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Autumn 2014

News, views and inspiration from the Anne Furbank Group Spring 2015

Fashion Garden Marathon Challenge Meet the Managers


COLLECT YOURS at our Spring


Anne Furbank Fashion


Spring 2015


News, views and inspiration from the Anne Furbank Group Spring 2015

I must say it every year on the 31st December. I can’t believe another year has flown by. Here we are in 2015 and already 2014 seems a long time ago. Maybe it has something to do with how packed 2015 has been already and how busy the next few months are going to be. Two skiing holidays thoroughly enjoyed and I feel very lucky still to be able to heli-ski. I have a River Cruise booked for July with my mum, sister and Richard. I know he will be fascinated by the scenery, both natural and industrial, sitting along the banks of the Danube. I have set myself a massive challenge this year with a week of marathon running – that is a marathon a day for six days. This isn’t just masochistic pleasure! This is to raise £11,000 to help in the detection of cancer. Two of my closest friends have died of cancer and Helen, who works for us, is undergoing treatment for this wicked disease – I just wanted to help in some way. The training is tough but nothing compared with what so many people go through when dealing with this disease. You can read more about the challenge later on.

Fashion Garden Marathon Challenge Meet the Managers


COLLECT YOURS at our Spring


Front cover by Marc Cain Editor: Rebecca Furbank Design & Print: Right Click Creative Tel: 01767 262858

Richard Furbank Director

In between all of this I am managing to fit work in. I am in the middle of buying for AW15, busy with stock coming in and enjoying seeing all you lovely ladies. The hotel is buzzing, which is great, and I for one have pre-booked myself into every theme night for the rest of the year!

Rebecca Furbank Managing Director

I hope you enjoy this season's magazine and, if you can, please do support my multi-marathon challenge. Anne Furbank Group 41 High Street, Buckden, St Neots, Cambs PE19 5WZ Telephone: 01480 811321 E-mail:

Debbie Daniels Sales Director



Fashion Week

Monday 2nd – Saturday 7th March 2015 We love the changing seasons. Coming out of winter there is always an optimism that new life is beginning. Spring sees nature come out of hibernation with plants bursting into bloom and a wildlife chorus in full song.Yes we get rainy days, even some unexpected cold days but nature comes alive and a new season begins. Summers can be long and glorious and even if they are not always as hot as we like, it’s making the most of them that counts. It’s not just about the animals coming out of hibernation – we also wake up and enjoy the longer days and a spring transfers into our step. We dust things down, look forward to high days and holidays, and when we feel the warmth of the sun a smile spreads across our faces. Spring 2015 at Anne Furbank will encourage that smile. Designers have mirrored the season with their new collections full of blossom pinks, blue skies and puffy white clouds, gentle grass greens and a bouquet of pastels to break you gently into the new season. Our Spring Fashion Week will lift your spirits getting you ready to launch yourself into the warmer days ahead. This season we have the added bonus of being joined, not only by our wonderful models, but also the people behind the collections. You will get to chat, first hand, to representatives from different brands. Join us the week of Monday 2nd March – we look forward to seeing you. 4

Spring 2015

Towel gift Annie once said ‘If money was no object I would have clean sheets and towels every day’. We can’t offer you that luxury but we could add one item to your linen cupboard that will be crisp and new. During our Spring Fashion Week we have a wonderful luxury towel in crisp white as our gift to you. Your gift can be claimed with any purchase made during our Spring Fashion Week, Monday 2nd – Saturday 7th March 2015.

“If money was no object I would have clean sheets and towels every day”

Brand Makers Meet the people behind the brands you love during our Spring Fashion Week Monday 2nd – Saturday 7th March 2015. On each day during our Spring Fashion Week you will get the chance to meet the people behind some of your favourite collections. Someone different on each day to give a different perspective of the fashion industry, and impart their indepth knowledge of the brand they represent and help create. Sarah from Marc Cain will be joining us on Monday 2nd, sharing her knowledge of this inspirational brand.

Sarah Morgan Marc Cain

Peter Cuttress Marc Cain

Fiona Thomas Marc Aurel

On Tuesday 3rd, Lexington guru, Peter, will be able to tell you all you want to know about this lifestyle brand that is relatively new to Anne Furbank. Fiona from the wonderfully different Marc Aurel will be our guest on Wednesday 4th.

Tim Ryan NYDJ

Spilling the secrets behind the ‘look a size smaller’ NYDJ jeans, Tim, will be with us on Thursday 5th. You will get the chance to chat to Mark about his many years with the brand Joseph Ribkoff on Friday 6th.

Mark Rowe Joseph Ribkoff

On Saturday 7th, designer and creator of Darcie Mae hats, Vikki, will be on hand to help you put the finishing touches to your special occasion outfit. Vikki Whalton Darcie Mae hats


Anne Furbank Fashion

English Country Garden There has to be a floral element to your wardrobe this summer. If you are a garden girl then go for full all over floral. Don’t worry about co-ordinating your floral prints, take heart from Chelsea Flower Show 2014 when the overall impression was ‘anything goes’. You can sit big bold dahlias with dainty daisies. Fresh green grass and clear blue sky colours will set off your floral bouquet. Not only will it be refreshing to wear but it will be a delight each time you open your wardrobe. Marc Cain has even called one of their collections In Bloom and K&S shoes may have done a monochrome version but the floral print is there. Echo

Marc Cain

Marc Cain

K&S 6

Spring 2015

Season’s highlights Although in the world of fashion it is possible to create whatever look you want, the fashion business would not be in business if it didn’t guide us to new looks and styles for a new season. What we do is take out the hard work for you and précis the new fashion trends into clothes that are wearable, fashionable and bring a newness to your wardrobe.




