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Homicide in St. Regis Provided by AMPS ST. REGIS (Kana:takon) – The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service (AMPS) is currently investigating a homicide that occurred on Sunday, Aug. 11 in the district of Kana:takon (St. Regis). The investigation ensued in the early morning when police and paramedic’s responded to a residence where a male victim was found with an unknown injury. The victim was identified as Jeffrey Allen Lazore-Arquette, 58, of Akwesasne. Akwesasne Mohawk Ambulance transported

the victim to CCH, at which point he was airlifted to Ottawa. The victim later succumbed to his injuries at the Ottawa Hospital. AMPS and the Surete du Quebec Identification Unit are currently securing the scene of the investigation. Investigators are encouraging anyone with information potentially relevant to the ongoing investigation to contact the AMPS or the local Crime Stoppers at 613-575-2255. Follow for updates on this story as it develops.

Council votes to increase pay Nick Seebruch

Geoffrey Legault holding one of the fish he caught in a photo provided by Mark Beehler. See page 10 for story.

Spayed cats PG. 5

Four accidents on McConnell in one week PG. 6

Dragons on the canal PG. 10


Fishing fun

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall City Council voted in favour of a pay increase for councillors. Council passed the motion that would give them a pay increase of $1,700 this year and $1,300 in 2020. These increases, along with the annual cost of living adjustment of two per cent that councillors receive annually will bring their salary to $22,000 by 2022, the end of term for the current council.

The first number of $1,700 makes up for the cancellation of the federal tax exemption program for municipal elected officials that was ended in 2018. A report from City administration shows that a Cornwall City Council have the tenth lowest pay as compared to 12 other municipalities. On the other hand, Cornwall has the fourth largest municipality out of those comparator cities and the second largest budget. See page 3 for rest of story.


History on display at 208th Williamstown Fair John MacGillis

2 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

- Seaway News -

“This year we’re happy to have the return of the midway, more cattle in the 4-H, and more kids activities going on all weekend,” said Roy Perkins, a Director of the Williamstown Fair. “We like to keep to the traditions of the fair, but it is always important to be growing and improving to keep people coming back.” Activities throughout the weekend include performances from local musicians, tug-of-war, horse shows, and a variety of other events. A free corn roast will also be taking place on Saturday evening. The history of the fair will also be a focal point of the weekend, as Bev Runions, the fair’s former Secretary Treasurer, launches her book. “It has taken me a while to compile all of this information and what has happened at the fair throughout the years, but now I’m really excited to share what I have been working on with everyone,” said Runions. One of the fair’s biggest highlights is how it brings neighbours together, according to Perkins. “Lots of people much rather giving up their time and pulling together at a volunteer level instead of a meeting level,” said Perkins. “If you need something done in Williamstown, you’ll have a long line of people ready to help.”


CRTF seize 12 bags of tobacco, dozens of cigarettes


Council votes to increase pay CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall City Council voted in favour of a pay increase for councillors. Council passed the motion that would give them a pay increase of $1,700 this year and $1,300 in 2020. These increases, along with the annual cost of living adjustment of two per cent that councillors receive annually will bring their salary to $22,000 by 2022, the end of term for the current council. The first number of $1,700 makes up for the cancellation of the federal tax exemption program for municipal elected officials that was ended in 2018. A report from City administration shows that a Cornwall City Council have the tenth lowest pay as compared to 12 other municipalities. On the other hand, Cornwall has the fourth largest municipality out of those comparator cities and the second largest budget. Currently, a Cornwall City Councillor makes $16,249.22. One comparator city was Belleville, where a councillor makes $34,000 a year, a councillor in South Glengarry makes $18,495.49. Councillor Elaine MacDonald who put forward the motion said that her aim was to bring Cornwall Council compensation up to the provincial average. “We are not figure heads, we are real workers,” she said. “To work as much as we do and

to be paid what we are devalues the position. Right now, the only people who can really work for the wages we get, are some really brave younger people, but mostly retirees on pensions.” The administration report cited the low pay and high number of hours expected from councillors as a possible detriment to people thinking of running for office. “If you want a young person to run and replace this geezer, you better pay them for the work that we do,” said Councillor Syd Gardiner. Councillor Carilyne Hebért outlined some of the work expected of a City Councillor. “We’re expected to be experts on everything that comes across this table and we are gladly, expected to be available 24/7,” she said. “We are held to a pretty high standard by our constituents, as we should be, often for less than minimum wage.” “None of us jumped into this because of the wage, we do this because we love what we do,” she went onto say. “This is really structured for retired folks, folks with time on their hands.” Councillor Maurice Dupelle was one councillor who voted against the increase. Councillor Todd Bennett, who also voted against the increase, said he did not oppose an increase to council pay, but felt that they should make the decision for future councils and not for themselves. “I think it is very very important that we

Nick Seebruch

don’t compare this to my own job that I work 40 hours a week at,” he said. “I think as an individual if the compensation is not fair that I would decide not to run again for council.” Mayor Bernadette Clement, who’s salary was not up for debate pointed out how in the month of June alone, councillors attended two council meetings, committee meetings, a team building meeting, a strategic planning meeting and special meetings. “That’s just June. You all earned your pay, or quite frankly underpay for the work you put in,” she said. Clement did say that she wanted to review the number of councillors that Cornwall has, stating her belief that there were too many. Ultimately, councillors Claude McIntosh, Elaine MacDonald, Syd Gardiner, Dean Hollingsworth, Carilyne Hebért, Glenn Grant, Eric Bergeron and Mayor Bernadette Clement all voted in favour of the pay increase with councillors Maurice Dupelle, and Todd Bennett voting against. Councillor Justin Towndale abstained from the vote.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Cornwall Regional Task Force (CRTF) have announced that they seized a large quantity of tobacco during a border integrity operation they conducted along the St. Lawrence River in Cornwall. The CRTF states that it’s officers spotted individuals loading packages into a 2004 Pontiac Montana parked at the edge of the river. “The police intercepted the van as it was departing the area and had to utilise the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) canine unit to locate 2 of the suspects; one of which had jumped into the river canal to escape custody,” reads the statement from the CRTF. “Thank you to the Cornwall Fire Department for their assistance in performing the rescue of one suspect who received medical attention for minor injuries.” The CRTF arrested 18-year-old Zachary Plumadore and 20-year-old Jordan Johnson for violations of the Excise Act for possession of unstamped tobacco. They are scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 22. Police seized 12 bags of unstamped fine cut tobacco weighing 209.70kg, 60 cartons of cigars 36 bags of cigarettes as well as the van. The CRTF is a joint forces partnership that includes the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ontario Provincial Police, Canada Border Services Agency, and the Ontario Ministry of Finance. - Seaway News - Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 3


Nick Seebruch


Cornwall Aeromodellers host Fun Fly John MacGillis

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Cornwall Aeromodellers took to the sky near Cornwall Centre Rd. for their Fun Fly event, to encourage people to come out and see for themselves the fun that flying model airplanes can bring. “Today wasn’t the greatest day to have this event, but usually people will come from all over to fly with us and enjoy an afternoon here,” said Jeff Mitchell, President of the Cornwall Aeromodellers, regarding the windy conditions which were not ideal for flying in. The afternoon had music, model planes flying and spectators. Cornwall Aeromodellers

Landing a plane can be tricky to get the hang of for beginners according to Mitchell (John MacGillis/ Seaway News).

build and fly model airplanes of all different sizes and speeds. “You can see some entry level airplanes made of foam, to some costing thousands of dollars,” said Mitchell. Cornwall Aeromodellers have around 45 members and fly their model planes four seasons a year, which involves equal parts building and flying their models, according to Mitchell. “We spend a lot of time working on our models and practicing flying them, and we are always interested in people joining us and learning to fly,” said Mitchell.

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Ninth St.

4 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

- Seaway News -



Sydney St.

Pitt St.






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City recommends all cats be spayed or neutered, kept indoors Nick Seebruch

CORNWALL, Ontario – At their meeting on Monday, Aug. 12, Council received a report from City of Cornwall administration that recommended that all cats be spayed or neutered (desexed) and that all owned cats be kept indoors. The recommendations made to Council in the report will form the basis of a by-law that will be presented to Council later in the year. The main recommendations focus around ensuring that all owned cats are de-sexed within five years and that feral, or community cats are trapped, de-sexed and released. “What’s key is having the cats de-sexed,” said Chris Rogers, the City’s top by-law official. “Whether it is feral cats or community cats or household cats because that is the ultimate population control measure.” To help facilitate and encourage that the bylaw is enforced, administration recommends that the City sets aside $40,000 annually to subsidize the de-sexing of owned and community cats. Of that budget, $15,000 will be dedicated to subsidize the de-sexing of owned cats and will be made available to cat owners based on an income test. Under these recommendations, all owned cats must be de-sexed within five years. The City will also dedicate a little over $10,000 to encourage residents to bring in unowned cats in their community to be de-sexed. Community organizations that are dedicated to the welfare of animals and rescue of cats will be given vouchers to help them with the cost of de-sexing cats that come into their care. There will be 65 vouchers for which the City will set aside nearly $10,000. Finally, roughly $5,000 will be given to the OSPCA to help with the cost of bringing in their mobile cat clinic to Cornwall.

Nativity co-Cathedral Church (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

Classiqu’ Arts fresh take on classic music coming to Cornwall Nick Seebruch

In October 2018, the OSPCA cat clinic came to Cornwall after over 400 requests were made to the OSPCA, on that single day, the OSPCA performed 40 de-sexing procedures. The other main component of administrations recommendations is the requirement that cats be kept indoors. Rogers said that 30 per cent of the cats that are brought in to the OSPCA are community cats, but that the rest are owned. He said that he felt that often, owned cats were let out, and would procreate. “It is important to stem that supply, by requiring all cats to be left in doors,” he said. Council had a few questions about the implementation of a future by-law, but overall seemed satisfied with the report. “Its not a purrfect by-law, but its a start,” said Councillor Claude McIntosh (the pun was intended). Members of the public packed the council room to hear the details of the report. Mary Jane Proulx, a long time advocate for a trap, neuter and release focused by-law also seemed satisfied with the report. “It is a start,” she said.”We have to start somewhere and over the years we will iron out the problems.”

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La première journée de classe aura lieu le 27 août 2019 pour toutes les écoles catholiques de langue française du CSDCEO. Nous acceptons les inscriptions en tout temps.




Photo PassePort

on se voit à la rentrée! - Seaway News - Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 5

PassPort Photo



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CORNWALL, Ontario – The Classiqu’ Arts group are preparing for another set of summer performances, and this time, they will be bringing their show to Cornwall. In 2018, Classiqu’ Arts performed two classic music concerts in the ruins of St. Raphael’s Church in South Glengarry. This year, they will still be holding one show in the ruins on the afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 18, but will also be holding a show the day before at the Nativity co-Cathedral church on Montreal Rd. in Cornwall. This year’s concert will have a dynamic and blended feel according to vocalist Danielle Vaillancourt. “This year, we’ve been seeing a blur in the borderlines of music,” she said. “So our theme this year is: Without Borders.”

Artists include the group Kleztory, a klezmer music group from Montreal. Klezmer is from the Jewish musical tradition and Vaillancourt describes it as having a Bohemian sound. Other artists include Barabara Croall, an indigenous musician from the Odawa First Nation who play’s the pipigwan, an Anishinaabe cedar flute. Veronika Cherniak and Thérèse Motard of Cornwall, and Olivia Haramis of South Glengarry will be playing the violin, cello and singing soprano respectively. The show on Saturday, Aug. 17 at Nativity co-Cathedral church will begin with a pre-concert at 6:30 p.m. with the show itself starting at 8 p.m. On Sunday, doors at St. Raphael’s Ruins will open at 1 p.m. with the show beginning at 2 p.m. The main show has a run time of approximately 75 minutes. For more information, or to buy tickets, please see the Classiqu’ Arts website.


Four accidents on McConnell Ave. in one week Nick Seebruch

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall Police Service (CPS) has confirmed that four accidents have occurred on McConnell Ave. in a one week span. Three of the accidents occurred in a two block radius between Eleventh and Ninth

streets. The first accident took place at the Eleventh St. and McConnell Ave. intersection on Tuesday, Aug. 6 involving two vehicles. The next took place the next day on Aug. 7 at the McConnell Ave. and Ninth St. intersection, that accident involved one vehicle and a police vehicle. As a result of that accident, one police officer was

Show a little love to your feet!

transported to hospital with minor injuries. The next took place near the McConnell Ave. and Fifth St. intersection, again involving two vehicles. The most recent accident at time of writing took place on Friday, Aug. 9 at the intersection of McConnell Ave. and Tenth St. That accident involved two vehicles and one person was transported to hospital with minor injuries. “McConnell Avenue is a heavily-travelled roadway in the City of Cornwall,” stated CPS Communications Officer Stephanie MacRae. “The CPS would like to remind motorists that

road safety is a shared responsibility. We are urging motorists to drive safely, responsibly and free from distractions at all times and to pay attention to other roadway users including motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Additionally, we want to remind motorists to slow down and abide by the traffic control signs and lights put in place.” On July 21 another accident had taken place at the Eleventh St. and McConnell intersection involving multiple vehicles.

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6 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

- Seaway News -


If burgers are your thing then you’re in for a treat. Taste Tour Burger Edition is back, kicking off on Wednesday, August 21st. Just like the last Taste Tour, Burger Edition will last 10 days to give you plenty of time to try as many as you can. What is Taste Tour Burger Edition? It’s a celebration of burgers. A slab of protein slapped between two buns with an assortment of fixins’ to satisfy your tastebuds! Join us from Wednesday, August 21st until Saturday, August 31st. Eat, enjoy and vote for your favourite! This years participants are: Truffles Burger Bar, Eight Zero Zero, Lancaster Stay connected with us on Facebook and Pizzeria, Seguin Patate, Jet Set Pub & Chef In a Instagram @TasteTheSeaway Bun. Share your experience with us as well with Who will you claim is the BEST? Stay tuned to #TasteTour find out what unique creation this years participants will cook up! Stay hungry!


Dance the Day away in support of SASS SHAWNA O’NEILL

CORNWALL, Ontario – For the first time ever, Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) for women of SDG&A is hoping to entice locals to Riverdale Park on Saturday, Aug. 24 where they can watch and learn different styles of dance and movement. The free, public event will feature professional dancers of Ottawa and Cornwall from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with some performing a routine and others teaching a brief class. Donations are welcome during the event as funds continue to benefit various SASS initiatives, like bi-monthly support groups where refreshments are provided and weekly healing art group sessions where supplies are needed. “Typically, at this time of year, we have several events going on,” said Organizer Amanda Marini-Rohde, referring to activities and fundraisers like SASS’s Chalk Walk, held on Thursday, Aug. 15. Marini-Rohde, who has a passion for dance and will be performing during the event, feels that the art form is a unique way in which

humans can communicate and understand each other. “I find dance itself is a way of communicating without speaking, and all too often it is sexualized (in media),” said Marini-Rohde. “It’s important not to sexualize (dance)…it’s an empowering act in itself, left for interpretation, and it’s a beautiful thing for people to come together and dance together, and be empowered through moving their bodies.” Various styles of dance will be showcased during the event, including traditional styles, folk and variations of contemporary, all drawing from different influences around the world. Apart from Marini-Rohde, notable dancers will include the following: Mizuki Hoshino, a dance artist from Tokyo, Japan who attended The School of Contemporary Dance Program from 2002-2004. She has appeared in and choreographed pieces in the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, among many productions. Mary Catherine Jack, an independant dance artist, is passionate about movement as a pilates and dance instructor, hoping for her students and clients to achieve wellness that will

Dancers will meet in Riverdale Park on Aug. 24. Seaway News photo. last a lifetime. Mélanie Bennett, a dance theatre artist, translator, policy analyst, and previously as a teacher, has studied and danced in France, Japan, Cameroon, Morocco and India upon leaving Turtle Island. Mélanie’s dance theatre works and research are influenced by voices of

Indigenous, francophone, racialised, disabled, queer women and persons. Jaz Mystic Priestess, a spiritual coach and teacher, is certified in crystal healing, reiki, tarot reading and soul realignment. Jaz helps others shift from a ‘stuck’ flow, empowering others in their path to inner peace.

