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Postgraduate Courses Course information for Postgraduate Students Faculty of Art & Design Course Information for Postgraduate Students

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s the right to alter procedure, fees and regulations dents, and the official University notice boards to be

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s are described which may alter later, or may not in

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Artist/ Visiting ns the rded culty ru hly rega The Fa – a hig ogram cts Pr r lly ne fu at h tra care Desig m whic ram is ra og y and og pr ke cy pr artists ber of hibition tional residen a num The ex interna ency, rding to w issues ished d acco our ne eir resid es and distingu selecte , rt of th ction of g them lue pa ithin du rin va ro As plo . ly rs se w e int sthetic . In ex Design designe with th work clo and ae criteria d rs , Art & 2008, ioners olitical conside lines, an ogram e practit socio-p ns also io discip cture pr s at th these of both y stud Archite exhibitio facilitie ctives an t of of pe its m ed n r rs en at lity ed tio ou pe na investm a dedic extend tional e selec one of t, origi e nt na er th ex er ca lud rth nt d int fu co , an ities. s to inc s signifi te their ademic chnique ch activ your campu require by WSH integra their ac n of te resear hance which signed Caulfield m not scene. al plicatio culty’s can en cision ing. De progra itectur ual arts the ap the Fa an is a de needs cture w esigner ideas, of arch ovide rrent vis udies r your larly into Archite d and pr Artist/D the cu change w suite e regu uate st ram fo aces an the ex the ne stgrad Visiting ance ar ance to ht prog rtunities sp e s, e po e rig lev lev po ag ct g Th e re re tiv ur op kin th al ac ion s ric Archite to career n to enco lecting y, inter his educat Course Underta t, ee t nd es or Se of te ex ar te rv tw at s t. ua nt of or ex se en e, , lab io co ally be only Surveystgrad ntext has mmitm practic the a stud rategic studios ash the co sign Po such, and co rsonal within ns from red in ated st Finet & De of Mon , and as and pe d th are loc rsiety Ar conside of ideas profile exhibitio anive nce. d sional decision h Un offices major ildasing ise the experie s Art. ners an Bu profes on of this ere are o to ra ectual horical activitie eum of Design M ts, desig rtance and th but als ed intell ts a metap search ity Mus to artis e Art & e impo or are rs re en , as al th th ud rparts. g ive ch s pe n’s unrivall st te ar tin ise sig h Un ac ters rese s to ap . recogn nal coun ilding, Monas d Mas Art & De e ogram aduate ciplines ernatio Design e year Arts Bu PhD an postgr all of th ite of pr n the dis t our int e ork of h Art & hout th pects, pursue sive su The w throug mber betwee Monas amongs o Page On ish to er pros prehen atured bridge but als you w tice. has a nu fe ur care a com n, o ac er ly of yo r tio pr th ed als e lar ina tive mbe rsity is regu enhanc develop ing re. Whe e s a nu of exam on crea h Unive erywhe s, allow becom ation to ally te sign ha focus rposes Monas cts ev mpuse ents to t & De gradua l qualific the pu specific ca mmon r ud st l s Ar na co fo st e na archite po a itie sio ve gree tion facil natio ofes enhanc lude provide her de sign ha /exhibi e-built of inter for a pr ese inc ents to ld, and se. t & De gallery purpos allow hig looking te stud ly use. Th rt of their fie experti in the ua lar d by Ar te pa of d in ad r re ed gu g ua s an gr te fe rs re er ad olv kin e as ide ion post ms of Gallery sely inv perienc r postgr underta p prov r the M practit lty fo ex clo to fo , by e y progra cu n ts ’s ar all Fa ios ies lia, lia ow en e ific ud ud Austra embers Austra n stud h spec gree nce. Th edia st on their their st staff m one of tside of ia Desig based ns whic multim experie their de r sist faculty rsity as gree ou ultimed lty’s able fo ge that exhibitio wisdom ts to as All our h Unive edia/M owled their de group ividual be avail the facu el Gran Monas hosts the kn Multim ith ind ths of h Trav h may a of w ith ng as d s hic w ts re on th an w ve M ng studen t the st idates, spaces using tes lea the stre highligh orld. studio ch cand r gradua ed with ms. resear sts. d the w ra ion, ou . co te an at og es ed Combin ua ith lia pr uc ac w ad . stra , ash te ed o, locat studio postgr llery sp ulfield t. Mon orldwide es in Au gradua in Prat site Ga g at Ca faciliti gemen lued, w of post Centre r of on rt of ntury g buildin e best l enga and va onash numbe cant buildin 18th-ce s are pa e of th Design ationa gnised, The M a signifi of the aduate dmark Art & s som Intern is gr is reco or Italy, ha lan ng aim ry flo n e its e, ni e ly lle fe w at nt . Th win ca first Desig Florenc such, ises th consta arshall culty Ga udent awardon the Art & and as recogn n. The ities, t outside s, a st rker M The Fa ith the onash unity, sa univers Vaj, jus & Desig ’ studio many gins w ies. M nton Co l comm tivity of Art ith as owcase artists ns with cts De tice be Palazzo t facilit a globa of creast ents w ram sh y prac feature der visiting archite nnectio the ar , ar ud og n , oa co pl of pr es lia br r ns e ce iti ng ry ra em is ou cil ro Stat a pla g galle d Aust t to ex exhibitio ersity: to ovide with th has st edia fa d pr ne en gin ge w an tim an itm ga iv ul no ts ch m re Un mm the sign. to en of artis lty of the d de ionally al ch and Our co ted in anpo range rtunities ternat nceptu ns media op , resear facu culmina diverse vibrant ng ing, ssible. d by in ing co aching Lyons icatio media un for draw t in te ity as po designe al firm n is ag wide-ra e, comm 8 sorted mun mur e lates e and sland studios itectur 24/9/0 Desig coct explorin chitectur uring as e to th d Gipp ite Art & ng new rne arch ares and feat is hom t,ch llery. bers designe ia, arch onash providi ar , Melbou eM Ga s, ed ss ios os by ro lty itie rp tim ud oa 03 cil lty mem ul e Facu the pu ture st ation ac appr d facu udio fa .design, m ks in 20 ith ov ulp st an or w ies an sc ts inn and th w ts d in ng log d en an e Ar an nog art, chrin Building tefe s stud ese, alo ciplines stralia. glass, d the Fin Th y, ow Au dis an of of er all ia. t in ell ing in is cit jew omed urces ique lopmen applied lty. Th ring ex d phot als and io reso h is un e and redeve e facu , explo edia an st stud ass met the on Monas se as fin culture edia the be first-cl , printm within as diver visual multim me of sign In n and painting theory areas cture, trum of t & De fers so & Desig visual archite . Across e spec sign of ram, Ar for Art iplinary eative’ ross th interior e prog isc Art & De ‘cr Centre ac ur n, h k e ct s-d sig or as 5 th os ite on d5 to w and cr sed on and Design.inn, w Arch aphic de that M cu ch gr ne fo ar r ns t ea se ou Art m re men 5079 MON trial desig ity. ion of eative environ Univers CTP– e, indus roduct ages cr ur onash the int 9:57 PM encour 8 2:4 chitect s of M , with for 24/9/0 Design arts, ar rength In 2008 e world , Art & arch st hout th e rese ital arts d by th d throug ith over and dig te te or ec and w pp e resp 1958, tion, su e of th n and in ra ow ed plo o kn sh ex als on e is establi s. It is h ity nam h was iversitie d Sout Univers Monas ive un ysia an onash ness. ogress ly, Mala The M ressive make most pr s in Ita ’s ts d prog re lia en an nt ra ce st ion al stud s and e of Au . innovat rnation mpuse untries ts is on ral. Inte d4 4 with ca rent co studen ulticultu cused, 30 diffe 58,000 and m N Art and nally fo m over 5079 MO diverse ernatio me fro CTP– is richly eat most int and co gr ity rs ion es lat ive carri t popu The Un . This studen is Africa. stralia of the nding s in Au ly 32% ional fu ersitie at addit up near ch univ eans th resear new ts. It m tional citing en ex na ud t’ of in the st y d Eigh an arra nked 43 staff an up of ra of h ro s, nt as ‘G itie on p e forefro the to univers s for M h at th world h is in benefit Monas top 50 Monas in real e ing th lts ion su of re one s, posit e and ised as re. activitie prestig recogn search ual cultu 07. rsity is le for re ent 20 ralian vis d h Unive availab pplem to Aust ralia an . Monas utions ation Su in Aust ments itions contrib e er Educ nt hib gh develop ca ex Hi and ar nifi oup Times ing sig issions, and gr by the comm are mak in solo world ts and ented alumni an h es gr pr as ch re Mon , resear s. are well ds s ion ar te ct aw chers adua nal colle tigious resear Our gr ernatio ive pres aduate hest l and int postgr as, rece the hig staff, nationa overse tivity at ity of major ac in un e d m tiv m ea ente rs bring by a co repres med cr membe driven y infor criticall h faculty ergy is s, hic on en er w s ’s g, tition culty er focu teachin n prac The Fa togeth e and d desig , who , practic cts an udents re. search , archite and st l cultu their re artists ion to ry visua active, dedicat empora d nt level. As an co d in rtise al expe es foun proach individu erse ap the div reflect

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hand Design s a n o M Art

es e r g e d h c r a e s Renash Art and Design at Mo

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N Art and

5079 MO

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N Art and

5079 MO

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Monash University

Art and Design brochure

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Information Technology

Faculty oF InFormatIon technology undergraduate courses 2009

Information Technology find out more

Faculty of Information technology monash university, south africa campus P/B X60 roodepoort, 1725, south africa

information technology at monash tel: +61 3 9903 2015 Fax: +61 3 9903 2745 email:

tel: +27 11 950 4030 school of Information technology monash university, sunway campus level 4, Building 2, Jalan lagoon selatan 46150 Bandar sunway selangor darul ehsan, malaysia

Please visit our faculty website at: Postal addresses Faculty of Information technology monash university, caulfield campus Po Box 197, caulfield east Victoria 3145, australia

tel: +603 551 46000

Faculty of Information technology monash university, clayton campus Building 63, Wellington road, clayton Victoria 3800, australia

monash unIVersIty comBInes strong academIc tradItIon and an InnoVatIVe InternatIonal sPIrIt. We strIVe For the hIghest standards and encourage our students, staFF and graduates to lIVe By our guIdIng PrIncIPle.

Faculty of Information technology monash university, Berwick campus Building 903, clyde road, Berwick Victoria 3806, australia

‘ancora ImParo – I am stIll learnIng.’

Faculty of Information technology monash university, gippsland campus northways road, churchill Victoria 3842, australia

disclaimer: While the information provided in this document was correct at the time of publication, monash university reserves the right to alter procedures, fees and regulations should the need arise. For future years of your course, monash university reserves the right to adjust annual tuition fees. however, the university undertakes that any adjustment factor will not exceed 6% per annum and will be applied on the 1st January each year, for that year. students should carefully read all official correspondence, and other sources of information for students (such as websites) to be aware of changes to the information contained in this document. this information was published correct as at sept 2008. crIcos provider: monash university 00008c It-ug-09 MON 4986 IT Course Guide_cover.i1 1

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9 uNdErGr AduATE



CA M P u S






le at Berwic

k is Multimedia



LuCIE JOSC HKO Berwick Scho –Tutor ol of IT, Mon ash universit y Studying Mult imedia at Mon the most valu ash has prov able I learned a wide and rewarding expe en to be one of riences of my variety of skills life. throughout and was my professional studies to continually deveencouraged folio, which lop my help a multimedia developer from ed me start freelancing Bachelor degr as the second year ee. into my I think that the PLANNING programming Multimedia major is for both and creative experiment with different minds, allowing students themselves types of med to through their ia and express work. I chose to purs awarded a full ue an Honours degree and time was scholarship Award) for my (Australian Postthen Phd. rece grad iving the scho great encourag uate larsh looked back ement to pursue my rese ip was a . arch and I neve r Lucie complete an Honours d her undergraduate IT Prog stud postgraduate ram in 2005 and is com ies including Phd studies pleti in IT all at Mon ng her ash universit y.



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MON 4986

IT Course



Major availab




ss systems.




IT Course



ks, and Busine

MON 4986



pment and networ


Ty INfOr

tions develo



uNIvErSI 8



MONASH e.indd

rse Guid

6 IT Cou

MON 498

Ty INfOr







claytO n h is ’s Clayto tely a at Monas university Monash located approxima multimedi ulating is Studying rning in a stim tral pus is campus lea d s from cen ulty of all about nt. The Berwick camolars kilometre Wellington roa versity fac located 22 sch me uni h on of e– environ t community The Monas n Technology is yton. The an Melbourn puses: pus, urb of Cla a close-kni ts that generates ovation, Informatio nash’s eight cam way in the sub est Monash cam cafes, Mo s, larg and studenatmosphere of inn on six of tralia as well as Sun first and yton has librarie lth e Cla energised up-to-the-minut duates hea h es, nas four in Aus and South Africa. Mo que king faciliti tion inquiry and ponsiveness. Gra skills (Malaysia) has its own uni shops, ban sports and recrea res pus a industry p the professional after by Each cam cs and strengths. s centre and nearby. services, isti x religious will develo be highly sought ustry. character mpus bus service yton centre, a shopping comple to r-ca s required the multimedia ind free inte ween Caulfield, Cla Chadstone t, staff and visitor s in edu/ lic bet der bus sh. lea Pub ty den rate ona uri es. stu ope sec for tech.m k campus le to ce, a free ort people and Berwic vices are availab » www.iwicnfok convenien night to transp of ser ber radius rates at transport lian campuses. tre ope me tra two kilo lised services all all Aus within a d cia tive el ova Spe . fi range inn h caul es the campusts include a large puses, an is Monas ritual On all cam teaching combin k, ld campus , with for studen cultural and spi to The Caulfie second largest g, al, approach orials, studio wor and ’s and staff. of sportin ieties; financi tut ials university students m the city lectures, sed mater rses and soc nselling advisors, 000 -ba bs 15, clu web fro ut s abo tre cou ld seminars, projects. Many counce dical and ability liaison, chi and y 9 kilome is well serviced me onl y is erie tor It on , dis ry exp labora urne and trams. It is e indust chaplains ntial services for and units of Melbo ; ide also includ s. Some practical , trains and king facilities, care, res accommodation ned by buses, us component in custom-desig to cafes, ban . It also off-camp dent aid. ed served by and its own gym stu are taught studios design as and rse nt, ing ary ove me din nal , libr fine ation professio industry environ blemlth service pus has an of Inform yton has a hea ilities. The cam with simulate focus is on real pro ng in The faculty at Monash’s Cla fac rni y religious services to assist l where the collaborative lea provide l Technolog an internationally er wel residentia ommodation, as is put t solving and se all combine to campus acc tre of com t suppor ting and student ised cen engineering, and al studen é and ogn groups. Thets, with a stimula tion rec rna re ng, caf as inte softwa iness. our studen dy experience. science, tion of IT in bus The shoppi one, stu range of services. tricts of Chadst ank creative the applica covers a broad dis thb hnical nightlife eet, St Kilda, Sou and pus The cam m the tec puting y K tions fro Chapel Str are not far awa nsport. Berwic specialisa c end of the com ence. city tra serves and the ntifi llig by public k campus wing urban scie inte ible wic ss and ess Ber t gro The busine grams easily acc metres e’s fastes ctrum to uate degree pro ds n spe atio Melbourn is situated 40 kilo utes rad nee of Inform lfield It The underg applied industry . The faculty at Monash’s Cau range corridor. of the city (45 min tre), h y t e target bot computer science Technolog ompasses a wid south-eas Melbourne city cen l cal and edu/ enc m and forma k from campus lines, from techni ss, drive fro tec utes wal k nfo min cip ine r wic w.i of IT dis puting, to bus and fou » ww n tion. Ber rural systems, train sta clayto y to the applied com and enterprise Berwick In addition has a nship is a gatewa to vCE, grad information rmatics, libraria township tern victoria and ps, uates and other insti is info eas ail sho tutions have of TAfE Bachelor of to social es. This diversity areas of ntial, ret into a faculty Info pathways rses of reside s, sporting Tech of Informat iety and Systems 22 rmationvar nolo and archiv the range of cou ool gy ion Technology sch afte abov and in ts, e r completi es. e e-av degr ilitierag the diploma raduat fac on ran reflected restau of welfar university offe ee. Monash of ITedegrees at success in yourilable for underg There is a clear and vice rs be eligible to Tertiary Stud Monash. ava series will programs that a range of pathway rece ate study. lication of ormation wick credit towards ive up to 8 units of of Inf postgradu real world app eting to direct entr provide an alternative furth Ber their degree.The faculty for nas the y in me ils avisit: y into universit Mowwwh’ser deta focus on edi y at» technolog y. amic and Multim domestic appl CAuLfIELd Technolog cialise s in.mco information s of today’s dyn . Pathway prog es ican bin spe ts mus and nts rams t have pus d com successfully the dem provide an idea at Monash environme competed their cam lications. This fiel ital media ss ine bus l equi vCE edu/ App valent. Internat or global erent dig nd, words school and univ bridge between ny diff ional students mO ma tec sou , nas mus ersit nfo the film t h y, , mee w.i making the unare en t all of ges transition as rsi ty » ww lfield tes iveoft smooth and eng minimum entr the university’s forms of ima Gradua simple hinlan cau as possible. art tion.lis y TEACHING gua digital The programs ge including acad requirements, and anima cen eers(mu film car designed to are tre in to emic cts , English lang attracted elc) equi and age. uage special effe skills needed p you with the The and g, media, MuEadv to isinides animation prov entry requirem meet university on, LCert opportunities forvisi for further succ essf and tele information your chosen ents and succeed in fashion.ul English language visit: andy toge stud » ign degree. depe des ther nding on the program extension class with subject humcass/ugr you choose, you may ad/dots.php also have the international es for groups of oppo students thro track your stud rtunity to fast mOnash cOl short-term courses at Mon ugh lege can save time ies meaning you university. ash and The Monash university soon money and enter College diplo er. ma provides you These specialis with an alter also When you succ native pathway into programs furth ed English language all Monash univ essfully com er encourag pathway prog plete a IT degrees. d 9 ersit unde y e.ind e cultural rstanding The Guid ram and achi Course eve required grad class sizes and college has sma 4986llIT the Australia with experience of es, you can gain the offe rs youMON PM n lifestyle and into Monash supportive learning0/08 3:27:32 entry environment. natural university. 14/1 environments on two level • Part 1 of s: the diploma for further for further is equivalen mation visit to year 12 but information t » www.moninfor visit prov » : ides www key skills for studies in study/ / pathways IT, and englishcent • Part 2 is re equivalent to first year of univ diplOma Of gaining cre ersit tertiary passing stud y and enables studies ents to ente priOr stu dit fOr r the second year dy of degrees direc selected IT The diploma you may be eligi of tly (providin g they meet entry offered at Mon Tertiary Studies, have complete ble for credit if you standards). d post-seconda and Berwick ash’s Gippsland studies (e.g ry cam TAfE flexible intak year full-time puses, is a one level studies). diploma, university es cour October mea in March, June and as an alternativ se designed n that many students save time on for further to university e entry pathway trad infor ition al stud entry routes by starting their » www.infotechmation, visit: is particularly y. The program journey to an .mon suited to stud degr ash. IT ee earlier. edu/ apply requiring addi ents tional learning also a viable Monash College is in their first optio support year. Students wish students want n for international ing ing Monash’s inter to study at if they haven’t to start early, or for each of national cam met certain the should cont puses entry requirem Monash students com two semesters, act the adm ents plete 1 dOTS . The issio at colle ns staff equips you with the relevant ge unit, plus 3 core facu Students wish campus. knowledge and the necessary relate to the lty of IT units that ing to study study skills for Bachelor of of Monash’s at Information and Techonol Australian cam one ogy may contact puse that is offered Systems course the faculty Adm s office +61 3 issions Gippsland Cam on the Berwick or 9903 2015. pus. Students successful in gaining a plac who are for further e in the mation, visit » www.infoinfor : tech apply/requ 22 Majors availab irements le at Gippsla nd include Applica



Monash University

IT brochure

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The Good SchoolS Guide VicToria

The Good universiTies Guide 2009

The Good SchoolS Guide VicToria 2009

The Good universiTies Guide

4931 HOB Good Schools.indd 1


15/5/08 1:23:54 PM


e TO MBA AND MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS theplace to liv while

you study

4931 HOB Good Uni.indd 1

19/6/08 11:23:30 AM


The Good universiTies Guide 4931 HOB Good MBA.indd 1

19/6/08 11:21:40 AM

The Good UniversiTies GUide To PosTGraduaTe and Career uPGrade Courses 2009



4931 HOB Good Postgraduate.indd 1

to live plawhcilee y


you stud 19/6/08 11:22:48 AM


09 Covers









• Problem solving, action-planning • Enterprise, initiative, recognise opportunities • Communication skills • Understanding of culture, values, ethics • Maturity and worldliness, self-awareness • Commitment to ongoing learning








• Responsible for own learning • Services available • Social life on campus • Manage your own enrolment, finances • Uni and TAFE web sites • Or









• Choosing the right degree or course • Familiarising yourself with your university or campus • Making friends & getting involved on campus • Managing your time effectively • Having appropriate accommodation • Having realistic expectations • Seeking help when you need it • Seeing out the first semester





• Research your degree or course choices • If you get it wrong, you can change • Get involved on campus – go to O’ week • Find and use your student centre • Ask questions of your lecturers and tutors • Develop your study skills; use drop-in services • Keep your part time work and study in balance










• Some disciplines are only available at University (physiotherapy, archaeology, teaching etc) • Others are only available at TAFE footwear design, veterinary nurse, trades etc) • Some are offered by both, depending on the type of career your after (video production, nursing, aquaculture)



• By meeting the minimum entry requirements for a course • There are key differences between University and TAFE • Refer to the University and TAFE fact sheets