Complete the look If you are going for a soft floral look, keep the accessories neutral.


Ilse Jacobsen 7

Dresses for


It looks like they are here to stay for a while longer. Fighting off the comeback of a trouser suit, dresses have proved their worth and are with us for another season. Joseph Ribkoff is the king of dresses, managing to create styles that suit a whole host of shapes, whether you are 5’10” and a size 12 or 5’3” and size 16. Black and white is a signature of Joseph Ribkoff but if you are going for colour the designs are bold. Coloured square prints inspired by the artist Mondrian make for a very striking dress. For a more subtle approach, the collection of dresses from Betty Barclay will work for you every day. Pretty Woman spots and subtle floral prints will make you feel very feminine.


Joseph Ribkoff

Spring 2015


Anne Furbank Fashion

Spring 2015

Denim Iterations The most American of textiles has been increasing in popularity over the past few seasons and with the help of technology it is softer and more versatile than ever before. Denim jeans are made as comfortable as leggings and come in a plethora of colours – not only of the denim blue hues but pinks, greens and aqua. Embellishment of jewels or fancy stitching take away the macho image.


Ilse Jacobsen

Bulaggi 11


Watercolours Aqua (from the Latin for water) covers a range of watery hues. Close your eyes and visualise your own blue lagoon, or crashing sea, or mountain lake – this gives you some idea of the range of aqua tones we have for you this season. True aqua has a green tinge to it and is an incredibly flattering colour against the skin – particularly as we emerge out of the winter months with a distinct lack of vitamin D from the sun. Basler have combined their aqua with navy for a sharp sophisticated look while Betty Barclay has played around with the colour as an animal print bringing in all aspects of nature to its collection.

Echo Basler 12

Spring 2015


Anne Furbank Fashion

Strike a Pose Looking for something a little more chic, strike a pose in a dress or suit inspired by the sixties glamour. The less cluttered you make the outfit the more chic you will look. Stick to one colour or if you do go for a print make it bold. Team it with a pair of kitten heels and a clutch bag. If you do need a little more space for your purse, iPad or diary, don’t pick a shoulder bag, you will spoil the line of your outfit. Suits and dresses don’t need to be kept for special occasion – they can empower you while you go about your everyday business.

Aideen Bodkin 14

Aideen Bodkin


The Management – team chat with the team heads

With 25 years’ service between them, Sales Director Debbie Daniels and Assistant Manager Jacky Maskell are very well qualified to head up the management team. Here’s a little insight into what makes them tick – in and out of work. How did you get into retailing? Debbie: I really became interested in retailing because of my father. He was a shirt manufacturer and latterly a factory manager for a major supplier to M&S back in the 80’s. I worked at my local M&S during university holidays and ultimately applied to them for graduate management training but also to C&A as they were international and my degree was in French. I worked for C&A for 13 years and reached senior management with them, working as store manager in Bedford and finally Cambridge. Jacky: I worked as a chef for 10 years Mon-Fri when an associate of my father’s asked him if he knew anyone who would like a Saturday job in a gift shop. I jumped at the chance to get out of my chef whites and dress up, serving customers rather than being behind the scenes – even for one day a week! I enjoyed it so much my father said ‘Why don’t you work for yourself? And so a seed was sown. I enjoyed interior design so with my parents help I opened my own accessory and gift shop. I took pride in all aspects of my business, buying, merchandising and helping customers. For 10 years it was very successful. What made you apply for a job at Anne Furbank?


Debbie: I applied to work at Anne Furbank having taken 7 years out to bring up 4 children. I started as a Saturday girl. I wanted to get back into the retail world on a part time basis before finding myself over the hill at 50!

Spring 2015 Jacky: In 2004 the rent for my shop was raised to an unsustainable level and I had to close. I had heard of a ladies dress shop in Buckden that shared my values so decided to apply for a non-existent position. To my joy I received an invite for an interview and then to my utter surprise and delight to greet me, one of my best customers Debbie Daniels! The rest is history. What do you love most about it? Debbie: The most rewarding aspect of my work would have to be the team spirit which pervades the whole shop. The girls are like extended family to me. Jacky: I love every aspect of my role as Assistant Manager, most of all helping the clientele, from needing a pair of shorts to walk her dog (my first customer 11 years ago) to a lady needing a whole new wardrobe. How do you start your day? Debbie: My day starts just before 6 o’clock when my little pussycat comes to say good morning. I pull on my running gear and head downstairs to prepare my breakfast which is a combination of seeds, nuts, muesli, granola, yoghurt & fresh fruit. Whilst that soaks and the coffee brews I can be found in my conservatory on my spin bike where I have a 40 min workout with aforementioned cat running in & out of the French windows whilst I pedal away

