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2011 Annual Report

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Dear Friend of CU: This annual report is our way of staying accountable to you as a vested partner in the strategic enterprise of

preparing the next generation to engage the cultures of our world with the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m glad to report that, in a tough economic climate and in spite of the rising costs of a quality college experience, we opened our doors last fall to an enrollment in our traditional undergrad division that was 250 above what we had projected in our five-year plan. We finished the year well in the black and are working on some long overdue remodeling projects, including the Dining Commons, the Gordon Music Building, Quincer Hall (which is being refitted back into a men’s residence), and a new Faculty Office Building to house our growing full-time faculty. We recently hired some excellent new faculty, and the academic profile and spiritual quality of these new profs will enable us to continue to meet our goal of providing a spiritually contagious and academically excellent education where our students can thrive as followers of Christ. Grand Rapids Theological Seminary continues to attract outstanding students who are vocationally focused on Christ and His Church. We launched an online Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership program, and the highly successful Urban Cohort program continues to provide opportunities for urban leaders to upgrade their theological education.



Our Professional and Graduate Studies Division had another banner year in both enrollment and profitability as it continued to be one of West Michigan’s leading sources for adult education. This year we introduced our new Masters in Health Care. WCSG and WaYfm continue to provide outstanding Christ-centered programming. I constantly hear great reports from many who have been blessed in specific ways by our programming and staff. And, did I mention that our men’s basketball team brought home a National Championship this year? Thank you for your partnership as a friend of Cornerstone University—whether you’re an alum, pastor, parent or donor (or all of the above) – your partnership contributes to all the good news in this annual report!

One of the great privileges of being a Christ-follower is the opportunity to be ‘fully present’ and ‘fully human’ in the world. God has founded Creation and then set all humans free to be culture-makers, but only those with a reconciled relationship to God understand that our context is always broader than this life and this world. The task of a Christian liberal arts university like Cornerstone is thus to help wed this Kingdom focus into all the spheres of knowledge and inquiry, with a sense of what is possible and what is meaningful in our Spirit-directed engagement with all the various cultures of the time and place in which we find ourselves. A university can only lay the groundwork, as the church has the central role in transforming culture, so we work to prepare thoughtful and courageous members of the Body of Christ, who see in their human activities and choices eternal significance and meaning. Hence, games and sports don’t serve as ends in themselves for the rush of competition or the ramification of victory; rather, a basketball team can be driven by love and compassion for a little boy who, though dying, loves his ‘big brothers’ on the team with unrestrained joy. Hence, a music festival filled with guitar riffs and crashing cymbals and screaming teenagers seeks to push past Dionysian frenzy and mindless entertainment by weaving a fabric of popular culture that speaks earnestly and candidly about the trials and God-centered hopes of a generation of young people. Hence, an installation of wall art can do more than augment the decorative scheme or create a buzz of aesthetic admiration, but can actually foster reflection and allusive wonder at God’s tenacious redemptive love. Hence, a professional program in an ‘economically booming’ industry can transcend the economic motive and ascend to the idea of helping the physically and mentally ill among us find just and thorough care. The work of redeeming culture is a vast enterprise, is God’s work in Christ, sustained through the Spirit, and embodied in us, as we reflect and act upon the wonderful vision of the Kingdom that He has given us. But it’s also a work that happens in small acts and decisions in myriad lives all over the world all the time. We’re proud, at Cornerstone, to be a part of this vast, ‘little by little’ work.

Annual Report 2011  Redeeming Culture

Dr. Michael Stevens, Professor of English Co Author of Wendell Berry and the Cultivation of Life


redeeming culture

Pictured: Dr. Matt Bonzo, professor of philosophy (left) and Dr. Stevens, professor of English (Dawn Pick Benson © 2009)

Year in review Cornerstone University



Dr. Joseph Stowell, president of Cornerstone University, gave the commencement address and received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Huntington University at the school’s 113th commencement exercises in May. He also hosted the award-winning five-part series called “The Dawning: Christianity in the Roman Empire,” produced by Day of Discovery. (pictured above) Cornerstone University was featured in the Grand Rapids Press as the school with the highest percent increase in enrollment among all of west Michigan’s private school. (pictured left; John Ordonia © 2010) Dr. Brad Stamm, professor of business and chair of the Business Division, was interviewed on WoodRadio 1300 in December regarding President Barack Obama’s tax proposals. He was also interviewed on WOOD TV in October discussing holiday retail expectations. He wrote a review of “Foundations of Economics: a Christian View” for Faith & Economics Fall/Winter 2010/2011 edition; was featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal in September; spoke in New York on the economic crisis in October; and moderated a panel at the Christian Business Faculty Association Meeting in Lakeland, Fla. in October. Dr. Stamm also spoke in January in Somerset, N.J. on ‘Jesus and the Great Recession’ and ‘Poverty - What is it?’ and at the River’s Edge Church in May on ‘Virtue & Volatility,’ subtitled, ‘Scriptural Answers to the Ups and Downs of Life.


Annual Report 2011 ď ˇ Redeeming Culture

Dr. Rob Keys, associate professor of science, was awarded a $10,500 grant to study the effects of trophic cascading by white-tailed deer on breeding bird populations. The research will be conducted at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute where Dr. Keys will oversee two undergraduate environmental biology majors, Amber Vandergeld and Jason Oosterhouse. Dr. Kerisa Myers, associate professor of education, presented research at the National Coalition for Campus Children’s Centers (NCCCC) in San Diego in April . The title of the presentation was “Child Care at Higher Education Campuses: Director Perceptions.” Dr. Nigel Crompton, professor of biology, was selected to present at the Grand Dialogue Annual Conference in April. Dr. Crompton also presented in Stuttgart, Germany. Kathleen Sindorf, associate professor of communication and media studies, taught at the Iberoamerican Confraternity of Christian Communicators conference in September. Gene Peterson, director of academic support and associate professor of education, and Dr. Judith Fabisch, professor of English, retired after the spring semester. Cornerstone welcomed Kent Walters, associate professor of music, and Scott Courey, director of counseling services.



Cornerstone hosted the second annual Business Breakfast where a panel discussed health care reform in America. Panelists included: Dan Oglesby, senior vice president of human resources for Spectrum Health; Steve Heacock, former chief administrative officer of the Van Andel Institute; Kim Horn, president and CEO of Priority Health, and; Roger Spoelman, president and CEO of Mercy Health Partners/Trinity Health of Muskegon. The Cornerstone University Marketing and Communications office took home four awards from the West Michigan chapter of the Public Relations Society of

America awards ceremony in April. The office won WMPRSA Gold Awards for the Build a Life That Matters brochure, the Theatre Season Brochure and the Champions of Character Misty May, and won a WMPRSA Silver Award for the Parent Brochure. The Herald won 11 awards in the Michigan Press Association’s Better Newspaper College Contest and four awards in Baptist Press’ Excellence in Journalism contest. Cornerstone University Theatre received eight nominations for the Grand Rapids Grand Awards. Junior Leah Hoffman won Outstanding Lead Actress and senior Rebekah Visser won Outstanding Supporting Actress for their roles in “Anne of Green Gables.” (pictured page 7; Coastline Studios © 2010) Cornerstone University Student Government started campus-wide recycling efforts after a February forum on sustainability. Dan Erickson has been hired as the new tennis head coach for both men’s and women’s teams. He is actively recruiting for the upcoming seasons. Michigan State University quarterback Kirk Cousins spoke in March at a Champions of Character event on how he integrates football and faith. (pictured below, right) Work has been finished on Quincer Hall, the dining hall and a new faculty building. Cornerstone’s chapter of Students in Free Enterprise walked away as regional champions for the second time in two years, earning a spot in the national competition.(below, left) The Cornerstone men’s basketball team won the NAIA Division II National Championship. Coach Kim Elders earned the title of NAIA Coach of the Year. (story on page 12)

Alumnus and staff member at Cornerstone University, Ryan Davis, 28, passed away on May 22, 2011. He left behind his wife of six years, Emilie Davis (B.A. ’04), and was a central figure in the life of our campus community. Most people in his inner circle were persuaded to ride motorcycles after watching Ryan’s passion and fun with the hobby. He was a resident director at CU for several years and impacted hundreds of students’ lives as he walked with them through the joys and struggles of everyday college life. He was someone who wasn’t afraid to share tough news with people, yet he was also someone who people regularly came to in their toughest and most difficult moments. His life exemplified I Thessalonians 2:8 – “Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.”

GRTS Dr. David Livermore, executive director of the Cultural Intelligence Center, spoke on the topic of education in the US on an NBC news panel. Dr. Livermore left his position as associate professor of intercultural ministries at GRTS to serve full-time at the Cultural Intelligence Center.

Wendy Widder joined GRTS as a visiting assistant professor of Old Testament. GRTS welcomed Craig Johnson (B.A. ’82; M.Div. ’87; Th.M. ’02) as the new director of the Kern Scholar Program. GRTS received a $1.5 million grant from the Kern Family Foundation to fund the Kern Scholar Program that covers 75 percent of tuition costs for five groups of students. Kern Grant will provide ¾ tuition scholarships for completion of the Master of Divinity to over 50 students (they will be the Kern Scholars). GRTS began its Addictions Counseling cognate, three courses specifically designed to prepare students for the academic and practical requirements of the Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor credential from the Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals. (pictured above, left; Ryan Prins Photography © 2010)

Chris Brauns (M. Div. ’93) published When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search: Biblical Principles and Practices to Guide Your Search, a book on biblical vision for pastoral ministry. He is a GRTS alumnus serving as a pastor. Deng Alier, Debora Makuei and Rebecca Deng became the first Sudanese graduates of GRTS in May. They enrolled in 2008 when donors committed more than $400,000 to a new program to fund their tuition. (pictured above, right) Bette Dickinson (GRTS M. Div. Student) completed “What Breathes Beneath Our Story”. (read story page 16) Jeremy Grinnell (Visiting Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology) completed his Ph.D. in Systematic Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary. His Dissertation was entitled: The Mythos of Sin: C. S. Lewis, the Genesis Fall, and the Modern Mood. Dr. Grinnell has taught at Cornerstone and GRTS since 1999.

Annual Report 2011  Redeeming Culture

Former CU professor, Wilbur Eifert, 86, went to be with his Lord and Savior on July, 10, 2011, in the presence of his loving family. He honorably served his country during World War II in the U.S. Navy. He and his first wife, Joyce, worked as missionaries in Hawaii for 12 years. In 1975 Eifert began teaching in the Bible Division for Grand Rapids Baptist College (Cornerstone University). He retired in 2003 from Cornerstone University. He is survived by his wife of 28 years, Phyllis. Please consider contributions to the David Eifert Scholarship Fund, named after one of Eifert’s sons, at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary.

Dr. Gary Meadors, professor of New Testament of 16 years, retired after the spring semester.


The Cornerstone men’s golf team won the WHAC championship and earned an automatic bid to the NAIA National Championships. Ben Vanbiesbrouck tied for 42nd out of 156 golfers in the national tournament.



Country Coordinator of Myanmar, Gin Khen Mang, received his honorary doctorate from Faith Baptist Theological Seminary. ABTS Seminar sites include Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand; Davao, Philippines; Hong Kong, Iloilo and Manila, Philippines; Pyongtaek City, South Korea; Singapore; Yangon, Myanmar; Goroka, Papua New Guinea. During the 2010-2011 fiscal year, ABTS had five faculty members, 18 adjunct faculty, five visiting faculty from Cornerstone University.

