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Cornell Law Library Annual report


Introduct ion Three themes dominated the Law Library year of 1985/86: compute r-b ase d information, and collection development and ma1 ntenance.


apace is a constant concern as the law library has outgrown Myron T a y l o r . This year we had to move some books out of the stacks in order to shelve new acquisitions. This year also saw the development of the schematic design for the extension of Myron Taylor to accommodate the l i b r a r y ’s needs as well as those of the rest of the law school. Getting information into and out of computers contin ue d to occupy many hours of planning and training in order to achieve effective operati on and retrieval by students , faculty and staff. Training students to use LEXIS and WESTLAW as well a providing software for compute: assisted instruction and word processing were the activities most visible to the students. Planning for the im ple mentation of the Cornell Univers it y L i b r a r i e s ’ computerized information system was another high priority for staff this year. To have more of the law library collection rep resente d in that system meant work on converting records from catalog cards to mach ine -r ead ab le form in the RLIN system. Acquisition of an IBM PC— XT for staff use is enabling us to revise and upgrade several aspects of our internal operations. Co mpu te r -b a s ed information The Library acquired an IBM PC-AT which is configured to allow its eventual use for catalog ing Cyrillic materials without t r a n s 1 lteration and enteri ng the records directly into the RLIN system. Presently it enhances our statistical record keeping and provides access to word pro ces sin g for all the library staff. Next year we plan to implement a fund accounti ng program for our acquisitions and to transfer the routing of materials to faculty and staff from manual Kardex procedures to efficient co mpu te r-b as ed processing. We also plan to acquire project planning software to better organize the myriad projects now in progress and contemplated for the future. These projects range from the reclassi fi cat io n of the publications of the European regional communities next year to the stack shifts that will be requi re d in the building of the addition to Myr on Taylor and the r e co n di ti oni ng of the present stack areas. This year a concerted effort was made by John Hasko to apprise faculty of the resources available from the Center for Co m put er -As sis te d Legal Instrution (CCALI), with the result that the programs were used in at least five courses. The student response was enthusiast i c .

Temporary Learning Centers were used for the first time this year to train students in the use of LEXIS and W E S T L A W . Five dedicated terminals were installed for a two-week period for each system, during which all first year students were trained on LEXIS and almost 200 were trained on W E S T L A W . Many upperclass students were also trained or given refresher courses. As result almost half of our current student body have been trained to use both systems. This method of instruction has proved to be efficient in staff time devoted to training. It was also well receiv ed by the student body. Next year we hope to have a much higher percentage of the student body trained in both systems. Both LEXIS and WESTLAW have produced software to allow access to their respective databases via personal computers. The Public Services Staff have coordinated the applicatons of interested faculty for these software packages with the result .that almost one-third of the faculty now have access to one- or both of these systems through their own p c s . Co lle ct io n development The law library made its first purchases of commercial movies on video tape this year. Movies such as Jo Kill a Mockinab ird and The Witness will be used in Professional Responsibility courses. Uideo tapes continue to be made and reviewed by the students in trial practice, negotiation and other skills courses. Some profes si ona ll y produc ed tapes have been acquired by the library for use in these courses. The number of new orders for library materials has decreased dramatically in the past three years. We placed 1408 orders in 1983/84, 1187 in 1984/85 and 842 in 1985/86. As we have not consciously changed our acquisitions policy, the best exp la na ti o n seems to be that fewer books are being p ub lis he d that meet the criteria of our acquisitions policy. Next year we plan to be less selective in our monographic purchases, es pe cially of foreign publications. To alleviate the critical shortage of shelf space for new acquisitions, 1500 linear feet of printed books were repla ce d with micr ofi che editions at a cost of $71 ,000. Materials c on ver te d included (a) the Pennsylvnia Side Reports. Current subscriptions for these seldom used county court reports have been changed from printed to microfiche format to reduce our hard copy growth. (b) the backfiles of the F e d e r a 1 Reoister and Code of F e d e r a 1 R e o u 1a t i o n s â– We will contin ue to receive the currrent issues of these in hard copy, but will retain the hard copy only six to twelve months when the microfiche editi on will be acquired. (c) all Canadian reports av ai lable in microformat. This change act ually improved our co ll ection because several volumes which we did not have are included in the microfiche collection. (d) the Congressional Record and its p r e d e c e s s o r s . Our original collection of these Congressional materials will be stored until new space is available in the addition to Myron Taylor, but all the other sets will be r et ai ned only in the new f o r m a t .

