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When Is It Ok To Lie? - (The Concept Of Lying Could Save Your Life) From 1996-12 This Awareness indicates there is also a concern this Awareness wishes to speak of in regard to the concept of lying. Entities are trained by their parents: "Do not lie! Tell the truth!" Thus, a child grows up (hearing) "Do not lie! Tell the truth!", and is conditioned in school, "Do not lie! Tell the truth!" and finds himself at some point being confronted by some agent or provocateur trying to take information from the child about his parents: "Does your father have a gun?" "Does your mother have a computer? Does she use it? What does she do with it?" "Is your family associated with a church? Which church? What are their beliefs? Do they believe in the New World Order? Do they believe the Constitution of the United States is the law of the land?" "Where is your father hiding?

Where did he go when he left the house? Tell us where he went! Do not lie! Tell the truth!" Being confronted by questions of this kind, an entity who is trained to tell the truth, especially if they are told they must tell the truth or they may go to hell, as some children are, can be very difficult in terms of loyalties. Is the child to be to al to his father who is hiding from the Gestapo? Or is lie to be loyal to the truth itself, which would be to tell them: "He is in the attic, hiding from you guys, because he knew you were coming to take him and that you plan to kill him!"? This Awareness indicates there has to be some kind of recognition of priorities such as: how bad a sin is it to lie when if you tell the truth it becomes a greater sin of betraying your parent or causing your parent to lose his life? Is it not the same as killing your father, if you tell the Gestapo where he is, when you know they want to kill him? Is this not likened unto murder? And is lying about it more serious than murder? This Awareness indicates children need to learn, to think in terms of perspective: What is the more important in terms of values? Not just black and white, but in the various shades and degrees and dimensions of reality and the priorities that may affect a command or commandment. But this Awareness indicates these are unlimited in number of potential events or situations that may occur, and therefore, it is almost impossible to prepare entities for every circumstance or situation. This Awareness indicates It just wished to get things into a kind of meaningful perspective for entities to think about, ponder and consider well before any need for such preparation, or before any decisions are necessary.

Kids Are Bringing New World Order Questionnaires from Schools Follow-Up Question (Vikki): Well, "I've heard reports that the kids in school are being sent home questionnaires with many of those Questions being asked at this point in time. Cosmic Awareness: This is in the affirmative. There is already an attempt to pry information out of children regarding their parents to get an idea of where the parents are in terms of their mentality, and therefore, it

is important for entities to either hide certain information from their children, because the children are being used as spies, or to inform the children what they should or should not disclose in schools. This Awareness indicates it would be better to keep the information from the children so that they do not have the information to disclose, or you can tell the children to simply say, "I don't know," when asked certain questions.

Cosmic Awareness sr015  
Cosmic Awareness sr015  

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