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if'S 'k CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY INFORMATION REQUESTED FOR VARIOUS ANNUAL REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 1955 - 56 Please complete this form and return to S. A. McCarthy, Cornell University Library, before July 1 6, 1956. If you have supplied regular monthly reports on Circulation, Interlibrary Loons, Reference Service and Cataloging, it is not necessary to furnish totals for the year. You are asked, however, to supply data on library income and expenditures for the year, and on those items in the annual report form which do not appear on the monthly reports, in so far as your records permit. Library 1.


H ).

~~W t

Circulation a. Regular 1. Reading Room 2. Home use Total b.

Reserve 1. Reading Room 2. Overnight 3 . Open Shelf Total


Total Circulation


Interlibrary loans a. Titles Requested Titles Loaned Volumes Loaned Photostats supplied Microfilms supplied b. Titles Borrowed Volumes Borrowed Photostats received Microfilms received


Reference Service General Questions Search Questions Other Total Bibliographies compiled


Number of orders placed


Number of volumes at beginning of year


Number of volumes added by purchase


Number of volumes added by gift or exchange

C>t (o -3 ft. I, J 3 0 ),






NUmber of volumes lost or withdrawn from records


Total number at end of year


L .S ' J A l^ L Z

Cataloging: a. New titles b. New volumes c. 1. Maps 2. Manuscripts 3 * Mi cro-reproduction d. Titles reclassified and recataloged e. Volumes reclassified and recataloged f • Card production x* L. C. Cards 2. Typed Cards 3- Multilithed Cards Total Newspapers currently received: b y gift or exchange j

by subscription ; total

Periodicals currently received: by gift or exchange *f VST Library income : a. Appropriation b. Income from endowments


$ Zoo (o t} $~

by subscription ; total

jt lu o . / y 1.

?f fig*--o - o

/ S t Oo c. i6


1 3 . 6 b 0 . try

d. e. f. g.

Fees, fines, etc. Total Reappropriated balance from previous year Total funds available

i f f o o q v <rt t s * & e*



fa^(£m L

U s ------ 2l°2L8=-------2<Zi 7 / Z . 3 tt

Funds available for purchase of books, periodicals, binding for next year ■*•5.

Library expenditures: a. Salaries of library staff b. Wages of student assistants c. Books ~2 d. Periodicals S



f. g.

Supplies Other C


Qa x

of t u


1 & S 4 $, 3 J 3. O 9 o . ‘fS L X<f -r?.^ y v. <5 - 7 60


Library Staff (each group given in full time equivalent) Number of professional staff members >3 Number of clerical staff members Z ____________; Number of student assistants <S~ This report prepared by .


f\ ^


If you prepare an annual report for the Department Head, Dean, or Library Committee, we would appreciate having a copy filed with the University Library.



Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1956  
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