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Every dog has his day



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The Players Behind the Show

A great time was had by all at the All About Pet Show, spectators and participants alike! A great BIG THANK YOU to the team!

Craig Belanger

Our Master of Ceremonies was Vince Grittani, a well known TV personality and playwrite for many years, Vince is a regular contributor to Cottage Dog with editorials, photography, and cartoons. His relaxed Cottage Style and unique sense of humour kept the show upbeat and moving. It was a hit with so many, including the new owners of the event, we have been invited back next year for our full Mediahound Event Services! Thank you Vince ! Cottage Dog’s designer Craig Belanger was on hand to help in any way he could, but mostly he was seen manning the Cottage Dog Club Booth.

Kelly McShane

Kelly McShane was there to photograph and write for Cottage Dog at both the All About Pet Show and at the Toronto Marlies Dog Day Event. Kelly had a blast! And did an amazing job!   Be sure to get to know her and say “hello”, she will be a part of Cottage Dog for a long, long time. 

- 4 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

Heather McLeod and RuffSport did a doggone great job as our co-ordinator! She had to do all the hard stuff! Her job started the day before and continued hours after everyone else went home. That woman knows how to work! Her passion for what she does goes without measure! Thank you for a job well done!  Sara Winchester Carson is a growing who-is-who in the world of dogs, and she hasn’t broken her teen years yet!   Canada’s youngest certified trainer, she and Hero melted hearts everywhere!   Sara is also the leading force behind the Cottage Chipmunk Challenge; see page in Cottage Dog, Spring 2012 for more details. We feel we just have to mention the Names of all the Participants who came with the one stipulation “To do it Cottage Dog Style...being...just have FUN!” and that they did! What an infectiously wonderful time was had by their dogs, themselves and the audience! Who loved them! Thank you to each and every one!

Heather McLeod

Sara Winchester Carson

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE: Heather McLeod (Diesel) Sara Winchester Carson (Hero) Aimee McDougall Al Wright Anna-Marie Kristensen Ashley Hopkins Candice Langlois Carole Leclerc Danielle Levangie David Heffering Jason & Breen LeVangie Jason Krauter Jennifer Sullivan Jessica Strongman Judy Vodden Karen Horan Karen & Ken Hamilton Kim (Burrell) Lavelle

Lindsay Green Lynda Hixson Maddie Lang Mandie O’Brien Marilyn Corbet Mary-beth Ribble Melissa Doren Melissa Lombardi (Metro Muttz) Mike Lombardi Mike Walters Steve O’Brien Sheila Sargent Sue Lang Terri & John Chaston Veronica Evers Doyle Victoria Corbet Wendy Grandman Wendy & Dennis O’Leary

Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 5 -

Cottage Dog Club TM - Cottage Dog Show & BIG Weekend Getaway! Hi Dog Lovers! Show doing indoor “Dock After spending Easter Weekend as the MC of Cottage Dog Club’s Ruff’N It; Sports & Comedy time to take it outdoors! Jumping, and Cottage style agility & flyball” at the All About Pets Show in Toronto, it’s Great Cottage Dog Muskoka My friend Lisa Brooks of Cottage Dog is inviting Cottage Dog Club Members up for a !! Huntsville! in fun Weekend Getaway of outdoor of cool deals and discounts on What a deal! Join the Cottage Dog Club for $40 and not only do you get a whole bunch round! year all them get you services, activities and events but our signature magazine, Plus a means to stay on top of what’s what in an online Cottage Dog E-Pack; that includes come! to more much so and plus “Sports Editions”, Puparazzi Event Magazines PLUS you get FREE ADMISSION to all our events this year INCLUDING OUR NEW 3-day Dog Show: The Weekend Getaway June 15 - 17th

event called The Cottage

skills with others! You and your dog get a chance to participate in exciting new sports while sharing your Cottage Dock provided large our with 2”) Try out our new Cottage Dog Jumping Pool ( 24’x44’x5 by our sponsor Pipefusion! star who jumped 26 Try out underwater diving with Nevada and Shari Robinson, the Dock Dog as a fan and friend in book can you phs; feet and went viral with her wild underwater photogra and stay in the same resort if you hurray! beautiful venue locaTry Canoeing & Outfitting with Algonquin Outfitters on the river beside our tion! trick training!!! Plus cottage style agility, flyball, disc dog, cani-cross, wheel joring… and do an 8 multi sport relay The first two days you can learn, mingle and have fun… while you look to find team members though? …There is a team one at stop with the final anchor dog being “The Cottage Dog Cold One Retriever”!!! Why their skills in mulspread to needing TOP SPORT DOG AWARD for the best score in 3 to 4 events with those star dogs tiple relay teams! SPONSOR PRIZES! CASH! Try out for a spot to perform in our evening Cottage Dog Show Performance and with tainment services and so much more!

