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' W| l l e v e r i bi , * R i a n





I T H A C A . N . Y.

May 1, 1922, To

G. Bogert, De«a.n Cornell University College of Law, Ithaoa, H. Y.

Sir: I have the honor to submit for your consideration the Annual •port of the Cornell University La* Library for the year ending

Aprl* so, i»aa. ^ £ 2 0 8 t i£ O U £ ;

During the year, 1Q1B Volumes have been received as aooes•ions,

These, adued to the total as shown in ay last report of

ay 1, 1SS1, after deducting the two iteto, B117UC and B11S00, •*ioae Daw Reports Digests, repiaoeu by later edition, aake a otial oi bo-ill volumes in the Library.

Sifts; Thsrs wars 1BQ volumes received as gifts during the year, ^°h have been duly acknowledged. Earl t □ — Collection of Statute ha.»: Sinoe my last report, 13Q volumes have bean added.

Hew edi-

ti me °t the Statutes for the States of Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Uoity> Massachusetts, Montana, Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin have b a « n

9en secured for this department.

"Jui'A a c l l « punt yo-r only 3S3 ffoluutoa hove been bound and reD'tited« 3>. w.uis this is above the number bound and repaired during Ac"“ y^rs, it is still below the average.

Binding oharges


,E W ' L L e v e R




L 'a ',A R . * N





-2— advanced and only the necessary items are being done, Ihcreaa?* in prices: The cost of law books is still on the increase.

Since Jan. 1,

1933, the price lias advanced on the following current reports: Connecticut, English Law Reports, Missouri Supreme, Missouri Ap­ palls, North Dakota, Tennessee and Wyoming.

This increase ia true

text-books, Statutes and periodicals. Shelving —

Reclassification and Shelf Lists:

As mentioned in my former reports, additional shelving will 8oon be necessary, and the work on the reclassification and making ®helf lists of the library should be done as soon as conditions will ^How. At this time, I wish again to thank all the members of the Law Acuity for their most cordial support and co-operation. Respectfully submitted,

Law Librarian.

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1922  
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