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“I have learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” ~ Nelson Mandela “Courage . Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness.” ~ R.J. Palacio, “Wonder”


ach day at Cotting School, we are privileged to share in our students’ many moments of progress and change. Success is measured in not only the acquisition of new skills and

abilities, but also in the growing capacity to overcome obstacles and pursue dreams. To accomplish their goals, our students exert enormous effort, show incredible determination, and display remarkable courage. With oversight and encouragement from our highlyqualified teachers and therapists, they work diligently to reach their highest level of achievement and independence. Everyone at Cotting is part of this process, but it is the students who teach us what courage looks like each day. Their perseverance and single-mindedness, as well as the environment here, make this possible. This Report attempts to document some of these student efforts. In these pages, we invite you to join us in celebrating

some of the moments of change and accomplishment in their lives, whether they are measured in hours, days, or an entire school year. First-time visitors to Cotting consistently comment on the extraordinary enthusiasm for life and positive sense of humor that permeate the atmosphere here. Similarly, they are tremendously impressed by our students. If you have never visited our School to witness this in action, please consider this your invitation. We would be delighted to welcome you!


A Year of Growth and Collaboration We opened our school year with a very special message of hope. Patrick Downes, who, along with his wife, Jess, was severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombing, gave Cotting’s Opening of School Address. With humor and optimism, Patrick reflected on his own care and stressed the value of communication and coordination among caregivers, the same communication and coordination that are evident at Cotting. He reminded us that when teachers, medical staff, physical, occupational, and communication therapists work together, care is appreciably better. We all know how hard our staff work, but Patrick reminded us that our students work hard, too! His testimony spearheaded a positive launch to the school year.   It is year four for HOPEhouse, our five-day boarding program, which serves young adults building skills for a successful transition to adult life. Cotting Consulting continues to grow, serving 121 students in 35 school districts. Our consultants facilitate curriculum access and functional independence in the classroom setting using both low-tech and high-tech solutions. The fourth annual Burr Family Conference: Making Things Possible focused on the theme of Social Success for students with disabilities. We were proud to have three Upper School students Tessa, Elizabeth, and Dan give our keynote address. These onceshy students confidently shared how they’ve grown, and how Cotting helped them with strategies for social success. A variety of evidence-based, practical strategies were shared in 38 workshops. In addition, vendors’ exhibits provided the opportunity to explore programs, services, and equipment. 


Cotting prides itself on working with other centers of excellence. Best Buddies provides mutual learning and social experiences for students in Middle and Upper School. AccesSportAmerica provides recreational services on campus. The Epic Service Warrior program partners with our students, giving them opportunities to increase their advocacy skills. In addition, this year, we welcomed Waypoint Adventure to our campus as they provided vocational and adventurebased opportunities for our students. Finally, a new projectbased learning assignment, Phinney’s Friends, joined us and provided our students with vocational opportunities in the area of pet supplies. Two new events broadened our outreach in the greater community. As part of the ReelAbilities Film Festival, we showed “Becoming Bulletproof” to a packed house in April. Additionally, with in-kind donations from local vendors and volunteers from colleges, businesses and high schools, we hosted a Hospitality Tent at the Special Olympics Massachusetts games at Harvard Stadium in June. Many young athletes and their cheering fans stopped by for rest, refreshments, and camaraderie. We look forward to these events again this coming year.

Thanks to Jeremiah Jordan of Clyde Media Productions, we produced a new video featuring Cotting parents. Focusing on what they would say to an incoming new parent on the first day at Cotting, these parents elaborated on how the School has changed their children and their families. To see this video and others, visit Cotting’s YouTube Channel. While you’re there, please subscribe; then check out our new website at! Thinking ahead to our 125th anniversary in three years, we are considering thoughtfully how best to optimize our space to serve the needs of our current and future students. It is a challenge similar to that faced by our co-founders when they opened Cotting School in the City of Boston in 1893. Like them, we hold the needs of our students as our first and foremost priority.  Thank you for joining with us in being part of and supporting this most worthy endeavor.

David W. Manzo, President, Cotting School

David C. Cushing, Chair, Board of Trustees


New Areas of Growth I

n the summer of 2016 we concluded a three-year project to update and improve our literacy programming. The Curriculum Institute, a group of faculty who spend the summer weeks focusing on a particular area of our curriculum, completed a total revision of our assessment and instructional practices in phonics, reading fluency, and comprehension. This included researching new techniques and programs, developing lesson plans and activities, and creating customized materials for all student reading levels.

At the same time, we began a comprehensive review of our math programming, with plans to continue to explore new curricula in the summer of 2017. As a first step, Jeanine Meredith, the 2016 Cotting Thorndike Fellow, developed a comprehensive framework and bank of materials for the 10th grade mathematics competency portfolio. This framework is a wonderful resource for those students working to meet their graduation requirements. While we strive to ensure students receive excellent curriculum and instruction in the classroom, our overarching goal is to prepare them for their eventual transition from Cotting. This year Michael Teuber was appointed to a newly-created position, Director of Transition Services. Michael will work to expand off-campus job development as part of the Project Bridges community work experience program, help coordinate inclusive college experiences, and create employment opportunities for older students in their home communities. In addition, we’ve introduced a new class for Upper School students, World of Work, which focuses on helping students to develop work-readiness skills. Cotting staff’s commitment to a culture of innovation and collaboration is evident in all aspects of our school. We are grateful for the continued partnership of all members of our community that makes change and growth possible for our students! Krista Macari Chief Academic Officer


Seconds of Courage... “A

fter attending Cotting for over two years, Tom fell seriously ill in 2015, missing school due to hospital visits, medical appointments, and chronic fatigue. When strong enough, he Skyped in to keep up with his schoolwork and chat with his friends. Tom’s Cotting team and Cotting Consulting provided tutoring at home and a full array of therapy services through Skype, so he could return as soon as he was ready.