our MediaHound Event Enter-

Motels, Hotels, Resorts, And some great off season prices at a variety of pet welcome accommodations in the area: Lakeside Cottages, B&Bs and Camp Grounds! starting 8 am on the Friday All this takes place at the Lion’s Lookout Huntsville behind the Canada Summit Building and ending 5 pm on Sunday June 15 to 17th. Toronto, your accommoWe recommend a Thursday arrival! Sign up for a bus to shuttle you and your dogs between miss ALL THE FUN! Don’t Rates! Member’s Club Dog Cottage Special weekend! dations and the event for the entire beginning with our Huntsville’s Register as a Cottage Dog Club member and get ready to enjoy great fun all year round Muskoka Getaway Weekend! To sign up or for more information go to See you there! -Vince Grittani “Few people have their finger on the pulse of Muskoka like Grittani. “ (The Muskokan)




A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: No Mowing. No Watering. No Problem!!

Premium Synthetic Turf

Tally-Ho Inn

Domaine Summum Well Behaved Humans Accepted être Humaine bien élevés Acceptés



Muskoka Woodlands

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CLUB & EVENT PHOTOGRAPHERS Cottage Dog ClubTM Members can regularly submit their favourite photographs for use in our publications. Top photographs taken throughout the years will be nominated for an annual prize!

CATEGORY SUBMISSIONS • Cottage Lifestyle • Getaway Lifestyle • Adventures • Speed & Intensity • Comedy & Design • Dog Fun & Playtime • Puparazzi

Note: Reserved for Registered Cottage Dog ClubTM Members Only. Professionals are welcome to join the club too!


Photography by Kelly McShane

Ashley & Austin - Dock Jumper - 10 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

! I Z Z A R A P U PEvery dog has his day

Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 11 -

2-year-old Australian Shepherd “Charlie� sits with his owner Jen between agility demonstrations

- 12 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

Labrador Retriever “Big Al” shows off his tricks for the crowd as an ambassador of Dogma Pet Rescue

Jelly The Flying Bulldog

Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 13 -

Retired racing Greyhound “Bentley”

Rocket - Dock Jumper

- 14 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

4-year-old “Dragon� is a rare Chinese breed called a Chongqing Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 15 -

Leonberger “Ollie” shows the crowd how to pull a cart

Judy & Leapin’ Lenny Dock Jumper

- 16 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

Agility – Nija the Boston Terrier

A pair of Bichon Frise, “Jasmine” and “Kosmo,” show off their funky dyed hair Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 17 -

Pro groomer Shannon works her magic on her rescued Standard Poodle “Zema”

Long-haired Chihuahua “Wiggles” (right), & Pomeranians “Bit Bit” (middle) and “Teddy” got their share of snuggles during the show

- 18 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

Handsome Standard Poodle “Henry” looks dashing with turquoise feathers in his hair Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 19 -

Red merle mini Australian Shepherd “Kaching” poses with her daughter “Stella”

“Trixie” bounces straight in the air as her special trick

5-year-old Poodle “Plato” gets snuggly with Jim after their agility demonstration

15-month-old Harlequin Great Danes “Dolce” and “Riley” were ambassadors of the breed

Bulldog “Lexi” and her son “Stitch” dressed in camouflage

4-year-old English Cocker Spaniel agility star ‌ was born deaf - 22 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

Judy & Leapin’ Lenny - Dock Jumping

Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 23 -

- 24 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

Victoria & Jelly - Dock Jumper

Mike & Brooklyn - Flyball


Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 25 -

Veronica & Sierra the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Brussels Griffon “Jolie” gets the star treatment from her owner Anya

Ashley & Austin - Dock Jumper

Powderpuff Chinese Crested “Isis” shows off her purple satin dress

Suelang & Smartie - Flyball

3-year-old Jack Russell Terrier “Trixie” shows off her massaging necklace

5-month-old German Shorthaired Pointer “Crush” had her nails painted pink by a groomer while at the show

River - Dock Jumper

Newfoundland Dog “Moosh” gets a scratch from visitors Dana and Amy

- 28 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

4-year-old Toy Fox Terrier “Joy” shows off her dress while sitting with her owner Joan

Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 29 -

for four legs at the

There’s nothing like pre-vacation anticipation, particularly the Muskoka variety. The zen-like state that awaits, trading concrete for Canadian Shield and parks for wilderness. Your gear would be loaded already if it weren’t for those puppy dog eyes following your every move, eyes you watch with guilt, knowing they are bound for something less. The simplest thing would just be to load Fido in the car and make sure your four legged family member doesn’t miss any family time. Lots of accommodations label themselves pet friendly, but just because they welcome your dog doesn’t mean your dog will feel welcome. A barking pet is particularly disruptive in a hotel, the space is very limited for big dogs and potty breaks may entail cramped elevator rides. The Cottages at The Diamond ‘In The Ruff’ offer the royal treatment for your active pooch. The three bedroom Normerica post and beam cottages spaciously 705.728.3569 Barrie | 416.966.3877 Toronto accommodate all. Appointed in an uncluttered modern take on Muskoka, the fully furnished vacation homes afford plenty of space for dogs to maneuver without stepping on everyone’s toes. Your pups can keep you company on the deck as you barbecue or they can frolic in the adjacent grassland where it’s easy to keep an eye out. The waterfront cottages are an idyllic playground where dogs are welcome to swim and hang 10 at the beach with the rest of the family. The shared ownership cottage development of just 15 homes creates a quiet community nestled between Nutt Lake and The Diamond ‘In The Ruff’ golf course and is surrounded by woods and groomed hiking trails. Pulling into the driveway of the golf course is like stepping into the unfolding brushstrokes of a Monet canvas. Gardens ripe with colour garnish impeccably manicured grounds; its nine fairways sculpted from a gentle terrain of sky bound pines. A Quebec inspired red roof tops a cozy clubhouse conducive to relaxed conversations and the laughter of a life less serious. The atmosphere everywhere is one of welcoming. “This is perfect,” says Kathy Lockwood, who has been a happy cottage owner along with Claire Forster for three years. “It’s quiet and there are activities available for those who want to partake. When I go on holidays I want to decompress, read and play golf. I can’t complain about the luxury I’ve got.” The challenging yet unintimidating layout of the golf course is as easy to walk as it is on the eyes. Careful consideration has been given to make your round as enjoyable as possible. An all natural garlic spray is used on the course to help control the bugs and maximize comfort. Tee times are spaced 10 minutes apart and

For advertising or sponsoring opportunities Contact -

Photography by Paul Bennett Photography


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Our Prize Sponsor

starters will hold groups back to ensure enough of a gap between groups for a steady but unhurried pace.

“When you’re buying a fractional it doesn’t come with all of the maintenance and upkeep of full cottage

In the winter, the golf course turns into a snow sport playground with groomed cross country ski and snowshoe trails. Nutt Lake is transformed into an ice rink for hockey, a relaxing skate or a friendly game of curling. Afterwards, warm up in the cottage in front of the fireplace or enjoy the outdoor fire pit. Your dog is welcome to set the pace on the paths, whether they’re snow covered or more suited to running, cycling or hiking. The property’s central location in Muskoka means you’re only a short drive to a variety of attractions, boutique shopping and eateries to satiate the foodies.

ownership and the capital investment is less,” says Gail

Choosing The Cottages at The Diamond ‘In The Ruff’ for your vacation lifestyle will net you five splendid weeks of Muskoka time with two fixed summer weeks, a tough to find offering in the fractional cottage market. The turnkey nature of shared ownership investment means you arrive with your clothes, toys and food to spend quality time creating memories that matter, not doing chores.

The Cottages at The Diamond ‘In The Ruff’ is pet practi-

Young, a cottage owner with her husband John. “After six months of looking into fractional cottage ownership, we chose Diamond for the single cottage design, the quality of the product itself, the central location in Muskoka and the two fixed weeks compared to one week offered by other properties…The reason we bought here is that there was nothing we were disappointed by.” And your furry friends won’t be disappointed because they’ll be along for the fun. More than just pet friendly, cal. You’ll be comfortable bringing your dog, big or small, and your pet will love to be an integral part of the variety of activities at this amazing four season resort community. Call 1-877-643-3343 today and book your tour—dogs welcome! Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 31 -


ust north of Montréal, lies the vast Laurentian mountain region, a vibrant natural area full of lakes and charming little towns like Mt Tremblant Village that boasts fabulous skiing, spas, and lots of dining, nightlife and even a mountain-top casino! The region is also famous for sugaring-off parties in rollicking “cabanas sucres” in the spring, and in the summer this is true cottage country with scads of fresh water lakes and lush forests. In the fall, the hills become ablaze with a riot of colors as sugar maples do their annual metamorphosis before the snow. It’s a wonderful region for family holidays or romantic getaways all year-round, but unfortunately, many - 32 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

