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COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself throb Edgar Cayce, Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed an d other great avatars who served as 'Channels ' tor the heavenly rattier and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness . Since 1963 Cosnrc Awareness has been communicating through certain carefully-trained channels . The information contained herein was received from dee p , super-conscious trance states and 'interpreted' by an entity affiliated with C .A.C . This informationis for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inherit the New Age . Throughout the many , thousands of 'Readings' giver: through these channels, Cosmic Awareness repeatedly tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore , doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel, what is the truth . Cosmic Avnreaess will only indicate and suggest . Members of CosrmcAuxrreness COnnrrun catrons arc invited to rend in questions (on anything of gene-al interest) for possible publication in this Newsletter .




(IGNORING THE BEAST WITH POSITIVE THINKING ) An open letter from Cosmic Awarenes s to those who feet C .A .C . is spreading `negativity


Paul Shockle y Trance--Interprete r QUESTION : From time to time we receive notes like the one I am going to read ; and th e thought occurred to us that when this Gathering Storm information is released , the possibility exists that a lot of the membership of C,

.C .


choose to dro p

out . This information has not gone out yet, but we stilt occasionally receive card s like this one today, and I would like to ask Awareness for a response we coald sen d out when we cancel a membership on this basis . The card reads : "Please discontinue sending your material to us . W e believe that `thought s are things' and the negativity you send out is very detrimental to the whole earth .

We will be thinking in a positive way and raising our and other consciousness fo r a good life on earth ." It was signed, Mrs . D .M . of Roscoe, Montana .

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that there are many entities who believe that by not looking at factual realities they ca n escape from these realities . This Awareness indicates that there are many entities who believe that by thinking o f flowers, trees, light, and angels, that the weather outside will be changed . That the lady next door who is dying o f cancer will suddenly be healed . That the war which is on the horizon will be ended, that the airplane which crashe d yesterday, or which will crash tomorrow, d i d not occur, or will not occur .

This Awareness indicates that many entities believe that `positive thinking', as it is called, is the ultimate tota l answer . This Awareness indicates that this is erronious and such entities are actually deluding themselves and ma y as well spend the rest of their life in a theater watching comedy . This Awareness indicates that these entities ar e simply entertaining themselves, likened unto mental masturbation . COPYRIGHT 1979 by Cosmic Awareness Cmnraunications 8 : the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . I cprodue-tion by permission only .



i la

This Awareness indicates that what is, is, and thoughts ignoring what i s cannot change what is. This Awareness indicates there is a way to change wha t is, but entities must begin from where one is, and what is, and work from there towar d higher vibrations . This Awareness indicates you cannot ignore what is and expect it to go away . Thi s Awareness indicates that in some instances this can be done wherein the what is has little energy except that which you yourself arc giving it . Wherein there are thousands of entities pouring energy into creating a situation, and other entities are simply ignoring what the y are doing, believing that by ignoring this, it will go away—these entities are simply ignorant . The word ignoring and ignorant are of the same root . This Awareness indicates that those entities who stare at flowers permanently, looking at nothing else, may b e in for a big surprise . This Awareness indicates that the followers of )ones* were positive that they were moving toward a utopia, other wise they would not have followed this entity, given up all of their goods and wealth . This Awareness indicates that there are many errors in the philosophy of `positive rhinking ; ' there ar e certain areas wherein positive thinking can be of great benefit . This Awareness indicates wherei. . positive thinkin g is related unto one's own attitude toward one ' s self, wherein one can begin to think positively about one's capabilities, about one ' s ability to improve, to develop, and to grow--this is very beneficial . Wherein one simply avoids th e negative, letting the dying child die, letting the sorrow and suffering which is outside the door continue to screa m and wail ; wherein one sees the automobile wreck, but says, "I will ignore that because I AM TOO POSITIVE T O DEAL WITH NEGATIVITY, "—this Awareness indicates this is of a different nature . This Awareness indicates that wherein this Awareness does trance healings for others, wherein this Awareness , through this Interpreter, tunes in to those entities needing healing, this Awareness does not state : "I will ignore you r suffering because I am too positive to bother with negativity ." This Awareness looks at the suffering, and from tha t level of suffering, from that negative reality, This Awareness begins to move the energies, step by step, carefully , slowly upward toward that which is more positive in nature . This Awareness indicates you begin with what is, thee, direct it to that which is the desired level . But you do no t ignore what is and pretend that it does not exist . This Awareness indicates those who ignore what is, even if it i s negative, are not contributing anything to this earth—they arc simply remaining ignorant and escaping, temporarily , without assistin g in raising the vibrations of this plane . This Awareness indicates that there are some entities who can walk into the midst of battle and raise the vibration s and help to bring about peace . Other entities, upon hearing about a battle, are completely `freaked out' and turn th e information off and grab a comic book, thinking that they are contributing to peace on Earth . This Awareness indicates these entities are guilty of contr ibuting to the error upon this earth : for wherein there is any suffering anywhere upon this earth, all entities are somewhat responsible—either from not doing something to stop that error , or from ignoring the error, or from not realizing the error exists . This Awareness indicates the only entities wh o avoid responsibility for error are those who attempt to resolve that error and give their energies in some way t o bring about a harmony upon earth by reconciling those differences which exist. This Awareness indicates It is not elated when entities ignore the sufferings of others and gloat or brag that the y are positive in their outlook and cannot be bothered with details about negative situations . This Awareness indicate s the entity who does not wish to be informed about these realities shall, indeed, experience these realities within th e proper time . This Awareness indicates those who are informed and who take some constructive and positive actio n to assist in bringing about the harmonious reconciliation of the conflict---these shall find great reward for thei r experiences . For more on Jim Jones, please refer to 'Revelations of Awareness' No . 79-3, 'The Guyana Trac1dy' .


