."

Marcus Van Diver, senior communication media major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

Kristen (continued from page 1) her duties are to provide students with the opportunity to speak their minds and have their voices heard. She wants to apply what she has learned as the alternate student trustee to this new position. "Last year, when I was a Silver Leader in the Leadership Institute, Sandra Espinal, the Coordinator for Student Leadership Programs informed me of the position," said Failla. "To me, being Student Trustee means that I am representing Kean University by being an active member of the community and serving students. During my time as alternate student trustee, I learned so much about how to effectively communicate students' ideas, as well as my own, in a professional setting. Now, as the new voting student trustee, I plan on continuing to bridge the communication and interactions between faculty and students." Aside from being the new student trustee, Failla has also committed her time to the advancements of the Nancy Thompson Library Learning Commons where she is on the advisory panel. "One of my primary goals as student trustee is to contribute to the advancements of our library. The learning commons are a central part of education outside of the classroom, therefore myself and our committee aim to be receptive toward students' concerns and ideas. Overall, we want to create an environment that supports different forms of learning such as studying and tutoring and provides students with a space to do so. I am also a member of the Student Leadership Council which allows me to connect with other student leaders and organizations by discussing past and upcoming events on campus," Failla explained. Failla mentioned how honored and overcome with excitement she was following the announcement of her new position. She holds the position

dearly and plans to represent Kean University and its students. She also plans to implement the student body's needs by consistently being open-minded and listening to their needs because she believes that if one student has a voice, so do the other students as well. "I plan on never dismissing a student's voice. I will ask questions and discuss the many aspects of the campus with students and help shape their concerns into ones that can be vocalized to professional staff," said Failla. As student trustee, she will always strive to promote involvement on campus making sure to provide students with opportunities like student groups or community service projects. "Taking part in these programs has benefited me both socially and academically, and I want other students to not only be aware of what is going on at Kean, but to be a part of it. All students should do their very best to be well-rounded in terms of academics and involvement and I want to help instill that drive in students, particularly freshman." For more information on what student trustees do or how they get involved feel free to visit the Kean website. The student trustees may also be contacted by email at So Kean University say hello to the new student trustee Kristen Failla! Petruce Jean-Charles, junior communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.

A Leadership and Service Publication for the Kean University Student Community


TUESDAY | MARCH 20 | 2018

Light the Night

Kean's Lantern Festival was Lit Abigail Anne Rafael


Staff Writer

ean University hosted its very own Chinese Lantern Festival on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at the Miron Student Center Atrium.

The Chinese hold the Lantern Festival to finish Chinese New Year celebrations in an exciting way. Typically the event would have fireworks, dragon parades and dances, stilt walkers, tangyuan (rice balls with filling), and lantern riddle games. The celebration usually takes place the night of the first full moon for the year. For 2018, this day was Friday, March 2. Kean's Lantern Festival began with a troupe of musicians clad in traditional red and gold Chinese costumes playing drums, gongs and tambourines from the stairwell. Suddenly, a neon pink dragon and a neon yellow dragon sauntered down the steps, into the crowd. The crowd stopped everything they were doing to watch the magnificent beasts. The dragons teased and nudged at audience members until they made their way toward the entrance doors of the Miron Student Center. There, they began an intricate dance together which eventually led to a solo performance by the neon pink dragon.

At first, it is easy to get confused by the complex costume. The glitz and glamour of the costume made it difficult to tell who and how many people were under the costume. Logically, the dragon should have been too large to be under the control of one man alone. Yet, the dragon seemed alive with its moving eyes and mouth. Upon further observation, it becomes apparent that the dragon dance is being performed by two performers per dragon. Whenever the "dragon" would roar and stand on its hind legs, it was actually two acrobats impressively giving the illusion through flips and tricks. To finish the dragon dance, the two dragons came together to stand on stools and hold banners saying "Happy Lunar New Year!" in English and Chinese. William Harrison, vice president of Wenzhou- Kean University Student Association (WKUSA), explained the significance of the dragon dance and color red in the Chinese culture saying, "The reason the Chinese use red in everything is for good luck—especially in the Chinese New Year. They use red to bring luck in the forthcoming new year. When they do the dragon dance it also wards off any bad luck or evil that you also have. " The dragon performance was a thrilling start to the rest of the Lantern Festival which was complete with a paper lantern customization station, lantern riddle game, Chinese character making station and a tangyuan table. "I think that showing different aspects of different cultures, different activities, different foods and different cultural activities shows diversity within the campus. And so to have this event be in a common area such as the MSC is a great idea, and I think everyone really enjoyed it," stated Amirah James, a sophomore special education major. "For the event itself, I am happy that a lot of people come to these

Lucas Hernandez | The Cougar's Byte

Kean hosted its own Lantern Festival on March 1, 2018. events so that way they can understand and learn more about the Chinese culture and try different things that are not American. And so when they have that particular blend when they go abroad—if they go in their lifetime—they will be able to say 'Oh, I had that' or 'Oh, I know what this is,' instead of going somewhere and not knowing what anything is and not actually exploring and trying," remarked Harrison. Kean's Lantern Festival, like traditional Chinese Lantern Festivals, marks the start of new experiences for many. It was an event filled with laughs and awe as people of all ages and cultures came together to celebrate life and prepare for a better future.