Great River Network requests smoke-free waterfront cigarette butts in the stomachs of fish, according to the letter. Similar concerns are held by Councillor Elaine MacDonald, who described cigarette filters as “impossible to recycle”, citing the difficulties in managing their waste. “I think this issue is really worth raising even if it doesn’t pass, because it is a crucial step in educating the public on how bad these things really are for the environment,”

JOHN MACGILLIS CORNWALL, ON – A request to make the Waterfront Trail a smoke-free zone from Power Dam Dr. to Gray’s Creek, was sent to Cornwall City Council by the Great River Network. The path that is home to walkers, cyclists, and runners is currently littered with discarded cigarette butts and requires intervention to keep the watershed clean, according to the Great River Network’s letter to Cornwall City Council. “Network members are very concerned that almost 30% of Cornwall’s population smokes,” said Patricia O’Hara, the Great River Network’s Chair in their letter. “This results in an excessive amount of cigarette butt waste.” One of the groups concerns with cigarette butts is the damage that it causes to fish population with local fisherman finding

said MacDonald. “Even having more receptacles to discard butts would likely greatly reduce the number of butts.” Great River Network has requested in past years to make Lamoureux Park smoke-free as well, according to their letter. The letter was sent in advance of the council meeting on Monday, Aug. 12.

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South Glengarry Council hears 5G concerns LANCASTER, Ontario – The Township of South Glengarry Council heard concerns around implementing 5G wireless internet in municipality in a presentation from Kathleen Szirtes at their meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 6. A social worker working in counselling offices in Ottawa and Cornwall, Szirtes hopes to open a practice in Lancaster, but is concerned about plans to improve rural internet through the implementation of 5G networks and wireless internet towers.

facebook COMMENTS

Sarah Beaudette Ask the statisticians that say there is little evidence that these are harmful if they would like one of these towers of doom in their backyard, a la Erin Brockovich with the glass of water Jamie Gibeau Lol you get more radiation from your cellphone to your ear. If you use a microwave alot you get way more radiation from that then you do a cellphone.  Bunch of babies

“We understand that exposure of cell technology increases the risk of childhood cancer and cancer in adults,” stated Szirtes at the meeting. Szirtes claimed that cell phones, which emit non-ionizing radiation, and cell phone towers reduce fertility, decrease productivity and harm livestock and farm crops. According to Health Canada however, there is currently limited evidence of a connection between cell phone usage and cancer. Kylie T I welcome the tower in Lancaster as that currently my cell barely works depending on where I am at my grandma’s campsite Jordan Patrick Everyone laughs but dont understand the down fall of having on close to you and your home. Keep them away Andromus Baird the science that is being used to say that 5g isn›t harmful is 25 years old/ OUT DATED AND OBSOLETE!!

Request made to name parkette after former City Councillor CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall’s Heart of the City has made a request to the City of Cornwall Clerk’s department to rename the parkette on Pitt St. after former city councillor Denis Carr. Carr had served on Council for many years, finishing his last term in December of 2018. He has also been involved in the community as the former President of the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce and as a former head of the Heart of the City. “The request speaks of Mr. Carr’s dedication

8 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

- Seaway News -

facebook COMMENTS

Ashley March So it›ll be a Carr Park? Steven McIntyre They should name a street after dave ezard or dale Hawerchuk Karen Torrie-Racine What is wrong with the people who are so negative on this feed??? Denis Carr has literally dedicated his adult life to the betterment of the City of Cornwall in one way or another!! To the people who are being so negative I ask ‘What have you done to improve this city?’ ‘What have you done to make a difference in any way’ When you can

to the rehabilitation of Cornwall’s downtown by way of his time with Heart of the City, which has resulted in many façade improvements in the downtown,” a statement on the City’s website reads. “Mr. Carr was a member of the Downtown Business Improvement Area Board and advocated as a member of City Council (he is the longest serving member in terms of total years in office). He is a Past-President of the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce and participated in a number of other volunteer Boards.” answer those questions I’ll actually take you seriously!! Bonnie Rose It been Pitt Street all my life...So weather you change the name..l will always call it Pitt Street...So why spent the money where its more needed? Allison St Louis Folks, they’re not talking about renaming Pitt STREET. The proposal is for the Pitt St parkette.  “The parkette on Pitt St. is located between Dreamland and Jas-Mar Paints on the stretch of Pitt St. between Second and Third streets.”

Glen Walter, Lancaster water increases on hold LANCASTER, Ontario – The council of the Township of South Glengarry has voted to put the proposed water rate increases in Glen Walter and South Glengarry on hold until further review has been made. The vote was made at the township council meeting held on Tuesday, Aug. 6. The water rates for Glen Walter and

facebook COMMENTS

Amanda Bornais Good!!! It jumped up too high too quickly already!!! There were 2 increases last year and their reasoning was that had they did gradual increases over the last 10 years ghen we would be at where we are now. Then they should have done the gradual increases!!! My bi monthly water bill is only ever the minimum and it›s almost 200 bi

Lancaster jumped from $804 per year in 2016 to 2018 to $1,105 in Lancaster for 2018-2019 and $1,078 for Glen Walter for that time period. Those rates were scheduled to jump again to $1,265 and $1,352 respectively for the year 2019 to 2020 starting on Sept. 1, 2019. monthly it›s ridiculous Heather Prowse Absolutely crazy for 1 person! Ian Macdonald Pay 1,000 a year, live alone, never complained as the city was supposed to go on meters. Guess that was another promise never kept.

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The beach and a bus Nick Seebruch

A couple of weeks ago, Cornwall’s Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) reviewed the final draft of the new Waterfront Master Plan. The top priority item for Cornwall’s waterfront is more recreational beach areas. You know where there are some great public beaches? In South Stormont and in South Glengarry. I believe at the PAC meeting it was lay member Ron Syminton who suggested that Cornwall Transit should organize a bus over the summer to go to one of the beaches in South Stormont. I think this is a great idea and is a great revenue opportunity for the municipality that enacts it first. Cornwall already has its own buses and I think that this opportunity is one for Cornwall to lose. There is no reason that I can think of why either South Glengarry, South Stormont or the United Counties of SD&G Tourism department could organize their own buses to pick up residents in Cornwall and bring them to one of their beaches. Residents of Cornwall already frequent the beaches in our neighbouring municipalities, which is evidence of the great economic draw they are for South Glengarry and Stormont. Those beaches will become an even greater economic driver if there are literally bus loads of people going to them over the summer. How I think this could work, is Cornwall could run a route to one of the beaches in South Stormont or South Glengarry based on demand. Maybe the bus would start out only being once a week, then grow with demand; or maybe start on Saturday or Sunday at first. Tickets could be sold on a per-ride basis, or maybe a season pass? I think the fares would likely need to be higher than the standard

Cornwall Transit fare, if not because of the demand, then simply because it would be a longer ride than the normal bus route. Now another question that would need to be addressed, is which beach? South Glengarry has two great beaches in Charlottenburgh Park and Glengarry Park. South Stormont has Milles Roches Beach, Woodland Beach, Farran Park Beach and Lakeview Park Beach. Given the economic potential of having beach goers from Cornwall bused into their municipality, I think that South Glengarry and South Stormont should have the chance to bid on being the beneficiary of the potential bus route. Whichever municipality gets the chance to host a summer beach bus route will have to consider options on how to increase profitability of their beach. They could have pop-up vendors to cater to the beach goers, paddle boat rides, wakeboard rentals and more. Ultimately, I think the City of Cornwall should be the ones who initiate this bus-tobeach connection. Like I said, the Townships or the United Counties of SD&G could do this on their own and cut the City of Cornwall out. I think that having a bus commute to a local beach in a neighbouring municipality could be a great way to meet the clear demand for more beach access in Cornwall. If Cornwall does choose to develop a beach of it’s own along the city’s waterfront, this might be a good carry over measure to give Cornwall residents access to a beach while one is developed in their own town. This would also show City administration if there is adequate support for a beach in Cornwall. What do you think readers, of creating a summer bus routes to nearby beaches? Email me a Letter to the Editor at

Seaway News welcomes letters to the editor. Letters should be no longer than 300 words and may be edited for clarity or length. Please send your letters by email to or by mail to 501 Campbell Street, Unit 6, Cornwall, ON K6H 6X5. Please include your name, address and phone number.


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the air conditioner is on. Hey, you can’t make up this stuff. ... Brockville is bringing back development charges. ... The Cat’s up from Atlanta for his annual August pilgrimage to the old hometown. He says that when he grew up here he was so poor his mom couldn’t afford to buy him new shoes. The soles were so thin he could step on a penny and tell whether it was heads or tails. GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN Peashooters, 33 rpm vinyl records, portable record players, metal ice trays with levers, flashbulbs, taking film to the drug store to get re-developed, newsreels at the movie theatre, juke boxes in coffee shops, wringer washers and Monday wash day, cap guns, sling shots, car ignitions on the dash boards, when a kid could carry a small jack-knife he got for his birthday in his pocket to school and not cause a lockdown and a 911 call for the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. TRIVIA This east Cornwall landmark was built in 1800. In 1929 the landmark and property were donated to Cornwall Township by Bertha Colquhoun to be used as a public park. In 1944 the township council voted to demolish the landmark which had deteriorated. A school was built on the site. TRIVIA ANSWER Cornwall’s first golf course (nine holes) was built on Windmill Point, now the St. Lawrence College campus, in 1914 by the Cornwall Golf and Boat Club. The current Cornwall Golf and Country Club is on the former Colquhoun farm. QUOTED A good lawyer knows how to shut up when he has won his case. - Alan Dershowitz, lawyer, Harvard law professor, author. ONE MORE THING - Taking some R & R. Back in two weeks.

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the same funding as sports. ... Police were investigating the theft of a slot machine at Muriel Ledoux’s restaurant at Albert Street and Montreal Road. Five suspects were sought. They made off with the machine while the cook was making them burgers in the kitchen. ... A counties jail prisoner who escaped while working with other prisoners in the field at the House of Refuge was captured in Moulinette two days later. He was serving a two-month sentence for illegal possession of liquor. ... Two men found guilty of breaking into Sangster Brothers General Store in Bainsville each received three-year sentences. The two were caught by the Sangster brothers and a neighbour who alerted them when he spotted the two thieves in the store late at night. ... A 12-year-old boy, Billy Ray, drowned in the Mille Roches quarry after he slipped on the rocky edge. ... Bowra’s Electric and Hardware, 122 Pitt St., had five-tube Philco table model radios on sale for $29.95. ... Ontario Premier Mitch Hepburn said his government opposed the proposed St. Lawrence Seaway Project because it wasn’t economically feasible. (Nothing said about uprooting thousands of residents and destroying villages). ... A 21-year-old Massena man found guilty of stealing a boat and motor from Alltson Henry of Dickinson’s Landing was sentence to seven months in reformatory by Magistrate P. C. Bergeron. THIS AND THAT A Canadian “adventurer” is back in Canada after several months in a Syrian jail. Not exactly a pleasant experience. Nevertheless, hard to stir up a lot of sympathy for somebody who ignored warnings from his government and friends to stay away from that unfriendly, war-torn country. ... Why would anybody go to a country with Third World medical care to have cosmetic surgery? ... Kingston is considering a bylaw that will make it illegal to keep the door of a building open when

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Foundation excavation work on Cornwall Jail in August, 1938 dug up a dark side of the old gaol’s past. While digging for the new kitchen foundation, workers, all prisoners, discovered a buried dungeon that had been filled in with broken stone and rubbish then cemented over. Unearthed were three underground cells, six by 10 feet, with neither doors nor windows. Nobody alive at the time could recall their existence. Officials believed the underground cells were part of the jail when it opened in 1833 and were used to punish prisoners who broke the rules. Each offending prisoner was lowered into the dark, damp cell through a trap door on the main floor. There was no record of how long a prisoner would remain in the coffin-like cell. It not only lacked any source of light but lacked proper ventilation. Even at a time when the lash was common punishment - records showed that a man convicted of petty larceny received 39 strokes of the lash in a public whipping banishment to the underground cells was cruel and unusual punishment. ******** In 1938, in a converted hen house at the rear of this home at 716 Pitt St., Dominic Carra carried on with a craft taught to him by his father who learned the trade from his father in Italy. It was the no-room-for-error art of making fire works, a skill at the time carried out by only two other manufacturers in the country. He had been at it for 27 years, first partnering with Dominic Ruffo for 19 years

when he first came to Cornwall from Italy. The chemicals and gun powder needed - 100 concoctions in all and some of them highly explosive - in the making of his fireworks were stored in the converted hen house. It is hard to imagine that being allowed in this day and age. But in 1938 the “safety” feature was a “Danger Keep Out” signs affixed to the building. His home-made designs included everything from skyrockets to pinwheels in all colours, many of them custom-made for customers. When it came to purchasing his fireworks, it was a package deal. The master pyrotechnician had to set off the fireworks. ALSO IN AUGUST 1938 - With the arena debt of $10,000 paid off in just three years, Mille Roches was throwing a mortgage-burning party with a dance in the arena. Sparky Dukelow and his nine-piece band supplied the music. ... Thieves used hacksaws to remove the hinges on the safe in the Gamble-Robinson office on Water Street and make off with $385 (the same purchasing power as $6,716 today). A few months earlier thieves used nitroglycerin to blow open the safe at the Imperial Oil office. ... The Kiwanis Club was looking at the possibility of enlarging the wading pool at Central Park. The pool was built by the club in 1929. ... Lancaster native Samuel William Jacobs the first Jewish member of the House of Commons died at age 67. He was elected in 1919 and re-elected five times, all in the riding of Cartier. He was a prominent Quebec lawyer. ... A letter to the editor in the StandardFreeholder complained that the public library was getting the short end of the stick when it came to funding by city hall. The letter said the library was antiquated, understaffed and cramped for room. It was called the “weak link” in the education system. The author said the library deserved


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Runners follow Raisin River at footrace John MacGillis WILLIAMSTOWN, Ontario – Shoelaces were tied tightly as runners took off and toured around the Raisin River at the 41st annual Great Raisin River Footrace on Sunday, Aug. 11. Runners from as young as six-years-old to above the age of 80 competed in both 5 and 11 km races along the south side of the Raisin River, leaving from Sir John Johnson Manor House. “We had a chilly morning setting up, but it turned into a beautiful day for a great run,” said Jane McLaren, Executive Director of Beyond 21. This year the race was hosted by Beyond 21 for the first time, with proceeds going to their organization. “The race has a really longstanding tradition

that we tried our best to maintain and the running community came out again this year, which was really great to see,” said McLaren. Beyond 21 had been involved with the race in previous years but was asked to become the race’s directors, according to McLaren. Isaac Fraser was the fastest competitor in the 5 km race with a race time of 16 minutes and 37 seconds. Jacob Cameron won the 11 km race with a race time of 34 minutes and 22 seconds, according to the race results. Medals were also awarded to winners of each category, based on age and gender. Todd Piquette and Stephanie Doyon were two of the racers leaving the footrace with medals (John MacGillis/Seaway News).

