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Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

Daytripping in Cottage Country

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Welcome to the Summer Issue

of Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine Long sunny days and lazy warm nights - this is the season we crave all year. Summer is here in Cottage Country and with the warm weather comes a yearning for adventure. Whether it takes you to a new lake every weekend, or to a new patio every evening, we all head out to experience the feeling of freedom the summer season seems to bring with it. Let’s remember summer as if we were kids again; jump in the lake, stay up late at the fire – and roast the marshmallows! Go big with the extra-large drippy ice cream, and devote every waking moment to making memories that will last a lifetime in the memory bank. This summer fill your bucket, it has been a long year and we are all ready for the fun and laughter, visiting and family that summer vacation offers. Welcome to the Summer 2021 Issue of Cottage Country Magazine. In this issue we bring back our day -tripping feature. As restrictions lift, we are able to roam our regions a little more freely, and we

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of Attractions & Destinations

Community Spotlight

suggest getting out to a local farmers’ market. With the growing season upon us the garden treasures and hand made goodies are ready and waiting for you. In this issue, you will learn about how to try new tackle with Mike Williams, and we welcome new information from the Kawartha OffRoad Motorcycle Association (KORMA). The Ethel Curry Gallery is a one-of-a-kind stop if you are in the Haliburton area, and Bancroft is waiting to welcome you back with home-town favourites like "The Old Tin Shed". Get out and enjoy the season "Cottage Country" – and tag us in your photos on the way, we love to see what you are up to! Facebook: Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine Instagram: @cottagecountryconnection

The 2021 Hot List of Destinations & Attractions Community Spotlight Guide

In Print, Online & On Stands Peterborough • Bridgenorth/Ennismore • Lakefield • Douro/Warsaw • Buckhorn Apsley • Bancroft • Haliburton • Minden / Kinmount • Cameron / Coboconk Fenelon Falls • Bobcaygeon • Lindsay • Omemee • Cavan / Millbrook • Keene Norwood • Havelock • Marmora / Madoc • Campbellford • Warkworth

Community Spotlight - Hot List of Attractions & Destinations 2021

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Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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From Farm to Door For Kitchen Farmacy, farm-to-table food is a passionate affair. This innovative food delivery service provides locally sourced, organic, gourmet in-season meals prepared by red-seal chefs. Seasonal foods provided by local producers aren’t widely available to consumers but Kitchen Farmacy makes it easy.


Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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“Whether you are a busy family, a senior or a foodie, you will be impressed and appreciate the convenience of our balanced meals,” says Chas Keepfer, who owns the company along with her husband, Chef Josh Keepfer. “When you enjoy our spectacular food, there is no shopping, prep, cooking or cleaning, and it is delivered straight to your door.” Kitchen Farmacy makes it convenient to eat organic, local food. They offer many food options and hassle-free ways to order. Meals to Go provides new gourmet, farm-to-table food options every Friday. Clients can go online and place their order with free delivery the following Tuesday and Friday. The Subscription option offers weekly and bi-weekly meal plans or Chef’s choice, which takes the hassle out of choosing every week. Heating instructions are provided on the website. Kitchen Farmacy sources the best sustainable packaging, which is recyclable or compostable. Being in the food industry, packaging must keep food fresh while being microwaveable and oven safe. "By choosing Kitchen Farmacy's gourmet meals, you are sustaining the farm-to-table movement," says Chas. "You reap the health benefits of organic foods. You are supporting the community that makes the sustainability of eating local possible. Plus, you are eating chef-made, inspired meals that satisfy your tastebuds." Kitchen Farmacy is located in Lakefield, ON For more information, please call 705-772-7311, email, visit

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“Adjusting to The New Normal” The wind was brisk and cool outside the Peterborough Evinrude Centre, but the warming April sun made my stay in the line comfortable. My appointment for the Pfizer vaccine was for one o’clock, apparently the same time as the thirty or forty other people who were in line thankfully behind me. An attendant came out exactly at one and began asking the standard questions if we had been out of the country or have we encountered certain symptoms. I was ushered in and led to a row of five chairs among many rows of five chairs. I was seated in chair number one and a registered nurse named Michelle came and sat beside me. She guided me through why it was so important to get the vaccine, I believe it was part of the calming procedure prior to the vaccination. When I was in my middle thirties I was rushed to the hospital because my white blood cells were overpowering my red cells. They could not find any visible cause for this phenomenon so I had to endure endless picking and prodding and two vaccines a day for eighteen days before finally being discharged so, go right ahead Michelle, needles don’t scare me. After a couple weeks I proved in playful jest to friends and some family that the vaccine did not create horns protruding from my head nor did I grow a tail; but skepticism is a strong adversary, there have been protests against vaccines, masks and quarantines recorded well over a hundred years ago. There was fierce opposition to the smallpox vaccine in the 1800s, so strong anti vaccine leagues were formed. Doctor Edward Jenner discovered a vaccine to combat smallpox but was met with considerable criticism from religious and political groups and also for sanitary and scientific reasoning. His discovery in simple terms was to inject a small dose of cowpox that would build an immunity to smallpox; it was successful, but many said using materials from animals was unhealthy. For well over a hundred years antiinoculation debates have been strong, demonstrative and built on unwavering beliefs. In 1919 the fight against wearing masks was just as fervent and verbal as it is today in fact; even though the pandemic ravaged through every country, men still poked holes in their mask in order to smoke cigars. Bars, schools and churches were closed and people were placed in quarantine - to some, the ultimate insult. There were seven kids in our family - in the 1930s and 40s if one caught the mumps, chicken pox, measles or any malady going around, surely every one of us caught it. The result? A man would come and nail a big sign on our front door stating we were quarantined; we fully realized it was for not only our good, but for the good of anyone we would chance to meet. Vaccinations, masks, quarantines and business closures have been going on in Canada as long as there has been a Canada but even though events prove time and time again that history repeats itself, we never seem to be prepared. Russ Sanders


Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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It's All in the Family with Gay Custom Estates Have you been dreaming about building a new home or cottage? Now is a great time to choose a piece of property and start building your dream space. There are so many amazing resources when it comes to style and design, and it all begins with your imagination. There are a ton of details to sort out once the actual building process begins, and you cannot underestimate the value of dealing with a company which provides you with a general contractor to look after all the important details of your project. The general contractor will book and manage all the trades as well as oversee every aspect of your project to completion.

Derick and Rick Gay of Gay Custom Estates are your go-to guys. Gay Custom Estates have been in the development business for five generations; this means they are no strangers to the work that comes with building an exceptional structure from start to finish. Their journey began as youngsters, with their late father loading the boys into the car on weekends to job-hop from site to site observing what had been completed the week previous. The family-friendly dedication and fun-loving spirit is what they carry forward in their clients’ projects to this day. Derick and Rick are general contractors specialising in custom homes, but they look forward to working with their clients on any type of construction job from commercial to industrial and specializing in project management to help guide their clients through the process of any building project. Is your home or cottage splitting at the seams? Sometimes we choose a location, move in, grow - and find there is less than enough room. Thankfully that doesn’t always mean a move is in your future. There are many options when it comes to expanding your living space and Gay Custom Estates have the addition and renovation expertise to help you create the perfect space. As a premier company dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind customer service, it is important to the brothers to deliver unparalleled workmanship on every assignment. The team at Gay


Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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Custom Estates offer a wide range of services to meet all your project needs and to ensure durable and cost-effective workmanship. Derick and Rick strive to save clients both time and money by combining their use of industry knowledge and the highest quality of parts and equipment; they also believe that communication is a key part of their business, and they work hard to maintain open communication with clients, keeping folks updated on the status of the job at every stage of the build. To these brothers the job is not finished until you are satisfied! Call them today for your free quote. Gay Custom Estates 905 435 3924

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Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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An Early Moring Paddle Cottage Living with Dani We loaded up into the old green canoe, the gunnels scratched and dented from the many voyages and portages it had journeyed so far. My children, with their faces sun-screened and smeared with haphazard smudges of dirt and white streaks, showed off their bright red and yellow life jackets as they piled into our steadfast boat. With paddles in hand, we set off.  Now, I could go on and on about my love for a good morning paddle. I could enlighten you with the soothing description of the magic and serenity that one experiences when out in the middle of the lake and the calmness the glistening water brings as you bob along only hearing the buzz of cicadas on the shoreline pines and the occasional haunting call of a sleek black loon.  However, I can assure you that none of the above happened on this particular occasion. The serenity of the moment was quickly replaced by the following: “Are we there yet? There’s a spider in the boat! Can I have a snack? It’s hot out here! Do worms like fish? My toe is itchy! Do muskies eat people? There is a dragonfly on your head! The spider is on your foot now!”

Since 1994 1994 Since

I quickly attacked a spider with a paddle, assured my children that a muskie would much rather eat a frog, passed out containers of crackers, scratched the itchy baby toe and assured my young adventurers that we would, in fact, arrive at our destination, and the paddle across the lake would be worth it. As the barrage of dialogue continued, we journeyed onward and arrived at our destination; a large granite slab that jutted out from the water. It was the perfect spot to jump from rocks into the deep waters, to picnic, to look for bugs, to find wildflowers growing in the many crevices of the rock face and to spend hours and hours of a perfect lazy summer day exploring. The splashing happy kids and their giggling voices carrying across the water definitely made the trip worth it, and as we loaded back into the canoe to head home, I did a double check for spiders. By Danielle McNelly, Nortech Windows, Doors & Sunrooms

Home & & Cottage Cottage ~ ~ Summer Summer 2021 2021 15 15 Home


Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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y l p m Si t c e f r Pe

This past winter we had the opportunity to meet and work with a wonderful couple to bring the outdated kitchen in their new home to life. When Sharon and Ken spotted their house, they were immediately taken with the modern lines and wood accents on the exterior. Walking in the house took them back into time with mid-century furniture and the unique style of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s.

