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Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1988/89 We have completed a very intense year, surviving quite well, with only one major glitch in the service we were able to provide to the law school community - the unavoidable inaccessibility of half of the collection during the fall term. From June 1988 until the end of January 1989 'our books and our Public Services staff were in temporary locations, with half of the books in storage. The one group for whom storage was a major problem was the editorial staff of the Cornell International Law Journal. Our colleagues in other law libraries were most generous in lending materials to us and in one case we paid the expenses of one researcher to extend a business trip to Chicago by one day in order to use collections of the law schools there. Everyone was greatly relieved when the final book move m January put all of the collection on the shelves in a logical order. The entire Law Library staff is now reading the shelves to be sure that every book is in, its proper place, with reasonable growth space. The problems we have found make it very clear that this is a necessary exercise. The impact of the construction was felt most heavily by our Public Services staff who spent the fall term in very cramped space in the new stacks while trying to provide service in a remote Reading Room as well as on the ground level of the new addition while understaffed due to an unfilled reference position. This split, plus the uncertainty of when each piece of their remodeled space would be available, made it a difficult fall and winter. Our two full-time reference librarians are new both to law iibrarianship and to Cornell this year. Gail Fruchtman arrived in August just in time for the start of the fall term. She proved very adaptable to the chaotic conditions she found. Jackie Cantwell did not arrive until January 1989, so we were short of reference staff for tie fall term. This meant extra hours for the existing staff, ho rs which Gail was, fortunately, very willing to fill. Our diff ,.;ulty in filling these positions made it very clear that our salary scale was not competitive. We are fortunate to have found such quality people in spite of the salaries we were able to offer to them. Because of the building project, we did not introduce the Online Public Access Catalog ,OPAC) at the Law Library until February. Its availability has made it much easier for our many interdisciplinary researchers to locate materials throughout the campus. We hope next year to expand access to the OPAC with reference stations on each sta k level and with dial-in access for anyone with a connection to ;he Cornell mainframe.

The Technical Services Department performed very well throughout the year, taking their one move in stride. They kept materials moving through, giving us the ready access to all available materials that we have come to expect. The department had a stable staff, a true blessing as they worked into new quarters and new online functions. For several months the accounting records for acquisitions were maintained on two systems because the NOTIS acquisitions system needed crucial refinements in order to work in the Cornell environment. Diane Hillmann and Margie Axtmann were, as has become inevitable, major contributors to the campus wide NOTIS problem solving committees. In addition to helping the library system, the Technical Services people volunteered their assistance to the harassed Public services staff, e.g. OPAC training. The administration of the library was maintained by John Hasko's calm, stalwart guidance of the Public Services Department during the hectic fall and of the entire operation during the first three months of 1989 (including the book move) while the Director was on Sabbatic leave in Africa. The Sabbatic leave was successful as a project as well as a respite from day-to-day administration. Crystal Hackett proved again to be the calm coordinator and facilitator for all of us. What is left, now that the building project is done? First, to finish the small pieces that we need to have in place to make the building operate as planned: OPAC stations throughout the stacks, emergency telephones throughout the stacks (which should also function as remote reference stations), open reserve with a security system in place and the faculty study functioning as a adjunct of open reserve. Second, to bring our services back to their former level and even expand them. For instance, we have not issued a list of recent acquisitions for some time. We plan to acquire software that will enable us to generate this list by downloading records from NOTIS. Dean Osgood has negotiated contracts with LEXIS and WESTLAW which dramatically increases the number of terminals and the databases available to our students. We ar also expanding the information that is available on the NOTIS ;-/stem by moving some of our serials check-in records online. This means that those who look at the NOTIS records will be able to determine whether a given issue has been received by the library. When the circulation module is activated here, it will also show whether the received item is in circulation or on open and/or closed reserve. However, implementing the circulation system in the Law Library, except for open reserve, may be postponed well beyond the system-wide target of Fall 1990 because the percentage cf our collection that is in machinereadable Term on NOTIS is much below the minimum for smooth operation of the circulation system. To accelerate the

conversion of these old records to machine-readable form will require funding for additional temporary staff. Even when the records^ are on NOTIS, the process of barcoding the books and connecting the bar codes with the on-line records is a project which appears too time-consuming to be done by our present staff. Finally, this year we will monitor the operation of the library in our expanded facilities to establish the number and character of the personnel necessary to operate it as designed. We have added one person in the non-print facility and will need to expand that by at least fifty hours per week during the school term, probably with student assistance. What more will be needed for maintaining service is yet to be determined.


