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Learn to Fly at Your Own Cottage If you are looking for an exciting new experience on the water this year you will love the Jetovator. It will elevate your time spent on the water to new heights ... literally. This waterpropelled, personal watercraft accessory is a fun, safe way to allow the operator to easily elevate him or herself into the air. Your personal watercraft provides the power and follows behind the Jetovator using the hose as a tether. The Jetovator works by redirecting the water thrust from the jet unit of the PWC along a forty foot hose to the Jetovator body. This thrust is then used to propel and elevate the Jetovator into the air. The rider can also redirect the water thrust of the two front control nozzles in order to maneuver the Jetovator in all directions. The water thrust coming out of the steering control nozzle is high volume but has low pressure, so that you can safely put your hand under the flow of water. Jetovator Ontario is the exclusive Ontario distributor for Jetovation Inc., providing sales, guided rentals, and stunt demonstrations throughout the region. Designed to put the rider’s well-being first, the Jetovator has several safety features making it the safest flying water sports accessory on the market. Imagine attending your first demonstration right at your own dock – they will show up with everything you need to fly and a qualified instructor will remain with you all day to ensure maximum safety and fun. Jetovator Ontario, Markham,

Since 1994

Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


Contents COVER STORY 06 Town & Country Marine One of the Largest Single Source Dealers of New and Used Boats in

Eastern Ontario launches its 34th season of Cottage Country Boating.

FEATURES 11 It’s Competition Season for Colin & Justin Our Favourite Design Duo go head to head as dueling designers

to create one guest bedroom per designer.


Transitional Kitchens – Trend Report


Being a Good Neighbour Brojects Style

For charming DIYers like Andrew and Kevin, there are other ways to be a good neighbour.


Hot-List of Destinations & Attractions 2016

Award Winning Angela Jones on the “Transitional Style” of Kitchen Design.

Your source for entertainment this season both indoors and out!

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May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

The New Cottage Country Magazine After 22 and a half years as a tabloid newspaper, welcome to Cottage Country Connection’s Premiere Issue as a glossy new magazine!

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Photo by Kenneth Pyper on Kushog Lake

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Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


Town & Country Marine Your Kawartha & Haliburton Cottage Boating Centre

Town & Country Marine are currently in their 34th year of business and have become one of the largest single source dealers of new and used boats in Eastern Ontario. Located on Buckhorn Road since 1996, the business began in 1982 as a family operation with Scott, Tony, and Trevor Brundle assuming ownership in the late 90’s after the retirement of their parents. The business has grown steadily to become one of the premier cottage boat dealerships in Canada. In 2015 they were awarded a Top 100 dealer in the North American Industry for the 7th consecutive year. They were also awarded the top Bayliner dealer award in Canada, the top Monterey Sportboat dealer in Canada and were the top Harris Pontoon Boat dealer in Ontario. They have one of the most experienced and highly-trained service and sales departments in the industry, providing top-rated products backed by expert service at a competitive price. Town & Country Marine place the utmost importance on building good relationships with their clients, and make it a priority to understand the needs of cottagers and boaters. Working with families to ensure they receive the right boat based on their own individual needs, and of course to stay within their budget, they are committed to creating a long-lasting relationship with their boating families. With hands-on management and knowledgeable, competent staff you can be assured of receiving first-class service.

cruisers or pontoon boats, as boaters themselves, the staff at Town & Country Marine have tested each and every model. They offer financing, insurance, loans, maintenance, boat storage and tradeins. Some of the brands carried are Bayliner, Boston Whaler, Harris Pontoon, Malibu, and Monterey. Serving Central Ontario, Lake Simcoe to the west, Algonquin to the north, Lake Ontario to the south, and Sharbot Lake to the East – Town & Country Marine have the knowledge, product, and staff to cater to all boaters needs. They offer professional care for your boat 12 months of the year, including pre-inspection for your delivery, ongoing quality maintenance and winter care and storage, and, with over 8 acres of secure property and a top-rated service facility, you are guaranteed peace of mind when you choose Town & Country Marine for all your boating needs. Town & Country Marine, Buckhorn Road, Lakefield,

Buying a boat is a huge consideration and whether you are looking for bowriders, deck boats, ski and tow boats, utility boats, luxury


May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Discover Cottage Country COTTAGE

The Bayliner 170 Bowrider The 170 Bowrider is one of Bayliner’s most popular models. It is hard not to get excited about a boat that offers quiet outboard power, and cockpit space to take family and friends along for an enjoyable day on the water. With an overall length of 17’6” and seating for 6, this boat can take you from fishing to swimming and all the fun in between. Bucket seats, a padded and tilting steering wheel, 3-in-1 Speedometer, Volt and fuel, and Tachometer, side-mounted engine controls with trim and tilt switch offer the driver a comfortable ride, and a deep freeboard, and wrap around windshield with centre opening delivers optimal safety. Cruise with a 90HP Mercury 4-Stroke engine; or lounge in the sun on the comfortable bench seating located in the bow of the boat, while the kids swim off of the telescoping transom swim ladder. This Open bow concept allows free range of the boat, for lots of fun in the sun. There are a whole host of add-on options for the 170 Bowrider as well - love fishing? Get the fishing package and add that live-well and hull-side rod storage. Maybe you would like a little shade for your day on the water - a Bimini canvas top is the perfect solution. The options to customise the Bayliner 170 Bowrider to your needs are abundant, and you’ll feel like the boat was built for you. Bayliner has grown through the years to become one of the largest boat builders in the world, and is a trusted name in the marine industry. Spend the summer with family and friends enjoying all the spectacular activities and sights the waterways of the area have to offer.

The Harris Cruiser 200 Tripple Tube The beauty of the Harris Cruiser 200 is its versatility and the fact that this pontoon boat is customizable with a large variety of beautiful floor plans to choose from. Its impressive ability to meet every possible boating need provides you with the opportunity to choose from many different activities – whether it’s fishing, dozing on the deck under the Bimini top, or exploring the waterways in search of the perfect docking place.

Its overall length is 21’ 8” with a capacity for a maximum of 10 -11 people, or up to 2165 lbs. The standard CS floor plan features a walk-through bow gate, a stern swim-deck with access to starboard, two bow lounges and a classic L-shaped aft lounge with sun pad. The FS floor plan offers two fish seats instead of bow lounges, replacing the aft lounge with two additional fish seats and provides a well-appointed rear workstation, aerated livewell, and rod holders. In addition, there are power options available of up to 150 hp and amenities such as hydraulic steering, performance package, ski tow bar and more. As leaders in the industry, you can be assured that your Harris pontoon will deliver exceptional performance with a stable and safe platform. Harris takes great pride in its rigorous construction standard and all models feature 16inch centre-placed cross members for incredible strength and durability. Time spent with family on the Cruiser 200 will be both comfortable and luxurious, and with incredible control and maneuverability at your fingertips, you will always be able to relax knowing your family’s safety comes first.

Since 1994

Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


Pine Tree Trading Post Pine Tree Trading Post is owned and operated by Jim Shearer and located on Lower Buckhorn Lake, just before Lock 31. The store has been at this location for 25 years, ever since Jim built the building it is housed in and began stocking it with unique and fascinating gifts, souvenirs, and much more. Jim - a seasoned businessman in the Buckhorn area, having successfully run the Foodland there for 29 years prior to opening up Pine Tree Trading Post - is passionate about working with the public. Jim loves to travel and seek out the wide variety of goods he has filled the store with. Here, you will find anything from bubbles for the kids to shotguns for adults – and everything in between. They stock fishing gear, toys, supplies for holiday-makers, clothing, and gifts. Some of the more unusual items in stock are Anushka hand-painted genuine leather purses from India as well as Cedar Mesa Pottery, mocassins by Laurentian Chief, and sheepskin Bomber Jackets made by Wolff of Canada. There’s jewellery, wood carvings, local handmade crafts, and books, as well as sporting goods, cottage toys, and hunting supplies. With a friendly staff and something for everyone, Pine Tree Trading Post is well worth a drive to Buckhorn. Take County Road 23 to Buckhorn and turn right onto County Road 36 to discover this treasure trove of goods. Pine Tree Trading Post, 705-657-9900


May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Imagine your family owns, or wants to buy, a stunning hillside cottage with a spectacular view. But, in order to fully utilize this picturesque location, everyone must endure long, steep climbs. While this may be easy for the young and healthy, for others it can be difficult or even impossible, meaning an end to the muchanticipated and highly-valued times enjoying cottage life with family and friends. Inclined Elevation has enabled dozens of cottage owners to eliminate their hillside difficulties and gain, or regain, complete vertical freedom. Inclined Elevation Inc., Bracebridge, was founded in 2006 by John Weinstein, PhD. John has been building lifts since 2003 and, with his team of highly-skilled professionals, is dedicated to building the safest and most reliable, durable, and attractive cottage lifts possible. In addition to his extensive experience in the lift building business, John has a wide range of experience in many areas including aircraft mechanics, house, boat and automobile rebuilding, theoretical particle physics, teaching, and industrial consulting. He brings all these skills together in personally designing and supervising the construction of every lift. Many beautiful properties in cottage country are challenging hillside lots that restrict their full use by owners and guests. When these are island cottages, the logistics of living is an even greater chore. Lifts make transporting groceries and people easier, and they are also used for moving building materials, appliances, and other large items. With a lift, the dock becomes another room at the cottage.

A lift not only increases accessibility for everyone, it also increases the value and marketability of challenging properties.

Although walk-out access to the water may seem desirable to some, a property high off the water offers privacy, panoramic scenery, and breezes that help keep bugs away. With a lift, all the disadvantages of these properties become advantages. Elevate yourself, call Inclined Elevation for a lift and completely transform the quality and enjoyment of your cottage experience. Inclined Elevation, Bracebridge

Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


Discover Cottage Country COTTAGE

Lifts Transforming Hillside Living


May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Breaking news. For the first time ever, we’ve gone head to head as dueling designers. Yup, whilst taping this series of Cabin Pressure, our director persuaded us to lay down two gauntlets, one in front of the other, to create one guest bedroom per designer. Crucially, neither of us would be privy to the other’s plan. But which do you prefer? First up? The brick walled vision that started life as a dowdy blue painted space. To accommodate required pipework for a log burning stove in the living room next door, we had to disguise venting and, using true ‘find a fault make a feature’ logic, built a fake chimney breast using 2”x2” lumber and drywall.

Discover Cottage Country COTTAGE

It’s Competition Season for Colin & Justin

To create interest, we faced the elevation using ‘veneers’ by Thames Valley Brick ( Essentially real ‘slivers’ of traditional brick, they were installed, using mortar, in a matter of hours and, completed, they’re a textural feast. Floating shelves, fitted into each aperture, provide valuable surfaces upon which is displayed a host of goodies, rooted out, variously, in garage sales, Casalife ( and Toronto’s St Lawrence Market where we found the cute wee farm bench for sixty five bucks. Opposite sits a bed sourced at Artemano – Metal framed and constructed using timbers salvaged from decommissioned fishing boats, we love its low-slung nature. Attired with linens and a faux fur throw from our own line (‘Colin and Justin Home’ available in stores like Homesense, Winners and Marshalls) it’s a comfy nest that boasts considerable appeal. And a great spot, we’re sure, for our renters to kick back and relax after a busy day on the dock. And, talking of the dock, what d’you make of our deer art piece? Believe it or not it started life as boards salvaged when our derelict dock was dragged from the lake! We battened a few of the non rotten boards together then painted a free hand naïve stags head using regular latex. If EVER there was an easy DIY, then this was it! Attentions turning next door, it was decreed the room should have Mid Mod allusions, redolent of old school cottages with beadboard walls. The panels here, however, are 100% Western Red Cedar, the same genus that features throughout Plan B. Hey, lavished, as it is, across ceilings everywhere (and used to build our dock and deck) we enhanced it with satin stain to bring out its warmer tones. Wood detailing in both bedrooms is further enhanced by Kentwood Metro flooring (installed by Taylor Carpet One, Huntsville) a product that amply copes with the rough and tumble of cottage life. The nightstands – and tall matching dresser – are from Casalife, as before, whilst the bedframe (complete with black leather headboard) is from Ikea. Detailed with Canadian pillows, the project is anchored by a HUGE moose head. But worry not: animal lovers will be glad to learn it’s entirely faux, from Urban Barn, and fashioned from cast resin. To embrace the lake and forest sightlines, both bedrooms feature jet framed glazing by Euro Vinyl Windows and these are dressed with wood look Venetians by Select Blinds – www. Cooling, in both rooms, comes courtesy of Fan Shoppe fans whizzing silently above. Continued on page 12

Since 1994

Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


with the first prize – the house they’ve just reno’d, all the furniture inside (via sponsor The Brick) and a plot of land (at a mutually suitable location) upon which to resite their updated bungalow. We’re thrilled with the way the season is going. We’ve bonded with show host, Canadian Dave Salmoni who couldn’t be any lovelier if he tried. While new to the TV reno’ genre, he’s carved a solid TV career in the animal and outdoor genres - his shows air across America and he’s a regular expert on Jimmy Kimmel. And besides: he’s married to an designer, so he totally understands what’s going on.