• What suits you? • Supported or independent • All universities and TAFE’s give you help and advice with accommodation • Do your research early • Apply at the same time you apply for your degree




University of South Australia 6 locations, 2 in CBD 2 in metropolitan Adelaide 2 in rural SA 32,000 students




University of South Australia



TOM’S PREFERENCES 1. Physiotherapy 2. Health Sciences 3. Science 4. Nursing 5. Arts 6. Human Services

TINA’S PREFERENCES 1. Health Sciences 2. Physiotherapy 3. Human Services 4. Science 5. Nursing 6. Arts

Tertiary Presentation powerpoint

t does it cost to taFesa?

capped at a maximum of $1980 for emesters. Many courses cost much less. urse costs only and does not include books, personal stationery, uniforms,

aid at the time of enrolment.

by instalments with the initial payment secure enrolment.

e fees will be provided to students who alth Care Card.

e are available through the generosity uch as Wyatt Benevolent Foundation, SA Water, Wyndham Richardson, and industry. For more information or for students in financial hardship, contact the Officer at your local campus.

t student services

els. ation lev t qualific level differen ploma ered at at the Di also off through to study urses are gained y want be ma n Many co the u t ca to lis ple, yo s level decide For exam try to thi y then s availab ficate III that en You ma n place the Certi points, but know nts tha ficate III. ce and , using applica at Certi preferen ss ranked ve more studying highest tween is proce must be urses ha as your ents be urse. Th plicants em ma co . ap ng t Many co ce plo the ra Di en at the ans tha nsfer ar iteria for begins er prefer nts. which me Selection Cr Credit Tra is recognition as a low applica : the III. merous Th rit fields rit list of . nu ate me SA me fic a against are FE s Certi lowing There tions s and TA termine ed urses, r the fol Study Op ty iversitie then de complet d unde some co (MER) the Un links to allocate , and in iversi tes CE Stage the on irements IV ca SA Un are ati qu low – tifi s al ate fic Re fol ali /Cer ividu Point Certific ic Merit T units um Entry the ind to the qu l Academ Stage 2 leted VE w.tafe.s fer. Also go to se/s the Minim ries according n. Genera – comp ge 1 and e the cour ns Go to ww va st meet ls. Sta plicatio uid rit R for Tra d tai mu ap ng R it Me ME die de u ic ME Yo Cred single . The nsfer cts stu /selectio Academ then to d out the course st were a – subje edit Tra d Related as if it for the your fir se. To fin s for Cr w.tafe.s SA Course an studies ference other offer for website the cour related go to ww of your each pre at gaining an TAFE e level of – work l in each plying for t page in the perienc C treats s: ap ex sfu ce TA t lie es pla SA are en pp cc a ym evan you has su not su rit t ete for them. – emplo to the rel school olvemen Other Me If you are , you will comp you list or refer ide (your blue cover) unity inv ce in which s are: ions Gu – rtaken – comm nd on : preferen s in the order course fication Admiss s unde ver/Uni ll depe for the ce ing quali course – red co This wi e eligible preferen the follow – short be TAFESA the cours er you are re will MER for . the the ed le for uir • wheth of places available in te mp ed For exa views req se appli the cour rtfolios or inter • number you applied by due da cation processing fee te iii ing on alent) OR pli er ions, po Depend certifica I (or equiv tails ory audit • wheth you have paid the ap on to other applicants these. ia for de CE Stage e of: compuls allocated for ati ncriter er ion of SA Any on s are complet /selectio • wheth etitive you are in rel y int .au tor t Po du en s a.e mp ntation te offer • satisfac cate II OR Assessm w.tafe.s docume The da • how co course TAFESA Go to ww allocated. nuary. required d any Certifi ent in the s lied all mid-Ja for the urse an • int vem pp po su hie ve and made in FESA Co tory ac er you ha ers are in the TA BS) • satisfac Most off • whethe date blicised Skills (TA . ite de is pu of Basic bs ma by du we are ide. SATAC ions Gu er on the r and you will a Admiss your off se diplom nt) OR a Post. look up Adverti equivale Australi You can printed in The e of: n ge II (or TAC via Any on ormatio are from SA SACE Sta Offers other inf of offer a OR t: letion of y rtiary ou are ter mp an Te e) rk d co let me an a urs an wo sa ali • receive of offer study (co need to cate II in u to uth Austr your ter e t Yo rtifi let (So lik en Ce C ur uld TA ssm • any u using (mode) Keep yo t. it. III OR e via SA SA Asse at you wo dy u.a ) lec th te lin FE wh on stu se wi .ed ca TA on d e ati to tac er. • rtifi e tton eiv loc tton an st apply your off you rec would lik TAFE bu t (campus • any Ce tory achievement in the You mu TAFE bu ond to ntre) at the red n fee s of shor • how you would like to study e entry pathways the red st resp ions Ce click on ) a serie plicatio e You mu Click on Admiss • satisfac is an ap three nativ ills (TABS Skills is st Offic not where you number. assess of alter w.satac • Basic Sk st. There your local Po of Basic you do nk ich ww of t gu nt dy. thi to wh SSABSA Au tha u me a stu d Go has sess en in ne, at nt to that yo estions C. assume will be offered racy) lect. tions op location id on-li FESA As oice qu Ensure t you wa to SATA will be d nume and se Applica de and n be pa (The TA d multiple ch place list in l order urse tha pond it te racy an which ca urse, mo ables you to an or posta not res and your to the co due da tion, lite n of co en ($12.50) ll answer cheque se, by the If you do e up your offer : informa mbinatio se code. This cation e fee wi of cour nding a ills co pli lat ns se tak sk a ch ap tio by ), to Ea ina or cour basic wish it your e. TAFESA SATAC ent comb one els you subm in October for unique s, differ to some ered Ensure ek ference e in is off last we your pre location. erested but befor t your (usually date. d u are int n decide to lis October er this mode an ration urse yo er n after apply aft , the co the oth may the plicatio l conside d u ap ple Yo ua an an am s. eq ge en ference For ex location If you lod you will be giv first pre tion. campus er, e fee. as your applica at two Decemb you pay the lat location e in your ce. ed ces to us preferred ted. preferen – provid preferen you are selec second uating as your 6 course e if If exten . You have offered only on red defer mpus be nnot be local ca You will offers ca ct your course n conta TAFESA apply the tances SATAC. circums rvices Officer. ply via e ap Se t nt no Of ts fic .au Stude dents do l Studen tional stu Internationa afe@s Interna ng tional.t Marketi interna Contact Email: 76 63 Ph: 8463

lable at taFesa?

ed? elect le l i be s

a range of services to assist students mpleting their studies.

r disability support, library services, counselling services, accommodation ation. Some campuses also offer bookshops, ces, canteens, childcare centres, banking, ties and medical services.

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areer Counsellor or VET Coordinator os, other career events and Open Days d this year.

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AustrAliAn students Students who are Australian citizens or holders of permanent humanitarian visas are eligible for a HECS-HELP loan, and do not have to pay their student contribution amount up-front. This means you pay nothing while you study, and then pay back your student contribution amount in small instalments when you are working. You can read about HECS – HELP loans in detail at Some students choose to pay their student contribution amount up front and receive a discount on the amount paid. It is important to note that permanent residents and New Zealand citizens must normally pay their student contribution amount upfront. Full details of the HECS-HELP scheme, your eligibility and repayment options are available at the Going to Uni website

internAtionAl students International students pay the full cost of their tuition, and they are not able to defer the payment of their student contribution amount. Other costs that all students need to plan for include books, equipment, field trips (for some courses), internet costs, and the cost of accommodation, transport and living expenses.


Each University has an Accommodation Service to help students find a suitable place to live. As well as accommodation owned and managed by the Universities, they can give you advice and information about residential colleges, hostels, homestay arrangements, and the private rental market. Visit these web sites to learn more about the help you can obtain, and to make contact with the Accommodation Services.




moRE INFoRmATIoN? (international students)



special and/or added to Points’ ‘Bonus t may be R. ties has ints” tha ecific TE Universi “extra po University-sp the are of e Points ea Thes Each Bonus calculat hemes. to the sc t te ou ss ga gre acce re ab rsity Ag out mo d ive fin Un your sites to se web ty: Visit the Universi by each /year12 mission awarded elaide dent/ad ty of Ad • Univew.rsi elaide.ed ad alia ww uth Austr year12 So of ty e/ u/futur • Univew.rsi ss cialacce ww un ure/spe rsity ents/fut s Unive • ww

Am I

University Open Days: Sunday 26 August 2007. Flinders University, Roseworthy (Adelaide) and sed (UniSA) are also open on Friday 24th August. uWhyalla

e HoW CAN I FINd oUTd should b e, guid nly an



iF i a Fesa? at ta

AboUTis a guide o c universiTy eeT . e saTa of scholarships. cT shUniversity offers wide selectionin iTh aTh augusT This Fa Each nw iofor ool some are for students high academic achievers; ncTare sch juSome ur scholarships yoother in con in financial need; are given on the basis From le b a avail of particular criteria. They range in value from a few hundred dollars to many thousands; they range in duration from a single payment to support for the duration of your course. Some scholarships consider students automatically when they apply for admission to the University; others require a separate application for the scholarship.

Ask your school career counsellor about expos and career events that you can attend this year.

MAking contAct with the three universities Adelaide: email: or freecall 1800 061 459 Flinders: email: or call 1300 657 671


INd oU

university of south Australia: email: or phone: 1300 UNI NOW

on your

F WIll I A plACE HoW REd m oFFE ?


The Universities all produce publications that can help you. printed Pick them up from the University representatives at your R will not be is, offers what it TE te that to know specific school; request them by contacting the Universities, or visit The da Guide. nuary. iversity- but if you want iversity mid-Ja , This Un TAC Un and cess. ty. rtificate made in rsi in the SA TAC website ce ive 12 Un etitive pro ers are year blicised SA les o This fact sheet should be used as a guide only. Most off ntact the on the is a comp y – a set of ru ll be pu are als co e s ty wi n lin fer rsi de ca on er ma er C. Of you University at log nts a Unive Please ensure you refer to the SATAC Guide will be your off d any oth m SATA methodo d how applica a place look up letter an lection letter fro an Getting for detailed information. You can ur offer course has a se an offer yo e t. se the eiv ep lis ur rec y for r. Ke s you Every co nses vertise you will eligibilit course po Ad th e it. the res bo l Th ? g for ra in with coverin subjects TAC eligible entry. printed are seve receive SS Firstly: SA u for are ere HE yo ur u ed Th of n yo n tio that yo are rank ur offer. tailed in d mbinatio informa sumed Check nd to yo ll be de assume right co nt) cts or as st respo , and these wi will be ll be have the equivale ite subje l You mu pond, it ke Do you place wi , IB, or genera prerequis u can ma If you do not res offer and your 12: (SACE of hess red for have the that yo e Year ed? the ination ide. ements? conside Do you Complet take up uld rsity Gu is , if requir n requir le to be y iate comb to wo ive ge ab tio ilit pr u sh is Un led lec . yo o gib wi pro t t of cts ap know other se mine wh urses, eli ces) tha u do no ination u e. most ed subje ter the co yo r yo Have the ren mb t els ict de st et (fo e co efe ich tha str mo les on me on wh s (pr y ru ficati . For ss re correct rtiary to some Will you course order in SACE). st course Eligibilit ic quali and he ing the tion “Te offered like mo up to six se in the ion of the n into the nimum academ u are do SATAC publica n Territory”. y enter complet selectio sure yo ld list the one you would preference. er a mi You ma erce u shou s will be tac/ To make check the and the North ned by your with the study. Yo r of Comm dents thi a determi rded , please order of like to dy them, r 12 stu are Bachelo CE with ‘Reco Australi satac.ed subjects der in the e to stu ich you le for a rrent Yea lik ain SA in South ded from www. wh cu gib , e uld ce eli the rem for . nc e en wo cts the Entra ference wnloa t prefer ple, to be complet 2 subje ve any st, and urses. hest pre n be do your firs d in ha it stage For exam would need to listed fir rsity co SS ; if you This ca the d the hig place in intereste u are required e two-un you st Unive ference four HE e up in be offere ot be offered a 7.pdf red least fiv yo degree, s you are . ce in mo at least cond pre u to tak conside You will teB200 nn course ent’ in at ct which your pla for entry your se must be pt for yo will be If you ca t if the – a subje to be eligible Achievem ong the five teria ll be ke e to defer ce, you idered for Find ou eligible. am er possibl place wi s subjects other cri be cons preferen is ed ur n ord by ite It nd yo d in lud the t co uis e ve r ll ne icate thi Inc . let ha r se mi s tha prereq you wi must ind sted in ion of a larly if you subjects is deter lly comp ered you is mean y cu iss fer ere r ral off Th sfu rti ilit de int bm ne es be you pa to . gib Ge are n, e year. s, eli which to succ cannot view, su d so on your about ck up pla would lik h urses you course area in following an inter third; an dition to, you think Althoug nts who ider a ba t if the co ge – a subject For some an audition or for your to study. or in ad to cons Ensure . ntact the Find ou an stude to their offer. ledge of. nt d. nt of, co n led ali ow cts d pe d wa rta st str ow kn bje ho en po tea ca Au nd pli tio d kn had have o im se su that you (eg att defer mu her ins y respo assume It is als me you SATAC ap h as you course study the o wish to o etc) eit s. when the of their will assu able to not as hig thways for the to portfoli dents wh fication l details ents lecturer TER is y wish pa it is advis onal stu ic quali them ful ulsory, requirem ve entry at is ty that the Internati academ ect, giving e the Universi al entry not comp alternati d out wh satisfied. dir ion Fin ty dit rsi rk? TAC Unive re any ad and advis year. olio of wo ents have to be in k the SA Are the ir offer, s, portf ase chec and the following audition requirem urse are listed . fer so ple ce the – tests, co en these u to de Guide commen and wh for each iversity a few allow yo ements required TAC Un SATAC degrees ial requir ns and the SA cted by plicants , and Not all . whether ap nta cts k le co ide as bje The spec tio Gu gib be su ca ty eli le. be u will study to st four ty publi Universi ct, will mber of places availab ing year. place, yo to commence your be Universi of merit h subje s, the nu of the follow ns are. ore for e fer your in order your fift instance s the number ses is is aled sc place in If you de fore you are du ranked ore for intentio st cour In most of 90. Th ferred Your sc ceed aled sc be at your refore be ). In mo ar, d your de ore out urse ex your sc months must the Entrance Rank highly qualifie to say wh ferral ye take up give a sc ate. for a co half of end to s letter your de . plicants st eg ary g ether to int thi nk ap gr rti mo u rin to ra tog n le Te yo Ag d du st the s nd the he ss Eligib rsity adde dent’ st respo ces with gates are the lowest. ge addre stay in contact. th the hig ur unive on a stu You mu the pla studying or chan nt(s) wi ty Aggre n (based called yo hest to ty will fill tional applica they ca criteria u move Universi hig rsi na uth ’ y yo al so the er If ar ive C tes (So the ion th Int rti C TA Un te: m ida d TA SA No the ur te ts addit rting wi All cand alian an order fro ough SA ll be yo mber you notify nts, sta nk reflec th Austr line thr into rank rank order wi ata ensure applica ned a nu s this ra nts – bo must apply on sorted s course at www.s be assig course will dition). All stude ce in thi alia iversity st. You Centre) ce in the . You will at an au In some Your pla in Austr ssions (ter). in Augu into a un your pla rmance ate year 12 lected below). e rank ecting ary Admi ns open certific (eg perfo being se entranc and 99.95, refl plicatio an Terti m (refer year 12 of ap ali ur ste s b str sy yo ce i s: Au on an Un n0 FEWe low). course ptember Your ch printed se factor SATAC and TA betwee s (see be le in the y 28 se UniWeb upon the r is will be s Point ces in the availab n by Frida lodge an depend e Bonu rank. Th places there are preferen ded to you plicatio ties giv If you have 6 ll be ad mber of the 7th plicants ll be it your ap s date. Universi ia ed to wi The nu gible ap TER wi er but by All the you subm l apply after thi pay er criter are entitl rsity-specific other eli Septemb ensure vided you ints you tion for R and oth gible applicants ive er 28th fee wil w many pro ca Po e aft TE Un s Ho pli lat a ion es ur you nu d A ap eli rat r urs as e yo er Any Bo 2007*. gate, an l conside these co ssing you ny times on mpetitiv to the oth ty Aggre tion for en equa n as ma How co e of asse relation tails Universi applica purpos will be giv your applicatio nt) are in more de the you r eva for Fo er, rel d . (if en ary rsity. created bsite. Decemb can am in Janu t Unive ide or we t week fee. You s at tha course the late SATAC gu of the firs ch as the end er to the grees su like until dates please ref grees. De refer to the tion e rsity de applica st Unive so pleas We encourage you to apply for any scholarships for which you are eligible. Visit the Universities’ web sites to explore the range of scholarships available and how you apply.


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oRdERtheir websites.


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for mo will vary * This is ntistry and De . Medicine website guide or SATAC

University of South Australia

Tertiary Presentation brochures

Change of Preference 2007

D E G N CHAR YOU D? MIN HOTLINE 9am–5pm 17–21 December 1300 135 045



ts? s? though second ur preference tance yo Having sis change ence as Want to ge of Prefer an For a Ch 138 058 or latrobe.e 00 y@ 13 ll ud Ca .st bendigo email p e.e rob

Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus

Albury–Wodonga Campus

Mildura Campus

Change of Preference Expo Wednesday 19 December 2pm–5pm, West Lecture theatre Complex Information Session: You have your ENTER – where to now? Pathways into La Trobe courses 2.30pm–3pm Follow signs from carpark 1 Call 1300 135 045

Visit the campus Monday 17 – Friday 21 December 9am–5pm Call (02) 6024 9785

Visit the campus Monday 17 – Friday 21 December 9am–5pm Call (03) 5051 4000

Bendigo Campus

Shepparton Campus

Campus Tours Thursday 20 December 10am and 1pm Bookings Essential Visiting local schools – check with your careers adviser Call 1300 138 058

Visit the campus Monday 17 – Wednesday 19 December 9am–5pm Visiting local schools – check with your careers adviser Call (03) 5821 8450

ty – Be Universi La Trobe urs To Campus 20 December y Thursda 1 pm d an 10 am ntial s Esse Booking


Change of Preference

D E G N A H C R MIND? YO U B e n d i g os T o u r s Campu Thursday 20 December 10 am and 1 pm Bookings Essential Call 1300 138 058

Change of Preference

17–21 December


HOTLINE 9–5 1300 138 058


Monday 17 Dec

Tuesday 18 Dec

Wednesday 19 Dec

Bendigo Senior Secondary College

10am – 3pm

Girton Grammar

1pm – 3pm

Catholic College, Bendigo Castlemaine Secondary College

Thursday 20 Dec

10am – 1pm 11am – 1pm

Rochester Secondary College

10am – 11.30am

Kyabram Secondary College

1pm – 3pm

Wanganui Park

10am – 12pm

Notre Dame

1pm – 3pm

St Joseph’s Echuca

10am – 12pm

Echuca Secondary

Bendigo Campus Open Tours – 10am, 1pm

1pm – 3pm

Kerang Secondary College Maryborough Regional College

11am – 2pm 11am – 1pm

La Trobe University

Change of Preference posters and postcard

rnational applicants

rnational Prospective Students Office ersity of South Australia

Box 2471 laide SA 5001 phone: +61 3 9627 4854 imile: +61 3 9627 4864 il: bsite:

Business Information Management + Graduate Certificate + Graduate Diploma + Masters

nt ageme cture – m Strurmation Man a r g o Diploma r te P Gradua ss Info ficate te Certi Busine Gradua

Experience. The Difference.

time) ar (full 0.5 ye

Course Gradua

’s of UniSA Features formation s In Busines ent em Manag

pa se peop Career d for tho designe r in gram is a caree This pro about thinking ation Inform gement; who are na to gain ess • ma sin to o want in Bu ation online signed area wh inform studies de ally the te or en ern in ua be g ext cation; Postgrad M) have tly workin + Study business nal qualifi ment (BI • curren options graduate professio y to gement, Manage le study ognised list postnecessar y mana rec cia lls a rar ski spe lib + Flexib ld. the or ICT ng in provide osen fie ctives to porting dy worki archiving on sup l in a ch e of ele ment, new • alrea : educati ication + Choic fessiona manage open up develop ur qualif as a pro lp to records and or tailor yo perform will he nt to exp grams s . lecturers who wa te of pro all aspect rtunities industry tion of nce in This sui r oppo ica ete ee + Many alif mp car of qu r ment and co sional nt job per yea manage • Skills excelle ly profes intakes the on strategic + Two d offers This is of the ation; alia, an nt ents e inform in Austr ry releva duates. quirem its kind corporat of indust re for gra ge and y ion ies tr cat nit ow En kn led appli opportu no prior Practical ce te lls; or provides cti • ica le ski m pra litt ment progra te Certif al best se with manage Gradua tart a ernation ustry, the For tho : DCBI the ind to kick-s with int m Code nciples; iliarity rtunity ining in Progra pri po tra Fam te op ed ing • opera mplet anding nchmark ility to nised co an outst and be e years d the ab area. ll find A recog e or fiv nce an in this , or wi r degre career confide tor working ustry; bachelo erience • Self will be vate sec els of ind nal exp duates g skills; c and pri ging at all lev professio . Most gra of publi m solvin na a interests myriad for ma e proble a nt lom ed lac in a me ne Dip rk rkp a te wo taking re is manage • Wo Gradua ere the : DGBF and for ividual ; de wh Ind on Co es d m rol an ormati gy for Progra and inf technolo records stry to using meet proach by indu oped to Masters new ap : DMBF tage. Backed en devel ls m Code e advan have be fessiona Progra corporat grams leted able pro These pro rs for cap e ed comp rat yea nd nis o og rpo ma de A rec e and tw ge of co industry r degre ole ran s. the wh bachelo nt need erience across ent exp nageme ered ation ma employm being off inform courses s specialist en developed campu mber of e be experts. nu m ve A ha Ho industry t time gram by the firs st pro for We s y , Cit .au lly for thi Adelaide specifica




Change ss M ment Business Manage E-Busine ion to Resource Introduct Human ion to nance Introduct on Gover ati ment Inform Manage nt low me rkf Wo nage sign ge Ma and De Knowled Architecture ation ons M Inform ver nance ganisati ation Go gement in Or Inform ge Mana sentation Knowled pre Re ge ces Knowled de Servi wi seEnterpri sM M Database ectures se Archit ss M Enterpri E-Busine ion to ment Introduct gy M Manage vation Technolo ork chival Netw l Preser and Ar d Digita vation ser Pre ment an Manage ples Archival ion Princi ntals Preservat ing Fundame eep Recordk Archiving Virtual s hnologie S EDRM ation Tec Inform Business eeping Recordk Digital nt) sign De nageme S S EDRM EDRM tion Ma forma ntals of ment (In Fundame Manage Records EDRMS sign nting an and De ure ect Impleme hit ss M ation Arc Inform E-Busine ion to ment) ment Introduct Manage Manage (Systems Workflow nagement Ma Records eeping dk cor Re RMS sM Digital System ls of ED on nta ati me Inform Funda ntals of ntals Fundame ing Fundame eep Recordk ment Manage Library rces g Resou s BIM Accessin rce g Resou Managin gement t Mana es only rces IT Projec rs cours ing Resou d Maste Organis loma an te Dip Law ds Gradua ics and Metho nt, Eth rch sea nageme CIS Re tion Ma ica un Comm ject 1 t sters Pro gement Projec ICT Ma na ation Ma cs Inform 1 mi s ip Dyna r Thesi Leadersh mputing Mino Co rmation Masters E-Transfo ational nt Organis nageme ntent Ma Web Co e cat ate Certifi ~ Gradu loma uate Dip * Grad rs ^ Maste

dustry nsive in s of ith exte rd loped w by State Reco Australia. h en deve have be s been funded Library of Sout s m ra e og ha These pr support, and x and the Stat d ro an Xe t ji pu Fu in stralia, South Au le: thways the About

te Ce

Speciali rtificate

s program


Masters ars 1.5 ye

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rvices ment Se Froude Simon er Records Managestralia ag Au et A/Man South d Cabin cords of mier an State Re the Pre ent of Departm

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University of South Australia

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BIM and LIM brochures

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“It gave the students a much clearer understanding of what it is like to be in the workforce – the deadlines, the limitations, the excitement, the importance of teamwork, and all the other pressures and pleasures of working in news media.” Dwayne Blee, UniSA film and TV lecturer

Film, Video and Journalism Students

The quality of graduates was demonstrated by three young health science researchers from UniSA’s Sansom Institute being awarded 2007 Young Tall Poppy Science Awards, with Dr Craig Williams also being named the South Australian Young Tall Poppy of the Year. Their contributions related to knowledge about genetic diseases, debilitating viruses and the causes of obesity.

