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Wednesday, February 14, 2018 | Volume 32, Issue 25 | 38,985 Copies Serving Cornwall & area since 1985 |


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House of Hope turns 1!

Over 125 years of experiencE

Domynick Lavictoire plays in the House of Hope’s special sensory room on Friday, Feb 9, 2018. See page 3 for full story. (Nick Seebruch/ TC Media).

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smootHie day 4000 HWY. 34, GREEN VALLEY 613-525-2300/1480 See our inventory at

$21,495 plus taxes

2015 Chevy Silverado LT2

double cab, Black Pack Z71. One owner. Local trade. Only 73,000 km plus taxes





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2014 Volkswagon Tiguan

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Pride & pie on the line at Kinsmen Pizza Party Nick Seebruch

CORNWALL, Ontario – For the twelfth year, the Kinsmen are serving up some delicious competition for a good cause with their annual Pizza Party. Taking place on March 23 at the Best Western on Brookdale Ave., the event will be run a little differently this year. For the first time there will be two categories for the participating pizzerias. Four national pizzerias will be facing off and four local pizzerias will be competing against each other. Each will be vying to win the title of “Best” in their

respective category. The participating pizzerias will be announced in the coming days. Organizer Scott Beck said that the new competition style will help level the playing field and highlight Cornwall’s unique approach to pizza. “The different categories are to recognize the local artisanal flavour of Cornwall Pizza,” he said. “Cornwall’s style of pizza is thick and an abundance of toppings. I’ve never seen a consistent local style of pizza like here in Cornwall. That uniqueness deserves its own category.” It will be down to a panel of local celebrity judges to pick the prime pie in each category. In addition to the pizza, guests will also have a chance to win wonderful prizes from the silent

auction. Prizes include a private box at Bluesfest in Ottawa, box seats for the final game of the Cornwall Nationals’ regular season as well as gift packages from local businesses. Businesses looking to donate to the silent auction are encouraged to email Scott Beck at All money raised by the event will go to benefit local charities. Scotiabank has offered to match the amount raised by the pizza party up to $5,000. Tickets for the event are available at Scotiabank. There are 240 tickets available. Guests are encouraged to get their tickets early before they are gone.

Fully Cooked Chicken Wings 907 g/2 lb

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Oriental Party Pak














15 16 17 18

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts 8-12 PORTIONS 1.36 kg



save 8 $




841 Sydney St. 613-937-3778 (in the Tudor Centre)

Ninth St.

2 - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Seaway News -

48-58 PIECES 800 g


Sydney St.

Prices of products that feature the MAX special logo are exclusive to registered M&M MAX customers. Simply present your MAX card, or sign up for a FREE MAX membership in store or online, to take advantage of these MAX discounts.

Pitt St.


House of Hope turns one SOUTH GLENGARRY, Ontario - Jan. 18, 2018 marked the one-year anniversary of the grand opening of the Rachel’s Kids House of Hope at their current location on Boundary Rd. in South Glengarry. It has been a busy year for the organization that has seen new partnerships and initiatives grow out of the centre. These include a partnership with the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO), who bring special needs students from schools in the area to the House of Hope. The House of Hope provides support and a safe space for children who are on the autism spectrum or have developmental disabilities. This year also saw the launch of the Rachel’s Kids House of Hope’s 100 Souls initiative. The 100 Souls initiative is a group of 100 supporters of the House of Hope who meet regularly at social events organized by Rachel’s Kids. The club meets for one hour, four times a year and each supporter contributes $100 to attend. Since opening a year ago, Rachel’s Kids


House of Hope has tried to provide services it feels are needed in the community, including summer camps. “We are growing very quickly and faster than anyone anticipated,” said Executive Director Kim Lauzon. Lauzon said that this first year would not have been possible without the strong community support that they have received. The House of Hope has been the beneficiary of the local Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie campaign for the past two years, which raised over $40, 000 for the House of Hope in 2017. The House of Hope was also the beneficiary of the Trunk Sale this past fall and Lauzon says that whenever the House of Hope needs support, the community is right there. St. Anne’s Catholic School “If we need toys or books, the community students Logen Gilet and always comes through for us with open arms,” Joseph Amelotte at she said. Rachel’s Kids House of Hope . Lauzon said that in the past year, easily over (Nick Seebruch/ TC Media) 200 kids have used the House of Hope. “I cannot praise this centre enough,” said Going forward, Lauzon says that the House Carol Brown, who’s grandchildren use the cen- when it is time to leave, as everything is geared to their autism. We are so fortunate to have a of Hope wants to sustain what they have built tre. “Our two granddaughters just love to go to and to continue growing into the future. “Rachel’s bubble house”, as they call it. They cry place like this in Cornwall. Thank you!”

seawaynews .com

DAILY HEADLINES - Seaway News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 3


Nick Seebruch



Ontario PC leadership candidate visits St. Andrews Nick Seebruch

ST. ANDREWS WEST, Ontario - Caroline Mulroney, a candidate for leader the Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) Party made a campaign stop in St. Andrews West on Friday, Feb. 9, 2018. The event was organized by Stromont, Dundas and South Glengarry Conservative MP Guy Lauzon and was held at Quinn’s Inn. While introducing Mulroney, Lauzon remarked how the inn was first built in 1865 by Ontario’s first Premier Sir John Sanfield MacDonald and how MacDonald was buried just a few feet from where he was speaking in the cemetery across the street. Eric Duncan, Mayor of North Dundas and former Conservative Party staffer remarked that it was only decided on Wednesday that

Mulroney would visit the riding. “They asked me if we could get 30 people together by Friday,” Duncan joked to a packed house. Part of the crowd was made up by a group of New Yorkers from Lake Placid having a late afternoon lunch at Quinn’s Inn who did not expect to be caught up in a sudden political event. Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry PC MPP Jim McDonell was present and said that he would be listening carefully to what Mulroney had to say. “What I’ve seen of her I think she’d be great, she’s a fresh face,” he said, but admitted that he had not yet decided who he would vote for as next PC leader. Mulroney spoke to the crowd about how she felt that life in Ontario was becoming unaffordable, that the province had sunk too far into

debt and criticized the current Liberal government for what she characterized as an adversarial attitude with business. “We have to get back on track,” she said. “So I’m putting my name forward. I know I’m the only one who can beat Kathleen Wynne.” She went on to say that businesses across the province do not want a government working against them. She also joked about the issue around her name, and being the daughter of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney . “Some people think I’m Ben Mulroney’s sister and because of that I shouldn’t run,” she joked. Ben Mulroney is her brother and a former host of Canadian Idol. Before finishing her address to the crowd Mulroney made a point to state in French that she is the only current candidate for the leader-

ship who is bilingual. After she was finished speaking, Guy Lauzon endorsed Mulroney as a leadership candidate. “Make sure you go out and support this young lady,” he said. Mulroney is curMULRONEY rently in a four way race for the PC leadership with former MPP Christine Elliot, former Toronto city councillor Doug Ford and Tanya Granic Allen, President of Parents as First Educators. The new leader will be chosen on March 10, three months ahead of the June 7 provincial election. Mulroney will be running in the York-Simcoe riding in that election.

punches; delays, cancellations, and not “so elite” accommodations are all part of the deal. It’s no biggie. You’ll get there. And when you do WOW! I’m a beach bum, that’s my vacation of choice. Small little islands I can explore. Little beach bars with local foods. That’s how I roll. I love to spend the day floating around exploring local culture, art studios and markets. Street food bring It on! I love it all! I love not knowing what the day will bring. Merengue bars and salsa music. I swear I’m a Latina in a white girl body. Don’t get me started on tacos and

avocados! Love them! I just wish I could dance like J-LO. I have no idea what this trip will bring, I never really do. Will I like Belize? Will it be one of those places that just feels like home to me, and I’ll be back again. Will I fall in love with it’s people, it’s food and it’s culture? What will I see, do? And please Montezuma be kind to my belly! Whatever the case, I know it will be wonderful and awesome! I will fuel my addiction with beautiful sights, warm oceans and new adventures.

Hair up, flip flops on Angela Vinet Little Did She Know

Angela Vinet ~ Little did she know It’s that time of the year for me, January blues are in full swing and quite frankly, I’m ready to blow this popsicle stand. As I’m writing this, my bags are packed and by the door. Belize

is only a few days away. It doesn’t even feel real, not yet anyways. It never really does until the plane opens it’s doors and I breathed in the first air of the country I just landed in. To say I love travel would be understatement, It’s an addiction. I think some of us are just born with wanderlust in our veins. Gypsy souls. I am one of these people. I will never see enough of the world to satisfy my desire to learn and grow. Travelling does that. With each new adventure, I’m challenged and strengthened. It’s amazing how you learn to roll with the

Weekly Meetings Monday 6:30-8:00 pm For more details please contact:

Cornwall Hospital Community Addiction and Mental Health Centre Phone: 613-361-6363 or Email:

Si vous ou une connaissance voulez obtenir du soutien pour vous abstenir de consommer des drogues ou de I’alcool, nous pouvons vous aider. Rencontres hebdomadaires, le lundi de 18 h 30 à 20 h Centre communautaire de santé mentale et de dépendances de l’Hôpital communautaire de Cornwall Tél : 613-361-6363 ou Courriel :


Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec I’organisme suivant :


4 - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Seaway News -

If you or someone you know wants help to abstain from the use of drugs or alcohol we can help

Cornwall Nissan


Dan Brunette’s

Mike Bergeron’s

Dan Brunette’s

Scott MacDonnell’s

Mike Bergeron’s

2015 Nissan Micra SR Premium

2015 Nissan Juke SV

*2017 Hyundai Tucson

2014 Kia Forte LX

$11,950 +tax & lic.

$13,950 +tax & lic.

AWD Premium, 22,766 km

*2018 Kia Forte LX+ Pkg.

$24,750 +tax & lic.

$16,950 +tax & lic.

$11,950 +tax & lic.

$176 bw/ 84 mths

$65 bw/ 84 mths

$193 bw/ 84 mths

$186 bw/ 84 mths

$78 bw/ 84 mths

2016 Nissan Rogue SL AWD

2015 Nissan Micra SV

60,443 km

–– Pick of the Week––

100,289 km

–– Pick of the Week ––

–– Pick of the Week ––

22,121 km

2015 Nissan Murano SL AWD

2015 Nissan Rogue S

–– Pick of the Week ––

42,314 km

2014 Nissan Versa Note SL Tech

$26,950 +tax & lic.

(stk 5856A) 43,650 km

$10,450 +tax & lic.

(stk PV2617) Nav, pana roof, 36,489 km

$29,950 +tax & lic.

$19,950 +tax & lic.

$12,450 +tax & lic.

$75 bw/ 84 mths

$106 bw/ 84 mths

$193 bw/ 84 mths

$78 bw/ 84 mths

$72 bw/ 84 mths

2014 Nissan Altima 2.5SL Tech Pkg

2015 Nissan Murano SL AWD

2015 Nissan Micra SV

$11,950 +tax & lic.

$16,950 +tax & lic.

$29,950 +tax & lic.

$12,450 +tax & lic.

$11,450 +tax & lic.

$130 bw/ 84 mths

$87 bw/ 84 mths

$75 bw/ 84 mths

$93 bw/ 84 mths

$100 bw/ 84 mths

2013 Nissan Altima 2.5SL

2014 Nissan Versa Note SV

2014 Nissan Altima 2.5SL

2014 Nissan Altima

$14,950 +tax & lic.

$15,950 +tax & lic.

(stk PV2616) 59,171 km

2015 Nissan Rogue S AWD

(stk PV2559A) 46,563 km

$20,950 +tax & lic.

(stk PV2607) NAV, Bose, 73,630 km

(stk PV2516) leather, Bose, roof, 67,592 km

$13,950 +tax & lic.

(stk PV2598) NAV, pana roof, ext. warr.

(stk PV2601) remote start, camera, 71,014 km

$11,950 +tax & lic.

(stk 5754A) ext. warr, 18,940 km

(stk 5783A) remote start, camera, Bose, leather, roof, 74,562 km

(stk PV2612) NAV, camera, 69,531 km

2015 Nissan Micra SV

(stk 5808A) 21,344 km

(stk 5308A) remote start, camera, 305c, leather, 59,850 km

1107 Brookdale Avenue, Cornwall 613-933-7555 For more detailed pictures please visit

WWW.CORNWALLNISSAN.CA *Denotes factory daily rental buy backs. *Interest Rates As Low As .99%/ 24 mths All prices and biweekly payments are + taxes & licencing. - Seaway News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 5

2015 Nissan Versa Note SV

(stk PV2593) 52,848 km


–– Pick of the Week ––

around the counties

North Glengarry & South Glengarry take top award for Glengarry Routes Heritage Tour TORONTO, Ontario - The Economic Developers Council of Ontario’s Awards of Excellence Gala took place at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel during which the Townships of North and South Glengarry took top honours jointly for their “Glengarry Routes Heritage Tour” Brochure in the Publications Promotional Awards (Print or Electronic) category. This collaborative project’s objective was to investigate, inventory and create a comprehensive list of heritage sites that could be developed into a historic tour brochure titled “Glengarry Routes Heritage Tour” for both the Townships of North and South Glengarry. The logo design echoes the Celtic theme and builds on the already successful joint North and South Glengarry branding as “Ontario’s Celtic Heartland”. Mr. Jeff Manley and Ms. Carma Williams, Councillors for the Township of North Glengarry, Ms. Anne Leduc, Director of Community Services and Ms. Tara Kirkpatrick, Economic Development and Communications Coordinator were present to accept the award on behalf of North and South Glengarry during the 61st Annual Conference of the Economic Developers Council of Ontario. “It is an honour to see the value of our “Glengarr y Routes Heritage Tour ”

recognized in such a forum. This speaks well to the effectiveness of our joint North and South Glengarry economic development and tourism efforts”, stated Ms. Anne Leduc, Director of Community Services for North Glengarry. “This was very much a community driven project”, added Mr. Brown, CAO for South Glengarry when speaking about the “Glengarry Routes Heritage Tour”. “The whole community can take pride in this recognition.” This year’s competition attracted 115 submissions from communities and organizations across Ontario. The Awards ceremony honours winners and honourable mentions for their efforts in promoting their communities for location and tourism opportunities. Economic Development initiatives are also judged as part of the process. Panel experts reviewed all of the entries that covered everything from promotional brochures to infrastructure development projects. Both Townships would like to recognize the contributions to the success of this project by Ms. Kerri Strotmann, formerly from the Township of North Glengarry and Mrs. Kelli Campeau now Clerk for the Township of South Glengarry, under whose mandates this brochure was developed.