It had been 40 years since the kitchen had been renovated. Walking into the kitchen from the main foyer, on the wall to the right was a floor-to-ceiling mirror that reflected the room on itself, making the kitchen seem twice as large. The layout was not only outdated; it was dangerous. The stove was located at the top of the basement stairs making the path of travel awkward and precarious. We were happy to help bring Sharon and Ken a design that met their wish list of clean and bright while giving it a modern and functional facelift. When looking at the options for cabinets, Since 1994

Sharon gravitated to the different styles offered by Miralis from Saint-Anaclet, Quebec. She took home some sample doors to get a “feel” for them in her space and fell in love with the warm tones in the ‘Autumn Theme’ and how it contrasts with the cool neutral tones in the ‘Winter Fun.’ She chose ‘Winter Fun’ MDF laminate for her upper cabinets and ‘Autumn Theme’ MDF European laminate doors for her lower cabinets. To continue with the light and open feeling of the kitchen, Sharon and Ken chose from Latitude’s “Latitude Collection” the colour ‘Tranquility’ by Hanstone. This colour is a soft white with just enough grey/blue

veining to catch the eye, giving a gentle movement to the flow of the design. To add dramatic contrast, Sharon and Ken made a statement with an elegant goose-neck faucet in matte black from Bristol Sinks complimented by gold-toned handles from Berenson (knobs for her lower cabinets, and gold edge pulls for her upper cabinets). At Harwood Kitchens, working with our client to create the perfect kitchen space is what we do, and Sharon and Ken’s delight in their new kitchen is priceless. Harwood Kitchens 705-742-6241

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Shop Local & Buy Canadian Made Summer 2021 is all about daytripping and staycationing – that means summer days meant for road trips and exploring the waterways of cottage country, playing tourist and discovering hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems that are almost right under your nose. waterway in the heart of the Kawarthas, offers over 7,000 square feet of shopping, while the second store, in downtown Haliburton, boasts over 5,000 square feet. If you prefer to do your shopping from the comfort of your home or cottage, Lockside’s third location – their online store - is there for your convenience, helping serve you from anywhere. Whatever your preference, you will find Lockside Trading Co. is designed to offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Their unique mix of home décor helps you create a living space in which to sit back, relax, and entertain in throughout the year. Selections are constantly changing through the seasons, offering a multitude of choices from indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, giftware, mattresses, bedding, and window treatments. Whether your adventure takes you to lake country, or exploring the back country from the Kawarthas to the Haliburton Highlands; you will find unexpected treasures welcoming you like Lockside Trading Company. Upon arrival, you will see that Lockside is more than just a shopping experience - it’s your one-stop shop all year ‘round. A way of life since 1987, they have been an integral part of the communities they serve, making them the destination in Haliburton Highlands, Peterborough and the Kawarthas. Lockside’s Young’s Point store, located at Lock #27 on Trent Severn-


Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

Plus, the added incentive of their new Lockside Loyalty Reward Points on your instore purchases is their way of thanking you for your business. Shop Local & Buy Canadian Made Lockside is dedicated to supporting Canadians by offering Canadian-made products at great pricing and superior quality. They specialize in custom-made furniture - quality by Canadians, for Canadians. Shopping locally and buying Canadian-made has never been more important. By supporting your community, and your fellow Canadians, we make our country stronger - where you spend your money affects us all, instore and online.

Explore Cottage Country

Be prepared, act now for later. With the pandemic affecting worldwide production, wait times have increased in all manufacturing areas. Most people start shopping for furniture a couple of weeks to a month before they intend on having it in their home. Given current delivery delays, it is recommended to start planning for these purchases even earlier. By planning and ordering ahead from your local businesses, you are more likely to receive your purchase by the time you need it. Staycation With many of us spending more time at home, we instinctively want to improve our surroundings, refresh our living space. What better way to do that than with Lockside’s “Save the Tax on All Furniture Orders”. You can also take advantage of their complimentary interior design service (worth hundreds of dollars) absolutely free with your purchase!

Since 1994

The folks at Lockside Trading Co. understand that many of us are doing our best to flatten the curve so they have expanded their design services to includes virtual consultations which require little to no contact. Simply visit and then email shop@lockside. com or call 1-888-714-0484. You can start by sending them your floor plan, wish list, wants and needs and they will take care of the rest. Working with customers, giving direction and confidence in creating a space they dream of, Lockside’s team of qualified interior designers cater to customers on any budget, in any location, with any look and style, working with you to provide direction and instill confidence in creating your own dream space.

Home & Cottage ~ Summer 2021 19


Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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The Changing Landscape of Cottage Country

Etiquette to help keep things friendly for years to come!

By: Joanne Clark

Cottage etiquette has always been an interesting topic in that multiple generations of cottagers have always just known the ins and outs of keeping things neighbourly. However, with the flourish of land and cottage sales recently, how do we re-visit the dos and don’ts to ensure everyone can enjoy not only their weekends in cottage country, but also respect those who now live locally. Here are a few tips for both living and visiting the shores of our beautiful lakes: Do fences make good neighbours? Of course they do! For previous generations, things were more relaxed, land was readily available and prices were affordable. With the current cost of either re-locating or purchasing a second property, it’s more important than ever to respect and define your property lines. It doesn’t need to be a fence in the literal sense, but planting a few trees and using rock to delineate zones can only help keep things neighbourly and build privacy. With the cost of living, it certainly can’t hurt to respect boundaries and the changing economics associated with cottage country real estate. Residence or Cottage? Over the last year, more people than ever have chosen to make their permanent home in cottage country. Also, as the baby boomer generation retire, more cottages are being renovated or rebuilt into homes. A mutual respect for all types of lifestyle is more important than ever. The weekend warrior’s constant lawn mower and tool usage may not be as motivating for the resident neighbour! It’s not about what side, it’s about understanding, accommodating and considering “both sides of the fence.” As seasonal and residences increase, privacy is increasingly becoming key for all, a little awareness goes a long way for everyone to live in harmony in cottage country. Heading out on the lake? There’s “lake safety” and “lake respect.” Let’s break it down. Lake safety is your standard waterway rules and regulations that is on anyone to familiarize themselves with boating license requirements, navigational laws, fishing regulations and other laws. By not following these, the ramifications legally could be vast and widespread. Unfortunately, we read these stories every summer on the lakes. Lake respect is where etiquette resides in the unwritten rule of doing what’s right and using common sense. These things are not illegal but could be a quick way to cause friction and bad feelings amongst neighbors and others on the lake. The lake is not private property but do you need to be paddling or fishing right up to someone’s dock while they are enjoying peace and quiet? Having situational awareness, especially in small bays and highly populated lake front areas, will ensure you stay on good terms with both neighbours and those passing through. What’s the elephant in the room? Rentals. Ok, it’s out there - let’s discuss. Many people’s financial strategy to afford a cottage requires short term rentals which come with a whole host of challenges for all. It’s on cottage hosts to educate their renters on the same principles outlined here. Physical property lines, pet control, garbage procedures, parking, lake safety, campfire and noise by-laws are all examples of necessary protocols to review with your guests. It won’t make for friendly neighbour relations if others are having to police and educate your guests. The Township of Seguin has issued notices to end short-term cottage rentals (STCR) as of early spring 2021. Currently Tiny Township is also developing a by-law for enforcement. Many other municipalities are looking at by-laws in order to further regulate the industry and to reduce negative impact in cottage communities. Cottage country lifestyle means many different things to the wide range of residents and visitors who enjoy our area not just during the summer months, but all year long. Having good neighbours is important in building strong and supportive communities. Cottage country etiquette is a very real thing and it’s about pitching in to do your part so everyone can enjoy the land and lakes. Common sense goes a long way!

Since 1994

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Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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Dark Sky Friendly Lighting Too often, outdoor lighting installations that come on at night are over lit, left on when not needed, and harmful to the environment. As a result, light pollution is a growing issue which can negatively affect our environment and impact our quality of life. A1 Lighting has a dedicated business model allowing their clients access to green technology in the form of on-grid and hybrid solar and wind LED technologies. Lighting was always a passion for founder and president Harry Friedrich, who established his successful electrical contracting company in 1975. Over the years, as the world around him changed, Harry realized the impact he could have as more than just a business owner and lighting specialist. He realized that his company could actually impact the environment on a global scale; and so he introduced A1’s energy efficiency program.

1) USEFUL - All lights should have a clear purpose. Consider how the use of lights will impact wildlife and the environment. 2) TARGETED - Light should be directed only where needed. 3) LOW LIGHT LEVELS - Light should be no brighter than necessary. Use the lowest light level required. 4) CONTROLLED - Use controls such as timers and motion detectors to ensure that light is available when it is needed, dimmed when possible and turned off when not needed.

Harry’s research developed motion and dimming light sensors to reduce electricity consumption and maintenance costs, and extend the operational life of LED lights.

5) COLOUR - Use warmer colour lights when possible. Limit the amount of shorter wavelength (blue-violet) light to the least amount needed.

A1 boasts a team of dedicated lighting professionals with over 165 years of combined industry experience, offering cost effective, innovative “turn key” solutions to commercial lighting challenges.

By applying these principals, properly designed solar and LED lighting at night can be beautiful, healthy, environmentally friendly and functional.

A1 Lighting offers FREE energy audits and takes the extra step to educate clients about government efficiency rebates. With a goal to promote less light pollution A1 Lighting have shared their five principles for responsible outdoor lighting.

A1 Lighting want to help you design or retrofit your home and cottage outdoor lighting in a cost-effective manner - call them today! 705-243-6364 638 The Kingsway, Peterborough

Since 1994

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Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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It’s Just a Tree Fort By Dave Linkert

When I was a young lad, my friends and I had a competition to see who could build the best fort. My father was a builder and luckily I had access to his leftover materials. My father was a busy man, so I learned on my own through trial and error. Not nearly as much fun to build by yourself. As the competition went on, I did build the best one - until my friend Mike built a better one. Not to be outdone, I added a second floor. Building is in my genes, seeing that I have been building homes for about 35 years now, and yes - some of the best! I find myself wishing that my father was here to share it with me, create memories, but I’m sure that he is watching me now as I follow in his footsteps. As a parent, I strive to give my kids as much of my time as I can. It’s important to share your passions with your kids and I have been lucky

Since 1994

enough to create memories with my son, by building a tree fort. As I did when I was a kid we used left over materials from my projects on the farm, and it continued to grow, along with the learning. Now we just have to look at it and it brings smiles to our faces every time, to us it is more than just a fort. As he gets older my son’s interests have changed, he’s not really as fascinated with hanging out in the tree fort anymore, but I am so glad that we took that window of time and created lasting memories together – with hammer and nail; and a bunch of laughter and lessons learned. I encourage you to make those memories whenever possible, and with whomever you are around. After all, it’s just a tree fort, right?

