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Report of the Law Librarian


The 1976-77 year was marked by implementation of programs highlighted in last year's report and institution of two new programs. As expected, the administration of the Law Library changed, with Professor Jane L. Hammond assuming the position of Law Librarian on October 1, 1976, and Robert L. Oakley becoming the Assistant Law Librarian on August 19, 1976. The cataloging process was completely computerized for the entire year.

The savings in cataloging costs through the OCLC system were above

the initial projection. The book sale discussed in last year's report was not completed in time to reduce the 1975/76 budget deficit.

When finally completed, the

sale netted $36,000 which was put into a separate fund for capital expenditures for collection development rather than into the general operating budget. LEXIS, a program for legal research through an on-line computer terminal, was installed in the Law Library in February 1977.

In the

following months about 350 faculty and students were trained in the use of LEXIS.

The terminal is available for on-line use by those so trained,

without charge, for 76 hours a week.


Microforms are now becoming an integral part of the Law Library. Some legal newspaper files are now kept in microform rather than binding the original paper copy. original form.

Only the current issues are available in their

The New York State Court of Appeals Records and Briefs will

be received only in a microfilm edition.

The U.S. Supreme Court Records

and Briefs will be received in hard copy, but that copy will not be bound. Rather the permanent file will be on microfiche.

These particular bulky

items were chosen for conversion to microform because they are more expensive to bind than to buy in microform, they are not heavily used, and they are not used for browsing except for the newspapers for the first few weeks after receipt when they will be available in paper form.

A versatile

reader-printer has been purchased to facilitate the use of these microform files.

COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT The basic appropriation for library materials for 1976/77 was increased by ten percent over the previous year, but the amount received as gifts declined, so that despite inflation the total amount available from appropriations, gifts and endowments ($194,740) was actually $14,000 less than the amount spent for library materials in 1975/76 ($208,800). In spite of determined efforts to stay within the available funds, a deficit of $9,860 is being carried forward to 1977/78.

The distribution

of the $204,600 spent in 1976/77 is shown in Appendix 1, with the comparable statistics for the prior years.

This table shows that the cost of Anglo-

American continuations is up 10% even though every effort was made to control the growth of that account.

The comparison of funds spent for

Anglo-American treatises and monographs makes painfully clear that this category has borne the brunt of the tight budget, dropping from $46,355


in 1974/75 to $15,663 in 1976/77.

Another illustration of the disappearance

of non-committed funds is the decline in original orders sent each of the past three years:

3848 in 1975/76, 1878 in 1976/77 and 888 in 1977/78.

The budget allocation for 1977/78 is $30,000 above that for 1976/77, but the deficit of 1976/77 will take $9,860 of that.

Assuming the same

amount of non-budget funds are received in 1977/78, we will have $214,880 to spend, less than 5% over this year's expenditures, less than the growth in the Anglo-American continuations budget this year. Even though monographic purchases declined, the total number of volumes added to the collection is slightly above that of last year, 11,007 as opposed to 10,590.

This increment will not be reflected in the total

volume count reported for June 30, 1977, because the base figure for the volume court has been changed.

On June 13, 1977, the staff of the Cornell

University Libraries counted every book presently in the system— volume by volume on the shelf and card by card in circulation and similar files. The total of this count is the base number from which the Cornell University Libraries will operate henceforth. 302,750.

For the Law Library this number was

The discrepancy between this figure and the 318,541 which we

would have reported on the basis of our pre-June 13 records is the result of the conversion from bibliographic volume count to physical volume count (volume 9 and 10 bound into one book is now considered one volume), years of missing books never subtracted from the count, and accumulated errors and idiosyncrasies in calculating the numbers.

This discrepancy of 5%

is not unreasonable when these factors and the age of this library are considered.



As indicated above, the OCLC computer system for the cataloging operation was in use for the entire year.

We had estimated that 50% of

the titles to be cataloged would be found in the OCLC data base, available for use with little or no


I am pleased to report that we have

found at least 70% of the titles sought, so original cataloging has been necessary for only 30%.