“Finally, in June 2016, he turned a corner and began inching his way back to regain what he had lost. Courageously determined to return to Cotting, he began biking, swimming, and kayaking with his siblings to regain his strength and stamina. In September, he was thrilled to rejoin his class. Along with his schoolwork, he has resumed playing flag football and his Project Bridges job at Perkins Radio station. Tom is looking at colleges for next year and eagerly participates in basketball. His peers elected Tom the Senior Class President of the Class of 2017. “Someday Tom wants to mentor other students undergoing medical challenges similar to his.” Kate and Tom Buckley


Minutes of Endurance “F

riendly and funny, Elise is a helper and a learner; that’s her personality. At a young age, she fit in with her peers, but then, as she got older, all the pieces of her school life no longer fit together. She could pass in some areas, but then she would fail in others. The social pieces weren’t always easy. Elise started missing benchmarks and was mislabeled. What was called ‘inclusive’ was not actually fully inclusive. Elise endured because she had no choice.

“Things changed right away at Cotting, where she felt immediately accepted. Elise is now in a genuine community. She has made a wide range of friends of all ages. Class trips into the community have given her the chance to apply the life skills she’s learned. Through her community work placements in Project Bridges, Elise has worked at Drumlin Farm and at the Discovery Museum in Acton. She loves industrial arts, performing arts, and art classes. “We are delighted that Cotting has academics with expectations; she has to do her homework, and she enjoys the challenges she’s given. Cotting has given her skills and confidence, which she will need going forward. Now her day starts early, and she’s always ready to go. The learning never stops! Rhonda and Peter Dion


Hours of Determination “A

t birth Anthony faced complex challenges, yet through hours of determined, hard work with his teachers at Cotting, he is reading, writing and conversing with his peers. He uses Touch Math and a calculator to learn multiplication, money, and time. His class uses Fantasy Football statistics once a week as they work on math skills. Because help is available if he needs it, Anthony personifies a goal Cotting has for all students: to work with increased independence. Through determined, careful effort, he has gained trust in his teachers and classmates, which is enabling further self-awareness and productive social interactions.

“His teacher told me that when Anthony sees that something needs to be done in the classroom, he is thoughtful and helpful as he takes care of it without being asked. He has matured so much; the change in him is terrific! Cotting is how school should be everywhere!” Lisa Peabody


Afternoons of Friendship B

efore our son entered Cotting, all we wanted for him was to be included. Eight years ago, Justin started at Cotting and his life’s trajectory started to change. Reading, writing, math and science were no longer just concepts; he felt a sense of accomplishment as he began to learn and enjoy school. From the beginning, he felt comfortable and accepted by his peers.

“Justin throws clay pots in art, inputs data at Lahey Medical Center through his community work experience through Project Bridges, and helps Waypoint Adventure clean equipment after a trip. Pleasant, reliable, and friendly, Justin is a dependable, hard worker who, when he sees that something needs to be done, takes care of it without being asked. He plays soccer, tennis, and runs track; Justin overcame his dislike of the loud buzzer in basketball and now it’s his favorite sport. “Friday afternoons at Circle of Friends have given him the opportunity to develop new friendships, learn social skills, and gain increased confidence and self-esteem, which has furthered his independence. Justin stays in frequent touch with current and past classmates, and we are delighted that for the last two years, he has enjoyed attending the prom!” Rosemarie and Tony Cermenaro


Evenings of Belonging “O

n my initial visit to Cotting, it was seeing the library photos of the prom and the ski trip that convinced me that my daughter Po should apply here. My goals were for Po to make friends and to experience a full community life, and I realized that Cotting might be the unique context in which those goals could be realized.

This is Po’s ninth year here. She has made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. She has participated in activities - ranging from chorus through drama and basketball to skiing - that I had never envisioned as options for her. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support from the Cotting staff, and the result has been a reservoir of experiences that have not only expanded her horizons, but also strengthened her skill sets and reinforced her enthusiasm to “try everything.”

For me, the school basketball games best exemplify the Cotting spirit. The court represents a “level playing field” in a sense opposite to how the term is usually defined. The rest of the world thinks it means that everyone plays by the same rules, that no one has an unfair advantage. At Cotting, fairness in basketball means acknowledging the diversity of individuals, modifying the rules taking into account each player’s ability, and providing him or her with the accommodations without which it might not be possible even to be on the court, but with which players can truly function as members of a team. As a result of her years on Cotting’s level playing field, Po is stronger, more confident, and, I hope, even better equipped to face life after Cotting. Erica Jen


Days of Learning “B

efore Cotting, Paulo would cry in the evenings hoping for snow. He never addressed his teachers by name; socially, he was not really there. He preferred going to a doctor’s appointment than to school. Eight years at Cotting later, he’s a completely different student! Paulo addresses his teachers by name, engages in conversation, jokes with them, and is quite outgoing. He claims, ‘They need me in school!’

“Paulo uses technology now. He uses a tablet to arrange his schedule and a calculator to do math; he conducts internet searches independently. In Project Bridges, he assembles flowers in vases and delivers them to residents at Waltham Crossings. Through it all, the Medical department keeps me informed so I can communicate necessary information to Paulo’s doctors. “A postgrad, Paulo prepares to transition out in the spring of 2017. I don’t know how his teachers were able to do so much for him. The staff here is amazing; they have both the degrees and the temperament to do this work. I wish there were more of them!” Carmelita Alvero


Weeks of Independence - HOPEhouse “H

OPEhouse at Cotting School serves students ages 17-22 five days per week to provide transition planning with a focus on self-determination. Utilizing The Ride has enabled students in this active 180-day program to develop a new level of independence. Each student at HOPEhouse learns to travel alone to access the community. Each young adult develops an awareness of safety and boundaries. They experience making informed decisions, some for the first time, and are given the opportunity to progress through experience while in a safe place. At HOPEhouse, it’s okay to make the wrong choice; these young adults get to experience the consequences of their actions in a safe environment as part of developing independence. And in the meantime, they learn to significantly expand their world using community resources.