listening to Chris Evans on Radio 2. I follow this with a shower, breakfast and sorting myself out to leave the house by 8.30 and head 2 minutes down the road to the shop. Jacky: I start my day with a strong coffee, do some household chores and then check notes for the day ahead re any tasks that I, or the team need to accomplish. When I arrive at work I have a catch up with Debbie and a chat with the girls. What drives you? Debbie: I am totally selfdriven, self-motivated and highly disciplined. I find indeed as I get older I become even more driven. I feel strongly that I should lead by example, not only in my workplace but at home, as a mother too. My children all follow my example with regard to diet, exercise and lifestyle I am pleased to say. Jacky: When asked what drives me the simplest answer is the love I have for my job. I get motivation from Annie, Debbie and Becky and our combined enthusiasm in turn motivates the whole team. This is often commented on by our customers – that there is a lovely atmosphere and we clearly all get on. How do you relax? Debbie: I relax with exercise. That may sound contradictory but those of you who start each day with physical activity will understand the benefits of doing so. It’s my space, my time out and a great stress buster. Not always easy to

climb out of bed early on a cold dark day in winter to head for the gym but once I get there and the adrenalin kicks in I know exactly why I got up and made the effort. Jacky: My spare time I love to spend with family and friends and we have regular family get togethers the first Sunday of the month, so even though we all have busy lives, we still feel connected. I enjoy cooking alongside my husband who, although not a trained chef could teach Gino a thing or two. I love travelling and have been fortunate to visit some wonderful places. If you could have three luxury items to take to the jungle what would they be? Debbie: Luxury items to me would have to include toothpaste, perfume and my iPod with my music.

Jacky: My phone to keep in touch with everyone. My hairdryer, a bad hair day is a bad day! A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Do you have a favourite restaurant/meal? Debbie: Walter’s restaurant in Amsterdam “de Wilde Zwijnen“ (the Wild Boar) Having eaten here Sept 2013, my niece’s husband is the chef there. He has Michelin training and just cooked and brought us around 6 courses of some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted, washed down by some very fine wines, selected by my niece. Jacky: My restaurant of choice would be The Forge in the Bahamas, sadly I’ve only been twice so the meals we cook together would have to be my favourite.


Anne Furbank Fashion

New for


Our ‘newbies’ this season reflect the diversity of what we are able to offer. We have a couple of new home grown brands as well as one from Italy, one from Denmark and the return of a French label.


MaxMara Studio

Italy is one of the capitals of the fashion industry and MaxMara is one of the strongest brands to come out of the country. Achille Maramotti launched the brand in 1951 and was one of the first designers to embrace the thought of industrial processes being able to help in the production of high quality clothing collections. Over 60 years later the MaxMara brand now produces 23 different labels and we are delighted this season to introduce you to MaxMara Studio. The collection has a sophistication which you would expect from the brand with a refined understated image. It keeps in line with the trends but is not dictated by them and offers a contemporary look for a special occasion.


Spring 2015

Crea Concept Crea makes a welcome return to Anne Furbank after an eight year absence. Its wacky shapes and fabrics have been toned down and given a softer edge. The collection still offers a point of difference for those of you looking for something a little out of the ordinary but the style has returned and the quality of the fabrics has definitely improved. If you like your layering and tactile fabrics then this collection is for you.

New for

Spring 2015


Anne Furbank Fashion

New for

Spring 2015

From the UK Bombshell and Nicola Sexton Bombshell was born through designer Katya Wildman’s love of the hourglass silhouette – a style that is seductive but never brash. Her background in costume design for film and television honed her creative skills and gave her the confidence to launch her own label of dresses. She stems from a family of cloth mill owners and leather merchants which has helped give her an eye for print and fabric. Once you discover her dresses you will want a new one every season. 20

Another home grown talent is Nicola Sexton’s shoes. Nicola, like many ladies, has a passion for shoes. Her passion led her to opening her own shoe shop in Bury St Edmunds almost five years ago. Since then she has launched her own shoe label which is glamorous, yet comfortable. We’ve bought her perfect pump for those of you that like the idea of a pump but don’t like to feel flat to the ground.

Spring 2015

Ilse Jacobsen Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen has taken her inspiration for the last 20 years from the seaside village of Hornbaek which is famous for its wide sandy beaches and dunes. You can see this raw earthiness in her collections which is casual in its feel and uses simple lines to create some fabulous pieces. It is a lifestyle brand helping you cope with some of the unpredictability the seasons bring. Soft printed trousers, loose fine knits, printed wrap dresses and practical and functional rainwear. Her shoe collection is simply delicious offering a range of comfortable sandals and slip on shoes in pretty colours and cool metallics.


Anne Furbank Fashion

Fashion for all ages Sharing a shopping trip with your mum or daughter is always a lovely experience. Over the 30 years we have seen different generations make Anne Furbank their first choice womenswear shop. It was time for another new generation to experience shopping away from the High Street chains. In conjunction with Shades of White in St Ives and students from Kimbolton School, we held an evening fashion show with bubbles and canapés. ‘It was an idea my daughter had in order to raise some funds for a school sports tour,’ said Rebecca Furbank. ‘We put on a show but with an added dimension.’ Shades of White in St Ives were that added dimension with their Prom dresses that helped form a two part fashion show perfect for Grannies, mothers and daughters. Girls from the shop wrapped up in collections showing jeans, warm winter woollies and coats while 5 girls from Kimbolton paraded down the catwalk in the stunning selection of prom dresses. ‘We had great fun getting dressed up,’ said Alex. ‘We can’t wait for the prom season to come round so we can wear them for real.’ To find out more about Shades of White for Wedding or Prom go to


Spring 2015

Postage charge notice As you are all aware any alteration is complimentary at Anne Furbank and if you can’t make it back to collect your items we are happy to post them out to you. However, due to the increase in postage costs and the loss of a few items that have gone astray we will now be making a postal charge. This will ensure we can send your parcel next day delivery where a signature will be required and your parcel can be tracked. Alterations will still remain complimentary.