QUESTION : Along the same line, we have a letter from B .S . of Lakewood , Colorado . " I have some questions for Awareness : How doe s the healing of the A .R .E . group meetings differ from that o f the Awareness ? 1

might add that my group voted to keep th e

Beast off our healing list because it was too political . I don ' t think the Beast, or the Awareness for that matter, is real t o them and this bothers me, as I don't understand how thei r lives can be so complacent or smug that they have no concer n or thought for the future . If this attitude is generally prevalen t with the American public,the Beast should have a field day .Th c question is, if the Beast were to he put on every healing list o f of every A .R .E . group in the United States, couldn ' t it b e stopped cold, at least in this country?" *

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this could be of great benefit in assisting the Iessening of the sorrow and suffering . Thi s Awareness indicates that by your question you reveal yourself to be a clear channel . This Awareness suggests that you reed not study those channels who do not recognize these levels, for you yourself are capable of channelin g clearly .


This Awareness suggests that many entities having set up their comfort zone, being told of the wolf outside, bein g told of the storm which is coming, preparing themselves for bed, not wishing to attend the flock outside, not wishin g to bar the doors, not wishing to deal with realities--many entities simply believe that by pulling the wool over thei r eyes, falling asleep, that it will all go away so long as they have a smile on their face and a vision of sugar plu m fairies in their head . This Awareness indicates that this is an unfortunate belief, for there have been many victims slaughtered and sen t to their graves, even though they had beautiful images within their heads . This Awareness indicates that smiles an d beauty have their place, but bullets and soldiers and guns also have taken control of many places which once hel d smiles and beauty . This Awareness indicates if you do not realize this, you should speak to certain entities who hav e been through the wars, who have seen the bayonets, who have experienced the tortures--many of these entities wh o once were smiling and joyful and never believed anything could happen that would disturb their joy . This Awareness indicates this kind of complacency is that which is the downfall and which will lead to the suffering in this nation.


This Awareness wishes entities to recognize before it is too late that the complacency, the apathy, the ignorance , the desire to be gratified and entertained is ;:hat which is the drug, the stupor, the opium which the Beast has place d upon your consciousness, so that it can walk in and trample upon you without your even realizing what has occurred . This Awareness indicates diet It can do nothinz more than to inform entities—for entities arc the arms and legs o f this Awareness upon this plane . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities choose not to be aware, choose not to know what is occurring , choose simply to continue in their stupor, in their sleep—these entities are contributing to that which is the energie s of the Beast . and are therefore traitors to the cause of humanity . x









(Contributing to the Beast )