Home & Cottage ~ Summer 2021 25


Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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Free Up Space with Gliding Shelf

The solution to your cottage cupboard blues. You know this scenario: the whole family is coming to the cottage for the weekend. That means more meal prep, larger portions requiring bigger pots…now where is that stockpot you haven’t used in…well, never? It’s probably in the lower cabinet, way at the back, or up on top of the wall cabinet, out of reach. You’d like to be able to make better use of your kitchen cupboards, but who wants their summer spoiled by a full-scale kitchen reno, and the costs associated with it? Gliding Shelf has the answer to your storage problems – they can double, triple, perhaps even quadruple the storage space in less than a day, simply by redesigning the interior of your cabinetry. They can even turn that useless little closet into a fully functioning pantry! They achieve this by retrofitting your existing cabinetry – installing custom pull-out drawer systems which allow you easy access to your cookware, gadgets and canned goods. Their unique system offers you the choice of fully finished white melamine or Baltic birch shelves. The latter has a shelf capacity of up to 100 lbs., and both are mounted on a commercial grade rail system which allows for full extension on the glide. Since 1994

Tyler Rushlow, the owner and innovator of Gliding Shelf in Havelock ON, says that home and cottage owners have spent a lot of time in their kitchens over the past year or so, experimenting with new recipes, new ingredients, and a whole new generation of gadgets and cookware. Most of them don’t want the clutter on their countertops, but want easy access when they are ready to cook. The Gliding Shelf system provides the solution. “We can take a standard cabinet with two shelves, and put in three, maybe even four pull-out drawers, maximizing the space and customizing it for the client’s specific requirements,” Rushlow explains, adding “Following the initial consultation the new system is ready in two to three weeks, and it’s installed in less than a day and at a fraction of the cost of a reno.” Now bring on the next family weekend at the cottage! For a free in-home consultation, call 705-313-5761 or email

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Making the Most of

Your Garden For years I grew a garden, afraid to harvest too much too quickly. I didn’t want to use my produce quicker than it could grow, but then I found myself growing carrots and still buying them at the store. Sound familiar? Here’s a few ways I’ve learned to improve my garden’s productivity. Don't worry too much about spacing. Sometimes I grow crops similar in height closer together than I should. As long as they have a similar growing period and height, one shouldn’t over crowd the other. This helps to reduce space for weeds and allows for extra rows of the good stuff. Harvest! For many plants, the more we pick, the more they produce. Beans, peas, cucumbers, and zinnias are just a few examples. Don’t shy away from thinning. Though it seems counterintuitive to thin plants like carrots and beets, leaving seedlings growing too close to one another will most certainly leave you with less to eat. By pulling the smallest babies, you’ll make room for the healthiest plants. Grow up. Use a sturdy trellis where you can. Snip Herbs before flowering. Many people make the mistake of taking a leaf here and there when usually, it’s best to trim from the longer stems, encouraging equal growth around the plant. For herbs like basil and peppermint, take the whole 4-leaf pattern with stem, and avoid letting your plant flower or go to seed. Succession plant. Set a reminder for 2-3 weeks from sowing. Replanting shortterm crops can keep them plentiful in your garden for the entire growing season. It’s alright to over-plant because aside from lettuce, everything can be frozen for future use or shared with a friend. Don’t shy away from the cold. Even though I don’t use a fancy set up, a piece of plastic covering on extra cold nights will offer enough protection from early frost. Last year, I even planted things like peas and greens in the beginning of October. It was still warm enough for germination, and though I didn’t get any peas, we had delicious pea shoots and baby chard to enjoy with our breakfast of eggs in December, truly extending our garden season. Jacquelyn Toupin lives with her family in a heritage farm house that's been in her family for several generations. You can follow them on YouTube @oldfarmnewfarm or on Instagram @raisinghay


Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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History & Adventure on Pigeon Lake

Pigeon Lake is on the Trent Severn Waterway, right in the heart of Cottage Country, within the City of Kawartha Lakes and just west of the County of Peterborough. A large lake, covering 13,200 acres, Pigeon Lake is known for excellent bass, walleye and muskellunge fishing. Pigeon Lake is quite shallow with an average depth of 3 metres, with its deepest point reaching 15 metres. Pigeon is a popular lake with a number of cottages and permanent residences, together with many resorts. Egan Marine uses Pigeon Lake as its base for the rental of houseboats, which provide exciting vacations on the Trent Severn Waterway. Before World War I large estate cottages were built in an area now known as Trent Lakes on Pigeon Lake. These include “Missisquoi” on Sandy Point, built in 1913 by businessman and politician Sir Edward Kemp. For modernday cottagers the lake offers access to many day-trip destinations, excellent fishing and play. If an estate property is not in your budget there are many less costly alternatives for a place to call home on Pigeon Lake. Emily Provincial Park is also located on Pigeon Lake. The park has great facilities and over 150 campsites, which makes it an ideal

Since 1994

place for families who wish to vacation on the lake. The park offers natural heritage programs, two sandy beaches and easy access to beautiful Pigeon Lake. Fed by the Pigeon River located near Omemee, Pigeon Lake is long and narrow, extending north from Omemee to Bobcaygeon where you will find Lock 32 on the Trent Severn Waterway. At Bobcaygeon, Pigeon Lake meets Sturgeon Lake to the west at the northern top of the chain of large lakes. These access points make it a great lake to spend the entire day exploring. In the 1800s lumber was "king" in the Kawarthas, with large mills built in the 1820s and 1830s. In 1832, Thomas Need built the biggest lumber mill at Bobcaygeon on the Sturgeon Pigeon narrows. The mill proved to be very busy due to its strategic location. It continued to operate until the early 1900's, long after other mills in the Kawartha Lakes had closed. Need turned the mill over to Mossom Boyd to manage it in the 1840's as he continued on to other businesses. These men played a key role in development of the area, including steps taken towards building the famous Trent Severn Waterway.

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Adventure with Powell Powersports

Summer days bring with them a yearning for adventure. Here in cottage country adventure is plentiful – if you know where to find it! For many locals and cottagers ATVs signal adventure, riding trails and seeing the sights, wildlife and wilderness surrounding them – that is adventure. For those who prefer their cottage experience to be movable, camping trailers are where adventure is found. There is nothing like showing up at a new locale every weekend and exploring new terrain. Camper trailers are becoming extremely popular as real estate prices here in cottage country continue to rise; it is a great way to enjoy parks that come with waterfront and hiking trails, and you can travel with all the necessities of home.

a modern cottage feel on the outside. Although known for their Suzuki line, owner Dan Powell has expanded the dealership to offer more products that their clients can trust and love.

Powell Powersports wants to help you with all your adventure needs! They carry a great selection of Suzuki and Segway ATVs, Rockwood trailers and Winner kayaks – a one piece boat assembled in Canada.

Enter Rockwood Trailers, a new and exciting RV brand by Forest River. They offer everything from small travel trailers - easily towed and conveniently compact - up to their signature models which offer beautiful spacious interiors, and outstanding features to enhance your camping experience.

Shortly after purchasing Bonter Marine in 2017, Dan Powell’s dream went up in smoke as a devastating fire ravaged the site. Today, his dream has come alive, and the new building is nothing short of amazing. The modern build boasts a beautiful showroom inside and

New to Powell are the fresh and exciting products from Segway Canada. Drop in and see the gas-powered stock instore now. This fall you can expect to see the inventive new gas hybrid series coming to Powell, and with impressive horsepower not seen in other brands


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you will be wowed by what Segway has to offer ATV enthusiasts. Hunters are going to love these new hybrid machines with ultra silent operation at the flip of a switch to electric mode for stealth movement through the bush. Segway is also the first in its industry to offer their Powersports app, which allows full control over your vehicle and provides additional features including service reminders, safety warnings and support, anti-theft, crash and roll-over warning, remote unusual movement warnings and so much more! Drop in to see the team at Powell Powersports today – open weekdays 8:30AM-4:30PM and Saturdays 8:30AM-1PM. They are open to the public as an essential service, and they can’t wait to help you find your adventure! Powell Powersports, 102317 B HWY. 7, Marmora 613 472 2633 Since 1994

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HELPING YOU FIND YOUR WAY HOME We are committed to our customers and clients to give the highest quality of service

REAL ESTATE LTD. BROKERAGE Serving all of the KAWARTHA LAKES and surrounding area * Independently Owned and Operated

Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Office

Best Real Estate Broker

*Award granted by Metroland Media due to a voting process

David Hardyman

Broker of Record /Owner

Donna Dobson Sales Agent

Kathy Stewart Sales Agent

Richelle Dobson Sales Agent

Allison Mahoney Sales Agent

Ron Dainty

Sales Agent

705-887-5252 • 17 May Street, Fenelon Falls 2ND LOCATION TO SERVE YOU BETTER!

705-738-1709 • 83 Main St. Bobcaygeon


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Simple Steps to Take Towards Naturalization Your shoreline was meant to be naturally beautiful! Shorelines that are naturalized are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and add value to your property. They also provide a welcome natural and vibrant habitat for a variety of wildlife. Here’s your chance to design something unique, by taking a few simple steps: 1.  Consider leaving or establishing at least a 10-metre-wide strip of vegetation along your shoreline    A buffer is a strip of vegetation that can line the edge of a shoreline and trap  contaminants. You can help create or expand your buffer by allowing natural vegetation to re-establish on its own. Vegetation will return as seeds from neighbouring forests by means of wind and wildlife. If you prefer more of an established buffer, plant native trees, shrubs and wildflowers to actively create a buffer along your shoreline.   2.  Work towards allowing native vegetation to cover 75% of your shoreline property   It is recommended that shoreline properties be no more than 25% developed for personal use and 75% be left or regenerated to a natural state. This will help protect water quality and clarity as well as the health of your property. Consider a curved path with wood chips or crushed gravel for

Since 1994

gentle to moderate slopes and installing raised and open stairs for steeper slopes. This will limit foot traffic by containing it to one area, minimizing the chances for erosion. 3. Consider no mow zones   You can restore some natural vegetation to sections within your lawn. This will begin naturally if you leave a section of your lawn unmowed. Many native shrubs and wildflowers are appealing and attract songbirds, butterflies and other wildlife. Native landscapes can be trimmed to retain beautiful views of your lake. If you are concerned about geese, adapting your shoreline to include a buffer will also deter geese from visiting your property.   4. Soften your retaining wall   By restoring some natural buffer behind and along the sides of your retaining wall, you can help prevent erosion and can restore some of the habitat connectivity between land and water, which is so critical to our wildlife.  If you have a loose rock retaining wall you could also consider adding live stakes of willow which will further help to

stabilize slopes and reduce erosion.   5.  Consider leaving any natural features on your property   By allowing fallen trees and branches to settle on your shoreline and in the water, you can provide crucial habitat. Turtles use logs to bask and fish use underwater branches and logs to hide from predators and lay eggs. On land, logs provide essential habitat for small mammals, woodpeckers, toads and salamanders.  Get inspired by following these simple steps towards creating a stunning shoreline this summer! Learn more at

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Tacking New Tools onto Your Tackle Box with Pro Angler Mike Williams As fishermen we tend to get stuck in our ways, always using same bait, fishing the same lakes, and hitting the usual spots. We have our favourite lures and our secret little honey holes which always seem to produce for us - and that’s OK. But when conditions change or we find ourselves on a new body of water the old faithfuls don’t always come through for us and because of that we find ourselves struggling to catch fish. Before this happens to you, I challenge you to try something different this season; switch it up and add a few more tools and techniques to your tackle box of tricks. Here are some tips to help you with this.

t h e

1. If you are mainly a shallow angler, try fishing some deeper areas and vice versa. 2. If you find yourself fishing the same type of baits all of the time, get to your local tackle store and pick up something new and different. The staff are usually very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to talk fishing and explain how to use their products or recommend the hot lures and latest techniques. 3. You can find some good information from videos on the internet or pick up some fishing magazines and research different techniques you’d like to try. 4. Go fishing with a friend or somebody new who may be able to teach you a different style of fishing. 5. Hire a local guide with knowledge and experience to show you new tactics and teach you how to fish a different way. 6. If you have never tried targeting a different species, try! It may help you or give you a different perspective when fishing your home lake. All these tips will help you expand your abilities, broaden your horizons and make you a better, more well-rounded angler no matter the obstacles you face. You will find yourself being versatile and able to recognize when things aren’t going your way – you will be more apt to switch it up and make adjustments more quickly. Remember you will always have your old faithfuls to fall back on as well as these new tools in your tackle box. Hope this article helps put more fish in your boat - cheers and tight lines!! Mike Williams Williams Outfitters Follow me on Instagram @williams_outfitters or on Facebook @williams outfitters fishing guides. Since 1994

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New Beginnings Contracting Services There is no “I” in “TEAM” … …and nobody believes that more than Tania-Joy Bartlett, who credits the success of her company, New Beginnings Contracting Services (NBCS), to the dedication and skill of her amazing crew, and the close-knit family environment they have created. Her ethos is to value her people; encourage and support them, respect their knowledge and give them the space to grow. “We are a big family of amazing people – most of them have more than one ticket, and I encourage them to take that next big step when it comes to expanding their knowledge,” Bartlett explains, adding “they have my back and each other’s, and they know they can depend on me.” When NBCS had a large amount of tools and equipment stolen – including that which belonged to some of her crew – “I begged and borrowed to get tools to keep going. Some of my guys even brought in their own gear. I used my own paycheque to gradually replace all their stolen tools, and when COVID forced a shutdown in May 2020, I personally paid their wages to keep them on the payroll,” Bartlett recounts.


