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Book Week 2016 20th - 26th August 2016

Australia: Story Country

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A Whole Other World I’m reading a book, inspecting a tale, A boat that I’ve chosen to sail Across the seven seas, once more, I know this book is not a bore My brain is relaxed, my eyes are calm, A little reading cannot harm As my eyes travel, across the page, The feelings of excitement, sadness, rage They fill me up, they pin me down, My head is spinning round and round I don’t know what to think or feel, ‘Cause all of this just seems so real Now I should stop, I need to go, But I can’t put this book down so I’ll keep on reading- I won’t stop, ‘Till I’ve finished the whole book off!

By Lily Parish Aged 10 Queenwood Junior School

Somewhere in Australia By Marcello Pennachio & Danny Snelll Somewhere in Australia, in a land of scorching sun, lived a kangaroo and her little joey. Join some familiar Aussie friends in a book based on a classic rhyme. Buy the book now

The Echidna and the Shade Tree By Mona Green This is a charming adaptation of Mona Green’s tale of the Jaru people. The very special illustrations have been adapted from the children’s original story paintings. Buy the book now

Possum Magic By Mem Fox & Julie Vivas Possum Magic has enchanted children and adults alike since its publication in 1983. Follow loveable Hush and Grandma Poss as they weave a tale of pure magic. Buy the book now

Possum Creek and the Animals By Noah Forgot A collection of children’s poems by Aussie legend A.B ‘Banjo” Patterson. Buy the book now

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The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill By Dorothy Wall First published in 1933, Blinky Bill has become one of the most loved Australian book characters of all time. Go on an adventure with this mischevious koala and his friends. Buy the book now

Koala Lou By Mem Fox Follow Koala Lou on her journey to win an event in the bush Olympics along with her mother’s love. A joy for all ages. Buy the book now

Tim and Ed By Ursula Bubosarsky Tim and Ed love being together all the time but what will happen when Ed goes away for the night? This delightful award-winning story explores the beginnings of independence. Buy the book now

The Magic Pudding By Norman Lindsey The Magic Pudding has been a classic Australian tale since it was first baked in 1918. The story follows the adventures of a charmig young koala named Bunyip Bluegum, sailor Bill Barnacle and Sam Sawnoff in their attempts to thwart the extremely persistent puddin’ thieves. Buy the book now

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Hop Up! Wriggle Over! By Elizabeth Honey Go on an adventure with a frolicsome family of unique Australian animals. Come on, slow coach, Zip! Zap! Zooom! Buy the book now

How the Kangaroos got their Tails By George Mung This classic book has been adapted based on a story told by George Mung Mung Lirrimiyarri. The illustrations have been adapted from the original paintings from this story. Buy the book now

Bobbie Dazzler By Margaret Wild Bobbie the wallaby can hop, skip and bounce, but he can’t do the splits and he reallllly wants to! This charming Aussie story is suitable for children 3 and up. Buy the book now

Josephine Wants To Dance By Jackie French Josephine wants nothing more than to be a ballerina, but everyone keeps telling her that kangaroos don’t dance. Buy the book now

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Wombat Wins By Jackie French & Bruce Whatley From the award-winning creators of Diary of a Wombat comes a tale of Mothball, an athletic wombat who comes home with a gold medal. Buy the book now

Diary of a Wombat By Jackie French & Bruce Whatley This charming international bestseller depicts the cheeky antics of Mothball, “a wombat with attitude�. This rather unique wombat leads a very busy and demanding life. Buy the book now

One Woolly Wombat By Rod Trinca This classic early childhood counting book will introduce your young reader to 14 new friends through fun rhymes and charming illustrations. Buy the book now

Wombat Divine By Mem Fox Wombat loves everything about Christmas but his dream is to be in the Christmas play. Will Wombat get what he has dreamed of for so long? Buy the book now

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Platypus By Mark Jackson Learn about one of Australia’s most puzzling and unique animals in this award-winning picture book about a platypus. Buy the book now

Tiddalick: The Frog Who Caused a Flood By Robert Roennfeldt Tiddalick was so thirsty that he drank up all the rivers and billabongs. The other animals have to find a way to get the water back. Buy the book now

Toad Rage By Morris Gleitzman Follow Limpy on his wart-tingling adventure to prove to humans that cane toads really aren’t that bad.