Zoe Thibodeau HOPEhouse Program Director


Months of Perseverance “T

welve years at Cotting laid the groundwork for a successful transition for Megan, a Cotting graduate in the class of 2016. Megan was quite shy when she first arrived in Cotting’s lower school. Careful work on the part of Cotting staff in all areas of her schooling and therapies, coupled with her own perseverance, led to steady increases in self-confidence. We owe it all to Cotting!” says her mother, Joan Leyden.

Megan recalls how Cotting staff prepared her for the world of work. “In middle school, I began shredding, stamping, and packaging jobs at Cotting. I cleared ketchup bottles and wiped down tables in the cafeteria. I started doing weekly jobs in the community through Project Bridges in upper school. I filed parking violations at the Waltham Police Department; stamped documents, and entered data at Lahey Lexington; I helped children color, I read them stories, and organized games in the toddler room at the Magic Garden Children’s Center. “I love working with children and requested Project Bridges work at St. Michael’s School during my senior year, since it is located five miles from my home. In the Pre-K classroom, I helped with crafts activities, read stories, and put notices in students’ folders. In the library, I labeled, sorted, and shelved books. The good news is: they hired me! I still work in the library one day and one day I work wherever I am needed. Everyone calls me Miss Megan. I fill in a time sheet, and I like getting paid!” Megan and Joan Leyden


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Alexander Thorndike Treasurer Century Capital


Treasurer’s Report

otting School is an unique and caring community that is dedicated to the highest achievement of every learner. Each year, Cotting faculty and staff help students and families set individual goals and the steps necessary to achieve them. In keeping with our founders’ vision for innovation and excellence, we offer our students a full range of services to optimize their abilities and accomplishments. There is so much team expertise and hard work necessary to accomplish these goals for each student. We need your help to improve every year.

of adaptive technology and special education. Yet, it is this dedication to continuous improvement that enhances Cotting’s ability to help students achieve their full potential.

For example, grant monies for summer research provide staff the opportunity to investigate our curricula in depth so that we can accommodate each student’s learning style. It is no small feat for us to remain on the leading edge in the ever-changing world

With much appreciation,

17.5% Endowment 62.4% Tuition


We are very thankful for your partnership with us. Our dedicated faculty and staff could not accomplish our mission without your continuing support.

Alexander L. Thorndike Our IRS Form 990 and audited Financial Statement are available upon request.

2.6% Other

17.5% Donors

Donations of all sizes and types enable life-changing education for our students. Your gifts make a bigger difference than you may know. Your ongoing generosity makes it possible for Cotting School to remain a national leader in the field of special education.

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Michael Camille, Class of 2011 Richard and Jeanne Canale Dr. and Mrs. John Caravolas Daniel Cargill, Class of 1990 Dr. Nancy B. Carlson Tracy Carne Fred and Maureen Carne Mrs. Sally Carney Karen J. Carr* Todd and Joan Carrigan The Carroll Family Mrs. Joan Casavant Lindsay and Jason Casavant Alada C. Caughey* Diane Cauley Mrs. Mary P. Chatfield Mr. and Mrs. William Chiasson Paul and Adrienne Chiozzi Vinnie Chiozzi Kim Choi* Mrs. Patricia A. Ciampi Brianna Coe Paul and Ruth Coffey Eleanor Coffin Emily Cogliano, Class of 2009 Ms. Carolyn A. Cohen Ms. Sarah Collins, Class of 1993 Mr. Thomas J. Concannon, Class of 1976* Ms. Joanne Condon Allison Conelias Denny Conklin Maureen Connelly Mr. and Mrs. William Connolly, Jr. Amanda Connor, Class of 2013 Mr. James S. Conway Jessica Cooney Noelle Cooper Sejal Costa Mr. Lawrence Costello Maureen Costello-Shea Ms. Pamela S. Cothey


Daniel J. Cuddy* Julie Cummings, Class of 2008 Mr. Lawrence F. Cummings Ms. Mary Cunningham Mary Curtin Mr. Robert Curtis and Ms. Karen LeCompte Joseph and Wendy Czarnecki* Zachary Dagle, Class of 2011 Ms. Siobhan Dalton Laura and Carl Danielson Maura Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Davenport Paula Davis William N. DeAngelis Mrs. Mary E. DeAvilla Peter and Gloria Murray-DeBiasi Tracy and Jeff Deharo Ms. Lucille Del Ponte Barbara DeLuca* Mr. and Mrs. John DeMatteo Maria DeMeo Robert Dempsey Patrick Dermody, Class of 1994 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen DeRosa Ms. Shirley T. DeScenza Ms. Mary Desmond Kate Dewhirst, Class of 2008 Casey and Christine DiBenedetto Alex DiBisceglie and Angela Christoffel Kelley Dickson Rhonda and Peter Dion Catherine DiScuillo, Class of 1985 Colleen Dolan Ms. Anne M. Donahue Ms. Mary E. Donahue Ms. Cheryl Donnellan* Bonnie Doolin Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Downie, and Ms. Carolyn J. Downie, Class of 2003