hotels and resorts don’t allow you to bring your beloved four-legged friends along. And if they do, they charge a hefty cleaning fee and offer few distractions for your pet while you go out to play people games. There is however, a rare discovery there, ten minutes from all the action of Mt. Tremblant Village, a stone’s throw from St. Jovite’s many grocery stores and charming dining spots, and a hop-skip and a jump away from Mont Blanc’s great downhill skiing. It’s called Domaine Summum Estates, and I have just recently discovered it to be the most dog friendly deluxe accommodations in the entire Laurentians.

Advertising Feature

Our Prize Sponsor

Domaine Summum The Most Dog-Friendly Accomodations in the Laurentians

I first stumbled upon this spot while researching for an article about new luxury log cabin accommodations in the Laurentians-the criteria for inclusion in my piece was natural wood and rustic exterior with surprisingly upscale amenities and services within. My companions (five women on a girl’s getaway with me) were all dog people with canines ranging from yappy little poodles to imposing Great Danes, and though I have no dogs myself, (I own three cats,) I do appreciate a spot that welcomes all creatures great and small. We first met owner Birgit Schulze in her resident dog kennel which she calls Woof B&B- (the B&B standing for bed and biscuits) and she also breeds

Bernese mountain dogs there. She has seven Bernese of her own in her lovely log home overlooking the private lake along with a solitary cat who thinks he runs the place. And yes, she does have accommodations for humans, too! Birgit took us on a tour of her cabins as we chatted about dogs and lodging and the economy and we discovered that despite her cheery and upbeat persona, her past year had been very challenging, Her husband, best friend and partner in this venture which was their lifelong dream, had suddenly passed away, as did both her parents all within the same year. But Birgit is not one to give up easily, and she pushed on to open this haven for nature and Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 33 -

dog lovers in their honour. The main building is a huge clubhouse of all natural wood with many nooks and crannies and bedrooms each individually decorated in charming country style. The clubhouse can accommodate up to 16 people and 8 dogs. It is a perfect retreat for a family reunion, wedding, or any large party where you all want to stay together with your dogs. It also has two stand-alone apartments with their own entrances on the outer edges for rent. Then there are smaller cabins, attached to each other with private entrances and cooking facilities, BBQs, fireplaces and complimentary WIFI and satellite TV. There is also a huge enclosed doggie play park and 200 acres of wooded grounds surrounding the lake for nature walks and cross country skiing. In the summer there is a shared dock for swimming and canoes available for exploring or fishing. The entire enclave is close enough to all the action of Tremblant but far enough away from all the commercial clutter to give the guests a true natural experience. Also new on site is SPAWS- a deluxe doggie treatment area for grooming and other services if desired. And what if you want to leave your dog awhile to go out and play people style?

To find out more about Domain Summum chalets, Woof B&B and SPAWS, visit these websites:

Or visit them on Facebook:

Birgit says, “Though we do not offer babysitting in the traditional sense, if guests would like to go to dinner or run into town for a couple of hours, we are more than happy to check on their pet, take it for a walk, give them a belly rub and of course a cookie or two until their owners arrive back home. But if they are going out for a full day, there are other options, though we don’t mind checking in on them, we would recommend that they stay at the B&B to socialize, hang out and enjoy meeting new friends until their owners return. After all, the dogs deserve to have fun while here, too!” We all left very impressed with the entire set-up with a promise to return with our four –legged sidekicks soon for another girl’s getaway in the spring when the sap begins to flow and sugaring off season is in high gear. It will be a sweet trip, indeed!

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Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 35 -


Advertising Advertising Feature Fea


Muskoka’s Muskoka’s friendliest friendliest pet-friendly pet-friendly resort! resort!

