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Report of the Law Librarian 1966-67

July 1, 1967

I am pleased to report that significant progress has been made during the year in the various areas that were set forth in my report last year.


PERSONNEL For most of the year a full staff was on hand to carry out not

only the usual routines, but also some new activities and services which were established during the year. One important new service was begun with the opening of the school year.

One professional librarian was on duty to provide reference

service in the evenings and on the weekends.

The hours when this

service was provided were from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, Saturday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and Sunday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

These are the times when there

appears to be the greatest need. This additional reference service is essential to the new program of instruction in Legal Bibliography by the Law Librarian as part of the course in Practice Training.

Every member of the first year class

must take the course and complete it satisfactorily.

Each student must

-2 -

complete 13 library problems which could be unduly long without the assistance from the Law Librarian and the professional staff.

This new

program of instruction on the use of legal materials, as well as the entire practice Training course, has increased the use of the library during the day and most evenings and weekends.

There is no doubt that

additional clerical assistance will be needed at the circulation desk in the very near future, not only for services to the students, but also because of the increased use of delivery services to faculty offices. I am sorry to report the resignation of Mr. Simon Goren as Assistant Law Librarian for Acquisitions to become the Law Librarian of the Western Reserve Law School Library.

Mr. Goren has performed

outstandingly as the Acquisitions Librarian and has done much to develop the foreign law collection. new position.

We wish him every success in his

The loss of Mr. Goren will call for a slight reorganization

in the administration of the Law Library. When Mr. Goren's resignation was announced, Mr. Enyingi, Assistant Law Librarian for Cataloging, requested consideration as a replacement for Mr. Goren in order that he might acquire the experience in law book selection and ordering.

Since Mr. Enyingi has a foreign law

background, I was pleased to consider him for the vacancy.


important objective of the Law Library is the further development of the foreign law collection. This request by Mr. Enyingi suggested an idea that was based on the practice used in University Libraries.

It seemed to me that

because of Mr. Enyingi's experience in Cataloging, it would be a good idea to have one person in charge of all technical services—

-3acquisition and cataloging. this plan.

Mr. Enyingi was very much interested in

Effective July 1, 1967, Mr* Enyingi will become the

Assistant Law Librarian for Technical Services.

He will be assisted

by the Order Librarian, Mrs. Lois Hickson, and the Catalog Librarian, Mr. Edgar Snell, for purposes of supervising the acquisition and cataloging sections respectively.

This arrangement should provide for

more efficient procedures and more effective use of all personnel in technical services. Two additional clerical personnel were requested for the budget.


These two positions had been approved in principle previously.

Only one new position was approved for the new fiscal year because of financial restrictions.

The new position establishes permanently the

work of a searcher, Junior grade, which has been in existence during the past year but paid for out of hourly wages.

The money from hourly

wages which paid for this searcher position last year will be used to establish a new position of a full time binding clerk.

It is expected

that the binding position will be made permanent next year.

If this

position is provided for in the next budget, this will release hourly wages money to provide some of the additional assistance needed in circulation. Mr. Gersten Rappaport has resigned as Assistant Law Librarian for Reference and Circulation to seek another position. I am happy to report that Miss Lorraine Kulpa has been engaged to succeed Mr. Rappaport.

Miss Kulpa has a law degree from the University

of Buffalo and a library science degree from Syracuse.

For the past

two years since leaving Library School Miss Kulpa has served as a reference librarian at the Los Angeles County Law Library. report for duty on September 1,


She will

-4Miss Mary Orndorff has been on leave since March 1, 1967 , on account of illness.

She is not expected back before September 1, 1967 .

Her duties are being handled by a part time replacement. Miss Marie Whited has been hired as a cataloger effective September 1, 1967.

She will fill a vacancy created by the shift of

Mr. Enyingi to his new position. Miss Crystal Bolton and Miss Mary Orndorff were reclassified to higher grades.

These changes recognize the actual responsibilities of

their respective positions.

Miss Bolton has been particularly helpful

with administrative duties.


ORGANIZATION OF THE COLLECTION During the Summer and Fall of 1966 a great deal of time was

devoted by the Law Librarian and staff in rearranging the collection in order to provide better service and to prepare for the new law classification scheme by the Library of Congress.

A great amount of

material was culled from gifts and duplicate collections.

Many books

were found which were not in. the law collection and these have been added throughout the year.

A large collection of duplicates was sold

and will provide funds for booii* and shelving. Three major shifts were made in the arrangement of materials in the Law Library stacks.