Pictured from Left: Economic Development Officer Rob Hunter, Councillor Marc St. Pierre, Mayor Evonne Delegarde, Chief Administrative Officer Shannon Geraghty.

South Dundas takes top honours TORONTO, Ontario - The Municipality of South Dundas took Top Honours in the PublicPrivate Partnership Award (Population 10,00050,000) category at the Economic Development Council of Ontario (EDCO) Conference Awards Gala Ceremony. The ceremony was held February 7 at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto. The EDCO Provincial Economic Development Awards honours economic development efforts from across the province. This is the first time South Dundas has received an award from EDCO. Mayor Evonne Delegarde, Councillor Marc St. Pierre, Chief Administrative Officer Shannon Geraghty and Economic Development Officer Rob Hunter were on hand to accept the award. The award was for the South Dundas Student Technology Partnership between the Municipality, Ross Video and the Upper Canada

District School Board (UCDSB). The project was initiated through a proposal South Dundas made to the UCDSB during the Public Accommodation Review Process. “With membership of over 1000, EDCO is the country’s largest provincial Economic Development Association and the awards competition is extremely competitive,” explained Mr. Hunter. “Winning this award in the Public – Private Partnership Population Category is a real honour for our municipality, especially given EDCO received over 115 award submissions.” “Council is very proud that South Dundas won this Provincial Economic Development Award. It would not have been possible without the efforts of the entire community who pulled together during this process; school family, residents, staff and Council,” added Mayor Delegarde.

You deserve Style, Elegance & Quality I REALLY AM


custom kitchens


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6 - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Seaway News -



Should I be Driving? John Milnes Consider This

Citizens of Cornwall, who have lost their driving privileges for medically related reasons, have once more, a unique opportunity to regain those privileges through a service offered by DAC Medical Vision. DAC Medical Vision, an approved Ministry of Transportation Driver and Rehabilitation Cognitive Assessment Centre and Vision Waiver Assessment Centre, is now a part of the city’s service community. No longer must drivers of automobiles be

challenged because they are required to be tested in a strange city. They can now be tested for their driving skills on the familiar streets of Cornwall. DRIVING AN AUTOMOBILE REPRESENTS FREEDOM, MOBILITY AND INDEPENDENCE. Bringing this service back to Cornwall has been a long drawn out battle. However, medically challenged drivers with suspended licences can now be assessed right here on Cornwall streets and roads. Because a driver of an automobile is able to function on familiar streets the chance of success is multiplied by a huge percentage - now the wheel is being turned from the driver’s seat. There is an old adage “If you don’t use it you will lose it.” Anyone who has lost their driving licence, for medically related reasons, needs to be referred



by their family physician/specialist. Everyone agrees: When a person is unsafe to drive, that person must stop driving. The problem is knowing when to stop. For people who have been driving an automobile for many years, driving may feel mostly automatic. However, it should be understood, driving an automobile is a complex task that requires thought processes, dexterity and quick reactions. Any changes or loss of function in any one of these abilities [physical and vision, cognitive abilities and emotional skills] due to aging, illness or injury may affect a person’s ability to drive an automobile. We have a driving assessment service back in Cornwall. For our citizens, who have been impacted by a medical problem they neither desired, nor wanted, a return to Ontario driving privileges is

once more in the cross hairs of possibility. They have the opportunity to regain their independence - to drive to appointments, to visit friends, to do the weekly shopping. HOWEVER, IF THOSE IN NEED DO NOT USE THIS VALUABLE SERVICE IT MIGHT VERY WELL BE LOST, YET AGAIN. Driving an automobile is a privilege, not a right. The privilege to drive comes with certain responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is to ensure we are medically fit to drive an automobile. DAC Medical Vision’s extremely well qualified staff provide this service at Riverdale Terrace Retirement Residence, 1200 Second Street West, Cornwall. Telephone Ottawa numbers: 613-224-6965 or 613224-7480 and fax # 613-224-0270.











Autoshow Bonus

















AUTOSHOW BONUS~ Cash on Rogue SL model shown




55 1.99%







AUTOSHOW BONUS~ Cash on Qashqai





Offers available from February 16, 2018 – February 25, 2018. ~Autoshow Bonus Cash discount of $1,000/$1,000/$1,000/$750/$750/$750 will be deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes and is applicable only to customers financing or leasing any 2017 Qashqai/2018 Altima/2018 Maxima/2018 Rogue/2018 Sentra/2018 Pathfinder model through NCF. ∞$2,200/$2,200/$3,000/$2,200 No Charge All-Wheel Drive upgrade is available on new 2018 Rogue (excluding FWD models)/2018 Murano (excluding FWD model)/2018 Pathfinder (excluding 4x2 model)/2017 Qashqai (excluding FWD models) models purchased or financed with NCF at standard rates and delivered between Feb 1 - Feb 28, 2018. Offer consists of a discount deducted before taxes that can only be used at the time of initial purchase/finance and applied towards the purchase price of a select All-Wheel Drive vehicle from an authorized Canadian Nissan dealer. ^Payments cannot be made on a weekly basis, for advertising purposes only. Representative monthly lease offer based on a new 2018 Rogue S FWD/2017 Qashqai S FWD MT at 1.99%/1.99% lease APR for 39/39 months equals monthly payments of $258/$240 with $2,495/$2,295 down payment, and $0 security deposit. Lease based on a maximum of 20,000 km/year with excess charged at $0.10/km. Total lease obligation is $12,549/$11,665. Lease Cash of $900/$0 is included in the advertised offer. ▲Models shown $38,420/$31,575 selling price for a new 2018 Rogue SL Platinum (AA00)/2017 Qashqai SL AWD (AA00). All Pricing includes Freight and PDE charges ($1,795/$1,950) air-conditioning levy ($100), applicable fees, tire tax, manufacturer’s rebate and dealer participation where applicable. License, registration, insurance and applicable taxes are extra. Offers are available on approved credit through Nissan Canada Finance for a limited time, may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers except stackable trading dollars. Vehicles and accessories are for illustration purposes only. See your participating Nissan dealer for complete details. Certain conditions apply. ©2018 Nissan Canada Inc.




CORNWALL NISSAN - Seaway News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 7



Seaway News celebrates National Pizza Day in Cornwall Nick Seebruch

Cornwall Seaway News team was out delivering pizzas to locations in the city. Esca and Dominoes partnered with Seaway CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall enjoyed the News and provided the pizzas. most delicious holiday of the year on Friday, Four Seaway News members travelled Feb. 9. It was National Pizza Day and the

around the city at lunch time dropping off pizzas at places like Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers/ Big Sisters, Job Zone and more. “ For over 33 years Seaway News and its staff have participated in events that includes saying

thank you to our clients and introducing ourselves to new ones,” said General Manager Rick Shaver “The pizza lunch is one of many events we have planned for this year and we hope that they are as successful as this one was.”

We are pleased to welcome Andy Briffett, Relationship Manager to the Di Giosia & Dilamarter Investment Advisory Group.


hether you’re making an important financial decision or could benefit from a second opinion on your investments, we are ready to provide you with advice when and where it makes sense for you.

Contact one of us today for a complimentary financial review. Andy Briffett, FMA, FCSI Relationship Manager


Kayla Di Giosia, PFP

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Investment Specialist

Investment Specialist

® Registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia, used under licence. Scotiabank includes The Bank of Nova Scotia and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including Scotia Securities Inc. As used in this document, “Scotiabank Investment Specialist and Relationship Manager” refer to a Scotia Securities Inc. mutual fund representative or, in Quebec, a Group Savings Plan Dealer Representative. Scotia Securities Inc. is a member of the Mutual Fund Dealers Association. 3967-2018-0202-03 F1

3967-2018-0202-03 - IS group ad with RM- Ottawa- Andy & Jason & Kayla Team F1.indd 1


8 - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Seaway News -

Meet your Scotiabank Investment Specialist Team

2018-02-13 10:53 AM


None alienated at the Aleienated Beer Dinner Nick Seebruch

CORNWALL, Ontario – Saturday saw the latest edition of the Aleienated Beer Dinner series take place at the Nav Centre. Each Aleienated Beer Dinner features a different brewery and it is up to the host chef to take the selected beers and create a delicious feast to pair with them. This dinner’s selected brewery was Wellington’s Chef Luc McCabe and his team, including Sous-Chef Marc Murray created a five-course meal that included poutine soup, candy bacon, beer cold smoke salmon, beer tenderloin with a juniper garlic sauce, beer bread and for dessert, a smoke chocolate cheesecake. “They sent us the beer and you have a couple of drinks and you speak to it,” said Chef McCabe of his process behind pairing the meals with the beers. “I want to give a big thanks to Marc Murray and the rest of my team.” Event organizer Jay Killoran said that trying new beers and letting the chef’s get creative with the meals is what Aleienated Beer Dinners

are all about. “We want a good cross section of different styles,” he said. “Usually we choose 3-5 beers for each dinner. Then we hand it over to the chef and then it is up to the chef to show what they really are and that’s what these dinners are really all about.” Nostalgia was an influence on Killoran when he selected Wellington as the brewery for this event. “Wellington was the very first craft brewery I started drinking in the mid-90s,” he said. “For me it was a little bit of nostalgia. For me, as a craft beer lover it was when I started to get introduced to craft beers.” Pictured are Jay Killoran, Killoran explained that the craft scene has Sous-Chef Marc Murray always had a strong attraction for him. and Scotty Bough “I fell in love with the scene,” he said. “Fell in of Wellington Brewery. love with not just the beer themselves, but the people behind them.” He said that he moved back to Cornwall him perfectly described how he felt in Cornwall. said. around six years ago and that the craft scene “It means to be without good beer and This is what inspired him to start the was not the same as it is today. Killoran explained after doing some searching online, people to drink it with and that’s exactly what I Aleienated series, and now there are many in he came across the term Aleienated, which for felt like when I moved back to Cornwall,” he Cornwall who share his passion for craft brews.

Friendly staff to help with your digital photos

Service available in stores

Service offert en succursale

5, 9th St. East, Cornwall, ON K6H 6R3 PHARMACY PHARMACIE






Dan Gagne

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Dharam Sodhi Ryan Scott Sales Manager Sales Associate

1200 Brookdale Ave. Mike Tyo

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2018 Civic LX Sedan


Introducing the new Civic SE

2018 Civic LX Coupe $







2018 Civic LX Hatch $








NEW 2018 Civic SE













Limited time lease offers available through Honda Financial Services Inc. (HFS), to qualified retail customers on approved credit. Weekly payments include freight and PDI ($1,655), tire & environmental fee ($17.50), A/C charge ($100), and OMVIC fee ($10). Taxes, licence, insurance and registration are extra. ΩRepresentative weekly lease example: 2018 Civic LX Sedan 6MT (Model FC2E5JE) // 2018 Civic SE Sedan CVT (Model FC2F6JEX) // 2018 Civic LX Coupe 6MT (Model FC4A5JEZ) // 2018 Civic LX Hatch 6MT (Model FK7G2JE) on a 60-month term with 260 weekly payments at 2.99% // 2.99% // 2.99% // 2.99% lease APR. Weekly payment is $60.82 // $68.82 // $64.47 // $67.78 with $0 down or equivalent trade-in and $270 // $220 // $0 // $0 total lease incentive included. Down payments, $0 security deposit and first weekly payments due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $15,812.42 // $17,893.63 // $16,763.21 // $17,623.57. 120,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometres. PPSA lien registration fee of $45.93 and lien registering agent’s fee of $5.65, due at time of delivery are not included. For all offers: licence, insurance, PPSA, other taxes (including HST) and excess wear and tear are extra. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price. Offers only valid for Ontario residents at participating Ontario Honda Dealers. Dealer may lease for less. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Colour availability may vary by dealer. Vehicles and accessories are for illustration purposes only. Offers, prices and features subject to change without notice. See your Ontario Honda Dealer or visit for full details. ♦♦Based on Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada (AIAMC) data reflecting sales between 1997 and December 2017. 10470-OHBR_4C_9.833x6.208_V26.indd 1

2018-02-12 9:56 AM - Seaway News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 9







Savings Hivernales








1.6 Cu.Ft Over-The-Range Microwave Oven

10 - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Seaway News -

• 10 power levels • Electronic touch controls • High capacity exhaust fan with 300 CFM






20.8 Cu.Ft French-Door Bottom-Mount Refrigerator with Pull-Out Drawer TM • FrostGuard Technology • Ramp up LED lighting • 2 full-width glass cabinet shelves & 2 humidity crispers




Built-In Stainless Steel Dishwasher with Hidden Controls

30” Electric Self-Cleaning Convection Range • 5.0 Cu.Ft oven capacity

• 6 cycles/ 3 options • 5 wash levels & 1-24 hour delay start • Audible end-of-cycle signal TM & StemSafe shelf