Relax, renew Relax, and renew reconnect and at reconnect Tally-Ho at Inn,Tally-Ho Muskoka’s favourite Muskoka’s pet-friendly favourite pet-friendly family resortfamily located resort loca on PeninsulaonLake Peninsula between Lake Huntsville betweenand Huntsville Algonquin and Algon Park. Unwind Park. in our Unwind quietintranquility, our quiet where tranquility, all the where all cares and bustle caresof and thebustle city are of but the city a distant are but memory. a distant mem Enjoy quiet walks Enjoy along quiet walks our 1000 along feet our of1000 lakefront, feet of lis-lakefront ten to the call tenofto the the loon calland of the theloon lapping and of thethe lapping waterof the w on the beach. on the beach. Let us take care Let us of take you with careour of you delicious with our home delicious h cooked meals cooked – justmeals like Grandma – just likeused Grandma to make! used– to mak along with daily alongmaid withservice. daily maid We service. have oneWeand have twoone- and t bedroom cottages, bedroom deluxe cottages, suites deluxe with fireplaces suites with along fireplaces a with standard with motel standard units motel that include units that our include delightful our deligh meal plan. All meal accommodations plan. All accommodations have a bar fridge have ato bar fridg keep your drinks keep your and snack drinksfood and at snack the food perfect at the tem-perfect t perature. One-, perature. two- One-, and three-bedroom two- and three-bedroom cottages cotta with kitchens with where kitchens you can where cook you your canown cook meals yourare own meals also available, also most available, with their most own with fireplaces. their own fireplaces. The hardest The thing hardest you’ll have thingto you’ll do during have to your do during stay is decide staywhether is decide to whether use our recreational to use our recreational facilif ties, go boating, ties, go borrow boating, a good borrow book a good from our book lendfrom our le ing library…ing or library… explore the or explore beauty of theAlgonquin beauty ofPark Algonquin or the shopsorinthe Huntsville. shops in You Huntsville. can alsoYou joincan in a also funjoin in a family gamefamily of darts, game tennis, of darts, snooker tennis, or asnooker lively round or a lively ro of horseshoes. of horseshoes. Pedal boats,Pedal canoes boats, and canoes kayaks and are kayaks also available also foravailable a quiet jaunt for a around quiet jaunt the lake. around Alterthe lake. A natively, take natively, a tour on take our a tour pontoon on our boat pontoon with Ashley boat with As as your guide as as your sheguide shows asyou she the shows beauty you of thePeninbeauty of Pe sula Lake and sula some Lakeofand thesome lovelyofcottages the lovely and cottages homes and ho that grace this thatpristine grace this stretch pristine of water. stretch Orofenjoy water. theOr enjoy lake up close lake and uppersonal close and while personal Andrew while takes Andrew you takes waterskiing waterskiing or tubing. You or tubing. and your You pet and can your enjoy peta can enj frolic on thefrolic beach, onplay the beach, a gameplay of Frisbee, a gameor ofrest Frisbee, un- or rest der a shady der tree. a Cap shadyofftree. yourCap dayoff relaxing your day withrelaxing your with newfound friends newfound whilefriends sharing while yoursharing days’ adventures your days’ advent around our bonfire. around our bonfire. - 18 - Cottagedog - 18 - - Cottagedog Spring 2011 - Spring 2011

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There are several golf courses in the immediate area, from easy 9-hole courses to challenging PGA standard 18-holes, all within a 15-minute drive from the main lodge. Horseback riding is available nearby, and the Dorset Fire Tower with its breathtaking panoramic view of Lake of Bays is a short journey by car. If you have wee ones, Santa’s Village in Bracebridge is only a 45-minute drive away. Also, several well-known artisans and antique shops are located in the area. For something a little more relaxing, just sit quietly for a chance to watch a deer stop for a drink at the lake, or a small fox cutting through the property en route to its den with its catch of the day. The Pileated Woodpecker and Blue Heron also live here and can provide guests with many a happy hour of quiet nature watching as they go through their antics. Tally-Ho does weddings in the off-season, as well as family reunions, small conferences or retreats. We also offer group rates, so give us a call and we’ll do our best to make your visit as memorable as possible. And remember… Tally-Ho is one of the few family run resorts still operating in Muskoka! In fact, three generations work hard on site to ensure sure your stay will be your best holiday you’ve ever had! For further details, visit our website at www. We’re sure you’ll find an accommodation to suit your needs. You can also use our online reservation program to reserve your stay, or call us for your getaway at 1-800-461-4232. Alternatively, email us at Best of all, you won’t have to leave your pets at a kennel. Bring them with you for a holiday that all of you will remember forever. That’s why a visit to Tally-Ho Inn comes with the greatest gift of all… quality time spent together. Cottagedog - Spring 2011 - 19 -