Abigail Anne Rafael, a freshman communication public relations major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

Kean Greek Senate Wins Awards At Northeast Greek Leadership Association Conference! Greek senate wins awards for organizational development and membership recruitment and intake Brandon Gervais

wants to provide Greek organizations with educational experiences to improve them.

ean University Greek Senate won two awards from the Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) Conference in Pittsburgh. The awards won were for the Organizational Development and Membership Recruitment awards. This is the fourth consecutive year that Kean's Greek Senate has received recognition from the NGLA.

Kean University once again was able to win the membership recruitment and intake award. This can be credited to all of the efforts by the Greek organizations on campus as well as events that promote Greek Life at Kean like Meet the Greeks. Fraternities and sororities are always holding different events to get more and more members to rush. The biggest opportunity for rushing is the semester annual Meet the Greeks event hosted by the Center for Leadership and Service.


Staff Writer

The Northeast Greek Leadership Association is an organization that promotes and empowers the Greek community of the northeast and

The Greek Senate at Kean University also has won an award for Organizational Development. This award is a nod to the Greek Senate's efforts and the functionality of the organizations at Kean. Each award the Kean University Greek Senate has received from the Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) over the years has been special and encouraged the Greek community to continue to strive and be the best in the northeast.

Previous awards include:

■ Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) 2017 Amy Vojta Impact Award: Academic Achievement Award - Kean University

Courtesy of Greek Senate

The Greek Senate executive board with the awards they won from this year's NGLA conference


■ Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) 2017 Amy Vojta Impact Award: Membership

Recruitment/Intake Award - Kean University ■ Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) 2015 Amy Vojta Impact Award: Chapter Development and Leadership Award - Greek Senate ■ Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) 2015 Amy Vojta Impact Award: Risk Reduction Honorable Mention - Greek Senate ■ Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) 2012 Amy Vojta Impact Award: Philanthropy and Service Award - Greek Senate The Greek Senate at Kean is under the Office of the Center for Leadership and Service. The goal of the senate is to promote and advise the cooperation between Greek organizations on campus through various activities and programs. They work with Kean University's 14 sororities, 15 fraternities and one co-ed Greek Organization to promote Greek life and service to the community. Brandon Gervais, freshman English education double major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

TUESDAY | MARCH 20 | 2018


CultureFest (continued from page 1) Condori and Miguel Angel. The two were in love, but the reality of segregation and racism of the times kept them apart. Although their romance failed, it is remembered through song and dance. Lopez's dance ended the first half of performances. Students were then free to eat the long buffet available. Many students were wowed by the wide variety of foods. The options included foods from First Republic Lounge, Algarve, KB on the Go, The Halal Guys, Reggio's, Xpress Cafe, El Lechon de Negron and Cathay 22. Students often had to take two plates in order to try everything. As students feasted, Cervantes began the Cultural Connection trivia game with three students. Each student would have the opportunity over three rounds to earn points by answering multiple choice questions correctly. The questions taught interesting fun facts about different countries asking things like, "What is the most linguistically diverse country?" In the end, the students tied. After the conclusion of the game, Neeve Broesler continued the night of cultural performances. She performed a modernized set dance called King of the Fairies. Brosler's dance was performed with hard tap shoes and consisted of a lot of tapping, stomping, running, jumping and high kicks. The next show of the night was the Fashion Show. The Indian Culture Club came dressed in their traditional festive clothing. The women's dresses were free flowing, colorful and embellished while the men's suits were a little more fitted and colorful still. The Fashion Show was a major success with many in the audience wowed by the beautiful costumes. Next came Iota Phi Theta with a stroll and step dance. Afterward, Limuele Ricio sang "Sila," by SUD which translates from Tagalog to mean "them." Ricio explained he chose the indie-styled Filipino song to break from Filipino tradition and show variety. As the song was introduced to him by his cousin from the Philippines, it also helps him to remember his family from his home country. Mu Sigma Upsilon followed up with their salute. Filipino Uniting Nations at Kean (FUNK) then performed a Filipino cultural dance called Tinikling. The dance originates from the islands of Leyte in the Visayan Islands of the Philippines. The dance is meant to imitate the graceful movements of the Tikling bird. Tinikling incorporates two long bamboo sticks with two designated "clappers" on each end of the sticks to clap along to a beat. As the clappers clap along to the beat, dancers move in and out of the sticks. FUNK began the dance by using traditional music, but later gave a surprising modernized rendition of the dance to the song "Stir Fry" by Migos. Thereafter, Kean Dance Theatre (KDT) danced to their own remix of music. This performance was then followed by Genesis Algaba's solo dance. She danced to Nicuragua's most renowned song, "La Mora Limpia." The dance is usually danced in male and female pairs and is an act of courtship. It incorporates ballet and folklore and highlights the beauty of Nicuraguan women. Following Algaba was Lambda Theta Alpha who performed their salute and stroll. The next performance was given by Kayla Oliviera and Rebecca Sendon who performed a traditional European folk dance. Omega Sigma Psi then followed up with their stroll and a dance. The Kean University Poetry club then performed spoken word on what culture means to them. Sigma Gamma Rho then showcased their step dance and stroll. The Indian Culture Club finished the night of cultural performances with a traditional Indian dance called the Gujarati Garba. The Garba is a dance that originated from the Gujarati people and is danced in honor of the Goddess Durga. The dance is performed in large groups and consists of a lot of spinning bodies, hands and feet. After the Indian Culture Club's performance, the DJ opened up the dance floor to the audience. There, students of all backgrounds and affiliations came together to show and share their different dances. As students blended together, there was no longer any distinct differences between any group at CultureFest. Instead, everyone was one student body of the diverse Kean University.