Ms. Kim Drake Ann and Barry Dubé Ms. Sarah Duffy Ms. Alyssa Duffy Kathleen Duggan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Duggan Sharon Duncan, Class of 1989 Mrs. Catherine C. Dunn Julissa Dwyer, Class of 2015 Kate Dwyer, Class of 2014 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ecclesine Mrs. H. Eckstein Ms. Mary Eisenberg and Mr. Darwin Adams Ellen English Patricia and Jon Erickson Lucy Etre Maryhelen Fabiszewski, Class of 2006 Jonah Faigel Courtney Fallon Mr. and Mrs. Marlowe Farrar Ms. Angelina Fasano Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Favreau Ms. Linda Fennell* Ms. Olivia Ferrante Alicia Ferraro Elliot Field, Class of 1941 Ms. Esther Fine Ms. Marie E. Finn Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Finnerty Mrs. John F. Fitzgerald

Miss Mary Fitzgerald, Class of 1976 Beth Fleischer, Class of 2005 James (J.R.) Foley, Class of 2011 Mrs. Karen Foley Ms. Josephine C. Freddura Sara E. Frost, Class of 2010 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Fulham Florence Furaha Cynthia A. Furbish* Kevin M. Gallant, Class of 1988 Jessica Garceau Peter Garron, Class of 2015 Mrs. Lorna P. Garron Ms. Jennifer L. Garron Ms. Patricia Gately Lauren Geissler, Class of 1998 Conchita Geyer Mr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Giannone Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Gibson Robbie Giroux Jillian Gleason Mrs. Anita Glickman Ms. Maria Gonçalves Vanessa Gormley James and Tiffany Gove Catherine Graffeo Valerie Grams Jeff Gregor, Class of 2010 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Griffin-Goode Vanessa Grifoni, Class of 2014 Ms. Lisa M. Grossi Michelle Grossman

Genesiz Gudiel Ms. Pia K. Haapanen-Banzy* Ms. Audra Hamilton* Mr. William J. Hansis, Class of 1976 Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hanson Mrs. Kathy Harlamon Mrs. Andrea A. Harney Dan Harrington Fran and Joe Harrington George Harvey, Class of 1982 Megan Hennessey Claudia Hennessey* Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Hervieux Ms. Heather A. Hey Ellen F. Hickey Ms. Kathleen D. Hickey Ms. Lydia Hickey Jennifer Hodgdon* Ann E. Hodson* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Holland Mrs. F. Sheppard Holt* Amy A. Houghton* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunnewell Tracey and Shaun Hutchinson Mrs. Yolette Ibokette John and Althea Ioakimidis Mr. and Mrs. James G. Jacobs Sallyann Janulevicus Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Jenkins Melyssa and Scott Johnson James Keane, Jr. James P. Keane Ms. Ellen Keane Mr. and Mrs. John Kearns Janice Kearns Chris and Christine Kenyon Shannon Kerr* Eileen Kiernan Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Killian Ms. Sarah Kistner Mr. and Mrs. William E. Kneeland, Jr.* Shawn Koehler, Class of 2007

Steven Kourepenis Ms. Katherine E. Kreeft, Class of 1991 Susan K. Krusinski, Class of 2007 Lauren and Karen Kuchnir James and Susan LaBrecque Stephanie and Mark LaFond Matthew Lagunowich, Class of 2012 Lois Lamberghini-Dowd Bridget Flynn Clara Landaverde Ms. Victoria Lane Mr. and Mrs. David D. Lane Ms. Elizabeth Langosy Mr. and Mrs. Murray Lapides Mrs. Willie Mae Lawson* Mr. and Mrs. David Leahy Jennifer Leighton Daniel Levey and Jane Yoon Rebecca Levine Hannah Ascher Levy* The Loftus Family* Ann Marie Lombardi Nancy and Anthony Longo Lauren and Martin Love Frank Lovell* Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lowe Mrs. Paul W. Lowney Enid Lubarsky* Dale and Josephine Lutz Thomas Lydon, Class of 2011 Andrew and Darby Lynch Jay and Ellen Lynch Michael MacCarthy, Class of 2015 Liz MacDonald Mrs. Kathleen M. MacIvor Emma MacLean Ms. Lorraine MacLeod Mr. and Mrs. Dick Magovern Lucas Mahegan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Maher Mr. and Mrs. John Mahoney Carol Mahoney

Melissa Maimone Jamie Mambro Eric and Madeleine Mandelbaum Bridget Manley Ms. Karen Manning Jessica Marcassoli Mr. John F. Marino Mrs. Ruth Marino Guy Martineau, Class of 2010 Courtney F. Martinello Teri L. Mason Mr. John Mastrobattista Mr. Mark Mattera Ms. Darlyne Mattia Mrs. Glover B. Mayfield Cathy Mayo* Mr. Robert McCarthy Jason S. McCollin Alexandra McDonald, Class of 2010 Ms. Kathleen E. McDonough Jamie McGlame Megan McGoldrick*

Holly McGovern Jay McManus Julie M. McMillan Ms. Liz Medeiros Jeanine Meredith John Meredith Melissa Merson, Class of 2004 Joanne and Mark Minassian Hazel B. Mollica* Mr. Michael S. Monette, Class of 1991 Mr. and Mrs. Natale Montecalvo Ms. Denise C. Mooney Ms. Patricia Moore George F. Moran* Leonard and Suzanne Morse-Fortier* Melissa Mulvey* Karrey Lynn Nagle John L. Navaroli* Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Newcomb Paul and Trudy Newman Ms. Catherine Nolan Robyn Noonan