Library:_______Law____________ Prepared bv:

Jane L. Hammond

Date Completed: Aug. 2, 1989

Please complete this form and return it to the University Librarian's office, 201 Olin Library, on or before August 11, 1989. Please complete the requested information appropriate to your departmental operation. Data for this annual statistical report encompasses the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1988, and ending June 30, 1989. Financial and personnel data for endowed unit departments will be completed by the Administrative Operations Staff. ’


SIZE OF COLLECTIONS (only cataloged volumes, i.e. monographs, serials and pamphlets, are to be counted; for other materials, count only those arranged and available for use) PLEASE NOTE! Reporting libraries are requested to show size of collection data for two specific areas: on-site collection and Annex Library collection. Collection Located On-Site At Annex A.

Volumes 1. Number of volumes at beginning of year (If figure differs from previous year's report, please explain.) 2. No. of orders placed Volumes added 3. Acquired by purchase 4. Acquired by gift or exchange 5. Total volumes added (3 + 4) .. 6. No. of volumes transferred Annex 7. No. of volumes withdrawn from records L No. of volumes withdrawn from Annex 9. No. of volumes lost/stolen 10. No. of volumes mutilated 11. Net decrease in volumes (6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 12. Net increase in volumes (5 - 11) 13. No. of volumes at end of year (1 + 12)


358,655 352




6,275 21,733 618


618 27,390 386,045






Serials Currently Received (Excludes newspapers reported below) 1. No. of titles at beginning of year 2. No. of titles added during year 3. No. of withdrawals & cancellations 4. Total no. of titles received ( 1 + 2


—161 --


- 3)

Newspapers Currently Received 1. No. of subscriptions at beginning ofyear 2. No. of added subscriptions (excl. gifts & exchanges 3. No. of withdrawals & cancellations 4. Total no. of subscriptions end of year


(1 + 2-3) 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.


No. of gifts & exchanges at beginning of year No. of added gifts & exchanges No. of withdrawals & cancellations No. of gift & exchange subscriptions end of year ( 5 + 6 - 7 ) Total no. of titles received at end of year ( 4 + 8 )

Microforms (show physical count data) 1. Microfilm a. No. of reels held at beginning of yr. b. No. added c. No. withdrawn d. Total held at end of year (a + b - c) 2. Microcards a. No. of units held atbegin'g of yr. b. No. added c. No. withdrawn d. Total held at end of year (a + b - c) 3. Microprint Sheets a. No. of units held atbegin'g of yr. b . No. added c. No. withdrawn c. Total held at end of year (a + b - c) 4. Microfiche a. No. of units held atbegin'g of yr. b . N o . added c. No. withdrawn c. Total held at end of year (a + b - c) 5. Total Microform units held at end of year (Id + 2d + 3d + 4d)


4,668 _____


___ Q _



0 0 _______ 0____

_______ ____ _______ ____



0____ 0____ Q__


264-^:83____ la^ii__

23 7_

283,390 788,098




Miscellaneous 1. Motion Pictures a. No. of units held at begin'g b. No. added c. No. withdrawn d. Total held at end of year (a 2. Recordings (incl. records & audio a. No. of units held at begin'g b. No. added c. No. withdrawn d. Total held at end of year (a 3. Computer Files a. No. of units held at begin'g b. No. added c. No. withdrawn d. Total held at end of year (a A. Filmstrips (include film loops) a. No. of units held at begin'g b. N o . added c. No. withdrawn d. Total held at end of year (a 5. Maps a. No. of units held at begin'g b. No. added c. Nol withdrawn d. Total held at end of year (a 6. Videotapes a. No. of units held at begin'g b. No. added c. No. withdrawn d. Total held at end of year (a

of yr.

+ b - c) cassettes) of yr.

___ 1 0 0

1 230 54 ’0


+ b - c) of yr.

1_ 1_ 0

+ b - c) of yr.

2 ___ Q. ___ ___ Q_

+ b - c) of yr.

_JL Q_ Q_

Q_ + b - c) of yr.

89 1A 0

+ b - c)

IQ 3


No. of New Titles Monographs 1. Monographs on microforms 2. Serials 3. 4. Serials on microforms 5. Maps 6. Audio/Visual Archival & Mss. Control 7. 8. Totals (1 thru 7)


Reclassified & Recataloeed Titles


Archival & Mss. Processing Collections processed 1. Finding aids produced 2.

1,159 5 161 3 0 18 0

1.3A6 5A9 0 0



Circulation 1. Home Use a. regular b. 7-day or other c. sub-total Home Use Circulation (continued) 2. Building Use a. reading rooms b. carrels . c. studies d. other (list) e. sub-total Building Use 3. Total Circulation (lc + 2e) B.


Reserve 1. Closed Reserve -- Home Use ^ 2. Overnight -- Closed Reserve 3. Home Use -- Open Shelf 4. Total Rese.rve (1 + 2 + 3)


Total Circulation and Reserve (A.3 + B.4)


Hours of Operation How many averag;e hours per week was library open for full service during the academic year (excluding pre-examination periods and other special times)?