Abigail Anne Rafael, a freshman communication public relations major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

A Leadership and Service Publication for the Kean University Student Community


TUESDAY | MARCH 20 | 2018

The Real Honor Societies of Kean University How to distinguish Kean's Honor Societies from outside organizations Brandon Gervais


Staff Writer

he honor societies at Kean are organizations that separate the academically elite at Kean and gives them a space to come together and work as a group to help others through service and leadership. Often associated with a specific subject, honor societies show high achievement in academics and involvement. The process for joining each honor society varies between the subject. For the most part however, it is required to have a GPA above 3.0 (varies between each group) in the subject area as well as cumulatively. Also, there is a required price for membership dues that again varies in price depending on the group. Each honor society at Kean requires you to attend at least two meetings and an induction ceremony. Some honor societies also have a service requirement. "I was a shy commuter student. I went to school for classes and left day in and day out. It wasn't until I got inducted into Sigma Tau Delta that I got involved on campus," said Holly Wood, an English writing major, a Kean graduate in 2016, and an academic specialist working at the Writing Center in the library. "[In] the first year, we had bake sales where I got to meet upperclassmen in the honor society. Throughout these interactions, I finally made a friend at college! Then, at the end of my first year, the president was graduating and the new president asked if I wanted to be her vice president. That year, we really vamped up the involvement in campus. We had poetry slams, where even shy, awkward me got up on stage and performed. Participating in and running events with Sigma Tau Delta allowed me to feel like a real college student for the first time, as I was finally spending time at Kean in a way that didn't involve a classroom."

It can be confusing to distinguish legitimate honor societies at Kean from outside organizations looking for student membership and money. Toward the beginning and end of each semester, students' emails become flooded with emails from various organizations claiming to be honor societies. These emails typically begin with "Congratulations, you've been accepted". It is important to be mindful and wary of such emails since there is a chance an application was never sent. Subject-specific honor societies at Kean require a lengthy process that involves an application that includes service hours, involvement evaluation, essays, and more. While the general honor societies at Kean will send you a letter in the mail directly. To be sure your honor society outside of Kean is legitimate the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) provides a list of nationally certified honor societies as well as resources for students to learn about different organizations. You can also check Cougar Link and look at the list of honor societies at Kean.

Society ■ Alpha Epsilon Rho - National Broadcasting Honor Society ■ Alpha Kappa Delta - International Sociology Honor Society ■ Alpha Phi Sigma - National Criminal Justice Honor Society ■ Alpha Psi Omega - National Theatre Honor Society ■ Beta Beta Beta - National Biological Honor Society ■ Chi Alpha Sigma - Athletic Honor Society ■ Chi Sigma Iota - International Graduate Honor Society (Counseling) ■ Epsilon Epsilon Omega - Exceptional Opportunities Center Honor Society ■ Iota Tau Alpha - Athletic Training Honor Society ■ Kappa Delta Pi - International Education Honor Society

Here is a list of some things to keep in mind when deciding if an honor society is legitimate:

■ Kappa Kappa Psi - National Band Honor Society

Honor Societies Require Three Semesters to Have Been Completed. If it is your first or second semester at Kean and you receive an email or mail invitation to join an honor society, there is a very high chance it is not legitimate, as there is a three-semester requirement to join honor societies. Keep in mind that for major specific organizations, you can not declare a major until your sophomore year, so you cannot be considered.