Cornerstone University relocated to a new Professional & Graduate Studies’ Lakeshore Campus in Zeeland in October. The program has held classes in the Holland/Zeeland area since 2005, previously operating nearby at a smaller location. In May more than 30 PGS employees spent a day giving back to the community. They volunteered at two Grand Rapids locations with Habitat for Humanity.

ABTS is investing in future expansion with a seminar site in Silchar, India and with cooperative educational ministries in China.


Former ABTS president, Doctor Robert Keith Rapa (B.A. ’79), 59, passed away unexpectedly on May 25, 2011. He enjoyed preaching from and teaching about the Word of God, riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and spending time with his wife and kids. Bob graduated from CU with a Bachelor of Arts in religion and served as a resident director for Quincer hall. He continued his education at Grand Rapids Theological seminary, earning an M.Div. and a TH.M. He served as an adjunct, associate and assistant professor for Asia Baptist Theological Seminary until 1996. From 2006 through 2010 he led ABTS as president. When he wasn’t teaching for Cornerstone, Bob spent his life in faithful service to the Lord, pastoring churches in Allegan, Otsego, Belmont, and Indian River, Mich.

CU Radio completed another year of steady growth in ministry in West Michigan and around the world through its respective media of WCSG, WaYfm and Mission Network News. Service opportunities such as food and backpack drives were expanded for all three ministries to include short term mission trips.

PGS Chad Tuttle, business special appointment faculty for Cornerstone’s Professional and Graduate Studies program, accepted the position of chief executive officer at Sunset Retirement Communities and Services. He has worked at Sunset for more than nine years as executive director, and plans to continue teaching at PGS.

WCSG and WaYfm held onto their respective market shares as leaders in Christian radio for their respective audiences while MNN continued to serve more than 1,000 radio outlets across the country and around the world with its newscasts.

In August, a team of 21 volunteers traveled on a ministry trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia. The trip was organized by WaYfm and Mission Network News, and team members ministered to orphans in the former Soviet Union. (pictured left; John Balyo © 2011)

Annual Report 2011  Redeeming Culture

ABTS provides accredited, graduate-level theological education to Bible college professors, pastors, missionaries and other church leaders throughout SE Asia.

Dr. Ray VanderWeele, adjunct faculty of finance for Cornerstone’s Professional and Graduate Studies program, taught advanced economics, investments, financial management and advanced accounting in Lithuania and Russia last summer. He has taught at Lithuania International University for 11 summers and has often taught during the summer at the Russian-American Institute in Moscow.




Feature Stories

Men’s basketball Team wins Second National Championship

Cornerstone entered the NAIA Division II national tournament as the third-ranked team in the 32-team field, and from the first game of the tournament, proved that they were a force with which to be reckoned. The Golden Eagles dominated the first four teams they played by an average margin of victory of 27 points. That led them to the title game where they faced the defending champions, the University of Saint Francis. Saint Francis proved to be a worthy opponent as they jumped out to an early lead, but senior forward Kelvin DeVries made his 309th career three-pointer to give the Golden Eagles the lead at halftime. Saint Francis battled fiercely in the second half, but junior guard Ronald Bates led Cornerstone to the win with 25 points and 12 rebounds. For six of Cornerstone’s seniors, this was the game they had all been dreaming about—the payoff for a long road of blood, sweat and tears. This was a team that had been through its share of growing pains since they arrived on campus as freshman in 2007. That was the year Coach Elders made one of the toughest decisions of his coaching career: the dismissal of two of his senior players and the suspension of another four. The disciplinary actions taken by Elders left him with a team that lacked leadership and experience. He spent his time teaching his young players the game and system, and his efforts caused the team to grow together and play as a unit. It was this unit that had 34 wins this season and went undefeated on the newly-named “Coach E Court.”

The inspiration behind the national championship victory came from 8-year-old Johnny Teis. He and his brother Robbie were ball boys for Cornerstone during the 2009 and 2010 seasons. In May 2010, Johnny was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Immediately thereafter, the team dedicated its 2010-11 season to Johnny. As the basketball team marched through the season and the NAIA National Tournament, the players considered Johnny an angel on their shoulders. Even though he was weak and tired, Johnny insisted on being at as many games as possible, including the entire national tournament run. On April 21, 2011, Johnny passed away, but not before witnessing the team he loved win the 2011 NAIA National Championship. After winning the national championship game, Caleb Simons presented his Most Valuable Player trophy to Johnny, a gesture that was chronicled by media across the nation and touched the hearts of thousands. Johnny was loved by each player and coach as well as the entire CU community. “We drew our inspiration from ‘Johnny the Brave,’” said Elders. “He displayed strength and character far beyond his years and was the catalyst that brought us together.” Cornerstone’s men’s basketball team was a portrait of selflessness and sacrifice, and these traits ultimately paid off for them. The university encourages all students to follow this example as they impact the world for Christ. Coach Kim Elders celebrates 2nd National Championship. CU Men’s Basketball Team holds National Championship trophy. Creative Images Photography © 2011

Annual Report 2011  Redeeming Culture

It was an even bigger day for men’s basketball head coach Kim Elders and his team. For Elders, that was the day he won his second national championship. For his players, that was the day that all their hard work and dedication paid off.

“Ultimately, that [season] paid great dividends for us,” said Elders in a Grand Rapids Press article about the championship. If you ask anyone involved with the team, though, they’ll quickly tell you that there was more to this season than hard work and sacrifice. There was inspiration behind it as well.


March 15 was a big day for Cornerstone University.

Feature Stories 14

On the pulse of modern health care by anne Byle

Chyrisha Brown yearns (pictured left) to become a person of faith, a person of knowledge, and a health care worker who truly understands the people she helps.

When she learned about the Health Care Master of Business Administration program offered by Cornerstone University’s Professional and Graduate Studies program, she knew it was the place for her. “I knew an M.B.A. would open a lot of doors and I knew I wanted to work in health care; then I heard about the program and talked to admissions counselor Leslie Iverson. It’s all falling together in a way no one could have structured,” said Brown. “What stands out are the program’s faith component and its cultural perspective.” Grand Rapids, once known for furniture and automobile industries, is now known for its cutting-edge medical research facilities and innovative health care strategies and alliances. Cornerstone and its PGS program reach into Grand Rapids’ emerging medical culture thanks to the new Health Care M.B.A.

Cornerstone and PGS have spent the last year or two creating a program that meets that need for leaders. Upton has helped design classes and recruit teachers for the Health Care M.B.A. that began in February 2011. “This is a practitioner’s program. The health care industry told us what they wanted and we have created a program to answer that,” said Upton, who has taught in the PGS program since 1998 and came on as Dean in 2008. The program’s aim is two-fold: First is to provide leadership development for clinicians who want to expand their skills (doctors, nurses, lab technicians, etc.); second is to provide a health-care focus for those already trained in business leadership. Chad Tuttle is executive director of Sunset Retirement Community and a long-time adjunct professor in the PGS business program. He helped develop the Health Care M.B.A. on a contract basis. “One of the distinctives of this program is its emphasis on the industry itself. Each course is customized for the health care industry, which helps equip students specifically for it,” said Tuttle. “And we’re always talking about program content with health care officials to make sure we’re staying tailored to the industry.”

Business skills with health care focus The Health Care M.B.A. is an 18-month, 39-credit program that provides baseline business administration skills with a healthcare focus.

Upton lauds the program’s global component. Each student must participate in a 10-day overseas trip to Central Europe, China or South Africa. Students participate in business meetings, visit hospitals, and attend cultural events to help them understand health-care issues affecting the larger world. “I don’t know of any program in the area that makes global travel a requirement for its core curriculum,” said Upton. Brown is excited about gaining global experience, eager to put her classroom knowledge into real-life action. Real-world experience is part of what drew her to the program. “Global is exactly where it’s going,” said the 23-year-old. “I’ll get to apply the things I learn, and not just right outside my back door.” As a leader in the health care industry, Tuttle is thrilled with the program. “There are lots of M.B.A. programs out there, but Cornerstone and PGS have spent much time finding out what is specifically needed in the workplace. I can point people toward a program such as this as the next step in their careers. And I know a lot of people in the industry who are thrilled as well.” “Our vision for the Health Care M.B.A. very much mirrors Cornerstone’s vision to ‘Build a Life That Matters.’ We want to engage students to reach into the world for Christ,” said Upton. “The health care industry is changing dramatically, and it makes all kinds of sense to be part of that change. She sees only growth for the program in the next five years as the health care industry expands and changes. Upton sees potential for a fully online program and continued collaboration between Cornerstone and the local health care field.

Annual Report 2011  Redeeming Culture

“We’ve been watching the Medical Mile in downtown Grand Rapids,” said Dr. Sandra Upton, Dean of Business Programs at PGS. (pictured top left; Karmen Low © 2010) “We conducted focus groups with Grand Rapids’ health care industry experts and asked about their needs now and in the future. They all said they need leaders.”




“What stands out are the program’s faith component and its cultural perspective.”

GRTS Student Uses her Talents to Help Others See God When she was commissioned to paint the biblical story, Bette Dickinson wasn’t sure she could handle such a large project. Now, her finished work, “What Breathes Beneath Our Story,” adorns the walls of the Wood Seminary building.

Dickinson began attending Grand Rapids Theological Seminary as a Master of Divinity student in the fall of 2008 after graduating from Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in art. While at WMU, she worked in student leadership for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. “It was through my involvement at Intervarsity that I felt a call towards ministry,” Dickinson said.

The concept of the painting is to tell the biblical story of creation, fall, redemption and consummation. During the summer of 2010, Dickinson worked to complete the piece, which is a series of 19 clayboard panels with liquid acrylic and oil paints. While she was working on the project, Dickinson went through times when she questioned herself, whether she was worthy to represent the Bible in this way, or if she was even capable of it. She quickly realized that this was more than just a piece of art and that she was not capable of completing it on her own. Dickinson knew that she needed God’s help. She said that with God’s calling comes his empowerment and that’s exactly what He did for her.

Dickinson is quick to point out that her work is not an exact representation of the Bible; rather, it is her own interpretation of the story. She intentionally left several of the paintings abstract so that each person can find their own interpretation of them. The title of the work, “What Breathes Beneath Our Story,” is a reference to God, Dickinson said. In both Greek and Hebrew, the word for breathe and spirit are the same, and Dickinson used this to tell of how God is all throughout our story. Dickinson’s artwork is an expression of the seminary’s theology, and she hopes that her painting will remind people to take time to see God in new ways. This commission was just the first step in helping the Church understand that art can be a crucial part of ministry, in explaining that there can be so much more to ministry and theology. Dickinson hopes that this will be the start of new things, that her painting will help people find new and creative ways to see God. Dr. Michael Wittmer, professor of systematic theology at GRTS, said, “We hope that Bette’s painting will inspire other students to pursue the integration of theology and the arts.” Seminary students are encouraged to take what they learn in the classroom and put it into action by serving and leading others. Students are taught to engage the culture of the world for Christ and follow Dickinson’s example by using their gifts and talents in whatever ministry they pursue for the glory of God.