Reel, experiential fun at Fishing for Special Needs John MacGillis CORNWALL, Ontario – Experienced anglers partnered up with individuals with special needs for a day of boating and fishing along the St. Lawrence River on Sunday, Aug. 11, enjoying a one-on-one adventure on the water. Fishing for Special Needs saw an attendances of about 25 community members

alongside several volunteers, according to Art Levert, Director of the Include Program. Volunteers and participants fished from boats and the water’s edge to provide a safe space to try out fishing. “Being one-on-one, for both safety and creating a quality experience, is the most important (aspect) to our program,” said Levert. Providing people with special needs an

opportunity to try different activities that focus on engagement and experiential learning has been one of the Include Program’s Goals, according to Levert. “Fishing for Special Needs began after I took one of my more challenging clients out fishing and I figured, if I could go out fishing with him for a couple hours, we can grand scale this,” said Levert.

Levert said that the number of generous volunteers is what truly makes the event a reel success every year, keeping everything afloat. “We had a lot of folks have a lot of success catching some fish today, and it really couldn’t happen without so many people giving up their time, their boats and their gas, to give our friends this opportunity,” said Levert gratefully.

Dragons racing on the canal at Cornwall Waterfest CORNWALL, Ontario – Rowers filed in to dragon boats and launched into the Cornwall Canal on Saturday, Aug. 10 to experience racing at the 10th Cornwall Waterfest Dragon Boat Festival. With 19 teams, races featured competitors of a variety of different skill levels throughout the day according to Lea Emard, the event’s Chairperson. “Every year we have so many people with different experience levels, it makes for an interesting competition,” said Emard. Of the 19 teams, 13 of them were local while 6 had come from Ottawa. This year also has 4 entries in the women’s division, ultimately

showing growth in that division in the festival. “We have also had a lot of support from teams from Ottawa and the festival that they run up there has been great to us,” said Emard. Teams also raised money to benefit Hospice Cornwall, according to Sandy Collette. Around $3,000 was raised last year from the festival. “This coming year we’re looking at purchasing a van and money raised from this would certainly help towards that”, said Collette. A van would be used to transport palliative patients in situations transportation is otherwise unavailable according to Collette. Paddles dropping in to the water as competitors launch in to the canal (John MacGillis/ Seaway News).

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2019/2020 SeaSon

Boys & Girls - ALL levels Cornwall United Counties Basketball Association

AUGUST 14TH • 6-8 P.M. • Benson Centre AUGUST 21ST • 6-8 P.M. • Benson Centre AUGUST 24TH • 9-12 P.M. • Benson Centre SEPTEMBER 7TH • 9-12 P.M. • Benson Centre REGISTER BEFORE SEPTEMBER 7TH AND SAVE $10.00

**New Coach’s Application form – please see our website**


10 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

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John MacGillis

Oil is the lifeblood of your car. It keeps hardworking engine parts running clean, smooth and cool. Most owner’s manuals suggest that you change your oil and oil filter every 12,070 kilometers. Oil change specialists suggest every 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers) or three months. The fact is, most of us do a lot of heavy driving during the summer when an engine is more likely to overheat. So at least check your oil before you head out on that road trip with the family. To check your oil, let your car run for a few minutes, then park it on a level surface and shut off the engine. Open the hood and locate the oil dipstick. You’re looking for two things here: the level of oil and how the oil looks. If you’re low on oil, you can either add another quart or simply change the oil completely. The oil should look brownish yellow and clean on the stick. If the oil is a dark color or there’s a lot of dirt and grime in it, then you definitely need an oil change and oil filter replacement. Wait, didn’t you do a lot of these things when you got your car ready for colder weather? As a matter of fact, yes. RECYCLE THAT OIL! If you change your own oil and oil filter, don’t just


throw the old oil and used filter in the garbage or dump the oil down the sewer drain. It can pollute local streams or end up in the groundwater. Place the oil in a recyclable plastic container like an empty two-liter soda bottle. Place the oil filter over a plastic pan or tray and let it drain for 12 hours. Add that oil to the two-liter bottle, put the used filter in a plastic bag and take everything to your nearest designated recycling center. Many oil change places and auto parts stores accept used oil and filters.

Massey Place autoPro - Air Conditioning - Exhausts - Brakes - Suspensions - Tires - Tune-ups E-TEsT FaciliTy & REpaiR


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Kickstands up for 2nd annual Hospice fundraiser Shawna O’Neill

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Seaway Valley riders have opened their wallets and hearts once again, hosting their 2nd annual motorcycle ride in support of Hospice Cornwall on Saturday, Aug. 10. Riders took off from St. Lawrence Blvd Pub around 10:30 a.m. According to Mike Dagenais, a member of the Seaway Valley Riders, last year’s inaugural event saw just shy of 100 riders. This year, Dagenais was hoping to see even more on the road. “We got so many good responses...,” said Dagenais. Upon departure around 10:30 a.m., riders drove towards Long Sault, making their way slowly through the scenic Long Sault Parkway. They then carried on through Ingleside and Osnabruck Centre, all the way to the St. Albert Cheese Factory. On their way back to St. Lawrence Blvd Pub for a donated luncheon and live entertainment around 2:30 p.m., riders stopped at O’Neill’s Pub in Long Sault.

Last year the group raised $12,900 for Hospice Cornwall. Dagenais could not believe the success of the fundraiser in its first year and is excited to continue the tradition, as well as continuing to out-do previous fundraising accomplishments. “This year we started a little early…and we’ve raised $10,000 already,” said Dagenais. “I just get so excited when the community comes through with donations ahead of time, I just can’t believe it.” This year, live auction items were also up for grabs, including a fire pit, quilt, big screen t.v., tablet and more. “It was a no brainier to pick (Hospice Cornwall) again,” said Dagenais when asked why Riders selected the organization again. “We could have picked any charity, but it being Hospice, we have friends and family who go through for the best care ever for the final days of their life. It’s a good one to pick and we’re going to stick with it.” Riders were asked to donate $20 to participate. Mike Dagenais and Kat Alderson of Seaway Valley Riders in 2018. “We’re having some fun while raising T:10” Shawna O’Neill/Seaway News photo. money,” said Dagenais.


69 1.49%




weekly for 72 months, with $1,495 down. All-in from $22,231. Excludes HST. GT model shown

2 0 1 9 C X-3 G X


69 2.49%




weekly for 84 months, with $995 down. All-in from $24,192. Excludes HST. GT model shown


2 0 1 9 C X-5 G X

89 2.99%




weekly for 84 months, with $615 down. All-in from $29,997. Excludes HST.

0 % P U RC H A S E F I N A N C ING ▲





bi-weekly for 60 months, with $2,755 down. Excludes HST. GT model shown



189 1.95%




GT model shown



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▲0% APR Purchase Financing is available on select new 2018 Mazda models and 2019 Mazda6 and CX-3 models. Terms vary by model. Based on a representative agreement using an offered pricing of $29,350 for the new 2019 Mazda6 GS (G4SN89AA00) with a financed amount of $29,376, the cost of borrowing for a 48-month term is $0, monthly payment is $612, total finance obligation is $29,376. Offer includes freight and P.D.E. of $1,795, $10 OMVIC fee, $20.00 Tire Stewardship fee (all models – covering the cost to Mazda Canada of collecting and recycling tires), $100 Air Conditioning charge and $75.28 PPSA. Offer excludes HST. ▼Summer Drive offer (value up to $1,000) is available to qualifying retail customers who cash purchase/finance/lease a select new, in-stock 2018 and 2019 Mazda model from an authorized Mazda dealer in Ontario between August 1 – September 3, 2019. Amounts vary by model: $300 on all 2018 Mazda3/Mazda3 Sport, on all 2019 Mazda6 and on all 2019 CX-3 models. $475 on 2019 MX-5 ST GS models. $500 on all 2019 CX-5 models. Maximum $1,000 on 2019 MX-5 ST GS-P & GT, on all 2019 MX-5 RF, on all 2018 Mazda6, on all 2019 CX-9 models. Summer Drive Offer applied before taxes. Some conditions apply. NOTE: Summer Drive Offer not available on 2019 Mazda3 models. See dealer for complete details. †Finance Pricing for new 2019 CX-5 GX (NVXL89AA00)/2019 Mazda3 GX with Convenience Package (DVXK69CP00)/2019 CX-3 GX 6AT (HVXK89AA01) is $29,997/$22,231/$24,192 financed at 2.99%/1.49%/2.49% over 84/72/84 months equals weekly payments of $89/$69/$69 with $615/$1,495/$995 down payment, cost of borrowing is $3,190/$944/$2,086 with a total obligation of $33,187/$23,175/$26,277. As shown, 2019 CX-5 GT (NXTN89AA00)/2019 Mazda3 GT (DVTN89AA00)/2019 CX-3 GT (HXTK89AA01) is $39,597/$28,131/$32,892 financed at 2.99%/1.49%/2.49% over 84/72/84 months equals weekly payments of $119/$89/$96 with $615/$1,495/$995 down payment, cost of borrowing is $4,233/$1,212/$2,868 with a total obligation of $43,829/$29,344/$35,760. NOTE: 2019 CX-3 finance offers include $300 finance cash. Finance payments include freight and P.D.E. of $1,895/$1,695/$1,895, $10 OMVIC fee (all models), $20.00 Tire Stewardship fee (all models – covering the cost to Mazda Canada of collecting and recycling tires), $100 Air Conditioning charge (where applicable) and PPSA of $121.61/$106.39/$121.61. First weekly payment is due at finance inception. Offers exclude HST. ††Offer available on retail leases of new 2019 CX-9 GS (QVSM89AA00) with a lease APR of 1.95% and 130 bi-weekly payments of $189 for 60 months, the total lease obligation is $27,374, including down payment (or equivalent trade-in) of $2,755. As shown, Offered Pricing for new 2019 CX-9 GT AWD (QXTM89AA00) with a lease APR of 1.95% and 130 bi-weekly payments of $243 for 60 months, the total lease obligation is $34,398, including down payment (or equivalent trade-in) of $2,755. NOTE: 2019 CX-9 lease offers include $850 lease cash. Lease payments include freight and P.D.E. of $1,895, $10 OMVIC fee (all models), $20.00 Tire Stewardship Fee (all models – covering the cost to Mazda Canada of collecting and recycling tires), $100 Air Conditioning charge (all models), $350 Lease Dealer Service Fee (all models) and PPSA of $90.95. First monthly payment is due at lease inception. 20,000 km per year mileage allowance applies; if exceeded, additional 8¢ per km applies (12¢ per km for CX-9 models). Offers exclude HST. Offered leasing available to retail customers only. Licence, insurance, taxes and down payment (where applicable) are extra and may be required at the time of purchase. Dealer may sell/lease for less. Dealer order/trade may be necessary on certain vehicles. Offers valid August 1 – September 3, 2019, while supplies last. Lease and finance on approved credit for qualified customers only. Offers subject to change without notice. Visit or see your dealer for complete details. *To learn more about the Mazda Unlimited Warranty, go to


7-PASSENGER SEATING FINANCE FROM - Seaway News - Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 11

2 0 1 9 C X-9 G S


NSFS Fill the Boot with funds for muscular dystrophy Shawna O’Neill

NORTH STORMONT, Ontario – North Stormont Fires Services (NSFS) were out and ‘aboot’ in the municipality on Saturday, Aug. 10, encouraging locals and anyone passing through to support their annual fundraiser, Fill the Boot for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. “Once a year, we come out and do some fundraising for muscular dystrophy,” explained NSFS Firefighter Cory Jacques. “We station ourselves in Moose Creek and some of us come here (to Monkland).” According to Jacques, last year’s fundraiser saw a total of about $2,000 in donations. Many supporters generously dropped coins and cash into the firefighter boots. NSFS stickers were given to everyone who made a donation.

Having worked with the department for four years now, Jacques said that he has participated in the fundraiser every year since, but he believes the unit has been fundraising for the particular cause for numerous years, dating back to 1954. According to Jacques, the department participates and hosts a series of fundraisers for different organizations throughout the year. “People are very generous around here,” said Jacques gratefully. “It’s mostly for the children… it’s always good to help them out.” Statistics suggest that over 50,000 Canadians live with over 150 types of muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy, classified as neuromuscular disorders, are a group of diseases that weaken the body’s muscles and breakdown skeletal muscles over time. The causes, symptoms, age of onset and severity of the disease depend on each individual and their exact diagnosis.

Devon Villeneuve of North Stormont Fire Services on Saturday, Aug. 10 in Monkland (Shawna O’Neill/Seaway News photo).


Folk, wine and Harmony at inaugural Seaway Valley Folk Festival Nick Seebruch

Winery are presenting the inaugural Seaway Valley Folk Fest on Saturday, Aug. 17. The event will be taking place at the beautiCORNWALL, Ontario - Harmony Concerts in ful and scenic StoneCropAcres just north of partnership with StoneCropAcres Vineyard and Morrisburg off of Hwy. 401.

Headliner: Plain Folk Lineup: The Glengarry Ramblers Faye McMillen Lyric & Lore Sons of Gord Grace & Eric Willison West of the Rock Marleen Fawcett —————————

Nathan Smith and Emilyn Stam performing at a concert at StoneCropAcres on July 14. Photo credit: Fiona Plunkett.

Facepainting for kids of all ages Food Vendors (including): The Alibi & Against the Grain Free water stations for people to fill their reusable containers. Washrooms onsite Wine available to purchase by the glass or bottle

This is set up to teach people of all ages how to drum

Stone Crop Acres Winery and Vineyard 5242 Smiths Road, Morrisburg Ontario Purchase your tickets at


12 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

- Seaway News -

The range of local musical talents that will be at the show include Cornwall’s gift to folk pop Grace Willison and her father Eric. The headlining act of the event will be Morrisburg’s own Plain Folk. Jan of Harmony Concerts said that her philosophy for music was Excellence, Innovation and Diversity. Jan credits that philosophy for the growing audiences that the concerts have been attracting. “Our concerts are very diverse and eclectic,” Jan said. “I find we are gaining audience members at every show because it is different.” When Jan first visited the vineyard, owners Norene and Marc’s small dog, Jeanie , fell in love with her, and Jan fell in love with the vineyard, the owners, and the welcoming scenery. StoneCropAcres opened in 2017. A year later, they received a grant from SD&G Tourism to hold open mic concerts on their property. The vineyard has a natural auditorium

grown right on the property made of several 40-year-old fir trees, in the centre of which is a tent covered stage. Beyond the stage is a patio, plenty of outdoor seating areas right back to the grape vines. “The performers say this is one of the nicest places they’ve ever played,” said Norene. Jan and Harmony Concerts is promoting emerging talent along with bringing headlining talent such as Jimmy Rankin in Ottawa and at Susan Aglukark at Cornwall’s Aultsville Theatre. “For me, it’s a labour of love,” Jan said. “I wanted to create and promote a platform where local artists can come and play.” Many local performers are hired to open for professional artist including Rankin, Aglukark and more. StoneCropAcres is located at 5232 Smiths Rd. in South Dundas. For more information on Harmony Concerts and the Seaway Valley Folk Festival, visit www.


Doors will be open in Cornwall and SD&G CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall and SD&G will be welcoming in the public during their annual Doors Open event this weekend. Doors Open allows the public to see familiar heritage and public buildings in a new way. This year the event is running on Saturday, Aug. 17 and Sunday, Aug. 18 and 19 sites will be participating across Cornwall and SD&G. “Cornwall and SDG is one of Ontario’s oldest region’s and we have a great history to share,” said Kevin Lajoie, Tourism Officer with the City of Cornwall. “Doors Open is a great opportunity to celebrate our rich heritage and culture,” said Nick Seguin, Tourism Coordinator with the United Counties of SDG. For more information about this event, and others going on in Cornwall and SD&G please visit and https://www.

