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Iron & Wine Delights

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Hadiyah Chowdhury ’18 praises the “beautiful” performance of Iron & Wine in Bailey Saturday. | Page 8

Profs. Isaac Kramnick and Glenn Altschuler discuss their book Cornell, A History, 1940-2015. | Page 3

The field hockey team raised its record to 7-1 with a two-win weekend against Columbia and Monmouth. | Page 16

Day Hall Burglary Among Recent String of Robberies Police seek link between recent crime reports By TYLER ALICEA Sun Managing Editor


New zoning, new housing | A rendering shows the planned housing development to be built at 114 Catherine St. The space is currently occupied by a five-car parking lot.

Police say they are investigating reports of weekend burglaries at Day Hall and at an apartment near West Campus, the latest in a string of recent robberies reported on and near Cornell’s campus. Between 5 p.m. Friday and 8 a.m. Monday, one or more suspects

“forced entry” into a Day Hall office through a window, according to Cornell Police, who say they received the report at 8:44 a.m. Monday. An additional burglary reportedly occurred after 5 a.m. Sunday at 109 Llenroc Ct., where a burglar or burglars “forced open” a secured basement door, according to police. See CRIME page 5

Catherine Street Project To Await City Approval By JONATHAN DAWSON Sun Staff Writer

A new housing project at 114 Catherine St. could join the first few residential housing developments to be built under Ithaca’s new zoning laws — passed by the Common Council in March — if the city’s Planning and Development Board approves the proposal. The plan for the three-story building includes three apartments and a total of 17 bedrooms, which will be built on what is currently a five-car parking lot, according to Nick Lambrou, the developer of the project. “Each apartment will have large windows, [air conditioner] units, two refrigera-

tors and washer and dryer for laundry in each unit,” Lambrou said. According to Lambrou, the apartments will be ready for fall 2015, if construction starts by February or March at the latest. “I felt it was the right time to do it after I saw these other larger projects, one on Eddy Street, one on Dryden Road and one on College Avenue get approved,” he said. “I feel that if I wait another year, labor costs [for new construction] will be too high to be able to offer these nice new units at Catherine at reasonable rents.” The building is under a new zoning disSee DEVELOPMENT page 5

Lock your doors | A series of burglaries have taken place on and near-campus since late August, including at Day Hall, which was burglarized over the weekend.

Students Voice Support for Extended Drop Deadline By ASHLEY COLLIS-BURGESS Sun Staff Writer

In response to the University’s decision to extend the deadline to drop courses or change a grade option, several Cornellians say they are relieved to have the additional week. The deadline was extended to Oct. 17 to accommodate changes to the academic calendar — which went into effect last semester — that no longer give sufficient time for students to receive their first prelim grades and gauge their academic performance, according to the University. “The new academic calendar creates a situation in which some course prelims are scheduled late

enough that grading will not be completed by the [original deadline] — with the result that students may lack information about their performance in time to drop,” according to an email sent to all College of Agriculture and Life Sciences students. Though the new drop deadline is University-wide, each college has their own guidelines for the process of dropping after the original deadline, according to the Arts and Sciences Advising Office. “Because of systems issues, the University cannot extend this deadline electronically in Student Center,” the Arts College said in See DEADLINE page 5


Former U.S. Representative Sue Kelly (R-N.Y.) speaks to students in a lecture for Government 1111: Introductory American Politics on Monday about increasing party polarization and running for office.

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