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Buy the book now

Frog Finds a Place By Sally Morgan & Ezekiel Kwaymulina & Dub Leffler This gorgeous tale follows a little frog on his journey to fulfill his dream of living up with the moon and the stars. Buy the book now

Green Tree Frogs By Sandra Kendell Green Tree Frogs is an affectionate celebration of the cheeky frogs from the Top End and life in the wet season. Buy the book now

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Wombat Stew By Marcia K Vaughan & Pamela Lofts Follow the journey of a dingo as he tries to cook a gooey, brewy, yummy, chewy, wombat stew with the cheeky instructions from the wombat’s friends.

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Fire By Jackie French & Bruce Whatley

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A story inspired by the bushfires that have affected many Australians, Fire is the heart-wrenching tale of a real natural disaster through the eyes of a cockatoo. A beautiful story about courage, kindness and the strength of the Australian spirit. Buy the book now

Fox By Margaret Wild & Ron Brooks

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This award-winning picture book takes us on an emotional journey into the heart of darkness and hope through the searing Australian outback. Buy the book now

We’re Going on a Croc Hunt By Laine Mitchell & Louis Shea We’re going on a croc hunt. We’re going to find a big one. I’m not afraid. We’re as brave as brave can be! Buy the book now

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The Dirty Great Dinosaur By Martin Waddell & Leonie Lord Let Hal and his dog Billy show you how to deal with the temper tantrums of the dirty great dinosaur! Buy the book now

I’m a Hungry Dinosaur By Janeen Brian & Ann James Shake, stir, mix, bake‌ This little dinosaur just loves cake! Buy the book now

Big Book of Aussie Dinosaurs By Kel Richards Stomp your way through the wonderful world of prehistoric Australia in this fun and informative book. Buy the book now

Mad About Dinosaurs By Giles Andrea & David Wojtowycs A bestselling picture book packed with all of your favourite dinosaurs in a rhyming prehistoric romp though history. Buy the book now

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Waltzing Matilda By Banjo Patterson A must read for all Australian children for the past 100 years, this is a classic story of a swagman who steals a sheep. Buy the book now

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Ned Kelly & the Green Sash By Mark Greenwood & Frane Lessac A very special picture book about the life of Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang, Australia’s most infamous bushrangers . Buy the book now

Bushranger Bill By Megan De Kantzow Bushranger Bill is in love with Tourmaline Lil, but what happens when the Bad Captain Bluff tries to snatch Lil away? Buy the book now

The Littlest Bushranger By Alison Reynolds Go on an adventure with The Littlest Bushranger when the swashbuckling Jack and his faithful dog Hector are descended upon by an oddly bird-shaped outlaw. Buy the book now

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Midnite By Randolph Stow A good-humoured and exciting story about the exploits of young Captain Midnite and his five animal friends. Buy the book now

Captain Thunderbolt By Jane Smith Captain Thunderbolt had one of the longest bushranger careers in history. This Australian Robin Hood was loved by the public for he was clever, charming and a great storyteller. Buy the book now

The Legend of Moondyne Joe By Mark Greenwood Follow the story of Moondyne Joe, a beloved scoundrel and expert bushman from Western Australia. Buy the book now

The Horse Who Bit a Bushranger By Jackie French A thrilling story of survival, second chances and dances with danger. Buy the book now

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Tom Appleby Convict Boy By Jackie French Young thief Tom Appleby is convicted of stealing and deported to Botany Bay. As a member of the First Fleet, Tom arrives in a strange new country at the tender age of eight. Buy the book now

Burke and Wills: Expedition off the Map By Karen Tayleur

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The true story of an expedition to walk off the map and discover the unknown in a new world completely different to anything they could have imagined. Buy the book now

My Gallipoli By Ruth Starke & Robert Hannaford From the shores of Anzac Cove to the pages of this book come the stories of soldiers, nurses and their families. Buy the book now

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda By Eric Bogle & Bruce Whatley This iconic song was written in 1972 and has been re-imagined by children’s illustrator Bruce Whatley. A timely story for every generation to share. Buy the book now

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Aussie Heroes: Sir Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop By Hazel Edwards This surgeon, rugby player and leader is remembered for his attitude and skills as a doctor during WW2. An inspiring true story about a man who saved lives, so many soldiers could return home. Buy the book now

Simpson and his Donkey By Mark Greenwood & Frane Lessac A heroic story of how one man and his donkey rescued over 300 men during the Gallipoli campaign in World War I. Buy the book now

One Minute’s Silence By David Metzenthen & Michael Camilleri One Minute’s Silence is a powerful reflection on the meaning of Rememberance day written for children 8 and up which was awarded Honours in the CBCA Picture Book of the Year Award for 2015. Buy the book now