All Anglo-American legal periodicals were

brought together on the Reading Room level of the stacks.

The RR

collection of legal treatises and monographs were moved to floor 34 and the OT collection of legal treatises and monographs were moved from floor 2 to 34 next to the RR collection.

In the stacks adjacent to the

faculty offices on 34 a working collection of U. S., State, and regional

-5reporters plus digests, encyclopedias, citators and statutory materials was established for the convenience of the faculty who have offices on this floor. On April 1, 19 6 7 , the Library of Congress Classification for United States Law was received.

Plans are now under way to begin to

apply the classification to the collection. will have first priority in this program.

Periodicals and treatises The completion of this

part of the classification will be most valuable in providing better service to the clientele of the Law Library.


PHYSICAL REHABILITATION During the year the new loan desk area was established by moving

the newly-built circulation desk forward on a line with the stacks forming the alcoves.

This will provide more area for reserve books

as soon as additional shelving is obtained.

This arrangement will

provide faster and more effective service to the students and faculty. Carpeting was installed during the Winter in the Periodical Room which is situated off the Reading Room, and on May 15th the shelving for this room was received and installed.

During the summer of 1967 â– \W

all current periodicals will be shifted to this room from offices D-2 and D*3.

The current issues will be arranged in the same order in the

Periodical Room as the bound volumes are arranged in the stacks on the Reading Room floor. Mr. Bruun, a lighting expert, has been engaged as a consultant to study and to make recommendations on the lighting in the Reading Room and the stacks.

Some experimentation has been going on in the stacks.

The primary need there is to repaint the stack walls in white which will throw off more light than the present tan color.

-6 -

A number of plans have been drawn up by Mr. Bruun for the Reading Room lighting, but no satisfactory decision has been reached.


additional plans are expected very soon.


DEVELOPMENT OF THE COLLECTION Good progress is being made in the development of the Law Library


The pace of growth needs to be stepped up if certain

deficiencies in a number of subject areas are to be overcome. An appropriation of $100,000.00 was available for books, continuations and binding from the University for 1966 -6 7 .

A total of $13,627.13 was

received from various endowment and gift funds, of which $l,21*0.3i* was used to pay bills covering purchases in 1965 -6 6 . is being carried over for payment in 1967 -6 8 .

A total of $6 ,6 2 9 .2 7

In 1966 -6 7 , $1 19 ,6 8 7.8 8

was spent for books, continuations and bidding. As of June 30, 1967, a total of 12,559 volumes was added to the collection, bringing the total number of volumes in the Law Library to 205,710.


ACTIVITIES OF THE STAFF Mrs. Lois Hickson has been awarded a grant by the American

Association of Law Libraries which enabled her to attend the annual meeting of the Association in Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 25-29, 1967. Mr. Bitner attended the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries in Colorado Springs where he participated on a Panel covering the "AALL Organization and Committee Structure."

Mr. Bitner

continued to serve as Chairman of the Headquarters Operation Committee of the Association

-7 -

Mr. Bitner served as consultant on the Law Libraries of the University of Georgia and the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Bitner was appointed Director, Libraries Study Project, Association of American Law Schools. Mr. Bitner served as Vice-Chairman, Council of National Library Associations. Professor Norman Penney, as Chairman of the Law Library Committee, has been most cooperative in advising the Law Librarian concerning Law Library matters.

The entire faculty has given the Law Library and the

staff the utmost in support. The staff of the Law Library deserves much credit for its excellent cooperation and efforts.

A high percentage of the staff received high

ratings for merit increases.