Colour co-ordinated They say the more you live with each other the more you pick up each other’s habits and somehow become synchronised. It looks like the girls have been working together for a long time! Without consultation the colour coordinated team turned up to work one morning looking like they were about to star in an episode of Bargain Hunt. 23

Annie’s Marathons

The Challenge As a loyal customer, you may recall that, some years ago, I ran five marathons in five days to raise over £10,000 for Cystic Fibrosis Research. Since then, I have lost two dear friends to Cancer and one of our staff, Helen Galer, is currently undergoing treatment for Cancer. I have therefore decided to undertake another major running challenge in 2015 and I am aiming to raise over £11,000 in sponsorship to fight this dreadful disease. My challenge, for my 67th birthday in May, is to run from the River Thames at Oxford, up the Oxford Canal to Braunston, then down the Grand Union Canal to the River Thames at Brentford – a distance of some 146 miles – in six days. 24

This equates to approximately a marathon a day for six days. There are so many good Cancer Charities including the Woodlands Cancer Centre at Hinchingbrooke but I wanted to know exactly what the money I raised would be used for. After lots of chats with Helen and what has helped, or inspired her, I contacted Medical Detection Dogs at Milton Keynes. It has long been recognised that early detection of cancer dramatically improves the chances of successful treatment and eradication of the disease. Recent experiments have shown that dogs can be trained to use their amazing sense of smell to detect the presence of cancerous cells within the human body and alert their handler.

I have approached Medical Detection Dogs and arranged to sponsor the training of one of these dogs to the necessary standard for cancer detection. Initial cost for training the dog to this standard is £11,000. I intend to keep a close relationship with “our” dog and to report progress and performance regularly to you all. We have already thought of a name ‘Furby’. If you would like to support me in my challenge and this worthy cause please donate via my Just Giving site at anne-furbank or send cheques, made payable to ‘Anne Furbank Charity Run Account’ to Anne Furbank Fashions Ltd, 41 High Street, Buckden, St Neots, PE19 5WZ.

Spring 2015

The Training The focus of my training for this challenge is concentrated on stamina and distance rather than speed. It has been important to get time on my feet and put in the miles in order to get my body prepared for such a long distance day after day. It is getting easier now that the mornings are getting lighter and I can see where I am running as my usual start is 6am. Come rain or shine I have had to

put on my running shoes and just get out there. Planning of the run, the route and overnight stays, I have left to my husband, Richard, who will be my support during my marathon challenge. He will be cycling behind me with a change of shoes, clothing and sustenance, as I don’t want to carry much myself. I have already had friends and family volunteer to come and cheer me on – I know that support on the long distance running is so helpful.

The Dogs

in the training of dogs for tasks involving scent for over 20 years. In fact her own Labrador prompted Dogs have been used for detection her to visit her Dr after becoming agitated around her, behaviour that purposes for hundreds of years. was completely out of character. From the early days of hunting to The dogs behaviour helped in the the more recent times in sniffing out drugs or explosives at airports. early detection of breast cancer, a It made sense to co-founder of the cancer that if left could have been a lot more serious for Claire. charity Medical Detection Dogs, Claire Guest, that dogs could be Medical Detection Dogs live with put to use in the medical field. host families and come into the charities headquarters and are put Claire, an animal behavioural to work Monday – Friday sniffing psychologist, has been involved

anything from urine to breath samples as an additional process in the early detection of cancers, which can sometimes be hard to detect. Early detection of cancer is crucial in the survival success rates of patients. For more information look at www.


Helen’s story We ladies are told and advised to look for “a lump”. Any size in the breast and under the arm. Apologies to the men, my coffee bar husbands, who may be reading this. With a family history of mum and grandma having breast cancer I had reacted every time I had found the smallest lump. However, this time it was “a look”. A nipple had changed shape disguising a mass behind. Having had my first mammogram in January 2014 with the words “you have nothing to worry about, we will contact you again in 3 years” I decided to watch the change for February and March, just in case I was imagining things. A GP appointment in April confirmed there was something to be investigated and I would be “fast tracked” due to family history and my GP’s quick reactions. Within two weeks ultra sound scans, biopsy’s, another mammogram and a full body CT scan, confirmed it. I received the news much worse than ever expected, Secondary Breast Cancer, metastatic (which means it had already spread) into the bones. Treatment started the following day and the rollercoaster ride began. I could not get off and someone else controlled my perfect, happy life that had just ended. Going for the results, on my own, I was not expecting anything too serious. What a mistake that was. Why in January was I clear? Yet within 3 months I had Cancer and 26

“My Joseph Ribkoff tote bag became my hospital bag” it had spread so quickly? No one had the answer. Second opinions sought but nothing. I was told it was aggressive, we had caught it early, it’s a rare one with lots of medical interest and several treatments were available. Jennifer Saunders had the same one as me, so I was up there with a celebrity. Three months on, I had my next scan. The signs were looking good. How wrong I was! Despite the treatment working the scan had found more and I had spots in the liver. Again found early and I would start chemotherapy immediately. I remember saying to the Doctor “I’m going on holiday tomorrow to Italy”. She replied “You must go as you won’t be travelling for a while after that”. Off I went with Annie’s sister, Chris to forget my situation for 10 days. Verona Opera, Italian Lakes, wine, laughter and tears, we did it all. Leaving the husband at home to watch the sport. He was very happy with a fridge of food, dog walking and the remote control, taking it all in his stride.