Film and video production and journalism students worked as reporters and camera crew at the 2007 World Police and Fire Games in 2007, joining TAFE students and industry professionals to produce TV news stories for broadcast at the event. Film and video production and journalism students at the 2007 World Police and Fire Games

Engaged Students Student engagement is fundamental to UniSA, with experiential learning central to our new Teaching and Learning Framework. Maintenance of relationships with Alumni in Australia and throughout the world extends this emphasis on active community linkages involving students and graduates.

Community Clinics UniSA student clinics offer educational experience in various disciplines while bringing valuable resources to disadvantaged communities. The Mammography Clinic, for example, enables diagnostic radiographers to undertake theoretical and practical postgraduate study in conjunction with Breast Screen SA.


UNAP facilitated other clinics through the Northern Adelaide Health and Wellbeing Project. The education model for these requires community based work supervised by experienced clinical educators who ensure that duty of care, service quality, and learning outcomes are achieved.

osi, ntad tics lia Pia Statis Dr Ju llow, atics and rch Fe em Resea l of Math Schoo

Clinics in disciplines such as psychology, social work, podiatry and physiotherapy also go some way to addressing long waiting lists and times. A Northern Area Clinic began providing physiotherapy and podiatry services in July 2006 in the Playford Community Health Centre (Davoren Park), while a Physiotherapy Student Clinic in Adelaide runs like a professional private practice but offers discounted fees for pensioners, students, and the unemployed. An Options Coordination Physiotherapy Clinic also is run by students with community partners Brain Injury Options Coordination and Adult Physical and Neurological Options Coordination.

Aerial Shark Watch Patrol Service

Graduate Qualities The University’s education programs develop desired graduate qualities, including command of a body of knowledge in sufficient depth to begin professional practice. Graduates are prepared for life‑long learning in pursuit of personal development and excellence in professional practice and are expected to be effective communicators and community members. UniSA strives to ensure that graduates have international perspectives as professionals and as citizens, and are committed to ethical action and social responsibility.


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Engaging our Communities

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Experience. The Difference.

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ff nt, sta t stude rary ality recen ity lite y nal Qu l Three mmun etr tiona Natio . ed a and co ibrant’ po ck, na issues 2006 Poco receiv ily : ‘V istics ard in rbara and fam oject cations pers; lingu sor Ba The pr edicines Aw life publi Profes in work/ ys for m pa M sa me es siu r Use of eir ho leade sympo guage use nts; d in th ve stude ere lan ha d liv on ll de an ati wi ries urses dents d educ short sto s First) First al stu ing co foreign ers an d Teen on of study dents. gly, loc e study in teach CHaT tion en an while collecti UniSA stu reasin ing (Childr informa ildren, es. Inc and a perienc y build and aTFirst ited by esents y to ex countri capacit untries as lp ch ching rtunit and ed The CH uniquely pr rsity’s to he ion in tea ity oppo s in co Unive focus written parat nya, site llence mmun s do the unitie ile the ntred h, Ke ing se web‑ are r exce mm ild co o es wh nc ‑ce , fo itie co to bu rie ild lad s to Centac ive activ lands a ch ds to iving expe Bang with iSA str ile helping exten esia, ership relating ly with rents y by drthe Hon Un , nt Emergency Serviceserg Minister Carmel Zollo on pa on rtn tion, joi d ssi Pa ule Ind an unda rch wh capacity. ng en earch loped sched ken mi Ryan India, at a h sti with Shark Patrol aviation students teens Community Clinic Africa. resea e asCausby um ile res d derta UniSA’s ers lstra Fo oject . Deve ut ead of of wa an Te un pr tim wh ce So ah e e , is ad div or op d nc on, lines earch uity by th the iving or div or an y “Inste resilie discip vises orted and eq h in Educati rlier res ork and energ st Tim and arr ss ad pp e ea ro Ea ly lity su uc ac an h’ quick system rs to red and this eracy, ponsibi for Researc ted cial W from board for Lit ive their of So ualag lemen cial res erged e of the on ofile for dr to so comp it em aining Centre the Centre g others. School es guag ore ‘M ite is pr maint h the d on on in the webs dustri Dari lan sea of while speed throug d Work an ts No M based educati res am a y. The in the ption ral In id. n targe y an d child diation as g Cultu ng in l Polic word direct consum ,” Dr Vu sa Equit arnin gic Pla cycle Cultu Socia quality ‘floati rent an rker h is a ve no e me Strate water ry ule and Le ce lel pa ncing try wo er clusiv Mualag an meaning eakers ha paral sched enha sion’. Policy rks on 2005 indus stralia’s ily servi isciplina numb ild‑in es in by e sp wo ist ve Au A pr ch th le i erd ri . fam h an ati d ro int Da 14 an t of sive m ‘de Sout ty’s Afgh ntados d with amber of of cre large inty’. by 20 al ter iversi suppor omas groups comprehen ribute ledge lia Pia rease certa . Ch rcent thin a of medic Dr Ju The Un s acknow a ll cont th the an inc alian nt wi 20 pe sad un uncil ntacare the of the as wi kevi Th nt kes wi wa Austr geme part of ers of t helps ess Co ard. e are ugh Ce Paras luding lation porta son La mana for of life of the numb Projec n, ciplin /Busin l thro trans e, inc while w im ages learn at Maw lagh’ Award d Industry mily Aw yment mode ople of ho iSA dis is objectiv mmunicatio grant, n pack alia to ‘Mua team Gold d of Un ent in and Fa plo kage aware d ung pe g th ulatio Austr More of Co erce an C Lin ent, an Work gy an assessm in and yo keenly hievin ural Em al sim rural le that hool Comm National an AR The No hnolo treatm dication, to ac e are aphic lance d risk inaug ildren ing in tec its availab s. e gr Ba an Art, Sc ch liv “W n a s th n, s nt of to tem ife ali tio an is sys essio ked rces are eived ork/L geme Austr sant me develop t Afgh School us informa s. sting work. o rec t depr is issue few resou ve loo for W mana epres abou rve th als d ou ha ty@ al ls I tid ha rio ab ard . rsi ram of ral na iSA an Aw site an Un Dive optim how water more and va cultu sion. eting y use children nt prog ofessio of ld from lusion aTFirst – and storm t is a depres d for geme ll, ural me ership alth pr to safel nition e CH was he and Inc ganisation Projec urban signe ouga mana how partn nce of ng he on th e inaug s recog ’s r atter or alia Ltd brings are de ken in ntre es McD terial in, th experie educati fesso UniSA 07 wa the M Austr a large derta AL ugee ilar ve te Pro y while the ma essed.” Jam & Youth Ce arch art of t in 20 Director of ct un ental socia an ref over tegor . WQR riters try hligh In a sim ality Rese The He impr ck, ren’s ral M Afgh by As ty’ ca 2007 nt proje the SA W d hig indus scu, e co ild lly ltu , s’. cie er ed Qu th me tre Po ate nt r Ch l Pe lop ge mb ss, me nic I’m rea A rel Multicu Wate rbara the ‘So 0 Australian tiona enga Dece e water Ioana s deve m Pre govern nal Eth iSA, e, as r with sor Ba tive . It wa sist th tor, Na iSA in by Dr Lythru nine Natio at Un Profes ork+Lif ’s ‘Smart 10 rnment’s r initia Direc at Un . Led Sydney s Procte s to as h quality with enty iting d the d earlie for W ve ation ntre, er tw al poets sional wr hig Nichola stralia an lletin and rch an ng an stralia ral Go Centre organis ordable, togeth Law Ce es resea and loc otion hteen The Bu h Au followi e Fede ts in the Au earch in prof er in ucted on eig e aff h prom Healt liance e of th winn an and res to produc lecturer dents cond for a book al healt refugees. ity Al rticip also on s Lythrum out try stu Disabil essed ment test pa She is piece . ghan ed by indus igh e ab UniSA ter Af nt br n dr tiv r Pri wa d tio . ip ing reflec lly. that ad evention fo orma poets ld best an mmit. drink tiona wrote alian tes inf pr adersh First so Su interna n the Austr nsolida s history. suicide 2020 y and ctor Le the annual joi South ok co s art informs e locall s travel to the bo State’ ess Se of now engage is activ Press, dent nt of the onsor series. eek it Busin others UniSA erseas stu pect excelle ipal sp k seminar ers W unity, ment is an this as ov princ for ’s Writ gage ee comm , and Many is the ity en elaide event ess W alian lum un str iSA sin ier cu at Ad Au Un rri s. mm al Bu prem ring South iSA cu ing co proces ation alia’s nside the Un of embedd d learning Austr Intern ies co ts. mpan an South marke ple for co ching exam IBW is world rs and the tea stic to cy s within exporte from dome r serie p Efficien rol mina and the lea IBW se nt d Fuel export Co s iSA d an all te’ Un r Sta al y fo ling an in annu r the Water rtunit Schedu erse as tra “The cus fo oppo ng to iSA’s d s a fo div and an of exporti nt, an h by Un ues as provide ustries ess other.” Researc dresses iss t manageme water, rt ind busin each r igh impo p ad storm th the learn from al ancello Grou and fre suburban ed wi ment and bling Vice Ch ess. viron involv of gether jor en timeta n, Pro sin ment to ed iffi ma Bu ge ov na of come tially rry Gr haw h impr the ma sor Ge ent: Division g poten ct throug le Bags fes tin Pro sid sor Da anticipa omic impa e Pre Profes d Vic e. on an ec ag r and ter us tMise d wa e Freigh research fuel an on th rative works bo l, lla Vu na an a co ernatio d by Dr Xu G Int create d TM drivers system train iSA an time haul at Un help ion. s long team tem to umpt provide vice sys fuel cons which cab ad nimise an in‑ and mi with nt geme mana

Service learning also features within other disciplines. For Social Work, ‘field education’ constitutes a quarter of an undergraduate degree or occurs as supervised practice for postgraduates. Similarly, supervised undergraduate students provide free podiatry advice to children of low‑income families through Child and Youth Health’s Podiatry Program.



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rtant impo “It is ple to o for pe nd how rsta s unde cs oil emati math chinery a m the akes s, that m y activitie da every hing a atc c n e ri k li te g or wa train , arden t g e n th efficie ctive.” e more e ost ff and c adosi Dr Ju

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UniSA delivers fixed wing aircraft patrols for the Aerial Shark Watch Patrol Service in partnership with the State Government. Operated by the Civil Aviation discipline of the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, flights are piloted by commercial pilot training students and graduate instructors from the UniSA Aviation Academy. Research opportunities also have been realised.

sa clude ort, hich in tion, supp a nt – w conte ate inform l contacts te si pri sefu web “The f age‑appro usic and u arents, m o fp e‑in.” range ve games, sponses o ide phon ti re ‑w c e te ra a th inte of a st t in u o s e e v – cam and relati n childre

Experience. The Difference.


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onals and citizens to the edge; and works with our me.


nd research that connects nternational stakeholders – rnment, industry, academic


Engagement Policy booklet

0 9 y Universit ents 2010 La Trobe r Year 10 Stud e fo A Guid

n; re. to explo her informatio urt options y more esource for f are man .au ent r s – there e is an excell ram ag bg uid di n these aining’s Jobg e at n o ow nd Tr ebsit is sh t the w cience a of jobs k or visi ation, S election the boo of Educ Only a s copy of artment The Dep more obtain a ut ion to find o educAt

rams on urses at the diag bjects and co themes. t su of vce similar subjec ve ha that

cts to CE subje to which ers pecific V reas to s les of the care mp E study a rom VC ves some exa e f ov u can m ch diagram gi ider. ircle, yo ea to cons rim of of the c er paths e centre es. The outside any care from th urs re are m ad. Starting niversity co , so the s can le e U degrees La Trob t in these area lor he Bac es cAtion ver 130 an inter eS, edu ity has o nGuAG e Univers La Trob ceS, lA

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O rpp O io n s ree titop ntsn io O rre eee s aCrra Ca e lleelC rketing s ib ting Ma sssisibb s &rke & Ma er sSale Sale poso erput Com rmacist Comput Phacist Analyst Adviser ITiser PoP Pharma Anaslyst IT Adv Sysstem Sysstem sines ustry


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chearch Res Reslear mel dica dica Bio Biome stlogist cho logi Psy icalcho ClinPsy Clinical ource ce Res our an an Res ement ent HumHum nag em Ma Manag

2007VCOpen Days VEC

chearch Res rketear t Res Ma Marke


10am – 2pm


Sunday 12 August

10am – 3pm


Sunday 19 August

10am – 3pm

avioural Behural Behavio Science Science

es lead?

do degre


Other useful websites

Course and Careers Services

Jobguide: My Future: Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre:

La Trobe University Bundoora Campus Victoria 3086 Australia Tel 1300 135 045 Fax (03) 9479 1989 Email Website

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Banking entking emBan ent nag em Ma Manag

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Fina Finance

Furt Further

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Analyst Anaslyst Sysstem System cerance Insu Insuran

Rissk stlogist Bussines hno teclogi Busines hno Bio Biotec g t ntist Scie al ntis Teagchin chin Scie alteri Ma rmatics Space SpaceTea Materi infotics Biorma Bioinfo sicists sts Phy Physici

Analyst Anaklyst Ris

A Guide for Year 10 Students

CRICOS provider code: 0115M This brochure has been produced using a Clean Green Print process which means all the processes involved with the manufacture of this brochure are guaranteed to have minimum impact on the environment. For more information on this initiative, please visit Printed by Print Bound Pty Ltd

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s 2010

La Trobe U A Guide fo niversity r Year 10 S tudent

Which co should urse I study? there’s pl choose enty of informat a io


course th n availa and am at will best suit ble to help you bitions. your inte rests,

Things yo need to u know… about be ing selecte d for a co

Select ’Fi

uSe co

urse at un




nd a cou


d I study?

rse shoul

Which cou


ate link

Comple ting the start o the VCE succ essfully is f getting in jus do you ge t selected to university. So t The EN TER how once you Scores. En is based on you apply? For most c r VCE S glish is tak tudy your ne bases its ourses La Trobe en first an xt b Un selection d then 3 & 4 sequ est three scores their ENT of Year 12 iversity from u ER nits sixth subj ences. If you hav Entrance (Equivalent N students on ect, 10 pe ational Ter e a fifth a Rank) s from the cores. Ap these cou tiar se will als r cent of the scor nd plicants fo y rses are l the o be a es ENTER sc r isted in n calculate ord ore, with s your EN dded. VTAC a position If you’ve the highes er of their TER so yo ou faced dis t at the top For you to u have students w t of 100 relati second be . ve to o ary schoo advantage during ho have d courses fo offered a pla l, you ma for univer one VCE in ther ce r w y be eligib sity entry that year. by your EN hich selectio in one of the ClearlyEntry A n is determ ccess Sch under a Speci le in the follow TER, you need Ra ine al d nk eme (SEA There a to fit into ing two c re two SE S). This is the one of ategories AS schem SEA ENTER S-Access : ab are offere and Equity es: Year 12 d a place ove which all appl 1. Tho an Sp d SEAS ecial Cons in the cou se wit icants ideration. rse for tha At La Trob above a h an ENTER cle SEAS Acc t year. e Univers particu ess and are not se lar rank arly Clearly ity, students w Equity -in Ran (the t in advan Clearly-in EN is open k) year to ye TERs ce and do to adversely hose educatio ar. They change fr n h aff are OR Universit om life circum ected long-te as been y, conside determined b rm by the stances. S y the ring: Special ir • the nu Consider EAS Year 12 2. Tho mb er o hel atio se wh f places a ping stud n is the cours ents whos aimed at vailable in rank but o fall below a e; hav e c e c particu learly who ma ircumstan • the nu lar a place y their perfo had an adver mber of ap after con be offered se impact ces rmance plic course as sideratio additio on find detail in Year 12 nal info a PREFER ants listing tha n of ed . Yo info u c rm t (Middle-b an rmation ation ENCE, an both sche • the ac about and Sel d me ademic ection). www.latr s on our webs achievem those app ite, obe.ed ent of licants at For some info co Graphic D urses, like Vis ual Arts a esi nd requireme gn, applicant s must ful nts such of their ar fil extra as t work or submitting a f In an in olio attending ter view, three or fo an interview. the Unive ur p rsity ask your ba you quest eople from ckg a particul round and why y ions about ar course. ou want t quite rela Int o do xed but th erviews are u formal s sually ey take p etti carefully b ng, so you need lace in a to efore the as much day – by fi prepare as nding what it of you can abou t the cour out fers, an d thinking se can best e about ho and xpl It’s a good ain your reas w you ons idea to ask pare for applying. to help yo nts u rehea rse for the or teachers interview .







At the en d o Victorian T f your VCE stu dies, the ertiary Ad (VTAC) ca missions lcu Centre National T lates your EN TER (Eq ertiary En uivalent trance Ran k).

to know

you need

To find the area of st broadest sel ection udy from t of cou he menu To narrow (leave all o rses select an ther fields and camp your search use blank) us menus the (leave all major area o To see f study other field all s blank) (leave all o courses at a cam ther fields pus sel ect a cam blank) pus

0 7 La Trobe U A Guide fo niversity r Year 10 S tudents 2 010

hoW to

Click on th e U

s hods Met Method

Scie Science

ondary Secary Second Tertiary Tertiary

To sta


s atics hem Matatic Mathem

Disclaimer – Information in this brochure is current as of July 2007. Although every effort has been made to ensure that the material in this publication was correct at the time of printing, the University accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or the completeness of information. The University reserves the right to alter, amend or withdraw courses listed in this guide without notice. Users of this publication are advised to check course information with the relevant faculty or department before acting on the information published in this guide. Course information will be kept up to date in CourseFinder, the University’s searchable database of courses, located at

rt, you can use the ta you can fi bles at th nd e back of subjects y out more info rmation ou are int using ou this guide to lea erested in r CourseF rn abou , and it wi ll search fo inder databas t the courses off e. Cour r courses seFinder a ered at La Trobe. that matc If y llow h that s pecificatio s you to speci ou find a course fy the info that intere n. rmation you seek sts you, , such as Go to ww a nd select ‘ Find a co urse’, then click on th e Undergra duate link.

Select La Trobe 2010

g Teagchin Teachin

Officer Officer dlife

Wil Wildlife

ictronic Elec Electron ineering Engring Enginee

hnology logy Tec Techno

Arsea y ea Ar Styud StEud VCEVC

tal irontalmen men Env Environ Science Science

mental irontal men Env t Environ aget men men Man Manage Ecology & Eco&logy

n Polnlutio Pollutio Officer trolicer ConOff Control


Scie Science

stlogist hno teclogi hno Bio Biotec s nicastion mution nica com Telemu r Telecom Engrinee Enginee mmer graer mm t Pro rnegra t Pro Inte Interne Analyst Anaslyst Sysstem System eloper eware t Dever Soft seelop Dev Softwar seaba Dat elopt men Databa Devmen Develop s t Sersvice porvice t Ser Sup Suppor r pute Comr Compute ineeringst hnology Engring logy Tec Enginee logi st Techno hno Teclogi Techno

ritional Nutnal Nutritio Science Science

& d& Food Foo hnology logy Tec Techno

chology logy Psy Psycho

Studryobae t La T

mental irontal men Env Environ Science Science

ryustry Ind ingust Ind Min Mining stlogist Eco Ecologi

Man Manage

rmation tion Info Informa hnology logy Tec Techno

trymistry Che Chemis

herapy siotpy hera Phy Physiot

Melbourne (Bundoora) Sunday 26 August 10am – 4pm

Contact Details

SEuSbujebcjetscts VCVEC

es lead?