Next year we expect to switch our state reports prior to the reporter system, i.e. pre-1880, from print to microforms. Like the Canadian conversion, this will give us a more complete collect io n than our hard copy holdings. Most of the volumes being r e pla ce d were printed on highly acidic paper which has become very brittle, cannot withstand heavy use and cannot be rebound when the old leather bindings disintegrate. Major gifts from retiring faculty members kept the acquisitions staff busy throughout the year, as all items received were checked against the l ib ra r y’s catalogs and evaluated individually for addition to the collection. For decades we have received materials from India, Pakistan and other countries in south Asia without direct cost. The funds for that program, known as PL-480, expir ed last October. Rather than attempt to allocate funds among the variotls libraries on campus to maintain the col lections from these countries, one central, un al located fund was established. Thus, the cost of the law library's acquisitions from the south Asian countries will not be reflected in our ex pe nditures or budget this year or in subsequent years. Collect ion maintenance All of the international law and international relations titles in the "JX" cla ssification were en tered into the RLIN database by a project team in the Olin Library. All of the Olin records in this subject cla ss ification were also entered, so researchers now can determine, through the law library's RLIN terminals, everyth in g that the library system has in international law and relations without having to consult the catalogs in Olin. This work was done as part of a coo rdinat ed effort by the Law Program Co mm ittee of the Research Library Group to expand the nation-wide access to international law materials. The Library s trial co lle cti on has been relatively unused because of inadequate cataloging. This year the cataloging staff began upgrading the ca taloging and entered the records for these materials into the RLIN database. When the project is completed next year, these reports of trials will be acc ess ibl e to national as well as local users. All materials from new Library of Congress adequate ly reflects the makes the material more

the C ari bbe an area were r e cla ss ifi ed into the c la ss i fi ca ti on for Latin America, which more recent political changes in the area and so acc ess ib le to researchers.

A long-term project to have all of our current serials cataloged at the highest national standard and available in the national databases will be co mp l e te d this summer. For several years we have not been able to put any newly acquired materials into the Rare Book Room because we had no fumigation facility. This year the University L i b r a r i e s ’

Con servati on Director was able to fumigate the materials we wanted to transfer into that cllmiat e- con tr oll ed area. Staff professional activities Participation by staff in on- and off-campus programs and committees continued at our normal high level. A list of such activities is appended to this report. In July 1985 Myron Taylor was the site of an Institute on Cataloging sponspored by the American Association of Law Libraries. One hundred twenty five librarians from law firms, court libraries and law 5 c h o o 1 5 came from many states, Puerto Rico and Canada came to Ithaca for this four-day program. All reports of p a rt ic ipa nt s were highly complimentary of the the local arrangements which were planned and implemented by Margie Axtmann and Lois Peret . Immediately after the Institute, our professional staff travelled to New York City for the A s s o c i a t i o n ’s Annual Meeting. Personnel In contrast with the large staff turnover last year, this year was very stable. John Hasko was the only new professional appointment. One of the support staff who joined the staff last June resigned this June to complete work towards her b a c h e l o r ’s degree. Another long-term support staff member took university leave for family reasons. Service was a concern at the beginning of the year because the public service staff entered the year with only two people who had been on the staff more than a few months. During the crucial transition period Nancy Moore, our C ir cu la ti on /R es erv e supervisor, was the anchor that kept the vital routines of public service functioning while training new staff. Alan Diefenba ch as the continuing professional staff member was also vital to the transition effort. The new staff proved as dedicated as the old, learned well and quickly, and mai nta in ed and in some cases improved our level of service. John Hasko joined the staff in August as Associate Librarian, coming from the University of Southern California Law Library, In addition to his library experie nc e and management skills, he brings a knowledge of Slavic bi bl iography which we have not had and which proved very valuable in processing the Russian materials acquired the year before. Nancy Young, an e xp eri en ced law librarian who recently moved to Ithaca, joined the staff on January through June 198G as a part-time temporary employee. Her bibliographic expertise was used to relieve Jane Hammond of some collection development respo nsi bil iti es while Hammond was occupied with system-wide library automati on concerns. Ms. Young also sorted and entered into the RLIN database records for all pre-197B acqusitions which had not been cataloged. We now have e ss e nt ial ly all of our collection re t rie va ble through the card catal og or RLIN. All material acquired

