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Activities of the Law Library during the Academic Year 1943-44 We have a total of 102,207 volumes in our Law Library, 1,357 of which were added this year. Of the number accessioned this year, 200 were gifts. Professor Herbert 0. Laube has donated 35 volumes to our library. Considerable effort has been used In making our library budget go as far as possible during the last fiscal year.

A number of items have been obtained

by trading, and soliciting the best possible prloes until we have actually been able to save significant sums.

The result has been that we have been able to

lnolude more purchases in our budget. Our oolleotion of state statutes has been Improved by the purchase of the following annotated sets: California Florida Kansas Missouri Wisconsin Our second and third sets of legal periodical have received considerable attention.

As a result, we

have made great strides In our effort to oomplete these many sets without actual cost.

have been successful

in obtaining & number of them through trading and exchange, and by gifts from other law libraries.


aotivlty is all the more significant when one notices the gradual wearing out of some of our first sets, and the scarcity that exists in obtaining many of these periodicals.

WŠ now have a strong reserve collection

for the years to come, and it will gradually increase. The great soarolty of paper and losses of issues caused by enemy action have made us more careful during the past year to see that our current files are kept up to date, especially with foreign legal periodicals. Even domestic legal periodicals are printed in such limited quantities that there is concern for a supply for the future.

are attempting to obtain sufficient

copies of each leading periodical so that our needs for the forthcoming years will be protected. Our collection of Hew York Court of Appeals and United States Supreme Court Briefs have been kept up to date. I have now completed my second year as Direotor of Libraries of the Judge Advocate General's Office at Washington, D.C.

My duties there have

increased greatly, due to the many new installations in the army throughout the world.

We have had to go

beyond the responsibility of supplying only law books to Judge Advocates in the field.

We now supply euoh

equipment as typewriters, forms, supplies, and miscel­ laneous Items.

It has been our goal to have the offioere

of our branch equipped as fully as possible.


such as getting materials for and to our men have been greatly Increased by the need for replacements of materi­ als caused by damages and losses in the many campaigns and battles through which our men are going.


stages In the war cause the need for new books,


entire ploture presents a very Interesting and valuable experience. Due to the curtailment of our staff In not having a cataloger, only temporary cards can be made for current acquisitions.

This means that cataloging Is

accumulating for days when we can again have a cataloging staff. During my absence the work in the library has been very competently done under the direction of M, Elisabeth Prior, Assistant Law Librarian.


credit is due her for the very conscientious and devoted attention she hae given the various problems which have arisen during the past aoademio year.

Lewis W. Mors© July 7, 1944

Law Librarian

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1944  
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