Cornwall Locations

Auberge Chelsey’s Inn Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: 10 am to 4 pm 40 First Street West Aultsville Theatre Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: 10 am to 4 pm 2 St. Lawrence Drive Cline House Gallery Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: 10 am to 4 pm 204 Second Street East

Trinity Anglican Church (Bishop Strachan Memorial) Saturday August 17 Hours: Saturday only, 10 am to 2 pm 105 Second Street West

Cornwall Community Museum Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: 10 am to 4 pm 160 Water Street West Cornwall Public Library Saturday August 17 Hours: Saturday only, 10 am to 4 pm 45 Second Street East

SDG Locations

Aultsville Train Station Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: 11 am to 4 pm 13740 County Road 2 Bethune-Thompson House Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: Noon to 5 pm 19730 John Street

Former Bank of Montreal Building Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: 10 am to 4 pm 159 Pitt Street Historic SDG Jail Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: 10 am to 4 pm 11 Water Street West NAV Centre Saturday August 17 Hours: Tours on Saturday only, 10 am & 12 pm (space is limited, email to reserve) 1950 Montreal Road The Port Theatre Saturday August 17, 2019 Hours: Saturday only, one tour only (10 am to noon), please arrive 10 minutes early, space is limited 132 Montreal Road

Lost Villages Museum Saturday, August 17 & Sunday, August 18 Hours: 1 pm to 5 pm (guided tour at 1 pm both days) 16361 Fran Laflamme Drive Martintown Grist Mill Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: 10 am to 4 pm 18544 Dundas Street

Dharam Sodhi

Derek Grant

Ryan Scott

Joel Dinelle

Sales Manager

Saunders Hydro Dam Visitor Centre Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: 10 am to 4 pm 2500B Second Street West

Sales Manager

Sales Associate

Sales Associate

Priests Mill Arts Centre Saturday, August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: 10 am to 4 pm 16 Mill Square Sir John Johnson Manor House Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: 10 am to 4 pm 19692 William Street Springfield Farm Saturday August 17 & Sunday August 18 Hours: 11 am to 4 pm 18709 County Road 25 Apple Hill, Ontario St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church Sunday August 18 Hours: Sunday only: 11 am to 3 pm 20788 South Service Road

Dharam Sodhi Mario Bissonnette Sales Manager Business Manager

1200 Brookdale Ave. 613-933-7558

George Shawcroft Sales Associate




Nick Seebruch

Cornwall Community Museum

HURRY IN! CR-V LX 82/2.99%






Civic LX 61/1.99%







Accord LX




















LEASE PAYMENTS INCLUDE FREIGHT AND PDI. EXCLUDES LICENCE AND HST. DEALER ORDER/TRADE MAY BE NECESSARY. Limited time lease offers available through Honda Financial Services Inc. (HFS), to qualified retail customers on approved credit. Weekly payments include freight and PDI (ranges from $1,655 to $1,795 depending on model), tire & environmental fee ($21) [This fee covers the cost to Honda Canada of collecting and recycling tires], A/C charge ($100), and OMVIC fee ($10). Taxes, licence, insurance and registration are extra. ΩRepresentative weekly lease example: 2019 Civic LX Sedan 6MT (Model FC2E5KEX) // 2019 CR-V LX 2WD CVT (Model RW1H3KES) // 2019 Accord LX-HS Sedan (Model CV1F1KE) on a 60-month term with 260 weekly payments at 1.99% // 2.99% // 1.99% lease APR. Weekly payment is $60.79 // $81.14 // $79.86 with $0 down or equivalent trade-in and $0 total lease incentive included. Down payments, $0 security deposit and first weekly payments due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $15,805.32 // $21,095.84 // $20,763.34. 100,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/ km for excess kilometres. PPSA lien registration fee of $40.00 and lien registering agent’s fee of $6.50, due at time of delivery are not included. ^$500 // $750 // $750 Honda Bonus is deducted from the negotiated price after taxes and applies to retail customer lease or finance agreements through Honda Financial Services Inc. for 2019 Civic (excluding Type R) // 2019 CR-V // 2019 Accord Sedan models concluded between August 1st, 2019 and September 3rd, 2019 at Ontario Honda Dealers. No cash surrender value and cannot be applied to past transactions. Conditions apply. t$2,000 // $2,000 // $2,000 total customer cash incentive is valid on any new 2019 Odyssey // 2019 Pilot // 2019 Passport models when registered and delivered between August 1st and September 3rd, 2019. Cash incentive is available for all Honda retail customers except customers who lease or finance through HFS at a subvented rate of interest offered by Honda as part of a low rate interest program. All advertised lease and finance rates are special rates. Cash incentive will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. For all offers: licence, insurance, PPSA, other taxes (including HST) and excess wear and tear are extra. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price. Offers only valid for Ontario residents at participating Ontario Honda Dealers. Dealer may lease for less. Dealer order/trade may be necessary but may not be available in all cases. Colour availability may vary by dealer. Vehicles and accessories are for illustration purposes only. Offers, prices and features subject to change without notice. See your Ontario Honda Dealer or visit for full details. - Seaway News - Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 13






2019 Rebel CRew Cab 4x4

(stk N19134P) • 12” display • leather heated & cooled seats • active level 4 corner air suspension • dual DisCouNt pano roof

Huge Selection - WitH eVen BiggeR DiScountS!

2018 Ram CRew Cab slt 4x4

(stk N18153P) • 20” wheels • Class IV hitch & receiver • spray in bed liner • 8 spd transmission

14 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019


+HST & lic.

2019 Ram ClassiC Reg Cab 4x4

(stk N19169) • remote start & security • spray in bed liner • 8’ box • Uconnect with Nav • Class IV hitch & receiver



Was $53,329

Now $40,172.75

* +HST & lic.


$18,876 Was $55,764




+HST & lic.

2019 Ram ClassiC stiNgeR

(stk N19195) • sport performance hood • spray in bed liner • black out pkg • electronic convenience group • 20” wheels



Was $59,484

Now $44,781.50

* +HST & lic.

$20,051 Was $55,939




+HST & lic.

(stk N19224) • SXT premium plus group • 6 spd auto transmission • Uconnect hands free group • stow & go seating




Was $43,489


(stk N18184P) • 8 spd automatic transmission • 20” wheels • spray in bed liner • Class IV hitch & receiver



Was $45,939




+HST & lic.

2019 Jeep CheRokee spoRt

2019 gRaND CaRavaN

BoNUS $1,500

2018 Ram 2019 Ram ClassiC 2019 Ram ClassiC CRew Cab slt 4x4 Night eDitioN expRess expRess 4x4


+HST & lic.

(stk N19098) • comfort & convenience group • heated seats & steering wheel • 9 spd transmission • remote starter BoNUS $1,000



Was $41,289

Now $36,227.50

* +HST & lic.

(stk N19225) • sport performance hood • 4x4 • 20” wheels • 8.4 inch Uconnect with Bluetooth • black out pkg

(stk N19230) • sport performance hood • 20” wheels • 5.7L Hemi • spray in bed liner • black out pkg



25% BoNUS $2,500

Now $37,822.75

* +HST & lic.


Now $42,880.25

* +HST & lic.

No CReDit? we can help! 2019 Jeep gRaND 2019 Jeep CheRokee baD CReDit? tRailhawk CheRokee laReDo we can help! fiRst time buyeR? we can help! baNkRuptCy? we can help! OVER A dOzEn lEndERs tO gEt yOu AppROVEd At thE lOwEst RAtE! (stk N19105) • Uconnect with Nav • power sunroof • 8 spd transmission • all weather capability group BoNUS $1,000



Was $42,949

Now $44,112.22

* +HST & lic.

(stk N19251) • 3.2L V6 with 9 spd trans. • leather faced seats • safety tec group • Alpine stereo w/subwoofer • cold weather group BoNUS $1,000



Was $46,099

Now $38,289.75

* +HST & lic.

formerly Notman Dodge Chrysler

(stk N17335A) • only 33,205 km • running boards • air • 5.7L Hemi • mag wheels • cruise


Was $56,939

inteReSt RAteS AS loW AS 213983

Credit Approval!



Was $53,529

a Dealer to

2016 Ram sxt QuaD Cab 4x4

hugE inventory to choose from “New” and “Used” multiplE credit experts on hand to find you the best possible rates courteous, professional and friendly staff ready to sERVE yOu


tRust our buying power to find you the perfect vehicle

(stk T11003) • 20” wheels • 6.4L Hemi • 392 pkg • power sunroof • Brembo brakes • 1,430 km • 8.4 inch Uconnect with Nav


2016 DoDge JouRNey se plus

(stk U02007) • 52,858 km • push button start • cruise control • power windows & locks


2018 DoDge DaRt limiteD

(stk N18013A) • 8.4 inch Uconnect with Bluetooth • leather heated seats • sunroof • power group


2018 DoDge DuRaNgo gt

(stk U03014) • Uconnect with Nav • leather heated & cooled seats • 7 passenger • dual DVD • power sunroof


2016 Ram CRew Cab spoRt 4x4

(stk N19068A) • sport performance hood • bull bars • step bars • 8.4 inch Uconnect • 20” wheels • 86,132 km


weekly-84 mos@6.99%

weekly-96 mos@6.24%

weekly-84 mos@6.99%

weekly-72 mos@6.99%

weekly-96 mos@6.99%

weekly-84 mos@6.99%

2018 Jeep gRaND CheRokee limiteD

2014 Ram Clt CRew eCo Diesel

2013 ChRysleR 300C luxuRy

2014 hoNDa CiviC ex

2012 hyuNDai tuCsoN gls awD

2016 hyuNDai elaNtRa gt

(stk U04004) • leather heated & cooled seats • panoramic roof • Uconnect with Nav • power lift gate

ready to offer you our bEst trade allowance on your new vehicle cOmpEtitiVE and diverse deals monthly, bi-weekly, weekly

2018 DoDge DuRaNgo sRt awD


(stk N19189A) • Bighorn pkg • 20” wheels with dual exhaust • 8.4 inch Uconnect • control console • Bluetooth • one owner

(stk U03010A) • 5.7L Hemi • pano roof • leather heated & cooled seats • Uconnect 8.4inch screen

$111.43 $100.87

(stk N19064A) • 48,518 km • 7 inch screen • blind spot camera • Bluetooth • automatic • one owner


% on SelecteD VeHicleS! weekly-96 mos@6.99%

weekly-72 mos@6.99%

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(stk N19011A) • automatic • power windows & locks • cruise control


weekly-48 mos@6.99%

(stk N17145P) (stk T11002A) • power windows & locks • cruise control • automatic transmission • low low payments


weekly-84 mos@6.99%

*all prices +HST & lic.

2205 Vincent Massey Drive

shop 24/7 @ 613-938-0934 - Seaway News - Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 15

- Seaway News -



(stk N18180P) • 20” wheels • fog lamps • Class I hitch & receiver • spray in bed liner



Was $75,084

2018 Ram CRew Cab slt 4x4

PIANO SeawaY communitY eventS YARD SALES RECITAL THIS WEEKEND By candlelight That evening, you will hear the greatest masterpieces of

MOZART AND BEETHOVEN In a romatic ambiance filled with great serenity, music that sits on the summit of humanity’s most beautiful realization will resound!


A concert placed under the seal of greatness, eloquence and marvel!

VOLUNTEER DRIVERS NEEDEDCANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY needed in Cornwall & district to provide cancer patients transportation to their medical appointments. The Wheels of Hope program ensures that volunteer drivers are trained and supported in addition to reimbursing them for mileage. Interested in becoming a volunteer driver? Please contact Linda Rodgers Email: linda.rodgers@ontario. or call 613-932-1283 CORNWALL COMFORT QUILTS hand made for and given to Cancer patients. For more info call: Nicole 613 935-5593, Laura 613 936-2179, Anne 613 932-7084, Anne 250 428-1637. Located at The Care Centre, 510 2nd St. E. Cornwall. SPAGHETTI FEED FUNDRAISER August 30th at Knights of Columbus, 205 Amelia St. (downstairs) from 11:30-1 pm and 4-6:30 pm. Everyone welcome. AMAZING SCIENCE CENTER at 780 Sydney St. Is now open every Saturday from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. and starting July 3rd – August 24th will be open from Wednesday – Saturday from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. MARTINTOWN GRIST MILL in Martintown is open for Sundays at the Mill, from 10 until 3 until Sept 15. Artists inside the Mill, museum on the second floor, vendors, farmers market outside, entertainment, authors reading from their work and responding to the authors’ challenge. Come see the improvements to the mill! NO COST/NO OBLIGATION Square, Round & Line Dance September Open houses – visit Eastern Ontario Square & Round Dance Association for a dance club near you.


Free Music • Outdoor Movie • Shakespeare


*Limited disabled seating

Wednesday, August 14th

Carey B. grant & T he Cadillac Kit-Kats: Thursday, August 15th




CORNWALL Saturday, August 24th at 8 :00 p.m.

Tuesday, August 20th

Derek Falls Band:

available prize

Thursday, August 22nd

BEST DECORATED CAR $150 plus Sponsored by Newington Firefighter’s Assoc.

Registration $20

Cocathédrale de la nativité,

For more info., contact Todd Prieur 613-551-3430 or

Shows start at 7 pm*, weather permitting Lion’s Club Bandshell - Lamoureux Park

arts in the park cornwall


Admission costs $30 and the tickets will be on sale at Melody music, 104 Pitt Street as well as at the entrance on the evening of the concert. More information at

(514) 774-9148

h Cas ly on


220 chemin Montréal


16 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

- Seaway News -

Friday, August 30th, 2019 7:00 p.m.

T he Shiners & Cruise Nights:


With the Canadian-Chilean pianist Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz

2nd ANNUAL ALANON FAMILY FUN DAY Sat. Aug 24 at Lost Villages, 6361 Fran Laflamme Dr. off Hwy 2. Opening welcome at 1 pm, speakers throughout the day, potluck BBQ at 4:30 pm. There will be games, bake sale, literature sale, raffles and live entertainment. Bring your own chairs. Contact Linda at 613-330-1392 for more info. Everyone welcome. IF YOU WANT TO INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, AND BECOME A BETTER COMMUNICATOR then come to Smart City Toastmasters. We are a small welcoming group, so you can get comfortable in practicing your presentations, and grow your confidence. We are off for the summer and look forward in seeing you in the fall on September 4th at St. Lawrence College, room M3520. IF SOMONE’S DRINKING BOTHERS YOU call Al-Anon 613-937-4880 CORNWALL WESLEYAN CHURCH invites you to our Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10:00 a.m. Kids Konnect Church for children ages 4 – 12 years. Nursery is also available. Bible Study Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. Men’s Fellowship Meeting at 8:30 a.m. the first Saturday of the Month. For further activities refer to or call 613-936-9166. DOES FOOD CONTROL YOUR LIFE? Do you constantly diet, starve, binge or purge? Do you hate your body? Do you eat and feel guilty? STOP hurting yourself with food. There is a place for you! We meet every Monday evening at 6:30pm at Wesleyan Church, 780 Sydney, Cornwall. You are not alone. Contact 613 6629979 or SUMMER DARTS Monday & Friday at 7:30 pm at the Navy Club, 30 6th St. East downstairs. Everyone welcome.

Program Schedule for the week of

AUGUST 19 to 25, 2019 community


Stay connected to what’s happening in Cornwall & the counties TueSday & ThurSday on the region’s only TV talk show

YARD SALE 1113 Stokes Drive on August 17 & 18. Household antiques from Europe in excellent shape. Something for everyone. YARD SALE 5156 County Rd. 12 (Wales Rd.) on Aug. 17 & 18, from 8-2. Lots of good stuff, something for everyone! 3 FAMILY YARD SALE 216 Kensington St., Cornwall on Sat. Aug 17 from 8 am - 1 pm. Photocopier, desk, office chair, household and misc. items and many other exciting things for everyone. 3 BIG GARAGE SALE! 1704 Blakely Dr. (off of Grant St. Riverdale) Great finds, something for everyone!

To book your yard garage sale ad email: or call 613-933-0014 ext 258 Word ads cost $11+tax per week and can be paid by cash or credit card.

