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£,>Ui‘i Hep ort of to© Cornell 0 iversi ty L .* Library f o r the year onru i" ‘i - r n

OCt >, 1C. x.

D crin^ tb s ye -r 2.004 have beau a x i a l as a o o a s -io ae,

These ad la d to tb s t o t a l as sho^ii in

y l a s t re p o rt of

* Vy l » IsiO , make a t o t a l of 5 4 ,2 0 1 volumes in t! a L i b r a r y . kilt-a : fuere s e r e 170 volumes r«oei>

*4 **44^^ la ri **--i

as r. i f t s u u r l n , t i e year.

a ua^e boon aoce atoned aud duly a ck n o elelj <*u. i

*> •

r. t oaafitt C o l le c tio n o f S t a tu t e L-.» During th e year S2 nave beau added to t b i t

c° l i a c t i o « , . TJas 1 8 7 2 -1 3 7 5 Oe-j i f o r n i •, 1812 I l l i n o i f c , lt>7? Idaho, 1^4. Oregon ana t i e 1301, 1250 Utah La«« a r e the moat i»fiportant it< *#B® mat hay© bean secured for this department.

EHW -2-

Sinoe u.y last report 179 volumes have been bound and r*paired.

There axe several hundred volumes which need attention,

these repairs axe being delayed as i(uch as possible on account °* the increase in the cost. i.h crl es : The cost of law books is still increasing.

All new con-


0‘*B for the ata e reports

ia above the old price, and the

*i0*00 text book or statute of 700 to 900 pag^s is not now unusual. ilkslvinj^ .

More shelving will be needed within a short time to *<*OQjs«Qdate the natural growth. ^ ^ Maifioatinn a.,d Six ;If Licts : As stated in

y report of last year the Law Library

now reaohed a point that re-classixication and shelf lists riai

oessary, and i would atain ask for some competent help. Respectful y submitted,

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1921  
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