This has increased the cost benefit of the system

beyond our expectations.

The computer-produced catalog cards have had the

expected benefits in accuracy and efficiency over the earlier hand-typed operation. The changes in binding patterns resulting from the conversion to microforms for the records and briefs has enabled us to transfer one support staff person from the bindery to other duties within the department. Personnel: Mr. Christian Boissonnas, Head of the Department, was notified in May of his promotion to the rank of Librarian effective July 1, 1977.


promotion to the highest rank in the library system recognizes Mr. Boissonnas' outstanding contributions to the Cornell Libraries and to the library profession. Diane Hillmann joined the staff as a cataloger in April 1977, replacing Christopher Sugnet, who resigned from the Law Library staff in December 1976 to accept a position in the Olin Library.

Miss Hillmann's prior

library experience was with the M.I.T. and the Syracuse University Library systems. Lois Horton transferred to the Law Library staff from the Olin Library in October replacing Barbara Blanchard who resigned. Elizabeth Hand, who had been a temporary employee, became a permanent member of the staff in June, replacing Debra Gregg who transferred to the Public Services Department.



Use of the Law Library by non-law students has been increasing. To relieve the staff of the burden of orienting each student individually, Robert Oakley and others of the Public Services staff have given lectures on the use of law books to undergraduates in courses which are known to make heavy use of the Law Library.

These lectures have been well received,

and we hope to continue this program. The advent of LEXIS has created the greatest change in the Public Services offered by the Law Library.

All members of the Public Service

staff were trained in the use of LEXIS.

They, in turn, spent many hours

in March and April training law students to use the system.

They now

provide assistance to those using the terminal and use the terminal them­ selves as a regular part of the reference service of the Law Library. Current awareness services were changed during the year. inclusive Acquisitions List is no longer published.

The all-

Faculty are made aware

of new books in their fields of interest by distribution to them of copies of the catalog cards for the recently acquired books in their fields of interest.

Photocopies of the title pages of new law reviews are supplied

for perusal in the Faculty Lounge in place of the former practice of routing individual issues to faculty members thought to have an interest in the contents of a particular issue. Personnel: Robert L. Oakley served from August to June as Assistant Law Librarian, a temporary budget line.

Effective July 1, 1977, he will be moved into a

permanent budget line with the title Associate Law Librarian.

His major

responsibility was and will continue to be the direction of the Public Services Department, with some general administrative responsibility for the entire Law Library.


Kathleen Quinlan resigned after three years as Circulation Librarian. Prior to her resignation, she had been promoted to the rank of Senior Assistant Librarian.

Within the line items of the budget, she is being

replaced by Robert Oakley.

In fact, we will have one less person on the

Public Service staff in 1977/78 than during 1976/77. Diane Smith who had served as Circulation Assistant for 2 years became Reference Assistant, replacing Andrea Barnett, who resigned after three years in that position. Debra Gregg transferred from the Technical Services Department to take the position vacated by Diane Smith. Kevin Miller joined the staff as Stack Supervisor in April, replacing Guy Smith, who resigned. Janet Fisher resigned in June.

Her position as Special Collections

Assistant will be filled in the near future.

ACTIVITIES OF STAFF MEMBERS Christian M. Boissonnas planned a workshop on OCLC for Law Library Users and acted as moderator for the workshop at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries in Toronto, Canada, June 27, 1977. Mr. Boissonnas was a member of the Cornell University Libraries Task Force on the Future of Card Catalogs.

He was also on the search committee for

Circulation Librarian for the University Libraries. Alan Diefenbach attended the convention of the American Association of Law Libraries, June 27-29, 1977.

He also attended the pre-convention

Institute on Civil Law, June 22-24.

He served on the Committee on Academic

Personnel Policy of the Academic Assembly of the Libraries.

He completed

his fifth year on the Campus Judicial Board, being elected Chairman of this review board in May.