PARKINSON CANADA SUPERWALK will take place at RCAFA Wing 424, 240 Water Street West on Saturday, September 14, 2019 with registration at 10AM with the Walk to start at 11am and end around 2PM. This SuperWalk takes place around the same time in several cities and is designed to raise funds for Parkinson’s research and to support those afflicted with Parkinson’s. Additional information on the Cornwall SuperWalk may be found at: www. HISTORICAL WALKING TOURS AVAILABLE St. Andrews West Church, pioneer cemetery and log church. Tuesdays through July and August. 10:00 to 11:30 am and Fridays 2:00 to 4:00 pm. THE ST. ANDREWS KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS sponsor a Community Bingo every Thursday at the church hall in St. Andrews West. Doors open at 6pm, Bonanza at 6:45pm. CASINO TRIP to Shoreline-Gananoque on Sat., Aug 31, bus departs at 9:30 am. Info: 613932-6534. Proceeds toward St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre. ACOUSTIC GUITAR LESSONS starting Monday, Sept. 9th at the Seaway Senior Citizens 50+ Club - 506 Pitt St. 9:30 am class for beginners with no knowledge or those with little knowledge of the guitar. 12:00 pm class for those who want more challenging songs and 2:00 pm class for those wanting various ways to play harmony and rhythm together, freestyle finger picking etc. For more info. Call Joe 705-526-9936 or joe@ or call Paulette 613-933-7474 STRETCHING YOUR FAMILY FOOD DOLLAR. 130 Sydney St E. Wednesdays, 10am-12pm; September 11th – October 2nd. Budgeting and cooking skills come together for this 4-week program that teaches participants how to plan and prepare wholesome, low-cost meals for the whole family. Call 613-930-4892 ext 229 to register. SEXUAL ASSAULT SUPPORT SERVICES SDG&A – Healing Art Group, every Friday from 1-4pm @ OBO Studios at 204 Second St. E. Open to all survivors. Chalk the Walks Open House and BBQ Aug. 15. 11am-2pm @ 123 Amelia St.(SASS Center), Girl Spoken Day Camp @ SASS Aug. 19-23 from 9am-12pm. Registration open until August 16th. Dance the Day 613-932-1755 ext 27 or volunteer30-4:30pm Mon-Fri. MOOSE LODGE (1367) Dance to Rick & Brenda, Sat. Aug. 17th from 7-11pm. We have Hall Rentals for all occasions. Moose Lodge, 443 – 11th St. West. 613-938-0666.

SeawaY communitY eventS GOLF TOURNAMENT Community Living Stormont County will be holding it 24th Annual Fall Classic Golf Tournament on Friday September 6, at Summerheights Golf Links. Shot Gun start at 11:00 am. Great prizes to be won and treats throughout the course. All proceeds go towards people supported in making wishes and dreams come true. Come join us for a fun filled day of golf. For more information contact Natalie Bourgon at 613-938-9550 or email: ANNUAL PARISH FALL SUPPER the Pastor and entire parishioners of Blessed Sacrament Parish Cornwall cordially and happily invite you to their annual Parish Fall Supper,Sept. 15th from 4:00-7:00 p.m. The cost is $12/adult, $6/child 6-12 years, free for children under 6. Everyone is welcome! BINGO AT CENTRE CHARLES-ÉMILECLAUDE Monday nights. Early bird starts at 6:15 pm, regular games 7 pm. 146B Chevrier Place. All welcome. YOGA and TENNIS for the summer, the Centre Charles-Émile-Claude is pleased to offer once again yoga classes and yoga on chairs. These classes are offered to members and nonmembers. We will also be offering tennis as a new activity at Kinsmen Park (corner of Carleton and Third Streets). In case of rain, this activity will be cancelled. Please call to register as places are limited. For more information, please call 613-932-1035. A CLASS OF MEDITATION will be held all summer at the Centre Charles-Émile-Claude every Thursday at 10 a.m. This class is given in French only and is open to all members and non-members.

PADDLE BOARD We offer courses on paddleboarding, we also offer renting for our paddle boards. For more information on either the courses or renting please call 613 932-1035. PICNIC We will be having a picnic the 23rd of August. For more information please call, 613 932-1035. WORKSHOP Once again, the 21st of august we we will be offering a workshop called On Jases-Tu, this workshop is offered in french only. For more information, please call 613 932-1035. BINGO Le Centre Charles-Émile-Claude sis au 146 B Chevrier, vous invite tous les lundis soirs à leurs parties de Bingo. Entre autres, les parties « lève-tôt » à 18 h 15, parties régulières à 19 h 00 ainsi qu’un progressif. Bienvenue à tous. YOGA et TENNIS pour tout l’été, le Centre Charles-Émile-Claude offre à nouveau les cours de yoga et yoga sur chaise pour cet été. Ces cours sont offerts aux membres et non-membres. Cet été, le Centre Charles-Émile-Claude offre une nouvelle activité à son programme, le tennis. Cette activité se déroulera au parc Kinsmen (au coin des rues de Carleton et Third ). En cas de pluie, le tennis sera annulé. Les places étant limitées, veuillez appeler au 613-932-1035 pour confirmer votre présence. LE CENTRE CHARLES-ÉMILE-CLAUDE offre aussi un cours de méditation à son programme hebdomadaire. Cette activité aura lieu à tous les jeudis à 10 h 00, et ce, pour tout l’été. Ce cours est ouvert à tous les membres et non-membres du CCEC. LE CENTRE CHARLES-ÉMILE-CLAUDE Nous avons un pique-nique le 23 août. Pour plus d’information, veuillez communiquer avec la réception au 613 932-1035.

LE CENTRE CHARLES-ÉMILE-CLAUDE offre des cours sur la planche à pagais lors de l’été, ainsi nous offrons de la locations pour les planches. Pour plus d’information, veuillez communiquer avec la réception au 613 932-1035. ANNUAL CHRISTMAS TEA AND BAZAAR Sunday December 2nd at St. Anthony’s Parish Hall, Apple Hill, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Bake Sale, crafts, new & nearly new table, children’s fish pond, draws, door prize and more. Info 613-662-2180. ROXBOROUGH AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY FISH FRY Avonmore Fairgrounds in the Supper Structure Building from 5-7:30pm on Aug. 18th. New Zealand cod, fries, beans and salad will be served with dessert. Doors open at 4pm. Please call 613-346-5988 or stop in at Barkley’s Store for tickets. Limited number of tickets sold at door. CORNWALL NEWCOMERS CLUB welcomes women who have moved to Cornwall and surrounding area in the last 4 years. Info: Eleanor 613-935-4916 or Marilyn 613-933-2966 to learn more about the club and its activities. TAI CHI OPEN HOUSE being held Wednesday, Sept. 4th and Saturday, Sept. 7th, 2019. A chance to try out this adaptable, gentle and relaxing exercise at the Benson Centre, 800 Seventh St. W., from 8:30 to 10:00am. Info: CORNWALL CENTENNIAL CHOIR. A new season beings. If you love to sing, join us Monday, Sept. 9th at 7 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 500 Cornwall Centre Road in Cornwall. We practice at this time every Monday evening. Soprano, alto, tenor and bass all welcome. The ability to read music is an asset but not necessary to join.

Stormont County Fair



Sunday, September 1st, 2019 - 6:30pm Grandstand, Newington $1,200 Prize Money ~ Please Register Early ~ Contact Denise Beaudette-Manley 613-863-1455

Ages 3+ Recreational and Competitive classes Qualified & experienced staff CDTA Certified Instructors Candy (Woods) Pollard & Alanna Pollard, OCT



Register NOW! August 15, 19, 22, 26 & 28 6 to 8 pm 113 Amelia Street - Seaway News - Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 17

KIDS DAY CAMP Have a BLAST! 5-Day Kids Camp August 12-16, mornings from 9-12 am. Children 5-12 years old welcome. Held at St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cornwall. Join us for exciting games, great crafts including leather-work, Bible stories, lively music and yummy snacks. Call 613-347-2381. DEMENTIA FRIENDLY COMMUNITIES TRAINING SESSION (FREE): Friday, September 13th 2019 from 9am-12pm at the SDG Library (Long Sault – Branch) 50 Mille Roches Rd next to the Fire Hall. Limit 10 people. Register today by calling Jennifer at 613-932-4914 ext 206. FREE 6-WEEK TRAINING: DAYCARE starting Sept 23, 2019, 9-11:30, Monday to Thursday. Learn the Essential Skills required in the daycare field. Topics include lesson planning, meal planning, safety, children’s rights and so much more. Participate in site visits and learn from guest speakers in the field. To register, phone TriCounty Literacy Council at 613-932-7161. HAVE FUN! NO COST/NO OBLIGATION OPEN HOUSES Sept. 8, 15, 22, 2019. Glengarry Tartans Alexandria – Easy Modern Square Dancing – 2:00-3:30 Beginners, 49 St. Paul Street, Alexandria 613-931-1783 Casual attire. SALEM SUMMER MUSIC EVENINGS 2019 August 25 at 7 p.m. at Salem United Church, 19041 County Rd. 2 Summerstown. Guest artists: The Campbell Trio. Book sale - Sing-a-long – Refreshments. Come and join us for an evening with these talented and popular musicians! Freewill offering. LE CLUB DES AÎNÉ(E)S DE STE-THÉRÈSEDE-LISIEUX Débute ses activités Mercredi le 4 septembre à 1:30pm. Nous vous invitons à nous joindre pour jouer aux cartes et fléchettes(dards). Nous servons aussi plusieurs soupers chauds gratuits. Les membres assidus sont éligibles pour un voyage gratuit de fin saison. Contactez; Denise Vice-présidente au 613-932-1805. ST.ANDREWS WEST COMMUNITY FEST August 17,in St. Andrews West, - Bouncy Rides, Waterslide, Food Court, Beer Garden, Vendors, Live Entertainment all day, Draws, Door Prize, Fireworks at Dusk, Free Parking - Freewill Donation at door. Everyone welcome! SERVICE ÉVANGÉLIQUE FRANCOPHONE Pour plus d’information, contacter: Ministre Gastron Plouffe au 613-361-1788 - Non dénominationel. LE CENTRE CHARLES-ÉMILE-CLAUDE offre aussi un cours de méditation à son programme hebdomadaire. Cette activité aura lieu à tous les jeudis à 10 h 00, et ce, pour tout l’été. Ce cours est ouvert à tous les membres et non-membres du CCÉC.


Le tournoi de golf de la CSN recueille la somme de 4,000 $ pour le Programme d’éducation sur le sirop d’érable

MORRISBURG, Ontario - Près de 100 golfeurs et commanditaires locaux ont aidé la Conservation de la Nation Sud (CNS) à amasser 4,000 $ pour l’éducation environnementale des jeunes lors du Tournoi de golf annuel des Amis de la CNS, le 8 août, au terrain de golf Upper Canada à Morrisburg. « Un grand merci à tous les participants, commanditaires ou donateurs qui ont fait un don au tournoi, ce qui en fait l’un de nos

tournois les plus réussis à ce jour », a déclaré John Mesman, Chef d’équipe du service des communications de la CNS. Les joueurs ont eu droit à une variété de jeux sur place, et plusieurs sont repartis avec des prix de présence offerts par des entreprises de la région, dont la Fromagerie St -Albert, le théâtre Upper Canada Playhouse, la Brasserie Beau’s et la quincaillerie Home Hardware de Crysler. « C’est inspirant de voir les gens s’amuser pour soutenir une bonne cause », a poursuivi M. Mesman. « C’est l’une de nos activités de

collecte de fonds préférées et elle rassemble les gens à l’extérieur, où ils peuvent profiter de leur environnement local. » Cette année, la CNS a relancé son programme phare d’éducation sur le sirop d’érable pour sa 18e saison, après une année de transition. Plus de 500 élèves de neuf écoles locales ont été accueillis dans la Forêt Oschmann à Ormond, le nouvel emplacement du programme. Les fonds amassés lors du tournoi de golf serviront à aménager des toilettes permanentes et un centre d’interprétation éducatif sur

le site. « Nous sommes ravis d’offrir des possibilités d’éducation dans nos forêts communautaires », souligne M. Mesman. « Les fonds amassés lors du tournoi de cette année nous permettront de continuer à offrir notre Programme d’éducation sur le sirop d’érable dans la Forêt Oschmann ce printemps. » POUR DE PLUS AMPLES RENSEIGNEMENTS : Taylor Campbell, Spécialiste des communications,, 1-877-984-2984.

Les portes seront ouvertes à Cornwall et à SD&G Nick Seebruch


18 - Le mercredi 14 août, 2019

- Cornwall Express -

Communiqué de presse de la CNS

CORNWALL, Ontario - Cornwall et SD&G accueilleront le public lors de leur événement annuel Portes Ouvertes cette fin de semaine. Portes Ouvertes permet au public de voir le patrimoine et les bâtiments publics familiers d’une nouvelle manière. Cette année, l’événement aura lieu le samedi 17 et dimanche 18 août et 19 sites participeront à Cornwall et à SD&G. «Cornwall et SDG sont l’une des plus anciennes régions de l’Ontario et nous avons une belle histoire à partager», a déclaré Kevin Lajoie, agent du tourisme à la ville de Cornwall.

La plupart des sites participants seront ouverts de 10h à 16h les deux jours. «Portes ouvertes est une excellente occasion de célébrer notre riche patrimoine et notre culture», a déclaré Nick Seguin, coordinateur du tourisme chez United Counties of SDG. Portes ouvertes est une initiative à l’échelle de la province à laquelle participent chaque année les collectivités de tout l’Ontario, d’avril à octobre. Pour plus d’informations sur cet événement et sur les autres événements qui se déroulent à Cornwall et chez SD & G, visitez les sites www. et


Saisie de véhicule et de tabac de contrebande à Cornwall Communiqué de presse de le GTRC CORNWALL, Ontario - Le 31 juillet 2019, lors d’une opération axée sur l’intégrité des frontières le long des rives du fleuve Saint-Laurent à Cornwall, en Ontario, des agents du Groupe de travail régional de Cornwall (GTRC) ont observé une activité de contrebande où des boîtes et des sacs suspects étaient chargés dans une fourgonnette Pontiac Montana 2004 à partir des rives du fleuve. Les agents de police ont intercepté la fourgonnette alors qu’elle quittait les lieux et ont dû faire appel à l’Unité canine de la Police provinciale de l’Ontario pour localiser deux des suspects, dont un ayant plongé dans le canal fluvial pour éviter de se faire appréhender. Nous remercions le service des incendies de Cornwall pour leur aide lors du sauvetage d’un des suspects, qui a reçu des soins médicaux pour des blessures mineures. Zachary Plumadore (18 ans) et Jordan Johnson (20 ans) de Cornwall, en Ontario, ont été arrêtés et font face à des accusations en vertu de la Loi sur l’accise (2001) pour la possession de tabac non estampillé. Les deux accusés devront comparaître devant la Cour de justice de l’Ontario à Cornwall le 22 octobre

2019. Les policiers ont saisi un total de douze (12) sacs de tabac haché fin non estampillé pesant 209,70 kg, soixante (60) cartouches de petits cigares, trente-six (36) sacs de tabac pour pipe ainsi qu’une fourgonnette Pontiac Montana 2004. Les deux hommes font également face à différents chefs d’accusation en vertu de la Loi concernant l’impôt sur le tabac. Le GTRC est une force policière mixte, composée de la Gendarmerie royale du Canada, de la Police provinciale de l’Ontario, de l’Agence des services frontaliers du Canada et du ministère des Finances de l’Ontario.