• Hot surface indicator lights • One-piece upswept cooktop


OPEN 7 DAYS 1 1 2 0 , P R I N C I PA L E S T. , S T- Z O T I Q U E Q C

*See details in store

J0P 1Z0

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Ever lived with a Siamese cat? Nick Wolochatiuk Dances with Words


There are those out there who accuse me of favouring dogs over cats. I plead guilty, but that just means that dogs fit into my lifestyle better than cats. If numbers mean anything, there have been at least ten cats in my life, but only two dogs. The following is a cat story that I wrote almost 20 years ago: This is a thoroughly researched study of the traits of all Siamese cats. It is guaranteed to be 00.07% accurate 19 times out of 20, as it is based

upon the close study of one whole cat for a period of about ten months. ‘Tasha’ was found in a rural culvert early in the winter of 1994-1995. She had just given birth to her first litter of kittens. Unfortunately, none of them survived. Fortunately, some kind soul brought her to the Cornwall Humane Society shelter. She survived. As a reporter, I featured her in the adoptables section of the newspaper. Tasha was adopted. However, a couple of months later she was returned to the Humane Society. “Haven’t I photographed this cat before?” I asked. It was then this reporter’s wife put in her second bid to get me to bring this beautiful looking young cat into our home. From the moment Tasha arrived at our place

she set about to put our other three cats and our ‘little white dog’ in their place. She put us in our place too. For example, for the first time in 18 years we had to provide a litter box. This cat would not deign to use any of our seven acres of forest for doing her you know what. Yes, compared to the submissiveness of most dogs, cats are un-bending, self-sufficient and self-centered. This cat exhibited an ultimate degree of these traits. At 5:57 AM every morning the wailing starts. “Feed me! Get out of bed and feed ne, now!” Her meowing doesn’t work with us, but her completely selfish outpouring of affection does. Tasha hops onto the bed and smothers both of us with face rubs, purring and kisses. Eventually, the little woman of the house

gives in, gets up, and shuffles to the kitchen. That spokesman for our domestic herd has been successful. The others have been waiting patiently at our bedroom doorway, in anticipation of Tasha’s daily victory. “It’s our feeding time next!” they all rejoice, each in their own unique way. Most cats will merely ignore their ‘masters’ when their names are called out, but Tasha also turns her head away, or even walks out of the room, as if to mock our attempts to beckon her. However, if Tasha (or perhaps I should take the liberty of saying all Siamese cats, for this is a serious study) wants to snuggle with us, or bestow some other form of affection, we had better be accepting. Such is the way of all Siamese cats.


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S:6.05” - Seaway News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 11

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Friends of Crysler’s Farm Battlefield members, Kim McInnis and Jim Mullin were among many participants at the Heritage Fair this weekend. (Alycia Douglass/ TC Media).

Tales of heritage at the Cornwall Square 12 - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Seaway News -

Nick Seebruch

CORNWALL, Ontario - The Cornwall Square will once again play host to the Heritage Fair on Saturday, Feb. 24. The fair has been presented by HeritagePatrimoine Cornwall for the past 15 years. There are going to be 13 organizations from around Cornwall and the United Counties of SD&G displaying local community history and telling the story of the heritage of the United Counties. Organizations include the Glengarry Fencibles, The Glengarry Pioneer Museum, the Friends of Crysler’s Farm Battlefield, the Nor’Wester and Loyalist Museum, Railways of SD&G and more. New this year, there will be a display from Akwesasne Geneology who will be on hand to


delve into the personal histories of those curious about the heritage of their own families. In addition to informative displays of local history, there will also be books on sale for those historians who want to continue exploring local heritage beyond the fair. The event starts at 9 a.m. on Feb. 25 and goes until 4 p.m. Debbie Ledoux, an organizer of the fair encourages everyone to come out, even those who have not taken an interest in their local history before. “Look around your community and be aware of the history of Cornwall and SD&G,” she said. “Find out about the history of the area and be immersed in it.” For more information about the fair, check out the Heritage-Patrimoine website at www.

Allison St. Jean, Community Fundraising Specialist with the Canadian Cancer Society shares some noon tea with Megan Bingley, 1st Vice President of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce on Friday, Feb. 9, 2018. The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Cancer Society is partnering up to bring a High Tea Luncheon for International Women’s Day on March 8. (Nick Seebruch/ TC Media)

Tea & talk for International Women’s Day Nick Seebruch

CORNWALL, Ontario - The Canadian Cancer Society and the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce are teaming up to present a High Tea Luncheon at the Nav Centre on March 8 from noon to 1:30 p.m. A special guest speaker for the event will be Jackie King, Chief Operating Officer for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Allison St. Jean, Community Fundraising Specialist says that King was a personal mentor of her’s and has an amazing story of how she climbed her way to the top of the business world. St. Jean explained that King started off as an intern at a PR firm in Toronto and worked her way up to be a Vice President. King will be shar-


ing her story at the High Tea Luncheon. Allison St. Jean and Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lezlie Strasser talked about how important events like these are for celebrating and empowering women. “I originally approached Lezlie with the idea and I’ve always been a big advocate for empowering women,” said St. Jean. Every woman brings something special to our community,” said Strasser. “Women are the backbone of all societies. There are a total of 150 tickets for the event. Tickets are $50 each and $10 from each ticket will go to the Canadian Cancer Society to help fund research into cancers that impact women. Tickets are available on the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce website. Click here for tickets.



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Bekka Quenther (left), Christina Long (centre) and Rachel Dipalma (right) competed in the Winter Blast Cheerleading Competition on Saturday, February 10, 2018 at the Cornwall Civic Centre. Photo by Andrzej Terrence

Cheerleading competition a Winter blast

Some programs other than the movies may require registration as space is limited. Please call the library for more information at 613-9324796. All programs and movies are free. PROFESSIONNAL DEVELOPMENT DAY Cornwall Public Library will close Monday, March 5, 2018 to permit all staff an opportunity to participate in its Professional Development Day. The book-return chute, online catalogue and e-Library services, including digital magazines, books, movies, and music will remain available.


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112 Pitt Street, Cornwall 613-933-8612 / 613-933-8619 - Seaway News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 13

CORNWALL, Ontario - Cornwall received a blast of winter cheer at the Civic Centre this weekend as the Ontario Cheerleading Federation holds Winter Blast, a cheerleading competition. Teams from across Ontario competed for a bid to be able to win the World Championship in Orlando, Florida that is set for April of 2018. This weekend, 11 teams competed for the bids, while the competition hosted a total of 23 teams and more than 200 contestants. Bekka Guenther with the Scorpions from Niagara competed in the competition with high expectations. “We did pretty good, we had fun!,” said Bekka. The Scorpions have made it to the World Championship 4 times already and plans to go again this year. The Civic Centre received a good turnout to the event as well, with ticket sales overstepping expectations. “Our sales are at about 1500 people. We are through the roof excited!” Explained Janice Robinson, Co-ordinator for the Civic Centre. The competition was quite the spectacle for patrons too, as the concession stand was opened and high energy music reverberated throughout the complex. Planning for the event was no easy task and began almost 4 months ago with the Federation’s decision for the event to be held in Cornwall for

the first time. “We were ready for a large number of people but we did not anticipate this many,” said Robinson. The event was not only for experienced teams, as some teams, like the Princesses, fit into the younger division where contestants are approximately 5 years old. For those who missed the competition this year, the Cornwall Civic Centre hopes to hold the event again next year as it was a great success.

CORNWALL, Ontairo - Cornwall Public Library will be open on Family Day, Monday, February 19 with special opening hours of 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. There will be several programs for children and families to enjoy: • 10 a.m.: Toddler Adventures (Ages 18 months to 3 years old) • 2 p.m.: Celebrate Family - Family Tree Craft (Ages 4 to 13) • 4 p.m.: Lego Club (Ages 6-12) • Movies: - 10 a.m.: Cats and Dogs - The Revenge of Kitty Galor - 2 p.m.: The Princess and the Frog


Andrzej Terrence, Special to TC Media

Library Family Day hours


Planning for the future Nick Seebruch

As a part of the ongoing budget deliberations, Division Manager for Economic Development Bob Peters made a presentation to the Budget Steering committee about where our local job market stands and where the City plans on going. Not only did Bob’s presentation give a picture of where Cornwall’s future jobs will be, it also gave an interesting picture of the current employment landscape. Peters explained that there were four sectors that his department was pursuing and trying to attract to the City. Namely, he is trying to attract jobs in logistics, advanced manufacturing, food processing and commercial retail. There are good reasons that the city is pursuing these job sectors, especially logistics. Bob pointed out that Cornwall’s location makes it an ideal logistics hub. We are at the crossroads of three major Canadian cities, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. We are connected to two major arteries of commercial traffic, Hwy 401 and the St. Lawrence River. Also, we have the educational infrastructure at St. Lawrence College, which has a logistics program. We can sustain this industry and grow it with people from Cornwall educated here at

home. I have some concerns though about how at least some of these sectors will be affected by automation and how well Cornwall’s economy is prepared to deal with that. According to data from the Eastern Ontario Training Board (EOTB), the work of Material Handlers, those who work at distribution centres, won’t have a lot of their work automated, but will likely be affected by automation in some way. The EOTB currently projects that seven percent of the work done by Material Handlers will likely be automated (85 percent likely) in the next 10 to 20 years. This might not mean that any of their jobs will be taken by machines, but it does mean that their skillsets and levels of training will likely change as more technology enters their workplace. In commercial retail, this is a very different story. According to the EOTB, both retail salespersons and cashiers will likely see nearly half of their workload automated in the next 10 to 20 years. For food counter attendants and kitchen helpers, that number jumps to almost 80 percent. We have a lot of restaurants in Cornwall and quite a few retail stores, to me this shows that we need to be planning for the future to deal with automation in these industries. Investment in technology training and

innovation should be a part of the City’s economic development plan. Full disclosure here, my significant other is someone who is involved in tech training and an advocate of innovation, but I drank the Kool Aid on this one long before I met her. I truly believe that training for the jobs of the future, is something that the municipality should care about. However, if we do in fact lose jobs in the commercial retail sector, there are still a lot of

opportunities in logistics. Bob admitted that some of the distribution centres in town were having a hard time finding enough employees to fill out its workforce and that he hoped that Cornwall would attract more younger workers in the near future. What do you think readers? Does Cornwall have a lack of workers? Should we focus more on tech training? Send me your Letters to the Editor at

tinues to raise their taxes. This leaves us to wonder what better use this money could have had. I know that there are many worthwhile projects across Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry that could have used this money, as opposed to a luxurious vacation for the Prime Minister. Canada’s Conservatives have always been the voice of the taxpayer. That’s why we’re

demanding Justin Trudeau pay it back: the constituents of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry deserve to have the $200,000 used to fund this illegal travel returned to them. They deserve no less.

letter to the editor

Trudeau should pay it back On December 20, 2017, for the first time in Canadian history, a sitting Prime Minister was found guilty of breaking federal ethics law. That’s inexcusable. Yet it does not stop there — Canadians have been stuck with the $200,000 bill Justin Trudeau spent in order to illegally travel to a luxury island.

No one begrudges the Prime Minister the usual security costs when he travels for official business. But Justin Trudeau needs to respect the tax dollars he relies on. Sadly, he did not – in fact, he showed Canadians that he is even willing to spend their tax dollars on illegal trips. All this at a time when Canadians are paying even more for his spending choices while the Liberal government con-

Guy Lauzon Member of Parliament for StormontDundas-South Glengarry

Seaway News welcomes letters to the editor. Letters should be no longer than 300 words and may be edited for clarity or length. Please send your letters by email to or by mail to 501 Campbell Street, Unit 6, Cornwall, Ontario K6H 6X5. Please include your name, address and phone number.

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14 - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Seaway News -

Dear Editor,


Nick Seebruch

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No such thing as a free lunch Claude McIntosh Mac’s Musings

to sell it off to a developer. ... John Kennedy and Bill Clinton are considered two of the best U.S. presidents. Yet, if the #Metoo movement had been around, neither could have been elected dog catcher. ... If I’m the owner with an NHL team stocked with millionaire, underachievers and 30 points behind talent-challenged Las Vegas Knights - Ottawa and Edmonton two teams that come to mind - I’m asking my general manager why? ... Talk of not getting any respect. As of Monday, the Knights have the second best record in the NHL yet they are considered a longshot to win the Stanley Cup. ... How can Vegas coach Gerard Gallant not be named coach of the year? ... Brockville is the latest Ontario municipality to impose a revenue-generating hotel tax. It has been set at 4% and will raise thousands of dollars to be used for “tourism-related activities.” The power to pass a hotel tax bylaw was given to municipalities by the provincial government. THIS WEEK 1953 RCMP in British Columbia linked Cornwall native Henry Seguin, suspected of murdering a Maxville businessman, to the disappearance of a Kamloops couple. ... Louis Philip Roy was the new police chief in Alexandria. He had been police and fire chief in Ste. Rose, Que. His starting salary was set at $2,800 a year. Const. Raymond Legroulx, to serve as his assistant, was given a salary of $2,250 a year. ... Cornwall General Hospital annual report noted that the waiting list for beds was growing with an average of 20 patients on the list. There were 63 major surgeries carried out in the two operating rooms with 92 minor operations. The hospital had 136 beds. ... The price of butter increased by two cents to 67 cents a pound. ... A Cornwall Centre man was fined $200 for making alcohol in a still on his property. ... Three Montreal men were

given sentences of one to two years for stealing a vehicle from the home of Gordon Smith of Dickinson’s Landing. ... Radio station CKSF celebrated its eighth anniversary with a promotion that gave away prizes to lucky callers. The station received 4,000 calls from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Bell Telephone added four operators to handle the flood of calls. Live studio entertainment included Bob Eadie, Big Slim and The Gang, Harvey Boileau and Jimmy Thompson. ... Cornwall Street Railway Light and Power Co. raised its fares to 10 cents. ... The city’s first senior citizens club was organized by the Kinettes. ... Gerald Lussier and Helene Renaud were crowned king and queen of the Richelieu Mardi Gras Ice Carnival. ... Jim Denneny, two, Pete Long, Bert Lilly and Wally Garand scored as Cornwall Colts downed Pembroke Lumber Kings 5-2 in an Eastern Canada Senior Hockey League playoff game. SEEN AND HEARD Cornwall Curling Centre’s senior men’s division lost one of its most dedicated curlers with the passing of Marcel Morin. Despite a long battle with stage four cancer, Marcel showed up game in and game out, sometimes after taking chemo therapy. Never complained. Veteran curler and Cornwall Sports Hall of Famer Gerry McKenna said it for everyone - “Marcel was one of the most positive persons I have ever met. He always had a smile and was fun to have your team. He will be missed.” ... SEEN AND HARD (Part two) Here is how you fed a family in 1956 on $60 a week: Hamburg 20 cents a pound; potatoes $1.29 for 50-pound bag; t-bone steak 69 cents a pound; blade roast 31 cents a pound; oranges 33 cents a dozen; box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, 15 cents; bread 16 cents a loaf. ONE LAST THING We live in an era of smart phones and stupid people.