■ Lambda Pi Eta - National Communication Association

Look into the Organization. Real honor societies often have a long history that can be traced back and researched. It should be a red flag if the origin is vague or recent. It may be legitimate, but consider their history as a rule of thumb. Most Certified Honor Societies are Registered. You can learn about certified organizations at www. The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) has resources to distinguish real honor societies and describes the benefits of honor societies to a student. It also lists the many of the nationally certified honor societies.

■ Lambda Alpha Sigma - Honor Society (All Kean Majors) ■ Mu Kappa Tau - Marketing Honor Society ■ Omicron Delta Epsilon - International Economics Honor Society ■ Order of Omega - Greek Leadership Honor Society ■ Phi Alpha - National Social Work Honor Society ■ Phi Alpha Theta - National History Honor Society ■ Phi Kappa Phi - Honor Society (All Disciplines) ■ Pi Alpha Alpha - Public Administration Honor Society ■ Pi Sigma Alpha - National Political Science Honor Society ■ Psi Chi - International Psychology Honor Society ■ SALUTE - Veterans National Honor Society ■ Sigma Beta Delta - International Business Administration and Management Honor Society ■ Sigma Delta Pi - National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society ■ Sigma Tau Delta - International English Honor Society ■ Sigma Theta Tau - Nursing Honor Society

Here is a list of all of the honor societies at Kean. ■ Alpha Epsilon Lambda - Graduate Students Honor

Brandon Gervais, freshman English education double major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

Students Love SOTA

How SOTA makes an impact at Kean University Petruce Jean-Charles Staff Writer

Mechetti, a graduate student studying occupational therapy, had much to say in regard to the beginning of this program.

hat is SOTA? How does it have an impact on the Kean community? SOTA is the Student Occupational Therapy Association, and it allows students the opportunity to develop in their field.

"The cause for this program would be to gain awareness in OT and help undergraduate students understand what OT is. We want to guide them in all areas to prepare them in the health profession because OT is such a broad occupation," said Mechetti.

The goal of SOTA is to provide students a way to personally and professionally develop into dedicated occupational therapists (OT). They also emphasize the importance of community service and educational excellence as a platform to advocate for others.

Szweada is in her second year where she is exploring, but she does realize her passion for working with children in the future.


The organization strives to build a sense of community for occupational therapy students and interested Kean students on campus and to create mentoring and networking opportunities as well as social opportunities for students outside the classroom. They hope to gain public recognition for occupational therapy as a career, participate in community service projects, promote awareness of current trends in the field, enhance environments and experiences which ultimately enables teamwork with other occupational therapists, organizations, and health professionals. The e-board consist of President Olivia Maltempi, advisor Claire Mulry, Vice President Alivia Nufrio, Treasurer Melissa Delateja, and Secretary Jamie Szweada. On Monday, Feb. 26, SOTA hosted a bake sale in hopes of spreading awareness of SOTA and funding the various activities they are a part of. The members of SOTA wanted the Kean community to understand the importance of occupational therapy as a profession. "SOTA is the student occupational therapy association where we are the Kean University chapter and our goal for SOTA is to promote the profession of occupational therapy. We also want to educate and advocate for the profession, future students and current students. It's a really great program for both undergraduate and graduate students, and we all come together to learn about OT and celebrate it," said Maltempi. Szweada also noted that with the right exposure, undergraduate students can learn and meet other students who are in the program and actual therapists as well. Alongside the e-board members, Andrea

"The reason why I got into occupational therapy was because my younger cousin had an occupational therapist when he was younger, so I was introduced to it at a very young age. With that, I became interested in exploring it in high school [where] I was given the opportunity to learn about it. OT is a profession that really helps people, and we look at the whole person, beyond injury and diagnosis," Szweada explained. Unlike Szweada, Mechetti would like to work with older adults. Because of her experiences with OT in college, she was able to achieve a greater respect for the profession. "Around my senior year of high school when I was applying to colleges, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I was always surrounded by volunteering and healthcare. So one day I decided to volunteer with an OT, and I instantly felt this would be a great career path for me because it fits my personality very well," Mechetti explained. Just like Mechetti, Maltempi found it very beneficial to do research on OT as it allowed her to gain a passion for OT.

Petruce Jean Charles | The Cougar's Byte

SOTA hopes to spread awareness about occupational therapy. Kean clinic on campus, so it's cool to see who OT is both in the clinic and community," Maltempi explained. SOTA helps undergraduate students build their resume and get them accepted into the program, and they have seen some of their candidates accepted into the program. The BFF event will be their sixth and each time it is a huge success with children and parents. Their ultimate goal would be to get students to understand what occupational therapy is because not many individuals know about it. They also seek to get individuals who are interested in OT and those who just want to learn.

"I also kind of stumbled upon OT in my high school years in the medical or health profession field, but I wasn't really sure so I started researching. Through researching, I was able to learn more about the profession and that it is perfect for me," said Maltempi.