So it’s been very competitive, of late, in Camp C&J! But the contest hasn’t stopped there. Cue Game of Homes on The W Network (Tuesdays at 10pm) another show on which we’ve been working. Cue four competing teams. Four down at heels bungalows. One host and two very honest judges - us! With a house as first prize! Look out for the cheeky chappy ad’ campaign on busses, tram cars and posters ‘cross Canada! Cannuks, as we know, are a nation of homemakers who relish TV shows where properties are redesigned, redecorated and redefined. But other shows can’t do what Game of Homes does. They can’t literally change the location of house and give those taking part the chance to WIN said bricks and mortar. And let’s face it: who doesn’t dream of clambering onto the property ladder? Eight people who are desperate to jump on that ladder are the four competing duos currently taking part. Their role is to transform down at heels bungalows and turn them, over the course of the series, into glossy dream homes. But there’s a catch: they have to live in the bungalows as the work is being carried out, devoid of contact with the outside world, save for the odd family call or visit.

We hope you’ll tune in. Game of Homes is exciting and, while it’s hard to pick weekly winners (because everyone tries so God damned hard to get it right) it’s encouraging to see the efforts made by each team. It’s a game, alright – but only one couple will win the home. No pressure, then, on us, as resident judges. Cabin Pressure airs at 9pm, Sundays, on Cottage Life. Game of Homes airs Tuesdays, 10pm, on The W Network ‘Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure’ Cottage Life. ‘Game of Homes’ W Network Find the ‘Colin and Justin Home’ collection in stores across Canada and The USA. For all other matters C&J related, visit Read our regular design and decor columns in The Toronto Sun, 24 Hours Toronto, 24 Hours Vancouver and The Huffington Post.

The show really is the ULTIMATE ‘upcycle’: the featured bungalows having been ‘monster moved’ from their original locations to make way for land redevelopment. As such, there’s a huge element of saving, reusing and improving rather than simply wielding the demo ball and sending everything to a landfill site. Each house, effectively, is getting another chance to become a lovely family home all over again. The houses, even pre reno’, are solid little bungalows with plenty of scope to be improved. For the purposes of the show, the four bungalows are resited on land just a short drive from Toronto. In this new TV ‘street’, work protracts across several weeks with each competing duo vying to make the best changes to impress us, the judges, wherever possible. Each duo has strengths and weaknesses, sure, but each has the same driving ambition; to outdo everyone else and walk away


May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Discover Cottage Country COTTAGE

The Cottage is a Magical Place I am a lucky person. My parents taught my brothers and I an important lesson in life, to love nature. Growing up, my parents turned summer vacation into an adventure-packed road trip. We stopped at many scenic lookouts, stayed in a multitude of provincial parks, canoed vast lakes, snorkeled and spear fished in the Atlantic, camped on beaches, survived hurricanes while tenting (twice!), sang camp songs under starry skies and ate copious amounts of beans and wieners. They valued time spent together as a family and the life lessons learned from being in nature. With that love of nature, came the love of the lake. One of my favourite places we’d travel to in the summer was my grandparents’ cottage. Deep in the heart of Ontario, we would travel the long and winding road and the moment we pulled into the driveway of that little wood-sided cottage, our feet hit the granite rock running. With a sense of relief after a long-awaited journey, we would run down the hill, right to the end of the dock. If I close my eyes I can see the familiar red canoe tipped up on the shore, the Adirondack chairs patiently awaiting a campfire, the tall oak trees swaying lazily in a warm breeze. I can still hear the sounds of the gentle waves lapping the rocky shoreline. I can hear the frogs and crickets sing their song at dusk. I remember the smell of the clean lake and the sound of my father and brothers paddling in at dusk as their voices call out across the lake, “We’ve got a fish fry!” The sizzle and slight crunch of over-roasted hotdogs and the warmth of an ooey gooey marshmallow on the lips of an incredibly happy smile. Yes, the cottage was a magical place. We were free to roam, to explore, to swim, to jump, to adventure and at the end of the day, our stories were shared on the deck of the cottage. At night, we would curl up on couches in the sunroom and stare out the windows at the dark sky filled with a thousand bright stars and a hundred fireflies and recount our fishing stories once again. Our family continues these traditions in life and in work. In life, we spend our weekends on the lake, in work we design and build sunrooms and porches for homes and cottages throughout the Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton. Our quality products and dedicated customer service will ensure you have peace of mind to enjoy more time with your family at the cottage. Submitted by Dani McNelly, Nortech Home Improvements,

Pictued:Grandpa Livingston and my brother, Tim McNelly, heading back to the cottage after an afternoon of fishing. Six Mile Lake - Summer 1988.

Since 1994

Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


Trend Report

Transitional Kitchens

With summer fast approaching, kitchen renovations are high on a lot of people’s to-do lists. It’s the heart of the home where you and your family gather to cook, eat, and socialize. In many homes, the kitchen has transformed into an all-purpose room, including a sitting area, entertainment room, or even an office space. The most prominent question is, “What style do I want my kitchen to be?” Traditional, contemporary, casual, country… the list goes on. It’s sometimes difficult to decide what style best suits your home and taste. More often than not a ‘transitional’ style is the way to go. When a kitchen has classic materials and state-of-theart appliances it proves to be both stylish and practical. Combining traditional elements like crown molding or detailed door profiles, with contemporary lighting and fixtures, helps to create a space that ‘transitions’ (pun intended) through the years quite seamlessly. Should your tastes change, simply substitute the lighting or cabinet door pulls for a different style or finish! The biggest trend we’re seeing utilizes a crisp and clean


colour palette with darker, more modern fixtures. It creates a light and airy, yet polished look, which is especially valuable in cramped quarters. To recreate the look we recommend a creamy neutral white on the main upper and lower cabinets, like Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White CC-40, and a soft grey on the island, like Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan AF-690. These are versatile colours and allow the kitchen to feel cohesive with the rest of the house. Finally, once your kitchen is freshly installed it might be looking a little bare, but have no fear! This is where the furniture and accessories come into play to personalize your space. You’ll always want to achieve a feeling of balance and harmony, which can easily be obtained using colourful accessories and masculine chairs. Go ahead, make a statement! The kitchen is a popular gathering area, therefore making it the ideal place to show off your personality! Lakeshore Designs 705-748-3875 The pictured kitchen was designed by Lakeshore Designs. Above - After

Right - Before

May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Discover Cottage Country COTTAGE

Island Colour, Metropolitan Grey AF-690, by Benjamin Moore

Cabinet Colour, Cloud White CC40, by Benjamin Moore

Lighting, Norwich Ceiling Pendant, Chrome Finish, by Renwil

Handles, Varnhem 202.438.56, by IKEA

Backsplash, Grey Glass Subway Tile 4x9

Sink, Stainless Steel, 1-inch Radius Corner 10 inches deep 18 gauge, by Elegant Stainless

Granite Countertop, Calcutta Nuvo, by Caesarstone

Pulls, Varnhem 802.438.58, by IKEA

Faucet, Diva Kitchen Faucet SOP109, Chrome Finish, by Blanco

Vintage Counter Stool, Grey Leather, by Sunpan

Flooring, Walnut Hardwood 6-inch Wide Plank

Vintage Counter Stool, Grey Leather, by Sunpan

Since 1994

Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


Zen & the Art of Picknicking ... the Moveable Feast The word picnic is evocative of simplicity and ease. The art of picnicking was refined to perfection during the Victorian era with its romanticism captured by the Impressionists in paintings such as Renoir’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party” and convey the frame of mind one needs to be in to understand the true sentiment of a picnic deprived of emphasis on the food, as it is more of a mental state that one must arrive at which is illustrated by the omnipresent bottles of wine that play centre stage in such paintings. Some may choose to stop at a market or the grocers and purchase convenient carry-out cartons filled with olives, cherry tomatoes, or berries and other imported delicacies or ready-made dips, crackers and a chunk of cheese. Just remember to pack appropriate utensils to ease the service of food. If nothing else be sure to pack a corkscrew and an old table cloth to cover up less than pristine tabletops and double as ground

coverings for those who insist on squatting. You may prefer to make up some deli sandwiches utilizing hearty breads like a ciabatta and fillings that won’t leak, ooze or fall out of the bread during transport. A selection of salads can make for a refreshing afternoon nosh. Pack those that aren’t made with greens that will wilt, or small grains, which fall off the fork. Consider chunky potato salad with herbed vinaigrette or marinated pasta with roasted vegetables. Dessert is easy; pack some strawberries, fresh baked cookies and a container of frozen Cool whip to help keep the food cold. Regardless of your menu you must keep your food as cold as possible. Avoid mayonnaise or cream-based sauces and most importantly, use coolers stocked with plenty of ice packs; unless you want your picnic served on a gurney in the local hospital due food poisoning.

A simple menu with simple drinks will allow you to roam farther, and promote spontaneity where one can easily dine atop grassy bluffs with little more than a knapsack eating the following recipe.

Tomato Salad Ingredients: 3 ripe field tomatoes cut in wedges 1/4 cup fresh basil leaves 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp. olive oil Salt and fresh cracked black pepper Method: In a re-sealable plastic bag combine all of the ingredients and gently toss them together before you go a picnicking. Chef Brian Henry

Sweet Greek Salad • 1 Gala Apple • 1 Cucumber • 1 Cup Baby Tomatoes • 1 Head - Romaine Lettuce • 2 Heaping Tablespoons of Green Olives • 1/4 Cup Crumbled Feta Cheese • 1/4 Cup Dried Cranberries • 4 Tablespoons Roasted Sunflower Seeds Cut up apple and cucumber into bite sized pieces and crumble feta, add to rest of ingredients and mix with Rene’s Greek Feta Dressing & enjoy! From the kitchen of Emily Ireland Norman To submit a recipe for publishing consideration send your recipe and photo to


May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Discover Cottage Country COTTAGE

Giving Your Dock A Face Lift There are many styles of docks on the market today but most manufacturers go with an aluminum framework that is lightweight and wrought resistant. The frames will last the life of your cottage or waterfront home but will the decking? We have been manufacturing aluminum docks for over 25 years and we are finding that although the dock frames are still in good shape some of the decking is in need of a facelift. If your decking is still structurally sound and doesn’t show signs of wrought then visit your local home improvement store and ask about a good wood cleaner to remove grime and mildew. There are a lot of great products on the market that will add life back into your wood and restore its natural colour. Once you have cleaned your decking apply a quality sealant to bring back the natural luster and prevent splitting and splintering.

Since 1994

If your wood is rotten or falling apart perhaps it is time to replace the decking. Western Red Cedar is a great wood for around the water, or for a maintenancefree, and splinter-free product try a composite or PVC decking. Be sure to do your research when choosing a composite decking because not all will work well in a fixed framework or being in close proximity to water. Some composite decking contains natural fibres that will absorb the moisture causing your decking to expand and warp in the sun, or when exposed to water over a period of time.