This Awareness indicates that there are many women upon this earth, particularly in the United States, who have found their security by investing in steel, in war potentials, in guns, in munition s factories, in computer systems, and in other types of systems wherby their money is contributing to the Beast, and they sit at hom e drinking tea, enjoying the good life, thinking positively, chantin g and smiling as though they were the next in line to speak to Jesus . This Awareness indicates there is a great irony in this, and there i s a great tragedy in this, for many of these entities have sorrow s within their heart for the sons and for daughters who have suffere d because of the wars, the revolutions, and the tragedies that hav e occurred which, if looked at carefully, could be seen to have com e from investments of their own, or of entities who are investing, i n similar manner . * This Awareness indicates entities seeking money at any cost, regardless of where it goes, what it promotes, these entities finding the good life, the sweet life, then claiming themselves to be Christians, to be worthy of heave n because they don 't know where their money is going—they don't know that their money made a bomb that jus t wiped out a child and a mother in another nation . They don't know that the money which they invested in a certai n stock caused the manufacture of a particular type of war mine which burst as a shrapnel and deboweled some smal l child or cut off an arm or leg . This Awareness indicates that many of these entities, pleading ignorance at the final analysis, will discover that their ignorance is not an excuse . * EI)'S NOTE : Almost all the stocks listed in the Dow-Jones Industrial Average arc directly or indirectly involved in the war machine . These are the stocks most purchased by banks and trusts and insurance companies which pay dividends and annuities, SO% of which goes to women .

This Awareness indicates entities here at C .A.C. are risking their lives that idiots like some of those out there wh o are reading this material and who object to the negativity which is being expressed, thinking in the snobbish manne r that they arc contributing more by ignoring these levels, thinking in the snobbish manner that they are creating greater joys and freedoms upon this earth by simply thinking of flowers, beauty, harmony, and good times—these entitie s are deluding themselves . This Awareness indicates you may chose to read the book, The Knights of Malta*—there is a definition of nobility and snobility : this Awarenes s indicates a snob is one who pretends nobility, but has none ; a nobl e person is one who knows what is occurring . This Awareness indicates that there are many entities who appear and believe they know what is occurring and create an expression and a n attitude of snobbery . This Awareness indicates that this snobbery attitude, which is likened unto in many cases, a spiritual snobbery, is that which is in reality an ignorance which portrays nobility, and i s that which is humorous for many but is ironic and tragic when th e entity expressing that spiritual snobbery is not aware that he or sh e is being laughed at, or is being a spiritual snob . This Awareness indicates that those entities who know what i s occurring can only look at the spiritual snob and shake their head s in sympathy .

ts. I" i



This Awareness indicates there are many entities expressing the spiritual snob energies upon this plane at this time , and these entities deserve sympathy—but little respect . 4.

This Awareness suggests that entities not waste their time on spiritual snobs other than to le t them know that you recognize that they are spiritual snobs . This Awareness suggests you call the m by such a name in order to awaken them, and in this terminology they may begin to understan d what they are doing. This Awareness suggests this not to be a condemnation, but as a shock effec t to awaken entities from their complacent pat-on-the-back attitudes to one wherein they look care fully at what is happening, and ask themselves : `Am I doing all that I can do, or am I simply avoiding responsibility by pretending to be above concern for that responsibility? ' This Awareness indicates the more entities there are who avoid the responsibility, the more that responsibility is dumped upon those who take it on . This Awareness indicates that those wh o avoid the responsibility for dealing with these energies of the Beast will be held responsible fo r the heavy karma which is placed upon those who accept that responsibility . This Awareness indicates that the entity Christ taking upon himself the sins of the world , taking upon himself the karma of the world because other entities would not do so . This Awareness indicates that all entities who refused to assist in taking upon the karma of the world, wh o ignored the need to take this upon themselves, who contributed to the negative ka rrma of th e world—these entities indeed shall be given their share of the karma—the consequences for thei r ignorance, for their ignoring, for their avoidance, and for not accepting the responsibility that each entity ha s chosen by being horn upon this plane. ALL











This Awareness indicates that many entities believe that they did not ask to be born upon this plane and there fore do not wish to deal with its problems . This Awareness indicates this is not the case . Each entity born upon this plane either was brought here to work out personal karma which had been created previously and needed to b e balanced, or was brought here to learn a lesson, or was brought here to take on karma of the plane . This Awareness indicates there is none here who did not choose to come to this plane, and none here who doe s not have a purpose, either in clearing out negative karma from one's self, or assisting in clearing out the negativ e karma from this plane—and any entity who refuses to take upon himself the obligations, the purposes for whic h he or she came into this plane, will have these purposes, these energies and these experiences doubled, or tripled, o r quadrupled---whatever it takes to awaken the entity to that which was his or her purpose in coming .