Feature Stories

Dickinson’s passion to use her gifts led her to explore ways to integrate art and ministry. When the seminary began to look for ways to round out its theology through other forms of expression, Dickinson’s talents were recognized. She received the commission to create the painting in January 2010. She immediately went to work researching and meeting with professors at GRTS to get a full grasp on the idea behind the piece.

With God’s help, Dickinson was able to finish the painting, using her artistic gifts to provide another way to see God. “What Breathes Beneath Our Story” uses six panels to tell the creation story, followed by six panels depicting the Sabbath, the fall, the salvation of Israel, the crucifixion and resurrection, the rise of the Church and the final redemption. Dickinson said the last seven panels are an abstract representation of the consummation.

Bette Dickinson’s masterpiece, “What Breathes Beneath Our Story.” Karmen Low © 2010


Annual Report 2011 ď ˇ Redeeming Culture


Feature Stories

Big Ticket Festival 2011

“God placed it on our hearts,” Drew said. He is now the Executive Director of the festival. The Big Ticket Festival includes over 100 bands, different speakers, extreme sports, a Kids Zone, and ministry and prayer tents. People of all ages and backgrounds gather together to encounter and celebrate Christ. Drew says they are most passionate about, “Doing our best to celebrate God’s glory through seeing families and friends come together, people worshiping and hearts being moved to make covenant with God!” For the third year now, Cornerstone University has had a unique opportunity to partner with Big Ticket Festival. Bob Sack, the executive director of marketing and communications at Cornerstone said, “It serves as a wonderful ministry.” Cornerstone is fulfilling their mission on campus and off campus, “to empower men and women to excel as influencers in our world for Christ.” The BTF is an important outreach for Cornerstone across Michigan. During the festival, Cornerstone hosted a village that featured the CU Radio stations, WCSG and WaYfm, CU Admissions and CU Alumni, and included interactive games and free giveaways.


Drew explained the importance of partnering with Cornerstone and the impact that it has had: “Cornerstone has such a strong connection with western Michigan and with our move to Ionia this year, Cornerstone has given us credibility and opened many doors.” Big Ticket Festival moved their location from Gaylord, MI to Ionia, MI for the 2011 Festival. With the festival drawing people from hundreds of miles away, they were able to expand and allow more people to come. Even though this event is entertaining with different activities, bands and speakers, the ultimate purpose is to reach out and allow the transforming power of Jesus to change people. Drew explained that Big Ticket comes from John 14:6: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” “Jesus is our big ticket to a relationship with God,” he said. Drew is personally grateful to serve in this ministry. “What better and greater opportunity than to have a three day party for Christ. It’s like a mini snapshot of heaven these three days.”

“...doing our best to celebrate God’s glory through seeing families and friends come together, people worshipping and hearts being moved to make covenant with God.”


Annual Report 2011  Redeeming Culture

hundreds of people of all ages, is a result of the passion and faithfulness of Cornerstone alum Drew Spanding (CU ’04). Years ago, Spanding had a desire to create an experience for families to feel and know the love of Christ. Over time, this desire grew into Michigan’s largest Christian music festival: Big Ticket Festival.

In February, the university hosted a “battle of the bands” competition during the winter homecoming festivities. Three CU student bands and three alumni bands competed for an opportunity to play at the Big Ticket Festival. Cities and Saints, a student band from Cornerstone, won the competition and played at the 2011 Festival.


Big Ticket Festival, an event that reaches

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Traditional Undergraduate: 1,271 PGS Undergraduate: 886

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PGS Graduate: 361 Grand Rapids Theological Seminary: 273 GRD (Ministry Leadership): 73 ABTS 2010 Graduates MRE Grads – 11 May Grads – 6 MA Grads – 2 Dec Grads – 7 Total Staff and Faculty: Full-Time Staff – 179 Part-Time Staff – 29


states Represented (undergrad)

Full-Time Faculty – 65 Adjunct Faculty Traditional Undergrad – 69 Adjunct Faculty PGS – 188

Recently Published by Faculty: Dr. Michael Pasquale, associate professor of linguistics, published Every Tribe and Tongue: A Biblical Vision for Language and Society and An ESL Ministry Handbook while on sabbatical. Brad Stamm, professor of Business and chair of the Business Division, book proposal – “Faithonomics: Applications of Biblical Truth to Economics and Times of Crises” – accepted by a publisher Dr. Michael Wittmer, professor of systematic and historical theology, published Christ Alone, a response to Rob Bell’s controversial work, Love Wins.

Financial Information

We have an amazing staff at Cornerstone University and based on their hard work and commitment to our mission, I am pleased to report that Cornerstone University ended our fiscal year in a healthy financial position. Our operating fund revenue increased over last year by 7.2% while our expenses increased only 2.3%. The continued improvement in our financial performance has allowed us to build our financial reserves, pursue our strategic initiatives, and invest in improvements across our campus. We thank God for his faithfulness as we pursue our mission to be richly resourced. These resources will assist us as we continue to provide a student focused learning environment where Jesus Christ is central. Nancy Schoonmaker Chief Financial Officer


where Jesus Christ is central. One of the ways we achieve this is to fulfill our vision statement and provide a richly resourced environment for our students. This is definitely a challenge in today’s economic environment! Over the past few years, the Cornerstone Community has taken on this challenge and has worked diligently to evaluate our operating budget and re-double our efforts to assure that we are wisely spending the funds that have been entrusted to us. We have also been focused on strengthening our financial position to build a more solid foundation in which we can weather future economic storms. At the same time, we are well aware that the affordability of a college education is a significant concern for our students. In response to this, we are working diligently to preserve the current levels of institutional financial aid in our budget.

Annual Report 2011 ď ˇ Redeeming Culture

Cornerstone University remains focused on providing a student focused learning environment


Enrollment, Academics & Financial Information

Condensed Financial Statements for the year ended May 31, 2011 Unrestricted Temporarily Permanently University Radio Restricted Restricted Operating Revenue

Net Student Tuition and Fees







$ 23,502,290

– 3,987,923


Auxiliary Services



– 5,635,257

Other Income



– 1,660,983

31,371,908 3,435,243

– 34,807,151


– 15,904,109

Investment Income

Total Operating Revenue

1,148,601 2,839,322



Operating Expenses Education & General Institutional Support



Physical Plant Operations




Auxiliary Services

2,163,842 2,598,459


Other Expenses







30,704,425 3,077,456

– 33,781,881

Net Asset Transfers (incl. Prior Year Transfers)

Total Operating Expenses Increase/(Decrease) in Net Assets from Operations







Investment Income (incl. real & unrealized gains)




Other Income




Other Academic Expenses



Other Non-Academic Expenses




Depreciation Expense



Net Asset Transfers


– (1,076,506)


Increase/(Decrease) in Net Assets


Non-Operating Activities


$ 334,963

$ 1,270,317


$ 514,926


$ 4,630,377

condensed statement of Financial Position University Assets Cash

$ 6,149,648

Receivables, Inventories, & Prepaid Expenses


Investments 10,243,948 Fixed Assets, net 30,743,515 Other Assets Total Assets


$ 51,420,330

Liabilities & Net Assets Accounts Payable & Accrued Expenses

$ 2,207,786

Deferred Revenue & Deposits


Notes Payable


Long-term Debt 11,563,606 Net Assets 32,740,036 Total Liabilities & Net Assets

$ 51,420,330

financial Aid Summary


Financial Aid Funded Scholarships


Other Grants & Scholarships


Athletic Scholarships


Incentive Scholarships


Academic & Need-Based Grants


Total Financial Aid

Funded Scholarships: Athletic 2.1% Scholarships: 9.8%


$ 9,548,487

Other Grants & Scholarships: 0.3%

Incentive Scholarships: 15.4%

Academic & Need-Based Grants: 72.4%

Annual Report 2011 ď ˇ Redeeming Culture



Other Liabilities

University Operating Revenue


Enrollment, Academics & Financial Information

Other Contributions: 3.7% Other Income: 4.8%

Radio Revenue

Investment Income: 0.1%

Other Income: 4.4% Service Revenue: 13%

Auxiliary Services: 16.5%

Net Student Tuition & Fees: 74.9%

University Operating Expenses Auxiliary Services: 7%

Institutional Support: 17.1%

Radio Expenses Other Expenses: 3%

Other Expenses: 3.5%

Physical Plant Operations: 1.8%

Net Asset Transfers: 10.7%

Physical Plant Operations: 9.6%

Net Asset Transfers: 10.9%

Contributions: 82.6%

Education & General: 51.9%

Radio Operations Expenses: 35%

Wages & Benefits: 49.5%

Steve Hawks (CU ’81), Chairman Senior Vice President Fifth Third Bank Grand Rapids, Mich. Carole Bos, Vice Chairman Senior Partner Bos & Glazier, PLC Grand Rapids, Mich. Wayne Visbeen, Treasurer President Visbeen Associates Inc. Grand Rapids, Mich. Dr. Don Denyes, Secretary Senior Pastor South Church Lansing, Mich.

Board of Trustee Members Dr. Mark Campbell President Cancer and Hematology Center of Western Michigan, P.C. Grand Rapids, Mich. Steve Cochlan President and CEO The Cochlan Group, Inc./Bank Consulting Group, Inc. Chicago, Ill.

Jennie Afman Dimkoff President Storyline Ministries Inc. Fremont, Mich.

Dr. Larry Thompson Senior Pastor First Baptist Church Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Harvey Gainey President Gainey Realty & Investment Corp. Grand Rapids, Mich.

Skot Welch Founder/Principal Global Bridgebuilders Grand Rapids, Mich.

J. William Luurtsema President Luurtsema Sales Inc. Jenison, Mich.

Daniel R. Wielhouwer, (CU ’68) President/CEO Club & Community Corporation Boca Raton, Fla.

Dr. Al Meredith (CU ’68) Senior Pastor Wedgwood Baptist Church Fort Worth, Texas

Dr. Lee Zuidema Kentwood Family Dentistry Kentwood, Mich.

Mike Miller President Miller Energy Inc. Kalamazoo, Mich.

Honorary Trustees

David Pray (CU ’08) President/CEO Decker Construction Inc. Grand Rapids, Mich.

Rev. Roy J. Clark Grand Rapids, Mich.

Amy Shane Littleton, Colo. Joe Slaughter (CU ’69) President/CEO Herff Jones Inc. Indianapolis, Ind. Dr. Joseph Stowell President Cornerstone University Grand Rapids, Mich.

Rev. Charles Alber (CU ’62) Wyoming, Mich.

C. John Miller Marco Island, Fla. Lewis Roberts Kalamazoo, Mich. Rev. Bruce N. Stewart Middleville, Mich.


Executive Committee

Annual Report 2011  Redeeming Culture

cornerstone university board of trustees

cornerstone university Cabinet Dr. Joseph M. Stowell III President


board listings

Dr. Rick Ostrander Provost

Marc Fowler Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Nancy Schoonmaker Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Chris Lemke (B.A. ’84) Executive Director of Cornerstone University Radio

William Knott Vice President for Advancement

Gerald A. Longjohn, Jr. Vice President for Spiritual Formation

Bob Sack Executive Director of Marketing & Communications

Dr. John VerBerkmoes (B.R.E. ’85, M.T.S. ’88) Vice President and Academic Dean for Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

giving Information

While those accomplishments are important CU exists to empower men and women to excel as influencers for Jesus Christ. We do that by offering a student

Specifically due to your gifts we were able to recruit 5 students from Grand Rapids, Chicago and Detroit who would not have been able to attend CU. We are encouraged at what we see God doing in our students and community. In all of this we have worked very hard to steward God’s resources as effectively and efficiently as possible. Your generosity enables our students and community to grow and thrive in all areas. We could not do without you! Our prayer in the coming year is that we can empower as many students as possible and with your help we will. Thank you for your continued thoughtfulness to our students!