Once you have updated the decking on your dock try adding in some new bumper padding, cleats, ladder, flagpole, etc. to give your dock a new look. We have found that the black trim, cleats, and ladder have become very popular because they don’t show the dirt and mildew like lighter colours do. Visit our showroom to see how to add updates to your dock and be the envy of your neighbours this summer! Submitted by Katie Peet , R&J Machine. , 705-652-6731

Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


HOT IDEAS ON KITCHENS Kitchen designers and manufacturers are showing off their latest trends this spring. Here’s what’s hot this year: 1. White is right but grey is the new white! From just a hint of light grey to bolder deeper tones to add more punch, grey painted and stained finishes are coming on strong. 2. Rustic finishes are adding a new look this year. We offer a “Rough Chic” style that has the look of weathered wood including layers of stain and paint colours on the raised grain of oak. Oak is the wood of choice for this special finish with its bold deep grain. 3. Space age, one touch doors and drawers. Just touch the door or drawer and it glides open smoothly. Push it again and it closes softly. Upper doors can gently swing up leaving the entire cabinet accessible. 4. Bold new sink colours such as lime green or cobalt blue on porcelain are adding some pop to your white kitchen. New materials like hammered copper bring a stunning alternative to the overused stainless steel sink.

7. Mix up your countertop materials. Butcher block is now offered in walnut and cherry as well as maple allowing you to have a section of butcher block butting to your stone top. It’s great for preparing and cutting on. 8. Quartz is upping the ante. The bolder patterns once only available in granite are now here in easy care quartz. 9. Open it up. Open floor plans are now the concept of choice, allowing light to flood in all day long.

5. Lighting continues to evolve with more LED fixtures becoming available. From slim profile tape lighting to sleek pot lights, LED is the way to go.

10. You choose. We’ve never had the variety of colours, materials, accessories that we have at our fingertips today. More than ever, we can do just about anything with your kitchen, so go ahead and dream big.

6. New appliances like induction ranges and smart fridges do a better job and use less energy.

Submitted by Charles Harwood of Harwood Kitchens,


May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

The Mesmerizing Beauty of Water Of the four main elements in life, water seems to hold a special power over us; weaving a magical spell and drawing us to it with an almost magnetic force. Whether we are spending time observing it from afar, or whether we’re boating, or swimming in it, it’s safe to say that it holds a deep fascination for most of us and is an important part of our spring and summertime experience.

Water is the focal point for most of the beautiful destinations here in cottage country. Further north, we have the stunning Haliburton Highlands Water Trails, a popular choice for canoeists, campers, and fishermen due to the countless lakes and rivers to be found there - providing the perfect getaway for those who seek the serenity of the wilderness experience.

It could be that you enjoy it most while gazing at its mesmerizing beauty from a chair on the dock, or from the comfort of a gazebo or serenity hut. You could be someone who loves to feel the gentle motion of your boat being rocked by the wake of other boats, or you enjoy listening to the soft splash of the paddle hitting the water from a kayak. Or maybe you are more adventurous and need action on the water, such as jet skiing or a day of exploration on a pontoon boat with all your friends.

The waterfalls at Fenelon Falls draw thousands of visitors each year. The falls are hidden from plain view because the main road crosses over the river, however, they can be enjoyed from a nearby restaurant or walking path. The entire region of the City of Kawartha Lakes, including Bobcaygeon, Coboconk, and Kirkfield, boasts beautiful beaches and picnic facilities.

No matter which way you choose to enjoy the water there are endless opportunities in cottage country to do so. Visitors come from far and wide to spend time in, on, or near the waters of the Kawarthas and the surrounding areas. We are truly blessed to have so many stunning clean and accessible lakes and waterways here. The word Kawartha even has its own connection to water. Derived from the Anishinaabe language the word ka-wa-tha was taken from the aboriginal word Ka-wa-taegum-maug meaning “land of reflections”. Then the word was anglicized and changed to Kawartha, meaning “bright waters and happy lands”. As well, the original Anishinaabe name for Peterborough was “Nogojiwanong” which means “the place at the end of the rapids”.

Over in Campbellford, lakes and waterways are also popular. A unique way to enjoy the water, just a short distance south of Campbellford, is by crossing the 300-foot long Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge which reaches a height of over 30 feet. Feel it sway beneath your feet and enjoy the spectacular view of the water below as you cross over to Ferris Provincial Park. Whichever magical corner of cottage country you choose to spend time in, and whether you are inspired to relax or to seek out adventure, we are sure you’ll find that our waters will lift your spirit and renew your connection, not only to nature, but also to yourself and to those whom you choose to spend time with here in our very own waterlovers’ paradise. Moira Gale

Now that you have decided to make your cottage work for you financially, there are many issues to consider when it comes to turning your cottage into a vacation rental destination. Some try and do this themselves without assistance and the list of things to consider is almost endless. Don’t be discouraged. Here in Ontario, there are several companies who are classified as full-service cottage rental agencies who are registered with TICO, the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, and who are able to rent out your property and do so at a reasonable cost. However, be very careful when choosing your agency because there is a multitude of agencies out there and most of them do not even operate out of Canada. Some only charge a few hundred dollars or so to list a cottage on their site but be aware, you will end up doing all the work which a full-service agency does on a daily basis. A full-service agency will handle the rental of your cottage from beginning to end, in other words, they are true property managers. They handle all of the advertising, the photography, the interviews with the client, the contracts, the deposits including the security deposit (your money is guaranteed), and all of the contact with the clients after they have checked into your cottage both during the day and after hours including weekends, etc. Ontario agencies such as these usually charge 20% of the rental rate. In other words, if you have a cottage which you wish to rent out at $1000 per week, the owner gets $800, the agency gets $200 and everyone is happy. Any agency who says they can do it for less than 20% possibly can do so but only by cutting corners and you do not want an agency cutting corners on representing your cottage which is the second largest investment in your life. Enjoy your cottage. Submitted by Bill Dewey, WRD Rental, Haliburton

Photo by Donna Rork of Cottage Toys, On Stony Lake

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The Future of Voice Recognition Voice

recognition technology has become integrated into our everyday lives. While there’s no telling how far voice recognition will go, there are several advances in this technology that are highly anticipated.

Smart Homes Our homes are already becoming more technologically advanced with features such as remote controlled temperature regulation, lights and remotely watching security cameras from anywhere with Internet access. This is not just convenient for the average person, but it’s also a major helping hand in the households of disabled and elderly people. Voice recognition is going to make smart homes even better by allowing for the automation of many different aspects of the home without moving a finger. With just the sound of your voice, you will be able to regulate temperature in specific rooms or the entire house, lock and unlock doors, check to see if the furnace’s air filter needs changing, start the heater or air conditioning, activate or deactivate security system features, control the garage door, have complete control over their home entertainment system and much more.

Self-Driving Smart Cars Smart cars and the prospect of self-driving cars are quickly becoming a reality, and voice recognition is making its way into these vehicles. You will be able to perform nearly any driving


action such as accelerating, decelerating, turning, changing lanes and much more with simple voice commands. This speech recognition will hopefully be so accurate and responsive that you’ll be able to get safely to your destination without lifting a finger. Security features in vehicles will also be strengthened with voice operated locks and starting systems. No one will be able to enter or start the vehicle without being registered as a valid user of the car such as the owner or their family and friends.

Robotic Assistants What was once mere science fiction is a very real possibility in recent years. Robotic assistants that can do menial tasks such as a cleaning, cooking, feeding pets, retrieving the mail and more could likely be in homes all over the world in just a few years. Certain types of these assistants, such as automatic pet feeders and robotic vacuums are already a staple in some homes. Best of all, voice recognition is quickly being integrated with these devices to allow you to control them from anywhere in the house. It’s hoped that voice recognition will allow these assistants to perform more custom tasks and follow more precise instructions than is usually provided with the given button commands.

Devices for People Who Are Disabled Voice recognition is already making great strides for people who are disabled, but certain voice controlled devices will help make the lives of disabled citizens much easier. Voice controlled wheelchair navigation, appliance control, inarticulate voice command systems, smartphones and much more are becoming increasingly available to the disabled to improve their quality of life.

May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

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Being a Good Neighbour Brojects Style

Last summer, Andrew and Kevin packed up their mobile beer cart and moved into a former Masonic Lodge in Great Village, Nova Scotia. After pulling out the old carpet (and knocking down a few walls), the brothers now have the task of meeting their neighbours (and making a good impression, too!). And while borrowing the expensive Komado barbecue from the folks next door may work for charming DIYers like Andrew and Kevin, there are other ways to be a good neighbour. Here are a few tips:

4.) Bring an unexpected gift. There’s nothing quite like an unexpected gift -- even if it is a very large table on wheels. It’s a simple gesture, but one which goes a long way.

1.) Introduce yourself. If you want to start off on the right foot, take the initiative to go over and say “Hi!”. Half the battle is meeting the person. Extra brownie points if you bring the beer!

5.) Keep your yard tidy. A shady spot bordering your neighbour’s property is probably not the best place for your DIY barbecue made from an old cast-off truck tire. Be respectful. This also goes for any equipment you might have lying about.

2.) Throw a block party. After you’ve introduced yourself

At the end of the day, everyone wants a place to call home -whether its a cozy family space or your own ultimate MANtuary. Be respectful, and hopefully those around you will act the same.

to your next-door neighbours, why not meet the whole neighbourhood? This will not only help you to get to know everyone quickly and in a relaxed setting, but it’ll also help you scope out who will let you borrow stuff in the future. Only kidding!

Since 1994

3.) Keep the noise to a minimum. Things can get a bit tense, especially if you’re running the band saw at all hours of the day -- and night. Be respectful of people’s down time. No one wants to be hearing a buzzing saw at the crack of dawn or in the middle of the night.

Watch brothers Andrew & Kevin, every Thursday at 9pm on Cottage Life TV.

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Deer Bay Overhead Doors Deer Bay Overhead Doors offer top quality commercial garage door installation and repair, as well as a full line of maintenance services. Located near Lakefield the company has been providing business, vacation, and residential services to customers in the Kawarthas for over 34 years. Steve Morgan purchased the business from Ralph Pearson 16 years ago, and Steve has worked hard to maintain a reputation for excellent workmanship. The company’s success has been built on repeat business and referrals. Deer Bay Overhead Doors has a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from, including the popular HASS and Wayne Dalton doors, and can meet the needs of light-duty commercial, farm, and residential customers with


confidence. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority and Steve feels that the company’s success lies in its ability to offer a good quality product at a fair price. Services include garage doors, commercial service garage doors, boat house doors, automatic door openers, custom garage doors in wood or steel, carriage house doors, and seasonal servicing and repairs. With over 25 years of combined experience their highly qualified, professional

May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

installers will work hard to ensure your requirements are met and exceeded. Whether the application is sectional doors, electric operators, radio controls, security hardware, or special application doors, Deer Bay Overhead Doors will execute “turn-key” service in a timely fashion with no hidden costs. Deer Bay Overhead Doors 705-657-1311

Discovering Cottage Country

Spring is a season of new life, and awakenings of all things dormant over the chilly winter season. Time to change the wardrobe over from woolly sweaters and winter coats to spring attire thinking/hoping for summer attire to arrive soon.

start as they put in the water. In an environmentally conscious move please try and start your motor on land with mufflers so the antifreeze and winter storage chemicals used to protect it don’t get sprayed across the lake surface, as can happen when you simply put it in and start the engine on the water.

In this vein several area Spring Home Shows entice the winter-weary residents to start thinking about gardening, BBQ’ing, fishing and boating, and all things outdoors related.

DON’T FORGET to put the plug in! Annually we see someone in the throes of getting their boat in only to be forced to make a quick exit because the water is quickly entering in the plug hole they forgot to fill.

It’s time to start to pull out the lawn chairs and use that outdoor oasis mentioned in our last column, and remember to clean out the BBQ of any spiders who chose to hunker down in the pipes so that you don’t have any unwanted fires!