The North Family Lara and Thomas O’Connell Ms. Kathleen E. O’Donnell, Class of 2006 Maureen O’Donnell Mr. Thomas L. P. O’Donnell* Ms. Theresa O’Malley Mrs. Mary J. O’Malley Heidi Paek Adam and Kim Paggi Jill and Arthur Papazian Ms. Michele Passanisi* Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Paster Ms. Dorothy Patti Mr. and Mrs. Hunter M. Payne David Peduto Jane Perera Ben Pershouse Mrs. Florence L. Peters Mr. and Mrs. William R. Petersen Michael Petit Evelyn Petroski, Class of 2010 Mr. William D. Phelan Ms. Cynthia Piltch and Mr. Jamie Katz Lauren Piscopo Caitrin Plante Michael T. Pojman Theodore M. Polansky Judith A. Pollins* Tara Poor, Class of 1998 Mr. Paul E. Porter Mr. Steven T. Potter Keysha Powell Robert Price Mrs. Marion Ragagnin Paul Rahn Mr. and Mrs. James Rao Dr. Howard W. Rashba Edie and Andre Ravenelle Mr. and Mrs. James Gavin Reardon, Jr. Edward L. Reed


Hailey Reguera Mr. and Mrs. Derek Reguera Lynne and Edward Reichentahl* Ms. Kate Reid Mrs. Evelyn Reilly Edward T. Reyes, Class of 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Richard Barbara and Sean Richardson Lauren and Andrew Richardt Derek and Alycia Riddell Ms. Kimberly Ritcey Christine Rivera Rebecca Robinson, Class of 2007 Paula Rocheleau* Mr. James E. Rodgers Stanley Rogers Amy Romano Deidra S. Rooney Eileen Roper Susan and John Ross Mr. Richard A. Rossetti Dean and Joan Rutila* Elizabeth York Ryan, Class of 2002 Linda Ryan Maryalice Ryan Keaton Sakowich, Class of 2013 Mr. Michael Sakowich and Ms. Cynthia Wisniewski Ms. Irene Saunders Julie Sax Donna and John Schleicher Mrs. Helen Chin Schlichte Mr. Matt Schnaderbeck and Ms. Catherine Rose Anne Sclafini* Robert C. Scott Mr. Ernest Van B. Seasholes* Clare Secatore James Shank Brian and Shannon Shavor Mr. Elliot Shepatin Nicole Sheppard

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sicard Daniel Sicard Michele Siegfriedt Ann Silverman Beth Singer Ms. Sandra Skinner Kristin and Steve Smith Cameron Smith Mr. and Mrs. James R. Smith, Jr. Mrs. Deborah C. Smith Mrs. Leona Smith Ms. Deborah M. Smith and Ms. Tina Riedel Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sotell Stephanie E. Soule* Connie Sousa Fatima Sousa* Julie Spector Ms. Anna Speros Mary E. St. Hilaire Barry Stafford, Class of 1977* Mrs. Doris Steele Ms. Susan Stein Dr. Stephen Sternbach Lynn Stoller* Margaret S. Stone* Ms. Kimberly A. Sturrock, Class of 1987 Timothy Sullivan Julianne Sullivan Mrs. Joan M. Sullivan Ms. Lois Sullivan Kathy Surette Craig Tarentino, Class of 2012 Mr. John M. Tartaglia and Ms. Jane E. Foote* Tristan Teixera, Class of 2015 Michael Teuber* Zoe C. Thibodeau* Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Rich Thomas Frances P. Thorndike

Ms. Gina Timberlake, Class of 1981 Ms. Allie Trainor Mr. and Mrs. James Tribou Mr. and Mrs. Robert Troiano, II Roseanne Trolan Mr. and Mrs. David Turcotte Mrs. Linda Tweedie Kathy Tyrer* Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Vanasse, Jr. Pamela Varrin, Ph.D. Elia Divi Veloso, Class of 2004 Mr. Francis H. Ventura M.r. and Mrs. Charles J. Venuto Mr. and Mrs. John H. Veronelli Mr. and Mrs. Paul Villani Rachel Vorkink Mary A. Waddick Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey D. Wade Gunter Waehling Gregory Walsh, Class of 2001 Jacquelyn Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Walsh* Mr. and Mrs. John Waswill Ms. Bethany Waterfield Mr. and Mrs. William E. Watkins Carol Watts Mr. and Mrs. William Weber Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Wencis Jenna Wharff* William White Blanche L. Whitman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whittaker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Wiejkus Erika Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Willinsky Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wilmott Larainne Wilson* Mr. Enoch O. Woodhouse, III Dana Wyss Mr. and Mrs. Scott Yadisernia Mrs. Rita Yannetti Amanda Youlden

James J. Young, Class of 1972 Mr. Paul Zukas We have made every effort to include all gifts. If we have erred, please accept our apology and inform the Advancement Office at 781-862-7323 x.178. * 10+ years’ consecutive giving

In Memory Dick Andersen Daniel and Kevin Barry Dr. Edward Bradford Matthew Caban, Class of 2010 Sheila Carbone Rita V. Carey, Class of 1944 William C. Carmichael Robert Carmichael Bill Clark Italia Conti Charles E. and Sarah W. Cotting Kathleen M. Cuddy Alec Cunningham Elisabeth Townsend Damon Deanna Deleidi Frankie DiPanfilo Rarie T. Dye Gloria Finios Liana Fitzgerald Sara Flad Francis L. Fleming, Jr. Andrew Geljookian Clara Gnerre David M. Greenman Jackie Greenwood Joseph T. Harrington, Jr. Sarah E. Haydock Sarah Thorndike Haydock Catherine Hickey Joyce Hickey William Hickey William Hickey, Jr.