This Awareness suggests that the complacency is only a temporary illusion--tha t you may escape through movies, through television, through drugs, throug h euphoria techniques--that none of these can be a substitute for facing reality an d serving others and changing consciousness and lifting the vibrations . That to lift vibrations, you begin with what is, and move to what can be . This Awareness suggests if you do not recognize this, try telling a terminal cance r patient that you do not believe anything negative will happen to her or him an d then check back with the doctor and find out whether the entity has been cured because you refused to believe there was anything wrong . This Awareness indicate s the only way to heal another is to recognize what is, and move from there t o what can be ; the only way to heal an earth is to recognize what is and then t o move from there to what can be . '

'Knights of Malta' book is available for $4 .00 . Write :

The Order of St. John of Jerusaiem, the Knights of Malta , P.O . Box 3000, Manville N .J . 08835 .


THE SPIRITUAL VAMPIR E Saying, 'Thank you, George Washington ' Does Not Earn You Your Liberty

(Closing Message )

This Awareness indicates that entities often seek assurance, entities ofte n desire the comfort and gratification that others can give that they can give them selves . This .Awareness indicates that this is a beautiful thing when it is available and does not take from the energies of others . This Awareness indicates that there are many entities upon this plane, down through history, who have been highly gratified, have been given pleasures and joys, who have been made comfortable beyond imagination , who have literally created a heaven upon the earth at the expense of others—this Awareness indicates that these entities have stood out in history . These entities have had the spotlight upon them and many entities have envie d them greatly . This Awareness indicates that most entities do not recognize or realize that in a following life, or in a previous life, that particular entity did not enjoy such blessings . This Awareness suggests that everyone appears to desire and wish to achieve happiness, glory, comfort, all th e good things in life, regardless of who has to pay the ticket for that glory ride--and most entities prefer that they , themselves, not be charged for this ticket . Most entities believe themselves to be of such special calibre that the y should be given everything they want freely, without having to give anything in return . Most entities believe that by saying, `Thank you' to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, tha t they have earned their freedom . Most entities think that by saying, `Thank you' to their grandfather or uncle o r parent. , that they have earned their inheritance to the wealth which they have received . This Awareness indicate s that most entities think that by saying, `Thank you ' to their neighbor, to their room mate, to their mate or friend, that they have repaid any kindness given . This Awareness indicates that words are not repayment. This Awarenes s suggests that service is repayment .

This Awareness suggests that wherein one does not seek repayment , that the entity may then give service to someone else and pass on that good favor . This Awareness suggests that nothing can be brough t about from a relationship which is one-sided, except an imbalance . This Awareness suggests that entities who feed off the energies o f others are but vampires, and that all entities to some extent tend t o feed off the energies of others . This Awareness indicates that wherei n an entity feeds off of another, that entity can give back an energy or pass an energy on . These entities, then, are productive and are creative and have a vitality which can be shared . This Awareness suggests that entities learn to tap into those energies where they ar e creative, productive, and capable of providing and sharing energie s to bring about a higher vibration upon this plane----and whe n such entities are capable of this, they rise above vampirism an d become likened unto gods .

This Awareness indicates there is within each entity the potential to be a god of creative and divine force, and there is the potential to be a vampire , living off the energies of others because they refuse to recognize their own e divinity . This Awareness indicates the vampire, regardless of how long it may feed off of others, is in a process o f dying . The entity who is creative and vital, regardless of how many or how much energy is being syphened off b y vampires, is in a process of development and growth . 6.

This Awareness indicates that the vital person shall remain and . continue as everlasting life . The vampire, feeding off the energies of others without returning equal or greater energy, by his very nature is ma process of self-destruction--for if the vampire destroys and consumes the energy of the vital person, then the vampire has nothing left t o feed upon, and is left to feed upon himself . This Awareness indicates that it behooves entities to discover that th e divine forces are within themselves, are available to each and every one, and that you need not feel a separatio n from divinity, you need not feed off of divine entities . This Awareness suggests that those entities who believe they are divine because they get their divinity from the . energies of others arc, in fact, vampires . This Awareness suggests that entities look carefully at these energies aid a t themselves to determine where their sustenance comes from . This Awareness indicates that each has the ability t o tap into creative and divine energies simply by being receptive and open--for divinity, life, vitality exists even in the air you breathe and in everything about you . In every atom of your being it is there for your joy and for you r taking—it needs not come from your neighbor, your mate, or from those who have s crificed their lives that you, ; , might have pleasure . This Awareness indicates that the efforts of those in Cosmic Awareness Communications, whereby these entitie s are risking their Ives that you might be informed, should be respected ; that those entities who, through certai n snobbish attitudes, refuse to recognize what these entities are doing, shall eventually be informed--if not in word s from this Awareness from Cosmic Awareness Communications messages, if not in messages sent to you. in the mai l —then in experiences in your own life . But you will eventually be informed . ••ti t


And other Now A+ge'Groaps r' '


os r !