Pigeon Lake, Sturgeon Lake, Cameron Lake and Balsam Lake are some of the most plentiful with fish. Walleye/Pickerel seasons opens midnight Friday, May 13

with Muskie and Bass not opening until further into June. To kick off fishing season, bring the family to Bobcaygeon the weekend of May 28 and 29 to watch the Canada-US Walleye Tournament at the Bobcaygeon Arena. There is a Sports/Home Show with local vendors as well as anglers lucky enough to weigh in their catch on both days starting at 3 pm. The home show is open from noon – 6 pm and there’s something for everyone! Submitted by Tom and Wendy Hunt, Hunt4Dreams Realty Inc. Brokerage

Many take the shrink wrap off of their boats, pull out the mufflers and check the engine to ensure a smooth first

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A Season of New Beginnings

Caring For Your Flooring Carpet Tips Vacuum Frequently - ensure your carpet doesn’t end up with a dull appearance. Clean Up Spills Promptly - tackle stains with DuPont STAINMASTER® comprehensive Stain Removal Guide. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners Every 12 Months - ensures deep cleaning. Hardwood Tips Vacuum Regularly - small stones, mud, and gritty dirt tracked in from outside can play havoc on a wood floor finish. Use longbristle welcome mats placed outside entrances for people to wipe their feet on before entering your home and vacuum using a soft bristle brush attachment. Don’t Damp Mop - water and wood floors don’t mix! Use the Bona® Hardwood Cleaning System that we carry here at Whelan’s. Don’t Use Oil Soaps - there are many over-the-counter, oil soapbased or silicone and wax-based cleaning products that can damage and dull the finish of your hardwood floor. Only use the manufacturers recommended cleaning products on your hardwood flooring. Never Wax a Urethane Floor - if you have a polyurethane finish on your hardwood floors, you should never use a wax on them. The wax will build a sticky film that attracts dirt, creates black traffic paths on your floor and makes the floor almost impossible to recoat later. Use the Proper Chair Glides - any furniture that rests directly on top of a hardwood floor should have felt protectors, or furniture coasters, under all its feet. For extremely heavy objects such


as a piano, use rubber cups. Purchasing chair glides is a very cheap insurance policy for your hardwood flooring. Wipe Spills Immediately - use a slightly damp white cloth or paper towel to immediately clean up and dry the affected area. For more difficult spots, follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning procedures. Vinyl Tips • Wipe up spills as soon as possible. • Wash your floor occasionally with no-rinse floor cleaner. • Don’t use detergents, abrasive cleaners or mop-and-shine products – they may leave a dull film on your floor. • Don’t use paste wax or solvent-based polishes. • Don’t use a beater bar when vacuuming because it can visibly damage the floor surface. • Don’t use highly abrasive scrubbing tools. Submitted by Whelan’s Flooring Centre

May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

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As the Victoria Day long weekend approaches most cottagers are getting ready for a slow busy drive and the need to “open” the cottage before they can begin to relax. Not me, I moved to my cottage a few years ago and moved my main workplace to Peterborough to be close to home. Yes, my family now lives full time in paradise at our Kawartha cottage. I did not wait to retire but made the leap to cottage country possible by changing my place of work without changing my job. That is difficult for most people but when it can be done it really has its benefits. I think if I was retired I would be bored after a while at the cottage.

Top 4 Considerations When Buying a BBQ Buying a new gas or propane grill can be a little confusing with the range of prices and options available. It is a substantial investment if you are looking for longevity and a good cooking experience. Here are some tips when shopping for your next grill. Grade of stainless steel, Type 304 stainless steel is the more expensive and a higher grade of stainless steel, made up of approximately 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It’s the chromium that gives stainless steel the corrosion resistant properties. Type 304 is non-magnetic, so take a magnet with you when shopping, if the magnet sticks the BBQ has used the lower grade of stainless steel. Thickness of steel, Thicker steel will stand up to the heat over the long run, which means less cracks or warping, better heat retention in colder weather and a sturdier appliance. Many lids will be double skinned to contain the heat better for winter grilling. Cooking grates & sear plates, look for some weight to the cooking grates not only for longevity but also to sear your food quickly locking in the juices. Stainless steel cooking grates are preferable as you don’t have to worry about the enamel finish chipping off. The sear plates cover the burner and protect it from grease and prevent flare-ups. The sear plates should provide full coverage of the burners to hold the heat and distribute it evenly. Warranty, check out the warranty which is usually listed on the back page of the manual, don’t go by “limited life-time warranty” – you want to know exactly what’s covered. What is the dealer’s reputation? Will they get parts for you or do you have to order parts online? Quality is long remembered after the price is forgotten, so weigh your options against your budget. It’s better to have a long lasting BBQ with fewer options than replace your burners or grill in a few years time. Submitted by Michele Kadwell-Chalmers, fireplace consultant at The Original Flame Inc., Peterborough,

On Friday May 20th I will drive home the short distance from work in Peterborough on country roads and be where I want to be to enjoy the long weekend. I can do this every day and, most of the time, I do. It is not always easy, especially in the winter. Living in the Snow Belt can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Roads are not always clear and the power often goes out, sometimes for a day or more. We are working on getting a propane-powered generator so we can have our own supply of electricity when Hydro One has a failure. Luckily our home is on a public road so we do get plowed in the winter. Being on a public road, we also have weekly garbage and recycling collection. We do have most modern conveniences like a dishwasher, central air conditioning, satellite TV, and most importantly high-speed Internet. Neighbours in cottage country are generally friendly relaxed people who share in the calmness that comes from being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Neighbours are also helpful in the winter when we go south for a vacation and they keep an eye on things for us. I do not think it would be easy to live in cottage country without a break, especially in the long cold winter. The nicest thing that everyone in cottage country can enjoy is the clear pollutionfree air with beautiful starry night skies. Whether you live in cottage country or are just a regular visitor or temporary resident be sure to look up at night. It is amazing. And don’t forget to have your Cottage Country Connection Magazine with you. Submitted by Murray H. Miskin, Editor

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Winexpert in Barrie If you love wine, then you need to know that wine making is easy. The experts at your local wine store are trained to help you choose a wine that suits your taste by speaking with you about your own personal preferences. With so many varieties; red, white, blush, fruit wines and specialty wine such as ice wine and port, the possibilities for your palate are endless. The staff at Winexpert Barrie are trained in the art of making wine, so other than choosing your wine and stopping in once to add the yeast – there is nothing for you to do but return to the store when your wine is ready to bottle. Fermentation times can take 5-8 weeks and vary based on the wine you select. Yes, anyone can make wine, as long as you are of legal drinking age of course. Wine kits from the award winning “Winexpert” are widely regarded as the leaders in the personal wine making industry. Winexpert’s is also the leader in North America in the production of grape juices from around the world. Winexpert Barrie has won many awards at the International Wine Competition in the United States, and local county fairs as well. Now in their 20th year Inge Carpenter and daughter Ashley help wine lovers from all over Barrie to make and bottle their own wine. Both for personal enjoyment, and special occasions, ranging from holidays to weddings. Great customer service is of the utmost importance at Winexpert Barrie, which means if you aren’t satisfied with your wine, bring back the remainder for a credit towards your next batch. Good food, good friends, great wine at Winexpert’s Barrie.

We are experienced painting professionals in residential and commercial painting, giving both interior • Highly skilled painters

and exterior painting

• Colour consultation providing professional input with modern trends & colour pallets

services at reasonable cost

• Top quality & Eco-friendly low VOC paints • Fast & Efficient • Handy woman/man available for other home improvements


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Kawartha Lakes 705-887-4365

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4 Science-Based Hangover Cures & Why They Work When it comes to hangovers, prevention is better than the cure, but if you got carried away and had a few too many, here are four food and drink suggestions to get you feeling human again. A Bowl of Porridge

Eggs Benedict with Asparagus

Hangover symptoms are not caused by alcohol, but by a chemical called acetaldehyde. When you drink alcohol, your body converts it first to acetaldehyde, then to acetate. Acetate is harmless (though it is one of the causes of morning-after bad breath), but acetaldehyde is extremely toxic. The faster your body can convert it to acetate, the sooner you’ll feel better. To change acetaldehyde to acetate, your body needs plentiful supplies of an amino acid called cysteine. Oats are a great source of cysteine, so a bowl of porridge is not only easy on your stomach but helps your body detoxify faster.

Alcohol causes damage to every cell in your body, but can be particularly hard on your liver and on your nervous system. It destroys B-complex vitamins, which your body needs to repair itself. Asparagus extracts have been used for generations in herbal medicine to treat hangovers, and a 2016 article in the journal Molecules ( suggests there is some evidence that the flavonoids in asparagus can help to repair liver damage. Eggs are a great source of Vitamin B, and if you have a wholemeal muffin with your Eggs Benedict, you’ll get even more B vitamins to start healing your damaged body.

Soda Water or Sprite Symptoms, such as a headache, are caused by dehydration. Alcohol suppresses the production of a hormone called vasopressin. Vasopressin stops you from urinating excessively. If there’s not enough vasopressin in your body, you lose more fluid than you should. In response, the blood vessels in your brain dilate to try and get enough vital oxygen. This causes your brain to swell, giving you that killer headache. So you need to rehydrate, but what’s the best thing to drink? A team of Chinese scientists published a paper in the journal Food and Function, which looked at the effects of different drinks on hangovers. They found that Sprite and soda water both increased the rate at which the body converts toxic acetaldehyde to harmless acetate. But beware! Carbonated drinks increase the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol. Drink water or a still soft drink between alcoholic drinks while you’re out, and save the Sprite and soda water for the morning after.

Since 1994

Mango and Ginger Smoothie Studies have found that alcohol disrupts the normal functioning of chemicals called cytokines. Like hormones, cytokines are chemical messengers that are essential for your body to stay healthy. The damage that alcohol causes to the cytokine pathways is very similar to that found in people with chronic inflammatory conditions. This may be one of the reasons for an upset stomach and aching joints and limbs during a hangover. To help repair the damage, blend mango flesh and ginger root with fresh orange juice. Mango contains high levels of antioxidants to repair the damage, and compounds such as fructose and aspartate that increase the rate your body metabolises alcohol. Ginger protects your liver and has powerful anti-inflammatory effects to help ease your aches and pains and settle your stomach. And orange juice has high levels of Vitamin C to mop up damaging free radicals. However, you might want to avoid this cure if your stomach is feeling very upset. Alcohol increases the production of stomach acid, and adding an acidic drink to the mix might make things worse, not better.

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May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Have you ever wondered what it is that brings visitors to this area year after year? The abundance of beautiful lakes and waterways are an obvious attraction – but this region has so much more to offer! Many local residents have lived in this area for years but have yet to experience all the attractions that make the Kawarthas a sought after destination for tourists. When planning your holidays, consider a ‘staycation’ – a vacation or day trip spent close to home. Avoid the hustle and bustle of big cities, hours of driving, and extra costs that accompany a trip out of town. The Kawarthas are home to the largest provincial park south of Algonquin, Canada’s only zoological reptile facility, thousandyear-old caves, the largest known concentration of Aboriginal rock carvings in Canada, and many other experiences for explorers of all ages!

cottage resorts. Numerous events and festivals will also keep your calendar full. There truly is something for everyone! To help with the planning of your ‘staycation’, visit the Kawartha Chamber office which doubles as a tourist information centre, located at 12 Queen Street in Lakefield. Pick up the Chamber’s A Wealth of Choice brochure which includes an area map and pinpoints many local attractions. Friendly staff will provide information on local destinations and events to help you discover your own backyard. For more information visit the Business Directory and Community Events Calendar at The Kawartha Chamber proudly represents members in Curve Lake, Douro-Dummer, North Kawartha, Selwyn and Trent Lakes.