there’s more online CORNWALLSEAWAYNEWS.COM


geneRAl & CoSmeTiC DenTiSTRy

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hOlidAy hOUrs FAmily dAy



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613-938-8451 - Seaway News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 15

An old saying came to mind the other night while watching Premier Kathy preaching to the converted at a pre-election campaign pep rally. Several placards, no doubt strategically held behind the preem, claimed that among the “gifts” bestowed upon the unwashed by the Liberal government are “Free drugs” and “Free tuition”. The old saying is, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” Translated: Even if something seems like it is free, there is always a cost, no matter how indirect or hidden. As we head into the June election campaign, expect the government to be serving up a lot of those free lunches ... with your grandkids being stuck with the tab. (Note: Ontario’s debt has tripled since 2004. It now stands at, give or take a billion or two, $312 billion. The annual interest paid on the debit is $11.6 billion. That is a lot of free lunches.) TRIVIA ANSWER How time flies. It was 30 years ago ( Feb. 25) that Dale Hawerchuk’s No. 10 was retired in a centre-ice ceremony at a sold-out Royals game at Ed Lumley Arena. The event was not organized by the team, but by the trainer, Steve Ouderkirk. Along with Hawerchuk, Winnipeg Jets’ GM John Ferguson and former Montreal Canadiens’ defenceman Serge Savard attended. It was the last time the Royals had a paid sold-out regular season game. TRIVIA Before L’Ecole Marie-Tanguay on Holy Cross Boulevard opened in 1972 it was a Roman Catholic girls secondary school. What

was it called? HERE AND THERE The folks who wrote the All in the Family TV episodes would be having a field day with Donald Trump as president. ... The late Gordon Sinclair said that if psychics/ fortune tellers/soothsayers or whatever they call themselves were the real deal why aren’t they making a fortune playing the stock market. ... Those of us who tough out the winter sans a southern escape should be given a tax rebate. ... Just a thought, but perhaps those smart cars aren’t such a smart idea. ... If I win the lottery I’m going to put up the money to publish Bill LaSalle’s book on old radio and newspaper days in Cornwall. The Old Saddle Tramp is sitting on a keeper. ... Another great example of a lumbering justice system: A high-profile case dragged through the local court system for four years ends with a sweetheart plea deal to save the expense of a two-day trial. You’ve got to be kidding. ... The biggest lie told in court rooms is when a defence attorney after his client is found guilty gives the old “He’s so sorry” slice of baloney. ... If the stars align as they should, the June Ontario election will have for the first time in Canada women leading the three major parties. ... Add this one to the euphemism list: New name for shoplifting is external shrinkage. ... Here’s a twist to the #Metoo campaign: A California congresswoman is being accused of groping a young male staffer. ... Three of the last four U.S. commanders-in-chief (aka President) managed to dodge the Vietnam War - Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Donald Trump. Barack Obama was too young for the draft. Last president to put his life on the line in military service was George H. Bush. THIS AND THAT Hard to find a more “sacred” park in the city than King George Park. Makes you wonder why anybody would want

COMMUNITY CALENDAR ST. JOHN’S YOUTH LEGION CHICKEN DINNER & SILENT AUCTION ~ Sunday, February 25th from 4:30 – 6:30 pm. ¼ chicken dinner with all the fixings Silent Auction & 50/50 draw. $15.00. Tickets are available at St John’s Church 28 Second St W during office hours, after Sunday service & at the Legion. Proceeds for youth summer conference. Info: Debbie at 613 936 3454 or CORNWALL WESLEYAN CHURCH Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10am. Konnect Church for children 4-12 yrs. Nursery also available. Bible Study Thursdays 6:30pm. Amazing Science Centre open Saturdays 1-4 p.m. also by appointment 343-885-9633. Info: or 613-936-9166. VOLUNTEER FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME! The Telephone Assurance Program is in need of volunteers to make a daily friendly phone call to a senior living alone. This call provides a safety check as well as increases their peace of mind and security within their home. Info: Glen Stor Dun Lodge Outreach Program at 613-933-3384 ext 4250.

LA PAROISSE DE LA COCATHÉDRALE DE LA NATIVITÉ DE LA B.V.M. 300, chemin Montréal, Cornwall, (613-932-7505). Messe dominical le dimanche à 10h. WEDNESDAY LUNCH by the members of the Knights of Columbus “Seniors & Friends”, 205 Amelia St. Every Wed. from 11:30am-1pm. Also, Wing Night every Thursday from 5:30-8pm. COLDER WEATHER FUN IN SD&G McCloskey’s, 22 Victoria St. in Chesterville, North Dundas will be hosting a Board Game, Acoustic Music and Spoken Word Open Mic Night every third Wednesday of the month. Wednesday, Feb. 21, 7-11pm. Info: Amanda Burger, 613-346-5064. CASINO TRIP to Rideau Carleton on Fri., Feb. 23, bus departs at 4:30pm. Info: 613-932-6534. Proceeds toward St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre. AL-ANON ~ an organization that helps families & friends of alcoholics. Meetings in Cornwall, Lancaster, Morrisburg, Winchester area. Info: 613-937-4880.

TOWNSHIPS OF NORTH STORMONT, SOUTH STORMONT and SOUTH GLENGARRY Pursuant to the Municipal Elections Act (MEA), this notice is to post dates and times for filing NOMINATIONS of the offices to which persons may be elected for the term commencing December 1, 2018. Nominations can be made during regular office hours, Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays commencing on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 to Thursday, July 26, 2018 and on Nomination Day, Friday, July 27, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that Nominations for the positions listed below must be made on the prescribed form available at the Clerk’s Office. Nomination forms must be filed, with the prescribed declaration by at least 25 persons either in person or by your agent with the Returning Officer of the appropriate municipality (refer to the applicable municipal information box below or the appropriate Township website). The required filing fee for the Head of Council (Mayor) is $200 and $100 for all other offices. The nomination filing fee shall be paid in cash, debit, certified cheque or money order made payable to the municipality. PLEASE NOTE: The election campaign period begins on the day on which he or she files a nomination for the office. Campaigning may only start at this time. MUNICIPAL OFFICES FOR WHICH PERSONS MAY BE NOMINATED: Mayor One (1) to be elected at large Deputy Mayor One (1) to be elected at large Councillors Three (3) to be elected at large SCHOOL BOARD OFFICES FOR WHICH PERSONS MAY BE NOMINATED shall be filed with the designated Clerk’s Office, to be determined, for: • Upper Canada District School Board (English Public) • Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (English Separate) • Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien (French Separate) • Conseil des ecoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario (French Public) Nominations for all offices shall close at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 27, 2018. Nominations will only be certified when the Clerk is satisfied that the person is qualified to be nominated and that the nomination complies with the MEA. Candidates for municipal office must, upon nomination, be a qualified municipal elector and fulfill all of the following requirements: • A resident of the municipality, a non-resident owner or tenant of land in the municipality or the spouse of such non-resident owner or tenant; • A Canadian citizen; • At least 18 years old; • Not legally prohibited from voting; and • Not disqualified by any legislation from holding municipal office. NOTE: A candidate, if nominated, must remain qualified throughout the election and, if elected, throughout the term of office. AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that in the event there is an insufficient number of certified candidates to fill the positions in the municipality, nominations will be reopened by the Returning Officer, for the vacant positions only. Additional nomination papers would then be accepted between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on August 1, 2018. For further information, please contact the Clerk’s Office. TOWNSHIP OF NORTH STORMONT Nominations accepted by the Clerk, or Designate, of the Township of North Stormont: Marc Chenier 15 Union Street Berwick, ON K0C 1G0 613-984-2821 • 833-984-8683

TOWNSHIP OF SOUTH STORMONT Nominations accepted by the Clerk, or Designate, of the Township of South Stormont: Loriann Harbers, CMO 2 Mille Roches Road Long Sault, ON K0C 1P0 613-534-8889 • 800-265-3915

TOWNSHIP OF SOUTH GLENGARRY Nominations accepted by the Clerk, or Designate, of the Township of South Glengarry: Kelli Campeau 6 Oak Street Lancaster, ON K0C 1N0 613-347-1166

THE LONG SAULT/INGLESIDE LOST VILLAGES LIONS CLUB Roast Beef Dinner, South Stormont Community Hall, 2 Mille Roches Rd in Long Sault, on Wed., Feb. 21, 4pm-7:30pm. Tickets available at the door. Meal includes roast beef, vegetables, mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw, pickles, bun, assorted pies for dessert, coffee or tea. Part of the proceeds in support of the new Splash Pad in Ingleside. Call 613-5770818 for info. ST MARY’S WINTER SOCIAL Sunday afternoon, February 18th. Horse-drawn sleigh rides will be leaving the Centre for a tour of historic Williamstown starting at 2:30 p.m. Spaghetti supper served 4-6 p.m. Refreshments from 2:30 onward. Free will offering for the spaghetti supper. CORNWALL NEWCOMERS CLUB welcomes women who have moved to Cornwall and surrounding area in the last 4 years. Info: Marilyn 613-933-2966 or Eleanor 613-935-4916 to learn more about the club and its activities. LE CLUB DES AÎNÉ(E)S DE STE-THÉRÈSEDE-LISIEUX. Vous invite à nous joindre, pour jouer différents jeux de cartes (dards) les mercredis après midi. Un souper chaud gratuit le dernier mercredi du mois. Les membres assidus sont éligibles pour un voyage gratuit de fin de saison. Contactez: Denise, Vice Présidente 613-932-1805.



You are invited to join SDG County and local municipal staff for a public consultation session to provide feedback on the proposed investment in Community Improvement Plans. Feel free to attend any session or contact us to receive a survey link to provide your feedback. Refreshments will be served. RSVP today.

Program Schedule for the week of

February 19 to 25, 2018 7459332

16 - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Seaway News -


AKWESASNE TOASTMASTERS AND SMART CITY TOASTMASTERS Because Mother Nature didn’t cooperate with us on February 7th, Akwesasne Toastmasters and Smart City Toastmasters will hold the “club level” International Speech Contest and the Table Topics Speech Contests together on Wed., Feb. 21. The winner of the International Speech contest will progress to the next level, which is the Area level, then on to the Division and District levels, all the way to the world champion at this year’s Convention in Chicago. This event will be held in the Smart City Toastmasters meeting room M3520 St. Lawrence College in Cornwall start time approx. 6:45PM. Free parking and free snacks. ALZHEIMER SOCIETY Meet MP Lisa Raitt at Ramada Hotel on Feb 27, Stronger Together – Facing a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Cornwall Nationals Hockey game on March 4 at 3:30pm – Senior’s Day special events. I’m Still Here at Upper Canada Playhouse on March 11 at 1:30pm Coping with Behavior Change in Dementia with Beth Spencer at Ramada Inn on March 20, from 10am-4pm. Call 613 932-4914 for information and reservations. KINETTE CLUB OF CORNWALL meets monthly every second Wednesday. We are a vibrant group committed to doing service work in our community. Info: Lynn at 613-938-1723.

COMMUNITY CALENDAR CORNWALL QUILTERS GUILD members meet Mon. Feb. 19, 7pm in St-Matthews Lutheran Church Hall, 1509 2nd St. W. Cornwall. Feature: Round Robin of quilting tips. Welcome to all quilters. Info: Robynne 613-933-1857. FAMILY DAY AT SUMMERSTOWN FOREST On Monday, February 19, from 10 to 4. Free XC ski and snowshoe rentals throughout the day. Many other free activities and food offered. Summerstown Road, 1.6 km north of exit 804 of the 401. For more information, visit CABIN FEVER? Come jam with us. Novice to expert welcome - acoustic/electric guitar, violin, keyboard, harmonizer, singer - whatever. Music lessons if you want. Our Lady of Grace church hall, Ingleside. Info: Ed O’Brien at 613-933-5769, or Juliet Gill at 613-537-9897. MOOSE LODGE (1367) Dance to Richard Filion, Sat., Feb. 14, 8pm-12am. Hall Rentals for all occasions. Moose Lodge, 443 – 11th St. West. CORNWALL, Ontario - The Township of South Glengarry took part in Toques Tuesday on 613-938-0666. Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018. “Toque Tuesday is a partnership between Habitat for Humanity BEREAVED FAMILIES FAMILY DAY ReStore-Cornwall & The Counties and Raising the Roof to raise awareness of EXTRAVAGANZA, Feb. 19, from 11am-4 pm at homelessness and housing issues,” the Township explained in a post on their Facebook Knox St- Paul’s United Church (downstairs), 800 page. Staff and volunteers from Habitat for Humanity Cornwall were selling toques, Twelfth St. East. Activities, snacks, prizes and mittens and ball caps at the ReStore in Cornwall. Fifty percent of all proceeds raised more. Info: 613-936-1455. will stay in the community to build homes. The toques were on-sale at the ReStore, the Boston Pizza in Cornwall and BMR Winchester and online at This year marked the 21st annual Toque Tuesday. Members of the Township of South Glengarry on Toque Tuesday. Photo provided by the Township of South Glengarry.