Crystal Hackett served as Treasurer of the Cornell University Libraries Staff Association and is serving on the Support Staff Advisory Committee of the Cornell University Libraries. Jane L. Hammond wrote the chapter "Treatises, Restatements, etc.," in the 7th edition of How to Find the Law, edited by Morris L. Cohen and published by West Publishing Company in August 1976. As immediate past president of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), Professor Hammond was an ex-officio member of its Executive Board for this year.

She attended the Board's meeting in Houston December 28-29

and in Toronto June 25, and the Annual Meeting of the Association in Toronto June 26-29.

She also attended the Institute on Civil Law sponsored

by AALL and held at McGill University.

She represented AALL at the meeting

of the Council of National Library Associations held in Washington, D.C., May 6. Professor Hammond was elected to a one-year term on the Executive Committee of the Association of American Law Schools in December 1976, the first librarian known to have been on that Committee.

She attended meetings

of this Executive Committee in Houston December 30, in Seattle in conjunction with the American Bar Association's Mid-Year meeting in February, and in early June in conjunction with a meeting of the Law School Admissions Council. Professor Hammond participated in a meeting of the Depository Library Council to the Public Printer in Boulder, Colorado, April 25-26. the Council's Committee on the federal depository law.

She chairs

Following the meeting

in Boulder, she addressed the Cornell Law Alumni in Denver. During a hearing held by the Subcommittee on Libraries and Memorials of the U.S. House Committee on House Administration, Professor Hammond


testified in favor of legislation to enable law school libraries to become depositories for U.S. government documents. The Board of Consultors of the Villanova University School of Law elected her to membership in April.

This Board serves a function similar

to that of Cornell's Law School Advisory Council. Doris Jensen served on the Cataloging and Classification Committee of the American Association of Law Libraries.

Mrs. Jensen served on the

Publications Committee of the University Libraries.

She attended a training

program for new public services librarians and took a first year course in Torts from Irving Younger in the Law School. Robert L. Oakley was sworn in as a member of the Bar of the State of New York and also was admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York during February 1977. Last Fall, Oakley prepared a report on the space needs of the Law Library for the next 25 years.

After preparation of that report Oakley

continued to meet with the Law School Building Committee.

During the

year, he completed, with Pamela A. Martin, a major computer generated bibliography on Organized Crime.

Other activities for the year included

the development of a program of instruction in legal bibliography for under­ graduates and the supervision of the LEXIS program at the Law School. During the Spring semester Oakley audited Irving Younger's course on "Freedom of Speech and Some of Its Limits." Oakley served on the Subcommittees on User Charges and Security of the Academic Assembly's Committee on Resources.

He also served on the

Committee on the Training of new Public Services Librarians.

In connection

with the Subcommittee on Security Oakley drafted a bill on library theft which may be introduced at the next session of the New York State Legislature.


Oakley is a member of the New York Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee and attended three meetings of that Committee during the year.

He is also the Liaison from the American Association of Law

Libraries to the American National Standards Institute Committee Z-39 on Library Work and Documentation. Committee last May.

He attended the annual meeting of that

Finally, Oakley attended the annual meeting of the

American Association of Law Libraries, held in Toronto at the end of June.

RECLASSIFICATIONS The following support staff positions have been reclassified effective June 30, 1977: Administrative Secretary, A-15 to Administrative Aide, A-18 (Crystal Hackett, incumbent) Library Assistant III, A-15 to Library Assistant IV, A-17 (Diane Smith, incumbent) Searcher I, A-13 to Library Assistant III, A-15 (Gary Bogart, incumbent) Library Assistant II, A-12 to Library Assistant III, A-15 (Nancy McBride, incumbent) Searcher I, A-13 to Library Assistant III, A-15 (Alice Olsefski, incumbent) Library Assistant I, A-10 to Library Assistant II, A-12 (Elizabeth Hand, incumbent) Library Assistant I, A-10 to Library Assistant II, A-12 (Lori Neiderman, incumbent) Library Assistant I, A-10 to Library Assistant II, A-12 (Sharon Reeves, incumbent) Respectfully submitted,