Avis de début d’étude Remplacement du passage inférieur du chemin Fraser le long de l’autoroute 401 Étude d’évaluation environnementale de portée générale et de conception préliminaire GWP 4248-15-00

L’ÉTUDE Le ministère des Transports de l’Ontario (MTO) a retenu les services de Dillon Consulting Limited (Dillon) afin d’entreprendre une étude d’évaluation

environnementale de portée générale (ÉE) et de conception préliminaire pour remplacer le passage inférieur du chemin Fraser le long de l’autoroute 401, dans le canton de Glengarry Sud, dans les Comtés unis de Stormont, Dundas et Glengarry. Un certain nombre de solutions de rechange sont envisagées pour remplacer le passage inférieur du chemin Fraser. Ces solutions pourraient impliquer la fermeture temporaire du passage inférieur pendant la construction et la mise en place de voies de déviation. LE PROCESSUS L’Étude d’évaluation environnementale pour le remplacement du passage inférieur du chemin Fraser suit le processus de planification approuvé pour les projets de groupe « B » dans le cadre d’évaluations environnementales de portée générale (ÉE) pour les routes provinciales (2000) établies par le MTO. Un rapport d’étude environnementale sur les transports (REET) sera préparé et déposé pour consultation publique à la fin de l’étude.

Classiqu ’Arts arrive à Cornwall Nick Seebruch

CORNWALL, Ontario - Le groupe Classiqu’ Arts se prépare pour une nouvelle série de représentations estivales et cette fois-ci, il présentera son spectacle à Cornwall. En 2018, Classiqu’ Arts a donné deux concerts de musique classique dans les ruines de l’église St. Raphael en Glengarry Sud. Cette année, ils organiseront un spectacle dans les ruines dans l’après-midi du dimanche 18 août, ainsi qu’un spectacle le 17 août à l’église de la Nativité sur le chemin de Montréal à Cornwall. Le concert de cette année sera dynamique et harmonieux, selon la chanteuse Danielle Vaillancourt. «Cette année, nous avons constaté un flou dans les frontières de la musique», a-t-elle déclaré. «Notre thème cette année est donc: Sans frontières.» Les artistes incluent le groupe Kleztory, un groupe de musique klezmer de Montréal.

Klezmer est issu de la tradition musicale juive et Vaillancourt le décrit comme ayant un son de Bohême. Parmi les autres artistes, on compte Barabara Croall, musicienne autochtone de la Première nation Odawa qui joue le pipigwan, une flûte en cèdre Anishinaabe. Veronika Cherniak et Thérèse Motard de Cornwall et Olivia Haramis de Glengarry Sud joueront respectivement du violon, du violoncelle et une chanteuse soprano. Le spectacle du samedi 17 août à l’église de la cathédrale de la Nativité commencera par un pré-concert à 18h30, avec le spectacle lui-même à partir de 20h. Dimanche, les portes des ruines de Saint-Raphaël ouvriront à 13h, avec le spectacle commençant à 14h. Le spectacle principal dure environ 75 minutes. Pour plus d’informations ou pour acheter des billets, veuillez consulter le site Web de Classiqu ’Arts.

COMMENTAIRES Nous sommes intéressés par toute information, commentaire ou question que vous avez concernant le projet. Si vous souhaitez obtenir des informations supplémentaires sur l’étude, veuillez communiquer avec le chargé de projet de la société-conseil ou l'ingénieur de projet du MTO ci-dessous : Nathan Bakker, ing. Chargé de projet de la société-conseil Dillon Consulting Limited 177, chemin Colonnade Sud, bureau 101 Ottawa (Ontario) K2E 7J4 tél. : 1 888 345-5668, poste 3009 courriel :

Trenton Flick, ing. Ingénieur de projet Ministère des Transports Région de l’Est 1355, boulevard John Counter Kingston (Ontario) K7L 5A3 tel : 613 482-9609 courriel :

Pour des renseignements en français, veuillez communiquer avec Jeff Probert 1 877 934-5566, poste 3015. Si vous avez des exigences en matière d’accessibilité pour participer à ce projet, veuillez communiquer avec l’un des membres de l’équipe du projet nommés ci-dessus. Les renseignements seront recueillis conformément à la Loi sur l’accès à l’information et la protection de la vie privée. À l’exception des renseignements personnels, tous les commentaires seront versés au dossier public. 215536 - Cornwall Express - Le mercredi 14 août, 2019 - 19

Dans le cadre du processus d’étude, une séance d’information publique (SIP) en ligne sera tenue pour donner la chance d’examiner et de commenter le remplacement proposé du passage inférieur. Les membres de l’équipe du projet répondront à toutes vos questions concernant le projet. Un avis sera publié dans les journaux locaux et envoyé à la liste de diffusion lorsque les documents de la séance seront disponibles. Pour de plus amples renseignements sur l’étude et pour consulter les documents de la séance lorsqu’ils seront disponibles en ligne, visitez le site Web : (sous l’onglet « Projets », sélectionnez « Passage inférieur du chemin Fraser »).



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Properties for sale

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Properties for sale

Properties for sale

The CenTury 21 (r) Family is The World’s largeT real esTaTe organizaTion! 17379 headline rd $239,900

(1156542) Amazing 4-level split, 3+1 bdrm home, large frt foyer with access to att garage on huge lot, rear family rm with patio drs to sunrm.

neW PriCe

Troy Vaillancourt* 613-362-8769

18094 CounTy rd 18, marTinToWn - $699,000 (1159189) Beautiful home, Kennel & 65 Acres

Frank Prevost* 613-361-4317

5760 CTy rd 19, granT’s Corners - $288,500

18667 CTy rd 2 - $599,000

(1142511) Very well-maint Ranch-style bung, dbl att garage, large landscaped yard with pond & beautiful flower beds.

(1155313) Unique R2000 efficient 3+1 bdrm home, amazing layout, walkout bsmt. Many upgrades, C/ A, 6 acres.

Frank Prevost* 613-361-4317

Frank Prevost* 613-361-4317

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY • 12:30-2:00Pm 1148 PiTT sT $239,000

michael deBoer† 613-936-3124 & doris deBoer* 613-363-4113.

6312 Cameron Cr, BainsVille - $219,500

AduLt CoMMuNitY oF CReg QuAY (1134361) Move-in-cond 3 bdrm, 2 bath home, 4-season sunrm, rec rm. Come & enjoy all amenities this Community offers.

Jacques (Jack) roy* 613-577-1486

PriCe negoTiaBle

CommerCial loT 116 marleau aVe - $167,900

(1126678) 113 X 134. High traffic area. Corner of Marleau & Lochiel. Permitted Uses for Hwy Comm on file.

michael deBoer† 613-936-3124 & doris deBoer* 613-363-4113.

maurice (moe) lemieux* 613-930-1136

Building loT - $89,900 (1160496) 1 acre building lot with additional 30 acres of recreational land. Close to bike path and beach. Features natural gas, municipal water, cablevision, high speed internet. michael Vander meer** 613-936-3611

352-354 CumBerland $152,900

1 Bergin sT., FinCh - $324,900

michael Vander meer** 613-936-3611

eW g n Tin s li

710 marlBorough

(1143108) MULTI-USE PROPERTY. Can use as full commercial or as home-based business or possible duplex.

michael Vander meer** 613-936-3611

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY • 11:30Am-1:00Pm

(1163932) 3 bdrm home close to amenities. Large eat in kitchen main floor laundry Pool, hot tub. Call for your private viewing.

doris deBoer* 613-363-4113.

Bill macdonald** 613-362-3312

Bill macdonald** 613-362-3312

Comm - $219,900

The ulTimaTe Bldg loT - $49,900

(1159116) Almost 1 ac with water,gas,cable & fantastic view of Historical St. Andrews.

(1150030) Here is your chance to own a two 2 bdrm duplex in great area.

(1154555) Move-in-cond 4 BR home, upgraded kit, woodburning frpl, rec rm with bar & gas stv.

maurice (moe) lemieux* 613-930-1136

loTs 38 & 39 CarleTon sT - $145,000

(1154645) North of Marleau. 90 x 119 bldg lots to be sold as ONE parcel.

22223 old highWay 2, BainsVille (1163472) Century Home with Riverview

sophie goudreau* 613-363-4233

20 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

- Seaway News -

eW g n Tin s i l

26 main sT, neWingTon - $159,900



MAttHew giRgiS*


* Sales Representative ** Broker † Broker of Record

eRiC pedeRSeN**


RoN wood*


doRiS deBoeR*




HeiNe BRuiNiNg*


NiCK ALguiRe*


Shield Realty Ltd., Brokerage

(1155976) A great Duplex with positive cash flow. Here’s your change to get into the rental market.

Bill macdonald** 613-362-3312

KiRSteN gRANt*


KeLSSie oAKeS*


sPeCTaCula WaTerFron r T

6 ouelleTTe, long saulT $239,900 A great bungalow in an even better area.

amanda Brisson* 613-330-5079

MiCHAeL deBoeR†




6251 164Th aVe, BainsVille - $449,987 (1160981) WATERFRONT/CORNER CANAL.

sophie goudreau* 613-363-4233

Moe LeMieuX*








independently owned and operated 465 pitt St., CoRNwALL 613-938-2121 Visit

SopHie goudReAu*





VinCenT massey dr - $84,900

(1141912) Good High Traffic Location for Commercial Outlet for many uses.

(1156881) Exquisite Duplex. Very well maintained two 2 bdrm units, many updates. Both tenants pay $700/month plus utilities. HOSTED BY DORIS DEBOER


Royal lePage PeRfoRmance Realty Cornwall 613-938-3860 • Alexandria 613-525-3039 • Ingleside 613-537-2000 Vankleek Hill 613-678-3860 • Hawkesbury 613-632-7091 ¥Not

All agents are Sales Representatives unless otherwise shown as *Broker. intended to solicit agency contracts currently in place. ‡Ranked by Great Places to Work® Institute Canada, 2008-2018

WalkiNG DiStaNCe to St laWreNCe riVer 6879 laloNDe BlVD, SUMMerStoWN Executive Style 3 bdrm. bung. built 2017. Featuring hdwd/ceramic, open concept, granite counter, walk in closet, 3 piece ensuite, main floor laundry, hdwd floors. Bsmt features a newly built rec rm/ large unfin area. $449,000 MLS® 1164254 Joel DUVal 613-937-5030

MooSe Creek 5 aCreS 2238 Valley Street MooSe Creek Cute 3 bdrm. 1 bath home on a 5+ acre lot. Bright kitchen/dining area; propane fireplace in the living room. Metal roof, updated doors, siding, windows, a wood deck and interlocking brick patio. $165,000 MLS ®1161316 Peter hiCkey 613-551-6776

WelCoMe to riVerDale.!!! 1218 leoNarD St., CorNWall This beautiful move in ready home offers 2 bdrms, formally 3, 2 bath & was fully renovated from top to bottom in 2010. Plenty of new updates, private back yard and near all amenities. This heat and hydro is very affordable!!! $234,900 MLS®1164249 Joel DUVal 613-937-5030

CoUNtry liViNG 19163 hay rD, SUMMerStoWN Open concept Living/Dining Rm, updated kitchen w/ quartz countertops, stunning bathroom w/soaker tub & separate shower, lrg master bdrm & 2 other good size bdrms complete main floor. Downstairs has Rec Room w/gas fireplace, extra lrg bdrm & full bath. $324,900 MLS®1158304 Faye allott 613-571-9605

CeNtrally loCateD BUNGaloW

3220 MCCoNNell aVeNUe A must see if you like a private country setting still within the city limits. Inside you will find 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths with over 2800 sq. ft. of living space. This beautiful home is just waiting for a new family. Don’t miss out, call Jo Ann today for a private viewing. $383,700 MLS®1158100 Jo aNN laNGStaFF 613-577-1873

oPeN hoUSe SUNDay 1-3PM

hoBBy FarM - PriCe reDUCeD to Sell

18753 CoUNty rD. 25, aPPle hill Well maintained spacious 4 BR century home on 75 rolling acres in a peaceful setting. Very good outbuildings for your animals and hobbies. Cabin and pond in the woods for your family’s enjoyment. New Price $395,000 MLS®1154327 DoUG arkiNStall 613-360-0948

PerFeCt Starter hoMe

PreStiGioUS arroWheaD eStateS DreaM hoMe

6 ForeSt hill. loNG SaUlt A home with quality in every inch of it! 4 bdrms (possibly 5), 5 baths, 3 G/F, living room, finished rec room, gourmet kitchen, granite countertops, island, soap stone sink, cherry wood & heated floors. Balcony and landscaped yard, attached heated garage, Appliances included. $1,199,900 MLS®1116477 Faye allott 613-571-9605

60 MaiN St N. alexaNDria This charming 2 bed property is located in the heart of Alexandria. Large lot with fenced yard. Upgraded kitchen, bath & gas furnace. L shaped kitchen with att. laundry room. Dining area overlooks living room. 2 bdrms upstairs. Metal roof. Call me for a showing. $129,900 MLS®1164814 liNDa GiroUx-DaiGle 613-551-5839

CoUNtry liViNG With City aMeNitieS

2173 Pitt St. Great family home and centrally located. Bungalow, with 3 bdrm and 1.5 bathrooms. Lots of room for entertaining and have your own backyard oasis. Call today for a private viewing, this one won’t last long! $254,000 MLS®1159682 Jo aNN laNGStaFF 613-577-1873

Well MaiNtaiNeD all BriCk riVerDale BUNGaloW

1216 QUeeN St, CorNWall k6J 1P8 This 2+1 bdrm home is situated on a deep lot in one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Cornwall. Beautifully landscaped all around this home is move in ready for its next owners to enjoy! $265,000 MLS® 1164262 JeN Blair MaNley 613-551-4133

CeNtUry hoMe iN the heart oF the VillaGe oF FiNCh

27 FroNt Street, FiNCh You will be wowed by this 2 storey gem loaded with character. This 3 bedroom home includes: updated kitchen, classic French doors, large windows with plenty of natural light. Upper level loft which can be used for additional creative space. Easy commute to Ottawa and Cornwall. $278,000 MLS®1164451 JeN Blair MaNley 613-551-4133

oPeN hoUSe SUNDay 1-3PM

aFForDaBle St. laWreNCe riVer liFeStyle

18283 CoUNty rD 2, CorNWall 3+1 bdrm home with breathtaking views. Open concept living with eat-in kitchen; hardwood & ceramic floors; 2 main level bdrms; 3pc bath; loft master bdrm with ensuite bath. Finished basement with rec room, 3pc bath, laundry room & spare bdrm. N/G furnace, A/C, air exchanger. $389,000 MLS®1164107 JeN Blair MaNley 613-551-4133

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BeaUtiFUlly UPDateD 4 BeDrooM hoMe iN the heart oF riVerDale!

North eND 3 BeDrooM SeMi

182 BellWooD DriVe, CorNWall 3 bedroom semi with a garage in desired neighbourhood. Plenty of curb appeal, built in 2016. Gas heating, A/C, deck and much more. $269,900 MLS®1156976 JeN Blair MaNley 613-551-4133

PUBLISHER’S LIABILITy fOR ERROR: The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. The publisher’s liability for other errors or omissions in connection with any advertisement is strictly limited to publication of the advertisement in any subsequent issue or the refund of any monies paid for the advertisement. Toute reproduction des annonces ou informations, en tout ou en partie, de façon officielle ou non-officielle, est interdite sans la permission écrite de l’éditeur.

501 Campbell Street, Unit 6, Cornwall, ON K6H 6X5 Rick Shaver, Publisher TEL: 613-933-0014 FAX: 613-933-0024 HOURS: Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm CLOSED DAILY FROM 12:00 PM-1:00 PM. PUBLISHER EMERITUS: Dick Aubry

1002 PeSCoD aVe This 2 story gem is perfect for the growing family. Landscaping with interlocking and gardens provide plenty of curb appeal. Entertaining is easy with the large wood deck at the rear. $328,500 MLS® 1165390 JeN Blair MaNley 613-551-4133

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new price

SPeCtaCUlar 4 BeDrooM loG hoMe oN 2 aCreS!