My chemotherapy started. My wig was ordered and worn within two weeks. Most people thought I had just had a re-style but I had to own up when someone asked for the name of the hairdresser so they could book an appointment, as they liked my style so much. NHS Hinchingbrooke would not have gone down well as a recommendation! Six sessions of heavy duty chemo to kill and lighter doses to keep further cells at bay was the prescription for August to December. My Joseph Ribkoff tote bag became my hospital bag. There are standard things you need for a 6 hour session to keep you entertained. A poncho was ordered to cover up and allow the nurses to get to your pipes and tubes while you are dozing. My diary to report back to the Doctors re my side effects. A strong shelfful of friends have been called upon and have kept me going. You need different

Spring 2015 people at different times and I have every personality in my friendship circle to help me along. I can’t thank people enough and a text is so uplifting at a low point. I have met some interesting personalities at my chemo sessions, air drummer man, the lady with “It’s my last chemo session” on her top having photos taken with nursing staff. The flashing camera woke me up with a fright that day! I have made 3 new chemo friends Sara, Becky and Doreen and we all help each other along. I have the biggest list of

“hints and tips” ready for the next person who will experience this. I have learnt Macmillan nurses aren’t just there for the last few weeks but will be there with you for years if you get the right treatment and open doors of additional support. I have given extra tissue samples along the way to help with research and I have benefitted from the latest Chemo drug released in August by the NHS in Cambridgeshire. I have felt good most of the time, much better than ever expected and with the exception of small side effects (mouth ulcers, tingly fingers, breathlessness) I have continued with my general lifestyle. Being prepared has helped and the 1st sign of anything I have acted. Having something on the calendar every month to look forward to drives you along. Having lost my taste, I long to enjoy chocolate and coffee and enjoy food again. My Christmas dinner looked and smelt nice washed down with water. No point in wasting good alcohol so I look forward to tasting my G and T at some point this year. Thursday 8th January, the day of the results arrived and waiting in a room full of men was a little off putting. It must be prostate cancer day, I thought.

Helen in Ita

ly with Chr


My name was called and after introduction and general conversation the results were “the scan was good. The lump had dissolved. The bones are healing and the liver is near resolved. Translated to the best that could have been expected. So no more heavy duty chemotherapy is needed, my hair will start growing again and the aim is now long term maintenance to keep everything under control by a continuous lower dose chemotherapy, calcium tablets and injections and hormone treatment tablets. I have to live with the cancer diagnoses but I can now live again and start to build up my strength and regain normality. I am so looking forward to getting my taste back and enjoying chocolate, a proper drink and getting the use of my fingers back so I can put a pair of earrings on again without dropping them.


Anne Furbank Fashion

Anne Furbank diary events

for your diary Model Saturdays

Every Saturday in February and March we will have a model on hand to help you choose your perfect wedding outfit. Spring Fashion Week Monday 2nd – Saturday 7th March

Different guests each day of the week as well as bubbly, models and your wonderful complimentary gift with purchase. Champagne Tasting Saturday 21st March, 11am

One to bring the other half to. Find out the history of Champagne, the processes behind the bubbles and taste the end product in this enlightening talk by Kevin from Tattinger. Pre-booking essential. Tickets £5 with all monies going to Annie’s chosen charity Medical Detection Dogs 01480 811333, Pop Up Shop Good Friday 3rd April, 10am – 4pm

Exclusive Souster and Hicks pop up shop selling men’s clothing and offering advice on bespoke tailoring. Annie’s Marathon Talk Saturday 11th April, 11am

Booking essential. 01480 811333 Annie’s Capsule Wardrobe Saturday 25th April, 11am

How to create a capsule seasonal wardrobe. Booking essential. 01480 811333 Bedford School Fashion Show Wednesday 29th April


Charity fashion show to raise money for Chums. Tickets £10 please contact Sue Clarke via email sue.clarke@chums. or call on 01525 863924.

Pamper day We all love a bit of pampering and a day at Champneys was just the ticket for Annie and Debbie – a chance to recharge the batteries and have a little ‘me time’. The active duo didn’t just spend their time lounging around the pool, sauna and steam room. They had to get in their exercise fix and covered quite a few lengths of the pool.

As an ex swimming coach, Debbie, was able to offer Annie some tips on improving her crawl. ‘I have this big marathon challenge coming up and need to increase my endurance and stamina so I have been combining my running schedule with time in the pool,’ said Annie. ‘Debbie’s top tips were invaluable.’ In between the exercise the two did manage to squeeze in a massage, pedicure and manicure.