Bill Knot Vice President for Advancement

Giving Totals: university capital


annual fund


estate gifts

seminary $3,542.00

total $62,419.00

$107,222.00 $1,054,309.93








other restricted







Annual Report 2011  Redeeming Culture

The theater’s production of White Christmas still has people talking. Their performances of Tuck Everlasting, Proof and His Girl Friday were remarkable as well. Our choral and instrumental ensembles performed in over a dozen churches and venues and performances ranged from our University Chorale and Credo to our Symphonic Winds and CU Brass. Let us not forget about the significant performances of the contemporary Christian ensemble, Red Letter Edition, along with the worship and contemporary ensembles.

focused learning environment where Jesus Christ is central. Another strong enrollment year affirms our direction in that realm. In May we graduated 264 from CU undergraduate and graduate programs, GRTS and PGS new alumni to go and distinguish themselves in their chosen fields while being exemplary followers of Christ.


The past year

was an incredible experience as Cornerstone University completed its 70th year as an academic institution. In fitting style we celebrated great success in many of the areas of University life. In academics the Ancient Studies major has returned, Faculty continue to publish their work and teach in conferences across the map, over 20 different study abroad programs have been offered and students in free enterprise took home a regional championship for the second time. In athletics we celebrated season and conference championships in women’s soccer, track and field and men’s basketball which went on to win the NAIA National Championship. I never get tired of saying that!

Donor Listings

Cornerstone University individuals



* indicates CU, PGS and/or GRTS alumni�

Amanda Abla Ralph & Mary Abuhl* Dave & Cathy Achino Jerrel & Sheryl Adams* Michael E & Tracie R Adams Thomas & Harriet Adams* Stephen & Julia Adamski Nancy Adrean Steve & Kathy Adriansen Ernesto & Alaniz Alaniz Charles & Ruth Alber* Ashley Fraser Gerald and Sharyl Albright Cleo & Nelladele Aldrich* Robert and Susanne Alicea Lawrence and Lila Alkema Nathan & Kristin Alkire Francis & Bonnie Allen Roger Allen Harvey & Janet Alley* Loren & Barbara Andersen Dave & Linda Anderson David and Carol Anderson Jared Anderson Kathryn Anderson Maribeth Anderson Stephen & Karen Anderson Tim & Debbie Anderson Earl and Joyce Andree Elaine Andrews Nancy Andrews Alberta Andrus Nancy Andrus Richard & Linda Antonini Dennis and Jackie Anweiler Arvin & Lois Apol David & Glenys Armentrout Angie Arnold Glen & Mary Arp Glenda Ash Joyce Ash Cal & Dawn Asma John and Jennifer Astholz Peter & Gail Atwood Louis and Gertrude Austhof

Jeff & Emilie Azkoul* Katie Azkoul* John and Frederica Baab Judy Baar Larry Baer* Joyce Bailey Kestrel Bailey Theresa Bailey Benjamin and Rosalie Baird Gloria Baker* John & Joyce Baker* Patricia Baker Paul & Julie Baker Fred and Teresa Baller Amy Baltmanis Michael and Angela Bannister Jeanette Barber Bruce & Linda Bareham Jon & Mariann Barnard Philip and Nova Barnes* Mark and Lisa Barnett Stephanie Barr Jason Bartlett Debra Bartman* Nancy Bartosz Thomas & Janet Bateman Roy & Opal Batson James and Deborah Baumler Dee Baynum Stan & Ellen Beach* David and Marlene Beachy Paul & Vivian Beals* Timothy & Cheryl Beals* Phillip & Lois Beard Genevieve Beattie Michael and Christine Beaudoin Michelle Bechill Allen & Sandy Beck Connie Beck Bob & Gayle Becker Kenneth & Vicki Behr* John & Judy Bell Lowell & Ruth Bell Maynard & Ann Belt* Anna Bradley Bradley and Anna Bengtson Thomas & Lynn Bennett Crystal Benoit

Mary Benson Susan Benthem* David & Karen Bere Eugene & Eileen Berends* Patricia Berens Ralph & Betty Berglund Jeremy and Amy Bergwerff* Willard & Grace Berkenpas Harold Bestrom Tom & Lori Bestrom Cindy Bettendorf* Ronald & Susan Bierens Joseph & Deborah Biga Donald and Josette Bingman Brandan Bishop Robert & Deborah Bjurman Michael & Gayle Black Deborah Blackmore Tamara Blackstock Rob & Ingvild Blackwell Daniel & Claudia Blaha* Karl & Mary Jane Blaha Keith Blair* Alan & Helen Blanchard* Philip and Debra Blanchard Harold & Linda Blough Ronald & Phyllis Bodtke John & Sharon Boehme Glen & Nancy Boersen Sharon Boersma Paul & Melody Boersma Thomas & Brenda Boersma Brian and Julie Bolderson L Thomas Boldt* Charles and Phyllis Bolstridge Jared Bolstridge Jim & Connie Bolt Roy & June Bolthouse Timothy and Linda Bont* James and Dorothe Bonzo Ray & Marilyn Boonstra* Donald Borger Tami Borger* Kimberly Borgeson* Jon and Mary Kay Borisch Jim & Kimberly Borri Charles Bos James and Carole Bos

Kenneth & Eleanor Bos Thomas & Deborah Bos* Lorna Bosch* Michael & Betty Boss John and Nancy Bosscher Joe & Sheri Boston Larry & Brenda Bougsty James & Jo Ann Boven Benjamin & Linda Bowald Jason and Kelly Bowers* Kelly Bowers Michael and Mary Boye* James & Jacqueline Boyle Matthew Boyle* Laura Bozeman Allison Bradshaw Dan & Nancy Bradshaw Jim & Mary Brander Todd and Bonnie Brandstadt Kathleen Brandt John & Vanetta Bratcher* Terry Brautigam Justin Breckan* Karl and Louise Breckan Larry and Kelsey Bredow Edward & Karen Breitenbach* Kevin & Kay Marie Brennfleck William & Nan Brew* Ken & Tammy Bricker* Ralph & Debra Brill Richard & Marilyn Brinks Joseph & Brenda Brizzolara* Randall & Elizabeth Bronkema* Roy & Nancy Bronkema* Ronald & Joni Brookens Gail & Linda Brovont* Linda Brovont Benjamin & Jennifer Brower* Percy & Jan Brower Brad & Hollie Brown Charles and Jenean Brown Doug & Elizabeth Brown* James Brown Rondy & Mary Brown Stephen & Leslie Brown* Tim Brown Sandra Brownell Larry & Linda Bruining

Russell & LouAnn Davis Scott and Nadene Davis* Spencer & Rebecca Davis Henry De Vries David & Betty Deans Donald & Judith DeBoer* Keith & Cheryl DeBoer* James & Judith DeBruyn* Donald & Leona DeBruyne* Camie Decker-Laske Daniel & Christine Defever Andrew and Louise DeGraaf Kathryn DeGraaf* Jack & Judith DeGroot* John DeGuzman Daniel and April Dejager Keith DeJonge* Leo and Laura Del Bel Jean DeLacy John and Lisa DeLass George & Kathleen Deloff Samuel and Carol Deman Mark & Brigitte DeMaster Kevin & Kathy DeMott* Jacob & Gayle DenHartigh Scott and Denise Denman Robert & Kathryn Dennis* Brian & Beverly Dentler* Don & Nancy Denyes* Bruce & Elaine DePree Susan Derbecker Holly Derhammer David DeRoo Brian & Victoria DeRoos Kevin & Susan Derr Michael and Sherryl Despres Timothy & Sally Detwiler Joyce Deurloo Joel & Crystal Devette* Jeanine Devlin Charles & Sandra DeVries Deanna DeVries Don and Linda DeVries* Douglas DeVries* John & Deanna DeVries Mike and Michelle DeVries Peter & Sharon DeVries Wesley DeVries Rodney DeWent* Thomas & Lorie Dewey Jess & Alma DeYoung Robert DeYoung Ron and Karen DeYoung Eric & Heather Dickinson* Robert Dickson Scott Dieleman Connie Dillard* Graydon & Jennie Dimkoff Malinda Dirkse John & Sylvia Diver Paul & Nancy Doane* James & Nancy Dodds* Joel and Lilly Donaldson Melissa Donovan Allen & Jane Doorlag* Larry & Janet Dorman Dennis and Kathleen Dougherty Carol Douglass* John Douglass*

John & Nancy Dowden* Mark & Abbie Dowden* Drayson & Dorothy Doyle Theresa Doyle William & Jennie Doyle Richard & Marie Dragt William & Carrie Dranow* DeCarto and Patrice Draper* John & Karen Drexel* Joseph & Nancy Dubois* Rick and Sue Duerksen Carl & Karen Dufendach Duane & Gail Duhon* Elaine Duimstra David and Rebecca Dull Keegan Dull Donald Dunn John & Lori Durling* Carol Dush Sherwood & Kathleen Dusterwinkle Scott Dwyer Chad Dybowski James and Brenda Dykema Mark & Diane Dykema Cheri Dykhouse Rob & Patricia Dykhouse Al & Helen Dykstra* Lawrence & Mary Eastman Lee & Karyn Eck Jacqueline Edwards Kenneth Edwards Leroy Edwards David & Shirley Egner* Daniel & Doris Ehnis Terrence & Mary Eide George and Sarah Ekstrom Thomas & Linda El Chris & Lori Eldredge Brian Eldridge* Marjean Eldridge Helen Eliel Roy & Marilyn Elliott* James & Kathy Elmer Andrew Ely Charles & Brenda Ely Kay Ely Philip Elzinga* Daniel & Heidi Enck Ryan Enck Scott & Margaret Engerson Jeff and Jill English Vincent Enriquez Ron Epp Carol Ergang Harvey & Peggy Ericson Darryl & Kathy Ernst John & Debbie Ernst Wray & Linda Ertle* Larry and Heather Esch Darlene Eshenaur* John & Virginia Evans Paul & Debbie Evans* Sandra Evans* Judith Fabisch* Douglas & Donna Fagerstrom* Carlton Failor Connie Fain Dean and Therese Faletti Lynette Fall