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“My team stood by me through it all – they kept me going, and people need to know that, know who they are.” The NCBS team: Alex has been with NBCS part-time since 2018 and has just finished her electrical apprenticeship. “Once she gets her ticket she can teach our apprentices,” says Bartlett. “She is awesome, she’s my right hand – we come from similar backgrounds and have a similar approach to situations. And she’ll do any job if nothing electrical is needed at the time.” Brant is a carpenter who joined the team in February 2021, after moving back from Newfoundland. It took him awhile to adjust to

Explore Cottage Country

the unique work environment, but Bartlett says he soon fit right in. “He’s become our quality-control guy, with a keen eye for even the smallest detail.” Mack is new to the team, working as a labourer and eager to begin his electrical apprenticeship. He is enthusiastic, and quite the character, by Bartlett’s reckoning. He quickly became part of the NBCS family, bending over backward to help out where needed. Since April 2021, lead carpenter Justin has shown diligence on the job, and now accompanies Bartlett to quote on jobs. He also has his own crew. “I knew there was something special about Justin when he showed up for his interview in a suit and tie,” recalls Bartlett with a laugh. Eager to learn, Sarah – the newest female labourer – has a passion for carpentry and woodwork. Her willingness to do anything to help the crew extends to becoming their resident Mother Hen, constantly looking out for everyone’s welfare. Amy, whose official title is Office Manager, has been with NBCS since October 2020. Bartlett credits her as “the organizer of my world, business and professional. She can give me a hug, a shoulder to cry on or a kick in the butt – whichever is required.” Bartlett goes on to say that Amy is responsible for all the onsite COVID testing, as per protocols. On the job since June 2020, Chris is an electrical apprentice and also, in Bartlett’s words, “the roofer of all roofers”. His family is his world, and his work family benefits from the same care and dedication. Jeremy has been with NBCS since June 2020. He began work as a heavy equipment operator and eight months later started his electrical apprenticeship. “He’s the ‘let’s go, get it done’ guy who will work from dawn to dusk because he wants to finish the job,” Bartlett explains. “He’s like a little brother – the male version of me. And he’s a good carpenter.” Described as a “wealth of knowledge”, Garry has worked with Bartlett since November 2020 as a carpenter and AZ-DZ driver, focusing on the safety of the fleet. Patient and quiet, he stands back and listens, then offers pearls of wisdom when required. “He’s more of a lead on the team,” says Bartlett, adding “and he’s a big teddy bear who goes out of his way to check in on everyone.” Garry sums up what sets NBCS apart by saying “I’ve worked for other companies that say they work as a team, but a NBCS you’re part of a family.” Of her team, Tania-Joy simply says, “We are a bunch of misfits who just fit together. They create an environment where I want to go every day.” New Beginnings Contracting Services 705-344-4613 405 Cedar Glen Rd. Dunsford, ON. K0M 1L0 Facebook & Instagram Since 1994

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Summer Fun Starts with Fendock Building Dream Docks Since 1955


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Waterscaping with Jaws Weed Rake After trying numerous tools to keep the weeds at bay Jeff Russell, a third-generation cottage owner on the Severn River, created the Jaws Aquatic Weed Rake. “As teenagers we pulled an old bed spring behind the boat to try and remove the weeds from our dock area,” says Jeff. “I wanted a rake that had teeth so that without getting wet, I could pull the weeds from the root.” This inventive rake is lightweight aluminum with a 36” blade that is attached to a five-foot handle with 25' of rope. You simply toss the rake into the water and let it settle before pulling the rake towards you. Instead of snipping the weeds, as other weed removal tools do, the Jaws Weed Rake's teeth grabs and pulls the weeds out by the root, which stops the regrowth

Since 1994

of weeds. It is suggested that you would then leave the weeds on the shore to dry out before discarding them. Just like landscaping your yard at home, we call this “waterscaping”. The rake can be used throughout the summer, and in only a couple of hours the weeds are removed. If you approach the weed removal weekly and continue to waterscape, swimming and boating areas are much improved. The Jaws Aquatic Weed Rake is manufactured and assembled in Barrie, Ontario. It is also available at select Hardware Stores including stores in the Haliburton and Kawarthas area. For a full listing of distributors visit

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LoveLocal Marketplace The past year and a half have tested our strength, resilience and patience. But for our local businesses, it has been even more of a trial - a trial that they need our help to make it through. The #LoveLocalPtbo campaign has never been so important. Our local businesses need our help to keep our communities thriving, to keep their employees employed, to keep their businesses alive. During this time, how do we support our local businesses? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Buy a gift card from a local business that hasn’t reopened yet. Leave a positive google review of a local business. Try ordering takeout from a local restaurant once a week. Shop the e-commerce site of a local business. Share - through word of mouth or on social media - some of your favourite local businesses.

The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce has a new online marketplace, Here you can search for businesses in the community, see if they offer e-commerce or delivery, gift cards or have donation options online. Everything you need to know is all on one website. And just as our local businesses are doing their best to survive in these struggling times, we as a community must stand behind them. Invest in businesses that have invested in the economy of Peterborough. #LoveLocalPtbo


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Weekend at the Cottage


EASY GRILLED PORK CHOPS - Tender, juicy grilled pork chops brushed with a chive and lemon vinaigrette, served with mango salsa! Ingredients • 2 centre-cut pork chops, about 12 oz. each • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil • pinch of kosher salt • sprinkle of black pepper For the lemon herb vinaigrette: • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil • squeeze of lemon juice • 2 tablespoons freshly chopped chives Instructions 1. Prepare the lemon-herb vinaigrette: Place oil and lemon juice in a small bowl and whisk together. Stir in chives and set to the side. 2. Prepare pork chops:  Bring pork chops to room temperature an hour before grilling. Brush with olive oil and season both sides with salt and pepper. 3. Grill pork chops: Turn on or set-up the barbecue for indirect grilling (see above). Preheat to 500°F. When the barbecue comes to temperature, place the pork chops down on the hot direct-heat side. Close lid and cook undisturbed for 2 minutes. Lift the lid, turn the chops over, close lid and cook for an additional 2 minutes. Transfer chops to the indirect heat side, turning chop 90° so the grill marks create a crosshatch pattern. Close the lid and cook for 3 minutes. Flip the chops over, again lining up grill marks to create a crosshatch pattern. Cook for an additional 3 minutes or until meat is cooked to 145°F (63°C). Remove chops from grill, placing them onto a presentation platter. Brush with half the quantity of the lemon-herb vinaigrette and cover with foil, letting the chops rest for 5 minutes. 4. To serve:  Brush the chops with the remaining vinaigrette and top with a generous spoonful of mango salsa. Serve immediately with favourite sides.

MANGO SALSA - Your go-to salsa for the summer. Serve with corn chips, on burgers, salads and of course – our easy Grilled Pork Chops. Ingredients • 2 mangoes, peeled and diced • ½ red pepper, seeded and diced • 1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and diced • ½ red onion, finely diced • 2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, roughly chopped • juice from half a lime • 1 teaspoon kosher salt • ½ teaspoon granulated sugar • ½ teaspoon black pepper

Instructions 1. Prepare the mango salsa: Prepare mango, peppers, red onion and cilantro as above and place into a medium-sized bowl. 2. Add the lime juice followed by the sugar, salt and pepper. 3. Toss lightly to combine. Serve immediately or refrigerate. Watch the video on the Weekend at the Cottage YouTube Channel.

Since 1994

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Daytripping in Cottage Country

As the world begins to right itself, we can now get out and do a little exploring – daytripping in Cottage Country offers so much to see and do, and we are pleased to show you around.

Photo credit: Team Grandma

you can imagine, and then some. Antiques, home and cottage décor, fashion and so much more – all within a pleasant drive (whether it be on the road or on the water) from anywhere in Cottage Country.

From museums and heritage settings to the zoo and a dinosaur park, there is so much on offer for your next family outing. Of course, you’ll need to stop for a bite – whether you’re on the go or have time to “set a spell” you’ll find something to suit every taste bud and sweet tooth along the way.

If being out and about still isn’t your thing, most of our shops offer online shopping with curbside pickup or delivery. Restaurants are happy to provide takeout and some even make use of local delivery services for your comfort and convenience.

And oh, the shopping – our towns and villages offer some of the best destinations, where you can find literally anything

Whatever your plans this summer, we hope you and your family stay safe, have fun and support our local economies.

Since 1994

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Buckhorn Community Centre The Buckhorn Community Centre is a not-for-profit organization, raising funds through major annual events as well as many on-going activities throughout the year. Over 300 volunteers contribute their time and talents to make these events a success. The ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains a risk for large-scale events and we want to keep everyone involved, including you, safe! The Buckhorn Community Centre is looking forward to welcoming you back to our signature events in 2022 like - Buckhorn Festival of the Arts, Crafts Shows, Canada Day Celebrations and Dinner Theatre. Stay updated on the Festival of the Arts for new online features, 2021 Preview Events and information for a full return in 2022! Currently the Buckhorn Community Centre is raffling off a new side-by-side valued at $16,000! Tickets are for sale now, and can be purchased on the Community Centre website or by calling 705 657 8833. BCC volunteers will also be around Buckhorn selling tickets, so keep your eyes peeled – only 5,000 tickets will be sold. Tickets are 1 for $10, 3 for $25 or 15 for $100. The draw will be held September 24th, 2021. For the latest news visit the BCC website and follow them on social media for smaller activities that may be happening throughout the year. Buckhorn Community Centre 1782 Lakehurst Road, Buckhorn 705 657 8833


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Henry Calcutt & His Steamboats

