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CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY INFORMATION r e q u e s t e d f o r v a r i o u s a n n u a l r e p o r t s f o r t h e YEAR 1952 - 53 Please complete this form and return to S. A . M cC arthy, C orn ell U n iver­ sity Library, before July 15, 1953. If you have supplied regular m onthly r e ­ ports on Circulation, Interlibrary Loans, R e fe re n ce S e rv ice and C ataloging, 1S no* necessary to furnish totals for the year. You are ask ed, h ow ever, to supply data on library income and expenditures fo r the y e a r, and on those item s in the annual report form which do not appear on the m onthly r e p o r ts , in so fa r as your records permit. U b r a * y ----------^




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.L ib r a r ia n

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(O .

Circulation a. Regular 1. Reading Room 2. Home use Total



Reserve 1. Reading Room 2. Overnight Total


Total Circulation

Interlibrary loans a. Titles Loaned Volumes Loaned Photostats supplied Microfilms supplied b. Titles Borrowed Volumes Borrowed Photostats received Microfilms received Reference Service General Questions Search Questions Total

Bibliographies compiled 4.

Number of orders placed


Number of volumes at beginning of year


Number of volumes added by purchase


Number of volumes added by gift o r axchamge


| 7 6 (a

.Number of volumes lost or withdrawn from records Total number at end of year








C ataloging: a. New titles b. New volu m es c. 1. M aps 2. M anuscripts 3, M icro -re p ro d u ctio n d. T itles r e c la s s ifie d and reca ta loged e. V olu m es r e c la s s ifie d and reca ta loged f. Card produ ction 1. L„ C» Cards 2. Typed card® 3. M ultilithed ca rd s T otal


N ew spapers cu rren tly re ce iv e d : by su bscription by gift or excl total CL


P e r io d ic a ls cu rre n tly r e c e iv e d : by su b scription by gift o r exchange 3 i0 f total


L ib r a r y in co m e : ^ a . A pp rop riation ^ I S , q o o . <n> b. Incom e fr o m enHowmentsT c. Gifts d. Total e. f . Reapp7opriat1>^“ baTance"i'r orrTprevious yeaTr_ g. Total funds available^ / 6, 2 J-'g. gm


I7 S

Oo o l/ou«. ^ 00

Funds available fo r pu rch ase o f books, p e r io d ic a ls , binding fo r next year


L ib r a r y expenditures a. S ala ries of library staff ,S~ b. W ages of studenj a ssista n ts"’ c. B ooks d. e. f. * g. Other h. Total


L ib r a r y Num ber Number Num ber

Staff (ea ch group given in fu ll tim e equivalent) of p r o fe s s io n a l staff m em bers_ 3 of c le r ic a l staff m em b ers o f student assistan ts

This re p o rt prep a red by If you p rep a re an annual re p o rt fo r the Departm ent Head, Dean, o r L ib r a r y C om ­ m ittee, we would ap p reciate having a co p y file d with the U niversity L ib r a r y .

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1953