Sunday 12 August

10am – 4pm

App Applied Science Science

Medical Medical Science Science

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y Universit ents 2010 La Trobe r Year 10 Stud e fo A Guid

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La Trobe University

Year 10 guide




unisa unisa unisa + Business IT + Computer and Information Science + Computing and Multimedia + Information Systems + Logistics + Networking + Software Engineering + Double Degrees

Experience. The Difference.



Computing and Information Technology



Experience. The Difference.





+ Business IT + Computer and Information Science + Computing and Multimedia + Information Systems + Logistics + Networking + Software Engineering + Double Degrees



Computing and Information Technology






Computing and Information Technology + Business IT + Computer and Information Science + Computing and Multimedia + Information Systems + Logistics + Networking + Software Engineering + Double Degrees

Experience. The Difference.


Business IT Computer Business IT Computer Business IT Computer and Information and Information and Information Science andComputing and Science Science Computing andComputing Multimedia Information Multimedia Information Multimedia Information Systems Logistics Systems Logistics Systems Logistics Networking Software Networking Software Networking Software Engineering Double Engineering Double Engineering Double RA G O PR






Experience. The Difference.

Experience. The Difference.



Architecture and Design + Architecture + Interior Architecture + Industrial Design

Experience. The Difference. Experience. The Difference.

Accounting and Commerce + Commerce + Applied Finance + Commercial Law + Administrative Management + Management of Information Technology

Experience. The Difference. Experience. The Difference.


International Studies



+ + + + + + + +

+ + + + + + + +

Applied Language and Intercultural Communication International Studies Journalism International Business Management Management (Marketing) Social Work Languages and Culture Studies

Business Administration Commercial Law Property International Business Commerce International Studies Business Enterprise Business Ventures

Experience. The Difference. Experience. The Difference.

Experience. The Difference. Experience. The Difference.


Visual Arts and Graphic Design


Tourism and Recreation

+ Visual Arts (Specialisation) + Visual Communication

+ Tourism and Hospitality Management + Sport and Recreation Management

Experience. The Difference.

Experience. The Difference.







Nursing and Midwifery + Nursing + Midwifery

Experience. The Difference. Experience. The Difference.


UniSA Foundation Studies

Experience. The Difference. Experience. The Difference.


University of South Australia

Pharmacy Laboratory Medicine Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Nutrition and Food Sciences Health Science Human Movement and Health Studies Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy Podiatry Medical Radiation Science Education


Experience. The Difference.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +


Medical and Health Sciences

Experience. The Difference.

Discipline brochures

University of South Australia

Student prospectuses

University of South Australia Scholarships at UniSA 2005 Experience. The Difference.

University of South Australia Postgraduate Coursework Programs Experience. The Difference.

Division of Business Doctor, Master, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate studies in: • Commerce • General Management • Management Specialisations • Marketing • Tourism and Hospitality

University of South Australia Coursework Masters Business Programs School of Accounting and Information Systems

a and iplom ies in ate D radu cate stud er, G Mast ate Certifi u Grad ncy nt ounta geme Mana • Acc trative minis d A • erce on omm rmati • e-C t Info emen anag M • ms Syste

University of South Australia

Scholarship brochure and Postgraduate brochures



d Finan

Your ca

When con sidering want to what kin bear in mind the d of roles you of the fi will app employm nan ly for, you ent gro show bel ce world. Bra may wth in nch acc ow ave different ountan rag growth ts and areas in recent e job prospects and a dec managers (ba years. Wh also dec nking) lined ove line in em ile emplo r the pas whole, yment for finan ployment growth t in this are two years, ove cial adv Governm isers has r the a has bee ent pre dicts pro n very stro past decade Employm as spe a ng, and ent gro cts to be wth for the Aus extrem strong financial ely high tralian from 200 ove dealers enterin 5–200 and bro g this are r the past dec . kers has ade a are the been refore ver and job prospe cts for y good. gradua tes The em ployment level (‘00 branch accounta 0s of peo nts and dealer ple) for s and bro manag finance ers (fin adviser kers. ancial) s; 60 and fin ancial


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UniSA’s Ba cash flow graduate chelor of Ap s. Virtual plied Fin s for wo investm ly all larg ance pro variety rk in a ent com e busine gram pre of org panies and in sses fall anisatio wide range and some cas into this at UniSA pares of roles ns and es billions fund managers, cat you wi across sectors. , of dol which can egory, as do Employm ll have into the a lars of Du ent opp have mil de rin excitin funds und g your ortuniti specialist lions, g world veloped the as intern time er manag es availab advisor expert of finan ement. ational le on gra y lending, and ma ise to mo ce with manage business duation nagem retail ban ve options ent pos may incl ment or , foreig advisor kin g, itio trea ude y services as wide ns n curren Bachelor cor , interna sury and money across the are and priv cy tradin of Appli porate treasu tion as of ate ma al bankin g, enter rol financia rkets, cor ry. As a ed Finan compon porate graduate risk es that ce pro ent of you l consulting. The g and finance gram yo demand an abilit , financia genera genera u will be of the l financia r degree also y to ass an unde l planni l busine provide ng ess l manag organisa rstandin across a ready s opportu ss managem em to variety tions on lending risks, g of clie ent nities to of differe ent of small to recently and the nt need their fin work in medium nt indust For the , emplo s, capaci ancial sized bus ries. most par ty to yment planning Applied inesses t, occupa opportu Finance activities advise tional are Applied Finance nities in supera have be as adviser gradua areas rel . Most nnuatio s and fina of branch acc tes will en stim work in ountan n and ated to ulated ncial dea compa brokers ts and the the gro lers and con nies an manag wing nu by the expan brokers. d fund offer adv duct financia sion l marke mber of Financia ers, finance manage ice on fina t transac l dealers commo investme of rs. Employm tions on and dities. Fina ncial matters, ent opp nt behalf sell pla nce ortu


ity of Univers stralia u South A

ss Busine Expe

world of nities for finance most of are expected the occ to be stro very good, wit h emplo upations within ng. yment the growth to 2009– 0


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10 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 Branch 2001 Accoun 2002 tants and 2003 Year Financia Manage 2004 l Dealers rs 2005 and Brok Finance ers Advisers

While th e trend branch s for fina ac a decline countants an nce advisers an d for fina in employmen managers showd ncial de t level, ale substant th ial increa rs and broker e trend s show se. a


t, SAI Priv I think ate (SA it’s really ) importa really sur nt to ha e where ve an op I wante of finan en mind d to be ce. when it . My att comes itu de I think was to to findin my cover get into g work. ing a finan After do I went letter an cial firm to many ing my d résum but to studies employm é really essentia keep an I wasn’ ent site impresse ls that open mi t s are need d my em and fou nd in all rest, so nd ways ed when ployer. you can areas Th to applying ey were make my immedia for a job professio tely gra rés Before um . é and co b the att nally set It’s also my interv vering ention importa out and iew I res position let of nt rev ter your po earched to make ised. unique by asking tential the comp your ap but with and by specific employer plication any on all the my enthu question . the we stand ou s about siasm for bsite bo t from the comp My advic the comp th to lea the any. My e to gra any. Th employer rn about it an duates ey also agency. d to sho is to ke liked my was im Don’t be ep w pressed eagerne an intere looking scared by the ss to lea on intern st in the to apply Careers way I pre in Busi rn and et emplo for jobs ness Expe keep on sented rience. that yo yment The Diffe myself learning rence. u think sites an . d perha are out ps registe of your reach – you could r with an emplo yment be surpri sed.

Prop Business erty & Services Governm Administ ent ratio and Defe n nce


insuran ns for ind of clients adviser ce and s develo ividuals, , buy and and inve p and imp businesse sell stment lem s and org strateg real esta anisations ent financial ies, sec te. urities, , and adv and adm Branch accoun insuran ise on tax tan inis ce, pen sion pla of branch ter accounting ts and manag ns and ers es of ban processes (banking) financia and the manag l institut ks, building soc ope e rationa ions. ieties, cre dit unions l activities There are and sim currently ilar finance 58,700 adv financia l dealers employed isers, and 9, 800 bra and bro around nch kers, 27, 89 per Austral cent of 600 ia. Across accountants and ma workers each gro all thre nagers are e up has groups a higher employed in full alm compar than ave ed to all -time pos ost rage sha occupa itions and tions. re of we ekly ear nings


Wholesal e Trade


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As a gra duate wit relevan h a deg t to any ree in App organisati lied Fina on that nce, you has sign r skills ificant cash hol will be dings or

Anita Ma io Supera nnuatio n and Inv Gradua estment ted 200 2 Accoun



The D rience.

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Finance All occu









Applied Finance gradua or superv tes will isory pos usually accoun itions and be emplo tant, ma occupa nager, tional title yed in manag dealer comme and bro erial s may incl rcial ma ker, bus Finance ude bra nager, iness ma gradua finance nch nager or tes adviser, consult specialist financial ancy serv may establish consult their ow ices and and finan ant. n busine advice cial inst ss providi Applied to a ran itutions. ge of org ng anisations , individ uals




Underst and employer ably, the Fina nce and of Insuran employing those with App ce sector lied Fina 85 per is the larg accoun cent of nce and est tants and finance related adviser qualificat manag and bro s, 97.4 ers and ions, kers. per cen 75.8 per t of bra cent of nch financial dealers

Research the busin prepare ess befor question e your interview s to ask always your po – know show en tential what the thusiasm get disco employer y do an and wh uraged. . In your d en you’r interview e not suc Regardl , cessful, ess of wh don’t ether yo to ventur u know e into, wh do at area every op n’t give of financ up any portunit opportu e you wo y as a ste the possi nity tha uld like pping sto bilities t arises are endle ne to ge . You can t where ss! use you wa nt to be –


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ness Expe


The Diffe


sity of Univer lia Austra South

University of South Australia

Visual Arts Experience. The Difference.


University of South Australia

Graphic Design and Illustration


Experience. The Difference.

Australian and Indigenous Studies

Experience. The Difference.

+ Aboriginal Studies + Australian Studies + Double Degrees

Aboriginal Studies careers careers Australian Studies University of South Australia

University of South Australia

University of South Australia


Experience. The Difference.




Your career in Management As a graduate of UniSA’s Bachelor of Management, you’re well-placed to enter the workforce in a leadership or management position. You’ll find that opportunities abound across a diverse range of industry sectors and in a wide variety of roles. You may already have management experience, in which case your degree will greatly enhance your employment prospects and lead to more senior positions. However, if this is your first foray into the

Employment snapshot


Employment opportunities for Management graduates have increased significantly in the last five years and the Australian Government predicts job prospects for those with a management degree to be good to very good. Continued strong employment growth is also expected over the next five years.


Employment predictions to 2011–12:


Occupation size:

LARGE (119 000)

Ave weekly wage:


% in FT work:


Vacancy levels:


Vacancy reasons:

36% Job change 43% Leaving occupation 21% New jobs

Policy and Planning Managers Job prospects:


Employment predictions to 2011–12:


Occupation size:

LARGE (16 900)

Ave weekly wage:


% in FT work:


Vacancy levels:


Vacancy reasons:

27% Job change 67% Leaving occupation 6% New jobs

General Managers Job prospects:

University of South Australia

Experience. The Difference.

professional workplace, you should be aware that you may not necessarily step straight into a management position. Graduate employment programs, management traineeships or administrative roles make great starting points, and if you have the right skills and qualities, it won’t be long before you’re ready to take on greater challenges.

Project and Program Administrators Job prospects:

Degrees Aboriginal Studies Australian Studies Double Degrees Aboriginal Studies Australian Studies


Professional marketers: in demand

Some of the positions that Management graduates may apply for include: project officer, senior project officer, project coordinator, project manager, executive officer, business manager, strategic planning manger, public policy manager, and corporate manager eventually leading to general management roles.

As a graduate of UniSA’s Marketing program you’ll understand the importance of marketing in daily business life. Almost every organisation has ideas, services or products that they want the public to accept, support or buy. And to do this, they need highly skilled marketing professionals like you!

Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising Professionals

Vacancy levels:


Marketing activity has traditionally been driven by the size of the market place and the level of economic activity. An increasing population and strong economic growth in Australia over the past ten years has resulted in consistent growth in the demand for people with marketing, advertising and sales skills. New business ideas and opportunities have been created by the rapid growth in electronic communication and the expansion of global trading. However, these developments have also produced a more competitive environment within which suppliers need to use contemporary and innovative marketing in order to reach their target audiences.

Vacancy reasons:

44% Job change 47% Leaving occupation 9% New jobs

General Managers and project and program administrators have seen especially strong employment growth over the past decade. Which Companies? Many organisations offer graduate management traineeship programs, including Telstra, Coles Myer, Commonwealth Bank, CSR, IBM, National Australia Bank and more. State and Federal Government Departments also offer graduate management traineeship programs as well as the opportunity to commence work in positions such as project officer or project manager.

The employment level (‘000s of people) for Project and Program Administrators, Policy and Planning Managers and General Managers:

100 80



LARGE (89 800)


Ave weekly wage:



90% LOW

Vacancy reasons:

3% Job change 78% Leaving occupation 19% New jobs


Australian employment in marketing, public relations, advertising and sales has increased by over 20 percent in the last five years to around 1.2 million people. Understandably, the Australian Government predicts growth prospects for people with specialist skills in marketing, public relations and advertising to be good to very good over the next decade.

Which industries?


Employment predictions to 2011–12:

% in FT work:

Experience. The Difference.

Which Occupations?

Occupation size:

Vacancy levels:


90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 General Managers Policy and Planning Managers Project and Program Administrators


The wholesale and retail sector absorbs around a third of marketing, public relations and advertising professionals, with a further third employed by the property and business services and manufacturing sectors. The communication, cultural, health, government and education sectors all offer significant employment opportunities for marketing graduates, providing an extensive window of opportunity for job seekers to find work across a diverse range of industry sectors.

University of South Australia

Employment snapshots Job prospects:


Employment predictions to 2011–12:


Occupation size:

LARGE (59 300)

Ave weekly wage:


% in FT work:


Sales and Marketing Managers Job prospects:


Employment predictions to 2011–12:


Occupation size:

LARGE (104 500)

Ave weekly wage:


% in FT work:


Vacancy levels:


Vacancy reasons:

58% Job change 30% Leaving occupation 12% New jobs

Which occupations? Marketing graduates have many choices. Often, graduates will enter companies as marketing service trainees, marketing or brand manager assistants, public relations officers or retail or commercial sales people. With further study and/or experience, there are opportunities to move into positions such as technical sales representative, brand manager, account manager, marketing manager, advertising manager or sales manager, marketing analyst, marketing/management executive or even researcher. Some marketing graduates choose to start their own business after gaining some management experience.

The employment level (‘000s of people) for Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising Professionals and Sales and Marketing Managers:

150 120 90 60 30 0

90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Sales and Marketing Managers Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising Professionals

Careers brochures



University of South Australia Automotive Dealership Management Experience. The Difference.

oyees e


Entry procedure Application packages are available from the Australian Centre for Automotive Management (ACAM). The application form needs to be completed by the applicant listing qualifications, employment experience and major career achievements. Two employmentrelated referees need to complete and return the referees’ report.


Study methods and location

Creating and

For those undertaking this professional study online the technology used is modern and user-friendly. People are also encouraged to participate in class activities with internal students.

s plus four electives.

pational Health and ty Management and 1G

ncing Customer Value ugh Quality

anced Market Research

petitive Strategy

emporary Issues in Project Operations Management

anced Marketing munications


These programs are undertaken by attendance or on-line (or a combination of both). For those attending in person the courses are conducted at the new purpose-built accommodation at the City West Campus of the University of South Australia. Located on North Terrace and adjoining the Lion Arts Centre, this provides an exciting and new learning environment.



knowledge, Serving

For further information


How do I start?


Additional information relating to the content of the programs can be obtained by contacting:

the community

Dr Luke Faulkner Program Director

ACAM School of Management University of South Australia GPO Box 2471 Adelaide 5001 South Australia

Leading the way to a better career in Automotive Dealership Management

Telephone (08) 8302 0010 Facsimile (08) 8302 0951 Email

University of South Australia



ership Dynamics

ly Business

UniSA Handbook for High School Students – 2006 Experience. The Difference.

unisa Valuable information about > programs > accommodation > support services > campuses

University of South Australia University of South Australia

UniSA Handbook for Adult Entry Students – 2006 Experience. The Difference.

unisa Valuable information about > returning to study > entry pathways > support services > programs

University of South Australia

University of South Australia

Student handbooks

Experience. The Difference.

Experience. The Difference.

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Aviation

Electrical and Information Engineering

Mechanical Engineering degrees designed by you. For you. • Mechanical • Mechanical and Advanced Manufacturing • Mechanical and Mechatronic

Experience. The Difference.

A Civil Aviation degree piloted by pilots.

Don’t just get an Electrical Engineering degree. Get a degree of experience too.

• Mechanical and Nanotechnology • Mechanical and Sustainable Systems • Materials

• Computer Systems • Electrical and Mechatronic

With our state-of-the-art, glass-panel Cessna 172S aircraft and high-tech flight simulator, UniSA is setting the standards for professional aviation education and training in Australia.

• Electronics and Communications • Networking and Communications

CRICOS provider number 00121B

CRICOS provider number 00121B

CRICOS provider number 00121B

Experience. The Difference.

Experience. The Difference.

Construction Management and Economics

Environmental Management and Sustainability

Build your career on a strong foundation.

Find a sustainable solution.

• Built Environment • Construction Management and Economics

• Biodiversity and Park Management • Environmental Protection and Management

Experience. The Difference.

Mathematics Mathematics and Statistics: A hands-on experience. • Mathematical Sciences – Applied Mathematics – Statistics – Optimisation • Quantitative Finance

• Geographical and Earth Systems • Geospatial Information Systems Economics

CRICOS provider number 00121B

CRICOS provider number 00121B

CRICOS provider number 00121B

Experience. The Difference.

Experience. The Difference.


Experience. The Difference.

Civil Engineering

Urban and Regional Planning

Discovery. Knowledge. Understanding.

Experience. The bridge to your future.

• Bachelor of Science • Bachelor of Science (Honours) • Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education

We’ve planned the present. You plan the future.

• Civil • Civil and Project Management • Civil and Transport

CRICOS provider number 00121B

CRICOS provider number 00121B

CRICOS provider number 00121B


Discipline posters

University of South Australia

Discipline brochures





The University of Melbourne Bachelor of Arts degree gives students the skills and knowledge to become leaders in a wide range of fields and industries.



ample, a student is working hat is funded by or involves nd alternative arrangements ade. The University’s policy students who are working on re the intellectual property me out of the project have ually assigned to a third party, mmercial partner, must be of the rights of the third party ng to work on the project. e should be sought on a basis. For further information

OTher CAreers A Melbourne Arts graduate has the flexibility, breadth and mobility in their education that allows them to follow their passions and strengths into positions of influence and leadership.

CAreers in This seCTOr inClude: ƒƒ Law ƒƒ Architecture ƒƒ Buildingƒandƒplanningƒdesignƒ ƒƒ Healthƒsciencesƒincludingƒpsychology ƒƒ Nursingƒandƒsocialƒwork A wide range of other careers is available to Arts students depending on graduate study choices, their passions and what extra-curricular experience they obtain during their degree. The Bachelor of Arts can be a pathway into some careers which require further study at the graduate level.

Through the Melbourne Bachelor of Arts degree you can gain:

ƒ Knowledgeable across disciplines

ƒ Independent research skills

ƒ Leaders in communities ƒ Attuned to cultural diversity ƒ Active global citizens.

ƒ Strong teamwork and collaboration skills.

Shawn Low

Ellen Sandell, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science Majors in Linguistics, Spanish and Genetics Young Environmentalist of the Year 2009 Victorian Director for the Youth Climate Change Coalition

Bachelor of Arts

Faculty of Arts

Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications)

For over 150 years the A strong research Where arofeArts Faculty at the base and commitment Art s grad to world-class teaching University of Melbourne uaensures tes no has led engagements with students w? and Australia’s leading cultural, graduate with skills

Commissioning Editor, South-East Asia, Lonely Planet

Melbo knowledge relevant to social and economic urne Ba institutions. The Faculty fields. chelor skills w their chosen of Arts has aimed to share hich gradua In 2009, of enabthe expertise andof knowledge le Faculty tes have them toof oc Arts at the University divers with the community,cupations work in , depe e Melbourne was ranked: experie a wide and to continually nding range nce an on whe develop teaching in ƒ 17dinop thepo world for re thei r passio line withAr diverse Humanities rtunities ts grfields ta ad ns, ke of learning. them. s in for full- uate avthe aila ƒ 19 world for tim bl e e em The Faculty holds Social Sciences ploy From 200 ment strategic alliances gradua 4–2008, betwe (World tes sur en 40–University withgra leading veyed 46% of duation werankings re seekingpublished Bachel byorthe (other universities or other and of Arts gradua full-tim tes hadHigher opportu e work Times many of eminent research niti gone onEducation after these gra es). The to following 2009.) further full-tim dua supplement, bodies around stu

formaTive sTaTemenT poliCy:

with personal or health bout individuals, the Melbourne is obliged to he Information Privacy Act Health Records Act 2001. y has a Privacy Policy which d at: cy

y has used its best o ensure that material his publication was correct at inting. The University gives nd accepts no responsibility cy or completeness of nd the University reserves the changes without notice at s absolute discretion. Users of n are advised to reconcile the currency of the information the relevant faculty or f the University before acting nsideration of the information.