Township takes part in Toque Tuesday

1 yr GIC


Acting &

Music Camp March 12, 13, 14, 2018 Learn film making, improvisation, music video, musical theatre, theatre games and more.

3 yr GIC


Rates as of 02/12/2018. Rates subject to change. Minimum deposit required.

108 Second Street East, Cornwall. | 613.935.6254 |

March Break

Call 613-932-3510

Or email:


CORNWALL COMFORT QUILTS Located At The Care Centre, 510 Second St. E., Cornwall. Meets last Wednesday of each month (Except December) Info: Call Hazel 613-933-3883 Helen 613-932-9517 Janice 613-936-1951 Email: Cornwallcomfort@Gmail.Com.


SPAGHETTI LUNCH & SUPPER Fri., Feb. 23, brought to you by the members of the Knights of Columbus Council 755, 205 Amelia St. Every last Friday of the month. Lunch: 11am-1pm. Supper: 4:30-6pm. Meals include: Spaghetti , coleslaw, bun, dessert, coffee or tea.

WILLIAMSTOWN GREEN THUMBS’ guest speaker, Mon., Feb. 26, at 7pm., will be Fred Deschamps, Master Gardener, who will speak about the “Mishaps and Mistakes” that are prevalent as we start up our spring gardens. Char-Lan Arena, 19740 John St. Info: Raylene at 613-347-3838. BINGO – STE-THÉRÈSE-DE-LISIEUX Thurs., Feb. 15. Early bird 6:30 pm, regular game at 7 pm. Over $1,225 in prizes. Church hall, 1304 Lisieux Street, Cornwall. Licence M800723. WORLD DAY OF PRAYER Annual Ecumenical World Day of Prayer Service hosted by St. Francis de Sales Parish will be held on March 2nd at 2 p.m. Rehearsal Friday Feb. 23rd at 1 p.m. The Theme is Suriname-All God`s creation is very good.

The “Great Game Party” held on February 4, 2018 was a

great success.

We wish to thank the following sponsors for their support that made this event very successful: • The Brick • Prestige Catering • Excelsior Limo Service • Labatt’s • Frito Lay • Rideau Carleton Raceway / Casino • KAB Cornwall • as well as our own club Wing 424

Cards available at corner stores


Thank you to all of our members, guests and participants. The President, Peter W. Hood

*613-932-5334 Serving Cornwall’s Greatest Needs Since 1933


240 Water St. W., Cornwall

Want To Join A Great Service Club … Contact Us Today



Cable 11 and 700 HD

$1,000 Full Card $250 T-Game $150 X-Game $100 Small Square - Seaway News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 17

The following people won the top 4 prizes: 1. A 55” TV was won by Bob McDonald 2. Limo Service to Carleton Raceway/Casino was won by Elaine Carriere 3. Josh Donaldson picture won by Ray Deacur 4. Antique Golf Picture won by R. St-Denis


Snowshoe race at the Summerstown Trails Andrzej Terrence, Special to TC Media SUMMERSTOWN, Ontario - Snowshoers gave winter a run for her money at the fifth annual Dion Snowshoe Race. The Dion Race kicked off their final event of the series to determine the champion at the Summerstown Trails on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018. The contestants left the starting line at 10 a.m. and returned for the first half of the race by 10:45 a.m. to conclude the Summerstown Forest challenge, a 3.5 km trek. Snowshoers who continued on for the next half of the race were in the running for the title of this year’s champion. In order to become the champion, runners would have to finish first in the 7.5 km trail. Gilles Parisien, organizer the event, said, “It’s going to be challenging as there is a little bit of

moisture in the snow, which sticks to the bottom of the snowshoes, but other than that we couldn’t ask for better conditions.” With last night’s snowfall, many of the trails were pristine and covered with fresh powder producing conditions like no other. For many running the race, it was all in good fun. “There is some good comradery here, everyone is having a good time, and the weather is great!” explained Chuck Charlton. Charlton came from Ottawa just to run in this year’s race after completing last year’s event. Medals and prizes were awarded to the top three contestants and to the top masters of men and women. Dion Snowshoes provided equipment rentals and invite anyone to register for next year’s race.

Contestants leave the starting line of this year’s final Dion Snowshoe Race at the Summerstown Trails to decide the champion for 2018 on Feb. 10. Photo by Andrzej Terrence.

Pond Hockey tournament cancelled Provided by Pond Hockey Classic organizers



Castrol GTX

• Change oil & filter • Up to 5 L of 5W20, 5W30 or 10W30 Castrol GTX Motor Oil • Lubrication as required From • 30 point courtesy check NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY APPROVED *hazardous material charge - add $3.98 • Free battery inspection


Castrol GTX MAGNATEC Includes:

• Change oil & filter • Up to 5 L of 0W20, 5W20, 5W30 or Castrol GTX MAGNATEC • Lubrication as required From • 30 point courtesy check NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY APPROVED • Free battery inspection *hazardous material charge - add $3.98

Fully Synthetic Castrol EDGE with Syntec Power Technology (SPT) Includes:

• Change oil & filter • Up to 5 L of 0W20, 0W30, 5W20, 5W30, 5W40, 5W50 or 10W30 Castrol EDGE SPT Motor Oil • Lubrication as required • 30 point courtesy check • Free battery inspection




*hazardous material charge - add $3.98

we will nOt be undersOld On tires!

• Brakes • Suspension • Shocks/ Struts • Alignment Open later than mOst repair shOps “We do it All On thursdays & saturdays ! JU

There’s no beTTer place To buy your Tires & service your vehicle! Fully licensed Mechanics & auto RepaiR Facility

ST give US A cAll!”



HOURS: Monday to Wednesday: 8am-6pm | Thursday: 8am-8pm | Friday: 8am-6pm | Open Saturdays at 8am

1 Water Street, CornWall Square (next to SearS) 613-932-4281


factOry scheduled maintenance? we dO that! NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY ON


18 - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Seaway News -


Cornwall Colts



event, well short of the 30 needed to make CORNWALL, Ontario - The tournament por- the event tion of the 2018 Pond Hockey Classic has been possible. “I think cancelled. the inconsisOnly 17 teams registered and paid for the tent weather we’ve had the last few weeks was definitely a factor on teams not committing by the deadline,” said event organizer Mitch Gagne. The committee will still host the two weekend parties on Family Day weekend. On Saturday Feb. 17, the Lost Boyz will play a tribute to the 80’s in the Main Salon at the Civic Complex. On Sunday, Feb. 18, the Kilts Riffs and with play at The Glengarrian Pub & –––––– Game Day –––––– Spurs Restaurant. Thursday, February 15th “We are still committed to making this a fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation vs. BROCKVILLE BRAVES with many great auction items up for grabs 7:30pm @ Ed Lumley Arena along with a 50/50 draw, raffles, bar sales and great door prizes at both events,” said Gagne. Adults $14, Student/Seniors $10 Children 12 & Under $6 For tickets or more information, please contact Gagne at 613-662-7106 or by email info@ Kick Ice Hockey!


Volume 7, Numéro 45 le mercredi 14 février 2018 38 985 exemplaires

Une montagne de vêtements pour changer le monde Communiqué de presse de la CSDCEO exemplaire des membres de notre personnel démontre les valeurs catholiques qui guident Dans le cadre de la Journée de la p’tite laine, qui avait lieu le 1er février, le Comité UNIS du Bureau central du Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien (CSDCEO) a organisé une collecte de vêtements. L’activité fut un énorme succès! Au total, ce sont plus de 600 morceaux qui seront distribués dans différentes familles de notre territoire. Tout comme dans les écoles, le bureau central a également un Comité UNIS dont l’objectif est de changer le monde par différentes actions au niveau local, national et international. En rappel, le CSDCEO a signé un partenariat avec le Mouvement UNIS (Me to We). Il est important de souligner le fait que le CSDCEO est le premier conseil scolaire en Ontario dont toutes les écoles font partie du programme UNIS. « En lien avec notre thème systémique culturel et pastoral Change le monde, le CSDCEO et ses écoles sont fiers de s’associer au mouvement UNIS. L’entraide, le partage et le don de soi sont de belles valeurs catholiques qui sont véhiculées dans nos écoles, ainsi qu’au Bureau central. La participation

nos actions quotidiennes. Comme le dit si bien notre slogan, c’est Ensemble que nous faisons toute une différence! », de dire François Turpin, directeur de l’éducation et secrétaire. L’année scolaire 2017-2018 marque les 20 ans du Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien (CSDCEO), le plus grand réseau d’écoles de langue française dans les cinq comtés de Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott et Russell. En plus d’avoir le plus haut taux de diplomation de la région (92,6 %), le CSDCEO offre des programmes pour la réussite de tous les élèves, des valeurs catholiques, un français de qualité et un certificat de bilinguisme. Le CSDCEO assure l’éducation à plus de 10 000 élèves, répartis dans plusieurs centres de la petite enfance (garderies), 25 écoles élémentaires, 7 écoles secondaires

B:9.833”Des membres du comité UNIS du Bureau central du CSDCEO préparent l’envoi des et le Centre d’éducation et de formation de vêtements dans les écoles. T:9.833” l’Est ontarien (CÉFEO). S:9.833”

de d ec ces es v vêtements-là êtements -là ?


Payé P Pa Pay ayyé par a par ar le e gouvernement go g gou ou ouvve ver ernem nem ement men ent e nt nt de de l’Ontario ll’’Ont On O ntta n arrrio ari


Voyye Voye Vo ez ce ce qui qu uii peut pe eu u utt vous vo ou uss aider aiid de err à vivre vivvrre e en en santé, ssa ant nté é,, de de façon faço fa çon active acctitive a ve et et autonome au a utto on no o ome me après me ap prrè èss 65 65 ans. an a nss.. Voyez


Alors A Al lor ors on on a un un site ssiite te Web We eb b pour pou our vous vvo ouss - on o ntta ari rio. .ca ca /V / Vieil ieilllliirB ie rBien ien - et ie et aussi aussi au auss ssi une ss un u ne ligne lilign lign gne info info in fo pour pou ur les lle e ess aînés aîîné a és - 1 888 88 8 88 910 91 9 10 1999. 19 1 999 99.

S:6.14” - Cornwall Express - Le mercredi 14 février, 2018 - 19

Vous V ous s souvenez-vous ouvene z-vous


Séance d’information pour les fournisseurs de services septiques Communiqué de presse de la CNS Réservez cette date! La Conservation de la Nation Sud (CNS) invite les concepteurs et installateurs de systèmes septiques, ainsi que les entrepreneurs à assister à sa réunion annuelle sur les installations septiques, le 29 mars 2018. « La session de cette année comportera des discussions sur les nouveaux changements au Code du bâtiment de l’Ontario, les procédures générales d’inspection et les demandes de permis, et permettra aux participants de partager leurs connaissances et expériences, a expliqué Monique Sauvé, inspecteur en chef à la CNS Partie 8 - CBO - Systèmes septiques. Des fournisseurs de produits seront également sur place pour présenter aux participants les nouveautés en produits septiques. » La réunion aura lieu de 9 h à 11 h au Complexe civique de Cornwall situé au 100, rue Water Est, à Cornwall, en Ontario. Pour confirmer votre présence à la réunion, veuillez communi-

quer avec Monique Sauvé. Les 6, 7, 8, 12 et 13 mars prochains, la CNS organisera également un cours de préparation aux examens en français au bureau de la CNS, pour les inspecteurs, les concepteurs et les superviseurs de systèmes d’égouts sur place qui désirent passer l’examen de qualification du ministère des Affaires municipales et du Logement. Pour plus d’informations et pour vous inscrire, visitez le site Web suivant: https://www. Code-du-batiment-de-l-Ontario-Partie-8preparation-a-l-examen. Les responsables d’installations de fosses septiques de la CNS effectuent des inspections de systèmes septiques et délivrent des permis pour 13 municipalités. La couverture comprend toutes les régions des comtés unis de Prescott et Russell et de Stormont, Dundas et Glengarry, à l’exception des municipalités de North et South Glengarry. Depuis 2017, la CNS a élargi son programme et

est maintenant l’autorité chargée de territoire de compétence de la CNS. l’approbation des installations septiques pour la POUR PLUS D’INFORMATION : Monique ville de Cornwall. En 2017, plus de 370 permis Sauvé, 1-877-984-2948, poste 316, msauve@ septiques ont été délivrés à des résidents sur le

Les cantons de Glengarry nord et sud remportent un prix pour la brochure des « Routes de Glengarry » TORONTO, Ontario - La « Economic Development Council of Ontario » a fait la remise de ses Prix d’excellence. Les cantons de Glengarry nord et South Glengarry ont remporté conjointement les honneurs pour la brochure « Routes de Glengarry » dans la catégorie Publications promo-

tionnelles (papier ou électronique). Ce projet avait comme objectif d’étudier, de faire l’inventaire et de compiler une liste complète de sites patrimoniaux pour ensuite créer une brochure touristique intitulée « Routes de Glengarry » pour les cantons de Glengarry Nord et South

minutes et lorsqu’ils ont réouvert le couvercle, c’était du beurre! Ils ont ainsi reproduit l’action des pionniers lorsqu’ils utilisaient leur baratte à beurre. Savez-vous qu’une des émissions préférées de ce groupe est: La petite maison dans la prairie! Comme quoi les classiques ne se démodent jamais! Je vous laisse avec des commentaires recueillis directement de certains élèves de la classe de Mme Odette Lacoursière, 3e année de l’école Rose des Vents: William Cayer: J’ai aimé le film La petite maison dans la prairie parce que ça démontre bien comment les pionniers vivaient. Hailey Séguin-Joanette: J’ai aimé faire le beurre parce que par la suite je pouvais bien expliquer à maman comment le faire. Alexandre D’Aoust: J’aime quand j’ai appris comment ils allaient chercher l’eau. Maeve Gauthier: J’ai aimé quand j’ai appris qu’ils faisaient de la lumière avec leur foyer à bois. Alice Montpetit: J’ai bien aimé apprendre comment ils conservaient leur nourriture comme avec des gros blocs de sel.