6,692 _______


_______ _______ _______ _______ 21,690_ 28^382

_______ _______ _______ 12.Q43 40.425



Reference Questions 1. No. of Information & Directional questions 2. No. of Reference questions 3. No. of Search questions 4. No. of Problem questions 5. Total Reference Questions (add 1 thru 4) 6QWPASS (Commercial Online Sources) LEXIS 1. WESTLAW o FIU . UL L. NEXIS fflr.1 uf End-Users 3. DIALOG Tutaf— 1 4. Total

6 f444___ 6 r29Q__ 0__ 1,835__ 14,1 6 9 . 93 235

2 3 333



10A 351

AAO 791 87

TNTERLT BRARY SERVICE (Includes loans & photoduplications) A. 1. 2. E.




Titles requested Titles loaned

M 28

Borrowing 1. Titles requested 2. Titles borrowed

109 81

Photoduplication Lending 1. a. orders b. orders Borrowing 2. a. orders b. orders


& inquiries received filled (by title) written filled

STAFF SIZE/PERSONNEL EXPENDITURES (staff size determined by number of budgeted lines at end of year)

117 ___ as.





T.ibrarians and Archivists



Exempt Library Staff (other than librarians and archivists in "A" above) 1 Non-Exempt. Support Staff (excludes temporary student and non-student workers)




Temporary Services (include all FTE equivalents and hourly wages in the appropriate area) 1. Academic & non-academic exempt 2. Non-exempt/non-student



Library Instruction 1. No. of Tours 2. No. of Instruction Sessions 3. Total Tours/Instruetion Sessions ( 1 + 2 ) 4. No. of Tour Participants 5. No. of Instruction Participants 6. Total Tour/Instruetion Participants 7. No. of bibliographies & Other Handouts •

FTE ______

Salary £________


1 _ ____

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AMERICAN EAR ASSOCIATION SECTION OF LEGAL EDUCATION AND ADMISSIONS TO THE BAR FALL 1939 LAW SCHOOL ANNUAL QUESTIONNAIRE PART III - LIBRARY INSTRUCTIONS Report financial figures in whole dollars and all other figures in whole numbers, except- where otherwise indicated. If exact, figures are not available, enter your best estimate. Space has been provided at the end of the questionnaire to enter any comments on the data reported. An asterisk (*) indicates that the definition for a term used in a requested .item may be found at the end of the questionnaire. Return disk, one printed copy, and Dean's Certification Form by September 15, 1989, to: Kathleen S. Grove Asst. Consultant on Legal Education American Bar Association Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis 735 West New York Street Indianapolis, IN 46202' SCHOOL NUMBER __99 Name of Law School: City:




Name of Director:

Jane L. Hammond

Name of Person to Receive Inquiries:

Jane L. Hammond

Title of Person to Receive Inquiries:

Edward Cornell Law Librn

Telephone Number:

(601).155.- 5857

Fax Number:

(6 0 7 )255-7193


ABANET Number: Ending month of library fiscal year (number of month)


Page 2

SECTION 1 - INFORMATION RESOURCES 3* Added dtiring fiscal year 1 . Volumes* (excluding microforms)


2 . Microform reels*


3 . Volume equivalent of micx*oform reels (microform reels x 5) 4 . Microfiche*


K. D Withdrawn during fiscal year 61ÂŁ_ \


c. Held at end of fiscal year 391.175 4.708 23.540







5 . Volume equivalent of microfiche (microfiche / 6 ) 6 . Units of other microform formats

7 . Total volumes* and volume equivalents held (Questions lc + 3c + 5c)


a. Added during fiscal year 8 . Titles*- (excluding nonprint items)


9. Microform titles* 10 . Other non-book titles*

b. Withdrawn during fiscal year 115

c. Held at end of fiscal year 154.683





11 . Number of active serial* subscriptions


12 . Number of serial* titles


13 . If library is a federal depository, what percentage of items are selected?


Page 3


14. Number of microform readers

_______ 3

15. Number of microform reader printers 16. Number of computer work stations: a. Available to library users b. Availsible only to library staff c. Administered by the library for all purposeÂŽ

______ 19. ______ 15. ______ 34

17. Number of computer printers in the library

______ 21

18. How many of the work stations available to library users (Question 16a) have CD-ROM players?

_______ 2

19. How many of the work stations administered by the library (Question 16c.) are available for the following functions? a. b. c. d.

Administrative (inventory, cost-accounting) 6 Access only to internal bibliographic databases _______ 2 Access only to extei'nal bibliographic databases_______ 3 Access to internal/external databases (LEXIS, WESTLAW, Dialog) 13 e. Word processing 19. f. Data manipulation 22. g. Instruction 7 h. Technical 11. i. Other (describe below) 1 public printer station_____________________________________

20. Of those work stations administered by the library, what is the: a. Maximum number of simultaneous peak-time users? ______ 3U. b. Maximum number of simultaneous off peak-time users?