ƒ Academically excellent

ƒ Advanced problem solving abilities

ƒ Refined written and verbal communication skills

“It may be that my studies in Spanish don’t translate directly to my work for the environment, but when I am writing my projects or reports, I feel like I am doing an Arts assignment.”

is page provides detailed bout the contact details of y’s Privacy Officer, complaints nd other aspects of the rivacy regime.

The Melbourne Bachelor of Arts has been developed to help our students become:

ƒ Effective critical and analytical skills



e work

100the world.


ate pa th



Bachel or of Ar ts stud compl ents ca ete furth n er stud gradua y at th te level e throug or rese h course arch pr work ogram s.

gra tes dy at the tim had been suc ph shows how ces e of the sur vey. sful in finding

TimƒO’HALL OrAN New Ge neratio n Degr ee Grad 80

5.5%ƒ Otherƒ 5.5%ƒ OtherƒGo vern Administ mentƒƒ ration,ƒ Justice,ƒ corrections ƒ 1.8%ƒma nufactur ing 2.6%ƒPro fess ionalƒ Association Otherƒint ƒServices,ƒƒ erestƒGro ups 2.6%ƒEng ineering ƒService s 2.6%ƒSci entificƒr esearch 2.9%ƒHos pitality,ƒ Accomm odation 3.3%ƒme dia,ƒPub lishi 4.0%ƒOth ng erƒProfessio nalƒServ ices 4.4%ƒHea lthƒcare, Assistanceƒ ƒSocialƒ Services 4.4% researc Advertising,ƒma h,ƒStatis rketƒ ticalƒService s 4.8%ƒma nag consultingƒ ement,ƒ Services 5.1%ƒSta Governm teƒ Administ entƒƒ ration




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WOrki nG Ful l-TiMe WOrki nG pAr T-TiMe Full-Ti seekin Me WO G rk nOT WO rkinG, seekin G WOrk Please note



CAreer s seCTOr in This inClud e: ƒƒ Local,ƒst ateƒ governm andƒfederalƒ entƒposi tions ƒƒ Foreignƒ affa andƒdiplom irsƒƒ acy ƒƒ Governm entƒ commun ications ƒƒ Governm entƒ andƒmediaƒ advisingƒƒ liaison ƒƒ Policyƒd evelopm ent Melbou rne positions Arts gradua tes and from at all levels in are employe d There are administrative Australia, from in Governmen t local thro pos includin many employm itions to the g positio highest ugh to Federal, ent BAC ns in dipl opportuniti helOrlevels of authorit omacy interna OFesArT “It’s not and fore y. s tionally, good eno ign affa honour irs. s progra ugh to You


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Gradua te progra ms at the ArGra ts dua AdmSch inioolstr profession Humanit te ofator ies and al skills reward Social Scie for a Asnce sisstan ing and allo t stu me career. Diden to develop w recto ts r There are aningful advanc special kno ed Aswle sisdge intthe ised pro also grams offered disciplin tan Mir seleag cteer by e and acq an d schools other graduate Assistan uire at t Paint of Melbou the University ings Co rne.

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The Gra duate Sch Humanit ool of ies and ƒ Maste Scienc es is des Social r of Art igned to deliver Curato opportu rship nities for intellec tua ƒ Maste between l engagement r of Art and Cultura academ students, l Manag ƒ ics and ement industry leaders Master Unƒive . The Sch rsityofInf Creativ programs ool orme of cutting delivers Ga Writing, Pub quality lishingation Ceƒ M teand -edge 3,Edi and a uni Sw nt ting anston physica que Unƒive l environ Street ( Ma rsi ment where stety A r of of coh Crim Mino elblog ou networkin ort-building and y rne OpƒenMawe ster of ƒ M g are fos Cultura tered. Materi ekda l Gradua als Conys 8.3 te cou 0am – an ser vation rsewo T: ƒ18Ma progra 5.3 rk 00 ms inc ste80 ƒ Ma r of1Dev lude: 66 2 (toent elo Studies ƒ Execut ll free) and +6 1 3 8344 pm ive Ma ster of 6543 ƒ Maste Arts ƒ Maste ƒ Mast r of Dev www. r of elopment Stufu dietu Linguistic Applied s (Ge restu nderde s Develo andnts.u Researc pment nimelb ) ƒ PhD ƒ Maste r of Glo bal Me Commu dia ƒ Maste nication r Grou s

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Comm need to m go to Uni unicatio seek out versity and also ns Offic activists LegalƒSe believe in. Gradua get a deg that are Comm er te researc Once orgrvice ree. sƒ anisat unity h progra ion – a uni you’ve decide fighting for som Corre ms d eth In other ction words, get on, a political par where you stand, ing you Gradua Conser s Offic te school opinion join ty, you er va an an r Wholesa han tor env if you can of humanit le,ƒretai ’t turn it ds dirty – it’s no ironmental NGO. ies and Tim O’H l social sci into rea Cr use ea hav alloran tive Diences l change ing an , Bachelo Chief of .” re Staff, Gov

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of Arts

To learn nd floor Oldm Aror tsebu about gradua Universiww ilding te study ty of w.M artelb i s.uou nim T: +61 u 3 8344 5235 s.unim elb.ed in

CArWh 8.8% eers in This ale, seCTOroles Media inCludRetail Advisor e: ƒƒ Humanƒr esources Museu ƒƒ Proj 8.4% CAreer ectƒ Edu m Dire ƒ cati s manage on seCTOr in This ctor Copyrig ment hT inClud Po e: ƒƒ marketi Copyright licy Ad ƒ ƒ Artsƒmanag in this ngƒandƒƒ visor publicatio the Unive ement where, n is owne rsity and CAreer municat 8.1%com for exam ƒ ƒ reproduce d by no part Artƒ Acc ple, a stude ions cura s in Thi on a proje of it dCAr CAreer Policy torship “The wh ƒƒ Publicƒrounting Service ct that nt ut thes in may be University. withoeer s seCTOr s is funde permission a third ƒƒ Adultƒtra Officer Thisof ole ƒƒ cinemaƒ Authorise elations seC party d by s seCTOr in This inClud Faculty TOr the d by iningƒan ƒ have been and alternative or Gene in Austral course and my of Arts. inC e: inClud ƒƒ corporat ral Mana lud dƒdevelo June arran made. manage e: ger, ƒƒ commun study exp e: ia have The Unive requires CRICOS ƒƒ inte 2010. eƒandƒƒ pment Project ƒƒ commun ment that stude PROVIDER rnationa been ver rsity’ ityƒandƒg into erie man nce a proje ISBN the ityƒd 6.2% age nts who lƒtradeƒƒ Manag ƒƒ Artƒcons overnme y hel mentƒƒ s 97807340and CODE: 00116 evelopm art ct wher ƒƒ Educati Banking (localƒan e the intell are w ntƒeduca 4148ƒdip ervation rights that cons er , onƒprom 7 lomacy K I was eas world and my tea pful in taking me dƒinternatio entƒƒ Finance ultancyƒ ectual tion come out otion pr inTelleC ƒƒ dev ƒ ƒ , been Insu mus Re ily able ƒƒ Policyƒre nal) chi ƒ of the ƒ Projectƒ contractua elopmen eumƒƒ ng pos Tual rance search project to pro and did lly assig coordina searchƒa such as The topic Assistan Melbou manage ned to Data sou aidƒ perTy tƒandƒƒ a comm tionƒ ndƒadmi some com put my learning ition. a th of intell projects ƒƒ Second ƒ ercia men ƒ rne made disa nist rce l ectua and t partn Arts aware into pra bilityƒsuppo ration t : Univer parison ownership arts and l prope er, must aryƒandƒprim consult of the ƒƒ mul ƒƒ Author rty rights duadua before Resear ctice is a very rights of sity of stu rt with nume ancy and graGra tes exc arts ma tinacomp agreeing aryƒscho ƒƒ Academ tionlex ƒƒ Policyƒd the third Des Melbourn alƒƒone el in rous exce nagement dies in fields ch Offic to rese to work 5.9% Specific trade by te tination olƒteachi Australia general business icƒteachi evelopm ptions on the Fedarc Many Arts advice inesSur of e rules erah, ngƒ applyin bus to the proje bet s, vey, should er ng ent and l commun case-by-c * Bas many busern ƒƒ researc University . In general, Gov be soug g their Arts Many Arts 2008. ines ase basis ƒƒMelb icate: students promoter students are a good bal other countri ween China and Res med of men s env ions Se refer to: hƒan . For furth ht on a pon iaƒƒ of t gra of ourne iron co edu working the dƒƒ and intell s, adminis es. The den Artts. duates hav www.unim Adminis ndary Te men er inform retain owne ance of and cre ectual consulta s underg pro ts who cation blem a gradua in the edu prope corrrty course trators trat their studi ativ rship practical ncy aca e espo solving com creat raduat acher te u/Statut nde has es. There ed nce general “Studyingion honour These incl ity and are now followed thei as part in pleted an application demic resear Bachelo qualification, and policy mak cation sector of informa ƒƒ Langare s, gradua e bachelor deg exception Art ude thos working on priv ch and Senior passion for art ers. as r of Arts suc uag The nots in case .” eƒtransla aCy poli Tive sTaTeme te entry) the200 ree (paData souand encourage s atin e Judy Liu, students h as the Master After complet for-profit Uni7ver rce:thos Busines Cy: tions n ƒƒ Teaching who sup who are produc in crerativ and Uniever by cou ofss, When ing sity destina can bec Melbou weofreMe dealing sity port and rsework Full-time Master of Art Ma s ers of cre e industri tions for and community workin ome teac of Teaching, critically. d me tocen with perso syn sus information Destina rne Gradua thedat urn promot lecturer, g efull ative wor es. Develop knom nageme nal or healt sisee., These lbo Melbou hers. Seenio I “Under tion wle te College Sciences artists. dge University about individual h nt Survey rne Arts sectors are pop k en going ebted r Indus may incl -time at the The Arts delivering am indcom andan pletoted analyse of tM , Beijing s, the Bas of Melb , 200 in the wor skilag gra ular a 8.PhD, esp thinude ls toer comply ourne is thea combin and Universi Humanities and Part-tim anpon trial De a k those whoe: Res assist othe duates who with the Aus ld. obliged designe curriculum at den ecially wh ty e Art Proj ed tral merce Chines Social to develo broadCom Inform to range e tsian Pos 2000 and wh wan deg com pro ve d Me rs o ation wit t ree gra or plet lbou to lop ect Directorof Technology and of sub Eng h an inte Privacy ile r por use p m forin Law, underg me aseda an Arts tgradua Senio cross-c Health make a rnethe ment Of Act has Reco rna The Unive “After ultural rad Polic te Award sup positive their and culture my understandin jectsine tedyby reader/ac thaerin rsity hasbeen rds Act 2001 g.we t allo finishing ficer degree whuate bac awaren tion variety canal a Priva focu diff . , be & g of Chi has helo ade view ere cy s .” d (pas of ess unise to give Policy whic ile me ed at: my underg permitted Resear in Jou nce r mic to pur focusin s, hon nese lan gradua stud languag cultural environ and h thevacy c/pri .unim ours,g the ch Adrna ents abilitywww Tom Par raduate te entr elb.e lism guage ciamy study tow Sosue men to adapt l inte y) by coursewout com ker, Bac studies interna e with the Fac A linkts. career invisorand Interna orres stu from kets to a ards an W ork in e, the the Director, helor of tional and ulty of with thisden tion were wor pagetsprovi jou 2007 and sis. As inform who the Red Arts eventual r ationgive spa competi the des stud a wriSt journalism rnalism. While al Relations, I inte a double degree king aboutthem detailed ce and China Con Tape Consult Arts (Asian Stu ya at the the conta fullter,ud tiveUnive selves an ing dies) (Ho advrsity’s Priva I sultant – census “For any beetnAd pardate time time required to I’veen ls of proceduresanta ct detai These pre nours) Australian community jobs in Melbourn was in the proces nded to pursue one inte n or may incl e a. creativ and other Officer, comp think thro givevis a Football e, rested inUniversity’s priva laints s political e manus those aspe ude League who Amcom a homele development sec I began workin of applying for stra nation/stacy regime.cts of the cripTe y Espplet t.” acher ugh and a com eseed g part tim ss shelter internation tegy/economThe Unive tor as the th, Master bine rsity haste-build PhD d deg per y/c cand e ende ing in Law in Fitzroy in the Assistant in Arts ultursre, stuused its best , spectiv avou idate and , Commer ree In my exp al relations is hig (Creativ . This pos contained to ensu author redyin EngineeWin ner Prem that mate Techenic g rial long term e on what type erience Writing in this or ier’s ition gre Coordinator of hly rec ring. ofce publicatio ) of work exposes , studyinthe time om al W and led Literary of printi me n was would kee atly altered my riter ng. The nde gwarra Award 200 no us me to pur than jou d.correct at intenty University rna andtion subregion to religious, cul rnalism.” p me sue a car acceal gives for the ptsrela Tra9ining accuracy no respo tura tion eer in dev satisfied in the nsibi s lity l, regorion information comp Polly Ban and also al, and state/inte Coordin elopment and the al/leteness of ks, Master right to rna University to make tionchan rather ator Save the Chil al/w reser ves diplomacy issues concerany time s of Dev ges orld tional withoaffa ning the elopmen in its abso ut notic , warfar Interna dren, Kimberl irs, the of this publi lute r t env eco Stu e, discretion e at y cation history iron dies nomy. It’s ment,. Users of are advis ƒ Maste accuand racy and for a ed to recon inte curre challengin very interesprovi ations rna al skills cile the ncytion l Rel ded of sion gfu theal ting and with the inform polation g to gra profes r of Art itical meanin departme relevant mic sp these the faculty nt of at ing and also ƒ Maste r of Isla the Univesam or Duc Pha at ard upon ip ste e issu ms rew tim rsh or Ma rsity ines ƒ m, Master consin before e idera ool of Curato dep te progra ool of acting There are ms tionth.” Departm of the Gradua career. information Studies duate Sch ial ent of Imm of Internation gra and . duate Sch ial Soc The Gra ised pro al te r of Art igration s the Gra Soc special gradua ies and and Citiz Politics ƒ Maste Management r of Art ies and dents enship by other versity Humanit is designed to l ƒ Maste Humanit offered Cultura stu es sional and s allow at the Uni Scienc nities for (Profes duate ative ed Science schools rne. opportu Ethics) r of Cre other gra advanc d ment deliver Applied ƒ Maste Publishing engage hway into to develop in their selecte ng the of Melbou lic Policy llectual be a pat urne, includi iting, dge ts, Pub inte Wr can of s wle den r uire lbo Art kno stu ting of Me ƒ Maste nagement helor of e and acq between and industry s and Edi The Bac disciplin University is Doctor. ics iver inology and Ma s at the ool del academ r of Crim g and Jur lishing degree . The Sch ge out ƒ Maste r of Pub of Teachin leaders of cutting-ed tural Master more ab ƒ Maste munications r of Cul programs a unique To learn rams visit and Com ser vation ƒ Maste and Policy als Con og quality ment Materi of Social l environ lding and nts. these pr Master elopment ƒ physica Dev bui restude r of cohorttered. ƒ Maste w.futu where rad ww earch s g are fos u/g Res die rkin Stu .edu.a netwo ms rk elopment h progra rsewo unimelb r of Dev te researc ƒ PhD te cou ƒ Maste (Gender and Gradua Gradua lude: rs dies ms inc ste Stu gra ) Ma s pro ƒ Art m pment ster of s progra Develo ive Ma dia honour cut Me Exe bal ƒ r of Glo lied Or ƒ Maste nications r of App BAChel ences ts visit ƒ Maste s Commu s social sci OF ArT dy in ar ies and Linguistic uate stu of humanit raduate te school out grad Gradua study follo that some care wing a Bachelo er paths requ ire r of Arts degree.


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5.5%ƒ Otherƒ 5.5%ƒ tƒƒ vernmen OtherƒGo ration,ƒƒ Administ ons correcti Justice,ƒ ing nufactur 1.8%ƒma lƒ fessiona 2.6%ƒPro vices,ƒƒ ƒSer Association tƒGroups eres Otherƒint s ƒService ineering ƒEng 2.6% esearch entificƒr 2.6%ƒSci pitality,ƒ 2.9%ƒHos tion oda Accomm lishing dia,ƒPub 3.3%ƒme ices nalƒServ erƒProfessio 4.0%ƒOth ƒSocialƒ lthƒcare, 4.4%ƒHea nceƒServices Assista ƒmarketƒ ing, ertis 4.4% Adv ticalƒServices h,ƒStatis researc nt,ƒ nageme 4.8%ƒma Services consultingƒ teƒ 5.1%ƒSta ƒ entƒ Governm n ratio Administ



s erience study exp me and my l in taking ole course y helpfu ition. “The wh have been ver ching pos e ia in Austral world and my tea rning into practic lea art e: into the to put my dies in fields of eduC inClud ily able stu s seCTOr I was eas e comparison China and s in Thi pment between rse has som CAreer dƒdevelo and did nagement cou iningƒan ducation arts ma es. The nmentƒe ƒƒ Adultƒtra arts and er countri research and ndƒgover oth ityƒa and ic ƒƒ commun academ Australia otion n onƒprom ance of nistratio ƒƒ Educati a good bal lication.” ndƒadmi ngƒ searchƒa app olƒteachi ement ƒƒ Policyƒre ial aryƒscho practical and Soc Art Manag andƒprim



aryƒ ƒƒ Second ng icƒteachi tor as ƒƒ Academ cation sec the edu After completing king in are wor policy makers. ching, students and ster of Tea Many Arts administrators as the Ma hers. h suc s, promoter qualification, can become teac te a gradua of Arts students r Bachelo

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s s in Thi CAreer inClude: seCTOr nt nageme ƒƒ Artsƒma torship ƒƒ Artƒcura ƒ maƒ ƒƒ cine ment manage ervation ƒƒ Artƒcons ƒƒ ƒƒ museumment manage



s s in Thi CAreer inClude: seCTOr esources ƒƒ Humanƒr

ƒ ƒƒ Projectƒ ment manage ngƒandƒƒ ƒƒ marketi ications commun elations licƒr ƒƒ Pub eƒandƒƒ ƒƒ corporatmentƒƒ manage ncyƒ consulta

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s s in Thi CAreer inClude: ƒ seCTOr opmentƒ ityƒdevel ƒƒ commun dƒinternational) (localƒan ƒ dination coor ectƒ ƒƒ Proj yƒsupport ƒƒ disabilit ent evelopm ƒƒ Policyƒd hƒandƒƒ ular ƒƒ researc ncy their are pop consulta sectors who want to usedifference munity and com Arts graduates make a positive for-profit rne The not- s for Melbou assist others and tion tina skills to des degree dge and h a double sue a knowle ld. wit s die d to pur in the wor uate stu

s s in Thi CAreer inClude: seCTOr deƒƒ ionalƒtra ƒƒ internatlomacy andƒdip dƒƒ mentƒan ƒƒ developects aidƒproj tionalƒƒ tina mul ƒ ƒ business ƒƒ mediaƒƒ ndence correspo tion eƒtransla ƒƒ Languag ƒƒ Teaching





for art r passion stries. owed thei e indu have foll king in creativ e work wor graduates of creativ Many Arts ity and are noware producers ativ sts. and cre ude those who promote arti by These incl who support and e supported ile wh and thos mitted ecially

ƒƒ Author

urne of Melbo 8. versity vey, 200 rce: Uni inesSur tion s, Data sou Des bus tina cation per ted an , esp excel in Arts edu teste com duadua ng a PhD duate Award, has interests in ple (pass, g their ts graGra whoing den my “Undergoi rne Arts trade by applyin blem solv degree pon pro Res Melbou ian Postgra and to pursue e: al bachelor work e Bas ions ancy and mun * uat icat an Austral der/academic ards an eventu sult course rad con n h, com Artts. rea s underg duate entry) by -time at the study tow been give me as a to researcenvironmen g efull urn s, gra rkin s se who using the As a writer, I’ve wolbo honour ugh and busines weofreMe k tho , while foc sity and thinude y incl thesis. think thro Uni7ver ma and to the 200 Law d se the e, in in lyse at ana Arts outcom e require m for sisee., The graree sus thedat prodeg bin syn eed “Studying d me tocen ce and tim manuscript.” com nes a spa me ) Chi g. d ted the erin we ple the Engine ative e Writing encourage am indcom ebted to rce orjec ts that allo ge (Creativ pare a cre pre Arts I sub me gua in of lly. lan Com ge ster ran critica nese eseth, Maauthor a broad g of Chi 9 Amy Esp delivering my understandin Award 200 idate and p PhD cand Premier’s Literary rs) to develo .” of ) (Honou Winner ian Studies and culture Arts (As helor of ker, Bac Consulting ue Tom Par ball Leag Red Tape Australian Foot , ctor Dire sultant – China Con

nde undergrad Relations, I inte of applying for al s shing my e in the Internation s in the proces “After fini I wa lism and g part tim ator of in Journa rnalism. While I began workin nt Coordin my e, jou career in jobs in Melbourn tor as the Assista red atly alte d in the journalism development sec This position gre isfie . p me sat community shelter in Fitzroy rk would kee elopment rather wo ss of eer in dev a homele e on what type sue a car perspectiv me to pur and led long term lism.” dies rna ment Stu than jou Develop




n has bee students lbourne give lum at Metional focus to to adapt to a curricu a ity The Artsd with an interna and the abil ts who study ess studen es an designe awaren ments. themselv ultural cross-c cultural environ of Arts give ge. of ulty anta variety e with the Fac tive adv peti uag com lang uilding, tional and interna ion/state-b

nat studying rested in one inte conomy/culture, mended. “For any hly recom tions strategy/e political al relations is hig international rela g internation nce, studyin tural, regional/ irs, erie cul exp orld affa us, gio In my nt, rnational/w us to reli exposes al, and state/inte g the environme political nin al subregion issues concer and internation e time to and also , warfare, history and at the sam ting acy res th.” lom inte dep dip y issues in y. It’s ver sp these econom itics g to gra tional Pol challengin ip of Interna ensh and Citiz m, Master Duc Pha of Immigration ent Departm

s of ks, Master y Polly Ban dren, Kimberl Chil Save the

of ies Master of Humanit gy Judy Liu, urer, College nolo lect ty of Tech Full-time Universi , Beijing Sciences ect Director e Art Proj Part-tim

University of Melbourne

s s in Thi CAreer inClude: seCTOr ism ƒƒ Journal ngƒ ƒƒ Publishi ƒ ions elat ƒƒ Publicƒr ent anagem ƒƒ mediaƒm dvertisingƒƒ n,ƒa ƒƒ Televisiorketing andƒma eƒƒ ƒƒ corporat ications commun nal, ublishing anisatio a h the org ƒƒ Onlineƒp d in ipped wit ls to succee are equ k in ions skil duates Arts gra and communicat ment. Many wor -quality high h ia environ researc produce ced med the ability to ential. high-pa re es is ess ing whe ntial publish hin tight deadlin preside work wit 2008 US

Create Your Carer brochure

the l s during s starting to fee ry sto t story wa “My firs Hillary Clinton wa and when the ody ma re was nob ack Oba campaign. from Bar unate the But previous pressure aking, I was fort the story. hoping bre on rk rted wo sta d and office to very har was ready to I else in the been working t had at SBS tha ortunity came.” to this I ducers opp pro the the e en convinc story wh rs) a bigger (Honou take on r of Arts helo ven, Bac Politics Leah Cra International oducer of r/Pr Master News Reporte ld SBS Wor


September 2009

| News and views from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne

Recording ancient Indigenous languages

How & why politicians write about politics

John Howard lecture and the media’s response

Comic Con & Leadership conference

Working with communities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia to record Indigenous languages. page 5

Researching how the autobiographies of Australian politicians have changed. page 5

A packed theatre hears Mr Howard speak about the close relationship between journalists and politicians. page 3

PhD student Martyn Pedler at the international comic convention, San Diego. page 6

articulation. The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences takes shape (more on page 1)

Focus on Asia

In July, the Asia Institute hosted the two-day 2009 Melbourne Conference on China. More on page 7.