Delicious local food, countless shops and boutiques, waterfront accommodations and nature’s beauty are right at your fingertips. Visit a local restaurant to enjoy a chef-prepared meal inspired by nearby ingredients. Find a unique gift, or treat yourself at a local shop or boutique. Experience the area’s culture at a museum or local historical site. If you’re interested in more than a day trip, choose from cozy inns, quaint bed & breakfasts, campgrounds or

Since 1994

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Planning a Staycation in the Kawarthas

of Attractions & Destinations WEEKLY REPORT - Online Every Friday from May 20th to Sept 2nd on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google Plus APSLEY

• Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park • Chandos Beach • The Gut Conservation Area • Bumbleberry Folk Farm • Marvel Rapids Golf Course • Tuckers Marine • Lakeview Cottages and Marina • Owenbrook Golf Course • Hunters General Store


• ZimArt’s Rice Lake Gallery • Sanctuary Antiques • Doo Doo’s Bakery • Wildwood Cottages


• Bancroft Village Playhouse • Silent Lake Provincial Park • Egan Chutes Provincial Park • The Old Tin Shed • North Hastings Heritage Museum • Art Gallery of Bancroft • Bancroft Golf Course • Vance Farm Park • Eagles Nest Park • York River Band Shell


• Trail Tours Dirtbike / ATV School • Fleetwood Creek Natural Area • Pigeon River Headwaters Conservation Area


• Bobcaygeon Marketplace 705-300-2196 • Lock 32 – Oldest Swing Bridge in the Trent Severn Waterway • Boyd Heritage Museum • Kawartha Settlers’ Village 705-738-6163 • Lakeview Arts Barn • Globus Theatre • Happy Day Houseboats Day rentals • Sheffield Greens Golf Club • Bay Ranch Lodge & Equestrian Centre • Bobcaygeon Beach Park • My Favorite Things


• Bobcaygeon Marketplace • Bigleys Shoes and Clothing • Buckeye Surf and Snow • Gilstorf and Gray


• Jones Beach • Miller Creek Wildlife Area • Chemong Lodge


• Pine Tree Trading Post 705-657-9900 • Town and Country Marine • Kawartha Country Wines • The Gallery on the Lake • Lew Gallery • Six Foot Bay Golf • Wolf Island Provincial Park • Rosey’s Trading Post • Gun and Military • Buckhorn Canoe Company • Cody Inn


• Lovesick Lake Park • Burleigh Island Lodge


• Victoria Rail Trail • Burnt River Off-Road Facility • The Pinery People


• The Ken Reid Conservation Area


• Tree Top Trekking • Laveanne Lavender Fields


• Empire Cheese • Ranney George Suspension Bridge • Ferris Provincial Park • Toonie Monument • The Stinking Rose • Church-Key Brewing Company • Aron Theatre • Seymour Conservation Area  • Woodland Estate • Doohers Bakery • Frogs and Whiskers Ink & Kerr’s • Corner Books

May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection


• Canada’s Smallest Jail • Coboconk Train Station


• Whetung’s Art Gallery & Craft Shop • Rosey’s Trading Post • Williams Outfitters • Curve Lake Pow Wow • Terry’s Gas and Variety


• Dunsford Nature Trail • Dunsford Golf & Country Club


• Quarry Golf Club • Sippin’ Dip


• Byrnell Golf Club • Garnet Graham Park • Verulam Park • Sunny Acres Resort • Eganridge Golf, Country Club and Spa • Gr8 Finds Market • The Corral • Watson’s Village Shop



• Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve • Yours Outdoors • Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike • Haliburton Sculpture Forest • SUP North Paddle Board Adventures • Hawk Lake Log Chute • Moon Shadows Estate Winery • Haliburton Highlands Museum • Haliburton Nordic Trails • Rails End Gallery & Visitors Centre • Ski-Mazing Water Sports • Pinestone Golf Course • Haliburton Rail Trail • MacDonald Lake • RPM Ski and Wake School • The Ethel Curry Gallery • Haliburton County Studio Tour  Continued on page 33

Discovering Cottage Country

Discover Cottage Country ATTRACTIONS

Cottage Country

Farmers Markets Bobcaygeon Farmers Market Saturday’s 8:00am – 1:00pm at the Bobcaygeon Fairgrounds – 47 Mansfield St

Buckhorn Farmers & Craft Market Buckhorn Community Centre EVERY Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Until September 1, 2015.

Campbellford Farmers’ Market Wednesday & Saturday 8:00am – 12:00 The corner of Front Street & River Street.

Fenelon Falls Farmers Market Friday: 2:00pm – 7:00pm Canadian Tire Store Parking Lot at 160 Lindsay Street

Haliburton County Farmers’ Market Tuesday, Friday, Saturday Tuesday & Friday: 12:00am – 4:00pm; Saturday: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Kinmount Farmers’ Market Austin Sawmill Heritage Park, 6 Station St. Kinmount - Until October

Lakefield Farmers’ Market Thursday: 9:00am – 2:00pm. Parking lot of Smith Community Centre, beside Isabel Morris Park

Lansdowne Farmers’ Market Friday: 1:00pm – 5:00pm Lansdowne Fairgrounds at King Street East and Prince Street

Lindsay Farmers Market Saturday: 7:00am – 1:00pm Victoria Ave., Victoria Park, Victoria Park Armoury. Located in Lindsay – just off of Kent St. (the main St)

Peterborough Downtown Farmers’ Market Wednesday: 8:30am – 2:00pm Louis St. parking lot, located on the south side of Charlotte Street, between George and Aylmer. Note: Markets Listed are in the distribution region for Cottage Country Connection. Cottage Country Connection distributes from Peterborough to Haliburton and from Fenelon Falls to Campbellford.

Since 1994

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May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

of Attractions & Destinations • Haliburton School of the Arts • Algonquin Park • Pinestone Resort & Conference Centre • Haliburton Forest Astronomy • Highlands Summer Festival


• South Algonquin Trails Inc. • Cedar Meadow Golf Course • MartinWood Golf Course


• Oakgreens Golf Club • Salt Creek Golf Links • Pine Ridge Golf and Country Club • The Water Lily Décor and Lockside Guest Suite • Oak Road Antiques


• Havelock Country Jamboree • The Gut Conservation Area • Crowe Valley Conservation Area • Havelock Drive In Theatre


• Westben Arts Festival Theatre • World’s Finest Chocolate Factory Outlet


• Indian River Reptile Zoo


• Wolf Run Golf Club • Pigeon River Headwaters Conservation Area


• Lang Pioneer Village • Elmhirsts Resort • Serpent Mounds Park • Pine Crest Golf & Country Club • Bellmere Winds Golf & Cottage Resort • Crafts ‘n’ Things • Keene Ideas Antiques and Collectibles


• Austin Sawmill Heritage Park • Icelandic Monument • Highlands Cinemas & Movie Museum • Kinmount Model Railway & Museum • Pumphouse Beach • Annual Kinmount Fair


• Balsam Lake Provincial Park • Kirkfield Liftlock • Country Nostalgia


• Lake St Peter Provincial Park


• Overstock Liquidation 705-652-0660 • McLean Berry Farm • Lock 26 – Trent Severn Waterway National Historic Site • Imagine the Marsh Conservation Area • Sunblockers • Trinkets and Treasures • Adventure Outfitters • Tribal Voices • Stuff • The Canoe and Paddle Pub • Stuff’d Bakery and Café • Celtic Connection • Tragically Hipp • Sunshrine Spa • Beachwood Resort


• Acadamy Theatre • Lindsay Gallery • Lindsay Golf and Country Club • Olde Gaol Museum • Ken Reid Conservation Area • Lindsay Twin Drive In • Lindsay Little Theatre • Antiques on Kent • Century Theatre • Lindsay Square Mall • Bowlaway Lanes • Whitetail Golf Club • Victoria County Museum • Lindsay Central Exhibition • Brits in the Park • Annual Classics on Kent • Annual Lindsay Milk Run • Lindsay Ribfest • Lock 33 – Trent Severn Waterway • Lilac Gardens of Lindsay • Joannes Place Health Foods


• Don Corneil Auction Barn • Buttertarts ‘n’ More Bakery & Deli • Deer Run Golf Course • Salem Alpacas Continued on page 35

Since 1994

Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


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May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

of Attractions & Destinations • White Tail Golf and Country Club • Crestwood Golf Course • Dromoland Orchard and Stables


• 4th Line Theatre


• Fast Lane Bowling 705-286-3900 • Blairhampton Golf Club • Minden Wild Water Preserve • Snowdon Park Preserve • World Famous Rockcliffe Tavern • Minden Hills Museum & Pioneer Village • Beaverbrook Golf Course • Get Up Stand Up Paddle Co. • Minden Truck Pull • Moonflowers Magical Touch • Agnes Jamieson Gallery


• Oakland Greens Golf & Country Club


• Norland Beach • Riverside Inn • Moncks Landing Golf Course • Gun and Military


• Oliver’s Nest Golf & Country Club • Country Sampler Antiques


• Youngtown Rock and Roll Museum • Windy Ridge Conservation Area • Adventure Drivers • Emily Provincial Park


• Canadian Canoe Museum • Riverview Park & Zoo • Peterborough Liftlock   • Petroglyphs Provincial Park • Art Gallery of Peterborough • Liftlock and the River Boat Cruises • Hutchison House Museum • Market Hall Performing Arts • Shorelines Slots at Kawartha Downs • Showplace Performance Centre • Antiques/Craftworks at the Barn • Rock and Rope Climbing Centre • The OFAH Hunting & Fishing Heritage Centre • Peterborough Golf & Country Club • Heron Landing Golf Club • Keystone Links Golf Club • Lansdowne Place Mall • Wild Water and Wheels • Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail • Kawartha Artists Gallery & Studio • Peterborough Musicfest • Ribfest • Kawartha Golf & Country Club  • Beavermead Campground • Tribal Voices • Joannes Place Health Foods

SELWYN • Craftworks at the Barn • Selwyn Beach Conservation Area TWEED 

• Black River Trading


• Carden Plain Important Bird Area


• Cheeky Bee Candle Co. & Gallery


• Warsaw Caves


• Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre • Red Cross Outpost Hospital • Martinwood Golf & Country Club Resort


• Woodview Golf Course



• Balsam Lake Provincial Park • Kawartha Lakes Cooperative Auction Barn • Viamede Resort


• Lockside Trading Company 1-888-714-0484 • Lock 27 – Trent Severn Waterway • Brian’s Not Just Blues Festival

• Black Diamond Golf Club • Ganaraska Forest Centre • Met Glass Designs  • Sandaraska Park & Family Camping • Lock 35 – Trent Severn Waterway  • Kawartha Trading Post



• Lake Dalrymple Resort • Carden Old Time Fiddle Contest • Quaker Oaks Farms

• Canadian Automobile Museum • Tree Top Eco


• Peterborough Museum & Archives 705-743-5180 • Cottage Toys ​ 705-741-2150

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Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


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Every Thursday Free Admission Canadian Canoe Museum 5-8PM 910 Monaghan Rd., Peterborough Every Thurdsday Bike Night – Peterborough Cycle Salvage 6-8:30PM 6860 HWY #7, Cavan Monaghan Every Thursday Buckhorn Carvers (Until June) 1-4PM 1782 Lakehurst Rd., Buckhorn 705-657-8873 Every Thursday Lakefield Farmers Market 9AM-2PM 20 Concession St., Lakefield Lakefield Community Centre Every Saturday Peterborough Farmers Market 7AM-1PM R.A. Morrow Park, Peterborough Every Saturday Kinmount Farmers Market 9AM-2PM Austin Sawmill Heritage Park *Begins Victoria Day long weekend Every Saturday Aplsey Village Market 9AM-2PM 137 Burliegh St., Apsley *Begins Victoria Day long weekend Every Saturday Havelock Farmers Market 8:30AM-1:30PM Corner of Oak St. & HWY #7 *Begins the weekend after Mothers Day 4th Sunday of the Mth Millbrook Farmers Market 10AM-1:30PM 1 Dufferin St., Millbrook April 3 – May 19 2016 Peterborough Museum and Archives Museum Drive at 300 Hunter St. E. Building Identity, Discovering PTBO’s Architecture Peterborough June 1 – July 31 2016 Hosta Fest - Gardens Plus 10AM-4PM 136 County Rd. 4, Parkhill Rd. E., Peterborough


