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June 4th, 1932

To Charles ST. Burdick,Dean Cornell ter School, Ithaca, Few York. Sir: I >n" f? the honor to cubnlt for your consideration the annual report of the Cornell Law library for the year ending $cne 3rd, 1932. /s; ,::n f ut o r in


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r o p These added tc the she- r ir June 19th, If 1, freer ]

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last report of

'Creting the 22 wolterM isdlosted be-



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umes in the he* Library* U'iepiaoed by Inter editions or discard­ ed): B 12235,13137, 13928, 154:05, 16235,17977, 18035, 19415, 20973, 20974, 21086, 21507, 2150G, 21509, 21510, 21511, 2263?, 22936, 24169, 24331, 25583, 25374. The following Important sets were added or completed dur­ ing the year: American Law Institute Restatements Australian Commonwealth Rules Australia - Ordinances Territory of the Commonwealth Bender's Consolidated Statutory Index (Stirason) Bermuda Laws

C £'*<B• —£»— Bulletin De L* Institute Intermediaire International California Statutes Carnscia SrdoTOapt for International Peace-Division of Int©mattonal few Colorado Annotated Statutes Ccoley-Yori*

4th. -Hition

Court* and Lawyers rf few England 4

l&sscuri Statutes

I5er York Court of Appeals Peporte - Berate foeuy set, re­ bound and cloned Eotre D m #

ei (cc-vleu’

tl.c- tru’$ Citations - r.ev: editions for Colorado, 71.oride, v * in e , Perth- C arolina, 7 err out end : e. ;• Virginia*

South Curclinc- Cede of _aws lifts During the year there w r e 417 volumes rocsivad as gifts* Dennett Collection cT otatutj. has Since my last report 136 volumes have been added to this department. CSnron Tailor Collection The League of Nations publications have been collected from the various libraries on the campus. Acomplete check has been made so as to make our collection as complete as possible and we are pleased to report that there are not so many numbers

C »K .B • -3 — that we need to have it con?plete according to the '*lGey’, of pub­ lications issued. A list of those that we need is on file at the World Peace Foundation offices at Boston end as soon as any num­ bers are available, they are sent to us. We have over 200 bound volumes in this collection and we have the balance collated and reaoy for binding as soon as title pages and indexes are supplied us and we uapect them later in the year* She use of this set of League of nations material is growing &i;<ong the students on the ciuayUiS .mo are interested in thi;. field.

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"nd corrigenda

inserted. fhe following t: , H a t of those cohered: Australis Canada British Ool’ir.Hr. Manitoba Ontario tuebec English Reports Admiralty Appeal Casas Chancery Chancery Appeals Coraaon Pleas Crown Cases Lcclesiastical

Thtehequer Lcruue of uords Tadlrn Appeals Ling's Bench 'rebate Bivision Ireland fgw Brunswick Newfoundland Fova ^aotifi Gotland

iuoh time has been taken in making plans for moving into our new quarters, hue to Jhe limited space in our present library we have not been able to place site in as convenient order as we would have liked to and consequently we have had ranch sorting and arranging so that this can be corrected when we move


«B • ••4*“

Blndlnr- and Peralr During the year 789 v o l u m e have been bound and repaired by our local binder. t

wish to again thank the members of the Lew Faculty for

th eir cordiol n on o ft *ad cooperation.

nesoectfully sntbnitted.

.-u a j w y


b a r T tlb r a r lo r ,.

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1932