When Henry Calcutt’s name is mentioned, it is usually associated with ale and beer. Brewing was the basis of his fortune but his real love was steamboats, and resulted in his nickname of “Commodore” – a naval rank above Captain and below Admiral for an officer commanding a squadron. Henry Calcutt was born in May 1836 in Cobourg, Ontario. His father, James, was a successful Irish brewer who emigrated to Cobourg in 1832 and established a brewery and malting house there. Henry joined the family business at an early age; then in 1855 he and his wife Isabella moved to Peterborough where he quickly set up the Little Lake Brewing Company. This brewery did well, producing good ales and porters until the building burned in May 1864. Calcutt promptly built a new, larger brewery (presently where the Lions’ Centre and Riverside Park are located), hired a Munich brewmeister, switched to making lager, and re-named the company the Calcutt Brewing and Malting Company. It operated until 1922. With his brewery flourishing, in 1871 Henry Calcutt bought the steamer Enterprise, which ran from the Cobourg-Peterborough Railway terminus at Harwood on Rice Lake. The spring of 1872 saw him replace this vessel with a newly-built passenger steamer, the Whistle-Wing, which was soon joined by the new sidewheeler Golden-Eye. These boats formed the basis of the Calcutt Navigation Company which would, at its peak, comprise six modern steamboats

Since 1994

and would pioneer the concept of passenger cruises. For over thirty years, Calcutt’s boats made daily passenger runs and regular excursions. Such groups as the Peterborough Fire Brigade, the 57th Regiment, churches, clubs, and businesses booked his vessels for outings on the Otonabee River and Rice Lake. To further facilitate this business, Calcutt bought two Rice Lake resorts: Idylwyld (east of Harwood), then Juniper Point (north shore). In 1906, Henry Calcutt ceased operating his steamboat line and sold its remaining vessels; both resorts had been sold previously. The “Commodore” died in June 1913, after a lengthy illness brought on by a stroke. He is buried in Little Lake Cemetery – fittingly with a good view of the Otonabee. By: Don Willcock, The Peterborough Museum & Archives,  300 Hunter St E, Peterborough, 705-743-5180

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The Ethel Curry Gallery The Ethel Curry Gallery is a privately owned art gallery located in the picturesque village of Haliburton. The gallery opened in 1996 and was named after Ethel Curry, a uniquely talented, groundbreaking artist born in 1902, raised in Haliburton and who taught art and sculpture in Toronto until the mid-1960’s. Ethel had a direct connection to some of the members of the Group of Seven, both as a student and as an established artist. She was also a close friend of Doris McCarthy. The gallery is dedicated to supporting local and Canadian visual artists in the spirit of Ethel’s life work. Now in our 26th year, we feature some of Canada’s top artists including Brian Atyeo, John David Anderson, Charles Spratt and Eduard Gurevich, to name just a few. All our artists are featured on our web site.


Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

We have an extensive collection of original art by over 100 Canadian artists, primarily oil, acrylic and water colour landscapes and wildlife but with an occasional dab of abstract, sculpture (wood, soapstone and wire), woodwork, pottery and photography in the exciting mix. It is well worth a visit to our friendly, exquisitely displayed, eclectic gallery surrounded by the natural beauty of the Haliburton Highlands. View and support our truly exceptional Canadian artists and perhaps take home an original treasure of your own. The Ethel Curry Gallery 94 Maple Ave. beside CIBC Phone 705-457-9687 Website: Email: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Wayne Hooks Owner

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CELEBRATING OUR 50TH ANNIVERSARY IN 2022 Stay tuned, big things are coming! WE ARE RACING - keep up to date with the changes on our website! Watch Live Streaming and Replays online

Hwy #28, Fraserville • 705-939-6316 • Since 1994

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A local Experience with Days Inn & Suites The Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Lindsay has been an awardwinning property since it opened May 2015. Not only is the hotel highly rated for its cleanliness and facilities, but it is also well known for its customer service. Why does their customer service stand out amongst others? Well, it’s because the service staff transform each stay into a local experience!

The hotel’s customer service team understand that guests do not simply want a hotel room when travelling, so they go out of their way to give you a destination vacation! Traveling is most enjoyable when you can see and do new things that you can’t do at home. Whether it is recommending a great local spot for dinner or offering suggestions on what to explore in the area, the front desk staff are equipped to make everyone’s visit to Kawartha Lakes a great one! Regardless of whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure, there is always time to taste, see and experience some local flavours and fun! Because Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham is a locally owned and staffed hotel, community has always been an important pillar in its operations. Sharing the area’s favourite spots with its customers therefore comes naturally! Seeking to experience something new? Call direct at 705-328-0100 or email the hotel today at to get details on rooms and availability.   705-328-0100 134 Angeline St., S., Lindsay


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WelcomeBack Old Tin Shed

One of the best parts of summer is having the freedom to take an afternoon drive just to take in the scenery. We all have our go-to route for those Sunday drives and most of them have a few stops along the way. Well known shops that sprinkle our small towns are filled this time of year with one-of-a-kind treats, and stopping to visit them is not about shopping but about the experience. The Old Tin Shed is one of those stops. You can stop there weekly and you will still see something new every time! Walking through the doors of the well-loved building immediately brings a sense of excitement - you never know what you will find. With lockdowns lasting into the warmer season The Tin Shed is bursting at the seams with lots of new products; they knew they would see you soon and the staff never stopped planning for a busy, jam-packed summer. They are fully stocked on all your favourites like candles, iron hooks, fashion forward clothes, and are your go-to locale for interesting and unique décor items for both the home and the cottage. While perusing the store you will still see the extensive selection of witty metal and wood signs that will make you chuckle out loud. Check out their selection of local products - the team at the Tin Shed works hard to source as much locally as possible for you. ‘Tis the season for…Christmas! Well, it’s never too early. The Tin Shed has a fully stocked Christmas room in the barn for enthusiasts of the season. While you are around back, check out the antiques barn. Filled with old windows, doors, barn beams and the like, the antiques

Since 1994

barn is the perfect place to find the missing piece for your DIY project. The Tin Shed is located in beautiful Bancroft, only 2.5 hours from Toronto or Ottawa and in the heart of Cottage Country. There are many local gems to explore in Bancroft – one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants and walking trails make it a great stop on your next summer drive. Open 7 days a week, 10AM-5PM and Sundays to 4PM to serve you, The Tin Shed also has a new website: For more information, contact Kathryn & Geoffrey Webber The Old Tin Shed  613-332-6565 25 Sherbourne St. N., Bancroft

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The KATVA/KORMA Konnection

Riders Unite! Anyone familiar with the Kawartha Region is aware of the hundreds of kilometres of ATV trails created and curated by the Kawartha ATV Association (KATVA) over the years. People travel hundreds, even thousands, of kilometres to explore what are unquestionably some of the best ATV and SXS trails Canada has to offer. The scenery, welcoming local communities, friendships, challenges, wildlife,


and responsible trail stewardship bring more people every year into the sport and into the Kawartha Region. Joining is easy and affordable at $20.00 for a single day pass, $125.00 for an annual membership, and further discounts for families. All memberships come with reciprocal benefits and access to other ATV clubs such as the Algonquin West ATV Club, Haliburton ATV Association, Lake of Bays ATV Club, and Quad Niagara. If you know anything about the sport of ATVing, you know Kawartha and KATVA has it all! A less-known treasure of outdoor adventures comes from the rapidly blossoming sport of off-road motorcycle trail riding. Like ATV and SXS riding, the popularity of off-road motorcycling has exploded over the past few years and riders are quickly realizing that the Kawartha Region is an off-road motorcyclist’s dream. In addition to access to

Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

all the trails under KATVA’s care, there are also hundreds of additional kilometres of single track (motorcycle-only) in the region. Many of these trails are used in the annual Corduroy Enduro “Canada’s Toughest Race” for off-road motorcycle riders. Enter: the Kawartha Off-Road Motorcycle Association (KORMA). As a subsidiary club of KATVA, KORMA members receive all the same benefits and attention received by their big-sister club, KATVA. KORMA is also a member club of the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders (OFTR) which provides resources, ethics, and advocacy for riders in Ontario. Recently, the OFTR launched “RideOFTR,” a GPS enhanced trail mapping system and app that is available on the web, for Android, and Apple phones. It is expected that this app will provide unprecedented access to the Kawartha trail system and significantly bolster tourism and interest to the region. 

Explore Cottage Country

Like KATVA, people can easily and affordably join KORMA through the OFTR website and selecting “KORMA” as a primary or secondary club. Yearly memberships are approximately $100.00 and will provide lawful access to affiliated clubs’ trails throughout the Province of Ontario. Our Canadian summers may be short, but our trails seem to go on forever. See you out there! For more information visit

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Be A Local Tourist Miss traveling and have the “COVID, I can’t go anywhere” blues? This summer, be a tourist here and experience our region the way visitors do! Take a vacay and explore the great things that are available in your own backyard. TASTE There are so many incredible restaurants, cafes, and breweries in our area. This is the time to check them out! Outdoor dining or ordering takeout is a great way to try new foods and support local businesses especially hard hit this past year! VACAY Love the experience of getting away from home and staying somewhere new? You can do that here in the Kawarthas! There are incredible accommodation providers in our area that offer amazing getaways. From hotels, resorts, and inns to B&Bs – there is something for everyone! SHOP One of the best things about traveling is buying unique treasures! We are lucky to have an eclectic array of retailers here in the Kawarthas! There is no shortage of new and exciting things to buy! So, get out and shop - it helps the local economy too! EXPLORE We are also blessed to be in Cottage Country, surrounded by stunning lakes, forests, trails and more! Check out the incredible nature our region has to offer. Explore the Trent-Severn Trail Towns and experience our remarkable waterway. Make this the summer to play tourist right where you live! The Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism proudly serves members in Curve Lake, DouroDummer, North Kawartha, Selwyn, and Trent Lakes.


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Take a Trip Down the Trent Severn It is safe to say that we are all looking forward to the summer of 2021 like no other summer in our lifetime, and you may be looking for a way to make your family vacation time extra special. Houseboating is the perfect mix of adventure, relaxation, and fun. Take all the comforts of home with you as you travel from lake to lake via the Trent Severn Waterway locking system. Submerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Kawartha Lakes as you unplug and unwind. Spend quality time together - swimming, fishing, kayaking, and exploring. Discover a new island each day, stop off for a round of golf or a spa service. Enjoy the parks, beaches, dining, and shopping offered by the local towns along the way. An Egan Houseboat Rental offers something for everyone. Combining the rewards of cottage living with the adventure of travel and the great outdoors, you have the freedom to choose your pace, your destination, your activities and just relax, knowing you have all the comforts of a cottage along with you.

Since 1994

While navigating a new normal for now, Egan Houseboat Rental’s outlook has remained positive by continuing to book all their houseboats for another season. They are looking forward to seeing their guests’ smiling eyes above their masked noses and giving many Canadians something to look forward to this summer. They are keeping their fingers crossed that they will be able to carry out another smooth-running summer season with COVID protocols in place, and looking forward to sharing the magic of houseboating with more new faces, in search of something exciting, yet safe and socially distanced. Egan Houseboat Rentals, located in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes, has the largest fleet in Ontario. Their smaller style houseboats are designed to host one to three couples or one to two small families book with a group of friends or make it a memorable family getaway. Egan Houseboat Rentals, 1-800-720-3426  

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The fun never ends at Milltown Mini Golf • Batting Cages • Paintball Shooting Gallery • Water Wars Make a Bear • Coin Treasure Hunt • Gemstone Panning 933 Lansdowne St. W.