501 rue Campbell, Cornwall, ON Unit 6 K6H 6X5 Tél. : 613-933-0014 Fax: 613-933-0024 direCteur général :

Rick Shaver


direCteur des ventes :

Patrick Larose 613-363-6801

ventes : Steve Jasmin Stefan Kolbinger Matthew Girgis 613-362-1929 613-363-4486 613-662-9602

CoordonnatriCe aux ventes :

Jennifer Mayer SPEC3327425

ORIGINAL DOWNTOWN DINER déjeuner et dîner Servi tous les jours dès 7h00

agent du Crédit :

Sue Perry SPEC3355089

Comme vous le savez, étant une école internationale, l’école Rose des Vents offre aux élèves la chance d’apprendre en cheminant avec des modules de recherche. La classe de Mme Odette m’a donné la chance d’aller visiter ses élèves pour qu’ils me racontent leurs apprentissages durant leur dernier module de recherche. Le module de recherche avait comme idée maîtresse: “Le mode de vie d’autrefois diffère du nôtre et les peuples des communautés d’autrefois ont grandement contribué à la vie d’aujourd’hui.” Les modules de recherche commencent souvent par un déclencheur, celui des 3e année ne faisait pas exception. Fiona Patenaude, une élève de la classe de 3e année de la classe de Mme Odette, est arrivée dans sa classe vêtue d’un costume de pionnière. Cette arrivée était l’événement qui mettait en marche le questionnement des autres élèves de la classe. Elle n’a pas passé inaperçue et c’était mission accomplie pour débuter le questionnement des autres élèves. Les élèves m’ont raconté durant ma courte visite que les habitations des pionniers vivaient étaient des maisons construites avec des rondins de bois. Dans une maison, une seule famille y vivait contrairement aux peuples autochtones. Ils ont ensuite poursuivi leur entrevue en me disant que les pionniers sont arrivés de l’Europe et que lors de leur arrivée , ils devaient défricher la terre pour y construire leur maison. Ils cultivaient leur terre pour vivre. Ce qui fait en sorte qu’ils se nourrissaient de fruits et de légumes qu’ils cultivaient et qu’ils récoltaient. Ils s’entouraient d’animaux comme de poules pour leurs oeufs, de chevaux et de vaches. Ils ont conclu notre entrevue en me disant que maintenant notre vie est différente comme nos moyens de transport et que maintenant l’eau arrive chez nous sans effort. Question de passer à l’action, vers la fin de ce module de recherche, les élèves ont utilisé de la crème qu’ils ont secoué pendant plusieurs


20 - Le mercredi 14 février, 2018

- Cornwall Express -

Il était une fois…. autrefois!

South Glengarry, au sujet des « Routes de Glengarry ». « La communauté sera très fière de cette reconnaissance. » Cette année le concours a attiré 115 soumissions provenant de communautés et d’organismes de l’Ontario. La cérémonie de remise des prix rend hommage aux lauréats et célèbre les mentions honorables pour leurs efforts visant à promouvoir leurs communautés en matière d’emplacement et de tourisme. Les initiatives de développements économiques sont également jugées dans le cadre du processus. Un panneau de juges experts ont examiné toutes les soumissions allant de brochures promotionnelles jusqu’aux projets de développement d’infrastructure. Les cantons de Glengarry nord et de South Glengarry aimeraient remercier Mlle Kerri Strotmann, anciennement agente du développement économique pour le canton de Glengarry nord et Mme Kelli Campeau, maintenant greffière du canton de South Glengarry, pour leurs contributions à ce projet.

Glengarry. La conception du logo reflète le thème Celtique et vient appuyer le branding conjoint de ces deux municipalités, soit « Le centre celtique de l’Ontario » qui a déjà été couronnée de succès. M. Jeff Manley et Mme Carma Williams, conseillers, Mme Anne Leduc, directrice des Services communautaires et Mme Tara Kirkpatrick, agente de développement économique et des communications pour le canton de Glengarry nord étaient présents pour accepter le prix remis conjointement aux cantons de Glengarry nord et South Glengarry lors de la 61e conférence annuelle du « Economic Developers Council of Ontario ». « C’est un honneur que les « Routes de Glengarry » soient reconnues dans un tel forum. Cela témoigne de l’efficacité de nos efforts communs pour le développement économique et le tourisme », a déclaré Mme Anne Leduc, directrice des services communautaires de Glengarry nord. « Il s’agissait d’un projet axé sur la communauté », a ajouté M. Brown, directeur général de

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Properties for sale


Properties for sale



Properties for sale

Properties for sale

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Properties for sale

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Properties for sale

Open HOuse sunday 1-3 pm For sale, new semi detached,

270 & 272 Glen nOra 1165 sq.ft. raised bungalow with two plus one bedrooms, 1 bath. finished rec room, attached garage. $249,324.00 each includes net HST. CHESTER LECLERC LTD • 613-933-9709



Our e

Building quality homes since 1955

The CENTURY 21® Family Is The World’s Largest Residential Real Estate Sales Organization! EW g N tiN s i L

OPEN HOUSE SUNDaY • 1:00-2:30pm


EW g N tiN s i L


(1088875) Great for kids! Parks, schools, public transit. Spacious home with updated kitchen & won’t break the bank.

MICHAEL DEBOER 613-936-3124 & DORIS DEBOER* 613-363-4113

37 CHANTINE DR - $359,000

(1085221) Great 1750 sq.ft. bung in an ideal location. Features open concept Living rm/Kit/Dining rm, some hdwd flrs. 4 bdrms, 2 baths, Master bdrm with full ensuite, dbl att garage on 90x242 lot.

MAURICE (MOE) LEMIEUx* 613-930-1136

EW g N tiN s Li

17025 MALONEY RD., ST. ANDREWS W. - NEW PRICE $309,000

645-645-1/2 GLOUCESTER - $104,900

(1087337) 2-2 Bdrm side by side front & back. Main unit Vacant. 2 recent FA gas furnaces & 2 hot water tanks, roof reshingled 2015.

JACqUES (JACk) ROY* 613-577-1486

WAYNE THOMPSON* 613-362-3820

(1088479) This 3 bdrm home would be a great STARTER or INVESTMENT property. Has a nice garage to keep the car out of the elements or a great workshop.

20327 ANDREA CR., LANCASTER - $222,900

SOPHIE GOUDREAU* 613-363-4233

ROBERT JUHASz* 613-360-0087

EW g N tiN s Li

I have Buyers lookIng for a large Bungalow

in Cornwall, Long Sault, Bayview Estates, Rosedale Terrace. CALL NOW!


(1086787) Open concept, kitchen, living rm, dining rm. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION!

MAURICE (MOE) LEMIEUx* 613-930-1136


(1090962) Spacious, bright 2 bdrm Riverdale home featuring open concept layout with gas frpl. Also has a massive dbl car garage/shop for the hobbyist.

7 WILLIAM ST - $69,900

(1092620) Well laid out 2 bdrm home. Fantastic Investment property or far cheaper than paying rent for a college student.

19157 HAY RD., SUMMERSTOWN - $229,900

(1090866) Completely updated open concept 3 bdrm home with fully fin bsmt on large country lot.

16669 CTY RD 36 (POST RD) NEW PRICE $169,900

(1091143) HOUSE, SHOP AND 10 ACRES.



MICHAEL VANDER MEER** 613-936-3611

(1087724) 3 Bdrm brick bungalow on 30 acres.

1305 PRINCESS NEW PRICE $324,900

(1087920) A gem in the heart of Riverdale that must be seen.

MICHAEL VANDER MEER** 613-936-3611


(1085468) Large 1468 sq.ft. bungalow, hardwood floors, main floor den, gas fireplace, 2-car garage. Hosted by Wayne Thompson

ERIC PEDERSEN** 613-936-3734

OPEN HOUSE SatUrDaY • 1:00-2:30pm

Call Us Today for a Complete Listing of Homes For Sale in the Area

(1089675) COUNTRY COMFORT! 1563 sq.ft. bung with triple car garage blt in 2015 on a 10 ac lot with barn & workshop.

LUC POIRIER** 613-936-3778

* designates sales representative **designates Broker † designates Broker of record

frank preVosT

sales rep. 613-361-4317 7459783

MICHAEL VANDER MEER** 613-936-3611

MICHAEL VANDER MEER** 613-936-3611 EW g N tiN s i L


TroY VaillanCourT

sales rep. 613-362-8769

doris deBoer

sales rep. 613-363-4113

karen ChamBers

ron wood

sales rep. 613-407-7596

sales rep. 613-363-3001

heine Bruining

JaCques (JaCk) roY

sales rep. 613-330-1651

sales rep. 613-577-1486

miChael Vander meer Broker 613-936-3611

waYne Thompson

sales rep. 613-362-3820

TaYler leTford

sales rep. 613-330-2497

sophie goudreau

sales rep. 613-363-4233

miChael deBoer

Broker of record 613-936-3124

Bill macdonald

sales rep. 613-362-3312

SHIELD REALTY LTD., BROKERAGE - Independently Owned and Operated 465 PITT ST., CORNWALL 613-938-2121


eriC pedersen



luC poirier

Broker/Courtier 613-936-3778

roBerT Juhasz

sales rep. 613-360-0087

mauriCe (moe) lemieux sales rep. 613-930-1136 - Seaway News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 21

(1089677) Great family home with 4 bdrms & main flr family rm. Just minutes from the City. Hosted by Sophie Goudreau

EW g N tiN s i L

OPEN HOUSE SUNDaY • 1:00-2:30pm



TROY VAILLANCOURT* 613-362-8769 TROY VAILLANCOURT* 613-362-8769 FRANk PREVOST* 613-361-4317

OPEN HOUSE SUNDaY • 1:00-2:30pm

JACqUES (JACk) ROY* 613-577-1476

(1084560) MUST BE SEEN! Very unique octagon-shaped property with open concept main flr living & 3-car garage plus 25 ac bush.

EW g N tiN s Li

523 ADOLPHUS $153,000

(1086927) Centertown. Move-incondition. Many updates. Main floor 4-season sunroom. Early Possession! PRICED TO SELL.


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Properties for sale


Properties for sale


Properties for sale

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Properties for sale

Properties for sale


Properties for sale


Properties for sale

7459784 Cornwall 613-938-3860

Alexandria Ingleside Vankleek Hill Morrisburg 613-525-3039 613-537-2000 613-678-3860 613-643-3000

All agents are Sales Representatives unless otherwise shown as *Broker. Not intended to solicit agency contracts currently in place. ‡Ranked by Great Place to Work® Institute Canada, 2008-2017



liSA DUpRAU* 613-577-0353

SpACiOUS HOMe iN RiveRDAle!!! www.JOelDUvAl.COM 1605 pRiNCeSS ST, CORNwAll Move-in ready two storey brick home has 6 bdrms, 3 bths, lots of room for growing family with a big back yard. Furnace is one year old and shingles replaced 2 years ago. Not many homes like this in Riverdale that has so much to offer. Come see this home today!! MLS®1091096 $289,900 JOel DUvAl 613-937-5030

ClASSiC THRee STOReY HOMe 25 fRONT ST fiNCH Spacious four bdrm two bath home in Finch. Hardwood floors, wood trim and oversized baseboards are but a few of the original qualities of this character home. Modernized kitchen and baths and a family room addition. 20 mins to Cornwall and 45 mins to Ottawa. Country sized lot. MLS®1091122 $214,900 pAUl MCAleAR 613-551-6663

iMMeDiATe pOSSeSSiON 5327 NiNe Mile RD, MARTiNTOwN Spacious three bedroom three bath home on a private hilltop setting. Double attached garage and 24 x 30 workshop. 18 acres of country bliss! MLS® 1084565 $329,900 pAUl MCAleAR 613-551-6663

BeAUTifUl TURNkeY SiDe BY SiDe DUplex 1A-1B JOHN ST, CRYSleR 30 mins from Ottawa, brick side by side duplex, features 2 identical units w/open concept kitchen/dining/living rooms, 3 bdrms, 1 bath, separate driveways, sheds & laundry rooms! Turn key, with new metal roof (2016), new furnace & HWT in 2011. MLS®1089955 $319,900 DeRek BiSSONNeTTe 613-861-9107

GReAT lOCATiON! 17343 COUNTY RD 44, lONG SAUlT Great location to build your new home. Lot has an existing paved entrance, municipal water, gas, cable and Cornwall Electric all at the curb. Backs onto bush and only a couple minutes outside the City of Cornwall. MLS®1091107 $47,500 pAUl MCAleAR 613-551-6663

AffORDABle TwO BeDROOM fOUR SeASON MOBile 15009 COlONiAl DR. #5, iNGleSiDe Great opportunity - affordable two bdrm four season mobile located in Lakeview Campsite. Recreational lifestyle year round across from the beautiful St. Lawrence Parkway. Close to shopping, doctors & other retail. Great rental opportunity for investors. MLS®1090370 $42,500 pAUl MCAleAR 613-551-6663


22 - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Seaway News -

iMpReSSive 70+7 ACRe pROpeRTY JUST 1 HOUR fROM OTTAwA 14966 SANDTOwN ROAD, SOUTH STORMONT Nature trails, custom barn with private 1 bdrm suite, box stalls, and a loft. Home has 3 bdrms & 2 baths, theatre room, solarium, hot tub, many high-end appliances & finishings. 70 acres of farmable land, 20 acres clear, and separate 7 acre parcel. MLS®1082985/1082991 DeRek BiSSONNeTTe 613-861-9107

lARGe ReNOvATeD CeNTURY HOMe, peRfeCT fOR A lARGe fAMilY 63 CARR ST e, MAxville Century home on 1.24 acres, tons of room for large family. Open concept kitchen / dining room & 2 living rms. 4 bdrms + an office (currently used as a 5th bdrm), 1 bdrm has own separate access, walk in closet & storage room. Many updates. MLS®1089959 $179,900 DeRek BiSSONNeTTe 613-861-9107

peRfeCT fOR GROwiNG fAMilY! 19311 GleN RD, williAMSTOwN Beautiful home sits on approx 2 acres cleared land with 28’x40’ det dbl car garage (2010). 4 bdrm 2 bath split level offers large open concept main floor, heated with natural gas stove. Nice sized eat in kitchen, plenty of counter & cupboard space. MLS®1089962 $249,900 DeRek BiSSONNeTTe 613-861-9107

new price


339 CARleTON ST. Up & down duplex, 2 bdrms per unit, forced air gas, both units have eat-in kitchens. Paved driveway, fenced yard, close to many amenities. Lower unit rents for $650 utilities included and upper unit rents for $620 utilities included. MLS® 1085672 $119,900.