Spring 2015


Thoughts from a There is nothing quite like a bit of ‘girl talk’. We girls can cover a dozen topics in as many minutes, jumping from one subject to another with the most tenuous of links. I think it is our multitasking quality that enable us to gather verbal speed – we are the Ferraris of the conversation world. I arrive at work about 8am most days and have an hour in the office, without the phones ringing. In the peace and quiet this is a pretty productive hour but as the girls start to arrive I can feel the



vibrations coming from the staff room as the chat starts and I don’t want to miss out. I can feel the pull of the chatter and each morning get lured to the staff room. I can walk in on a pretty diverse spread of subjects from global news to the latest diet fad. With 8 or 10 girls in the staff room, before the shop opens, there can be several topics of conversation on the go and I love it. Girl talk is therapeutic, informative and very entertaining!

Mum knows best You can’t beat Mum’s home cooking, a phrase Debbie Daniels is all too familiar with as a mum of four. It is also what inspired her to write and create her own Mum’s cookbook personalised for her children.

‘I would have loved to have kept it a secret from all my children but I needed to enlist my daughter Gaby to help with the design and layout,’ said Debbie. ‘Every week I get calls from one of my three boys asking how to cook this and that so I thought I would put it all in writing for them. I made the book very personal with my own version of recipes from chicken and leek pie to Thai curry.’ Debbie filled the book with photographs of the raw ingredients as well as the finished dish. ‘I had great fun cooking all my favourite dishes,’ said Debbie. ‘It will be something the boys will have for a very long time and maybe even pass on to their families in time.’ Debbie hasn’t been approached by a publisher yet but she certainly inspired all the girls into the shop with her recipes!


Spring 2015


Ambassador Organisers of the largest fashion exhibition in the UK invited Rebecca Furbank to be a PURE Ambassador to ensure the event remains top of the agenda with brands and buyers not only from the UK but across the globe. ‘It was a great privilege to be invited by i2i Events to be part of a small team which will meet 3-4 times a year to offer advice to the organisers to ensure the event works for the businesses it is intending to attract,’ said Rebecca.

‘We all work in the fashion industry and it was great to be able to share our different experiences. The end goal for all of us was to ensure that the UK Fashion industry remains one of the best in the world. The next meeting is scheduled for March so I will keep you posted.’

‘When you are working on events of this scale it is very easy to lose track of what the end goal is and what the end consumer needs.’ The first meeting was held in December with a team of around 12 people from independent retailers, brand leaders both small and multi-national, as well as marketing and IT experts.


Anne Furbank Fashion

The Big Day


“If the colour suits your complexion, you will look radiant in the photographs”

John Charles

Spring 2015

John Charles

John Charles 33

Anne Furbank Fashion

The Big Day There is a distinct look of fear across the face of ladies that walk through the front door at Anne Furbank looking for a wedding outfit.You can read the messages whizzing through the brain; I don’t do dressing up. Am I going to colour coordinate? I’m Mother of the Groom – are the rules different? Will I be able to walk in heels? Do I have to wear a hat? The list goes on. Luckily for everyone that does take the step across the threshold, they are in safe hands. We have years of experience in dealing with Mothers of the Bride and Groom and have sent them away with an outfit that is not only perfect for their occasion but perfect for their personality. Here, we take away some of that fear before you even make it to the front door by offering our top tips on how to find your perfect outfit for the big day.

Style Follow the style of the wedding. If it is a less formal occasion, you don’t want to go over the top with your outfit – you will end up feeling uncomfortable.

Talk Whether you are Mother of the Bride or Groom it is good to talk to each other, and the bride, to find out what the other's expectations are. You are better having that talk before falling in love with an outfit to find that the other mother has exactly the same one!

Time Give yourself a bit of time – you will be amazed how long it takes to try clothes on and we have a lot of choice.

Give it a go You may have a fixed idea in your head but you will be surprised at how that can change if you try something you wouldn’t normally pick. If you don’t try you won’t know.

John Charles 34

Spring 2015 Reassurance Many of us need a little reassurance as to what looks good so do bring a friend or family member but beware of bringing a crowd – too many different opinions can lead to confusion.

can be sure of is that we won’t let you leave the shop unless you are looking and feeling great. After all you are a walking advert for Anne Furbank and as 95% of our customers find us through word of mouth we must be doing something right.

Commonly asked questions

Feel comfortable If you are comfortable in an outfit, you will walk with confidence and enjoy the day all the more.

Do my shoes, bag and hat have to match the outfit?

Shopping for your outfit should be a wonderful experience and you should walk away feeling very happy with what you are going to wear on the big day. One thing you

The simple answer is no. We do buy hats which co-ordinate with outfits and help make the outfit complete but as long as there is a tonal blend you do not have to have everything matching.

Do I have to wear heels? Heels do help and a lot of that is to do with posture as heels force our bodies into a more upright position. Don’t worry, the help of hidden platforms can make even killer heels comfortable.

Hat or fascinator? This is personal preference. Fascinators took over from hats a few years ago but with new designs the two have merged and we now have the ‘hatinator’ a great compromise between the two. Think of the venue and talk to the bride and groom about their thoughts. Avoid huge downturn brims at the front, you will be a photographer’s nightmare!

What colour will look good in photographs? The answer is the colour that suits you. If the colour suits your complexion you will look radiant in the photographs.

Shall I change my hair style? Just before the wedding is probably not the best time to dramatically change your hairstyle, but getting a good cut can smarten up your appearance and lift your features.

Can I wear black or white?