Jane L. Hammo: Law Librarian




Expenditure Statistics




Law Library Staff Personnel list

Appendix 1

Cornell Law Library

Expenditure Statistics 1974/75-1976/77

^ ___


























Ir atises & Monographs ^glo-American foreign °ntinuations ^Slo—American p°reign ^°tal Treatises & Continuations fading F°tal Expenditures

Appendix 2

GIFTS 1975/76-1976/77 Richard H. May, '60, Young, Conaway, Stargatt & Taylor, Wilmington, Delaware, a copy of Life and Law by Samuel Williston, and autographed by Mr. Williston. Arthur H. Dean, '23, Sullivan & Cromwell, New York, New York, Securities and Exchange Commission documents. Francis P. Cuccia, '12, Port Jervis, New York, a gift of $5,000 to establish the Mary Heagen Cuccia Memorial Book Fund, in memory of his wife. Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Harter, '42, Penfield, New York, a copy of Blackstone's Commentaries. Judge Lloyd F. MacMahon, '38, New York, New York, volumes of the Federal Reporter, Federal Supplement, and Federal Rules Decisions. Harry Bitner, Professor Emeritus, Hackensack, New Jersey, gift of periodicals. Alanson W. Wilcox, Washington, D.C., twenty bound volumes containing the legislative history of the Social Security Act. George M. Baroody, '52, Aramco Services Co., Houston, Texas, his Translation and Commentary of Crime and Punishment Under Islamic Law. Henry Plate, Manlius, New York, a number of law books from his father's law library. Jerome L. Lowenberg, Glen Head, New York, a number of law books. Richard H. Kuh, Kuh, Shapiro, Goldman, Cooperman & Levitt, P.C., New York, a copy of his book Foolish Fig Leaves. Mrs. Marion M. Buerger, Commission on Uniform State Laws, Buffalo, New York, files on the Uniform Commercial Code. Richard H. Gildon, '71, cash contribution. Mrs. Stanley E. Weinberg, money in memory of Monroe J. Abeloff. Several members of the Law School faculty contributed books and periodicals.

Appendix 3

Law Library Staff

ADMINISTRATION (Extension 6-4236) Jane L. Hammond, Law Librarian and Professor of Law Robert L. Oakley, Associate Law Librarian Crystal Hackett, Administrative Aide I.

PUBLIC SERVICES (Extensions 6-3344 and 6-4775) D. Alan Diefenbach, Reference Librarian Doris Jensen, Reference Librarian Diane Smith, Reference Assistant Debra Gregg, Circulation Assistant Kevin Miller, Stack Supervisor Diana Harrington, Special Collections Assistant Pamela Martin, Library Assistant III (Institute of Criminal Justice)


TECHNICAL SERVICES Christian Boissonnas, Head (6-3982) A.

Acquisitions Section (Extension 6-3668) Lois Hickson, Order Librarian Alice McPherson, Head Account Clerk Alice Olsefski, Searcher (6-3982) Gary Bogart, Kardex Clerk Elizabeth Hand, Library Assistant II


Cataloging Section (Extension 6-3982) Christian Boissonnas, Head Cataloger Diane Hillmann, Cataloger Lois Horton, Library Assistant III Nancy McBride, Bindery Clerk Sharon Reeves, Library Assistant II Lori Neiderman, Library Assistant II

July, 1977



July 8, 1977


J . Gormly Miller


Jane L. Hammond


Law Library Statistics for 1976/77



, 1 would like to comment on some of the statistics in this form which are not mentioned in my annual report. Circulation for home use is down from 11,065 to 7 283 circulation. ^°r ^


°f Ch<i


■ C

The circulation-building use is also down from 93,553 to 53 683 honL fi, firSt year that readers were asked to reshelve Reading Room t h e ^ ^ emse^ s ' They have cooperated quite well with the result that e number of books the staff has counted as they reshelved them has dropped off precipitously. S 13