May 6 & 7 2016 May 12 2016 May 13 2016 May 13 2016 May 13-15 2016 May 14, 2016 May 14, 2016 May 14 2016 May 14 2016 May 14 2016 May 14 & 15 2016 May 15 2016 May 17 2016 May 21 2016 MAY 21 2016 MAY 21 2016 May 22 2016 May 23 2016 May 26 2016 May 26 2016 May 27 2016 May 27 2016 May 28 2016 May 28 2016 May 28 2016 May 28 & 29 2016 May 29 2016 May 29 2016 May 29 2016 May 29 2016 June 4 2016 June 4 2016 June 4 2016 June 8 2016 June 9 2016 June 10 2016 June 11 2016 June 10 & 11 2016 June 11 2016 June 11 2016 June 12 2016 June 12 2016 June 15 2016 June 16 2016 June 18 2016 June 18 2016 June 18 2016 June 18 2016 June 18 2016 June 18 2016 June19 2016 June 19 2016 June 19 2016


Trunk and Book Sale Fri 12-6 & Sat 8-4 Friends of the Douro-Dummer Public Library, 435 Douro 4th Line 705-652-6430 Mens Swap Meet - Evinrude Centre 1-5PM 911 Monaghan Rd. Celebration of Research – Haliburton Forest 8:30AM-5PM 1095 Redkenn Rd., Haliburton Women’s Bike Maintenance 5:30-7:30PM B!KE – Peterborough Community Cycling Hub, 293 George St., Peterborough Peterborough Live Music Festival 10 Locations throughout the City of Peterborough Friends of the Douro-Dummer Public Library 10:30AM Douro-Dummer Public Library, 435 Douro 705-652-8599 Speaker Series Essential Oils with Deanna Hunt 4th Line, Douro Western Dinner Dance 4-9PM Minden Curling Club, 50 Prentice St., Minden Peterborough Horticultural Society – Plant Sale 9-11AM Westdale United Church, 1509 Sherbrooke St. W., Peterborough The 2016 Wearable Art Show 8-10PM Market Hall, 140 Charlotte St., Peterborough Cadigan’s Camp – Pickerel Tournament 305 CadiganRd., Peterborough 705-292-9075 Mozart Requiem – Westben Arts Festival Theatre 3-5PM St Andrews Presbyterian Church, 17 Ranney St. Campbellford Showplace presents – The Debaters 7:30PM 290 George St. N., Peterborouh 30 Craft Market 10:30AM - 3:30PM Applewood Manor, 1500 Lansdowne St. W., Peterborough Spring Craft Show - Buckhorn Community Centre 10AM-5PM 1782 Lakehurst Rd., Omeeme Blooms & Garden Club Spring Plant Sale 9-11AM Omemee Legion, 47 King St. Omemee , Spring Fling Sweepstakes Expo 1-5PM The Evinrude Centre, 911 Monaghan Rd., Peterborough 705-876-8121 Birdathon – Haliburton Forest 8AM 1095 Redkenn Rd., Haliburton Fashion at the Farm – South Pond Farms 5:30-9PM 1020 Gray Rd. Pontypool Workshop: Gardening is as easy as 1-2-3 with Perennials 7-8PM Gardens Plus, 136 County Rd. 4, Parkhill Rd. E., Peterborough A Fist Full of Pasta – Murder Mystery Kawartha Settlers Village 6-10PM 85 Dunn St., Bobcaygeon Women for Women – Fundraiser for YWCA Peterborough Haliburton 7:30PM Market Hall Performing Arts Centre, 140 Charlotte St., Peterborough Full Day Yoga Retreat for Mind, Body and Soul 8:30AM-7PM South Pond Farms 1020 Gray Rd. Pontypool Dandelion Day George St. United Church 11AM-4PM 534 George St. N., Peterborough Heroes and Rails Bike Tour 1-4PM 567 Carnegie Ave., Peterborough 6th Annual Warkworth Lilac Festival 10AM-4PM Main Street & along Millennium Lilac trail, Warkworth High Tea at Stillwater on the Lake 2-4PM 641 Lakeview Cres. Fire route #1, Peterborough 3rd Annual Baby Shower Expo - Evinrude Centre 11AM-4PM 911 Monaghan Rd., Peterborough Summer Camp Open House – Camp Kawartha 1-4PM 1010 Birchview Rd., Douro-Dummer Murder on the Rue George – Walking Tour 2-5PM 567 Carnegie Ave., Peterborough Taste of Downtown 11AM-5PM Downtown Peterborough All-Ways Apsley Motorcycle Rendezvous 9AM-4PM North Kawartha Community Centre, 340 McFadden Rd., Apsley 13th Annual Trish’s Wish Walkathon 9AM Registration Victoria Park Lindsay, 210 Kent St. W., Lindsay 705-879-8687 (Shirley) 45th Annual Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Golf Tourn 10AM-9PM Kawartha Golf & Country Club, 777 Clonsilla Ave. Angel Forrest – Showplace Peterborough 8PM 290 George St. N., Peterborough Haliburton County Fair Annual Family Beef Barbecue 5PM S.G. Nesbitt Memorial Arena, 55 Parkside St., Minden 152 Annual Haliburton County Fair - Minden Fair Grounds 9AM Corner of Bobcaygeon & Flemming Roads Kawartha Craft Beer Festival Fri.4-10 & Sat.12-7 Millennium Park, 1 King St., Peterborough A Tree Walk – Canadian Bushcraft 9AM-4PM 134 Paudash St., Keene Lakefield Fairy & Dragon Fest 10AM-5PM Downtown Lakefield Settlers Day - Kawartha Settlers Village 10AM-4PM 85 Dunn St., High Tea at Stillwater on the Lake 2-4PM 641 Lakeview Cres. Fire route #1, Peterborough Seniors Showcase 9:30AM-4:30PM Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre, 755 Brealey Dr., Peterborough Whisky Tasting, a World of Great Whisky – South Pond Farms 7-9PM 1020 Gray Rd. Pontypool Peterborough Yoga Festival - Del Crary Park 7AM-7PM 100 George St. N., Peterborough Activity Haven Seniors Centre Yard Sale 8AM 180 Barnardo St., Peterborough Summer Lakeshore Festival – Gamiing Nature Centre 11AM-4PM 1184 Pigeon Lake Rd., Lindsay Transportation and Historic Sites Bike Tour 1:30-4PM 567 Carnegie Ave., Peterborough Minden Truck Pull, Show & Shine and ATV/Track Mud Bog 8AM Minden Fair Grounds, Bobcaygeon Rd., Minden Family Fly-Tying and Casting Workshop for Beginners 10AM Haliburton Highlands Fish Hatchery, 6712 Gelert Rd., Haliburton Father’s Day at Lockside Trading Company 2805 River Ave., Young’s Point 24th Annual Car Show 9Am-3PM Golden Beach Resort, 7100 County Rd. 18 Roseneath 20th Annual Father’s Day Smoke & Steam Show 10AM-4PM Lang Pioneer Village, 104 Lang Rd., Keene

May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Discover Cottage Country ALL THINGS AUTO

Thinking About a New Car Without the New Car Price? Often times the advantage to considering new car is the peace of mind that it comes problem free. When you think CPO (Certified Pre Owned) many assume that it’s just a safety checked car. A CPO is so much more than just a used car, it is a “Program” whereby pre-owned cars have gone through rigorous testing and reconditioning programs that are a part of the dealerships CPO program. One-third of Canadians don’t know what a CPO is, but consumers are catching on to the benefits quickly. With many leased cars returning to dealerships that are lightly used and in excellent condition, dealers can carry a larger selection of CPO vehicles in their inventory, giving the buyer more options. These cars are more appealing to car shoppers since they are equipped with modern technology and have already taken their biggest depreciation hit. As well, dropping fuel prices powered an increase an increase in purchase of new larger vehicles, and with low interest rates and longer loan repayments, new car shoppers bought more expensive vehicles. CPO customers will reap the benefits of this by being able to take advantage of those bigger and more expensive vehicles. KIA CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED VEHICLE PROGRAM FEATURES AND BENFITS: So what is the difference between Kia’s regular pre-owned vehicle and a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle? Although there might be slight differences between manufacturers, Kia’s CPO vehicles have the following:

• 30 day/2,000 km exchange privilege • 135 Point Vehicle Inspection • Paintless Dent Removal coverage • Key and Key-less Remote replacement coverage • Mechanical Breakdown Protection (optional) • Free Lube, Oil and Filter changes • $500 Graduate Bonus (if applicable) • Car Proof Vehicle History Report • SiriusXM Satellite Radio Trial • All regular scheduled maintenance completed • Most carry the balance of factory warranty (5 yr/100,000 km) • Fully backed by Kia Canada Lynn Hill, Peterborough Kia ,

Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


Yes, there are Lobsters on Clear Lake! You can’t come to Camp Kawartha without learning something new and exciting and here’s a little-known fact about crustaceans that I’m going to share with you. There are lobsters on Clear Lake! No, not all the time, in fact, they only appear once a year, usually on a weekend in midJune and only in the evening. You don’t even have to look for them, they will come to you! Simply pull into the parking lot at Camp Kawartha’s main site just north of Lakefield at 1010 Birchview Road and follow the sound of happy revellers, sit down at one of the beautifully decorated tables inside the big tent festooned with twinkling lights and the lobsters will appear before you on a plate with melted butter and special utensils ... and boy are they delicious! Camp Kawartha’s annual Surf n’Turf fundraising dinner happens next month on Saturday, June 25th

Arrive at 4:30 pm for delicious hors d’oeuvres & preview the huge selection of silent auction items donated by the area’s generous local businesses. Dinner, featuring lobster, local beef and vegetables, salads and sumptuous desserts starts at 6 and there are always lots of entertaining surprises and special guests to look forward to while you feast. The night wraps up with an exciting live auction for big ticket items like watercraft, trips and so much more. Bidding is always fun and lively -- blame it on our awesome signature cocktails. Camp Kawartha’s Summer Camp, Outdoor Education Centre and Environment Centre deliver award-winning environmental programming to people of all ages all yearround. In order to serve the greatest number of campers and students, we rely on donations from people like you. The Surf n’ Turf fundraiser is our only public fundraiser of the year and it is so integral to what we do. Getting a ticket for THE best event in cottage country couldn’t be easier. Just go online to event/surf-n-turf-dinner-auction/ and click on the “Purchase Tickets” button. If you prefer to pay the old-fashioned way, we have office staff standing by to take your call at 705652-3860. We hope you’ll kick off the cottage season with this special night on the Lake. By Shawna Foxton,

Branded Apparel & Merchandise

Welsh Marketing Inc. has access to almost any Product or Wearable in quantities that can be branded with your logo. We sell the same products as most online US Companies. Local owner Jennifer Welsh, MAS (Master Advertising Specialist) is looking forward to meeting you and working with you to get awareness for your business with Branded Merchandise and Apparel. Please call Jennifer for an appointment. ✔ Let’s work together to keep business in Peterborough. ✔ You can depend on a local business that supports our community. ✔ We guarantee friendly service & competitive prices and product satisfaction.

