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May 15, 1327.

Charles K. -Burdick, Dean Cornell Law School, Ithaca, Hew York. Sir: I have the honor to submit for y ur consideration the ^hiual Report of the Cornell Lav/ Library for the year ending May




Accessions During the year 1490 volumes hatfe oeen received as acces­ sions. These adced to the total shown in my last report of May J^th, 1926, after de ucting the 21 volumes as indicated below by Jaeir accession numbers, make a total of 61,756 volumes in the

library* (Replaced by later editions:A. 18708, 18709, M 9059, 3 2069, 7724, 9913, 11238, 11488, 11489, 11994, 11995, 12946, 12977, ^ 1 1 6 , 14139, 15566, 15567, 16808, 1682 , 1683L.) . The following important sets were added or completed during the yeart Columbia Law Review!Duplicate) Commercial Laws of the <»orld, Jones, -vidonee, 2d ed* Ohio decisions Reprint Permanent Court of International Justice Publications Repertoire Pratique Bhepard’a Citations for Iowa, Kansas, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota and Texas. 200 volumes of trials During the year there were 217 volumes received and acknowledged as gifts. J« Bennett Collection oY-itafute L a w : 7 bince my 1 st report 267 volumes have been added to Xlia department. Hew editions of the Statutes of y 'ederated Malay States, Illinois, Hew York (Duplicate), Hev. ^k Civil Practice Act, Hi eria, Ohio, Texas, Trinidad, and To­

bago, Uganda, U.S.Compiled Statutes, and U. S. Code been secured.

u m o t a t e d have

Binding and Repairs During the year 417 volumes have been bodnd and repaired ami over 1200 volumes have been treated with vaseline and shellac, to preserve the leather.

Shelving . account of the crowded condition of the Libr ry, it will be necessary to make several radical changes in the arrange­ ment to accomodate the natural growth. j. ' At this time I ish again to thank the members of the Law realty for their cordial support and co-operation.

Respectfully submitted,

Law Librarian.

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1927