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May 9th, 1933.

To Charles K. Burdick, Dean, Cornell Law School, Ithaca, Hew York. Sir; I have the honor to submit for your consideration the annual report of the Cornell Law Library for the year ending May 9th, 1933. This completes our first year in our new quarters in Myron Taylor Hall.

He were confronted last summer

with the task of moving fche books from our old quarters in Boardoan Hall, and this was accomplished very success­ fully through the preparations made and the fine coopera­ tion of the Faculty and of the group of law students who helped.

I wish to pay special tribute to Professor

Lyman P. Wilson, who was instrumental in the success of the whole problem, for his fine work in dispatching the books from our old quarters and for his very kind and generous help throughout the whole oourse of moving, and mention should also be made of the fine arrangement and exoellent work of Lewis W. Morse in receiving the books and allocating them in our new building.



During the year X910 volumes have been received as accessions.

These added to the total shown in my

last report of June 4th, 1932, after deducting the 5 volumes indicated below by their accession numbers, maJce a total of 11948 volumes in the Law Library. (Replacements)! B 25169, 29302, 29303, 27996, 26547 The following important sets were added or coraleted during the years Annuaire de LHnstitut de Droit International. 36 vola. complete set. (1897- to date). Fletcher.


Permanent edition.

Halsbury* a Laws of England. Ruddy, X. P. 9th edition. Hughes, ?/. J. Jones. Sales,

2nd edition.

Encyclopedia of Automobile Law. 20 vols. plus index. Federal Practice.

Chattel Mortgages and Conditional 6th edition.

Law Institute Journal.


Law Weekly.

35 vols.


6 vols.

Massachusetts- Annotated Statutes. McQuillan, E.

Municipal Corporations. 2nd edition.

Nagpur Law Journal. Pond.

13 vols.

Public Utilities.

(19183 to date).

4th edition.

Privy Council, Acts of : Colonial Series. \1613—1783)• Restatement- Law Of Contracts.

Rivista di Dlritto Internazionale. 34 vols. (1906- to date). Revue de Droit International by De Lapradelle and Politis. 8 vols. (1937- to date). Revue de Droit International Public. (1894- to date). Scott, S, P. The Civil Law. A Translation by Soott.

39 vole.

17 vols.

Washington- Revised Statutes. Western Australian Industrial Gazette. (1931- to date). fords and Phrases.

11 vols.

4th Series.

Zeitschrift ftr Internationales. Privet und Strafrecht. 43 vols. (1891- to date). During the year there were 156 volumes received as gifts. 3ince ray last report 141 volumes have been added to the Bennett Collection of Statute Law.

We were able to

secure a very rare volume, namely, "The Laws passed at the Second Session of the Territory of Nebraska, 1855-56", which makes our collection of Nebraska Statute Law com­ plete. The Myron Taylor Collection of the League of Nations Publications is all bound with the exception of the cur­ rent numbers.

We are very pleased to say that there are

not very many numbers whioh we need in order to have it complete, according to the "Key" of publications issued.

This collection comprised an Important part of the section of our library allocated to International Law. During the past year the English and Canadian Report3 have been recatalogued and rearranged.


are planning on reoatalogulng the remainder of the lib­ rary, seotion by section, as soon as it can be accomplish­ ed.

Approximately 360 books hare had their errata and

addenda inserted. Slnoe my last report 851 volumes have been bound and repaired by our local binder.

We have oollated

and bound 800 volumes of the Briefs of the New York Court of Appeals and 150 volumes of the Briefs of the United States Supreme Court. I wish to thank the members of the Law Faculty for their cordial support and cooperation.

Respectfully submitted,

Law Librarian.

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1933