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Family, friends and fun. It’s about creating those memories on the water. When you decide it’s time for a new docking system, you can’t ignore the quality, ease of ownership and convenient design of NyDock products. NyDock floats are made from incredibly durable polyethylene pipe normally used in rugged municipal, industrial and mining applications. Freezing in ice does not damage docks built with Pipefusion floats, they will not decompose or rot, weather from the sun, or be eaten by animals. An environmentally friendly dock built with NyDock floats is the last dock you will ever need and is constructed with the finest care and quality craftsmanship. Pipefusion stands behind their floats with a lifetime guarantee. NyDock floating docks are superior to crib docks. Changing water levels or cribs shifting from ice loads do not affect NyDock floating docks. A NyDock will always be level and sturdy, it will not sag, rot or shift over time like crib docks. There is no wood below the waterline, only incredibly durable floats that are guaranteed never to leak.  The fully pressure-treated frame is delivered complete with top of the line dock cleats and hidden anchoring cleats.

Discover the difference with a NyDock. It’s never to late to invest in the last dock you’ll ever need.


1029 Aspdin Rd., Huntsville, On P1H 2J2

Premium Synthetic Turf

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ezPaw - 75oz. weight - 8 year warranty

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Dog Runs - Kennels - Pet Facilities - Dog Parks - Vet Clinics PET SAFE - No more chemicals (pestides/weed killers). PERMEABLE - Drains better than real grass. EASY TO CLEAN - Shorter pile height for ez-clean up. DURABLE - Strongest product on the market. ENVIRONMENTAL - Made from 100% recycled materials. Distribution centres located in: VICTORIA - VANCOUVER - KELOWNA - EDMONTON - CALGARY - REGINA - WINNIPEG - TORONTO - OTTAWA - MONTREAL

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Having trouble finding that perfect collar to match your pooch’s unique personality? Photography by Kelly McShane

By Kelly McShane

Well, look no further. Peachy Keen Pets specializes in leash and collar sets for your canine companion that exemplifies their one-of-a-kind persona. From trendy and chic to pure geek, designer Niki Geroni has your pup covered. Peachy Keen Pets’ gorgeous collars range in size from extra small to extra-extra large. They can be made with buckle clasps or Martingale style, for dogs with a slimmer head such as greyhounds, as well as harnesses. And each design can be ordered with a matching leash. Because Peachy Keen products are handmade, no two are exactly alike, making each item one-of-a-kind, just like your dog. Peachy Keen Pets is committed to making the cutest, most quirky and comfortable products for your dog and each item is fully customizable and adjustable. Every item is reinforced with durable webbing, so your product will last year after year.

Peachy Keen fabric designs include fru-fru styles like pink butterflies or colourful cupcakes, as well as barbed wire or your favourite superhero. Geroni creates her unique designs using out-of-print, hard to find, and just the coolest fabrics she can get her hands on. Not finding what you’re looking for on the website? No problem! You can place a custom order. Of course, before any product goes out, it must be given the seal of approval from Peachy Keen’s resident pugs, Miso and Hummus – who are also the inspiration behind the Peachy Keen line, which features collars for pets that don’t fit traditional store sizing. A self-proclaimed nerd, Geroni got her start in the television broadcasting biz before making the switch to become a doggy designer, bringing her creative personality to the world of entrepreneurship. It’s that creativity that prompted her to develop her newest product by recycling outdated rags into canine haute couture. Using that collection of old t-shirts you have jammed in the back of your closet, Geroni creates a trendy hand-me-down wardrobe for your pooch. Now you’ll never have to part with the memories of that AC/DC concert or your childhood obsession with Care Bears. It’s a win-win!

For more information on Peachy Keen products, visit

Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 47 -

By Kelly McShane Since taking her first photo as a child, Trudy Rudolph

Pawsitive Exposure pet photography specializes in por-

has been passionate about photography. Back then, it was

traits that capture the essence of your pet’s unique per-

capturing images of Doodle, her beloved Schnauzer, wearing whatever costume she picked out and slipped over his

sonality. Rudolph is an expert in photographing all types of animals, from dogs and cats to horses and birds. If you want a certain sentiment captured, she’ll make it happen.

furry little body to satiate her snapshot obsession. Now, it’s taking photos of others’ beloved furry companions that keeps her snapping away day after day. After years of perfecting her craft, Rudolph has risen to the top of the world of photography, while maintain-

At the age of 13, Rudolph started taking photographs with her first SLR camera – and she hasn’t looked back. Ever since she was a youngster, Rudolph has been obsessed with capturing images that elicit an emotional response. In order to achieve this, she works with each client in choosing the best location and photography style

ing her mandate of creating a positive atmosphere for her

– getting to know your pet as well as she possibly can be-


fore the lens even comes off the camera.