• 705-743-7789

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Local Farmers Markets The Apsley Market

Last Sunday of each month

Bancroft Farmers’ Market Fridays 11am - 6pm, 168 Hastings St.N., Bancroft

Bobcaygeon Farmers' Market

Saturdays 8am - 1pm, Bobcaygeon Fairgrounds, 47 Mansfield St., Bobcaygeon

Campbellford Farmers' Market

Wednesdays & Saturdays, 8am - 12pm, 66 Front St S., Campbellford

Fenelon Falls Farmers' Market

Kinmount Farmers' Market

Saturdays 10am - 2pm Milne St. & Prince St.

Lakefield Farmers' Market

Fridays 11am - 6pm, Chemung Lions Park, 710 Red Pine Lane, Bridgenorth

Lindsay Farmers' Market

Tuesdays 9am - 2pm, 1782 Lakehurst Road,

Thursdays 9am - 2pm, 20 Concession St., Lakefield,

Saturdays 7am - 1pm, Victoria Ave. Between Kent St. & Peel St. Lindsay

Peterborough Downtown Farmers' Market Wednesdays 8:30am - 2pm, Louis St. Lot (Louis at Charlotte St)

Peterborough Farmers' Market

Fridays & Saturdays 9am - 2pm, Corner of Bond St. and John St.

Saturdays 7am - 1pm, Morrow Park,

Haliburton County Farmers' Market

Peterborough Regional Farmer's Market

Tuesdays 12pm - 4pm Head Lake Park, Haliburton

Since 1994

Minden Farmers' Market

Saturdays 9am - 2pm, Austin Sawmill Park on Victoria Cty Rail Trail, Kinmount

Saturdays 8am - 1pm, Peterborough Square, lower level


Buckhorn Farmers & Craft Market

Havelock Farmer & Artisan Market Fridays 2pm - 7:30pm, Oak St. & Hwy 7 E.,

Millbrook Farmers Market

Sundays 10am - 1pm 1 Dufferin Street, Millbrook,

Glover's Farm Market

Daily 9am - 5pm, 14260 County Rd. 29, Warkworth,

Johnston's Farm Market Daily 10am - 6pm, 10704 County Rd 28, Bailieboro,

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What is a Trent-Severn

Trail Town? A Trail Town is a destination along a long-distance trail. Our trail is not a land trail, it is a waterway trail. Along the waterway, our Trail Town communities welcome visitors travelling by motor vehicles, boaters, paddlers, hikers and cyclists with warm hospitality and pride of place. They support trail visitor needs with overnight accommodations, food and retail opportunities, activities and attractions. The Trent–Severn Waterway is a 386 kilometer (240 miles) long canal route connecting Lake Ontario at Trenton to Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, at Port Severn. There are 44 locks (the first was built in 1833) along the waterway, including 36 conventional locks, two sets of flight locks and two hydraulic lift locks and roughly 32 kilometers (20 miles) of man-made channels. The waterway is a National Historic Site of Canada and its scenic, meandering route has been called “one of the finest interconnected systems of navigation in the world”.


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Bobcaygeon Steeped in history, and century-old buildings, side-by-side with modern updates and an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants, Bobcaygeon welcomes you. Enjoy the largest outdoor and waterside patios in the Kawarthas, weekly concerts and yoga at the locks, our two-acre Beach Park, and streets lined with flowers, art and friendly people. Bobcaygeon is located in a unique ecosystem known for its serenity and beauty and hosts many species of wildlife. Surrounded by nature, six lakes, trails, legendary fishing and sandbars, the Bobcaygeon experience provides the diversity of nature and culture not found elsewhere.

Buckhorn Buckhorn is located on the land between the Canadian Shield and the St. Lawrence Lowlands, providing a unique landscape of rolling hills, lakes, and granite. Nestled in our downtown, Lock 31 is one of the busiest locks on the Trent Severn Waterway. Restaurants, shopping, a park and attractions are within walking distance. With an award-winning art and craft show that showcase our local talent, strong ties to our Canadian veterans and incredible Indigenous culture, there is something for everyone. Whether you are visiting us by land or water, our Welcome Centre is happy to help you plan your visit.

Campbellford Welcome to Campbellford, a Trent-Severn Trail Town located along the 386 km Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site of Canada connecting Lake Ontario and Lake Huron. Boat, paddle, cycle, hike or drive along this renowned inland passageway through historic lock stations and into quaint communities with unique offerings for every visitor. Campbellford is a Trent Hills Community, located in Northumberland County, two hours east of Toronto. Less than 30 minutes from the 401 at Brighton (exit 509), a 45-minute drive from Cobourg, Peterborough and Belleville. Trent-Severn Waterway locks 8 through 17 are located in Campbellford.

Coboconk From the Trent-Severn Waterway on beautiful Balsam Lake, take a short ride through a lovely channel to arrive at the Coboconk Wharf. Coboconk is a bustling summer hub and a busy stop for cottagers as well as campers at Balsam Lake Provincial Park. Boating amenities include free WiFi and docking at the wharf, with gas and ice available across the channel. A short stroll will lead to restaurants and patios, ice cream cones, accommodations, laundry, and groceries. Boat rentals and private boat docking are also available. In June, the 2-day Canada’s Fresh Water Summit Festival is held each year celebrating that Coboconk is the highest point in North America from which you can circumnavigate the world by boat.

Fenelon Falls Located on the shores of Cameron Lake, the village of Fenelon Falls offers unique shopping, art galleries, local eateries, and historical attractions only steps from Lock 34 on the Trent-Severn Waterway. The beach park boasts green spaces, splash pad, sand beach and playground for a full day of fun and relaxation. Take in the picturesque lake views and countryside from the multi-use Victoria Rail Trail, accessible year round. As you explore the village enjoy the beautiful gardens, public art and the restored Fenelon Marquee sign. Boaters coming from Sturgeon Lake glimpse our waterfall, aptly named the Fenelon Falls, as they enter the locks or you can capture the perfect photo from the shoreline lookouts. Continued on page 61

Since 1994

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Hastings Explore the path well-travelled, where Canada’s renowned water and land trails meet. Hastings, ’Hub of the Trent’ has 60 km of lock-free boating and a variety of recreational activities for all seasons. Here, you will find small town charm and beautiful vistas, along with kayaking, fishing, hiking, swimming, biking, skiing, snowmobiling, and a variety of accommodations. Savour local cuisine and homemade butter tarts on our outdoor patios. Enjoy live music and craft brews, or meander through quaint shops and relax in a park with ice cream. Experience something new and take a selfie with a pickerel called Pisces Pete.

Lakefield Nestled on the shores of the Trent-Severn Waterway, Lakefield has a gentler pace and friendly locals, inspiring people to visit for generations. The area is alive with events, shops and eateries, offering something for everyone. Treat yourself, pick up daily supplies or access services – all are easily found in Lakefield. There are many ways to explore the Village: walk the Lakefield Trail, kayak along the waterway, or access the bike share program at the marina to cycle through historic downtown. Immerse yourself in local culture at our festivals, events and productions. Feast on home-grown cuisine. Bird watch at Imagine the Marsh or show your skill at the skateboard park.

Lindsay Boasting one of Canada’s widest main streets (said to be the turning radius of a four-horse carriage), Lindsay’s Downtown is a stone’s throw from the Scugog River along the TrentSevern Waterway, and is the hub of City of Kawartha Lakes. With dozens of boutique shops, dining options for every taste, and a wide array of entertainment options, Lindsay is the perfect place for a stroll while on your travels. You’ll find that Downtown Lindsay is the perfect combination of modern and historical, eclectic and traditional, and above all, a place that cherishes its local community, while welcoming visitors with open arms.

Rosedale Rosedale is located between Cameron and Balsam Lakes, up-river from Lock 35, where the mouth of the Historic Trent Severn Waterway enters Balsam Lake on the east side. It sits on the highest lake on the Waterway system at 260 metres above sea level. Full service marinas, a mobile marine service, a boat launch with parking and nearby gas are ready to serve boaters. Rosedale offers many accommodation options and nearby camping to invite travellers to stop and enjoy our lakes, rivers, and trails.

Join Parks Canada in commemorating 101 years of navigation along the Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site Visit Trail Town communities and sample food inspired by their connection to this special place. Local bakeries, breweries and restaurants have stepped up with special culinary creations designed to celebrate the milestone occasion. For more information visit Trail Town online

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Bobcaygeon Chamber Looking for the perfect location for summer relaxation? Look no further than beautiful Bobcaygeon. Located on three islands in the Trent-Severn Waterway, Bobcaygeon is the ideal spot to kick back and enjoy the natural beauty of the Kawartha Lakes. Whether you are looking for a day trip, a weekend getaway or family fun, Bobcaygeon has something for everyone to love. If you are at the cottage, we offer all the supplies you need to have a great summer. You can even renew your driver’s license and health card right here in town at the Service Ontario located at 21 Canal St. E. Come to Bobcaygeon to shop, dine, stay and play. There is so much to explore whether you are here for adventure or just kicking back at the cottage. Visit our top-notch shops, dine on our sunny patios, stay in one of our waterside resorts and go boating and fishing on the many surrounding lakes. The kids will enjoy diving into living history at Kawartha Lakes Settlers’ Village or treat them to Kawartha Dairy ice cream while watching the boats pass through Lock 32. Top off the day with peaceful evenings filled with our famous constellations. No matter what your ideal summer day needs, you can find it in Bobcaygeon. Be sure to stop in at our Tourist Information Centre at 21 Canal St. E to learn more about everything our town and the region has to offer. We are open 7 days a week as of July 1st. Visit the Chamber website for more local info at


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Information Centres Bancroft Visitor Information Centre 8 Hastings Heritage Way, Bancroft, ON K0L 1C0 613-332-1513 Bobcaygeon & Area Chamber of Commerce 21 Canal Street East, Bobcaygeon, ON, K0M 1A0 705-738-2202 Buckhorn District Tourist Association 1993A Lakehurst Road, Buckhorn, ON, K0L 1J0 705-657-3288

New at Kawartha Settlers Village

City of Kawartha Lakes 180 Kent Street West, Lindsay, ON, K9V 2Y6 705-324-9411

The Summer season is upon us, and that means travelling the countryside in search of new and exciting things to fill your sunny afternoons. Kids are looking for adventure and parents are looking for anywhere but home! As soon as traveling is permitted take the kids back in time, and visit Kawartha Settlers Village in Bobcaygeon. Their new visitor centre is currently being built - the trusses are up and it's moving along! As the Building takes shape stay tuned for fundraising and sponsorship opportunities. This year they have a new transportation display in the Muir House, taking you through the history of transportation. The team at the Setters Village has expanded their display of farm implements and have new pieces on loan with a focus on Cockshutt implements and farm equipment models from Steve Oliver and the Oliver family. Through contacts with Arnott Farm Equipment and Gayle Walker in Lindsay, the Village has secured the farm implements for the display in the Murphy barn stable. Check out the Wayne Moore memorial display in Henderson House. Wayne Moore was a well-known artist in the Kawartha Lakes Region. His murals adorn such locations as the Kawartha Settlers’ Village and the Boyd Museum in Bobcaygeon. He was very involved with the Kawartha Arts Festival in Fenelon Falls where he displayed and sold his art for many years. With his use of bright colours and loose style, he enjoyed painting landscapes, animals, portraits and commissions.  While you are visiting don’t forget to travel down the Discovery trail - it is open and ready for use, with a Storybook walk available to read as you explore the trail. For more information about opening dates, and what can be accessed with restrictions in place watch the Kawartha Settlers Village website 85 Dunn Street, Bobcaygeon 705 738 6163