The information Awareness gave yesterday and the day before in relation to the intensities ahead 'and the necessity of setting up trade centers, is information that we should like to get out to all the New Age groups and publications with the request that they disseminate and reprint this information . One of the biggest organizations is th e A .R .E ., the Edgar Cayce Foundation, and although we communicate back and forth over the

years; *e don't ge t

any response . And I would like to ask Awareness, if it would help to disseminate this information through the Cayc e Foundation, and if there is some message It might give for the entity, Hugh Lynn Cayce, that we could send hi m that might sway him into including the information to his membership .

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that whenever this entity is open to further exploration, that there are many area s whereby this can be accomplished . This Awareness suggests that the entity as feeling obligated to promote th e Edgar Cayce Readings and feels a necessity to devote his energies toward that end, rather than extending into othe r areas . This Awareness indicates that this is appropriate for this entity---that it also would be appropriate, wherei n the entity is so inclined, that they might assist in the urgencies which are occurring during the coming years in relation to the crisis which has been discussed—this in terms of the computerized electronic-fund-transfer, the `Mar k of the Beast' and the efforts to enslave humanity . This Awareness indicates, however, that the choice as being that of each individual as to what involvement he o r she may wish to take . This Awareness suggests that wherein one becomes alerted to an action and chooses to avoi d involvement, that this is a reflection of the entity's condition and this may be the statement of that entity accordin g to his or her level of response-ability . This Awareness suggests that those who can respond, make their statemen t in action . 7.

This Awareness does not wish to pressure any entity into responding, but to make entities aware . And in that awareness, entities have the capability of making clear decisions in terms of what they shall or shall not do, an d thereby the consequences of actions or inactions can be clearly scen .This Awareness suggests that there arc man y entities in many groups who are capable and willing to respond wherein a clear understanding of what is neede d can be presented . This Awareness indicates that this depends largely on how this information is presented an d whether it appears to be presented freely or with strings attached . This Awareness suggests that the trade center material, the packets, may be presented in a way whereby entities can become involved through the Aquarian Church, or Cosmic Awareness Communications, if they so desire, or whereby ' they may participate in trade cente r activity without involvement in these organizations, or whereby they may involve their own organization in assisting to set up trade centers around the country . This Awareness suggests that this allows three possible alternatives : the involvement through your own organizations, independent or private involvement, or group involvement through other groups or organizations . That this can be presented in a way whereby all entities involved see the potential and value in this kind of action and hav e a choice of which means of involvement they wish to apply the information to their own situation . This Awareness indicates that the information given yesterday may be revised according to any needs to mak e this adaptable to various groups, to individuals, or to your own understanding of the changing and uncertain directions which the energies may take . This Awareness indicates there can be some changes in laws during the c ~~m n g months or years which will effect the nature of the action. There may also be changes in the economic : ;Tstern v'';ich may change the timing of events . This Awareness suggests that at present, the timing indicated in yesterday' s reading appears to be relatively fixed and probable .* ********* * ED'S Note : C .A .C. wrote to Mr . Cayce on Nov . 10, 1978 and again on Feb. 21, 1479 with a request he inform his membership about the heavy times that are corning and to consider trade center activity . The Gathering Storm, trade center information and many other communications from Awarenes s have been sent to hint . Ills only response so far to our letters and communications is the request to send to him information which clearly confirms that similar sources are being tapped with the Awareness as with Edgar Cayce . Raving mailed him much Awareness material, including 78-26 (More Abou t Edgar Cayce), we don 't know what to say . Maybe you A .R .E . people out there could write ro him if you believe what Awareness has been saying is true .

' 'The Gathering Storm ' (Revelations of Awareness No . 79-1 )

(Emphasis is by the editor)

'REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS' is a cosmic newsletter published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 . Rates and membership information available upon request .

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Cosmic Awareness 1979-07a: The Spiritual Snob (Ignoring The Beast With Positive Thinking)  

4% In: The Spiritual Snob (Ignoring The Beast With Positive Thinking) 4% In: An Open Letter From Cosmic Awareness To Those Who Feel C.A.C Is...