since 1976 is searchable in R U N as either catalog or ac qu isition records. Jane Hammond served as acting director of automated services for the University Library system campus-wide following the retirement of the Assistant University Librarian for systems August 31'. This assignment was reduced in January to respons ibi li ty for the project to automate biliographic activities for the libraries.

CORNELL LAW LIBRARY Staff Activities, 1985/86

PROFESSIONAL STAFF Margaret Maes Axtmann Cornell University Libraries: Chair, Steering Committee of the Academic Assembly, 7/85-6/86. Member, BLIS Trainers, Working Group II. Chair, A c q u isitions Committee of the Technical Services Group. American A s s o c i a t i o n of Law Libraries (AALL): Atten d e d the Annual Meeting in New York City, July 1985. Chair, AALL Committee on Relations with Publishers and Dealers, 1983-86. Co-Director, Work s h o p on Acquisitions, 1986 A A L L Annual Meeting. Me m b e r of the Government Documents SIS. Ass o c i a t i o n of Law Libraries of Upstate N e w York (ALLUNY): "Dealing w i t h Publishers," presentation given at A L L U N Y Annual Meeting, Sept. 1985. 5 Pub 1icat i o n s : "Publisher advertising: a legitimate complaint," 10 Library Acquisitions: Practice and Theory (forthcoming). Other: Taught 1ST 503, Org a n i z a t i o n of Information Resources, at Syracuse University School of Information Studies (with Diane Hillmann). D. Alan Diefenbach Cornell U n i v e r s i t y Libraries: Member, CUL Re v i e w Board for Promotion to Librarian. Chair, Search Committee for Echols Collection Curator. Cornell University: Member, Codes and Judicial Committee, U n i v ersity A s s e m b l y (Acting Chair until February 1986). Staff Development programs attended: Introduction to the IBM PC Workshop, January 1986. Introduction to W o r d Perfect Workshop, January 1986.


D. Alan Diefenbach continued American Association of Law Libraries (AALL): Member, Foreign, Comparative & International Law SIS. Attended the Annual Mee t i n g of AALL (NYC), July 1985. \

Other: Chair, Subcommittee on Public International Law Conspectus, RLG (with meetings in New York City and New Haven, Conn.).

Jane L. Hammond Cornell University Libraries: Project Coordinator, Cornell Computerized L i b r a r y Information Project. This involved trips to libraries using the various a u t o mated library systems. Cornell University: Member of the University Computing Board. Law School representative to the Affirmative Action Board. Law School: Member of the Law School Building Committee. Amer i c a n Ass o c i a t i o n of Law Libraries (AALL): Attended the annual meeting in New York City, July, 1985. Amer i c a n Bar Association: Attended Annual M e e t i n g in London, July 1985. Member of the Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar (attended meetings in San Diego, California, December 14, 1985; Baltimore, Maryland, February 8-9, 1986; and Washington, D . C . , May 17-18). Mgmber of the Accr e d i t a t i o n Committee (attended meetings in Sacramento, California, Nove m b e r 7-11, 1985; Miami, Florida, January 16-20; Indianapolis, Indiana, M a y 1-4; and Salt Lake City, Utah, June 2729). Inspected, for the A c c r e d i t a t i o n Committee, summer programs of three Amer i c a n law schools in Cork and Dublin, in July 1985.