John Charles

You can wear black but mix it with another colour, you don’t want to look sombre. As for white, best to be avoided if you are in the wedding party (unless you are the bride of course) as it can make the bride’s dress look dirty.


Souster and Hicks Pop Up Shop We’ve been asked by many husbands who visit the shop with their wives', why don’t you do men’s clothing? We don’t – but we know a man that does – and boy does he do it well! Geoff Souster owns the tailors and men’s outfitters in Woburn and many of you will have seen his handiwork at Anne Furbank when we have displayed his lovely suits, jackets and ties around the shop. Some of you also had the pleasure of being at his talk about his years in tailoring and seeing first hand his work as he fitted a jacket on Richard Furbank. This year we thought we would go one better. On Good Friday we will have a Souster and Hicks Pop Up shop in store at Anne Furbank. Geoff and his team will bring over their wares, their knowledge and their bubbling personalities for a day especially for the men. Ladies we won’t leave you out but you can be safe in the knowledge that your other half will be in the capable hands of the Souster and Hicks team while you browse our new summer collections and enjoy a glass of bubbly. No need to book as the shop will be here all day. Good Friday, 3rd April, 10am – 4pm.


Spring 2015


Anne Furbank Fashion

Not just weddings Weddings aren’t the only special occasions our summers have to offer. We are awash with garden parties, ladies racing days, Wimbledon and Henley and if we have an excuse to dress up we grab it with both arms. Standards in dress have slipped in the last few years but organisers of the big events have laid down new rules to get everyone to pull up their socks and put their best foot forward. Ensure you don’t get caught out and have the embarrassment of being turned away. Cheltenham Festival 10-13 March There can be a sharp wind blowing up the racecourse in March so unless you are not going to be moving from your hospitality tent remember you will need layers. There is usually a hue of green tweed around the racecourse so to stand out from the crowd choose a bright coloured coat. Hats are not compulsory but they could have the added bonus of a bit of extra warmth! Royal Ascot 16-20 June (the Royal Enclosure) The leader in the pack when it comes to dress codes. Skirt length to be only slightly above the knee or below, straps on tops should be more than one inch wide, and most importantly hats must be worn. If you are opting for a headpiece then the base needs to be at least 4” in diameter. 38

Aideen Bodkin

Autumn Spring 2014 2015 Henley Royal Regatta 1-5 July (Stewards Enclosure) Ladies this is very important, no trousers are allowed, dresses or skirts have to be below the knee and although not compulsory it is expected that ladies wear hats. Wimbledon 29 June-12 July Strict dress codes have been relaxed for Debenture Holders at Wimbledon so shirt, tie and jacket are no longer required even jeans are acceptable. However, with interest by the press on celebrity spectators it seems that everyone still wants to dress up. It’s summer so for simplicity and elegance opt for a dress. You will feel elegant and quintessentially English. Royal Garden Parties (throughout the summer) If you are lucky enough to be invited to a Royal Garden Party it is respectful to dress for the occasion. A dress is the order of the day with a hat or fascinator. Don’t worry you won’t outshine the Queen!

Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart 39

My wine tasting revelation Perrier and then, what I thought to be the king of champagne, Krug. 13 other champagnes followed but in the midst of it all I discovered my champagne taste preferred the lighter bubbles of Pol Roger compared to the fuller Krug flavour. Rebecca Furbank I don’t have the perfect nose (in more ways than one) but I do enjoy a glass of wine and since we bought the hotel my appreciation of wine has developed. A number of years ago I had the very great pleasure of being taken to a Champagne Academy Dinner. Sixteen Grande Marque Champagne Houses were proudly showing off their unique champagnes. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life being able to compare 16 different champagnes in one evening and coming out of it, a little merry, but with a greater understanding of what my personal favourite was. Being carefully lead around by Philip Amps, from Amps Fine Wines, I headed straight for the Bollinger, followed by Laurent


It was at this event that I learnt to appreciate that if I took my time to savour the first few sips of any wine I drank I would get far more enjoyment out of the rest of the glass. Wine is not to be used as a thirst quencher but as a moment of pleasure.

I don’t profess to having much wine knowledge or indeed an excellent palate but I do know how to take a moment to properly taste the wine before it disappears down my throat.

How to taste wine? Tips from the expert, Philip Amps, on how to taste wine to discover new flavours and delights from different grapes and processes around the world.

A simple step by step guide to Wine Tasting. Open the bottle and pour a measure into your glass.

Step One:

Step Two:

Is the wine clear and bright? It should be, if not it might be a faulty bottle or an old bottle.

Swirl the wine around in your glass to release the aromas, then put your nose into the glass and smell. It should smell of fruit and pleasant flavours. If not then it will almost certainly be faulty. Any musty, damp cardboard flavours are an indication that the wine is ‘corked’ This particular smell is where the cork closure in the bottle has tainted the wine which makes it unpleasant.

Appearance Nose

The depth of colour of the wine will tell you a lot about the wine. Darker coloured reds will often be more full bodied wines. A rich golden colour in white wines can be an indication of sweetness, old age or possibly oak ageing. ‘Legs’ this is the name given to the remnants of the wine that clings to the side of the glass when you swirl it around your glass. The more viscous the wine is will affect how long the wine takes to drop back down into the wine. The viscosity of a wine is an indication of high alcohol and sweetness.

Step Three:

Taste Then take a taste of the wine – again it should have fruit flavours to the fore, if not, again the wine could be faulty.