What is Occupational Therapy? It is a profession that helps people across the lifespan work on their Activities of Daily Living (ADL). ADL is a term used in healthcare to refer to people's daily self care activities like showering or brushing one's teeth. An OT's job is to help individuals with these daily tasks.

SOTA is hosting an event in April called the Breakfast with Families for Autism (BFF) where they will celebrate autism for Autism Awareness Month. There will be food, games and a guest speaker that may provide education for adults and additional resources as well.

For students who would like to join SOTA or learn more about occupational therapy, visit CougarLink or email them at sota@kean. edu.

"There is usually a good turnout with 50 plus people, and it really gets people excited for the program and being a part of SOTA. It's very interactive with students and even potential clientele. A lot of the people that come to the breakfast might actually be involved in the


Petruce Jean-Charles, junior communication journalism major, is a member of The Cougar’s Byte staff.

TUESDAY | MARCH 20 | 2018


A Graduate Assistant and Helping Hand

Meet Robert Schiele, the current vice president of the Graduate and Part-Time Student Council! Marcus Van Diver o excel in both the classroom at the graduate level and in the work space requires a sense of patience, time management, diligence, professionalism and a reason to give one's best effort everyday. For Robert Schiele, that reason serves as a purpose to uphold the good name of Kean University.

to accommodate and provide assistance to the individual. I am a stepping stone in guiding potential teachers fill out their requirements necessary to obtain their career," Schiele said. "One of the many things that I relish consists of self growth along with student growth. Both the students and myself teach one another. I am a person who is fond of learning new things, and every individual that I converse with presents something new."

A graduate of Kean University in 2017 with degrees in criminal justice and psychology, as well as someone who is going for their Master of Arts in forensic psychology at the Nathan Weiss Graduate Program, Schiele's work is never done. Currently serving as the executive vice president of the Graduate and Part Time Student Council, Schiele's responsibility revolves around the graduation rate of Kean students and enhancing the cultural, social and educational standards outside of the classroom.

Schiele's studies are always prioritized as he pursues his master's degree in his field of choice. Prior to finishing his undergraduate studies, Schiele had dreams of becoming a lawyer and getting into law school through completing a criminal justice degree, but would ultimately decide that more education was the key to success. He then pursued a second degree in psychology due to his interest in the subject and by finding out that he would have a better chance of getting into law school with the second degree.

"I am a very gregarious individual [who excels] in helping others to success by enhancing the social, cultural, and educational standards outside the classroom of learning as it increases the graduation rate by 70 percent," Schiele said. "Beyond an educational standpoint, I try to enhance the community of Kean directly by listening to the voices of students. Also, I try to get students further involved at Kean. I don’t like to think of this as a position, but more as a helping hand, aiding students [and] amplifying their goals, interpersonal growth, and the Kean experience as a whole."

"Further down the road, I found a truly spectacular major that I now adore, thanks to both Richard Conti, Ph. D., and Jane O'Brien, Ph. D. They helped enlighten my path for what I should truly become, a clinical neurologist."

Staff Writer


What started with a simple job application and campus involvement opportunities for Schiele evolved into a place with the Student Government for three years and nine months with the Graduate and Part Time Student Council. "Having previous knowledge of student government, the policies and procedures associated to Kean, and experience played a role in helping me be attributed to my current position," Schiele mentioned. Schiele continued, "The best part of being a student leader is the memories made through making a difference. Being a leader changes your life for the better from the many experiences that are attributed to Kean and the students. My happiness comes from seeing students succeed and chasing their dreams. If within my term as a Kean leader I can assist scads of students by making Kean a more enjoyable place for them and contribute to improving their self-growth, I will do so in joy." Additionally, the graduate student serves as a Graduate Assistant in the College of Education, for the purpose of helping students obtain resources for taking the Praxis Examination to become teachers. Schiele tries to help each student differently, saying that he tries to help each student differently due to Kean's diverse population. "You must fully understand that one thing might not work for everyone and you must change your mindset

Hailing from Toms River, New Jersey, Schiele attended Toms River High School East, but did not initially have an ideal college that he wanted to attend. Therefore, he chose to stay close to home and start his undergraduate studies at Ocean County College, as he believed that attending a school that was easier on the pockets would minimize his college loans at the time. Moreover, if he wanted to obtain a higher education than just at Ocean County College, he would be able to have the opportunity. "I knew I wanted to go to college but was unsure of which one. I talked with numerous amounts of people, which helped me find out about how almost every freshman in college goes away and comes back the next year with a lot of debt. I thought to myself that I would try to minimize my college loans until I get into law school. I decided to stay close and found out that Ocean County College had a wonderful transition program with Kean." That exact transition program landed him a new home at Kean University as soon as he finished his associates degree in criminal justice. While being on the Union campus for his four undergraduate years, his learning, professionalism and ambition were all honed and improved, making him a better student and person in the process. "My undergraduate career has helped me in obtaining my current position, because if I never got involved with the Kean Ocean Criminal Justice Club, I would have never found out about my happiness in helping students acquire their goals," Schiele said. "I was not the type of person back then in trying new things, but I stepped out of my comfort zone and I am very appreciative to myself that I did. Both my majors have helped me in understanding policy and