The 1893 Society Comprised of donors who give $500 or more, The 1893 Society makes it possible to purchase specific equipment and other designated gifts. $10,000 and Greater Anonymous* (2) Cummings Foundation Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Mass.* Shire LLC Slaggie Family Foundation The David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation* The Peabody Foundation*

$5,000 - $9,999 Dr. Scholl Foundation* Novack Family Foundation Sperry Product Innovation Mr. and Mrs. W. Nicholas Thorndike* $1,000 - $4,999 Cabot Corporation Commodore Builders The Fitzgerald Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Haydock* Roger Haydock*

Lions Club of Lexington* Alec Moore Deborah W. and Timothy P. Moore Mattina R. Proctor Foundation George A. Ramlose Foundation $500 - $999 Anonymous (2) Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation Bridgehead Software Susan Mullin Xerox Corporation


Norman Ingram Brita Kegel Lisa LaForrest Alden and Evelyn Jefts David J. Leary Joseph P. Loiacono Paul Lowney Jonathan Love Louis and Elaine Manzo Louise Marr Frances McCarthy Anna McHugh Richard McDonald David McKay Mary McKay John McKenna John and Karen Luz Elenia Mercado Samuel Mollica Kate C. Moore Michael Myers William “Peco” Myers John and Theresa Nolan Charles O’Malley Savannah Maria O’Neill Jacqueline Payne Scott Pisano


Theresa Regan Anna Rosen Ruth Selby Karl Sheehan, Class of 1978 Paul Sicard, Sr. Edward Silva Marjorie Smith Roger Smith Kurt St. Pierre Phoebe Sternbach Katherine and Pehr Swenson Joyce Tamburino Manuel Teixeira Augustus Thorndike Matthew Tremblay Aldo and Thelma Veronelli Beatrice Woodworth Patty Wray Carol Young, Class of 1974 Rose Zunke and Robin Spurgeon In Honor Of Suzanne Bacon Elizabeth Barrett Elise and Michaela Blaxill Nico Bolton Robert Botticelli

Julie Burns Connor Callahan Billy Carroll Justin Cermenaro Elizabeth Chaisson, Class of 2006 Melissa Chiasson Class of 1977 Class of 2016 Allison Conelias Ryan Connelly Cotting Mental Health Team Cotting Teachers and Staff Conor Daly Colby Deharo Patrick DeRosa Kate Dewhirst Alexa DiBisceglie Alexi Jeanne Drake Tara Driscoll Mary Eisenberg Annamarie Fasano J.R.Foley, Class of 2011 Gabriel Peter Garron Olivia Griffin-Goode Brendon Hildreth Carol Hopkins Raymond Killian, Jr. Rebecca Kourepenos Susannah LaCroix Sylvie Lammert Owen LaVangie Daisy Locke Jeremy Mandelbaum Lucas Mahegan Andrew Mahoney’s Teachers and Staff Kevin Mahoney David Manzo David Murphy Jacob Murphy

Declan O’Connell J.P. Perreault Elizabeth Peters Will Piotrowski Hannah Potter Project Bridges Madison Reguera Kyle Reilly Brian Richardson Keaton Sakowich Melanie Scanlan Peter Sclafani Rachel Shavor Daniel Sicard Martha Stewart Delaney Supple David Veronelli Ben Wallace Elise Wallace

Donors of Gifts In Kind Aaron’s Presents Acton Boxborough High School Madrigal Singers Anonymous Anonymous parent Augeo Affinity Marketing COMPASS School Ms. Joanne Condon Mrs. Marylou Conley Costco Craft Beer Cellar Mrs. Wilhelmina E. Dowell Natalie Goodman Henry Bear’s Park Mr. and Mrs. George Hoffmeister, Jr. iCater Iggy’s Bakery Il Casale Restaurant, Lexington The Inn at Hastings Park

John Thomas and Special Friends Fund Mr. and Mrs. Randy Kindard Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Kingsley Ms. Sheryl Levy Lexington Lions Club Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lucente Market Basket New England Conservatory Panera Bread Waltham Performance Food Group Red Lentil Restaurant Susan and John Ross Shire LLC Star Market Target Take Charge of Education Program Target Watertown Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Tsitos US Food Service William, Margaret, and David Veronelli Wagon Wheel Nursery & Farmstand Mr. and Mrs. James W. Walsh Wegmans Burlington Wegmans Chestnut Hill Mr. William A. White, III and Ms. Alison Thompson Whole Foods Cambridge Wilson Farm Whole Foods Woburn Theresa and Fred Yadisernia

The Kate C. Moore Memorial Fund Established in memory of a deceased staff member, these funds support the arts, communication equipment, materials, and financial assistance to students. The Atchue Family* Alec Moore

Deborah W. and Timothy P. Moore* The David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation* Mr. Elliot Shepatin*

Jackie Greenwood Scholarship Fund Established in memory of Jacqueline E. Greenwood to benefit students in need of financial assistance to participate in afterschool programs. Elise R. Browne Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Bruno Elizabeth Camire James and Stephen Conway Mr. and Mrs. William M. Greenwood Deborah and Gayle Greenwood* Heather H. Hey Yolette Ibokette* Ann Marie Lombardi and Jack Devlin Lorraine F. MacLeod Albert, Martha, and Erin North Evelyn L. Silva Doris M. Steele Mr. and Mrs. William E. Watkins

The Sarah E. Haydock Memorial Fund Established in memory of Sarah T. Haydock to provide support for student instruction. Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Haydock* Roger Haydock* Olivia Kistner*

Corporate, Foundation and Community Partners AmazonSmile Benevity Community Impact Fund Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation

Bonnell Ford Boston Lodge of Elks of the USA, #10 BridgeHead Software, Inc. Brodney & Sons, Inc. Burlington Plumbing & Heating Co Cabot Corporation Catch a Falling Star Clark, Hunt, Ahern & Embry CLASS, Inc. Clyde Media Productions Columbian Lodge A.F. & A.M. Commodore Builders Community Connections Foundation, Inc. Crafty Yankee, Inc. Crick Software Cummings Foundation Deland, Gibson Insurance Associates, Inc. Designs in Blinds & Drapes Devaney Energy, Inc. Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Foodsource Plus George A. Ramlose Foundation, Inc. Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Mass. Hayes Management Consulting Interstate Gas & Supply, Inc. Leonard, Mulherin & Greene, P.C. Lexington Graphics Margaritas Mexican Restaurant Massachusetts Charitable Society Mattina R. Proctor Foundation Michelson’s Shoes Miracle League of Massachusetts David and Leni Moore Family Foundation Mr. Steve Leone Ms. Martha Stewart Nardone Landscaping NESCA