The White Mouse: The Story of Nancy Wake By Peter Gouldthorpe The Gestapo called Nancy Wake The White Mouse. The most decorated Australian woman in any war, Nancy joined the French Resistance and became the most wanted woman in France during World War II. Buy the book now

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The Dog on the Tuckerbox By Corinne Fenton & Peter Gouldthorpe The award winning story of a pioneer and his loyal dog, Lady. Buy the book now

John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat By Jenny Wagner & Ron Brooks This classic award-winning story follows Rose, her dog John Brown and the mysterious midnight cat. Buy the book now

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy By Lynley Dodd Hairy Maclary sets off for a walk through town and is joined by a few friends. This rhythmic narrative offers a terrific adventure for all ages. Buy the book now

My Dog Bigsy By Alison Lester Meet Bigsy, a little dog that causes a big commotion on the farm! Buy the book now

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Shop Dog and Cat Costumes

Where’s Spot? By Eric Hill This number one bestseller is an Aussie classic. Children of all ages love lifting the folds in search of Spot. Buy the book now

Trim: the Story of a Brave Seafaring Cat By Matthew Flinders The true story of Matthew Flinders’ brave, seafearing cat Trim. Buy the book now

Snail and Turtle are Friends By Stephen Michael King Shop Turtle Costumes

A delightful tale about two unlikely friends. Snail and Turtle are different, but they always like doing things together. Buy the book now

This & That By Mem Fox

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An utterly delightful tale about this and that. Buy the book now

Adelaide’s Secret World By Elise Hurst Adelaide’s Secret World is an enchanting tale about courage, change and finding your soul mates. Buy the book now

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Introducing the Inaugural

Young Writers Competition 2016 Theme: Australia; Story country How to Enter? Write an original story or poem relating to this years Book Week theme: “Australia; Story Country�. Entries must be 500 words or less.


Entries open on Thursday 23rd June at 9am, and Close on Friday 26th of August at 4pm sharp and are to be submitted in a typed format via our online submission form here. Entrants will be divided into 2 categories, 5-8years, 9-12 years. Age must be the age of entrant on Thursday 25th August 2016. Proof of age may be requested of finalists.

Winners will be announced on the CostumeBox website Writers Competition page on Friday the 16th of September. Judging will be by a panel appointed by the competition organisers, consisting of the organising committee, teachers, librarians and special guest authors, to be announced.


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: e u l a v l a t o t 500 $ – e z i r P t s 1

$225 Cash ucher o V x o B e m Costu + $100 ls Voucher e b a L e in That’s M + $100 of Books h t r o W 5 + $7


e: u l a v l a t o t 0 Prize - $30 $100 Cash oucher V x o B e m u $75 Cost ucher o V ls e b a L Mine $75 That’s f Books o h t r o W $50

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3rd + +

e: u l a v l a t o t 0 Prize - $20 $75 Cash oucher V x o B e m u $75 Cost ucher o V ls e b a L Mine $50 That’s ge group a h c a e in s e

erit Priz M l ia c e p S r 10 furthe x Voucher o B e m u t s $25 Co Voucher ls e b a L e hat’s Min + $25 T

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My Farm By Alison Lester This mischievous classic follows a young girl on her many adventures through her Aussie farm. Buy the book now

Moo, Baa, La La La! By Sandra Boynton This seriously silly board book is a whimsical educational tool sure to entertain children of all ages. Buy the book now

Belinda By Pamela Allen Every day Mrs Farmer milks Belinda the cow and there is always plenty of milk for the dog, the cat, the pig and cream and butter for Mr Farmer, but what will happen when it’s Mr Farmer’s turn to milk Belinda? Buy the book now

The Cow Tripped Over the Moon By Tony Wilson ‘Hey diddle diddle, you all know the riddle…’ How many attempts will it take Cow to make her famous high-flying leap? Buy the book now

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Who Sank the Boat? By Pamela Allen Award-winning author Pamela Allen brings us the story of five animals who decide to go for a row. Buy the book now

Chooky-Doodle-Doo By Jan Whiten This delightful rhyming counting book follows two cheeky little chooky chicks. Buy the book now

The Little Piggy Went Singing By Margaret Wild Meet five little pigs who absolutely love Christmas. This story is a delight to read, filled with humour. Buy the book now

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt By Laine Mitchell & Louis Shea Go on an adventure with these charming animals. Will they find lots of chocolate to share? Buy the book now