MSC GAME ROOM Monday - Thursday:.........10 a.m. - 11 p.m. Friday: ............................10 a.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday: ........................10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday: ..........................10 a.m. - 7 p.m. MSC COMPUTER LAB Monday - Thursday: .......9 a.m. - 11 p.m. Friday: ............................. 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday: ........................10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday: ..........................10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

H O U R S O F O P E R AT I O N MIRON STUDENT CENTER (MSC) procedures along with keeping an open mind among others. Psychology is all about the human body while criminal justice relates to laws and social control." Other leadership roles that the executive vice president took over included the role of president of Kean Ocean's Criminal Justice Club and the Kean Ocean vice president of Student Organization. Schiele felt that, in these experiences, he understood how much of a difference he could make for others. "I used my previous skills and knowledge set for the better of the Kean community. I have increased the aforementioned with training to provide a better quality of support and direction." The graduate student knows that whatever he does, it will always be for the benefit of others. Whether he is dedicated to helping to raise the graduation rate as the executive vice president of the GPSC or guide younger students through their journey at Kean as a graduate assistant, Schiele's open mind, outstanding listening skills and empathy for others has changed him for the better and into a person that people can rely on. "Since every student is unique in their own way, you need to advance at everything afoot with an open mind. Everything revolves around students and without being able to understand you are maintaining a one-sided focus which is not in the best interest of either party. There is no student government without students," Schiele said. "Being a leader helped me understand the individuality of everyone and how people have their own perspective on topics. Everyone thinks there are two sides to every debate, but in reality, there are 926 million different sides. I have also learned how one minute can change the way a person thinks whether it be for the day or for a lifetime."

Marcus Van Diver, senior communication media major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

Fueled by Food Abigail Anne Rafael

door in order to access the buffet offered at the Residence Dining Hall.

ean's Gourmet Dining is comprised of six different food venues. If this large variety is still not enough to satisfy students' hunger, the Residence Dining Hall also offers a cooking station for students to make their own food.

For breakfast, the hall typically offers eggs, roasted potatoes, sausage, bacon, pancakes and french toast.


Students are free to choose from The Cougar's Den, Miron Student Center Food Court, Miron Student Center Lobby, Residence Dining Hall, Starbucks and STEM Kiosk. Most notably is the Residence Dining Hall located in the New Upperclassmen Residence Hall for its wide selection and convenience. The Residence Dining Hall is most typically used by resident students but is also open to the public.

Its hours are as follows:

■ Mondays - Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. ■ Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. ■ Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. ■ Sunday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

While resident students may rely on a certain number of meal swipes from their meal plan, anyone is able to purchase a one time fee at the

Food Court Mon.- Wednesday: .....7:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Thursday: ....................7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Friday: ......................... 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Jersey Mike's Monday - Friday: .......... 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Smashburger Monday-Thursday: ...... 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. Friday: ......................... 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Auntie Anne's Monday - Thursday:.......11 a.m. - 8 p.m. Friday:.............................11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Cougar's Den Monday-Thursday: .... 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. Friday: ........................... 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday:..................... 1 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Outtakes Market Monday - Thursday: .... 9 a.m. - 11 p.m. Friday: ........................... 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday: ..................... 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday:.......................... 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.


Residence Dining Hall Monday - Thursday:..7:30 a.m. - 11 p.m. Friday:.....................7:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. Saturday: .................. 8:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sunday:...................... 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.


Starbucks Kiosk, 3rd Floor Monday - Thursday: ...7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Kiosk, 1st Floor Monday - Friday: ......... 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

1st Floor - North Avenue Academic Building

A look at Kean's Gourmet Dining Staff Writer

MIRON STUDENT CENTER MSC INFO DESK P: 908-737-5222 Monday - Thursday:...........8 a.m. - 12 a.m. Friday: ............................8 a.m. - 10 p.m. Saturday: ........................10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Sunday: .........................10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. Friday - Saturday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sunday: 1 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Nancy Thompson

Library 1st Floor

There is also an available cereal selection of Lucky Charms, Cheerios, Frosted Flakes and Wheaties. Moreover, there are bagels, croissants, muffins and a waffle making station. For lunch and dinner there are always vegan, starch and two entree options. There is always pizza, chicken tenders, fries, hot dogs and hamburgers. There is also a salad bar, sandwich making bar and soup station. Drinks vary from types of milks, juices and sodas. Interestingly, there is also a saute station with a chef on hand to cook students a meal of their choice if none of these options are to their liking. Furthermore, students may opt to create their own dishes at the "Make Your Own" station. At both of these stations, students can choose to cook noodles, pasta or rice and have an assortment of ingredients to add including vegetables, meats, sauces and seasonings.

