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June 22, 1934, To Charles K. Burdick, Dean, Cornell Law School, Ithaca, New York,

Sir: I have the honor to submit for your consider­ ation the annual report of the Cornell Law Library for the year ending June 22, 1934, This year is our second in our new quarters in Myron Taylor Hall,

fle find that our quarters are most

adaptable to our needs and we feel that the books are now located in their most practical places in the Law Library, During the year, 1729 volumes have been accession­ ed as new volumes.

These added to the total shown in the

last report of May 9, 1933, after deducting the seven volumes indicated below by their accession numbers, make a total of 73,670 volumes in the Law Library,

(Replacements): B 18304,

18305, 18306, 24592, 25663, 27686, 30383. The following important sets were added or com<pleted during the year: Australian Bankruptcy Cases Bateson, Records of the Borough of Leicester, 3 vols, China Law Review Connecticut Attorney General's Reports Harvard Law Review

1 set



New York Court of Claims Reports Police Journal Public Utility Fortnightly Privy Council, Acts of,


32 vols.

Restatement of the Law of Agency, Revue de Droit International Prive Ruling Case Law

1 set

Winslowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Forms of Pleading and Practice Yorkshire Star Chamber, Proceedings of,

3 vols,

Zeltschrift fur Volkerrecht

During the year, 166 volumes were received as gifts.

Among them are a few very rare Ohio items, which were

supplied by an alumnus and friend of this Law School, Mr, Edwin J, Marshall of Toledo, Ohio. Since my last report 247 volumes have been added to the Bennett Collection of Statute Law.

Ye have had the

privilege this year of checking over completely for the first time our Bennett Collection of Session Laws from 1850-1933. A check list of Session Laws was prepared by a committee of the National Association of State Libraries, and it has been most useful in ascertaining our wants in this collection,

Ye are

happy to report that over this period, from 1850-1933, we lack very few items, and we are at present busily engaged in filling the few gaps which we have,

Ye appreciate beyond



measure the Earl J. Bennett Fund, which enables us to pur­ chase certain items which we otherwise could not afford to buy.

Our collection is now in a position where it costs a

great deal to obtain the rare items which we need, end this fund is a tremendous help to us.

The majority of our state

session laws we have found to be oomplete for this period, from 1850-1933, and our attention is focused on those before 1850, where our needs are much greater. The ify-ron Taylor Collection of the League of Nations Publications has had a great deal of use this year. '7e lack only a few items to complete our 3et, and we have placed orders for our wants and shall receive them a3 they are available.

This collection is a valuable addition to

our International Law material and adds very greatly to the importance of this Law Library. We have continued recataloguing the library, and this summer we are making an intensive effort to do as much as possible to make our catalogue very useful to the students and users of the library.

Errata and addenda have been in­

serted in approximately 250 books. We have conducted a very active campaign during the past year to complete our legal periodicals and Bar As­ sociation Reports and Journals.

We have been rewarded by

obtaining number* which complete our sets of Bar Association Reports and Journals in certain instances, namely:


Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Utah; states:

and we have added rare volumes in the following California, Mississippi, Nevada and South Carolina,

Ye have endeavored to obtain Attorney-Generalfs Reports, Judicial Council Reports, and Industrial Commission Reports in the various states, and have been very successful* Since my last report, 421 volumes have been bound and repaired by the local binder*

Ye have collated

and bound 121 volumes of the briefs of the New York Court of Appeals and our briefs of the United States Supreme Court are being bound now. I wish to thank the members of the Law Faculty for their cordial support and cooperation. Respectfully submitted,

Law Librarian.

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1934  
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