The Duck and the Darklings By Glenda Millard & Stephen Michael King This sweet tale is a wonderful story of friendship, splendour and a new dawn. Buy the book now

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As Big as You By Sara Acton Follow Finlay, a small elephant on a journey to find out if he will ever be as big as Claude. A charming story by award-winning author Sara Acton. Buy the book now

Dear Zoo By Rod Campbell This bestselling lift-the-flap book has been an Aussie favourite for twenty-five years. What kind of pet would you like from the zoo? Buy the book now

The Stone Lion By Margaret Wild & Ritva Voutila The stone lion has only one dream - to run, pounce and leap in the park across from where he sits. Will his dreams come true? Buy the book now

Mummy, You’re Special to Me By Laine Mitchell & Kim Fleming Little giraffe loves her mummy for so many reasons. This heart warming tale is a joy to read and is sure to bring a smile to your little reader’s face. Buy the book now

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One Step at a Time By Sally Heinrich One Step at a Time is an exquisite story about the relationship between Luk and his elephant, Mali. Buy the book now

Eye to Eye By Graeme Base Experience being eye to eye with nature’s most beautiful creatures. This 2016 Picture Book of the Year nominee is yet another Aussie favoruite from bestselling author Graeme Base. Buy the book now

Helix and the Arrival By Damean Posner & Jules Faber Helix is the worst caveman-to-be that Rockfall has ever seen. A brilliant comingof-age story about the life of a caveboy. Buy the book now

Alfie’s Lost Sharkie By Anna Walker It’s bedtime but Alfie can’t find Sharkie anywhere! Where could he be? Buy the book now

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The Very Cranky Bear By Nick Bland Follow Moose, Lion, Zebra and Sheep in their attempts to cheer up a very cranky bear. Their ideas are sure to surprise and delight you! Buy the book now

Deluxe Pola

r Bear Mas



We’re Going on a Bear Hunt By Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury Join in the family’s excitement as they splash through rivers and squelch through mud in search of a bear. Buy the book now

ar Mask Polar Be OW SHOP N

The Very Noisy Bear By Nick Bland There is music in the air in the jingle jangle jungle! Buy the book now

Imagine By Alison Lester A wonderful introduction to nature, this much-loved children’s book will take you on an adventure to explore places and animals your young reader has never seen before. Buy the book now

Full Polar B ear Head Mask SHOP NOW

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Two Little Monkeys By Mem Fox & Jill Barton Two little monkeys are hiding in a tree two little monkeys named Cheeky and Chee. This sweet story will leave your little monkeys delighted and surprised. Buy the book now

All Monkeys Love Bananas By Sean E. Avery This adorable and hilarious picture book tells the story of a poor little monkey who just can’t bear the sight of one more banana.

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Buy the book now

Animalia By Graeme Base This exquisite alliterative picture book will captivate children as they search for hidden objects. Adults and children alike will get lost in the pages of this charming book. Buy the book now

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Some Mums By Nick Bland Some mums are graceful, some mums are tough. Each mum has her own way of being a mum! Buy the book now

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Mary Poppins: The Complete Collection By P.L. Travers Follow this enchanting story fom the moment Mary Poppins arrives at number 17 Cherry Tree Lane and changes the Banks’ lives forever.

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Buy the book now

I am a Witch’s Cat By Harriet Muncaster Fall in love with this whimsical picture book, a tale of little girl who believes her mother is a good witch and she is a special witch’s cat.

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Buy the book now

Room on the Broom By Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler A kind witch and her cat end up inviting all sorts of animals to share her broom in this magical story about friends and family. Buy the book now

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I Got This Hat By Jol Temple, Kate Temple & Jon Foye Hats, only the headless dislike them! If you enjoy wearing hats, you’ll enjoy this book. Just don’t wear it as a hat, it will fall off!

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Hat ross Bones Skull and C SHOP NOW

Buy the book now

Tough Boris By Mem Fox & Kathryn Brown Boris is a mean old greedy pirate, tough as nails and very scary. But what happens when a young boy sneaks on to Boris’s ship?