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ienncceess iall SSccie ia c c o o S S d d n n a a s s ie ie it maannit Huum chhooooll ooff H c S S te te a a u u d d ra ra G G Thhee T

A plan for success

0 Old Arts in 201

the In September s Faculty of Art launched the ool Graduate Sch and of Humanities s. nce Scie ial Soc

e Dean’s welcom

the second Welcome to iculation issue of ART for 2009

l to our spaces that signa potential and students, staff the Graduate employers that between e School is a bridg and future university study want to careers. We also and students provide our staff nt ic environme dynam a with learning for inquiry and sion of through the provi and fitted d custom-designe ing spaces. learn and ing teach more about the You can read l later in this graduate schoo I hope you newsletter, but ite or even can visit our webs ghout the the campus throu to learn hs mont e next twelv exciting more about these developments.

most exciting The largest and for the Faculty development is the creation of Arts this year School of the Graduate Social s and of Humanitie was launched Sciences, which new Our . in September ol will convey Graduate Scho University the the prestige of and reflect of Melbourne se of our the unique purpo to help es graduate degre to deepen students learn knowledge and apply their world and skills to real challenges. and environments we aim to have In that sense, ing, research, learn ing, teach l work and socia collaborative

views 1 | News and

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historic Old Located in the at the heart of School of Arts building ’s The Graduate of Melbourne Social Sciences the University Humanities and us, the Graduate and unique Parkville camp will offer a new who anities and nts Hum stude of School de experience to ces will provi specialise in Arts to Scien l d Socia electe have nt to level. It has been a study environme at the graduate iality and create leaders encourage colleg developed to ledge, skills and debate. with the know l a positive work and socia passion to make world, Collaborative to the students contribution allow spaces will ethics and the nge ideas, while keeping to network, excha fellow mind. with community in and socialise s hope Faculty programs students. The Contemporary al skills a strong ssion this will foster provide profe . Dedicated careers in the cohort experience provide and training for community will and professional staff and public, private rt ams will foster high-level suppo es to sectors. Its progr cultural and enrichment servic social, political and al nts. critic stude ate gradu understanding, and allow ing, creative think their skills students to apply real to and knowledge world situations.

artist’s Top right: An the interior impression of uate of the new Grad m - from left School. Botto pts for new to right: conce , the Old interior decor , the new Arts clock tower tion area in student recep uate School the new Grad s and Social of Humanitie completed in be Sciences - to . February of 2010

issues, pret real world • Read and s,inter social trends challenge and act ethically. • Learn to think and www.arts.unimelb.


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University of Melbourne

Articulation newsletter






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University of South Australia

Global Experience postcards

Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Association Dinner Old 2009 Ivanh oe Gr






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Many Paths… Many One Destination One D Paths… estin Ma atOion ny Invitation to OIGA DinnerIn2009 vitatio ne Pat n to O IGA D De hs… inner 2009 stin Inv JamesGHogan Guest uest (Class of ‘75) itat s peake AirwaysJa speaker ion CEO of Etihad ati mes H r to O o g a I CEO o n on G G ( C AD f Etiha ues lass o in sd t f‘ anh

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“From Ivanhoe to CEO” 75) peaAirwa ner “From Etihad Airways have kindly provided ker ys Ivanh 200 o e 2 business class return tickets from to CE Etihad 9 Jam O” A ir watheir Melbourne to any destination 2 bus on CEO es H iness ys have kin o network; these will be atssthe dly pr Meauctioned lbourn cla “Forvidedof Et gan e t of return OIGA Dinner in support victims netwof iha ( ork; th o any dest ticEkets form d A Class inatio tih omIvan ese w the Victorian bushfires OIGA i rwa of n oa h ill D ‘75 the Vic inner in su be auc2tiobnus nd tAhirewir oe to DFriday ys ate 5 June pport M eidneat ay C torian ) E e o O t s h f b s l e v u b ” ic shfire ne tim ours o s cla hav Friday Time s D5aJune e t f n 7.00pm – Pre dinner drinks w s te OIG ork; e to s ret kind in The Ridge Cafe (enter ly 7.00Tp from ur A th an mm– P t i h e V Dinne ese w y des n tick provid re din in TheGatee15) The Ridgeway through ne icto r i ti e R e Th R idge Cafe r drinkFsrid rian n su ill be nation ts fro d idgew Hall, (enter 7.45pm – Dinner ineBuckley ay m ppo auc ay thr fr b o 5 o m u n Jun ough 7. shfi rt o tion the 7.45p The Ridgeway Campus Gate00p e m res f vi ed i in T 15m) – The R – Dinner Cost ctim at t r in id h g B ucThkle e R Pre h $75 – Standard ticket eway C s e ampu e Ry Hallid, ge din C$o7s5 of idg s ne Partners welcome C –

Dress DressR SVP RSVP



t S 7.4 ew afe r dr ay Partn tandard ti i 5p thr (ente nks $60 – Young Pasters welcom ckeTt he R m – D oug r fr i e i d n h $ g 6 n Gat om ew student ticket0 – You $ ay er in B e1 studeout) ng Past P 75 – Cam uc 5) (up to 5 years nt tick artn Sta pus kley et (up to ers ndar H 5 d y $ a D w e a 6 l r t l e s res suit/cocktail oust) 0 – , Lounge lco icke RS sLounge suit/co (uptudent tYoung P me t ByV15 May c a ic ktailto P By 1 5 y ket st 5M using the enclosed ear using ay Loung so ut) reply slip the en e cy sed suit/ reply slip Blo coc usi 15 Ma k tail n rep g the y ly s lip enclo sed






9/04/09 2:21 PM











Ivanhoe Grammar School


er 2




The 2009 Virtual Careers Fair, hosted by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA), has again proven to be a popular event for university students who are in the market for graduate jobs. The Virtual Careers Fair (VCF) was founded in 2000 by careers service staff at the University of New England (UNE) as an opportunity for students who would otherwise be unable to attend an on-campus careers fair to have access to information about employers, graduate job opportunities and other important career information. The VCF was managed as a joint venture by UNE and GCA up until 2007. GCA has hosted the VCF ever since. Over the years, the VCF has increased in popularity with students, employers and universities alike, with the 2009 VCF featuring 75 exhibitors and 47 supporting universities from Australia and New Zealand. The 2009 VCF was ‘attended’ by more than 13,000 online visitors between 23 March and 9 April 2009. In all, the pages of the VCF website were viewed more than 137,000 times. The 2009 VCF provided a range of useful resources to help students find a suitable graduate job. As a starting point, students were able to search through 75 exhibitor profiles for suitable graduate employment based on their study area and location using the Job Search function, and could access a wealth of general careers information on the website. Students could also participate in the ever-popular live chat sessions with representatives from graduate employers and university careers services, and could play the Interview Game and Get the Look Get the Job quizzes to help them make a good first impression in a job interview. A range of helpful multimedia podcasts from exhibitors and university careers services could also be downloaded from the VCF Pod Centre. A festive atmosphere

Ella Pope – Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication), University of Melbourne

was maintained in cyberspace through daily prize draws for students who completed mini-surveys on the VCF website or participated in live chat sessions. International students, who made up nearly 40 per cent of VCF attendees, were also catered for, with three migration experts hosting chat sessions.

Describe your volunteer involvement for The Oaktree Foundation.

Ella is currently undertaking a public affairs internship with the Darfur Australia Network (DAN) as part of her degree course requirements. She also volunteers for The Oaktree Foundation’s ‘Schools4Schools’ (S4S) initiative.

As in previous years, feedback from VCF participants has been highly favourable, with the vast majority of students praising the VCF for its usefulness as a job search tool, as well as the visually appealing and easy to use website. Overall, 56 per cent of students who responded to the VCF feedback survey rating their overall impression of the VCF as being either ‘very good’ or ‘good’, with a further 36 per cent of students rating it satisfactory. A mere eight per cent of students found the 2009 VCF less than satisfactory. An overwhelming 80 per cent of students considered the 2009 VCF to be a useful part of their job search activities.

What attracted you to interning with DAN? The fact that DAN was primarily an advocacy organisation was really important to me, and that it placed a priority on involving Australian-based Darfuri community members. It is a grassroots organisation that has a passionate and genuine commitment to the community. What were your responsibilities as an intern?

The VCF website remained open until July so that jobseekers could view chat transcripts, download podcasts, take quizzes and access all of the other graduate employment information on the website. The ongoing value of the VCF as a job search tool was evidenced by the fact that even after the close of the Fair, over 3,000 visitors accessed the site. With many students today trying to balance study and employment, a careers fair that can be visited by anyone at anytime from anywhere remains an important tool for those seeking employment after university.

My primary responsibility was completing a research policy paper for DAN on how it can improve its media policy for addressing bias in the Australian media, with regards to the ICC decision to arrest Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. I have participated in fundraising activities, and also contributed to some of the logistics regarding our exhibition ‘Far to Here’ in Canberra and to designing the structure for our internship program for Darfuri community members.

I have enjoyed the social interactions of being in the workplace but I have also learned a lot about how to be part of a highly efficient team and about the processes of public policy in general.

VCF_postcards09 copy.pdf 13/10/2008 9:30:47 AM

Monica Mains – Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management), Monash University, Gippsland Campus


Australasia’s online meeting place for employers and students. Find jobs, meet with employers and perfect your job-hunting skills online!




23 March - 9 April 2009





FEATURING:  job search career chat - live chat with employers and career advisors  employer profiles  interview games  pod-casts - interviews with graduate employers  resource centre - useful information to assist you in your career planning



“I am more confident in my abilities as I have actual proof that my academic skills can be applied to practical situations. The experience gives you an edge when going for a job, as it shows you are motivated and have interests beyond just achieving good results.” Ella Pope

What have you learned from this experience?

For more information about the Virtual Careers Fair, email or visit


At Oaktree I am a Team Leader within the S4S program, which partners schools in Australia with schools in South Africa. We aim to lead, educate, partner and interact with our South African peers whilst also educating Australian students on the issues faced by our South African students. As a Team Leader I facilitate discussions, help my students with organising fundraisers for their partner schools and run educational modules on issues such as poverty and HIV/AIDS.

To take part, register for free at

Monica is undertaking a work placement in Forest Management with the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) as part of a cooperative program run through Monash University. You’re originally from Melbourne. What attracted you to a regional university campus? I attended a number of open days for metropolitan campuses including Monash University, Clayton Campus. It was there I found out about the ‘Co-operative Education Program’ that provided work placement as part of my degree. Whilst at the open day, I learned of the Applied Science and Environmental Management course at Gippsland. I wanted to apply for a regional campus for the smaller class sizes and to be closer to the environment I wanted to work in.

GCA’s Anton Griffith prepares for an online chat session during the 2009 Virtual Careers Fair.

assessments for recreation sites in State forest. I have also had the opportunity to work with various community groups within the district, and aid in logistic tasks during the recent bushfire season. What have you enjoyed most about this experience? The most enjoyable part of forest management is having the outdoors as my office. The work placement has given me the opportunity to explore and work in areas I never knew existed. I have been able to increase my knowledge in biodiversity and have enhanced my skills through professional development in Geographical Information Systems, four-wheel drive and fire fighter training.

“Taking part in the co-op program and working with the DSE has given me a direction and provided me with the skills required to pursue a career in forest, conservation and natural area management.” Monica Mains

What appealed most about the DSE program? I enjoyed forest and natural area management classes most at uni, and thought that placement at the DSE would give me the opportunity to explore these topics more. Before I started my placement I spent a day with a student completing their DSE program. This gave me insight into the tasks involved in environmental management and convinced me to apply. What are your responsibilities at the DSE? I have had the opportunity to participate in team and individual projects. Recently, I have been working on a number of information boards to replace those lost in bushfires, and have undertaken risk



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around the

Colette Keech joined GCA back in 2004, soon after migrating to Australia. She was initially employed as a Temp to help out with the administrative side of the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) form coding process for six weeks, but has now almost clocked up her fifth year! She has seen a few changes in that time. Originally from a small town called Marple nestled in the foothills of the Pennines (known for having the highest canals in England) near Manchester, Colette embarked on a year working holiday in Australia in 2000 after completing a Bachelor of Fine Art in 1999 at Nottingham Trent University. She met her partner, Nathan (originally from Adelaide), in Sydney while travelling. Colette enjoys now calling Melbourne home, and has developed a taste for a good flat white, but not quite AFL yet! She can often be found at weekends ‘urban hiking’ through the streets and laneways of Melbourne while checking out the local street art, or cycling on one of Melbourne’s bike trails. She also participated in last year’s Round the Bay in a Day 50km bike ride, and hopes to ride again in October this year. Now one of the longest serving employees, Colette continues to enjoy the hectic GCA atmosphere with its daily challenges, and hopes to continue to make a valuable contribution to the day-to-day running of the business in the future.

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Farmers (UNE)/NSW New England University of Rural Careers Expo eers – n al Rural Car , atio gur oci inau Ass Association land’s Farmers New Eng ,

– University


of Adelaide Car






Jesse Gerner joined GCA in February 2009 with a background in print journalism and television broadcasting/production. Born and raised in Melbourne to an American mother and Australian father, Jesse spent his childhood as a transcontinental vacationer, visiting American relatives on short holidays that piqued his passion for travel, cultural variety and exploration.


After completing secondary school in Melbourne, the allure of his Bostonian heritage proved too great, and he ventured to ‘Beantown’ to complete a Bachelor of Arts (History/ Environmental Studies) at Tufts University in 2006. As an avid sports observer and part-time baseball fanatic, the opportunity to establish roots in Boston afforded Jesse the chance to explore the American sports and cultural canvasses. Jesse complemented his academic endeavours with time in print and television media, serving as a sports writer and editor for collegiate and professional sports, including for the Boston Globe newspaper. He also worked as a production assistant for the New England Sports Network (NESN), one of the largest regional cable television networks in the United States.


After nearly six years of balmy summers, subzero winters, and complaints from Melbourne-based family and friends about the cost of shipping Tim Tams internationally, Jesse was finally drawn back to Aussie shores in 2008. His first six months with GCA and Graduate Opportunities have proved immensely enjoyable, working on a diverse range of print and electronic media responsibilities with an intelligent, close-knit staff that works hard in a challenging industry. When not wielding a red pen or composing advertorial prose, Jesse enjoys cooking, living vicariously through the musical talents of others, and exploring Melbourne’s laneway culture.

CONTACT US Postal Address PO Box 12103 A’Beckett Street VIC 8006 Street Address Level 10/313 La Trobe Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Tel. Fax. Email. Web.


+ 61 3 9605 3700 + 61 3 9670 5752




How do post-study expectations differ for international and domestic students?

Highlights from the NACE, CACEE and WACE events…

The 2007 Young Australian of the Year’s keynote address from last year’s GCA/ NAGCAS conference…



SEE PG. 10

ISSN 1832–9160 © GCA, except where indicated. Graduate Grapevine is published by Graduate Careers Australia Ltd (trading as Graduate Careers Australia – GCA). Views expressed are not necessarily those of GCA, its Board or individual members.


Graduate Careers Australia

Graduate Grapevine Winter/Spring 09 edition







GCA’s annual Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) is a study of the activities of new higher education graduates…

It is appropriate to now assess the impact of this crisis on graduate recruitment...

Recruiting international students and skilled migrants means gaining an edge...



SEE PG. 12

Figure 2: Examples of desirable employee attributes and BBI approaches to questioning.

CTP_GCA Newsletter_Autumn 09-2.indd 2

8/04/09 4:49 PM

Step 4: Seeking Contrary Evidence

Step 5: maintain Control of the Interview

Remember Brian, my co-worker, who said, “I can tell within five minutes whether or not I’m going to hire them”? Brian had a gut feeling about people. There’s nothing wrong with having a gut feeling unless you let it guide all of your hiring decisions. Gut feelings are important but they can also lead to poor hiring decisions.

Equip your recruiters with pre-written and prepared questions (See Figure 2). In addition, use or create an evaluation form that lists each of the attributes along with an area for the recruiter to rate each of the student’s responses.

If, for example, you feel that the candidate you’re interviewing is arrogant, there are questions that you can ask to test your theory. For example: “John, tell me about a time when your confidence served you well during a recent internship.” Don’t stop there. Seek contrary evidence: “Okay, John, tell me about a time when your confidence hampered your success.” This is called seeking contrary evidence. You never want to get a one-sided picture of a candidate. Be sure to incorporate questions to balance the positive with the negative. Each time you ask a question that may reveal something negative, ask the student “What did you learn from that?” (See Figure 2 for information to better understand attributes, BBI questions and contrary evidence.)

Contrary Evidence Describe a situation in which you went against core values to accomplish something. What did you learn?

Team player

Able to create strong morale and spirit in her/his team; shares wins, successes, responsibility and accountability; fosters open dialogue.

Tell me about a time when you were able to find common ground when working in a team to achieve a result.

Tell me about a situation where you were unable to motivate a team to achieve a goal. What did you learn?


Comes up with new and unique ideas; easily makes connections among previously unrelated notions.

Tell me about a time when you looked beyond the obvious to find an unusual solution.

Can you tell me about a time when you were unable to come up with a creative way to solve a problem?

Honest, trustworthy and demonstrates integrity

Is widely trusted; is seen as direct, truthful individual; keeps confidences.

Describe a time when you told the truth when it would have been easier not to.

Tell me about a time when you didn’t admit to a mistake. What did you learn?

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to use behaviouralbased interviewing (other than its ability to help your organisation make better hiring decisions) is that students have come to expect it. If your recruiting team comes on campus unprepared and untrained in interviewing, students will know. Besides, candidates would rather get a job with a company that truly evaluated them rather than a company that simply ‘liked’ them.

Walking into an interview with a list of prepared questions is the best way to maintain control of the interview. Following are some tips to help you:

Sue Keever is a regular speaker at National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) events. She is the president and owner of the Keever Group, a workforce communications and consulting company that specialises in creating professional recruitment solutions, employee training programs, executive coaching, university relations initiatives and primary research.

1. Hansen, Katharine. “Behavioral interviewing strategies for job seekers.” 2. Simons, Tony. “Interviewing job applicants – How to get beyond first impressions.” Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 36(6), 1995, pp. 21–27.

• Be certain that all answers contain situation, action, outcome and learning.

Reprinted from the October 2008 NACE Journal, with permission of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, copyright holder.

• Seek contrary evidence. • Use silence (answering a BBI question takes time; don’t try to fill the space. Let the student think). • If the student rambles, interrupt and tell the student that you’d like to continue on with your questions so that you don’t run out of time. • If the student avoids direct answers or is silent for an extended period of time, you may move to closed questions and return to open-ended questions once he or she has regained composure.

Employing international students and skilled migrants can bring a



THE BENEFITS OF EmPLOyING INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AND SKILLED mIGRANTS by Hutch Hussein (Business Development manager, Spectrum migrant Resource Centre) Recruiting international students and skilled migrants means going beyond the traditional applicant pool and gaining an edge at a time of high-skill demands. Whilst unemployment is rising, this will not necessarily solve skills shortages. Furthermore, whilst the Federal Government has recently reduced the skilled migration intake, this has made the program more targeted as restrictions are predominantly in trade areas where recently unemployed locals can undertake on-the-job training.

benefits such employees can bring. The reasons often cited by employers for not recruiting international students and/or skilled migrants are as follows – you may be able to identify with some of them:

Hence, in this era of continued skilled shortage, accessing these non-traditional cohorts allows employers to have an expanded pool of labour from which to pick. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), which represents over 350,000 businesses, in its National Education and Training Survey (2007) indicated that 74 per cent of employers believe Australia will only be able to fully address its current local skill shortages by supplementing these through skilled migration.