-3Jane L. Hammond continued Other: Attended the Institute on Space Planning sponsored by the Amer i c a n Association of Law Libraries, held in Tempe, Arizona, Jan. 8-11, 1986. Member of the Villanova Board of Consultors (meeting October 25, 1985 and April 25, 1986, Villanova, Pennsylvania). Member of the American As s o c i a t i o n of Law Schools Lib r a r y Committee, meeting in Washington, D . C . , May 10, 1986. Member, H. W. Wi l s o n Co. Advis o r y Committee on the Index to Legal Periodicals. )

John J. Hasko Cornell University Libraries: Member, Member, Member, Member,


Conservation Committee. Public Services Forum. Working Group on S t a t i stical/Data Resources. PC Users' Group.

Law School: Member (ex officio), Law School Building Committee, January-June 1986. Staff Development programs attended: CUL Orientation Program for New Librarians, J a n u a ry-March 1986. Results-Oriented Supervision Workshop, M a r c h -April 1986. Introduction to W o r d Perfect Workshop, January 1986. BRS Workshop, M a r c h 1986. IBM Mainframe Workshop, June 1986. Intermediate DOS Workshop, June 1986. Ameri c a n A s s o c iation of Law Libraries Activities: Member, Education Committee of AALL. Member, A u t o mation & Scientific Development SIS. Member, Ac ademic Law Libraries SIS. Member, Foreign, International & Comparative Law SIS. Attended the Annual Mee t i n g of A A L L (NYC), July 1985. Publications: Compiler, "Gun Control: a selective b i b l i ography," 49 Law and Contemporary Problems 251-267 (Winter 1986).

-4John J. Hasko continued Other: H o s t , Mead Data Central LEXIS Law School Day (attended by staff of Cornell Law School, Syracuse University, and SUNY-Buffalo) October 1985. Attended the W E S T Publishing pr ogram for Law Library administrators ( M i n n e a p o l i s - S t . Paul) October 1985.

Diane Hillmann Cornell Univer s i t y Libraries: Member, BLIS Trainers, Working Group I, p a r t icipated in the w r i t i n g of the specifications for tape load. Technical Services Group, continuing and active member. Drafted the document on the fate of the card catalogs now being considered. Amer i c a n Ass o c i a t i o n of Law Libraries (AALL): Attended the Annual M e e t i n g in New York City, July 1985. Chair of the Standing Committee on Cataloging and Classi f i c a t i o n of the Technical Services Special Interest Section, term runs through June 1987. Member of the On-Line Bibliographic Services SIS. Member of the Technical Services SIS. Other: Taught a Syracuse Univer s i t y School of Information Studies graduate course: 1ST 503, Organization of Information Resources (with Margie Axtmann).

Bruce M. Kennedy Cornell Univer s i t y Libraries: Member, CUL Security Sub-committee (Chair, 4 / 1 / 8 6 - p r e s e n t ). Member, CUL W o r k i n g Group on Library Instruction. Member, CUL Work i n g Group on Computerized Reference Services." Staff Development programs attended: Library Instruction Workshop, July 1985. Workshop on Business Reference Sources, October 1985. Improving S u p e r visory Effectiveness, N o v e m b e r - D e c e m b e r 1985. CUL O r i e n tation Pro g r a m for New Librarians, Janua r y - M a r c h 1986. Introduction to the IBM PC Workshop, January 1986. Introduction to W o r d Perfect Workshop, January 1986.