Edward Diaz, a freshman computer science major, shared his favorite Philly cheese steak recipe. "If you go to the sub station, grab yourself an Italian roll, bring it over to the stir fry station, and ask for steak, onion, jalapeno and cheese, you can make your own custom cheese steak." Galaxy Douglas, a sophomore biology and business double major, mentions that she often makes steak stir fry with white rice. "You put together bean sprouts, spring onions, spinach, onions, and you fry them all in butter to be healthier." There is something for everyone to enjoy here at Kean University. Let Kean's Gourmet Dining fuel your success! Abigail Anne Rafael, a freshman communication public relations major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

A Leadership and Service Publication for the Kean University Student Community

Monday - Thursday: .......... 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Friday: ............................... 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday: ........................... 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sunday: ........................... 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Monday - Thursday: .......... 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Friday: ............................... 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday: ........................... 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


MIRON STUDENT CENTER, 1ST FLOOR Monday - Thursday: ........ 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Friday: ............................. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. /KeanUniversityBookstore /KeanBookstore


TUESDAY | MARCH 20 | 2018

"Wild" Laughter: The 2018 KDM Comedy Night!

MTV's Wild N' Out comedians headline a comedy show to raise money for the Kean Dance Marathon Marcus Van Diver


then he spoke about parents holding toddlers and older children in strollers, aggressive New Yorkers and their many mannerisms and guys with small televisions hosting Super Bowl and fight parties.

Staff Writer

tudents, friends and other members of the Kean community filled the confines of Wilkins Theater on the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 28, as popular comedians Jacob Williams and Gerald Kelly from the hit television show Wild N' Out headlined a group of comedians that all delivered hilarious sets for the members of the Kean student body who attended. Sponsored by the Greek Senate at Kean University, the comedy show acted as the final fundraiser for the Kean Dance Marathon taking place in April. From 7:30 to 10 p.m., famous comedians from across the country graced the stage not only with their presence, but with their rib-splitting jokes and creativity. Inside of the theater, the entire front section of red, cushioned seats opposite to the enormous stage were filled by students anticipating performances from some of the country's most talented performers that the Kean family were fortunate to see for $7 for Kean students and $10 for non-Kean students.

He continued, speaking about the many instances of him getting handed homework from his children's teachers and his inability to help his son with the work and the movie Black Panther and his experience seeing it with his child, who decided to wear a glow-in-the-dark Black Panther mask, which, as he said, annoyed some members of the audience in the movie theater. He finished his set talking about how certain people of different ethnic backgrounds would act if they were like the superhero The Incredible Hulk, saying how some people are quicker to anger than others.

Greek Senate executive board members posing with comedians from Wild n' Out

In the back of the venue, memorable music and rhythms were felt and experienced by DJ Nix in the Mix, a prominent disc jockey (DJ) who is mostly seen at events like Meet The Greeks and the Kean Dance Marathon. A signature classic mix was just what the students needed to get pumped up and ready for the show to begin. Students danced, cheered for others dancing while others sang along to the tracks the DJ was playing, some of them being the most popular songs out today. As the night progressed, the audience was then introduced to the emcee of the comedy festival and the current President of Greek Senate, Abanoub Nakhla, who is known by his nickname "Taffy". He went on to kickoff the festivities after DJ Nix's classic music mix by bringing on a co-host who introduced the first act of the night, Big Mama. The comedian's set included jokes about her resentment for diets and those who partake in the healthy activity, the popular Black Panther movie and her honest and profound opinion about the film, and at the end of her set, she joked about being attracted to the emcee of the event. As she left, the next performer stepped on the stage. One of the big headliners of MTV's Wild N' Out, Jacob Williams graced the stage with his quirkiness and zaniness, making awkward jokes with a murmured voice. His set nearly left the entire auditorium in nonstop laughter, with the theme of his jokes surrounding around his lack of self confidence in a funny manner, his inability to get high-end gigs because of his appearance, his lack of achievement in attracting women, and a particular instance of him performing a comedy set at a library. Occasional "awe" cues from the crowd that signified pity made his jokes that much more hilarious.