Clarington Tourism Visitor’s Centre 181 Liberty Street South, Bowmanville, ON 905-623-4356 Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce 15 Oak Street,Box 28, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0 705-887-3409 Haliburton Highlands Tourism 12340 ON-35, Minden, ON K0M 2K0 705-286-1777 Hastings Village Marina & Tourism Office 5 Dit Clapper Dr, Hastings, ON K0L 1Y0 705-696-3226 Havelock & District Chamber of Commerce 1 Ottawa St. East, Havelock, ON K0L 1Z0 705-778-2308 • Havelock Chamber Kiosk (open July to Labour Day) South Side of Highway 7 in the Village of Havelock. Thursday to Monday 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism 12 Queen St., P.O. Box 537, Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0 705-652-6963 Kinmount Tourist Information Centre Kinmount Railway Station – May to October Madoc & District Chamber Of Commerce 20 Davidson St, Madoc, ON K0K 2K0 613-473-1616 www. Peterborough and The Kawarthas Tourism Centre 270 George St., N., Peterborough, ON K9J 3H1 705-742-2201 • Peterborough Lift Lock Visitor Centre 353 Hunter Street East, Peterborough, ON 705-750-4950 • Trent Hills and District Chamber of Commerce 51 Grand Road, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0 705-653-1551

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Overstock Welcomes You Back It seemed as if it would never get here, but finally it’s summertime in cottage country! Everyone is ready to take advantage of the weather and looking forward to making the most of the season. That may include sprucing up your outdoor living space - creating a beautiful retreat for you and your family. Overstock Liquidation has some wonderful options for you, from décor items such as patio furniture, umbrellas and decorative screens to backyard fun, including pool accessories and lawn games. The gardener in you will want to check out the garden and lawncare inventory, and the handyman has access to a vast array of tools and equipment. These items represent a small part of Overstock’s extensive inventory, which also includes furniture, clothing, rugs, décor, bed and bath, home fitness, kitchen appliances and cookware, office and school supplies and so much more. Imagine the challenges of maintaining that kind of inventory during COVID-19. Overstock continued to receive three truckloads weekly, containing brand name merchandise from their wholesaler, as well as stocking personal protective equipment and essentials like food and cleaning supplies. Most of their employees were able to continue working and adapted well to the new tasks required of them in order to keep the business COVID-compliant. As permitted, Overstock offered curbside pickup, and they will continue to do so as required to adjust to the gradual loosening of retail restrictions. Customer safety is their number one priority. A greeter will monitor the number of customers in the store, as per local COVID regulations. Customer appointments are an option, to avoid waiting in line. Their customer tunnel provides shelter from the weather while waiting your turn to enter the store. The folks at Overstock Liquidation look forward to seeing all their valued customers once again. If you haven’t been yet, they invite you to come on over and see what all the fuss is about. You will discover a world of liquidation-priced shopping, and you will want to come back again and again to see what’s new at Overstock Liquidation. 3001 Lakefield Road, Lakefield ON 705-652-0660


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Euro Delight

Walking into Euro Delight is like stepping through a portal into the Old World. You will find European groceries and fine foods, teas and sweets, mustards, condiments and spices. Have you been searching for German spaetzle and egg noodles? Those special packaged cookies from The Netherlands, the British Isles, Poland and Sweden? Or that favourite Dutch and Finnish treat, licorice – salt and sweet? They have a wonderful diabetic-friendly selection of treats as well.

And let’s not forget the cheese! Choose from over 60 varieties from around the world and right here at home, including goat cheese from Mariposa Dairy, Empire cheese from Campbellford and products from Manitoba. And you can even sample before you buy!

Euro Delight is an outlet for But ‘n Ben, that most Scottish of bakeries. They deliver regularly, as does the Village Bake Shop in Orono, which specializes in Dutch baked goods.

Euro Delight has been family owned and operated for 27 years – and their tradition of excellence continues, whether you are looking for a specialty gift basket or a sandwich with a cup of tea. Yes, they have a lunch counter, and customers say their Reuben sandwich is the best in the Kawarthas (it’s made with their own sauerkraut!)

The deli boasts meats from Dutch and German meat-packers and from Brandt meats – you can find gluten-free meats, and those with no artificial colours or flavours, and no by-products or MSG.

Visit Euro Delight in the Whitney Town Centre, 370 Kent St. W., Lindsay ON, online at and on Facebook, or call 705-878-4157.

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Grr8 Finds Markets Downtown Fenelon Falls features a unique shopping district which includes Grr8 Finds Markets. This eclectic multi-vendor shop,

spread over two stores, offers antiques, collectibles, Canadiana and so much more. Your inner child will delight in the confectionary treats at Andrew’s Candy Shoppe – you can come away with a bag of your favourite candies, just like when you were a kid. And the mystic in you will love the crystals, tarot cards and the like. Voted Best Antique Store in Kawartha Lakes many times over, Grr8 Finds continues to innovate, offering new ways to shop. Their successful Facebook auction now runs three days a week – Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays – from 10AM to 8PM, each featuring dozens of items from traditional to quirky to “I don’t know what that is but I gotta have it!”

We offer a mixture of vintage, new, and handmade items from vendors that hail from all across the Kawarthas.

7 May Street, Fenelon Falls 705-454-9394

The store was featured in a season one episode of HGTV’s “Scott’s Vacation House Rules”, and has worked with a production company to provide props for several TV and film sets including the movie “IT”, which was filmed in Oshawa. You’ll find Grr8 Finds Markets at 27 & 29 Colborne St. Fenelon Falls. Follow them on Facebook @ grr8findsmarket, call them at 705-887-4778 or email Normal hours of operation are 10AM – 5PM, 7 days a week, pending current COVID regulations. Their FB page will always have up-to-date hours posted. Come to Fenelon Falls for the Grr8 Finds, and stay for the day!


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Treasures by the Locks

Welcome to the newest vendor on May Street in Fenelon Falls - Treasures by the Locks. It’s a multi-vendor market that sells a little bit of everything: vintage collectibles, furniture, toys, books, tarot cards, jewellery, and more! You never know what treasures you'll find and fall in love with at Treasures by the Locks. Nancy Pearce, owner of the store, says that the business is a true family-run experience, with her daughter Melissa and her husband Jack helping at every step of the journey. They officially opened the shop in January of 2021, and though COVID-19 has changed shopping habits considerably they have been operating online. Now they invite you to come and check them out in person, as the store has so much to see, and stock that is constantly changing – it is an experience! They also offer gift certificates for that hard-to-shop-for friend; and for those who prefer to shop from home they run weekly auctions online through the Treasures by the Locks Facebook group. Located in scenic Fenelon Falls, right between Country Cupboard and Murphy's Lockside Pub, Treasures by the Locks is open 7 days a week from 10AM-5PM and should be on your list of ‘must stop’ destinations in town this summer. 7 May Street, Fenelon Falls 705 454 9394 Since 1994

Fenelon Falls

It seems everyone is renovating these days and downtown Fenelon Falls is no different. Over the past few months, the main street has been under construction to fix the important things like sewer and water but the new sidewalks, street furniture and planters are much more exciting. Phase 1 of the project wrapped up in mid-June with a break for summer and the final touches will go in after the Labour Day weekend in September. Not to be outdone, the downtown businesses are making some changes too! The Colborne Street Gallery moved a couple doors down the street and are revitalizing their historic space next door to The Kawartha Store. Meanwhile the team at The Cow & Sow Eatery are breathing new life into their century-old building and finding architectural treasures along the way. Diana’s Gifts is now at the corner of Francis and Colborne in another of the village’s architectural gems. If you love Christmas, then Snow ‘N Sand (formerly The Corral) - Fenelon’s own Christmas store - is for you. There’s always something new happening in the little village by the falls and we can’t wait for you to come and see the changes. Fenelon Falls is accessible by boat through Lock 34, car or motorcycle via the highways or the multi-use Victoria Rail Trail for ATVs and cyclists. The team at the Tourism Info Centre (15 Oak Street) are here to help make your visit memorable. Stay up to date on everything Fenelon Falls at

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Nature Mobile


This is 100% a use-what-you’ve-got kind of craft. It’s like a treasure hunt on display. You will need: nature items, string of your choosing, possibly craft wire and small accents and accessories like beads or buttons.

1 Go for a nature walk and

gather up beautiful bits of bark, pinecones, bottle caps, beach glass, feathers and any other interesting pieces.


Choose the perfect piece of drift wood, a beautiful branch (smooth or with textured bark), or even a grape vine wreath to make a sturdy base from which to suspend your treasures.


Gather up whichever type of string you have. Fishing line creates an optical illusion that your items will be hovering without a visible chord, jute or raffia will add a neutral, earthy feel, while yarn in any colour will bring a pop of excitement. Use what you can find!






Decide roughly how many strings you will suspend from your base. Keep in mind that you’ll want the weight to be somewhat balanced when you hang your finished product. Snip to the desired lengths.

5 Begin to string your nature items. Feathers can dangle beautifully from the very ends, while bits of bark can be tied into the centre. Things like glass and stones can be wrapped with wire or string and then threaded onto your project. If there’s a handy adult around, small slices of wood could use a hole drilled into them. Use your imagination and be creative.


Add in any other objects you may have around your home for an extra bit of whimsy, like buttons, gems, or beads.