„ ^ se^v\ circulation has remained about the same (12,960 versus ,5Z/; which leads us to conclude that the library use, at least by

statistic^is aafluk“alned ab°Ut ^


that tha h°"e clrculation

Reference statistics also deserve mention. The reference staff ^ r e p o r t e d that they had not been as busy this year as in the past, total reference contacts are down from 13,200 to 9,145. The M u drops were in Reference Questions (from 6,016 to 2,789) and Search & Questions (from 614 to 271). Two activities may have contributed to the questions at this level while the directional questions remained about the same (6.514 against 6,032). (1) Bob's lectures to the m d a “ graduate classes certainly should have eliminated some of the basic P ^ that hat this



The Staff reportad that the problems I use in

th& Training 1 are "less of a treasure hunt" than Harry Bitner's and

the pressure on the Reference Desk was much lower during the course year than it was in the past. The number of titles cataloged is the lowest in three years.


ona °f acquisition rata, a four-montl/parL without one cataloger, a six-weeks period without the L.C. cataloger and the inputting of 464 records for CONSER. cataloger, and the

Memorandum to J. Gormly Miller


July 8, 1977

For the future we are making some changes in the methods of compiling statistics. First, the Public Services staff has been directed to eliminate the "fudge factor," so we will know exactly what our demands and services are. The same person has been "fudging" for the past two years so this alone should not account for the descripancies mentioned above. Second, I discovered that the break-down in expenditures between "Anglo-American" and "foreign" materials has been interpreted to be English language and non-English. This put Spanish books from Puerto Rico in foreign and English books from Egypt in Anglo-American. In order to have a more accurate statement of the cost of our comparative law materials, I have asked that the break-down be by country rather than by language. Our comparative statistics with prior years will not be exact, but our current records will tell me what I am now interested in knowing.



Please complete this form in duplicate and return one form to J. G orm ly M ille r, Director, 201 Olin L ibrary, and one to Elizabeth M . Murphy, 234 Olin Library before July 8, 1977. If you have supplied regular Monthly Reports on Circulation,

Interlibrary L oans, Reference Service and Cataloging, it is not n ecessa ry to furnish totals for the year. L ib ra rie s, other than the Central L ib ra ries and its Departments, are asked to supply data on library income and expenditures for the year, and on those item s in the annual report form which do not appear on the monthly rep orts, insofar as your records perm it. L ib r a r y ______Law I.

Jane L. Hammond

Circulation and R eserve: A.


C. D.


___________________ Librarian

Circulation 1. Home Use a. Regular b. 7 -day or other Total Home Use 2. Building Use a. Reading Rooms b. C arrels c. Studies d. Other (List) Total Building Use Total Circulation R eserve 1. Closed R eserve - Home U se 2. Overnight - Closed R eserve 3. Home U se - Open Shelf Total R eserve

7,283 __________ 7.283

53,683 __________ __________ __________ 53.683 60,966 12 r96Q

__________ __________

Total Circulation & Reserve How many hours per week was library open for fu ll-se r v ic e in fall term 1975? (excluding pre-exam ination periods and other special tim es)



Reference Service A. B. C.

Information and Directions Reference Questions Search Questions

6,032 2,789 -




D. E.



Problem Questions ________£Z Bibliographies ------------ 24 Total Reference Service


Interlibrary Service (Loan and Photoduplication) A.

Lending 1. T itles Requested 2. T itles Loaned 3. Volumes Loaned

296 135 151


Borrowing 1. T itles R e q u e s t e d 2. T itles B o r r o w e d 3. Volumes Borrowed


Photoduplication 1. Outgoing (Lending) a. Orders and Inquiries Received b. O rders Filled (by Title) 1. Photoprint (Xerox-C oinfax e tc .) a. X erox - Coinfax b. X erox - Copyflo, photo­ stats etc. c. M icrofilm s d. Other M icroform s 2.





128 2 1


Incoming (Borrowing) a. Orders Written b. Orders Filled

Copy Service A.


X ero x External U se (No. of sheets) 1. Campus - (cash) ------35.221 2. M ail Orders --------— Total External U se Internal L ibrary U se* (No. of Sheets) Coin-Op Copier 1. Total Coin Dial 2.

A ll a. b. c. d.