• Will they fit into my workplace?


Questions Can you tell me about a time when you felt you had to make an unpopular decision based on your beliefs and values?

According to Katharine Hansen, creative director diverse and associate set of publisher of Quintessential Careers, behavioural-based interviewing is to 55the per cent predictive of future attributes on-the-job behaviour while traditional interviewing is only 10 per cent predictive. workplace.

CTP_GCA Newsletter_Autumn 09-2.indd 10

CTP_GCA Newsletter_Autumn 09-2.indd 12

Behaviours Adheres to an appropriate and effective set of core values and beliefs during both good and bad times; acts in line with those values.


Expanding your recruitment pool can prove invaluable to your market and clientele.

Often employers don’t actively seek to employ graduating international students or recruit internationally because they don’t know the process involved or don’t fully understand the

Attribute Strong work ethic

• The company doesn’t know the immigration rules/ regulations or understand the visa migration process. • Do the applicants have proper command of the English language? • Are they reliable?

• Will the skills they have be adaptable here? • Why invest in students if I don’t know whether I can employ them when they graduate? • How much is it going to cost my business? • Surely the process is too complex and time-consuming? • Can’t afford the time it takes between identifying someone and getting them working in Australia… • I’d want to meet someone face-to-face before bringing them out…

We know that, as employers, you often need to be convinced of the benefits before you even consider what’s involved in utilising such local and/or overseas workers. Like most of Australia’s multicultural population, international students and skilled migrants are bilingual and bicultural – and this can assist employers to understand their marketplace and tap into different networks. Whether it is banks or mining companies wishing to raise their profile and increase their customers from particular communities, migrant workers can bring bicultural intelligence that gives businesses an edge and saves money on marketing to find out the same information. Employers have reported to Spectrum that their businesses have gained an edge by employing migrants because they: • grow with the business when they’re employed as graduates and learn quickly

• are reliable as they don’t want to jeopardise their visa conditions • are motivated, keen and loyal workers because of the ‘real opportunity’ provided to them, as reflected in their ‘good work ethic’

Whilst they will have consolidated their English language skills through their education programs, new Australian friends and their part-time workplace experience, some international students may have difficulties adjusting to an Australian business culture. This can be addressed by workshops to induct groups of employees, or more intensive phone and/or face-toface support could be provided by an ‘On the Job Coach’.

Once an employee is placed, their ‘On the Job Coach’ could provide support for both the employee and employer, which would be extensive and be conducted via phone or visitation for a duration negotiated with each placement. Employers often find that this assists with long-term retention and staff satisfaction.

8/04/09 4:49 PM


CTP_GCA Newsletter_Autumn 09-2.indd 11

Expanding your recruitment pool requires a bit of thinking outside the square, but brings invaluable benefits. Hutch Hussein is the Business Development & Marketing Manager at Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre, which incorporates the non-profit providers of both immigration

8/04/09 4:50 PM

and employment services, Spectrum Immigration Services and Spectrum Employment Services.

This is an edited version of a presentation made at the joint Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) & National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (NAGCAS) National Conference (Sydney) in November 2008.

• undertake positions that we are yet to develop in Australia (e.g. climate change) • bring the latest developments in their industry from overseas • ensure that their staff reflect the clientele they serve and speak their languages • bring ‘intelligence’ about the communities they’re serving (e.g. where they shop, what they watch to get their information etc.) • help them better understand the cultural nuances of the business culture in the home countries of their staff, thereby improving import and export opportunities. Given the huge investment that is often made by employers in recruitment generally, employers also need to focus on staff retention, and international students and skilled migrants are no different.

HIGHLIGHT – ExPANDING yOUR RECRUITmENT POOL In this era of continued skilled shortage, accessing non-traditional cohorts allows employers to have an expanded pool of labour from which to pick.



8/04/09 4:50 PM


CTP_GCA Newsletter_Autumn 09-2.indd 13

Graduate Careers Australia

8/04/09 4:50 PM

Graduate Grapevine Autumn 09 edition

RmARk Catherine has been fortunate to enjoy a diverse and interesting career in the public sector. Catherine joined the Department of Communications while studying Fine Arts and English Literature at the Australian National University in the early 1980s, and was soon working as a researcher in the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal. It was exciting times for Australian broadcasting policy, with the introduction of satellite broadcasting, the Bond Inquiry, the proliferation of radio and television services across the nation and major inquiries into the standards governing the level of Australian content on television, children’s television standards and advertising standards. From broadcasting and communications, Catherine moved into the cultural policy space, working as an adviser to the Commonwealth Minister for the Arts. After a short segue through documentary film editing, Catherine worked as a policy officer at the National Film and Sound Archive and then joined the Department responsible for the Arts. This involved, at various times, helping to establish the National Portrait Gallery at Old Parliament House, managing Australian Government support for the Film Industry, coordinating the department’s involvement in the Sydney Olympics, managing the department’s internal governance unit, and implementing the recommendations of the Myer Inquiry into Contemporary Visual Art.


Before joining the Education department, Catherine led the development of a cross-government strategy to support Indigenous art centres.

Catherine is excited to be working in higher Education at a time when education is such a key priority for governments – and the importance of education in improving life chances for individuals and creating a future for all of us seems to be widely recognised. Catherine welcomes the opportunity to be a part of the GCA Board. GCA is uniquely placed to inform the Government in relation to graduate employment issues, and the information provided by the Australian Graduate Survey is increasingly important to Higher Education policy development.

GraduateCareersAustralia ISSN 1832–9160 © GCA, except where indicated. Graduate Grapevine is published by Graduate Careers Australia Ltd (trading as Graduate Careers Australia – GCA). Views expressed are not necessarily those of GCA, its Board or individual members.

This timeline set out across these pages charts our organisation’s life over the last 40 years. from the original founders of the GCCA, through to the current Board, changes and developments, all have helped GCA grow into the vibrant and successful contributor to the higher education recruitment sector it is today.

JUN: Publication of The Course Experience Survey of 1992 Graduates & The Higher Education Experience Survey

GCCA in original form officially wound up

‘77: Prof Fred Jevons, Chair

APR: ‘New’ GCCA incorporated in Act

‘77: GCCA conference for employers & CAS at La Trobe

‘88: AAGE established

‘79: GCCA-run UK tour for careers advisers

Dale Harvey, EO

‘89: Bruce Guthrie joins GCCA

DEC: GCCA Newsletter No 1



AUG: Woodstock Festival JUL: Apollo 11 Moon landing


JUN: Robert Kennedy assassinated

MAR: CEQuery software released






‘77: Star Wars released

MAR: William McMahon PM

JUN: Watergate scandal DEC: Gough Whitlam PM; Australian troops leave Vietnam

JAN: John Gorton PM








MAR: Launch of Out in Front with an Arts Degree MAY: Official launch of gradlink by Education Minister in Canberra




NOV: Joint conference between GCA, NAGCAS & AAGE – Get Ready, Get Set, Careers for the New World; National Surveys Forum APR: Prof Dennis Gibson retires Prof Nicholas Saunders, Chair; Graduate Opportunities produced in-house by GCA Virtual Careers Fair run exclusively by GCA

Virtual Careers Fair launched by University of New England; managed jointly with GCCA till 2006


JAN: University & Beyond Survey launched GCA moves from Grattan Street to 313 La Trobe Street Melbourne New AGS model introduced

FEB: Survey Management Group becomes Survey Reference Group, with new Convenor, Prof Richard Johnstone

JUL: Publication of Survey of Graduate Destination Survey Non-Respondents


SEP: Gradlink & GCCA become Graduate Careers Australia (GCA); 1st issue of Graduate Grapevine

APR: Contract for production of Graduate Opportunities goes to Good Guides Group

NOV: gradlink website goes live [1st ‘independent’ GCCA internet presence]; GCCA awarded its first triennial funding contract for production of GDS/CEQ surveys




GCA celebrates 40 years in the Higher Education Graduate Recruitment sector!





MAR: Iraq war begins

A Clockwork Orange released

SEP: Israeli athletes die at Olympics


Graduate Outlook Survey launched; GDS Enhancement Project commences

DEC: 1st tripartite conference – GCCA, NAGCAS & AAGE: Graduates for the New Millenium

MAY: Alan Priestley, Chair; Prof Wilson, AVCC Vice-President

SEP: Publication of Postgraduate Destination Survey 1993

SEP: Publication of Factors Affecting Graduate Employment Outcomes

1st issue of Graduate Opportunities

Graduate Survey Methodology Review undertaken

JUN: Prof Dennis Gibson, Chair

Prof John Willett, Chair

Easy Rider, Portnoy’s OCT: Anwar el-Sadat Complaint, Midnight Egyptian President Cowboy & Butch Cassidy & the MAY: US invades Sundance Kid Cambodia released

APR: Martin Luther King shot dead

‘85: NAGCAS established

GCD renamed Graduate Careers

FEB: First AGM Handbook See pages 5–17 JUN: of Grants No 1


‘80: New GCCA council set up

JUL: Roger Bartley formally retires

MAR: EGO (Electronic Graduate Opportunities) goes live-to-air

DEC: The GCCA moves from Barry Street to 201 Grattan Street Carlton

DEC: Board agrees to institute a student charge for GO

Dale Harvey retires; Alan Priestley, Chair; Ted Bradshaw, EO

MAR: GCCA Surveys Symposium in Canberra APR: Cindy Tilbrook, Executive Director

DEC: 30th Anniversary dinner with the inaugural President & most of the subsequent Presidents/Chairs

NOV: Publication of The 1994 Course Experience Questionnaire

AUG: 1st edition of Trident, GCCA/NAGCAS /AAGE, newsletter

JUL: Roger Bartley, Executive Director

‘88: Mary Brown retires

‘80: John Norgard, Chair; Keith Gravell retires

Colin Plowman, Chair

JUL: Publication of the Graduate Labour Market Survey

DEET/GCCA/AVCC discuss a possible student experience survey…CEQ

‘87: Fergus Ryan, Chair

‘78: George Kidd retires

AUG: Graduates for What? – 1st major national conference on graduate employment

APR: Publication of Higher Education Outcomes for Postgraduates 1985-1994; Board decision to levy a ‘subscription’ on universities for GCCA services

APR: Prof Geoff Wilson, Chair; Publication of Graduate Destination Survey in 2 volumes

Graduate Outlook – Hobsons Press

‘79: Warren Mann retires

MAY: 1st meeting of GCCA Committee of Management; Prof Charles Moorhouse, Chair; Barry Walsh, EO (Acting); 1st issue of Graduate Careers Directory

in 2008 DEC: 2nd tripartite conference: The Vital Partnership, at Melbourne University SEP: CEQ Symposium held at UNSW

APR: Chernobyl disaster

JUN: Raid on Entebbe airport

NOV: Dismissal of Whitlam government; Malcolm Fraser Caretaker PM APR: Vietnam War ends JAN: Roe v. Wade The Excorcist released JAN: Vietnam War – ceasefire signed

MAR ‘85: Gorbachev becomes Soviet leader MAR ‘83: Bob Hawke PM AUG ‘81: 1st PCs go on sale JUL ‘81: Charles & Diana marry

SEP ‘77: Steve Biko dies in police custody SEP ‘78: Egypt & Israel sign peace deal

DEC ‘80: John Lennon murdered in NY MAY ‘79: Margaret Thatcher British PM

MAY: Port Arthur massacre

DEC: USSR breaks up; Paul Keating PM

JAN: Space Shuttle Challenger explodes in midair

APR: Pol Pot Cambodian PM

MAR: John Howard PM JAN: France ends nuclear testing

JAN: 1st Gulf War

MAY-DEC: War in former Yugoslavia APR: Rwanda massacre

OCT: East & West Germany reunited

AUG: IRA declares cease-fire

FEB: Nelson Mandela free after 27 years NOV ‘89: Berlin Wall comes down DEC ‘88: Benazir Bhutto Pakistan PM MAY ‘88: New Parliament House opened

MAY: Nelson Mandela elected president

JUN: Hong Kong returns to China AUG: Diana dies

AUG: Simultaneous terrorist attacks on US Embassy in Kenya & Tanzania MAY: Suharto steps down as Indonesian President AUG: East Timor votes for APR: Northern independence Ireland Good Friday Accord DEC: World awaits consequences of Y2K bug



Sectarian violence in Iraq throughout the year, described as civil war

OCT: Bali bombing MAY: East Timor becomes a new nation


WHAT NEXT?!? NOV: Kevin Rudd PM North Korean concessions on nuclear plans

SEP: Attack on New York

Iraq edges toward stability

JUL: Kyoto Protocol SEP: Olympic Games in Sydney JUN: North & South Korea peace accord

MAR: Spain is rocked by terrorist attacks NOV: Yasir Arafat dies

JUL: London bombings; IRA announces end of violent campaign for united Ireland APR: Pope John Paul II dies

NOV: South Africa adopts majority rule JUN: Mabo case FEB: End of Cold War

JUL ‘87: Klaus Barbie, life term for war crimes

JAN ‘79: Collapse of Pol Pot regime


Graduate Careers Australia


Graduate Grapevine Winter edition and 40 year edition 08


Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practice Toolkit

ity l Divers CulturInaformation Folio General

Further es s: Referenc ed). Cultural Difference

dat with er, K. (Un ts Coping Schneid al Studen Internation ck. l/pubs/ Sho du/counse Culture ww.uwec.e http://w tm 7. ck.h r, 200 sho Centre 26 Octobe rnational Accessed higan, Inte ment. ity of Mic edu/ Univers of Adjust Phases ter.umich. (Undated). ationalcen ww.intern http://w l htm ge. life/passa October, 2007. 26 ed ess Acc



uanipa/ people/Cg http://e uide/ htm lanning_g cultshok. tml ww.worldw ck/index.h http://w try_Sho -en _Re ohs/ Culture e.e rob e.htm http://w g/ -assistanc counsellin employee tional/ ww.latrob interna http://w ww.latrob http://w tml index.h

eople orting P nd Supp symbols nding a ure Shock ta rms and rs e d , cues, no Un ult , customs ncing C s, signs people. location r ny Experie ilia ma from fam xiety for e an ange can caus ncing ch Experie day life r day-totoms, of regula signs, cus

s, se location can cau familiar day life nge from r day-toLa Trobe ncing cha of regula king at Experie symbols g or wor family and ms and Studyin cues, nor away from t in public. people. culture rac for many anxiety g in a new ’s ability to inte , the livin ure and cult son ity of per Univers change rment act on a d such a may imp to bewilde friends precipitate can lead ice has ck’. ironment Even if cho ture sho new env to as ‘cul . ges of the nce this challen is referred be experie iety of a ress. This to La Tro and dist anx s are new ion and trat nt who ere way frus ple ge of diff Many peo experiencing the erience in a ran se can exp mselves Often tho ed. They ress the ng. ure exp g frustrat ined cryi new cult wal or bein ression, unexpla withdra sea, dep such as nau and headaches

tribute ingly con ck. unknow ure sho dents can ncing cult and/or stu ple experie ive processes ity staff d by peo trat Univers cultural culties face anising adminis the many org to the diffi of n e et mple, whe might be unawar It is easy to forg For exa . f m, staf king ls, idio ma toco ts are accent and and pro t studen Australian ents tha lish, the adjustm ve use of nt tralian Eng and the exclusi ke importa that Aus ech might ma culturally and ed of spe examples the spe specific people from Australian- unintelligible for ds. tion kgroun nced by informa rse bac experie ms ically dive pto uist through ling sical sym the minimised and phy chart on otional ck can be ely. The The em ure sho sensitiv act of with cult responding l idea of the imp a person ding and genera . understan vides a ent pro e stm pag ural adju following and cult ck sho cultural



ana Day Buddha) a Day/Death of the

st date that Mahayana Buddhi of Buddha. s the passing away to reflect on s an opportunity on people n future death and tions are Medita recently died. y deceased, d for those recentl support. them with help and as Nirvana ana Day is also known ted in January by s festival is celebra ese Buddhists.

Buddhism and Food Fact Files: om/Buddhism.php //www.faithandfood.c : Buddhist Society ://www.thebuddhistso : al Bendigo contact lkingbu etan tradition: www.ta yana tradition: www.fp

rsity Cultural Dive s Religious Identitie

Schools of Buddhism


Buddhist Identit

d Buddhists. Buddha are calle teachings of the the Followers of the substantial part of students form a ecting Buddhist Buddhist staff and owledging and resp Ackn . unity comm a basic La Trobe requires, in part, fore there e Trob is about. identities at La being a Buddhist what Buddhism and understanding of

Buddhists in Australia

Australia first introduced to • Buddhism was 1800s with the arrival in the mid to late and Japanese of Chinese, Sri Lankan divers and sugar gold miners, pearl s. plantation worker ia st monastery in Austral • The first Buddhi ins in the Blue Mounta was set up in 1971 of New South Wales. Centres to study of hment • The establis hed sm were establis and practice Buddhi eg. and early 1980’s. in the late 1970’s a e, Wat Buddha Dhamm Wat Buddharangse as Institute, as well and the Chenrezig associations, st Buddhi l smaller genera groups. There are Tibetan and groups Zen out Australia today many Centres through various traditions that represent the of Buddhism. immigration from • During the 1990s, ed Buddhist expand Southeast Asia Census rably. In the 1996 numbers conside as people identified approximately 199,000 number 2001 Census, the Buddhist. In the . about 79% to 360,000 had increased by total the of 2.1% , In the 2006 Census ed as Buddhist. identifi tion popula Asian backgrounds • People from various , Laos, Cambodia, such as Vietnam ia , Thailand, Malays Sri Lanka, Burma up Buddhist and Tibet have set ia. Austral communities in

About Buddhism

sixth in India during the Buddhism began a prince the teachings of century BCE from came to Gautama who later named Siddhartha g ‘enlightened Buddha, meanin be known as the ge), langua Indian t (ancien one’. In Sanskrit ‘The Awakened One’. means Buddha the term who is self-aware, A Buddha is a person and compassion. and has wisdom the revere and re celebrate Buddhists therefo rather ened human being Buddha as an enlight God. an incarnation of than as a god or practice for and faith of The main source gs of Dharma (the teachin Buddhists is the the Buddha).


Theravada The Theravada School adheres strictly to the original teachings of Buddha as contained in the Pali canon (scripture) and emphasises the goal of personal salvation for the individual follower. The importance of the community of monks is also characteristic of the Theravada tradition. Theravada countries include Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Laos.

Buddha means


‘The Awakened One’. A Buddha is a person who

is self-aware, and has wisdom and compassion.

Questions to Guide Reflection on Culture •

What seems normal or strange to me? What sort of student/staff behaviour am I most familiar or comfortable with? What surprises or challenges me?

What do I know about my student and staff colleagues?

What experiences do I have as a result of studying/working in different cultures and how can I use this?

What do I know about the cultural and education systems of my student and staff colleagues?

How current/accurate is my information?

Make the class a safe place for all students •

Establish a classroom in which teachers and students demonstrate mutual respect.

Manage behaviour that might stimulate ‘classroom incivilities’.

prejudice; and

neglecting the needs of individual students or groups of students.

Set up an introduction system so that all students can get to know something about you, their class colleagues and the diversity of experience in the class.

Student incivility can manifest as: –

poor punctuality;

Ensure the content/activities you use in class values the experience of all your students.

lack of preparation for or non‑participation in classes;

On your WebCT site talk about your approach to learning and teaching; include some information about your own cultural origin and any cross‑cultural teaching/learning experience you may have had .

disruption of classes;

distraction of teacher and fellow students; and


Provide opportunities for students to introduce themselves to you and other students through online postings on WebCT.

Establish appropriate modes of address •

If you interact one on one with students, ask what form of address they prefer.

Use inclusive language that doesn’t assume Western name forms; e.g.

Students from more formal educational cultures, where status differences related to age or educational qualifications are important, might be uncomfortable in addressing teaching staff by their given names. A compromise can be for students to use your title and given name e.g. Professor Marie’, ‘Dr Ivan’.

If in doubt, ask.

’family’ name, not ‘last’ name;

’given’ name, not ‘Christian’ name.

See TIPS Leadership and Administration: Guidance on Naming Systems


Right Speech – controlling one’s speech so that it does not harm others, for example, avoiding lying, gossip and slander.

Right Action – avoiding actions considered harmful to oneself or any other living creatures.

Right Livelihood – earning a living in a way that does not cause harm or suffering to others, for example, avoiding occupations that involve the selling of intoxicants, firearms or animals for slaughter.

Right Effort – exerting a constant attentiveness to lifestyle.

The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path


Life is subject to mental and physical suffering and frustration (dukkha).


The origin or cause of dukkha can be attributed to selfishness and desiring/craving things for oneself, for example, sensual pleasures, wealth and power.

Right Mindfulness – constant awareness about the effects of one’s actions so as to avoid harmful actions.

Right Concentration – attaining serenity by cultivating the mind through meditation.

Buddhism has no prescribed dress code for lay Buddhists, except that they wear clothing that covers the shoulders and legs.

Place and style of worship

Buddhist monks and nuns shave their heads and wear a robe that is usually brown, tan, orange, red, maroon or grey (depending on the tradition).

Dietary requirements and restrictions Regulations governing food depends on which branch of Buddhism is practised and in what country. •

Establish inclusive class ground rules that safeguard against racism and harassment. –

In small classes, guide students to negotiate their own code of conduct.

In larger classes, provide a framework and ask for student feedback and ratification of ground rules.

Define how class members discuss issues, especially potentially sensitive issues. For example, ‘People must have valid support/evidence for what they say’ .

Appreciate the challenges and adjustment stresses •

When people live and work in a new culture, they may experience ‘culture shock’. This is characterised by a series of phases influencing how people perceive and respond to others and events around them. For further information, see General Information Folio 4: Understanding and Supporting People Experiencing Culture Shock

Recognise that people for whom English is an additional language can experience frustration and isolation from not being able to express themselves fully in English, especially when they are used to being highly successful in their own language and culture.