- 48 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

Advertising Feature

Photography by Kelly McShane

Working with predominantly natural light during the

the book are matched with inspirational quotes celebrat-

shoot, Rudolph compiles a portfolio of images of your pet,

ing the human-animal bond. Rudolph knows first-hand

which are later posted online in a private gallery for your

the bond between human and dog, capturing images of

eyes only. Once you have perused your pet’s gallery, you

her own dogs, Golden Retrievers Maddie and Beau.

can choose your favourite portraits for print. Pawsitive Exposure offers your pet’s images in sizes ranging from wallet to poster size, as well as canvas wraps, greeting cards, 3D prints and a variety of novelty items. Rudolf’s work is showcased in a book titled Pawsitive Exposure. Originally created as a portfolio to be used at trade shows and exhibits, she received such rave reviews for the compilation, she decided to make the book avail-

If you’re looking to create timeless memories with your beloved pet, Pawsitive Exposure pet photography is your source for snapshots that will warm your heart for years to come. To book a session with this highly acclaimed photog or for more information on her one-of-a-kind portraits, visit

able for sale through her website. The portraits featured in Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 49 -

ABYS Pet Carriers

Make traveling with your pooch a pleasure By Kelly McShane


utting a nervous dog into a hard plastic carrier for travel can be a daunting and traumatic

experience. ABYS – Always By Your Side – pet carriers are the perfect solution for the small dog on the go. This highly versatile carrier is the ideal way to tote your pooch alongside you everywhere you go – keeping them safe, while giving you a hands-free method that allows you to go about your business as usual. Developed and designed by Penny Milne of Pickering, Ont., the carrier comes in a variety of colours, textures and materials, as well as being reversible, so you get two styles for the price of one. Reinforced stitching and quality materials make the carrier as safe as possible to transport your beloved pooch. The ABYS pet carrier has been tested and re-tested by Milne’s own canine companions, her Shih Tzus, Angel and Gizmo. Using this carrier, you can cart your dog around under your arm by carrying the device over the shoulder like a purse; or you can carry him or her in front of you like a baby, by putting one strap around each arm; or on your back by wearing it backpack-style. - 50 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

Photography by Kelly McShane

Advertising Feature

This mode of transportation keeps your little one as close as possible, while giving them the opportunity to see all that’s going on around them and still be calm and relaxed. The carrier can also be used in your vehicle as a safety harness, giving you added value. Milne said her ABYS carriers have really taken off over the years. One of her carriers was even worn on The Late Show with David Letterman by Chanda-Leah, a toy poodle who was declared the Smartest Dog in the World by the Guinness Book of World Records – having learned more than 1,000 tricks. The ABYS pet carrier is perfect for aging pets, as it allows you to transport them without putting any pressure on their joints, while allowing proper circulation. Milne also swears by the carrier as a great way to calm even the most hyperactive pooch, as well as provide on-going socialization for your new puppy. ABYS pet carriers have stood the test of time, only getting better and better over the years through minor adjustments made by Milne to perfect her product. The carriers come in a variety of sizes to fit any breed of canine, as well as cats, and

For more information on ABYS pet carriers, visit

can be shipped anywhere in the world. Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 51 -

- 52 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

Photography by Kelly McShane

! I Z Z A R A P PEveUry dog has his day 9-year-old Border CollieAustralian Cattle Dog mix “Jersey”

2-year-old Old English Sheepdog “Ruffles” Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 53 -

12-year-old Cairn Terrier “Rook”

3-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-Cocker Spaniel mix “Bella”

- 54 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

7-month-old Siberian Husky-Labrador Retriever mix “Jasper” and Conor

5-year-old Chihuahua “Vicky” with Kat and Doug

Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 55 -

1-year-old Japanese Spitz “Heff”

- 56 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

3-year-old Labrador Retriever “Cargo� and Beth

Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 57 -

2-year-old Yorkshire Terrier “Bella” and Sylvia

8-week-old Maltese-Poodle-Schnauzer mix “Molly” with Kayla (left), “Tody” with Alicia (middle), and “Benny” with Liam

8-year-old Pug “Snoop Dog”

Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012 - 59 -

4-year-old Shih Tzu-Poodle mix “Pogge” and Mike

- 60 - Puparazzi! - All About Pets Show / Toronto Marlies - 2012

5-year-old Weimaraner “Carmel”

4-year-old Remi and his dog “Duke”