22020 BeaUChaMP Dr, laNCaSter This MINT condition professionally built “Northern Log Home” is surrounded by luscious green foliage and beautiful landscape. Improve your game on the 3 hole golf course. Your tranquil living awaits! $474,999 MLS®1158183 JeN Blair MaNley 613-551-4133

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Flats / apartments for rent

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NEW ListiNg • NEW ListiNg



tracy wheeler

Broker of Record Owner


brian carter

pat quesnel



Sales Rep

2412 EdgaR StREEt CoRnwall MLS 1164849 $274,900


Sales Rep



NEW ListiNg • NEW ListiNg




1 abagail, long Sault MLS1160840 $374,900




MLS 1153077




– 245 YATES Ave & 440 CUMBERLAND AVE –



Visit our website:

Properties for sale


Properties for sale

Shane Cosstick



613-861-1444 20008 County Rd 2 new pRiCe $575,000 Amazing 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath home sitting on 2 acres of private property. Open concept main floor, with a stunning kitchen and amazing living room with a beautiful propane fireplace. MLS 1147445

Sales Rep.

613-861-1444 19683 william St., williamStown new pRiCe $248,000 Large 4 bdrm home with a det garage and 2 great outbuildings. Many updates: Windows, doors, flooring and NG furnace. Amazing property in the heart of Williamstown with the Raisin River in your back yard!



Properties for sale

Hana Novotny


613-330-2866 84 ButteRnut dR. MLS 1160989 Like new - 2 year old stunning walkout semi-detached bung. 1+2 bdrm, 2 bath., open concept, patio door leads to the deck (8x24) fully fin. walk-out bsmt with 2 bdrms, family rm, & 3 pc bath. A great family neighborhood. Close to shopping, minutes to Hwy 401.

613-936-3778 922 edythe St. 1190 sf 3+1 bedroom. Updated kitchen & bathroom, sunroom, finished basement, gas furnace & C/A. In-ground pool, private fenced-in backyard. $265,000



Céline Eady

Sales Rep.

613-861-1444 406 walton St. new pRiCe $168,000 Updated duplex with 3 bedrooms on the main and 2 bedrooms upstairs. Both units offer an open concept kitchen/living room. Full basement with storage garage, private parking and so much more! Don’t miss out! MLS 1164190


613-551-4441 71 SunSet Blvd asking: $234,900 This is a great starter home, an investment or if you’re looking to downsize this could be the one! 2+1 bdrm. 2 full baths. Fin. bsmt. Lge living rm & kitchen with a walk in pantry. Patio doors to deck. Main flr laundry & attached garage are some of the features. MLS 164289

New PRICe Phil Bellsmith** 613 551-4663 16 JIm BROWNELL BLVD., CHASE mEADOWS, LONG SAULT Beautiful Brand New home built by Award Winning Builder, Brownsdale Custom Homes & located in Long Sault’s Premiere subdivision Chase Meadows. Stone and Vinyl Exterior, both levels completely finished and ready for your family. $399,900

Reliable & Friendly Service

OPEN HOUSE SUN. 1:00-3:00 Pm

New PRICe Phil Bellsmith** 613 551-4663 903 RIVERDALE AVE. Large Riverdale home with detached double garage. Lots of character and updates. 2700 sq ft. Call Phil immediately for a private tour. $349,800 HoStEd By CARoL NAkiC

Phil Bellsmith** 613 551-4663 213 HOLLISTER, Cornwall this lot will accommodate a duplex up to a four Plex. Almost nonexistent are these lots with in the city and this one is available immediately price is $105,900.

Todd Thompson* 613-551-7908 TWO DIffERENT LOTS fOR SALE ON TOLLGATE ROAD. Both beside each other. Both Lots 100x150. Priced at $60,000 and $69,900. City water but would require a septic system. Build your dream home here.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - Seaway News m y e ls a rn o .c w

OPEN HOUSE SUN. 1:00-4:00 Pm

Independently Owned & Operated

Carol Nakic C N Sales Representative 613-330-6465

* Sales Representative **Broker

New LIstINg


, 2019 - Seaway News m y e ls a rn o .c w

649 Second Street East 613-938-8100

Properties for sale

Luc Poirier

Broker of Record

Let me help you find your dream

Cornwall Realty Inc., Brokerage

In Memoriam


BUIL 2017t

Shane Cosstick

Shane Cosstick

Sales Rep.





– COMMERCIAL UNITS – 133 SYDNEY ST. - $700 + gas/elect (water incl.) SECOND ST E, 1 Open Concept Studio Space (800sq ft), $750+HST & util incl.


“CUMBERLAND GARDENS” 4 BDRM TOWNHOUSE – coming soon - $1400-$1500 2 BDRM APT – top floor - $800 incl. Call for Availability

- Seaway News -

MLS 1138614

407B Pitt St., Cornwall 613-935-5777

6100 4th LINE RD, BAINSVILLE, 3 bdrm house, no appl. $1600+ propane/elect. 17295 COUNTY RD 18, ST ANDREWS W, 3 bdrm house, appl provided, $975 + gas/elect. - SEPT 18545 COUNTY RD 22, MAXVILLE, 3 bdrm, no appl, $2500+ gas/elect

22- Wednesday, August 14, 2019

18605 gRandviEw




1.7 aCRES 1815 dEwhuRSt

Emplois divers

For those that remember Richard Garth Shaver please join us in celebrating his life. Son of Kenneth & Jean Shaver. Brother to Anne, Margaret, Rosemary, Manley & Alan. Born October 1950, deceased April 27, 2019, in Thunder Bay. Interment at North Valley Cemetery, at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, August 24th. Light lunch to follow at the Ingleside United Church Hall.



33 CUMBERLAND, main fl, 2 bdrm Condo, w/appl $1600+ gas/elect. FIFTH ST E, one bdrm House, Short Term Rental - util, cable & wifi incl, fully furnished.– Nov 1/19-Apr 30/20 - $1500/mth 6137 POIRIER, Glendale subdivision, 3+1bdrm house, no appl $1300+propane/elect, ON HOLD 436 SEVENTH ST E –3 bdrm semi, f/s, w/d $875+ gas/elect –Sept

Emplois divers

DISABLED man 67 seeks PSW or person with experience to help him with personal matters. $25/ h. + $10 travel allowance. Reliable vehicule required. Applicant should be physically fit. No heavy lifting required. 613-890-1926

DISABLED man 67 seeks PSW or person with experience to help him with personal matters. $25/ h. + $10 travel allowance. Reliable vehicule required. Applicant In Memoriam 817 be physically should fit. No heavy lifting required. 613-890-1926


394 EllEn avE. CoRnwall MLS1164217 $239,900


Services divers

LÉGER'S Treasures 613-937-0166. We buy household, garage, storage items and contents.

323 YORK ST, 1 bdrm, f/s, no parking, $650 incl. - OCT 17825-A SOUTH BRANCH RD, lower, 1 bdrm, no appl. $925 incl. – OCT 423 VICTORIA, 1+ bdrm, main, no appl. $900 incl - SEPT 326-C AUGUSTUS, Exec Style, 2 bdrm, penthouse, no appl. $1050+ gas/elect - Sept 17825 SOUTH BRANCH RD, - main floor unit, 2+ loft, no appl. $1650 incl – Sept 28 MARLBOROUGH, main, 2 bdrm. No parking, $700+elect, heat incl. – OCT 105 BEDFORD, 2 bdrm, f/s, no parking $700 incl – NOV 107 BEDFORD, 2 bdrm, main, no appl. $760 incl – SEPT 57C LEFEBVRE – 2 bdrm, top level, coming soon

Services divers

447 MCDONELL CRESENT, CORNWALL, ONTARIO South off Holy Cross or North onLÉGER'S Anthony St. offTreasu2nd St. E res 613-937-0166. FRIDAY, AUGUST 16 • 8:30 Am-5:00Pm We buy household, garage, stoFLORA GRANT DUMOUCHEL A U C T i O N S rEaRg e v ii tCeEmSs a n d Ingleside, Ontario contents. 613-537-2925


16895 County Rd. 36

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 1991 613-936-1533


NEW ListiNg • NEW ListiNg

SOLDved Sa Seller 7.91 $565

Tel: 613-933-2227 ext. 223



Cornwall realty, Brokerage 625 Montreal Rd., Cornwall 613.932.0001






Flats / apartments for rent




Well appointed 3 bdrm split level home in a great location. Modern kitchen with appliances incl. plus a patio door off the eating area to rear deck with hot tub. Living room & all 3 bdrms are hdwd floored. Gorgeous main bath that is completely tiled with a jet tub, separate shower & upscale vanity. Basement boasts a large rec room for family functions & a 3pc Todd Thompson* bath/laundry combination. 613-551-7908 $244,900



Properties for sale

Properties for sale



Properties for sale


Properties for sale


3 BED 2 BATH 1131SF - $319,000

2+1BED 2+1BATH 1592SF - $977,000

3BED 2+1BATH 1305SF - $309,900

325-327 ANNE STrEET

17286 MYErS rD, ST. ANDrEWS W. 58 CAMErON Cr.

29 ACRES 3BED 1+1BATH 1241SF - $395,000

DUPLEX – 2x2BEDS - $258,000

2 BED 1 BATH 891SF - $239,900




6594 TrEE HAVEN rD.

3+1BED 3BATH 1468SF - $299,900





In Memoriam

MacDonald, Darlene

❤ “Love you Babe” ❤ Your wife, Adele xxxooo Loved & Missed by your children, their families, your sisters, relatives and friends. ❤ ❤ ❤


Help wanted


Help wanted



2 BED 1 BATH 1237SF - $214,900

In Memoriam

Passed away at the Chinook Regional Hospital, Lethbridge, Alberta (formerly of Cornwall) on August 6, 2019 at the age of 64, following a brief battle with COPD. Loving companion of Dan Noel. Cherished daughter of Brunelle (Cholette) MacDonald & the late Patrick MacDonald. Survived by Patsy (Eric), Ron (Susan), Neil (Lila), Michael (Brenda), Susie (Lawrence), Donna (Steve), Ann (Bob), David (Debbie), Mark & Steven and many nieces & nephews. Predeceased by one brother, Donnie. In keeping with her wishes, cremation has taken place and a private ceremony will be held at Notre Dame Cemetery.


2BED 1BATH 722SF - $108,000

3+1 BED 2 BATH 2300SF - $375,000

6661 BrAY ST.


In Memoriam

Not a day goes by That we don’t think of you, Minutes turn to hours, Hours turn to days. Seems it’s been forever Since you had to go away, We are still holding onto RobeRt Our precious memories and PitRe 1958 - 2013 All of what used to be. Somehow you remain locked deep in my heart, Wish you were lying next to me With your head against my heart.

17490 CTY rD 44


In Memoriam

2+1BED 2+2 BATH 1863SF - $510,000 Exclusive


Help wanted


Help wanted

manager, CliniCal ServiCeS

19644 CTY rD 25, AppLE HILL 2+2BED 4BATH 2148SF - $460,000

“A rewarding career in caring starts here” 215720


Posting Date: Posting End date: Position: Location:

August 6, 2019 August 20, 2019

One (1) Full-time manager, CliniCal ServiCeS

Cornwall, supervising staff in Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry & Prescott-Russell

the POSitiOn Reporting to the Director of Operations, Eastern Counties, the Manager, Clinical Services is responsible for the general management and of the Community Based Personal Support Services Programs, Cancer Support Group, Camp Erin, Wellness Clinics, and Elder Abuse Program. The Manager, Clinical Services, ensures that that services are offered within a quality/risk management and ethics frameworks, promotes the importance of values, ethics, and vision by guiding individuals and groups towards achieving the organization’s goals.










ON-LINE AUCTION ONLY Ross & Carole McDonald-downsize, moving

• Gordon Canoe Co., Bobcaygeon circa 1885-1900 • Furnishings contempory & antique • Area rugs • Fine porcelain; Coalport, Shelley, Royal Albert, Susie Cooper • Home décor & kitchen wares • Saddles & Horse Tack • Records • Playboy magazines • Jewellery • Art • Brewmania • Hardware TERMS: 10% Buyer’s Premium; Visa & MasterCard






PICK UP: Sat. Aug. 24th 9:00 am - noon SHIPPING AVAILABLE 18667 CR # 2, R.R. # 1, Cornwall, ON





TwilighT AucTion SAle Thursday augusT 29Th aT 5:30 PM

To be held on site at 44 Main St South in the Village of Maxville

Real Estate & Household Effects

Reason for Auction: After enjoying over 4 decades in this quaint, clean charming home Mrs. Wensink has moved to the Maxville Manor. Owner & Auctioneer not responsible for Loss or Accident Terms: Cash or Good Cheque with Proper ID Prop: Mrs. Nellie Wensink

Auction Conducted by:

Peter Ross Auction Services Ltd.

Ingleside ON 613-537-8862 • Follow us on Facebook for Auction Updates


Real Estate consists of 1.5 story 2+1-bedroom home built in the 1940’s situated on an extremely well-manicured lot with a very functional out-building. This home boasts many recent renovations including all new siding and windows, exterior covered porch, new oil tank, 200amp electrical service and more. Ideal home for first time homeowners, a retired couple, or investors.

QualiFiCatiOnS inClude: • Degree or Diploma in Nursing is an asset • Minimum 5 years’ experience working in a community based service organization with at least 3 years experience in a supervisory or leadership role • Experience in labour management negotiations • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written), • Experience and/or training in conflict resolution and in developing/facilitating staff training • Ability to work in a high demand environment and manage multiple priorities • Proficiency in Microsoft Suite and other programs • Effective conflict management, problem solving and decision making skills • Experience with change management • Familiarity with the quality management approach and experience with quality management initiative • Direct experience in care-planning with individuals with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias considered an asset • Bilingualism (French/English) is an asset

Interested applicants should apply in writing to Tina Primeau-Brown, no later than 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, August 20, 2019. Please forward your resume to

215684 - Seaway News - Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 23


Primary reSPOnSibilitieS inClude: • Managing program financial resources including budget preparation and approval of expenses • Managing human capital, including staff/volunteer recruitment and performance management. • Providing direction, support and guidance to Program Supervisors, staff & volunteers. • Setting team objectives and work plans. Leads and supports Program teams in attaining performance objectives. • Sets program and department objectives in accordance with Carefor goals and resources • Effectively resolving conflicts • Developing modified work placements • Reviewing, monitoring and overseeing admission processes • Engages with clients and families regarding concerns, unmet needs, unique requests, wait lists and all reportable occurrences • Reporting on progress in meeting program performance targets. • Assists in monitoring, measuring, and evaluating the Quality Management & Ethics frameworks CQI and Lean process for the programs and services • Works in collaboration with the Director to collect and analyze client, customer and employee input and uses this information to improve the programs and services • Becoming familiar with Accreditation Canada’s required organizational practices, and the program based standards.


Help wanted


Help wanted

Help wanted



Help wanted

Help wanted



Help wanted


Help wanted

Help wanted

The Corporation of the Township of South Stormont

Riverside is growing and looking to expand our team. Great work environment!

is looking for a

ExpEriEncEd SalES pErSon

Equipment Operator/Truck Driver/Labourer

wantEd for our dEalErShip

One (1) Equipment Operator/Truck Driver/Labourer full-time (40 hours per week) unionized position. Reporting to the Public Works Supervisor, the position focus is a waste/recycling truck driver. Applicants must possess a valid Class DZ driver’s license, experience in operating construction equipment, combination sanding units and snow plow will be an asset. The full position description can be found at


• Company benefits • Excellent pay plan • Company demo • Equal opportunity employer • Excellent family/work balance

Qualified applicants are invited to submit a complete resume detailing education, experience, references and driver abstract by August 23, 2019 at 4:00 pm to the attention of Ross Gellately by email, or mail to the Township of South Stormont, 2 Mille Roches Road, P.O. Box 84, Long Sault, ON K0C 1P0

Please drop resume off in person c/o Dan Gagne 215611

We thank all applicants for their submission, but only those individuals selected for an interview will be contacted. The Township of South Stormont is committed to an inclusive, barrier-free environment and will accommodate the needs of qualified applicants during the hiring process.