______ 3Jt

Page 4

LEXIS 21. Total hours of actual on-line use, last, fiscal year

9 25


22. How many passwords does the library h a v e ? _____4_

_____ 4

23. Does the library participate in any consortia, networks or other co-operative programs, other than national bibliographic networks? (Y/N)


a. If yes, please l i s t : ____________________________ , ______ 24. If the answer to Question 23 is Yes, what provision is made for access to information available through such arrangements? Answer Y for all that apply. a. b. c. d. e.

Telefacsimile Overnightcarrier Consortium staffdelivery Library messenger E-mail

25. Does the library participate in:

__N _N _N __N _N a. OCLC? b. RLIN? c. WLN?

_N _JL _N


, 26. Number of librarians and other professional staff*


27. Number of full-time equivalent* part-time librarians and other professional staff* 28. Number of support, staff (excluding hourly students) 29. Number of full-time equivalent* part-time support staff (excluding hourly students)

Full-Time _____ 7_


7^ 0_ . 13

2 .3

30. Full-time equivalent* students and other temporary part-time employees I 31. Number of hours worked by hourly students and other temporary part-time employees, last fiscal year


32. Avei'age hourly rate paid students or other parttime assistants, current fiscal year

__ 4 .30

3j . Base salary* for entry level professional librarian, current fiscal year

2 .5


Page 6 is missing


42. Salaries*/wages (excluding fringe benefits*) paid all law library personnel, including permanent part-time employees and excluding student or temporary part-time employees, last fiscal year 440â– 290 43. Fringe benefits* paid to law library personnel, last fiscal year ,


44. Student and temporary part-time employee wages paid ! (excluding federal work/study wages), last fiscal yeai'


45. Total salaries, wages and fringe benefits paid last fiscal year (Questions 4 2 + 4 3 + 4 4 )


46. Amount spent for current sei'ial subscriptions (including microform serials) described in Question 11, last fiscal year


47. Amount spent for legal and nonlegal databases, last fiscal year a. Amount paid by governing institution b. Amount paid by users (fee-paid searches)


25.740 _________

48. Amount spent on acquisition of other library information resources (books, non-sei-ial microforms, audio-visual, and other formats), last fiscal year


49. Amount spent on binding and rebinding, last fiscal year


50. Amount spent on other preservation activities, last fiscal year


51. Amount spent on library equipment* (purchase, rental, repairs, maintenance) and library supplies, last fiscal year


52. Amount spent for computer bibliographic services, last fiscal year


53. Amount spent, for on-going library automation expenses last year

Page 8 54. Other library expenditures, last fiscal year

____ 5,330 Describe categories: professional development.: professional dues

55. Total amount spent on law library last fiscal year (sum of Questions 45 - 54) 1.186.518 56. For the total in Question 55, please indicate the amount of funds received from the following sources: a. b. c. d. e.

Base instructional budget Non-recurring appropriations Endowment or gift income Net miscellaneous income Unanticipated income

1.149.852 36.661 _________

57. For Questions 45-54, please state any amount that was a one-time major expenditure: Question


53. Amount spent for law library staff professional development during the last fiscal year. (This amount is presumably included in Question 54, "Other library expenditures, last fiscal year.") Expenditures for staff professional develop­ ment could include registration and travel expenses for meetings and conferences, research and research assistant support, and similar items. Do not include regular comp­ ensation paid during professional development leaves. 4,340 59. Total federal contribution to work/study wages, last fiscal year 60. Total amount budgeted for law library current fiscal year (include same categories used in Questions 45-54)

13.688 1.389.630


61. Net square feet of space assigned for library purposes*


62. Linear feet of shelving capacity:* a. Occupied by library materials b. Not occupied

__58.900 40.682

63. Number of carrels available for library users

_____ 214

64. Number- of non-carrel seats available for library users

_____ 2 52


Abbreviated Schedule*

65. Hours per week professional staff on duty


6 6 . Hours per week only full-time support staff on duty

67. Hours per week only students or other part-time staff on duty


68 . Number of weeks per year library operates on:

a. Abbreviated schedule* b. Extended schedule

13 10

69. Is access to the library after houx-s, without staff present, generally allowed for: a. Law students? b. Law faculty?



70. Intel'-library borrowing requests* last fiscal year: a. b. c. d.

Sent by library Filled for library Received by library Filled by library

71. For the figure reported in Question 70d, how many requests were filled by: a. b. c. d. e.

Loan Photocopy Microform duplication Telefacsimile Other »

226 _____ 1 76 346 194 j 28. 166 ________ ________

SECTION 8 - COMMENTS 72. Please include here any descriptive information or comments you wish to make regarding the data entered in this questionnaire. #46:

includes CD-ROM subscriptions.

#53: absorbed by university library system.

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1989  
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