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Buy the book now

The Cleo Stories: The Necklace and the Present By Libby Gleeson & Freya Blackwood Cleo is a little girl with a big imagination who always finds a way to have fun. This irresistible story is the winner of the 2015 Children’s Book Council Award for Young Readers. Buy the book now

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Brown Kids

Pirate Hat


Picnic at Hanging Rock By Joan Lindsay On a cloudless day in 1900 everyone at Appleyard College for Young Ladies went on a picnic to Hanging Rock. Three girls climbed in to the blaze of the afternoon sun, further, higher, until they disappeared forever. Buy the book now

Playing Beatie Bow By Ruth Park As a result of a scary playground game Abigail travels back in time to the colonial 1870s in Sydney where she meets Beatie Bow, a girl whose name she thinks she knows. Buy the book now

Seven Little Australians By Ethel Turner Set in Sydney in the 1880s, follow the adventures of the seven mischievous Woolcot children. Buy the book now

The Thorn Birds By Colleen McCullough The Thorn Birds is a sweeping family drama set in the Australian outback. Colleen McCullough’s classic explores dreams, struggles, dark passions, and forbidden love. Buy the book now

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Pharaoh: The Boy Who Conquered the Nile By Jackie French Follow Prince Narmer ‘The Golden One’ on his journey to follow his dreams and fulfill his destiny.

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Buy the book now

Storm Boy By Colin Thiele Storm Boy is an Australian classic, capturing the wave-beaten shore of the Coorong in South Australia, home of Storm Boy and Mr Percival.

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Buy the book now

A Hero Is By Nikki Rogers Every boy can be a hero, brave knight or superman, by helping others, doing right and being the best he can. Buy the book now

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Alice-Miranda on Holiday By Jacqueline Harvey Alice-Miranda has survived her first term at Winchester-Downsfordvale and now the school’s second best tantrum thrower is joining AliceMiranda’s family for a holiday. Will they have a more exciting holiday than they were expecting?

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Buy the book now

Alice Miranda at Sea By Jacqueline Harvey Alice-Miranda is all set for her luxurious cruise aboard a royal yacht. Wild weather and rumours of a jewel thief throw the travellers into turmoil and that’s just the beginning.

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Buy the book now

The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl By Melissa Kell Shortlisted for the 2015 Book of The Year for Older Readers, let Alba take you on an adventure in her crazy life. Buy the book now

Little Merm

aid Red Wig


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The Monster Princess By D.J. Machale Follow the story of a sweet little monster with very big dreams. She wished she could dance, she wished to be special… and this is her chance! Buy the book now

Go Away, Big Green Monster By Ed Emberley

Green Curly Hair Cli SHOP NOW ps

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Let award-winning Ed Emberley help chase away your bad dreams in this delightful tale about showing your fears who is boss! Buy the book now

Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli By Barbara Jean Hicks “The waitress in this restaurant just doesn’t have a clue. Monsters don’t eat broccoli! How could she think we do?” Buy the book now

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Bringing Book Week to Life with

Ian Coate Ian Coate is a renowned illustrator who has been depicting Australia’s wildlife, landscapes and inhabitants for over 25 years. So when we needed something special to celebrate this

Lofts.” Like these well-known Aussie titles, Ian’s design for the pencil case features loveable native animals in a distinctively Australian landscape, huddled around the trunk of a gum tree enjoying their books together. Ian says the best part of his job is

year’s Book Week theme, Australia: Story Country, we knew just who to ask. “Drawing cute Aussie animals was right up my alley and I love to read, so combining cute Aussie animals reading books was just fun,” says Ian, who has illustrated many books in addition to

Expressing ideas through illustration – especially my love for Australia.

his work as a commercial artist and visual historian. When it comes to narrowing down his favourite children’s books, Ian says “That would be a long list [...] But you can’t go past Australian authors: Mem Fox and Marcia Vaughan who wrote Possum Magic and Wombat Stew and the illustrators Julie Vivas and Pamela

Having started at the age of 17, he’s got some words of wisdom to share with kids who share his enthusiasm for artistic expression. His advice is “draw what you love – it always shows in the finished artwork” – something that’s plain to see for anyone who receives one of our Book Week pencil cases.

Shop with us and receive a


Exclusive Australian pencil case designed by Ian Coate with each child costume purchase*.

*While stocks last

Huge range of costumes for Book Week Easy online ordering at 100% hapiness guarantee with 100 days return Free Next Day Delivery for orders $79+ 4 hour delivery in Sydney Free warehouse pickup

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Book week 2016 - Australia: Story Country  

Book Week is a week long festival run by the Childrens Book Council of Australia every year to highlight the importance of literature in chi...

Book week 2016 - Australia: Story Country  

Book Week is a week long festival run by the Childrens Book Council of Australia every year to highlight the importance of literature in chi...