Network for Good New Horizons at Marlborough Novack Family Foundation O’Leary Temperature Controls, Inc. Peabody Foundation, Inc. The Pearson Foundation Fund, Bank of America N.A. Perkins Realty Trust ReCycle Studio Red Sox Foundation City of Salem, MA School Sisters of Notre Dame Seasons Four, Inc. Slaggie Family Foundation Spectrum Music LLC Sperry Product Innovation, Inc. Star Market Stone Meadow Golf Target Corporation Target Field Trips The David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation, Inc. Thermo Fisher Scientific Foundation Twin Metals, Inc. Wagon Wheel Nursery & Farmstand, Inc. Xerox Corporation

Matching Gift Companies Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation Cause + Event Boston Chubb & Son Eaton Vance Management Matching Gifts Program The GE Foundation Genentech Greentech, Inc. Raytheon Matching Gifts for Education Program Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. * 10+ years’ consecutive giving


Membership in The Francis Joy Cotting Circle allows a donor to make a commitment to Cotting’s endowment in the present, but Cotting’s receipt of funds may be delayed until a future time. These gifts enable future students to receive the same high quality education current Cotting students receive. Please contact Elizabeth Peters at ext. 178 for more information.

The Francis Joy Cotting Circle The following individuals have notified the School that they have chosen to include us in their estate plans. Anonymous (4) Mrs. B.J. Isaacson Chaves Elizabeth Coughlin, Class of 1974 George Coughlin, Class of 1969


Robert C. Delaney Geraldine Downing, Class of 1946 Rarie T. Dye* H. Phelps Edwards, Jr. Miss Joan E. Forrester, Class of 1955 Richard & Patricia Herd, Class of 1944

Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Jones Eleanor “Lee” Jones, Class of 2004 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Killian, Jr. Charles F. Kropp Pam & Kent Larson Mrs. Lillian Leary David & Noreen Manzo Carl W. Mores, Ed.D.

Nancy P. Osgood George S. & Helen Pappagianis Susan A. Sullivan John L. Thorndike Mrs. W. Nicholas Thorndike Elise R. Wallace *Deceased

Faculty and Staff Senior Administrative Team Ann Buckley, M.Ed. Curriculum Specialist; Director, Middle School Bridget Irish, M.B.A., S.P.H.R. Chief Operating Officer Krista Macari, M.S., CCC-SLP Chief Academic Officer David W. Manzo, M.Ed. President/Executive Director Michael Pembroke, M.B.A. Chief Financial Officer Elizabeth Campbell Peters, M.A. Director of Advancement

Elizabeth Fay Russell, M.A., C.A.G.S. Director of Admissions Leah Thibodeau, M.Ed., C.A.G.S. Special Education Coordinator Pamela Varrin, Ph.D. Family Support Coordinator Larainne Wilson, M.Ed. Director of Upper School Services

Business, Administration and Advancement Offices Jeanine Bergeron, B.S. Staff Accountant

Lindsay Casavant, B.A. Outreach Director Paul Chiozzi, M.A. Associate Director of Advancement Kim Choi, B.S. Senior Accountant Ann DubĂŠ, A.S. Executive Assistant Althea Ioakimidis, B.A., P.H.R. Human Resources Manager Joanne Minassian Advancement Assistant Julie Pazniokas, B.A. Front Desk Coordinator

Keysha Powell Special Education Office Assistant Melissa Maimone, B.A. Office of Student Services Assistant

Faculty Elizabeth Abel, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Amanda Arnst, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Ruth J. Berg, M.Ed. Remedial Specialist Paulette Binder, B.A. Pre-Vocational Instructor Winifred Birmingham, M.S.W., M.Ed. Preschool Classroom Assistant; Team Leader Erika Cain, B.A. Technology and Creative Writing Instructor Alada Caughey, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Mary Curtin, M.Ed. Remedial Specialist Eleanor Coffin, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Allison Conelias, M.Ed. Remedial Specialist Sejal Costa, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Daniel J. Cuddy, B.S. Adaptive Physical Education Instructor; Director, Student Activities Laura Dennison, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Jeanine Meredith, M.Ed. Cotting Fellow; Classroom Teacher


Lucy Etre, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Sarah Hassett, B.S. Cotting Fellow; Technology Instructor Megan Hennessey, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Bill Ironfield, B.A. Performing Arts Instructor Bridget Lancione, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Andrew Lindblad, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Catherine Mayo, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Megan McGoldrick, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher John Meredith, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher George Moran, M.Ed. Library/Media Director; Senior Class Advisor Katherine Norregaard, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Ben Pershouse, M.Ed. Remedial Specialist William Phelan, M.Ed. Industrial Arts Instructor Lauren Piscopo, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Elona Roth, M.Ed. Classroom Teacher Lynn Stoller, M.S., OTR/L Occupational Therapist/ Pre-Vocational Services Julianne Sullivan, B.A. Cotting Fellow, Classroom Teacher James R. Tanner, B.A. Director of Pre-Vocational Services Michael Teuber, M.Ed. Director of Transition Services Zรถe C. Thibodeau Program Director, HOPEhouse


Rosanne E. Trolan, B.F.A. Fine Arts/Creative Activities Instructor

Occupational and Physical Therapy Virginia M. Birmingham, M.A., P.T., ATP Charles H. Taylor Chair of Physical Therapy Amy Houghton, B.S., OTR/L, ATP Occupational Therapy Team Leader; Feeding Team Leader; Assistive Technology Lisa Blethen, M.S., OTR/L Occupational Therapist; Feeding Team Leader Barbara DeLuca, M.S., P.T., M.Ed., ATP Physical Therapist Kellan Carrig, DPT Physical Therapist Cynthia Furbish, B.S., P.T. Physical Therapist