Respectfully submitted,

Harry Bitner, Librarian

-8 -



A chart of statistics for the past six years covering the

development of the collection and the staff. 2. 1966-67

A list of contributors to the Law Library during the year

Cornell Law Library Statistics,

1966/67 Vols. Held at beginning of year Volumes added


























163, **66


Volumes withdrawn Total volumes at end of year



1 9 3 ,^ 8

EXPENDITURES, BOOKS, ETC. Books and Periodicals Binding Total


























Clerical Personnel







Student Assistants









Professional Personnel

Total Salaries





Appendix 2

Bruce 0. Dean, Esq., Ithaca, New York - law books, including a number of New York Reports. Dean Ray Fbrrester, Cornell Law School - 5k volumes of American and foreign law material, plus a number of periodicals. Professor Frederick 0. Marcham, Cornell University * one copy of his book, Sources of English Constitutional History. Professor Robert Senelle, Burges, Belgium - one copy of his book, The Political and Economic Structure of Belgium. John L. Greisberger, Esq., Rochester, New York - two copies of the Memorial Resolution on Thomas L. Toan, Esq. adopted by the Monroe County Bar Association. Floyd F. MacMahon, Esq., New York, New York - 28 volumes of law books. Kingsley L. Bennett, Esq., Providence, Rhode Island • Volumes 9k and 95 of the Rhode Island Reports. Professor Gray Thoron, Cornell Law School - 8 volumes of law books. William R. Bagby, Esq., Lexington, Kentucky - one copy of Truth and Deception, by John Reid. E. J, Carter, Clayton, New York - U law books. Professor Gustavus Robinson, Cornell Law School - 31 volumes of law books. Mrs• Selma B. Lokitz, New York State Association of Tridl Lawyers, New York, New York - Borne copies of The Plaintiff's Advocate.

t John E. Herzog, New York, New York - one copy of The Care of the Devils, by Sylvia Press. Ezra Cornell, Esq., White & Case, New York, New York - renewal subscription to Trademark Reporter, by The United States Trademark Association. Dr. Guido de Rossi, Lima, Peru - one copy of his book La Sociedad Anonima, Sequenda edicion, 19^5* Professor Lewis W. Morse, Cornell Law School - one copy of the Record of the case of Squier Mfg. Co. v. The National Fire Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn. Professor Robert Pasley, Cornell Law School - one law book. Myron Fink, Librarian, The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico one copy of his bibliography of "State Constitutional Revision."

-2M. Van Cleef Booth, Ithaca, New York Law Directory.

1965 edition of Martindale-Hubbell

Adnan Al-Khatib, Damascus, Syria - one copy of his book, MUJAZ AL-QAMJM AL-JAZA *1. Marian 0. Gallagher, Librarian, University of Washington Law Library, Seattle, Washington - one copy of Robert W. Graham, Legality of Competitive Business Practices under State and Federal Law. Professor Roy M. Mersky, University of Texas, Austin, Texas - one copy of Commercial Law of Mexico and the United States. Joseph Thuringer, Rochester Typegraphic Service, Inc., Rochester, New York one copy of the I 582 Leipzig edition of the Sachsenspiegel. Paul Weisend, Graduate Student, Cornell Law School • three volumes of law books. Harry A. Blachman, Esq., Cleveland, Ohio - one copy of his book on Deficiency Judgment. Professor David Curtiss,Cornell Law School - one law book. Joseph Allen, Esq., Baltimore, Maryland - a copy of the Judgment of the Supreme Court of Israel in Criminal Appeal 336/61 (Eichman v. Attorney General of the Government of Israel) Students of the Cornell Law School - 020.00 for books in memory of Bancroft Lang don.



Please complete this form and return to S. A. McCarthy, Director 201 Olin Library, before July 12, 1967. If you have supplied regular Monthly reports on Circulation, Interlibrary Loans, Reference Service and Cataloging, it is not necessary to furnish totals for the year. You are asked, however, to supply data on library income and expenditures for the year, and on those items in the annual report form which do not appear on the monthly reports, in so far as your records permit. Library I.


Harry Bitner

Circulation and Reserve: A.





Circulation 1. Home U se a. Regular b. 7 -Day or other Total Home Use 2. Building Use a. Reading Rooms b. Carrels c. Studies d. Other (List) Total Building Use Reserve 1. Closed Reserve - Room Use 2. Overnight - Closed Reserve 3. Home Use - Open Shelf , Total Reserve

6 ,*128 51*1


2 , 3 *18

11 ^ 12. 352

626 12,895

How many hours per week was library open for full-service in fall term 1966 (excluding pre-examination periods and other special times)


Reference Service A. B.

Information and Directions Reference Questions


6 9*12



-2 -

C. D. E.



k2 15 3.135

Interlibrary Service (Loan and Photodupli­ cation) A.




Search Question Problem Questions Bibliographies Total Reference Service

Lending 1. Titles Requested 2. Referrals 3. Titles Loaned 4. Volumes Loaned




Borrowing 1. Titles Requested 2. Titles Borrowed 3. Volumes Borrowed

11 JL _5.

Photoduplication 1. Outgoing a. a. Orders and Inquiries Received b. Refferals c. Orders Filled Xerox - 914 Photoprint M icrofilm 2. Incoming a. Orders Written b. Orders Filled

Copy Service (Xerox - 914, Verifax, etc.) A.