Annual Report 2011 ď ˇ Redeeming Culture

Hubert & Elizabeth Chung Marcelle Chung Steve and Maria Citko Keith & Rosalie Clark* Roy & Gloria Clark Carl & Bev Clarke Lori Claypool* David & Dohna Clemenshaw Kenneth & Karen Cleypool John and Doris Clogston Steve and Susan Cochlan David & Janet Cochrane Edwin and Kelli Colburn Dwayne & Nancy Cole Gary & Patricia Coleman* David & Judy Collins Frank Collins (Deceased)* Gerald Collins Cecil & Bernita Colthorp Carole Combs William & Sharon Commons* Ronald & Lori Cook William & Cynthia Coon Robert and Nadine Cooper Robert & Patty Copeland Paul & Salome Correa* Dennis & Cheryl Costerisan Kelli Cottrell Randy and Sue Cotts Charles and Harlene Coutteau Lewis & Ruth Cowan Bob & Lisa Cowman John & Terri Cox* Ernest & Nancy Cozadd Roberta Crain Casey Crawford* Irma Crawford* Robert & Elizabeth Crawford Thomas & Lisa Crawford Richard Cripe Charles Cripps Nigel & Angela Crompton Ron & Leida Crompton Robert & Shirlene Cropp James Crosby Kris & Rachelle Crosby Robert & Cheryl Crosby Percy Crothers* Richard & Lori Crowe Tim and Peggy Cullnan Cam and Amanda Currie* Rose Curry Thomas & Rebecca Curtis William & Arda Cushman Robert & Grace Dakin Jean Dalman Wayne & Diane Dalman* Robert Damesworth (Deceased) John and Kimberly Dannemiller Eugene & Ruth Darling Ronald & Lisa Darling* Wayne & Sally Darling Clare & Judith Darlington Bob and Kathleen Daverman Robert and Diane Davies* Aletha Fern & Lynn Davis Lewin & Patty Davis Mark Davis Pat & Cheri Davis


Roger and Marty Bruins John & Kim Brussee Marcus Brussee* William J Bryce George & Mary Brzezinski Lisa Bubar Joyce Buchanan Brett Buckingham Larry & Carol Buckner Norman and Diana Buffum Kyle & Patty Buikema Paul and Carolyn Buiten Kenneth and Patricia Bultema William & Marguerite Bumford Charles & Myra Burger Everett Burkey Todd Burkhardt Lynda Burns* Robert and Jill Burton Gordon & Fay Bush James Bush James & Janice Bush Mark & Deb Bussis Lawrence & Sally Butler Jill Buwalda Jeff Bykerk Kimberly Bytwerk* Robert Cahoon Ethel Calevas Harry Calevas (Deceased) Galen & Jeannette Call* Joel and Sharon Caminiti David and Kathleen Campbell Doug & Diane Campbell Jerry and Sherri Campbell Jean Canter Nola Carew Bernice Carey Dennis & Phyllis Carey Steven & Sheryl Carlisle* Muriel Carlson David & Carol Carlton Ken Carozza Erin Carpenter Gary & Carol Carpenter* James & Sharon Carpenter* Dan & Bethanne Carr* Michael Carr Patricia Carson Cathy Carter* Delores Carter* Albert & Doris Cary Charles & Debra Casault Ray & June Cassada Paul & Eva Chaffee Bernard & Bobbie Chandler* Donald & Janice Chapman* Perry & Karen Cheathem Rachel Cherry David and Darla Chinn* Howard Chism Carol Chmielewski Carma Christensen* Ronald & Frances Christensen Jeanne Christie John & Linda Christman Thomas & Carol Christner Beverly Chung Cyril Chung

Giving 30

John & Julie Fankhauser Mickey & Joyce Farlow Edwin and Jill Farnsworth* Leon & Judith Farnsworth David & Marilyn Farrell* James & Shari Farrell* Lawrence & Joy Fee Stan and Phyllis Feener John & Sharon Feikema Rich & Katherine Felber Timothy & Susanne Ferrier* Dennis and Marjorie Ferris John & Kelly Ferris Carl & Virginia Ferwerda Edwin L Fether Mark & Anne Fifer* Kenneth & Marianne Filary Dan and Melissa Finkbeiner* Lewis & Shirley Finkel Gary Firkus David Fisher John & Kim Fitzgerald Leon & Nancy Fitzgerald Barb Fles Eric Fles Ronald & Carla Fles Chip & Kelly Flietstra Scott R Flietstra TJ and Debra Flowers Dave & Kay Lynn Folkerts Wayne Foote Richard & Kay Ford Larry & Juli Forsyth Deborah Foster T Marc & Sheila Fowler Hubert Fox Martha Frahm Richard Frank Judyth Franklin Arthur & Cheryl Fransisco Timothy and Patricia Frawley Fredrick & Lynda Frazee* Vernon and Laurie Fredericks James and Faye Fredricks Dennis and Barbara Freeland John & Dena French James & Roxanne Frey Rod & Kim Friesen George & Bernadine Fritz Lyndell & Penny Fross April Frost Jim & Holly Fry Marc and Rebecca Fry Jim & Marcy Fryling James and Mary Fuchs James & Naomi Fuller Jeff and Connie Furness Wayne Gabel Finton Galloup* Spencer & Sonya Galloway* Sherry Gambrell Carl and Finesa Gampel Marie Gannon Geraldine Garland Michelle Garland David and Lois Garrison Norman & Donna Gates* Raymond & Carol Gates Kathleen Gedraitis*

Marilyn Geeting Steven Gelwicks Keith & Ruth Genther Alfred & Rosalie George Donald & Donna Gerard* Linda Gerke* Joseph and Patrice Geroux Gregory and Anne Gerrish Lee & Jan Geysbeek* Craig Gilbert Charles and Kathlyn Gilfillan* Judy Gill* Mildred Gilliam Steven Gilsdorf* Natalie Gittus* Tim & Mona Glandon Thomas & Karen Glitter Catherine Goggin Nancy Goodrich Jim & Linda Goorhouse Karen Gorbach Charles Gordon* Doris Gordon Dorothy Gordon Jim & Bonnie Gordon Alan & Bethany Gortmaker* Jerry & Nina Gortmaker* C. L. Graham Dennis & Peggy Graham Michael & Christine Grano MaryLou Grant William & Sue Green Cynthia Greenwell Thomas & Christine Greenwood Paul Greiner* Chris Grek Andrew & Laura Grenier* Andrew & Jayne Griffin Steve & Jan Grimes Todd & Brinda Grimm* Danielle Griswold* Steve & Cynthia Gronsman* William and Tami Grotenhuis David & Debra Grube* Roger & Lisa Guernsey Ron Gunter Charles and Kathy Gustafson John Gute Henry and Annette Gysen Brian Holda Robert Haarer (Deceased) Benjamin and Audrey Habeck* Harry and Alice Haboian Vi Hager (Deceased)* Richard & Lynda Hahn Allison Hall Charles and Bobbi Hall Frank and Pamela Hall Matthew Haller* Purcell and Mary Hamming Linda Hammond Todd and Katherine Hammond Joyce Hanna Larry & Judith Hansen Rex and Linda Hansen Ron & Bonnie Hansen Scott and Diane Hansen Michael & Joan Harmon Keith & Shelly Harrold*

Donald & Vivian Hart* Lois Hart* Arthur & Betsy Hasse Stephen and Cheryl Hastie Robert and Lisa Hauch James Haveman* Roger & Julie Haveman Terry & Linda Haveman* Bill & Shirley Havens Bradley and Ruby Havens Fritz & Vicki Hawes Steve and Annie Hawks* Sheryl Hayes-Herdsman Neil & Carolyn Hays Marv & Chris Heasley Don and Valene Hebeler Randall & Molly Heemstra Gary Hefferman Mike & Wendy Heinen Randall and Wendy Helm Linda Helminiak David and Sally Hemmeke Paul and Beth Henderson Bill & Dody Hendricks David & Paige Hendrickson Terry & Sandra Henning Ruth Hennink Tom and Sandra Hennit David & Ann Henriksen Kurtis and Kristina Henry David Hensler F.H. Hensler Gerald & Marlene Hensler Kirk and Donna Hensler Mary Henson* Herb & Sheri Herbruck Elton & Pauline Herdsman Paul & Heather Herdsman Jerry and Christal Herndon Gary and Ruth Herne Mary Herwaldt Erin Hess Robert & Bonnie Hess* Ralph Hetchler* Maxine Hewett Gregory & Sharon Hewitt* Erwin & Grace Heyboer Steve & Mary Hill Jack & Rona Hillaker Crystal Hillman Hellen Hinchliffe Doug & Debra Hinken David & Karen Hoak Jason & Christy Hockett Bob & Marilyn Hockman Rick and Lynda Hoeksema Lori Hoevemeyer Lary & Carol Hoezee Howard J Hoffman Jordan Hoke Todd Hoke Josephine Holbrook Thomas & Roberta Holbrook Alice Holesha Andrew Holesha Carol Holesha John Hollander Don & Leta Ann Holloway Lou Holton

Wendy Parr-Holtvluwer* Richard & Sandy Honholt Eric & Ranae Hoogstra Marion & Susannah Ten Hoor Jerry Hop Julia Horton* Earl Houseknecht Eric & Debra Houseknecht Theodore & June Houseknecht Brooke Housenga Todd and Peggy Housenga Kimberly Howard David & Juanita Huber Terry Huber Beverly Hudberg Mark and Gloria Hudberg Robert & Joette Hudberg* Michael & Teri Hudson R H and Jane Hudson Sheila Huffman James Hughes Thomas & Karen Hughes Richard and Ann Hughey Aaron & Jenna Huizenga J C & Laurie Huizenga Renee Hulbert Cory Hulce Jesse and Kimberly Hurst Luan Hutchinson* Taya Hyde Rob & Diane Hyland* Bea Idema Eric and Suesan Ihssen Malinda Innis Jason and Darci Irwin* Patricia Irwin* Thomas & Anita Isenga* Bob and Paulette Israels Catherine Jackson Donald & Elizabeth Jamison Gordon Jelsma Gary & Nancy Jennings* Todd Jensen* David & Darla Jewell* Lloyd Jewett Matthew Jewett* Adeline Johnson* Bob & Jean Johnson Brendon & Rachel Johnson Bruce and Margie Johnson Daniel & Beth Johnson Deborah Johnson* Denis & Emmy Johnson Lewis & Betty Johnson* Lysle & Carm Johnson Mark & Jane Johnson* Paul Johnson Robert & Patricia Johnson Sharlene Johnson* Bryan and Julie Johnston* Helen Jondle Adelia Jones John & Karen Jones Paul & Teresa Jones Ralph and Betty Jones Ryan & Chelsee Jones Lorraine Jourden* John & Brooke Judd* William and Carla Julien*

Ted and Geneva Lubbers Barry and Denise Winderbank Lucas* Melanie Lumkes David and Barb Lund Gloria Lund Stephen & Rina Lund Arden & Kathryn Lundin* Alan & Carol Lust* Dean Luurtsema* William & Wanda Luurtsema Gregory & Margaret-Mary Luzny John Lynch John & Sara Macha* Ralph & Martha Mackey* Jerome and Patricia Madden Ann Maguire Bethany Main* David & Mary Main* Cynthia Maine Jose & Dolores Mancilla Alex and Christy Manker* Gary & June Mankey Ronald & Linda Mann* Timothy and Amy Mannard Lawrence & Marlene Manzer* William & Nancy Maplethorpe Lisa Marlatt Dorothea Marr Charles & Connie Marsh Beverly Marshall Jo Marshall Donald and Julie Martin Frank & Chris Martin James & Lori Martin Nancy Martin Patricia Martin Richard & Catherine Martin Scott and Stephanie Martin Jack and Kathy Martinez Jose & Beth Martinez Sarah Martin-Werntz David & Judy Martyn* David & Carmen Masrud* Todd & Mary Masula* John & Ruth Matazel Josh and Kathleen Mateer* Dan & Brenda Maurer Bart & Cheryl Mayforth* Gregory & Patricia Mayo Vito Mazzara Daniel & Renee McAllister* Danielle McAllister* Constance McCaig Samuel G & Nancy L McCandlish William & DeAnna McClintock* Michael & Sarah McClish* Larry & Susan McCrary Diane McCray James & Cheryl McCrum Robert & Shirley McCullough Donald & Terri McCurry Andy & Valerie McDaniel Greg & Lynn McDonald Matthew & Nicole McDonald Tammy McGillivary Patrick and Laura McGovern Karri McIntyre Janet McKay