4-year-old Bichon Frise-Poodle mix “Bentley” with Shannon







A Grain-Free, All Life-Stage Diet

Attend One Of Our Events & You Could Win... some great FREE stuff like these bags of food or other great prizes! For advertising or sponsoring opportunities Contact -


Special Thanks to Gordon Walker for supplying 6 bags to give away

For more information regarding Taste of the Wild and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, please contact Gord at the follinging: Tel: 905-482-8709 Fax: 905-482-8957 email:







All About Pets Show


THOMAS ASTLES Toronto Marlies Win





Cottages at The Diamond ‘in the Ruff’ Muskoka, ON


• Pet welcome cottage vacation for 4 • Unlimited rounds of golf • Playday care for the dogs during their stay from Happy Tails Pet Resort

For advertising or sponsoring opportunities Contact -



All About Pets Show





Toronto Marlies Win



Domaine Summum Includes: • • • •

Mont-Tremblant, QC

1 week pet friendly cottage rental for 4 at Domaine Summum in Quebec Doggie Toy and all natural doggie treat bag to take home,made by our Executive Chef In room massage/belly rubs for their 4-legged loved one One on One time with one of our fully trained dog walkers for a 1 hr solo walk through our groomed hiking trails • 2 day Waggin’ Tails camp pass.



All About Pets Show




Tally-Ho Inn


Muskoka, ON

• 1 week pet friendly housekeeping cottage rental for 4 (6 nights & 7 days) • Includes season equipment use (canoes, kayaks, boats, ice huts, snowshoes, etc...) • Playday care for the dogs during their stay from Happy Tails Pet Resort

Sweaters s e i d o o H d n a

Grey Cable Knit

Grey Cable Knit

Faux Fur Sweater

Foxy Pink Sweater

Pink Cable Knit

Gemtone Hoodie

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Grey Cable Knit

Stripped Sweater Blue

Pinkhaolick hoodie

Purple Cable Knit

Stripped Sweater Pink

Natural Cable Knit

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Coats s t e k c a J d n a New Arrival

Biker Jacket

Classic Trench Coat Pink

Faux Fur Sweater

Daisy Velvet Winter Coat

Zebra Coat

Dalmatian Faux fur Coat

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High Low Faux Fur Coat

Moonlight Coat

Lady Loves Faux Fur Coat

Sherlock Coat

Classic Trench Coat Beige

Black Faux Fur Coat

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Dog s e i r o s s e c c A

Sleeping Pouch

Faux Fur Scarf

Neck Warmer Green

LED Nylon Leash

Neck Warmer Burgundy

LED Nylon Collar

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'Like what you see? Check out with over 400 dog products!'

s e s s e n r a H Vests, s t r i h S r e n & Desig

The Silver Moonlight Harness

Zebra Harness Vest

Red Royal Tapestry Vest

Velvet Harness Vest

Dalmatian Harness vest

Stripped Polo

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Purple Velvet Tee

Everyday Velvet Tee

Necktie Polo

Cotton Candy Tee

Argyle Tee

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Dog Dresses

Black Velvet Dress

Fuschia Pettiskirt

Black, White and Red Dress

Hearts and Flowers Tutu

Dot Stripe Dress

Lady Bug Dress

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Leopard Halter Dress

Pink Dot Dress

Paris Ruffle Dress

Pink Pettiskirt

Pink and Black Tutu Dress

Red Dot Dress

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Graphic Hoodies

AD-HD Graphic Hoodie

Anarchy Graphic Hoodie

Bad to the Bone Hoodie

Bitch Hoodie

Angel Hoodie

Bitches Love Me Hoodie

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Co-Pilot Hoodie

Boyfriend Substitute Hoodie

Cutie Pie Hoodie

Bully Hoodie

Dog park Pimp Hoodie

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Doggie Poop Hoodie

F.B.I. Hoodie

Doghouse Hoodie

Gas Mask Hoodie

Elgato Hoodie

I Woof You Hoodie

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I’m a God Hoodie

P-Mail Hoodie

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IPood Hoodie

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The Dogfather Hoodie

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Family, friends and fun. It’s all about creating those memories on the water. When you decide it’s time for a new docking system, you can’t ignore the quality, ease of ownership and convenient design of our NyDock products. We offer a wide range of docks suitable for your waterfront home, cottage or commercial application. Our durable pontoon floats come with a lifetime guarantee giving you peace of mind. Discover the difference with a NyDock – it’s never too late to invest in the last dock you’ll ever need.

Puparazzi! - Spring 2012  

Highlighting the All About Pets Show and the Marlies' Dog Days events.

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