2205 Vincent Massey Drive 613-938-0934

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Shingle Sales!

SaleS & SeRvice 613-933-7510 ~ Open to Public ~



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Free estimates!


D.R. fencing


Free estimates!

NEW HOMES FOR SALE 2157 Tremblay*: easT ridge subdivision,

1300 sf D READY FOR OCCUPANCY* single storey, 3 bdrm, S OL 1.5 baths, 1-1/2 garage $350,000 Holmes Approved Homes Contact us or visit us today: 613.932.7686 Follow us on

g&b Pawnshop



• Home, Office & Apartment General/Heavy Cleaning & Windows • Construction, Fire & Flood Cleaning

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one caLL. one contractor!

613.930.2059 |

SHArOn FOrtier, Owner/Operator


Chimney Sweep Pellet Stove Sales Pellet Stove Cleaning Minor Chimney Repairs


• 25


Free estimates • 613-363-9399



HOLMES Inspected – Approved – Certified


k merpaW construction Residential & Commercial 30 Years Experience Construction Project Manager


We fix that and everything in between



613-362-8618 Geothermal, Gas Heating, Gas Fireplaces Heat Pumps, Boilers, Indoor Air Quality Air Conditioning, Maintenance, Installation, Service …

613-362-4774 Find us on FACEBOOK!

Supply • Installation • Crown Moulding Wainscotting • Décor & Window Trim

Office 613 936-1924 Cell 613 362-0842 809 Pitt Street, Cornwall •

Bonded & Insured




Pamela Latreille

Residential • Janitorial

613-935-9444 613-551-6414

Apparel, Corporate, School & Sporting Awards For all your multi-media needs, contact

1201 2nd Street West, Cornwall Ontario K6J 1J2 613-938-6444


Robert Campeau

Foundations, Additions, Streetlights, Decks, Underpinning, Fencing, Signs, Docks, Bridges/Walkways, Exclusive Anchoring Solutions Solar Applications


Installation - Taping - Painting Plastering Repairs - Decorated Ceilings Small Renovations


Andrew Lavigne, Sales 5654 Cty Rd. 27,Williamstown 613.936.7790 Like us on facebook


Specializing in Ornamental, Chainlink, Wood & Vinyl


24 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

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Leaky roof? Leaky basement?


3205 norThdale: norThdale Terrace subdivision, 1700 sf two storey single family, 4 bdrm, 2-1/2 baths, double garage $400,000 1 george PaTrick*: arrowhead esTaTes, 1500 sf single storey, 3 bdrm, 2 baths, double garage $435,000 2144 burke: easT ridge subdivision, 1957 sf two storey, 4 bdrm, 2-1/2 baths, double garage $455,000


All details on our web site:

brett conway



Turn your Day Trip into a Luxury Stay Over Julie Whalley Travel Time

Omega Park in Montebello, Quebec, for those of you who have not yet taken a trip, I can assure you it is worth a visit.

Being there

You can spend the whole day at the park with plenty of opportunities to purchase food, or even take your own and enjoy the natural surroundings from a picnic table as you eat.. Not all the time is spent in your vehicle either with the park strategically placing an opportunity half way round to get out, take a wagon ride and visit the Old Farm with its farmyard animals waiting to greet you, and scheduled shows for your entertainment. Yes the admission price of $31 for adults and $21 for children may seem a lot if you have a family however , you are getting a full day of fun and look out for offers on www. or visit for a $5 coupon. There are also savings if you book your tickets on their website and purchase a family pass.

The park allows you to drive the 15km marked pathways through the natural habitat of some of Canada’s majestic wildlife, observing them as you never have before. A stop at the gift shop before you embark on your tour will give you the chance to get your $3 bag of carrots to feed some of the animals as you slowly drive Staying there through. We decided to stay one night at the Fairmont


eC lebrate

Chateaux Montebello, a few minutes drive from the Park, to be honest I wish I had stayed longer, wow what a great location. The hotel itself is described as the “World’s Largest Log Cabin” and that is exactly the feeling you get while you are there. This hotel is more of a resort offering many activities depending on the season, an outdoor pool with poolside service and scheduled activities , paddle boating, kayaking or paddle boarding on the Ottawa river, mini golf, bicycles, tennis and much more all included in the resort fee of only $28 a room. They also have many winter activities such as curling, ice skating, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and indoor pool and hot tubs, indoor tennis and any cottage vacation would not be the same without a bonfire. The best thing is you can experience all the activities without having to bring any equipment as everything you need to take

part is available for you right there. This hotel has all the luxury of the fairmont brand but still has the worldly charm of a cottage, with the wooden architecture and the rustic but elegant rooms. There are also many eating options to suit all preferences and if you don’t see anything on the menu, the village of Montebello has a range of dining options too. Check out their website for further details and offers On the other hand if you want a truly wildlife adventure Omega Park does offer some accommodation, from a Tipi experience for simple camping lovers to a night in a cabin with a panoramic view of the wolves in your back yard, starting at $100 a night. Take a look at these options to experience the park after dark. www. I will warn you though NO ELECTRONICS allowed if you stay over.

Place your ‘Let’s Celebrate’ in Seaway News for a chance to win a Frozen Celebration Cake compliments of Dairy Queen Cornwall and Seaway News. All Celebrate ads will be entered into the draw. One (1) weekly winner. Coupon to be picked up at Seaway News.

To place your ad, call 613-933-0014 ext. 221 or email

Cash Interac Not Available




This week’s winner:

AD DEADLINE: FRIDAY AT NOON - Seaway News - Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 25

TERRY TAILLON … thanks for the feedback! Can you believe that it has already been 30 years for the MS Bike tour? Every year bikers from all over hike from Ottawa to Cornwall and back in support of research for MS. Welcome back

Stephanie McRae

from holidays. Seaway News would like to send our thanks and a shoutout for always doing such a great job at keeping us and the public informed. It takes a lot to knock down

“The Jersey Farmer”


Call Us Today! Roger Martel, Dena Wright & Rodney Taylor

It is Doors Open this weekend in Cornwall and SD&G. Dozens of museums, arts centres and other tourism sites will be open free of charge. Head out and experience the culture and heritage of Cornwall and the Counties this weekend. It is also Food Fest this weekend. Food Fest is always a fun event in support of a great cause, Beyond 21. If you love food and fun, you’ll love Food Fest. It takes place in Cornwall’s Downtown this The ladies of Cold Platter Catering have Saturday, August 17. moved into a new shop at 501 Campbell St. in Cornwall. They are open for lunch, so stop in for a soup and a sandwich. Sad to hear of the passing of Lionel Tessier. Pictured are Therese Perkins, Tessier was a pillar in Cornwall’s arts scene, Brenda Lee Legault and Riby St. Jean particularly in the area of theatre. He was an (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News)

Searching for prescription sunglasses that were lost in Cornwall on August 3 or 4. They are in a hard white case. If found, please call 613 936 3454.


1328 Pitt Street, Cornwall

inductee into Cornwall’s Arts Hall of Fame.

Have a cute pet that needs to be shared with the world? Email it in to for it to appear in the Pet Corner.

TOPIC OF DISCUSSION Katie andrewS will Be diScuSSing her experienceS aBout SucceSSfully tagging Monarch ButterflieS, teach uS where to find larvae and what you need to Know to houSe theM during their tranSition period. She will alSo diScuSS how to create a Monarch wayStation in your very own yard and anSwer all of your queStionS. Bring the KidS! everyone welcoMe!

1160 South Branch rd, cornwall 613-938-8009

It has been a busy week for

Jane McLaren and Beyond 21.

This past weekend, they captained the Great Raisin River Foot Race and now, on August 17 is the fifth annual Cornwall Food Fest, also organized by Beyond 21. Thank you to Jane and her team at Beyond 21 and their volunteers and participants for putting on great events in our community.

26 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

- Seaway News -

but he’s no match for a trailer hitch in the dark!! (…alcohol may have been a factor!)

rumour or gossip

Cornwall’s only independent hearing aid clinic.


scuttlebutt noun [skuht-l-buht]


A 50th Anniversary, a Birthday and Fine Dining! Life cannot get better than that! The Casa Poalo Restaurant with Caterina and Sandra, certainly did their very best to make our evening a memorable one. We enjoyed delicious food and excellent service. Thank you. Reservations have been made for our next visit. -The Taylors

Saw a few accidents this week at two intersections on McConnell Avenue, just a block apart. Coincidence? Or something worth looking into?

Great job to Michael Seguin, Roy Perkins, Chelsea Hope and the whole team of volunteers who put the Williamstown Fair together every year on another fantastic year.

Rachel’s Kids are helping

Hayley Snyder has been diagnosed with Arthrogryposis, a rare condition that causes contracting of the joints, muscle weakness and pain. “When we heard about the amount of travelling required for this family to attend Hayley’s appointments we wanted to lend a “Helping Hand”” Kim Lauzon, Executive Director. “Through our initiative we were able to provide the family with gift cards to assist in alleviating some of the financial burden during their travels, allowing the family to focus on Hayley’s recovery. We are so happy we could help this deserving family”

What a whole lot of fun Waterfest was. It is always an exciting and unique event that supports a good cause. Congratulations to the Emard family and the team of volunteers who made this year’s event possible.

What’s better than getting ice cream, driving home with the windows down and listening to Crocodile Rock?

On Sunday, Aug. 25, Project Embrace will have an information session at the Martintown Mill. Project Embrace is a support program for caregivers.

with power cart add $16 per player


This note is to the person who stopped and called 911 at the accident on Anderson at Aultsville Roads in South Stormont around 2 a.m. on Monday August 5. We don’t know who you are but we want you to know that by calling, you likely saved a young man’s life and his entire family will never be able to thank you enough. You should know that first responders arrived promptly and he is now recovering from the mishap. The family hopes you feel very good about yourself for taking the time to do what you did. You deserve it. 1160 South Branch Rd, Cornwall 613-938-8009

The Alexandria Glens junior hockey team has a new coach in Marty Chesser. Chesser won two world championships with Team Ontario’s under-17 program and coached the Embrun Panthers to two Junior-C titles.

Riders rolled out this weekend for the annual Monte Yancy and his fellow Motorcycle Ride for Kinsmen are in the parking lot of Hospice. It is a fun event St. Lawrence College every for a great cause. Sunday morning until October for the

Kinsmen Farmers Market.

Stop by, there are always great things to find.

More Scuttlebutt on page 28 - Seaway News - Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 27




noun [skuht-l-buht]


rumour or gossip


Cornwall Food Fest

Congratulations to the family of

Hugh Michael MacDonald

on his posthumous induction into the Glengarry Sports Hall of Fame. MacDonald sufferred from Cerebral Palsy throughout his life, but went onto win 16 gold medals between 1978-1986 in running, weightlifting, archery, shot put, club throw and javelin.

Doors Open

Saturday, August 17

August 17-18 Cornwall and SDG

Cornwall’s biggest block party returns with Cornwall Food Fest in Downtown Cornwall. Enjoy great food, artisans and vendors, buskers, demonstrations, live music and more!

Discover the amazing stories behind some of the area’s most famous sites! During this two-day event, participating local sites will open their doors free of charge, to members of the public.

Supporting children’s miracles, one blizzard at a time


Owner of Dairy Queen (DQ) Cornwall, Nolan Quinn, anticipated that 2,500 local customers would show their support during the annual DQ Miracle Treat Day across North America on Thursday, Aug. 8. Seeing a five-times jump from the usual 500 blizzards sold on an average summer day, Quinn said that the annual event receives a lot of support from community partners, like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cornwall and District who were on site, as well as members of the public. “CHEO is very important. It serves a lot of people in Cornwall and SDG. Obviously with children being our future, it’s a very easy ask for customers. Not only are we fundraising today but we do it year-round,” said Quinn. “It’s not hard to find motivation when you see one sick child. It’s pretty easy to want to jump on board and do more.” From left, Owner of Dairy Queen Cornwall Nolan Quinn, Alex Tourangeau representing CHEO, enjoying holding a frozen upside-down blizzard and Evan Burelle, volunteer and DQ staff member. Shawna O’Neill/Seaway News photo.

Taste Tour Burger Edition

August 17-18

August 21 - 31

If burgers are your thing then you’re in for a treat. Taste Classiqu’Arts will bring classical music, opera and the visual arts to the forefront with a series of concerts in two Tour Burger Edition is a celebration of burgers…and it’s historic venues - Nativity Co-Cathedral and St. Raphael’s back! Kicking off on Wednesday, August 21 until August Ruins. Enjoy amazing performances in beautiful settings! 31. A slab of protein slapped between two buns with an assortment of fixins’ to satisfy your taste buds!

Wagyu Tasting Menu

Cornwall Triathlon August 24-25

Join Chef Steve Brown for this 12 course tasting menu that Hundreds of competitors from across Ontario, Quebec features some of the best Wagyu from around the world and the U.S. will arrive for the Cornwall Triathlon! The fun including Canada, Australia, Japan and more! The Nav Centre starts with Young Champions Day on Saturday followed by will play host to this one of a kind dining experience. the adult races on Sunday. Come cheer them on!


It is almost time to go back to school! As a parent, is this your favourite time of the year?

More Scuttlebutt on pages 26 & 27

Gordon Winter Maxville Manor has installed a plaque honouring

Gordon Winter

OHL Exhibition Game

Akwesasne International Pow-Wow

The Ontario Hockey League returns to Cornwall for an exhibition game between the Ottawa 67’s and the Kingston Frontenacs. Get your tickets by calling 613-938-9400 or visit Ticketpro online. Tickets are only $9.50 for adults and $6.50 for children 12 and under.

Discover the Akwesasne Pow-Wow as it brings together the best Native artisans, drummers and dancers from this region. Set on the shores of the beautiful St. Lawrence River, you will enjoy a two day event with good music, good food and good company.

Monday, September 2

Winter volunteered at the manor for 44 years. The plaque was presented to his wife, Lorna.

September 7 – 8

AdVantages Advertising Weekly Smile

Visitor Information Centre

Visiting Cornwall? Stop by our Visitor Information Centre in the Cornwall Community Museum in Lamoureux Park! Pick up a Visitor Guide or map and let us provide you with recommendations to make your visit to Cornwall even more memorable. We’re open 7 days a week, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

For info on these & dozens of other upcoming festivals and events, visit:


Carlos Carlos the mystical creature has been spotted in Cornwall. Owner Savannah Cousineau. 208934

28 - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

- Seaway News -

August 23-24

Rachel’s Kids are helping another local child. Hayley Snyder, 2, suffers from a medical condition that causes pain and contracting in her joints. Hayley and her family will be travelling to Greenville, SC to receive new theraputic treatments. Rachel’s Kids are helping her and her family ease the financial burden.

Bring in or email your favourite pet photo along with a small caption and we’ll publish it so all our readers can enjoy it, too!

Drop in to our office at 501 Campbell St. - Unit 6 or email DEADLINE IS FRIDAY NOON

A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each morning. The wife said, “You should do it because you get up first, and then we don’t have to wait as long to get our coffee. The husband said, “You are in charge of cooking around here and you should do it, because that is your job, and I can just wait for my coffee.” Wife replies, “No, you should do it, and besides, it is in the Bible that the man should do the coffee.” Husband replies, “I can’t believe that, show me.” So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament and showed him at the top of several pages that it indeed says... “HEBREWS”

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Cornwall Seaway News August 14, 2019 Edition  

Cornwall, Ontario - community newspaper serving over 39,000 homes every week.

Cornwall Seaway News August 14, 2019 Edition  

Cornwall, Ontario - community newspaper serving over 39,000 homes every week.