Brucc M. Kennedy continued Intermediate Level Works h o p on DIALOG, March 1986. Intermediate Level Works h o p on BRS, March 1986. Applying One Minute Manager Techniques, April 1986. American A s s o c iation of Law Libraries (AALL): Member, Readers' Services SIS. Attended the Annual Meeting of AALL (NYC) July 1985. Publications: Co-author (with Ed Tallent and Chris Sherratt) article on CUL instruction programs, CUL Newsletter. Other: Speaker, Upstate Regional Conservation Group Conference on Collec t i o n Security in Acad e m i c and Research Libraries and Collections (Ithaca, NY) October 7 & 8, 1985. Lecturer, Cornell Summer University (Lecture on "Cases, Statutes and Regulations," and on "Attorneys and Legal Research.") July 1985. Lecturer, CEE 525 Environmental Law I (2 lectures on how to research environmental law) September 1985.

Jean Pajerek Cornell University Libraries: Academic A s s e m b l y Standing Committee on the Economic Status of Librarians, 6/85-. American Ass o c i a t i o n of Law Libraries (AALL): Attended the Annual M e e t i n g in New York City, July 1985. Columnist for Technical Services Law Libra r i a n on serial title changes. Member of the Technical Services SIS. Staff Development programs attended: Took the Practice Trai n i n g I course in the fall of 1985. Other: Atte n d e d the A L A / R T S D Serials Catalo g i n g Institute, Minneapolis, May 1986.

-6SUPPORT STAFF Leah Adams Took two courses offered by Cornell: Work Perfect, given at Mann Library, and "Back to the Classroom," offered by Personnel. Gary Bogart Attended a Work Perfect training session at Mann Library Janet Gillespie Took the Practice Training I course, Fall 1985. Attended a Word Perfect Seminar Training, June 1986. Attended a RLIN Workshop, 1986. Betsy Hand


Atten d e d a Work Perfect training session at Mann Library Sue Hills Atte n d e d a Work Perfect Training session at Mann Library Bruce Levy Took the Practice Trai n i n g I course, Fall 1985. Mary b e t h Mic h e l s o n - T h i e r y Took the Practice Trai n i n g I course, Fall 1985. Attended a P r e s e rvation Workshop, October 1985. Nancy Moore Attended a Word Perfect Seminar Training, June 1986, Attended a RLIN Workshop, 1986. Jean Murray Took the Practice Training I course, Fall 1985. Me.mber, Support Staff Development Committee. Helen Smith Took 1ST 503, taught by A x t m a n n & Hillmann.

Cornell Law Library Myron Taylor Hall Ithaca, New York 14853 (607) 256-7236


July 7, 1986

Distribut ion I n d i c a t e d Below Law Library Law Library A c q u i s i t i o n s Budget, year to date

Available funds 1985/86 a. b. c.

Appropriated funds Law School Endowment income

$362,100.00 124,829.00 19,850.00

Total 2.


Expenditures through June 30, 1986 i l a.

New titles (monographs & new serials) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


United States Public & p r i v a t e international Comparative British C o m m o n w e a l t h Other juris d i c t i o n s

$1,109.87 1,233.62 184.87 455.41 491.34

$91,703.40 12,480.42 3,368.41 11,674.83 7,837.57

12,147.89 1,196.86 157.20 1,158.69 3,059.19

284,857.47 26,692.85 3,963.49 41,741.16 31,212.71







5 56,501

178 87,536



Continuations (subscriptions) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Year To date


United States Public & p r i v a t e international Comparative British C o m m o n w e a l t h Other juri s d i c t i o n s

Binding Sub-totals Balance r e m a i n i n g June 30, 1986


Access i o n s a.