Audra Hamilton, M.S., OTR/L, ATP Occupational Therapist Ann Hodson, B.S., OTR/L, RYT Occupational Therapist Holly McGovern B.S., OTR/L Occupational Therapist Robyn Noonan, M.S., OTR/L Occupational Therapist Michela Pothier, DPT Physical Therapist Deidra Rooney, MPT, DPT Physical Therapist Beth Singer, B.S., OTR/L Occupational Therapist

Communication Therapy Stephanie Soule, M.S., CCC-SLP, ATP William O. Taylor Chair of Communication Therapy Jillian Gleason, M.S., CCC-SLP Communication Therapist Caitrin Plante, M.S., CCC-SLP Communication Therapist

Katherine Simmons, M.S., CCC-SLP, ATP Communication Therapist Jane Perera, M.S., CCC-SLP, ATP Communication Therapist Christine Rivera, M.S., CCC-SLP Communication Therapist

Medical and Other Clinical Support Services Michele Passanisi, R.N. Director of Nursing Maria DeMeo, R.N. Cheryl Donnellan, R.N. Courtney Martinello, C.N.A. Amy Romano, R.N. Associate Medical Team Leader Clare Secatore, R.N. Jennifer Taylor, R.N. Kathleen Tyrer, M.Ed., LMHC, LMFT, LRC Guidance

Rachel Vorkink, M.A., C.A.G.S., NCSP Psychologist/Therapist Jenna Wilson, R.N. Julie Winslow, R.N. Elizabeth Harstad, M.D. Medical Director Deporres Cormier, M.D. Medical Fellow Richard Jamara, O.D., FAAO Director of Seamark Vision Clinic Maria Kritsineli, D.M.D. Director of Tufts Dental Clinic

Cotting Consulting Karen M. Waddill, M.A., CCC-SLP ATP Director, Cotting Consulting Melissa Mulvey, M.S., CCC-SLP, ATP Sr. Consulting Therapist Timothy Richmond, M.S., OTR/L Cotting Consulting Alicia Zeh-Dean, M.S., OTR/L Cotting Consulting

Technology Center Patricia V. Salmonson, B.S. Director of Technology

Shannon Kerr, M.S., CCC-SLP, ATP Assistive Technology Specialist Robbie Giroux, B.S. IT Systems Engineer

Program Assistants and Job Coaches Marcie Thomas Team Leader Susan Atkins, M.Ed. Carissa Becker, B.S. Abigail Bennett. B.S. Stevi Briggs, B.A. Alison Brown, B.A. Rachel Campbell, B.A. Susan Cunningham William DeAngelis, M.Ed. Meghan Eastman Courtney Fallon, B.A. Jonah Faigel, B.S. Florence Furaha Genesiz Gudiel, B.S. Pia Haapanen-Banzy, B.A. Lauren Herlihy, B.A. Jennifer Hodgdon, B.A. Stephanie Hom, B.A. Kathleen Kelly, A.A. Linda Killian, B.A. David Largenton, B.A. Rebecca Levine, B.A. Ivy Madden, B.A. Molly Marshall, B.A. Vocational Support Coordinator Charlotte Maskin, B.A. Julie Eaton Vanessa Medeiros Jessica Garceau, C.N.A. Courtney Kendall, B.S. Johanna Lewis, B.A. Robert Mitropoulos, B.A. Maura O’Brien, B.S. Judith Pollins

Nicole Popp, B.S. Alternative Assessment Assistant Maggie Raemer, B.A. Edward Reed Stan Rogers Mary-Kate Rooney, B.A. Eileen Roper Michelle Russell, B.S. Jennifer Sabia-Lopez, B.A. Julie Sax Caroline Schumacher, B.S. Connie Sousa Nichole Sheppard, B.A., M.Ed. Chantel Toomajanian, B.S. Jesse Tracy, B.A. Jennifer Whalen, B.A.

Food Services Fatima Sousa Director of Food Service Travis Benoit Maria Gonçalves Liz Medeiros

Physical Plant and Maintenance David Peduto, B.S. Director of Facilities John Fallon David McHardy


Affiliations & Memberships

AccesSport America Affiliate member, Association of Independent Schools of New England Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida Best Buddies of Massachusetts Boston College Boston Medical Center Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Children’s Hospital Boston Children’s League of Massachusetts Emerson College Clinical Training Program Massachusetts Association of 766-Approved Private Schools Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers


Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Massachusetts Special Olympics National Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children New England Handicapped Sports Association (NEHSA) New England College of Optometry Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences Perkins School for the Blind Regis College Salem State College Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Waypoint Adventure Wheelock College

Editor: Elizabeth Campbell Peters; Contributing Editor: Bridget Irish; Design: Pat Mullaly, Circle Graphics; Photography: Martha Stewart Photography; Page 11: Paul Chiozzi; Page 15: Elizabeth C. Peters Cover background image: Copyright: 123RF Stock Photo/profile_ekaterinabaikal

This Louise Nevelson-influenced installation was created by a group of Cotting students. Each relief sculpture was assembled and glued using scraps of wood thoughtfully arranged onto a plywood base. Students were asked to think about the whole space, by paying equal attention to the negative space. The juxtaposition of the wood forms was important. Students were asked not to overlap, but to keep pieces as level as possible. Each student painted his/her piece in a cool, mono-tone shade by adding a small amount of black to the color.

Cotting School 453 Concord Avenue, Lexington MA 02421 (781) 862-7323 • cotting school is accredited by the new england association of schools

& colleges

Cotting School Annual Report 2016