‘Tannins' are the bits that dry your teeth and the inside of your mouth when tasting red wines. The tannins should be present, but not dry your mouth out! ‘Acidity’ is felt on the front of your tongue, this gives the wine freshness and is an important component of any wine. It should always be in balance and not dominate. ‘The finish or length’ of a wine is how long the flavour of the wine lasts in your mouth after you have swallowed it.

Step Four:

Conclusion The most important part of tasting a wine is – do you like the wine? There is no point in drinking wine you do not like, just because someone else says it is great. Your taste is individual to you and so drink the wines you like. Keep trying wines till you find out the style of wine you like, then get on and enjoy them.

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King of all Chefs What a delight is was for Rebecca to meet legendary Chef, Albert Roux, at the Purdey Awards in London. Albert Roux, the French born restauranteur, ran Le Gavroche in the heart of London with his brother Michel. It was the first UK restaurant to gain one, two and three Michelin stars and has maintained the highest of standards for a great many years. The restaurant is now run by Albert’s son Michel Roux Jnr.

The Purdey Awards recognises projects in the world of shoot management and conservation within the UK whose efforts have achieved outstanding results in improving game bird habitats and the biodiversity of the land.

Rebecca meets legendary Chef, Albert Roux

‘It is a very special evening, meeting people who have such a passion for the countryside, wildlife and nature, the added bonus was meeting Albert Roux.’

Albert Roux, with his passion for food and where it comes from, ‘I was there with my husband Tim, handed out the awards. He praised who advises estates and farms all the finalists for their work in across the UK on game cover and keeping the countryside a haven for conservation projects,’ said Rebecca. wildlife and also appreciating the supply chain.

Global food

inspiration Head Chef, Akil, was born in Morocco and has travelled the world gathering experience in kitchens following the diets of different cultures, tastes and standards.

Head Chef, Akil


From the spicy Moroccan palates to the opulence of Dubai and the seafood of the Isle of Wight. ‘I have been lucky enough to work and train in some fantastic kitchens,’ said Akil. ‘The variety in cuisine has certainly helped me with the way I cook and broadened my skills.’

Akil has been at The George for four and half years and was promoted to Head Chef last year. ‘I love the George, it is great to work with fresh ingredients and seasonal foods. Being a Chef is a continual learning curve and although I have made my home in the area I still look around the world for food inspiration.’ To view the menus visit www. and get your taste buds working overtime.

Spring 2015

Seasonal delights With a global market and some artificial climate controlled growing it is possible to get hold of most fruit and veg throughout the year but to eat it at its best you are better sticking to the seasons and embracing the different flavours our calendar gives us. Our very own Head Chef, Akil, gives you his pick of the seasonal delights that Spring and Summer have to offer.


– asparagus, spinach, curly lettuce and the start of apricots


– It’s all about the greens, spring greens, savoy cabbage, kale, bramley apples

June – the choice starts to

expand with peas, broad beans, and the start of the berries at their best


– cauliflower, celeriac, cucumbers and the first of the new potatoes and rhubarb

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Borneo Charity Boost You hear it all the time with charity fund raising, any amount given is appreciated. With the donation of just 10p for every cup of coffee sold in November, The George donated £200 towards Raleigh International and a specific Borneo project. Sadie Hodgson, who has worked at the George throughout her schooling is taking time out before heading off to university and has been working hard to raise enough money to fund a ten week volunteer expedition.


‘On Feb 7th I will be heading to Heathrow to catch a flight to Borneo,’ said Sadie. ‘Alongside 60 others from Europe and the wider world, I will be visiting three projects in Borneo with the focus on sustainable development. We will be working alongside the communities of the Sabah

region to improve social welfare, community resilience and hygiene with environmental aims as well. This could be through piping clean water from a higher source into the heart of the community, building a basic shelter for teaching and learning as well as creating safe ways to dispose of waste.’ Each volunteer has had to raise their own funds that contribute towards the expedition. ‘In September, I cycled the 1100 miles from Land's End to John O'Groats with a friend from school and collected sponsorship along the way. It was the most exhilarating and tiring experience I have had but also taught me that five meals a day was not something that was unreasonable.’

help me along the way and I was overwhelmed by their support. The George contribution was also a big boost. I am very excited whilst only a little apprehensive as to why I'm not feeling nervous; surely the enormity of this trip has not sunk in.’

‘Since then my old school have done a charity sports event that reflected our bike ride to also

We hope to get updates from Sadie during her trip so look out on the George Facebook page.

Spring 2015

New Events Menu Spring 2015 sees the launch of a new Events menu making the most of the fresh seasonal ingredients. ‘We already have bookings throughout the year for everything from weddings to 50th birthday parties,’ said General Manager Richard O'Leary ‘The new menu is perfect for the Spring and Summer events and not only tastes fantastic but looks great on the plate as well. Being independent we can tailor menus to personal taste, likes and dislikes.’

“Being independent we can tailor menus” gerspict u

For more information check out the website where you will be able to drool over all the menus.

The lovely thing about the hotel is the different rooms we have available to have exclusively for an event. The Reading Room is perfect for an intimate dinner party of up to 10 guests while the Orangerie can accommodate 30 on a long banqueting table and for those that want a much bigger occasion the whole hotel is available to hire exclusively.

To book call 01480 812300 or visit


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