Meat and fish are generally not eaten by the Theravada and Mahayana traditions because it is considered bad karma (since animals can be reincarnated as humans and vice versa).

Some followers of the Mahayana and Theravada tradition are also vegans.

Buddhists from China and Vietnam usually do not eat onion, garlic or leek. Commonly referred to as ‘five pungent spices’, these foods are believed to increase one’s sexual desire and anger.

Buddhist monastics fast from all food on the new and full moon of each lunar month.

Buddhists generally abstain from mind altering substances such as alcohol.

Significant Buddhist Festivals and Celebration Dates

Dancing dragons, lanterns made out of paper and wood, releasing caged birds and making origami paper crane decorations are others ways in which Wesak Day is celebrated across different traditions. Offerings of food to monks and flowers/incense for shrines and temples are also made as signs of respect.

Buddhist festivals provide an opportunity for celebrating and expressing devotion and appreciation of the Buddha and his teachings. The dates and the way that festivals are celebrated vary between countries and Buddhist traditions. With the exception of Japan, most Buddhists use the lunar calendar.

Buddha Day is celebrated on the first full moon day in May except in a leap year when it is held in June.

Dharma Day (Asalha Puja Day/Buddhist Teaching)

For specific dates, see the Cultural Diversity calendar at:

The teachings of the Buddha are known as the Dharma. This is celebrated on Dharma Day. Dharma Day is often celebrated with readings from Buddhist scriptures, providing an opportunity to reflect on their contents. Collective ritual celebrations in a ceremonial manner are also common.

Buddha Day Considered the most important festival of the Buddhist year, Buddha Day commemorates the birth and enlightenment of Buddha in Mahayana Buddhist countries. In Theravada countries, Buddha Day is also known as Wesak Day. It differs from Mahayana Buddhism in that it celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha. Buddha Day is commonly celebrated with the ‘Bathing of Buddha’ whereby water is poured over the shoulders of the Buddha as a reminder of the need to purify the heart and mind.

Dharma Day is celebrated on the full moon day of July.


Use a respectful tone of verbal and non‑verbal communication. Be aware that there may be an unconscious inclination to ‘talk down’ or to talk simplistically to international students or local speakers of other languages if English is not their first language.

Treat diversity positively

Cultural Dive

Establish clear expectations in the classroom •

Teaching Into

Explain and clarify academic expectations and standards regarding written work.

Reviewing You• Check that your students understand the Australian r Ap university context and what is expected of them. pro ach to Tea Where might of thechi particular you stand on • Clarify the format and purpose ng the following Do you

A good start for have session typestate you are teaching men a fixed view or Avoid over generalising behaviour (expecting particular ts? and the type of student does think it vary with Is your teach ing abou participation expected. culturally based because that the situation? ing cons t behaviour from an individual istent with your cultu person comesown from a certain cultural group) or having • Explain viewp the written re, your oint?topic outlines, objectives and outcomes that are provided to students, checking that andstereotypical others’ isexpectations of people (positive or negative) The Teach teacher’s role e.g. ‘All Asian students are quiet in class’. everyone understands. er role is to notic ing what you guide students commentsciting, referencing and how to avoid • Don’t expect any individual student to speak astoward a • TeachYour appropriate indepe find ndent learnin surprising, or g, by The role of the representative of his/her culture.encouraging plagiarism in papers. Provide relevant information and teacher is to self‑directed provide discipl perhaps offen learning and as a resource. inary resource sessions if necessary. Ensure students are aware expertise sive, • Utilise diverse experiences and perspectives peer teaching and to cover all and learning. the skills and about differenc of the LTU website on plagiarism: knowledge that es infor all students to contribute • Plan opportunities input students are au/plagiarism everrelated yday beha required to learn. to their own culture (but avoid making any student a viour Students are • Make yournt unit objectives and marking scheme quite clear. Stude betwcultural representative) . een some role expected one to develop expert LetYour students if the emphasis is on communicating ise in commknow from • Structure groups and group work ents a different the thoughtfully accepted discipl information and ideas or on language accuracy. Students are carefully organised group activities canby provideinary valuable knowledge cultu–ral expected to the group develobeing p their own ideas • Sometimes students can be anxious about teacher’s explan opportunities for encouraging students to meet others in by ations questi and your and demon penalised for poor English expression.oning and critique in what strations. theirself. class, to exchange ideas and opinions and to develop •

teachers presen

t in class.

respect for alternative perspectives and values. For further information, see General Information Folio 2: Good academ ic behaviour Culturally Inclusive Practice require s quotin

Teacher incivility can include:


Right Thought – genuinely wishing to break free from desire.


What can I say about myself and my own culture? What national, ethnic or religious group(s) do I belong to? How does my teaching reflect this?

Right Understanding – knowledge that the Four Noble Truths lead to overcoming dukkha.

Buddhist symbols


One attains the state of nirvana by following the Eightfold Path: •

Worship is commonly in the form of chanting Buddha’s teachings, meditation and mantras (single sounds such as Om or Aum repeated constantly).

The overcoming of dukkha is known as nirvana – a state of mind that transcends desire and suffering.


The Vajrayana School’s interpretation of the teachings is essentially the same as the Mahayana School but differs in that it emphasises the importance of a personal guru (teacher) who initiates his followers into what has been called ‘secret teachings’ (tantra). Meditation and special sayings known as mantras are also characteristic of the Vajrayana tradition. Vajrayana countries include Tibet, Mongolia, northern India and Nepal. The Dalai Lama is the spiritual head of the Tibetan branch of Buddhism.

Buddhist dress code

The main place of worship for a Buddhist is the temple, which often includes a shrine and a statue of Buddha. Buddhists make offerings of flowers, light candles and incense and engage in meditation.



Buddhist Religious Observance

The most popular symbol of Buddhism is the Buddha statue. Other symbols of Buddhism include the eight auspicious symbols such as the Dharma wheel with its eight spokes that refers to the Eightfold Path. There is the lotus flower which often represents the inherently pure potential of the mind. Stupas or temples which have tiered, domed shaped rooves with a golden spire at the top, represent the steps to the enlightened mind of a Buddha. The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion that is being built near Bendigo is an example of this.

Zen Buddhism, a branch of Mahayana Buddhism, strongly emphasises the practice of meditation. Mahayana countries include Tibet, northern India, Nepal, China, Japan, Vietnam and Korea.

The central teachings of all schools of Buddhism are based on the Four Noble Truths:

The Mahayana School is not as strict as the Theravada School in its interpretation of the monastic code of conduct. The importance of followers becoming bodhisattvas for the salvation of living beings is emphasised.

: Buddhists believe the Truths’ and follow • in the ‘Four Noble ‘Eightfold Path’; permanent; world is fixed or • nothing in the ced by past • everyone is influen actions (karma); form, can occur in human • in rebirth that state ghost, in a blissful animal form, as a or in a state of woe.

TIPS for Designing a Culturally Inclusive Learning and Teaching Environment

There are different traditions in Buddhism but the central teaching is common – the teaching of Buddha Sakyamuni. The differences between the schools of Buddhism rest on the emphasis they place on particular aspects of the teachings and the interpretation of rules governing the conduct of the sangha (Buddhist spiritual community).

Academic role

g recommende d texts in order to demonstrate learning.

Your comments

Tone of classr Classroom interac oom interaction Developing a Checklist for Reviewing tion should be informal, where Your comments teachers students, conver se Your TeachingonandPractice a first name basis as

Good academic behaviour includes unders tanding compe ting explanations of differing phenomena and formulating a theoretically defens ible rationale for one’s own opinion .

colleagues in

A degree of formal is important becaus ity in class e students need to trust and respect teachers as they are the

the higher ment.

For information on ‘Evaluationeducat of Teaching’ see the Academic Development Unit website. ion environ

expert sa who This site contains guidelines and resources for evaluation of teaching, including peer review. The following questions can used as will ultima telybe assess and framework for developing a checklist to either monitor your own practice or curric as a peer review instrument. grade student The The curricu work. ulum lum is for an liantouniver • What strategies/methods Austra do I use establish an inclusive learning and Yourteaching sity and comm environment? ents

therefore the

Which strategies/methodsbework well?content must essent

What evidence do I have that these strategies/methods are successful?

Which strategies/methods do I need to modify?

What new strategies/methods could I adopt?

The curriculum is for a global environment and market and therefore care should be taken to ensure that the conten examples, theoris t, illustrative ts and reading s reflect diverse world views.

ially Australian.

References an

d Further Resou



Ballard, B., & Clanchy, J. (1991). Teaching Studen Longman Chesh ts from Overse ire, Melbourne as: A Brief Guide Boice, R. (1996). for Lecturers First‑Order Princip and Supervisors Anker Publishing . les for Colleg e Teachers: Ten Company, Bolton Basic Ways to , MA Carroll, J. (2000). Improve the Teachi A Way of Thinki ng Process. Development ng About Cultur , Oxford e: An Exercise. Oxford Centre for Staff and Learni Perry, W. G. (1999). Forms of Intelle ng Jossey‑Bass ctual and Ethica Publishers, San l Development Francisco. in College Years: La Trobe Univer A Scheme. sity Assessment Policy http://www.l ies/

Learning and

Designing Cu ltu Classroom En rally Inclusive vironments Staff and stude nts at La Trobe


Practice Strate



University have constitutes good a variety of ideas learning and about what teaching. Thes culture and indiv e ideas are influ idual life expe enced by their riences. Much framed by cultu own of what we do ral ‘rules’ that in education is are often tacit. and learn, the actually This includes curriculum inten the ways we teach t, design and about schooling content, and our and education attitudes and . Therefore, as many students values La Trobe is a and staff may very diverse comm find our educ challenging expe unity, ational environm rience. ent a new and possibly Culture is the basis of what people ‘take for granted’ or what they notice about others but is largely invisib le to themselves. The invisibility of culture in educa tional settings can have unintended conse quences. Despi te the best of intentions, teachers and students might unaware that be what they say, do or teach in classroom could the seem strange or offensive to others. Some times doing what seems ‘norm may mean uninte al’ ntionally exclud ing others from participating fully in the learni ng environmen t.

Thinking abou

t culture

A good start for thinking about culture, your own and others’ is noticing what you find surpri or perhaps offens sing, ive, about differe nces in everyd behaviour betwe ay en someone from a different cultural group and yourself. When this happens think about what cultural ‘rules ’ the other perso and you might n be using (Carro ll 2000). Expectations about roles, respo nsibilities and relationships of teachers and students can Consider the vary. ‘rules’ as used by the student the lecturer in and this situation.

“If the lecturer does not answ er a student’s other students questions in class what they think , but asks the , in my country is poorly qual we would think ified or lazy. But that teacher in Australia this is common in way of not givin our class, even g the answer... when the Profe (3rd year Bota ssor is our teach ny student from er Thailand) (Ball ard & Clanchy, 1991, p1).

Sometimes doing what seems ‘normal ’ may mean unintentionally excluding others from participating fully in the learning environment.




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South Australians


South Australians


South Australians

South Australians


South Australians

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GRoWTH and leadership

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innovATivE design makes headlines

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South Austral ians speaks et iust o odio dignissim qui blan dit praesent luptatum .

South Austral ians speaks et iust o odio dignissim qui blan dit praesent luptatum .

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CULTURA for stude L festival nts

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January 2004 – UniSA NEWS




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REAPinG REWARDS for the export market Brian Bennet, speaks et iusto odio dignissim qui blandit praesent luptatum zzril delenit augue duis dolore te feugait nulla facilisi.

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RESEARcH centre takes world stage

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Dr Brian Mitchell, visiting Research Professor from the USA.

Professor Denise Bradley AO Vice Chancellor and President

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A perfect result for marketing division

New technolgy leads the way

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Brian Bennet, speaks et iusto odio dignissim qui blandit praesent luptatum zzril delenit augue duis dolore te feugait nulla facilisi.

nEW WEBSiTE links a community UniSA’s School of nursing vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit esse molestie consequat, vel illum dolore eu feugiat nulla facilisis at vero eros et accumsan et iusto odio dignissim qui blandit praesent luptatum zzril delenit augue duis dolore te feugait.

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February | March 2004 – UniSA NEWS

University of South Australia



423 – 513 Old Northern Rd, Castle Hill, NSW 2154 Locked Bag 9001, Castle Hill NSW 1765 | ABN 95 127 175 473 Telephone: 9899 2288 | Facsimile: 9899 3076 |

23rd July 2009

Dear Parent, Oakhill College is a Catholic Independent Secondary College conducted in the tradition of the De La Salle Brothers and serving the Diocese of Parramatta. Enrolment is boys only for Years 7 – 10 and co-educational in Years 11 and 12. We have a total enrolment of 1600 students.

Br Ken Ormerod Principal

As a Catholic school, our first priority is to our Religious Education program which is compulsory for all students. The College also celebrates its Catholicity through its liturgical and prayer programs and by encouraging our young people to be engaged in social action and missionary work.

Telephone: 9899 2288 Facsimile: 9634 0875 Mobile: 0431 141 829 Email:

Over the years our energetic Drama and Music departments have established a reputation for excellence. A major musical is scheduled every second year and there are always opportunities for young performers to display their talents. Agriculture continues to be an attraction for students of the College and many students who do not follow the curriculum-based course, enjoy participation in the Show Team, which presents animals at the Royal Easter Show, Castle Hill Show and other local show grounds.

423 – 513 Old Northern Rd Castle Hill, NSW 2154 Locked Bag 9001, Castle Hill NSW 1765

Oakhill College aims to produce citizens who are sensitive and committed to spiritual values and who are able to take their place as well-rounded contributors to our society. Yours sincerely, 423 – 513 Old Northern Rd, Castle Hill, NSW 2154 Locked Bag 9001, Castle Hill NSW 1765 Telephone: 9899 2288 | Facsimile: 9899 3076

Br. Ken Principal

With Compliments

A Lasallian learning community touching hearts and inspiring minds.

A Lasallian learning community touching hearts and inspiring minds.

Oakhill College

Corporate Identity redevelopment and stationery items

Principal’s Excellence Award

Certificate of Graduation Certificates final.indd 2

15/09/09 1:27 PM

this is to certify that

has successfully completed Year 12 of Secondary Education at

Oakhill College

Provincial’s Excellence Award


Certificates final.indd 3

Certificates final.indd 1

15/09/09 1:27 PM

15/09/09 1:27 PM

Academic Achievement Award

Certificates final.indd 4

Higher General Award

15/09/09 1:27 PM

Certificates final.indd 6

Minor Award

15/09/09 1:27 PM

Certificates final.indd 7

A Catholic Secondary School in the Lasallian Tradition Educating Boys 7–12 and Girls 11–12

Consistent Application & Effort

423 – 513 Old Northern Rd, Castle Hill, NSW 2154 Telephone: 9899 2288 Enrolments:

A Lasallian learning community touching hearts and inspiring minds. Certificates final.indd 5

15/09/09 1:27 PM

Oakhill College

Certificates and Advertisement

15/09/09 1:27 PM

Wednesday 29 July 7.30pm, Hamer Hall, St Kilda Road, Melbourne Adults $25, Concession $10 Tickets to be purchased through the School Uniform Shops The Ridgeway Campus T: 9497 4877 F: 9497 5477 The Plenty Campus

Hosts Michael Bacskos Tom Bennett-Mitrovski Catherine Brock

T: 9717 2291

F: 9717 2292

‘Reaching the Shore’ (Conductor: Mr S Carpenter)

Alexandra Hegmann Josiah Lulham Luke Southwell Chloe Wilson Joshua Yi

This premiere performance by the Golden Orchestra continues a growing tradition of commissioning original works for the School. We thank Ben Deane-Johns for his musical inspiration and Mr Stephen Carpenter for his unstinting support for local composers and introducing our students to contemporary performance.

Golden Orchestra ‘Amigos Para Siempre’ (Conductor: Mr S Carpenter) Leading tonight’s program is the Golden Orchestra. This ensemble was formed in 1992 and has performed continuously since. The Golden Orchestra takes its name with permission of the Golden family in memory of Tom Golden, a student of the school from 1967 – 1973, who was deeply influenced by his involvement with music. Tonight, the Orchestra is joined by singers Nikita Miltiadou and Lana Murphy to present the anthem from the Barcelona Olympics.

Vocal Duo & Golden Orchestra Matthew Augello Ben Bakowski Lara Bester Alice Boer-Endacott Catherine Brock Jessica Clarence Shannon Clarence Nicholas Clohesy James Crow Grace Cue Dougal Davis Joel Gibson Rumesh Gnanaseelan

Hugh Golden Ze Aun Goon Andrew Griffith Jack Hopper Christian Hopwood Bridgitte Jessop Jesse Lamb Shelley Liu Xinyuan Lu Dina Matheou Chrissy McGuiness Lachlan Meagher Nikita Miltiadou Joseph Moio Lana Murphy Carl Oates Camilla Pondel Tarin Purarattanapong Krishna Ragunathan

Geoffrey Scarlett Nathaniel Sgambellone Zi Xuan Shao Maxim Sheko James Templeton Mark Thomas Winny Tjandra Alexander Tran Miles Turner Nathan Valkanis Mithran Vyravipillai Roger Wang Tom Webster Retno Widyanti Hawaii Xia Ollie Xue Wendy Yan Cyndi Yang Stephen Yuen

The String Orchestra is the School’s longest running instrumental ensemble and boasts a distinguished roll call of past members. Tonight they play a piece based on the Argentinean Tango, originally written for Accordion, Saxophone, Clarinet and Bass. We were given the score by Tamagawa Academy in Tokyo after their performance at Ivanhoe last year. Tonight’s arrangement was edited by Mr Darko Kolosov.

Lara Bester Alice Boer-Endacott Nelis Bosua Nicholas Clohesy Dougal Davis Louis Gurrieri Christian Hopwood Bridgitte Jessop

Jesse Lamb Shelley Liu Xinyuan Lu Joseph Malcolm Lachlan Meagher Joseph Moio Carl Oates Camilla Pondel

Zi Xuan Shao Maxim Sheko James Templeton Winny Tjandra Alexander Tran Miles Turner Roger Wang

Zi Xuan Shao Maxim Sheko James Templeton Mark Thomas Winny Tjandra Alexander Tran Miles Turner Nathan Valkanis Mithran Vyravipillai Roger Wang Tom Webster Retno Widyanti Hawaii Xia Ollie Xue Wendy Yan Cyndi Yang Stephen Yuen

Hamer Hall

Wednesday 29 July

‘Cello Concerto’ (Conductor: Mr S Carpenter) Concertos form the highest peak of musical expression between a soloist and ensemble and we are delighted to welcome Stephen Yuen to the Hamer Hall stage. Stephen is a gifted young musician who is noted for his sensitive performances on Cello and Piano. Edouard Lalo wrote his Cello Concerto in D minor during 1876, in collaboration with Parisian cellist Adolphe Fischer. Tonight, Stephen will present the Concerto with the Golden Orchestra.

Golden Orchestra with Stephen Yuen

‘Fuga Misterio’ (Conductor: Mr D Kolosov)

Senior Strings

Matthew Augello Ben Bakowski Lara Bester Alice Boer-Endacott Catherine Brock Jessica Clarence Shannon Clarence Nicholas Clohesy James Crow Grace Cue Dougal Davis Joel Gibson Rumesh Gnanaseelan Hugh Golden

Ze Aun Goon Andrew Griffith Jack Hopper Christian Hopwood Bridgitte Jessop Jesse Lamb Shelley Liu Xinyuan Lu Dina Matheou Chrissy McGuiness Lachlan Meagher Joseph Moio Carl Oates Camilla Pondel Tarin Purarattanapong Krishna Ragunathan Geoffrey Scarlett Nathaniel Sgambellone

Matthew Augello Ben Bakowski Lara Bester Alice Boer-Endacott Catherine Brock Jessica Clarence Shannon Clarence Nicholas Clohesy James Crow Grace Cue Dougal Davis Joel Gibson Rumesh Gnanaseelan

Hugh Golden Ze Aun Goon Andrew Griffith Jack Hopper Christian Hopwood Bridgitte Jessop Jesse Lamb Shelley Liu Xinyuan Lu Dina Matheou Chrissy McGuiness Lachlan Meagher Joseph Moio Carl Oates Camilla Pondel Tarin Purarattanapong Krishna Ragunathan Geoffrey Scarlett

Nathaniel Sgambellone Zi Xuan Shao Maxim Sheko James Templeton Mark Thomas Winny Tjandra Alexander Tran Miles Turner Nathan Valkanis Mithran Vyravipillai Roger Wang Tom Webster Retno Widyanti Hawaii Xia Ollie Xue Wendy Yan Cyndi Yang Stephen Yuen

Stephen Yuen

Krishna Ragunathan Nathaniel Sgambellone

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i a n a l l l a S

i o n d i t t r a

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preparation for life

Vision St Michael’s College is a Catholic school committed to the Lasallian Vision of education. It is a learning community which engages those confided to its care with learning that is overtly religious, inclusive, student-centred, planned, practical and contemporary, forming the basis for just and responsible stewardship in the broader community.

St. Michael’s College


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A E L’ S






based a broaddeveloped l’s has needs and St Michae ets the ich me ges lum wh challen curricu ts, and den ndards. of all stu hest sta abilities the hig achieve them to ethos, the Lasallian its h wit g learning In keepin all key braces lum em ntion to curricu cial atte gives spe areas and y. merac and nu the literacy sive to is respon wardriculum dern, for The cur s of a mo to demand strives changing tem and sys ion to reach educat ortunity looking opp ts the studen give all potential. those their full dents and ted stu a hly motiva talents, For hig l gifts or le to g specia is availab m displayin ulu ted Curric differentia progress. e their accelerat

A E L’ S

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u S f o c

e n t o l M e n r

Corporate identity and brochure


St. John’s Grammar School


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