Next up was a highly touted performer who first joked about being from Brooklyn, New York but later revealed in a humorous manner that he was from Denver, Colorado. This comedian, named Jon Laster, made remarks in his set about being "fake tough", the differences between people of different racial backgrounds and their approach to confrontation, and how some people talk things out quickly and get to physically fighting. He also mentioned that others make a scene, argue and never get into physical confrontations. Shortly after Laster left the stage, a nationally popular comedian by the name of Isiah Kelly stepped on. Kelly's set included a multitude of hilarious remarks about working out, citing "Planet Fitness" as his least favorite gym to attend due to their lack of equipment. He also joked about how personal and possibly offensive the new age treadmills can be in asking him his weight, height and age. He cited one experience of him putting in an inordinate and inaccurate weight amount into the machine, while officials inside of the gym kicked him out for nearly breaking the equipment. When this slapstick joke was made, the crowd was in hysterical laughter. He then talked about the difficulties of texting today and how communication is significantly harder via text message as someone's tone of voice cannot be conveyed. He finished off his set with some crude humor, citing the anticipation of his grandmother's passing so that he could have a house to himself. As his set ended, the final act of the night walked onto the stage. The father of Isiah Kelly and a nationally-recognized comedian, Gerald Kelly proceeded to close out the show with his own unique set of jokes. He started with talking about being on airplanes and ethnic differences of people on planes in instances like getting snacks, and

As the show reached its closing, the emcee of the night, Taffy, thanked everyone for coming out Kean University and enjoying the show while letting everyone know that their tickets sales would benefit the Children's Specialized Hospital, the primary sponsor for the Kean Dance Marathon taking place on Friday, April 13 at noon. As everyone exited the show, they were left with the satisfaction of not only seeing an exceptional comedy show for a good price, but the feeling of helping out a good cause by doing so. "I just liked how I could have fun and it would still be for a good cause," said Andres Albinagorta, a junior computer science major and an attendee of the comedy show. "It raised awareness for the organization they were funding as well, which helped out a lot." Specifically, members of Greek organizations were the most proud individuals of the night, with a strong majority of them working with the Greek Senate in putting this event together. At the end of the night, Taffy told all of the Greeks before they left to write their organization on the back of their tickets. That way, they would earn service hours for their respective organization and help contribute to the great cause. "I think that [the Greek Senate] has been working toward Greek unity, and I think events like this are just the way to do it," said Willy Mena, a senior theater major and member of the Lambda Upsilon Lambda Latin Fraternity. "Events like these give a great value, and it is good for people to come and support. Knowing that you are coming here to entertain yourself and giving some attention to a good organization like this is always a good thing." Nonetheless, Greeks and attendees were left with not only a good laugh to take home with them, but the good feeling of helping out those in need in throughout all of the laughter. Marcus Van Diver, senior communication media major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

Unity Week Kickoff!

Starting off Unity Week with an event to showcase the diverse Kean community. Brandon Gervais

Organization and P.U.L.S.E. set up different tables to promote different ways of accepting diversity.

tudent Organization and P.U.L.S.E. kicked off Unity Week with activities and displays of culture in the Miron Student Center Atrium on Monday, March 5. The Miron Student Center was decorated with flags from a variety of cultures and countries. Students were welcome to enjoy the diversity all around them.

One of the major attractions was the Unity Week t-shirt wheel. Students were given a ticket to get a chance to spin the wheel and answer a question about global diversity. If they got the answer right, they would receive a Unity Week t-shirt. If they did not get the answer correct, they could get back in line and try again. Another part of the event was the "I Am" board. This board was a black canvas that students would attach words to describe themselves. The "I Am" board allowed those who wrote on it to express who they are and how they identify themselves. It is a testament to Kean University's diverse community of students who openly embrace differences and uniqueness. Students who participated wrote things ranging from adjectives about themselves to feelings they felt around them.


Staff Writer

At the event, food from multiple traditions such as Japan, China, Africa and more was being walked around and shared with everyone. Student

Also at the event was the "Rock Your Body" table. This table was a table of rocks and markers for students to write messages on or decorate a rock any way they wanted. They had the choice to leave the rock for people to see or take the rock home with them. Rocks are a symbol themselves of culture and diversity in that they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Similar to the "I Am" table, the "Rock Your Body" table gave students a creative way to express who they are and how they display themselves. It once again shows diversity beyond culture but as individuals that live together on the Kean University campus. "The point of this event is unification. Unity Week is supposed to bring together people of different

backgrounds and different cultures and [help students] know [that] just because we are all different, we are all the same at the end of the day. When we are facing adversity, it is important to acknowledge our diversity and come together despite our differences," said Rahil Ninche, junior communication studies major and assistant coordinator for community traditions and life skills at P.U.L.S.E. The Office of Student Government and P.U.L.S.E. is looking for people to submit applications! P.U.L.S.E. stands for Programming for a Unique and Lively Student Experience, and they work to create activities for student entertainment on campus. Their goal is to create and promote student involvement and community. For more information about the Student Government applications, please contact the Office of Student Government, located in Miron Student Center, Room 309, by calling (908) 737-5190 or emailing


All in all, Unity Week is a week-long celebration of diversity at Kean University. It is a week where we acknowledge all of the culture here on campus by sharing traditions with each other and uniting together.

Brandon Gervais, freshman English education double major, is a member of The Cougar's Byte staff.

Kean University - The Cougar's Byte - March 20, 2018  
Kean University - The Cougar's Byte - March 20, 2018