Other Interdepartm ent Inter lib r a r y Known Internal Unknown Internal


lD9r99 9 _ __________ 9— ----------------2—

_____ 22— ---------^ *7.31—

36,532 28.410


(since Dec. 1976) 30.850 0

______ 0_ 1.068 439

*If work done for Interlibrary Loan Service Do Not count as "Internal L ibrary U s e ". Show as IL L . This w ill eliminate duplication of count.

Acquisitions A. B. C. D.

No. of Orders Placed &88-----No. of Volum es at Beginning of Year 314,832-----No. of Volum es Added by Purchase 9}3_92-----No. of Volumes Added by Gift or E x c h a n g e (PL480, Mann Depository items) 1,615

-11.QQ7 325,839


Total No. of Volumes Added Total Volumes No. of Volumes Lost or Withdrawn from


Records Total Number at end of year (use new figure from count)

7.298 ( 6 . 302.750




M icrofilm a. No. of Reels (physical count) held at beginning of year b. No. of Reels (physical count) added c. No. of Reels (physical count) at end of year M icrocards a. No. of Physical Units held at beginning of year b. No. of Physical Units added c. No. of Physical Units at end of year

M icroprint Sheets a. No. of Physical Units held at beginning of year b. No. of Physical Units added c. No. of Physical Units held at end of year K. M icrofiche a. No. of Physical Units held at beginning of year b. No. of Physical Units added c. No. of Physical Units held at end of year L. T O T A L M icroform Units held at end of year (add Ic, Jc, Kc) M . Motion Pictures a. No. held at beginning of year

39. 1





b. No. added c. No. at end of year Audio Recordings a. No. held at beginning of year b. No. «dd»Ki withdrawn c. No. held at end of year


m .

300 727 727


57 il







R ecord s a. No. held at beginning of year b. N o. added c. No. held at end of year

F ilm strip s (include film loops) No. held at beginning of year No. added No. held at end of year Map6 a. No. held at beginning of year b. No. added c. No. held at end of year

a. b. c.




0 2. 0

0 2 0

Cataloging A.

B. C. D. E.



0_ 0.

New 1. 2. 3.

Titles Original Cataloging L . C. Cataloging Other Total New Titles Total New Volumes Maps M icro-Reproductions (Pieces) R eclassified and Recataloged 1. T itles 2. Volum es Card Production 1. Printed Cards (LC or Other) 2. Typed Cards 3. Multilithed Cards Completed 4. Multilithed Cards Run


1 ^ .2 905 3,845



___ Z44 1.1,157

Newspapers Currently Received A. â&#x20AC;˘B.

C. D. E. F.

G. H.

Number of subscriptions beginning of year Added by Subscription 1. Through C. U. L ibrary 2. Directly Withdrawn No. of Subscriptions end of year Added by Gift and Exchange Number of Gifts & Exchanges beginning of year 1. Through C .U . Library 2. D irectly Withdrawn No. of Gift & Exchange Subscriptions Total No. of T itles Received

Z_ 0_ 2. 2_ 7_ 0_

0_ 2 0 _______ 2 1

- 5 -

VIII. Serials Currently Received (Excluding Newspapers reported above)

A. B. C.


2 r319

L ibrary Expenditures A.



Number of T itles beginning of year 2 f273 T itles Added during year ______69 No. of Withdrawals & Cancellations ______23_____ Total No. of T itles Received

Personal Services 1. Salaries a. P rofession al $ b. C lerical Total Salaries 2. Tem porary Services a. Student $ b. Non-Student (Include fu ll-tim e staff paid on hourly rate) Total Tem porary Services Total P ersonal Services



Books, Periodicals and Binding 1. Books & Periodicals a. Allocation $ _____________ b. Endowment Funds _____________ c. Special Gifts _____________ Total Books & Periodicals 2. Binding 3. Total Books, Periodicals and Binding 4. General Operating Expenses 5. Equipment a. New b. Replacement 6. Other Grand Total L ibrary Expenditures

L ibrary Staff A.

Salaried Staff (given in fu ll-tim e equivalents) 1. P rofession al 2. C lerical Total

_____________ _____________


Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1977