Sharon McKee* Bill and Lauree McKendry Steven & Karlye McNeely* Rhoda McVittie Larry & Carol Meekhof Steve & Sue Meeuwenberg Al & Kay Meredith* Judith Merrill* Doug & Judy Mesman Albert & Margie Metzger* Wayne & Phyllis Meulendyk* Michael & Carmen Meurer Douglas Meyer Jack & Debra Meyer* Amanda Meyers Karen Meyers Jeff Michaels Brian & Charla Mick* Kenneth and Tracy Mick Jessica Mikel* Brian & Teresa Mikul* Karl & Jean Millard* Alonzo & Sharon Miller C John & Reva Miller James & Michelle Miller John and Tama Miller Larry Miller Michael & Pamela Miller* Paul & Elaine Miller Robert & Mary Miller* Roy & Myrtle Miller Russell & Janice Miller Terri Miller* Timothy and Lou Miller* Wellington and Mary Miller* David & Lois Mills* Francis Mitchell Gary Mitchell* Raul & Erin Mock Cheryl Mohr* Steve & Terri Moon Thomas and Ruth Mooney Jarrel & Lois Moore* Jim & Joyce Moore* Juanita Moore* Lynette Moore* Greg Moores Nick & Mary Morang George & Leona Moreno* Mike & Leslie Morgan Don & Heidi Moritz Patricia Morlock Russell and Pamela Morphis Elsa Morris* Harry Morrison LaVerne Morrison (Deceased) Michael and Nancy Morrow Scott & Deb Morter* Deral & Mary Mosbey Harry and Mary Ann Mosher Krystal Moshier Richard Moshier Byron and Cindy Mossburg Rick & Sandra Motz* Rebekah Mucci Mucci Edward and Deannah Muha Janet K Muir Terence & Nettie Muller Jonathan & Sherry Mundinger

Annual Report 2011 ď ˇ Redeeming Culture

Stanley and Joann Lachowicz James & Nancy Lacy* Dawn LaFontsee Philip Lagore William & Keturah Lake Joe & Kathleen Lamb Jerry & Lyn Lambert Karl & Lynette Lammers Dan and Laura Lamore Ryan and Amber Landis David & Jessie Landrum Craig and Pam Langel Marlin and Glynda Langeland Matthew & Katie Langridge Al and Ingrid Lanning Alex Lanning Steve & Gwen Lanser James & Loretta Laplander James & Kathleen Laske Laurence Laske Mary Laske Philip & Catherine Laske Sandra Laske Stephen Laske Richard & Jennifer Laven* Lee & Diane Lawrence* Phil and Marcia Lawrence John & Diane Laymon* Thomas & Tracy Leach Tammy Ledford William Lee* Paul Leece Chris Leep Jack & Sharon LeGrand R. John & Sara Lehrer Shannon & Tammy Leifker Merideth Lembke Chris & Susan Lemke* David & Sheila Lemmen Curtis & Sue Lentz* Donald Lesman Kathy Lesman* Kathy Levandoski Rick Lichtenberger Eric and Denise Liechty Agnes Lina John and Lorinda Lindemulder William & Ellen Lindke James and Lisa Link* Douglas and Judith Lipinski Jeff and Betsy Lipinski Tom & Corrine Little Matthew & Lisa Litwiller* John Loar Paul & Cindy Locke Kathleen Lockney Bill & Kim Lodewyk Marvin & Laurel Logan David Long Gerald and Beth Longjohn Scott & Tammy Looman* David Lootens David & Flicitas Loranger James & Mary Lorence* Don Losinger Dennis and Sharry Love Troy & Amy Love Karmen Low Bill & Dawn Lowry


Alyson Juresich Karel & Becky Justian Robert & Karen Kaiser Duane & Kay Kamke* Tom & Julie Karnemaat* Daniel & Peggy Karsies* Ronda Keck Sharon Keegan* Blake Keener* Phil & Carrie Keith William & Juanita Kellaris* Debra Keller Clarence & Darcia Kelley* Bud Kemmerling Valerie Kemper Ronald & Norma Kendall* Dianne Kennedy Eugene and Carol Kent Jerry & Karen Keranen Peter and Sheri Kerstan William & Rosemary Keys James & Barbara Khodl Joan Kielbowicz Darrell and Patrice Kilgore Burnell & Brenda King* Carlysle & Louise King John and Lola King MaryLu King Brent and Kerri Kingshott Bradley Kirkpatrick Jeff & Sherri Kishpaugh Velma Kissling James and Mary Klein Maureen Klocke Kaleb Klotz* Nancy Knibbe Harold & Carolyn Knickerbocker* Scott & Beth Kniel Michelle Knollenberg Bill and Pam Knott Greg & Leslie Koczan David and Kristen Kohn Thomas and Constance Koning* Richard & Michelle Konyndyk Steve & Joanne Kooi Ronald & Patsy Kooistra Elizabeth Kool* Michael & Amanda Koole Herbert & Virginia Koster Robert & Kimberly Kozal Aaron & Kimberly Krampe* Shirley Krass Liz Krause Layne and Tiffany Kreh* Carl & Lori Kresge* Mark & Lisa Kresge* Charles & Mary Krieger Don & Mona Krise* Linda Krok Glenn & Dawn Kroll Ronald & Marilyn Kronemeyer Matthew and Cheryl Krup Warren & Karen Krup Kay Kruse Jack Kryger* Dean & Lisa Kuiper Harry and Linda Kulchinsky Lance Kyser* Louise LaBenne

Giving 32

Shirley Mundinger Pat and Sally Murphy Roger and Janet Murphy Chad & Julie Musch* Christine Mutch Douglas & Shari Muxlow* Ken & Kerisa Myers* Douglas & Jackie Naber Edward Naccashian Terry and Cheryl Nalian Sharon Nangle Howard & Dodie Nash Betty Jo Neal Don and Joyce Neeley Jeffrey & Mary Nellessen James & Becky Nelson Laurence & Christine Nelson* Mark H & Vicki Nelson Michael & Debby Nelson* Peter and Shawn Newhouse Trevor & Nicole Newton* Clayton and Edna Nicholson Edward & Jamie Nicholson Calvin Nichoson Craig & Pamela Nichoson Javier and Judy Nieves Manfred & Elfriede Nitschmann Glenn & Trudy Noble Sharon Noorman* Daniel & Ashlee Noorthoek Lois Noorthoek Angelique Norman* Phyllis Norris Frederick & Janice Nose* Roy and Susan Novara Jill Numbers Elroy & Edna Nussbaum Phillip & Marti Nussbaum Todd & Janee Nussbaum John & Dena Nyboer Gary and Danette Oertel Dean & Marjorie Ohlman Laura Ohman* Lawrence & Joyce Oliver Carlton and Vicki Olson* Elizabeth Olson* Wally & Midge Olsson Sean & Sharon O’Neill Dennis and Kimberly Oosterbaan David & Eleanor Opitz Michael & Sheri Ortiz Ryan & Julie Ortiz Susan Osandusky Gordon & Betty Osbeck Kenneth & Betty Osbeck Yvonne Osborn Bruce & Sue Osterink* Rick and Lonnie Ostrander Grace Oudbier Daniel & Lori Overbeek Jerry & Sue Overbeek Jonathan & Cynthia Overbeek Jerry & Karen Owens* Jeannette Palmerton* Glenn Parks Joseph & Margaret Parks John Parler Edward and Patricia Parsekian Bruce & Jean Parsons

Kevin & Jane Pasma* David & Anne Pasquale Michael & Monica Pasquale* Barbara Patten Leigh & Kristin Patten Larry & Christine Patterson Patrick & Nan Patterson Reginald Paulsen John Pearce (Deceased) Amber Pearson* Robert & Sharon Pedigo John Penning John & Linda Pentaudi Barbara Pepper Donald & Christine Perini Allen and Dianne Perkins Bill & Patty Perrin Frank and Patricia Perry Tom & Crystal Perry* Fred & Gail Persenaire Douglas & Eileen Peterson Gene & Mary Peterson Gregory & Pamela Peterson Ronald & Sharon Peterson Sharon Peterson Scott & Eve Pfitzinger* David & Judy Pherson Sally Phillion Brian Phillips Diane Picklo Grace Pipe Robert & Gerry Pipe Steven and Stephanie Pipe Robert & Norma Pitney Jenna Plewes* Lloyd & Gretchen Plewes Patrick and Jodi Plite Paul Ploeg* Michael Pollitt* Stephen & Lori Popp* Hendrik Porte Donald and Marianne Postel Mark & Wendy Postema Rich and Ruth Postma Scott and Maleeya Postma Shannon Pothoven* Dustin & Tammy Potter* Stephen & Carol Potts Edward & Dona Powell Harold Powell Kimberly Powell* David & Nancy Powers Elizabeth Powers John & Sandie Powers Julie Powers Donald & Vicki Pratt* David & Mary Pray* Sheila Preston Michael & Christine Price* Fred and Annette Prichard Jeffery and Debra Prosapio Thomas and Amy Prus Lydia Pryor Russell & Ruth Pulliam Amy Pysarenko Ruth Quaintance James & Jayne Quist Susan Raab Darryl & Constance Rabon

Edward and Rita Rahe Rick Railsback Keith Rainer David and Ruby Rainey Charles and Elizabeth Ralsten Deborah Ransom MaryEllen Raterink Anita Rathburn James & Jayne Rauwerda James & Norma Ray* Jim and Martha Reardon Joyce Reavis Denise Reder* Dale and Cheryl Reetz Charles & Elizabeth Reeves Deann Reger Sherry Reichert David and Hope Reis Marshe Remynse Kirsten Rettig* Paul Reuteler William & Patricia Rexford* Kevin & Mary Rhodes Dale & Caroline Ribble* Larry Rice* Charles & Charlene Richards Kirk Richardson* Tiffany Richardson Herbert Rickert Julie Riewald Jim & Linda Riggs Troy & Rachel Rimel Dianne Ritsema Larry & Brenda Ritsema Randall & Mary Ritsema Cheryl Ritz Samuel and Patricia Roach* Richard and Julie Robbins Janet Roberson Michael & Carrie Roberson Gary and Denise Roberts Laura Roberts Lewis & Jacqueline Roberts Sidney & Carol Roberts William & Janice Roberts* Patty Robinson-Peltz Kathryn Rocha Dean & Sue Rockwell Senez & Sheri Rodriguez* Bob & Linda Rogalski Kris and Emily Rolls* Jeffrey & Christina Roloff Stephen & Gretchen Root Chris & Ruth Rose* David & Debra Rose Katie Rose* Mark & Rachel Rose* Carl & Marilyn Rosema Valerie Ross* Gary & Esther Roth* Robert & Gayla Royston Richard & Barbara Rozema Raya Rubino William & Gloria Rudd* Rich & Suzie Rudin Charles & Carol Ruiter Paul & Barbara Ruland Vickie Rule Michael and Jill Rumbarger