External Use (No. of sheets) 1. Campus 2. Mail Orders Total External Use Internal Library Use (No. of Sheets)

35,6^3 __________ 35.6U3


-3 -


Acquisitions A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K.




No. of Orders Placed No. of Volumes at Beginning of Year No. of Volumes Added by Purchase No. of Volumes Added by Gift or Exchange Total No. of Volumes Added Total Volumes No. of Volumes Lost or Withdrawn from Records Total Number at end of year No. of Reels (physical count) of Microfilm held at beginning of year No. of Reels (physical count) of Microfilm added this year No. of Reels (physical count) of Microfilm at end of year No. of Physical Units of other forms of Microtext held at beginning of year (e. g. microcards, microprints, or m icrofiches) No. of Physical Units of other forms of Microtext added this year (e. g. microcards, microprints, or microfiches) No. of Physical Units of other forms of Microtext at end of year


193 r552

' 9 3 91?

-.12.,175— 38U


>401 205

1 1


Cataloging A.

B. C. D. E.

New Titles 1. Original Cataloging 2. L .C . Cataloging 3. Other Total New Titles 1 New Volumes Maps Micro-Reproductions (Pieces) Reclassified and Recataloged 1. Titles 2. Volumes

1*390 5*026. 6 ,Ui6


1,0.81. 2jm

-4 -



26,215 2.1+2 2.7 887

Newspapers Currently Received A. B.

C. D. E. F.

G. H.


Card Production 1. Printed Cards (L .C . or Other) 2. Typed Cards 3. Multilithed Cards Completed 4. Multilithed Cards Run Total

Number of subscriptions beginning of year Added by Subscription 1. Through C. U. Library 2. Directly Withdrawn No. of Subscriptions end of year Added by Gift and Exchange Number of Gifts & Exchanges beginning of year 1. Through C. U. Library 2. Directly Withdrawn No. of Gift & Exchange Subscriptions Total Newspapers Received



Periodicals Currently Received A. B.

C. D. E. F.

G. H.

Number of Subscriptions beginning of year By Subscription 1. Through C. U. Library 2. Directly Withdrawals Total Subscriptions No. received by Gift k Exchange beginning of year Added By Gift & Exchange 1. Through C. U. Library 2. Directly Withdrawals Total by Gift & Exchange Total Periodicals Received

5&L ___2 101

688 262 .



-5 -


Library Expenditures A.



Personal Services 1. Salaries a. Professional b. Clerical Total Salaries 2. Temporary Services a. Student b. Non-Student (Include full-time staff paid on hourly rate) Total Temporary Services Total Personal Services

js8l.72U.0Q SUi.nU.58 $122.838.58 $6.895.51 $3.757.91

Books, Periodicals and Binding 1. Books & Periodicals a. Allocation $ 100 . 000.00 b. Endowment Funds *$13.627.13 c. Special Gifts Total Books & Periodicals 2. Binding 3. General Operating Expenses 4. Equipment a. New b. Replacement 5. Other Grand Total Library Expenditures

$10,653.U2 $133,U92.00

SloU.8l5.58 $lU>„863.,30 $5.000.00

$ 258. 180.88

Library Staff A.


Salaried Staff (given in full-time equivalents) 1. Professional 2. Clerical Total Student and Other Hourly Assistants 1. Number of Hours of Student Assistants During Year 2. Number of Hours of Other Hourly Assistants (Include full-time staff paid on hourly rate) Total Hours

♌Includes $1*,216.50 from Howes fund.

8 10





-6 XII.

This Information will be treated as Confidential. For Consolidated Budget - 1967-68 Figures. A.



Total Number of Positions 1. Administration 2. Professional 3. Non-Professional Total 1967-68 Budget Figures 1. Personal Services a. Salaries b. Temporary Services Total 2. Books, Periodicals & Binding a. Books and Periodicals b. Binding Total 3. Other 4. Equipment

_1 _7

11 __________

$133 ,^ , 0 0


$i2Q,iako.a $113.800.00 $5,000.00

Please furnish list of all staff with titles, grades and salaries, on attached forms;

This Report Prepared By

Harry Bitner

If you have prepared an annual report for the Department Head, Dean or Library Committee, we would appreciate having a copy filed with the University Library. A written statement of the activities of your library and your professional activities will be very helpful.

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1967