Printed volumes a d d e d year to date


Microforms added y e a r to date (pieces) Reels Fiche




Peter M a r t i n Herbert F i n c h Jane Hammond Gene W h e e l e r John Hasko M. M. A x t m a n n file

Law Library Budget 1985/86 Acquisitions Appropriated Funds Law School Funds Endowment Income

$362,100 124 ,829

$ 486,929


Personnel Professional Support Staff Benef its Student s Library a p p r o p . Law School funds

222 ,050 190 ,300 103,088 10,000 8,390 1,610 525,438


General Expenses Communicat ions Memberships (AALL ) Leases and rentals Supplies and Printing

5,200 500 2 ,900 8 ,000 16 ,000


$1 ,028,967

Total Library Budget

On-line database access not included in Law Library budget

Capital equipment approved

2 secretarial chairs 2 book trucks Think-jet printer




L a w Library


Jane L. Hammond

Prepared by:___________________ Date Completed:

July 16. 1986

Please complete this form and return it to the University Librarian's office, 201 01 in Library, on or before July 18, 1986. Please complete the requested information appropriate to your departmental operation.

Data for this annual statistical report encompasses the fiscal year beqinninq 1 July 85 and ending 30 June 86. Financial and personnel data for endowed unit departments will be completed by the account­ ing office, 01 in Library.

SIZE OF COLLECTIONS (only cataloged volumes, i.e. monographs, serials and pamphlets, are to be counted; for other materials, count only those arranged and available for use) PLEASE NOTE! Reporting libraries are requested to show size of collection data for two specific areas: on-site collection and Annex Library collection.

Volumes 1. Number of volumes at beginning of year (If figure differs from previous year's report, please explain.) 2. No. of orders placed Volumes added 3. Acquired by purchase 4. Acquired by gift or exchange 5. Total volumes added ( 3 + 4 ) 6. No. of volumes withdrawn from records 7. No. of volumes lost/stolen 8. No. of volumes mutilated 9. Net increase in volumes (5 - 6 - 7 - 8) 10. No. of volumes at end of year ( 1 + 9 )

Collection Located On-Site At Annex Totals 344,125 842







6,488 717

5,771 349,896



95 21.278







Serials Currently Received (Excludes newspapers reported below) 1. Number of titles at beginning of year 2. No. of titles added during year 3. No. of withdrawals & cancellations 4. Total no. of titles received ( 1 + 2 - 3 ) Newspapers Currently Received 1. No. of subscriptions at beginning of year 2. No. of added subscriptions (exclude gifts & exchanges) 3. No. of withdrawals & cancellations 4. Total no. of subscriptions end of year (1+2-3) 5. No. of gifts & exchanges at beginning of year 6. No. of added gifts & exchanges 7. No. of withdrawals & cancellations 8. No. of gift & exchange subscriptions end of year ( 5 + 6 - 7 ) 9. Total no. of titles received at end of year (4 + 8) Microforms (show physical count data) 1. Microfilm a. No. of reels held at beginning of year b. No. added c. Total held at end of year (a + b) 2. Microcards a. No. of units held at beginning of year b. No. added c. Total held at end of year (a + b) 3. Microprint Sheets a. No. of units held at beginning of year b. No. added c. Total held at end of year (a + b) 4. Microfiche a. No. of units held at beginning of year b. No. added c. Total held at end of year (a + b) 5. Total Microform units held at end of year (lc + 2c + 3c + 4c) Miscellaneous 1. Motion Pictures a. No. units held at b. No. added c. Total held at end 2. Audio Recordings a. No. units held at b. No. added c. Total held at end

beginning of year of year (a + b) beginning of year of year (a + b)

4,415 206 ___ 42 4,579 7



3,132 178 3,310

o 0


0 0




151,194 87,536 238,730 242,040

______ l 2. 1

_____ 89 68. 157

3. Records a. No. held at beginning of year b. No. added c. Total held at end of year (a + 4. Filmstrips (include film loops) a. No. held at beginning of year b. No. added c. Total held at end of year (a + 5. Maps a. No. held at beginning of year b. No. added c. Total held at end of year (a + 6. Videotapes a. No. held at beginning of year b. No. added c. Total held at end of year (a + II.




o 2



_______2_ o o


o o b)


_______0 18 16 ______3^


No. of New Titles 1. Monographs 2. Monographs on microforms 3. Serials 4. Serials on microforms 5. Maps 6. Audio/Visual 7. Totals (1 thru 6)