Mike & Cathy Rummler Ronald & Vickie Rumrill* Kevin Rund Douglas & Sharon Rusch* Jonathan and Katherine Ruse* Bill & Sheila Russell Rob & Chris Russell Eilof and Harriet Rusticus Pete Rusticus Dwayne and Janet Ruthig* Jessica Rutz* John & Cheri Ruzza* Michael & Joyce Ryan Cindy Ryland Roman Rypma Edward & Linda Ryzenga Bob and Debbie Sack* Lawrence Sal Suzanne Sal Mike and Martha Sample Scott Sanders Geoffrey and Laura Sanning Tony and Tonia Sargent Forrest & Marilyn Sattler* Nicholas Scarantino Jeffrey & Marguerite Schafer Ron & Wanda Schafer Brian & Karen Schankat* Robert and Debbie Schanz Victor and Jan Scheffler Artel Scheid Rebecca Schell Jeff & Tricia Schildhouse* Neil & Judith Schmachtenberger Doug & Carolyn Schmidt Laverne and Betsy Schmidt Maurice Schmidt Earl & Nancy Schmucker John & Judith Schneider Edward Schnick Eric and Tamara Schock Brent and Beverly Schoepke James & Gracia Scholtens Renny & Nancy Schoonmaker Robert & Lisa Schroeder Gertrude Schuch Norman & Elvira Schuen* Stefanie Schumacher David & Shirley Schutter Ed & Patricia Schwenke Gregory and Kay Scott David & Rosemary Segroves Dean & Jennifer Seiler* Jessie Seven Mike & Sandy Shanahan Michael and Amy Shane Arthur Shanfeld Bryan & Kathryn Shaw* Scott & Luanne Shaw* James and Sunde Sheckler Jeanette Sheftic William and Deborah Shelley* Bobbie Shelton Leroy & Darlene Shively* Phil & Joy Shults Kevin & Julie Shuneson* Raymond & Helen Shuptar Ray & Marylin Shuster John Siefer

Mark and Paige Unkefer John Unkefer R David & Teresa Unkefer Robin Unkefer Roy Unkefer Ruth Unkefer Teresa Unkefer Jonathan and Sandy Van Hoveln Jean Van Laan* Jeff & Deborah VanBeek* Ben Vanbiesbrouck John and Rosalinde Vanbiesbrouck Emerson & Rose VanBuren Caton Vance* Jeff & Laurie Vance Robert Vance Michael & Laurie VandenAkker* Camilla VandenBerg* Casey VandenBerg Chester VandenBerg* Donald & Karen VandenBerg Leone VandenBerg Robert and Andrea Vandenberg Robert VandenBerg (Deceased) Robert & Julie Vandepol Tom Vander Molen* David & Sally VanderBent Carl and Patricia VanderHeide Jeff VanderHeide David & Allison VanderLinden Gerald & Diane VanderLugt John & Lesa VanderMeer* James VanderMoere Gary & Mary VanderStel Kristi VanderStelt Ray VanderWeele Henry & Joyce VanderWerp Kenneth & Shirley Vanderwest* Paul & Cynthia Vander Woude Donald & Wilma VanDerZwaag Robert VanderZwaag Shane & Janet VandeVrede* Ralph Van Duyn Jim & Kathy VanDuzer Dewey & Debra VanDyke Scott & Susan VanDyken Deborah Vanevery Erma VanHaitsma Brian & Luella VanHaren George & Judy VanHecke Joseph & Karen VanHolstyn Robert & Nelda VanHorn Marguerite VanHouten David & Cindy VanKampen Nancy VanLaan Donald & Bernice VanLente Randy & Lori VanOss Robert & Debra VanPutten David VanSolkema Donald & Linda VanVolkinburg Joanne Vasquez Steven and Charmaine Veenman* Marvin & Ruth Veltkamp Henry Velzen (Deceased) Karen Velzen John Veneman Mark & Lauri Veneman Gerard & Kay Venlet Martin & Marian Verburg

Karl & Lori Verwey Sally Vince* Carl Vinson* Zachery and Christina Vinson* Ronald & Susan Virden Jaclyn Visbeen Wayne and Marcia Visbeen Scott Vogel Gina Volpe Harold & Lori Voorhees Daniel & Sharon Vosovic Kirk & Marie Vredevelt* Gary & Melissa Wade* Jay Wager Larry & Patsy Wagbo* Taylor Walburg Coy and Sharon Walcott Kenneth Walcott Ashley Walker Mark and Melody Walker Kimberly Wallace George & Marjorie Walrod Neva Wampler Andrew Warner Bryan and Sandra Warner Charlotte Warnke John & Kristin Warren Rory and Donna Warren David Washington* Robert & Marian Wass* Dan and Brenda Watkins Wayne Watkins Robert and Linda Weaks Rodney and Linda Webb Laura Webb Allen & Lynn Webster Dorothy Webster Norman & Shirley Weener Dale & Marcia Welch* Dr. and Mrs. Wilbert Welch Brian & Cara Welker Edward and Mary Welker Erin Welker* Thomas and Paula Wenger Ronald and Sharon Wenz Wolfgang and Patricia Werk Martin & Rachel West Ronald & Jan Westendorp* Mark & Marcia Westrate Brianna Wetherwax* Jeff & Chris Whalen Garry and Judith Whaley Gerald and Vicki Wheat* Zach Wheeler Michael & Margaret Wheelock Robert and Deborah Wheelock John & Deb Whitacre Jason and Melissa Whitaker* Jack & Priscilla White David & Pamela Whitehead James and Cynthia Whiteman Howard & Lois Whittemore Steven and Kathryn Wideen* Howard & Jeanne Wideman* Terry Wieland Doug & Sue Wielard Dan & Deanna Wielhouwer* Richard & Ruth-Ellen Wiersma Tim and Amy Wiersma

Annual Report 2011 ď ˇ Redeeming Culture

Kevin and Donna Strand Eric & Marcia Strattan* James Strickland* Muriel Strickland Roy & Marguerite Sturgeon Thomas & Shelly Sturgeon* Socrates & Arlene Sucaldito Douglas & Ginger Suess* Sandra Suitor* Blythe Sundberg* David and Pam Sunderman Brent and Michelle Swan Richard Swan Jean Swanson* Paulette Swayze Michael & Cindy Sweeney Fred & Marsha Sweet* Sandra Swinkunas Phillip & Bonnie Symonds Sarah Symonds* Todd Sytsma Stephen and Rebecca Szucs Douglas & Bethann Talsma* Benjamin and Joanna Taylor* Deborah Taylor* Matthew & Kristy Taylor* Patricia Taylor Robert and Amanda Teis* Steven & Gayle Tenhouse Laverne TerHaar Elwin & Susan Terpenning* William & Donna Terpstra* Stephen & Penny Tessler* William & Judith Testin Chris Thelen Jadel Thiede Christopher Thomas* Helen Thomas* Bob and Stacy Thompson Larry & Cynthia Thompson Lyle and Naomi Thompson Mark and Marcia Thompson David & Norma Thrasher Delmor & Laura Thurman Robert & Gale Tidd Robert and Nancy Tienvieri Jerry and Pauline Timmer Andrea Timmerman* Donald and Carrie Tingwald Fern Tingwald Donald Todd* Deanna Tolbert* Matthew Tolsma Charles & Mary Tomlin Gracia Tower* Roy & Brandy Townsend Mark & Patricia Tracy Megan Tracy Kevin & Kim Traud Daniel Treier* Kelvin & Barbara Triplett Tracie Troester James & Denice Trombley Gregory Trunk Aaron and Rachel Turner* Edgar & Elsie Twedt* Michael & Patricia Tyler* Milton & Betty Ubbink* Andrea Ulrich


Thomas and Wendy Siefert* Greg and Sherry Siemasz Bill & Leighann Sikkema* Jeff & Dawn Silva Robert Simington* Ralph & Jessica Simmons Dan and Jill Simons Betty Simpson David & Gayle Sims* Joseph & Kathleen Sindorf* Michelle Singleton* Dean Sipe Joe & Sandra Slaughter* Irene Smart Jim & Donna Smies Amy Smith Andrew and Nancie Smith* Colleen Smith* Don and Blanche Smith George & Virginia Smith James Smith Kyle & Diane Smith Larry & Mary Smith Lauren & Vicki Smith Michael & Shelly Smith* Nila Smith* Raymond & Mable Smith Wallace & Alice Smith Warren and Helen Smith Dan & Jessica Smokovitz Marvin & Dawn Snedeker William & Bonnie Snook Clifford and Alice Soer Jerry Soer Louise Solheim Tom & Lynn Sowerwine Ayodeji and Kofoworola Soyoye Joan Sparks* Orvall & Charlotte Sparling Alan and Cheryl Spencer Cheryl Spoelma Alvin Sprague Ross & Rojean Sprague* David & Darlene Spurrier David & Judith Staats Brad & Tami Stamm Ken & Shelley Stanfield Wendell Stanfield Joseph & Rachel Staven Robert and Mary Staven Daniel and Carmella Steen Doug & Michelle Steensma Barbara Steiner Heidi Steiner Thomas & Sara Steinfort* Joni Steinhaus Nick & Jill Steinkamp John Stepleton Frank & Verlyn Sterk John & Julia Sterk Michael & Linda Stevens Scott & Sheila Stewart* Richard and Debra Stinehart Dan and Pam Stipanuk Mary Stockwell* Joshua and Janet Stoley* Neale & Sharon Storms Joe and Martie Stowell Richard & Christine Stowell*

Giving 34

Walter Wilckens Thomas & Jodi Wilcox Daniel & Jill Wilde Michael & Cheryl Wilkinson Jeffrey Willard Kenneth & Kathy Willard Paul & Megan WIllard Gregory & Sherry Williams* John & Barbara Williams Randall & Kristin Williams* Timothy & Kim Williams Cynthia Willman* Dennis & Lauri Willover Bradley & Dannielle Wilson John & Lois Wilson* Stephen & Marcia Wilson* Sam & Cynthia Wiltheiss* Tom and Sherry Wilthers William Wilton Donald & Peggy Windmiller* Michael & Rebecca Winegar Dallas and Jackie Wingo Jack & Paula Winn Robert & Anne Winter Sandra Wire David & Kristen Wisen* Jasen and Heather Witt Bill and Amy Witters George Wixom Allen & Sandra Wohlgemuth Joseph Wojie* Donald Wolter Richard & Ruth Wolthuis* Lois Wolz Beth Wood Kavanaugh and Margaret Wood Peter & Marci Woodfield Deborah Woods Edythe Woods David & Marilyn Woodworth Michael & Dianne Workman* Tim & Nancy Worrell Stephen & Sandra Worth* Douglas & Rose Wrung* Cecil & Ruth Wyckoff Jeff Wyckoff* Michael and Ruth Wyckoff Timothy & Beverly Wyckoff Jann Yarling Roger and Jolene Yoder John & Judy Young Michael and Sherrie Young* Millicent Young* Robert and Joyce Young Barbara Youngs John & Diana Yuskis Ed & Mary Jane Zahn Harry & Adelaide Zemmer Bryan & Lynda Zichterman Mark and Sarah Zichterman* Maggie Zimmer Tom & Kimaley Zimmerman* Elaine Zinger William and Linda Zinke Tom & Maria Zipp James & Mary Zuidema Jeffrey & Kimberly Zuiderveen* Phillip and Sandra Zwier David & Bea Zylstra Richard & Lisa Zylstra