JeN BlAiR MANleY 613-551-4133

new price OwNeR/iNveSTMeNT OppORTUNiTY! 311-311A lOUiSA ST, CORNwAll If you are looking for an owner/investor opportunity, here it is! This 2 storey Semi detached duplex features 2 Bedrooms per unit with fully functional living spaces. Owner side has had several upgrades in 2015-2016 including main floor living room with classic looking crown moulding, kitchen cupboards and bathroom featuring granite counter top. Other features and updates include main floor laundry, rustic looking master bedroom surrounded by knotty pine finishes, recently constructed wood deck, roof shingles, paved driveway, double car garage and ample parking. 2 high efficiency gas Furnaces and A/C unit installed in 2009. Plenty of amenities within walking distance. Don’t miss out! MLS®1057402 $189,900

NOTICE: It is our wish to serve you through the classifieds, however, Seaway News can’t possibly verify the legitimacy of all ads. DO NOT SEND MONEY OR GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER to any company offering employment. Legitimate firms do not charge potential employees for a job. Opportunities to earn money at home by assembling products, etc. should be examined carefully. Check references of these companies. Do not send money or give your credit card number until you are satisfied you are going to get what you bargained for. LET THE BUYER BEWARE. The Publisher will not be responsible for any errors in any advertisement after one insertion. Advertising is accepted on the condition that in the event of a typographical error, that portion of the advertising space occupied by the erroneous item together

JeN BlAiR MANleY 613-551-4133

OpeN HOUSe SUNDAY 2-4:00pM

40 JOHNSON CReSCeNT, lONG SAUlT Great new listing! This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom bungalow also has a large living room, an eat-in kitchen and a partially finished basement. Outside you have a two car detached garage. All this situated in the heart of Long Sault. Well maintained home with lots of updates. Move in and take your time with cosmetic updates to make this gem your own. Call Jo Ann today for a private viewing. This one won’t last long! MLS®1089129 $184,000

JO ANN lANGSTAff 613-577-1873 new price

lAND AND HOMe! CHAleT STYle 4 BeDROOM HOMe ON 30 ACReS 16904 MAlONeY RD, ST ANDRewS weST Mixed bush, pines as far as the eye can see. Enjoy the wildlife and making trails all the way to the banks of the Raisin River. Plenty of room for the whole family with a bonus room above the garage easily converted into a 5th bedroom. Large living room warmed by a propane fireplace. Partially finished basement with workshop for those who like to tinker. Updates include flooring, some windows, upstairs bathroom. Roof shingles, Propane furnace and A/C all 4years old. Features include hot tub, gazebo, double car garage, basement walkout, 2nd floor balcony, and Paved Driveway. Large manicured lawn with an abundance of beautiful perennials. This is your chance to own your own private piece of the country. MLS®1086453 $339,900

JeN BlAiR MANleY 613-551-4133

with reasonable allowance of signature will not be charged for but the balance of the advertisement will be paid for at the applicable rate. In the event of a typographical error advertising or services at the wrong price(s), goods or services need not be sold. Advertising is merely an offer to sell. The offer may be withdrawn at any time. There shall be no liability for non-insertion of an advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The Publisher reserves the right to edit, revise, classify or reject an advertisement. The views of contributing writers are not necessarily the viewpoints of this newspaper or its publishers. Serving: the City of Cornwall; Alexandria; Apple Hill; Avonmore; Bainsville; Berwick; Chesterville; Dunvegan; Finch; Green Valley; Ingleside; Lancaster; Long Sault; Lunenburg;

19076 COUNTY ROAD 43 RD, AlexANDRiA This 3 Bedroom bungalow is surrounded by 30 acres of Hay Fields, pines and a nature trail. 24 X 24 outbuilding can convert into workshop/stable. Home is heated by 2 wood burning fireplaces and electric baseboard. 24 foot salt water pool is 4 years old. Spacious partially finished basement with an extra room easily converted into a 4th bedroom. Roof shingles 2014. A little attention would go a long way to make this property your own. MLS® 1085791 $254,000

JeN BlAiR MANleY 613-551-4133

Martintown; Maxville; Monkland; Moose Creek; Morrisburg; Newington; North Lancaster; South Lancaster; St. Andrew’s West; St. Isidore; Summerstown; Williamsburg; Williamstown; Glendale; Winchester; and Winchester Springs and Cornwall Island. Seaway News/Cornwall Express: 501 Campbell St., Unit 6, Cornwall, ON K6H 6X5 TEL: 613-933-0014 FAX: 613-933-0024 HOURS: Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm CLOSED DAILY FROM 12:00 PM-1:00 PM. Published weekly by Transcontinental and distributed by D&D Distribution.


MOve-iN ReADY!

4 MOSS DRive, lONG SAUlT 3 spacious bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, immaculate hardwood and ceramic flooring. The kitchen features oak cabinetry and custom sandstone countertops. Enjoy a full en-suite bathroom off the master bedroom and walk in closet. The basement is fully finished with a laundry room, bathroom, family room and game room. Inviting covered deck accessed through the master bedroom or the French doors in the kitchen. Large 3 door attached garage and double paved driveway. MLS® 1092384 $374,900

new price



Properties for sale

Properties for sale


Properties for sale


Flats / apartments for rent

2 bedroom, 2nd floor, St-Andrew’s area. Available now, $1,000 all inclusive. 613-933-8845, 343-370-7525

Please join us in welcoming to The Royal LePage Performance Realty Family, our newest Sales Representative,


Jody Blair

CORNWALL: near Second Street on Guy Street, 1 bedroom, parlour and kitchen, 4 pieces bathroom, available March 1st 2018, for mature/ responsible person, 475$/ monthly. Nothing included. 613-933-3380

Born in Cornwall and raised in Avonmore, Jody has an extensive knowledge of the area. Jody is committed to ensuring that her clients receive quality service. Having joined the #Dreamteam with her twin sister Jen Blair Manley, Jody is excited to make connections with people and help them find the perfect place to call home. Jody Blair, Sales Representative


Flats / apartments for rent


Tel: 613-933-2227 ext. 223 Flats / apartments for rent


SENIOR lady downsizing home items. Cornwall. 613-938-6149


Miscellaneous services

LÉGER’S Tr e a s e r s 613-937-0166. We buy household, garage, storage items and contents.

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Flats / apartments for rent

“Let us find you a place at no charge!”



–––––– BACHELOR / ONE BEDROOM –––––––– 3211 CADEB, Exec. style lower 1bdrm, f/s $1000 InCL –––––––––––––– TWO BEDROOM ––––––––––––– 59-B LEfEBVrE, upst 2 bdrm, appl $625 +ELEC, gAs hEAt InCL 11-C ChrIstY, upst 2bdrm $1000+(gas/elect) 335-A st fELIX, upst 2bdrm, no appl $800 InCL 326-A Augustus st. condo style main 2bdrm, 1100+(gas/elect) 10 LEnnOX LAnE, upst 2 bdrm, $650 InCL. MAY

––––– LONG SAULT / INGLESIDE UNITS ––––– 74 st LAWrEnCE #2, upst 2bdrm, $650+(elect) 60 DICkInsOn Dr.#5, upst 2 bdrm, $700+elect 74 st LAWrEnCE #5, upst 1 bdrm $550+(elect) MArCh


–––––– 3 BEDROOMS / HOUSES / SEMI ––––– 427 sIXth st E, 2 bdrm 1½ story house, $850+(FAE/elect) 229 thIrD st E, New const – 3bdrm semi $1400+(gas/elect) 3325 LEgEr, main 3bdr, no appl., $995+(gAs/ELECt) hWY 2 suMMErstOWn, 2 bdrm bung waterfront, $1200+ elect 230 thIrD E, 3+ bdrm townhouse, no appl $1100+(elect) 18 PInE st, 1 ½ storey 2bdrm house, $850+(gas/elect) 424 fOurth st E, 1 ½ storey 2bdrm semi, $750+elect MArCh 766 MArLBOrOugh, upst 3 bdrm, $975 InCL APrIL 903 guY st, 2 bdrm house/carport, 1100.00+elect 6682 LAWrEnCE, gLEn WALtEr, 2 bdrm th no appl $1150+ (gas/elec) APrIL –– 245 YATES AvE & 440 CUMBERLAND AvE –– “CuMBErLAnD gArDEns” 2 BDrM unIts, $735-$775.00 InCL 3-4 BDrM tOWnhOusEs $1100-$1300 InCL CALL fOr AVAILABILItY ––––––––––––––– COMMERCIAL ––––––––––––– 133 sYDnEY st, $700 + gAs/ELECt (WAtEr InC) Visit our website:


Miscellaneous for sale


Outstanding antique & COlleCtibles auCtiOn Saturday, February 24 at 9:30 am Doors Open at 8:00 am

To be held at our facility 15093 Cty. Rd. 18, East of Osnabruck Centre

From Hwy 401 take Ingleside Exit #770 Dickinson Dr., travel north approx. 1-1/2 kms to Osnabruck Centre, turn east onto Cty Rd 18, travel 1-2 km. Watch for signs!

We are proud to have been consigned to offer for auction, the outstanding private collection of murray and the late Hazel detweiler of Oxford mills, ON.

Featured in this, Part Two of this Fabulous Auction, will be a great assortment of Canadian Furniture including five cupboards, a marvelous array of various boxes, a large quantity of rare pottery including Port Neuf, and Redware as well as a spectacular assortment of smalls and collectables. Please visit our website for a complete listing and photos. This is an auction you absolutely do not want to miss for this is an extremely interesting display of early Canadian antiques that the Detweiler’s spent the better part of 5 decades amassing. Owner & Auctioneer Not Responsible for Loss or Accident Terms: Cash or Good Cheque with Acceptable ID Only No Interact or credit card payments, NO BUYERS PREMIUM APPLIED!! Note: we are presently booking spring on site Farm and Estate Auctions as well as accepting quality consignments for our remaining indoor auctions during the winter as well as machinery and equipment for our Annual Spring Consignment sale. The most successful spring auction is planned and prepared for in the winter. Call now to be assured your desired date. Thanks in advance to our valued customers. Looking forward to serving you more in 2018. Auction Conducted by: 7458518

Peter Ross Auction Services Ltd. Ingleside, On. Tel: 613-537-8862 WWW.PETERROSSAUCTION.CA


Reduced Commission Program

Savings are Substantial & Simple

Homeowners will never pay more than 3-¾%+HST commission which includes Full MLS Listing Service, weekly local newspaper advertising until sold, a unique virtual tour, internet promotion and even an open house program when needed. Savings may not stop here. When our company sells your home directly to a buyer without another real estate brokerage involved in the sale, we will further reduce our commission to only 2%+HST. “Not intended to solicit properties already listed for sale!”

OPEN HOUSE SUNday, FEB. 18th • 1-3 Pm

1124 QUEEN ST., CORNWaLL Move-in condition. 1045 sq.ft., 3br, 2 bath split level home situated on beautifully landscaped corner lot. Many updates.

MLS 1086441 $209,900 613-933-3283

The Township of South Glengarry is currently seeking a Program Coordinator. Reporting directly to the Recreation Coordinator, the Program Coordinator will be responsible for the designing, development, implementation, promotion and evaluation of recreational programs and activities. The ideal candidate must have a highly positive and professional demeanor and be self-starting, problem solving and a customer service oriented individual with strong attention to detail. This is a permanent part-time unionized position based on no less than 21 hours per week with a compensation rate of $22.70/hr including benefits. A complete job description is available on request. Qualified and interested applicants should submit their cover letter and resume to Cyndi DeVries, Human Resources Advisor no later than 4:00pm, Monday, February 19, 2018 via e-mail to Please indicate Program Coordinator in the subject line. 7457544

To deliver the AD-BAG in your area. * Delivery areas available * Extra income * WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY delivery * Responsible and disciplined * Good physical condition


CARRIERS For All Areas Including Rural Drivers 4 Carriers - City & Rural 4 Inside Inserters - Work inside warehouse - Get paid by the piece 4 Walkers - Work with manager on selected routes delivering by the house

Please contact Doug Delage at

613-930-2025 - Seaway News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 23

11 MEnArD, main 2 bdrm no appl $550+(gas/elect) MAY 59A LEfEBVrE, main 2 bdrm, no appl $625+(gas/elec) 156-A DAnIs, upst 2bdrm+ $760+elec 3331 #1 POIrIEr, main 2 bedroom, $900+elec APrIL 1153 WALtOn, upst 2 bdrm no appl, $700 InCL APrIL


Unsure of where to go for advice as possibly the sales representative or real estate brokerage that sold you your home is no longer active or in the real estate business? Give us a call to discuss the sale of your property with no obligation.