Jennifer Welsh, MAS • 705.740.2299


May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Discover Cottage Country KIDS CORNER

Paper Plate Jelly Fish As soon as I get out the paper plates my kids get a little wild with excitement. We use them for so many craft purposes, they know something fun is coming. Summer is approaching and the warm weather has us all dreaming about swimming and beaches. So we made some fun Jelly Fish to hang around the house. You will need paper plates, ribbons, scissors, tape, markers and stickers and googly eyes or puffballs to make eyes. Turn the plate upside down and let the kids decorate the bottom of the plate with markers and stickers (this will be the top of your Jelly Fish) Using the a ballpoint pen, carefully poke holes around the edges of the plate and slide different ribbons in and tie or tape onto the plate. Curl the ribbons as you go. Moving into the center of the plate poke two holes close to the center and create a loop of ribbon so that you will be able to hang your Jelly Fish. Glue on googly eyes or make eyes out of something you have at home. On the underside of your Jelly Fish tape more curled ribbons around the center of the plate. Hang in the Sunshine and enjoy. Get ready for Beach Season! Emily Ireland Date


Every Thursday

Free Admission Canadian Canoe Museum

KIDS EVENTS May 29 2016 June 11 2016 June 12 2016 June 18 2016 June 19 2016



Summer Camp Open House – Camp Kawartha Lakefield Fairy & Dragon Fest Settlers Day - Kawartha Settlers Village Family Fly-Tying and Casting Workshop for Beginners 20th Annual Father’s Day Smoke & Steam Show

1-4PM 10AM-5PM 10AM-4PM 10AM 10AM-4PM

Place & Contact

910 Monaghan Rd., Peterborough

1010 Birchview Rd., Douro-Dummer Downtown Lakefield 85 Dunn St., Bobcaygeon Haliburton Highlands Fish Hatchery, 6712 Gelert Rd. Lang Pioneer Village, 104 Lang Rd., Keene

Baby Animals Word Find

Foal Kitten Calf Puppy Tadpole Since 1994

Chick Duckling Colt Fawn Bunny

Kid Gosling Cub Lamb Piglet

Larva Fingerling Kit Hatchling Owlet Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


Nature’s Healing Tool In this modern world, and in the equine industry, it can be overwhelming having to choose from the large quantity and type of products available to apply to wounds, or to supplement diets, and to promote hair growth, hoof growth, etc. At Inukshuk Farm, where we are fortunate enough to work every day doing what we love caring for horses and creating a knowledgeable and positive community for their owners, the opportunity to learn and grow is constantly presenting itself. Such an opportunity arose this winter to learn about the incredible healing properties of raw honey … This story begins with a twenty-six-year-old quarter-horse mare named Sally, and Chloe, the twelve-year-old girl who loves her. Sally suffered a severe wound in the winter which resulted in a burst abscess. Although abcesses are common in the equine world and usually not life threatening this particular instance was different. Veterinarian care in such instances is very important and Sally was fortunate enough to have the compassionate and professional services of Gilson Veterinary Clinic who not only dealt with the grave medical condition of Sally but also with the human trauma of Sally’s family. Inukshuk Farm & Equestrian stepped in at this point making a quick trip to pick her up and begin the intensive daily cleaning, application of raw honey and sterile procedures, including daily bandaging. Raw honey, produced and highly recommended by the Ontario Veterinary College clearly proved to be remarkably effective in healing this wound. But that said, let’s not discount the

Raw Honey

‘Get Well Note’ that Chloe was busy making as our horse trailer was on its way to pick up Sally. This ‘Get Well Note’ was posted on the Inukshuk Farm bulletin board for everyone to look at every day … no pressure of course, with saving Sally! We can’t understate the love that Chloe showed for this old horse, the excellent veterinarian care, and advice and daily wound care provided by Inukshuk Farm that together were the three-fold answer to Chloe’s prayers. Submitted by Janice Ecclestone, Inukshuk Farm, Selwyn

Lakefield Animal Welfare Society 2887 Lakefield Highway (formerly Hwy28) 705-652-0588 •

Animal Rescue Krew (ARK) 3307 Lakefield Rd, Lakefield • 705-651-0069

Humane Society Of Kawartha Lakes 111 McLaughlin Rd, Lindsay 705-878-4618 •

Peterborough Humane Society 385 Lansdowne Street East, Peterborough 705-745-7676 • 40

May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Discover Cottage Country PETS & VETS

Dog Parks! The Good, the Bad & the Ugly! In these days of strict leash laws, doggy parks have become a necessity for some city dwelling dogs. So just how good are dog parks for your pet? The good thing about dog parks is the opportunity it provides canines to run freely and sniff the world at will. We all know that dogs really and truly love to do this. Dog parks also provide your dog a chance to socialize with other dogs. This can be a good thing but can also be a dangerous experience for your pet. Dog parks should not be equated with a mobile coffee shop. You are there for a reason ... exercising your dog. Use it that way. When you get to the park, keep moving. Walk around the perimeter of the yard. Movement is calming for dogs ... even those that are not your own. Don’t stand in a small group with friends. That encourages too many dogs to hang out with you

Since 1994

and your group and can lead to some bullying between the dogs. The bad part is the people who simply can’t manage their dog at all so they choose to bring the dog to the park to burn off some energy instead of training their dog. Beware of the dogs who walk around stiff legged with a tail that is high and wagging stiffly. They may be showing the whites of their eyes and have the hair standing up along their spine. These dogs are powder kegs ready to blow up at any moment. The ugly can be the parcels left on the ground. Please pick up. Things like whip worm and lung worm are showing up more and more these days. Trust me, you don’t want these in your dog so make sure poop gets disposed of safely. Submitted by Pat Robertson, CDT, Due North Kennels

Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


Cats & Catnip A Match Made in Heaven As most cat owners know: cats are crazy for catnip. Give kitties some catnip and most of them will be rolling about in a state of ecstasy within seconds. Why do they do that? Here are a few interesting facts about catnip and its effects on your feline friend.

• Catnip’s effect on cats was first written about over 200 years ago but it wasn’t until the first half of the 20th century that scientists began to study what was going on and why. During this time, researchers isolated the main constituents in Catnip that have such an amusing effect on cats. • The Catnip plant produces chemicals to protect it from predators. Among these chemicals is nepetalactone, which defends the plant from marauding insects, this and related substances are also responsible for Catnip’s effects on cats. Please note that catnip is non-toxic to cats under normal circumstances; however, cats should be introduced gradually to the plant, in case they have an unusual reaction to it. • The active substances in catnip have to be inhaled rather than eaten to produce a response. Cats can detect minute amounts of the chemicals they love, and soon after finding the source of the aroma, they show a common behavior pattern. They chew the plant or toy. Then they rub their cheeks, chins, and bodies against it, which helps to release more of the substances they crave from the microscopic bulbs on the surface of the leaves and stems. • Catnip’s effects are short lived. After 5 to 10 minutes, cats lose interest, but give them an hour or two and they’ll begin to respond again. This is because cats’ noses and brains become temporarily “immune” to the pleasures of catnip and need time to recover. • Not all cats love catnip. Kittens don’t start to show interest until they near sexual maturity. Some cats don’t react at all and it’s thought that catnip sensitivity is inherited. 

• Domestic cats love to tumble in Nepeta cataria, and lions, leopards, bobcats, and ocelots love to, too. Cats and catnip are an entertaining pairing. Invest in a catnip toy or grow your own plants, and sit back and enjoy the fun along with your pet.


May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Nothing shouts out spring like the reappearance of Mr. & Mrs. Chipmunk in the garden. They spent their winter figuring out how to infiltrate the inner contents of our bird feeder, and they succeeded. They can be found daily exiting the bird feeder from within with both cheeks stuffed to the nines barely fitting through the filling hole.

Harper DEC Born May 3rd at 2am

Discover Cottage Country PETS & VETS

Dr. Terry’s Zoo

(Harper is 1 hour old in photo)

Amigo our greyhound-cross rescue from Cuba gives an olympic effort to capture the infiltrators but luckily has been unsuccessful. One thing Amigo Habenero did succeed in was getting a tick. I removed the tick and sent it to the lab to be tested for twelve different pathogens. Lyme, anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis being three of them. Lyme disease has been the most prominent tick borne disease detected at Parkhill Animal Hospital. Lyme disease can cause lameness, fever, kidney failure, anorexia, and generalized illness. A simple blood test can detect if your dog is positive. A Lyme vaccine is now available. Topical and oral preventative tick medications are available at your vets. The old adage holds true “an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure”. Now is the time to be proactive by using preventative medication for heartworm, intestinal parasites, ticks, and fleas. Testing for heartworm, lyme, and ehrlichiosis is now ongoing in one simple blood test. Christi and I are off for a walk with Spinnaker, Chilli Pepper and Amigo Habenero. We are meeting Sunshine, a Lhasa Apso, to visit the seagulls on the beach. Like us on Facebook. Submitted by Dr. Terry, Parkhill Animal Hospital, 705-745-4605


Dreamcatcher Equestrian Centre

On Your First Foal of 2016

Since 1994

Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


What Causes Wrinkles? Although aging is a natural process, there is much about it that scientists are still studying. People inevitably get wrinkles, creases, and lines in the skin, but not everyone knows how and why they form, or whether and what environmental factors contribute to them. As people age, skin cells divide more slowly and decrease in number, causing the skin to grow thin and lose its ability to heal and retain moisture. The second layer of the skin, the dermis, produces less collagen and elastin, connective tissues that provide strength and elasticity. Under the dermis, in the subcutaneous layer of skin, fat cells become smaller and less able to plump up the skin. All of these changes contribute to sagging, less elasticity, and the development of wrinkles. Some environmental factors tend to speed the aging process, as do genetics. The sun is one of the greatest culprits in the formation of wrinkles, as the ultraviolet light breaks down connective tissue in the dermal layer of the skin. Smoking also affects the dermis by decreasing the body’s ability to produce collagen. Repeated facial expressions such as smiling or squinting also contribute to wrinkling, causing fine grooves in the skin. While wrinkles are part of aging, many people find them unsettling and look for ways to treat them. Many options are available for people seeking to smooth wrinkles or make them less visible, including topical and injectable medications, fillers, skin resurfacing, and surgery. It’s always advisable to consult a physician, especially when considering the more invasive procedures. Whether a person allows nature to take its course or pursues treatment for wrinkles, everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin.


6 Easy Ways to Boost an Aging Immune System As the body ages, the immune system slows down, making it more difficult to fend off bacteria and viruses that cause illness. Fortunately, there are steps seniors can take to boost their immune system and ensure it is in fighting order. 1. Practice Stellar Nutrition Good immunity begins with excellent nutrition. A diet rich in wholesome, nutritious foods builds a strong immune system that is able to more efficiently attack invading cells. 2. Drink Extra Water Many seniors fall far short of getting their daily recommended fluid intake. Drinking adequate water quickly flushes out the system and makes an inhospitable environment for bacteria. 3. Stay Active Exercise is a fun and easy way to boost the immune system of an individual in any age range. Even if limited mobility is an issue, a quick Internet search will reveal plenty of activities for every level. 4. Stay Up to Date on Vaccinations One illness can take a toll on an aging immune system. By getting all the recommended vaccines, a senior can reduce their chances of contracting an illness in the first place. 5. Cut Bad Habits The use of cigarettes and alcohol greatly contribute to lowered immune function. Those who give up these indulgences will find they are rewarded with many benefits including a boosted immune system. 6. Avoid Ill Friends and Family An easy way to avoid contracting an illness that may put a strain on an otherwise healthy senior immune system is to avoid coming into contact with those who are sick. While this is not always possible, limiting the number of interactions with ill acquaintances and good hand washing practices will greatly reduce the chances of infection. Encouraging a healthy immune system only takes a few simple lifestyle changes. The benefits of enjoying a longer lifespan with a higher quality of life far outweigh the efforts of these changes.

May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Discover Cottage Country SENIORS

Inspired Living at Summit Terrace

If you are looking for the kind of lifestyle that feels like a neverending holiday and provides worry-free living, then Summit Terrace could be the answer to your retirement dreams. These luxury seniors apartments located in Peterborough’s beautiful west end will provide you with the ultimate active senior lifestyle and the freedom to enjoy your golden years in the style you deserve. Located in a quiet residential neighbourhood, Summit Terrace is just two blocks north of Lansdowne St providing easy access to the Wellness Centre, Kawartha Golf & Country Club, Lansdowne St shops, and restaurants, as well as the airport and Hwy 115. Imagine being so close to such a wide variety of destinations within the city and still being able to enjoy a picturesque view from your own private balcony or patio. This elegant building, built by AON, provides luxurious living suites fully equipped with six appliances, including washer, dryer, and dishwasher. Offering contemporary floor plans and enhanced features with bright, over-sized windows and 9 and 10-foot ceilings as well as a variety of spacious floor plans to choose from, ranging from 722 sq ft to 1315 sq ft. The all-inclusive rent includes weekly housekeeping services, weekly linen and towel service, routine maintenance, snow removal, and grounds-keeping. Underground, heated parking is available as well as an air-conditioned limo van shuttle which can provide door-to-door service when transportation is required for local appointments.