Periodical Article, Analytics*


Reclassified & Recataloqed Titles


Card Production 1. Printed cards (computer, LC or other) 2. Typed cards 3. Multilithed cards completed 4. Total ( 1 + 2 + 3 )

1,885 _____1 206 7 14

___ 2*113 853 42,923 4,507 14 47,444


Ci rculation 1. Home Use a. regular b. 7-day or other c. sub-total Home Use 2. Building Use a. reading rooms b. carrels c. studies d. other (list) e. sub-total Building Use 3. Total Circulation (lc + 2e)


63,598 70,525

* Not included in new titles cataloged. Other analytics included in monographs col



C. s



Reserve 1. Closed Reserve — Home Use 2. Overnight — Closed Reserve 3. Home Use -- Open Shelf 4. Total Reserve ( 1 + 2 + 3 )


Total Circulation and Reserve (add A.3 + B.4) Hours of Operation How many average hours per week was library open for full service during the academic year (excluding pre-examination periods and other special times)?


No. of Information & Direction Questions


No. of Reference Questions


No. of Search Questions


No.of Problem Questions

E. F.

No. of Bibliographies Computer Services — COMPASS: No. of User Requests (i.e. fee-based queries)


Total Reference Service (add A thru F)


1. a. b. 2. a. b.

no. no. no. no.

of of of of



(see revised page)





classes/lectures participants tours participants

INTERLIBRARY SERVICE (includes loans andphotoduplications) A.



Lending 1. Titles 2. Titles Borrowing 1. Titles 2. Titles

requested loaned

181 124

requested borrowed

58 34

Photoduplication 1. Lending a. orders & inquiries received b. orders filled (by title) c. no. of photocopies made 2. Borrowing a. orders written b. orders filled

463 422 6,433 ___ 28 21




COPY SERVICE (to be completed by the statutory and medical libraries only) A. B. C. D.



No. of copies made for internal use No. of copies made for interlibrary lending

46,506 6,433

No. of copies made for CU departments (other than libraries)


No. of coin-operated copies produced; i.e. income generating copies


STAFF SIZE/PERSONNEL EXPENDITURES (staff size determined by number of budgeted lines at end of year) A.

Professional Library Staff 1. Public Service a. no. of staff: full-time equivalents headcount b. salaries of staff in "a" above






full-time equivalents headcount salaries of staff in "a" above



3. Special Collections a. no. of staff: full-time equivalents headcount b. salaries of staff in "a" above



4. Administration of the Unit a. no. of staff: full-time equivalents headcount b. salaries of staff in "a" above



2. Technical Services a. no. of staff: b. *

5. Total Professional FTE, Headcount & Salaries ( 1 + 2 + 3 ) a. no. of staff: full-time equiv. headcount b. salaries of staff in "a" above B.

2. Technical Services a. no. of staff: b.

full-time equivalents headcount salaries of staff in "a" above



_ T



Exempt Library Staff (other than pro­ fessional librarians in "A" above) 1. Public Services a. no. of staff: full-time equivalents headcount b. salaries of staff in "a" above


_ ^









Reference Questions 1. No. of Information & Directional Questions 2. No. of Reference Questions 3. No. of Search Questions 4. No. of Problem Questions 5. Total Reference Questions (add 1 thru 4) COMPASS (Commercial Online Sources) 1. No. of Subject Questions 2. No. of Item Questions 3. No. of End-Users 4. Total COMPASS (add 1 thru 3)

5,063 6,225 194 18

_______ _______ _______ â&#x2013; 4US

NEXIS, LEXIS & W E S T L A W ref searches

Library Instruction 1. No. of Tours 2. No. of Instruction Sessions 3. Total Tours/Instruction Session (1+2) 4. No. of Tour Participants 5. No. of Instruction Participants 6. Total Tour/Instruction Participants 7. No. of Bibliographies & Other Handouts


31 61

_____ 360 956

1,316 ___ 21

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1986