Program Coordinator

Top Prices Paid For Gold, Fine China, TVs, VCRs, CDs, Movies, Antiques, Small Furniture We Pawn, Buy, Sell & Trade 224 Pitt Street 613-933-2333 395



FREE metal scrap removal. Appliances, electronics, batteries, etc. 613-870-3450, 613-362-9975


Now Serving Alexandria, Morrisburg & Moose Creek 1 & 2 & 3 bedroom units available for rent Visit our website


OLD COINS: sales/ appraisals Leduc’s Shopping Plaza. Thursdays/ Saturdays. 613-330-6571



Flats / apartments for rent

Miscellaneous for sale




Flats / apartments for rent



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SaleS & SeRvice 613-933-7510 ~ Open to Public ~



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D.R. fencing

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SpriNg iNStallatioN


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New Homes – Under Construction – For Sale

Menard Bros & associates Ltd

• Custom Home Specialist • Build on your lot or on one of ours • Complimentary Design Services • From Design to Construction • Multiple locations available • Build Beyond Code!

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24 - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Seaway News -


W.E.T.T. INSPECTIONS Pamela Latreille

Residential • Janitorial Bonded & Insured




613-935-9444 613-551-6414

Specializing in Ornamental, Chainlink, Wood & Vinyl

Andrew Lavigne Sales 5654 Cty Rd. 27 Williamstown, On K0C1J0 613.936.7790



Get details at 1100 Marleau Ave. Cornwall


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• Home, Office & Apartment General/Heavy Cleaning & Windows • Construction, Fire & Flood Cleaning SHArOn FOrtier, Owner/Operator


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Over 125 years of newspaper experience Seaway News staff CORNWALL, Ontario - This past week Colleen Parette and Kim Poirier-Froats each received ‘The Silver Quill’ from News Media Canada (formerly the Canadian Community Newspaper Association) in recognition of ‘25 Years of Distinguished Service to The News Media Industry.’ They join Jennifer Mayer and Rick Shaver, who are already recipients of ‘The Silver Quill.’ These four TC Media employees have over 125 years of service in the newspaper industry. Shaver started in the industry in 1978 in the sales department of a daily. In 1985 he was one of the co-owners and founders of Seaway News, which turns 33 years old this year. Jennifer Mayer started with Seaway News in the production department in 1987 (31 years of service this year) and is now a Sales Coordinator with the sales department.

Colleen Parette started with Seaway News in 1989 as a part-time college student doing her placement and was hired full time in 1990 (28 years of service). She became Production Manager in 2005. Kim Poirier-Froats (26 years) also works in the Production Department. Kim started her career at another newspaper and has been with us since 2004. When people ask how we’ve managed over the past years, the answer is simple says Shaver, “it’s because of dedicated and valued staff like these three employees.” Seaway News has recently said good bye to two key employees. Diane Lafrance retired after 21 years of service and after 15 years, Matthew McConnell has started a new career. Shaver adds, “I’ve been very lucky to have great staff and making the presentations to them in my capacity as Vice President of Ontario Newspaper Association was a honour. Good staff makes for a good product.”

Pictured from left-to-right: Seaway News General Manager Rick Shaver, Graphic Designer Kim Poirier-Froats, Production Manager Colleen Benton-Parette and Sales Coordinator Jennifer Mayer (Nick Seebruch/ TC Media).

Healthy snacks go down smooth at Immaculate Conception Nick Seebruch

CORNWALL, Ontario - The kindergarten class at Immaculate Conception enjoyed some healthy and tasty fruit smoothies on Tuesday, Feb. 6. The smoothies were prepared by Jill Stewart Regional Coordinator for Healthy Eating for Better Learning. Stewart explained how important it was to provide healthy food for kids at school. “The eating habits you develop at a young age you carry with you,” she said. She went on to say that at a young age, it is important to have an extra boost of energy during

the day that comes from healthy food and said that she sees improvement in concentration and learning from healthy, well fed students. The smoothies were possible thanks to the Toonies for Tummies program. The Toonies for Tummies program is a nationwide program run at some grocery stores that encourages shoppers to donate $2 with their purchase. The funds are then donated to schools within the community to help feed kids healthy snacks. In Cornwall, Food Basics will be the store running the Toonies for Tummies fundraiser from Feb. 8 to 22. All funds donated to the program will stay within the community.

Kylie Pigeon enjoys one of the smoothies that was prepared for her kindergarten class on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018 (Nick Seebruch/ TC Media).

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Mathew Celebrating on February 16th

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Love from the West! Kelly & Darrell Teeple, Grandchildren Kailey & Kris Myers, Kyndra & Jesse Gauthier, Great Grandchildren Olivia & Emmett.

7458038 - Seaway News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 25

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Last Monday’s council meeting was the first one with the new official lyrics to the Canadian National Anthem. This is the version that lic. 702826 includes the line: In all of us command. Whether $380 dbl occ Turning STone reSorT CaSino Mar. 13-15 intentional or not, some councillors had a hard $555 sgl occ 2 nights accommodation, 3 x $20 meal credit, $40-$40-$25 Casino free play, Shopping at Destiny Mall taxes & transportation incl. time adding the change to their tune. Not that CaBane a SuCre Sugaring off ParTy Mar. 20 $65 taxes & council is always the most eloquent when singAll you can eat Cabane a Sucre meal/dancing, Horse drawn buggy ride & mini petting zoo - $ extra transportation incl. ing our anthem anyway. I wish they would all Call Danielle 1-866-950-3555 agree to sing one version. Maybe the bilingual Escorted out of Cornwall by Bev Roy 613-360-4248 one, or alternate from meeting to meeting on which version they all sing. First though, I guess The OPP is warning that there is a new scam its more important for them to agree on the going around. This one is over the phone. The budget than to agree on which language they scammer calls claiming to be a retailer and they sing the national anthem. warn that your card has been compromised. They tell you to hang up and call your financial institution to cancel the card, but when you put the phone down, the call doesn’t disconnect, so when you try to call your bank, instead, you are still on the line with the scammers. Be careful Sharon Fortier with your financial information and never give owner/operator it out over the phone. Shar’s Private Cleaning Services

Drains - Preventing Clogs

Congratulations to The Bar Flies senior men’s A reader asks with all the snowdays we’ve been having, are we getting a reduction on our team. With the score of 6-0 The Bar Flies took the property taxes to cover child care? victory against the North Lancaster Bombers at the dome last Thursday. A reader would like to rebut the letter to the editor that appeared in last week’s Seaway The Warriors senior boy’s basketball team News regarding plows. They say that while the won against the Seaway Spartans on Monday, plows work long hours, they do get paid well in with the score of 99-25. Lori McDonald’s team overtime and that they knew city plow workers was led by Jordan Canham, who sunk 29 points, who would pray for snow storms. They also while his teammate Josh Ricketts had 19. want readers to think about seniors who have to pay to have their driveways plowed twice, once Congratulations to the ladies of the Catholic for the snow and once again after the plow goes Women’s League. Three Catholic Women’s by. League Chapters came together for the first Four high school girls hockey teams are tied time to organize one fundraiser for the Centre for second place with a score of 7 points through for Addiction and Mental Health. The chocolate three tournaments of the SDGAA league play. fundraiser was a delicious time at St. Francis de Among them are the Tagwi Warriors and Holy Sales church on Saturday night. the CWL chapTrinity Falcons. With St. Joesph’s locked in to ters were represented by their presidents, Francis O’Daire of the St. Columban’s Church seed, they have perfect in all five games. CWL, Linda Rines of the St. Peter’s CWL and Lucy Desrosiers of the St. Francis de Sales CWL. They and their fellow CWL members put on a great evening in support of an even better cause.

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26 - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - Seaway News -

For her eleventh birthday Caydence held a fundraiser and raised $586.25 for the Cornwall and District MS Society. She is pictured here presenting a cheque to Karen Torrie-Racine of the Cornwall and District MS Society (Nick Seebruch/ TC Media).

February is Black History Month and at the first Council meeting in February, Councillor Claude McIntosh reminded everyone that an important part of Black History happened right here in Cornwall. Bob Turner came to Cornwall and became the first Black head of a municipal Recreation Department in Canada, and despite discrimination he stayed. After his untimely death in 1961, he was memorialized with the Bob Turner Memorial Arena, which was torn down a few years back. Councillor McIntosh pointed out that we as a city have yet to rectify this. Bob Turner’s name does not appear on any building, park or street sign in the city. Like Councillor McIntosh, I hope this is rectified soon.

Council was briefed on Monday about lameduck rules. Council becomes a “lame-duck” after nominations close on July 27 and if three-quarters of the current council is not running again. At Monday’s council meeting Councillor Bernadette Clement joked that the City better have its 2018 budget settled by then. A lot of members around council had a good chuckle at that one. Seeing as council only passed the final vote on the budget in May last year, five months into the year, Councillor Clement’s prediction might not be that far off. We got another good dump of wintery weather on the weekend. Snow and freezing rain! Now the Weather Network is telling us that we are going to be in the positive temperatures for much of the rest of the month. Well, all I can say is bye-bye snow and good riddance to the winter. Sorry Gabe, not all of us feel a rush of joy when we see the white stuff start to fall. The Chamber awards are coming up really soon. Who do you think will win Citizen of the Year? Who do you think should win? Tell our Editor about some outstanding citizens by sending him a Letter to the Editor. Email our Editor at

Shar’s Tip of the Week Don’t pour grease down the kitchen sink - this is the biggest cause of clogged drains. When draining your sinks after washing dishes or anything with particals, always leave the drain catcher in the sink partly open to catch the dirt before it goes down the drain as you empty the sink. Always flush your drain for several minutes by running hot water through them after every use. Once per month, put two table spoons of baking soda in the drain opening and pour a cup of vinegar down the drain. This will help to keep your drains clear and smelling fresh. Flush with hot water after it sits for about 5 minutes.


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A VAlentine’s DAy DreAm

Yesterday morning, my wife woke up with a start. When I asked her what the matter was, she said, “I just had a dream you gave me a diamond ring and diamond earrings for Valentine’s day. What do you think it means?” I winked and said, “You’ll know tonight.” In the evening, I came home with a small package and gave it to my wife. She was delighted and opened it excitedly. In it was a book called “The meaning of dreams”.

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Father and son both recognized for their military service. The father, P. Alexandre Dionne served in the Canadian Armed forces and was stationed in Quebec for a part of his career, but also served in Cyprus and Egypt. Dionne was a recepient of the Canadian Service Medal in 1967. The medal was issued in commemoration of the 100th anniverary of Canadian Confederation and was presented to 30, 000 individuals. His son, Michel, also served and was employed by CSIS. In 1992 he was a recepient of the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation Medal which was presented to 42, 000 Canadians. Cornwall natives, these are two local boys who were both recognized for being prominent members of their community.

Over the winter, your car’s air filter can get clogged with salt and other thick debris. A clogged air filter can really lower your fuel efficiency. Replacing a dirty or clogged air filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent. But how do you know when to change your air filter? The recommended interval is every 19,312 kilometers, but that can be affected by the particular road and air conditions in which you drive. If you do a lot of driving on dirt or gravel roads, then your air filter is going to clog up much faster than an air filter in a vehicle that’s used strictly for highway driving. The only real way to know if you need to replace your air filter is take it out and give it a quick inspection. Interestingly, a slightly dirty air filter works better than a totally clean one. This is because the debris

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2205 Vincent Massey Drive 613-938-0934 - Seaway News - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 27

Congrautlations to Jenn Harvey for her Linda Morrow, the chief executive officer of second consecutive win at the Cornwall Ladies Glengarry Memorial Hospital in Alexandria, has Invitational Bonspiel this past Saturday. recently announced that she will be retiring at the end of June. Linda was a hard worker who Reader wonders if, listeners to Michael Terry had been an employer at Glengarry Memorial (Big M)’s oldies show Sundays on CKON enjoy as Hospital for 37 years. much as she does his weekly sign off. Its a great end to ones week. “Take care of yourself, JUST CORRECTION: The Jan. 24 edition of for the one that loves YOU” Cornwall Seaway News stated “Good work to Mary Lalonde and the whole Councillor Denis Carr said at the Monday organizing committee for Women’s Day in Alexandria. They raised $150,000 for meeting of council that he was eager to see a the Glengarry Memorial Hospital in five replacement for the Public Information years.” It should have stated: “Ms Manon Coordinator position now that Kevin Lajoie has Lalonde says On March 25, 2018 will be gone to lead Tourism. One reason he gave was the 10th Anniversary of Alexandria that he felt a Public Information Coordinator Woman day and so far have raised would be able to tell citizens of Cornwall what approximatly $150,000 to buy equipment really goes on around the council table. He for the comfort of the patients at added that he knew that local media was Glengarry Mémorial Hospital. already doing that.

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Cornwall Seaway News February 14, 2018 Edition  

Cornwall, Ontario - community newspaper serving over 39,000 homes every week.

Cornwall Seaway News February 14, 2018 Edition  

Cornwall, Ontario - community newspaper serving over 39,000 homes every week.