Since 1994

Enjoy two delicious complimentary meals a day in The Pinnacle Restaurant, a unique on-site dining experience which offers flexible dining hours, open seating and welcomes your guests too. Serving up gourmet lunch and dinner daily, you have the choice of mouth-watering, healthy creations from a globallyinspired menu freshly prepared and artistically arranged to please your eyes as well as your palate. The restaurant is also licensed. With many opportunities for fun such as socializing in the Mustang Bar & Lounge, or getting active in the fitness studio with friends, you always get to choose whether you want to keep busy or perhaps simply enjoy some peaceful relaxation time in the on-site “Tranquil Moments” wellness salon. Summit Terrace, 1802 Cherryhill Road, Peterborough

Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


as hyperglycemia, decreased bone density, sleep disruption, decreased muscle mass, elevated blood pressure, lowered immune function, and increased abdominal fat. The result of anxiety could be a result of certain nutrient deficiencies. This could include a B12, Amino acid, Magnesium, and B3 (Niacinamide) deficiencies. Prescription medications may also lead to anxiety causing stress.

What is Stress? It has been defined as “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change.” Whether one is aware of it or not, everyone experiences stress. Stress can be physical, mental or emotional. A small amount of stress is not harmful to the body and can actually be beneficial, however, when the body is chronically under stress it can result in unhealthy physiological changes. Hans Selye, a famous Canadian Endocrinologist, defined the term stress in 1936. He noted harmful changes in animals exposed to acute unpleasant physical and emotional stimuli such as: stomach ulcerations, shrinkage of lymphoid tissue, and enlargement of the adrenal glands. Years later we have learned that stress – elevated and prolonged levels of Cortisol - can exacerbate and promote similar diseases in humans or give rise to other unhealthy conditions such as: Impaired cognitive performance, dampened thyroid function, mood disorders, blood sugar imbalances, such


One can naturally manage stress by focusing on lifestyle changes. Focus on a healthy and balanced diet, exercising, meditation, breathing, and Naturopathic care. Adaptogens are a select group of botanicals that help provide balance to your stressed body. Such herbs include: Holy basil, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Siberian Ginseng, Schisandra, and Bacopa. Furthermore, a B complex (coenzyme form) can help in lowering personal strain, reducing confusion and depression; L-theanine is also used to help alleviate anxiety; 5-HTP is used when managing stress and lastly, probiotics (in addition to L-Glutamine) to help in repairing the gut lining and fighting off further infection after chronic stress. Ultimately it is about finding the right steps for each person and managing the issue of stress. by Dr. Jennifer Marion, ND Jo Anne’s Place has invited Dr. Marion to present an indepth presentation in the Peterborough Area. Please see our accompanying invitation.

May 10 - June 6, 2016 ~ Cottage Country Connection

Discovering Cottage Country

Rather than give advice this month, I’d like to share a more personal story with you. Recently I had the tables turned on me. I went from being a dental provider to being the parent of a dental patient. One of my sons had to have what I thought was a straightforward procedure. He had many more questions than usual and wanted more explanation than I had given. Normally, I would have provided the dental treatment and both the patient and I would have been on our own way. Of course the patient can contact me anytime afterwards but for the most part, we don’t hear from the patient again until their next scheduled visit. I’d always assumed

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this is because all was going well, and there are no unanswered questions. This time I had to go home with the patient! He asked quite a few questions – to me it was something I’d done many times before but for him, it was a new and strange experience. I told him what he was feeling was normal, that it would be temporary, and advised him of the benefits to his overall dental health. He was more comfortable after he received this reassurance.

as I should, and that there may be some questions a patient may have that I haven’t been addressing. We normally try our best to explain what treatment is recommended, what the alternatives are, and to inform as much as possible. However, given this lesson I learned from my son, I will try to recognize that I may not be addressing all concerns, and that what may seem like a trivial matter to me may be quite important to the patient. I want our patients to know not to be shy to ask questions or contact us anytime.

This has made we wonder if I’m not being as complete with my explanations

Dr Neel Joshi, Lakefield Dentistry

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Think Tax-Smart. Think TFSA. The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is an extremely flexible account that can meet a wide range of needs. By allowing you to save $5,500 tax-free every year, it can help you: • Build additional retirement savings above and beyond your RRSP • Earn tax-free income on surplus RRIF payments you don’t currently need • Contribute to a family member’s education savings beyond their Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) • Shelter fully taxable interest income that you’re currently earning in a taxable account • Create a contingency fund for emergencies or time-sensitive opportunities While your contributions are not tax-deductible against your income, as they are with an RRSP, any investment income they earn accumulates tax-free. And if you don’t use all of your contribution room in a given year, you can carry it forward indefinitely. You can withdraw as much as you want, whenever you want – and pay no taxes on the withdrawal. What’s more, any amounts you withdraw are added to your available contribution room for future years, beginning on January 1 of the following year. This article is supplied by Howie Budd, Vice President, Associate Portfolio Manager with RBC Dominion Securities Inc. Member CIPF. This article is for information purposes only. Please consult with a professional advisor before taking any action based on information in this article. Howie can be reached at 705-743-4332 or

Medical Expense Tax Credit The Medical Expense Tax Credit In our busy lives, it is easy to forget to set aside information that will be needed in the new year when our tax returns are due again. One example is receipts from a wide range of medical, dental, and related expenses such as health care services, travel expenses for appointments and treatments (>40 KM), medications, glasses, hearing aids, accessibility-related home renovations, dental services, health insurance premiums, and the cost of moving to and living in a Long-Term Care facility. The CRA Folio S1-F1-C1, Medical Expense Tax Credit, provides extensive information of what is and is not eligible for this tax credit. As with most tax credits and deductions, the Medical Expense Tax Credit is intended to benefit lower income taxpayers – the total expenses are reduced by 3% of net income (to a maximum of $2,208 for 2015) before being added to the nonrefundable tax credits section of Schedule 1. A similar credit exists for provincial income taxes. Unfortunately, in many cases the benefit of this credit is lost because the taxpayer does not have enough tax owing to apply the tax credits against. This issue is somewhat remedied by the Refundable Medical Expense Supplement – one of the most overlooked tax deductions. It is available to any adults with eligible medical expenses or disability supports expenses AND employment or self-employment income over $3,421 (in 2015). It differs from the Medical Expense Tax Credit in that it is “refundable”. The maximum credit for 2015 was $1,172. It is an indexed figure and is reduced if the total of your net income and your spouse’s net income exceed $25,939. It is eliminated if that total exceeds $49,379. If in doubt, keep all your healthrelated receipts and sort through them later to see what is valid. It’s not a great tax credit, but every little bit counts! Submitted by Gwyneth James MBA CPA, CGA, Cody & James CPAs


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Every CEO is tasked in providing growth with the highest net profits, with minimal risk in a timely manner. One of the challenges in doing so is keeping the board of directors on the same page while providing motivational direction to your direct reports. What we have found to be a detrimental bottle neck in rolling out growth, is the collaboration of the team to Validate Growth first, which if not done properly comes ‘back to bite you’ stemming from existing and future issues that weren’t assessed and addressed. We have seen the results in underestimating the true cost of growth, not understanding the break-even point, and the actual effort required by people within the company to roll out growth successfully. The Success in Growth is in the ‘Validation Principle’, validating growth first – determining growth that contributes to the net profits by validating these four main categories; Opportunity, Finance, Culture and Ability. If all four categories are not healthy – growth will struggle with major challenges that will come back to you, the CEO, who is ultimately accountable for everyone and everything at the end of the day. It’s always better to take the time up front to prove that growth is achievable rather than paying for it later. Overestimating growth without validating it first could result in financial loss, internal cultural issues, Board dissatisfaction, brand diminishment, unrealistic customer promises, bad publicity and drop in stock prices. It can all be prevented by taking the time and evaluating, Validating Growth First! Karl Tettmann is the Author of the book “SUPERCHARGE Your Business Today, the Six Secrets of the GROWTH TM Technique.” For a limited time download the book online for only .99 cents (Regular $16.99) at Amazon or Book Baby. To learn more go to:


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Way back in the late 1940s I had the opportunity to not only surprise two people but put big smiles on their faces. One was my mother and the other was a vacuum salesman I had never met before. This story has three components, my Mom, a vacuum cleaner salesman and my love for bowling. Up to that time, Mom and Dad had been married for almost 24 years and had always rented. Their landlord decided he wanted to live in the house himself compelling our family to move and buy a home, a necessary choice but a beneficial one. Mom and Dad toiled hard to provide our family - which had grown to seven kids - with a nice home, nourishing meals, clean clothes and lots of love but one thing I noticed; Mom could never afford a vacuum cleaner. I was not quite sixteen but worked part time at Wonder Bakeries. I secretly called the Electrolux people to send someone out to demonstrate a vacuum. Meanwhile, I was an avid ten-pin bowler, a member of two teams both of whom were in leagues that started at seven o’clock. Many veterans found jobs after the war selling encyclopedias, magazine subscriptions and vacuum cleaners all of which were tough roads to travel and not very lucrative. Well, the vacuum salesman arrived around six o’clock on a bowling night, I invited him into the living room and suggested a confused Mom and Dad sit on the couch for the demonstration. At this point, I surprised not only the salesman but Mom and Dad as well. I asked the salesman to show me the purchase papers and I would sign them even before the demonstration began, then I gave Mom a kiss and asked her to pick out any vacuum she wanted as my gift to her for being the best mother in the world. Mom hesitated but I convinced her it was what I wanted to do. My parents beamed from the chesterfield, the vacuum salesman was still in shock because he had a confirmed sale and I hustled out the door to catch a bus not to be late for my bowling night. Something as simple as a vacuum cleaner, but the smiles, the happiness, the warmth I felt that night have remained in my memory bank all these years. By Russ Sanders,

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What’s Really in it for You The Peterborough Business Excellence Awards officially opened up nominations in April. For many who have already submitted their nominations, this is an exciting time going through the nomination process. For others, this may be the time to consider nominating a business, or business professional, but can’t decide if the process is worth the effort. It is, but don’t just take our word for it. “As the owner of a young Peterborough-based business, I only dreamed of someday being recognized, not realizing the opportunity was right in front of me; right now ... it was as simple as filling out an on-line form. The rest was a step-bystep process that simply fell into place,“ said Patti Priestman of Home Suite Home Transitions and recipient of the 2015 Customer First Award.

partnerships and collaborations you have formed in the community … not only are you celebrating your own achievements, you are also recognizing others who have helped you along the way,“ explained Kerri Davies with Canadian Mental Health Association Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge and recipient of the 2015 Not-for-Profit.

Becoming a finalist means free advertising for your business, an opportunity to take inventory on how your business is doing and a great morale boost for your staff.

Joe Corrigan with Lang Pioneer Village said the 2015 Tourism Award is, “A lasting source of pride and a symbol of excellent performance to show your customers.”

“Our submission process served as a rallying event whereby leaders within our organization were able to “sing the praises” of their departments. It proved to be a good team-building event for all involved,” said Deborah Paris-Lineberry of Paris Marine Ltd. and recipient of the Retail Non-Chain/Non-Franchise Award.

Nominations can be filled out on the website, www. Nominate a business that deserves some recognition, even if it’s your own.

“The application also provides the opportunity to celebrate


If nothing else, The Peterborough Business Excellence Awards is a great place to be entertained by our MC, Driving Miss Daisy’s Bob Doornenbal. He sings.

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Cottage Country Connection ~ May 10 - June 6, 2016


Cottage Country Connection May 2016  

Cottage Country Connection Magazine. Distribution from Peterborough to Haliburton & from FenelonFalls to Campbellford. #CottageCountry

Cottage Country Connection May 2016  

Cottage Country Connection Magazine. Distribution from Peterborough to Haliburton & from FenelonFalls to Campbellford. #CottageCountry