7 Suspend from the top of your project with, you guessed it, more string!


Enjoy your personalized creation without overthinking the process. Notice how it’s different than mine and from others (if you’re making this with anyone else!) no two alike; just like people. Jacquelyn Toupin lives with her family in a heritage farm house that's been in her family for several generations. You can follow them on YouTube @oldfarmnewfarm or on Instagram @raisinghay


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The Nose Knows… Stop for a moment. Take one large breath in and smell the air around you. With every breath in and every breath out (about 23,000 times per day), we smell the world around us. We are awash in odours of all kinds, from the pleasant fragrance of Lily or the sharp and pungent smell of fire. The latest research suggests that our sense of smell is far more sensitive than we give it credit for. If a friend is happy, they release subtle odours that make us happy – or if they are stressed or upset, we pick that up too – unconsciously of course. A 2014 study revealed that we detect up to 1 trillion distinct odours. In our technologically saturated world, we really are only activating our sense of sight and hearing. Some educators have argued that our children experience a measure of sensory anesthesia – a dulling of their senses. By exercising our sense of smell, we are enhancing our connection to the natural systems that sustain and nurture us all. Here are activities to help you and your children appreciate the amazing symphony of smells that infuse the forests around us. Scratch and Sniff Next time you go for a walk, take along some small pieces of sponge and some water. Dab a moistened sponge under everyone’s nose; just a little moisture on the upper lip will suffice. The wetness under your nose helps you to distinguish more odours. Now try a little “scratch and sniff.” Gently rub the leaves of different trees and shrubs between your fingers. As you walk, rub moss and sniff. Gently caress some lichen and sniff. Take a small pinch of soil from a few different parts of the forest or field – do they smell different? Some farmers can gauge the fertility of the soil by its smell. Continue to caress and smell various parts of the natural world including leaves, bark and twigs. The idea is to be gentle – you don’t need to rub much to release an odour. If you have small children with you, make sure they rub what you rub just to ensure that they are not touching something that may be hazardous (poison ivy, giant hogweed etc.). Smell Cocktail Now that you’ve practicing sniffing - you are ready for a cocktail party! Why not create your very own smell cocktail? You’ll need a few paper cups and a small twig as a swizzle stick. As you hike, encourage participants to selectively harvest tiny “bits” of the forest (e.g., a pinch of soil, a part of a leaf, a petal of a wildflower, a bud, a smidgen of moss or a flake of bark). Always talk about careful and selective harvesting (taking just a tiny bit from here and a bit from there). And if you can, practice Since 1994

reciprocity by planting some seeds. I often take along native wildflower seeds that I’ll sprinkle near wherever we have been harvesting. Place each natural bit of nature in your cup. Use the stick to gently crush the material inside your cup. This will help release the odours. You now have created your very own smell cocktail. Give each smell cocktail creation a name, perhaps “Pinesappyness” or “Woodilicious.” Scent Trails Imagine this: Your eyes are closed, and you hunker down. You fill your lungs full of fresh air and you pick up a scent. It is the familiar odour of your friend Rick and you can tell that he passed right by your front door, headed for downtown. You use your nose and you follow his scent right to a convenience store just in time to share his bag of chips. If only that were true! Unfortunately our human nose isn’t sensitive enough to follow scent trails. But many animals can. Canids (or members of the dog family) including foxes, coyotes, wolves and dogs, have an incredible sense of smell – many thousands of times better than a human. A larger portion of their brain is given over to scent perception. They can distinguish between many different types of smell. We might say, “hmmm mac and cheese.” They might say “hmmm noodles and cheese and butter and salt and milk and bread crumbs and metal pot and Aunt Marge must have just made this.” Animals take short and deep sniffs to isolate and follow a scent. In this game you’ll be given a “helping nose” so that you can follow a scent trail to something delicious. Work in partners. One person is blindfolded while the other lays down a scent trail with extract. You can use simulated extract. Try lemon, almond, mint, maple and orange extract. You only need a drop or two every foot or so for about five feet. Try to lay down a curving, sweeping trail to make things more challenging. At the end of the scent trail, place a wrapped mint. Guide the blindfolded partner to the beginning of your trail and let them use their nose to follow the trail. And if you are lucky, just like a hunting fox following the trail of a rabbit, there might be something tasty at the end of your journey! Submitted by Jacob Rodenburg, Executive Director of Camp Kawartha, an award-winning outdoor education centre and summer camp.

Kids Corner ~ Summer 2021 69

What’s Happening at the LDCC! The Lindsay and District Chamber of Commerce (LDCC) Awards of Excellence nominations are now OPEN! Visit for award categories and criteria. It is more important than ever to celebrate the local business community and reward them for their resilience over the past year! Every nomination will be entered into a draw to win a $100 gift card to an LDCC Member business of your choice. The LDCC will be facilitating the Rapid Antigen Testing Program. When all of the pieces come together, we will be taking orders for tests and distributing them from our office at 180 Kent St. W. in Lindsay by appointment only. Businesses can email their order to rapidtesting@ and we will provide direction and schedule a pick-up time. This program is vital to restoring consumer confidence for Kawartha Lakes. People will be able to confidently visit our participating businesses knowing everything is being done to keep customers safe. We are excited to announce that the LDCC will have a Visitor Information kiosk in Lindsay this summer! Location is yet to be determined. We will have Tourism Ambassadors who will go out into different communities to help promote tourism and aid in making sure people know what is going on around Kawartha Lakes. Look out for our LDCC Visitor Information Kiosk!


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Artist Profile

Rick Fines

On 40 years in the music business and carving out his own path By Belinda Wilson

When this interview took place two days after the 2021 Juno awards (the Canadian music industry’s big night), one would not have blamed Peterborough area singersongwriter-musician Rick Fines if he had been a little tender. Nominated for Best Blues Album for his fourteenth offering, Solar Powered Too – his third nomination by the way – Fines talked about not winning. “I always consider the nomination [to be] the win. I mean, there are 5 albums nominated, out of how many in consideration. One wins – does that mean the rest are garbage? I look at it as being in the top five,” Fines comments philosophically, adding, “I’m not in a horse race with my peers. I’ve been doing this for 40 years now. I’m so grateful the music industry even notices me.” “Compared to the ‘star-maker machinery’, where a lot of people work hard – a lot harder at the business than I do – I just do what I do,” he continued. “I’ve been growing and developing for a long time, and I don’t limit my writing to a particular style. When you hit the combination, when the words and music fit, there it is! Since 1994

Solar Powered Too is the perfect example of “there it is!” “I was exploring obscure old guitar styles,” Fines recalls. “I decided to record some songs in my cabin – just me and my guitar...” The CD liner notes continue the thought; “[6] tracks were recorded…in the North Kawartha woods, with solar power. You can hear the crickets and cicadas if you listen carefully”, and that sets the tone for the kind of raw, earthy music on offer. “I heard the necessity to bring in friends to enhance particular tracks.” Enter Alec Fraser (also Fines’ longtime co-producer), Gary Craig, Jimmy Bowskill, Roly Platt, Rob Phillips, Melissa Payne, Suzie Vinnick and others, to lend their specific vocal and instrumental talents on six of the twelve tracks. This necessitated a trip to Toronto – to E Room for five of the tracks and Liquid Toronto for the final tune. The collective result is twelve songs weaving together a theme of hard-knock life lessons – gutsy vocals against a perfectly ragged

background of old-soul instrumentals. This CD is Fines’ best offering to date. Rick Fines is aging like fine wine – “I am writing better songs now – life makes that happen” – and Juno winner or not, Solar Power Too is worth a listen. Maybe in a cabin, with crickets singing along… Check out Rick Fines’ music: Photo credit: Wayne Eardley

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Sulawesi Forest Turtle Riverview Park and Zoo

The Sulawesi forest turtle is a medium sized freshwater turtle species that inhabits the large Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The Riverview Park and Zoo is proud to be the only Canadian institution and one of only a handful of institutions in all of North America to be breeding this rare type of turtle forest turtle. The Sulawesi is a critically endangered species with numbers having decreased to only 100 in 1999. Female Sulawesi forest turtles lay only 1 to 2 eggs in each clutch, therefore contributing to the difficulty of conservation for this species. Despite this, we are pleased to announce that we have had 4 successful hatchings of the Sulawesi forest turtle in 2014, 2016, 2020, and just recently in 2021 - Blinky, Pippin, Merry and Sam. The Sulawesi are part of our Species Survival Plan, which helps to ensure healthy numbers of species in captivity to prevent extinction! The conservation of species that are rare and not thoroughly researched such as the Sulawesi is critical in understanding the complex biodiversity that exists here on our planet. We are proud to be able to contribute to the conservation of endangered species here at the Riverview Park and Zoo! Brian Tran, Public Educator – Riverview Park and Zoo

Local Humane Societies Lakefield Animal Welfare Society 2887 Lakefield Rd. • 705-652-0588 •

Humane Society Of Kawartha Lakes 111 McLaughlin Rd., Lindsay • 705-878-4618 •

Animal Rescue Krew (ARK) 3307 Lakefield Rd., Lakefield • 705-651-0069

Peterborough Humane Society 385 Lansdowne St. E., Peterborough • 705-745-7676

Home Again Bancroft 613-474-3450 •


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Coco Cakes Founded in 2019 by 16-year-old Mackenzie Hope in her mission to bring natural healthy horse treats to the Canadian and U.S market, Coco Cakes brings complete nutrition right from her farm to your stable.

HOW IT ALL STARTED Coco Cakes was inspired by our founder Mackenzie’s first pony Coco. Coco was welcomed into the Hope family when she was rescued from an auction barn in 2003. Her mouth was slightly deformed because of an injury she received after getting out of her paddock. When Coco was around the age of 5, a vet warned that she may deteriorate with age due to her inability to get enough food, so Coco’s health was always a concern for Mackenzie. That’s when Mackenzie, alongside her mother, began to bake cookies for Coco. These cookies were small, soft enough for her to chew, and packed full of all the nutrients she needed. Today, Coco is happy and healthy at the age of 17! THE START OF COCO CAKES In 2019, while attending a show, Mackenzie realized that there were no healthy treat options available for her to purchase after running out of her own homemade treats. She then made it her mission to create healthy, nutritious treats for horses everywhere. With some research and development to finetune her recipes, Coco Cakes was officially launched at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto - and the response was overwhelming. All the cakes

Since 1994

sold out on the first day and Mackenzie walked away with the Governor’s Award Staff Pick. We’re committed to raising the bar on the way we feed our horses. With Coco Cakes you know exactly what ingredients you’re feeding your horses and the health benefits that they target. Our premium-quality baked cookies are made up of the best ingredients, always all-natural and sourced entirely from Canadian farms. • • • • • • •


For our Cottage Country Lifestyle readers, we are offering 15% OFF your first order! Use promo code: CCLifestyle15 at check-out on our website!

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A Rose by Any Other Name While many grow roses for the beautiful blooms and intoxicating aroma, they have long been used as medicine. With a rich history of over 35 million years, cultures all over the globe have stories, myths and legends about the magic, medicine and use of roses. In Ancient Greece it is said that roses bloomed from Aphrodite’s tears as she wept over the loss of her lover, Adonis. Cleopatra was known as the goddess who smelled like roses, and petals have been discovered in multiple Egyptian tombs. So how do we harness this exotic medicine into our every day lives? While all roses and hips are edible, there are some more apt to this use than others. For topical uses, we have a plethora of options only limited by your imagination! Rose petals infused in witch hazel make a lovely skin toner. Rose petals infused in a carrier oil can be used in a body oil or as the base in a salve. Fresh petals can be used to brew a strong tea for a facial steam. Consider combining with chamomile, lavender, or calendula for a beautiful botanical experience. And finally, my personal favourite, is rose petal elixir which is a creation where alcohol (brandy is my preference) and a sweetener like honey is used as the extraction method. May you enjoy your next walk through the roses. Correne Omland , Clinical Herbalist & Reiki Practitioner Spiraea Herbal Clinic + Apothecary


Summer 2021 ~ Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine

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Cottage Country Lifestyle - Summer 2021  

Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine - Cottage Country Connection publishes 6 times a year, the print edition stands out for its community con...

Cottage Country Lifestyle - Summer 2021  

Cottage Country Lifestyle Magazine - Cottage Country Connection publishes 6 times a year, the print edition stands out for its community con...

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