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May 29, 1930

Robert Sproule Stevens, Aotlm Dean, Cornell Law school Ithaca, N.Y.

Sir: I have the honor to subwit for your consideration the annual report of the Cornell Law Library for the year ending May 29, 1930. Accessions During the year, 155? volumes have been received as accessions. These added to the total shown in my last report of June 15, 1929, after deducting the 59 volumes indicated below by their accession numbers, make a total of 66,535 volumes in the Law Library. (Re­ placed by later editions, or disoardedi K.A. 110,247, 598, 889, 1345, 1814, 2114, 2347, 2605 2915, 3101, 3357, 3566, 5496. L.A. 3906, 7457. B.3757, 7758, 8302, 8938, 9375, 9853, 10401, 10,896, 11285, 11685, 12095, 12340, 13395, 12552, 13676, 13095, 13180, 13416, 13937, 14319 14654, 14811, 15461, 15717, 15718, 15831, 16074 16773, 16789, 17148, 17768, 17907, 18492, 18963 19069, 19799, 20696, 20871, 20872, 21157, 21309 22738, 23114.) The following important sets were added or completed during the year: Berks County Law Journal (Pa.) Bibliotheca Visseriana Bombay Law Journal Couoh, Cyclopedia of Insurance Law Dooket,T!le, (Pa.) Halsbury*s Statutes England New York Consolidated Digest (Abbott) Ohio Law Abstract

2 Pennsylvania Statutes (Purdon) Perry, Trusts and Trustees Ruling Case Law, Permanent Supplement St* Johns Law Review Uniform Laws Annotated (Faculty set) United Board of Tax Appeals Westmoreland Law Journal (Pa*) White, Corporation Law, 1929 ed. Gifts Djiring the year there were 187 vuluaes received as gifts. On Octover 1, 192 9, Sr* Earl J. Bennett, LL.B. 1901 of Rockville Center, N.T.sent to Cornell University a check for $5,000* requesting "that it establish a fund, the income of which shall be used for the pnnohaae of statute unde law enacted twenty-five years or more prior to the purchase." Bennett Collection of Statute Lav Since my last report, 160 volumes have been added to this department. Binding and Repair During the year, 509 volumes have been bound and repaired. Increase in


Several of the current reports of both the domestic and foreign sets have advanced in price during the ast. few years. This is true of mddern statutes of the several states, and the old scarce Session Laws and Statutes. Late editions of some text books now have several volumes over the original publication, tills condition reduces in proportion the purchasing power of the annual appropriation, and should be con­ sidered in the next budget. I wish to again thaak the Members of the Law Faculty for their cordial sup ort and cooperation. Respectfully submitted,

Law Librarian

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1930  
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