Businesses ABWE Act II Seamless Gutters Action Iron & Metal Inc Adidas/Taylor-Made Alan L Rosendall, DDS All-Flo Plumbing LLC Amway Apollo Group Inc Arnie’s, Inc. Bakery & Restaurants Associated Construction Bareman’s Dairy Inc. Bazen Electric Co Belden Brick & Supply Biggby Coffee Bouma Corporation Buffalo Wild Wings Bylsma-Nederveld Agency Inc Capital Area United Way Inc Carpet Bonanza Celebration Cinema Charis Group LLC Partners Chipotle Clare Publishing Inc Cofessco Fire Protection Inc Compact Disc Jockey Consumers Energy Corrigan Moving Systems Country Window & Door Inc Credo Communications LLC D & L Plumbing Services D.J.’s Lawn Service Inc Dan Vos Construction Co DDM Marketing and Communications Devose Cleaning & Janitorial Service Dunhill Tuxedo Eastern Floral Ed DeVries Properties Inc Escape Hair Design & Spa Excel Office Interiors Favia Financial Group FC Joga Bonito LLC Ferris Coffee & Nut Fifth Third Bank First Agency Inc. Flex Administrators Inc. Flier’s Quality Water Systems, Inc. Florentines Pizza GB Russo and Son General RV Center Gilson Graphics Goldthorpe Enterprises Inc Gospel Communications Grand Buick Pontiac Grand General ABFS Insurance Grand Rapids Business Journal Grand Rapids Community Foundation Great Lakes Fasteners & Supply Hadley Products Corporation Heavenly Homes Holwerda Interior Plantscape Hurst Mechanical Inc. Independence Truck Repair LLC Integrity Business Solutions LLC Israels Designs For Living

Jack McIntyre, Jr. Jimmy Johns John Brown University Jonny Logo Company Jordan Exploration Company LLC JW Marriott K & R Transportation Kent Record Management Inc Kerkstra Precast, Inc. KSS Enterprises Lee Zuidema Legacy Energy Luurtsema Sales Inc Mackinac Straits Health Systems Madcap Coffee Company Maple Hill Golf Course Mavcon MCB Products McC Squared Painting, Inc. McDonald Plumbing Inc. Merchandise Equipment & Supply Michillinda Beach Lodge Mika Meyers Beckett & Jones Mike Marks Pro Shop Miller Energy Company Nationwide Truck Brokers News Web Printing Services Noodles & Company Olivier-VanDyk Insurance Oracle Matching Gifts Program Otsego Club & Resort Our Echo LLC Papa John’s Pizza PBG Michigan LLC Pierce-Carter Agency Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. PNC Foundation Proforma Combined Products RBHK Communications Republic Services Request Foods Inc River Ridge RV Resort Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory RT London Company Stevens Design & Fabrication Stoney Creek Fisheries Story Line Ministries Inc Tender Lawn Care Terminix of West Michigan The Cochlan Group, Inc. The Grand Rapids Press The Hershey Company The Light Bulb Company Timpson Transport TJL Painting, Inc. Tom Harrison Insurance Agency Inc Treetops Resort Valley City Linen Van Dyken Mechanical, Inc Vanderhyde Ford Vanilla’s Visbeen Associates Inc Weather Shield Roofing Systems Wesley Orthodontics West Michigan Christian Fndtn West Michigan Office Interiors West Michigan Whitecaps Yee Enterprises Zaagman Memorial Chapel Inc

Foundations ATC Corporate Services (Netherlands) BV Barnabas Foundation C John & Reva Miller Foundation Christian Evangelical Foundation Cornerstone Trust Lot Foundation Norman Canniff Family Trust Northern Trust Company Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Robert J Daverman Foundation Samuel L Westerman Foundation Schwartzkopf Family Trust Sullivan Scholarship Fund Trust The Powers Charitable Remainder Trust The Wayne & Marcia Visbeen Family Foundation VanderWeide Family Foundation

Matching Gift Co. Bank of America Matching Gifts Steelcase Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program

churches Berkley Hills Wesleyan Church Bethel Baptist Church Calvary Baptist Church Central Baptist Church Centreville Baptist Church The Chapel Corinth Reformed Church Covey Hill Baptist Church Crossroads Bible Church Eastport Baptist Church Faith Baptist Church Faith Evangelical Free Church First Baptist Church First Baptist Church First Baptist Church First Baptist Church Galilee Baptist Church Henry Baptist Church Immanuel Baptist Church International Church Ministries Jasper Bible Church Kent City Baptist Church Lakewood Baptist Church Lewis Memorial Baptist Church North Park Baptist Church Northpointe Christian Schools Open Bible Baptist Church Puna Covenant Church Spring Lake Wesleyan Church Tabernacle Church of God in Christ Westbrook Christian Church Westgate Baptist Church Woodside Bible Church

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary Jim & Denise Ackerman* Harvey & Janet Alley* Robert Andrews (Deceased) Stephen & Martha Beals* Julie Benson* Douglas & Lisa Blease* Robert and Mona Bode* Scott and Dianne Bowman Jeffrey & Karen Brittan Tim Brown Ray & June Cassada Roy & Gloria Clark Cecil & Bernita Colthorp Irma Crawford* Marge Daverman Robert and Diane Davies* Keith & Cheryl DeBoer* Timothy & Sally Detwiler James & Judith DeVries Elwyn and Sandra Draper* Carl & Karen Dufendach Donald & Donna Ecklesdafer Paul & Karen Edwards* Lenore Ellison Mark Evans* Douglas & Donna Fagerstrom* Dan & Joan Farnol* Leon & Judith Farnsworth Mark & Anne Fifer* Garrett Fox Lee & Jan Geysbeek* Dwight Gregory* Joan Guest* Jeffrey Halsted* Robert & Jane Hilgenberg* Vern & Laura Hyde John & Sandra Isaacson* Brian & Kathy Jackson*

Lawrence & Mary Jones* Colette Kirby Harold & Carolyn Knickerbocker* Bill and Pam Knott Homer & Delores Kohn* Thomas and Constance Koning* Ronald & Patsy Kooistra Donald & June Kosten Robert & Betty Kregel Carl & Lori Kresge* John & Cheryl Kresge* Charles & Mary Krieger Don & Mona Krise* Leslie & Patricia Kroemer* James & Nancy Lacy* John & Mary Ellen Lawlor Gentry & Elise Ledbetter Robert & Shirley Lenz* Lawrence & Pauline Mattis* Ronald & Charlotte Mayers* Lois McCaleb* Phil McCaleb* Greg & Lynn McDonald Patrick & Jane McLaughlin Gary & Gloria Meadors Brian & Teresa Mikul* C John & Reva Miller Roy & Myrtle Miller Robert & Cheryl Mol* Joyce Myers Kenneth & Lorraine Nienhuis Peter & Patricia Pell Jean Perrini* Mary Postema* B Warren Proud* Skip and Janet Pylman Jeffrey Redman Charles & Bonnie Reed* James & Adrienne Reese* Christopher Reinsma* Todd & Mary Rexford*

Donald & Beverly Riedel* Eleanor Roggow Edward & Linda Ryzenga Scott & Luanne Shaw* Raymond & Frances Simmonds Roger & Barb Spencer* Dallas & Joyce Stratman David & Beverly Turner David Tverberg Steve and Laura VandeLune* Kenneth & Shirley Vanderwest* James & Cherry VanderZee* Shane & Janet VandeVrede* John & Kelly VerBerkmoes* Robert & Marian Wass* Ellen Wells Howard & Lois Whittemore Warren & Betty Wiersbe John & Lois Wilson* Wayne & Joanne Woodard* David & Jane Yankey Donald and Kathy Young* David & Bea Zylstra

businesses Fleetwood Group Inc ScripTex Inc. Weather Shield Roofing Systems Zondervan Publishing House

Foundations Jack & Wynnita Joy Westerbeek Family Foundation Kern Family Foundation Inc Swy Family Foundation West Michigan Christian Fndtn

matching gift co. Steelcase Foundation

churches Blythefield Hills Baptist Church Highland Hills Baptist Church Kent City Baptist Church South Church Washington Heights Baptist

Annual Report 2011 ď ˇ Redeeming Culture

* indicates CU, PGS and/or GRTS alumni�



Thank You!



Cornerstone University thanks all of our

faithful supporters. Your gifts and prayers have allowed our mission statement to become a reality! Your gifts are allowing students to attend Cornerstone that might not be able to if you hadn’t given. Your prayers are leading and encouraging students, faculty, staff and administration. Thank you for seeing a need and meeting it. May God continue to richly bless you as you have been a blessing to us,

Emily Rolls Student Fund Coordinator

“Thank you to all the donors who have been so generous in their support of Cornerstone. Your gifts will have tangible effects on our campus and students!”

alexiana stump, freshman

“I am grateful for the donations because they help improve our wonderful campus, and because they provide an opportunity to attend this school at less cost than if they hadn’t donated. [During the Student Phonathon] I enjoyed connecting with alumni because it helps me see how graduates can actually use their Cornerstone degrees in their careers. It gives me hope for my own future, that I will be able to apply my degree to a career, to make an impact on this world as a Follower of Christ.” eric Beaudoin, Sophomore


“I am so incredibly thankful for the donors because I know what a tough time most people are having economically, still they have a generous heart and are striving to help. It’s encouraging to see that they are giving, knowing that God will provide or giving knowing that God has blessed them.”

Annual Report 2011  Redeeming Culture

Hillary Mason, Sophomore

ways to give WE are thankful for your investment in the ministry of Cornerstone University and would ask that you prayerfully consider continuing your support in 2012.

Online: You can make a gift at Mail: If you would like to mail in your gift, please address it to: Advancement Office Cornerstone University 1001 E Beltline Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525



Phone: Call Gift Processing at 616.254.1659

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Jesus Matters

Academics Matter

As followers of Jesus, our staff, faculty and students are committed to creating an environment where students can thrive in their personal relationship with God and to develop in them a passion for global influence through the transforming power of the gospel. This is the foundation we believe matters most.

At Cornerstone University we offer a studentfocused learning community that values excellence in education. Our outstanding students, faculty and staff are equipped to excel in their fields of study and be influencers in a variety of vocations.

Community Matters

Resources Matter

Cornerstone University seeks to provide cultural opportunities, a diverse community and cultural awareness in all of our programs to instill in our students a passion for global influence and cultural engagement.

Cornerstone University is committed to providing an education and campus rich in resources both for our students, staff and faculty and for the West Michigan and global communities we influence. • 616.949.5300

Cornerstone University Annual Report 2011  

Cornerstone University Anuual Report 2011

Cornerstone University Annual Report 2011  

Cornerstone University Anuual Report 2011